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About an hour later, Kyle and Julie were still fucking up a storm. Surprisingly and impressively, Kyle hadn't had his second orgasm yet, although he'd taken some significant breaks to repeatedly recharge his batteries. He knew he had to carefully limit his climaxes so he could literally fuck his mother all day long.

Even as he steadily sawed his pulsing fuck-pole in and out of her clenching cunt, he casually suggested, "I think we should send Dad a couple pictures of what we're doing."

"Have you lost your mind?!" Julie giggled at the absurdity of the suggestion. She assumed it was a joke.

"No... seriously!" He slowed his rutting down so they could discuss this.

She furrowed her brow and stared at him in disbelief.

He suggested, "He should share in this experience... don't you think?" Kyle said this knowing full well his father would be enraged. However, he also had a strong suspicion that Jim would be aroused too.

Julie scoffed, "Yeah, he got to 'share in this' yesterday when he heard me talking dirty to you. Have you forgotten how he reacted to that? We're lucky that didn't go much worse."

"Come on, Mom. It's not like he doesn't know exactly what we're doing. Just a few shots," Kyle asked.

"No way! You must be out of your mind!"

"Maybe… But did you notice the bulge in his slacks right before he went to work?"

She frowned as she thought back. "Now that you mentioned it, I did. I kind of dismissed that as a trick of the light or something though, because how could it be he was aroused just then?"

Kyle's enthusiasm grew, and he picked up the fucking pace somewhat. "He was TOTALLY aroused! And not for the first time either. I noticed he had an erection when he caught us yesterday too."

"Seriously?!" She was shocked, because that suggested a pattern instead of a fluke.

He nodded sincerely, because he really had seen that. He wanted to test his new theory that his dad got off on seeing them fuck.

She was floored by his sincerity, and the implications. She usually was able to tell when he was lying to her. "But… but… how?! Why?! That makes no sense whatsoever!"

Kyle managed a shrug, even as he continued to thrust in and out of her tight cunt-tunnel. "Some guys, they're just that way. It's called being a cuckold. Have you heard about that?"

"Yeah, sure, but I've been married to him nearly twenty years now, and trust me, he's no cuckold. I have the opposite problem, of worrying about his wandering eyes, and even his wandering hands. If anything, he's the kind of guy who would cuckold someone else."

Kyle said, "Yeah, well, that's what I figured too."

He thought back to how he'd caught Jim banging his secretary, and he wondered if Dora might be married. But he wasn't even going to hint about that, since that was part of the deal he'd made. "Still, seeing is believing. Maybe this is all new to him too, and we just look too sexy together for him not to be aroused. Why not at least test that idea out? If it turns out I'm right, that'll make everything way easier for everyone. If I'm wrong, he'll get mad, but it'll blow over."

"Sugar, I..." she started. But she stopped the objection she was going to make, because she realized she was intrigued. Very intrigued.

She thought, What if he's right?! I know the odds are low, to say the least, but... what if?! It could change everything!

"Please!" he begged.

"I just don't know if..." she started again.

"Just a couple... please, Mom," Kyle said, bringing his body down against hers. "Just a test. See what happens. Small risk, big reward. Think how great it'll be for all of us if he really does get off on you and me fucking!"

He still had only been fucking her on a kind of "simmer mode," because it was tough to really go at it and keep a conversation going. But, to help convince her, he resumed powerfully driving his cock deep inside her vagina.

His renewed thrusts made her gasp a little. She complained, "Don't think you're going to fuck me into going along with this crazy idea!"

But in fact, that was exactly what was happening. He steadily humped into her for another minute or two, until he had her close to the edge of cumming yet again.

Then he softly brought his lips to her ear. "Come on, Mom... It'll be fun! Just think about posing for the pictures. Plus, don't you want to take some pictures of us doing it anyway? Something to remember this special day by?"

"You're rotten." Julie giggled. But she decided she definitely wanted some pictures. Since she figured these few days would be the clear sexual highlight of her life, she would want some pictures to help her remember (and masturbate to) the experience in years to come.

She reluctantly said, "Well, maybe some picture taking. But just for us! We can't possibly send them to Jim anyway. That would be too dangerous. What if someone else sees?!"

"Okay," Kyle said. But he wasn't done trying to persuade her, not by a longshot.

About ten minutes later, Jim sat at his desk doing some work on his computer when his cell-phone chimed. He took it out of his pants pocket and saw that it was a text from his son and that there was a picture attached.

The text just said: "Hope you like this. Let us know right away if you don't. K."

What the hell would Kyle be sending me a picture of, on this of all days?! he thought.

Needless to say, after riding Julie's cunt for a good while, Kyle had got her to give in to the sending of pictures idea, even with her legitimate concern about the security issue.

Jim opened the attachment and gasped as he saw a picture of his wife and son having sex! Kyle was on top of Julie, and both of them were buck naked and sweaty. The cocky teen wore a shit-eating grin for the camera. On the pillow beneath him, Julie's head was tilted back and her back was arched. Her eyes were closed and her mouth agape as if she was being struck with a powerful orgasm.

In fact, it occurred to Jim, Holy FUCK! At first, I thought it was a Photoshopped fake or something. But such a pose can't be faked, and she IS in the middle of a powerful orgasm! Thanks to our son fucking the hell out of her! They must have used a timer to take it, since it's clear nobody is holding the camera. I know they both know how to do that.

His stomach was twisting and turning. He worried he was going to vomit all over his desk. But he couldn't stop staring at the way his wife's arms and long sexy legs were wrapped tightly around their son, clutching him desperately. She looked too sexy and beautiful to be believed.

Then Jim's phone pinged, because another text came in.

This one read: "Mom and I thought you'd like to be a part of the baby's conception. Enjoy! K."

"You little fuck!" Jim spat angrily at the phone. "'Enjoy?!' Is he fucking deranged?! I'll kill him!"

Luckily, he had his own office, with a closed and locked door, so nobody else saw or heard his reaction.

As he sat there fuming, but also still closely examining the photo, he felt his penis start to stir and then engorge. He sighed in frustration at the way his body was betraying his mind. "Motherfucking son of a bitch!"

His mind reeled in confusion. What the fuck is happening to me?! How can I be aroused by this sick shit?! I've never been so outraged in my life! I hate it! Hate it, hate it, hate it!

Just then, another text arrived with a photo attachment. He couldn't help but open it.

This one was a close-up shot of his son's cock buried nearly to the balls inside his wife's pussy, with just a couple inches of his thick pole showing. He noticed how his Julie's labia was stretched tight around the fat shaft of his son's pecker, as well as how sopping wet she was. There even was a frothy juice trickling down onto her butt-hole.

Underneath was written: "Mom's favorite... she took this pic while I was cumming in her. The feeling of plowing repeatedly against the soft head of Mom's cervix is out of this world. Wow! I've never cum this hard! Thx so much for giving me permission to do this! K."

Jim was beside himself with anger at this point. God fucking dammit! This is an outrage! Not only is my son throwing it in my face that he's at home fucking MY wife, but he's also proudly showing off the size of his damn cock! Which, unfortunately, is a fucking baseball bat!

For the next ten minutes, Jim sat at his desk, his work totally forgotten. Even though he continued to be dangerously close to throwing up in disgust, his penis remained so erect, and he was so insanely aroused in general, that he darkly wondered which would happen first, vomiting or spontaneous ejaculation. He felt utterly miserable.

He fought it as long as he could, but finally he decided to call Julie on his cell phone and give her a piece of his mind.

As soon as Julie answered, he barked at her, "Are the two of you sick?! Insane?! On some kind of death wish, maybe?! What the hell makes you think I want to see your depraved photos?!"

To his complete shock, Julie merely innocently asked, "So, you don't want us to send more photos like that?!"

The question hit him like a two-by-four to the head, due to his reaction. At first, he was going to indignantly complain that she really had to be insane to even suggest that. But his extreme arousal hadn't gone away, and some other part of him was fascinated at what other photos might look like. He'd never felt so horny in his life, and his mind raced with wild imaginings of more fuck photos. He wanted to see those. Worse, he pretty much needed to see them!

As a result, he didn't know what to say. He was torn in two, between wanting to tell his wife to go fuck off and practically wanting to beg for more photos.

He tried to somehow thread the needle and retain some dignity along the way. "I don't want to see more photos like that. No way! But, on the other hand, it's probably important that I keep an eye on you to make sure things don't get out of hand. You promised to be dispassionate and clinical. What happened to that?! I'll hate it, despise it, even, but maybe it's for the best that you send me more photos since that's the only way I can keep an eye on you from my office."

Kyle and Julie looked at each other in excitement and amazement. As it so happened, Kyle was balls-deep in her while she was sitting up on him, riding him cowgirl-style. They shared a victorious look, because Jim's bizarre answer made no sense unless he was getting some kind of sick thrill from seeing the pictures. His "getting out of hand" worry was obvious bullshit, since the last two pictures showed that things already had gotten way out of hand. The whole "clinical" approach was long gone, and all three of them knew it.

Mother and son shared a victorious look with each other, and then silently high-fived. Julie had been frozen in place since the phone call began, but she was so ecstatic that she resumed churning her hot cunt all over her son's huge boner.

She somehow managed to say into the phone with a straight face, "That makes sense, Honey. We can do that if you want."

Jim silently sighed with relief, not realizing that they'd caught on to the fact he was uncontrollably aroused by thoughts and images of his son fucking the living hell out of his wife. He tried to keep the ruse going. "I think that's for the best, even though I'll hate every minute. You said you want me to be a part of the process, huh?! Fine! I agree, if only to help keep things under control and save my marriage. From now on, I wanna know when, where, and how you and him are having intercourse! Do you understand?" Jim barked this out as if he was issuing an ominous threat.

"You're serious?!" Julie asked. She was trying to play along, and it was hard for her not to sound overjoyed, especially since she was tripping out on lust from the continued fuck rhythm.

"Dead serious! Is that a problem?" Jim asked in his best no-nonsense, commanding tone, like he was forcing her to do something she didn't want to do.

Julie struggled to keep up with her husband's bizarre suggestions. She had to bring her fuck-grinding to a near halt so she could fully focus on the phone call. "Well, Honey... No... it's no problem at all. It just kinda surprises me after the fit you threw yesterday. Do you really wanna be this involved?"

"Well, I think I have a right... as your husband... and father of this baby... don't you?" he asked. Even as he did so, he had to wince at his own words. He felt like some spirit had taken possession of his mouth, forcing him to say things he never would have said in a million years. But his strange arousal was in control.

"Okaaaayyy…" Julie said carefully. "Just to confirm, you want us to send you MORE pictures like the two we just sent you?! Some of the pictures might get a bit... racy." The "racy" comment was a laughable understatement.

He griped, "I don't 'want' it. I hate it! But I feel like I have no choice. Someone needs to keep an eye on you two, and who else can it be but me?"

She responded, "Yes, but… Jim, I know you... If I do this... it's just gonna get you worked up into a jealous frenzy again. Isn't it?" Even as she said that, she couldn't resist squeezing her pussy walls repeatedly around her son's fully sheathed boner.

Kyle was taken by surprise by her talented cunt. He had to clasp a hand over his mouth to stop himself from letting out some very erotic moans.

Jim was frustrated, because he knew his wife was right. He was almost certain he was going to work himself up into a "jealousy frenzy" again sooner or later. In fact, he was feeling that way at the moment so much so that he could barely contain himself and stay civil. The problem for him was that his lust was even stronger, and somehow his jealousy and anger heightened his arousal even more.

But he realized he would have to keep those feelings in check if he wanted to continue to ride this crazy train of jealousy and lust, including getting to see more pictures. "Tell you what... If you're honest with me, I promise I won't let it bother me... and I won't give you and Kyle a hard time." Once again, he had to wince, because he could scarcely believe the words coming from his mouth.

"You mean it?" Julie asked with genuine surprise. She was tripping on extreme arousal, slowly churning her hips on his son's rampant flag pole some more. Now that the phone call was going well, she was really getting off on the fact that she was secretly fucking her son while casually talking to her husband.

Jim confessed, "Yes. I guess if I'm honest... I've just been driving myself crazy... sitting here at my desk, unable to work. All I'm doing is wondering about you and our son. I think it would be easier if I just knew... some of the details. As painful as seeing more pictures is going to be, it's better knowing than not knowing and thus having my mind run wild."

That was how he really felt. Not knowing was torture. But it was ironic, because there was virtually no scenario he could imagine that was "worse" than what was actually happening and what the pictures he'd seen showed. Basically, he was screwed either way.

"Okay," Julie's soft voice answered.

She had to bite her lip after saying that, because Kyle had reached up and was fondling her huge, bouncy tits. She could handle that much, even with the continued secret fucking, but he'd begun rolling one of her nipples between his fingers as well.

She silently chuckled, and mouthed the words, "You naughty boy!" But she didn't try to stop him. She calculated the phone call was ending soon, and hopefully she wouldn't let out a tell-tale erotic moan before it did.

Even though she was managing to keep the sexual noises relatively quiet, Jim couldn't resist asking, "So… what are you two doing now?"

Her voice turned harsh. "Trust me, you don't want to know."

That cryptic comment caused his lust to soar so much that he was sorely tempted to unzip his fly and jack off, even though he was in his office. His imagination ran wild, intensifying his jealousy and anger along with his arousal.

He whined, "Please! Like I said, it's better for me knowing than not knowing and just wildly speculating."

She sighed. "Fine. You asked for it. If you must know, we were busy making babies when you called unexpectedly, and we're still at it!"

He nearly swooned with his bizarre cuckold lust. "Seriously?!"

"Seriously. Kyle is lying on the bed, your and my bed in the master bedroom, and I'm sitting up on him, riding him like a cowgirl! We've paused for your phone call, but once it's done I'm sure we'll get right back at it."

In fact, they hadn't really paused much, as she was churning and grinding up and down even more. But she was trying to be at least a little bit diplomatic, since she still found it hard to believe her husband got off on this sort of thing.

Jim was so overcome by jealousy and lust that he realized his cell phone was trembling in his hand. He whispered in awe, "Oh my God!" Then, after a pause, he asked breathlessly, "Are you… are you naked?!"

She growled impatiently, "Of course I'm naked! So is he. Didn't you see the photos we just took? I doubt I'll bother to wear a stitch of clothing all day! He can hardly breed me if I'm fully clothed, can he?! Sheesh!"

It hit Jim all over again that his son was on a mission to impregnate his wife, and that was both too arousing and too disturbing for him to even contemplate. He had to strain with all his might to avoid cumming on the spot, into his underwear and slacks. He was so close to the edge that he could barely speak through clenched teeth. "Well, don't… don't… get carried… away!"

She rolled her eyes in disgust, while rotating her hips on her son's thick meat like she was churning a butter churn. She was secretly relieved that the phone call was confirming her husband appeared to be some kind of cuckold but, at the same time she was disappointed that he was sounding so wimpy and docile. After all, she figured she was hitched to him for life. Her voice was dripping with sarcasm as she griped, "We'll be careful. Now, I've gotta go."

She was about to hang up the phone, but then, as if to punish him for his perverse cuckold fetish, she couldn't resist adding, "I can feel Kyle's big fat cock flexing inside of me. Oh God! And I'm riding on it! Up and down and all around! It feels soooo good! Does that help you? Is that better than not knowing?"

"Ummm..." Jim was speechless. But his heavy panting betrayed his insane arousal.

She finished, with her own increasingly heavy breathing, "We've got a LOT of breeding here to do. Soooo much... breeding! UNGH! I'll send you some more pictures soon. Bye!"

As soon as she heard the click of the phone call ending, she tossed her cell phone off the bed and onto the plush carpet. Then she cried out, "Son, did you just hear me, we've got lots of breeding to do, so breed meeeee!"

Mother and son were so worked up from the successful phone call (from their point of view) that they kicked their fucking efforts into high gear. Soon, sweat was flying off their faces as their bodies vigorously slapped against each other. Kyle's huge battering ram pounded deeper and deeper into her hot, tight cunt as he humped up as much as he could. But even better and more effective was the way she essentially skewered herself up and down on him, over and over again!

She exclaimed in wonder, "I can't believe that actually worked!"

Kyle laughed. "I can't believe it either!"

After hanging up, Jim sat there for a bit wondering what the hell he just did. His erection was still so stiff and insistent that it was painful. He was even more tempted to unzip his fly and masturbate, but he'd never done that in his office before and he felt undignified to start now. He was a financial analyst in a three-piece suit in a high class downtown skyscraper, after all.

He knew he'd be cumming in a matter of seconds if he let himself go. But to do that would mean having physical proof that he was really getting off on his son fucking his wife. As long as it was only in his mind and not a gooey mess in his pants, he could still delude himself that those feelings weren't really real.

He continued to sit with his eyes closed, trying to get his overemotional mind to calm down. It wasn't working. He pondered, Would it really be easier for me to know, rather than to wonder? God! I have no fucking idea. But what's done is done. I can't take that call back. Besides, I hate uncertainty.

Another ten minutes passed for him. He felt he was stuck in a rut and unable to get out. There was no way in hell he was going to get any work done, so he didn't even make a pretense of trying. He just kept his eyes closed or stared vacantly into space with lustful thoughts about what was possibly going on in his bed at home.

He was snapped out of his trance by a text on his phone.

It was from Julie and read: "KYLE'S BED. ME ON TOP. I LUV YOU!" (She was writing in all caps to make clear that the note was from her and not Kyle.)

Jim heart was racing, his face burning with jealous excitement. He was dying to see the new photo. In the meanwhile, he tried to picture them going at it on Kyle's twin bed. He could envision it so very vividly in his mind: a busty middle-aged mother straddling her teenage son, bouncing on his big dick while her huge hanging tits flopped around wildly above his eyes.

Another minute passed. Then he was sent an attached photo that showed exactly what she'd said in the text. It matched the images created by his fevered imagination almost exactly. But he reveled in examining the details, such as seeing the lines of sweat trickling down their naked bodies.

That picture was the final straw for him in the sense that he simply couldn't hold his lusty need back any longer. He frantically unzipped his fly and directly grasped his boner. Before he could even start to stroke it, he felt the mother or all orgasms welling up inside of him and crossing the point of no return.

He'd never contemplated ejaculating in his formal and fancy office before. He looked around frantically and spied a trash can next to his desk. He just barely had time to reach it and bring it in front of his crotch when he started to unload.

The relief he felt was simply indescribable. It was even better than the best sex he'd had fucking his gorgeous wife.

But when his climax ended, his anger and jealousy came roaring back to the forefront of his mind. Worse, he now also had guilt and shame to deal with. He was disgusted at himself for ejaculating to thoughts of his son fucking his wife.

He muttered under his breath, "Motherfucking son of a bitch! What the fuck is happening to me?! This can't be for real. I'm no cuckold. I hate it! HATE IT!"

He did hate what was happening, but that didn't lessen his arousal one bit. In fact, mere minutes after his orgasm, new lusty thoughts were swirling around his brain. After cleaning up his cummy mess by taking the trash out and furtively washing it clean in the bathroom, he sat back at his desk and tried to get some actual work done.

But it was no use. All he could think about was how much his wife had to be enjoying getting royally fucked by his son. Against his will, he found himself with another erection.

He lasted another ten minutes before he gave in and took another look at the three sexual pictures he'd been sent. He couldn't stop staring at them and even closely examining every detail. Not surprisingly, that caused his arousal to rise higher.

He despised what was happening to himself with a passion. But it was like he was helpless to stop any of it. Kyle and Julie looked unbelievably sexy together. It was better than the best porn he'd ever seen, and he'd seen a lot of porn. He wanted to cry like a baby.