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Just before getting out of his car to go into his parents' house, he got a new text.


Jim went inside and talked to his parents. The interaction seemed surreal. His body was in one place, but his mind was far away.

Ten minutes later, just after his kindly old mother served him some tea and biscuits, his cell phone chimed again.

This time, he had to be extra careful to read Julie's next text in a way that his parents couldn't see.


Jim felt like he'd fallen into the Twilight Zone, to get a text like that from his wife in his parents' living room, which was about the most non-sexual place he could imagine. And with his parents practically within arm's reach, no less!

There was another photo attached, but he had no choice but to put off looking at it, since his mother and father were well and truly sitting only a few feet away from him.

Jim's mother saw some strange expressions cross Jim's face immediately after he read the latest text. She asked, "Darling, you seem distracted. In fact, you've been kind of 'off' ever since you arrived. Is everything okay at home?"

"Sure, everything's fine, Mom." Jim forced a fake smile. He brazenly lied, "There's absolutely nothing wrong at home. Julie and Kyle are doing great. But I'm having some work issues. I thought that by coming here, I could get away from it all and clear my head."

He thought bitterly, They are doing great, too great. That's the problem!

His mother replied, "Oh, I see. Well, you certainly can do that any time you want. Our house is your house, as always." She gave him a warm smile, like the kindly grandmother that she was.

Jim mused, Maybe I should come clean to my parents, and get their advice. What should I say? "Hey, Mom and Dad, guess what? I've been fucking my secretary for the last six months, until Kyle caught me in the act. So when he offered to fuck a baby into Julie in return for not telling her, I couldn't say no. But, funny thing. It turns out he's some kind of impossibly endowed and unstoppable sex god! He's literally been fucking his mom all day long, for hours! And she loves it! She's probably orgasmed dozens of times already. But here's the craziest part of all: I can't help but get extremely aroused by it all! Anyway, that's my day, so you can see I'm a little tired out from worrying with an insistent erection the whole time. My marriage is screwed, and I can't do a damn thing about it, and that fucking makes me horny somehow. How are things with you?"

He wanted to laugh deliriously, because the idea of telling his parents or anyone else any part of that was so ridiculous. If he did, they possibly would have heart attacks and die. That, or they'd assume he was telling a very sick joke, or was losing his mind.

Jim decided to watch a baseball game with his own father to take his mind off his wife and son and all their rampant fucking. He didn't even like baseball, but even the football preseason hadn't started yet, and he was desperate for anything to occupy his mind.

It wasn't long before the next chime of his cell phone spoiled that idea.


That text got his motor running so much that he decided he just had to see the photo that had been sent a little while earlier. He snuck off to the bathroom and pulled out his phone.

The relevant text with the picture had said, "KYLE JUST SQUIRTED HIS JIZZ," but didn't mention other details of where and how. However, it turned out that was a good description, because the picture was of exactly that. Unlike all the previous photos that focused mostly or exclusively on Julie, this one was mainly of Kyle. One could see Julie's battered cunt and a few inches of Kyle's cock sticking out of it. But the rest of the picture was of Kyle's muscular nude body with a focus on his face. His head was thrown back and his eyes were rolled up into his head. It looked like he was experiencing the greatest orgasm of his entire life!

Jim ruefully figured that was almost certainly true, with the notable caveat that Kyle had doubtless had other orgasms of that remarkable caliber since the motherfucking began yesterday. Jim felt crushed to realize that he almost certainly would never feel that sort of pleasure, no matter how long he lived or what he did. He'd fucked the exact same woman for years, yet he had never felt that level of utter ecstasy. His two recent masturbation climaxes had been epic by his standards, but he figured Kyle was operating on an entirely different level. Jim just wasn't built like a "sex god."

Jim wanted to masturbate to the picture, as well as earlier pictures. He particularly wanted to look at the doggy-style fuck in the shower photo a lot more. But there was no lock on the bathroom door in his parents' house and it was next to impossible for him to get much privacy while he was there in any case.

Sure enough, after only a few minutes of Jim examining the newest picture, his mother knocked on the bathroom door and asked him why he was taking so long and why she hadn't heard any flushing yet.

He was forced to put his phone away and go through the motions of going to the bathroom, in order to make all the proper sounds.

Not long after returning to his parents' living room, he got yet another text. This time, it was actually from Kyle.

It read, "Hey, Dad! Tnx for being so good about all this. My dick is soooo sore! I'm totally beat too. Luckily, we're just chilling out and eating dinner. But it's totally great 'cos Mom's sitting on my lap naked and fully impaled on my junk! She's doing this thing where she repeatedly squeezes with her pussy walls that feels awesome even when we're both tired and can hardly move. And we're feeding each other bites of food like we're toddlers or something. Cool, huh? Anyway, if you're feeling too jealous or whatever, let us know. Although we can't really stop. Gotta breed her while her egg is ready! Later! K."

Jim wanted to stand up and stomp around, and curse the heavens. Motherfucking son of a bitch! Lucky bastard! He fucking IS a motherfucker! What a cocky little shit! He was probably smirking like a jackass as he wrote that, while MY wife fucks him in his lap! At OUR dining table, probably while sitting in MY chair! More furniture to throw away! Fuuuuuuuuck!

But he was paralyzed. With his father sitting a few feet away, he felt like he couldn't say or do anything in response. He wanted to write an angry text message back, but he didn't even dare do that. He figured the worst of all worlds would be if Kyle revealed his adultery secret AFTER getting to fuck her so very much. He was forced to be on his best behavior.

A half hour later, Jim was flopped out on an easy chair, still in the living room. His father was absorbed by the baseball game, but Jim was so bored by that he'd closed his eyes and he was drifting in and out of consciousness. He was exhausted. Although he hadn't done much all day except sit at his office desk, the mix of lust, jealousy, guilt, shame, and much more was so intense that he felt completely emotionally drained.

Then another text came. The pinging sound caused him to become fully awake in a hurry.

Thankfully, his father was so involved in the game that he was able to read the message without having to sneak off.


Jim was plunged into the pit of despair yet again. His jealousy soared still higher. He was downright incredulous that Kyle could keep going well into the evening. He wanted still more photos to prove it. He also was feeling increasingly inadequate.

He thought, If even a small fraction of what Julie is claiming is true, I can't see how my wife will ever enjoy sex with me again. That is if I even manage to perform with her again. I'm going to have impotence issues for years now, for sure. Ugh!

Isn't Kyle simply going to cum out of cum eventually?! How many times can one guy cum in a single day, anyway? He MUST be running into some kind of physical limit by now, right? I guess that he's secretly wanted to fuck Julie for years, so he has a lot of pent up desire coming out, but they MUST be winding down. I'll bet that was his last orgasm of the day. Please may that be true!

Jim might have been able to temporarily dodge all of his many worries and issues by sneaking off and enjoying a long masturbation session to still further thoughts and fantasies of Kyle drilling his wife. But there was nowhere to go to do that, at least until his parents went to sleep. He was sorely regretting his choice of staying with them for the night. Even a lonely hotel would have been much better.

Besides, he remembered that he was supposed to maintain his no masturbation vow, so he couldn't get his rocks off in any case.

Around eight o'clock, Jim's parents went up to bed, since they were "early to bed, early to rise" older people.

Jim had just retired to the guest bedroom, which in fact was his old bedroom and barely changed since he was a teen. He felt relieved. Now, he'd at least be able to review all the photos and texts of the day without being disturbed by his nosy mother.

But before he could get started on that, his cell phone rang, indicating a call and not another text.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hey, it's just me calling again, Honey," Julie said breezily.

"Oh, hi." Jim muttered.

"I just wanted to give you a quick call to confirm yet again that everyone's okay with you. I'm feeling kind of insecure about where you stand, since you haven't texted back in a long while. I keep thinking that if I were in your shoes, I'd be hopping mad and spitting bullets. Are you really okay with the fact that Kyle has been fucking me pretty much all day long?"

Jim sighed. He was feeling too defeated to sound angry. "I keep telling you, I'm not okay with it at all. But what choice do I have?! I look at it as some kind of odious task, like getting a root canal at the dentist's. This has to be done so we can have our second child. I just have to grin and bear it, grin and bear it, over and over. I'm pretty much counting the hours until it's over and we can get back to normal." He sighed sadly again.

She said, "That's too bad, but I totally get it. Have my texts and photos helped? I've been trying to show you that I've been having a really good time, so at least there's no suffering on my side."

Jim thought, To say the least! That's the main problem, that you're having such a fucking grand old time! Kyle has probably RUINED me for you, forever! After his monster-sized dick, my penis will feel like a pencil inside a tunnel! Especially since he's probably permanently loosened your pussy, due to his sheer thickness!

At the moment, he was in denial about how much he'd been encouraging her to send more texts and pictures, due to his baffling cuckold urge. But at least he was aware enough to keep his thoughts to himself, since he knew the situation was much more complicated than that made it appear, and he was partially to blame.

After a long pause, he answered her question, "I wouldn't say the texts and photos 'helped.' It's like I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't. But like I said earlier, I guess I'm better off knowing than not knowing, so thanks at least for taking the time to keep me frequently updated."

"No problem!" Julie said brightly. "You are my husband, after all. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you."

Even as they talked, Jim felt that devilish arousal rising in him again. His penis wasn't erect this time, at least not yet, but he was dying of curiosity. He asked, "On a different note, what are you two up to now?"

"Oh, not much, for once. We're both pretty beat and are ending things early. We're getting ready to crawl into bed for the night."

Jim perked up a bit from hearing that. Finally! Thank God! Apparently, even sex gods and goddesses can run out of steam.

But then he pictured them lying together in the darkness, with her nude body spooned against her son's, and realized she probably wasn't talking about the two of them sleeping in separate bedrooms. He asked, "So he's sleeping with you too... in our bed?!" A spike of jealousy hit him hard.

"Well... yes. But that's the point, isn't it? How else will he keep breeding me? We'll probably have three or four more sessions throughout the night. It's just more convenient and practical this way."

He sighed again. "And are you naked right now?"

"Er, yes. After the way Kyle fucked me for hours and hours and hours, clothes seem kind of pointless. You know what I mean? We were so drenched with sweat half the time that they didn't make much sense anyway. In fact, now that I think about it, I haven't worn a stitch ever since you left for work this morning."

Jim's jealousy surged still higher. "So, where is he now? Is he with you?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. He's sitting a few feet away. I'm standing up and combing my hair a little bit while I talk to you."

"While you're completely naked," Jim pointed out.

"Well, yes. Of course. I just explained about that." She figured it was probably better not to mention the five-inch high red heels she was currently wearing. She'd put them on a few hours ago on a whim. She was very glad she did, because they made her feel even sexier and more desirable.

Kyle certainly approved, and told her so several times over.

"You must be putting on quite a sexy show," he grumbled.

"I suppose I am," she brazenly admitted. She couldn't resist adding, "I suppose I'm less combing my hair and more just striking sexy nude poses for him. But that's what you have to do when you're dealing with a guy like him."

Jim's lust was rising fast, catching up to his extreme jealousy. "What's that supposed to mean?!"

"Consider the fact that he climaxed inside me so many times today. I don't even know how many times because I lost track. Seven? Eight? Nine, maybe? But even he has his limits, and each time it's been getting harder and harder for me to inspire his cock to full size for the next go-round. So yeah, I'm flirting with him a little bit."

Jim thought, Shoot me. Someone please just shoot me now!

He had to ask, "So... have you used your hands to get him erect again?"

"Well, as a matter of fact, yes. Full disclosure: several times, in fact. Especially in the last few hours. In the morning, he got erect and stayed that way with ease. But, more recently, I kind of had to use a full court press, if you know what I mean."

He said bitterly, "So, basically, you gave him a handjob. Or, I should say, handjobs."

"Well, yes."

She thought back to how she'd behaved in the last few hours. She realized she'd jacked her son off quite a lot. A few minutes of it actually had been as part of an effort to get him erect again, but mostly she just enjoyed stroking it whenever they were kissing and fondling each other. And, in fact, they did that nearly as much as fucking, since her pussy often needed a prolonged break.

But she realized it wouldn't be prudent to tell her husband all that. He might not understand.

She sensed his gloomy mood and thought of something she could honestly tell him that he might consider good news. "But don't worry. I can assure you that it's ALL about the fucking and the breeding. As the day has gone on and he's become more sexually exhausted, he's asked me a couple of times if I could suck his cock to help get him back up. But I said no each time! Definitely not! That can never be. Ditto with titfucking. He practically begged me about that, but I've put my foot down on that too. I'm sure those acts would help, but I figure that if he can't get it up yet again, and my hands alone can't help, then so be it. Seven or eight or nine times or whatever that he filled my pussy to the brim, that's plenty enough for one day."

Jim's mind reeled. Now he had visions in his head of his wife cocksucking and titfucking too. He thought back to his earlier nightmare/fantasy about her giving Kyle a blowjob by the pool, and he shuddered. His lust had surpassed his jealousy and other emotions.

His extreme arousal blunted his verbal reaction. He merely whined, "Julie, don't you think this is a little ridiculous? Even seven or eight times in one day is crazy, when each session lasts an hour. You probably got relentlessly fucked as many hours today as most people work on a nine-to-five shift! I mean, even when you and I were trying to get you pregnant with Kyle, we never had sex this much. Not even close! Hell, not even in an entire week combined!"

She chided him, "Honey, you promised you wouldn't let this bother you. Don't start backsliding on me now."

He sighed. "I know... but is all this sex you and Kyle are having really necessary?!"

Julie suddenly turned stern and annoyed. "I can't believe you're asking me this! DO YOU OR DO YOU NOT WANT THIS BABY?!"

He felt strangely cowed, just as Kyle had intimidated him with his forcefulness recently. "Of course I do... It's just... well, I just want my wife back too."

Julie's voice softened. She spoke sympathetically. "Oh, Honey. I know you do... but my doctor said that's it's crucial during my ovulation period that I have intercourse as often as possible."

Jim groused, "Yeah, well a dozen times a day is pretty often."

"Jim," Julie said testily.

"Sorry, Dear," he answered.

Kyle had been in the room the whole time, ogling his mother while listening to the phone call. He quietly walked right up to her and pointed down at his crotch, highlighting the fact that his already stiff dick needed more attention. He didn't understand it exactly, but the way she was cuckolding Jim on the phone was turning him on something fierce.

She saw his u gent boner and rolled her eyes. She wordlessly whispered to him, "Seriously?!"

But then she couldn't resist grinning and taking his boner in hand. With one hand holding the phone to her ear, she used her other hand to slip and slide her deft fingers up and down her son's thickness. It made her feel delightfully wicked to do that while still talking to Jim.

With the phone conversation going on, she pointed out to Jim. "Consider the alternative. What if we cut back and he doesn't make me pregnant? Then we'll have to go through all this again one month later! Do you want that?"

Jim thought, I'd kill myself first! Seriously, I would. This is torture! Even with my strangely powerful arousal that I can't deny, it's still torture. I'm slowly dying here!

He said, emphatically, "Anything but that! Please don't even mention that!"

As her fingers danced on her son's fat cock, she said, "Sorry. Do you want me to stop the texts and pictures then? Maybe they're not good for you."

She rolled her eyes again, because Kyle began playing with her huge tits with both hands. He really couldn't get enough of them. She tried to be annoyed, but she had to break into a wide smile.

Jim could scarcely believe what he said next. It was like he was glutton for punishment. "No. Keep sending them. As I keep saying, it's the not knowing that bothers me. For instance, my mind is running wild imagining you combing your hair with Kyle watching. Somehow, I'd feel better if I just SEE what the reality is. So, uh, could you take a picture of yourself right now? Please?"

Julie said with pleasure, "No problem! I'll just have Kyle snap one off for you."

She had to suppress a snicker, because she wondered what Jim would think if he saw a photo of the way she was jacking off her son at that very moment. There was no pregnancy excuse involved; she just loved to do it. She'd convinced herself that handjobs were allowed, and she couldn't get enough of the feel of his hot, pulsing cock in her hands, in the same way that he couldn't get enough of fondling her huge knockers.

She whispered into the phone conspiratorially, "To be honest, he was just taking some racy photos of me right before you called anyway. I know that's not strictly about breeding, but he says it'll help get him erect and it doesn't even involve any touching. Pretty clever, huh?"

That was all true, although she failed to mention that Kyle's penis was stiff even before the photo taking began. Plus, it hadn't involved any touching before the phone call began, but there definitely was a lot of touching going on now.

Jim seethed to himself, Yeah, pretty clever for HIM! I can see it now: long after you two stop fucking, he'll still have all sorts of incredible photos of your sexy naked body as fuel for his masturbatory fantasies for years to come. But at least he'll only be masturbating to you instead of actually fucking you. I suppose I can live with that.

Just as he was about to say something else, he heard a ping on his phone. It was the picture Kyle had just taken of Julie.

Thankfully, Kyle disengaged from Julie and walked from her to get the camera. By the time he had it in position to take a photo, she'd had time to strike an especially provocative pose.

The resulting image took Jim's breath away. He already felt that his wife was a goddess amongst mere mortal women. But in the photo, Julie had a radiant afterglow that somehow was even more arousing than all the fucking photos he'd seen so far. Furthermore, she was posing while combing her hair, with one foot up on a chair, showing off her swampy pussy, which made him dizzy with sexual desire. But the most titillating aspect of all was how she was staring at the camera. There was so much motherly love and yet carnal desire in her eyes that Jim might have staggered to his knees if he'd been standing.

Then it hit him, Her wanton yet loving look must be directed at the guy behind the camera: Kyle! Not me, her own husband! Motherfucking SON OF A BITCH!

He wanted to openly weep. And yet, the photo was so arousing that he wanted to cheer for them too. It was like they were meant for each other, and the intensity of their bond shown in the photo was something that could only be celebrated by anyone who saw it, even him.

His heart was racing fast as he ogled the photo when Julie asked him, "So, did you get the photo yet?"

"Yeah," he muttered.

"I haven't seen it yet. Is it a good one?"

He spoke before thinking. "It's a great one! So sexy!"

She purred with pleasure at the obvious lusty enthusiasm in his voice. "Oh! That's nice to hear. Sounds like sending you those photos and texts is helping after all."

He struggled over what to say next. "I guess that's true. I… In fact, I…"

"You what? Talk to me, babe." Julie asked.

"I'd like to come back home." Jim muttered, on a whim. The idea had just come to him, and he didn't really understand it, but it felt right.

"Honey, you will, soon. I ju-" Julie started.

But Jim quickly cut her off. "No, I mean tonight. Now! Don't worry, I won't bother you and Kyle... It's just... well... if I'm gonna be a part of this then... well, there should be nothing wrong with me being around the house. Right?"

Jim didn't want to admit it, not even to himself, but as arousing as the photos and texts were, he wanted to see them fucking with his own eyes.

Kyle had put down the camera because he was getting horny and erect again. He walked to his mother and took her in his muscular arms, causing her to end her sexy posing. He brought one hand to her ass and his other to her tits. He began fondling her naked body like he owned it. But he was careful not to make enough noise to cause Jim to ask questions.

This time, Julie didn't roll her eyes, but simply took his boner back in hand and resumed quietly jacking him off.

Once she got a good rhythm going, she spoke softly and carefully into the phone. "Are you sure? You remember what happed yesterday."

Although she truly had put her foot down on blowjobs and titfucks and other sex acts with her son, she certainly had lost all of her restraint when it came to handjobs! She frequently told herself that it didn't really count, as she was merely keeping his dick stiff and ready for further fucking.

Jim answered her, "I remember. I acted like a child and I'm sorry. Things will be different this time. I promise."

Julie looked to Kyle while she lovingly jacked him off. She knew he could hear what was being said on both ends of the phone, now that he had her in his embrace. But he had a neutral expression on his face, so she didn't know how he felt about Jim's suggestion.

Kyle was listening, but he was distracted by her handjob, and more. He'd just brought one hand to his mother's pussy and he was diddling her clit and fingering her tight yet soaked slit.

That gave Julie a newly urgent desire to get off the phone, especially because her son's cock was getting increasingly hot and wet in her hand at the same time. They were both getting back into the mood for more fucking, despite their exhaustion.

She told Jim, "Let me talk it over with Kyle. I don't want you being here to throw him off. I really need him right now. I think it's important that he fucks me tonight at least once or twice. I know you'll say he's pumped gallons of cum into me already, and that's true, but you never know. What if one of the times tonight is 'the one' and one lucky spermatozoa swims home and penetrates my egg?! And we miss it?! I need him to breed me so very badly!"

In truth, she was more thinking, I need him to fuck me some more so very badly! She tried to cover that up by adding, "You know how much I want to raise another child. You do too. This is our big chance!"

"I know you do... and, yeah, I do too. Just let me know," Jim said with sad resignation.

"Okay, I will."

It was a wonder that Julie's voice sounded relatively normal, because her entire body was writhing in place, thanks to Kyle's increasingly aggressive fondling. Feeling cocky and devilish, he was trying to get a tell-tale verbal reaction from her that Jim would notice before the phone call ended.

Julie knew his intention, and it was so naughty that it fired her lust even more. He was really going to town on her clit and slit with his fingers, driving her crazy. Plus, she was lovingly pumping her hand up and down his already hot and wet shaft. Just holding it like this was giving her a powerful fuck-need.

She had a lot of reasons to get off the phone, and fast. So she continued, "I guess that's about it, then. I'll talk to you later. Bye!" Then she ended the call and tossed the phone away.

As soon as the phone call was over, she laughed and squealed, as she pretended to try to wiggle free from her son's aggressive, roaming hands. "You… you beast! You were trying to embarrass me so Jim could hear. Don't try to deny it!"

"Guilty as charged." He planted his lips on hers, effectively ending that line of discussion.

Julie was swept away on a tsunami of lust. Jim was totally forgotten already as her hunky son literally took her breath away with some powerful kissing. Then he just as literally swept her off her feet and laid her down on the bed. Then, like a conquering hero, he laid his naked body on top of her.

As she necked with him some more while still jacking him off, she thought, My Lord! My son, he's just too much! Gaaaawwwwd, even after all this fucking today, I need his cock in me now like I need air to breathe! How can I say no to him ever again?! I can't! But I must! But I can't! I long to be his vessel for pleasure, his shameless mommy slut! If he wants me, if he wants to plow my fertile fields any time, I'm his!

Her moral conscience tried to rally. No, I can't say that. That's just how I feel now, in the heat of the moment. My willpower will return later, if he ever stops fucking me long enough for me to catch my breath, that is!

She fumbled with his cock, trying to line it up with her swampy cunt-tunnel. Seconds later, he started to slide in. The pleasure was so intense that she almost blacked out. Oh! Paradise!

Meanwhile, Jim had hung up the phone and he lay back down. His urge to masturbate some more was almost overwhelming after that call, and especially after that photo of his nude wife combing her hair and provocatively posing for their son. But he was fiercely determined to stick to his no masturbation vow this time. He simply laid on his bed, waiting for his arousal to simmer down while also waiting for a reply to his please to return home tonight.

A few minutes later, he got his answer.

It was actually fairly surprising Julie even remembered to respond at all, given that she and Kyle had resumed fucking. But it was more of a slow and emotional making love, since they were both totally beat.


Jim simply wrote in reply, "Agreed."

He wasted no time, since he'd been just lying in bed in a kind of slow sexual torture anyway. He left a note for his parents, then made the hour long drive.