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It was eleven o'clock when Jim arrived back home. The house was dark and quiet.

Jim wandered up the steps. When he reached the upstairs hallway, the pungent smell of sex hit his nostrils. It was a potent mixture of wet pussy and teenage jizz.

His erection had finally gone down on its own during the drive home, but it suddenly came back with a vengeance. Holy fuck! What a powerful smell. This whole upper floor smells like a whorehouse! Good God, they really did fuck up a storm the entire day!

His renewed arousal drove his curiosity. He bravely snuck to his bedroom door and peeked inside.

Kyle was lying on his back in the center of his parents' marital bed. He was awake but merely watching some news channel on TV. Julie was lying directly on top of him sleeping, with her head on his shoulder.

On a subconscious level, Jim was disappointed that he didn't catch them mid-fuck, but wasn't willing to admit that to himself. He thought, somewhat sarcastically, Well, I'll be. Miracles still do exist. There are actual times they're together without fucking. Must be as rare as a unicorn sighting.

He took a closer look at the two nude lovers. The sheet was pulled down to their waists. He could clearly see his wife's immense spongy breasts bulging out as they lay flattened against his son's naked chest. Julie looked content and blissful as she slept against Kyle's body. Kyle was ostensibly watching the TV, but probably not really paying any attention to it. Nobody watched the news with the kind of huge blissful smile that was on his face.

After a minute or so, Kyle noticed his father standing in the doorway. He flashed him a cocky grin and gave him a tired wave. He quietly muttered the words, "Hey, Dad!"

Jim forced a smile and nodded back. He wasn't in any mood to say anything. In fact, his jealousy surged yet again and he was filled with an urge to wring his son's neck. But he'd promised no jealousy, so the best thing he could do was get out of there, fast.

A part of Kyle still couldn't truly believe his father was a willing cuckold. But looking at him just silently standing there was the final proof for him that it was true and not some elaborate act. His "old dad" would have never passively accepted such an outrageous situation.

Jim went down to Kyle's room and crawled in his bed.

Even that simple action was an indignity for him. Once he was in bed after undressing, lying there with the lights off, he couldn't resist noticing the symbolism. Here I am, with my place and Kyle's place exactly reversed. I should be in MY bed with MY gorgeous wife while my son sleeps here alone. But no! And it's my stupidity and greed that's put me here. Sure, I'd really love to raise another child. But there are various medical procedures to try, or even adoption. Anything but having my very own son "breed" my wife with his gigantic cock!

I suppose this is my punishment for cheating. Karma is a bitch. I guess I'll be lucky if I make my way out of this mess with my marriage still intact. Greatly reduced, and with our sex life in tatters, but at least still intact. Dora is a hot young thing, sure, but she's no Julie.

One Julie gets pregnant, that'll give our marriage a new focus and a distraction from all this. It'll take years, but I could see raising a second child being the glue that allows us to heal. True, I'm gonna be stuck raising my son's bastard child for the rest of my life, but I guess that's more karma too.

As for these fucking annoying "cuckolding" feelings, that's not me! I don't know who that is, but it sure as hell isn't me. Somehow, the wires in my brain must have gotten crossed. Maybe when I look at Kyle fucking her, I'm seeing myself fucking her, since he looks a lot like I did when I was that age.

Though he's more handsome, muscular, and well-hung. Dammit! Especially the well-hung part. He's hung like an elephant!

Anyway, my point is, this... this... cuckold thing... has to be some temporary feeling that will pass. The truth is, the two of them look so hot and sexy with each other that I dare anyone to not be affected! Time is the great healer. I just have to ignore all my inappropriate lustful urges until they wither on the vine and fade away.

Back in the master bedroom, Kyle's thoughts were much simpler. What a great day! Best day ever! But I'm no idiot. I can't let this come to an end when Mom's ovulation ends. I still have to play the long game. It's such a trip that Dad's on some weird cuckolding kick. I totally didn't expect that, but it plays right into my hands. That opens up many intriguing possibilities! I need to learn more about just how strongly he's into that before planning out my next steps though.

Normally, Jim slept in pajamas. But since he didn't have access to his things in his bedroom, he was forced to sleep in just his boxers.

Sometime in the middle of the night, he woke to the sound of his wife's voice, crying and wailing in orgasm.

Jim snuck down the hallway and peeked inside his room to find Julie's sexy nude body being repeatedly nailed to the mattress. Her legs were thrown back into a huge spread eagle. Kyle's ass was bucking up and down, his pussy-tamer plunging in and out of Julie's sucking hole. Her red and swollen pussy lips were stretched obscenely around its strong thick girth.

The big bed rocked noticeably as Kyle and Julie humped and rutted like two desperate animals.

Jim couldn't tear his eyes away. Watching his wife being fucked so hard and fast was absolutely astonishing. It was way more interesting and titillating than even the most arousing photos he'd been sent. Dressed in just his boxers, with his modest-sized penis tenting them, he stared with sick fascination as his son's long jutting cock slid in and out of his wife's cock-grinder.

He imagined how fantastic all that soft slippery pink pussy must feel around Kyle's throbbing glans. Of course, he'd fucked Julie himself many, many times, but he surmised that Kyle had to be feeling pleasures several orders of magnitude greater than anything he'd ever felt, so he could only guess what it was like.

"O-h-h-h my God!" Julie's voice trembled. Her lusty cries weren't nearly as loud as they'd been earlier, since she was trying to restrain herself with Jim in the house.

Being in a spread eagle, Julie's legs hovered mid-air, scissored apart so that her cute little toes pointed in opposite directions. That pose allowed Jim to see a thick frothy mix of their genital excrement running from her twat, down across her butt-hole.

He heard his wife let out a primitive guttural moan. He watched as her toes clenched and her legs began to shiver. Her entire body started to shake, as if she was having an epileptic fit that was only tempered by her son's body on top of her.

Jim was newly astounded. Oh my God! I've never seen Julie cum this hard! If what I did to her is "fucking," then we need a whole new word for this. He's absolutely DESTROYING her! I could never do that in a million years!

Jim was grateful for the lighting. There was a lamp that was only dimly lit on the lowest setting next to the bed. There was no light coming from the hallway whatsoever. That meant that if Kyle or Julie managed to reposition and look his way, they would almost certainly be unable to see anything at all, not even his silhouette.

Confident that was the case, he pulled his boner out of his boxers and started rubbing it a little bit. He knew that was against his no masturbation vow, but he told himself it didn't really count so long as he didn't ejaculate.

He continued to watch. Incredibly, his arousal only soared higher and higher, until he reached some kind of heady euphoria he'd never felt before. His feelings were so intense that he actually was forced to sink to his knees in the hallway outside the door, because he literally was incapable of remaining standing.

Once he was settled in his new position, he resumed his jacking off. He just couldn't help it. His mind was spinning with mixed emotions. True, he was jealous as hell. All the other "usual suspects" from his earlier emotional heartbreak came back too, such as guilt, shame, inadequacy, humiliation, anger, and so on. But none of that mattered much, because sheer lust trumped them all.

He listened to Kyle's balls steadily beat against his wife's ass. He couldn't help but notice how his son kept a nice rutting rhythm going, seemingly indefinitely.

He thought, Holy shit! That kid can fuck! Once again, I'm in awe. How does he do it?! I might as well be castrated, in comparison. I've been bested in every possible way!

Despite these gloomy thoughts, his arousal continued to rise, helped along by his increasingly vigorous handjob.

He waited there on his knees for another five minutes, wondering when his son was going to pop. Or, at least, he hoped for a slowing down or even a much-deserved strategic pause. But those things simply weren't happening. There were just the sounds of heavy panting and wet flesh smacking together, over and over and over again.

After a while, he heard his wife loudly grunt and groan again, for nearly a minute, followed by a muffled whimper. But that was about the only break in the routine. He guessed that was a minor orgasm, by her recent standards.

Despite the lack of much variation, he was endlessly fascinated. It was similar to watching someone holding their breath underwater: the longer it went on, the more remarkable it was, even though there wasn't much visibly happening.

Five more minutes went by, and he kept on stroking his boner.

Then Julie let out a high pitched scream as she creamed on Kyle's dick again.

She'd had a bigger orgasm than her last one. However, that still seemed a mere minor orgasm compared to the kinds of epic screamers he already knew Kyle was capable of giving her.

When she'd more or less recovered, she muttered, "Oh, Son! What do you do to me?! God, I love you so much!"

Kyle muttered back, "Love you too, Mom."

Julie passionately added, "I can't believe what you do to me. The pleasure is simply UNREAL! I'm so hopelessly in love with your huge pussy-tamer! Tame my pussy a little more! Please! More! More!"

Hearing those words made Jim burn with jealousy, but also burn with lust. He was teetering on the edge of cumming himself, as he kept on masturbating.

By this time, fifteen minutes had passed since Jim had snuck to the door. Yet Kyle's cum-lathered thick pole continued its seemingly endless assault.

Jim furtively moved on his knees until he had more of a side view of the fucking action. It was a big risk to sneak deeper into the room, but it was as if he couldn't stop his own body from doing it. He told himself he would be okay, due to the darkness of that part of the room.

He was rewarded with a better view of his son's relentless cock slicing through his wife's twat like a medieval battering ram. Kyle's strong hips rocked fluidly, propelling his veiny hard-on deep inside her inner sanctum, over and over and over and over and over!

Julie's long, muscular legs were wrapped around her son, but they were visibly jerking and trembling from the power of his thrusts.

Jim thought while still stroking his hard-on, I should be bored from the repetitive action by now, except I'm not. The kid's like a God-damn machine! They've been at it for who knows how long before I even got here, but I'm sure I'm gonna cum way before he does!

However, that guess turned out not to be true. Just when Jim was starting to seriously think his son had truly superhuman sexual skills, Kyle finally announced, "OOH-H-H-H! OH YEAH! MOM, I'M GONNA CUM!"

Jim watched his son's ass cheeks tighten. The large testicles seemed to jerk inside Kyle's scrotum, firing their contents up his cunt-smothered cannon and deep into Julie's hot, cum-hungry womb.

Jim still needed to urgently cum himself, but he didn't dare do it in or near the master bedroom. He quietly snuck back down the hall, listening to Kyle's quivering grunts and his wife's passionate, wordless wails. He could still easily imagine his son's fat knob, squeezing up through her tight cervical ring, with long thick ropes of cock-milk jetting from his pisshole.

Right as he was creeping back down the hall, he heard his wife panting, "Oh, Son! What you do to me! How did you rise to the occasion yet AGAIN?!"

Kyle responded, "It's you, Mom. All you! You inspire me so much. You're too beautiful to be believed. And on top of that, I just love you as my mom. No mere girl could ever compare. Can we just kiss for a while?"

"Yes, please! Hell, yes!" Julie giggled with glee.

Jim cursed as he continued to creep away, Motherfucking son of a bitch! It sounds like they're falling in love! How could this get any worse?!

As soon as Jim was back in bed, he took his boxers off and used them as a cum rag. He blasted his load into them after just another minute of fervent stroking, then tossed them to the floor in shame.

He thought, True, my no masturbation vow has been broken again, but I consider what just happened an extraordinary circumstance. That was the first and hopefully last time I saw my wife and son fuck with my own eyes. How could I resist being overwhelmed by their sheer sexuality? How could anybody?

Tomorrow, I'm going to do a lot better. I swear it. The shock of what I'm seeing will wear off and I'll regain control of myself. My crazy cuckolding feelings have to be banished somehow.

He was so physically and emotionally drained that he fell right to sleep after that.