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Jim woke up early in the morning, before the other two did. He peeked in their bedroom just to be sure, and saw them still naked and spooned against each other. The smell of sex still filled the air.

He figured it was no surprise at all that they slept in, since they had very literally fucked each other to total exhaustion.

He was chagrined, because even though they were asleep, Kyle had a hand on one of Julie's huge breasts, and she had her fingers wrapped around his penis, even though it appeared to be flaccid.

But he was even more chagrined, because the sight of them lying there like that was so extraordinarily sexy that he felt a great lust welling up inside him yet again. He had to force himself to leave the room and try to clear his head before he got yet another erection, and that was only from seeing them lying still.

He knew it was a Saturday, which meant he wouldn't have the refuge of going to the office. The prospect of staying home all day while his son fucked his wife over and over was simultaneously a cuckold's dream come true but also a living nightmare.

He decided, Rather than being grumpy, and grousing with jealousy, I'll make breakfast for everyone. I promised to be good. I'll surprise them by showing that I'm not going to let any of this get me down and defeat me. Or at least I can put up a front to that effect. Grin and bear it! Grin and fucking bear it! Besides, time is on my side. It won't be long now until Julie's ovulation window closes and my confusing nightmare comes to an end. Thank God!

Kyle reached the kitchen before Julie. He'd put boxers on in anticipation of his father being there.

He and Jim exchanged drowsy hellos, like it was just another typical morning in suburbia. He poured himself a big glass of juice from the fridge and then sat down on a stool at the kitchen counter, since his father was busy cooking in the kitchen.

Jim didn't want to speak alone with Kyle. He figured his son's cockiness was more likely to bring out his jealousy and even rage than if he was with Julie, or the three of them were together. But he really had no choice, unless he wanted to leave that part of the house like a coward.

Jim felt woozy and almost dizzy because Kyle obviously hadn't showered yet, and looked it. That meant that a pungent sex smell followed his son like a cloud. It was all the confused father could do to fight the arousal urge again, simply based on the smell coming from his son. He couldn't believe how fucked up that was.

"You must have tired your mother out... she's usually up by now," Jim said while keeping his hands and eyes busy with his cooking tasks.

The implied reason why Julie was tired out loomed like an elephant in the room.

Kyle boldly responded, "Well... we were up most of the night, but it's not my fault. She was the one waking me up every few hours." He said this with a cocky smile.

Jim felt slightly enraged, but he kept his cool. He said, "Today should be her last day ovulating, which means tomorrow things should be back to normal around here." He was pointedly reminding Kyle that his time as "motherfucker" was coming to an end.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that, Dad." Kyle smiled.

"What do you mean by that?" Jim asked. He felt a growing pit in his stomach.

It wasn't prudent to his long term plan, but Kyle was young and not yet fully mature. He couldn't resist a little boasting. "I don't know... Mom said she's falling for me. I remember her telling me last night something about how she wanted to be my 'naked mommy slut forever' and how she 'couldn't live without my cock drilling her deep inside.' I guess she really digs that sorta thing."

"You're full of shit!" Jim snapped, even though he had no doubt those sort of things had been said.

"Am I? Think about it, Dad. If a car dealership lets you drive a Ferrari for three days, do you think you're really gonna wanna go back to driving that old hunk of junk you have in the garage?"

"For your information, that car is not an 'old hunk of junk'," Jim said with irritation, since the metaphor was based on at least one real car. Even though he was fairly rich, and he used a newer car to go to work every day, he kept an old and beat-up Toyota that he'd owned for many years due to its sentimental value.

"But it's certainly not a Ferrari, and you're certainly not 'young and well-endowed.' Those were more of Mom's words... not mine," Kyle said.

"What were Mom's words?" Julie asked from the doorway.

Kyle and Jim flashed each other hostile looks as Julie strolled towards them, her unsupported breasts bobbling beneath her silk robe.

And it wasn't just any robe, either. It was the same orange one that Kyle had never seen her wear before, until yesterday. It turned out there was a good reason for that too. She'd ordered it on-line as a replacement for her blue robe, but she'd accidentally been sent one that was a size or two too small for her. She'd buried it deep in a closet rather than bothering to send it back… until now.

Kyle hadn't gotten a good enough look at the robe yesterday to know for sure if it was too small or it had been the way she'd been wearing it semi-open in front that excited him so much. That was because she'd only worn it for a short while in the morning and then stayed buck naked the rest of the day. But now he realized it was definitely too small! It didn't even come all the way down to the bottom of her pussy, and she couldn't have closed it all the way in front if she tried. Needless to say, she wasn't wearing any bra or panties underneath it either.

This wasn't a mere robe. This was an open invitation to get fucked!

And nobody in the room had any doubt who she wanted to fuck her, and who was going to do it.

But before there could be more of a reaction to the daring robe, Julie asked, "What were Mom's words?"

Jim needed to respond to that in a way that got them away from the contentious discussion he'd been having with Kyle. He lied, "Oh, um... that you like your eggs scrambled and hate a runny yolk."

Julie stood there with her hands on her hips, which opened her robe in front even more. That pose left all of her huge tits and pussy mound completely exposed. She responded, "That's true, but I could have sworn that I heard something from the living room about someone being 'young and well endowed?'" She raised a questioning eyebrow.

Kyle and Jim looked at each other. Both of them felt unable to respond to that, because they didn't want to reignite their dispute with her listening in.

Julie walked to the kitchen counter, between Jim and Kyle, but just out of Kyle's reach.

Jim tried to hide his reaction, but his knees nearly buckled and his head swooned, because the sex smell wafting off his wife was even stronger than the same smell coming from his son. It nearly made him delirious with desire, and he hated it.

She said, "Okay, boys, enough with the hostility already."

She looked at Kyle. "You've done an awesome job with your breeding task so far, young man, but you need to tone down on the cockiness just a tad."

Kyle lowered his head slightly and nodded. He knew she was right.

She turned and looked at Jim. "And you, husband of mine, you need to stop telling someone they can do something, then turn around and act like a jealous child when they do."

Jim reluctantly nodded too.

She placed a hand on both their shoulders, like a referee standing between two fighters.

Acting as if she wasn't effectively buck naked with her robe open wide in front, she looked back to her boy. "I think I heard more of your little spat than either of you two realize. A Ferrari is good to have around, when there's a race to win and you and my handsome son have one day left in this race to make a baby."

Then she looked at Jim. "That old Toyota is nice to have around too. It provides support and stability, which means you, my love, you have a purpose here too. One can't and shouldn't drive a Ferrari every single day."

Then she looked back and forth between them. "I suggest the two of you stop treating this like a contest and start acting like a team here. We're all on the same team, the baby-making team. We're family, and we love each other too. It's just that we have different roles."

"You're right... I'm sorry," Jim said with genuine contrition.

"Me too, Mom," Kyle said, also feeling properly chastened. He was glad she had come in when she did, because his conversation with Jim was likely to backfire in a big way anyway, especially if he'd kept foolishly boasting and taunting. It was important he didn't show his hand - his plan to find a way to keep fucking his mother forever - too soon.

Julie pulled both of them in close for a loose group hug.

She said, "I love you both... and I'm counting on both of you, in your own way, to help me make this baby."

She broke the group hug and turned to embrace only her husband. "Jim, hold me close."

Her huge, bare tits squashed against Jim's chest, with her nipples hard and engorged. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and gave him a firm hug.

Once again, the sex smell from her assaulted Jim's nose, but even more powerfully since they were in so much closer proximity. He vowed in his mind to fight his strange lusty feelings, but he felt it was a losing battle.

Then she peeked back at her son. "Kyle, take off your boxers and get behind me."

For once, Kyle was stunned into silence. He couldn't believe the implications of what she was saying.

Seeing his reluctance, she added, "That's an order."

Both Kyle and Jim looked at each other awkwardly, as if they couldn't believe what was about to happen.

What they didn't know was that Julie had eventually figured out last night that Jim was in the master bedroom and probably masturbating to the sight of Kyle fucking her. She hadn't been able to actually see him, but she'd heard his lusty panting. That gave her confidence to test the strength of his cuckold desire even more.

Kyle thought she was being too rash, but he was too hot and bothered to turn down the invitation. He dropped his boxers. His dick was already fully erect, and had been within seconds of her walking into the room wearing just the open and undersized orange robe.

As Kyle moved in behind his mother, Julie looked up into her husband's eyes. She said, "The other day, when you came home and reacted the way you did, I was completely disgusted with you. I told Kyle I was falling for him because I felt as though I was falling away from you and I needed someone there to catch me."

Kyle stepped in close to his sexy, stacked mother. He lifted her robe in back, bunching it around her waist. Knowing what she wanted, he began to grind his long, thick cock against the crack of her firm, meaty buttocks.

She said to Jim, "But now, with all the support you've been showing Kyle and I these past two days... I feel as though you've come back to me. You're being the husband that I need you to be." She was suddenly overtaken by genuine love for her husband. She smiled at him, but with tears in her eyes.

"It's because I love you," Jim said with heartfelt emotion.

"I love you too," she said just as sincerely.

Then she twisted her upper body in place, breaking her tit contact against Jim's chest. That allowed her to look up into Kyle's eyes, despite him being directly behind her. "And I love you too, my baby."

Jim watched as his wife and son's lips came together. They didn't fully smooch, but instead planted a series of soft sensual kisses on each other's lips. He shouldn't have been, but he was a little surprised to see their tongues peek from their mouths and flutter together for a moment.

Then, as if that wasn't frustrating enough for Jim to watch, mother and son fully and passionately kissed each other on the lips. Furthermore, Jim stared as Kyle reached around and cupped and fondled Julie's enormous orbs as if he owned them.

And while Jim couldn't see what was happening behind Julie's back, he correctly surmised from the way Kyle's body was rising up and down a little bit that his son's cock was wedged in her ass crack and effectively dry humping it.

Jim was pissed, especially since his wife hadn't even kissed him at all. But he also was moved by her reaffirmation of love for him.

He decided, I need to be the bigger man and let things slide. Besides, today has to be the last day of Kyle having sexual control of Julie's body. Technically, tomorrow all will return back to normal, so I just need to be patient. Although… I have trouble seeing how anything in our family could ever return to anything even close to normal ever again. But that's a problem for later.

The incestuous kissing and fondling came to a merciful end.

Julie twisted back to her original position fully facing her husband. But then she playfully teased Kyle, "Now, get busy back there, mister. You know what I want. You have work to do."

The other two didn't realize it yet, but since she'd walked into the room, she had manipulated events to bring things to this point. She was convinced by now that Jim was a cuckold who got off on seeing Kyle fuck her, but she still was trying to figure out exactly what that meant. Plus, she knew it would be incredibly exciting and enjoyable for her and her son!

For Jim... probably not so much! But he seemed to get off on this sort of thing, she figured.

Kyle joyously grabbed his hard-on and pulled it free from her ass crack. After re-aiming it, he dragged its tapered head up and down her slippery gash. Then he slowly fed it inside her gooey cunt-hole, sighing with pure pleasure as he felt it sink up inside her birth canal.

Jim was beyond incredulous. Is this really happening?! Are we really doing this?! This is so fucked up! It makes all of yesterday look normal!

He would have put the fucking to a stop before it could get started, except that a part of his psyche was held hostage to his new cuckold feelings. He felt helpless to put a stop to anything, so long as he was swept up by intense arousal, as he was now. On top of everything else, the sex smell heavy in the air was like his personal kryptonite, making him feel passive and weak.

Julie let out a cute little moan caused by Kyle's fat knob pushing deeper and deeper into her tight cunt. It had been hours since he'd last fucked her, and her body was already craving a "refill."

Jim watched from less than a foot away as her eyes rolled back in their sockets, her little eyelids fluttering. It was a look he hadn't seen in many years, since they were just teenagers and he was arguably a "Ferrari" of sorts.

Jim was painfully aware that not only was his son providing his wife with a rock hard cock, but one that was much longer and thicker than his own. Kyle was touching Julie in places that Jim never possibly could. That made him feel emasculated and humiliated, but also even more inexplicably aroused.

Jim felt Kyle slip his arm between him and his wife, reaching across her waist. He leaned back against the kitchen counter to provide stability. His wife had just told him that was his job, after all.

Then Kyle brought his other hand around Julie's body and repositioned slightly so that he had both hands firmly cupping her enormous globes.

Julie purred in approval.

Jim sighed in defeat. That figures. Fucking son of a bitch! I wish I were him. It's like he owns her body now.

Kyle thrust his hips, sliding his fat cock-knob up and down the spongy glove of his mother's cunt. He could feel her gripping him tightly internally, using her strong vaginal muscles to add increased friction around his thick teenage pole. On every up-stroke, his abdomen would sink into the soft supple flesh of her buttocks.

It wasn't long before her son was really pounding into her. Kyle's head rested against her shoulder as he bucked back and forth against his beautiful mother. Yet he still had the presence of mind to gleefully caress and fondle her massive jugs.

She was increasingly sandwiched between her studly son and her husband.

Her ass cheeks began to ripple as Kyle fucked her with impressive force.

Jim could hear the lewd smacking of his son's balls beating against his wife's clit. He was fascinated by Kyle's stamina and how he was relentlessly using Julie's body, like a rutting animal.

It's not every day that a man gets to hold his wife while his son brings her to orgasm.

Julie's body shook as she whimpered in climax. Her hips quivered and jerked. For once, she managed to avoid screaming out, for fear of yelling something that would humiliate Jim too much and ruin the mood.

In fact, neither Kyle nor Jim said a word either, also in fear of saying the wrong thing.

Kyle held on and stayed with Julie all through her intense orgasm, never missing a stroke.

Jim carefully held his wife by her shoulders, making sure that her big bare tits were just far away enough not to touch his own chest. He felt forced to do that, because he loathed the idea of feeling her son's hands directly on his skin even as Kyle kept playing with her great breasts.

And the sex smell was getting more pungent all the time, driving him absolutely insane.

Hot liquid love churned around Kyle's cockhead as it thrust up and back through the clutching tube of his mother's soft, pink pussy. As it reached the back of her vagina, it licked the head of her cervix, which was coated with a hot slippery mucus. That was a natural substance of Julie's body which was meant to ensure sperm survival.

Normally during their fuck sessions, Kyle would control his ejaculation by using his strong PC muscles. This allowed him to fuck for hours and made his mother cum over and over on his cock, which was an absolute rush for the young teen. This time, however, the situation was so bizarre that he decided it was best to let it come to a quick conclusion after a "mere" ten minutes of solid and steady thrusting.

Besides, getting to fuck his sex bomb mother while his father literally held her body up in support was such a rush for him that he doubted he'd be able to last much longer anyway.

It wasn't just the immediate situation, but the long-term implications. Clearly, Jim was either a willing cuckold, or so wimpy and tolerant that it was effectively the same thing. He felt like he'd already won Julie forever, even though neither she nor Jim realized that yet.

"UUUNNGGHH, YEAH, MOM!" Kyle grunted as the first thick rope blasted from his pisshole.

Julie felt the scalding spunk splash against the head of her cervix, followed by another, and another, and another.

As Kyle groaned, huge blasts of semen spewed from his meatus.

Julie could feel his erection flexing over and over as it pulsed with excitement. Her eyes rolled up into her head as an especially epic orgasm wracked her entire body. She wasn't nearly as loud as usual, in deference to Jim being right there and actually helping to hold her up, but it was a rapturous climax for her just the same.

"OH-H-H-H... UUUGGGNNGGGHHH!" Kyle groaned, as he felt his mother's cunt muscles squeeze and smother his rod, milking every drop from his throbbing shaft.

There was so much cum exploding out of him and into her that she soon felt some of it running down her muscular thighs.

"Aaaah! That was great!" Julie said while staring Jim in her eyes from close up. "Thanks for your support… in more ways than one!" She chuckled. She kissed her husband, but only chastely, on the forehead.

She asked him, "Wasn't that nice? It was like, even though Kyle was providing the sperm, you were also a key part of the act. I hope that's the one that knocks me up. Then it'll be like you both are the father."

Jim just weakly nodded. Already, he was horribly ashamed that he'd participated in that bizarre event. But even now, the sex smell in the air and Julie's off-the-charts nude sexuality left him as weak as a baby kitten. He felt unable to talk, much less strenuously complain.

Trying to sound and act like she hadn't just been fucked to heaven and back, she said to both of the other two, "Now, if you don't mind, I need to go elevate my hips. This is all about Kyle fucking and breeding a baby into me, after all. Who knows, this might be the one magical time that does it!"

Kyle backed up a little, causing his big boner to slither out of Julie's thoroughly-fucked hole. His shaft glistened with orgasmic juices. His cockhead slipped from her socket with a creamy pop, followed by a stream of fresh cum-cream.

Julie clutched her snatch with her hand, holding much of the cum in as she turned to her son and gave him a quick kiss.

Even though it was quick, it was on the lips, and with lots of tongue. Plus, while the kiss went on, Kyle ran his hands all over Julie's front side, with the open robe no impediment at all. His hands mostly caressed her enormous tits, as usual, but they went elsewhere, including briefly diddling her clit.

Julie similarly ran her hands all over her son's muscular chest, but with a tenderness and care that suggested they were deeply in love with each other. She even caressed his bare ass cheeks too.

Jim couldn't fail to notice all that since they weren't even trying to shield what they were doing to each other, and his jealousy burned brighter. But it was like he was rendered mute by his cuckold lust.

"Thank you baby," she said to her son, and then hurried off, with her open orange robe still somehow loosely hanging on her body.

Father and son watched her walk away. Both of them were transfixed by her ass cheeks undulating up and down, because the orange robe didn't even go down all the way to the bottom of her ass!

Her departure left Kyle standing there with his semi-erect pole pointing at his father. (As usual, it took a few minutes for him to go completely flaccid.) He smiled widely, and commented, "Holy shit! That was totally insane!"

He honestly admitted, "I never thought she'd do that, with you right there." His bobbing peter was still twitching with post orgasmic contractions, while it ever-so-slowly deflated.

Jim had to admit to himself that had been "totally insane." And yet he was so fucked up with his emerging and even growing cuckold fetish that, overall, he was glad that it had happened. Somehow, he sensed it would be a memory that would turbo charge his sexual fantasies for years to come.

He had no idea what to say. Merely staying in the same room as his son after that was a constant humiliation. He lamely commented, "Well, if your mother's not pregnant by tomorrow, then I'll be shocked. Especially after that!"

"Me too, Dad... me too." Kyle proudly smiled.

Kyle walked out of the room shortly after that, because he sensed his father was feeling extremely uncomfortable.

But, in fact, Jim had been preparing breakfast and nobody had eaten yet. So, after a few minutes, both Kyle and Julie returned to the kitchen and dining room area.

Julie was still wearing her orange robe, which was somehow even more sexy and obscene than wearing nothing at all. She also had put on a pair of red high heels.

However, despite her raw sexuality lighting up the room like a searchlight, all three of them were sexually satiated for a while. The breakfast passed relatively uneventfully, without much physical contact.

At one point early in the meal though, Julie made some notable comments. "Jim, I'm sorry for surprising you with that. But I thought it was important to test if you really are able to handle things without going into a jealous snit. I'm happy to announce that you passed with flying colors!"

Jim considered that a very dubious "honor," but he remained silent. He reminded himself he had just one day of this living hell to go.

She added, "Furthermore, I wanted to make the point that as long as I'm ovulating, I physically belong to Kyle. That's why I kissed him on the lips and not you, for instance. But of course, this is just a temporary thing, like a three-day long 'opposite day.' Once that time ends, everything will flip back. Naturally, then I'll kiss you on the lips and him on the cheek. Understand?"

"Perfectly," Jim replied. He was secretly relieved, even incredibly relieved. Although he was getting off on his new cuckold fetish in a big way, he assumed that was a freak event, sort of his personal "opposite day" reaction, and his normal sexual urges would soon return. Despite the fact he was easily more aroused than he'd ever been in his life, and for much longer too, the emotional turmoil of being a cuckold was mentally exhausting.

He couldn't wait for things to get back to normal, or at least some kind of attempt at normal. He was sure it would take years for his sex life with his wife to return to something resembling satisfying for the both of them, if that ever happened at all. He was much more hopeful that the rest of their marriage could be successfully repaired, at least.

"Good," Julie said with a curious smirk. "Now, just to make sure you really mean it, let's do a little test." She stood up in the middle of the room and then dramatically shucked her robe from her shoulders.

Both Kyle and Jim were transfixed by her jaw-dropping beauty, and they struggled just to breathe.

She flashed a wicked, sensual smile at her son. "Come here, Stud. Let's make sure your dad is okay with you owning my body. Give me a great big kiss!"

"Gladly!" Kyle was up in a flash. And in more than one way, because his penis engorged with an urgency, after seeing her standing there like that. Her red high heels firmed up her legs and ass even more than usual, especially since she was striking a subtly sexy pose for him.

Kyle wrapped his arms around his bombshell mother and their lips met. The resulting kissing was so hot that it was a wonder smoke didn't rise from where their faces met.

Jim just sat there with his jaw practically hitting the floor. He would have been more upset, except that his own erection rose just as fast as his son's. He was glad that he was sitting at the table so the tabletop blocked the view of his lewd bulge. It didn't really matter though, since mother and son only had eyes for each other.

Kyle had put his boxers back on for breakfast. But within seconds of starting to make out with his hourglass-figured mother, she tugged those annoying boxers well down his thighs. She purred lustily into his mouth as she grasped his boner and got busy stroking it.

Naturally, Kyle was no fool, and he wasn't about to keep his hands still. He mostly alternated between playing with her tits and ass, usually fondling both areas at once.

Julie briefly peeked at her husband through narrowly slitted eyes. She confirmed that he was sitting obediently at the table, with such a lusty look on his face, it was practically rapturous.

She smirked in her mind, while her tongue was engaged in a sexy duel with her son's. This is so great! I guess I should be concerned long-term that my husband has turned into such a pathetic, wimpy cuckold. But right now, I have to admit it's simply too hot to get it on right in front of him! Kyle is such a STUD! Of course he's erect again. And he's going to fuck me. ALL. DAY. LONG! Hee!

The make out session kept going, getting more and more passionate all the time. Julie's body began to grind up and down against her son's, almost like she was some kind of pole dancer starting to put on a show. The more she writhed against him, the more she could feel his huge boner sliding against her pussy mound as well as slipping through her busy fingers.

At one point, she purred between kisses, "Oh, Son! Your cock feels so HOT and HUGE! You might just fuck me right here!"

That put the idea in his head. He grinned madly. "Yeah. I just might!"

She realized things were getting out of hand, even considering what happened earlier. She worried about pushing her husband too far, cuckold or not. So she disengaged from her son. Mostly, that is. She still kept holding his raging boner, and slipping and sliding her fingers up and down it.

She turned to Jim. "Congratulations! You passed the test!" She barely even remembered what the test was. "Now, if you'll excuse us, I think I'm going to take a long ride in my Ferrari!" She giggled.

Kyle pulled his mother in for another kiss, since she wasn't exactly resisting. "Actually, Mom, I'm going to ride YOU for a long, long time."

"I stand corrected!"

They made out for another couple of minutes before they somehow managed to cool down long enough to scurry upstairs.

Exactly like yesterday, the orange robe was left on the floor, totally forgotten.

Jim was left sitting at the dining room table in some kind of erotic delirium. He had a big wet spot in his pants before they left the room, because he was already teetering on the edge of cumming.

As soon as he heard them scamper up the stairs, he whipped out his erection and started stroking. He shut his eyes tight and cupped a hand over the top of his cockhead, in order not to make a mess. Seconds later, he started shamefully ejaculating into that hand.

When his orgasm ended, he wanted to both laugh and cry at once. He would have been much more upset, except his arousal had been so extreme that it had been like a heroin junkie getting a rush from a new heroin injection. He was hooked on the most powerful arousal he'd ever felt in his life!