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After that bizarre breakfast spectacle, things calmed down for Jim for a while. Even though it was a Saturday and he was home, he gave his wife and son the space they needed. He puttered around the house and worked in the backyard. It was another hot summer day, so he was casually dressed in a T-shirt and shorts. Mostly he worked in the yard, to get even further away from any fucking noises.

In return, Julie was worried that she'd gone too far that morning by getting fucked by her son while her husband watched and even held her. So she did her best to give Jim some space. She restricted the fucking to the master bedroom only. However, she left the door to the bedroom partially open, giving Jim a golden opportunity to listen or peek in if he wanted to.

But thanks to that partially open door, plus the sheer vocal enthusiasm of Julie, it seemed that each time Jim was inside the house, even anywhere on the ground floor, he heard the sound of his wife's orgasmic screams. That was a bit of an exaggeration, since she wasn't loudly cumming (or simply feeling overcome) all the time, but it wasn't that far off.

Despite Jim's effort to carry on with gardening duties as if everything was normal again, he was still held in thrall by his cuckold lust. It turned out that even working in the backyard was no refuge to help him clear his head, since the master bedroom's windows were partially open and Julie's lusty cries carried just as far outside as they did inside.

So it was no surprise that every once in a while, he couldn't help but sneak upstairs and peek in on the fucking action. Thanks to the partially open door, it was easy for him to look in without being seen.

At least, that was what he thought. However, Julie could be quite clever if she wanted to. Before the day's upstairs fucking began, she secretly positioned and angled a mirror just so, so she'd be able to look in the mirror and see if Jim was there. She was surprised at just how often he actually was. As time went on, he was gardening less and spying more.

Jim often found Julie's legs in a huge spread eagle pose or clamped snuggly around Kyle's back as her virile son pounded her swollen pussy mercilessly. The musky smell of raw sex filled the entire upstairs as their two sweat-soaked bodies twisted and bounced and beat together wildly.

But what annoyed him possibly even more were the times he peeked in on them and they weren't fucking. That actually was more than half the time, due mostly to Julie's pussy needing some recovery time. But mother and son were still so hot for each other that they generally stayed in bed and kissed and fondled each other, seemingly endlessly. Kyle's penis apparently didn't have the same problem of getting too sore. He was making the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience by staying erect nearly all the time. Julie couldn't have been happier about that, and seemed to always have Kyle's huge boner in her sliding hands, if it wasn't buried deep in her pussy instead.

To add insult to injury, during these relative down times, if they weren't making out, they were often purring sweet nothings to each other. Jim was too far away and they were speaking too quietly for him to hear even a word of what they were saying at such times, but he figured it couldn't possibly be good for his marriage.

He knew of course that they already deeply loved each other as mother and son, but he worried that they were falling in love on top of that.

Every time Jim came inside the house from the backyard, he was drawn to his master bedroom like a moth to flame. He just couldn't resist finding out what his wife and son were up to, even though the answer was almost always the same: fucking or fondling. Actually, there seemed to be three modes, since they sometimes simply rested or even napped. But the vast majority of the time it was fucking or fondling, with the latter almost always involving handjob pleasure.

Jim was high on lust nearly all the time. Because he didn't have an effortlessly arousable penis like his son did, he was only erect about half the time. But that didn't matter much, because he was very mentally aroused pretty much all the time.

He managed to keep his vow not to masturbate. But that didn't help his cuckolding fetish "fade away." In fact, arguably the reverse was happening: by not ejaculating and thus getting sexual satiation for a while, he remained constantly aroused. And with the non-stop incestuous fuck marathon going on in his bedroom, he was always aroused about the same thing. Furthermore, thanks to the partially open bedroom door, the amount of time he spent secretly peeking grew and grew.

He could feel himself falling deeper into a trap of his own making, but he was helpless to get out of it. Deep down, he didn't really want to anyway. Even though he felt emotionally miserable most of the time with his jealousy and such, the constant sexual high he enjoyed at the same time more than made up for it.

Around noon, Jim was at the kitchen table having lunch by himself when Julie strolled into the kitchen. She wore nothing but a thin white towel wrapped around her waist, which left her tremendous boobs completely exposed just above the towel. It was clear she had just taken a shower, because her brown hair was wet and slicked back and her skin was slightly wet too.

The wet look make her even sexier than usual, which was an impressive feat. Plus, the whiteness of her towel made her rich all-over tan look even better.

"Hey, Honey, what have you been up to?" she asked as she walked past him in bare feet. She went to the fridge, her giant tits wobbling with every step.

"Nothing much, just a little yard work," Jim said blandly, as if they were making small talk on a normal weekend day. He was secretly staggered by her de facto nudity, since she'd always been shy about her nakedness around him.

She said, "Oh, great. Would you please fix that broken sprinkler head today too? It shoots water all over the sidewalk." As she spoke, she poured herself a glass of water.

"Consider it done," Jim said. Since she was standing facing away from him, he stared at his wife's backside. He was fascinated by her long legs and bare back, with her long brown hair hanging down nearly to her ass. But mostly, he gawked at the swell of her meaty buttocks. He could see the bottom portions of her ass cheeks, because her ass was so inadequately covered by the towel.

"Thank you, love," she said.

Lately, it seemed like just about anything involving Kyle and Julie fucking aroused Jim to a tremendous degree. Still, he was surprised by how turned on he got merely from talking to his wife about mundane things like fixing a broken sprinkler head. The contrast between that and the fact that they both were well aware she'd just come from getting royally fucked by her son upstairs was breathtaking and electrifying for him.

He thought, I'm just the servant and breadwinner, taking care of the mundane tasks so they have all the time in the world to fuck each other! As if should be. I meant, uh... fuck! Why does that thought turn me on in such a powerful way?! That's gotta be the most fucked-up thing yet!

He tried his best to deny such feelings in the hopes they would slowly fade away from neglect. Attempting to keep the small talk going, he asked, "So how are things going upstairs? You two had another session in the shower I presume?"

Julie turned towards her husband and giggled a little. "Yeah. How'd you guess?"

Both of them laughed, due to the way she was wet and dressed. Or, more accurately, not dressed.

She added, with a dreamy look in her eyes. "Thank goodness for the virility of teenage boys."

Although she could be clever, right now she had no overall plan because she didn't know what she wanted to do. A part of her hoped and expected for things in the family to return to normal soon, or at least something approximating normal. She loved her husband and had enjoyed 18 happy years with him so far.

But comments like the one she'd just said suggested that she was getting increasingly addicted to sex with her son. That was true in a big way, and she didn't know what to do about it. Even considering her husband's newly discovered cuckold fetish, she didn't see how she could square getting back to a "normal" marriage with being her son's wanton and willing slut beyond her ovulation period.

Jim was at a loss over how to respond to her "virility of teenage boys" comment. But he felt he had to say something, so she said, "Well, Dear... I think it's safe to say that Kyle has moved on from the boy stage at this point."

Julie chuckled. "Yeah, you could say that again." Then she added more seriously, "But it's strange... Just a few minutes ago, as he was lifting me and pinning me against the wall of the shower... and I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck while he plowed me and drilled me with his incredible, thick cock... I couldn't help but look into his eyes and think: 'This is my baby boy... and he always will be.' Isn't that strange?"

Once again, Jim wound up insanely aroused by mere words. He was starting to realize that the incestuous aspect of Kyle and Julie's intimacy was a very big reason why it turned him on so very much. The "baby boy" comment in particular pushed a lot of his buttons. That was something that was innocent yet wicked at the same time.

Of course, the way she was standing there topless with the towel barely even covering her swollen, sore, and battered pussy didn't exactly hurt arousing him even more.

Despite his feelings, he fought valiantly to look and sound calm and normal. He merely replied, "You're right, that is strange. But it's also perfectly understandable." He smiled at her encouragingly.

Julie nodded, and continued, "There's one thing I feel I have to get off my chest... as a woman and not a mom... Our son is gonna have one very, very happy bride one day. I'm sure they're going to make lots of beautiful babies together." She beamed.

"I hope you're right," Jim said.

Her comment was indicative of her confused feelings for her son. She still assumed that all the incestuous fucking had to come to an end when her ovulation did. She figured that she'd made her marriage vows to Jim many years ago, and she was morally obliged to keep them, with these three days a once-in-a-lifetime "free pass" exception.

Her body was getting seriously addicted to her son's cock, and she already was starting to realize that on some deeper level. But she wouldn't allow herself to think about that or the possible long-term implications.

She stared out into space, lost in fond memory of what happened in the shower. "He has a way with women, to say the least. It's not just his handsome face, or his muscular body, or his enormous penis. Or even his incredible stamina. Although there is all that." She giggled. "He has this way... like, a natural charisma. A confidence. Almost cocky and arrogant, but not quite. Well, a little cocky." She giggled some more, especially due to the double meaning of "cocky."

She added with growing lust, still staring into nothingness in a near trance-like state, "He takes what he wants. Women really love that. Like, in the shower, he didn't ask if he could fuck me again. He didn't even tell me. He just kissed the hell out of me and roughly pushed me against the wall. Then he silently mounted me, just like I was his bitch! His breeding stock! Staring deeply into my eyes all the while, hypnotizing me with his deep desire and his raw sexual power!"

She finally snapped out of her trance and realized where she was and who she was with. She looked down at her body and was surprised to see that her towel had fallen away, because she had one hand cupping and caressing one of her enormous globes and her other hand idly diddling her clit.

She decided to leave the towel there on the floor. She noticed with secret amusement that it wasn't far from where her orange robe still lay.

She boldly made eye contact with Jim again, and saw that he had a lusty deer-in-headlights awed expression. She concluded with a smile, "So anyway, Honey, you can see what I mean when I say he's going to make a bride very, VERY happy one day."

Temporarily forgetting about her husband, she thought with a smile, That shower fuck was one of the best so far. And that's saying a hell of a lot! Gaawwwd! Every word I just said is true. My son has a way of just... DOMINATING me that's so fucking sexy, I can hardly stand it! It's almost too much for me at times. But I need it. The more I get it, the more I need it! It's like the best drug imaginable. I just want to be his thoroughly fucked naked mommy slut until the end of time!

Then it hit her this was supposed to be the last day of their incestuous romp. She sighed. I don't know how this is going to end. Maybe, now that Jim has this cuckolding thing going on, he'll let me take my Ferrari for a ride from time to time? Hell, every single damn day, if it's up to me. Why ride in anything less than a Ferrari, ever?!

She glanced at Jim, and felt abashed. No, I can't think that. He's a good man. I do love him. Just... not in the scream my head off in ecstasy way I'm falling in love with my son.

Shit! Did I just think that?! Bad! I can't let my feelings go that far, or I'll be in an even worse fix. It's not like I could ever divorce my husband to marry my own son. Sheesh! Get real!

After a thoughtful pause, Julie said, "Well, I need to get back upstairs, Honey." She started for the doorway.

Jim stared transfixed at her tanned ass cheeks undulating up and down, with no tan lines to be seen anywhere. She was such a stunning nude beauty that he practically wanted to cry.

Before she left the room in her birthday suit, Jim suggested, "Dear, how 'bout lunch... You two are burning calories like crazy and I'm sure you need to eat. Can I bring it up to you guys?"

She smiled. "Oh baby, that's sweet. That's one example why I love you so much. I'm so impressed with your tolerant attitude about all this. That said, Kyle and I are getting ready to start another breeding session. Can you give us like an hour or so? I can sense another slow, sensual, grinding fuck session coming on, and I've discovered those take a long time with him."

"Sure, no problem," Jim said. Once more, this sort of mundane yet sexual talk fired his lust even more than the stunning way she looked, with her wet hair, wet skin, and jutting bare breasts. He glanced down at her pussy and suddenly was filled with images of her pussy lips split wide open, her vagina tightly crammed full with Kyle's mighty erection.

The room almost spun around for him, it was such a heady thought.

Julie gave him a warm smile and a wink. "I love you."

"Love you too," Jim said. He had to struggle to look and sound calm until she was back upstairs.

Again, he marveled at the sight of her undulating ass cheeks while she slowly sashayed out of the room. He grumbled in his mind, Fucking Dora! What was I thinking, having an affair with a wife like that?! I've been married to a true sex goddess all these years and I never took full advantage. I should have been like Kyle and literally fucking her hot body all day long!

Once Julie was gone, he let his thoughts run wild with fantasy. He imagined a future in which his wife getting fucked by Kyle was just another part of ordinary life, like brushing one's teeth or buying groceries. Naturally, mother and son would sleep together in the master bedroom while he was relegated to what was Kyle's room.

In the course of their typical day, she would say things to him like, "Honey, would you please pick up some toilet paper later? We're almost out. I would do it, but I know Kyle has plans to fuck me into oblivion all afternoon long, and you know how that goes."

Jim would be completely unfazed and not even slightly jealous. He'd reply, "No problem. By the way, do you want to watch some Netflix after dinner, or will he be fucking you then too?"

She would pout a little bit, trying to soften the blow. "Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure he's gonna want to fuck me a lot more then too. And you know how I can never say 'no' to his magnificent cock. But he likes the same shows you and I do. If you don't mind, maybe we could all watch something together. I'd sit in his lap as his naked little fuck toy mommy, as usual. I promise I'll try not to scream or bounce too much. Is that okay with you?"

Then he'd casually reply, "Sure. Although I don't believe you about the 'bounce too much' part. We all know how you get. You're like some kind of robotic pogo stick, endlessly bouncing on his huge cock whenever he pulls you into his lap."

She'd smile and say, "That's true." Then the two of them would share a hearty laugh, with no hard feelings whatsoever. She'd add, "Would it help if I suck his cock all through the TV time instead? You know how much he loves to have his cock sucked during his favorite shows."

Jim would reply, "And I know how much you love to do the sucking. I assume he's going to get to choose all the shows, as usual?"

"But of course! Why would tonight be any different? You know he rules the roost."

Jim felt like he was slipping into a bizarro Twilight Zone, but that sounded like a future he would greatly enjoy in some totally perverse way.

But still, he reminded himself that that was just a crazy musing and his mind had to focus on getting his marriage back on track.

Strangely, despite having fantasies like that, at other times he would think about ways he could get free from the way Kyle was secretly blackmailing him. But there was nothing he could do short of murder, and he still loved his son.

He still hadn't seen or even asked to see the photos of him and Dora fucking, but he was sure they existed. Those, more than anything, forced him to try the "grin and bear it" approach. In a strange way, his inexplicable new cuckold desire made it a lot easier to act that way. It was like his anger had been neutered away.