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Jim tooled around in the garage for a while, mostly just to do something mildly productive and distracting to help pass the time. Plus, he'd discovered the garage was the quietest place to be when Julie was screaming her head off. Sometimes, he longed to hear her getting royally drilled, but other times he couldn't stand it. It was all very confusing to him.

Then he came back inside the house and made some lunch for the two lovebirds. All was quiet upstairs, so he carried lunch up to the master bedroom. He stopped before he hit the open doorway, because he heard his wife giggling. Still holding a tray containing the lunch, he carefully peeked through the partially opened door.

Kyle and Julie were play wrestling on the bed. It was clear they'd just been doing a lot of vigorous fucking, because their tanned, naked bodies were glistening with sweat. Her clean-shaven cunt looked freshly-fucked. Jim could see his son's ejaculate dripping off her clitoris while even more of his cum drooled from her sore and swollen fuck-hole.

Julie's enormous bare breasts bobbled as she unexpectedly rolled over on top of her son and held him down. "Now you're in my control, mister!" she teased.

With Kyle rendered helpless, or at least pretending to be, she took hold of his firm erection and began vigorously jacking him off. Then she flopped her tit-pillows down against his muscular chest and began kissing and licking his neck.

Even though Julie's body soon blocked a direct view to Kyle's boner, Jim could still see when his wife began grinding her pubic mound against his rampant cock.

Kyle's eyes were closed. He looked like he was in absolute nirvana as his mother's soft, slippery body laid against his. Her lips smacked wetly on his neck. After every couple kisses, she would flutter her tongue against his sensitive tendons. But mostly, she was concentrating her energies on grinding down on his thick cock-meat.

Jim noticed with concern that the two of them were having a great time, but for once there was no actual fucking going on. In fact, they didn't even seem to be getting warmed up for more fucking. They were just enjoying each other's bodies without any thought of helping the "breeding."

As a result, he figured there would be some awkward explaining for them to do if he walked in on them when they were like that, and he didn't want to hear it.

Instead, Jim backtracked halfway down the hall, then announced his approach. "Ready for some lunch there?" he spoke loudly.

A few seconds later, his wife answered. "Come on in, Honey."

Kyle and Julie sat side by side in the bed when Jim arrived. They looked like two teens who had almost got caught dry humping. They had naughty but unrepentant grins on their faces. But they already were so confident that Jim was in thrall to his cuckolding lust that they hadn't bothered to put any clothes on, or even cover up any parts of their bodies with a sheet. The two of them got a kick out of acting sexual towards each other while he watched.

Jim had a newfound appreciation for his wife's stunning beauty. He realized with chagrin how much he'd taken for granted the fact that he'd married a "perfect ten." Plus, he had to admit that Kyle was a "ten" as well. Seeing them sitting side by side fully exposed as they were made it look like they truly were Greek gods and goddesses instead of mere mortals, especially considering their rich all-over tans.

He shyly came in with the lunch tray. It contained a tuna sandwich for each of them, plus glasses of juice for them too.

Kyle and Julie took the food and drink from the tray and started to eat. They were famished after all their energetic fucking.

The three of them made small talk at the same time that mother and son ate and drank. They were all careful to avoid sexually related topics.

Jim stood there feeling awkward and uncomfortable. He didn't want to sit because he didn't intend to stay long. As had become the norm for him lately, he felt like he was being ripped in two between lust and jealousy (plus other negative feelings). Thanks to the lust part, he was grateful to still be holding the tray, because he strategically positioned it over his crotch. Even with his more modest penis size, his arousal still was enough to make a lewd tenting in his shorts.

Julie sensed his discomfort, but she wanted to toy with him and test the intensity of his new cuckold side some more. She repeatedly insisted that he stay and chat with him.

Since his intense internal emotional conflict made him feel weak and confused, he found himself sitting down on a chair next to their bed, even though he didn't want to.

At least he still was able to carefully keep the tray over his lap to continue to hide his arousal.

In order to help ensure Jim stay in the room, Julie got to talking to him about mundane matters, but family issues that needed to be addressed. For instance, she brought up how they needed to decide if they wanted to do their own taxes for the upcoming year or hire a professional.

But that was just one surface level aspect of what was happening. What was much more significant was all the non-verbal interaction going on. At first, Kyle and Julie were just sitting up in bed side by side, with their backs propped up by the headboard and some pillows. But it wasn't long until Kyle put an arm around her back and she put an arm around his.

That alone would have been okay, despite them being nude without even a sheet on top, but things steadily increased from there. Kyle's free hand started to slide over her fabulous bare skin. It wasn't long until he was cupping and caressing her nearest giant tit.

Even that would have been tolerable for Jim, but then Julie started caressing Kyle's bare chest too. While she continued to look at Jim and talk to him, that hand slowly but surely made its way down her son's body until her fingers found his erection and wrapped around them. From that point on, that hand did nothing but stroke and fondle Kyle's monster of a cock, while it was pointed directly up, like some flag pole jutting out from his body.

Meanwhile, she and Jim kept talking about their taxes!

Jim was hooked. By this point, he couldn't leave the room unless they carried him away. The tax talk turned to "blah, blah, blah" for him, because all he could think about or look at was the casual way his wife was jacking off his son. He worried he was suffering from some kind of mental illness, because he found it impossibly arousing to watch.

Sensing her husband was firmly hooked, Julie finally changed the subject. "By the way, Dear, I hope you don't mind what I'm doing with my hand here." Even as she said that, she finally took her other hand from behind Kyle's back and brought it down to his crotch too. She cupped his balls with that hand while stroking his long pole with her other hand.

She went on, "Just look at all this cock-meat! Can you believe how endowed he is? Aren't you proud of your son? He's going to charm the pants off all the ladies, that's for sure!" She giggled.

Kyle finally took his hand from behind Julie's back and brought it across her body to briefly caress her far hip. His other hand kept on possessively playing with her massive tits. He joked, "Including you, Mom!" He lightly slapped that far hip, to further highlight how he'd "charmed her pants off."

Julie giggled even more. "Ooops! Yep, you got me already!" Then she turned her head towards her son and spoke in a husky, extra-sexy voice. "I just can't keep my clothes on around you. Any of them! You might just have to FUCK me again for being such a naughty little naked slut!"

He drew his head closer to hers. "Mmmm. I think I'll have to do exactly that. Fuck some sense into you. Maybe you'll calm down after I bathe your womb in another hot bath of spermy little baby-makers."

She purred ever more erotically as her hand pumped faster and faster up and down his shaft. "UNGH! Yessssssss! Do that! Flood my hot mommy-cunt with your superior seed yet again! Hnnng! Mommy can't get enough! I'm your helpless plaything!"

Mother and son were so worked up that it was inevitable their lips met and they shared a burning hot kiss.

Jim could only sit and stew in frustration, torn as usual between jealousy and lust. But also as usual, lust was winning out. He was grateful for the tray still covering his lap, because he was sure a large and still growing wet spot would have been visible on his shorts otherwise.

Kyle and Julie necked and fondled for several minutes. They knew that Jim was literally hostage to his own desires and wasn't going anywhere.

But after a while, Julie ended the hot kissing and turned back to look Jim's way. She couldn't resist smirking a little bit from seeing the flushed and needy look on his face. She subtly repositioned her hands on her son's cock to give her husband a better view of how her fingers constantly slipped and slid up and down the steel-hard pole jutting straight up into the air.

She said to Jim, "Where was I? I was trying to ask you something about... Oh, yes. It was about how I hope you don't mind if I play with Kyle's big cock a little bit. Clearly you don't, judging from the rapt look on your face. I'm so glad you're taking a keen interest in the whole baby-making process, right down to the nuts and bolts of our stimulation process. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something. Our son is a natural pussy-tamer!"

Jim was even more humiliated by her words, which strongly implied that Kyle was a better lover than he was. But his cuckold lust made him feel weak and unable to respond. Besides, he didn't know what to say, because it was as plain as day that Kyle was the superior lover.

Julie went on, while all but worshipping her son's thick pole with her ten fingers, "I know that, technically, using my hands on him like this is kind of naughty, since it's not fucking, but it takes soooo much effort to get him to cum! It's like I have to totally devote myself to pleasuring his cock before he even gets close. Frankly, my pussy is getting quite sore. I don't know how much more of his pounding I can take! And yet... I need his cum! His hot, manly seed! I neeeeed it!"

She lamely and unconvincingly added, "For, uh... to increase the chances of insemination, of course." She smirked, as if daring Jim to challenge that.

Jim wanted to cry. He knew she was taunting him with her words, and her lusty jacking off action too. Clearly, she could see how aroused he was despite the strategically placed tray, so she knew he was enjoying this in some sort of twisted way.

She continued, with her hands stroking and stroking, and Kyle fondling her big tits in return, "But I know what you're thinking: 'You two lovebirds have finished eating lunch, so what are you waiting for? Get back to work!' Right?"

She looked adoringly into her son's eyes. "What do you think, Sugar? Are you feeling up to some more 'work?' You want to breed Mommy some more, until my ovaries are so thoroughly basted in your sperm-sauce that I'll have no choice but to get knocked up and give birth to our beautiful child nine months from now?"

"Hell, yeah!" Kyle enthused. "Let's do it right now!" He suddenly knelt up in bed, bringing his tit play and even her handjob to an end. Then he all but carried her down to the middle of the bed, so she could lie flat on her back. He was about to lie on top of her.

But Julie had another idea. "Wait, Son! With your father here taking such keen interest, we should show him just how much fun your 'work' is. Again, this can be kind of an educational experience for him. You lie down and I'll ride you. That's probably my favorite position. Although, heck, all of them are equally great when it's with you!"

So they repositioned. Julie cleverly made sure that she wound up directly facing where her husband sat, so he'd be able to get a very good look at the sexual ecstasy on her face, and even stare deeply into her eyes as her son's huge boner drilled and possessed her, over and over again.

Jim was transfixed as he watched his wife sit up on their son, straddling his torso and then settling down over his crotch. He was in awe of her nude beauty, taking in the shape of her voluptuous figure, still so remarkably fit and firm after all these years, thanks to her vigorous exercise regimen. Once again, he had newfound appreciation for her all-over tan, now that he was getting to see her completely naked so much. But more inspiring still was her raw sexuality, something that never really existed until Kyle unleashed it from deep inside her. Now, it was as if she truly was a goddess, a sex goddess of pure carnal desire.

But it turned out that was just the warm-up, because the sight of her slowly impaling herself down on her son's fat fuck-stick was even MORE hypnotizing! Jim was teetering on the edge of cumming already, to the point he'd had to stop stroking himself for fear of losing control. When he saw her sigh in bliss as her splayed out, swollen labia took in inch after inch of throbbing cock-meat, he was so overcome that his boner started to tremble and then squirt out a hot load, right into his boxers and his shorts!

He was grateful that he still had the tray over his lap so nobody could see his shameful ejaculation, though Kyle and Julie were so into each other and the on-going slow impalement that they probably wouldn't have noticed his climax anyway.

After the last of Jim's cum load flooded his boxers and shorts, he continued to stare at the two incestuous lovers in breathless awe. His arousal wasn't diminished one iota after his climax ended.

Julie sank down, down, down. It seemed as if she took ten minutes to skewer herself down a hundred inches of cock, all of it much thicker than a Coke can, though of course those imaginings were wild exaggerations.

When she finally bottomed out, she let out a long, satisfied sigh. "Aaaah! Oh, Jim! You have no idea! Just no idea! Too bad you can't get inside my mind to see just how INCREDIBLE this feels! Size DOES matter!" She giggled.

Her words humiliated him even more, but he was far too fascinated by the fuck show in front of him to complain. Besides, how could he deny that size did matter, and that Kyle was clearly the superior lover? Feeling inadequate and jealous supercharged his own lust anyway.

After a minute or two, Julie mentally and physically adjusted to feeling her son balls-deep inside her, and finally began "riding" him cowgirl-style. She started rising up and down on him slowly and carefully at first, while he kicked back with his hands behind his head and a smug smirk on his face.

Jim wanted to get up, walk over, and smack that smirk right off Kyle's face. But it was more likely that he'd walk on water, all the way across the ocean. He'd been firmly put in his place and there was no fight left in him. Kyle was king, and rightfully so.

Time passed. The fucking seemed impossibly hot and exciting from the very start. Yet, slowly but surely, it intensified even further. Julie began rising up and down more and more, though taking it slow all the while. She loved to churn and grind on her son, unexpectedly twisting her hips this way and that to keep him constantly thrilled with different kinds of pressure and tight contact.

Still more time passed. Jim was in awe of Kyle's stamina, as always, since the boy clearly wasn't anywhere close to cumming yet. But he was increasingly in awe of his wife's stamina too. He was proud of the way she exercised almost fanatically every day. All that training was paying off for her, because her constant bouncing and churning was physically taxing. As she got more and more into it, moving faster and faster, sweat formed on her brow and even started rolling down her face. But it was clear that she too was just getting started. Mother and son could fuck all day long, and they were doing exactly that.

Jim just sat there watching as the fucking got yet more insistent and heated. Julie was riding Kyle like she truly was a cowgirl on a stallion. Her big naked tits jumping wildly though the air, although her son often "helped" them from swinging around too much by the way he liked to reach up to hold and caress them.

Their genitals made a wet smacking sound as they beat together. Over and over and over again! It was steady, rhythmic, and repetitive, but Jim never got bored watching.

He thought, It's like both of them were genetically designed for sex. I guess I should feel proud that half of Kyle's make up comes from me... despite the fact he's stealing my wife away from me, right under my nose. I feel like I'm watching two Olympians at the top of their game, heading towards a gold medal. In fucking! Incestuous fucking!

From time to time, Julie had made direct eye contact with his husband. She got off on seeing how aroused he clearly was. She was increasingly enjoying the fact that he was a cuckold, since having him watch made everything twice as hot. She got a twisted thrill from taunting and teasing him too, although she was trying not to be too cruel.

However, she didn't know what his new fetish would mean when she finally got pregnant and presumably had to go back to her normal life. She tried hard not to think about the future at all, because doing so could ruin her current fun.

Yet as more time passed and the fuck session intensified, she lost interest in her husband, due to the pleasures of riding her son's fat cock completely taking over her mind, and seemingly her very soul. Eventually, even though she was still directly facing Jim, she didn't even acknowledge her husband sitting there. When her eyes were open, she'd stare right through him or past him. Her eyes were distant and glazed over and her breathing rapid and desperate. Nothing else existed at that moment except the hot young teen below her and the long, thick fruit of his loins.

Jim's penis couldn't get erect again, since he wasn't nearly as virile as his son. But even so, his arousal remained off the charts from watching his son and wife. He continued to sit there and stare all the way through the fuck session, with the crotch of his shorts soaked from his ejaculation, plus even more pre-cum dribbling out of him.

He particularly loved it whenever Julie loudly climaxed, which was surprisingly often. He figured, correctly, that she could have more orgasms in one day with Kyle that in a year with him, and a totally different kind of orgasm each time too. But he realized that her orgasms didn't matter that much to her, because she was essentially experiencing one endless orgasm the entire time, so long as his son was filling her up. Especially when she was on top, she could control the pace and intensity of their coupling, making sure she was always peaking with pleasure that was probably beyond anything Jim could feel or imagine, even with his extra intense cuckold lust.

After maybe twenty minutes, Julie got too tired to keep the cowgirl position going, and they switched to Kyle fucking her doggy-style. They continued to switch from time to time, but they kept returning to the cowgirl, since Julie was always at least dimly aware that Jim was there and watching, and she wanted to put on a highly visual show for him to help deepen his cuckold fetish.

That approach was working. Jim was helplessly in thrall to his new, strange lust for watching. He was starting to realize that he was delusional to think that he could just wish that away and go back to "normal."

He realized with a sinking feeling, How will Julie be able to give up this level of erotic ecstasy?! There's no way. We're probably going to have to come to some sort of arrangement where Kyle gets to fuck her from time to time. And that's probably the BEST CASE SCENARIO for me right now! I'll be lucky if our marriage survives at all!

Why oh why did I cheat on her?! This is Hell!

Finally, after what seemed like several hours to Jim but was actually around one hour, Kyle gave up and blasted another hot cum load deep into his mother. But even as his body jerked and twitched in orgasmic rapture, it was as if both he and she were in some deep trance, completely consumed with each other to the point that the outside world ceased to exist.

Even after Kyle's orgasm finished, the two of them continued to hold each other and stare deeply into each other's eyes, with Jim totally forgotten despite the fact that he was nearly close enough to reach out and touch either of them.

Kyle muttered, "Love you, Mom."

She replied, while playfully rubbing noses with him, "Love you too, Son. Each time you fuck another cum load into my cunt, my love for you grows and grows."

"Me too. Me too. I could just die of happiness right now!"

Mother and son locked lips, making out like newlyweds on their wedding night.

Feeling sad and yet totally sexually satiated, Jim got up and silently walked back to Kyle's room to rest. He was more worried than ever before about the future of his marriage, after what he'd seen.

He thought, I have to admit that if I was Julie, I would never want to stop getting fucked by Kyle. What they share is something truly extraordinary. Maybe one in a million couples are fit and athletic enough, attractive enough, sexually talented enough, and generally genetically blessed enough to even come close to having sex that emotionally and physically intense. It's no wonder they're fucking about as much as they physically can, driving themselves to exhaustion. I would do the same thing, especially if I was in Kyle's shoes. Lucky motherfucker! Literally!

But what does that mean for the future?! Here I am, going through a living hell thanks to my son blackmailing me, but probably all in vain. Either my marriage dies in an instant when she finds out about my cheating, or it'll die slowly and torturously as her lust for Kyle dominates her mind. I'm totally screwed either way!

Is there no way out?!

Heck, how the hell could I ever even have sex with my own wife again? She'd probably fall asleep on me in the middle of the act, due to sheer boredom.


After Jim napped, and he changed out of his cum-soaked boxers and shorts and into some casual pants, he watched TV downstairs. Again, it was mostly to just pass the time. He found a rerun of the first "Die Hard" movie, which he really liked. But even with all the action and excitement in it, his thoughts were mostly on what might be happening upstairs.

Later in the afternoon, Jim was in the backyard garden doing some weeding around the edges of a small lawn that framed their swimming pool when he heard the screen door leading to the backyard open and close.

He turned to look and saw Kyle and Julie standing there, holding hands. They must have just taken a shower, because they looked clean and refreshed, complete with Julie's long brown hair nicely combed.

It almost went without saying that both of them were completely naked. Except for Julie's red high heels, that is.

Once again, he was filled with awe at what an attractive couple they made. He also was struck again at how much they seemed like Greek gods and goddesses instead of mere mortals, especially because they were both so fit and tanned, with no tan lines at all.

He was genuinely surprised to see that Kyle's penis was in a flaccid state. However, he was upset to see that Kyle's penis was as large flaccid as his was fully erect.

Fearing the worst, he sat up on his knees and asked, "What are you two doing outside?"

Kyle replied, "We were thinking that it would be a nice change of pace to be out here for a while, since it's such a nice sunny day and all."

Jim grimaced and had to fight back his anger. "By 'be out here,' I assume you mean 'fuck out here.'"

"Well... yeah," Kyle reluctantly admitted. "After all, you know we did it by the pool yesterday and you were okay with that."

Jim had even more trouble holding back from exploding. He wanted to choke the cocky smirk off his son's face. He spoke through clenched teeth. "I was NOT okay with that!"

"Yes you were," Julie said. "Remember how you worried that we might be seen or heard? But then I reminded you how you made sure I'd have total privacy to do my nude sunbathing? You even had a wall put in and planted some extra trees and bushes, just to be sure. And I'm so glad you did, because look at my body now."

She raised her hands up above her head and struck a subtly different sexy pose. "What do you think of my tan?"

Kyle turned to his mother and began running his hands all over her upper body. "I don't know what Dad thinks, but I think you look fantastic! I love how you have no tan lines here." His hands slid up to her huge tits and he cupped them from below. "Or here." He dropped one of those hands down and similarly cupped her pussy mound. "It makes me so horny!'

She chuckled. "Everything makes you horny!"

He gleefully corrected her, "No, everything about YOU makes me horny!"

"You!" She laugh joyfully.

Kyle moved in front of Julie for a better angle, and then mother and son shared another scorching French kiss. Needless to say, lots of fondling ensued as well.

Jim was left simmering there on his knees, apparently totally forgotten already. But, like clockwork, his strange arousal returned, and with a vengeance. He was fairly amazed that his penis even started to get erect again. He'd never had his penis stiff so often as in the last day or two. It actually hurt from too much stimulation.

After a couple of minutes, Julie broke the kiss and even managed to pull herself from her son (mostly), because she remembered she had more that she wanted to discuss with him.

Kyle's penis had been down for the count when they'd walked outside. But it actually had been a while since he'd last been erect, since they'd taken a relatively non-sexual shower together after fucking. A combination of making out with his busty knockout of a mother and thinking what they planned to do to each other next had gotten him erect again by the time Julie ended the kissing.

Julie was so determined to not be distracted during this important conversation that she even let Kyle's tempting boner alone.

She looked down at her husband from a few feet away and said, "So anyway, I'm glad we're in agreement about that. But, uh, we want your permission for something else. You see, fucking isn't the only thing we want to do."

Jim's heart sank as if it had been dropped down a mine shaft. He didn't know what she meant by that yet, but he assumed it had to be more bad news. He even muttered, "Oh no!"

Julie heard that, and replied, "Don't worry. It's not a bad thing. It's just that... well..." - she turned her head away from her husband in embarrassment - "Kyle really wants to titfuck me. So we came out here to get your permission first."

Jim stood up and put his hands on his hips. "NO! No, no, no! A thousand times no! The fucking is bad enough, but at least that has the purpose of procreation. But titfucking would make a mockery of even that!"

Julie frowned. "I was afraid you'd say something like that. But let me explain first. I'm not actually talking about him cumming on my breasts. As you say, that has nothing to do with breeding. I'm just talking about getting him worked up with my rather ample chest. You see, the longer we do this, the more tired out we get. My pussy has gotten REALLY sore. But it takes sooooo long for him to cum. He pounds away like a jackhammer for an hour straight sometimes! It's a miracle I haven't burst into flames down there from all the friction and abuse!"

Kyle added, with a hand idly caressing Julie's butt, "It's true, Dad. I'm beginning to get worried. What if she isn't impregnated yet, but we have to stop because she's just too sore down there?"

Jim thought, Yessssssss! That would be the best news I've heard yet!

But Kyle went on, "Then we'd have to do it all over again next month. Personally, that would be more than okay by me, but I realize it wouldn't be nice for you. So we really want to make sure the deed gets done this time."

Jim's heart sank all over again. Shit! I should have known not to get hopeful. I really must be in Hell!

He bitterly complained, "What are the odds that you haven't knocked up your mother yet? I'd say close to zero. The way you two are going at it, you've probably pumped enough cum into her to fill up a bathtub!"

Kyle smirk-smiled. "True. It feels like that, anyway." Then he got serious again. "But even so, 'close to zero' isn't zero. And they say it's towards the end of the fertile period that gets the most results. It's kind of like a battering ram knocking down the door to a castle. It's the last few knocks building on all the previous ones that actually knocks the door down."

Jim was highly doubtful about that battering ram analogy. But still, he was deathly afraid of having to go through the entire nightmare all over again one month later.

Julie added, "And it's not just me. Kyle, bless his heart, his penis is getting sore from all the friction as well. We're both kind of at the end of our rope. But we can't stop now, when we're so close to our goal. So that's why we were thinking about a titfuck. I could get him all worked up with my bosom. It's soft and easy on his sore penis, especially if I get it all lubed up first. Then, right when he's about to cum, he can switch to sticking it into my you-know-what, er, I mean my pussy. That way, we'll get another cum load to fertilize my egg without further abusing my pussy or his penis."

Jim could see the logic of that. It made sense if one looked at it from a certain angle. But he was highly skeptical. He crossed his arms petulantly. "That's all well and nice for you two. Especially for Kyle. I'm sure he's been dreaming of plowing you there for ages. But... Julie! You promised earlier no blowjobs and no titfucks! You were very firm on that. And now even that one restraint is going out the window?!"

Julie spoke soothingly. "No, not at all. I still am firm on that, generally speaking. First of all, this isn't a blowjob, only a titfuck that we're suggesting. I agree a blowjob would be too intimate. And the reason I was against those things is that they obviously don't lead to a pregnancy. But if he finishes inside my pussy, then they do. I'm not crazy about the idea either, but what choice do we have? It's either that or he doesn't get to cum inside me for who knows how many hours!"

Jim rolled his eyes and said sarcastically, "Oh no! What a disaster! We wouldn't want to have that!"

Julie had furtively glanced down at Jim's crotch a few times ever since he'd stood up and she couldn't fail to notice the large bulge there. She could see he was still fighting the titfucking idea, so she decided to test his cuckold lust to help get him give permission.

She said, "Look. I totally get your worry that this could turn into something that isn't about breeding at all. We don't want that. And, I'll admit, there's even a chance we might get carried away to the point that he forgets to cum inside me in the right place. But that's where you could help. What if you stay and watch, kind of as the police or referee to make sure this all stays on the level?"

One could have knocked Jim over with a feather after that. His entire outlook on the sex act changed in an instant, because he knew that getting to watch up close would mean getting another intense hit of his new highly addictive cuckolding "drug."

Still, he used all his willpower to fight the idea. "I don't know. That would be... bizarre. Really bizarre. It was bad enough this morning, with what happened at breakfast. I don't know if I could take that again, being right there. And it's so humiliating for me!"

Happily, Julie had a solution for that line of resistance that she'd already thought of. "I fully understand. I really do. But that's another good reason for us to do it out here, in addition to it being such a lovely, sunny day. If we move one of the lawn chairs to the side of the pool nearest the house, and you look down from the closest second story window, why, you'll practically be right on top of us. You'll be able to see everything that goes on, and you can give us a shout if we get forgetful. But we won't be able to see you at all, so you don't have to worry about being embarrassed."

Jim sighed and made a put out face, but he grunted, "Fine! I guess somebody's gotta watch to keep you two in line, and who else could it be but me? I guess I'll leave now."

He pointed aggressively at Kyle. "And watch out, kiddo! I've seen how swept away by lust you get with your mother. I WILL be watching you to make sure you stick with the plan. If you get to enjoy titfucking her and then fail to cum where you're supposed to, I'll be so upset that you'll wish you were never born!"

Kyle pretended to be duly chastised, even though he was secretly overjoyed, as well as standing there with a full, stiff erection. "Yes, Dad," he muttered in that typical bored and annoyed but obedient voice teenagers often use with their parents. "Don't worry. I'm not going to mess this up for anything. I'll be good."

"You'd better." Jim started to walk to the house.

Kyle had still been fondling his mother's ass as well as wherever else his hands happened to roam, but he suddenly pulled away and rushed over to the nearest lawn chair. He picked it up and carried it to a good spot that was still right next to the pool but also close to the house.

Julie put her hands on her hips and snickered in amusement as she watched. "My, my, my. It looks like somebody around here is a little bit eager. I wonder why?"

Kyle had to laugh at that. "I think you know why."

Finished with the lawn chair, he double checked to make sure Jim was inside the house and out of sight, which he was. Then he unexpectedly picked Julie up and carried her to the lawn chair that he'd just moved. His needy boner bounced around wildly as they went.

Julie squealed and laughed. "Oh my goodness! My strong son! Help! Help! Whatever are you going to do to me?!"

Already, he was carefully lowering her onto the lawn chair. He was bursting with anticipation. "I think you know! First, I'm going to fuck your tits a lot! What a dream come true! Then, we're going to kiss and fool around and titfuck a hell of a lot more! But finally, I'm going to cum into your delightfully tight pussy and breed a baby into you!"

Julie was overjoyed. She cheered, "Sounds like a plan! Just don't forget that last part, or Jim will get mad."

Kyle had tilted the lawn chair all the way back so it effectively served as a flat bed.

As Julie watched Kyle get into position by sitting over her tummy, she thought, I knew going into this that I was going to feel a lot of great pleasure by having sex with my son. How could I not when he's so handsome and well-endowed, not to mention such a wonderful guy in general? But what I didn't expect was that we'd have so much FUN!

I was riding a roller coaster of nervousness, guilt, and worry yesterday. But now I feel the pressure's off, especially thanks to Jim turning out to have that weird cuckolding thing. Thanks to that, I've got a really good feeling that somehow, someway, I'll still find a way to have more sex with my studly son in the future. I'm not sure how that's possible while saving my marriage, but I just have a gut feeling it'll all work out. That feeling allows me to just relax and enjoy myself to the fullest. And, boy, am I going to enjoy this!

It was true that titfucking his mother had been one of Kyle's greatest fantasies, ever since he'd started to have sexual fantasies. But what he didn't really realize was that it had been a fantasy for her for a long time as well. Fucking, titfucking, cocksucking, cunnilingus, even getting spanked and anal sex - she'd envisioned all of that and more many times over, especially in recent months as her forbidden and secret desire for her son grew and grew.

Thus, both of them were almost uncontrollably excited as Kyle scooted up her body and rested his erection between her twin peaks.

Julie immediately grasped the outer sides of her enormous globes and pushed them together, trapping his stiff boner in between.

"Aaaaaah!" Kyle exhaled as he felt her delightfully soft tits start to squeeze. "You have no idea how thrilled I am! I've been waiting for this forever!"

Julie was so thrilled that she unthinkingly blurted out, "Me too!"

That caused him to do a double take. "What?!"

She realized that she'd screwed up in saying that. It wasn't prudent for her to reveal that she had a desire for him long before this "breeding session" began, especially with their future after tomorrow up the air. Furthermore, she was mindful of the fact that Jim probably was upstairs (Kyle's bedroom was the closest) and already watching and listening.

She seized on that last fact to dodge the issue. She whispered quietly, "Ssssh! I'll explain later. We have to be careful of what we say, due to you-know-who. Just enjoy your conquest."

"Right." Although Kyle was intrigued about what she might mean by the "Me too," he was highly distracted by the fact that he was in position to start titfucking his ultra-busty sexpot of a mother for the very first time (but hopefully not the last!). So he was easily distracted, especially when she started sliding one of her tits up against his thick shaft, while sliding the other one down.

She started to get into a good rhythm, with one going contrary to the other one, generally speaking.

Kyle's heart was racing dangerously fast. His entire body tingled with arousal and energy. He could scarcely believe what was happening. He'd spent several hours periodically trying to talk his mother into agreeing to this, and coming up with all the arguments to get Jim to go along with it. But it didn't seem possible or real that it was actually happening! He was just as excited as when he'd fucked her for the first time.

Julie's heart soared when she saw how deliriously happy he was. She still had some lingering doubts about the wisdom of doing this, especially that it would make things that much harder on both of them when it came time for them to stop all sexual activity. But she thought, God, just look at him. I'm making his whole year. What's the harm, really, after everything else we've done?

She purred in her most sultry voice, while keeping the titfuck motion going, "Son, you really are the king of the hill now, aren't you? Sitting on me like a conquering hero. Which you are! But instead of conquering a new land, you've conquered your very own mother. My entire body is helpless to the plundering of your powerful cock!"

Kyle groaned, loudly. Then he shut his eyes and complained, "MooooOOOOoooom! Don't say that!"

She was confused, and slowed the titfucking way down. "What? What's wrong?"

He had to speak between heavy panting. "Nothing! Everything is perfect! It's just that... I'm TOO worked up! If you keep talking like that, I'm going to cum too soon! I'm right on the verge right now, just 'cos we're actually doing this!"

She snickered and relaxed, because it turned out there wasn't any problem after all. She cooed, "Don't worry. I'll go slow and easy on you like this for a while. Just hang in there, and don't move. But think: once you calm down some, you can start vigorously thrusting. Then you'll really be titfucking your stacked naughty mommy!

"Aaaiiiieee!" he practically screamed. "Don't say that! You're pushing me further into the danger zone!"

She looked up to his face and saw the extreme strain there. She purred, "Sorry. I couldn't resist. This is too much fun!" She giggled.

But she also all but stopped moving her tits, and eased the pressure on his thick shaft to help him come down from his close call.

He shut his eyes tight and tried to concentrate on his breathing for a while. He was embarrassed, because he'd been able to fuck her for surprisingly long times without needing a rest and without having to cum, whereas he was dangerously close to losing control before the titfucking could seriously get going. That was a sign of just how excited he was to enjoy this sex act.

As Julie waited, she realized that they'd told Jim they would be using lube to help the titfuck along, but they'd forgotten the lube. They'd been sincere about that, because the way their private parts were getting sore was all too true.

Thus, without looking behind her to the second floor (which would have been physically difficult to do), she shouted, "Hey, Jim! Are you up there? I realized there's a problem!"

Indeed, Jim was there in Kyle's room, looking down to the lawn chair. Even though the titfuck hadn't really gotten serious yet, he already had his pants undone and his erection in his hand and was masturbating. So far, he was mostly stroking to fantasies of what was going to happen, since Julie and Kyle had been still for the last couple of minutes.

He felt very chagrined to be yelled at for an answer, because the whole point of him going upstairs was so he could watch them unobtrusively. But he felt like he had no choice but to respond, since they knew he had to be there. He replied in a quieter, glum voice, "Yes, I'm here."

"Good," Julie replied to him. "Remember how I told you how we were going to use some lube to help with the chafing and soreness? Well, we forgot to bring it. Could you please be a dear and bring it down?" Assuming he would, she followed that with directions on exactly where the tube of lube was.

Jim was even more annoyed, especially because it was interrupting his masturbating, but he felt he had no choice but to assist. He was ashamed at how far he'd fallen, and had to remind himself that he was a handsome, popular, and successful businessman.

A couple of minutes later, Jim walked out of the house into the backyard carrying the lube. His penis was still urgently erect, but he'd carefully adjusted it in his pants so it wouldn't make much of a bulge.

In the meantime, Kyle had recovered from his orgasmic close call and he was ready for more action. Both he and Julie had suddenly gotten very busy with the resumed titfucking, because they were mindful that Jim was coming with the lube and they wanted to put on a good show for him.

Therefore, when Jim walked up to them, he got another profound shock. (He'd been experiencing a lot of those in recent days.) He'd already seen some titfucking from upstairs, but it was an entirely different experience to see it while standing right next to the lawn chair, especially now that they were going at it vigorously.

He was so stunned and amazed that he nearly dropped the tube of lube. In fact, his sudden surge of arousal and shock was so great that he found he was no longer able to walk or even stand. He was forced to drop to his knees right as he got within reach.

After a few seconds recovering, he tried his best to play that off by acting as though he'd gotten down low in order to hand off the lube. He reached out to hand it to Julie, muttering, "Here you go."

She smiled and said, "Thanks. What a dear. Such a sweet, sweet man." But even as she was complimenting him she was also scrutinizing him. Looking at his far too winded breathing and his very flushed face, she could tell that he was almost certainly kneeling because he was overcome by his cuckold lust.

She was preoccupied by the fact that her hands were still holding and moving her huge tits around her son's similarly oversized cock. Even more thrilling for her was the fact that Kyle had started making short thrusts forward and back through her cleavage, adding to the friction and the fun.

But as a result of all that, her hands weren't free. With Jim still holding the lube out to her, she pouted and said, "Oh dear. Look at my hands. I can't take that. Jim, Darling, can you please lube me up?"

Jim couldn't believe it. He exploded, "WHAT?! Are you kidding me?! His dick is right there, and it's fucking enormous! I'm not going to touch that or even get near it! I'm not gay!"

That was true enough. Unlike some cuckolds who had bisexual tendencies, Jim had no sexual attraction to his son whatsoever, although he couldn't help but admit that Kyle was unusually handsome. He felt extremely unhappy to be put in a situation like this.

Julie sensed she'd unthinkingly messed up, so she said, "Sorry. My bad. I'm a little distracted, as you can see. Better you just give it to Kyle and he can take care of it."

With a heavy exhale of relief, Jim handed the lube to his son.

"Thanks, Dad," Kyle said. "I know this can't be easy for you. You've been super chill about everything. I really appreciate it."

Jim examined his son's face to see if he was being cocky or sincere. He realized it was actual sincerity. That made him feel a little better. He muttered, "Forget it."

With the lube handed over, there was no reason for Jim to linger. However, he still felt too weak and turned on to get up just yet.

Thus, he was "forced" to watch while Kyle spent the next several minutes covering Julie's breasts with the lube. It was less an effort to actually help with the lubrication and more just an excuse for Kyle to fondle and caress his mother's fantastic bosom and coat it with a slippery yet see-through substance to make further fondling of them even more enjoyable.

And all the while that was happening, the titfucking action continued.

Jim silently sighed to himself as he watched from so close that he could have reached the other side of the lawn chair. Why didn't I take more advantage of titfucking my gorgeous wife while I had the chance?! She was never into it, at all. It was just a birthday and anniversary sort of special thing, like how she so rarely gave out blowjobs. But I should have been more insistent and aggressive.

Look at how she's acting right now: she loves it! She was babbling earlier about how arousing it is that Kyle's all confident and domineering. That could have been me! But noooOOOoooo! I tried to be respectful. I thought that was what she wanted. And now that I know better, it's too late!

He felt a chill race down his spine as he realized, Shit! I'm already taking it for granted that my sex life with Julie is basically over. What if that's not true?! What if things resume just like normal after tomorrow? It would have to be an act on her part as well as my part, because there's no way we could ever forget these three days. But I'll take pretend sex with her over no sex! Christ!

Maybe there's hope after all. I still love her dearly, despite my cheating foolishness, and I believe she still loves me, especially since she doesn't know about that foolishness. I'm in a position of extreme weakness here. All I can do is wait and hope!

Even as he was thinking those thoughts, his gaze was glued to Kyle's thick and long cock slowly plowing in and out of Julie's tight tit-tunnel, which was also in constant motion.

His heart was breaking, because he had a strong hunch deep down that he'd never, ever get to sit up on his wife chest and do what his son was doing right now. Yet his heartbreak was little more than a distraction to him, because his lust was in control and he was flying high. He actually was in danger of cumming, despite not being able to play with himself with the other two so close.

He found himself rooting for Kyle to drive her crazy by dominating her with his huge boner. He didn't have a clue how he could be "cheering for the opposition," but that's how it was and his emotions couldn't be controlled.

After a few minutes, he realized he was in a condition where he'd be able to stand and walk away. He was torn, because staying gave him a literal front row seat on the action. But if he retreated back upstairs, he'd have privacy to masturbate to his heart's content. The fact that he was dangerously close to cumming decided the issue, because he didn't want the others to catch him making a mess in his pants. Besides that, he didn't have any plausible excuse to stay.

Standing up, he said, "Anyway, there's the lube." That sounded ridiculous, since it had been a few minutes since he'd handed the lube over. "Son, I see you've applied enough to her, so I think you'll be good. I'll be upstairs if you need me for anything else."

Kyle was off in another world, reveling in the joy of living out one of his greatest fantasies. But he managed to hear and comprehend his father's words, and realized some kind of response was needed. Turning his head from the cleavage action, he looked into Jim's eyes. "Thanks, Dad. You're awesome. I know it's a weird thing to say now, but I love you. Especially for being so cool about all this."

Jim was touched, despite the impossibly strange situation. "Yeah, well, right back at ya. I, uh... I gotta go."

Both Julie and Kyle waved good-bye as Jim hustled back into the house.

Jim was in a hurry because his urge to cum was continuing to rise as long as he was in close proximity to the hot titfuck. He rushed through the house and up the stairs to get back to his masturbating joy.

As he hurried, he thought, Talk about fucking awkward! How could I just sit there passively and let my son titfuck my busty wife?! I even helped out with the lube! I might as well just chop off my balls right now, because I've been totally castrated. FUCK!

But his frustration wasn't so great that it stopped him from resuming his masturbating as soon as he got back in position at the window in Kyle's room. Not only that, but he climaxed a mere minute later, yet remained watching in a kind of lusty delirium long afterwards anyway.

Back at the lawn chair, Kyle and Julie had gotten some kind of perverse thrill from having Jim assist and then stay and watch for a while. But even so, they were both relieved when he left, because that gave them more freedom to let loose. Although they knew he would still be watching from up above, they could at least do things like whisper sweet nothings to each other.

And that's exactly what they did. Kyle was the first to speak. "Mom? Are you loving this? Because I love it! I'm just as happy titfucking you as fucking you, and that's saying a hell of a lot!"

She thought about her feelings, then said, "As a matter of fact, I do love it too." She found that curious, because she recalled well how reluctant she'd been to ever let Jim titfuck her, or to give him a blowjob.

She sincerely expressed her thoughts. "I think I love it because it's you. It's not just the size of your cock and how well that matches the size of my breasts. Although there is that."

Kyle eagerly agreed. "We're a perfect match!"

Grinning, she went on, "Yes, but more than that, I love you so very much!" She lowered her voice to a more careful whisper. "Plus, it's so naughty! I mean, look at me! I'm lying here in our backyard in just my high heels, which somehow make me feel twice as naughty. With you sitting on my chest, I've never felt more helpless in my life! You might as well tie me up with rope!"

He joked, "That's next!"

She felt goose-bumps because even though she realized it was a joke, she also realized it could really happen if they both wanted it. And it sounded like a thrilling idea!

She teased back, "Behave! But seriously, this makes me feel like I'm your helpless plaything. Your sex toy! You could do anything you want to me from here, including scooting down to fuck my tight cunt, or staying where you are, or scooting up to thrust your thick cockmeat into my mouth!"

He froze his short thrusts through her tit-tunnel and did a gawking double take. "Whaaat?! Did you just say what I think you said?!"

She realized she had to backtrack some. "I did, but I was just saying you COULD, not that you should or you will. Remember your dad. We have to respect his wishes and not get carried away. Okay?"

"Okay." Kyle was slightly bummed. But that only lasted a few seconds, because he was titfucking his mother, after all.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to him. "I want to kiss you for a little while!"

"Okay." She was a bit puzzled, because they'd done that plenty of times already yet he seemed extra excited about it. She also didn't understand because that would mean having to end the great titfucking fun for a while.

She figured out what was on his mind when he repositioned. He scooted down until he was lying on top of her, with his face right over hers. But before he started to make out with her some more, he pushed his thick erection into her pussy.

"Aaaaaah!" Julie exclaimed. It dawned on her what a great idea he'd just had. The titfucking had started to get a bit repetitive after a while, especially since she felt like she shouldn't use her mouth on him at the same time, due to her vow not to allow any cocksucking. So it was nice to change things up every now and then.

Besides, what he just did increased her intoxicating feelings of being dominated by him, because it confirmed what she'd just told him, that he could fuck her in any orifice and she felt helpless to stop him. She loved that feeling. She was starting to realize that she had a powerful submissive side that she'd never allowed to express before with Jim. But, today, it was running wild.

It dawned on her that she'd resisted those feelings up until now, because if she'd given into them, it could have led to a power imbalance in her marriage in general. But somehow with Kyle, her trust with him was absolute, and she felt free to let her sexual desires go in whatever direction they wanted to go. She'd never felt so liberated and alive.

Mother and son necked for a while, even as she sensually clenched and unclenched her pussy walls around Kyle's mostly unmoving boner. It was a subtle fucking act compared to what they'd usually been doing, but both of them enjoyed it immensely.

Jim, however, was frustrated, because for many minutes all he could see was Kyle mostly lying still, covering up nearly all of Julie's fabulous body.

But after a while, they got back into titfucking mode. Only this time, to further vary things up, Julie knelt next to the lawn chair while Kyle sat on it. Then she did most of the titfucking squeezing and motion while he sat there, occasionally petting and stroking her long brown hair.

The two of them found this new position even more titillating than the lying down style, mostly because it heightened Julie's newly discovered submissive urges as well as Kyle's already quite obvious domineering ones.

Their "pillow talk" reflected that too.

Julie said things like, "I hope you're happy. We started out just clinically and dispassionately fornicating, trying to make a baby. And now, look at you! Fucking my tits with abandon, treating me like a total slut!"

Kyle adored that. He replied, "Mom, you are a 'total slut,' but only with me. You're MY slut, and don't you forget it!"

She took a hand off her squeezing tits long enough to give him a mock salute. "Yes, sir!"

They laughed good-naturedly at that. However, on some other level, they both really got off on it too. Julie in particular was giddy with the idea of being a "total slut" but just for her son, and definitely not for her husband. She channeled her newfound burst of desire into a more energetic and tighter titfuck.

The two of them proceeded to play around in the pool area for the next two hours. It wasn't all titfucking by any means. After a while, they realized they might have a sunburn problem eventually, despite the fact they both had deep, all-over tans, so Julie called Jim to go get them some suntan lotion.

Once again, Jim obliged. He felt even more humiliated than ever before, because not only was he letting Kyle have his sexual way with his wife, but he was essentially acting as a servant while that happened. But in his new perverse cuckold way of feeling about things, his servant status was also an extreme thrill for him. So he got the suntan lotion without complaint.

Kyle spent a long time applying the suntan lotion all over his mother's perfect body, usually while she was idly jacking him off and sometimes while he simply remained fully sheathed inside her hot cunt. He felt like he could do whatever he wanted with her, with the sole exception of no blowjobs.

Then Julie spent an equally long time applying the lotion on his similarly very impressive body. And while she did it, she generally found a way to keep his erection humming with pleasure.

Only then did they go back to more titfucking. They enjoyed another long session with Julie kneeling submissively, since both of them preferred that position. They continued to exchange sexy talk and jokes, with Julie increasingly teasing him that she was tempted to get her tongue busy on his cock as well.

But unfortunately for him, those were just teases, at least for now. Her desire to actually suck him off was steadily growing, especially since the titfucking often put her face quite close to his throbbing pole. But she felt she couldn't let herself do that even if she wanted to, because she was mindful of the fact that Jim almost certainly was still watching and would freak out if he saw her put her tongue to Kyle's cock-meat.

However, that was only a very minor problem, because they had so many other ways to enjoy each other. Kyle still hadn't climaxed at all ever since they'd gone outside. Whenever he got too close, he or she would vary things up to keep the outside fun going.

So after another long titfucking session, Julie kicked off her high heels and two of them jumped in the pool in order to cool down in more ways than one. But they were so endlessly horny for each other that their sexual pleasure only morphed into a different form. They splashed each other and were quite boisterous at first, but that turned into "grab ass," and "grab tit," and "grab cock," and the like. It wasn't long before they were all but fucking in the pool as well.

In fact, they did try fucking in the pool after a while, a first for both of them. But they soon learned that the water ironically created lubrication difficulties. They simply got out of the pool (with Julie immediately putting her high heels back on) and with Kyle fucking her doggy style right by the pool's edge for a while instead.

By and by, after yet more titfucking, kissing, fondling, and all around sexy fun, Kyle realized the sun was starting to set and it was beginning to get cold for the two nude lovers. So he initiated another fuck session on the lawn chair they'd started on and finally wound up cumming inside his mother's cunt.

He'd been mindful to cum inside her all along, because he didn't want to break the agreement they'd made with Jim. He figured it was a very small price to pay to get to titfuck his stunning, voluptuous mother to his heart's content with the only caveat that he climaxed inside of her instead of on her. The way he figured, anything sexual they did together was great.

Jim wound up watching them the entire time. For most of it, he was unable to get erect again. But that didn't matter much, because he was almost crazy with arousal just from watching.

However, again, he was frustrated by regret on top of his now-usual stew of conflicted emotions. Seeing Kyle and Julie play in and around the pool made him wonder why he hadn't spent more time with his wonderful, sexy wife instead of striving so hard to get ahead at work and make more money. He contemplated that no amount of money could buy the fun and joy that his wife and son were enjoying with literally no possessions at all, save for Julie's sexy red high heels.

The two lovers went back inside shortly after Kyle's big climax (with Julie naturally climaxing with him too). But they stayed gloriously naked and in near constant physical contact with each other, even when nothing overtly sexual was going on. Their love for each other was growing by leaps and bounds, and they simply couldn't get enough of each other.

Throughout their entire backyard adventure and beyond, Julie had a smile that wouldn't quit. She realized the entire day would be one of her best memories of her life, no matter what came afterwards. The sex, of course, was out of this world. But it seemed that every moment they were together was endless joy, because they were both having great fun but also connecting on a deeper level. Had Julie not always been married, and had Kyle not been her son, she would have been convinced from the last two days alone that he was "the one," the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

As it was, there was a twinge of bittersweet to their interactions, because both of them were mindful that time was running out. Both in their own ways remained hopeful that their newfound sexual intimacy wouldn't have to end tomorrow, but both of them were also worried that it would. Despite everything, Julie was the kind of woman who felt that she'd made a vow for life when she'd gotten married and she was determined to see her marriage through, sickness and health, good times and bad, and all the rest.