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Kyle and Julie were especially tired after coming in from the backyard. As it so happened, it was nearly time for dinner.

Not long thereafter, the two of them plus Jim sat down for a very strange meal. As a signal to Kyle that they should cool it for a while, Julie saw her orange robe still on the floor and put it back on. However, she was feeling so sexual and free that she could only bear to wear it very loosely, with the robe wide open in front. Kyle similarly made a concession to modesty by putting a pair of boxers back on, and even a T-shirt. Jim, as usual, was fully dressed.

Had the two incestuous lovers felt more energetic, they almost certainly would have gotten frisky with each other before dinner even ended. But they were so tired, and their private parts were so sore, that they were content to simply enjoy the meal (that Jim cooked).

The small talk was strange in that it was so ordinary. All three of them deliberately avoided anything sexual, for fear of triggering yet more sexual activity before dinner was done. It was surreal for them to discuss mundane topics while knowing full well all that had transpired lately, especially considering that Julie was still dressing in nothing but her open orange robe and her red high heels.

After the meal, mother and son sensed that Jim was even more sexually exhausted than they were, since they were much more fit than he was. So they had mercy on him and went upstairs to continue their fucking and their intimacy.

Jim saw very little of his wife and son for the rest of the evening. He was emotionally shook up by the fuck session he'd witnessed earlier, to the point he was too daunted to spy on them some more. Plus, critically, he was too sexually drained to get an erection again, so peeking in on them wasn't nearly as enjoyable to him as before.

Mostly, he moped. He didn't see how his marriage could possibly survive. He dreaded Julie telling him that she was going to keep getting fucked by Kyle, whether she was already impregnated by him or not.

He felt miserable, because he loved her. It was true he'd cheated on her recently, and he was beginning to understand that they'd never really clicked on a sexual level as they should have. (That was true on a physical level, with his penis being too thin for a good fit with her vagina, but also on other levels.) Yet in all other ways, he felt he'd been a good husband and she'd been a good wife, and they'd "clicked" much more than nearly all the other married couples they knew. He couldn't bear the thought of losing her and living alone.

Also, even after a couple of hours passes since dinner, he remained sexually wiped out. His penis had been erect off and on for much of the day, and that was way beyond the norm for him. His body was "crying uncle." He was even more exhausted from the emotional roller coaster his new cuckold feelings forced him to ride. He knew that these were the last few hours of the three-day fuck-fest, and he could hardly wait for the time to expire.

However, although he didn't go back upstairs, he couldn't escape the fucking so long as he was in the house. Even with the TV on loud, he lost count of the times he heard Julie's faint groans and screams echoing from the upstairs. He figured that, clearly, the door to the master bedroom remained at least partially open, and they didn't care if he heard them or not. (Actually, they did care, and they wanted him to hear, to help deepen his cuckold fetish even more.)

Jim didn't see it, since he stayed downstairs, but now that he'd given the okay to titfucking, Kyle and Julie spent nearly as much time doing that as fucking. They still had the same problem as before of Julie's pussy being only able to handle so much of Kyle's surprisingly prolonged fuck sessions, but he rarely stayed flaccid for long. (He was pushing himself hard, knowing that every minute of their breeding session was precious.)

Happily, between handjobs and titfucks, Julie found ways to keep him nearly constantly high on lust, even though their increasingly prolonged fuck breaks. Although Kyle's penis was the usual focus, Julie enjoyed the fooling around as much as he did, and had plenty of orgasms even when they weren't fucking.

Late in the evening, there was a prolonged period of silence when it came to his wife's usual frequent orgasmic noises. Jim had been resting on the couch for a while with the TV still on. He began to hope that the two lovers had fallen asleep for the night, which might mean his three-day nightmare was finally at an end.

Curiosity and hope finally got the best of him. He snuck upstairs to peek into his own master bedroom.

The room was dark, lit only by the moonlight. Jim could immediately tell that his surmise they'd gone to sleep couldn't have been more wrong. But his rising cuckold lust compelled him to stay and learn more.

Kyle sat on a chair in the center of the room. Julie was on top, facing him in an intimate position called "the swan." Jim directly knew it from back when he and his wife had had a more active sex life. It also was a position Kyle and her had used a couple of days prior, when Jim had first heard them copulating.

Jim was struck with the beauty of the scene. Their bodies had a sweaty sheen in the moonlight. As they kissed slowly and passionately, Julie's hips glided in a slow yet steady rhythm up and back.

Jim realized, This isn't mere "copulation." This is love making at its most intense! My wife and son are truly making love!

Jim couldn't help but marvel at the sight. A handsome, muscular teenage hunk was sitting beneath the voluptuous body of a middle-aged beauty. Their bodies rocked in unison, like a slow intricate dance.

Although Jim couldn't see what was happening inside Julie's body, he had a sense that Kyle's cock was plunging even deeper inside her than what had become normal for him. Sure enough, Jim's guess was right, because the top inch of Kyle's rock-hard cock was squeezed all the way up inside Julie's uterus. Her tight cervical ring slipped back and forth across the sensitive glans of his crown as she rocked her strong hips against him. Their mutual pleasure was even greater than usual.

Their genitals ground together in wicked, incestuous baby-making. Their tongues twisted and flailed together wildly as they madly kissed at the same time. Julie's huge, sweaty tits squashed against her son's strong teenage chest.

Jim had seen, heard, and even smelled many things in the last day or two that drove him further into his current cuckold madness. But out of all the titillating provocations he'd witnessed, the sight of mother and son well and truly passionately making love by the moonlight was the most moving for him.

He found himself thinking, How can this be wrong?! Just look at them! They're so deeply in love! It almost brings tears to my eyes. Even though I'm her damn fucking husband, for crying out loud, I'd feel bad trying to keep them apart. They belong together like this! Look at her, her gorgeous naked body lit by the moon, lightly bouncing on his cock! She belongs impaled on his cock, forever! She really does!

Her body is way too hot and sexy for the likes of me. But she's a perfect fit for him. Literally! His cock and her cunt go together like hand in glove. It's so obvious! With me, she's just a typical housewife in suburbia, married to a typical businessman. Booooring! But with him, she's an unabashed, wanton, and wild slut! HIS slut! And the incest makes it all so much hotter! This is her true nature, serving his big fat cock, and getting fucked day and night! I really should quietly step away and let them go at it.

Wait! What the fuck am I saying?! That may all be true, but it's a moot point. I'm her husband, and she's emotionally bonded to ME for life! We still do love each other. And the glory of their coupling is irrelevant because they're mother and son. They can't keep going or they're bound to get caught eventually. They'll wind up in jail or worse. Normality may be boring, but it works. What I'm witnessing is magical, yes, but sometimes something is magical precisely because it only happens once in a blue moon.

Somehow, someway, I've gotta get my wife back! I know it seems almost impossible now, but maybe they both will honor their promises and stop the fucking once her ovulation ends. All I can do is hope and pray.

Jim continued to just stand and stare. He couldn't move even if he wanted to. It was like he'd been frozen into a statue, except for his revived erection, which wildly twitched and throbbed inside his pants.

Then Julie spoke some words that sent Jim over the edge almost into true insanity.

She moved her lips to Kyle's ear, with her arms encircling him, holding him tight. She whispered, "Oh, my amazing baby boy... make love to Mommy... FOREVER! And I do mean 'forever!'"

That cut Jim like a knife plunging through his heart. It was one thing to fantasize that mother and son deserved to make love to each other eternally. It was another thing entirely to hear said mother express nearly that exact same sentiment out loud. It highlighted the increasing likelihood that Jim's marriage was ultimately doomed. If Kyle and Julie were drawn together sexually by an overwhelming, irresistible force, how could he counter that? What could he possibly do but get out of the way?!

Then, to make matters still worse, he heard Julie coo, "Son, I NEED your cock in my cunt! I don't just want it; I NEED it! What am I going to do with you when our time is up?! We can't stop, and that's an order! It's so good! Too good!"

Such words further cut Jim, like that knife repeatedly stabbing him all over his chest.

But, paradoxically, the more he despaired, the more aroused he got! His cuckold fetish was kicking into a higher gear.

In fact, Jim was suddenly so overwhelmed by arousal that he sensed he had to do something fast or he would spontaneously orgasm. He moved away from the partially open door, and made it halfway down the hall. He intended to retreat all the way back to Kyle's room, but he was unable to make it that far.

Instead, he leaned back against the hallway wall as he felt his boner begin to wildly spit cum within his pants.

It was the greatest orgasm he'd ever experienced so far, even though he wasn't even stimulating his penis at the time. He just about lost consciousness as his climax seemed to stretch out for eternity, although in reality it actually only lasted a few seconds, as usual. For the first time, he truly understood why the French term for "orgasm," "petite mort," translated into English as "little death."

He correctly sensed the reason his climax was so extremely intense was because it went far beyond the mere physical experience. Much more important was the emotional experience that was tied up with it. His brain seemed to be bursting with powerful emotions. Many, if not most of them, were negative, such as jealousy, regret, humiliation, inadequacy, anger, and so on. But even so, the simple sheer power of his emotions was a multiplier, causing his orgasmic peak to reach previously unknown and even unimagined heights.

Exhausted, he finally staggered the rest of the way to Kyle's bed. He laid down on it to recover.

From there, he could hear that Kyle and Julie kept on rocking and fucking for what seemed like hours (though in fact it wasn't nearly that long).

They floated together on their orgasmic cloud of love. For them too, they experienced previously unreached heights of love and passion. As great as their usual fucking was, it turned out that making love felt even better, mostly due to the fact that they loved each other so deeply to begin with. It was as easy as pie for them to take that foundation of love and build on it with their new sexual intimacy, both raw, animalistic passion at times and tender care at other times.

Eventually, though, any sort of fucking has its inevitable conclusion. Kyle's balls began to boil. Long thick ropes of potent teenage spunk spat out of his pisshole and shot directly into his mother's womb.

An aggressive army of Kyle's sperm swam forward into Julie's fallopian tubes, each one eager to seek out and penetrate the waiting egg. With much passionate fucking going on, it was inevitable that some sperm would arrive and find the prized pearl, already coated with thousands of flailing tadpoles, each one desperately seeking entrance.

Conception was inevitable.