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Much changed in the next 24 hours or so. On Sunday morning, after having one last long fuck with her son, Julie had come downstairs for breakfast and had admitted to Kyle and Jim that her ovulation period must have ended. That meant the three-day incestuous fuck marathon had ended too.

The timing was fortunate in the sense that Kyle and Julie were both utterly fucked out. The two of them spent nearly all of Sunday in bed, napping off and on and generally recovering.

Both of them were very sad that they had to spend the day in separate beds. But the time of them frolicking naked in bed together was officially over.

But fit and young people can be remarkably resilient. By the time Monday morning came around, Kyle more or less felt like an energetic teenager again. It took Julie another day or two, but she soon fully recovered from their exhausting sexual marathon.

Another full week passed. During that time, there had been no sexual intimacy between mother and son, although their flirting sometimes got rather hot and heavy.

Since it was still summer vacation, Kyle was at the park shooting hoops with some of his friends when he saw his mother's minivan pull up and stop.

Julie got out of the vehicle and strolled down to a picnic table near the court. She wore on a short denim skirt, a form-fitting black V-neck, and a pair of black, strapless, high-heeled thong sandals.

Her outfit was unusual to say the least, by the standards of her pre-"breeding" days. Normally, she dressed to try to blend into a crowd, because her stunning face, hourglass figure, and especially her ridiculously large breasts gave her way more public attention than she wanted.

She was wearing dark sunglasses too, because keeping her gorgeous eyes covered was another thing she often did to reduce the attention on her.

Kyle definitely took note of the fact that she was "dressed to kill." His penis sat up and took notice too. Within seconds, he was forced to adjust his shorts so his friends wouldn't notice his new urgent erection.

As she got closer to the picnic table, she took her sunglasses off, put them in a pocket, and gave him a cute little wave.

Just that simple wave made Kyle's cock twitch dangerously in his shorts. His was suddenly flooded with fantastic memories of their three-day fuck marathon.

"Be right back guys," he said, hurrying towards his mother, who had just taken a seat at the picnic table.

As he hustled off, he heard one of his friends mutter, "Fucking shoot me! Is she for real, or did I just die and go to heaven?!"

The other friends laughed knowingly, because they'd seen Julie on previous occasions and knew exactly how that friend felt.

Kyle waited until he was at the picnic table before he dared to speak. "Hey, Mom... Is everything okay?" He quickly sat down at the table across from her in order to help hide the lewd bulge in his shorts.

Now that he was much closer, the first thing his tit-obsessed mind noticed was that Julie's black V-neck top was extremely tight, and yet there was no sign of the industrial-strength bra-straps needed to keep her huge breasts contained. He could clearly see the bumps marking where her nipples were. In other words, she was going bra-less again!

That gave him a boost of hope that his ultimate dream was still achievable, because she'd never done that before, back when things were "normal." Furthermore, he was fairly sure from the size of her bumps that her nipples were erect, which gave him even more hope.

He carefully stared at her face to try to better gauge her mood. He was startled to notice a little tear rolling down one of her cheeks. The tear seemed totally out of place, because she otherwise looked the exact opposite of sad. In fact, her lips curled into a wonderful, toothy smile that radiated pure love for him.

She paused dramatically, and took a deep breath. That simple move set her bra-free knockers wobbling wildly inside her tight black top. Then, knowing that nobody else was within hearing range, she quietly but proudly announced, "Kyle... my love... I'm pregnant!"

"Yes!" Kyle cheered. He pumped a victorious fist in the air.

He'd been sitting on the opposite side of the picnic table, but he quickly fixed that. He charged over around the table until he was sitting right next to her. Then he enveloped her in a big tit-squashing hug.

Julie giggled at his enthusiasm.

It was all he could do not to kiss her on her lips again. He was mindful that they were in a public place. Even though his friends had already gone back to shooting hoops, he was especially concerned that some of them might see.

But most of all, he restrained himself because he was trying to give her time.

He was still playing his "long game." He figured that to win his incredible mother, it wouldn't be easy. Sometimes it was one or two steps forward, but other times it was a necessary step back.

Ever since she announced on Sunday morning that her ovulation period had ended, he'd behaved like a perfect gentleman. It had been the longest and most difficult week of his life. He hadn't tried to cop a feel, or kiss her. He couldn't resist flirting sometimes, especially when she started it, but he wouldn't even allow himself to hug her, for fear that things could quickly spiral out of control. His thinking was that if they were going to continue their sexual intimacy together, it was vital that she take the next steps of her own free will, instead of feeling forced or pressured by him.

She too had been on her best behavior since that time, though it had also been a torturous struggle for her. Thus, in keeping with their new rules, she pulled back from the hug without even a peck on his cheek. Secretly, she was very disappointed not to feel her lips on hers and his tongue dancing inside her mouth, but she let it go.

She gazed into his eyes with a joyous grin. "We did it! It's not 100 percent sure at this early date, but all the signs are there. More than that, somehow I can just feel it. Women know these things."

Kyle's enthusiasm was growing as the enormity of the news sank in. Ideally, he would have loved to have another ovulation period to enjoy another three-day fuck marathon in three week's time, but he knew the odds that he hadn't knocked her up were nearly zero, given how many times he'd squirted into her vagina in recent days.

His number one goal was to make her his willing and eager slut and lover, forever. But right up there was impregnating her too. If nothing else, now they would always have that special secret bonding them together in a new way.

"Does Dad know yet?" he asked.

"No... I wanted to tell you first," she honestly told him. "After all, the genetic father should be the first to know, don't you think?"

"Wow," Kyle said with pride. His entire body tingled with goose bumps. He spoke his thoughts out loud. "Who could believe?! I'm only 18, and already a dad!"

"I never had a doubt... THANK YOU!" Julie said, her eyes gleaming.

"My pleasure." Kyle muttered. He thought, Understatement of the century!

"Literally." Julie giggled, causing her massive rack to jiggle too.

"Yeah, that's for sure!" Kyle said with wide eyes and a silly grin.

He and Julie shared a lingering stare.

An awkward silence followed.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, Julie stood up from the picnic bench, obliging him to stand up too. She took his hands in hers, and then took a step back.

Her eyes remained locked with his, like they were two lovers sharing a pivotal moment.

In fact, that's exactly what they were (or at least had been), and what they were doing.

Julie admitted with a sly grin, "Well, I must confess that even though our intention was merely for you to breed me... it was my pleasure too. Literally!" She finished that with a cute little giggle.

For what seemed like forever, their eyes gazed into one another's with deep, wicked meaning.

Kyle carnally desired her so intensely that it hurt like a deadly physical wound. But he was determined that he had to give her space to want to come to him on her own. He was willing to wait, even if it took a long time. She was worth it.

Julie took another step back from him. Her long red nails grazed his fingertips as they very nearly broke physical contact.

There was another long pause. For some reason, both of their hearts raced faster and faster, even though the big pregnancy news had already been revealed. The tension skyrocketed too. One could have cut the air with a knife.

Her cheeks were turning red from blushing. She shyly asked, "Well... I guess… I'll see you home for dinner then?"

"Yeah." Kyle muttered. He tried not to show it, but his disappointment was clearly written on his face. Even though they were no longer lovers, at least for now, simply parting from her was quite painful for him.

"Unless..." Julie started to say. She looked and felt like a nervous teenage girl coping with the object of her very first crush. Except she was no mere girl, and had an incredible, voluptuous MILF body. She subtly repositioned, including arching her back. That caused her enormous breasts to thrust way out, stretching the thin black cotton fabric.

"Unless what?!" Kyle asked, suddenly filled with even more hope. His erection strained inside his shorts.

She glanced down at the lewd bulge in his shorts and unthinkingly licked her lips. "Unless… unless you'd rather come home with me now?" She nervously bit her bottom lip.

The two of them beamed at each other with smiles so brilliant that their mutual joy seemed to eclipse the brightness of the sun.

Kyle didn't even need to speak to say how much he approved of that idea. He was too excited to speak.

As if her meaning wasn't clear enough, she whispered excitedly yet very quietly, "I think a little celebration is called for, don't you? And what better way to celebrate than to reenact the moment of conception?!"

He already was overjoyed, but that sent his euphoria soaring to the moon. He took a whiff of the air, and realized that he could easily smell her arousal, despite the fact they were outside with a slight breeze blowing by. "You mean...?!"

"I do." She smirked, and put her dark sunglasses back on. She added in a quiet, extra husky tone, "Of course, we don't know the exact moment of conception, so we'll just have to redo all our previous sex positions to make sure we have a successful repeat!"

Kyle very nearly died of too much joy and desire upon hearing those words. He gaped in total shock as his heart thumped wildly in his chest.

She started briskly walking back towards the minivan. She quietly muttered, "Let's get the hell out of here! Your friends are too close and too nosy. Don't say a word until we're clear of them, okay?"

"Okay." He was suddenly filled with dozens of questions he wanted to ask. But he saw the wisdom of going somewhere else first.

They two of them sped walked back to the minivan together. It was all they could do not to break into a run, but that could have looked suspicious.

As they got close to the minivan, with Kyle's friends already a good ways away, Kyle couldn't resist asking a question, quietly. "So... What does this mean?! Is this a one-time thing, or something permanent?!"

She replied just as quietly, while staring straight ahead through her sunglasses, "I don't know. Everything is up in the air. The whole situation with Jim is an unresolved mess. He and I haven't talked at all. All I know is that this last week has been torture for me! I know I can't go any longer without... without..."

She looked all around to make sure the coast was clear. She waited a little longer until they were actually at the minivan. Only then did she whisper even quieter than before, "I can't go another day without you! Without enjoying your big cock! Without feeling you deep inside me!"

He was floored. "Wow!"

Her hands were shaking as she opened the door on the passenger's side for Kyle. She smirked. "Yeah, 'wow.' Now, hush! Don't say another word even after I start driving, because anything you say is liable to make me way too horny!"

He chuckled at that. "Okay."

The two of them got in the minivan, with Julie taking the driving wheel and Kyle sitting in the front next to her. But, as she'd ordered, they didn't speak at all for the next couple of minutes while she drove away.

While he waited, Kyle's brain was overcome with emotion and lots of thoughts and questions. Oh my God! Dear God! My plan is working! We had such a great time that she simply can't resist! But what happens now?! Despite my desire and love for Mom, I really do love Dad too. I don't want to see him divorced and out in the cold. Yeah, he fucked up with the cheating, but it would feel too cruel to simply take his place.

But on the other hand, MOM! He glanced over at his mother. Even fully clothed and in the driver's seat, it was obvious that her body was absolutely incredible, and she had a stunning face to match. My lust for her is too strong! I guess she feels the same way about me. But how can we solve the Dad problem?! His cuckold thing gives me hope, but I guess deep down I never really believed I could actually get this far with my plan, so I'm kind of at a loss. It's all too amazing that this is really, truly happening! All I ever want is my perfect mother, and now my every last dream is coming true!

He'd been so lost in his thoughts, as well as gawking at Julie's voluptuous figure, that he hadn't been paying attention to where they were going. So he was taken by surprise when she unexpectedly pulled the minivan to the side of the road, parked it, and muttered, "This will do."

He looked around in confusion, because he didn't even recognize the road they on. It was a typical upper middle class suburban street, with nobody in sight. "Where are we?!"

She undid her seat beat. "Who knows? Who cares? All I know is that your friends are well out of the picture and nobody knows us around here. And... I'm far too horny to wait another second!"

She reached around her back with both hands. In a flash, she unzipped her tight black V-neck all the way and tugged it off her body. That dramatically revealed that she'd gone bra-less, just as he had guessed. Her huge, round, and nicely tanned tits bounced into view.

Kyle's jaw practically dropped to the center of the Earth. "WHOA!"

She beamed with pleasure at his reaction.

He glanced forward through the windshield. With the minivan parked by the side of the road, there was no special protection from onlookers. If someone happened to be close and looking through that windshield, they would easily see that she was topless, and incredibly stacked!

But she was only getting started, and she was on a mission. She was far too turned on to give a flying fuck about strangers seeing some of her body. She spoke huskily as she brought both of her hands to her son's crotch and hastily unzipped his fly.

Even as she was doing that, she said in an extra sultry voice, "Son, there's one thing we haven't done yet that I'm dying to do. All week long, I've been fantasizing about it more and more, and even dreaming about it at night sometimes. For the last 24 hours of torture especially, it's been on my mind nearly every single minute!"

"What's that?"

Before she answered his question, she complained, "Get your damn seat belt off already!" At the same time, she was fishing his erect cock out of his shorts.

He undid his seat belt with lighting speed.

Satisfied by that, she smirked in triumph. Then she responded, while bending over to his lap, "I never got the chance to suck your cock! That changes now!"

She timed her answer just right so that as soon as "now" left her mouth, her lips slid over his cockhead and completely engulfed it.

Kyle very nearly had a heart attack in his seat, he was so overwhelmed and thrilled.

Indeed, Julie had been fantasizing about sucking him off so much in recent days that she was practically obsessed about it. But she also was well aware that it would be a supreme physical challenge, since she'd become so intimate with his unusual thick erection during their three day romp. So she'd taken a deep breath first and then steeled herself for the challenge.

She was proud that she'd managed to get all of his cockhead in her mouth on the first try, but she nonetheless felt incredulous at just how much his size stretched her lips and strained her jaw muscles. It hurt! But she wasn't going to stop for anything.

After just a few seconds of adjusting to the massive oral intrusion, she began both sliding her lips and licking from inside her mouth. She was going all out from the very start in order to get him to cum right away. She craved the taste of his cum (which she had some of during their previous three-day fuck-fest, especially after titfucks). She was confident that he'd get erect again right away, if he even went flaccid at all.

He clutched his hands to the sides of his head, shut his eyes, and clenched his teeth. "OH MY GOD!"

He was "suffering" through a kind of sexual whiplash. He'd barely started to come to grips that the woman of his dream was sucking his cock for the very first time when she got busy with a tight lip-lock and some energetic tongue-work too. He felt like he'd just gotten into a race car that went from zero to sixty in a few seconds... and then kept going faster and faster!

Due to the thrill of the overall situation, he was in danger of cumming pretty much from the moment her lips made contact with his boner. Thankfully, he did have his remarkable stamina. But he was severely put to the test.

A minute passed, and while he still felt like he was riding in a race car going two hundred miles an hour, he was able to take a moment to revel in his situation.

He thought, Here I am, still trying to achieve my ultimate dream. We've still gotta deal with Dad, but this is what victory feels like! YEE-HAAA! I'd expected it would take weeks to get to the point that Mom would choose me over her marriage and declare that she wants to be my slut. And yet it's already happening, after just eight days of me going without her! Furthermore, her incredible lip-lock on my cock is a sign that all bets are off, all rules are thrown out the window!

Meanwhile, Julie was continuing to struggle with the sheer size of her son's cock in her mouth. She was proud of what she'd accomplished so far, but her lips were still stretching painfully and it was a constant struggle simply for her to keep it in her mouth. It wasn't getting much easier.

However, she was doggedly determined. She didn't know how much she enjoyed blowing him yet, but she considered it vitally important that she learn how to do it. Besides, she loved her son with all her heart and she wanted to show that as well as celebrate the pregnancy news and the resumption of their sexual intimacy. She'd been fantasizing in recent day so much about the key sex act they hadn't done yet that she couldn't imagine starting with anything else or giving up.

Luckily, she discovered she enjoyed it pretty much from the very start, despite the difficulty. She'd always dearly loved her son in a motherly way, and she didn't think it was possible to love him more. But since they'd become sexually intimate, her love for him was way off the charts even compared to before. Knowing that she was giving him great pleasure gave her great pleasure too, creating kind of a positive feedback loop. Just hearing his constant erotic moans was all the reward she needed to stay inspired for her strenuous oral struggle.

Plus, there was her craving for his cum. She sensed that he was so excited that he would blow his load soon, and she redoubled her efforts to make sure that happened. She could hardly wait to feel a flood of his hot seed squirting down her throat.

There were some other important factors at play as well. She'd disliked sucking Jim's penis, but there was something about the sheer size of Kyle's pole that made sucking it a tough challenge she relished. And she felt degraded and humiliated in a bad way doing it with her husband, but those same feelings with her son drove her absolutely wild with rapturous euphoria.

As a result, after just a minute or two getting over the worst of her troubles with his thickness, she began bobbing up and down on him with even more enthusiasm and energy. It was an all-out "attack," including lots of tongue and even her hands slipping and sliding on his balls and lower shaft.

She remained aware that she was topless and in a potentially compromising situation, but she didn't give a rat's ass. In fact, she luxuriated in the danger so much that she briefly took her hands off her son's boner in order to tug her skirt off her ass. She wanted to take it all the way off, but that would have required her to halt the blowjob until she did so. This much made her feel completely naked, and that was good enough for the time being.

Kyle noticed her increasingly joyous and passionate attitude, and that made him moan with even more pleasure, which helped with that positive feedback loop. He put his hands on her head and exclaimed, "That's it, Mom! Good GOD! Another impossible dream is coming true! I'm so overjoyed right now, I could just die!"

Julie moaned loudly around his shaft in approval. I know EXACTLY how you feel, Son! I could die from too much joy too! But don't you dare die now, because we have such a future together! I swear, I'm gonna be naked and hot and wet for you all the time! Gonna be your HOT SLUT!

She was so thrilled that she began bobbing further down his shaft. In fact, she could only manage about another inch, and just for a few bobs. But she considered that a victory because it was a sign of what more she'd be able to do with more practice.

Judging from Kyle's increasingly desperate panting, she could sense that "victory" was near, and that inspired her still more to use even greater suction and bob still faster. Her head practically flew up and down in a sex frenzy.

Sure enough, Kyle realized that she was just too sexually overwhelming to resist. It was a very eventful and memorable two minutes or so, but after just that relatively short time, he gave up and started to shoot his load. It happened so fast that he didn't even have time to give her warning.

It didn't matter. She wanted to consume all of his cum, so she wouldn't have pulled off in any case. Besides, she could tell on her own that he was about to cum, especially since she could feel the tightening of his balls in one of her hands.

Kyle's resulting peak of pleasure was so very intense that he literally saw stars! That hadn't happened often to him before, not even during the three-day incestuous fuck marathon. But this was one of the greatest, most incredible moments of his life.

It was just as much of a dizzying peak for Julie. She had an epic orgasm too, despite the fact that she didn't touch her privates and wasn't even trying for one. Her lips trembled around his shaft well after his cum stopped blasting out, but since he stayed hard, she kept right on with her lip-lock and even managed some more ragged bobbing before her orgasm finally petered out.

Mother and son collapsed in their seats as if they'd both been felled by bullets.

Kyle was so overcome by lust and joy that he drifted in and out of consciousness. He would have passed out altogether except that his body was so energized.

Julie similarly closed her eyes and rested. But although she pulled her lips off his shaft when her climax ended, she reveled in feeling it pinned up against the side of her face. That was a simple act she hadn't been able to do until now, because it would have tempted her too much to start sucking.

A minute passed, and then another. With a start, she realized his boner wasn't going flaccid! She gave it a few long strokes just to be sure, and also to help keep it throbbing with pleasure.

Then she sprang into action. First, she tugged her skirt the rest of the way off, leaving her in just her heels. She got a great deal of naughty satisfaction out of that.

But she also was aware that they were taking a risk remaining where they were, in front of the car. Although the street looked deserted, there was no telling if somebody were to come walking or jogging by. So she completely disengaged from Kyle, and shook him a little bit. "Come on!"

He started to come around after some more shaking. "Huh? What's going on?"

"We're moving to the back seat, that's what's going on!" she replied excitedly. "Your cock is still gloriously stiff, and I'm gonna take full advantage of that fact! Come on, already! In the back, we'll have more privacy AND more room! First, I'm going to lick and suck your cock some more, 'cos I can't get enough of that. But that's just the warm up, because it's high time you fuck me again!"

Kyle sat up in a hurry. "Whoa! All right! I'm so there!'

The two of them giggled with glee as they both tried to scramble into the back seat at once.

It went just as Julie hoped it would. After a few minutes of cock licking, followed by a few more of cocksucking, the two of them go so sexually heated that fucking naturally resulted. Only after a long hard drilling did Kyle blow his load into his mother's tight cunt.

They might have stayed in the car for even longer after that, but Kyle's penis finally went flaccid for a while. Julie quickly threw her clothes back on and made her son do the same. Then she drove like mad back home so they could continue their celebration in a proper bed.