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Since it was another Monday, Jim was back at work. He tried to focus at his office that day, but it was a long, hard slog. He'd been managing okay for the past week, at least for outward appearances. But today was different because he knew Julie had a morning doctor's appointment to see about her possible pregnancy.

He didn't want to be haunted by his cuckold fantasies all day long. It was just too painful, even if the arousal he felt was strangely powerful and addictive. So he threw himself into his work like a maniac.

It worked for a while, but it became increasingly tough for him to concentrate. More and more, his thoughts turned to his wife's pregnancy. It wasn't just that he'd been looking forward to having a second child. Some twisted part of him really got off on the fact that his son would be the father, after all that non-stop "breeding." But another part of him dreaded having to bring up someone else's child, especially his own son's child.

He didn't even know what he really wanted anymore. But simply not knowing the result yet was killing him.

He started to get nervous when lunchtime arrived and Julie still hadn't called. That was very unlike her, especially since she'd promised him to let him know right away.

As he was eating his lunch in the office building's restaurant, a friendly co-worker named Al wandered in and sat down next to him, since he was alone.

"What's up, Jim? You don't seem yourself today," Al said.

"Nah, my wife had a doctor's appointment this morning, so I'm just a little concerned." Jim carefully worded this to imply that Julie was experiencing some kind of sickness, since he obviously didn't want to talk about the pregnancy possibility with anybody.

"Well, have you tried calling her?" Al asked.

"Yeah... she's, uh... not answering her cell," Jim said glumly. He added to himself, That is true, and it's highly unusual for her. She always keeps her phone charged and with her.

He felt a surge of lust and jealousy as he thought, At least that's true when she's wearing clothes! What if she's naked right now?! With HIM?!

"Uh-oh, you know what that means?" Al said teasingly.

"No, what?" Jim asked.

Al stood up and readied to walk away. He was just passing through and being friendly, since he'd already eaten lunch.

But before he left, Al said, "They say if a wife doesn't answer a cell she's either dropped it in the gutter somewhere... or she's got her legs wrapped up around some lucky guy." He chuckled, oblivious to what an explosive issue that was for Jim.

Jim sat back in his chair. He could scarcely even breathe as he imagined Kyle lying naked on his wife, slowly feeding what seemed like an endlessly long cock deeper and deeper into her hot, tight furnace.

He wished with all his might that was really true and happening right now, and he wished with all his might that it wasn't. He was seriously fucked up.

Long after Al disappeared out of sight, Jim stared off into space in deep contemplation. The words he heard his wife whisper to Kyle their final night of "breeding" came back to him. They burned a hole in his heart.

He recalled her saying, "Oh, my amazing baby boy... make love to Mommy... FOREVER! And I do mean 'forever!'"

Jim sat at his desk for about an hour after lunch, but it was hopeless. He wasn't getting anything done whatsoever, because all he could think about was the pregnancy news, and why Julie hadn't called him yet. Has something gone dreadfully wrong?! Certainly she has to know SOMETHING by now, one way or the other!

Furthermore, he had the additional irritation of having to avoid his own secretary, Dora. They hadn't really had an in-depth heart-to-heart talk since he'd been caught fucking her by Kyle. He kept putting it off, because everything seemed to be up in the air for him. Would he even still have a marriage worth saving in another month or a year? He didn't know.

It was true that "normality" had officially returned to his family. For the past week, he'd found himself back in place at the head of the household. Only he was allowed to touch his bombshell wife in any intimate way. Once again, she belonged to him and him alone.

But even though Julie had repeatedly reassured him that was the case, he didn't feel that it was. He couldn't help but notice that she was less than enthusiastic. For instance, although he was allowed to kiss her on her lips again, whenever he tried to do that she turned her head slightly and exchanged kisses on the cheeks instead.

He understood that she would want and need some time before having sex with him again. For the first few days after the incestuous breeding session, she'd claimed that she was completely physically and emotionally exhausted, and her pussy was sore for good measure. In the days since then she still hadn't touched him in any way except occasional hugs.

Furthermore, he knew he wouldn't be ready for any kind of intimacy for a long while, even if she was. Kyle bested him so very thoroughly that it would be a long, tough road for him to get any sort of sexual confidence back, with any woman, and that was especially true with his wife. Had she tried to get frisky with him, he was sure it would end in disaster, with him not even able to get an erection.

That said, it hurt him that she didn't even want to kiss his lips anymore.

And while she'd said all the right things, and dressed and behaved like a proper wife ever since the incestuous fucking ended, he could tell it wasn't that simple. For one thing, whenever she was in the same room as Kyle, she'd clearly struggled not to stare at him with lust and longing. Usually she'd succeeded, but mostly by avoiding looking his way at all. Things were very awkward all around.

It had gotten worse in the last few days as the sexual tension and desire between mother and son had seemingly ratcheted up and up to almost unbearable levels. They'd began flirting in fits and starts because they often simply couldn't help themselves. There were times the sexual need was so thick in the room that he was almost surprised the two of them didn't spontaneously tear their clothes off and fuck right there and then! He almost was rooting for them to get it on, if only to end the suspense.

But things had been even more painful for Jim when he was with her without Kyle. She'd tended to just sit and stare off into space, lost deep in thought. He had no doubt what she was thinking about during these times: getting fucked by her sex machine of a son!

Jim thought, I've just made it through a single awkward and trying week. I have no idea how I'll manage to carry on if things continue like this day after day, week after week, and month after month, as I'm all but certain it will. There's simply no way to turn back the clock and have them forget what they've done to each other.

Then the pregnancy issue is haunting him on top of that. I don't know which is worse, if the doctor says she's pregnant or if she isn't. If she's pregnant, then she and Kyle will have a new and powerful bond, and one that will be a constant reminder of their wild three-day breeding session for decades to come. Kyle is supposed to just fade back to being a son and leave the father role to me, but will he really do that? What if he essentially takes over some or all of the fathering role for the new baby, and Julie willingly lets him?!

But, as disturbing as that seems, it's probably even worse for me if she finds out she hasn't been impregnated yet. That'll mean another breeding session in three weeks! If mother and son could even wait that long, that is. I worry that with the way things are going, they'll probably start "practicing" well before then.

Hell, there's a part of me that wants to scream at them: "Get it over with and resume fucking each other already! Because you know you will. Stop giving me hope that you won't!" Just end the suspense! Like I keep telling Julie lately, it's the not knowing that kills me the most.

On a whim, Jim suddenly decided that he couldn't wait around his office any longer. Luckily, he was in a powerful position in his company and was effectively his own boss, with several employees under him. He could make up an excuse to leave early and nobody would bat an eye. So he did just that.

Right as two o'clock rolled around, he got in his car and headed for home. He just had to know what was going on, and why Julie hadn't called him yet.

By the time Jim made it home, he was an emotional wreck. It was true what he'd repeatedly told Julie, that the not knowing was what tortured him the most.

As he parked his car in the garage, he noticed Julie's car was there too (along with his beat up old Toyota).

This made him angry. Son of a bitch! If she's home, why the hell wouldn't she call me?! We still have a landline phone, so I don't want to hear any excuse about her losing her phone or letting it go dead. I'll bet she's upstairs with him! Fucking!

Then, entering the house, Jim saw something that plunged him to the depths of darkest despair. All of his worst fears were realized! It was a trail of clothes, starting at the front foyer and leading up the stairs. He saw his wife's short denim skirt, her black V-neck, and her black high-heeled thong sandals, all tossed aside here and there. That was bad enough. But worse was seeing that Kyle's shoes, socks, shorts, and T-shirt were littered up the stairs as well!

Jim fell to his knees, tilted his head back, and clutched towards the sky with both hands. WHY?! Oh why?! Why was I such a fool?! Cheating on my wife, my perfect gorgeous wife, when I love her so much?! How did I lose interest in her sexually and want to seduce Dora instead, when Dora isn't half the woman she is?!

This is all my fault! This is my karma, my retribution! My wife and son are fucking up a storm upstairs, I'm sure, and I all but put them there! UNGH!

He continued to gesticulate dramatically while on his knees. He was strangely silent, but it was like he was screaming inside his own mind. I'd hoped so hard that things could get back to normal, or at least to some kind of pretense of normal. For the last week, I'd had some reason for hope. But now, THIS! No hope! No chance! Surely, our marriage is over! Or, if it continues, it'll only be a sham, a farce, a joke. Clearly, I can't compete. My son is the better man. More handsome. Stronger. Younger. Smarter, even. But mainly he's so fucking hung and virile! Sexually talented and insatiable!

Of COURSE she can't resist him, after he owned and smashed her pussy for three days straight! She's only human. I guess in hindsight it's a wonder she even held out for eight days before they started up again! I'm so FUCKED! I just lost the best wife I could ever hope to have. All those years of marriage, down the drain!

He slumped further to the floor in abject defeat. What's the point of even trying to fight this? I'd only humiliate myself even more. If I were in her shoes and I had to choose between Kyle and me, I'd pick Kyle in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even have to think about it. That's just the brutal reality. I guess I'm good at making lots of money, and I'm a nice enough guy. But other than my job, Kyle, he's my superior in every way! I think I've seen the writing on the wall for a couple of days now. I have no fight left in me. None!

Jim felt so utterly destroyed that for once his weird cuckold lust was kept at bay by the intensity of his sorrow. But that lust was still inside him, waiting to come out. And, as he was starting to dimly understand, his emotional turmoil and humiliation was like rocket fuel, capable of sending that lust soaring high into orbit.

Even as he was mentally writing the final obituary on his marriage, a part of him was keenly listening for any tell-tale sexual sounds coming from upstairs. His new cuckold psychology was so messed up that at that very moment, when he was deciding all hope was lost, he actually felt disappointed not to hear them loudly fucking! It made no logical sense whatsoever, but that's how he felt.

In fact, his curiosity about why there was no audible fucking going on grew so strong that he found himself standing up and starting to walk up the stairs. He felt exactly like a puppet being controlled by someone else. He actually yelled in his mind for his feet to stop, but they didn't stop. He was trapped in a true nightmare, his worst nightmare imaginable, and yet there was a big part of him that was eager to peek in on the incestuous couple and hopefully see them at least pleasuring each other in some way.

Once he got upstairs, he staggered forward towards the master bedroom like some kind of slowly shuffling zombie. He told himself not to go there, not to look, but it was as if he was being pulled into that room by a tractor beam. Worse, the closer he got, the more his arousal came back. In fact, it hit him like a giant tsunami. He was swept away figuratively and swept forward literally.

Jim was in such a wasted, hopeless state that he didn't care much if they noticed him or not. He figured all was lost in any case. But maybe out of habit after spying on them through this very door so much in recent days, as he got closer, he switched into spying mode. He was grateful the door was partially open, as had become usual lately, so he could peek in without much danger of being seen.

His heart swelled with joy at what he saw. His marriage had turned into a sham and his entire life had turned into some kind of cruel joke, and yet he actually rejoiced! It made no sense whatsoever, but then again, none of his cuckolding feelings made any sense to him.

He saw Julie and Kyle lying naked in bed, side by side. They weren't fucking, but it was clear they'd been doing a lot of fucking very recently. With the way Julie's legs happened to be sprawled out, he had a clear view of her pussy and he noticed how it was absolutely drenched, both with her own pussy juices, but even more so with Kyle's thicker and whiter cum. Rivulets of his fertile seed trickled far down her inner thighs. Her pussy lips were red and swollen too, no doubt from lots of recent pounding.

Jim was so psyched to see that proof of renewed fucking that it actually put a big smile on his face. His heart was breaking all over again at the exact same time, but his bizarre cuckold lust was the even more powerful emotion.

Her well-fucked pussy was just part of the overall picture. The two of them were awake and staring deeply into each other's eyes, showing their powerful love for each other. No doubt, they were resting after some strenuous fucking, but they already had regained much of their sexual energy, because Kyle's dick was stiff again and Julie was holding it and casually stroking it up and down. Furthermore, Kyle was idly diddling her clit with one hand and tweaking a stiff nipple with his other hand.

Jim didn't know when it happened, or how it happened, but after taking this all in, he realized that his penis was fully erect again! He wanted to cry about that fact. His body was betraying him over and over again. But it felt so good, so intense. It seemed he didn't have much choice anyway, since he was completely in thrall to his cuckold desires, so he figured he might as well enjoy what pleasure he could to help take his mind off his marriage disaster.

Mother and son were in the middle of talking, and Jim listened intently.

Julie said, "Son, I just don't know what to do with you. What to do with Jim! This past week has been like hell on earth to me. I've felt ripped in two. I want so much to be a good and loyal wife to him. I really do love him, even now. We have so much history together. But I can't deny my desire for you! It's just too strong to resist! In fact, it's not even FAIR! Just look at your cock!"

Kyle and Julie stared down at his erection, and her fingers sliding up and down it.

Naturally, Jim stared there too, with just part of his head peeking past the door.

Julie went on, "You just fucked me for the better part of three hours! THREE HOURS! How is that even possible?! I felt lucky if Jim fucked me for fifteen minutes before cumming and being done for the night. And that's no knock on him. He's what's typical. I know, 'cos I've compared notes with lots of other wives and girlfriends, and their men are all the same."

Her eyes opened wide. "But not only do you fuck me more than should be humanly possible, you're fully erect already! AGAIN! You came inside me three times since we got home, plus the two times in the car. It seems you squirted what seems like another gallon of your baby-makers into me, and yet here you are. So stiff and hot, and throbbing with life!"

Kyle modestly replied, "What can I say except that you inspire me? I've hardly masturbated this past week in hopes that something like this would happen, so I've got enough cum in my balls to coat Mt. Everest! You know I was far from a virgin before I started fucking you. I've fucked lots of girls. But I never fucked any of them for three hours off and on, or anything close to that. Whereas with you, today, I feel like I'm just getting warmed up."

"OH GOD!" Julie wailed.

"What?" Kyle asked.

She started stroking his fat cock faster, and with both hands as her arousal grew. "That sounds so great! Son, I need you! I need your cock and all that cum that's built up inside of you! I need you in my cunt at all times! All I want to do is be your slut! Your naked, naughty, well-fucked, big-titted mommy slut! But that's just my fantasy, how I feel. In reality, we both know it's not physically possible for us to fuck 24 hours a day!"

He grinned widely. "If it was, I'd do it with you until the end of time!"

She grinned back. "I know you would, and I would too. But that's the problem."

She repositioned, moving down his body. She let go of his boner to push his legs apart and then lay down between them with her head right at his crotch.

He still was idly pinching and tweaking one of her nipples, but he had to stop when her chest moved out of range. He mildly complained, "Hey, where are you taking my favorite titties?"

She chuckled. "Don't worry, Son, they'll always be there for you. I don't know what's going to happen with Jim, but I can't imagine a future without you fucking me and using my body for your pleasure every day and every night!" She took his boner back in hand and resumed stroking it.

Kyle raised both hands in victory. "Sweet! That's the best news I've ever heard! Come back up here and let's celebrate with more kissing and fucking!"

She chuckled. "Hold your horses, my boy. That's the problem, all this fucking."

"What do you mean?!"

"Like I said, there are physical limits. When we had to stop fucking last Saturday night, I was very sad about it. It just about broke my heart. But what made stopping a lot easier was that I was physically ruined. I mean I was DEAD! Utterly destroyed! Not just in terms of sheer exhaustion, but I was sore all over. Especially my cunt. My poor, poor cunt. It took me three or four days to fully recover, and that's no joke!"

Then she continued, as she happily stroked his thickness, "I was actually grateful when last Sunday was a sex-free day. I needed it. I think we would have had to stop for a while even if I was still ovulating. I was at the end of my rope. I've recovered since then, thanks to some long, hot baths and Jim kindly giving me great neck and back massages, plus the passage of so much time. But your last three hours of relentless pussy pounding has left my cunt crying for mercy again already. I swear, it's on fire and there's smoke rising from between my legs!" She chuckled some more.

Kyle frowned. "But that's bad! It's only, like, 2:30. We've got at least three hours of prime fucking time until Dad comes home. Even after he's home, now that we're back at it, I don't want to stop."

She answered, "I don't want to stop either. I'm sure we'll find a way somehow with Jim, although I don't know how. But… we have to acknowledge some natural physical limits. I'm not saying we can't fuck some more today. We can and we will. But, we have to pace ourselves, kind of like we did with using the titfucking last Saturday to vary things up. That's why I'm down here, staring right at all this yummy cock-meat!" She smiled and hungrily licked her lips.

He asked, "Yeah, why are you down there?"

She smiled wickedly. "You've been so big on breeding me in recent days that we keep neglecting other tempting options. True, I'd really put my foot down on the no blowjobs rule, but that was then and this is now! Things have changed and I've got a lot of time to make up, wouldn't you say?"

Then, to Kyle's utter amazement and great joy, she leaned in and ostentatiously lapped her tongue on and around his fat cockhead. Of course he'd got to enjoy her doing that in the minivan earlier. In fact, she'd spent a fair amount of time just licking around his cockhead in the backseat before they were ready to fuck. But still, he was in a "pinch me a dreaming" mode because it felt so incredible that his every fantasy was coming true.

She spent the next several minutes lavishly lapping all over her son's cock while sensuously stroking it for good measure. Even though she was refraining from sucking on it some more so far, the love and care she put into her moves made Kyle feel like the happiest teen on the planet.

He showed his appreciation by repeatedly running his hands through her long brown hair and constantly moaning or sighing with pleasure.

Jim continued to watch every move between the two lovers with great intensity, although he was frustrated that he was across the room and sometimes didn't have the right angle to see all the action. For instance, he could tell that Julie had just started to lick Kyle's cock, but he couldn't see it since her head was in the way.

Even so, Jim felt curiously triumphant. More than ever before, in some bizarre way he was living vicariously through his son. It was ironic, since Julie was his wife and she had licked and/or sucked his cock sometimes (though very rarely, generally only on special occasions like birthdays), so he knew exactly how that felt. But he actually felt much more joy and pleasure imagining what Kyle was feeling than when he'd directly experienced that from the very same woman!

Kyle rubbed his hands all over his head, including his face, as if he was suffering through a painful "ice cream freeze."

Julie looked up and chuckled. "What?" She lapped on his cockhead some more.

He tried to explain, "It's just… UGH! It feels so good, for starters! Your tongue on my cock! But more than that, this means ANYTHING is possible! Right?! Oral sex, titfucking, cunnilingus, sixty-nining, footjobs, anal sex-"

She interrupted him, "Whoa, there, mister! You're right, anything IS possible! I want to be the kind of slut for you who NEVER says no! But… 'anal sex?' I'm not so sure about that. Again, we've gotta respect certain physical limitations. You might just be too thick to ever enter my back door."

"But still!" Kyle was riding high. "All the rest, at least! My GOD! So many possibilities! All my dreams are coming true! All of them, at once! With you, Mom, with you! I know I could fuck tons of girls, but all I want is you!"

"Awww, that's so sweet!" She flashed him a big, toothy smile. "That makes me so happy, Sugar. You have no idea. I think your powerful, naughty cock needs a very special reward, after that! And I know just the thing!"

Giving Kyle yet another wonderfully enjoyable shock, Julie tilted her head forward and down, and swallowed all of his cockhead in one fell swoop! It wasn't an easy task, because he really was remarkably endowed. But just like how she 'd been in the minivan earlier, she was resolute. Besides, she knew from that earlier time what was possible and how much she'd enjoyed it.