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Kyle had just lowered his hands from his head and opened his eyes, but he tilted his head back and clutched his head with both hands again when he saw what was happening and felt the resulting rush of extreme pleasure. "OH MY GOD! YOU'RE SUCKING MY COCK! MY GODDESS MOTHER IS SUCKING MY COCK!"

Of course, she'd done that to him in the minivan earlier, but it had gone by all too quickly. Now, he had the opportunity to truly savor the experience. He was still totally blown away that it was happening at all.

Jim already had a good idea what was going on from closely watching the positioning of his wife's head. But Kyle's words made perfectly clear what was happening, and that sent Jim's lust and joy soaring, even as it caused his jealousy and frustration to spike as well.

Jim found himself so very aroused by this that he was all but forced to make himself more comfortable. He'd still been wearing his three piece suit from work. He shucked his jacket off and tossed it as far as he could behind him down the hall, and then loosened his tie. Most importantly, he unzipped his fly and started stroking his still very insistent erection.

As he did so, he rode confusing waves of desire mixed with resentment, anger, and other emotions. At the moment, most of his lusty anger was directed at Julie. Suck it, bitch! You shameless SLUT! Suck your son's impossibly thick cock! I hope you stretch your lips until it hurts! And get used to that pain, because now he's going to make you suck him all the time!

Karma's a bitch for you too, bitch! This is what you get for falling in love with your very own son! He's so damn virile and fit that his cock is stiff pretty much all the time. Which means you'd damn well better love choking and slurping on his cock, 'cos you're gonna be doing it every damn day!

Jim felt so horny and deranged that he relished the idea of Kyle getting to face-fuck his wife all the time, even though that would be another nail in the coffin of his marriage. He was well past any sort of logic and just operating on some kind of primal emotional level.

Several minutes passed. Julie got over the initial difficulty adjusting to Kyle's thickness and started to get into a good groove.

By and by, Kyle was able to calm down, relatively speaking, and also get into a good groove of luxuriating in the great pleasure. Like he'd been doing during her licking, he generally ran his hands through her hair.

She very much enjoyed his caresses on her head. It also served as another non-verbal feedback system. For instance, when he got too close to brink he would stop petting or stroking. If things got especially critical for him, he might even unthinkingly grasp the sides of her head. That helped her realize when she needed to ease off.

Jim was frustrated that he couldn't see much of the action. Kyle was directly facing his direction, which meant Julie was lying down facing away from him. He could see much of her gorgeous, tanned naked body subtly writhing around, including her fabulous bubble butt wiggling with excitement, but all he could see of the blowjob was the way her head was bobbing up and down.

However, that was only a minor setback for him. He was so feverishly aroused, that whatever he couldn't directly see, he could easily imagine. Plus, he could see and hear Kyle's enthusiastic reactions, including a constant erotic and blissed out look on his face, and that helped keep his lusty fires burning bright.

Kyle and Julie remained oblivious that Jim was there. They didn't expect him to come home early like he did, and they were so deeply absorbed with each other that neither of them had bothered to check if he was spying (including Julie checking with her special mirror trick).

However, it didn't matter much in practical terms, because had they noticed, and especially had they seen the way he was jacking off, they probably would have just kept the blowjob going anyway.

The two of them knew they would need to have a difficult discussion with Jim soon, about the pregnancy, the renewed fucking, and more, but thanks to his clear cuckold fetish, he wasn't seen as a truly troublesome threat. He could be dealt with later. That also was why Julie still hadn't called him yet, because sex with her son was a much higher priority for her to the point that she totally forgot she even needed to call.

The blowjob went on and on. Julie was having so much trouble that tears were leaking from her eyes, but her determination was great, and she began to find it easier to do, allowing her to introduce more variety and increase her son's pleasure.

After about ten minutes of raptly watching, Jim couldn't handle any more and he lost control. He didn't have anywhere to cum, so he was forced to put his free hand over his cockhead and squirt into it. But he was still so deliriously aroused afterwards that he stayed in place and spied on them with just as much interest and arousal as before.

Cumming wasn't nearly as much of a problem for Kyle, as usual. His sexual stamina was several orders of magnitude better than his father's, for starters. But also, Julie was still in the early stages of learning how to properly pleasure him with her mouth. Any blowjob from her was fantastic, if only from the constant mental rush that she was the one blowing him. But coping with his thickness was a serious difficulty for her, and she had a lot to learn, a lot of room for improvement.

Happily for Kyle though, her determination to get better was boundless. Knowing that she and her son were together for the long run, she wasn't so focused on trying to get him to cum as she was on learning from him what he liked best and just generally learning her way around his cock with her tongue and her lips. Plus, not knowing that Jim was home, they assumed they had three hours of sexual fun time before possibly having to deal with him.

Thus, Julie paid especially close attention to how her son responded to all her little moves.

He quickly figured out what was going on, and began giving hand signals, such as a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Plus, he often moaned in approval or gave specific verbal feedback when necessary, such as, "More saliva is good. And I love what your fingers are doing to my balls!"

Julie generally hated having to pull her lips off his shaft, because it was so tough to get her lips wrapped around his thickness again. But her mouth wasn't used to such a struggle with something his size, so she had to pull off to give her lips and jaw a breather from time to time anyway. During those breaks, she would pepper him with questions and ideas to help speed up her learning.

Jim couldn't help but notice that his wife was putting in what seemed like a hundred times more energy and passion into sucking her son off than she ever did sucking him, on the very rare occasions she did that to him at all. Naturally, he was very resentful and envious, but by now he wasn't surprised to discover such feelings super-charged his arousal at the same time.

Yet again, he found himself in kind of a tortured yet delirious ecstasy, enthusiastically rooting for his wife to suck his son's cock with more and more talent and passion. He knew it was totally illogical, but he wasn't that concerned about logic by this point. His main regret was that he didn't have a better view, preferably from the side, so he could directly see what her lips and fingers were doing.

He watched for another twenty minutes. He still couldn't see much more of the action than Julie's long brown hair bobbing up and down, as well as Kyle stroking her head, but he never got bored. He got all sorts of clues about what was happening from both of them moaning and panting nearly constantly, plus his wife's loud slurpy noises.

Plus, there was a surprising amount of talking (considering Julie couldn't coherently speak at all), since there was a lot of feedback and learning taking place. Kyle in particular kept up something close to a running commentary, almost as if he knew Jim was there and wanted him to stay up to date on her latest oral moves (although he still didn't).

Julie did her best to communicate without having to pull her lips off. For instance, they quickly established a system where one loud grunt from her meant yes and two loud grunts meant no. That helped for instance when Kyle asked her if she was getting tired and needed a rest (she was and she did, but she was very determined and grunted no).

However, Jim was still frustrated. His erection eventually came back, and he enjoyed such a high from sheer lust that he felt numbed from his devastation that his marriage was over in spirit, though maybe not yet in a legal sense. Most of the time, he kept his eyes closed so he could imagine the sight of his wife's sliding lips, caved in cheeks, the drool rolling down her chin, her constantly sliding fingers, and much more, but most especially the mixture of struggle and ecstasy on her face. However, that still wasn't nearly as good as seeing the tantalizingly close "real thing."

He was tempted to simply announce his presence and stroll on in order to take a better seat!

He was too chicken to actually do that, especially because he knew his arrival would cause an interruption, then probably a long discussion which would open up all sorts of painful emotional issues. He didn't feel ready for that yet.

But then he got another idea. He thought, This is a crazy, crazy idea. But my world has gone totally insane anyway. Right now, I'm supposed to be sitting at my desk in my office, looking over quarterly reports. Instead, I'm secretly jacking off in the upstairs hallway of my own damn house while spying on my wife sucking my son's cock! And I crave to see MORE of it, from close up. So don't talk about crazy! What do I have left to lose?!

He knew the master bedroom extremely well, since he slept in it every night (though he had a sinking feeling that soon wouldn't be the case anymore). He knew from memory what could be seen from what angle. It occurred to him, If I could peer in through one of the windows, I'd be able to directly watch the hot blowjob action from only about ten feet away! Better still, the windows are partially open since it's the middle of a hot, sunny day, so I'd be able to hear everything clearly too, and also much better than before!

The problem was getting to his favored window and staying there hidden and unseen. Luckily, there was a relatively flat wooden tiled roof just outside the windows. In fact, he'd done some repair work on some of those tiles recently, so he knew the situation well. The roof was flat enough there that he didn't want to worry about sliding off and falling to the ground. Also very luckily, the window opened to their large, private backyard, so he didn't have to worry about some curious neighbor noticing him and wondering why the hell he was spying into his own house.

Once he figured all that out, getting to the spot he wanted to be at outside that window was a piece of cake. He just went to the garage, got out his ladder, and climbed up from the backyard. He had to be very quiet and careful, but he made it to a kneeling position just outside the window without any trouble.

Then he peeked in, with his head in the lower left corner of the window and his eyes just barely peeking above the bottom of the window frame. What he saw was… WHOA! Talk about a cuckold's paradise! It's exactly as I'd hoped! I can see everything!

Indeed, Julie was still steadily bobbing away.

She looks so heartbreakingly gorgeous. The sheer size of my son's thick cock filling her mouth and stretching her lips is blowing my mind! The way she's orally pleasuring it is just about the most beautiful and sexy sight I've ever seen in my life, all the way up there with watching her bouncing on his cock lit by nothing but moonlight when the two of them made love a couple of days ago.

Sneaking here is risky, but it's so worth it! If I could watch this sort of thing every day, I wouldn't even mind that much having Kyle replace me in my own bed. I've never felt more thrilled and alive!

It was the little details that really rocked Jim's world and made the insanity of masturbating on his roof in the middle of the day more than worth it to him. He loved when Julie kept her eyes closed (which was most of the time), because it showed how she was intensely focusing on the action of her tongue and lips on Kyle's fat cock. But he also loved it when she opened her eyes, because she always stared up into her son's face, partially to get some feedback from the expression on his face, but also to show her love and adoration.

Jim rarely looked to Kyle's face, since he'd seen plenty of that earlier, but he could always tell when Kyle looked back down and made eye contact with his mother, because there was a special sparkle of joy and desire in her eyes.

There were many other details too. For instance, Jim loved the lines of drool coming out of each corner of Julie's mouth, trickling down to the bottom of her chin. He loved just how flushed red her cheeks were. He loved the beads of sweat on her forehead, a sign of how diligently she was working that cock, despite her considerable physical discomfort. He loved that she typically had one hand stroking the rest of his shaft and her other hand playing with his balls. He loved when her nostrils flared and her cute nose wriggled, usually when she was struck by the pungent sex smell in the air. And she did cave her cheeks in quite frequently, and he loved that too.

But the one detail he loved most of all were the trails of tears leaking from the corners of her eyes. There weren't many tears, but she'd been at it so long already that he saw other trails of tears that had already dried. Clearly, sucking Kyle's cock was so very difficult for her that it sometimes made her eyes water. And yet she still wasn't deterred in the slightest! In fact, he could see in every move she made that she loved it!

After the initial excitement of watching close up from his new spying position settled down some, he thought, In a way, today, my life has come to an end. My marriage has been shattered, because it's clear Julie loves Kyle's cock so much that she's never going to stop getting fucked by him. But… I'm also being reborn as some kind of willing cuckold. It's totally fucked up! I hate it! I certainly wouldn't freely choose it. But it is what it is and I can't see it going away, because those crazy feelings are only growing stronger and stronger.

I can't even bear to think about all the implications. But at least I get the very sizable silver lining that I can experience way more sexual arousal than even the best sex I ever had with Julie. Strangely, it turns out I don't need to touch another person to enjoy the greatest sexual stimulation, even better then when I got to actually fuck my sex goddess of a wife. I guess I'm just more wired for this than regular sex. Kneeling here, masturbating on the roof in totally humiliating fashion, I've never felt like this! It seems every nerve ending in my entire body is tingling with arousal and energy! Seeing the passion in Julie's face as she sucks his cock… it's goddamned inspirational! This is who she is and where she belongs, sexually serving her son. Whereas this is who I am and what my role is: watching in lusty frustration.

I hate it, but… fuck! I kind of love-hate it! I mean, just look at her face, with her intense concentration and her lips stretched so wide! She's doing what she needs to do with the one she loves the most. Even more than me. That's the sexiest face in the world!

I still love her dearly, but we all know I can't give her one-tenth the sexual joy she can enjoy with Kyle. Hell, not even close to that much. If I truly love her, how can I deny her so much incredible pleasure and deep love in her life, if she becomes his full-time willing slut? And of course Kyle will love it too, and he is my son and I love him. And it's not ALL bad for me. I'm so fucking horny and ecstatic right now, I could seriously pass out!

The blowjob kept going. Kyle and Julie remained utterly oblivious that Jim was spying on them from only a few feet away. Neither of them had any reason to look towards the windows. In fact, both of them kept their eyes closed most of the time anyway. But even if one of them did, they almost certainly wouldn't have paid close enough attention to look at the bottom corner of one window and see the top part of someone's head there. The extreme unlikeliness of that actually served as a kind of camouflage.

What was more likely to give Jim away was his breathing, since he was so very aroused that he couldn't help but continually pant heavily. That was a constant danger for him. But luckily, both Kyle and Julie were breathing heavily all the time too, so the sound of Jim's breathing blended in. However, the greatest factor protecting Jim was that Kyle and Julie were so very aroused and distracted that about the only way they were going to notice him was if he walked in the room and slapped both of them on their heads!

More time passed. Julie had been sucking Kyle's cock for nearly an hour, with only a few short breaks. During that time, her talent improved so dramatically that it was almost impossible for Kyle to believe he was getting sucked by the same mouth as when she started. She was really, really keen to get good at this, and since she was enjoying it so much, all the "practice" was a constant pleasure for her too.

However, as Julie warned Kyle earlier, there were certain physical limitations that had to be acknowledged. In this case, sucking a cock that thick and long for so many minutes was a physical ordeal, even with the short breaks she was taking. That was especially true in her case, since this was her very first seriously prolonged blowjob with Kyle, and his sheer size meant it was effectively a totally new experience for her, using muscles in new ways. Her tongue and jaw in particular came to be exhausted!

Kyle, by contrast, was living the life of Riley. It was a breeze for him to just kick back and enjoy her hot mouth. His sexual stamina was already great when he was fucking her and sweating up a storm. During a blowjob, literally the only thing he had to do was make sure he didn't cum too early, so his stamina was even better. He felt he could hang on like this for hours if need be, tripping out on extreme euphoria all the while.

However, he sensed that she was winding down. He felt increasingly bad for her the more she struggled just to keep going. He certainly didn't want her to give up "in defeat" without getting him to cum first. So, before she completely lost her willpower to go on, he stopped continually clenching his PC muscle, and felt the inevitable happen less than a minute later.

Once his balls tightened, he yelled out, "Hey! Mom! I just crossed the line! I'm gonna cum now, any second!"

Julie felt like a marathon runner who was struggling just to stagger to the finish line. She was right on the verge of needing to take a much more significant rest in order to keep going, if she could keep going at all. But hearing her son yell those words gave her one last hopeful burst of oral energy. She began sliding her lips on his shaft faster and faster, and sunk her cheeks in yet again, applying a tremendous amount of suction.

Kyle let go with a loud whoop. Although he felt like he could hold out indefinitely, he'd been right on the cusp of climaxing for a long, long time, and it felt great for him to finally achieve release. Plus, cumming into his mother's mouth was a huge thrill in and of itself.

Julie hadn't given any thought to taking his cum on her face or her tits, if only because she was so very tired. Somewhere in the back of her mind she mentally noted that she wanted to give those experiences a try soon. But for now, she was very delighted to simply feel her son's hot cum blast into the back of her throat for the second time in her life.

Had she known that Jim was watching, she would have preferred to take the cum on her face in order to give him a good show. And Jim would have given his right arm to see that. But she didn't know, so Jim missed out.

As with seemingly everything sexual about Kyle, he was in an entirely different league than his father. So it was with the size of his cum load. It was larger than Jim's by roughly the same proportion his cock and balls were larger than Jim's were. As a result, Julie had a flood of cum to deal with. She was taken by surprise, because she'd unthinkingly expected as much cum to come out as when she'd blown Jim.

She tried her very best, and swallowed Kyle's cum as fast as it could, in order to make room for more. But she couldn't keep up, and much of his cum wound up spilling out of her mouth and dribbling down her chin.

She hadn't even been thinking about cumming herself, and she didn't touch her own privates. But it turned out that making her son cum was such a thrill that she had a decent sized orgasm anyway.

She didn't have a clue about it at the time, but her "failure" to swallow all of Kyle's cum was a great delight for Jim. Although Jim could tell that Kyle was cumming, the fact that it was all taking place inside his wife's mouth meant he didn't have much to see, even from his much better secret viewing spot. But he could see the cum overflow down her chin, and that helped him realize just how copious the rest of Kyle's cum load had to be.

He felt a strange sense of pride, that his son was such a sex stud, even though that son was in the middle of stealing his wife away for him. Again, nothing really made logical sense to him anymore, but his feelings were real nonetheless and couldn't be denied.

Jim also had been teetering on the edge of cumming for a long, long time. He'd managed to hold out much longer than usual for him by merely holding his erection for several minutes at a time, and then only stroking it very lightly. But when he saw all that son-cum dribble down his wife's chin, he sensed the mental rush starting to flood over him would be more than he could take, so he frantically stroked his shaft until he started to spurt.

He hadn't given any thought as to where his cum was going to go. But since he was outside and on the roof towards the backyard, he figured it didn't really matter much. He just let the cum fly into the wall right in front of him. Luckily, the entire exterior of the house was painted white. When he finished ejaculating, he noticed it was hard to notice his cum deposit, even from where he was kneeling right next to it. It just looked like a very small part of the wall had gotten wet.

He thought about getting down off the roof, because he was completely sexually satiated. But before he started to do so, it occurred to him that Kyle and Julie were likely to talk some after their mutual orgasms were over. He was very interested in whatever they might say, especially since he still didn't know if she'd been impregnated yet. He figured it was highly likely that she was, but a strong guess wasn't the same as knowing for sure.

Sure enough, about a minute after Kyle's orgasm ended, Julie wiped her chin clean as best she could and then crawled up his body until her head was resting on her son's muscular chest, just below his neck.

She already knew from the three day fuck marathon that his cock could stay erect for a few minutes after cumming, and often it didn't go flaccid at all. So after she resettled on him, she took his wet boner back in hand and idly jacked him off.

Kyle was very tired, and sexually satisfied, but he wrapped his arms around her upper body in a loving embrace. He couldn't resist a little tit play, as usual, but he was too wiped out to do much of that.

She smiled up at him, and looked to his face to see his expression. "So… stud, what do you think about your second mommy blowjob, now that I had a proper chance to really get into it?"

Jim thought, "Second?!" When was the first?! Maybe earlier today. Probably. They've been at it for hours. I hope that the case, at any rate. Otherwise, she lied to me.

Kyle fondly ran a hand through her long brown hair. "I think… it was magnificent! I loved it!"

She suddenly got all giddy. "Really?!"

He grinned madly at her modest reaction. "Really, really! Of course! Sweet Jesus! That was the best! Best head ever! Even better than the first time, because I was so completely delirious with joy that I couldn't fully appreciate it. And it was way better than any girls I've ever been with. Some of them just lick 'cos they can't even fit all of my thickness in."

She beamed at the praise. "Amateurs!" She giggled. Then she said more seriously and earnestly, "But Sugar, I know I'm still not that good, because I'm sure I can get a lot better. I didn't even START to try to deep throat you yet. I can't wait until I can do that. I want to be so good for you! I want to rock your world every single time you get the urge, just like you always rock my world every time you fuck me."

Jim thought, "Every single time you get the urge?!" Fuck me! I was lucky if she did that to me twice a year. Obviously, she's sexually woken up in a dramatic way. It had to happen only AFTER I've all but lost her. Dammit!

Kyle lovingly stroked her hair, while she just as lovingly stroked his cock. "Thanks, Mom! I'm sure you can get better, because this was still your very first day. You can't hit a home run the first time you pick up a baseball bat. But if this IS your very best, I'll already be an extremely psyched guy anyway, because it was awesome! Especially the last little while. You were sucking like a pro! You improved so much so fast since even the first time that it's nuts!"

She sat up higher on him so she could better look him in his eyes. She made sure to keep her huge tits draped on his chest though, since she knew how much he enjoyed that. "That's because I love you so much!" She stared off into space with a blissful smile. "I have dreams of you and me doing what we did on the last day of our breeding session, where we spent much of the afternoon naked by the pool, titfucking, fucking, swimming, kissing, joking, playing around, and just generally loving each other. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could do that most every day?"


She added, "Except, now that I've discovered today just how much I love sucking you off, there would have to be a LOT more of that! When I think about the future, the thing that excites me the most is a vision of you standing proud and tall with your hands on my head while I kneel naked before you, endlessly sucking on your delicious cock-meat! How does that sound to you?"

"Pretty damn great!" Kyle looked down at his mother's finger sloshing all over his stiff pole, and considered her words. Incredible! No, way beyond incredible! My plan is working out far better than I'd ever even dreamed! We're going to be deliriously happy together!

Jim's reaction was very different. Motherfucking SON OF A BITCH! Kyle is such a lucky bastard! That could have been me!

Julie purred while staring into her son's eyes, "We haven't really talked about our future together yet, but I hope you take it as a given after today that you can never stop fucking me, caressing me, kissing me, loving me, and breeding me. I won't let you! And that's an order!"

She playfully wagged a finger in his face with one hand while still jacking him off with her other hand. She was pleasantly surprised to find this was one of those times he wasn't going flaccid, although it was daunting for her too since she was sexually tired out.

He chuckled. "Yes, ma'am! Although, I'd like to point out I can't keep breeding you now that you're already knocked up."

Jim gasped, loudly. He didn't mean to, but that unexpected confirmation that his wife had been impregnated by his son was momentous news, something that would change all of their lives forever.

Unfortunately for his spying effort, his gasp stood out, especially now that the noisy blowjob was over and even the heavy panting had come to an end.

Kyle glanced over towards the sound of the strange gasp, which meant looking to the windows.

Right then, Jim ducked down. But his ducking wasn't fast enough.

"What the FUCK?!" Kyle exclaimed. He saw some motion that looked like a dark brown head ducking out of view. He immediately disengaged from Julie, forcing her to roll off him. Then he rushed to the window.

Kyle didn't actually need to rush, because there was no way Jim could escape in time, unless maybe he simply threw himself off the roof. Doing that never even crossed Jim's mind, anyway. All the embarrassed father could do was curl up in a ball, stay low, and pray he hadn't been noticed.

The next thing Jim heard was Kyle's voice saying with chagrin and disappointment, "Hi, Dad."

Jim meekly opened his eyes. He looked up through the window and saw his bare-chested son staring down at him, with his hands on his hips and his oversized and wet erection poking out at full mast. He'd been through a lot of humiliations and indignities in the last few days, but this one was the worst of the worst! (At least so far. He guessed that the new cuckold life he was getting drawn into would be full of such incidents.)

Then, to make matters worse, Jim saw Julie come into view, stand next to Kyle, and then look down at him. She looked fantastic from this angle. Looking at up her from such a low position, he could only partially see her face due to her massive, glorious, bare tits being in the way.

Unfortunately, he still could see enough of her face to tell that she was severely disappointed in him.

She muttered, "Oh, Jim! Jim, Jim, Jim. Whatever are we going to do with you?"

It was inevitable that some kind of reckoning between Jim on one hand and Kyle and Julie on the other needed to happen, and soon. Had Jim played his cards right, he could have been righteously indignant that the two people he loved the most had resumed fucking each other after they'd promised to stop. But the way he'd been caught in such a humiliating situation caused him to totally lose the moral high ground. He'd become an object of pity.

Kyle rolled his eyes in disgust at his father. He muttered, "Well, no point in you staying there. Might as well come inside and talk."