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It was a long walk of shame for Jim. First, after zipping up his pants and tucking his flaccid penis away, he had to get off the roof and down the ladder. Then he had to put the ladder away. Finally, he had to walk through the house and up to the master bedroom, the room that he almost certainly wouldn't be sleeping in again. The closer he got, the slower he went. His feet felt like lead.

He walked past the still partially open door and came all the way into the room.

Kyle and Julie hadn't just been standing there waiting for him. They'd gone back to bed, still naked, of course. They were passionately making out while Julie resumed jacking off Kyle's very erect boner and Kyle freely fondled her firm ass and huge tits.

Adding to Jim's humiliation, he had to clear his throat and then cough to get their attention.

The two lovers reluctantly broke their kissing and looked his way, but otherwise didn't bother to disengage or stop the sexual fun they were having.

Julie repeated her earlier sentiment. "Jim, I'm so disappointed in you. Whatever are we going to do for you?" She repositioned so Kyle's huge boner was standing straight up and Jim would have a clear view of her two hands sloshing up and down it. She was in the mood to punish him by showing him what he was missing.

To the surprise of Jim and Julie, Kyle took charge of the conversation. He was living his sexual dream life, and he had some firm ideas of how things should go. He was determined to make things play out exactly as he wanted them to.

He said, "Dad, we've got a LOT to talk about. I take it you figured out that the doctor said Julie is pregnant."

Jim nodded soberly. Even as he openly gawked at Julie's fingers slipping and sliding all over Kyle's pole, he couldn't resist complaining, "Yeah, but it wasn't exactly how I wanted to find out. Dear, why didn't you call me?! I waited so long for you to call. I finally got so anxious that I came home to find out what was going on. And look where that got us."

Julie felt bad about not calling her husband. The brutal truth was, for the last several hours, sex with her son had been the only thing on her mind. It had totally consumed her, like a mad obsession.

But she didn't want to bring that up, since explaining her excuse probably would only hurt Jim more. Instead, she couldn't resist griping, "What, did you lose your keys, so you had to peer in from the outside?"

Jim blushed at that reminder of his shameful spying.

Kyle said, "Look. Let's not worry about that. Obviously, Mom didn't call you because she didn't know what on earth to say to you. How do you tell your husband that your son just knocked you up? And also, after she told me the news, sparks flew between us, and we ended up fucking the day away."

Julie said contritely, "Sorry, Honey. Kyle is right. We got way too distracted. Plus, I just didn't know what to say. Especially with so much between the three of us being up in the air. Everything is undefined. Forgive me?"

Jim nodded. After a pause, he asked, "Can you forgive me? For spying on you without permission?"

Julie smiled and nodded back. She smirked, because even as they were talking about this, Jim was blatantly gawking at the way her hands were pleasuring Kyle's privates. One of her hands was pumping up and down his shaft as usual, while the other one was cupping and lightly fondling his balls.

Kyle said to his father, "I forgive you too. But, uh, how long were you spying on us, anyway?"

Jim's embarrassment grew. He turned his head, too shy to even watch the handjob fun for the moment. "Uh, ah… I got here in time to hear you talking about just finishing up three hours of fucking. Then I watched the oral action. All of it. First, through the partially open door, but then… as you know…"

"From the roof," Kyle finished for him. "That's not such a big deal, by the way. We know you were spying on us left and right on Saturday, for instance. I guess it's just way extra weird to catch you peering through the window! On the roof!"

He quickly went on, "But anyway, I think it's time to clear the air on a few things. Obviously, Mom and I are fucking again." He looked down at Julie's hand sliding up and down his thick shaft, and smirked.

Jim winced, but didn't say anything. He was feeling strangely cowed. He normally hadn't been like that at all, but ever since he'd started into his cuckold fetish, it was like he couldn't resist turning into a wimp.

Kyle went on, "As you can guess from eavesdropping on us, that's just a fact of life now. It's not going to change, and it's never going to change. I'm taking sexual possession of her. Forever! Are you gonna accept that, or are you gonna try to do anything about it?!"

Before Jim could reply, Julie passionately stared into Kyle's eyes. "Oh, Son! Do you mean that? Do you well and truly mean that, with all your heart?!"

"Mean what?"

"The part about how you're going to take sexual possession of me, forever! That's so hot!"

Kyle spoke with all the confidence in the world. "Of course! Mom, you belong to me now. I'll never love anymore more than you. I'll never give you up for anything."

"Oh! SON!" She rolled partially on top of him and began kissing his lips with a feverish passion. She also redoubled her cock stroking efforts, flying her fingers up and down twice as fast as before in an urgent effort to get him to cum right away. Additionally, her entire body practically humped him even though they weren't fucking, sliding up and down on top of him repeatedly.

Jim's heart raced as he stared at the sight. Seeing his wife's muscular and deeply tanned bare butt humping up in the air made his head swoon with a rush of too much lusty desire at once.

It seemed the incestuous lovers had forgotten all about the conversation. But after a couple of minutes, Julie disengaged and returned to her previous position lying next to her son. Both of her hands still pleasured his cock and balls, but at a more relaxed pace, since she realized he wasn't about to climax any time soon. She barked at Jim, "Answer the question! Are you going to fight this or not?"

Jim sadly told Kyle, "What could I do?! Clearly, she's made her choice. I'm way outclassed by you sexually, and all of us know it. I would just look like a fool if I tried to pretend otherwise."

Kyle said, "That's true, and I'm glad you realize it. But it's also true that she still loves you. I know she hasn't been acting like it since the breeding began, but I know both of you well and I know you've had a long and happy marriage up until just a few days ago."

Julie said, "That's true, Jim. I do still love you. Very much. It's just that our son, well… you know what happened. He swept me off my feet in a sexually irresistible way. Look at this cock!"

Jim had already been staring at the on-going handjob as much as their faces. But now he stared there in an even more deliberate way and was transfixed at how his wife's hand steadily pumped up and down the improbably thick shaft. It was a strangely beautiful and compelling sight for him. He felt he could watch for hours, despite the repetitive motion. He gloried in how much incredible pleasure his son had to be feeling.

Julie added, "How could I possibly resist this?! How could ANY woman ever resist this, once she discovers how it feels and tastes, and what it can do? I don't even feel that guilty, despite the fact that you're my husband and I love you, because my son is just so very... irresistible! It's as if this has to happen! Like it's my fate. Our fate."

Jim grimly nodded. "I can see that, and I understand. It is like trying to stop a runaway train with your bare hands. My big mistake was letting him start to breed you in the first place. Once that happened, the rest was inevitable. I can see that clear as day now."

He bitterly added in his mind, Thanks to fucking Dora! Shamelessly seducing me. It was the thrill of the new. But I should have stuck with my good woman at home, and I didn't. Ultimately, I dug my own grave!

Kyle took charge again, while still possessively fondling his mother's huge tits. "Good. I'm glad that we're all in agreement. As I said, I'm taking sexual possession of Mom. Ownership of her, even. I'm gonna fuck her every single day, so long as I can breathe, and I'm going to love her not just as my mother, but as my personal slut too. That's just a plain fact, Dad, and we've gotta figure out a way to help you live with that."

Before Jim could come up with a reply, which was very tough to do, Julie spoke up. She stopped stroking Kyle's cock and appeared to be upset. "Now, wait a minute! 'Personal slut?!' Take 'ownership' of me?! Those are pretty strong words! Do I get any say in this?!"

"Um..." Kyle was at a loss. He was trying to be brave and take charge of the family, but he hadn't anticipated her asking that.

Before she let him twist in the wind too long, she broke into a smile and resumed her cock stroking. "Gotcha! Don't worry, I'm thinking in the exact same way. In fact, I would be honored to be your personal slut, Son. And it's fitting too, because that's exactly how I feel. In fact, feel free to call me that, or whatever you damn well want. The naughtier the better. It's your right! Just so long as you keep fucking me like you do!"

She scooted up enough to plant her lips on his. The two of them proceeded to share another very prolonged and fiery kiss. Of course, all the while she continued to jack him off and he continued to fondle her massive knockers and whatever other parts of her incredible, fit body were in reach.

That left Jim to just awkwardly stand there, and right after his son had told him that his wife was going to be his "personal slut!" He was red-faced and burning with even more humiliation, jealousy, and inadequacy.

But, as had become the pattern, it left him even more turned on. As he watched them neck and fondle some more, he thought, This is just further proof that I'm completely out of my league. I love her so very much! But if I'd ever tried to call her my "personal slut," she would have destroyed me with a withering look, or even slapped me. But when he calls her that, she wholeheartedly agrees! As she should, because that's exactly what she is!

Just look at her naked in his arms, lovingly caressing and pumping on his hard cock. She's so beautiful! So wanton and sexy! And look at how he's just casually cupping her pussy mound and then fingering her slit a little bit. And the way she moans! God, it's so hot! He owns her already! She's built for sex! With HIM!

Julie abruptly broke the kissing, and pouted to Kyle, "No fair! Dropping that 'personal slut' bomb on me like that, right in the middle of a serious conversation. I need to celebrate all over your cock. I'm too horny!"

Kyle was suddenly inspired. "I know just what to do about that!" Being a strong and muscular young man, he picked his mother off his body and lifted her up in the air with ease, causing her to squeal in surprise and fear. Then he slowly lowered her down, with his aim to bring her pussy to his cock.

He couldn't hold his boner up stiffly while also holding her entire body with two hands, so he had to say to her, "Quick! Guide yourself in. Impale yourself down on me!"

She caught on to what he was doing, and she was insane with lust for him. "Oh, SON!" She gripped his thick shaft firmly and lined his cockhead up with her slit.

Once he saw she'd done that, he slowly eased her body down, forcing her to dramatically impale herself on his thick pole.

Jim watched all this while standing near the foot of the bed. He was so very turned on by the sight that it was a struggle to prevent himself from dropping to his knees. His erection was back, tenting and straining almost painfully against his pants.

Feeling cocky, especially with Jim right there, Kyle used both hands to dramatically lift his mother up and down several times. He was careful each time that she'd rise up until her cunt was about an inch from popping free from his cock, only to slowly impale her back down on it again.

After just a couple times of Kyle doing this, Julie began screaming with delirious euphoria each time he impaled her again.

But then he settled down and just left it up to her to rise and fall on his boner at her own pace, because he was in the middle of unfinished business with Jim.

She couldn't lift herself up nearly as high as he did with his impalements, but she was still able to keep a good, slow fuck rhythm going, despite the fact that they were both facing the same direction and the leverage between their bodies wasn't as good as it could have been.

Kyle resumed the conversation with Jim as if there had only been a brief pause and he wasn't in the middle of a great fuck. "Now, that's the bad news for you, that you've totally lost her in a sexual sense. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you've completely lost her in all other ways."

Jim asked, "What do you mean?!" He was having a hell of a time trying to cope, because the conversation was vitally important, yet his lust from watching the on-going fucking was so strong and all-consuming that he felt like a moron, barely able to think at all.

Kyle had thought his desired future through long before he'd ever gotten the chance to fuck his mother. The time had finally come for him to explain his vision. "Dad, you're a cuckold. That's plain to see. Don't even try to deny it. Mom and I figured it out a few days ago, around the time we started sending you those pictures and texts. We would have never done that if we didn't figure you'd get off on them. We were kind of testing you too, to see how far you'd get into it."

Jim felt emotionally crushed all over again, to hear his strange "affliction" discussed out loud for the very first time. That made it even more painfully real to him. He wailed in distress, "I don't know what's wrong with me! I'm not this way normally. You know that. Never before! It's like some mental illness has come over me. I don't know what's going on!"

Kyle briefly waved a hand dismissively. He couldn't do that for more than a few seconds, because he was using both hands to help keep Julie sitting up on him, since she was leaning back towards his head.

He said, "Don't worry about it. Now's not the time for that discussion. Let's just accept that as the new reality, just like how Mom being my wanton fuck slut is also a new reality."

Julie moaned lustily at being called his "wanton fuck slut." When it came to her son, she felt completely sexually uninhibited, and she loved that sort of dirty talk. She made some extra big bounces on his shaft and came extremely close to cumming.

Jim reluctantly nodded.

Kyle went on, "I can see you're feeling conflicted about the whole cuckold thing, but from my point of view it's a lucky break for all of us. It could help us thread the needle and come up with a new arrangement we all can live with. The way I see it, I'm still young, far too young to settle down and have a family. I love Mom with all my heart and I want her to be my woman for the rest of my life, but I just impregnated her and I'm not ready to play the father role for our new baby."

Julie gasped loudly in shock. She spun around in place, like a vinyl record and her son's cock was the central spindle. Once she faced him, she exclaimed, "There you go again! How can you just say those things to Jim without talking to me first?!"

Kyle felt bad. "I'm sorry! It's just that I've had a plan in my head for a long time and we haven't had a chance to talk yet."

Before he could say more, she gushed in delight, "You just said you want me 'to be your woman for the rest of your life!' Do you have any idea how big of a deal that is?! Or how overjoyed it makes me?!"

He laughed in relief. He was overjoyed himself that she was accepting that idea. But he said, "Hold on! Before you approve too much, hear the rest out."

She nodded impatiently. She started bouncing on his cock more urgently. "Okay, but fast! Then I'm gonna make you cum and cum and cum, with the very best orgasm of your life! Because I'm your slut now and you make me so very happy that I could scream!"

He chuckled. "Don't scream yet! Here's the rest. Like I was saying, Dad, Mom and I are sexually joined together already, as you can even see this very moment."

Julie spun back around to face her husband. She resumed aggressively bouncing on her son's cock to help make his point clear. She was putting on a good show for Jim, including causing her enormous tits to bounce freely.

Kyle continued, "But also, like I was saying, she's newly pregnant and I don't want to be the father when it comes to raising the child. You DO want that, from everything I understand. Even though you know I'm the genetic dad."

Jim was still half-insane with lust, but he managed another nod.

Kyle told his father, "Good. So here's my thinking. What if you and Mom continue your marriage, just like before, except in an entirely non-sexual way? I love you both, even though I've been doing what I have to do to realize my ultimate dream, partially at your expense. Hell, pretty much all at your expense. I couldn't help myself, because look at Mom. People would murder and commit treason for a chance to win her. I kind of lost my mind with my obsession for her."

Jim was surprisingly understanding, because he could easily understand the depths of Kyle's incestuous desire. But it filled him with more regret that he'd taken Julie for granted.

Kyle went on, "That said, you're my dad, a good dad, and I really don't want a bad end for you. It would be a shame to break this family up. So you could continue to be Mom's husband, but sleep in another room and never intimately touch her ever again. The sex part, obviously that would be entirely my domain. We all know I'm the better man in that department. But you're still a great guy otherwise, and a good husband."

He added knowingly, "Even though you may slip up sometimes, especially lately."

That was a veiled but clear reference to Jim's recent affair with Dora, and Jim knew it.

Julie didn't have a clue though, and missed the entire point of that sentence, mostly because she was so excited about all the rest her son had just said. She paused her fuck-bouncing to happily exclaim, "You know what?! That might just work!"

It was more or less exactly the scenario she was hoping would happen, except she hadn't known if both Kyle and Jim would go for it.

She looked to Jim. "Honey, I've been kind of ripped in two, ever since Kyle started to fuck me. A part of me still loves you dearly and wants to continue our marriage. It's got some issues, but I think it's still pretty strong, except of course sexually. In retrospect, we're just not well matched that way."

Jim nodded again. His hopes were rising that at least some of his marriage could be salvaged.

She went on, "That said, a part of me has wanted to keep getting fucked by Kyle! In fact, as you know, there's no way I could possibly resist that. So I've been torn between my wedding vows and my new shamelessly slutty nature. What our son just suggested could be the solution! Don't you think?"

She continued, "Not only that, but it would fit in perfectly with your new cuckold thing. Kyle could fuck me with his huge cock every day and every night, in every room of the house, and you'd be here the whole time, getting your rocks off in your weird way without being allowed to touch me at all. It would be the ideal cuckold dream. What do you say?!"

Jim still felt moronic, because being talked to while his wife was bouncing on his son's cock was too arousing for him to even breathe, despite the fact she'd just slowed the bouncing way down in order to able to coherently make her most recent comments.

On top of that, Kyle's plan sounded so good to him that he was feeling a surge of overwhelming euphoria too. For the first time in days, some actual hope! Maybe my life isn't effectively over after all!

He said, carefully, "It would be a big change... very big... But... I think it's worth a try!"

Julie squealed and threw her hands up in the air in excitement. "Yeay! Thank God you said that, because I believe we can make this work if we try hard enough, and any other path will be a total mess!" She started bouncing on her son's cock even more dramatically, causing her to grunt after each mini-impalement.

She held her arms open wide for Jim while staying in place on the bed. "Honey! Come here! Give me a hug and a kiss to celebrate and seal the plan!"

As if in a dream, or maybe still a nightmare, Jim staggered forward towards his wife. He was still so rip-roaring drunk on lust that he had to concentrate on just putting one foot in front of the other.

When he got to the side of the bed, and close enough to lean in for a kiss, Julie had second thoughts. She frowned with concern, and said, "Actually, scratch the hug. You might make contact with my big breasts and they belong to Kyle now. Let's just make it a peck on the lips, if you don't mind?"

Jim was too out of it to even complain. He bent over, kissed her on the forehead, and then stood back up.

Julie had missed a cock-bounce or two so Jim wouldn't have to try to kiss a moving target. But with the symbolic kiss done, she resumed the bouncing, gleefully rising up and down on her son's fuck pole each time.

Within seconds of the kiss, she started having a big orgasm.

Even as she was cumming in sexual rapture, she clapped her hands together. "There! That's official then! Jim, my body officially belongs to Kyle now, my sweet huge-cocked love, but you still have half of my heart!"

Jim smiled weakly while he watched her panting hard and trembling in obvious orgasmic joy. He had a growing desire to leave the room, because he was feeling weak all over and was worried that he might simply pass out. It wasn't just that his lust was on overload - it seemed most of his emotions were on overload, totally maxed out, and that was very exhausting to endure.

Kyle had switched to sitting up and leaning forward slightly, with his chest pressing against his mother's back. That gave her the necessary support to stay sitting upright and keep bouncing on his throbbing shaft. That in turn freed his hands, so he naturally reached around both sides of her upper torso and cupped her massive tits from below.

He felt totally triumphant. Total victory! I just threw my plan out there for inspection, and both Mom and Dad agreed to every part of it! On the surface, it's a crazy plan. But thank God I know my parents so well. It might not have had much chance of working except for the unexpected twist of Dad discovering that he's a full-on willing cuckold. That's the missing piece that can make it all work, I'm sure.

Looking up at Jim, he said, "There you go. Congratulations to you, and me, and all of us. I know it's gonna be super weird at first, but we'll just have to plow through that, as it were."

Julie couldn't resist snickering. "Yeah, 'plow through!' One thing I know is that there's going to be a lot of plowing!"

Even Jim couldn't resist breaking into a smile at that, despite the fact that he was increasingly convinced he could pass out at any time, possibly from too much sexual excitement.

He turned and walked away. "I'm gonna leave you to your plowing and celebrating. I'm tired. I'm going to your room, Kyle, which I guess now will be my room from now on."

Kyle felt another rush from hearing that and thinking about the implications. "Yeah, I guess so." I'm gonna get to sleep with Mom every night! Hopefully for the rest of my life!

Jim just nodded. He was too weak to fight. Besides, he figured that was fated to be, no matter how he felt. He actually got another rush much like Kyle's from thinking about the long-term implications.

As he continued to walk out of the room, he said, more to himself than to Kyle, "I wish you two well, I really do. I just wish... I wish... I wish I was young and well-hung and a human sex machine! But I'm not, and you are. That's life."

It was a challenge, but Jim made it all the way to Kyle's bed, which was now his bed. He was so emotionally drained that he fell asleep right away, even with his erection still tenting in his pants.

Once Jim was gone, Julie spun around in place once more, again using her son's cock as her central axis. Facing him, with his hands right back on her big globes, she said, "I'm so glad we have this plan now. And yet... there's Jim. What's happened to him is so sad. I'm a terrible wife."

Kyle responded, "Sure, in a way you are. But don't feel bad. A lion is 'terrible' in the sense it kills and eats its food. But it has to be that way. A lion can't turn into a non-violent lamb or it'll die. In the same way, you were fated to be my slut, once I was old enough. Bizarre circumstance caused me to start fucking you these past few days, but I think it was going to happen eventually anyway, don't you?"

"I'm not sure." She thought back to her behavior from before, including her increasingly frequent incestuous dreams and fantasies. She was busy with their on-going fucking and decided not to think about it right now.

He also wasn't sure, but he liked to think that would have been the case.

He continued, "Regardless, once we got started, you discovered your true nature, and there's no way you could be anything else but my lover after that. You know it's true. So feel a little guilty if you want, and use that guilt to be a better wife for him. Of course, a platonic wife. But don't feel too guilty, because you don't deserve it."

She nodded thoughtfully, and generally agreed with all that. She felt it was fate. She thought back some more on how her flirting had been getting out of hand. Maybe he's right and the breeding plan merely sped things up and made the entire process easier on all three of us as a result. But I guess we'll never know for sure what might have happened otherwise.

Then she asked, "What about you? Do you feel guilty?"

"I do," Kyle admitted, "I guess I've been pretty evil to Dad, no matter how you slice it. But 'all's fair in love and war,' and like I just told him, my desire for you was and is so strong that I feel like I really had no choice at all. I just HAD to have you, like I need food to eat or air to breathe! You may think that's corny, but you'll see. My desire for you is endless and all-consuming! I'll never get tired of fucking you and loving you, I swear, and I'll never need another woman to keep me happy!"

She smiled from ear to ear. "I believe you, especially the endless lust part!" She laughed. "I'll never tire of getting fucked by you either!"

She rose particularly high on him and then slowly impaled herself back down to help emphasize her point. "Plus, I already know that I'm going to love sucking your cock just as much as the fucking. Heck, I already do! And there's so much more we haven't even tried yet. Who knows, someday we might even manage to get your enormous size into my ass!"

"Mmmm!" He slowly yet aggressively kneaded her soft tit-mountains, inspired by the titfucking talk. "We're going to need to try that someday soon. And then, if it works out, do it lots, lots more!"

She laughed. "Definitely! That said, remind me later to talk to you about this 'never need another woman' stuff. You're still young, and eventually I'll get too old. You'll need someone around your age. Some sweet, beautiful, and busty slut to help me take care of your cock as you get older, as well as give you children you can fully claim as your own. With your looks, charm, and sexual power, you could win just about anyone you want. But, like I said, that's a discussion for another time. Right now, I just want you to fuck the hell out of me some more!"

He disagreed with her about her "sweet, beautiful and busty slut" idea, since he only had eyes for her. But the idea of more fucking sounded great to him.

He repositioned by lying on top of her. It was a rather "boring" fuck position that they'd already done many times in recent days, but it was a "classic" because it worked so well. He felt a desire for it at the moment because it allowed him to let out his energy thrusting in and out of her while he could still look at her face from close up and stare lovingly into her eyes.

Soon, the two of them were so lost in their passionate fucking that Jim was all but forgotten. They truly were in lust and in love.


Time passed. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. Kyle fucked Julie a lot every single day, just as he'd vowed he would, and in her every orifice. He fucked her cunt, mouth, and cleavage in roughly equal measure - until they finally managed anal sex and added that to the routine, but only as an occasional special treat. There was a lot of cunnilingus and sixty-nining too. She even got very good at deep throating.

If Jim was home, it was far from uncommon for him to take a seat and watch the sex to get his own sexual jollies. He never, ever got permission to intimately touch Julie, and he didn't want to touch Kyle in any way (and Kyle felt the same about him). But he was allowed to expose his penis just enough so he could masturbate to climax whenever he wanted to. Other times, they would "punish" him and "force" him to secretly spy on them instead. He probably got off on that even more.

It was a damn odd arrangement, but it worked surprisingly well for all three of them. Julie successfully gave birth nine months after her impregnation to a lovely and healthy baby girl named Amy. Being the mother to a baby put a crimp in her sex life for a while, but it wasn't that bad because Jim took to his husband-cuckold role like a duck to water. He cut his time at the office way down so he could be a "Mr. Mom," precisely so Kyle and Julie could have lots more fuck time.

As an aside, Kyle got to enjoy Julie's lactation and, in fact, she kept on lactating long after Amy was born, just so he could suckle her milk from her breasts. And one very nice added bonus for him was that her huge tits got even BIGGER, and they remained that way!

Mere days after their new family arrangement began, Jim got Dora to agree to be transferred to another office in a way that caused no loss to her. Jim never felt the temptation to "cheat" on Julie again, even though she would have understood him taking a lover since she allowed him no sexual contact to her body whatsoever. But Jim realized that any actual sex he took part in with any woman could only pale in comparison to the strong lust and other powerful emotions he experienced every time he watched his wife and son get it on. That was all he wanted or needed, even when his jealousy and frustration was driving him mad.

Perhaps surprisingly, Jim and Julie did successfully manage to repair their marriage - excepting the sexual aspect, of course. They were able to continue to love each other, but in an "agape love" kind of way, much like being the best of best friends or a close brother and sister.

It helped that Jim got a kind of sexual thrill from being "misused" by the other two, for instance doing most of the baby-related chores while Kyle and Julie fucked up a storm. Their family already had plenty of money, but Jim also got off on being the one who had to hold down a job, again so the other two could have more fuck time.

Kyle and Julie learned to walk a fine line of frequently embarrassing Jim to heighten his cuckold lust, but without being downright cruel and hurting his pride.

Jim was emotionally messed up for a few years over sexually losing his wife and feeling inadequate, but he eventually was able to fully embrace his cuckold side while still having pride in himself. It was a very delicate balance, but the fact that the three of them were family and genuinely loved each other helped them overcome their problems, which were pretty much exclusively relating to Jim.

By contrast, Kyle and Julie had next to no problems with each other. It was like their entire life was one long honeymoon fantasy. The key was their frequent, mind-blowing sex. It was next to impossible to get very upset when one was overcome by amazing orgasms many times a day.

The two lovers continued to get a special thrill from the word "breed," and it went without saying that Kyle always fucked his "mommy slut" bareback, without her using any birth control at all. Thus, only one year after Amy was born, Julie became pregnant again by her son, and it was a surprise it took that long. (Probably it was her continued lactation that caused the delay.)

When the new baby was born (another girl, named Anna), Jim quit his job altogether to become a full time "Mr. Mom," allowing Kyle and Julie to still fuck many times a day. Eventually, their sex life did slow down some, but not that much. Julie absolutely loved being Kyle's personal slut, and the two of them continued to live an ideal incestuous sexual fantasy, but in reality, every single day of their lives.

Time keeps marching onwards, and life goes on. Julie was already past 40 by the time Anna was born, and it was increasingly dangerous for a woman her age to have more children, so Kyle got a vasectomy. That allowed them to continue to fuck bareback indefinitely. They kept on talking about "breeding" though, despite the fact that he was shooting blanks, because they both got off on the idea of him continuing to knock her up.

Neither Kyle nor Julie had any need to work, since the whole family was financially set, and sex was the top priority for them. But most people need to have more purpose than just fucking.

For Julie, it was raising her two youngest children. Even though Jim did most of the "drudge work," there still was plenty for her to do, and most importantly simply being a loving mother to them.

Kyle, by contrast, loved the two children he'd helped conceive, but he still felt too young to step into a fatherly role in a big way, and he didn't want to step on Jim's toes in that respect. Instead, he'd already planned to go to a local university in the fall after first fucking his mother. He kept to that plan, except her took the bare minimum number of classes to stay enrolled, so he could maximize his incestuous sex time. He also spent lots of time with his children, but in more of an "uncle" role.

As a result, it's been five years since he started college (and started fucking his mother), and he's still working on graduating.

He has plans to become a computer programmer. He chose that profession specifically because it offers many opportunities for him to telecommute and also only work part-time, so once again he'll still be very near to his gorgeous, slutty mother, enabling them to fuck or suck at any time.

As Julie gets older, she's been getting more insistent that her son takes another young lover, to help make up for her aging and declining sex drive.

But Kyle still only has eyes for Julie, his one true love. As far as he's concerned, she's his mate for life, even though she remains married to Jim and he has to share her heart with Jim in many ways.

Julie also only has eyes for Kyle when it comes to carnal desire. But she's been subtly and steadily working on him to take that young lover. She wants to see him have children of his own in the normal way, raised just by him and his new bride. She's already started carefully searching for the right woman with the right personality and who is busty and gorgeous, yet who will somehow be understanding enough to let the mother-son incest continue. (That last part is a must!)

It has yet to be seen if she can find someone worthy and willing, and if she can get Kyle to agree to love her too. If not, she certainly won't mind being "forced" to be his one and only woman.

Kyle, Julie, and Jim continue their strange arrangement, carefully kept secret from the outside world, but it still works for all three of them.