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  humil, group, orgy, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

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Written by Spacer X <>

Copyright © 2014 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

This story is similar to Six Times a Day and Reasonable Bounds in that there is one main male character who gets involved with more than one woman. It also has a similar over-the-top style.

Prologue: Hillary and Maggie, The Plan is hatched and "Maggie" is born

Chapter 1: School Begins (Monday), Phase 1 of the plan is put into operation: Who is that hot babe with Nick?!

Chapter 2: The Kiss (Tuesday), An electric kiss between mother and son.

Chapter 3: The Ice Cream Shop (Tuesday), Underwear gets lost when things get too hot.

Chapter 4: Hillary's House (Tuesday), Music and love is in the air, but close doesn't count when it comes to sex.

Chapter 5: Forgotten Music (Tuesday), After a confusing phone call, Hillary reveals some good news.

Chapter 6: More at Hillary's House (Tuesday), Two pairs are better than one, especially when the clothes come off.

Chapter 7: The Parking Lot (Tuesday), Things heat up when Maggie and Nick get some alone time.

Chapter 8: Cold Takeout (Tuesday), An argument can be stopped by a swallow.

Chapter 9: The Aftermath (Wednesday), Maggie is gone for the moment. Margaret is here and she is not happy.

Chapter 10: Confidence Building (Thursday), After promising Maggie, Nick tries to make connections at school.

Chapter 11: Second Thoughts (Thursday), Is Maggie back? Time will tell...

Chapter 12: Bathroom Hijinks (Friday), Hillary and Nick sneak away for some after-school adventures.

Chapter 13: Italian Dinner (Friday), After a shaky start, the dinner date get increasingly flirty.

Chapter 14: Fun at the Movies (Friday), The fun continues as they settle in their seat with things other than the movie in mind.

Chapter 15: Trouble at the Movies (Friday), Tears must be shed before things get sticky.

Chapter 16: Back to the Movie (Friday), After a teary intermission the movie continues right where they left off.

Chapter 17: Weekend Regrets (Friday through Monday), There are a few regrets before Maggie makes herself a spot at home.

Chapter 18: Neutral Territory (Tuesday), Rules are broken for fun in the garage. Now there's a second spot for Maggie.

Chapter 19: Garage Firsts (Tuesday), Maggie and Nick find out its how hard it is to get to school on time.

Chapter 20: Going for a Drive (Tuesday), It's time for a talk.

Chapter 21: Lovers' Lane Parking Lot (Tuesday), Maggie goes further than ever before and begins to accept who she is.

Chapter 22: Back to Normal? (Wednesday), A balancing act for Maggie and Margaret.

Chapter 23: More Garage Fun (Thursday), Rules are made to be broken.

Chapter 24: Lunchtime Hideaway (Thursday), Mutual lust leads to Hillary and Nick sneaking off during school hours.

Chapter 25: Close Call (Thursday), More fun in a car.

Chapter 26: Costume Photoshoot (Thursday), Dressing up for Nick leads Maggie into a sexy photoshoot.

Chapter 27: On the Phone with Hillary (Thursday), The phone call takes an unexpected turn and Maggie and Hillary get to now each other better..

Chapter 28: Beating the School Bell (Friday), The ride to school was never this much fun.

Chapter 29: Jealousy at School (Friday), After a normal day at school, the group try to find a place to have some fun.

Chapter 30: At the "Library" (Friday), Maggie and Hillary rock the parking lot.

Chapter 31: Sharing the Pleasure (Friday), Maggie has her first female kiss but her jealousy gets the best of her.

Chapter 32: New Plans and New Kisses (Friday), After a talk about the future, Maggie is "forced" to get more intimate with Hillary.

Chapter 33: Decisions and Agreements (Friday), Maggie and Nick have some fun in the car while waiting for Hillary's return.

Chapter 34: Hillary's Room (Friday), A reminder of Anushka cools down Hillary and plans are settled for the evening.

Chapter 35: A Firm Agreement (Friday), While Nick is asleep, Maggie decide to lock down Hillary's commitments.

Chapter 36: Getting Ready to Meet Anushka (Friday), Nick gets ready to finally meet Anushka with some "help" from Maggie.

Chapter 37: Meeting Anushka (Friday), When the meeting has a rough start, Nick has to try his best to convince Anushka.

Chapter 38: Nick's First Pussy Lesson (Saturday), Maggie starts her lessons on the sun roof with Nick.

Chapter 39: Pre-party Talk (Saturday), After the lesson comes to an end, Nick meets Anushka for the second time.

Chapter 40: The Party (Saturday), Nick's worries come back as he attends Shannon's party.

Chapter 41: The Sauna (Saturday), Things get steamy in the sauna as the group sneaks away for some more fun.

Chapter 42: Debra's Game (Saturday), Debra catches the group in a compromising situation.

Chapter 43: Debra's Game Continues (Saturday), The sex games with Debra continue while Maggie and Hillary try to get leverage.

Chapter 44: Cleaning Up (Saturday), The sauna games come to a close and the group prepare to return to the party.

Chapter 45: Nick Gets Lost (Saturday), After returning to the party, Nick has a bit too much to drink.

Chapter 46: Nick Falls (Saturday), Debra's trickery leads Nick right into her trap.

Chapter 47: Falling Deeper (Saturday), As the party downstairs goes on, Nick continues to have trouble with Debra tricks.

Chapter 48: Up on the Roof (Sunday), A guilty Nick confesses what happened on Sunday night.

Chapter 49: Heading to a Meeting (Sunday), Nick decides to further the plan over some short term fun.

Chapter 50: Lunch with Anushka (Sunday), Anushka and Maggie finally meet.

Chapter 51: Sharing Secrets (Sunday), With the girls hitting it off, plans are made for the future.

Chapter 52: Going Home (Sunday), Mother and son discuss fantasies involving their new friend.

Chapter 53: To the Party (Sunday), Preparations for the party leave Nick feeling down.

Chapter 54: Hot Tub Party (Sunday), The guests finally get to meet the host of the party.

Chapter 55: Look Who's Here (Sunday), Maggie and Nick sneak off for some alone time.

Chapter 56: Danger and Games (Sunday), After being discovered Debra finds a way to continue the fun.

Chapter 57: Another Game (Sunday), Maggie and Debra look for something to add to the games.

Chapter 58: Playing the Game (Sunday), The roleplay starts leading Debra to try her best to win.

Chapter 59: The Game Continues (Sunday), Maggie teaches Debra how to let go as the roleplay continues.

Chapter 60: Threesome Fun (Sunday), After Hillary's suprise return, Nick tries to control the situation.

Chapter 61: More Threesome Fun (Sunday), Debra is temporarily forgotten as Maggie and Hillary work to please Nick.

Chapter 62: Catching Up with Hillary (Sunday), As dinner is being prepared, Nick tells Hillary an important truth.

Chapter 63: A Scary New Plan (Sunday), A plan is formed to deal with the Debra problem.

Chapter 64: Pleasure before Punishment (Sunday), The group decides to relax and enjoy themselves before handling Debra.

Chapter 65: Planning Payback (Sunday), Debra's punishment draws closer as plans are finalized.

Chapter 66: Anger-filled Lust (Sunday) With Debra in the room, her punishment doesn't seem as bad.

Chapter 67: Debra Surrenders (Sunday) Debra and Nick enjoy their different roles as the spanking starts.

Chapter 68: Surprise Guest (Sunday) With the spanking revealed, someone else gets to join in on the action.

Chapter 69: Painfully Red (Sunday) Things heat up before they cool down as the spanking reaches its conclusion.

Chapter 70: Shannon's Rooftop Paradise With the rest of the guests leaving, Shannon invites the group up to the roof.

Chapter 71: Exotic Prospects Shannon's discussion comes to an end as the night comes to an end.

Chapter 72: Weekend Memories Memories of the night before cause a restless morning for both Nick and Maggie.

Chapter 73: Oral Submission Maggie takes another step to give Nick more pleasure.

Chapter 74: Heavy Breathing Finally answering the call leads to a pleasurable conversation between Maggie and Anushka.

Chapter 75: White Lies The call continues as Maggie hypes up Nick for Anushka.

Chapter 76: Morning Rush Hour The phone call between Nick and Anushka leaves them both running out of time.

Chapter 77: Reckless Driving Nick and Maggie quickly rush to school.

Chapter 78: Passing Notes The morning events lead Nick and Hillary to make lunchtime plans.

Chapter 79: Back to the Library A quick get away lets the group enjoy more than just lunch.

Chapter 80: Unexpected Visitor While Maggie waits for her lunch with Anushka, an old friend arrives.

Chapter 81: Backyard Paradise Hillary and Nick meet up for some alone time after school.

Chapter 82: Cooking with Anushka Maggie and Anushka find a place to start cooking with only a few distractions.

Chapter 83: Fatherly Advice Nick gets to meet Hillary's parents in the flesh.

Chapter 84: Catching up Mother and Son meet back up after their own eventful afternoons.

Chapter 85: Unrepentant The meeting with Sally gives more hope for Maggie in the future.

More to come

NOTES: Thanks to Jamielynn and lew54321, who contributed these synopses and chapter titles.