Chapter 1: School Begins (Monday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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Finally, the big morning arrived. Margaret dressed as provocatively as she dared, showing a great deal of cleavage. She also put her hair into a ponytail, which helped peel the years away. Between her newly blonde hair, her ponytail, her dark sunglasses and her unusually daring outfit, there was little chance that even a good friend would recognize her.

But Nick had a letdown that first morning when Margaret dropped him off at school. The other kids had their hands full getting reacquainted with old friends, and nobody seemed to notice him getting dropped off at all.

Still, Margaret was having fun. She felt like she'd stepped into a time machine. She was practically ready to walk into the high school building with Nick to attend classes.

Nick was able to kiss her on the cheek for an unusually long time, to increase the odds of someone seeing them. But that wasn't such a big deal for him since he'd kissed her there many times before.

Still, his confidence surged. He was certain that even if his plan didn't start to pay dividends that day, it would soon enough. He surprised himself by actually choosing a seat next to Hillary in their first class together and initiating a conversation with her in the couple of minutes it took for everyone else to arrive and settle down.

For the first time in his life, he didn't have a tough time talking to her, despite the fact that he had a raging boner just from being near her. He'd carefully thought out what to say in advance and what her likely responses would be, so it felt a bit as if he was reading from a script. But at least he was talking. The main difference was his soaring confidence.

He said, "Hey, Hillary! Nice to see a familiar face around here."

Hillary looked at him in surprise, because she wasn't used to him saying much more than "Hi" to her. "Yes, it sure is. You know, I think you and I are the only two people from our high school in the Advanced Studies program."

"I think you're right. How was your summer?" He forced himself to only look at her face and not down at her stunning body, and especially not at her huge breasts.

"Oh, it was all right. I had no trouble finding ways to waste time." She chuckled. "What about you?"

"It was great! I had an awesome summer." He dropped his bomb. "The best part was that I met this girl and we've been having a great time together."

"Oh, really?" Hillary was very surprised to hear that. She and Nick had been in nearly all the same classes, so she knew some things about him just from talking to other people, plus seeing him around and noticing who he was with. She'd never heard of him dating anyone, or even asking someone out. She'd figured he was too shy for that sort of thing. "Good for you. Do I know her?"

"No, I doubt it. She goes to a local college, not high school. But she's driving me to and from school, so maybe you'll see her some time."

With that, he baited the hook. He had a good feeling that Hillary would want to see who was driving him, if not that afternoon then soon.

"Cool," she said.

"Yeah, it's been great," he continued. "I used to be kind of shy, and I guess I still am, but going out with her has helped me come out of my shell."

Hillary raised an eyebrow, giving him a new appraisal. "Yeah, I can see that. Good for you."

They kept talking amiably until the bell rang.

As with past years, their class schedules were nearly identical, since they were both in the gifted track. In fact, the only class they didn't share was P.E. at the end of the day. Nick made a point of sitting next to her in as many classes as he could. Hillary was a very outgoing person and had no trouble meeting new people, but since Nick was literally the only person in class that she already knew, it was only natural for them to stick together at first.

By lunchtime, he'd already said more words to her that morning than he'd had in the rest of his entire life combined. He was flying high, because he'd gotten over the hump of being a casual acquaintance to becoming a friend. With each new success, his confidence soared ever higher.

It was a chore for him to meet other classmates, because he was head over heels in love with Hillary. In his opinion, any time not with her (or his mother Margaret) was time wasted. But he went through the motions easily enough. To his surprise, he discovered his new confidence based on his supposed new girlfriend translated to a new confidence in talking not just to Hillary but to other girls his age as well.

Thus, he was filled with high hopes when school let out. He figured that other kids wouldn't be in such a hurry this time. Surely, at least some students would notice the "hot chick" picking him up.

— — —

Margaret had driven to the school a few minutes early and found a prime parking space right in front of the main entrance. She was leaning back against the car when Nick walked out of the building.

Other students (mostly guys, not surprisingly) were already staring at her and lingering near her as Nick walked towards her. She wore the same stylish outfit she'd had on that morning, which showed off her long legs and ample cleavage.

Nick timed his exit from the school building so he could be near Hillary and see if she was going to look for his "girlfriend."

Sure enough, even though Hillary was walking with some other girls she'd just met, he looked back and saw her watching as he walked closer towards his mother.

As Nick came face to face with Margaret, he shocked himself with what he said next. He muttered to her under his breath, "It's no good. Everyone will just think you're my mother or something. We have to kiss on the lips for a minute. Just a pretend lips touching thing. Not a big deal."

She frowned briefly but then nodded slightly, indicating her agreement.

He took the last couple of steps towards her and planted his lips right on hers. His penis had been flaccid due to the stress of the situation, but as his lips touched his mother's he found himself with a fully engorged erection in a matter of seconds.

Nick had never kissed another woman on the lips before, other than non-sexual contact with old relatives. He was beyond excited. His hands trembled as he hugged her, and his heart pounded like a big bass drum.

He didn't try to slip his tongue into her mouth, although he would have loved to try that since he'd often read about it. He was so carried away by the moment that he didn't even seriously think about doing that, because he instinctively knew that would be pushing her too far. He spent more time worrying about his erection, fearing that she would feel it pressing against her and get so freaked out that she would call off the whole fake girlfriend scheme. What little coherent thought he had left was dedicated to trying to keep his groin away from her without making it look too obvious.

Holy crap! I'm actually kissing Ma on the lips! And I'm hugging her, and everything! And her huge tits are totally mashing into my chest. I can feel her nipples! Oh my God, I think I'm gonna cum in my shorts!

The kiss was incredible, at least for Nick, even though it remained a closed-mouthed one. It ended far too quickly for his liking.

Margaret didn't know what to think when he proposed the kiss. In theory, such a kiss was no different from the way some Europeans and others sometimes kiss relatives or friends on the lips. But, in fact, she'd found herself getting excited too, just from thinking about doing it. Her heart was beating wildly, just as she knew his was.

When the kiss started, she thought, What the hell?! I should NOT be doing this with my own son! But I can see that Hillary is watching us, and he's got such a big crush on her. Well... as long as we both keep our lips closed, this should be okay. But dammit, my nipples are starting to get hard! He's gonna be able to tell for sure, 'cos they're pushing into his chest. I have to back off!

That's why she ended the kiss when she did, for fear of Nick feeling her nipples harden against his chest. When the kiss ended, she tried to take stock of the situation. She was surprised and disturbed to discover just how aroused she had become.

She tried to tell herself, I'm not aroused in a sexual way; it's just the excitement of the situation. I'm excited to feel like a teenager again, and more than a little scared someone will recognize me. But she knew it was really the sexual excitement that was sending the tingles down her spine, and somehow that made her even more aroused. She tried not to think about it, more or less managing to push her worries away.

As soon as the kiss ended, Nick muttered to her very quietly, "Is she looking, Ma? Did she see?!"

Margaret didn't reply at first, as she was specifically trying hard not to think about their kiss. She didn't even realize they were still in a very loose embrace, with his hands on her hips and her hands on his lower back.

He prodded with a whisper, "You know, she's the tall one with the long dark-brown hair and the, uh, the really big breasts. She's wearing short blue shorts and a white Led Zeppelin T-shirt, which has, uh, a burning blimp on it. She was standing with a bunch-"

Margaret cut in with a discreet whisper back, "I know what she looks like already. And yes, she was looking. In fact, she's still glancing our way from time to time as she talks to her friends. She's clearly very curious about you and me."

"YES!" Nick hissed quietly. He pumped his fist triumphantly a little bit and then brought that hand back down to hold her hip again. He took a big whiff of the air - he loved the natural feminine smell of his mother, mixed with her perfume.

"Be careful!" Margaret hissed, in response to his fist pump. "So what now?" She was glancing all around, deathly worried about being overheard. Luckily, there was no one near them.

"Let's hang out in a light hug, just like this. Let everyone see that we're lovers."

She let him continue to keep his hands on her, but kept just enough separation so her hard nipples didn't touch his chest. She wished she'd worn a thicker bra. She whispered back with irritation, "We're not lovers."

"You know what I mean. Just be cool, like we're going out." Nick was still trying to keep his erection from pressing into her.

This is nuts! she thought. Why did I ever agree to this crazy scheme? All these people walking by, they're going to assume that my son IS my lover! They probably assume that we make out - and more - every day! Hell, we look so casual and friendly with each other that more than a few will assume that I'm actually letting my son have sex with me! I mean, can you imagine that? Lying naked in bed, with my son's sweaty body on top of mine, his hard cock driving-

She froze, and pushed him away a little bit. What the HELL?! Where did THOSE thoughts come from?!

She'd never really thought of her son in a sexual way before, and it greatly disturbed her. Even in the last week or so, she hadn't given any serious thought about him in a sexual way.

Then it dawned on her that her panties were getting moist. WHAT. THE. FUCK?! No way! This is seriously fucked up! Dammit, I've gone way too long without any sex. Even hugging my son is turning me on! This is a bad idea. A TERRIBLE idea!

She pushed him further away, breaking their loose hug.

The school grounds were quickly emptying out. Many of the other kids drove their own cars or had rides. Those without cars headed to the bike racks or just walked home. Almost everyone had to pass within about 20 feet of the prime spot where Margaret and Nick had hugged. Had it merely been Nick standing there with his ordinary looks, no one would have looked twice, but Margaret was so beautiful and curvy that both girls and guys did double-takes when they saw her.

Clearly, passers-by were having trouble figuring this couple out. Margaret's voluptuous body obviously was that of a woman, not a girl. Yet she looked too young to be somebody's mother, especially with her pony tail. The way Margaret and Nick were holding each other also seemed to rule out that they were related. Yet she seemed too beautiful to be dating a mere high school kid like Nick. It was improbable that such a sexpot probably would date ANY high schooler, even if he were some perfect Adonis.

Margaret was in a position to see more students than Nick could (since he more-or-less had his back to the school entrance), and she was delighted by the puzzled expressions she saw. She pushed her concerns away as her ego soared with all the admiring looks. She muttered to her son, "We're definitely neck deep in it, now. A lot of people are staring."

"Cool! I've been telling everybody I could that I'm dating a hot college girl, so hopefully the word will start to get around."

It would have seemed strange for the two of them to linger there too long, doing nothing. So, finally, with another kiss on the lips that only lasted a second or two, they got in the car and Margaret drove off. She turned on the radio to a rock and roll station, and let the music play loudly.

As soon as they were a few blocks from school and the coast was clear, he gave her a high-five. "We did it!" he shouted exultantly.

Margaret was grinning from ear to ear. Her earlier worries about getting too aroused were swept away in her excitement that they'd managed to pull off what they'd been planning for a week or more. "So how 'bout that, Sport? Is your mother pretty cool, or what?"

"Ma, you're so cool! You're totally awesome! And thanks for, you know, the fake kiss on the lips and everything. That really sealed the deal. After nobody noticed us in the morning, I realized everyone would think you're my older sister or something if we didn't kiss like that."

Still smiling, she said, "Don't mention it. But don't expect that to become a habit or anything, either. That was a one-time deal. We have to tread a pretty fine line, since you are my son, after all. I mean, what if someone recognized me kissing you like that, like one of the teachers? I'd die of embarrassment!"

"Don't worry. Nobody knows you here. Nobody knows me either, except for Hillary. And your hair looks so different that, hell, even I don't recognize you! Seriously. If Pa didn't know you'd changed your hair already, he'd come home and ask, 'Who is this total babe in my house?'"

She laughed at that. She was having a great time. She noticed her nipples were still somewhat erect, but she decided not to worry about it until later.

Nick completely ignored her "one-time deal" comment, adding, "A few more kisses like that and everyone will know for sure that you're my girlfriend. My pretend girlfriend, I mean."

She felt a thrill run through her as she thought about that. But then she reminded herself, Fat chance! That can't happen. No way!

He paused and overtly gawked at her, especially checking out her deep cleavage. "Ma, you're so COOL! You're like the epitome of the cool, sexy woman, with your sunglasses and everything. If you were driving a Corvette instead of a Prius, everyone would assume you're a movie star."

"Flatterer!" But she loved it. She hadn't felt this good about herself and her looks in years. And forgetting for the moment why it had happened, she even enjoyed the feeling of being turned on. Since the collapse of her marriage over two years earlier, she'd almost forgotten what sexual pleasure was like.

He added, "You know what you remind me of?"


"That song 'The Boys of Summer' by Don Henley. Remember that?" He started to sing:

"And I can see you, your brown skin shining in the sun
You got your hair combed back, sunglasses on
I can see you, your brown skin shining in the sun
You got your top pulled down, radio on."

She laughed at that, and then joked, "Boy, oh boy! Give an inch and you take a mile. One kiss on the lips and already you want me to pull my top down."

He blushed, and then stared at her chest again. She was wearing a strapless top, which was very unusual for her. Holy shit! I COULD totally pull that down with one hand! Then her huge boobs would be exposed for the whole world to see as she drives on down the road! As if my erection isn't hard enough already! It could totally rip my shorts in two. Holy Christ!

He stammered, "I didn't mean it like that. I think, you know, in the song, it's a convertible, and you're wearing sunglasses, and-"

She laughed gaily. "I know. I'm just yanking your chain. I have to admit I had a lot of fun doing that, despite the inappropriate kiss."

She looked at him, and it was at that point that he realized she was sexually aroused like he was. Even with her sunglasses still on and his general inexperience with sexual looks, he thought, That's not a normal mother-son look; that's a hungry look! Ma is aroused! Not only that, but she took my words in a sexual way and teased me when I hadn't really meant anything. Sex is on her mind! With ME! That's just fucking INSANE!

He turned his head and pretended to look out the window so he could contemplate that development some more. Maybe she didn't really mind the kiss, but actually liked it, even? Was I the only one who felt a tingle, almost like our lips caused an electric shock when they touched? I know her marriage with Pa has become non-physical. Not only are they not having sex, I don't even see them kiss or snuggle anymore, so she's probably longing for any kind of intimacy. Maybe she got into the kiss as much as I did. That would be too cool!

The silence between them was growing difficult, so she asked, "How did things go with Hillary today? Did you see her much?"

His entire body bounced with excitement. "Are you kidding? It was awesome! We were together practically the whole day! I even TALKED to her! Like, a LOT! We had a real conversation and everything! A bunch of 'em, in fact! I talked to her more today than all previous times combined! And it went well, like a good conversation should!"

Margaret was pleasantly surprised, because her son had such a history of being shy. "That's great news, Sport! I can scarcely believe it myself, but I think your crazy scheme may actually be working. Did you see the way she was looking at us?"

"No! Tell me about it!"

"Frankly, there's not much to tell. But since I was facing the school and had my sunglasses on, I could safely check things out as we kissed. I saw her walk practically right past us, with a couple of other friends. She must make friends fast since you said you two wouldn't know anyone there, right?"

"Yeah, yeah, but go on!" he implored her impatiently.

"Anyway, she didn't stop or say anything, since one of her friends was talking, but from her look I could practically read her thoughts. It was like she was saying, 'Is that NICK kissing that woman?' And then, after a pause as she took a closer look, realization came to her face. She must have thought, 'It IS! That IS Nick. Well, what do you know?' And then she walked past us. Even then, she looked back at us a couple of times, like she couldn't believe what she was seeing."

He was so happy he bounced up and down in his car seat. "You see? You see?! I told you it would work! I'm so PSYCHED!" He pumped a fist in the air. "Cool! Only, she wasn't thinking, 'Is that Nick kissing that woman?' You don't look like a woman; you look like a girl. Actually, you look like a foxy babe. I'm sure she thought, 'Is that Nick kissing that totally hot babe? Whoa! I've never seen a girl looking THAT sexy around here. I'm jealous!'"

Margaret laughed gaily again. "You silver-tongued devil! I'll give you two hours to stop that. What's with you and all the compliments about my looks lately?"

"Ma, can't you see my confidence is surging? Before, I was too shy to say those things, but now I can. You're darned good looking, and you need to know it!"

He couldn't see where her eyes were looking, but he saw her head briefly nod towards his crotch as she mumbled, "That's not the only thing that's surging."

She said it quietly, but he just managed to catch it. He was astounded, because even though his parents were rather hip for their age, they never even alluded to sex in his presence. He'd had many erections in the presence of his mother, and in fact lately he had an erection almost any time he was around her, but she'd never dropped even the slightest hint that she knew he had a hard-on.

He took that as another good sign. He thought, Now, I'm not hung like some kind of porn star, but I'm proud of my penis size. I think it's above-average in length and width, and it could get even bigger if I have a late growth spurt. Ma's totally checking me out!

He looked down at his crotch and noticed how lewdly his erection was tenting in his shorts. No wonder she mumbled something about it - it's pretty hard to miss! Oops! He adjusted his bulge to try to hide his arousal.

However, it was tough for him to contain himself. He was so excited, he practically vibrated on the seat as if he were on a trampoline. Here I am, sitting in a car with Ma, having just kissed her on the lips for nearly a minute, and she's making a sexual joke and muttering about my boner. Not only that, but I talked to Hillary and didn't freeze up or make a fool of myself. I sat next to her and talked to her all day, and she saw Ma and me kiss! Could life get any better?!

He started to describe the conversations he'd had with Hillary. He was high as a kite the rest of the way home as he and his mother talked and joked with each other.

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