Chapter 2: The Kiss (Tuesday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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The next day started much the same. Margaret dressed in another sexy outfit just to drop Nick off at school.

On the way there, Nick said to her, "By the way, Ma, you know yesterday, I told people I was dating this hot babe from a local college, but I didn't mention any name. I can't keep that up for long. I was thinking... Everybody calls you Margaret, and I know you don't like Marge, but what if I call you Maggie? That'll help with the deception. You know, in case you have to come to school in your mother role or something, there can be a Maggie and a Margaret."

She mulled that over. "Maggie, huh? ... I don't know. Normally, I don't like when people call me that, but I suppose I'll make a special exception for this crazy scheme of yours."

He perked up and smiled. "Awesome! I'm gonna call you Maggie all the time from now on, just so I won't mess up if I have to introduce you to Hillary or something like that. It's cool though, since Margaret and Maggie are variations on the same name."

"All the time?" She cocked an eyebrow.

"Well, for the next couple of weeks, anyway. You know what I mean. As long as we're 'dating."' He made quote marks in the air.

She muttered, "Well, I guess that's okay and prudent. But don't get too carried away with this whole dating idea. All I'm doing is dropping you off at school a few times."

"I know, I know. But it's going to completely transform my life! It already has. In just one day, my confidence has soared, and that's the key! If I believe in myself, other people pick up on that, and it makes me believe in myself more, allowing myself to talk and act in a totally new way. It's like a reverse vicious cycle. A virtuous cycle."

"I can see that," she said. "And you are acting very differently. All I can say is: keep it up. Talk to Hillary every chance you can."

"I will, believe me! I used to fear even getting near her, but now I can't wait! We've broken through the barrier from 'acquaintance' to 'friend.' It's so awesome! I can't even tell you how psyched I am!"

She looked him over and saw him practically bouncing in his seat and bursting at the seams. She chuckled. "I can tell, believe me."

When she dropped Nick off at school, nobody seemed to notice. It was the same as yesterday. It appeared that everyone was in a great hurry in the morning, not to mention bleary-eyed and struggling to get fully awake. Both mother and son could tell that not much would happen in the mornings, so there wasn't much point in making a big production out of it. He got out of the car immediately, and without any sort of attempted kiss. She drove away without ever turning the engine off.

— — —

Nick sat next to Hillary in all of the classes they shared, which was most of his classes. Their seats in each class were getting locked in for the whole year, which he knew was a very big deal.

He sat next to her in the class right before lunch as well. That was key, because when class ended and everyone got up to go, he said to her, "Hey, should we go get lunch together?"

She was surprised by his boldness. "Sure!" She smiled and said, "Nick, I must say, I'm really pleasantly surprised. Before, you were so shy. But it looks like you've really opened up over the summer. It's like you're totally different."

"Yeah," he replied. He didn't say much because he was having a "pinch me, I'm dreaming" moment. She was going to eat lunch with him!

The two of them were up and walking side by side out of the classroom.

She joked about his short answer: "I take that back." She giggled.

"No, really, I have. As you might have noticed, I was especially shy around girls, before. But this summer I finally got over that."

"Oh, really. What changed?"

"I think I mentioned yesterday that I started dating this girl over the summer?"


"Well, being with Maggie - that's her name by the way - has boosted my confidence in a big way. Like I think I mentioned yesterday, she's helped me come out of my shell. It's been so great that I feel like a totally different person. She picked me up after school yesterday and I thought I saw you walk by then. Did you get a chance to see her?"

"Uh, yeah, I did. Good God, Nick, where the heck did you find HER? You're so lucky! I swear, I've never seen such a beautiful girl in my life!"

He grinned widely. "So you think she's attractive, huh?"

"Attractive?! Are you kidding me? Her body is just unreal! She's got more curves than a winding mountain road! And she's got a face to match. She could be a movie star!"

He wanted to say "And so could you," but he was too shy. He immediately regretted the missed moment.

She asked, "How the heck did you meet her? And start dating her?!"

Nick laid out the cover story he'd prepared, describing how "Maggie" had supposedly moved into the bungalow behind his house and then they had bonded after seeing each other most every day.

Hillary accepted the story without any suspicion. But she noted, "Man, you should thank your lucky stars. For a boy your age to be dating a girl her age, much less one that looks like she does... Phew! You're gonna have to watch out. I'm sure there'll be lots of college guys asking her out right and left."

"Yeah. Well, that could be a problem. She seems to like me a lot, and of course I like her a lot, but we're not, like, exclusive with each other yet."


"Yeah, well, we'll see what happens." Nick made sure his cover story didn't have him and Maggie going steady, so Hillary would hopefully see that Nick was still open to date her as well. Despite the close-mouth kiss he'd shared with his mother yesterday, he still figured his odds of turning his scheme to some kind of actual, sexual success beyond fake kissing was thousands of times more likely with Hillary than "Maggie."

He asked, "By the way, would you like to meet her? I can introduce you after school."

"Would I? I'd love that. Thanks." She looked down at herself. She was wearing a T-shirt with the Clash's "London Calling" album cover on it. She loved music, and she had found an on-line outlet selling a wide variety of music T-shirts, so she'd become known for wearing that kind of T-shirt more often than not. "But look at me. I look like some kind of hobo punk rocker. I can't meet her like this, not with the stylish way she dressed yesterday."

Nick leaped at the invitation to stare at Hillary's chest. He couldn't decide who had the bigger rack, Hillary or his mother, but he guessed Hillary might be even more endowed, remarkably enough. He figured she was in the F-cup to G-cup range, incredibly enough.

His penis had been half-hard from just sitting near her, and he felt it engorging even more as his eyes started to glaze over with lust. But then he realized that a comment was expected of him. "Um, don't worry about it. You look great! She was dressed kind of all fancy yesterday, but she's pretty casual most days. She'll probably be wearing a T-shirt or something today."

He made a mental note to try to call his mother by the time lunch ended and tell her to dress down before she came to pick him up.

Hillary looked up, smiling again. "Really? Cool." But then she added, "Now I'm all nervous."

He replied, "What are you talking about? You're nervous about meeting her just because she's beautiful? Hillary, have you looked in the mirror lately? You're every bit as beautiful as she is." He was very happy to be able to get some compliments in, especially since his shyness usually stopped him. But his confidence was surging so much lately that he practically felt like a new person.

She frowned. "You're just saying that because of these." She looked down at her huge breasts.

"Are you kidding me? Sure, you get a lot of attention because of, uh, those. But look at your face. You have the most heartbreakingly beautiful face I've ever seen! And the rest of you? My God! You're so strong and fit! You could probably kick my ass!" He chuckled nervously.

She laughed too, but seemed to look at him in a new way, as if she was appraising him for the first time. "Nick! I never knew you felt that way about me. Thank you."

"Well, I'm just stating a fact."

"Don't let your girlfriend hear you saying that."

He shrugged. "Nah, I don't mean it like that. I mean, uh, not counting her. Everybody knows you're the most beautiful girl in school."

If true, that was high praise indeed. They lived in an unusually affluent part of Orange County, with some nearby neighborhoods ranking amongst the very richest in the entire United States. All that money often resulted in more beauty. For instance, it was common for very successful businessmen to marry beautiful "trophy wife" types, who then typically had unusually attractive children. Also, even at high school age, many girls were surgically enhanced, with boob jobs being particularly popular.

It also seemed that more than half all the girls were blonde, which was statistically wildly improbable (even with the students overwhelmingly Caucasian). But that was due to all the hair dye jobs. That was obvious by the fact that there were way more girls with blonde hair in school than boys.

Furthermore, people of all ages were becoming increasingly obese in the U.S., but one would have never known that in this high school. The social pressure to look good was immense. That was especially true for the girls, who felt even more pressure to look good enough to wear a bikini at the beach (with the beach only a short distance away).

On top of all that, the high school was larger than average. There were just three grades (instead of the more common four): sophomore, junior, and senior. The school had about 1,500 students, so each grade had 500 students.

Hillary turned surprisingly pouty. "What about Debra?" She was referring to the other girl in their junior grade who was extremely well known for her beauty.

He didn't know many people, but pretty much everyone in school knew about Debra and her stunning looks, including him. "Debra? Just because she's blonde and some kind of model? She's such a fake-o."

Hillary nodded vigorously at that. " Even her name is fake."

"What do you mean?"

"Her last name, 'Fox.' Come on! 'Debra Fox?' Doesnt that sound like some kind of totally made-up actress name? Why can't she have a real last name, like mine?" (Hillary's last name was 'Mitchell.')

Nick nodded, because "Fox" did sound suspiciously perfect. But he didn't want to get sidetracked. So he continued, "Besides, I'm just as attracted to brains and personality as looks. You're a winner in all three things."

"Why, thank you!"

Nick was beside himself with happiness. This conversation was going much better than he would ever have imagined. The more success he had, the more confident and daring he got.

They reached the school cafeteria and went through the line to get their trays of food.

Then they found an empty lunch table and sat down facing each other.

Unfortunately for Nick, as soon as they sat down, other students started to join them. He knew it was all due to Hillary, not him. Social ranking at the school was largely based on looks. But Hillary was also friendly and personable, so she was a natural social magnet.

Nick became more shy with other people sitting with them and talking. But he was riding such a confidence high that at least he talked from time to time instead of totally retreating back into his shell. It helped that most of the other people who joined them at the table were in the Advanced Studies program and so were smarter than even the typical students in the regular gifted track. With all that brain power, the conversation tended to stay interesting, and on things that Nick felt he could talk about.

After a few minutes, one of Hillary's new friends, a strikingly handsome boy named Spencer, came to sit with them a short time later, breaking Nick's mood. Nick didn't like Spencer at all, even though he acted friendly. He was sure Spencer had already picked Hillary out to be the most physically desirable girl in school, and was aiming to hook up with her.

Luckily for Nick, Spencer was popular and felt obliged to make the rounds, and he also wasn't in the Advanced Studies program, just the normal gifted track, so he didn't know the other people at the table or show much interest in them. He only sat with them for a few minutes.

But still, Nick sensed trouble. Nick figured that Spencer was exactly the sort of guy any girl would consider a "top catch," if not the most desirable guy in their entire grade.

Happily, the bond between Nick and Hillary continued to grow, especially after Spencer left.

They even walked with each other to their next class.

As they did so, Hillary drew very close to him and spoke in an extra quiet voice. "Nick, you know that I've dated both girls and guys in the past, right?"

"Right. I think that's great. I don't have any issue with that at all," he replied.

"Cool. But I've got a favor to ask you. You and I are just about the only ones to transfer from our last school to this one, due to us getting into the Advanced Studies class. So that makes you one of a very few here to know I'm bisexual. Could you please keep that on the down low for now?"

"Of course! No problem."

"Thanks." She smiled brightly. "I'm not ashamed of that by any means. But I want my classmates to get to know me as me first, because they start putting me into mental boxes due to my sexuality."

He smiled back. "I get it. My lips are sealed."

He was dying to ask if she was dating a boy or girl, or nobody at all. But he was too shy, since that question would make his own interest clear. He hoped that she was currently unattached, since it was only the second day of school.

He felt pretty confident about that, because he didn't see any sign of her being especially friendly with anyone. In fact, she was friendliest to him, by far.

As Nick sat in his next class, he marveled at what was happening to him. Boy! This scheme is working so great! Thank you, George Costanza! Word hasn't even really gotten around yet about my new "girlfriend" Maggie, but already my social life is completely transformed. Going to a new school has given me a chance to start with a clean slate, and I've been acting like a completely different person from day one. Ma picked out a whole new wardrobe and haircut for me, so I look pretty sharp, and I've been acting cool and confident too. Even if I never get to date Hillary, this fake girlfriend idea has been a home run just for giving me this new surge of confidence. On top of that, I got to kiss Ma on the lips!

And even though it's only the second day, I feel like Hillary and I are not only on the path to becoming friends, but maybe even really good friends! Heck, she's so great. I mean, not only looks, but I truly like talking to her. We have similar interests in everything. We're totally clicking. My one problem is I can't let her know how much I know about her already. That would freak her out.

— — —

Once school let out, Nick and Hillary walked with each other through the halls on the way to meet Maggie. Unfortunately, Nick had spent so much time talking with Hillary at lunch he'd forgotten to call and ask Maggie to dress casually, but he figured it didn't matter that much in any case.

Once again, Maggie was leaning up against the side of her red Prius, parked in a prime spot just as she'd done the day before. She was wearing entirely different clothes than what she'd been wearing when she'd dropped him off that morning.

If anything, she was looking even sexier than yesterday, or in the morning. In recent years, since Andy had been revealed as a cheater and then had his accident, she had gotten in the habit of not dressing to arouse, since doing so would only frustrate Andy and herself. So it had literally been years since she'd worn a top that revealed as much cleavage as she did at that moment. It was less like a shirt and more like a glorified bra, because it exposed her most of her tummy, from her belly button on down. She practically felt naked wearing it, but the exposure also thrilled her.

As Maggie saw Nick and Hillary walking towards her, she felt her pulse quicken and her nipples start to grow erect. Damn! What the heck?! Nipples, go down, and that's an order! He's just my son, not some dreamy hunk. I should have worn a more substantial top. At least I have a sturdy and thick bra on underneath this time. I don't want another nipple incident, like yesterday!

Despite herself, she straightened up and struck a seductive pose. She leaned forward a bit, knowing that would cause her boobs to swell out and look even bigger than they already were. Her breasts were so large that they stuck out slightly wider than her upper torso (a fact that was even more pronounced with Hillary and her larger breasts). It was as easy as pie to get her son excited by getting him to look at her chest.

A part of her hoped her son wouldn't notice how erect her nipples were, thick bra or not, but deep down a part of her also hoped he would.

Nick's heart soared as he looked at her, and his erection lurched awkwardly in his shorts. He wanted to shout, "That's my mother, everybody!" but of course he couldn't. His rampant erection made him seriously consider taking the backpack full of books off his back and swinging it in front of his crotch to hide his bulge there. But he thought that would be too awkward, so he tried to cover up with a strategically placed hand in front of his shorts.

As soon as the three of them were close together, Nick said, "Maggie, I'd like you to meet Hillary. Hillary, this is Maggie."

Nick was delighted beyond belief as he watched Hillary and Maggie shake hands. Here are my two obsessions, meeting face to face for the first time! I wish I could take a picture. The two frickin' sexiest women on the entire planet, right here!

The buxom women stood so close to each other that their fantastic racks nearly brushed against each other. Nick was on the verge of creaming his shorts just thinking about that possibility. Both of 'em are so STACKED! My God! It's a wonder they don't just fall forward into each other due to gravity! Amazingly enough, I think Hillary's breasts ARE even bigger than Ma's!

Maggie took off her sunglasses to make eye contact, and then put them away. She smiled at Hillary and said, "I'm delighted to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too," Hillary replied.

Nick was so high on life and lust that he was only dimly aware of what was happening. He stood there with a great big smile on his face, looking like a complete idiot, but the two women were so absorbed with each other that they didn't notice.

He didn't fully understand it, but both women were modest about their looks on one level even as they knew on a deeper level that they were truly exceptionally beautiful. So when they came across another woman in their same "league," they had a great interest and even a natural bond, like two world-class musicians meeting up.

Such encounters between exceptional beauties almost never happened to either of them. Hillary figured the only other girl out of the 500 students in their junior grade in her league was Debra, and she and Debra didn't get along at all, except in a fake, surface way. Hillary wasn't familiar yet with the girls in the senior grade, but what she'd seen so far, none of them matched the looks of herself and Debra.

Maggie didn't know anyone anywhere who was close to being in her league, but she felt she met her match with Hillary. She'd seen Hillary from afar before at some school events and paid attention to her due to Nick's lust for her. But that had been over a year ago, and Hillary had filled out and grown up a great deal since then!

Maggie felt strangely competitive towards Hillary, though she didn't consciously realize it. She wanted to say or do something that would make Hillary turn green with envy. She remembered Nick had repeatedly told her that it was vital that she and Nick kissed right in front of Hillary if they got the chance, to remove any doubt that they were going out. The more passion for Nick she showed, the more intrigued Hillary would be.

On a whim, she decided to wow Hillary with another fake kiss with her supposed boyfriend. She hadn't discussed this with Nick beforehand, but she figured he was very smart and would capably play along, just like yesterday. She thought, Well then, this is the big moment! I hope this plan works!

She said, "Hillary, please excuse me. Although it's a pleasure to meet you, there's something I'm dying to do first." Then she wrapped her arms around Nick and kissed him hard, right on the lips.

Nick was so blown away that he didn't know up from down. He hadn't been expecting that at all! But his body reacted without being told what to do, and he managed to wrap his arms around her in return.

Maggie was more curious about Hillary's reaction to the kiss than the kiss itself, at least at first. So she wasn't thinking clearly and was vacillating between looking at Hillary and forcing herself not to. As a result, she didn't realize that her lips had opened and Nick's tongue had gone inside her mouth until it was too late to stop him.

Then, mere seconds later, her tongue somehow found its way inside his mouth as well! She had been so used to kissing her husband like this for years, back when they'd had a real marriage, that it was difficult to provide just a "fake" close-mouthed kiss.

Nick was in such a daze that he didn't really catch what was happening, but the kissing felt so great that he wanted more. He hugged his mother tighter and probed his tongue deeper into her mouth. He'd never kissed like that before, but even so he found it a very natural thing to do. He didn't think much about what he was doing; his lips and tongue just seemed to know what to do on their own.

Then it fully dawned on him: Holy shit! I'm actually French kissing my mother! My MA! My tongue is in her mouth, and hers is in mine! His whole body jerked in surprise. He fully expected his mom to come to the same realization and pull away.

But she didn't. She was overwhelmed by the experience. What threw her off was that when she fully realized what was happening, she felt alarm and even disgust, but more than that she felt a tremendous surge of lust. In fact, she'd never been so aroused by a kiss in her entire life! It wasn't what Nick was doing physically. In fact, this was his very first open-mouthed kiss, and his inexperience showed. But that didn't matter much, because the realization that she was kissing her own son in an overtly sexual way, and how taboo that was, aroused her simply beyond belief. The fact they were kissing right in front of Hillary doubled her excitement and arousal.

She'd been feeling somewhat aroused in anticipation of kissing Nick, although she hadn't consciously realized it. Just dressing and acting generally sexily for the first time in ages contributed to that feeling, so within seconds she was so turned on that she was practically ready to rip his clothes off and fuck him on the spot! Far from pulling her chest away, as she had done during their previous kissing practice, she actually pressed her hard nipples deeper into his chest.

Since Nick was feeling the same way, the kiss quickly rose to dizzying heights of passion. Although he had no idea what he was doing with his kissing technique, he was rapidly learning in a trial-by-fire manner. His hands had been rather awkwardly holding her sides just above her hips, but then they drifted up to her chest. Without even consciously thinking about it, his hands wound up cupping the undersides of her huge breasts.

He was so out of it that he didn't actively realize what his hands were doing. His attention was so much on the kiss and the new, weird feeling of tongue-on-tongue that he had only a vague sense that his hands were cradling something delightfully soft and squeezable. In fact, he'd lusted after and fantasized about her breasts for so long that his hands didn't need to be told what to do.

Hillary had been expecting to witness some kind of casual "Honey, I'm home from work" kiss. She was floored by the passion on display, and she found herself getting extremely aroused along with her new friends. She'd never had any serious sexual interest in Nick, not even in the previous day or two. She was starting to think of him as a good friend, whereas she was more likely to date a handsome hunk like Spencer. But what she was witnessing caused her feelings about him to change rapidly, practically by the second.

Furthermore, the fact that she was bisexual came into play in a major way. Her sexual desire for Maggie had been strong since the day before when she'd first laid eyes on her, but now, watching that extremely lustful kiss, her desire for Maggie doubled and then doubled again.

Maggie found herself thinking, This can't be happening! It can't! I'm making out with my very own son. This is a real, sexual kiss! Even worse, I'm letting him play with my breasts! So wrong! So wrong! But it feels SO GOOD! I need to stop this! NOW!

But she didn't stop it; it seemed that her body had a mind of its own. She even shouted in her mind, STOP! Right now! I said STOP! But that didn't result in any action either.

It's unclear how long the kiss would have gone on or where it might have progressed, except that Nick hadn't been prepared for the tongue duel, so in his inexperience he neglected to breathe through his nose. He tried to continue the kiss as long as he could, but after about a minute he had to pull away to catch his breath. In fact, after pulling away he was left gasping for air for a while, almost like a beached fish.

As he pulled back, he looked down at his hands and saw them still grasping his mother's huge breasts. Oh my God! I'm touching them! I'm actually HOLDING them! Shoot me now so I can die happy! WOW!

Maggie was floored, and also panting for breath so hard that she wasn't thinking of much else. But her son's eyes were like saucers, staring right at her rack. She followed his gaze and realized that his hands were still all over her.

So far, his hands had mostly just been cupping her massive globes from their sides, but then he slid them more to the front and tried some experimental squeezes.

Alarmed, Maggie raised her hands to his in order to remove them. Her hands wound up on top of his, but she didn't know how to make him stop without tipping off Hillary that she was displeased with his groping, which would ruin their whole scheme.

To her great dismay, she found herself more or less forced to keep his hands there. To her even greater dismay, she felt great surges of pleasure with each new squeeze of her hefty, spongy breasts.

She hadn't had any real sexual encounter with another human being in over two years, and her body was going haywire! Her libido didn't care if she was being kissed and fondled by her son, only that it was thrilling!

Hillary commented while the other two panted for air, "Wow! What a kiss! When you two kiss, you don't mess around, do you?!" She could feel her panties getting wet.

Maggie could also tell that her panties were getting wet, very wet, in fact. She stared at Nick with concern, thinking, Oh shit! I still can't believe I just did that! He's my son! This is seriously fucked up! He needs to take his hands off me, NOW!

Luckily for Nick, Hillary was looking at Nick instead of Maggie, so didn't pick up on the motherly worry. When the kiss ended, he continued wearing an idiotic, face-splitting smile. Although he was worried about his mom's reaction, that worry was overwhelmed by his sheer joy at what had just happened.

Maggie squeezed his hands, hoping he'd take that as a signal that to remove them from her massive mammaries. But instead, he interpreted it as a request to squeeze them some more, so that's what he did.

Maggie's breasts were not only very large, they were very sensitive. Not surprisingly, her nipples were the most sensitive part, but the undersides and even her cleavage responded strongly to almost any touch. Additionally, unlike most women, she loved it when her breasts were treated roughly, so it happened that Nick's inexperienced groping was just the kind of fondling she responded to the most. She wanted to scream out loud, in frustration, in shame, and most of all in pure lust.

Hillary slapped Nick's shoulder like a buddy's. Suddenly she was all smiles. "You dog! If I didn't know better, I'd think that was the first time you two had kissed. It was soooo passionate!"

Nick was very smart, so even though he was still deep in a sexual fog he quickly thought up something clever to continue their deception. "Yeah, well, we feel so strongly for each other that we kiss like it's the first time pretty much every time."

"No way!" Hillary said with genuine happiness for the other two. "And to think I thought you were so shy. Nick, that was hot! Let's see that again!"

Kissing her son again was the last thing that Maggie wanted to do, as she was still trying to figure out how their pretend kiss had unexpectedly become such a very real, passionate one. She couldn't even blame Nick, since she'd started it and had been an active participant all along.

She'd just recovered enough to look around and see that quite a few people were staring her way as they walked past. She was acutely aware that her son was holding up and rhythmically squeezing her breasts with both hands, in a very public place, and that her panties were becoming completely soaked. She feared that Hillary would notice her musky smell. She thought, I need to get out of here! I need to control myself! I'm burning up!

Another thing Maggie didn't realize was that kissing in front of strangers was really turning her on, and kissing in front of Hillary was turning her on even more. Maggie didn't consider herself bisexual, but she was aware that Hillary was bisexual, and Hillary was so beautiful that it was hard for anyone not to be affected by her presence. There was a wholesomeness and vital sexuality to Hillary that made Maggie shiver and tingle.

Maggie's and Nick's lips moved inexorably towards each other again, as if Hillary's words were a command that they both had to obey.

Nick could scarcely believe his eyes as he saw his mother's eyes close and her lips open in preparation for their next deep kiss. Her lips looked full, red, and delicious. They were even trembling a little, just like his were. She looked sensual and aroused, because in fact she was. The smell of her perfume further intoxicated him. Even though he was flying high and barely thinking, it definitely registered on him that her parted lips meant that she wasn't even going to try to fake this repeat kiss.

Once again, their arms seemed to be controlled by someone else as they fully embraced. Nick felt his fingers spreading up and out, grasping her boobs more aggressively than the previous time, even before their lips engaged.

At the same moment, Maggie reached around his back and pulled him in closer.

Then their lips touched and... WHAM!

It was as if they'd both been jolted with a powerful electric shock! It was immediately clear that their kiss would be something special indeed.

As their necking went on, Nick thought, Wow! This is NOTHING like the kiss from yesterday after school! It's even better than the one we just shared! If kissing is this good, I can't even begin to imagine how good full-on sex must feel! Besides, I'm also getting to fondle Ma's breasts as much as I want! Fucking EPIC!

Indeed, this was a passionate and heartfelt French kiss from the get-go. It was electrifying from the start, and that sensation never stopped. Both of them felt tingles of excitement shooting all throughout their bodies and especially powerful shivers running up and down their spines. The fact that Nick was still fondling her breasts was merely a sideshow for now, because the nuclear kiss completely consumed the both of them.

In fact, Maggie was positively disturbed by how fantastic the kiss felt. She realized that it was much better than any kiss she'd ever shared with her husband or anyone else. She knew that was partly explained by its sheer naughtiness - the forbidden factor - but she also knew that didn't completely explain it. She'd heard people talk about some people sharing a special body chemistry, as if their bodies were especially designed for each other, but she'd never given that much thought. Suddenly, she understood.

I can't be doing this! He's my son! My SON! I have to pull away. Pull away now! ... NOW! ... I said, NOW!

Nothing happened, to her great frustration. The next time I say now, I have to pull away for sure. NOW!

She still was incapable of pulling away. This is insanity! It has to stop! Nick, Sport, for God's sake, at least take your hands off my breasts! I beg you! We're in a public place, and everyone's watching! Hillary's close enough to touch you!

But of course Nick had no idea what she was thinking, and her body was giving him an entirely different message. The kiss went on and on, much longer than the first one. (Nick was quickly learning how to breathe while kissing.) Hillary was totally forgotten for him for now, since she was standing behind him and to the side.

Maggie knew that Nick didn't really know how to kiss. Strangely enough, even in that situation a part of her was taking her parental responsibilities seriously, so without really thinking about it, she started non-verbally teaching him how to kiss.

She thought, SHIT! This is so fucked up! But as long as we're kissing, we might as well make it a long scorcher, to really knock Hillary off her feet. (Of course they didn't have to kiss like this for Hillary, but she was grasping for any sort of excuse to justify her behavior.) And while we're at it, I might as well teach him how to kiss as much as I can. This crazy scheme of his seems to be working, so he's going to need to know how to seriously smooch before long!

They quickly fell into a pattern where Maggie would demonstrate a move on him and then he would reciprocate.

Thus, Maggie generally took the lead in their kissing. She showed him how to vary the intensity of their lip-locks. She gave him long, soulful French kisses, only to surprise him by keeping her lips open and pressing them hard against his. Then she returned to more soulful necking. She kept changing her style and showing him new techniques so he had no way of guessing what would come next.

Maggie loved the forbidden aspects of her kissing so much that she simply couldn't stop. Not only was she unable to control her lips and tongue, but she also couldn't control her hands. They roamed all over Nick's back, as if she were trying to touch him everywhere at once. Soon they settled on his ass cheeks, and she wound up clutching him tightly there, pulling him even tighter into her embrace.

Nick's fingers seemed to have a mind of their own as well. They sank deep into her tit-flesh, like he was gripping soft sponges. But his fingers also gradually drifted to her nipples, which were poking out like hard erasers despite her heavy bra and top. Again without thinking about it, he trapped each nipple between thumb and forefinger and began experimentally but gingerly squeezing and twisting.

NOOOOOO! Maggie screamed in her mind. Not the nipples! That's my weak spot! But by then her hands were on his buttocks, and they seemed somehow magnetically stuck there, so she was in no position to push his hands away. She couldn't complain either, because her mouth was still completely engaged with their electric kiss. In fact, Nick's mostly-accidental nipple play was arousing her so much that her kiss intensified, kissing him back as if her life depended on it!

She moaned and whimpered out loud, while begging in her mind for him to let go of her nipples.

But he didn't let go or let up. In fact, hearing her sexy moans only encouraged his kissing and fondling. Things were spinning out of control, to the point that both of them were worrying about cumming spontaneously. The fact that they were doing it all in a very public place just made them that much hotter.

FUUUUUCCCK! she thought with increasing alarm, It's hot! Too hot! Gotta... Gotta stop! Gonna cum! Everyone watching! Hillary... watching! Hands... on my breasts! My son! It's wrong!

Nick couldn't believe how much fun he was having. He'd had his fantasies, but he'd never seriously thought his fake girlfriend scheme would ever lead to this much sexual intimacy with Maggie, as opposed to Hillary. It was all so unexpected that he had no chance to over-think things or get nervous or shy. He simply let his lust run wild.

As the kiss went on and on, although he was as excited as he'd ever been in his life, he still didn't feel scared. Instead he felt a great comfort, because he knew how much his mother loved him. Everything physical happening between them felt right and natural, like they'd been doing it for years. He wasn't really thinking, instead simply letting his body run on auto-pilot. The less he consciously thought, the hotter all the kissing, nipple teasing, and all-around writhing and fondling together seemed to get, because his inhibitions were no longer holding him back. His body naturally drew upon age-old urges and instincts.

He felt one of her legs curl around one of his, like she was desperately trying to draw him even closer into her. That would have totally blown his mind, except that it had already been blown several times over.

Maggie felt as if she had truly lost her mind. Her body was completely out of control and there was nothing she could do about it because it was all just too hot and thrilling. In recent days, she'd had a few passing daydreams about sharing a real French kiss or two with her son, but even her wildest imaginings had been nothing as hot as this!

Suddenly, without warning, she seized up, realizing that she was climaxing simply from the kissing and the nipple play.

NOOOOOOOOO! she screamed in her mind. I can't cum! Not with my son! But her body didn't care who she was with, and a great orgasmic wave washed through her, drowning her in pure pleasure. She cried out, but it only came out as a muffled moan since she was still in a firm lip-lock with him.

She sagged backwards as her climax subsided, taking him back with her. Luckily, since her Prius was right behind her, she ended up resting her backside against it.

Nick was struggling with a growing desire to cum as well. The only thing that stopped him was that his stiff erection wasn't really touching anything, except for the way it was straining against his shorts. Had he rubbed it against his mother, he certainly would have made a big, embarrassing mess.

Their tongues continued to battle feverishly. More and more, Maggie was letting her son take the lead with the kissing. But her climax had drained much of her sexual urgency, so somehow she finally managed to break their kiss. Remembering where she was and who she was with, she looked around for Hillary.

Hillary was still right beside them, in fact standing even closer than before. In part, she had done that to block the view of most of the kissing and groping from the nearby sidewalk where other students were walking past. But mostly she was simply extremely interested and aroused, and wanted a very close look.

The way Hillary was shielding them relieved Maggie somewhat. She was panting hard, gasping for oxygen. She was reeling, trying to figure out how long that kiss lasted. That must have been five minutes, if not longer! There's no way! Please tell me I'm way off!

Then she blushed deeply when Hillary joked, "You two need to get a room! Seriously. That was soooo hot!"

Chastened, Maggie managed to bring her hands up to Nick's and pull his away from her breasts.

Then somehow her hands seemed to keep guiding his, until he wound up gripping her ass instead. She even found herself pushing away from the car so his hands wouldn't be impeded from fully enjoying his exploration of her behind. Then, again without her really understanding what was happening, her hands wound up back on his ass too, pulling their bodies closer together.

Nick couldn't have been more delighted! Margaret had a remarkable body all over. Her round ass was firm yet yielding. Nick loved the privilege of merely touching it. But the fact that she had guided his hands there told him she wanted him to fondle her, so he gladly did!

Up to that point his crotch hadn't really come into contact with hers, since her tremendous rack served as a pillowy shelf between them. But pulling each other together as they were, she couldn't help but feel his hard-on through his shorts. OH NO! Bad, bad, bad! Things are completely out of control! This has to stop now, for real!

But it was like her body was made of jelly after her orgasm, and she didn't seriously try to disengage. In fact, she couldn't even stop her hands from sensuously squeezing his ass cheeks through his shorts. Her face turned even redder, because it all seemed so very wrong, and what was worse, they were doing it all in public, with lots of people around. She also couldn't stop herself from moaning erotically; the fact that she seemed to be totally helpless in his hands was like a feedback loop making her moan even more.

She thought with chagrin, Well, Nick wanted to convince everyone that he has a "hot girlfriend." Boy, did he do that today! Tongues are going to wag after this! She glanced at Hillary, and saw clear lust and desire in her eyes. She didn't realize Hillary was even more aroused by her than her son. Oh, boy! This wild scheme of his could honestly work, and fast! She looks seriously hot to trot!

Nick couldn't believe his luck that Maggie wasn't wearing heavy jeans or thick slacks. Her light, thin miniskirt covered only a thong-style pair of panties, leaving very little between his fingers and her smooth, bare ass cheeks.

He chose to believe that she was giving him a green light to do almost anything he wanted with her. Even her blushing face looked to him like another sign of her arousal, rather than one of humiliation. Completely carried away by his own lust, he kissed her mouth again.

He was further emboldened, because she kissed him right back, and with plenty of fire and desire! They began a serious tongue duel. Both of them knew Hillary and others had to be staring, but it was like they couldn't stop, even if they wanted to. And they didn't want to stop! She was just as eager as he was, despite all the worries swirling around in her head.

At the same time, he found himself boldly and brazenly kneading her luscious bottom through the thin fabric of her miniskirt. Even though she had a firm, muscular ass, he found he was able to sink his fingers in deeply, though not as much as he'd done with her soft, pliable boobs.

At first, he was alarmed by the way his boner pressed against her lower abdomen. He worried that she'd recoil and break off their contact altogether, or that he would cum in his shorts. But when precious moments passed and neither of those things happened, he gave up all restraint and started actively grinding his erection into her. He discovered that by grasping her ass cheeks, he could guide her hip movements to some degree, which helped him grind his hard-on into her even more. Although he was running a significant risk that he would shoot his load, he was feeling wild and reckless.

This make-out session had gone far beyond his wildest dreams of what could happen while kissing his mother, and yet the fun was still going! It seemed that they had a magical chemistry that forced their bodies to do naughty things with each other.

Hillary hadn't gotten any response to her "get a room" comment, so the next time they broke their lip-lock to come up for air, she asked them, "So, how long have you two been going out?"

Maggie forced herself to reply, as she gasped for air between kisses. "Oh, about two months, seriously. But we started casually dating at the start of summer vacation. So more like three." She felt how absurd it was trying to act like everything was normal, when she could feel her son's big erection rubbing against her lower tummy. It was driving her totally insane, making her dizzy, giddy, even delirious.

Then, somehow, their lips met and they were off to the races again! Their kisses were absolutely scorching. Their bodies seemed to be on fire.

She thought, Damn! If I didn't have enough problems already, it turns out he's really well hung! I pretty much knew that already, but it's different to directly FEEL it! Someone tell me this is a joke! I'm loving my son's BIG COCK! If only we could merely go back to the disaster of making out with him. How is this happening to me?! It's like two years of pent up lust are coming out all at once, like a raging river, and I can't control it at all! And I can't even tell him to stop, not with Hillary right there, or it will all be for nothing!

Nick felt certain that he was going to cum if the sexual grinding kept on much longer. He was increasingly convinced that he needed to stop before he made an embarrassing mess in his shorts, yet he was unable to stop the arousing gyrations. It was really like his body was operating on its own. His hands were kneading her ass cheeks enthusiastically, and his erection was rhythmically pushing into her with such vigor that it practically looked like he was dry-humping her. Even his chest was loving the way her hard nipples and soft boobs were pressing against him.

He knew that it all had to look obscene to Hillary and to anyone else who was watching. He struggled to hold back from blowing his load, but everything was so arousing that he knew he wouldn't make it.

Maggie felt her willpower dissipating. She'd given up on her feeble effort to end the latest kiss, instead thinking, Somebody help me! It's like I'm getting sucked down a black hole, or into a pit of quicksand! I have to stop, but I'm too horny! That's my son's penis! His god-damned PENIS! PENIS! PENIS! Warning! Danger! His dick! His cock! I can't touch that; I'm his mother! My SON is rubbing his PENIS against me! This is so wrong! Wrong! I can't!

She broke the kissing yet again, but only because she had to pause to take a big breath. That at least was a limited respite from the erotic overload, so she tried harder to get her body to obey her commands. That's my FUCKING SON'S PENIS! STOOOOP! Can I make that any fucking clearer?! Stop! Stop! STOP yourself, Margaret!

She managed not to resume making out with her son, at least for the moment, but her hands still lovingly fondled his ass, helping to keep his boner slowly grinding against her.

Hillary was still gamely trying to hold a conversation, if only to justify her continued presence there. With Maggie's mouth suddenly free, Hillary asked, "So, Maggie, how did you two meet?"

But Maggie was so far gone that she barely heard the words. Instead of listening to her own advice and pulling away to answer the question, she was helpless when Nick's mouth connected with hers again. Worse, she actually found herself grinding and gyrating her hips even more, as if she was trying to induce her son to cum from all the friction. In fact, that was exactly what she was trying to do!

Yet, at the same time, she thought, I have to STOP! Hips, stop moving! That's an order! Oh Gaawwwd! His hands all over my ass, his tongue down my throat, and that positively HUGE cock pushing into me - it's too much! Help me, somebody! Too hot! I can't breathe! Hillary, stop us! In another minute, he'll be fucking me and I'll be having his baby! Well, practically! Sheesh! At least he's gonna cum on me, and that's really bad! We'll never be able to undo that!

Hillary felt embarrassed just standing there while the other two were making out in such a blatant manner. She loved watching all the lusty looks, groping, and grinding from up close, but she was starting to feel unwanted and awkward. She looked away and said, "Um, maybe you two should be by yourselves."

"NO!" Maggie shouted far too loudly, after breaking their kissing yet again. Hillary! Please! You can save me! Pry him off me, 'cos I can't stop myself!

Then Maggie tried again, forcing herself to sound less panicky. "Um, what I mean is, we're just a couple of crazy lovebirds. Don't mind us. I'd love to keep talking to you, and I'm sure Nick would too. Right, Nick?"

"Uh, yeah." He managed to tear his eyes away from his mother's sultry face, not to mention her enormous rack, but he was in such a lusty overdrive that he just blatantly ogled Hillary's possibly even larger rack instead.

With big tits in mind, he reached up and resumed fondling his mother's. He went straight to her nipples and made sure to pull on them.

Far from minding, her eyes rolled up into her head and she moaned as if she were cumming again - which she was.

She thought, NO! Oh no, no, no, no, no, no! Too much! This can't be happening! AAAAAIIIEEEE!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Jamielynn, Ecchi Spud, GWB, BDGV, and markgr.