Chapter 3: The Ice Cream Shop (Tuesday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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Trying not to notice the way the other two were still grinding and fondling, Hillary said, "Great! I've got an idea then. Why don't we all go get an ice cream? I just love ice cream. That is, if you aren't headed straight to that hotel room."

She giggled at that, but she was partially serious with the expectation the two others would want to be alone to get it on.

However, Maggie said, "That would be great. Let's do it. Now!" She nodded to her red Prius. "Hop in!" She was eager for any excuse to stop the groping and kissing, so she leapt on this one like she was drowning and it was her life preserver.

Hillary was surprised. "Really? Like... now? Okay." She had her own bicycle locked up nearby, but she figured she could be dropped back off to get it later.

Maggie and Nick kissed again, another open-mouthed scorcher. But it was brief, and then they finally pulled away from each other.

Maggie opened the car door, which was right next to her, and practically collapsed into her seat. She was flabbergasted at how she seemed entirely incapable of controlling herself, even now that the kissing had stopped. She longed to reach for her son, hoping they could make out some more.

But then she came to her senses somewhat. She stared off into space, feeling glum. Whoa! What the HELL just happened?! I've just been making out with MY SON like we're two overexcited teenagers. My son! My son! This can't happen, ever! I need to talk to him in private, fast, and make clear we can't kiss like that ever again!

Not to mention all the sexy grinding and fondling. UGH! He has such a BIG DICK! I can't even think about that though. Or the way he played with my nipples. Shit! I can't think about any of that!

Ever since discovering her husband's cheating two years earlier, Maggie had basically been living a sexless life. Thanks to Andy's inability to get an erection, she went out of her way to avoid creating any sexual stimulus, since she didn't want to be cruel. Sometimes she couldn't take her own frustration, so she'd bring herself off with a dildo, but mostly she'd followed Andy's lead and simply turned her libido off.

Suddenly, it seemed like she'd just received Sleeping Beauty's kiss, only she found herself waking from years of sexual slumber instead of actual slumber. The primitive parts of her brain remembered how good sex could feel, and after years of frustration it simply couldn't get her to move fast enough. So even though her more rational mind told her to stop, the more basic part flat-out refused.

She'd told herself that it was like two years of pent up lust coming out all at once. That, pretty much, was exactly what was happening. She'd always had a strong libido, so there was a great amount of repressed lust that suddenly needed to find release. On top of that, she and her son shared some kind of almost magical body chemistry that seemingly made their every touch and kiss electric. And on top of that, the thrill of the incest taboo was very powerful. With all those things added together, it was understandable that she'd found herself incapable of stopping their kissing.

Maggie did her best to look and act normal, knowing that she was expected to drive. But she couldn't stop thinking about her wildly pounding heart, her erect nipples, and her throbbing pussy. My panties are soaked! I'll bet I smell like a whorehouse. Hillary must know. Good thing I wore a lot of perfume; maybe that'll mask it somewhat.

What the hell did I just do?! Damn! That was not the plan. AT ALL! With my SON! Ugh! I must look like a mess too. Shit! On the plus side, at least she has to be convinced that I'm really his girlfriend. Shit! There's no doubt about how THAT looks!

Maggie actually looked far worse than she realized. She looked pretty much exactly like she'd just been thoroughly fucked. Her hair was wildly out of place, her skimpy top was slightly askew, and she still had an orgasmic look on her face from the climaxes Nick's nipple play had given her. But she put her sunglasses back on and managed to calm herself. She felt a lot better hiding behind her dark glasses.

Hillary was still standing next to the car with Nick. She'd been growing more and more aroused too. She looked around and was surprised that more people weren't openly gawking at the kiss-and-fondle session she'd just witnessed. Some people certainly were staring, but they generally kept on walking past, busy with their own lives. It hadn't been obvious just how intense the kissing was unless it was seen up close, so only Hillary had gotten the full impact.

Before that kiss had started, Hillary had thought of Nick as a potential close school friend. But now she considered him practically like a reincarnation of Don Juan! She had no idea that she'd witnessed something that was the culmination of years of frustration - Nick's intense obsession and lust towards Maggie, plus Maggie's sexual drought. She just assumed that the two of them kissed that passionately every single time. She'd never seen anything like it before, and she'd certainly never been kissed like that. Suddenly she really, really wanted to experience such a kiss firsthand.

That kiss had caused Nick to zoom to the top of her list of desired boyfriends. So Nick's scheme was actually working far better than he could have dared hope.

What neither Nick nor Maggie knew what that Hillary actually had a girlfriend named Anushka she'd been dating for the last two months, and it was her most serious romantic relationship yet, by far. Knowing that Hillary was bisexual, Anushka had agreed to allow for Hillary to date other boys, but not other girls. Anushka was going to the local private high school, the Academy, instead of the public one. Hillary wanted to keep her lesbian relationship, and her bisexuality in general, a secret until people at her high school got to know her for herself first. Nick was just about the only other student in the whole high school who knew she was bisexual, since they both had transferred from out of the area due to them both being part of the special Advanced Studies program.

Because Hillary was bisexual, Maggie also zoomed to the top of her list of desired girls, although she felt she couldn't act on that due to her commitment to Anushka.

Nick was in a daze, but he recovered enough to say to Hillary, "Here, let me help you into the car." He walked her around to the passenger side, opened the door, and had her sit up front next to Maggie. That was partly to be polite, but mostly it was because he wanted a chance to sit in the back and recover.

He worried that he had a big wet spot in the front of his shorts, and as soon as he settled into the back seat he saw that he did. He didn't know what to do about it though, except to pull his T-shirt down as far as it could go. It was an extremely close thing that he hadn't cum in his shorts, and even now his erection was still rock hard, with no sign of going down.

As Maggie started the Prius with shaky hands, she felt the need to explain things a bit better. "Sorry, Hillary. That was a bit, uh, awkward for you, I'll bet. It's just that I haven't seen my... Nick all day, and..." Her heart pounded harder with fear. She'd almost said "my son." She reminded herself to be more vigilant about that.

Hillary waved a hand dismissively through the air as Maggie began to drive. "Don't worry about it. I've been in my share of torrid relationships. It's cool. Actually, I like it. It makes me feel all... invigorated and inspired." She really meant "horny," but she felt she couldn't say that. "Boy, that was some kiss!" She giggled.

At first Maggie didn't know what to say, but she finally managed to joke rather lamely, "You're not kidding. Is my boy a good kisser or what?!" With that second sentence, she was hoping to praise her son's kissing skills for Hillary's sake, since that was the ostensible purpose to all of this, but she was so flustered that she didn't realize she was saying "my boy."

Nick, despite the fact that he was still over the moon with lust, kept enough wits about him to cover that faux pas by commenting to Hillary, "She calls me 'her boy' sometimes, just because I'm three years younger than she is. She likes to tease me about that."

Maggie quickly realized her mistake and played along. "Hey, you call me 'old lady' and even less flattering things, so I'm just fighting back!"

Hillary was a bit startled about the "my boy" comment at first, but their kidding attitude put her completely at ease over it. Luckily, Maggie and Nick had different enough features that they didn't appear to be related, especially since Maggie had dyed her hair blonde and genuinely looked like a natural blonde, despite her nice tan. By contrast, Nick's hair was a very dark brown.

At first, the three of them made a little small talk while Maggie drove. But soon Maggie pretended she really liked a song on the radio and turned the volume up loud so she wouldn't have to hold a discussion. She needed some time to recover, both mentally and physically.

She thought, Dammit, this is some kind of cosmic joke on me, right? Not only is Nick a much better kisser than Andy, but his penis is, like, twice as large! Andy's always been on the small side, but that never bothered me. I'm not some kind of "size queen." But since Nick has Andy's genes, how did he end up hung like a horse? It's not that his penis is so long; I'll bet it's maybe seven inches long at most. But it's THICK! Really, really thick! Feeling something that big and thick grinding against my body really drove me crazy!

And kissing him is so... addictive. I literally was unable to stop myself. That's never, ever happened to me before. It's like someone else was controlling my hands and my lips. Dangerous! That's very, very scary. I can't EVER put myself in that position again. Not with him! I'm starved for intimacy and my body craves sexual release. What a cruel fate it is that Nick is the first person to come along who happens to kiss me, well, that way. My own SON! And with Hillary standing there and watching so closely, and looking so gorgeous and all, how on Earth was I supposed to resist without screwing everything up?! I'm only human!

God, I really need to get laid. It's been too long! But please, obviously by someone OTHER than my own son! Sheesh! I need to rethink my plan to stay celibate until the divorce; I need to get myself a good boyfriend fast. As soon as we're free from Hillary today, I'm going to have to tell Nick that this faux girlfriend plan has to come to end immediately. I can't afford to put myself in a situation like that with him again!

(Maggie preferred the term "faux girlfriend" to Nick's "fake girlfriend"; to her it seemed less repugnant and demeaning, particularly when applied to herself.)

Alone in the back seat, Nick was able to think and recover somewhat as well. Holy crap! I thought I knew about kissing, but I didn't know jack. No movie or porn I've ever seen or read had prepared me for how truly AWESOME it is! I always thought kissing was just some perfunctory foreplay before getting to the "good stuff," like fucking and blowjobs. But damn! Kissing IS the good stuff! Now I know why sometimes couples are content to do nothing but kiss for hours and hours. That ROCKS! And that's not even counting the fact that I've been making out with my frickin' MOTHER! Jesus Christ! My hard-on refuses to go down, probably 'cos I can't stop thinking about her.

AND I got to play with her boobs and her ass practically the whole time! How cool is that?! Even if this scheme of mine ends today, it'll have been soooo worth it. But I don't want it to end, ever!

Man! I thought this Seinfeld scheme might work to interest Hillary, if I was lucky. But not only is it clearly getting her interested in me, big time, but it's already gone way, way beyond my very best case scenario with Ma! Friggin' MA! I might be able to get sexy with BOTH of them! I'm sure Ma is totally freaking out right now, and wondering what the hell just happened. I am too. But if I stay aggressive, maybe I can lock in this kissing and fondling as a normal part of our whole pretend relationship!

Wow! That would be too amazing to be believed! I'm totally going to go for it. I feel so encouraged and excited that I can't sit still!

He looked down at his crotch and saw that the obvious wet spot was still there. Uh-oh! What am I going to do about that? It's not drying up. Shit, just thinking about that is making me too horny. I need to chill out so my dick will stop leaking.

He closed his eyes and tuned out for a while.

To his relief, his erection did subside a few minutes later. He felt like he was on a non-stop roller-coaster ride, and he needed a breather, especially since he had a feeling the ride was likely to resume when the car came to a stop. He wasn't too worried about his wet spot, since he figured he could just pull his T-shirt down over it. His underwear was even wetter, but the others didn't have to know that.

They arrived at a Ben and Jerry's ice-cream store. As Maggie got out of her car, she looked down and saw that the big pre-cum stain her son had left on her miniskirt had more or less dried off. She was very grateful for that, but even so the sight nearly made her dizzy with both lust and dismay. What the HELL am I doing with a sex stain on my skirt from my own SON?! This has to stop! As soon as Hillary leaves, I HAVE to tell Nick that this crazy ruse is over, forever! We've made a very convincing case that he had his "hot girlfriend," so he can get by without me from now on.

Once inside the store, Hillary briefly got a bit separated from the other two, allowing Maggie to grab her son's arm and quietly whisper in his ear, "Where did you learn to kiss like THAT?!" But then she couldn't say any more because Hillary was again too close.

She'd been meaning to admonish him, and especially warn him not to get frisky with her some more, but it ended up coming out like a compliment instead.

Nick's heart soared even more to be given confirmation that he was a good kisser. In fact, he was so happy that he pulled her close. Just like that, they were kissing on the lips again.

Maggie found that she again had no resistance. She eagerly opened her mouth so their tongues could come out and play, while her hands went straight to his ass, just as his hands had gone straight for hers. Her huge tits pressed against his chest, with her erect nipples poking into him, like the car ride had never happened.

They were in a crowded restaurant, but they acted like there was no one else present. They weren't even aware that Hillary was trying to talk to them.

Finally, Hillary tapped Maggie on the shoulder. She laughed as she said, "Come on, you two."

Maggie looked like a deer in headlights. She pulled away from Nick as if he were scorching hot. How did that happen?! Again! What's happening to me?! This is BAD! I seem to have strange urges and pent-up lusts that I barely understand. This faux girlfriend thing has to stop, RIGHT NOW!

She quickly excused herself and went to the ladies room. Once safely inside a stall, she pulled up her miniskirt and pulled down her panties to inspect the "damage." Christ. Just look at me. I'm like some kind of shameless nympho. My panties are absolutely soaked! Why did I have to wear this slutty thong in the first place? I was so keen on not having visible panty lines, and now it's coming back to haunt me.

Using some toilet paper, she managed to dry the rivulets of fluids that were rolling down her thighs. But there was no way she could dry off her wet panties with just some toilet paper.

As she tried to dab them dry, she thought, I must smell like a gangbanged whore, and I'm starting to feel like one. I must be the worst mother in history! Good thing I was able to keep the windows down on the ride here, so hopefully Hillary didn't notice. But this is just ridiculous - it's like I peed in my panties, except it's all cum. MY cum! And why did I have to wear such a short miniskirt? It's as bad as the thong. Between those incredibly passionate kisses and my sexy, skimpy outfit, she definitely has to think I'm some kind of slut.

She soon came to the conclusion that it would be better to take her panties off and discard them. At least that way she could get completely dry down there. That meant she would have to "go commando," but she didn't see any choice.

Luckily for Maggie, the toilet stall had a small trash can for sanitary napkin disposal. Although she felt guilty about doing so, she put her thong in that trash can.

Once she was rid of her panties, she tried to dry up the area around her pussy lips, but she was still riding such an erotic high that it took all her willpower not to turn that into a masturbation session. Shit! This is so fucked up. Even now, if I so much as touch my clit, I'm gonna go off like a firecracker. Andy must NEVER know about this! True, he cheated on me, many times over, but incest is a thousand times worse! How could I ever explain that the best orgasm I've had in years occurred while I was kissing and fondling our own son?!

Shit. Shit, shit, shit! What an utter disaster! Even now, lust is flowing through me like the rush of a hit of crack flowing through a crack head. I'm sooooo horny! I need to calm down.

She pulled her miniskirt up and sat on top of the closed toilet seat. Just thinking about that last kiss is getting me all horny again. I'm really fucked up. If it only weren't for my husband's fucking cheating and accident! If only I had a normal sex life... It's not my son that's getting me horny; that's downright disgusting! It's just that I haven't gotten laid in years!

Actually, it was both. She was truly disgusted and morally appalled at any incestuous act, but her needy body didn't care. In fact, and although she wouldn't admit it, in some ways the forbidden-fruit aspect was a big turn-on, and she had a special sexual connection with her son that was almost magical in its power and intensity.

She let out a big sigh of relief. What the hell. Why should I hurry back out there? I can just sit here and calm down for as long as it takes, until this brief spell of insanity has passed.

She sighed again and counted to ten to help her relax. But then, as she mentally checked over her body, she felt very uncomfortable under her armpits where her push-up plunge bra was pinching the sides of her breasts, making it annoying to wear. It was a special bra that she rarely wore, because her skimpy top showed so much that her usual bras wouldn't do. Because her breasts were so big, the bra had an extra-wide back band, with extra hooks in the back. Plus, she'd chosen an extra thick one, due to her embarrassing erect nipple incident during yesterday's fake kiss.

She decided that, to really relax, she needed to unhook it for a few minutes, so she unbuttoned her blouse and reached behind herself to unhook the bra. In doing so, she broke one of the hooks, a not uncommon occurrence for that type of bra (which is one reason that she seldom wore that style). She thought Oh shit! That's all I need right now.

Since the fasteners were broken, she took the bra off, then tried to decide what to do with it. She didn't have her purse - just a slim wallet in a hidden inner pocket in her miniskirt - so she reached behind her, alongside the toilet, and put the bra on top of the closed sanitary-napkin-disposal trash can.

She closed her eyes and slumped back on the toilet seat, getting really relaxed. Crap. That was scary. Kissing my son like THAT! That's never going to happen again, that's for sure. Hopefully, today I can accomplish all Nick wants with this faux girlfriend scheme, because this is the last time for this charade. Period! End of story! I just can't trust myself. Hell, I don't even want to think about it; he's probably already damaged psychologically just from what we've already done.

She realized again with a start, Christ! He's my SON! I changed his diapers and breastfed him. I have to keep reminding myself of that fact. Okay, this stops now. For sure! That firm resolution helped ease her worries.

As she drifted deeper into relaxation, she thought, You know, I've never really thought about Nick as being handsome before. I mean, I knew he was attractive in an objective way, but he's always been shy, quiet, and not very good with girls. He's kind of a loner, actually. So, as a mother, it just kind of snuck up on me. It's almost as if one day I'm cleaning his diapers and the next he's grinding his big rock-hard cock into my thinly-covered pussy while fondling my breasts and kissing me like Don Juan!

Shit! Did I just think that? That's so freakin'... WEIRD! "Big rock-hard cock?" I sound like some bad porno actress. Still, if he wasn't my son, it would be incredibly hot. He IS well-hung! And he just has a way... Some kind of natural sexual chemistry. And talent. Like he's been doing this for years. For instance, the way he twisted my nipples... Oh my God! That was INSANE!

Without thinking, she brought her hands up to her chest and touched her nipples, just as they erected again from her thoughts. They had only just gone down.

You know what would be good? I should masturbate now. The problem is that I'm too vulnerable because I'm so sexually frustrated. After a nice cum, or maybe two, I'll be able to think with a clearer head. I just need to get off, but without thinking about my son and his magic touch.

As she started to twist a nipple with one hand, her other hand dropped to her crotch. She pulled her miniskirt up, which wasn't difficult since it was so short to begin with. She tried to think of someone else for her masturbation fantasy, so her thoughts went to her husband. But that was such an unappealing idea that it actually cooled her ardor. She'd been very attracted to Andy earlier in their marriage, before his cheating was revealed and then later after his accident, but now he seemed more like a symbol of sexual frustration for her.

Her thoughts drifted right back to Nick and his "magic touch." But she immediately forced her train of thought away from him and towards a hunky movie star she particularly liked. That was safe, allowing her to relax.

Just as she started getting into fingering her pussy lips and clit, the door to the bathroom opened and she heard Hillary's voice. "Maggie? Are you in there? Are you okay?"

Maggie froze. She quickly removed her hands from her privates, even though Hillary obviously couldn't see what she was doing inside the stall. "Yeah, I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

"It's just that you've been in here for a long time, like, over five minutes. Nick and I were starting to get worried."

"Don't worry. I'm fine." Maggie stood up and flushed the toilet, thereby demonstrating a reason for her to be in there so long. Jesus Christ! Has it been that long? I'm so messed up! I've gotta get a grip!

She hurriedly buttoned her blouse, put her skirt back in place, and walked out of the stall. She smiled at Hillary with a faked grin. "See? No problem."

Hillary smiled back, and then walked into the same stall that Maggie had just vacated.

Maggie walked to a sink and looked at herself in the mirror. She was shocked by what she saw. FUUUUCCK! This day is going from bad to worse. I look like something the cat dragged in. That is, if a cat could drag in a shameless, slutty WHORE! And I don't have my purse, either, to properly clean myself up. Damn. Well, I can work wonders with just some water and paper towels.

She quickly prettied herself up. Just as she was finishing, Hillary came out of the stall and used the sink next to Maggie to wash her hands.

"You're looking a lot better," Hillary said.


"I must say, you're quite the wild one. Nick is very lucky to have you."

"I am? Why do you say that?"

"Oh, you know." Hillary looked over her shoulder at the toilet stall and winked knowingly.

Maggie didn't understand the over-the-shoulder look. Instead, she thought back to her hot kissing and groping session back at the school, and the kiss when they'd entered the restaurant. She blushed. "Oh. That. What can I say? I get so hot sometimes that I can't help myself."

"I'll say! You're an inspiration. You two have such a great sexual chemistry. Who'da thunk it with shy ol' Nick?"

"Yeah. I hear he used to be pretty shy. He sure isn't anymore."

Hillary wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "You can say that again! He's a relentless tiger! Is he really as good a kisser as he looks?"

Maggie's face lit up. "Is he? He's the BEST! God! When he kisses me..." Her voice trailed off, because she realized she was letting her lusty feelings run wild.

Hillary urgently asked, "What?!"

Maggie thought, Wait a second here. The whole point of this scheme is to get Hillary to desire him. Maybe at least some good can come out of this fiasco. I should hype him up to the max!

With that new resolve, she smiled knowingly. "Sorry. I'm spacing out a bit, reveling in how great he is. I think of him as the 'magic man' with the magic touch. He's SUCH a good kisser! Such a good... everything! When he puts his hands on me... Oooh! Goose bumps, every time! I know it seems a bit weird that a college girl like me would date someone as young as him, but if he ever kisses and fondles you, you'll understand."

"WOW!" Hillary was very impressed. Maggie's attempt to hype him up was going like gangbusters.

Unfortunately for Maggie, her words were further arousing her. Feeling uncomfortable with this conversation, she led the way out of the restroom.

She and Hillary walked together towards Nick.

Maggie didn't realize it, but she'd left her bra in the bathroom stall!

There were a couple of reasons for this. For one, even though she was in her early thirties and her breasts were very large, they still sat high and firm on her chest. As a result, they didn't move around that differently when she was wearing a bra compared to when she wasn't.

But more than that, she'd been feeling very discombobulated. She thought that she'd gotten her act together after taking a rest in the bathroom stall, but that was far from the case. She'd been in a lusty daze ever since she and Nick had French kissed back at his school, and although when she talked she sounded in control, that was an illusion. In a very real sense, she was going through some sort of profound shock, so she was struggling just to cope and regain her bearings. Given that she'd also been distracted in the bathroom by the arrival of Hillary, it was no great surprise that she'd forgotten the bra.

Nick had cleverly chosen to sit in the remotest booth, in the very back of the store. He was hoping for more opportunities to make out with his mother, especially in front of Hillary. He'd been so very emboldened by the French kissing that his shyness was long gone. His lust was in the driver's seat. He was chomping at the bit for more necking. He was truly having the best time of his life, hands down.

He'd waited for them. He hadn't ordered his ice cream yet.

Hillary slid into the bench opposite Nick, pretty much forcing Maggie to sit on the bench next to her son.

Maggie was alarmed at that, but she tried not to show it. She was actually afraid of touching him in any way, for fear she'd lose control all over again. But she reminded herself that she was cleaned up and again in control. To prove it, she decided she'd put on a show by continuing to play the role of the sexy teen girlfriend. She sat down next to Nick and winked saucily. "Miss me?"

"You have no idea how much!" He pulled her close. Just like that, they were necking again.

Oh no! Maggie cried out in her mind. Not again! She hadn't expected that response from her supposedly shy son. But once again her needy body betrayed her, and all she could do was kiss him back and love it.

Hillary laughed. "You two are too much! I don't know about you, but I'm starving for some ice cream. While you two are, er, getting reacquainted, do you mind if I get something?"

Being a tit man, Nick's hands went straight to his mother's perfect orbs. He was so horny and emboldened that he didn't even worry about the fact that he was visibly fondling her in a public place.

He noticed right away that something was different. There was a lot less fabric to try to feel through. Whoa! No way! Did she take her bra off?! I think she did! NO WAY! This proves she's totally hot for me!

He felt obliged to reply to Hillary's question, so he broke from the kiss. He glanced Hillary's way while continuing to fondle his mother's huge tits through her top. "No, not at all. In fact, could you get something for me too?"

"Sure. What would you like?"

"I like my foxy girlfriend!" He leaned in and kissed Maggie's lips again.

Maggie was discovering she had no willpower whatsoever when it came to his kisses. She eagerly kissed him right back.

Hillary laughed. "I can see that!"

He broke the kiss relatively quickly, because he didn't want to keep Hillary waiting and feeling awkward. He looked to her again and said, "Sorry about all the PDA."

Hillary knew that meant "public display of affection." She shrugged. "No problem. I think it's great, actually. Really inspirational!"

"Cool." As he squeezed the undersides of Maggie's tits through her top, he replied, "Um, about the ice cream, I know this sounds boring, but I really like vanilla. A scoop of French vanilla."

"Sounds good," Hillary replied. "Some people appreciate the classics." She smiled at him. She looked to Maggie. "And you?"

"Nothing for me, thanks. I'll just have some of Nick's."

"Okay. I'll be back in a jiff. Don't get TOO friendly while I'm gone, okay? I don't want the police to arrest you." Hillary laughed as she walked off to order the ice cream.

Maggie started to reply, "No, in fact, we're all done kissing, so don't worry." But in fact, she only got as far as "No, in fact-" before her son's lips were back on hers.

Again, all she could do was moan lustily and eagerly melt into his arms.

With Hillary temporarily gone, Nick felt even more emboldened than before. He'd been so shy all his life that he could hardly believe it when he saw his own hand slip under his mother's skimpy top so he could test to see if she was wearing a bra or not.

But when his hand got there, he confirmed his great hope: there was no bra there at all! He felt an erotic jolt all the way to his fingers and toes as the implications of that sank in.

Maggie was doubly shocked. For one, she was amazed that her innocent, reclusive son would make such a bold move. But she was even more floored to realize that her bra was gone.

Then it all came back to her, how she'd taken the bra off in the restroom stall and left it on the sanitary-napkin-disposal canister, and then how she'd been interrupted by Hillary and rushed out of the stall without thinking. NooooOOOooooo! FUCK! This is like the perfect storm of crazy lust! I thought I felt something different when I was walking back - my breasts were swinging too freely under this useless top of mine. But I guess I was just so horny that I was floating in a daze. And my panties! They're gone too! I've never felt so naked in public, because I practically AM naked! Shit, shit, shit!

With a gasp (even as her son kept kissing her), it further occurred to her, Hillary went right into that stall after I left! She must have seen the bra sitting on the trash can! Oh my God! She knows! She thinks I took it off on purpose! I'm so embarrassed that I could DIE! No wonder she made that comment about me being "quite the wild one" while nodding back towards the stall. She has to think I'm a total slut! This is crazy! I have to go back into the bathroom and put at least my broken bra back on while I still can!

That was her intention, but while she was thinking that, Nick was even further emboldened now that he knew his mother had removed her bra. He took that as a blatant indication that she was no longer just playing the role of a fake girlfriend, but that she was really enjoying the kissing and fondling and wanted him to take it even further. He was so thrilled that he could hardly stand it.

Within seconds, he had both hands under her top, with his fingers directly manipulating her erect nipples.

No fuckin' WAY! he exclaimed in his mind. Ma must be loving this! Oh my God, her tits - they're just the, the, the greatest tits in the whole world! So huge! So soft yet firm! Perfection! Yeee-haaaa! Woo-hoo! He was so ecstatic that he completely forgot all propriety, including that others might be watching them.

As before, as soon as Nick's fingers began twisting Maggie's nipples, what was left of her already tattered resistance simply vanished. She kissed back with even more passion and desire than previously, which was saying a great deal. It didn't seem possible to put any more effort and emotion into a kiss than what they were doing.

That, in turn, drove Nick even further in playing with her breasts and nipples. Neither of them gave any thought to the fact they were in a public place, because they were totally focused on each other, to the complete exclusion of everything else. It was mostly chance that he didn't pull up her skimpy top to completely expose her gorgeous rack.

He loved twisting her nipples like radio knobs, because whenever he did she responded with particularly sexy moans. But he also loved running his hands over the smooth, curved slopes of her massive tits. Her flesh was so firm, yet pliant and soft, that he wanted to play with her perfect globes forever.

Maggie thought I'm such a SLUT! But I don't care! I'll worry about that later. Right now, I need more! She actually went on the offensive and soon had Nick pinned up against a wall of the booth. Her hands ran all over him, as if she couldn't get enough, which was actually the case.

At one point, her hand brushed over the large bulge in his shorts. Then, rather than trying to avoid that area, her hand went right back to it and grasped it tightly. At one level, she knew that she shouldn't be doing that, but it was as if a feral animal inside her had taken over. She wanted and needed his cock!

He was already worked up to a fever pitch and was teetering right at the edge of orgasm. The main reason he hadn't climaxed earlier was that his erection hadn't been directly stimulated. So when she squeezed his thick and throbbing shaft, he couldn't hold off anymore and immediately discharged a load into his underwear. Oh shit! I'm... I'm... I'm cumMMMIIIIINNNNGGG!

Naturally, he'd climaxed many times before by his own hand, but this time was completely different. The feeling was too intense to be believed, even though it had just been one squeeze through his clothes. It was the fact that his mother was deliberately touching him there that doubled or tripled his already great pleasure. He wanted to scream out with pure joy, but their French kiss never slackened so he never had the opportunity.

Instead, he laughed with glee and naughtiness as he felt his cum squirting, and squirting, and squirting some more!

Maggie didn't understand why she'd squeezed him there. She could have justified it to herself as an accident, since she hadn't been deliberately thinking about or planning to do it. And that was true, on one level. But once she had his dick in her hand, even through his clothing, she didn't let go. As his climax seemingly went on forever, she kept holding and even rhythmically squeezing his shaft through his shorts.

Her mind shut down for a little while, because that was easier than thinking about what she was doing and trying to come up with some lame justification.

When it was over, she pulled her hand back, only to discover it soaked with his cum and pre-cum, which had leaked through his underwear and shorts.

She thought, OH NO! No, no, NO! What have I done?! Oh God! Talk about an out-of-control disaster. Things are going from bad to worse! I'll really go to hell now!

But the words were empty of powerful emotion, because she was still too horny. In fact, she wiped his seed on her bare thigh to clean her hand as best she could, and then went right back to fondling and necking with him.

At 17, Nick was in his sexual prime, so was hardly slowed by his sudden climax. In fact, his refractory interval was so short that his penis hadn't even finished going flaccid before it reversed course and revived to full hardness. That was in keeping with his usual tendency to "cum in twos."

It seemed like forever since Hillary had gone to get the ice cream cones, and also no time at all. In fact she'd been absent for about five minutes, because there'd been a line.

When she made it back to the booth with a cone in each hand, she could scarcely believe what she saw: Nick and Maggie were up against a booth wall, kissing and groping so intensely that it practically looked like they were fucking. Luckily, Maggie's body covered most of what was going on. But even so, Hillary could see that Nick had his hands all over Maggie's big orbs underneath her skimpy top.

Hillary already knew Maggie wasn't wearing a bra, since she'd seen it left behind in the bathroom stall. But she didn't even need that special knowledge, because Maggie's top had ridden up almost to the point where her nipples were exposed from below, showing off a fair amount of bare "underboob." Hillary was impressed by Maggie's lack of tan lines or any pale areas on her breasts.

Hillary thought, These two are the sexiest, horniest kids I've ever met! It's like I'm watching a porn movie or something. And in an ice cream shop, no less. Just imagine them going at it in a bedroom! I wonder if she's jacking him off. I can't see, but I totally bet she is!

I really underestimated Nick. I guess it's true when they say that it's the quiet ones who surprise you most.

She cleared her throat. "Um... Guys?"

That brought Maggie back to reality. Suddenly remembering where she was, she withdrew rapidly from her son, then sheepishly tried to sit down normally while straightening her clothes.

Going bra-less, with her stiff nipples poking obviously through her white top, was bad enough, since the shape of her nipples could easily be seen. But she became even more alarmed that she was sitting there without panties, because her very short miniskirt gave her an even greater cause for alarm.

Dammit! Another disaster! Despite all that Nick has done already, I know he's basically a good, shy boy. I can't possibly imagine that he would try to feel his way up under my miniskirt. But what will happen if my miniskirt rides up a few more inches and he looks down and sees my exposed pussy? I'm so naked! Would that make him too horny to control himself?!

I can't let that happen! No way!

That led her to pay constant attention to her legs, making sure they were closed tightly so her miniskirt wouldn't ride up. But while that problem was a bother, it also gave her a constant thrill. She'd never been so naughty in her life. There wasn't even a close second.

Nick, by contrast, looked like a hurricane had almost embedded him in the wall. His clothes and hair were totally askew and he wore a dazed expression. He only gradually managed to slump into something like a normal sitting position.

Maggie realized that Hillary was probably on the verge of leaving, since she was unsure how to deal with such blatant public displays of affection. Maggie didn't understand what had happened, so she desperately needed Hillary there as a check on her own behavior. So she said, "Sit down, please! Don't mind us. I swear, that's the last time something like that is going to happen. Come on, Nick, take the ice cream cone that she brought for you. Sit up straight."

Hillary sat down on her side of the booth and tried to relax. She laughed as she handed Nick his cone. "Listen to you, Maggie. You sound like his mother. That's a sign you two are getting serious - as if I didn't notice already!" She laughed some more.

Maggie blanched, because the "mother" comment was way too close to home. When she realized that there was no implied double meaning, she allowed herself to exhale. She forced a smile. "Yeah, well, it's been a whirlwind romance, that's for sure."

"Tell me all about it," Hillary said as she started to lick her cone. "And I do literally mean 'tell me about it.' I'd love to hear more about how you two hooked up."

Just then, Nick said to Maggie, "Uh, I need to get by. I have to go to the bathroom." In fact he didn't need to pee, but he did want to do something about the mess in his shorts. There had already been a big wet spot on them from before, but once he'd climaxed a big load into them, he knew that he couldn't hide that simply by pulling his T-shirt down.

As he stood up, he made sure to angle himself and keep his T-shirt pulled low so that Hillary wouldn't be the wiser. Luckily, he managed to succeed in that.

Maggie was glad to let him pass and then leave the area. She didn't understand why she was suddenly feeling so horny around him, when she'd gone all his life without any similar feelings towards him.

His departure allowed her to calm down, at least a bit. She tugged her skimpy top down some more, making sure it covered as much of her tanned and taut tummy as possible. Her pussy was leaking again, but she surreptitiously used some napkins to clean up. While she did that, her miniskirt was so short that she had no choice but to sit bare-assed on the plastic seat.

She thought, I don't understand what's happening! The no-bra fiasco is bad enough. Now, I'm totally helpless because all he has to do is fondle my breasts under my top and I completely lose my mind! But what's a thousand times worse is I actually held his erection through his shorts and felt him shoot off! I made him cum! It was kind of an accident, but still. I'm his mother! That's something that will always be a part of our history now. I can never undo that! UGH!

Before long, she found herself holding a relatively normal conversation with Hillary. Her goal was to simply endure the rest of this situation without further incident, then go back home and regroup.

At one point during a pause in the conversation while they licked their ice creams, she told herself, If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that this "faux girlfriend" charade is OVER! It's way too dangerous! God, what if he really does date Hillary and gets serious with her? At some point, will she find out I'm actually his MOTHER?! Oh, fuck! But I still need to try to salvage something from the wreckage, or this will have all been for naught. There's a real chance I can use what's already happened to get Hillary interested enough in him to date him. And then I'll be off the hook.

It's kind of a must that I redirect his lust and attention, or he's going to want to kiss me again and again. And I'm not sure I have the willpower to say no! So I really need to make this work.

Hillary continued to ask about the background to their supposed romantic relationship. She was genuinely very curious.

Nick had prepped Maggie on a detailed story about how they'd supposedly met, and what their relationship was like, so she simply drew from that and added embellishments here and there.

Before long, Nick returned with a suspiciously large wet spot over his crotch. He'd used a lot of water in his attempt to clean the cum, but he'd only managed to make things look worse. He had his T-shirt pulled down once again, but it was done in such an obvious way that it actually drew more attention to his problem.

Hillary was able to ignore that fairly easily. After all, it seemed par for the course given everything else she'd seen, heard, and even smelled.

But Maggie was shocked and appalled. Look at that! I stroked my son to orgasm. I did that! If I had a gun, I swear I'd shoot myself right now. I'm a terrible, terrible mother. Yet... I can't help but recall how hot and stiff it felt, even through his shorts. Imagine if I had it directly in my hands...

Oh God! Just listen to me. What is WITH me?! It's like my body has gone crazy on me! I'm definitely going to have to find some normal guy my age, and fast! Then I need to get fucked back to normal. Seriously, royally fucked! I had no idea that my suppressed need had built up to this uncontrollable degree, but that's what two years without sex will do to a person.

Nick mostly just listened while Maggie and Hillary went on like a couple of old gossips. Maggie had gotten over her shock and was having a great time pretending to be a love-struck teenager, and with Nick back and listening she was able to embellish her tales even more without worrying that he would contradict her tale. After all, their stories had to match.

He put an arm around his mother and kept it there. But that's all he did for now. He figured they were in a public place and he didn't want to alienate Hillary with too much PDA. His dick remained very stiff and aroused, but he was okay with that.

Before long, Maggie realized she was no longer just trying to endure this disaster; she was actually really enjoying herself. She wasn't sexually out of control any longer, so her major concerns were her bare ass and pussy being so easily exposed if she sat the wrong way, her big melons wobbling around unsupported in her top, and her easily visible nipples poking through her blouse. She genuinely liked Hillary and was fully engaged in talking with her.

Even when their ice cream was gone, no one made any suggestion to leave. The conversation shifted to Hillary for a while, and Nick learned some things about her he'd never known before.

For Maggie, most of this information was new and interesting. For the last two years, Maggie had been in a kind of self-imposed exile, so she hadn't met new people or even socialized much with older friends. She loved talking to Hillary.

The shop was fairly empty that late in the afternoon, so nobody minded how long they occupied the booth. A half hour became an hour and still they were talking up a storm.

Or at least the two women were; Nick had trouble getting a word in edgewise. While he didn't feel shy around them, at least not anymore, he also didn't feel the need to always be speaking. He was mostly just content to watch and listen. And with his focus on fooling Hillary, he was careful to remember nearly everything that was said.

All the while they were talking, Nick kept his arm around Maggie. At first she minded, but after a while she gave up trying to subtly pry herself free and even put an arm around him too. They wound up cuddling very close together. She was initially annoyed by that, but he didn't try to get any more aggressive, so after a while she found herself enjoying the contact. That included feeling the side of one of her barely covered breasts pressing into his chest.

Compared to earlier, their sexual heat had cooled a great deal, but it hadn't completely vanished. In part that was because most of their focus was on the conversation with Hillary. However, some flirting and touching continued between them, and Maggie was the instigator more often than not. For instance, sometimes when he talked, she would twist her upper body to face him. In so doing, she would squish at least one of her huge breasts against his chest. She found herself doing that a lot.

She definitely noticed that his dick was erect and lewdly tenting his shorts. She had calmed down enough to not feel tempted to touch it. But she found herself thinking about it a lot and even sneaking glances at his crotch. Just knowing he was erect and horny kept her somewhat horny, no matter what they were talking about.

Meanwhile, Nick still had one hand free, so after a while he decided to use it. Keeping that hand under the table, he reached across his body and "walked" his fingers across his mother's bare thigh, just below the hem of her miniskirt.

She kept on smiling, but she playfully swatted his hand away. She didn't realize that her relative tolerance of this showed just how much the relationship between them had changed in the last hour. She didn't really mind him fondling her, but she just wanted to be sure he didn't play with her pussy.

A few minutes later, he tried "walking" his fingers there again, making sure to stay on top of her miniskirt this time so she wouldn't freak out too much. Again she swatted his hand away (while making sure Hillary didn't see what she was doing), but she didn't show any anger, or even serious annoyance, because she didn't really feel any.

A few minutes later, he tried again, with the same results. But he kept trying and trying. He was amazed at his own boldness, but his arousal felt so good that he was hooked and eager for more. Plus, he was continually emboldened by the way she was behaving, especially how she kept pressing her tits against his chest at seemingly every opportunity.

Maggie was mostly focused on the conversation, and so she gave up trying to discourage him.

Before long, his fingers weren't just walking over her nearest thigh. He started caressing and stroking her here and there, but with two limitations. One, he avoided directly touching her pussy, or the area just around it, since he didn't want to get her upset enough to push him away. And two, he kept his hand under the table edge, so Hillary wouldn't be able to see it (though the movement of his upper arm often gave away that some hanky-panky was going on). That meant the "fair game" areas were mostly her legs and her hips. But sometimes, he also caressed her mostly bare tummy, even though Hillary could easily see that.

At first, Maggie was frightened that he would discover her panty-less state, and then he'd feel emboldened to take even more liberties. Before long, it was clear he had to know she wasn't wearing panties, since his fingers should have come across her panties above her thigh and did not. But she soon realized that he had set certain boundaries he wasn't ready to cross. Namely, he wasn't touching her pussy mound. As a result, she didn't even really need to "police" where his hand went. Slowly but surely, she relaxed and even started to enjoy his caresses.

Eventually, she decided to "retaliate" by running her hands over his body below the table edge, doing the exact same thing to him that he was doing to her.

Nick was not exactly upset by her response. The only disappointment he had was that she kept her hand well clear of his package, which was especially disappointing since she'd previously held and squeezed his erection through his shorts until he climaxed. However, by this point she was still aroused, but not insanely aroused like before. Neither of them were careening wildly out of control, but between their cuddling and wandering hands they maintained a nice, medium-level erotic buzz.

Nick was tempted to bring his hand closer to his mother's pussy, in hopes of triggering a more lusty response. But since his own lust was more controlled than earlier, his innate shyness dominated and he always chickened out. It was almost as if some invisible force field was keeping his fingers at least a few inches from that magical, forbidden zone.

However, his hand around her back did stray down to her ass a few times, especially when she leaned forward to make a point with Hillary. Even then, he'd eventually chicken out and bring his hand back up her back. It was hard for him to do much with her backside while she was sitting in the booth.

To Maggie, all of this "finger wandering" was a fun and exciting game. She was in a happy, frisky mood, so her concerns about doing inappropriate things with her son were mostly forgotten. A part of her remembered how inappropriate it was, but she didn't mind their play very much as long as neither of them went too far. She found herself loving the way they cuddled and touched, just as if they were real lovers. Frankly, she hadn't felt so loved in years, not since her problems with Andy had begun.

After a while, Hillary said, "I'm feeling thirsty; I'm going to get something. Do either of you want anything?"

Nick replied, "Just one of those little cups of water for me, thanks." But then, with a start, he stood up. (Thankfully, his wet spot had mostly dried by that time.) "No, wait! Let me get it, please. I want to be a gentleman."

"Be my guest," Hillary replied.

Nick took orders for what the others wanted to drink, then went off to the counter. The reason he was so eager to get the drinks though was not because he wanted to be a gentleman, although that was a nice bonus. Mainly, he wanted to avoid being alone with his mother. Now that both of them had somewhat calmed down, he worried that if she had a chance to talk to him in private she would chastise him for what had happened and demand that they cool off completely. He rightly sensed that she felt she'd gone too far, way beyond what she had intended to do, and that she regretted it despite the fact that they were continuing to play around a bit.

In fact, she had been planning to chastise him as soon as they were alone, but she'd been foiled by his clever chivalry.

He returned a short time later with the drinks.

Even with all of the low-level fondling going on, the three of them managed to hold a serious conversation about vegetarianism. Hillary and Nick were in favor, while Maggie was on the fence. (Actually, Maggie was against, since she ate meat, but she didn't want to come across as too "square" in front of Hillary.)

That conversation led to a new flirtation on Nick's part. Every time Maggie agreed with the other two, he "rewarded" her with a brief kiss on the lips. Sometimes, when she'd merely made a good point, he'd rewarded that with a kiss as well. These started out as more like pecks, but Maggie's resistance gradually lessened, and eventually they were dueling tongues for up to about half a minute at a time. Sometimes they would have gone at it even longer, but they didn't want to bore Hillary too much or cause the conversation to sputter to a halt.

As their kisses grew longer and more frequent, their general arousal levels started to soar back up. Before long, their upper bodies were facing each other nearly all time, even while they would turn their heads to hear Hillary speak. That allowed Maggie to keep her barely covered tits pressing into his chest. During some of their longer kisses, he would reach a hand up and fondle one of her tits a little bit, usually under her top.

When Hillary made good points, she repeatedly joked that she deserved a nice kiss from Nick as well. That aroused him to no end.

At one point, after she made a particularly good argument in favor of vegetarianism, she even said, "Okay, that definitely deserves a kiss? Don't you agree, Nick?" She leaned way forward across the table, using her upper arms to push her huge tits up and out, creating a very tempting sight. She actually was game for a kiss of some sort, if he would literally meet her halfway by leaning across the table too.

He grinned from ear to ear. "Definitely!" He started to lean across the table. He didn't know what would happen, but he was in a mood where he was up to try almost anything.

Or at least he tried to lean forward. He didn't get far because Maggie still had her immense tits against his chest. She surprised herself by saying to Hillary, "Hands off, girl! He's mine!" Then she gave him a particular scorching and prolonged kiss while overtly rubbing her tits up and down his chest.

The rubbing caused her top to slide around some and actually caused her nipples to come uncovered.

He reached up and fondled the acres of tit-flesh that had been exposed.

Hillary laughed good-naturedly. "Okay, okay! Geez! You two are too much!"

Maggie was distressed by her behavior. She reminded herself that her purpose was to get Hillary interested in him, not to tell her to back off. She tried to undo the damage by breaking the kiss. She carefully pulled her top down over her nipples and turned slightly in place to better face Hillary.

Then she said, "Sorry about the 'hands off' stuff. In truth, we're not going steady, so if he wants to kiss you, I can't stop him."

He playfully wiggled his eyebrows. "Hmmm! Interesting idea!"

Hillary laughed. "You two! Geez!" But she was secretly even more intrigued, especially by the confirmation that they weren't going steady.

The talking, flirting, kissing, and joking around continued. Nick and Maggie were acting exactly like two young lovers who couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Hillary was very impressed. Her interest in each of them was growing by the minute.

At times, Maggie found herself tempted to touch Nick's bulge in his shorts, since it never went down. She even fantasized about stroking it through his shorts or inside his shorts. But she couldn't come up with any sort of remotely plausible excuse to do that. Her arousal level never rose so high that she was seriously tempted. But the mere thought of such forbidden contact helped keep her hot and bothered all the time.

By contrast, Nick's free hand was on his mother non-stop. He caressed her everywhere he could reach except for her pussy mound. Sometimes, he even slipped a hand under her top to fondle her bare flesh when they weren't kissing and were facing Hillary. Mostly, he liked to caress her firm and tanned tummy. She was so athletic that she had sexy curves there, including a narrow groove running down to her belly button.

All that touching of her thighs, tummy, tits, and more was having a subtle yet important effect. She was coming to be very comfortable with him touching her in a sensual and sexual way. In fact, she increasingly craved his touch, even if it was to a "safe" part of her body.

The three had been there well over an hour when Hillary suddenly said, "I think our welcome here is wearing thin, especially if we're not going to buy anything else."

The other two agreed that they weren't interested in more ice cream or drinks.

Hillary went on, "Well, then, I must say I've really, really enjoyed talking with you two. You know, it's only the second day of school, and I've been so worried about making new friends. But look: I have two new friends already!" She beamed.

Nick said with a touch of bitterness from his own social problems, "You can't be serious. You? Having trouble making friends? Back at our old school, you were, like, super popular. You were friends with everybody."

Hillary thought about that and then replied, "Not really. I know it may have LOOKED that way, and it's true that I get along with everybody. I'm not like a lot of girls who get all catty and competitive. I do like to be nice with most everyone I meet. But real friends? That's a whole different matter than just being good acquaintances. There really aren't that many people I can truly connect with."

Maggie asked, "Why not? You're beautiful, you're friendly, you're smart, you're fun to be with... Stop me at any time."

"I'm in no hurry!" Hillary laughed. "But seriously, that's the problem, especially that beautiful and smart combo. My dad once told me that if you have good looks, you can pretty much ride that to success, and so you don't put a lot of effort into being smart or getting educated. But on the other hand, if you don't have the looks, you tend to focus on being smart and doing well in school. It's very rare to find someone with both. I guess I've been genetically blessed, and I appreciate it, but it's also kind of a curse. The beautiful people don't like that you're so smart, and the smart people don't like that you're so beautiful. Lots of problems all around, believe me."

Nick said, "I must say, I feel a bit insulted. I guess I fall into the category of the guy who concentrated on being smart 'cos he's not good looking."

"Not at all!" Hillary replied. "I can tell already that you and Maggie are just like me - smart and beautiful, or handsome in your case. Maybe you don't feel handsome, but you are. Trust me on this; I'm a woman." She winked at him. Actually, she hadn't really considered him handsome before that day, but she definitely did at that moment, thanks to the sizzling hot sexual chemistry that she'd just witnessed between him and Maggie.

Then she said, "If you doubt yourself, just look at your girlfriend! You're dating a COLLEGE girl! And not just that, but a total knockout with a magazine cover face, more curves than an Indy 500 race, and a genuinely nice personality to boot! Would she date you if you were ugly and unappealing? I think not!"

Nick was secretly delighted. Oh my God! That's the "Seinfeld scheme" in action! The fact that I have a hot girlfriend is taken as proof that I must be highly desirable. So cool!

Maggie also was secretly delighted, because she was thinking the exact same thing. I can't believe it, but his crazy scheme is working exactly as he said it would! At least maybe he'll end up dating her because of all this. Hopefully, someday we'll be able to look back on this insane day and laugh.

Maggie asked Hillary, "It's plain to see that you're drop dead gorgeous, and I know you're in the Advanced Studies program, so you're super smart too. But how is it you've manage to not fall into the trap of using your good looks as a crutch? Getting into that program isn't all just lucky genetics. It's a lot of hard work too."

Hillary replied, "Like I said, my dad warned me about that, repeatedly. He and my mom made very sure that I put academics first. Don't get me wrong - they believe in 'work hard, play hard' - but the work comes first, so only play when the work is done."

"Smart P's," Maggie commented, trying to sound cool.

For some reason, the mention of parents caused Nick's arousal to spike. He dropped the hand that had been around Maggie's back a long time until it was at the same level as her breasts. Then he slipped it inside her top and began fondling her far boob. He was disappointed he hadn't thought to do that earlier, because it left his other hand free. He boldly slipped that hand inside her miniskirt. All he did was caress her near hip.

But the fact that he was acting as if her miniskirt wasn't even there caused Maggie's arousal to spike too. She felt a similar surge in her desire to "retaliate" by reaching to his crotch and fondling his bulge. Or at the very least, she wanted to neck with him a lot more. But she managed to control herself and just sit there listening to Hillary talk.

Hillary noticed the tit fondling, but pretended not to, as usual. She went on, "Yeah, but the problem is that school is divided into a bunch of tight cliques. I'm friendly with everybody, and I go out of my way not to make enemies, but I don't really like ANY of the cliques. I especially dislike the 'beautiful people' clique that's supposedly at the top of the school pecking order. Everybody tries to push me into that, but they're the most vapid and bitchy people I've ever met."

"People like Debra, the model?" Nick asked. He switched from the hip caressing to idly running a finger around, and sometimes dipping into, Maggie's belly button. He continued to fondle her far tit with his other hand, getting dangerously close to her nipple.

"ESPECIALLY Debra!" Hillary huffed. "This is just between you and me, okay? Even before school started, I'd heard a lot about her. She sought me out, wanting to be my BFF right away."

She made a disgusted look. "I guess she expected we could divide and conquer the school, based on our looks alone, or something like that. But did you ever spend some time with a person and get the feeling that they'll stab you in the back the first chance they get? I got that feeling from her literally within five minutes of talking with her. So I have to do a delicate balancing act, of being nice to her but keeping my distance at the same time. Luckily, she's not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer... I can't believe I'm being so open with you two. Somehow I feel like I can trust you with my innermost feelings. I hope you'll honor that."

"You can, and we will," Maggie said. "If there's one thing I know about Nick, it's that he can be trusted with secrets."

"Thanks!" he said.

She took that as an excuse to twist her upper body in place and look him in his eyes, as a prelude to a kiss. "I only say it because it's true." Then she planted her lips on his.

Hillary nodded. She looked a bit sad, but then continued more positively, even as Nick and Maggie engaged in a fiery hot tongue duel. "But you two, it's just the opposite. We've only been talking for what, nearly two hours now, and I'm getting this really GOOD vibe. It's like we've only talked a few minutes 'cos the time flies by. I DO trust you both. And we have soooo many similar interests, it's uncanny. Especially you and me, Nick. Like I absolutely LOVE your taste in music. I could talk to you about music for hours!"

Nick knew that was because he'd been in love (or at least in lust) with Hillary for so long that whenever he found out something Hillary liked, he'd check it out too, and usually find out that he liked it as well. With music, it was really easy to know what she liked, due to her rock band T-shirts and the way she constantly talked about her favorite groups. Fortunately, she loved the same kind of classic rock he did, so it was all good.

However, he knew better than to explain that, and that he'd been stalking her. So he broke the latest hot kiss with his mother, and said, "I know. It's great. I mean, you like the White Stripes, Beck, AND the Kinks. And Nick Drake too! That's just totally uncanny."

"I know! Hey! I've got an idea. You like Pink Floyd, right?"

"Like 'em? I love 'em! Both the Roger Waters and Syd Barrett eras, of course."

"Of course." She grinned at that, while also smirking at the way he continued to fondle Maggie's far tit. "Well, the other day, I downloaded this totally incredible bootleg concert from 1977. They play the ENTIRE 'Animals' album, and then the ENTIRE 'Wish You Were Here' album, and then they play some other great songs on top of that. You definitely have to hear it. We should go back to my place and give it a listen."

Hillary was amazed at how Nick and Maggie literally couldn't keep their hands off each other. She figured that if they were this hot for each other in public, she wanted to get them in private to see what more might happen. She had a small hope that some kind of threesome action might break out if things went really well.

Nick looked back and forth between Hillary and Maggie. Then he asked, "What, the three of us? Right now?"

"Sure, right now," Hillary replied. "That's what I was starting to get to, in my long-winded way, when I said that we were overstaying our welcome here."

Maggie was having a great time, genuinely enjoying talking to Hillary. She could see why Hillary didn't have many true friends who were teenagers, because Hillary was extremely mature, both emotionally and intellectually. She was proud that she'd raised Nick to be similarly mature, and it made sense that the three of them would quickly bond.

But on the other hand, if she went with them, she worried she might find herself in more kissing and fondling situations with Nick, and she didn't want that. Besides, she wasn't wearing a bra or panties. Furthermore, it sounded like a long bootleg, two hours at least, and she would need to make dinner for Andy, Nick, and herself at the usual dinner time.

Oh God! she thought with a pang of dismay. My husband! Even if he is a disgusting cheater and our marriage is a sham, I'm still actually married. What the heck do I think I'm doing? Running around practically naked with a couple of teenagers and making out with my own son? This has to stop! I MUST say no!

Even as she said that, Nick was subtly pinching her stiff nipple on her far tit while caressing her nearest thigh, dangerously close to her pussy mound. But that sort of touching had somehow became normal and acceptable. She didn't even think about trying to discourage him.

She cleared her throat. "Uh, um, that sounds very nice, but maybe you and Nick should go without me."

"No way!" Hillary replied. "I'm not gonna poach your boyfriend, or appear to do so... even with your permission. That wouldn't be cool. I'd feel weird being alone with him, given how hot you two are for each other. Besides, you said you like Pink Floyd too, and you told me that the fall semester at your university hasn't even started yet and you don't have a job, so you can't be that busy. Come on; it'll be fun. There's so much more we can talk about."

Maggie felt her willpower weakening. "I dunno. It sounds great, and I'd love to, but I shouldn't."

"Why not?"

Nick desperately wished he could talk freely with his mother, to convince her to join them. He felt that it was a golden opportunity for him to lock in his friendship with Hillary. At the same time, he also wanted to lock in his new sexual intimacy with Maggie. There was no telling what might happen if he got her in a private room, given how horny they both still were. And if Hillary was there to see it all, her desire for him would probably soar higher and higher. It sounded like a perfect plan.

He considered whispering in Maggie's ear, or maybe taking her some distance away so they could talk in private. But whispering was too dangerous with Hillary right there, and talking away from Hillary was dangerous in a different way, because it would probably lead to Maggie making him promise not to kiss and fondle her "that way" anymore.

Finally, he decided he could risk whispering a couple of words in Maggie's ear, since he was sitting right next to her. So he brought his mouth right up to her ear and whispered very quietly, "Hand off! Hand off! Big chance!"

That would have been cryptic had Hillary been able to hear it, but Maggie knew exactly what he meant by "hand off." After all, the entire point of all their scheming had been to get Hillary interested in Nick, and then make it seem like Maggie was handing him off to her younger friend.

Maggie thought about it. This IS a good chance for the hand off, I must admit. I've only briefly mentioned the "open" relationship that Nick and I are supposedly having. It would be good for me to explain that to Hillary in detail, so she'll feel free to date him. (She wasn't aware that Nick had already explained that to Hillary at school.) This whole faux girlfriend thing has to end today. The original idea was to keep up the pretense for a couple of weeks until Hillary was sufficiently interested, but maybe I can finish this whole insane scheme after only these few hours.

Perhaps if I steer the discussion to our open relationship, and if she takes the bait and expresses interest in going out with him, my work will basically be done and I can end this dangerous charade immediately. She has to be intrigued by him after seeing all our hot kissing. Hell, she teased about wanting to kiss him across the table a while back. Maybe I could even set up a situation where they can kiss. And then I can back out and leave them to each other. I'll be the best mom in the history of ever, setting her up like that!

Speaking out loud, she said, "Okay. I'll do it!"

Nick couldn't believe his good luck. He wanted to jump up and shout for joy, but he forced himself to stay calm. Relatively calm, that is. He twisted in place and rewarded her with another hot French kiss. At the same time, he brought his free hand to her tits and twisted both of her nipples at once.

Maggie just about melted, and came dangerously close to cumming. Oh! Fuck me! I'm so horny! He has the magic touch! We HAVE to do this, so I can hand him off to her, fast! I can't stand all this sexy kissing!

"Excellent," Hillary replied with a big smile, as she watched them make out yet again. "I don't know what you whispered to her, Nick, but you sure know what to say. Let's go now. Actually, the only problem is my bike, which is back at school. Can we put it on or in your car somehow?"

Maggie somehow managed to break the lip-lock. "Sure. No problem," she replied while panting for air. "My car has a bike rack on the back."

She was so distracted by Nick's continued nipple play that she didn't realize the importance of that comment. By allowing Hillary to use the bike rack, that meant Hillary would ride with them, which in turn meant she wouldn't have any time to talk to Nick alone. That would have been the perfect opportunity for her to lay down some rules about his behavior.

But perhaps deep down she didn't want to get him alone to restrain him.

Maggie still had serious doubts about the wisdom of going to Hillary's house. However, she consoled herself, It's not a big deal. Sure, it would be better if Nick and I could talk first and clear the air, but the main thing is that I've calmed down. I got a little crazy earlier, but I'm over that now. So if he tries to get too fresh, I can shut him down fast enough. As far as the lack of panties and bra, the panties didn't turn out to be an issue after all, since he's been a gentleman about that. Well, kind of.

She blushed as she recalled how he'd been stroking her bare legs under the table.

And with the bra, I have the willpower now to keep his hands off my breasts if I really want to. It's just that I don't want to, because I'm trying to hype him up as a great, insatiable lover. Even as she said that, he was still playing with both of her nipples, right there in the middle of the ice cream shop! True, his hands were under her top, but it was such flagrant fondling that they would have been in trouble if a cop came by. She was seriously deluding herself.

Besides, Hillary will always be with us. That'll ensure that things don't get out of hand. No problem. I can deal. And besides, the worst is already over. A little more kissing is no big deal. After all our making out, what's the harm with a little more? The main thing is that I can complete the hand off in one fell swoop. With any luck, I'll be able to leave with him kissing HER! Regardless, this faux girlfriend plan ends when we get home. Period!

Nick still couldn't believe his luck with Maggie. She LOOKED like she had a body built for fucking, but he'd never really seen her obviously aroused.

One minor frustration he'd had was that she had been sitting on her ass the entire time, so he didn't have a chance to fondle her ass. When they were ready to leave and she stood up, he made sure to stick to her closely and "help" her up by giving her ass a good fondle. He had been in constant contact with her body for nearly two hours, and she'd grown used to his touch, so she didn't think much of his groping.

With Hillary still standing nearby, he whispered in Maggie's ear, "Thanks for being so great today. You're the best!" Then he French kissed her again. It was even better than usual this time, because they were standing up and facing each other, instead of sitting and having to twist and turn to make good face to face contact.

As soon as the kiss got hot, he slipped his hand fondling her ass over her miniskirt so it was inside her miniskirt! That was a key first. He clutched nothing but bare ass cheek, and it was awesome!

Even better, Maggie was so carried away with the kissing, and hot and bothered in general, that she made no attempt to stop him.

Hillary saw them make out again, and snickered. "Come on, you two, before they call the police." She led the way out.

Nick and Maggie followed right behind her. Nick kept his hand on her bare ass cheek, subtly fondling it as it flexed with each step she took.

He thought, GOD DAMN! Ma is SO hot for me! She's up for anything! Apparently, she'd decided to act like my girlfriend, for real. I am soooo psyched. I have GOT to see just how far I can take this, as long as she's in this mood!

His interpretation kept him from reverting to his usually shy habits. In fact, he was greatly emboldened. He could hardly wait to get her to a place where he could explore her body more freely and intimately.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Jamielynn, Ecchi Spud, and Johnny Galt, GWB, BDGV.