Chapter 4: Hillary's House (Tuesday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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The three of them drove to the school, got Hillary's bike, and then drove to Hillary's house.

All the while, Maggie was very conscious of the fact that a foolish move could expose the fact that she wasn't wearing panties. As far as being bra-less, she'd pretty much given up on that. It seemed that every move she made sent her perfect orbs subtly bobbling and bouncing. Nick's gaze seemed glued to her chest whenever he could see it, except when he was ogling Hillary's equally voluptuous body.

The ride to Hillary's house was uneventful. Maggie and Hillary gabbed away in the front seat like old friends, while Nick again sat in the back again, remaining relatively quiet.

He did frequently try to check out the two hot bodies sitting in the front seat, as best he could while sitting behind them, while trying not to be too obvious about it. He mostly stared at Maggie's chest, since her lack of a bra meant her great globes jiggled enticingly every time the car hit a bump.

He had a lot to think about. His scheme to date his mother had originally been focused on getting close to Hillary. Like many adolescent boys with bombshell busty mothers, he'd had fantasies about getting intimate with his mother, but he'd always considered those to be just that - fantasies. He'd realized that she had no physical attraction towards him. Although he'd sometimes let his fantasies roam wild, he hadn't imagined anything could ever change that in reality.

His recent "Seinfeld scheme" had been great "what if" masturbatory fantasy fodder, but he still hadn't expected any serious intimacy to actually happen with her. The most he even hoped for with his fake girlfriend scheme was that she would need to kiss him on the lips a few times in order to demonstrate that they were dating, and one or more of those fake kisses might turn real.

But he thought, Man oh man! How things have changed! In just a few hours, my assumptions have been turned completely upside down. I'm still VERY interested in Hillary - that hasn't changed. But now that I've had a real French kiss with Ma - in fact, a whole bunch of them! - maybe I can go further! Much, much further! Based on the way she's reacting, the sky's the limit. And she's so fucking hot and STACKED! Her body feels so good in my hands. I could caress her silky skin and her boobs forever! I want to make her cum, over and over! Is that so wrong?

Sure, things could lead to incest, which could get us both in trouble. If I were to actually fuck her, I'm sure I'd feel guilty about it, mostly because it would hurt my dad if he ever found out. Andy's used to be a good father to me, even though his cheating made him a terrible husband to Ma.

The possibilities are so great! I'm basically dating Ma already! We're kissing and fondling and all sorts of awesome stuff! I don't know how long it'll last, or if she'll "come to her senses" at some point, but I have to keep going with her as much as I can, for sure! Maybe I could date her for a while. Weeks, maybe! Or even months! And then date Hillary! Or, even better, date both of them at once! Man! Too awesome! Anything could happen at this point!

They arrived at Hillary's house after a short drive. Nick was very impressed by the place. Even at first glance, her house didn't look at all like a typical suburban home, as his did. It was dripping with character. It reminded him of some sort of English home that was hundreds of years old, but in a good way. It was covered with ivy, making it blend into its lush green surroundings.

Hillary opened the door and ushered them all in.

"Cool house," he said. He was just as impressed by the inside. He commented, "You know what this place reminds me of? Some kind of hobbit house, but sized for humans. Everything's made of wood, and it's all carved with care. I feel like I've stepped out of the real world and into 'The Lord of the Rings' or something."

Hillary chuckled. "You're not the first person to say that. My dad is a professional sculptor and glass blower, so he really appreciates fine craftsmanship. But we've got a lot of modern stuff too, including a pool and a hot tub out back. Come on, let me show you guys my room."

"Where are your parents, by the way?" Maggie asked while walking up the stairs. Since Hillary seemed to be buying Maggie's cover story, Maggie didn't worry much about that, but she had a nightmarish mental image of seeing Hillary's parents for the first time and hearing them ask, "Hillary, who's your new friend, and why is his mother here too?"

Hillary said, "They're at work, of course. Don't worry; they won't be back for another hour or two, at least. Even then, they won't disturb us."

Nick really did feel like he was in Bilbo's hobbit hole in Hobbiton, because so many things were expertly sculpted from wood. For instance, the entire stairway railing had designs carved into it. It was, quite simply, the most impressive and artistic house he'd ever been in.

Hillary led them up the stairs. Nick lingered a good ways back, pretending to be fascinated with a carving he saw. In fact he hoped to look up his mother's short miniskirt to glimpse more of her fantastic body.

He wasn't disappointed. Damn! I swear, I caught a glimpse of her pussy there! My mom's pussy! This is turning out to be such an awesome day! I still can't believe she isn't wearing any panties. OR bra. She must really be hot for me!

When Hillary reached the top of the stairs, she paused and looked down at Nick, who was way behind. She said, "Aren't you coming?"

"Sorry, I'm just checking out this railing." He ran his hand-over the wooden rail. "The designs on it are so intricate and amazing. It reminds me of the kind of detail Gaudi put into his work."

Hillary smiled brightly. "You know of Gaudi and his work? That's so cool! He's one of my dad's main inspirations."

Nick couldn't believe his luck. He'd had to say something fast to hide the fact that he was trying to linger to look up his mother's miniskirt. In so doing, he'd accidentally impressed Hillary even more.

He hurried up the stairs and entered Hillary's room.

Like the rest of the house, the walls, floor, ceiling, and most of the furniture in Hillary's room were made out of hardwood, giving it the feel of an Alpine lodge. But there were plenty of windows, and the late afternoon sun poured in. Hillary had added her own touches that showed her personality. The room still had the feel of a typical high schooler's, complete with computer, books and CDs. But it looked much more like a boy's room than a girl's room. There were no "girly" things in sight, like stuffed animals, or girlish wallpaper, and there was nothing pink at all. The walls were generally covered in posters of classic rock stars from the 1960s and 1970s, like Bob Marley and Bob Dylan.

It seemed obvious from the moment they'd stepped into the house that Hillary's parents were hippies, and not even ex-hippies but the real deal, just judging from the décor and artwork. Just as obviously, Hillary wasn't rejecting her parents' values and culture, but was heartily embracing it.

Hillary could pretty much guess what her guests were thinking, so chuckled. "I know, I know, I'm basically a closet hippie. My room is kind of like a time machine from 2002 back to 1969 or thereabouts. Heck, my parents even took me to see the Grateful Dead when I was little, back before Jerry died. Maybe now you can see why I have such a hard time hanging out with the beautiful crowd at school, or even finding real friends there."

"Aren't there hippie types at school?" Maggie asked.

"Yeah, but all they do is get high, or talk about getting high. I love getting high as much as anybody, but not 24-7! And only pot, please, not the harder stuff. For the most part, they're a bunch of lazy slackers, so we have very little in common. Things have changed, I guess. I'm proud to be a hippie. In my book, being a hippie is about being self-aware and socially conscious, not about taking drugs and wearing a tie-dye shirt. You couldn't drag any of that lazy bunch to a protest march. And even musically, they're more likely to listen to Cypress Hill than Pink Floyd. Yuck. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's rap or hip-hop."

"What about techno?" Nick asked with a grin, already guessing the answer. He had the same distaste for dance-based modern music that she did.

"Gag me!" Hillary stuck her finger down her throat. "I want my music real, played by real people on real instruments! But speaking of Floyd, let me get this concert started. I'm sure you'll like it." She sat down at her desk, woke up her computer, and keyed in some commands until the concert began playing. She turned around in her chair and said, "It's just MP3 files, but I have my computer hooked up to a pretty nice stereo so it'll sound pretty good." She grinned.

She stood back up, then realized that her guests were still standing. "Hey! Sit down on the bed and relax already." Her bed was huge, a king size instead of a single, and there were all kinds of pillows on it, both big and small. "Make yourself comfortable. My house is your house and all that. Is there anything you need? A drink, maybe?"

Hillary and Nick walked towards the bed, intending to sit on it. They both shook their heads 'No'.

A bit of naughtiness crept into Hillary's voice. "Wanna get stoned? I have some really primo pot. I know I just said I don't get high all the time, but if there's one time to do it, it's while listening to classic Floyd."

Neither Maggie nor Nick had ever tried any kind of illegal drug, and Nick was a bit scared to start. But he didn't want to seem square, so he said, "Maybe another time. Definitely another time, but I don't feel like I need it now. I'm high enough, just being around you and Maggie." He moved to his mother and wrapped an arm around her.

Hillary grinned, happy with that answer. "Nice. He's a smoothie. How 'bout you, Maggie?"

Maggie also didn't want to seem square. "No, I'm good for now. I've got Nick." She put her arm around him too and gave him a squeeze.

Hillary nodded. "Okay. Cool. I've gotta go do a few things first, including making a couple of phone calls, but I've started the concert for you. Don't worry; I've heard it a couple of times already."

She started to walk out of the room, but then stopped and turned around. "Don't get TOO freaky with each other without me, okay? I'll knock before I come back in, so don't worry. Oh, and if you need any condoms, there's a whole bunch in the top drawer in my desk there. Have fun!" She winked, and closed the door on her way out.

Maggie lurched forward a bit, as if starting to escape the room, exclaiming "That won't be necessary!" She'd been getting a sinking feeling that she was making a big mistake coming here, but the mention of condoms really freaked her out. Her heart started pounding wildly. She was panicky that her son would start kissing her again, and she feared she wouldn't resist. For the first time, she realized that she might end up getting fucked eventually if she wasn't careful. She seemed to have no willpower left at all.

The one thing she managed to do was avoid sitting on the bed with him. She worried things could get even more out of control if that happened, with him possibly ending up lying on top of her.

Nick was also panicky, but for a very different reason. He feared being alone with his mother because she might start lecturing him, telling him to cool his engines. He didn't spend a lot of time thinking about it, but just acted. He figured that as long as they were kissing, she couldn't talk, so that's what caused him to act with unusual boldness.

Maggie yelped with alarm as his arms enveloped her, and she even tried feebly to push him away once he started kissing her lips. But she didn't try to push him away THAT hard. Still, it would have been enough to cause her naturally shy son to give up, except for the fact that he knew she wasn't wearing her bra or panties, and he remembered well all they did earlier. That gave him great confidence. He figured she'd already demonstrated how horny she was for him, so he just needed to get her warmed up again.

He was right. In fact, she didn't even try to keep her lips closed. At first she tried passive resistance, hoping that if she just let him kiss her but didn't kiss back, he'd give up before long.

That didn't deter him at all. Within seconds, he brought both his hands up to her massive rack, hoping to continue the tit play that he'd only been able to start in a limited way at the ice cream store. He immediately slipped his hands under her top from below. Just as it had occurred earlier, she was a complete goner as soon as he got his hands on her nipples and started twisting them.

FUUUUUCCCK! she cursed to herself, just like she had several times already that day. Stupid nipples! Traitorous nipples! They weren't even hard a few seconds ago, but now I'm practically ready to cum! Why the hell are they so damned sensitive? Don't they know that he's my son? Don't they care?! This is WRONG! Wrong, wrong, wrong! Andy! Hillary! Somebody! Save me!

But she was a little more honest with herself this time, because once Nick got going on her nipples she didn't even pretend to herself that she'd have the willpower to stop him. She started kissing him back with a desperate passion. She wrapped both her arms around him and squeezed him tightly, but not so tightly that his fingers didn't have room to keep exploring her nipples and boobs.

Nick really felt like he was in seventh heaven. Knowing he had complete privacy for a change, he lifted her top up nearly to her neck, completely exposing her huge rack. He figured he could pull it back into place when Hillary returned, since she said she would knock first.

He paused the kissing to lean back and take his first good look at her fully-exposed E-cup globes. He was in awe. They were so perfectly round, with nipples in the right places and the right size, that one might have thought they'd been enlarged and improved upon by a plastic surgeon. But he knew they were all real. He was particularly impressed by her flawless tan.

Maggie felt tremendously embarrassed. Her face burned red. She shyly looked down, too ashamed to make eye contact with him. But that caused her to see her huge tits, completely exposed with her erect nipples lightly resting against her son's chest. That humiliated her even more. But all this embarrassment aroused her in a powerful way that she'd never felt before. Sure, she had been highly aroused with Andy many times, but not from extreme embarrassment, as well as a curious feeling of helplessness.

With his mouth no longer occupying hers, Maggie attempted to regain some willpower. She started to say, "We shouldn't do-"

He let out a gleeful yelp as he resumed necking with her. That was very deliberate, since he knew she wanted to say something to discourage him. At the same time, he put his hands back on her bare boobs. Watching his fingers sink into her tanned tit-flesh was almost too much. He actually felt so dizzy that he worried he was going to pass out. He would have been happy to just continue nothing but play with her enormous orbs, but doing that and making out was even better.

A couple of minutes passed. Not only did Maggie fail to even try to pull her top back into place, she clutched his ass tightly, pulling his steel-hard boner against her lower tummy in the process. Before long, her hands wound up inside the back side of his shorts, clutching his bare ass cheeks.

He mainly desired to fondle her great tits. But since they were both still standing, he saw a golden opportunity to go further playing with her ass. So he eventually slipped both hands back there, sliding them inside her miniskirt like it didn't exist.

He had a great time thoroughly caressing and even kneading her muscular ass cheeks. He even boldly explored her ass crack for the first time.

She was getting hotter and hotter with each passing moment. She didn't even have the excuse of doing it to help hand him off to Hillary, since Hillary wasn't there. She simply couldn't get enough of his kissing and fondling. She particularly loved the way his erection rubbed against her body. It remained inside his shorts, but with her miniskirt askew and covering so little in the first place, his shorts often was the only barrier between his cock and her bare skin.

She found herself thinking, This is not my son! I'm with some other guy. Some hot young hunk. Not my son! This other guy, let's call him Nick too - after all, there's nothing wrong with that name... This other Nick, he's making me crazy! Does he know what all his nipple and breast play does to me?! He must, because he just won't stop! Oh God! And his cock! His big, thick cock! It's burning me even through his shorts, just like a hot branding iron!

Suspecting that her willpower had vanished completely, he even dared to break the kiss and talk. He was so overcome with amazement over her remarkable hard body, and especially being able to see and feel her massive, bouncy tits, that he just had to say something.

"Ma-aggie, you're so beautiful! So beautiful! And your breasts!"

She gasped at his near slip-up, knowing that he'd almost said "Ma." Even though they were alone, that was dangerous. But rather than berate him about what he was doing, as she wanted to do, she found herself asking him in a leading voice, "What about my breasts?" She was fishing for compliments.

"They're perfect! Absolutely perfect! Not a flaw anywhere. And the shape! Oh my God! So firm and high! They're HUGE! I just have to kiss them!" As he spoke, he ran his hands all over them, and then hefted them and down, weighing them in his hands.

"Nooooo!" she squealed with real fear. "Not that!"

She thought, Okay, this is bad! I've pretty much lost control of the situation, but if he starts kissing my nipples, I'm gonna lose whatever tiny shreds of control and self-restraint I have left. My nipples are my greatest weakness! She really tried to push him away.

But because of everything else she'd let him do that day, plus the way she was partly undressed, he thought she was just playing hard to get. They pushed back and forth a bit, and in the struggle, her skimpy top was ripped open. It actually didn't take much for that to happen since there was so little fabric there to begin with.

Sensing victory, Nick tossed the now useless top aside and dropped his head to lick her left nipple while continuing to play with her right one.

Maggie let out a heavy sigh. I'm so fucked! Oh God! Oh no! This can't be happening to me! He might as well fuck me now, because that's how fucked I am! I can't put my top back on now, even if I want to. All I'm wearing is a skimpy miniskirt, without panties. That's it! What'll I do when Hillary comes back?! I'm a total goner!

She sounded unhappy, but in fact she was so horny that when she had heard her top rip she'd thought she might cum on the spot.

She let out another sigh, but this one was from pure pleasure, because he had started suckling on her left nipple.

She thought, Oh crap! More trouble and disaster! So few people know it, but there's a direct hotline between my nipples and my clit. What he's doing now, he might as well be fucking me while diddling my clit; that's how good it feels! I'm gonna cum before long, dammit! This SUCKS! Today has been a total nightmare in every possible way, and I can't wake up! But again, her words of dismay didn't match her unbridled erotic desire.

She figured that the only plus for her self-restraint was that if he was licking or suckling on her nipples, at least that meant he wasn't kissing her. And frankly, his kisses turned her on nearly as much, which indicated how much she loved them.

She found herself thrusting out her ample chest and cupping the undersides of her heavy melons for good measure. That made it much easier for Nick to suckle and play with them.

But even as she encouraged him with her body, she complained, "You really are evil, you know that? You shouldn't be doing that with your, uh, girlfriend." She was going to say "mother," but she worried Hillary might be just outside the door, listening to them. It was unlikely, but she wanted to be on the safe side.

Her body was heating up to an unbearable degree, like a volcano about to explode. Her voice turned sultry as she told him, "That's it; suckle it just like that. And play with my big titties! You love that, don't you, you motherfucker?"

She'd used the word "motherfucker" as a general curse word because a part of her was angry with him, not to mention her anger at herself and her lack of willpower. But after she said it, she realized just how appropriate it was, due to the actual incest factor. Shit! He really is a motherfucker, or he's gonna be before long if I don't do something to stop him! My own son might actually FUCK me! I'm certainly not doing a thing to stop him. It's not fair. My entire body is burning up! I can't even think straight!

Curiously, she decided she liked calling him that. In her current mood, the reminder of incest actually turned her on, but at the same time, if Hillary or anyone else overheard they'd just assume that she was being angry (or pretend-angry) with him.

She spoke lustily, as she provocatively gyrated her hips against his stiff cock, "You love how big my tits are, don't you? That gets you all hot, knowing you've snared such a stacked babe. Isn't that right, you evil motherfucker?"

He just moaned contentedly as he continued to suckle and fondle. Again, this went way, way beyond his greatest expectations. He felt like he'd just hit the jackpot of life, and nothing else could ever feel as great. His heart thumped, his head spun, and his entire body trembled with lust, but luckily his body seemed to know instinctively what to do, no matter how stunned and thrilled he got.

She threw her head back and panted, "Well, don't neglect the other one! She needs your mouth, too! And I'd love it if you lick me all over, especially down my cleavage! And what about the rest of me? Kiss me again, you motherfucker! And don't stop playing with my ass!"

She tried to pretend that she was just playing the role of an enthusiastic girlfriend, to impress Hillary with Nick's sexual skills, but even she didn't really buy that excuse. It was better not to think at all, because there was no way she could logically justify any of this. The simple truth was that she was insanely aroused again, and her lust had spiraled out of control.

Nick was like a kid in a toy store with way too many toys to play with at once. Mostly, he was fascinated by her malleable tits, so he hefted up one and then the other, over and over, even as he kept on suckling. My God, these things are HUGE! It's like they're bigger than my head! And they're so much fun, 'cos everything I do to them makes her moan like she's really enjoying it! 'Cos she IS totally enjoying it. There's no doubt about that! I want to make Ma CUM!

His mouth went to her other nipple, but only for a few moments. Then he planted another explosive kiss on her lips. While she was still reeling from that, he pressed her boobs together with both hands and then licked his way down the tight crack he'd created between them.

She hadn't expected that, or how good it would feel, especially when he started flicking his tongue deeper into her cleavage.

"Oh God! Son! Don't! That feels too good! And be a little more gentle, okay?"

She realized with a start that she'd just called him 'Son,' but it was too late to do anything about it. She hoped and prayed that Hillary hadn't overheard, and resolved to be more vigilant about what she said in the future.

But she didn't have much time to think about that, because Nick had her whole body humming with arousal. Why am I giving him tips on what to do with me? It's bad enough already! He's fucking driving me wild! How does he seem to know just what to do?! He's never been with another woman, but he's playing my body like a fiddle! True, it's not very tough in my case: just go for the boobs and especially the nipples. But still! It's not fair! If he was clumsy, I could resist!

She took control of squeezing her huge E-cups together, so he could do other sexy things with his hands. To her surprise, she found herself saying, "Feel how deep my cleavage is. I'll bet you'd love to stick your fat cock in there, wouldn't you, you fuckin' motherfucking bastard! You wanna fuck my tits, don't you? You wanna drive me wild with your wonderful cock, and then spray my face with your seed, don't you?"

Actually, he'd been having such a great time with his new discoveries that he hadn't really been thinking along those lines. Truthfully, he wasn't doing much thinking at all; he was just going on instinct. But now that she'd put those thoughts in his head, it sounded pretty damn good.

He thought, What the hell is going on with Ma?! She's so horny that I can't believe it! This is GREAT! Should I fuck her tits? Right now?! HERE?! With Hillary about to come back in at any time?! Is that what she wants? Hell, she's calling me a "motherfucker!" Does that mean she wants me to fuck her for real too?! This is the best day of my life! AND we're in Hillary's house!

Titfucking her was still too big of a leap for him, especially since he hadn't even taken his shorts off yet. But her words reminded him that there was a lot more going on with her luscious body than just her boobs. Since she was the one helpfully holding her tits up and together now, he finally realized that his hands were free to roam elsewhere as he continued to suckle on a nipple.

He immediately dropped both hands back to her ass, but then didn't stop there. He was getting greedy, and it bothered him that her miniskirt was in the way, so he simply pulled it up in back until it was hanging uselessly above her butt cheeks. Then, with that obstacle removed, he brought his hands back to her bare ass.

She screamed in her own mind, Oh God, NO! Nick, NO! You have me effectively completely naked now, and that makes me too horny! I'm your mother and you're my son, and that makes me even MORE aroused, for some sick reason! We have to stop! I am NOT a slave to pleasure! I have to say no! Out loud!

However, she said all of that only to herself, even though her mouth was free to talk. With what little resistance she had left, she crossed her legs, trying to do her best to keep her pussy hidden from her son's lusty eyes. She was at least reassured that, although her miniskirt was up high in back, it still hung down enough in front so that his hot cock wasn't pressing right against her skin.

In fact, the reason it hadn't pulled up higher in front was that his cockhead was pinning it in place. It was true he was wearing his shorts, but she wasn't sure how long that might last, given the way things were going.

She was so hot and horny that she was actually longing for him to take his shorts off. She was throwing caution to the wind, and she wanted to get her hands directly on his thick cock! But the fact she was his mother gave her just enough restraint to prevent herself from taking the lead with that.

He was panting hard and his heart was pounding even harder, but somehow he managed to speak, and even managed to remember to call her by her safe name. "Maggie, you're so sexy and slutty! Taking off your panties for me in the ice cream parlor! I love it!"

"That was an accid-AAAHHAAAIIIEEE!" She squealed unexpectedly, because while one of his hands was simply kneading one of her ass cheeks in back, his other in front had wandered between her thighs and brushed against some very sensitive areas before reaching the base of her pussy lips.

Her effort to keep her pussy hidden wasn't working out too well. She was suddenly so desperate for air that she almost couldn't think. My son! My dear Nick just touched my bare pussy!

A climax came out of nowhere and hit her hard. She screamed even louder, and then physically folded like a cheap chair, collapsing back onto the bed.

But that didn't provide her any respite. Nick followed her down and wound up lying on top of her. He was overcome with a frenzy of lust, brought on in part by the pheromones of her vaginal lubrication that were filling the air. His mother was so voluptuous and sexy that he could barely breathe, and watching her cum with great pleasure had ripped away what was left of his restraint.

He was so far gone that he was ready for the unthinkable. He unzipped his shorts, pulled them down his legs, and kicked them away. Then, holding his erection with one hand, he kissed his mother's mouth in an effort to stifle her continued wild screaming.

She realized that her pussy was completely exposed to him, since her miniskirt had now come up in front too and was covering her belly button and little else. He was completely on top of her, and she could feel how his shorts had dropped, leaving him effectively naked below the waist. GOOD GOD! He's gonna fuck me! My own son is gonna fuck me, and there's nothing I can do but lie back and take it! And LOVE IT!

Had he been more sexually experienced, he might have struck while the iron was hot and plunged his raging erection into her steaming pussy. But he wasn't. He had vague notions of perhaps doing that at some point someday soon, as scary and incredible as it seemed, but he wasn't in a rush to get there. Frankly, he was still in disbelief that things had gotten this fast, this fast. He was still like that kid in a toy store, only now he wanted his throbbing cock to get in on the fun somehow too.

She whimpered helplessly. Oh God! Dear God! Help me! Hillary, where are you?! Please come back and save me! Stop him from fucking me! I truly don't want things to go THAT far!

He remembered how good it had felt when Maggie had held and squeezed his dick until he'd ejaculated, so he decided that was a very good place to start. She'd been grasping and clawing his back, just like she was getting fucked already, but he took one of her hands and guided it around his body to his erection. He took the lead until her hand firmly held his exposed shaft, and then he let go.

Tears came to Maggie's eyes, but she wasn't sure if they were tears of joy or frustration. Actually, they were a bit of both. "Oh! Nick!" she gasped, as lust and love threatened to overcome her again. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't let go of his exceptionally thick boner.

She thought, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! I'm holding my son's COCK! I really am! Hillary, where are you?! Save me! Even this is too much! And wrong! But it feels SO GOOD! So fucking huge! So THICK! So big and fat! UNNNGH! HNNNG! Gonna... gonna cum again!

Up until that point, Nick hadn't had a good look at his mother's bare pussy, and he still didn't get one since he was right on top of her. But he decided that he wanted to at least give it a good feel, since he knew her miniskirt was completely out of the way, even in front. He resumed kissing her while bringing a hand up her thigh, on the prowl for her slit.

Maggie sucked in her breath as she felt his fingers fumble their way across her nether lips. She could hardly wait to find out what he'd do next. At the same time, without thinking, she started to stroke his cock.

HOLY SHIT! he thought. She's stroking it! She really is! Ma is holding my dick and jacking me off! This is beyond a dream come true! Way beyond the greatest beyond! It feels soooo fucking good! He looked down at his crotch in amazement, literally not believing his eyes.

Maggie was looking there too, through the gap between her big tits. She couldn't believe what she was seeing either, even though she was the one doing the stroking. It was as if she were having an out-of-body experience. Her lusty body had taken over, and her brain had no effective say in the matter. She felt horribly ashamed and kept telling herself, I can't! He's my son! Let go! Let GO!

But she didn't. She kept right on stroking his thick boner, while staring incredulously at her hand.

She thought, Dear God, please! I know this is so wrong. All of it! But just once, for once in my life, I want to completely lose my mind to total ecstasy! I can do this one time, have this one "date" of sorts with my son, and it'll be okay. I can fix the damage later. The pleasure... it's too great! I can't stop! Good God! His cock! So HOT! So HUGE! So ALIVE! I love it! Forgive me, please, but I love it! I want it! I want to hold it and stroke it! Even suck it! Fucking hell, did I just say that?! I need to make him cum, and fast, before I do something crazy like that!

She began stroking him with more deliberate intention, trying to make him cum fast. She and Andy used to have a good sex life, and she definitely knew her way around a penis. She focused on rubbing his frenulum, his "sweet spot," knowing that would make him cum the fastest.

Nick was off in la-la land. He literally couldn't believe his "lying eyes," or the intense physical pleasure radiating from his cock. It was inconceivable this could be happening, but it was! He was zooming up towards a big orgasm, and fast.

But less than a minute after she'd started jacking him off, there was a knock on the door.

It was Hillary. She knocked harder. "Howdy! How are you two doing in there? Are you still decent?" She added with a chuckle, "Are you still alive? I've heard a lot of serious moaning."

Maggie panicked. "NO!" she yelled. She immediately let go of Nick's pulsing boner and pushed herself off and away from him. Not only did she worry about being seen naked by Hillary, but she had a particular concern about Hillary seeing her brown bush, since it didn't match the dyed-blonde hair on her head.

She started to put her clothes back in order, only to find out she didn't really have anything to put back on since her underwear was long gone. She pulled her miniskirt back down, but that was all she could do. She looked around frantically for her top but didn't see it. Then she remembered that it had been ripped almost in two, so finding it was pretty much pointless anyway.

Nick was also panicking. He found his shorts on the bed, pulled them back up, stuffed his erection inside, and zipped up. His shirt was still on, so there were no worries there. Looking at his mother, he didn't see what else they could do to make themselves any more decent, even though she was still topless, so he said loudly, "It's okay now. You can come in."

Maggie had her arms across her huge hooters as she sat back up on the bed. She was blushing furiously, finding little consolation in the fact that her hands were covering her erect nipples.

The first thing Hillary noticed when she walked in was Maggie's toplessness. Being bisexual, she absolutely loved what she was seeing of Maggie's round, nicely-tanned big tits, and she looked forward to seeing more. Maggie's hands didn't cover much. But she just smiled and acted like it was no big deal, since she didn't want to scare her off.

Then she took a look around, saw Nick looking flushed and horny, and smiled even wider. She also noticed the outrageous bulge in his shorts. She asked him, "So, what do you think of the music?"

"Music?" Nick asked in confusion.

Hillary laughed. "Yeah. The Floyd I'm playing at a pretty loud volume. That music." She giggled some more.

"Oh." He'd been so focused on his mother and her amazing body that he'd completely forgotten about the bootleg concert. Now he finally noticed Pink Floyd was still playing "Sheep", the first song on the "Animals" album (but admittedly, a very long song, especially when stretched out in concert). He grinned. "THAT music. Yeah. It's pretty good."

Hillary grinned back. "All ten seconds that you've paid attention to it just now, I'll bet. But don't worry. If I were you, I'd rather be smooching and rolling around in bed too. By the way, Maggie, I'm very pleased to see you topless. Don't take that in the wrong way, 'cos, you see, I'm a bit of a nudist. It's probably my hippie parents corrupting me with their sinful, evil, communistic ways yet again, but I love it just the same." She laughed at her sarcastic comment.

Nick thought, Hillary is a secret NUDIST?! Pinch me, I MUST be dreaming!

She asked Maggie, "Do you mind if I join you and take my top off too?" She chuckled as she added, "I'm not going to ask Nick, because I have a feeling he won't mind."

Nick's jaw dropped, he was so in shock. Oh God! Too much! Maybe I died and this is Heaven?!

Maggie was also staggered by Hillary's words. It wasn't like she was topless on purpose. In fact, there was nothing she would have loved better than to have her top back on, if only it hadn't been ripped apart. She felt like there was some kind of cosmic conspiracy against her. She blushed profusely at her predicament.

But, on the other hand, she loved essentially being a teenager again. Not only that, she was being treated as a super cool teenager. She figured that Hillary must be even cooler than the "beautiful people" high-school crowd because she rose above them with her smarts and maturity, so Hillary was essentially the coolest of the cool. Yet Hillary wanted to be her friend. That was very heady stuff to Maggie, especially since she'd never had a normal high-school experience, since she'd given birth to Nick at such a young age.

She was having a great time, even without considering all her orgasms and near-constant sexual arousal. She didn't want to ruin that by suddenly being square. Besides, she was about as horny as she could be, although she was desperately (and unsuccessfully) trying to hide that from Hillary. She shuddered to think what might have happened had Hillary come in ten minutes, or even five minutes, later.

She thought, My own son would have fucked me! At the very least, I'd probably have a face full of cum by now. Or maybe a mouthful. Mmmm. Yum!

No. Wait! "Yum?!" What the hell?! I have to resist! Well, at least I kind of have to keep things in check. Gaawwwd, I'm too horny to think! I'm feeling so hot all over, it's like my skin is on fire! It was never this good with Andy. Never! But I can handle it. Being topless a little bit here and there isn't gonna hurt anybody. In fact, if she gets naked maybe Nick will divert his attention from me to her. That can only be good.

Oh yeah! The hand-over plan. How could I forget? This is ideal for that. So I have to agree, if only for that.

She brought her hands to her sides, exposing her huge rack to Hillary's eyes (and Nick's too). "No, I don't mind at all. Go for it."

"Excellent!" She looked back to Nick, and couldn't resist glancing at the bulge in his shorts some more. "Nick, you don't mind, do you?"

He gasped, "Oh, God no! Please do!"

She chuckled. "As I thought." But instead of whipping her T-shirt off, Hillary walked to her closet in search of something.

Nick was loving life so much that he half-seriously worried he'd left the real world and fallen into an erotic Twilight Zone episode. Everything was just too amazing to be believed. He had some hope his "Seinfeld scheme" would bear fruit, but not this much, and not on only the second day of school! He held his breath, hoping and praying that Hillary would take her shirt off.

She came back from the closet with a curious bra in her hand. It wasn't really a bra at all, but a wire frame in the shape of a bra. The only substantial part of it was where it would fit on the undersides of a pair of breasts. It was almost invisible, because even the plastic frame was see-through. She held it up and explained, "When I say topless, I don't count this. I wear this most of the time when I'm home, so I don't get saggy. I'll show you."

Finally, to Nick's great delight, she whipped her Led Zeppelin T-shirt off, and then her bra, until she stood there in nothing but her shorts. She seemed to revel in Nick's attention, letting him get a good long look. She even stood stiffly and thrust her chest out more.

Kill me! Dear God, kill me now! he thought. This is how I want to die, gazing at her! Ma may have the best tits on the planet, but Hillary has the best tits in the entire freakin' UNIVERSE! Needless to say, in his current overexcited state, he didn't remember that the universe included the planet Earth too.

Hillary's boobs were even larger than Maggie's, probably by one cup size. But otherwise they were remarkably similar. They were nicely rounded, with medium-sized nipples that were ideally centered. Just like Maggie's they sat remarkably high and firmly on her chest, almost like they were fake. Most noticeably, they were as fully and richly tanned as the rest of her.

As a wide-eyed Nick sat and stared, he unthinkingly reached to the side and caressed Maggie's nearest boob.

He actually had to do a double-take when he realized Maggie didn't try to stop him or seem to mind that at all. After checking her facial expression, he brought his other hand-over. He began sensuously caressing Maggie's E-cups with both hands while staring shamelessly at Hillary's F-cups.

He looked with concern to Hillary for her reaction, but Hillary just gave him a knowing, devilish grin.

He couldn't believe that either. He was in big-tit heaven!

Still standing topless, Hillary explained to Maggie, "With big breasts like mine, sag is a serious concern." She lifted up a boob slightly and let it bounce. "These special frame bras provide support, so I can run around naked, and FEEL naked, but still get all the support I need. Actually, I see your breasts are nearly the same size as mine. You have a truly fantastic pair of girls, to be honest."

Maggie blushed, but also thrust out her chest with pride as she sat there on the bed. "Thanks. You're just saying that."

"No, I mean it, believe me. Nick is one very lucky guy." She looked down at her see-through frame. "You really should try one of these. They're specially made. Most of these have a black frame, but this one is pretty much transparent."

"I can see that!" Nick said eagerly. Two days into school, and I'm seeing both Hillary AND Ma topless! And at the SAME TIME! AND I'm playing with Ma's! Are you kidding me?! No fuckin' way! I never imagined this could happen, EVER!

Hillary and Maggie laughed at his eagerness. "I know you can," Hillary replied with a sly grin. "Just wait until I put it on. I think it's actually BETTER than total nudity, because it lifts the breasts and thrusts them out."

Nick had a hard time breathing, because his every dream was coming true. He looked over at his mother and her equally impressive body and bare chest. His eyes bugged out as he watched his own fingers roll her nipples. It was like he was watching a great porn film, except he could feel exactly what he was watching.

"Does it really help with sag?" Maggie asked, pretending not to notice the way her son was playing with her soft-yet-firm globes, and especially her nipples. Despite the embarrassment, she was getting a great sexual thrill from his aggressive groping.

"Does it ever!" Hillary replied. "Just look." She stood even stiffer and straighter, like she was a soldier on parade. Her purpose was to show how firm and high her tits stood without the frame, while also deliberately titillating him. "What do you think?"

"They're AWESOME!" Nick exclaimed. He was practically ready to cum in his shorts just from looking at Hillary's bare bosom, not to mention feeling Maggie's at the same time. He especially loved the way they both had nice even tans, yet no tan lines. He hoped that would hold true with their crotches and asses too. A professional centerfold couldn't ask for a better-looking (or bigger) bust.

Hillary laughed. "Not you! I can guess what you think well enough. I was asking Maggie."

"They're AWESOME!" Maggie deliberately aped Nick's words, even to mimicking his voice.

Hillary cracked up, which set her rack jiggling and bouncing wildly.

She knew she had Nick's full attention, and was eager to milk that for all it was worth. By now, she was convinced that he would make a great boyfriend. True, he didn't have outstanding looks, but she'd always been more interested in personality than looks, at least when it came to her boyfriends, as opposed to her girlfriends. She could see he was very well-endowed, and that mattered a lot to her. She genuinely liked him and enjoyed talking to him, now that he was no longer acting so shy.

But most importantly in terms of sexual attraction, she could tell from how he treated Maggie that he was positively bursting with lusty desire. She'd never been kissed the way he kissed Maggie, and she'd never been fondled the way he fondled her, judging from Maggie's intense physical reactions. She didn't want to steal him away from Maggie, but it had been mentioned more than once that they weren't going steady, so she hoped she could come to some mutual agreement where she could date him too somehow.

If Nick had known what she was thinking, he probably would have passed out altogether from too much joy.

Hillary knew he desired her. That was a given, since pretty much the only male schoolmates who didn't want to fuck her were gay. He had been very low key showing his lust, but from the way they'd interacted in the last two school days, she knew for sure he wanted her a lot. But even so, would he lust for her as much as he clearly lusted for Maggie?

For possibly the first time in her life, Hillary worried she was less attractive than another woman. Even Debra didn't wow her the way Maggie did. So she felt she had to do more to increase his desire for her. If she aroused Maggie at the same time, that would a really great thing too.

Hillary's display of her special bra was mostly a thin excuse to show off her enormous breasts to both Nick and Maggie. She cupped the undersides of them and started to lightly heft them, moving them up and down. "See? They're bouncy, but when I let go, they stay up high." She showed off that effect by letting go of them and waiting until their bouncing stopped. Then she resumed playing with them, generally putting on a show that was a tit man's greatest wet dream.

Nick continued fondling Maggie's melons while watching Hillary's with utter fascination. It was almost like he was fondling Hillary by proxy. He knew his cock was making a very lewd and obvious bulge in his shorts, and that there must be a large wet spot where his cockhead was pressing against his shorts, but he didn't care. In fact, he rather hoped Hillary would see how endowed he was.

Even Maggie was transfixed by Hillary's titty show. She found herself panting before long. She wasn't into women, or at least had never been before, but any human with a pulse couldn't help but be awe-inspired at Hillary's muscular yet very feminine and voluptuous body. Plus, Nick's tit play was driving her wild as it had earlier, even though he was mostly avoiding her nipples and just holding and squeezing her breasts from the sides and below.

Hillary relished the attention. But finally she ran out of plausible excuses to stand there and play with herself, so she ended up putting on the strange bra frame.

Nick was having a hard time just remembering to breathe. He thought his heart would burst from his chest at any moment. Either that, or his dick would burst through his shorts. It seemed like a race to see which would happen first. He knew that even the slightest brush against his bulge was bound to make him cum.

Hillary stood in just her shorts while she showed off the bra frame. That was really merely another excuse to keep her huge tits the center of attention. She said, "You see how it holds them up and even pushes them forward? It's both functional and sexy!"

She squeezed a hand through her cleavage, showing off how her great globes were pressing together.

Maggie was like Nick and completely forgot to speak or even breathe for some long moments. God, I hope my body is half as sexy as Hillary's! No wonder Nick has been lusting after her so much! And she seems a genuinely nice person too. The miracle is that this faux girlfriend plan is actually working, and has put us in her bedroom!

Then she belatedly said, "What a great invention. That IS better. Oh my goodness. Hillary, you look SO sexy in that! In a way, it's even sexier than before."

"Thanks!" Hillary proudly thrust her effectively-bare chest out even more.

Nick just about passed out. He couldn't believe any woman could look so impossibly sexy. His mother had been his idealized sexual object, completely off the scale. But he had to admit that Hillary was completely off the scale too. He was so staggered that he momentarily forgot to keep playing with Maggie's tits.

He thought, Hot damn! How is it Hillary doesn't just tip forward and fall down from the weight of all that tit-flesh? Especially when she's standing stiffly like that! And it's not just her chest that blows my mind. She's sexy all over! Especially her tummy, wide hips, and long, athletic legs. I could stare at her all day!

Hillary directed a sultry stare at him that just about bowled him over. "How do you like it, Nick?"

"I'm... I'm speechless!"

Hillary laughed, which set her breasts jiggling again, frame or no frame. "Safe answer. Actually, I wouldn't mind at all if you wanted to check 'em out with your hands too, but I can't do that if you have a serious girlfriend."

She suddenly grew sober and serious. "Oops, I'm getting way too flirty here. I'm terribly sorry, Maggie. I'll go put my shirt back on."

"No you will NOT!" Maggie exclaimed forcefully.

Nick looked at Maggie with surprise. His gaze went to her passionate face, and then drifted down to her bare chest. Oh man! Total titty awesomeness everywhere! How did I forget that I'm actually holding these puppies?! He moved his hands up to pull on her nipples some more.

Maggie was very glad to hear Hillary's flirty words. She was positively scared at how much she loved Nick's "magic" touch and his kiss, and she was even more scared at her complete loss of willpower with him. She saw Hillary's statement as the golden opportunity to start the hand-over process that Nick had whispered about, which had gotten her here in the first place.

She explained her outburst in a calmer tone. "Actually, I think I mentioned this back at the Ben and Jerry's store, but just to make sure you know, Nick and I aren't in an exclusive relationship."

"Nick told me that earlier," Hillary conceded, as she still stood there in just her frame bra and shorts. "But I kind of forgot about that, because, well, you two are so passionate with each other. I mean, technically, maybe you aren't officially committed for some reason, but aren't you pretty serious anyway?"

"Sit down." Maggie motioned for Hillary to sit in a nearby chair, and Hillary did. "Let me explain. Yes, it's true that we're passionate with each other" - she looked down significantly at Nick's fingers still tugging her nipples - "but it's also true that I want Nick to date other people."

Hillary was very surprised to hear that, not to mention greatly encouraged. "What?! Just Nick!?"

"Just Nick."

"That's not fair. What about you?"

"I've been around the block more than a few times, if you know what I mean," Maggie said with a knowing smile. "But Nick, he..." She stopped, and looked at Hillary searchingly. She asked her, "Can you keep a secret, and I mean a complete secret? Can I have your complete confidence?"

Hillary nodded. "Yes, of course. I know you've only just met me, but Nick's known me a long time, even though we were just casual acquaintances. I think though, Nick, that you know me well enough to know I'm not the kind of person to make a promise like that and then not keep it."

Nick didn't really know where Maggie was going with this, since she was acting on her own inspiration. But he did feel that Hillary was a good and trustworthy person. He said, "Go ahead. Hillary can definitely be trusted."

Maggie nodded. "Good."

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Johnny Galt, lew54321, GWB, BDGV, and Ecchi Spud