Chapter 5: Forgotten Music (Tuesday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

Copyright © 2014 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Nick had a feeling that this conversation could take a while, and it didn't sound like he needed to verbally participate much, plus he had his own centerfold-worthy MILF within reach. So he repositioned to angle himself towards her. He kissed his way up her neck while still fondling her enormous tits.

Maggie swatted in his general direction, like he was an annoying fly, but that didn't dissuade him at all. In fact, the wide smile on her face showed how much she was enjoying his attention. She said to Hillary, "You see, up until he met me, Nick was a virgin. And I do mean a complete virgin. He'd never even kissed a girl. You had some idea how shy he used to be, right?"


"You're right that he and I have a special thing going. Now that he's discovered how great sex is, it's only natural for him to want to sow his wild oats. It wouldn't be right for me to hold him back. I'm actually insisting that if he wants to keep going out with me, he has to date other girls!"

That hit both Nick and Hillary like a thunderbolt. The sexual tension in the room doubled in an instant, because Nick most definitely wanted to date Hillary, and at some point at the ice cream shop Hillary decided she would leap at a chance to date him too. She actually was dating a sexy girl already, but she had an arrangement that allowed her to date a guy at the same time if she wanted to.

"But you're so beautiful," Hillary complained, playing the devil's advocate while also trying to figure things out. "Any boy is gonna jump through a million hoops just to stay with you, because you're special."

"Well, Nick is pretty damn special too," Maggie replied, still trying to pretend he wasn't licking and kissing her neck while freely running his hands all over her hips, tummy, and especially her tits. "He may not look like Brad Pitt, but just wait until he makes love to you, and then you'll know what I mean."

After Maggie said that, she realized that she'd basically implied that it was okay if Nick went all the way with Hillary. She'd just been running with inspired bullshit, but she decided it was for the better if she gave that impression. After all, her goal was to hand him off, and maybe if that could happen she'd be able to quickly and easily get herself out of the crazy sexual situation that she'd found herself in.

Hillary raised an eyebrow, seemingly looking at Nick in a new light. She said, "I can believe you, if he makes love as good as it looks like he kisses."

"Oh, he does," Maggie said, even though she obviously had no experience about how well he could fuck. But she realized that Hillary's comment was spot on. The odds were, if he could kiss and fondle as well as he did, especially with no training or experience at all, he'd probably be a devastating naturally-talented fucker as well.

Maggie's nipples were already hard, but they perked up and poked out a little more as she contemplated that.

Hillary's nipples had also risen to attention some time earlier, which was something that the other two could see very clearly, thanks to her see-through bra that hardly covered anything in the first place. She looked at Nick with renewed interest, and even hunger.

Then Maggie dropped a bomb. "Hillary, let him kiss you and play with those amazing breasts of yours. You won't regret it."

Hillary's eyes grew wide. She looked surprised, but also very excited by the suggestion. Then she stood up and rushed out of the room. "Sorry!" she yelled as she went. "Hold that thought! I've got to make a phone call first!"

Nick pulled back in confusion. Maggie and Nick were left staring at each other, puzzling over that.

"Well, that was weird," Nick said. Then it occurred to him that his mother was sitting topless right next to him, and nearly bottomless too, since she hadn't managed to pull her miniskirt down all the way, and it just barely came down enough to cover her pussy. He realized an opportunity like this might not come again soon, so he had to do more to take full advantage.

Without saying anything, he simply swept her up in his arms and kissed her on the lips.

By the time Maggie took a breath to recover, he had both his hands working on her nipples again. The soulful kiss went on and on.

No, not the nipples! she thought. But her protests were exceedingly weak this time, almost pro forma. And, of course, such protests were only in her mind, so they didn't discourage Nick at all. Within seconds, she was panting and purring and kissing back with a fervor.

He thought, I love Ma's nipples! It's like she's a stereo, and these are the volume knobs. It's almost like I just have to turn them a bit and she goes from the "normal" setting to the "horny" setting, then to the "super horny" setting. I think I'm gonna put her back on "super horny!" He chuckled to himself.

Maggie tried to will herself to not let things go too far. She was so horny that her thoughts were mainly on Nick's thick dick and how good it had felt to stroke it before Hillary had come back in. I can handle this! Let him play with my nipples and kiss me all day long. See if I care. The main thing is, I have to keep my hands off his big cock. I'm his mother, after all! It just won't do for me to jack off that big, fat, incredible cock, so thick and hot in my hands...

That's what I'm NOT going to do! I'm NOT going to hold it, and stroke it, and love it, and feel its magnificent thickness sliding in my hands, all slick and wet with pre-cum. No! I'm too horny and I can't control myself! I'm his mother, and he's my son, goddammit!

But because of that mental focus, her hands suddenly lurched towards his crotch. She stopped herself just in time, and grasped his thighs instead. What am I doing? I need to show some control! I know I can make it through this extreme temptation. I'm not helpless. I need to prove my strength to myself! My willpower! I'll just take his dick out and hold it for a moment, and then put it back. That'll prove that I can overcome any thick-cocked temptation. He needs to understand that I'm NOT cock-crazy! I CAN resist!

Even as she was thinking all this, her hands were sliding up his thighs. Soon one hand rested on his bulge, and she began stroking it through his shorts. Her other hand went to his zipper and started pulling it down.

Nick was amazed to see her doing this of her own free will. His hope had been to get her so horny with the kissing that he'd coax her into playing with his erection some more, but she'd actually beaten him to it. It was such a thrill that he worried he would shoot off at any second, even before she started actively stimulating his throbbing boner.

But once she had her hand on his dick, he certainly wasn't going to ask her to remove it! He figured that if he came, he came. He was so insanely aroused that he was sure he'd be hard again in minutes anyway. It was only the problem of making a sticky mess in Hillary's room that concerned him, and even that didn't bother him much at that point.

Maggie had a vague plan of her own to prove that she could restrain herself by merely gripping his bare cock, after getting his annoying shorts out of the way. However, Nick was already kissing his way down her cleavage. Once he started doing that, she was so overwhelmed that she just kept holding and lightly squeezing his dick through his shorts, delaying her plans to hold it in the flesh.

As she did that, she thought, FUUUUUCK! This feels soooooo incredible! Gaawwwd! It's like a super cock! I've been good. I'm working on the hand-over plan. I came up with some pretty inspired bullshit, if I do say so myself. I deserve a little reward. If the hand-over happens soon, this could be my last chance to play with his cock! I touched it through his shorts already, so really I'm not doing anything that I didn't do already. Just more of it!

Her rhythmic squeezing was just enough stimulation to drive him half-insane. Having his shorts in the way was actually a positive thing, because it kept him a hair away from being so out-of-control-horny that he climaxed too soon.

Hillary returned only a couple of minutes later, in time to see Nick slowly turning Maggie into a quivering pile of goo. She took a good long look at Nick and Maggie, and the way Nick was French kissing and running his hands all over Maggie's bare boobs, with Maggie's miniskirt up around her belly button and covering absolutely nothing. Most importantly, she saw the way Maggie was stroking his bulge through his shorts.

She bit her lip and practically swooned. She didn't know who aroused her more at this point, Nick or Maggie, but seeing them get it on together was like a double blast of pure lust.

She laughed out loud, getting their attention. "I should have figured. Is he always like that?"

Maggie quickly took her hand off her son's crotch. She knew that Hillary must have noticed the way she was jacking him off through his shorts, and she found that very embarrassing. But other than that, she found herself surprisingly unbothered by the compromised position Hillary had found her in.

She broke the kiss, but she didn't try to push Nick's eager hands away from his relentless nipple play. "Pretty much, yeah," she replied with a naughty smile.

She didn't really know if that answer was true, since this afternoon was the only time she'd been intimate with him (not counting the "fake" kiss they'd shared the day before). But she could guess well enough that it was an accurate answer. Her shy son was turning out to be a natural horn dog with a great sexual appetite.

She sat back on her hands, giving Nick even better access to her huge rack, not to mention the rest of her stunning body. That exposed her pussy, including her suspiciously brown bush, but she was too high on lust to think about that or care. "Who was it that you called?" she asked Hillary.

Nick resumed suckling on one of her nipples while tugging on the other.

Hillary had been gawking at Maggie's beauty, but that snapped her back. "Oh. Yeah. That was, uh, Anushka. It's confession time. Anushka's my girlfriend."

"Oh?" Maggie asked. She couldn't understand why Hillary thought that was so important, and she was so horny that she wasn't that curious about it, or what that might mean for her possibly dating Nick. She was reveling in what Nick was doing to the point that she had trouble thinking about anything else. She was tripping on extreme lust. She wondered how long it would take before she'd cum again from his nipple play alone.

As Hillary sat there in just her frame bra and shorts, she explained, "I mean, Anushka and I are intimate with each other, and pretty serious. Does it surprise either of you that I'm bisexual?"

Nick was surrounded by two beautiful bodies, but in different directions. He had no idea where to look, so his eyes kept bouncing back and forth. He ended up staring at Hillary's rack while he played with Maggie's. He pulled his lips off Maggie's nearest nipple to reply, "I've known that for a long time. You've never tried to hide it. Heck, I believe I've even mentioned it to Maggie before."

"Yeah, you did," Maggie said. Those were her words, but the sexy, breathless way she said them made it seem like she was really saying, "Keep playing with my tits, you glorious stud!"

Hillary seemed almost disappointed that they weren't surprised. "Well, then, I guess you know. Does it bother you?"

"Are you kidding me?" Nick asked. "I think it's hot!"

Maggie breathed, "Ditto!" She giggled when she realized that she'd agreed that being bisexual was hot. She pictured Hillary standing naked, which wasn't at all hard to do - she only had to look Hillary's way and mentally remove the shorts. Then she pictured Hillary kissing an equally hot and centerfold-worthy naked girl.

Yeah, she concluded to herself as she giggled some more. I'm straight, but that's pretty damn hot anyway! Nick has great taste in girls, that's for sure!

Again, Hillary almost seemed disappointed that they weren't scandalized. But she continued, "Anyway, like I said, that was Anushka I was calling. We have kind of an arrangement. She knows I'm bisexual, and so I have certain desires that she can't fulfill. If I want to do something with a guy, like date him, I call her first, to make sure she's okay with it."

Nick asked, eagerly, "So what did she say?"

"Wouldn't you like to know!" Hillary laughed good-naturedly, which set off a jiggle-quake in her massive rack despite the see-through frame that was providing some support. But realizing that he was about to burst in frustration, she added, "If you really want to know, why don't you come here and kiss me and I'll tell you. That is, if you can tear yourself away from Maggie for a minute."

He took a look at Maggie, who gave him an 'okay' nod. He eagerly leapt from the bed. NO WAY! No fuckin' way! Talk about a GOOD DAY!

"Wait a minute," Hillary said. "This bra is good for support most of the time, but now I want your hands supporting me instead." She quickly undid her frame bra and tossed it aside.

Then, with a sexy smirk, she added, "Oh, and let's get rid of these too." She bent over and pulled her shorts down her legs. She stepped out of them and tossed them aside. That left her in just a pair of white panties, which went up over her hips.

Nick had another "pinch me, I'm dreaming" moment. If he was a betting man, that morning he would have bet that the odds were better than even that he would never ever get a chance to French kiss Hillary, even with his clever fake girlfriend scheme working for him. But now it was going to happen already, and while she was practically standing naked!

It was all so incredible and overwhelming that, as Nick found himself standing in front of Hillary, he grew shy all over again. Even after everything he had done with his mother, somehow it was different with Hillary. It was scary! She'd had lots of boyfriends and girlfriends. How would his kissing efforts compare to all that? True, he'd had a lot of kissing practice with Maggie this afternoon, but he still was a total beginner for all practical purposes.

Besides, he was so close to cumming that he worried he'd shoot off in his shorts as soon as he touched her. He knew that wouldn't make a good impression, to say the least.

Luckily, Hillary sensed his shyness and took mercy on him. She stepped forward, wrapped both arms around him, and put her lips on his. Her huge breasts pressed into his T-shirt.

Nick didn't get over his shyness immediately. He opened his mouth to let her tongue in, but he was too paralyzed do to any more. He was terribly afraid that he wasn't going to live up to her expectations.

But just as luckily again, Hillary wasn't content to stop there. She was so horny from watching Nick and Maggie go at it that she was willing to cut him a lot of slack. Having seen that he was a tit man, she brought his hands up to her chest. She let go, and hoped he'd got the hint that her F-cups were his for the taking.

Then, just for good measure, she pulled his T-shirt up to his armpits.

The feel of her soft, round breasts pressing directly into his skin was out of this world! He felt goose bumps all over! That gave him another jolt of lusty energy that all but forced him into action.

His hands were hesitant, but not for long. He cupped her globes from their undersides, and hefted them, weighing them in his hands even as their unexceptional kiss continued. Holy Hell! These things are freakin' enormous! They really are even bigger than Ma's! My hands are dwarfed by these, these... small watermelons! Wow! Awesome!

His excitement grew so much that he simply forgot to be shy, and that excitement quickly reached his lips. Within seconds, he was kissing her back with great inspiration. Luckily, he didn't climax since his erection wasn't in direct contact with any part of her body, letting him slowly retreat from the precipice of orgasm. That allowed him to relax and go with the flow more than before.

Hillary was pleased by his passionate efforts, so she upped the ante by giving the kiss all she had too.

Maggie still sat up on the bed, closely watching everything. She was shocked by how jealous she felt. Her entire body tingled and even burned with sexual need. She had grown used to Nick fondling and caressing her everywhere but her pussy mound, and she longed for his touch.

She had to tell herself, This is what being a responsible mother is all about. My sexual lust means nothing. Less than nothing. The only thing that matters here is the hand-over. This is what we've worked for, ever since he first proposed his crazy scheme. It's working! It's really working! I should be glad. So why am I so upset?!

But even if I am, I have to push those feelings aside. They belong together. I need to fade away, back to my boring soccer mom life. UGH!

Nick's fingers quickly worked their way up Hillary's perfect orbs until he reached her nipples. He immediately started twisting them, just like he had to such good effect with Maggie. But Hillary's nipples didn't react in the same way. They were almost equally sensitive (which was saying a lot), but they didn't respond well to such vigorous and rough twisting and turning; they needed to be treated more tenderly.

Luckily for him, Hillary wasn't shy in making clear what she liked and didn't like. She brought her hands up and gently but firmly moved his hands away from her nipples and back to her sensitive undersides. She liked what he'd been doing there much better.

Even though his intense lust, he got the picture and made a mental note. He would have to try another approach with her nipples later.

But for her, the main focus was on the kiss. She'd been very intrigued by all the hot kissing she'd seen. In fact, that was the main reason her desire for him had changed so dramatically in such a short time. She was pleasantly surprised to find that his kiss really was as good as she'd hoped it would be.

It was true that he still didn't really know what he was doing when it came to kissing. He was winging it all the way. But his infatuation for Hillary was no passing phase. In fact, even "infatuation" didn't convey the intensity of his feelings. It was more like an all-consuming obsession, though matched by the same feelings for Maggie.

As a result, kissing Hillary was surprisingly easy for him. He just had to let out his feelings for her though his mouth, and some deep seated knowledge on kissing did the rest. It was as if he'd opened the door to a raging hot blast furnace while she was standing nearby. His desire was so powerful that she almost had to step back and break the kiss to try to cope.

But she held on, and even loved it. It was exactly what she'd been hoping for when she saw how he'd repeatedly left Maggie glassy-eyed and breathless. She had no idea just how powerful his feelings for her were, and how long he'd felt that way, but she was starting to at least get an inkling, thanks to his kissing style.

Of course he absolutely loved their fiery lip-lock. But being a tit man, he loved hefting and squeezing her tits even more than the kissing (although it was a close call). Thus he was crushed when she suddenly pulled away.

She saw the crestfallen look on his face and explained, "Sorry, but that was TOO good."

"Too good?" he asked in confusion.

"Too good. You're making me lose control already. I want to go even further, right away, but I can't. Not with your girlfriend, and my girlfriend. It wouldn't be right." She meant all that too. His kissing and fondling made her want to lose all control. She hadn't expected to react that strongly that fast, and she needed time to regroup and reassess.

Maggie completely agreed with the "too good" sentiment. Ha! See? I'm not crazy. It looks like I'm not alone in feeling that way, thank the Lord. He really is some kind of magical man, with magical lips. And this is his first day kissing anyone in passion! My boy is scary good with his natural talent!

She spoke up. "I told you, I'm not really his girlfriend. Think of me as more his friend with benefits."

Hillary laughed and stuck her hands out in front of her. She pretended to heft a big pair of breasts as she joked, "Big benefits."

Maggie laughed too. "Okay, big benefits, true. Especially for an obvious tit maniac like him. Hmmm. What's the obvious distinctive physical feature you and I both share?"

Hillary and Maggie shared another laugh. They both looked down at their own bare chests and then gave delighted naughty smiles in Nick's direction.

He grinned unrepentantly from ear to ear. He was walking on air, since his first kiss with Hillary had clearly been an unqualified success. That put his worry to rest that he wouldn't live up to her high standards due to her previous lovers.

Maggie continued, "That's hardly all there is to my body, by the way, or yours for that matter, but I digress. My point is, feel free to do whatever you want with him, at any time, whether I'm there or not. Anything! Go on a date with him and let him have his way with you. I well and truly mean that. I really do."

"I'm not sure I believe you," Hillary replied, "He's such an incredible lover! I can tell from just that much. There's no way in hell you'd willingly give him up."

Maggie's jealousy burned like a bonfire. But she nonetheless continued to try to help with the hand-over plan. "That's true. But I'm not giving him up. He's going to get curious about other girls sooner or later. It's better if he sows his wild oats now. I can't let myself get truly serious with him if I'm the only lover he's ever had."

Hillary considered that, and it made sense. She said, "Maybe so. But it's a moot point, because Anushka might mind."

Disappointed, Nick sat back on the bed next to his mother.

Maggie was still reeling over how jealous she'd gotten watching him kiss and fondle Hillary. She was even more surprised when that jealousy only drove her arousal to even higher heights. She wanted him, and BAD! She even felt proud about it in a weird way, because after all, that was the entire point of what they were trying to do. His crazy faux girlfriend scheme was already turning out to be quite clever and successful.

So she sidled up to him and said in a mock pouty voice, "Awww, look. My little baby is all sad, because he doesn't get to play with the nice girl's big boobies. You'll just have to content yourself with mine."

That definitely perked up his spirits. Before Maggie could say "boo," she found herself on her back on the bed with her son lying on top of her. He kissed her neck as he worked his lips up to hers. He twisted and turned her nipples at the same time, just like he had earlier. It might not have worked well on Hillary, but he knew it drove his mother wild every time.

Her miniskirt had fallen back to cover her pussy while she'd been sitting and watching, but it wound up around her belly button again when she fell back to the bed. His cock and balls wound up directly over her fully exposed cunt. The only thing stopping them from getting into a fucking position was the fact that he still had his shorts on.

Maggie was almost delirious as she felt the full length of his erection pressing down on her body with only his thin shorts in the way. Oooooh! Oh! Oh, oh, oh! His cock! Such a THICK one! And his kissing and caressing! I'm his mother, but how can I ever give this up?! I don't want to hand him over! I want to drop to my knees and suck his cock like my life depends on it! But it's not what I want. I have to do what's right!

Hillary watched closely and chuckled. "Look, he's doing that to you too. He was twisting my nipples like they were radio dials."

Maggie blushed, but she turned her head and broke the latest kiss to explain, "I don't know about you, but I love it when he does that! He probably thinks that all women are like that, since he's only been with me."

Hillary nodded thoughtfully. "Ah. That's it. I'll have to set him straight the next time he plays with me there. He's a little too... vigorous."

Nick wanted to pump a fist in the air. "Next time?" YES! I love the sound of that! Best day ever!

Hillary asked, "By the way, you two, do you want your privacy? We don't have to listen to this concert, you know."

Both Maggie and Nick had forgotten all about the music again. They couldn't help but hear it, but they hadn't been actively listening to it at all.

"No!" Maggie replied, nearly shouting. "Stay!" She had to break another kiss just to say that much.

Hillary laughed. "Okay, already. But why all the shouting?"

"Uh, it's just, well, if you leave me all alone with this beast, this wild man, your bed will never be the same! For one thing, it'll take weeks for all the puddles of cum to dry."

Hillary chuckled some more.

But Nick thought, Geez, Ma, you're laying it on a little too thick there. She's gonna think I'm some kind of sexual superman, and how can I live up to that? To Hillary, he said, "She exaggerates. A lot." Then he locked lips with his mother some more.

"It's good to know she thinks that highly of you, just the same," Hillary pointed out. After a pause, she added, "If I do stay, you two need to tone it down a notch though, okay? I can't tear my eyes off you two, and I'm getting way too horny just from watching. If you don't chill out a bit, I'm afraid I'm going to have to dive right in and join you."

Nick thought, And that would be so terrible, wouldn't it? NOT! That would be fuckin' totally awesome! What would that even mean?! Taking turns kissing them? Or more?! But I guess even this super day can't be that great. That much awesomeness would probably kill me!

Maggie also was very turned on by the "dive right in and join you" comment. She'd never had any powerful lesbian feelings before, but Hillary was so gorgeous that she couldn't help but be affected. Besides, more than that, she was reveling in throwing all her normal morality aside as simply letting her raging libido take over. From that perspective, thinking about Nick fondling and kissing her and Hillary felt even more naughty and wrong, and thus even more exciting and tempting.

For better or worse, things did settle down somewhat, thanks to Hillary's request for them to "tone it down a notch." At least that let him avoid cumming again when he'd again been on the verge.

Hillary joined them on the bed, but not in a directly sexual way. It was such a big bed that there was room for her without a chance of accidental contact. She reduced that possibility even further by strategically placing some pillows between herself and them. Then she kicked back on still more pillows, and relaxed and listened to the music.

At least, that was ostensibly what she was doing. In fact, she propped up her head and upper torso, giving her a great view of what Nick and Maggie were doing to each other from only a couple of feet away. She couldn't help but look, and then keep watching.

The three of them returned to just talking. That prevented Nick and Maggie from kissing each other very much, and the lack of kissing helped keep their slow-boil lust from spiraling out of control. But Nick was endlessly fascinated with Maggie's body. He'd been lusting after her for years, though never been able to touch her except for familial hugs. He took the opportunity to explore just about every inch of her body, except for the area that she was protecting right around her pussy.

She didn't mind her ass being exposed and fondled; in fact she loved it. She even let him keep her miniskirt hiked up above it. But she tried to keep her miniskirt down over her pussy to indicate that was a no-go area. However, her miniskirt had a tendency to ride up to the narrow of her waist, giving him frequent glimpses of her very wet pussy and her dark brown bush. Sometimes, it would take a few minutes before she'd see him looking and tug her miniskirt back down again.

She knew this meant that Hillary had to have noticed the fact that her brown bush didn't match the blonde hair on her head. But although Hillary had noticed a while ago already, she was discreet and sensitive, so didn't say a word about it.

Maggie was prevented from similarly exploring Nick's body as freely, because he was still wearing his T-shirt and shorts. She could have easily removed at least his shirt, but she didn't because she was content to be the center of his attention. Besides, she felt the fact that he was still clothed helped keep things more or less under control.

However, she liked what Hillary had done, pulling his shirt up to his armpits while making out with him, and she subtly let his shirt ride up his body until it was that high on him again. She much preferred feeling her bare and slightly sweaty tits rubbing and even sliding against his bare skin. Thanks to things like that, she was having the best sexual experience of her life, even though it was a far cry from a serious sex act like fucking.

At one point, she decided, You know what? As long as things stay like this, I give up. I'm not going to fight it. I'm Maggie! I'm not his mother, or anybody's mother. I'm a cool college student hanging out with my awesome boyfriend. I'm having a hell of a great time, and I have to admit that the way Nick is fondling me and kissing me is a big part of it. I might as well enjoy this afternoon to its fullest, because it can never happen again.

That new attitude helped her relax and enjoy herself even more.

Somehow, despite Nick's constant fondling, the three of them had no trouble keeping an active discussion going. Sometimes, they even managed to appreciate the Pink Floyd music as well, but only incidentally.

Not surprisingly, their discussion was mostly about sexual matters, because sex was on all of their minds.

At one point, Nick complained, "Man, I'm so mad at myself."

"Why's that?" Hillary asked.

"Because I had my big chance to make out with you, and it was beyond great. But you were standing there in just your panties, and I didn't touch your incredible ass even once!"

Hillary laughed. "Hmmm. That is your loss. Such is the tragic life of the boob-obsessed horndog!" She laughed some more.

Maggie joked, "I'm surprised he even knows women HAVE asses." Even as she said that, he was lying by her side, but with his head at her chest level. That allowed him to hold and lick her left tit while caressing her right tit. She merely had a hand running through his hair, basking in the pleasure of his titty focus.

Hillary said to him, "Hey, don't sweat it too much. I AM going to kiss you some more, unless your girlfriend or my girlfriend expressly forbids it. Or I should say you kiss me, since you're like a kissing tornado! And I'll make sure you don't miss my ass next time."

A naughty thought popped into her head. "In fact, do you mind if I adjust the volume?"

The Pink Floyd bootleg was so forgotten, even though it was playing fairly loudly, that Nick had to take a few moments to even remember what she was talking about. He muttered, "Um, sure."

She got up off the bed and walked towards her stereo. As she went, she made she to brush a leg against his foot dangling off the bed, so he'd pay attention.

Once she glanced back and saw him looking, she continued to the stereo, sashaying with the slowest, sexiest walk, she could possibly conjure.

"Oh, man!" He groaned erotically. His interest was so great that he sat up, temporarily forgetting about his tit-licking and fondling.

Hillary didn't actually want to change the settings on the stereo; she just wanted an excuse to show off. She bent over outrageously, at a stiff 90-degree angle. The room wasn't that wide, so she knew that would give the others a very good look at her ass. She was equally interested in titillating both of them.

As she maintained that pose, she muttered, "Let's see... What am I doing here?" She reached back to her ass and started tugging on her panties. "When I have trouble thinking, I tend to pull my panties off!"

He sat up straighter, and even leaned forward. "OH! Oh man! Man oh man oh man!"

His heart thumped hard while Hillary slowly pulled her white panties down her ass, inch by inch by inch. She really knew how to put on a sexy show. She spread her legs wider too.

Maggie sat up in alarm. Her jealousy was like an inferno raging out of control. She saw that Hillary's panties only had another inch or two to go before she started to expose her pussy.

Hillary glanced back over her shoulder to see how the others were taking this, as well as to draw out the titillating moment. She saw that Nick was practically drooling, just as she'd hoped. But Maggie was slightly behind him and waving her hands in concern, clearly trying to get her to stop before exposing herself any more.

Hillary had been getting carried away by the moment. She realized it was probably smart to stop anyway, at least until the confusing situation of what she was allowed to do with him had more clarity.

Knowing that Nick hadn't seen Maggie's furtive waving, she slowly stood back up, while leaving her panties as they were, exposing most of her ass crack and just barely covering all of her pussy.

She turned around and sashayed back to the bed, making sure to emphasize her tit wobbling with subtle shoulder rolls as she did so. Once she was sitting back where she was before, she said, "There! Doesn't the music sound better now?"

"Totally!" Nick exclaimed with great enthusiasm.

All three of them shared a good laugh.

Maggie's secret signal not to go further left Hillary even more confused about Maggie's true feelings. She decided to play it cool for a while, at least relatively speaking.

Several minutes passed without anyone saying anything. Nick went back to playing with Maggie's great tits, and even suckling on her nipples from time to time. But he was generally slow and lazy with his attentions, helping to keep things from getting too overheated.

Once they'd all relaxed more due to the silence and relative lack of action, Hillary suggested, "Let's play kiss and tell."

"Oh no!" Maggie replied. She was content that she'd reached a happy place with a constant erotic high, but she could see a game like that spinning completely out of control.

"Don't worry," Hillary replied. "This is the mellow version. Nick kisses you, and then you tell a sexy story."

"Oh. I can do that." She giggled like a schoolgirl, totally high on life. After yet more necking with her son, she told an extremely arousing, yet totally fabricated, story about how she'd jacked off Nick in a public library, running a great risk of getting caught.

Handjobs were definitely on Maggie's mind during and after that story, leading her to want to stroke her son's cock. But she found it fairly easy to resist doing that. It wasn't so much because she was Nick's mother, since she was falling into the mindset of being "Maggie" for the afternoon and not "Margaret." But Hillary was there and sitting up enough to observe everything, and Maggie was too embarrassed to do that in front of her.

Although her story was made-up, it was a great fantasy. Most importantly, Hillary had no reason to even suspect that it was fake. As far as she knew, Maggie really had given Nick a handjob in a library. That further cemented her feeling that both of them were sexually adventurous and fun, and exactly the sort of people she wanted to get intimate with.

After Maggie finished her arousing story, and then shared another long French kiss with her son, she said, "Okay, Hillary, your turn."

Hillary grinned mischievously. "But I don't have anyone to kiss for the kiss part."

Not surprisingly, Nick said, "I volunteer!"

Hillary chuckled. "Okay! That is... if it's okay with you, Maggie?" She was seriously hankering to neck with Nick some more. She felt she could handle it despite being overwhelmed earlier, thanks in large part to the much more mellow overall mood. But she wanted to make doubly sure of everything, after Maggie's mixed signals.

Maggie stated emphatically, "It's VERY okay! I keep telling you. Actually, I look forward to seeing it. It'll be hot!" To her surprise, she found that she meant those words, even though she felt another surge of jealousy.

Nick joked, "It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it!"

Still, Hillary wanted to be cautious. She asked Maggie, "But... there are limits of what you want me to do with him, right?"

Maggie replied, "Sure. In case you haven't noticed, I've been making clear to him in various ways not to touch my pussy or anywhere around there, because once he does... phew! All bets are off!" She chuckled knowingly, as if he'd fucked her brains out many times. "So, since you're waiting to hear from Anushka on something apparently, that's probably a good line to draw with you too."

Hillary nodded. "Ah. Okay." Maggie's furtive hand waving to keep her pussy covered made complete sense to her now. That was ironic, since Maggie's excuse was an after the fact justification to cover for her surge of jealousy.

Nick spoke up. "I can stick to that with both of you, no problem. But, uh, Maggie, you don't need to keep tugging your miniskirt down. I get that area's off limits, doubly so now that you said it out loud. I promise I won't touch you there, no matter what."

"Really?" Maggie asked uncertainly.


"Well... if that's the case, you might as well take the damn miniskirt all the way off me then. It's just a bother."

He wanted to ask "Are you serious?!" But he played it cool, even though his jaw dropped and he was tripping out with shock and lust. He finally managed to mutter, "Um, cool."

Maggie rolled over and spread her legs slightly. She waited expectantly.

While sitting to her side, he carefully but steadily pulled her miniskirt down. She had to lift herself up to slight to help it go below her ass.

Hillary was watching from across her pillows, and almost drooling. She exclaimed, "Nick! You fool!"

"What?" he asked in confusion.

"Don't just pull her miniskirt off, you bozo. Take full advantage! Your girl has a PERFECT ass! And she's serving it up to you on a platter! Give it a good feel! And explore her legs too!"

He looked back and forth between his mother's bare ass, totally free of any tan lines or even lighter skinned areas, and then back to Hillary sitting up and showing off her massive F-cups. He said, "I'd want to, but I don't want to keep you waiting with the kissing and storytelling."

"That's sweet," Hillary said, "but it's okay. In fact, it would make a lot more sense if I tell a story first, and THEN you reward me with a kiss or two if you like it. That way, you can take your time stripping your girlfriend completely naked!"

His head spun with excitement and sheer lust. "Okay! It's a deal!"

Hillary's words hit Maggie like a hammer. I'm his "girlfriend," my son's girlfriend! This isn't pretending! He really IS stripping me completely naked! He already had my last vestige of clothing below my ass! This is SO NUTS! But... it's also part of the hand-off process. I'm getting Hillary hotter and hotter for him, I know I am. So, in a way, I'm taking a hit for the team.

That was a fairly pathetic justification, but it was the best Maggie could come up with. In truth, her lust was in control and she was letting lust rule.

Somewhat surprisingly, Nick pulled Maggie's miniskirt all the way off less than a minute later. That would have been a big disappointment to both Maggie and Hillary, since Hillary wanted to see him play with Maggie's ass so much that she was willing to wait for her next necking session.

Happily for all, that was just the start for him. He ended up down by her feet, so he began caressing her feet and ankles, making it clear that he was going to gradually work his way up her legs while Hillary told her story.

So Hillary told her story. It was about how she and Anushka had also played with each other in a public library. Unlike Maggie's story, it actually was true. Hillary and Anushka had gone to a local college library to get some specialty books to read over the summer. The library was very large, with many areas that were almost never frequented. They had started getting frisky with each other while looking for their books. But eventually they got so worked up that they found an unoccupied study room, locked the door, and got it on.

Hillary went in great detail about the lesbian love-making that happened there. In so doing, she dropped some revealing details about Anushka, such as the fact that she was ethnically Indian, extremely gorgeous, and also extremely well-endowed in the chest. In fact, she hinted that Anushka's breasts were even larger than her own, a fact both Nick and Maggie found hard to believe.

All the while that story went on, Nick gradually worked his way up Maggie's legs, almost massaging her as much as caressing her.

She spread her legs wider and wider as she both relaxed and grew more aroused. That left her pussy in full view for Nick's gaze, though not Hillary's, due to the angle. She knew full well what she was showing, but it only made her feel more liberated and horny.

As much as he loved fondling all of her legs for the first time, he didn't take as much time on that as he otherwise would have, since he was in a bit of a rush to get to her ass. For most of Hillary's story, he caressed, explored, and kneaded his mother's ass cheeks while she laid there face down. Sometimes, she would turn to her side to look at Hillary talk. When she did that, he often brought a hand up to her chest to play with her tits some too.

All in all, he was keeping his mother in constant erotic bliss without ever quite bringing her over the orgasmic edge.

Maggie wished the time like that would never, ever end. She especially reveled in her total nudity. She'd never felt so wanton and wicked, and she was getting addicted to it, like it was the world's most intoxicating drug.

On top of that, Maggie found herself curiously aroused by Hillary's lesbian story. Even though she'd never taken part in any lesbian activity whatsoever, all she had to do was put herself in Hillary's shoes in the story and Nick in Anushka's shoes. Most of the talk was of kissing and fondling, so that worked in her version too.

But sometimes, as the story went on, Hillary talked about things that only two women could do together, such as rubbing their massive racks together, or fingering each other's pussies. That really brought home the fact that Hillary actually was bisexual. But Maggie was so very horny that even that part of the story greatly aroused her. Since she couldn't imagine Nick in one of the roles, and only knew the vaguest details of Anushka, she increasingly put herself in Anushka's role, which meant she was getting kissed and felt up by Hillary!

That was a really big turn-on for her. She was letting it all hang out.

Nick, like most guys, loved to hear about two extremely gorgeous women getting it on with each other. Since he also didn't know what Anushka looked like, he pictured Hillary with Maggie the entire time. That made it was the most arousing erotic story he'd ever heard or read in his life.

The fact that he got to freely play with all of his mother's naked body except for her pussy sent his lust into the stratosphere. He didn't consciously realize it, but since Hillary was watching his hands pretty much the entire time, she tailored her story more to fit what he was doing to Maggie, or what he could do to her. For instance, she toned down a lot of the pussy play and went into much more detail about ass play.

If she said something like, "Then I pulled her ass cheeks apart and put my face right in her ass crack to kiss and lick it," he could actually do that! And he did!

Finally, Hillary's great story came to an end.

Nick crawled over the "wall" of pillows to Hillary's side of the bed. He French kissed her for a couple of minutes, while also playing with her huge tits. He also ran his hands all over her sleek long legs, her firm tummy, and most of the rest of her.

His only obstacle was the fact she still wore her panties. However, she'd kept those as she'd left them from before, nearly pulled all the way down her ass and only precariously covering her pussy. As a result, and especially after his earlier "ass mistake," he made sure to spend a lot of time fondling and exploring her ass cheeks. That was the very first time he touched her there, but he got extremely familiar with it in a hurry.

He understood that Hillary wanted a less intense kissing experience than his first time with her. So he necked with her like they had hours to spend together, instead of as if he might only have one chance to kiss her in his entire life, which was how he'd acted the first time around.

Hillary adored his pace, and absolutely everything he was doing to her. She too was getting the sense that he had some kind of "magic touch," because even his soft and lingering kisses were in a different league than the kisses she'd shared with her previous boyfriends. Only some of her girlfriends, including Anushka, kissed as well or better than he did.

Furthermore, she took the time to silently teach him how to play with her tits, and especially her nipples. She usually kept his hands over her hands whenever he was focused on her chest instead of her ass, and she would give him approving pats when she liked what he was doing or move his hand a little when she didn't.

It was only a partial lesson, especially since he spent more time with her ass, but he was getting the impression that he had to be much gentler with her tits than with Maggie's. He still couldn't fathom that he was actually in a position where he could make such a comparison!

After maybe five minutes or more, Maggie sat all the way up, to make sure he could see her. She said, "Nick? Sport?"

That got his attention. He broke his latest kiss with Hillary and looked back to his mother.

She held her huge globes from below, caressing them while pushing them together. "I'm getting kind of cold and lonely over here. My twin girls especially miss your special touch."

She rubbed her tits together even more, sliding one up while sliding the other one down, and vice versa. It looked exactly like she was titfucking an invisible cock. At the same time, she made an adorable, pleading face.

He looked back and forth between Hillary and Maggie. It was a true embarrassment of riches.

Hillary saw his predicament. She playfully smacked his ass. "Go to her, stud! She's your girlfriend. I'm just your, well, hopefully your future date." She sat up higher and said to Maggie, "I'm sending him back to you. I just hope you send him back to me soon."

Maggie smiled from ear to ear. "Oh, definitely!" She had been feeling jealous and neglected, but Hillary's generous sharing attitude made her feel a lot better.

Nick crawled back on top of his gorgeous mother. As before, his thick erection rested right on top of her pussy mound, but that technically didn't count as "touching." His hands went back to her tits, and he leaned his face down over hers. But before he brought his lips back to hers, he briefly brought a hand up to brush some bangs off her forehead. Then he whispered, "Maggie! You're so beautiful! So beautiful! I'm so lucky to have you!"

Those were simple words, mostly just stating a plain, undeniable fact that she was very beautiful. But there was something about the way he stared deeply into her eyes and spoke with great feeling that made her heart flutter and even soar.

She breathlessly purred, "Oh! Sport!"

Then she pulled his head down and kissed him with even more passion than ever before, except maybe their first real kiss earlier in the afternoon, standing by her car.

Hillary watched, only now it was her turn to feel the pangs of jealousy. She realized that while Nick most definitely lusted after her body, he and Maggie shared a deep emotional connection that she couldn't hope to match. At least not yet.

Her desire for him was growing and growing. She had a history of not staying with any one boyfriend for long, and her track record with her girlfriends wasn't much better. But Nick seemed like the kind of guy she might want to get more serious with. She wanted to have what he and Maggie had. But there was the problem of her not wanting to take him away from Maggie. She tried hard not to be the kind of girl who would break hearts.

Nick kept kissing and fondling his mother until she had an orgasm. The way he subtly rocked back and forth caused his boner to rub against her clit, and that more than anything pushed her over the edge. She tried to be quiet about it, mostly successfully, thanks largely due to the way she was swapping spit with him at the time.

But when it was over, she needed a breather from the nonstop sexual excitement. She sat up in the bed, and said, "Okay, stud. I think it's YOUR turn to tell us a story."

That was a problem for him, since he didn't have any true sexual stories to tell, and he was supposed to have been dating Maggie hot and heavy for most of the summer. Furthermore, he wasn't in the mood to make something up, since he much preferred kissing and fondling.

He complained, "I'm sorry, but I'm way too horny to be able to think. How 'bout I just focus on the kissing part for a while?"

Hillary laughed. "That'll work."

Maggie said, "Very well. We'll let you off the hook this time. But you're so insatiable, as usual, that I need a bit of a breather. Why don't you have another turn with your NEW girlfriend?" She winked at her own "new girlfriend" comment.

He said, "Gladly!" He turned to Hillary.

"Please!" She opened her arms for him.

He crawled up and over the pillow barrier again. he was well aware that was the only thing stopping a threesome from breaking out.

Before he reached her though, she turned around and raised her ass high up in the ass, essentially mooning them. As she kept that sexy pose, she said, "Maggie, before Nick gets started again, can I ask a favor?"

"Sure." Maggie was very curious what the favor would be, in that pose.

"Last time, my panties slid down and kind of got stuck in the crack between the bottom of my ass and the top of my thighs. Do you mind if I take my panties off, all the way? If he can control himself with you, he can do the same thing with me, can't he?"

Nick was frozen in place, waiting for Maggie to make her decision.

Maggie gave him a stern look. "Well? Can you? Can you promise not to touch her pussy, not even a little bit? Don't even look at it! And it goes without saying that you need to keep your shorts on." She poked at his chest playfully.

He replied solemnly, "I promise. But I also promise to go whole hog playing with her ass without any panties getting in the way."

Maggie broke into a smile. "Now, THAT is perfectly okay. Go get her, Sport!"

Hillary was going to put on a big show pulling her panties down while staying bent over like that. But after hearing Maggie's warning not to even look, she changed her mind.

Instead, she laid down face up and waited for him to lie on top of her. Once he did, she cooed, "Nick! I can't believe how quick things are evolving between us! I'm kind of a raging slut, to be honest, but I'm a slut for one man, not the sleeping around kind. And yeah, I know, I'm dating Anushka, but I consider that a separate issue, since she's a girl. Is that okay with you? Do you think you can handle that?"

He lingered with his face right above Hillary's exactly how he'd been over Maggie a little while ago when he told her how beautiful she was. He said, "I definitely can handle that! You may not have noticed, but I've been keeping an eye on you for a while. I know exactly the kind of person you are. You're lusty and passionate, which I love, but you're kind and loyal too."

She smiled from ear to ear. "Actually, I had noticed. I knew you were one of my 'silent admirers.' I must admit I misjudged you. I thought you'd stay shy forever. I'm so glad you've changed!"

"Mmmm!" He started to bring his mouth in a for a kiss. He already had his hands on her huge tits.

But she said, "Wait! Before you do that, I still have my panties on. Will you do me the honor of taking them off? And while you do that, think about what it would be like to still date Maggie, your wonderful beautiful girl, and date me too! Would you like that?"

His eyes bugged out with amazement and joy. "Would I ever! That would be AWESOME!"

She giggled. "I thought you might say that. Let's not count our chickens yet. You and Maggie need to talk more, I'm sure, and Anushka and I need to talk too. But I'm telling you right now that I'd..." She started wiggling and writhing sexily underneath him. "I'd really love that! I want you to... take me! Take my panties off!"

In truth, she was getting so worked up that she already was thinking about getting fucked by him. In the heat of the moment, when she said "take me," she was thinking about him plunging his thick cock into her tight slit. But then she remembered Maggie there, and the no pussy touching rule, as well as other obstacles, so she added the "take my panties off" part.

He eagerly slid her panties down her legs. At least he tried to. They were the high cut kind, and very thin at the sides. In his eagerness, he ripped them in two.

That turned out to another lucky mistake, because he didn't have to get off her to pull them all the way off her legs. Besides, it furthered his growing reputation as a sexual wild man.

He roughly kissed Hillary's hot mouth again. Sparks practically flew this time. Somehow, having him stare down at her and look deeply into her eyes sent her desire soaring much higher than last time.

To his utter delight, he kissed and fondled Hillary for about five minutes. About halfway through, she rolled over to be on top. That gave him a great opportunity to focus on fondling her bare ass cheeks, and he took full advantage.

He was careful not to touch her pussy with his hand, or even look at it. Not looking was easy, since he was lying on top of her or vice versa. But he had no choice but to press his stiff cock against her pussy mound nearly all the time, just as he'd been doing with his mother. By now, he had leaked so much pre-cum that his wet spot covered the entire length of his long hard-on, and then some.

He was getting increasingly savvy with what he would do while ostensibly keeping his T-shirt and shorts on. For starters, he kept his shirt pulled up to his armpits, allowing him to enjoy the feel of Hillary's incredible F-cups even when he wasn't actively fondling them. But more importantly, he was learning how to rock his entire body back and forth and sometimes up and back. That caused his boner to make the exact same motions, usually rubbing up against her clit, or her clit and sopping wet slit.

The effect was the same on Hillary that it had been on Maggie: after about five minutes, it got to be too much and she had a silent orgasm. She was very careful to be quiet about it, since she still wasn't sure exactly how Maggie would feel.

Maggie sat up and watched everything Nick and Hillary were doing. She wasn't that concerned about policing them, because she felt confident that if she told him not to touch Hillary's pussy and to keep his shorts on, he would do exactly that. Mostly, she just was getting off on watching the hot, sexy action.

After a few minutes of staring, she thought, Boy, is the hand-over plan working! And in spades! I kind of hoped that if we left "Ben and Jerry's" and came here, we could find a way to get him to start kissing her. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened. But I didn't expect to wind up buck naked, with Hillary buck naked too!

God, she's so beautiful! A heartbreaking face, and curves that have their own curves. The last time I saw her was over a year ago. She was beautiful then, too, but a girl. Now, she's a full-bodied woman. What a difference! Had I known she looks like this, I probably would have never agreed to his fake girlfriend plan in the first place, because I would have figured he had no chance.

But look at him go! She's so hot for him already! Just like me. I swear, he has magic in his mouth and in his fingers. He's like a natural-born sex machine! Who knew?! My shy little guy has grown all up!

She sighed quietly. The only problem is this hand-over is working TOO well. If things keep evolving with her, like they should, what does he need me as his faux girlfriend for any more? And I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I don't want this to end! Oh God! I'm soooo baaaaad! Look at me. She looked down at her voluptuous nude body. I've completely let go of ALL restraints. And I'm loving it! I love watching him drive Hillary wild, but I can't wait for my next turn!

I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow and beyond. All I know is that for the rest of today, I'm Maggie, not Margaret! I don't know who the hell Margaret even is! I'm just my son's hot college girlfriend!

She winced as she realized she'd just used the word "son." Er, I mean I'm Nick's hot college girlfriend. So there!

Maggie waited as long as she could stand, considering her responsible urge to help with the hand-over plan. But eventually her jealousy and sexual need grew too strong. She sat up in bed like before and struck a sexy pose to tempt him to come back to her side of the pillow wall.

This time, she got up on her heels and sat much like a gorilla does, leaning forward with her arms going straight down to the bed. That caused her enormous tits to dangle forward and down.

At the same time, she purred, "Oh, NiiiiIIIIIIiiiick! Your Maggie is getting cold and lonely again!" (She very nearly said "your mother.") "My big titties need you, especially. Can you come over here and warm them with your hands and even your mouth?"

He sprung up like a jack-in-the-box. "YES! Sorry, Hillary!"

Hillary just laughed.

He spent the next five minutes or longer making out with his mother. Like he just did with Hillary, he mostly laid on top of her. That made it hard to play with her fantastic ass, but he preferred that position the most because it allowed him to experiment with rubbing his raging boner against her pussy mound, with only his shorts in between.

Once again, it was highly effective. Maggie just about lost her mind. She had no doubt this was more enjoyable than even getting fucked by her de facto ex-husband Andy.

Hillary was getting wise to how he was using his cock despite his shorts and the no pussy touching rule. She watched carefully until she detected the subtle but clear signs that Maggie had an orgasm, such as her increasingly labored breathing.

Only after she was sure Maggie's climax was over did she get up on her knees to strike a sexy pose in order to tempt him back to her side of the pillow wall. She actually was greatly enjoying the competition, because she wasn't used to having to work to get a man's attention, and it stayed on a playful and fun level.

Just as Maggie had done, she called for him in a sing-song voice. "Oh, NiiiiIIIIIIiiiick! I hate to interrupt, but... God! I'm so hot for you!"

He broke his latest lip-lock with his hot mom and sat up. He was flabbergasted to see Hillary sitting up in a similar position that Maggie had used last time. The main difference was, mindful of Maggie not wanting him to see her pussy, she got on all fours. That both put her pussy out of sight under her body and also caused her even larger tits to dangle down even more.

Hillary was going to say more to titillate and arouse, but hearing the girl of his dreams say "I'm so hot for you" while in that pose was more than enough! In fact, he truly was living out his greatest masturbatory dreams, only they were a thousand times better in real life.

He spent the next five minutes making out with Hillary again. Like last time, he used the cock grinding loophole to drive her to a very nice climax.

Nick was truly on cloud nine. He had to resolve not to marvel at his great luck all the time, but rather just enjoy himself to the fullest.

He went through another round of making out with Maggie and then Hillary. Each time seemed even better than the last, including the sexy poses and words to tempt him back to their side of the pillow wall.

They might have continued like that for many more times, except he was a victim of his own success. He made them cum each and every time with his cock rubbing technique, which only grew more effective and blatant each time. Although he never quite had to cum, both of them ended up sexually worn out from all of their orgasms.

He didn't mind though, because he wound up just plain tired. It was all just too arousing to maintain their high energy level for so long. Even though he never quite came, staying at the cusp of orgasm nearly non-stop for such a long time left him sexually exhausted too. Even his penis needed a break.

They went back to talking about non-sexual stuff for a while, which he spent on Maggie's side. They mostly talked about music, it so happened, since that was a safe and easy topic. Plus, they were ostensibly listening to a Pink Floyd concert.

Even though they were in a sexual time-out, Nick never really took his hands off Maggie's naked body. However, he did give her a respite by not twisting her nipples.

Even better, the pillow wall had slowly been destroyed after he kept going back and forth between the two busty beauties.

Hillary felt lonely after getting to make out with him all those times. So she moved in closer.

He didn't dare try it just yet, but he realized she was within reach for him to fondle her and Maggie at the same time! He was very hopeful that a full-on threesome would break out soon, if they weren't there already.

He wished the afternoon would never end. He knew that no matter what happened from that point on, this afternoon would be one of the absolute high points of his life.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Johnny Galt, lew54321, GWB, BDGV, and Ecchi Spud