Chapter 6: More at Hillary's House (Tuesday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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At one point, Hillary left the room to go get them all drinks, which gave Maggie and Nick a chance to talk in private while she was gone.

As soon as they were alone, Maggie held up a hand and quietly told him, "Don't even try to kiss me! I'm on to your trying to keep me from talking."

Hillary had left the door wide open, and there was no telling where she might be or when she'd be back, so Maggie knew she had to speak in vague terms. "All I can say is that once we leave here, you and I are going to have a talk. A big talk!"

She gave him a look implying that he was seriously busted. But even while she was talking, he had her in a close embrace, lying on top of her with his hands under her but still ably fondling her ass cheeks. She didn't make any move to discourage him.

He was relieved, because as far as a dressing-down went that was about as mild as he could have hoped for. He knew that even half an hour earlier, her words would have been very different. But all he had to do was smell her soaked pussy to know that she was enjoying what was happening. He was mindful of all the times he'd made her climax too.

Since she'd gotten wise to his technique of kissing her to stifle her complaints, he tried switching to suckling on one of her nipples while stroking the undersides of both her breasts. That worked nearly as well as kissing, because soon she was panting and gasping with her head tilted way back.

Maggie had planned on chastising him much more when they finally had this chance to talk in private, but she was so overcome by his lusty attentions on her tits that she forgot what she intended to say. Instead she wound up with her eyes closed, moaning erotically.

She at least tried to think about her planned words. Think! Think! I remember it was SOOO important to talk to him without Hillary listening. I was going to tell him to, well, not go too far. But I think we're in a good place. He keeps his shorts on and he knows not to touch my pussy. Although... Gaaaawwwwd! It feels so good when he grinds his cock into me like he does! Admittedly, that's kind of pushing it. But... it just feels too good! HNNG!

Just like what he's doing to me now! Dammit, I'm such a slut! It's like he's turning me into his naked sexual plaything! I can't resist! And when I see what he's doing to Hillary... SO DAMN HOT!

Hillary had removed her frame bra for a while so Nick could fondle her better during their "kiss and tell" and beyond, but when she returned she was wearing it again. As she walked back into the room, somehow carrying three drinks between her hands, she took a look at Nick feasting on one of Maggie's nipples while playing with the other, and laughed. "You two! Get a room. Oh, you have one already. My room!" She laughed some more.

Maggie pushed Nick's lips from her breast in embarrassment. Then she took a good look at Hillary and said, "You know, you look kind of funny."

Hillary handed them their drinks, while deliberately dangling her huge orbs over Nick in the process.

With the other two distracted by repositioning for the drinks, he took the opportunity to finally take his T-shirt all the way off. Nobody paid much attention to that since his shirt had been off for all practical purposes for a while already.

Hillary asked Maggie, "I do? What do you mean?"

Maggie explained, "It's just weird that you're somehow even more topless than topless with the way your breasts are jutting out. It's super sexy, actually."

"Why, thank you." Hillary put her drink down on a nearby table, then took a graceful bow. She ended up with only leg slightly crossed over the other and her arms stretched out, but she was also very careful to bend over so her huge globes dangled down in front of them. She was continuing her subtle but deliberate attempt to arouse and tempt both of them with her body.

Just then, something occurred to Hillary. She straightened up and gasped. She covered her mouth with one hand and her pussy with her other.

Nick asked her, "What's wrong?!" Like the others, he was quickly downing his drink so he'd have his hands free.

She looked to Maggie. "I'm so sorry! I just realized I forgot all about your request that Nick shouldn't even look at my pussy. He could hardly avoid looking at it when I waltzed in here wearing absolutely nothing at all!"

Maggie thought about that, and her own nudity, and everything that had happened so far. She sighed, and said, "Forget about it. I meant it at the time, but come on, there's no way he could avoid looking even as he caresses you from head to toe but there."

She turned to Nick. "Tell me, honestly. You've seen some of her pussy already, haven't you?"

He sheepishly admitted, "Yeah. Especially just now, when she walked in."

Maggie sighed again, then waved dismissively at Hillary. "That's it. Remove your hands."

Hillary already had taken her hand from her mouth, but she was keeping her pussy covered. "Are you sure?"

"Very sure. In fact, come here closer, so he can look all he wants and get it over with." She wagged a finger at him. "But remember: no touching there!"

He nodded urgently. Then he looked back to Hillary just in time to see her step right up to the edge of the bed and then take her hand from her pussy mound. She spread her legs out slightly for good measure.

Taking a closer look at her pussy mound, he saw a very suggestive "camel toe." He already knew from glimpses before, but this look left no doubt that all of her bush was shaved off.

"You really don't mind if I'm like this?" Hillary asked Maggie. She briefly turned her head to Nick and said in a naughty, teasing tone, "I know YOU don't mind, so I won't ask." She laughed at that.

Maggie replied, "Not at all." In fact, it did bother her some. Now that it was happening, the situation was becoming a bit scary - she worried about things spinning out of control again. She could tell things were on a slippery slope. If her son looked at Hillary's pussy, how long would it take before he touched it, and petted it? And once he did that, how long until he fucked it? He was having such great sexual success that all those things seemed almost inevitable.

That was truly astounding, given that he'd never so much as hugged Hillary before school ended mere hours earlier.

After a long pause, Maggie said to Hillary, "I see you've shaved down there."

Hillary shyly answered while still standing with her wet cunt on full display, "Yeah. It's all the rage these days. I'm surprised you haven't."

"Maybe I should," Maggie replied, hoping that would end that topic.

Hillary said as she crawled back onto the bed, "I'm so glad both of you are okay with all this. I love being naked. I'm kind of a nudist, in fact."

With the "pillow wall" destroyed, she wound up close to Nick.

He had been lying on top of Maggie, but he rolled over so he was lying face up right next to her. That put him even closer to Hillary.

Hillary knelt upon the bed. She faced Nick, so close to him that her knees were very nearly touching his side. She stuck a sexy pose with her hands on her knees. That caused her F-cups to dangle down within easy reach.

He started to reach up to fondle them. But he stopped and looked over to his mother on his other side. He asked, "Do you mind?"

Maggie was also feeling a bit jealous, both at Hillary's fantastic body and, perhaps even more, at Nick's reaction to seeing it. But she was still eager not to be seen as square, and she reminded herself that her prime goal was to get Nick and Hillary together.

She fought her jealousy, and managed to say casually, "Of course I don't mind! Look. Hillary, I know this is weird for you. You don't know where you stand. But I sincerely want him to date you AND me! If I didn't want that, I wouldn't have allowed everything that's happened today."

Nick gladly reached up with both hands and cupped Hillary's dangling melons from below.

Hillary frowned at Maggie. "Are you SURE?! I mean sure sure. Totally 100 percent sure."

Maggie said patiently, "I'm totally sure, yes." She came up with some more inspired fake backstory. "You may not know this, but Nick has told me a lot about you, even before school started back up. When I insisted he date at least one other person, he protested at first. But after I made clear it was that or I'd break up with him, things changed to talking about who it might be. We talked it through together, and you emerged as the best candidate by far. So this isn't some whim."

Hillary was pleasantly surprised by that. "Whoa! Good to know! But... what if things between me and him get serious?"

"Good!" Maggie spoke emphatically. "I WANT things to get serious. It can't be said he's played around until there's fucking involved!"

"Whoa!" Hillary said again.

All three of them pondered that heavily while Nick continued to play with Hillary's dangling, gigantic tits. The "fuck" word was very strong stuff.

Eventually, the silence started to get awkward, because nobody knew quite what to say after that.

Nick tried to change the subject to slightly safer ground. "Hillary, can you tell me more about your love of nudity? Do you go naked every day at home?"

She answered brightly, "Oh, for sure!" But it was hard for her to maintain her tempting pose, so she disengaged and laid down next to him. "For instance, if I'm in my room, you can be sure I either have guests over or I'm buck naked. Or, on rare days like today, both!" She chuckled.

Nick naturally loved that mental image.

But Maggie was scandalized as she thought that through. "But what about your parents? Don't tell me you walk around completely naked in front of them too!"

Nick worried he was neglecting his mother's body too much. He turned his head in her direction to hear her speak. Then he brought his hands to her tits to play with them some more.

Hillary asked, "Promise you won't be mad?"

Maggie nodded. Nick had just started experimenting with pushing her nipples in until one couldn't even see them. She loved that, and virtually everything else he did to her nipples or her big tits in general. She pinned her hands behind her head both to make clear that she wouldn't stop him, no matter what, and because it was a relaxing pose. Her only concern was him not touching her pussy, but so far he was faithless sticking to that rule (minus the grinding loophole that she preferred not to think about at times like this).

Hillary said, "The truth is, I do get naked around them. But it's no big deal. Most of the time, they're just as naked as I am."

Maggie was even more scandalized. She stammered, "But, but, your father!"

Ironically, she gave no thought to the fact that she was complaining about family nudity while lying naked next to her partially naked son as he played with her stiff nipples.

Hillary said, "Don't worry; it's not like I'm committing incest with him or anything. Clothes are just a bother. We're so used to it that it's not even an arousing thing. Have you ever been to a nude beach?"

Maggie and Nick both shook their heads 'No'.

When one of Nick's hands strayed into Maggie's ass crack, she allowed it, as she'd been doing for a while. But when his fingers started to wander down through her perineum ("taint") towards her pussy lips, she gently but firmly moved his hand back to her ass cheek instead. She was drawing an imaginary line over where he could and couldn't touch her.

Hillary frowned. "Well, the ones here in the U.S are a bit weird, but I've been to nude beaches all over. And when you first go to a really good nude beach, like the kind they have in Europe or the Caribbean, you think: 'Great! I'm gonna see all kinds of sexy people. I'll be horny all day!' But it doesn't work like that. Yeah, there are attractive people here and there, but it's not arousing. You never see a guy pop a boner on a nude beach. The nudity is just the norm. And when you see your mom and dad naked day after day after day after day, they're no more arousing than an old lamp. Less, in fact. Trust me on this."

Nick piped up. "That would be true for most people, but you're not most people. You're incredibly sexy! If I were your dad... Oh my God! I'd be thinking forbidden thoughts about you, like, constantly!"

Hillary laughed, and said, "Thanks. You flatter me. But trust me, it's not like that. I know my parents have active sex lives, but to me it's like they're sexless. There's no flirting or ogling or any of that. We're a perfectly normal family, except we like to be nude a lot. Keep the age difference in mind. My parents had me late. They're part of the original hippie generation, growing up in the Sixties. My mom Petra gave birth to me in 1985 when she was 36. Now, in 2002, she's 54. My dad Peter is three years older, so he's 57. Also, he's put on a lot of weight. Believe me, picturing the two of them getting it on is NOT a turn-on for me!"

"Fair enough," Nick said. That sounded like a good explanation to him, especially the age and weight aspects.

Maggie was shocked by some of those ages, but tried not to show it. Hell, I'm only 33. Hillary's parents are old enough to have been MY parents! That's really weird.

Hillary added, mostly jokingly, "Maybe I'll invite you two over for a nude dinner sometime, so you can see how it is."

Maggie said, "Thanks, but I don't think I'd be ready for that just yet." She was lazily stroking his chest, while his hands were back on her hefty tits.

"Okay. Suit yourself. But the offer is open, anytime."

With the conversation reaching a prolonged silence, he turned slightly to face Hillary more, and took his hands from Maggie's big tits to Hillary's even bigger ones.

Maggie mewled unhappily.

Nick chuckled. "Don't worry. I'll get back to you soon." Then he had a great idea: he brought one hand back so he was fondling one of Hillary's tits and one of Maggie's tits at the same time. He literally couldn't believe such a great thing was happening, but it was.

As they laid there relaxing, Maggie marveled at how quickly the extraordinary had become their norm. Earlier today, I would have slapped Nick so hard if he tried to grope at my breasts that his brain would have rattled right out of his skull! But now I moan unhappily whenever he stops playing with my titties! I'm hopeless. Somehow, I suspect things are never going to be the same between us. That's scary. But I'll have to deal with that later. Right now, I just... I'm Maggie, not Margaret. This isn't happening to me!

She kept on moaning and purring, showing her pleasure when Nick did something she liked, which was nearly any time he touched her. Mmmm! Like that, son!

As the minutes passed in pleasant silence, Maggie wound up facing Nick on her side with one of her tits resting against the side of his chest. That made it even easier for him to play with her body.

Hillary saw that and did the exact same thing on his other side.

The possibility of some sort of threesome action was becoming increasingly likely. Furthermore, Hillary was finding it harder and harder to not just slip her hand into his shorts and jack him off, at the very least. She wanted more clarity on their entire situation

So, by and by, Hillary commented, "Call me slow, but I still don't understand your arrangement. Just how serious are you two with each other?"

Maggie fielded that with more inspired bullshit made up on the spot. "Physically, we're pretty serious, as you can see. But emotionally, not that serious. I'm just coming out of a major, long-term relationship that didn't work out at all. Right now in my life, I just want to have fun, and lots of great orgasms, and Nick is the perfect person to do that with. The very LAST thing I want to have happen is for him to get all clingy and exclusive with me. I've been there, done that, and got the T-shirt. I won't be ready for that again for a long time to come."

This made good sense to Hillary. However, she suspected Maggie was deluding herself, because she sensed a powerful close bond between them. But it wasn't like she could call her on a lie when she was only starting to get to know both of them on a deeper emotional level.

Maggie went on, "That's why I would be pleased, no, make that absolutely DELIGHTED, if he were to get involved with someone like you. Someone pretty much exactly like you, in fact. Heck, let's just come right out and say it: you!"

Hillary laughed at that along with the others, but she was secretly very pleased.

Maggie added, "I don't know how things stand between you and your girlfriend; maybe you can explain that some more in a minute. But the fact that I'm basically Nick's first everything makes it almost inevitable that he's going to become much more attached to me than I want. Maybe I'll be into that in six months, or a year from now, but not now. So if he can latch on to someone equally appealing - i.e., you - that could help keep our relationship on a lighter level, at least until I'm ready for more. How does that sound to you?"

"Brilliant, actually. Perfect." Mere hours ago, Hillary had had no interest in having Nick as a boyfriend. But after all that had happened since, she didn't even need to think about it. Not only did she suddenly find Nick very desirable, but the thought of eventually having a threesome with Maggie played a big part in her appraisal.

Hillary then said, "Let me tell you about Anushka and me."

Nick was still having the time of his life playing with the breasts of his two lusty obsessions at once. Whoa! Awesome! I still can't believe they're letting me do this! This is so great, I'm not even gonna allow myself to think about it. Gotta keep cool, like this is normal for me.

He asked Hillary, "What kind of name is that, by the way?"

"Indian, as in from India."

"Really? Huh. You mentioned she was ethnically Indian during your super hot library story, but I was still uncertain about that. When I hear 'Anushka,' that sounds like a German or East European name to me."

"Funny you should say that. It turns out it's a common name in Russia and Israel, and also in other countries. But it's also a common name in India, and she's told me that there it means something like 'the first ray of sunlight.'"

He nodded. "Cool. I didn't know that."

"She's great. Very beautiful too. We've been going out for about nine weeks, which may not seem very long, but that's a record for me. You see, I've got a 'grass is always greener on the other side' kind of problem. I like boys and girls pretty much equally, but I really like both. So, when I go out with a boy, it's good, but before long I start longing to be with a girl. I break that off, and inevitably date a girl next, but then I start longing to be with a boy. I flip back and forth. I've been doing that for the past two years or so, ever since I started actively dating. Everybody's always wanted me to be exclusive, and they get serious right away. Lately, I've been trying to break out of that pattern."

She continued, "Then Anushka came along. She's kind of like how you are, Maggie, in that she's practically demanding that I see guys while I continue to see her. I don't know how happy she really is about that, but she's probably noticed my dating pattern and she doesn't want to be another 'one month and done' casualty." She sighed. "So there's that."

She turned to Nick. "Nick, I really like you."

He sat up. That forced both of them to slide away from resting their tits on his chest. But he wanted to face her directly with eye contact while she was saying something emotionally important to him.

She sat up too, very close to him. She took his hands and brought both of them to her chest. She said with a happy snicker, "There. I wouldn't want you to go two minutes without some tit fondling." She giggled.

He chuckled too, but in truth he didn't want to go two minutes without some tit fondling if he was in bed with the two of them, and it wasn't a joke.

Hillary went on, "It's like you just dropped into my life since yesterday, but especially today, only the second day of school. But I'm really glad you did. I don't know exactly where things with you and me might lead but, with Maggie's permission, I'd love to try to find out." Her eyes dropped to the pre-cum soaked bulge in his shorts as she said that.

Her sultry look made his stiff dick twitch. He was surprised at how long he'd gone with a continuous erection but without cumming, and how much stimulation he'd enjoyed. It seemed that every time he was on the verge, the situation would change and give him a respite. He was loving the constant arousal.

Maggie nodded at Hillary. "You have my permission for anything. In fact, I think a comment like that calls for a nice kiss-n'-cuddle. Go get her, Sport."

Hillary laid back down and stretched her arms open for him.

Nick laid on top of her in the same way as he'd done a few times before. The two of them shared another scorching kiss. At the same time, he played with her breasts and nipples yet more. He'd clearly gotten the message to be gentler with her breasts, and especially not to do the "knob turning" technique that worked so well on his mother. He had fun just caressing the fullness of her round melons.

But he also really liked the fact that Hillary was completely nude, so he could really go to town fondling her ass cheeks. He couldn't get over how firm her ass was, maybe even more so than Maggie's. She was so fit and athletic that when she flexed her muscles there, it really did seem one could bounce a quarter off her ass. But at the same time, when her muscles weren't flexed, her ass cheeks felt almost as soft as her boobs.

The way he kissed and fondled her further confirmed her desire to have him as a boyfriend, possibly a serious, long-term one. Most of the time he still found himself painfully shy, but when he got horny around Maggie or Hillary he was full of confidence. His lusty desire simply overwhelmed everything else, and all that passion made him a naturally talented lover. She had no doubt he'd be great at every other sex act, including fucking her.

Her only frustration was that his stiff cock remained off limits. She loved how he not-so-subtly rocked and ground on her pussy mound with it, which he was doing again. But that also made her want more. With his body on top of hers, she found one of her hands slip between their bodies until she was holding his boner through his shorts.

When he didn't say anything in response, she started to subtly stroke it.

But she felt guilty, like she was cheating on Maggie for breaking one of her rules. She felt like she was cheating on Anushka too. Unfortunately, she had to push him away after only a minute or two.

She panted, "Oh, Nick! I'm sorry, but you do things to me. You're making me go crazy! If you keep arousing me that much, I'm gonna have to call Anushka back up and ask for some more permissions!" She gazed hungrily at the shape of his erection.

Nick was really bummed, especially since he'd been encouraged by her secret cock stroking. He was getting very tired of that restriction too. But he merely joked, "And how would that be a bad thing?"

Hillary laughed, but pushed him further away. "Git! Get back to your girlfriend before I lose all control."

Things settled back down, and the three of them resumed relaxing, chatting, and listening to the music.

Nick went back to exploring his mother's body while they talked.

At one point, out of the blue, Maggie was startled by how normal all the kissing and fondling with her son had become. What's happening to me?! It's like I've become my son's personal slut. I'm lying here in Hillary's room without any clothes whatsoever and I'm not bothered by that fact AT ALL! Even if I'm just "Maggie" and not his mom, I must be some kind of slut to do this with Hillary right here and naked too! But I AM his mother, and that makes me an even bigger shameless slut! Times a thousand!

This is so, so wrong... but also so, so hot! It's as if I never knew what true sexual pleasure was until now, and all we're doing is some kissing and groping! How can I stop being his faux girlfriend?! What'll happen when he actually fucks me?!

Wait. Did I just think that? Scratch that. He's not going to fuck me, period! Even if we have to keep up this charade after today, that's not going to happen!

Maggie's last thought about "having to keep up this charade" was very telling. She was getting so hooked on the fun and stimulation that she was beginning to talk herself into the idea that she might well be "forced" to continue the fake girlfriend scheme for weeks or even months to make sure that the hand-over of Nick to Hillary went smoothly.

She was trying hard not to think about that though, since she knew on some level that she was deceiving herself. With the way things were going between her son and Hillary, she could fake out of sight tomorrow and they probably would go on fine without her.

Nick was playing with his mother's body so very much that he was starting to get a more advanced understanding on how to turn her on. He was noticing that certain things he did and certain areas he touched got particularly good reactions. For instance, she really liked it when he touched or kissed her neck or ears. To his surprise, the backs of her knees were another erotic area.

He was nothing if not clever, and he had a very good memory when sufficiently motivated. Even as he was having fun, he started to experiment with her body in a systematic way. He made a careful note when he did something that made her moan with pleasure.

Maggie didn't realize it just yet, but after two straight hours of fondling and kissing, Nick already knew her body nearly as well as her husband Andy did after years and years of touching her. (Andy had always been a selfish lover, which was one factor that had led to his repeated cheating.)

The most important lesson Nick had learned was that her nipples were her Achilles' heel. He actually had to avoid them sometimes, because playing with them made her so very horny very quickly, and this was supposed to be a mellow, languid hang-out time.

After two hours, Maggie began to grow worried. She knew Andy was waiting at home for her to cook dinner. Her guilt came back. Here I am, lying around naked, literally completely naked, and letting my son do anything he wants to my body. My SON! And all the while, my husband is sitting at home, probably getting hungry for me to make dinner and wondering where I am. Even though he's a cheat and we're divorced in all but name, it still isn't right. I have to go!

She explained to Hillary in deliberately vague terms that she had to go home soon.

But Hillary said, "Okay, but not just yet. The concert is nearly over, and you can't miss the last encore. The Oakland show was a special one, and the band showed their appreciation to the crowd by playing 'Careful with that Axe, Eugene' for the first time in years. In fact, I think that was the last time the real Pink Floyd ever played that one. You can't miss it. Besides, Nick's had a boner for pretty much two hours straight. Believe me, I've noticed." She laughed. "You can't just leave him suffering like that."

In truth, Maggie wasn't that into the music. While Nick really did know what Hillary was talking about (and he was even interested to hear the encore), Maggie was just playing along, pretending to be cool. So she didn't care one way or another about hearing the encore, but Hillary's other comment alarmed her greatly. "Just what do you expect me to do?" She tried hard not to sound too panicky.

Hillary stood up and winked. "I think you know." She went to a dresser and pulled out a towel. She tossed it to Maggie. "Here. Use this to clean up after. That is, unless you take it all down your throat, or something else." She shot Maggie a sexy look over that idea.

She added, "Remember, there are condoms in the drawer. Whatever you want to do is cool with me. I'll come back after the last song is over. Have fun!"

She waved, sauntered off, and closed the door behind her.

Nick seemed nonplussed. What Hillary had just heavily suggested was simply too fantastic for him to believe, even after all his amazing luck all day long. He was sure Maggie would tell him 'No" and to just cope with not getting to cum before leaving.

Maggie found herself transfixed by Hillary's bare ass cheeks rising and falling as she walked out of the room. Once they were alone, she said in a very quiet voice, "Nick, that is one sexy, sexy girl. I knew you had a thing for her for ages, but I never understood until today that she's almost certainly the most desired girl in your entire junior grade. Maybe even your entire high school!"

He thought that over. "She probably is, for the whole school, except maybe for this girl named Debra. But she's number one by a mile in my book."

Maggie said, "I can't believe it, but things are really working out, just like you thought they would. She's special. Physically, mentally, and every other way." She wagged a finger chidingly, like the mother she was. "Don't lose her!"

"I know what you mean, Ma-aggie." He'd nearly called her 'Ma' again.

Maggie shook her head in disbelief. "Good Lord, that girl has a body!"

His face lit up. "Tell me about it! Did you check out her ass just now, as she was walking away? My God, what an ass! It almost makes me forget her boobs. Or her face. Wow!" He grinned like an idiot.

"I can't disagree. And how could I miss an ass like that?" She chuckled, because that was not the sort of thing she'd ever imagined discussing with her son. She sat up and frowned while looking at the towel in her hand. "But what are we going to do about your... predicament? What am I supposed to do with this towel?"

He didn't really believe he'd get the answer he wanted, but he figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. "Well, can't you just suck me off? Then you won't need the towel."

Her frown turned to a scowl. "Ha! You'd love that, wouldn't you? Fat chance!" She lowered her voice. "Look. Things have gotten a little out of hand, to say the least. I suppose some things were done that can't be undone, but I'm still your m- ... your you-know-what!" Even apparently alone, she was afraid to say "mother" when someone else might be listening.

She glared at him, but then concluded, "I understand you need relief, but you're just gonna have to take care of it yourself!"

"Awww, Ma-aggie. That sucks."

Then an idea came to him. Even though his blowjob idea went over like a lead balloon, he'd noticed that he'd had great success all afternoon long just by being bold and confident. He decided to take a big roll of a dice to see just how far that approach could take him.

To her surprise and horror, he slipped his shorts all the way off and tossed it aside. Then held his stiff erection with both hands. "So you want me to jack off right here and now? Is that what you want me to do?"

Her horror faded fast, replaced by an overpowering lust.

"Yes!" She belatedly realized that she'd said that far too eagerly. Furthermore, she was staring at his dripping, pulsing pole with obvious hunger. She even licked her lips.

She sat back and tried to act indifferent, but not very successfully. Holy shit! Look at that cock! It's so much better uncovered! It's so thick! He's gonna make some girls VERY happy with that fat thing! Hnnng! I shouldn't even look at it, because it's making me too horny. What kind of cruel fate put me naked in bed with a guy endowed like that, only to have him be my son?!

Oh God! I've never felt that thick a cock inside me. What would it be like?! Even sucking on it would be a serious challenge, if not an ordeal. So why am I salivating all of a sudden? My heart is racing way too fast too. This is fucked up!

Her huge tits wobbled around her chest as she readjusted her position. "Do what you have to do, and quickly, so we can get out of here." She thought again of her husband waiting for her to cook dinner and felt another stab of guilt.

"Okay, if that's what you want." He started jacking off with one hand, but he used the other hand to play with his mother's nipples, since she was still sitting within easy reach. "Mmmm. Actually, this feels really good. I've been dying to do this all day!"

She froze up, but didn't remove his hand. "What are you doing? You can't do that! Don't involve me in, in... this!" She was particularly concerned that he was twisting her nipples again. She was helpless when he did that.

"Oh, come on, how can you not be involved? For instance, how can I not look at your gorgeous body as I do it? You're so hot! I don't just mean you're good looking. I mean, whoever the Playboy Playmate of the Month is this month, she's got nothing on you."

He lewdly wiggled his pulsing erection at her. "I mean, who do you think gave me this in the first place?"

"You're just saying that." Notably, she let him keep playing with her nipple as he jacked off.

She couldn't stop staring at him stroking his exceptional hard-on. She thought, I gave him that boner in more ways than one! I helped it get that stiff and huge today, and I gave birth to him! Fuck! What a fucking thought. As much as I want to reach out and stroke that fat monster myself, I can't! I really can't! We've had a nice time here today, but if I go too far we'll have to put a permanent stop to all this. I can't let that happen!

He insisted while lewdly stroking his thick boner, "No I'm not! Between you and Hillary, I'm the luckiest kid ever! I could always tell you had a hot body, and of course a gorgeous face, but it's like, the more naked you get, the hotter you are. Your great all-over tan is good proof of that. That's not true with most women. I mean, generally, it's like, 'Please put some clothes back on,' because all kinds of imperfections come out. But you're so fit and firm and flawless that it just takes my breath away. Between you and Hillary, I'd say you tie for the sexiest woman I've ever seen, and that includes everything! Movies, TV, and even Internet porn."

She was loving the compliments. She even flirted with the idea of rewarding him by taking over jacking him off before she thought better of it. But modestly protested, "Now you've gone neck deep in the bullshit."

"No! It's true! I love you so much!" He was still tweaking her nearest nipple while jacking off. However, he was careful to not really stimulate himself that much. He'd masturbated countless times before, so he knew which spots to avoid so he won't cum anytime soon. He was very purposely stroking himself for maximum visual appeal, sliding his fingers from top to bottom and back again with his hand at an angle that allowed his mother to see nearly everything. He made certain to avoid his frenulum, the sweet spot that he normally rubbed constantly when he was masturbating for real.

He got to thinking, I figured no way in hell would she jack me off now, but why not try and see what happens? She's stroked my dick twice today already! True, it was brief and through my shorts, but a precedent of sorts has been established. Now that I think about it, a blowjob is obviously way out of reach, but she may well go for another handjob if I pretend like I'm incapable of getting off myself!

Wow, what a concept. I can keep going like this pretty much forever. She'll give in before long, I can feel it. I know it! She's sitting completely fucking buck naked while letting me play with her nipples, for crying out loud. Is it really such a stretch for there to a handjob?!

There's no need for me to be shy anymore. She's hot for ME! Boldness and confidence wins the day; that's my big lesson from today. I have to get used to all the changes. Things are getting so good that it's unreal! And today's only the second day of our scheme!

He also kept on playing with her nipples, alternating between them with his free hand. That caused her heavy tits to continually heave up and down on her chest. It was a good thing he was basically faking his handjob, because the sheer visual splendor was almost enough to get him to spontaneously blow his load.

She kept on staring wantonly and longingly at his hand stroking his hard-on. She licked or bit her lips repeatedly. She didn't even bother trying to hide her desire anymore.

She thought, Good fucking LORD! When is he going to cum already?! And when I think about it, he's been through such extreme arousal with me and Hillary. He's literally been playing with our naked bodies and kissing us over and over for two solid hours! But the last time he came was all the way back at "Ben and Jerry's" when I briefly touched his cock.

Okay, I did more than just touch it. I kind of stroked it a little bit. Maybe that's what it takes to get him to cum, a woman's touch?! Maybe I need to help him right now! But then how the hell does he masturbate on his own?!

He figured this was as good a chance as he was likely to get, since her eyes were actually glazed over with lusty need. He suggested, "Geez, it's been a while already. Hillary must be wondering what's taking us so long. As good as this feels, can't you just, you know... take over?"

She snapped out of her cock-lust reverie somewhat. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously, even though she'd just been thinking the exact same thing. "What are you saying, buster?!"

"It's not like it's a big deal. After all, you jacked me off twice today. You even did it until I came in my shorts."

She realized with a start that he was right. "But... that was different! You were still wearing your shorts. Skin-on-skin would be... outrageous!" Her heart was in her throat. She was so excited from the growing thought that she might take over that she could barely breathe or think straight.

He muttered, "I'm just saying. It's not that different. I mean, we just need to get this over with, and it'll be faster this way. Come on. Please?"

He'd been studying and learning about her body, and one thing he'd discovered was that when she got really horny, her face grew flushed. Her face was very flushed now. So, even as he was asking her "please," he took his hand off his dick and used it to hold her hand and bring it to his crotch.

She didn't resist at all, except to mutter half-heartedly, "Don't make me do this." But by that time, her fingers were already wrapped around his exposed shaft.

Both she and he were surprised at just how little she resisted.

In fact, she didn't resist at all. Within seconds, she started to jack him off all on her own. His pole was liberally covered with pre-cum and even some cum that had leaked out, so her hand glided up and down easily.

Another pang of guilt shot through her as she stared at her own hand in total disbelief. It's true that I did this to him before, but this is different. I have his cock in my hand! My son's COCK! The feel of skin on skin, holding his fat cock in my hand... Sliding my fingers all over it... Good Lord! It makes me so happy and horny that I wanna scream! My heart is beating like a big bass drum, and my entire body is burning up! I'm almost too excited to remember to breathe!

She began pumping on him with more energy and passion, trying to get him to cum faster. But she was unthinkingly using the same technique he'd just been using, which looked good but didn't do much for his all-important sweet spot.

What the hell is wrong with me today?! How did it come to this, somehow?! It's been like this all day long! One disaster after another. This whole faux girlfriend thing was a trap, whether he knew that or not, and I fell right into it like a total fool. My son just does whatever he wants with my naked, helpless body and I go along with it. Hell, I even love it and encourage him! I know that I've been starved for any kind of physical affection for a couple of years now, but this is ridiculous! Look at me! Look how easily he got me to stroke his magnificent, fat cock! I've totally lost my mind! It's not right that my son, of all people, takes sexual advantage of me!

She stared at his boner in disbelief as her fingers flew up and down it. Gaaaawwwwd, it feels so good! Why does he have to be so young, yet so well-hung? That's just, I dunno, adding insult to injury! How am I supposed to resist this wonderful cock? I swear, it's twice the size of Andy's little thing. So delightfully THICK too. I wonder how it would feel sliding down my throat. Would it even fit in my mouth?

She brought her second hand-over, and kept on stroking him with both hands. That forced her first hand to slow down a great deal.

What if I were to somehow manage to start bobbing on it and Hillary were to walk in and see me? She might get excited and want to join in. In fact, she's such a sexy thing she almost certainly would. So, in a way, I should do that to help speed up the "hand-over" process. We could take turns bobbing on him until he blasts his cum all over us! Then he'd probably be so excited that he'd stay stiff and we'd keep on going, sucking and slurping, stroking and fondling, loving every last inch of this perfect cock for who knows how long! Hours, maybe!

NO! I can't think that! What's WRONG with me?! I'm deluding myself. Of course it would fit in my mouth and I'm sure I'd love feeling his thickness pulsing between my lips, sliding with great suction up and down his hot meat, but I can't go there! He's my son! I should just be happy that I get to stroke and fondle his boner like this. I mean, how many chances am I going to get to play with his cock and make him cum? Probably not many, so I should make the most of it.

She realized with at a start, This is my SON's cock that I'm lovingly stroking. So of course I can't do this again. Ever! Even though... Nick's really turned into a man, all man, with a man's cock! I'm jacking him off with two hands, and he's so big and thick that it really takes two! And he still doesn't seem to be even close to cumming! God, it feels so good!

She'd been silent while thinking all that.

With his second hand free, he made sure to keep on fondling her tits, but with both hands. He repeatedly twisted her nipples, knowing that aroused her possibly more than anything else he could do.

The lusty look on her face as she stared right at what her hands were doing and her constant erotic moans showed how much she was enjoying it. But out of the blue, she groaned in frustration, "This is soooo wrong!" She whispered in dismay, "I can't do this!"

He looked at the expression on his mother's face, which was lusty and near rapturous. Plus, her hands weren't stopping their wonderful stroking motions. That just confirmed to him that sometimes even if she said 'no' at first, she really meant 'yes.' It was just a matter of getting her horny enough for her true feelings to come out. He didn't feel guilty at all.

More time passed. Funnily enough, Maggie kept on using the same ineffectual stroking motion from top to bottom. At first, that was because she was so very horny that she wasn't thinking straight. But time passed and she definitely remembered there was a much better way to best stimulate a penis. She knew very well that if she wanted to get him to cum fast, she should focus nearly all of her attention on his sweet spot. But the truth was that on a subconscious level, she didn't want him to cum fast at all. She worried this might be the last time she could justify doing this to him, so her aim was to prolong the experience as much as possible.

She slowed her stroking even more. That made it even less likely he'd cum anytime soon, but it helped her have great fun exploring every last inch of his cock. From time to time, she freely fondled his balls too, but she mostly was interested in his thick cock, so she told herself that jacking him off was a two-handed job. She couldn't get over how thick it was. She loved the way it was constantly leaking pre-cum, leaving her hands soaked it in too.

Meanwhile, Nick never stopped fondling her naked body too, and especially her tits, and most especially her nipples.

His only restraint was that he avoided her pussy, for fear that if he touched her there she would get spooked and completely disengage. But he was sorely tempted at times, even running his fingers through her dark brown bush.

Hillary was nowhere to be seen, but both of them were having such a great time they forgot all about her. They lost all track of time too.

After a while, Nick moved in closer. He bent over and slowly kissed his way up her mountainous boobs while licking them a little too. Then he planted a series of kisses up her body and even her neck until he reached her face.

She tried to pretend that wasn't happening and focused on stroking his fat erection. She was telling herself that the sooner she could make him cum, the sooner this "nightmare" could end. But she wasn't even trying to get him to cum and would have been very upset if he accidentally lost control and shoot his wad.

When his lips finally got near hers, she cried out, "Oh no, don't you dare!" She brought one hand up to his head in a belated attempt to keep his head back, even as she kept on jacking him off with her other one. But she was more playful than alarmed, like protesting a tickle attack.

He purred, "Thank you SO MUCH for helping me like this. You're the best!" Then he went ahead and kissed her lips anyway.

She was so distracted by yet another toe-curling kiss that she let go of his cock for a while and just held the back of his head with both hands while bolts of electricity shot through her.

She was surprised when she felt an orgasm rip through her body. That led her to complain, AAARGH! Dammit! Why?! Why does it feel so good just to kiss him?! This is NOT NORMAL! And the feel of his big fat cock in my hands... it affects me way too much! Is it some special chemistry we have, or is it just the fact that we're mother and son? Or, God help me, is it both?!

Although Nick was new to sex, he knew the condition of his dick very well from masturbating every day, and he knew it needed a break. The kiss was a clever way to distract her so this joyous time could go on and on.

However, he didn't get that much of a break, because after a minute or two, she remembered her "duty," and then pulled away from him a little bit so she could watch her hands as they stroked. She really liked watching what she was doing to it.

Soon, she was back to jacking him off with both hands, and seriously getting into it. She desperately needed to cum again already, since that last orgasm had only whetted her appetite for a really big one. But her clit wasn't being touched by anything, and he wasn't playing with her nipples enough to push her over the edge. Even though she had highly sensitive nipples, it was still hard for her to cum from nipple play alone.

Since she was completely naked, Nick could easily look at her hot and wet cunt to his heart's content, and she loved the way he looked there with desire. But she felt it would be dangerous to take things to yet another level and masturbate in front of him, or, worse, let him finger her there.

Being in such a needy state, she grew even more wanton about her handjob, and she pumped him more vigorously. Between kisses, she'd give him instructions, like, "Pull my nipples harder! Twist 'em good!" She also started to focus more on his sweet spot. As a result, it wasn't long before she had him panting hard.

She purred, "How do you like that, Sport? Do you like seeing your, er, girlfriend, hold your big fat cock, and jack it off with both hands? Do you think it's hot how my hands look so tiny compared to your great thick pole? Does that turn you on?"

She'd said "girlfriend," but both of them knew she meant "mother," and that aroused them greatly.

She was torn. As her arousal grew and grew, she increasingly longed to actually see and feel him cum. But at the same time, she didn't want the experience to ever end. She worried this might be her one and only time she'd get to do this with him. She was blowing hot and cold, trying hard to rub his sweet spot until he came, only to unexpectedly switch to merely fondling and exploring all up and down his long pole.

It was keeping him teetering on the edge, like some kind of delightful torture.

She told herself, I'm "Maggie," his slutty girlfriend, not a mother. "Margaret" is somewhere else entirely right now. So there 's no reason why I can't say and do whatever it takes to get him to cum!

With that in mind, she started cooing things like, "You have such an impressive cock! I knew it was big, but I never knew it was THIS big! Especially the thickness! I can't even reach my fingers all the way around it! You must have soooo much cum in your big balls, and I'm going to coax it all out of you!"

They both stared in fascination as her hands slid up and down, up and down. Nick was so transfixed that he even forgot to fondle her breasts for a little while, although he kept holding them from below, where she was more sensitive.

She went on, "Does it get you hot to think that you might end up with TWO girlfriends?! Two buxom and gorgeous girls?! Hillary is SUCH a fox! I saw how much she longs to jack you off! I'll bet she wishes she could be doing exactly what I'm doing right now! Do you want that? Do you want her to jack you off? Or even suck you off?! Is that what you want?! Do you want to see her fucking sucking on your enormous cock, you motherfucking stud?!"

She'd started talking about Hillary, but at some point there it switched to being about herself. She could freely express her growing cocksucking desire if she pretended she was talking about Hillary instead.

She went on, "Tell me! Is that what you want? She has such a beautiful face. Can you imagine her kneeling between your legs and staring up into your eyes while her lips are stretched painfully around your impossibly thick pole?! I bet she'd love it! I know she would! God! She's slide her lips on you with such love and passion! She'd get you to cum in no time flat doing that, I'm sure!"

She forced herself to stop talking along those lines, because she was working herself up too much and she feared he'd realize she was talking about herself due to her sheer enthusiasm.

As her breath grew increasingly ragged, she added quietly, with a twinkle in her eye, "I'll bet you think you're pretty clever, making me act all slutty, getting me completely naked, and eager to jack you off. And I guess you are. You've bested me in every way! It's wrong, so wrong, but it feels so right!"

She added in a quiet whisper, "And I'm your you-know-what!"

They both knew exactly what she meant by that. Hearing her admit it out loud, even obliquely, nearly caused him to spontaneously blast his cum out.

It struck him that now was a good time to get her to make commitments. He knew that after she calmed down, she'd be in a very different frame of mind. So he said, "I love it! Tell me that you're going to keep on doing this, all the time from now on!"

She thought about that, and even paused in her stroking a bit. She remembered her decision to end the fake girlfriend scheme as soon as they got home. Now was the time for her to put her foot down about that.

But she was so insanely horny, that what she said was, "Well, I don't know about ALL the time. But I do have to admit that I've had a hell of a great time today. Heck, I might as well just admit it: this is pretty much the best time I've EVER had. So I can't lie to you and tell you I don't want to do this kind of thing again."

She dropped her voice to a barely audible whisper and asked him shyly, "Do you think it's necessary that I continue to pretend to be your girlfriend? After all, she's practically your girlfriend already."

He knew his answer was vital to giving her a fig leaf excuse to continue. He whispered back, "That's true, but half the reason she's doing what she's doing is because you're there. You're my mystique. With you around, I come across like a total stud. Without you, I'd be nobody again. And my confidence would crash. This whole thing is like a house of cards. Without that confidence, I'm sunk!"

She smiled from ear to ear, because that gave her some great excuses to keep going, maybe for a long time. She said as she stroked, "Don't doubt yourself, Son." Her entire body jerked with worry realizing she'd just said "son." But luckily she realized she was in the middle of quietly whispering to him.

She went on, "But I can see you can't just flip a switch and have total confidence. Without me, you'd go back to your shy ways, wouldn't you?"

"Oh, for sure." He wasn't actually sure about that, but he knew that was the right thing to say.

She pretended to be reluctant, even as her heart was soaring. "I guess we'll have to continue like this for a while longer." She gave him a stern look. "But there has to be limits! Big limits!"

He grinned from ear to ear. It was hard to take her "limits" admonition seriously when she was naked and jacking him off with both hands while she was saying it.

He replied, "Okay, Ma--aggie. Oh God, that feels so good!" He almost screamed, because she was doing a corkscrew move focused on his sweet spot that was too intense to bear.

This was truly a dream come true for him. When he'd woke up in the morning, he never would have imagined in his wildest fantasies that he'd wind up in bed with his mother completely naked and happily jacking him off with both hands, never mind all the great stuff that happened with Hillary too.

She grinned. "You like that, huh? You're not the only one who's clever, you know. I can already tell that with your dick, it's all about the underside, especially the frenulum. You're really sensitive there."

That's where she was concentrating her rubbing action now, right on the sweet spot below his cockhead. However, she was still careful not to rub too much there, because she still had a sneaking feeling that she wouldn't be able to do this with him again anytime soon, if ever.

She thought, I'm having way too much fun here! I need limits, because I lack willpower. The most important limit is that I should never, ever touch his penis, like I'm doing now. This has to be the one and only time. Clearly, this is way too sexually serious for any self-respecting mother to contemplate. I know it's weird that I'm jacking him off even as I'm thinking about a rule for not jacking him off. But I have to do this so we can finish quickly and go home. He's been stiff for two solid hours. This is almost a medical emergency. I really have no choice!

Yep, this is definitely something I won't be doing in the future. Never, ever, ever! Pretending to be his girlfriend, letting him kiss me and even fondle me... that I can justify. There's a point to that, especially if Hillary is around to see it. But this? This is just depraved! No mother should have a son with a thick and delicious looking cock like this. It's just not right!

Well, not unless he has another medical emergency like this, that is. I'm not cruel. If he has to cum, he needs help!

She didn't consciously admit it, but that line of thinking almost ensured she'd be playing with his cock again soon, because if this was a "medical emergency" then any other time he went a long time without cumming could count as one too.

It was a great relief for her to realize this didn't have to be her one and only time jacking him off. With that in mind, she felt she could finally let him cum. She turned her focus to delivering greater pleasure, so he could cum faster and this could end. She started using some tricks, varying her rhythm and moves. Most importantly, she focused more and more on his sweet spot under his cockhead.

As soon as she switched to a full commitment to actually making him cum, he didn't stand a chance. He already was very close to the edge, so it wouldn't take much to push him over.

He also worried that this might never happen again, so he was struggling like mad not to cum. He felt like he was about to go out of his mind. He wished this pleasure could go on forever, but his dick had been erect and aroused for nearly two hours straight. It was a huge struggle for him just to last another minute. He knew the time was coming very, very soon.

But there was one last thing he wanted to do before this great and even life-changing experience came to an end. He had a long-time fantasy about shooting his cum all over his mother's face and chest, and he figured now was his chance to make that dream come true. He decided not to ask her first, since her words said one thing and her body said the opposite most of the time anyway.

So he brought both of his hands back to his crotch, and said while panting hard, "Ma, can you put your hands on your nipples and twist 'em?"

The two of them were so far gone that neither of them even noticed he'd said "Ma."

She did as he'd asked, even though that meant she had to take her hands off his pulsing cock. She was surprisingly upset about that. She struck a sexy pose as she followed his suggestion. "What, you mean like this?"

He smiled from ear to ear. "Just like that." She was sitting between his legs on the bed, and her face was leaning down, nearly into his chest. There really was nowhere he could shoot his cum that wouldn't hit her. But he grabbed his dick with both hands, just to be sure, and aimed it at her huge tits. Then he simply gave up trying to hold back his climax.

The first rope of cum shot out and splattered directly onto his mother's deep cleavage. She should have known better that he was setting her up for a pearl necklace, but she wasn't thinking and so was taken by complete surprise. "Wha...? What?! What are you doing?!"

By then, even more cum was jetting nearly straight up onto her. It was a huge load, probably the biggest load he could ever remember shooting. And still more hot cum shot out, and while Maggie was miffed, she made no effort to get out of the way. In fact, she was feeling goose bumps and chills all over. The bastard! What a sneaky devil!

But he really wanted to paint her face, so he aimed his cock there while his ropes were still powerful.

She closed her eyes just in time, but she still made no effort to move away. In fact, she even smiled and brought her face closer. Good God! Now I'm REALLY a slut! SO MUCH CUM! This is ridiculous! My son is drowning me in his incestuous cum, and I can't get enough! That's it, Sport! More! More! Cover me! Gaawwwd, I think I'm gonna cum again too! This is soooo wrong!

She brought her hand down to her pussy. Just touching her clit was all it took, and she started screaming like a banshee. There was no way Hillary couldn't hear that, if she was still somewhere in the house.

Nick's erection kept on shooting, and shooting, and shooting. He'd been thinking what he'd blasted out so far counted as a big load already, but more cum kept firing from his pisshole until it almost seemed ridiculous. Ten powerful and full ropes of cum shot out before his erection finally began to shrink and fall.

Maggie realized that about her only self-restraint was that she'd kept her mouth closed instead of opening it wide like a chick waiting to be fed. It wasn't actually restraint though, since she wanted as much of his cum on her face and tits as possible to look as slutty as possible. She was so far gone that she hoped Hillary could see her like that.

Nick wasn't keen on tasting his own cum, but he took advantage of the fact that there wasn't much of it on her lips to resume French kissing her.

Just like all their previous kisses, she completely melted with lusty need, and then kissed back with a feverish hunger.

That's how Hillary found them when she came back in a couple of minutes later, still buck naked.

She coughed. "Um, hello? I thought I'd give you some extra time, and then some. Finally, I knocked on the door a few times, but you didn't hear me."

She didn't say it out loud, but she had been patiently waiting for Maggie to get him to cum. She'd briefly peeked in once to make sure that was what they were doing, and then again later to see if she could figure out what was taking so long. But aside from those two very brief peeks, she kept clear until she heard Maggie scream in obvious erotic ecstasy. She gave them a couple of minutes after that, figuring they needed some time to recover.

She hadn't expected to see them passionately making out, after all that.

She was very impressed by all the cum on Maggie's face and tits, but she wasn't so surprised by that. She had come to believe that Nick was a total stud, so she expected nothing less. The only mystery to her was why Maggie limited herself to a handjob, but she assumed Maggie had deliberately held back due to being in a strange place.

Maggie quickly pulled away from her son. She was going to cover her exposed chest with both arms, but then she noticed how soaked and sticky it was, and she wasn't sure she wanted to run her arms through that. But having Hillary see the cum on her was extremely embarrassing. So she held her arms over her chest without actually touching it.

Hillary got a good look at Maggie's stickiness, since the arms only covered up some of the cum on her chest and none of it on her face. She laughed good-naturedly. "WHOA! Nick, you certainly are a BIG boy! That is quite a load! Good grief! It's like three cum loads combined! And Maggie, I LOVE the way he painted you. I'm psyched that you're into facials and pearl necklaces too. I'm soooooo into that!"

Maggie looked down at herself and was mortified. She felt like Nick had thrown a plate full of agar-agar (a gelatinous, gooey, and wormy seaweed) at her face, and then another plate full at her chest. I look ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous! Furthermore, this is my son's seed! His sperm! My son! My son! His CUM! His incestuous cum! Why can't Hillary see that? It's WRONG!

I never let my husband do this to me, back when we had a real marriage. And I remember how he asked about it sometimes too. Whereas Nick doesn't ask, he just does it! What happened to the shy boy I thought I knew?!

But she found herself casually telling Hillary, "Yeah, I'm into that. Way into that."

As soon as the words left her lips, she asked herself, Why did I say that?! I'm not! It's gross! And demeaning!

Am I just trying to look cool for her? All this slippery goo is sliding down my face, and I'm not even doing anything about it. I must be mental!

Hillary said, "Cool. You know, some women hate it, and say it's demeaning or some bullshit like that. I think it's just the opposite, don't you?"

"Um, yeah." Maggie said that even though she didn't see how it could possibly be the opposite. What did she mean by that?! A facial as a sign of women's liberation or something? I wish she'd explain how THAT works.

But she didn't want to ask and expose that she'd just agreed to something she didn't understand.

Given what she'd just said, and the way Hillary was curiously staring at the way she was covering her chest, she reluctantly dropped her arms to her sides and fully exposed herself. She tried to act cool about it, but she couldn't stop herself from blushing a ruby red. She crossed her legs though, so Hillary couldn't see her wet pussy.

Hillary looked at Nick's fully exposed crotch. In fact, it was the very first time she'd seen his dick without his shorts in the way. "Wow! Nick, I so wish you and I were going out already. I'd have you paint me next. You certainly look up for it. Wow! What a great cock!"

Maggie looked over, and was surprised to see that Nick was still erect. Oh no! I'm not going through that again! No way! She meant that too, not because she didn't want to jack him off more, but because she was physically exhausted from doing it for so long.

She asked her son with wonder, "How is it that you're still hard?!"

"Are you kidding me?" he replied. "Today's been, like, the most arousing day in my entire life! But don't worry; I'm feeling a lot better now. That was awesome!"

Maggie had a devilish idea, since her plan after all was to hand off Nick to Hillary. "Hey, Hillary. It's only polite that Nick gives you a good-bye kiss, right? And we're leaving in a few minutes anyway, so why doesn't he just give you that kiss now?"

Hillary's eyes went wide as she gawked at Nick's erection. "But he's naked! And his cock is erect! And I'm naked too!"

"Exactly," Maggie replied with a smirk.

Hillary was torn. "I don't know. I really don't know. I love the offer, and that shows me you're serious about sharing... but I can't. I just can't. ... Maybe if I call Anushka again... No, I can't!"

She looked at Nick beseechingly. "I'm sorry, I really am, but I would get carried away."

Maggie suggested, "What if he put his underwear back on?"

"Just his underwear?"

Maggie nodded.

"Well, I suppose that would work..."

Nick was up like a flash. He found his boxers and put them back on with lightning speed. They were very wet in front due to all his pre-cum, but he didn't care about that.

Hillary laughed. She loved to laugh. "Well, it looks like somebody's pretty eager around here!"

He and Hillary necked while standing up for a couple of minutes, but to his disappointment, that's all they did. She avoided his crotch, and even stood in a way so that he couldn't grind his stiff hard-on against her.

At one point, she explained, "Sorry, but I don't feel good touching you there without talking to Anushka about it first."

But at least he was able to freely play with her tits and ass again. He really, really, really loved playing with her magnificent body, especially when she was standing in the nude. He preferred that to sitting so he could easily fondle and caress her firm ass cheeks.

She slipped her hands inside the back of his underwear and she fondled and caressed him there too.

Maggie sat on the bed, watching while she rested and recovered. She didn't know what to do with all the cum on her face and tits, but she gave it a few experimental tastes while the others weren't looking. She didn't know what to think at first, but the taste wasn't unpleasant.

As the kiss ended, Hillary whispered in his ear, "Can you smell how wet and aroused I am? Things between you and me changed drastically today, to say the least! I wish I could do more with you - so much more! But I need to talk to Anushka, and also see if Maggie's offer to share is for real. Can you wait?"

He nodded eagerly, and then French kissed her again. Indeed, he could smell her arousal, and he absolutely loved it. He thought, This sex stuff isn't so tough after all: when it doubt, just kiss. Heh!

While they necked some more, Maggie went to the bathroom in order to wash her face and chest of all her son's cum. She covered her pussy with a hand as she went, even though Nick and Hillary were so into each other with their eyes closed in deep lust that they weren't going to see her. She was more worried she might run into someone else. She felt strange walking around buck naked in someone else's house.

Before cleaning up, she looked at herself in the mirror. Look at me. This is outrageous. How did I wind up here, fully naked and drowning in my son's cum? The plan was just to give him a sexy after-school kiss. My God! That was IT! Christ!

She was positively dizzy as she thought back to picking Nick up after school, and how things had evolved from there. It scarcely seemed believable, except for the undeniable fact that she basically lost all resistance and gave in to her lusty desires at almost every turn. Dammit! I'm so WEAK! I must really, REALLY be sex-starved. How long did I let him play with my body while I shamelessly loved it? Twelve hours straight? It sure feels like it! Well, I know one thing: I got this out of my system. Never again!

She actually meant that as she said it, but only because her arousal level dropped quite a lot after cumming, cooling down, and leaving Nick in the other room. Even so, she wasn't willing to think how she might feel or act if she was insanely horny with him again.

She was forced to use some toilet paper to clean up her wet pussy again. This is getting to be a habit, dammit. And still no panties. Or bra. Ugh! Maybe I should ask Hillary for a pair of panties, at least? No, that would be too weird. Well, at least she can give me a shirt, I hope. Mine got ripped to shreds! At least I do have my miniskirt somewhere. I need to put that back on, first thing!

She came back to Hillary's room looking fresh and clean, and with a white towel wrapped around her waist. She felt refreshed too. She didn't bother covering her hefty tits with another towel, since Nick and Hillary had seen her naked so much already.

She was relieved to see they were too busy to notice her at all, so she found her miniskirt and replaced the towel with it. Now that she had calmed down, she'd rediscovered her shame.

The others had sensed her return to the room, and they soon ended their kissing.

She had to explain, "Um, Hillary, you won't believe this, but my top kind of got ripped a while back."

Hillary laughed good-naturedly. "Oh, I believe it! Your boyfriend is a sex monster. An insatiable beast! It's a wonder he ever lets you wear any clothes at all."

After that gentle ribbing, Hillary kindly lent Maggie one of her shirts.

Maggie was careful to pick a non-descript light blue T-shirt instead of one of Hillary's many rock band shirts, so her husband Andy wouldn't notice anything unusual if he saw her when she came home.

But even so, one could tell that Maggie was still bra-less with every move she made. Even now, her nipples stayed hard, especially since Nick kept staring at just about every wobble her round melons made.

All too soon, Maggie and Nick were dressed and ready to go. Before they left, Hillary also dug around in her closet and found an older see-through frame bra, from back when she wore an E-cup bra instead of an F-cup. She gave it to Maggie as a gift, saying, "Try this, you'll like it. By the way, it's not an official name or anything, but I call it the invisi-bra."

"But I'm hardly ever naked," Maggie protested.

"Not anymore," Hillary winked. "I'd love for you and Nick to hang out here a lot from now on, although I have to warn you there are times I have blocked off for homework. But when you come over, we pretty much have a 'leave your clothes at the door' rule. That goes for you too, Nick."

She playfully poked him in his stomach, and then trailed her finger down to his shorts, nearly swiping the top of his still present bulge before she pulled her hand away.

His erection lurched with eagerness. Already, he couldn't wait for a return visit.

"Oh, by the way," Hillary said, "a good friend of mine is having a party this Friday night. I'd love it if both of you can come."

"Who is this friend?" Nick asked. "Is it someone I might know from school?"

"Our new school, you mean? Or old one?"

"Um, either. New, I guess."

"Oh yeah, definitely, everybody at the party will be from our new school, at least. I don't know how well you might know them, though, because I barely know them myself. It's pretty much the 'beautiful people' crowd. I don't really like any of those of people 'cos they're very shallow, but one has to sort of make peace with them or they can make your life really difficult. It'll be a lot more bearable for me if you're there. Oh, and Anushka will be there too, so you'll get a chance to meet her. Promise you'll come. Pleeease?"

Nick was obviously all for it, but he looked to Maggie to confirm.

Maggie smiled, and said, "We'll be there. I can't wait to meet Anushka."

She was surprisingly eager, because it "forced" her to maintain her pretend girlfriend status at least until then. But at the same time, she could meet lots of Nick's new school mates and wow them with her beauty, thus helping with the larger hand-over plan at the same time. So she considered it a win-win.

Hillary said to Nick, "You'll just adore her, I'm sure. I'm really hoping you and she will hit it off. Maybe she'll allow us some more... liberties." She winked at him.

His dick lurched in his shorts again.

But, after Nick and Hillary shared another great French kiss or two at the front door, Maggie and Nick finally had to leave.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, lew54321, GWB, BDGV, and Johnny Galt.