Chapter 7: The Parking Lot (Tuesday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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Nick and Maggie sat silently in the car for some time. Maggie was in the driver's seat, but she made no attempt to start the car.

They stared off into space, both of them overwhelmed from recalling the extremely pleasurable times they'd just shared. Yet enough time passed so that Nick's erection went flaccid, and Maggie's still highly elevated arousal level returned at least to bearable levels.

Amongst other things, Maggie was wishing she still had her panties and bra to wear. She wondered what happened to them. She knew she'd left them in the bathroom at the ice cream shop, but she winced when she imagined some unfortunate employee having to dispose of them. She couldn't bear the thought that Hillary must have seen how she'd left them behind.

Finally, Maggie broke the silence by saying, "I feel like I fell down the rabbit hole."

"I know what you mean," he replied. "Exactly. Ma, do you-"

She cut him off with a wave of her hand. "Not now. We need to talk, but not now. Give me some time to think with a clear head."

She just sat there some more, and then said, "I know what I have to do. First, I'm gonna call your father and explain that we're running late, and that we're going to order some take out dinner. Then we'll stop to pick it up."

He asked, "Okay, but running late from what?"

She felt another sharp stab of guilt. Finally, she looked at him, her face almost ready to cry. "I don't know! I can't tell him the truth, obviously! I hate lying to him, but what should I say?!"

He thought about that, and said, "Well, why don't you get as close to the truth as you can? It's safer that way. Tell him that you picked me up after school, and that I was talking with Hillary. He knows enough about her from all the times I've raved about her. I introduced you to Hillary, she invited us to get some ice cream, we got along like gangbusters, and so we pretty much spent the entire afternoon hanging out and talking up a storm. Obviously, you'll have to leave the kissing and that kind of stuff out."

She pondered that, and concluded, "Good idea. Not only will that work, but it could save trouble down the road, like if Hillary comes to our place for dinner, and he wonders why she and I seem to already know each other well."

He loved that idea, since it implied the fun with the three of them could continue. But he tried not to show it. "Exactly. The truth is best, or at least as close to it as you can get. Though she should never, ever come to our house. That could be a total disaster."

She nodded, but grimly. "Kissing and that kind of stuff." That's the understatement of the century! At least that's better than saying "Kissing and jacking off my son's fat cock with both of us buck naked while he played with my breasts!" Good Lord. How did I let all that happen with my very own son?! I still don't understand what came over me!

She said, "Okay. Let's do this. I can do this. I feel like I'm cheating on him, even though our marriage exists in name only, but what can I do? We can't undo what's happened, so we just have to deal with the fallout as best as we can." She started the car.

Nick loved sitting in the passenger's seat next to Maggie. She was dressed, but just barely. The light blue T-shirt Hillary loaned her didn't leave much to the imagination, even when she was sitting still. And it seemed that every time she turned the steering wheel, her bra-less tits bounced around inside her T-shirt like two kittens fighting. He could easily see her nipples poking against her shirt, despite the darkness surrounding them.

His erection kept threatening to come roaring back, but it didn't quite manage, mostly because it needed a break.

They barely spoke to each other. Maggie was sobered and subdued, but at least that was better than being angry.

Nick was careful not to provoke her. He was worried what her new attitude would be.

She was busy trying to figure out how to make it clear that something like that could never happen again without disappointing him too much - or putting a complete stop to things. She loved it too much to stop, but she was having a hard time admitting that to herself or to him.

A few minutes later, Maggie went into a Chinese restaurant, placed a take-out order, and then went back to sit in the car with her son while the food was being prepared. The sun had recently set, but there was still some light in the sky. The dimly lit parking lot had only a few other cars. She parked in a spot where a nearby street lamp guaranteed them enough light to read each other's expressions, even as the sky grew darker.

She sat in the driver's seat for a while, and then took a heavy sigh and looked at her son. "Okay. Now we can talk." She sighed again. "I've been thinking, and I believe you're not gonna like what I have to say. ... I loved what happened between you and me today. I really, really did love it, in a physical sense. As you know, my love life hasn't exactly been active since Andy's, well, you know..."

She didn't have a problem mentioning his accident, but she preferred not to talk about his cheating with Nick, and the two events had become tied together in her mind. She didn't want to run down the man who was his father.

She continued, "Apparently, my body really, really needed some relief, and a lot of pent up feelings came flooding out of me all at once in an uncontrollable way. But at the same time, I hated what happened! I well and truly HATED it! I'm your mother, and what we did was wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong."

"It was just kissing and touching, Ma." He knew that wasn't true, but he was putting up his best effort to convince her otherwise.

She frowned at his weak attempt to minimize things. "What we did went way, way beyond just 'kissing and touching,' and you know it." She stared at him hard. "Do you not remember what I did to you at the end?"

He looked away, abashed. There was no way to deny or minimize the handjob, especially because it lasted so long. He'd lost all sense of time, but he figured it went on for around 15 minutes.

She chided him, "How much you or I enjoyed it is irrelevant. I'm your mother, and you're my son, and mothers and sons just can't do that kind of thing. Ever! Period! When I agreed to your crazy faux girlfriend plan, never in my wildest dreams did I think something like that would happen. NEVER! But it seemed one thing led to another, like some kind of perfect storm of disasters. Maybe I needed to let out my repressed lusts, like lancing a boil, but not with YOU! Before I knew it, a couple of hours had passed, and we'd done all kinds of shameful things that I'm gonna regret until the day I die. You should be regretful too!"

"Regret? Why? I don't have any regrets."

"Are you kidding me?! Didn't I raise you to be a good person; a moral person? What about your father? Do you think he'd approve of what just happened?"


She raised an eyebrow and stared at him hard. "Excuse me?"

"I said 'yes!' I can't say how I know, but I've known for some time Pa has suggested that you take a lover or lovers, since he can't sexually satisfy you anymore, and you both are obviously going to divorce in a year or two anyway, as soon as I head off to college."

Her mouth gaped open wide in shock. "Oh my God! You know all that?! You're not supposed to know! How do you know that?!"

"I can't say, sorry. But I've known for some time. Look, Ma. I know you're not a slut or anything like that. But you're a healthy young woman. You have needs. Pa hasn't been able to help you with those needs for a couple of years. You've been sex starved. It's just like you said: things happened today, and your body went a little wild, because it's been so long. You couldn't help it. It WAS a perfect storm. So I don't think badly of you at all."

She pondered that. She had to completely agree with the "sex starved" part, and hearing that from someone else made her feel better. She replied, "Exactly. That's what happened. But I'm over that. I'd felt like a pressure cooker about to explode, but after this, the pressure's off, and I'm normal again. So, what you and I did, that has to stop now. There's no need for it anymore."

"Ma, that's so untrue." He leaned over into the driver's seat and kissed her on the lips.

She didn't resist. She wanted to, in fact, she felt she absolutely had to, but somehow she didn't. Within seconds, she was kissing back with just as much passion as all their other kisses.

But when his hands went back to her chest, and even started twisting her nipples through her T-shirt, she finally broke the kiss and pushed his hands away. "Oh no you don't! Not again!"

"But see? I made my point! You wanted and needed to kiss me!" His hands went right back to her breasts. He even slipped them under her T-shirt this time, so he could better knead her tit-flesh. He loved that she was still bra-less, and he was taking full advantage.

Maggie sat there, trying to gather up the willpower to push his hands away, but she found she just couldn't. It was like her body was paralyzed. Finally, she said, "Okay, you win. You made your point. You can remove your hands now, please."

"I don't want to." He kept right on kneading her bare tit-flesh, but at least he took some pity on her and mostly avoided her nipples - for now. His half-hard penis suddenly engorged to full size.

She looked at him imploringly. "Okay, I'm not going to try to order you around. I'm asking you. No, I'm begging you: please, Son, stop this madness!"

"Ma, it's not madness." However, seeing the outlines of his fingers moving under her shirt, he had to admit to himself it did look pretty wild and crazy.

"It IS madness! Look!" She frantically looked around. "We're in a public place! Anyone can see us! Your hands are all over my breasts, and you're acting like you own them!"

"Ma, first off, nobody could ever possibly see us. We're sitting here in the dark in an obscure corner of a parking lot. I can see your face, but that's about it." That was a long stretch, but he knew it would make her feel better. "The only way someone would see is if they come by with a flashlight. In fact, even if I do this, nobody's gonna know or care."

He felt greatly emboldened by the fact that she wasn't resisting his kissing or his fondling. He pulled her T-shirt up towards her neck. Because of the arm sleeves it couldn't get much above her armpits, but that left her magnificent rack completely exposed. He went right back to stroking, fondling, and kneading her great globes.

She gasped loudly. But again, she seemed helpless to do anything about it. What the hell is WRONG with me?! This isn't funny! Why don't my arms obey my head? And why does everything he does to me feel so damn good?!

She even looked at the bulge in his crotch and saw just how stiff he was again. She longed to touch and stroke it some more.

She pleaded, "Niiiiiick! Please! Have mercy on me! This isn't how I wanted this conversation to go. Okay. You win again. Obviously, there's something wrong with me, because my body loves what you're doing and I can't seem to lift a hand to stop you. But I'm begging you, seriously, please stop this! Soon! Think about Andy! Think about Hillary!"

"I'm thinking about them. So what?" He bent his head down and started licking his way around her nipples, while his hands kept kneading. He was amused and aroused that she'd told him to stop "soon" instead of "now."

She was having a hard time breathing. No! Not that too! It's too... No! Don't! Too good! At least don't suckle on my nipples, or I'm a total goner!

She held his head, but it was more like she was just clutching him in place instead of attempting to push him away. She panted, "Son, what happened to you? What happened to the shy and quiet boy I've always loved so much?"

"Ma, I'm a man now, and I've had a sexual awakening today. Besides, like I told you, Pa actually ASKED you to go find a young lover to take care of your sexual needs. Sure, he'd be surprised to find out it's me-"

She interrupted him with a loud, derisive snort.

He ignored that. "But in the end I think he'd make his peace with that, and give it his blessing."

The part about Andy making peace with the incest factor was optimistic thinking, to say the least, and they both knew it.

She looked down at his hands digging deeply into her tit-flesh like it was Play-Dough. It felt so good that she wanted to weep or scream, or maybe even both at the same time. She shivered as his tongue touched a nipple and started licking around it in swirls. She prayed total darkness would come faster, to better hide what he was doing. She very much regretted parking near a street lamp that partly illuminated the inside of her Prius.

She protested, "You can't say that. You don't know that. I know him, and he wouldn't! A stranger he never meets is one thing, but he'd be utterly humiliated that his own son has bested him."

She brought her hands from his head to his back. But her traitorous hands only seemed capable of hugging him, caressing him, and pulling him closer.

Nick asked, "What are you saying? You think I've 'bested' him? Come on. He got hurt. But do you mean I really am I a better lover than he was?"

"Oh God! Did I just admit that?! I mean, did I just say that? Forget that! Forget everything!" She was growing increasingly panicky as one slip up followed another. Forgive me, Andy! No matter what you've done to our marriage, you don't deserve to find out about this!

Wow! Nick thought happily, She pretty much admitted that I'm already doing better than Pa! That's pretty cool. This sex stuff isn't nearly as complicated as I thought.

She struggled to think and keep talking. "Besides, I have no intention taking him up on his offer. I'm a married woman. Sure, the marriage is a bit... strained... but it's still a marriage."

He snorted, "'Strained?' You can say that again! Are you or are you not staying with him just long enough until I graduate, so I don't go through having a broken home?"

The true answer to that question couldn't be denied, and they both knew it.

She proclaimed, "Whatever happens when you graduate is still a long time away. If I have to go without sex until then, then so be it. I'm used to it."

"You don't have to, Ma," he said with surprising calmness, even as he continued to fondle and lick her E-cups. "We can do this all the time."

That was such an appealing and wicked idea that Maggie nearly climaxed. She desperately needed to climax, because although she'd had a few orgasms at Hillary's house, she still hadn't achieved that totally sexually satiated feeling. Unfortunately for her, her clitoris and pussy lips had hardly been touched.

However, she panted, "No! We can't!"

"Why not?" He switched nipples, and started suckling on her other one.

She winced at that, trying to ignore how stimulating it felt. "We just can't! It's wrong! Besides, think about Hillary. Your real goal is to get her, and you basically did that today! Yeay! Victory! So now we can call off this fake girlfriend scam, because you got everything you wanted. Isn't that great?"

But even as she said that, her hips were writhing around in her seat as her body continued to heat up. The smell of pussy in heat wafted through the car.

He continued to relentlessly play with her tits, even going back to twisting her super sensitive nipples. He was surprised at just how calm and confident he was feeling. His heart was beating fast, but from sexual excitement, not worry. He felt he had her number, based on what happened earlier, and could make her uncontrollably horny if he kept doing what he was doing.

He said, "No, Ma. It's not over, not by a long shot. Yeah, I had some fantastic kisses with her today, but she's got Anushka. I don't know this Anushka from Adam yet, but I think it's a good guess that she would be worried I'd steal Hillary away from her. That's a very understandable worry. But as long as Anushka sees that I'm dating you, and the way you look, she's not going to worry about me and Hillary. That's another key reason why our fake girlfriend scheme can't stop yet."

"What's wrong with the way I look?"

"There's nothing WRONG with the way you look; it's just the opposite! You look so sexy that I can't stand it. And Anushka will think so too! Wow! I truly have the hottest, most stacked mother on the planet." He squeezed both her breasts, and then pulled her nipples together and licked them at the same time.

She moaned lustily, because stimulating two nipples at once like that nearly made her see stars. By now, she'd resigned herself to the fact that she had no willpower to stop him. Everything he did sent shivers of arousal through her body. Although she wouldn't admit it, she'd gone from weakly wishing he would stop to hoping he kept doing just what he was doing a whole lot more. The fact that she was effectively topless in some dark and grungy parking lot both humiliated and aroused her.

He spoke as he kept kissing, licking, and groping her ample tit-flesh. "Sometimes, I would literally sit in my room and cry in frustration, after seeing you dressed sexily and knowing I couldn't truly touch you or kiss you. In fact, you're so hot, I'm sorry, but I just can't help but kiss you again!"

This time, not only did she not resist, but her lips were open and pressing towards his face before he even finished speaking. They kissed with a crazy passion while he kept on twisting her nipples, since he'd realized that was the most effective move that he'd discovered so far.

She thought about his latest argument, that they had to continue the girlfriend pretense so that Anushka wouldn't get jealous. She was eager for another excuse that would allow them to continue, and this was just what she needed. My God! If what he says is true, we can't stop our charade yet. I've sacrificed too much and we've come too far to give up now. We might just have to keep this going for weeks! Maybe months! Because of Anushka! Plus all those other reasons he gave earlier, like his confidence going to pieces without me.

Her mind reeled and her pussy pulsed as she pondered the "fact" that they'd have to continue as lovers for some time to come. She was so overcome with lusty desire and joy that she longed to scream out. His excuses would absolve her of responsibility. At least, that's how she looked at it. She really had no choice in the matter, she quickly decided.

With that resolved, she kissed him back with even more lusty vigor. He was still in his seat and she was in hers, which meant their crotches were far apart. She thought back to the prolonged handjob she'd given him earlier, and she longed to do that again, but she couldn't bring herself to reach over to his crotch, because it would be far too embarrassing to initiate that sort of thing. Besides, she told herself that was a line she'd vowed they couldn't cross again.

At one point, she broke the kiss to gasp for air, and asked, "Do you really mean it? Am I that sexy? Come on. You're just saying that. I can't compete with Hillary."

"I totally mean every word! And you CAN compete. Easily. You're every bit as beautiful as she is. That's how incredibly sexy you are!"

The hot kissing and fondling continued. As Maggie writhed on her seat, her short miniskirt rode up until her ass was bare and her pussy was exposed to Nick's eyes most of the time (although he couldn't see much in the deepening darkness). It was awkward and uncomfortable that she was in the driver's seat and he was in the passenger's seat, but they largely overcame this by meeting in the middle as best they could. Luckily, there was no shifter, brake lever, armrest, or other protruding obstacle between the seats.

He occasionally brought a hand down to stroke her ass cheeks or thighs, although his main focus remained on her sensitive tits and especially her ultra-sensitive nipples. A combination of trying to respect at least some of her wishes and fear of the unknown still kept him from playing between her legs though.

After more necking, she realized it was hypocritical for her to even pretend that she didn't want this right now, so long as he didn't try to take additional liberties with her. She absolutely loved what they were doing, even though it was getting increasingly dark and cold and they were parked in public in a tiny, cramped Prius.

Actually, it was only cold outside. The windows were rolled up and they were making their own heat inside the car.

She was still thinking about his compliments, but she wanted even more encouragement. Between kisses, she complained, "You can't possibly honestly mean I'm anywhere near as beautiful as Hillary. She's supermodel perfect. She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, and I really mean that! No wonder you've got such a big crush on her. There's no way I can even come close to her! My boobs aren't as large as hers, for one thing, and I think I can see how much that means to you."

She looked down at his busy hands on her chest and grinned.

He grinned back.

She added, "I could see why you were obsessed with her before, but when she takes her clothes off, hell, even I'd do her!" She hoped he realized she was just joking with that comment.

"Ma, you're every bit as beautiful as she is. That's a plain fact! You don't believe me? Feel this!"

He took one of her arms from around his neck and guided her hand down to his crotch. Cleverly, he'd just unzipped his fly while he was leading up to that comment, so she found her fingers wrapped around his exposed erection.

She squealed in distress. "Oh no! Not again! Shit. I've been saying that a lot lately." But instead of pulling her hand away, she just laughed at how she'd been tricked, and she squeezed his thick hard-on.

"Ma, I just want you to you feel how hot, hard, and throbbing I am for you. Can you feel it? That's all for you. YOU! I've masturbated gallons of cum thinking about a day like today, and now it's all come true. I'm living a dream! Please don't make it end!"

"Is this really all for me?" She started sliding her fingers up and down his erection, as if she was examining exactly how aroused he was for her.

"It is!"

Within seconds, she gave up all pretense and began jacking him off with a style clearly meant to arouse. Sheesh! AGAIN! I can't believe I'm this weak today. The problem is, I'm the one who needs to cum! But I suppose I should help him cum too. He's had this hard-on since before we left Hillary's house.

And he has such a fucking fat cock! I love this cock! Sure, it's much longer and especially thicker than Andy's, but there's something more than just that. It's like I can't take my hands off it! I NEED to stroke it! This feels so good! So much fun! It's not a chore at all. Is that just because the incest taboo makes this so naughty? Hell, "naughty" is the understatement of the year. This is probably downright criminal!

However, even as her fingers pumped up and down on his hot pole, she complained, "This fake girlfriend thing has to end eventually, you know. We can't go on like this. It's screwing with my mind. I've never felt so ashamed and helpless!"

He replied while he resumed playing with her great tits, "I'm sorry, Ma. But I need you! If I'm gonna win Hillary, I have to have your help! And especially with this Anushka complication, it could take a while."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you," she said in mock anger, even as she continued pumping his cock with increasing eagerness. "You'd love to see your busty mother jack you off and even suck you off, day after day after day, until you finally, completely steal Hillary from Anushka."

He was all smiles, because he could see how carried away with desire she was. "Guilty as charged. Except I don't mind her being with Anushka, as long as that doesn't mean any barriers to her relationship with me."

"Boy, you're awfully generous, aren't you," she said sarcastically as she stroked and stroked and stroked his hot meat. Near total darkness had finally come, but she still could make out the outline of the rock hard erection in her hands, thanks to the light from the nearby street lamp.

Christ, that's big! And so hot and alive! She brought a second hand-over. Damn thing is so big it really does need two hands to properly take care of. God help me, but I don't want to let go, not in the slightest!

She kept on stroking him, two-handed style.

He said, "Seriously, consider how beautiful Hillary looks. If she thinks Anushka is special, I'll bet she's a smokin' hot babe too. She even admitted to us that she's hot. I'd love to watch them get it on!"

Maggie teased him, "I'll bet you'd get off on watching two sexpot girls fuck each other like they did in that library story while your poor, suffering mother kneels between your legs, endlessly sucking your huge cock! You'd love that, wouldn't you?!"

Frankly, the idea sounded pretty hot to her too. Her libido was spinning out of control.

"Oh boy! You know it!" he exclaimed.

Suddenly he pushed her hands away. He was coming too close to shooting his load and he didn't want their shared ecstasy to end. He pulled his hands from caressing her hefty rack too, and just sat there breathing hard for a minute or so.

She quickly brought her hands right back to his cock, even though he'd just pushed them away.

He was frightened she would set him off with more talented stroking, but she simply cradled his shaft in her loving hands. She understood that he'd pushed her away for fear of cumming, and she didn't want him to cum too soon either. But now that she'd broken that taboo, it seemed she had a need to touch his cock as much as possible. And she simply couldn't get enough of the kissing, stroking, or anything else they were doing to each other.

Her entire body was as hot as an oven, despite the fact that she was nearly naked and in a car at night without the heater turned on. At least the windows were rolled all the way up and they were making their own heat. What frustrated herself to no end was that she didn't understand why he was affecting her so very strongly.

Sensing she would be jacking him off for quite a while longer, she managed to get his shorts down his thighs enough to fully expose his balls too. She fully concentrated on just playing with his balls for the very first time, knowing his cock still needed more of a break.

She was in awe. She whispered like someone was trying to eavesdrop on them, "Son! Your balls! The cum that was in your balls before... you squirted it on my breasts! And my face!"

"Did you mind that?"

She snorted. "'Mind?!' Ha! I hated it! You bastard! You totally tricked me. You think you're so fucking clever, the way you told me to play with my tits so you could aim your cock at me like I was a target! UGH! But... I totally fucking loved it too! What is WRONG with me?! I never let your father do that to me, ever. But when you did it... UGH!"

"What?" he asked.

"I don't want to talk about it!" Her face was burning red with embarrassment as she thought back. She continued what she was saying, but only in her mind because she was too shy to say it out loud. God! Son, when YOU do it, it's so fucking HOT! You must have cast some magic spell on me, because I'm so fucking horny for you!

She spent the next minute or two just playing with his balls, while he kept on idly playing with her tits. She asked, "Does this feel good for you?"

"Oh, yeah! Totally! Almost as good as when you stroke my cock. My testicles are a major erogenous zone, it seems. But only with your hands. When I masturbate, my balls don't do anything for me at all, weirdly enough."

She made a big mental note to herself about that. Given how easily she succumbed while they were sitting here in her Prius, she knew she was going to be playing with his cock and balls a lot more in the near future.

Eventually, she sensed he'd had enough of a break, and went back to jacking him off with both hands.

After another minute of silence, she realized, "The take-out must be ready by now."

He said, "Screw the take out. It's probably cold by now anyway. What we're talking about is way more important." Even as he said that, he realized they were doing a lot more playing around than talking.

"But Andy's waiting!" Her words caused a twinge of guilt, especially as she realized she was mentioning her husband while lovingly holding her son's thick dick. Although her marriage was effectively over, Andy was still Nick's father.

"Let him wait." Nick had just been enjoying her handjob for the last minute or two, but he brought his hands back to her tits and cupped them from below yet again. "By the way, you said your tits aren't as big as Hillary's, and that's technically true. But you and she are both so fuckin' stacked that the little difference in size doesn't matter to me. I love every inch of your smoking hot body, but I especially love these!"

He brought his mouth down to a nipple for more suckling.

"NO!" She pushed his head away.

"What? Why?!"

"Sorry. Son, please don't do that now. It gets me so horny that I'll have a heart attack and I'll die! Seriously! Already, my heart is pounding way too hard."

He laughed, but he made the mental note that suckling her nipples could really get her engines running, maybe even more than twisting them.

He placed a hand on her knee. "Look, Ma." He stroked up her leg, and kept on going right past her pussy. His hand lifted her miniskirt up, exposing her pungent pussy even more, but then he kept on stroking up to the bare skin on her tummy. "Look at this body! I swear, you're like some kind of porn star, with a body that's built for sex. So healthy and curvy and tanned! This is NOT a normal mother kind of body. Do you know how torturous it's been for me to have a mother looking like this?"

His hand kept going up, stroking over her huge, bare mounds and then higher still, where he came across her shirt still bunched up above her boobs. He didn't like that, so he pulled her shirt all the way off.

She assisted by lifting her arms up. However, she felt humiliated to do so. Yet she wanted her shirt all the way off too. She'd never been so confused in her life. Plus, her hands went right back to holding and caressing his cock. That confused her too. Prior to picking him up from school day, she'd barely thought of him in a sexual way at all, yet her need and desire to hold his cock had grown so strong that she sighed with relief when her shirt was all the way off and she was able to get both of her hands back on it.

He went back to playing with her great globes. "These are not normal tits, Ma. You don't know what torture it is growing up as your teenage son. No matter what you wear, you can never completely hide these. Gaawwwd! I've longed to do this for so long! And when you turn around, then I see your ass and legs, and that's almost as bad!"

"I'm sorry, Son. I can't help it." She was subtly rubbing his sweet spot with one hand while making long strokes up and down his shaft with her other hand. She was trying to keep him close to cumming without actually doing so.

She had a curiously strong compulsion to make him feel extremely aroused, maybe to pay back for how much he'd made her feel that way for most of the last three hours or more, including the whole ice cream shop experience.

He said, "I know, Ma. And I can't help that you make me so horny all the time. It drives all thought of right and wrong out of my head. It makes my shyness totally moot. I feel this great, unstoppable craving... to touch you... caress you... love you... kiss you..."

With that, he kissed her lips once more.

She felt shivers and goose bumps all over from another sizzling kiss. It's not fair! I want to do the right thing, but my body betrays me again and again! How will we ever be normal again?!

When this kiss ended, he resumed running a hand up her bare skin, until he was caressing her neck. Then his fingers headed back down her body.

"But what about Hillary?" she whispered breathlessly. She experimented with fondling his balls with one hand while rubbing his sweet spot with the other. She wished she had three hands, so she could stroke his thick shaft too.

He moaned between heavy breaths, "I need you, Ma! I need you for you, but also for your help. Hillary is the girl for me. I've been watching her for years, and I love everything about her, not just her fantastic body. I'd love to marry her someday. I mean, she's the top catch by a mile, so why not aim for the best of the best?"

"She certainly is all that," Maggie agreed.

"Winning an incredible girl like that is no easy feat, and I won't have a chance without your help. You're my secret weapon, my ace in the hole, and you know it. Without you as my secret girlfriend, my confidence would utterly collapse, and you know it."

She thought, What if he's right? If he can't do this without me, then I could find myself in this situation a lot from now on! What if we start hanging out at Hillary's house, naked?! And each time, Hillary and I take turns sucking and stroking his fat cock? Or we do it at the same time?! We could lick his cock together, until he cums over both of our faces!

Aarrrgggh! Why does that turn me on so much?! What's happened to me?! I've truly lost my mind!

She kept these thoughts to herself, and merely asked with a sexy purr, "So, you're saying it takes a beautiful, big-titted babe to win another beautiful, big-titted babe?"

He chuckled. "Exactly!" Fuck me, man! Ma is so into this that I can't believe it! Why should I stop here? I want her totally naked!

As his hands wandered back down her body, he made sure to reach behind her and remove her miniskirt. It was rather tricky to take off. She actually had to help him by lifting her ass up, but she tried to do it in such a way that it seemed like she was just shifting her weight this way and that, to spare herself from another humiliation.

Finally, without saying a word, he managed to pull it all the way down her legs. He ended up dropping it on the floor of the car near her feet.

Her miniskirt had ridden up and hadn't been effectively covering her privates anyway. But the fact that her miniskirt was all the way off really did something to her. I'm totally naked! Totally naked! So fucking HOT! I'm sitting here in the nude in my car, giving my son another handjob!

After it was a done deal, she asked him, "Why did you take that off me? It wasn't really in the way, especially since we can't see much in the dark."

"I just had to," he said, struggling to explain it even to himself. "There's something about knowing that you're completely and utterly naked! For me! It's the greatest turn-on in the world!"

She found herself agreeing, but wanted to hear him explain in more. "But why?"

"I don't know why! It just is! Maybe... maybe something about knowing how you're helpless and need to be protected by me. And whenever you blush, it really turns me on. But more than that, it symbolizes that you're a total slut! And I don't mean that in a bad way, like some skank who will sleep with just anybody. I mean it in the best way, that you're letting your lusty desires run free! Totally uninhibited! Totally wild! I've seen you sexless and unhappy these last two years, and I want you to unleash the sexual tigress deep inside you!"

His words had a very powerful effect on her. They were words that would stick with her, at least in the back of her mind, and greatly increase her desire to get naked and stay naked for him.

In the here and now, she was so overcome that all she could say was, "Oh! Sport!" Then she plastered her body against his and fiercely kissed his lips. And all the while, she kept right on jacking him off.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Johnny Galt, lew54321, GWB, BDGV.