Chapter 9: The Aftermath (Wednesday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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Nick was disappointed at the abrupt return to normality around the house on Tuesday night.

However, he did manage to masturbate to climax twice that night, just as he'd predicted (and in keeping with his usual habit of cumming in twos). And his masturbation session was a particularly intense one, because he had very real incredible memories and feelings to draw from. He mostly fantasized about Maggie and Hillary taking turns sucking his cock, based on the very real feelings from the brief time his mother actually sucked him.

The next morning was more of the same. He couldn't even hug and kiss his mother good-bye as he normally did, and he was forced to bike to school instead of being driven there by her.

But what really disappointed him was Hillary's behavior towards him at school. She was friendly towards him, very friendly in fact. For instance, she beamed with delight when she saw him. They had a nice time talking, especially during lunch. But that was it. There was no hint whatsoever that they'd made out the day before while she was naked. There was no real flirting, nor any kind of suggestion to meet up later.

Furthermore, he noticed that Spencer ate lunch with Hillary. Spencer had joined Nick and Hillary midway through lunch yesterday, to Nick's dismay. Nick hoped this wasn't a trend, because Spencer was much more handsome and charismatic than he was.

Despite the relatively cool reception he got from Hillary, his penis grew hard any time he was near her, and practically any time he thought of her. He was in his sexual prime, with an unusually strong sex drive. And now that he knew what she looked and even felt like naked, it was like her clothes were see-through for him. (It helped that her red and white "White Stripes" T-shirt was thin enough for him to see the outlines of her bra.)

In a break between classes shortly after lunch, Nick more or less invited himself to Hillary's house after school.

But she replied, "I'd love for you to come over, I really would, but it's like I told you already: I believe in working hard, and playing hard, but work comes first. I didn't get ANYthing done yesterday, so that means I have lots of homework today."

"But it's only the third day of school," he complained. "How much homework do you have?"

"Not that much, to be honest, but I do have some, and I also have plans to hang out with Anushka later as well. I'd love it if we could all hang out together, and Maggie too, but Anushka's not ready for that yet. I'm working on her, though, so don't worry. I think the best plan is just for you and Maggie to meet her at the party on Friday, like we planned."

He accepted that, but he couldn't hide his disappointment. "Okay. But is there no chance for you and me to spend some time together before then? It's only Wednesday, you know."

"I know."

He said, "You know, I'm kind of bummed about your attitude today. I thought we had something special going yesterday at your house. But you're acting like that never happened."

They were standing alone, but she looked around and she dropped her voice to a near whisper. "Don't be fooled! I LOVE what happened yesterday! You know that, right?"

He nodded, even though he wasn't sure until she just said that.

"We haven't had a chance to talk since then, and we really should. But my thinking is that Maggie is your official girlfriend at this point. All sorts of people saw how you two kissed by her car, and people are talking."

"Good things?" he asked.

"Oh, God!" She chuckled. "Your reputation just soared through the ROOF! I'm surprised more people aren't coming up to talk to you about it. But my thinking is, Maggie IS your girlfriend, and my status with you is still frustratingly uncertain, so it's probably best if we both act like nothing happened, at least until we figure out some sort of plan. Don't you agree?"

He silently breathed a big sigh of relief. That sounded a lot better than his worst fears he'd been feeling that she was just blowing him off for some inexplicable reason. He said, "Yeah. Definitely. Smart."

Then, after a pause, he asked, "But what about getting together again soon? Don't you want to do that?"

She dropped her voice down to a conspiratorial whisper again. "I'd LOVE to spend time with you alone, or you and Maggie, but I don't trust myself! And I don't want to do anything with you that Anushka doesn't fully agree with. That would be cheating, and I just don't do that."

"Okay, I understand."

She added, "There are things I need to resolve with her. But I'm having to tread very carefully. I think it'll help a lot if you can meet her at the party. Hopefully she'll see that you're a cool guy and not some kind of ogre, and she'll warm up to the sharing idea."

Maggie had given him a lot of advice on girls in the last week or so, and one point she'd stressed was the need to play hard to get and especially not act too eager. He knew he was failing miserably at the moment, because he was so incredibly eager to be back in Hillary's arms again. He resolved to do better, and decided at the very least he shouldn't keep pressing the issue.

So he changed the subject. "Sounds like a plan. Tell me about this party, and the people who'll be coming."

She smiled, and started talking.

It was true that she did have other things to do, but that wasn't the only reason she was being somewhat stand-offish. She still wasn't sure what she thought about him. She was willing to try dating him (as well as continue dating Anushka), but she had a hard time jibing the wild, sexy guy she'd had so much fun with yesterday with the shy loner she'd barely known before. She wanted to take a breather for a couple of days and try to better figure out who he really was and how she felt about him.

She considered herself sexually liberated and uninhibited, but not "easy." She didn't allow herself to have one night stands, because she wanted to be some kind of serious emotional connection with any boyfriend or girlfriend she had. She'd gone way farther with him than she normally would have on any first date. She didn't understand her lack of control, especially since she knew she would have done much more if only he hadn't kept his shorts on the whole time. She worried that if she was alone with him, she would go much, much further, maybe even all the way. That was another good reason to slow things down for a couple of days, at least.

Nick was encouraged that Hillary at least sounded eager to be with him in a couple of days.

Despite these setbacks at school, he had a big smile on his face most of the time anyway. He'd had the greatest day of his life yesterday, by a longshot, and he was still riding the buzz. If he ever started to feel down, all he had to do was recall fondling and kissing Maggie's nude body, or Hillary's, or even when he briefly played with both of them at once. And thinking about the way his mother had given his two prolonged handjobs, and even sucked him off briefly, was so thrilling that he soon realized he had to force himself not to think about it, because he inevitably got a raging erection and had no ability to take care of it.

— — —

As soon as he got home, he rushed to his room and had a long masturbation session, cumming twice. (That was typical, due to his habit of usually cumming in twos.) All he had to do was remember what happened at the ice cream shop, Hillary's house, and in her Prius by the Chinese restaurant afterwards. It was like replaying a porn video, because his memories were so vivid and intense. It was glorious! If nothing else happened, he could bask in the glory of the memories of that day for a long time to come.

But he was in for a big disappointment after that, because he went downstairs to look for his mother, and he found Maggie had switched into her Margaret mode. There was no doubt about it. She'd dressed extra conservatively and acted stiff and formal around him, even when Andy wasn't around.

Nick tried to hint that he wanted to at least talk some more about what had happened the day before, in order to sort through his emotions, but she merely said, "Maggie's not here now. End of story. I don't know where she is. Maybe you'll see her tomorrow. Briefly. Talk to her then."

That gave him a little bit of encouragement, because he remembered she was supposed to "turn into Maggie" on Tuesdays and Thursdays to drive him to school and back. That was about the only thing he had to look forward to tomorrow, since he didn't want to be too eager with Hillary and try to ask himself over to her place again.

The rest of the afternoon and evening passed with a tortuously slow crawl. Nick was so bummed out that he couldn't even find the inspiration to masturbate... much. He did get himself off twice, because there were too many exciting memories from the day before floating around his head. But that was poor by his usual standards. If he'd been really excited, he could have climaxed four, five, or even six times. He had a truly unusual libido, even for a guy his age.

The one bright spot during that time was a phone call he made to Hillary. They hadn't had a chance to talk in private much at school, because Hillary was getting to be so popular so fast that she was hardly ever alone. On the phone, he had her undivided attention, and they had a nice long conversation.

He was frustrated that she made clear at the start she didn't want to talk about "relationship stuff" or anything sexual at all. She said her parents were nearby and might overhear. But they had plenty of other things to talk about. They spent a long time talking about their impressions of their new school, how it compared to their old school, their new teachers, their classmates, and all the usual school gossip.

One sexually related thing she was willing to discuss was the reaction to his public making out with Maggie. From his point of view, it was like it never happened, because not a single person mentioned it to him during the school day, except for Hillary in their own private chat. He did get a lot of curious looks, but that was it. That had been a big disappointment.

However, upon reflection, he realized that it was only the third day of school and he'd been spending nearly all of his free time between classes with Hillary. As a result, he hadn't been making other friends. So apparently nobody knew him well enough to feel comfortable to ask him about his girlfriend.

Furthermore, it turned out that another reason nobody had been asking him about it was because Hillary had sort of become his publicity agent. Other girls were especially curious to find out the latest gossip, and they felt free to ask her about it once it became known she had been standing there during the entire make out session and knew the fully story.

The interest was less in the kiss per se than the mystery of Maggie in general. Nobody knew her, and her extraordinary looks made everyone very curious. Hillary explained to Nick how she'd passed on what she'd learned from him and Maggie, the backstory about how the two of them had started dating over the summer due to her renting the space on his family's property, and how she was going to a local college and so on. She made clear that she talked about the public kiss right after school, but didn't say a thing about what happened at Ben and Jerry's or her own house later.

Hearing all that was a big relief to him. He told her that she'd handled it great, and he couldn't have asked her to do any better.

He said, "It's funny. I was soooo puzzled that nobody was asking me about her or that very public make out session with her. I'm not a show off, but I was kind of bummed. I mean, I'm really psyched that I'm dating her, and I'm proud to let people know."

"As you should be," Hillary said. "She's something else! Believe me, people are talking, even if they're not talking to you."

He said, "That's the funny thing. I mean, why doesn't anyone just ask me? I appreciate that you covered for me, but why not get it straight from the horse's mouth?"

Hillary said, "That does seem kind of weird. But you should be mindful that Maggie's become this mystery woman that everyone wants to know about, and you've become a mystery guy too."


She chuckled. "Yes, you."

"I'm not a 'mystery guy.' You know that."

"True, but that's only because I knew you from last year and before. Remember that we're almost the only ones to transfer from that school to this one. As far as everyone else is concerned, you just as much of a blank page as Maggie is. And the fact that you're dating her makes you a serious enigma!"

She went on, "Please don't take offense, but if one were to look at you and then at Maggie, it makes no sense that you're dating her. I know damn well why she's so hot for you, because I've seen you two in private and how you get along like gangbusters, and especially how the sexual sparks fly. And I also have directly experienced those sexual sparks with you! From MY point of view, it makes total sense that she'd rather date you even over all the hunky guys she must attract in droves at her college. Hell, I want to date you too, in a big way! You know that!"

He was starting to get excited. He muttered, "I do."

She went on, "But I have all kinds of inside knowledge nobody else has, and I'm not going to reveal any of that without you and Maggie giving me the green light first. Other than the general stuff about how you two met and how long you've been dating and all that. So, yeah, you ARE a mystery guy. On the surface, you're a reasonably handsome guy, but you're not a walking wet dream. Sorry."

"I get it," he said. "I know my limitations."

She went on, "But she IS a walking wet dream. So it's a real puzzler that she would date a high school guy so much younger than her. What's your secret?! What do you have that nobody else does? Everyone who's seen her wants to know. But you've been kind of aloof and scary."

"'Scary?!' I'm not scary at all. You know that."

"Yes, I do, for sure, but I have all this special knowledge. Look at it from someone else's point of view who's taken note of you and Maggie, like one of our classmates. They've seen or heard of you with her. And they're probably seen that you're spending more of your time between classes hanging with me. Which is cool, I really like that, but it's kind of a mystery too. I don't want to toot my own horn, but my looks put me pretty much at the top of the school's social ladder from day one. Lots of people are trying to befriend me, to pull their own social status. But I spend more time with you than anyone else, AND you have this ridiculously gorgeous college girlfriend!"

She went on, "Can you start to see why others see you as not only mysterious but even scary? People haven't been asking you about Maggie because they feel intimidated to even talk to you!"


"Really. If I could make a suggestion, I definitely want to get to know you a lot better. I think it's clear from yesterday that we have some really powerful sexual chemistry. And I really like you as a person besides that. Like this phone call right now. Talking to you is easy and fun. Unfortunately, I've got to sort things out with Anushka before we can pick up where we left off at my house. Here's my suggestion. In the meantime, maybe we should spend a lot less time at school hanging out together. Instead, we can make up for that by talking on the phone. That'll give you a chance to start to get to know your other classmates. Once you do that, your mystery level will go way down."

He teased, "Maybe I like being mysterious." He broke into an Austin Powers impression. "Nick Powers: International Man of Mystery! Yeah, baby! Yeah!"

Hillary had a good laugh. She told him, "Behave!" which also was an Austin Powers reference.

He said seriously, "Actually, what you say is good advice. But, I'm going to hold you to the phone call thing. Tomorrow night, you call me, okay? We can try to make it a regular after dinner thing, at least until we can see each other face to face more often."

"Sounds like a plan! Oh, and by the way, once you do start talking more to other classmates, I'm SURE they're going to want to ask you all about Maggie. She was, like, THE main topic of gossip today. And tomorrow that's only going to grow, because it takes a while for the word to get around. That's especially true for guys. I've noticed guys are much more oblivious about gossip stuff, so it takes a while for news like this to filter down to the guy level, but it will eventually, especially if Maggie keeps dropping you off and picking you up. Is that the plan?"

He thought back to the deal he'd made with Maggie last night. "It depends. I think she'll end up doing that about half the time."

"Well, that's plenty. If that happens, word will continue to spread. I hope you don't mind being known as 'the guy who dates that hot college chick,' because that's how most people will know you."

He said, "I can handle that. But I'd rather be known as 'the guy who dates that hot college chick and that equally hot Hillary chick.'"

She laughed. "You would! Boy, you're nothing if not ambitious! Getting Anushka fully on board for you to date me in private is challenge enough. Getting her to agree for you to date me in a publicly known way would exponentially harder. Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves."

"Sorry. But a guy can dream."

She laughed some more. "You're too much!"

They talked a lot longer about a variety of topics, including what may be their favorite shared topic of music. The phone call lasted a full hour, and even then they could have kept going except Hillary's parents called her away.

When the call ended, Nick felt much better about where he stood with Hillary. Of course he had a lusty obsession based on her off-the-charts sex appeal. But he also felt he was in love with her due to all her other charms, especially her intelligence and fun personality. He particularly enjoyed talking on the phone with her, because he could enjoy interacting with her without lust dominating his thoughts.

The only frustration was that he wanted to report back to Maggie some of what Hillary had told him, especially how well her after school public kiss with him had gone over. But he couldn't say a thing since she was in "Margaret mode."

— — —

Indeed, all evening long, Maggie put on a very convincing outward performance. For all Andy and even Nick knew just by looking at her, she was the same as ever. But on the inside, it was a completely different story. Her emotions were all over the place. Sometimes, she reveled in all the sexual fun she'd had with her son. Other times, the guilt and regret overwhelmed her so much that it was all she could do not to break down and cry.

She wished she had a good friend who she could turn to for advice, but there wasn't anyone she felt she could talk to about such highly personal and sexual secrets. She more or less became a recluse ever since the one-two punch of catching Andy cheating and then him having his accident. Most of her friends were Andy's friends too, and she'd deliberately lost contact with most of them. Many of them knew about Andy's cheating and hadn't told her about it.

She considered telling her closest remaining friend, Sally, that she'd had a sexual adventure. Her idea was to carefully edit the story to remove all traces of the incest. But she ultimately decided that could cause more trouble than it was worth, since Sally would inevitably ask lots of follow up questions. The lies would likely just spiral as the "fake girlfriend" scheme continued.

Generally speaking, she found it easiest just to turn her brain off so she didn't have to think about these issues at all. That allowed her to get through the day and do her chores and such - most of the time.

But definitely not all the time. One big problem that could no longer be denied was that her sexual side had awoken from its years of hibernation. All through the day and into the evening, she discovered herself getting aroused for no reason at all. She wouldn't even be thinking sexual thoughts, but suddenly her body would be on fire.

An additional problem was that her nipples were extra-red and sore from all of Nick's twisting and manipulations. While many men thought the nipples were the pleasure center for a woman's breasts, that was rarely true. But with Maggie, that was very true, and the rougher the better, and Nick had picked up on that very quickly.

As a result, her nipples were extra sensitive from all his tugging and twisting. It even hurt a little when they were touched, so she tried to avoid doing that. But when they brushed up against something, or even just shifted around in her bra, electric jolts would run through her. And whenever that happened, she'd think about her son playing with her nipples, and that would tend to start her fantasizing about him, especially about sucking his thick cock. That would lead to her nipples getting erect, which would only worsen her soreness problems.

And when she allowed herself to fantasize, her arousal went into overdrive. For the last two years, her fantasies mostly starred various famous and handsome men. But despite her best intentions, all her sexual fantasies now starred her son.

Last night, she'd had some sexual dreams. She was grateful that she couldn't remember the details, but she remembered that they were all about her having sex with her son. Strangely, nearly all of them had been about cocksucking, not fucking. Partially that was because she had actual sucking experience with him to draw on, brief though it was. But also, she considered fucking with him to be beyond the pale. She would allow herself to daydream or fantasize about handjobs, titfucks, blowjobs, general naked fondling and kissing, and the like, but any thoughts of fucking were strictly off limits in her mind.

She didn't blame herself too much about what she dreamed about, since she had no conscious control over that. What she considered much worse was that sometimes she caught herself fantasizing about him while she was awake too.

She did some extensive gardening in the middle of the day, which gave her an excuse to take a shower afterwards. In the shower, she let herself go with sexual daydreams as she soaped up her impossibly curvy body.

She imagined Nick had unexpectedly come home in the middle of the day. "Hey, Ma, I'm home! School got out early."

"I'm here in the shower," she shouted back to him.

Normally, that would have been the extent of their communication until her shower was over. But in the dream, Nick opened the bathroom door and came in naked.

"Nick! What are you doing?" she gasped, trying to cover her nakedness with her hands, but doing a piss-poor job of it. Her body was so voluptuous that her hands stood no chance of covering all of her huge tits even if she really wanted to, and trying to cover them and her pussy too was downright impossible.

The real Nick was still fairly shy and respectful of boundaries, because he truly loved her and didn't want to make her unhappy. But her dream-Nick was different. He brazenly pulled back the shower curtain and stepped inside. He was buck naked and holding his erection. "Ma, you left me with a boner last night, and it's hardly gone down since. You've got to fix it."

"B-bu-but, I can't!" she protested weakly. "That would be wrong."

Ignoring that, he simply took one of her hands off her massive mammaries and brought it down to his needy shaft.

Her hand started to stroke, even though she didn't want it to. It was just like what had really happened to her yesterday.

But this wasn't good enough for Nick. He commanded, "Suck it, Ma!"

In her fantasy, Maggie's will was quickly and completely broken by his aggressiveness and his impressive cock. She dropped to her knees. Holding and stroking the base of his shaft, she began licking her way around his cockhead while the water rained down on her.

In real life, she knelt down in the shower too and let the water wash over her. She closed her eyes and held her hands in front of her face. She pretended to stroke a thick cock while also lapping on it.

Had anyone come into the shower and seen her like that, she would have died of embarrassment!

Back in her fantasy, she pouted in a sexy tease, "Nick, you're a bad boy! A very, very BIG and bad boy! How dare you turn your mother into your own personal cocksucker! You think that just because you have such a thick and tasty cock, I'll suck it for you anytime you like, don't you?"

He grunted affirmatively.

She laughed, nervous and thrilled. "Well... You're right!" The talking stopped for a while, because she swallowed his cockhead whole. But that wasn't enough for her. Within seconds, she began bobbing deeper and deeper down his shaft.

The real Maggie drew on memories of actually sucking her son's cock last night, although she'd only done so briefly. She shoved a bunched up grouping of fingers in and out of her mouth to simulate the blowjob as she fingered her pussy with her other hand. With her eyes closed, she felt almost like Nick really was there with her, fucking her face.

In her fantasy, she pulled off his delicious cock to say, "I suppose you know you've broken me, don't you? Now that you've got me like this, what's to stop you from taking advantage of me all day? What's to stop you from fucking my face whenever you get horny?!"

Before he had a chance to answer, she eagerly bobbed way back down his shaft again (and stuffed her fingers back into her mouth in real life).

After a long pause, the dream-Nick said, "Nothing, Ma! It feels so good, I want you to suck my cock all day long! You're gonna suck me to wake me up in the morning, and then suck me all through breakfast. Then you'll suck me when you drop me off at school, and suck me some more when you pick me up. Maybe you can even sneak in to school during lunch to suck my cock then too! And for the rest of the day, every day, you're gonna live with my cock in your mouth!"

The conversation stopped for a while, because she was happy just to bob up and down and masturbate herself, and he was even happier to enjoy her tongue and lips.

But eventually she came back up for air, and pouted, "Son, you're so mean. No one can possibly suck that much cock. Already my mouth is getting tired, especially since your cock is so remarkably thick. It's a chore just to fit it in!"

She recalled from real life just how true that was, and that gave her an extra powerful lusty shiver.

"Don't worry, Ma. I'm gonna be fucking your huge tits a lot too, when your mouth needs a rest."

At that thought, the real Maggie suddenly grasped her breasts with both hands, pretending it was Nick playing with her instead. She twisted her nipples just the way she knew he would if he was there. This meant she couldn't pretend-fuck her own mouth or frig her pussy, but she mentally fantasized she was still sucking and licking him just the same.

Oh God! He's gonna fuck my mouth and my tits ALL THE TIME! He will! He really will!

She practically creamed as she imagined his hot pole sliding in her deep cleavage. And as she bunched her fingers back up in her mouth and resumed thrusting them in and out, it was like he had two penises and was somehow fucking her face and tits at the same time, even though he wasn't even there.

She was completely overwhelmed. She dropped a hand back to her pussy, knowing she'd be cumming for real, and soon.

Then the dream-Nick added, "But that's not all! I'll be fucking your pussy a lot too! Your cunt! What do you think about that? Your cunt belongs to me now! It's gonna be sloshing full of my cum, all day and all night, forever!"

That was a shocker, since she so rarely allowed herself to go that far, even in her fantasies.

The real Maggie pulled her fingers from her mouth and screamed with a combination of ecstasy and dismay in response to his imagined words, and her body exploded in orgasm. Her fingers were a blur as they dug deep into her slit. Suddenly, it seemed they weren't her fingers any more, but her son's cock. She bunched no less than four of them up closely to simulate his great thickness. (She was afraid to try all five.) She kept them stiff to improve the fantasy.

She was lucky she was already kneeling, because she was overcome to such a degree that she would have fallen. Her orgasm was so powerful that she nearly passed out.

When it was over, she stayed slumped on the floor of the shower, the water still raining down on her. Except now she felt deeply ashamed and she sobbed. The water helped wash away her tears.

What's WRONG with me?! I never felt this way about Nick before, not even a little bit! It's like my moral compass broke yesterday, and I can't fix it. Why am I suddenly so fixated on cocksucking? I know I actually bobbed on his cock some last night, but I was obsessing about it even before that, the whole time I was jacking him off in the car, and earlier.

God, that was so fucking hot! The whole thing! The way he got me completely naked and helpless in the car, parked there where anyone could come by... And then the way he tricked me into stroking him, and even sucking him... GOOD GOD!

Okay, so anyone who went through that is going to have SOME lusty thoughts afterwards. But fantasizing about sucking his thick dick THAT much?! I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all day long! And even dreaming about letting him fuck me? Come ON! That can't be me! Somebody wake me from this nightmare!

And what about screaming in the house?! I hope and pray Andy didn't hear that. Thank God he listens to his music while he's working in his den, which is downstairs and fairly far away. If he asks, I'll just say I slipped in the shower. But I can't make a habit of screaming in ecstasy all the time, or he'll catch on sooner or later!

Maybe I'm mentally ill somehow. Maybe I went so long without any sexual outlet whatsoever that I really am broken in some way. I should go see a doctor or a psychiatrist or something. But what would I say? "Doc, I wanna suck my son's dick so bad that I can literally taste his cum in my mouth sometimes! Can you give me a pill to fix that?" Ha! There's no way I'd ever be able to talk to someone like that.

A sobering thought hit her: I'm all alone! Already what has happened in real life is so beyond the pale, it isn't something that I can discuss with any of my friends, and certainly not with my so-called husband. I'm way too ashamed to seek out any kind of stranger or professional advice.

That really depressed her. Shit. This whole pretend-girlfriend thing completely backfired in my face. My body is in heat or something, and I can't turn it off. What can I do - wear a chastity belt or something? Christ! I need a chastity belt for my mouth even more, and they don't make those. When Nick comes home, I'm just going to have to tell him we have to call the whole thing off.

But by the time Nick came home, she'd lost her resolve. She reminded herself that she'd made a deal with him and it wasn't right to back out of deals. She convinced herself (despite all the evidence to the contrary) that she would have the willpower to set limits and stick with them in the future.

The problem yesterday was that things crept up on me. I was blindsided and literally didn't know what hit me. Now I know. In the future, I can steel my resolve and shut him down before things get too far. I suppose we'll have to kiss and fondle some, to make the romance look convincing, but that's not such a big deal. Especially since we'll be doing it in the front of school, so that'll help make sure I control myself. I hope he enjoyed the handjobs and blowjob I gave him, 'cos that's the last of those he'll ever get from me!

But even as she said those words, she knew deep down that she was lying to herself, and she was going to lose control again. Yet it felt so good that she was looking forward to it. Yet it was wrong; it was with her son! She went back and forth, feeling profoundly uneasy and unhappy.

For the rest of the day and into the night, she behaved herself. Even though she and her husband slept in separate bedrooms on separate floors (since Andy couldn't walk up the stairs), she resisted the temptation to masturbate and fantasize again.

However, her conscious mind couldn't control what she dreamed about, and that night, she had two more erotic dreams starring Nick (at least, two that she could remember). Both dreams were vague, and lacked any sort of plot, scenario, or even dialogue. Instead, it seemed like she and Nick played with each other's bodies all night long. Nick always seemed to be kissing her and playing with her tits and ass, and especially twisting and turning her nipples.

And she always had his dick in her hands or her mouth. Sometimes, she even found herself in anatomically impossible positions, with his dick in her hands down in front of her AND in her mouth, while Nick fondled her with many more than just two hands.

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