Chapter 10: Confidence Building (Thursday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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Maggie woke up feeling drained, like she hadn't slept a wink. She also discovered a big wet spot in her bed. Luckily, that wasn't an immediate danger since Andy slept in a separate bedroom downstairs.

She got up and did her best to pretend everything was normal.

That morning started with more disappointment for Nick, since Maggie remained in her "Margaret mode." Andy was fortunate to have a job that allowed him to work from home most of the time, due to his damaged legs. He shut himself in his den and typically didn't come out much, or sometimes not at all, until dinner. There was a door connecting the den directly to a bathroom, so he didn't even need to leave his work area for that.

But even so, Maggie was reluctant to dress sexily in the house, for fear Andy might see her and wonder what was going on. She'd been stuck in a rut for so long that any change would seem odd. She dressed in one of her usual outfits for breakfast.

However, Nick had asked to talk to her about "Maggie" stuff, and she'd promised that she would. So, after breakfast was over and she had a private moment with Nick, she told him to get in the car, well before the usual time to leave for school. Then she went upstairs, quickly changed into a really sexy and revealing outfit, and then rushed straight down the stairs and into the car.

Nick was delighted at her outfit, and especially at the vast amount of cleavage she was showing. He made to lean over and kiss her.

But she held up a hand to stop him, and then she put her dark sunglasses on instead. She explained, "Just because I'm dressed like this, it doesn't mean I'm in 'Maggie mode' yet. We're in the garage, and technically, that means we're still in the house. And even once we're out in the street, remember I'm only in LIMITED Maggie mode. I'm only doing this because I made a deal. But things are DEFINITELY going to remain under control. You can start talking to Maggie now, but you can't kiss or touch her until we get to school. And then, you're only gonna get a peck on the cheek, since nobody pays much attention to what we do in the mornings anyway. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Ma. I mean, uh, Maggie." He got in the car and waited for her to start it.

As she backed the car out of the garage, he asked, "So, how are you holding up?"

She replied, "Okay, I suppose. The guilt isn't completely choking and drowning me, like it was the night after... well, let's just say after Tuesday night. Yesterday almost felt like normal, but that's because I did everything in my power not to think about what happened. I guess you could say I'm in severe denial mode."

That was mostly true. She certainly was in severe denial mode most of the time. But her answer was nonetheless mostly a lie, because she completely failed to mention her lusty thoughts and feelings. It wasn't just the occasional fantasy or dream; horny thoughts about her son were on her mind, or just beyond conscious thought, a good deal of the time. A large portion of those involved lusty feelings about sucking his cock.

A switched had been flipped that couldn't be flipped back, and on some level, she knew it.

She said, "But enough about me. I certainly don't want to talk about me right now. How are you holding up?"

"Okay. I guess. I mean, I can't really complain, considering I had the adventure of a lifetime on Tuesday, but everything's been so frustratingly normal since then. Not just with you, but with Hillary too."

"Oh? Tell me all about it."

So they discussed how things were going with Hillary the rest of the way to school. He explained how Hillary was acting a little stand-offish, and he'd mostly been trying to play hard to get, which meant the two of them hadn't talked that much. He also told her about the hour-long phone call with Hillary in the evening, but it wasn't a long distance to school, so he decided there wasn't time to go into detail about that.

Maggie commiserated with him, and counseled him to be patient. She advised him to keep up the "hard to get" routine, within reason. She pointed out how wildly successful his scheme had been already, and noted that he couldn't expect every single day to go that well.

But she felt strange. A part of her was quite happy he was having some difficulty with Hillary. She felt jealous about Hillary, since she wanted him all to herself. She also knew the longer he had trouble with Hillary, the longer she'd be "forced" to play the role of his girlfriend. However, she wanted to be a good mom, so she gave the best advice she could.

As they drew close to school, Nick looked around and said, "Damn. Are we there already? There's so much more I want to discuss with you. With Maggie I mean, not Margaret. For instance, Hillary told me a long story about how our public kiss by the car in the afternoon went over."

She sighed with frustration. "I want to hear it all, for sure. But school is starting. We'll talk more after, when I pick you up. But for now, remember: play hard to get. Don't be following her all around school like a lost and lonely puppy dog. I know that's what feels tempting, but if you play your cards right now, it'll pay off big time later. People like what's intriguing and different, and a stunner like her must get puppy dog followers all the time. Keep your eyes on the prize."

He sighed with frustration. "So what am I'm supposed to do?"

She slowed the car down, buying a little more time to talk. "It's only the fourth day of school. Meet people!"

He said, "It's funny you said that, because Hillary told me the exact same thing. She said I should spend most of my time between classes getting to know other students, and then she and I could talk on the phone later instead, like we did last night."

"That's very good advice. Do that!" She flashed him a naughty smile. "Here's the kicker: don't just hang out with your usual crowd, the nerdy types. Make a point of meeting the really beautiful girls."

He groused, "Oh man! I'm not good at that. Why?!"

"Playing hard to get! Jealousy! It works! Your faux girlfriend scheme actually turns out to be pretty brilliant. We both know she never would have done any of the things she did with you yesterday had it not been for me. Do you remember how you went back and forth between making out with her and then with me? That created a friendly competition vibe that made both her and me crazy with desire! The more competition she has, the more she'll want you. Trust me on this."

He sighed heavily. "You're probably right. But what you're asking is so tough. With Hillary, somehow, it's different. I feel, like, a bond with her. I have this huge confidence with her, due to what happened on Tuesday. And she's just so kind, ya know? She always has a smile for everybody. She never even curses or says mean things about other people. But some of these other girls..." He winced.

Maggie replied, "I understand. Kids your age can be cruel. Meeting new people is tough and scary, at first. But given everything that's happened, I know you have the confidence to do it. Look at it this way, if you had your way with Hillary, and you did, then you should eat those other girls for breakfast. They've got nothing on her."

He grinned. "That's true. Her OR you. You're, like, the hottest of the hot!"

She rolled her eyes, but she was secretly pleased. "I'll bet you any money that if you start talking to other pretty girls, Hillary will suddenly be a LOT more friendly to you in school, AND more keen to talk to you on the phone later. She won't want to give them a chance to steal you away."

"She doesn't have to worry about that," he said honestly. "I love her so much!"

"Yeah, but don't let her know that just yet. Be smart. Remember, the word is getting around that you have a hot college girlfriend. They'll be intrigued, and want to find out more about you. Use your charm on them. Just because you're a little shy doesn't mean you're not charming. You're handsome and oozing with charm, and don't you ever forget it. Plus, it'll help a lot at that party if you know some of the kids there already."

He gathered up his willpower, and said, "Okay! I'll do it! I'll try, at least. ... But..."


They'd just arrived at the front of the school, and Maggie pulled her bright red Prius right up front to the most visible parking spot possible. In fact, very few students were dropped off, since that was seen as uncool (unless you had a hot college girlfriend doing it). So Maggie had her choice of spots, since everyone else was biking or driving their own cars.

He said, "I know it's only the morning and all, but maybe you could get out of the car and give me an extra hot kiss, so everyone can see? That'll boost my confidence, big time."

She was about to agree (and with such eagerness that it frightened her). But then she had an idea. "I'll make you a deal. I'll give you a kiss, a real kiss, if you promise to meet three new pretty girls today."

He pondered that. "Well, I won't be motivated much if the kiss comes first. How 'bout a kiss now, and an extra special kiss when you pick me up?"

"'Extra special kiss?' What does that mean?"

He smiled mysteriously. "You'll see." He actually didn't know what he meant by that yet, but he figured he'd have time to think up something good.

She smiled from ear to ear. "Give you an inch and you take a mile. But I can do that." She left the car on, but got out of it and leaned against the driver's door until Nick got out and walked around the car to join her.

Then she opened her arms and planted her lips on his.

This time, there was no pretense at reluctance, and they went at it with their usual intense passion.

It was true that a morning kiss wasn't going to get as much attention as an after school one, but they didn't go completely unnoticed. More than a few people walking into the school, turned their heads and made a mental note about the kissing, wondering who that was and what was up with that.

Nick's heart soared, and suddenly his penis was as hard as steel. But he managed to restrain himself, and just kept his arms wrapped around her back until the kiss was done. After all, time was short. But he was delighted, and could hardly wait until school was over so he could really get into making out with his mother.

Maggie was glad. She'd been able to enjoy a great kiss, and she felt like she'd never come close to losing control. Plus, she'd given him some motivation to get over his shyness with girls in general and make progress with Hillary at the same time.

As she got back in the car to go home, she thought, Now, THAT I can deal with. That's how things were supposed to be in the first place. Okay, minus some tongue. Hell, a lot of tongue! She giggled. But still, this doesn't cause the stabs of guilt. This is how things are gonna be from now on, until this charade is over. Everything is fully under control!

— — —

That one relatively tame kiss actually did boost Nick's confidence a great deal, much more than he would have possibly guessed. The key was that it got his lust-filled mind mostly off Hillary and focused on his mother instead. As a result, he had much more of a "devil may care" attitude around Hillary for the rest of the day, instead of being clingy with her or forcing himself to stay away from her altogether. He was mostly thinking about making out with Maggie after school, since that had the most immediate promise of sexual fun.

So, with a smile on his face and a spring in his step, he set out to find and chat up the most beautiful girls in his junior grade. Their high school was sharply divided into the three grades, sophomore, junior, and senior, with most of their classes physically separated from each other, so he had very little clue about the sophomore or senior girls.

There were many quite beautiful girls within the 500 students in their junior grade, though. As mentioned previously, the school was in an exceptionally affluent area, and that often led to rich men marrying beautiful women and then having attractive children. Plus, girls could afford the best treatment, such as braces for their teeth, or even boob jobs. Such fake breasts were startlingly common, even at the junior grade age. And the pressure for girls to stay thin enough to look good in a bikini for the nearby beaches was immense.

However, Nick felt that the only one who had truly remarkable beauty on par with Hillary and Maggie was Debra, and she was well known for being a bit of a vapid, self-centered bitch.

He wasn't able to completely hide his shyness, so he didn't speak much and generally only responded to questions from others. Before, that would have been a bad thing, but now that it was believed he had a hot college girlfriend, it only added to his intrigue.

Nick even managed to speak to Debra a little bit during lunch. He had been trying to build up the courage to approach her at first, but was finding it too daunting. To his surprise, she approached him!

He felt panicky at first. Her beauty was so stunning that looking in her face felt somewhat like trying to stare at the sun. It was a constant challenge for him just to maintain eye contact with her. But then he thought back to how Maggie had sucked his cock while he blew his load of cum straight down her throat. That made him so ecstatic that even if Debra had rudely insulted him, he wouldn't have cared much.

Once he got started talking to her, he found her pleasant enough to talk to. To his surprise, she seemed generally interested in talking to him, and she even flirted a bit. At one point, she asked him, "So what's this I hear about you dating some beautiful college-aged girl?"

He was surprised she knew that. In fact, he was quite surprised she even knew his name, or that she could put his name to his face. The only explanation was that his new reputation had been getting around in just the last day or two. He figured Hillary was probably right and Debra thought of him as "the guy who dates that hot college chick," and thus someone of interest.

He replied, "Yeah, I guess you could say that."

Indeed, it soon became clear that she was almost exclusively focused on talking to him about his supposed girlfriend. She said, "So tell me all about her! Her name is Maggie, right?"

But he was coy. He tried not to say much except for the most basic facts about their relationship, such as the fact she was going to a local college and they had been dating since the start of summer.

Debra prodded, "She's the one picking you up and dropping you off, right? I saw her today. Boy, is she a looker! What does she see in you?" Debra wasn't known for her intelligence or her tact. She tended to say what was on her mind.

He shrugged. "You should ask her that."

"Oh, come on! You've gotta give me more than that. What's your secret?"

He shrugged again. "No secret."

She gave him a frustrated face. "Argh! You're the talk of the town, you know. And she is too. Everyone is talking about that kiss you had with her after school on Tuesday. I missed it. What happened there?"

He continued to act nonchalant. "I don't know. It was just a kiss. I suppose you could say we get pretty passionate for each other sometimes."

Clearly, Debra was frustrated by his vague answers.

In truth, he was getting increasingly eager to end the conversation. Debra was so remarkably beautiful, especially her face, that he continued to find it daunting just to look at her, much less talk to her. He was used to the jaw-dropping beauty of Maggie and Hillary since he'd been obsessing about them for so long. But he wasn't used to Debra at all.

Debra appeared more than a bit threatened by Maggie. It was plain as day that Debra obviously considered herself the most beautiful girl around and she didn't like any new girls challenging that claim. After failing to get him to reveal much about Maggie at all, she abruptly changed the topic, and out of nowhere she mentioned, "Did you know I'm a professional model?"

"You are?" He didn't know that. He'd been out of the loop with social news in his old school, and he was even more out of it in the new school, since he was a new transfer who knew few people so far. The only reason he knew anything about Debra at all was because she was locally famous, simply for her beauty, but he wasn't aware of any details beyond that.

She flipped her blonde hair back as she proudly explained, "Oh, yes. I've been in national magazines. Vogue, Seventeen, Cosmo, and many others. And I'm in a L'Oreal ad that's running pretty much all over the place right now. I'm in a lot of ads. I get paid more than a thousand dollars an hour just to stand there and have someone take my picture."

"Wow, that's impressive." He believed what she said too, because she was that beautiful, and it was obvious that she was quite wealthy. Besides, it would be easy enough to check some of those magazines to confirm her story.

But he thought, That's about as subtle as a flying mallet. Why is she trying to impress ME?!

He let her prattle on about her modeling experience for a while, but he wasn't that interested. And despite her undeniable beauty, he really had no sexual interest in her.

Ironically, his evident lack of interest only added to his intrigue for her. Hillary and Maggie were the only women he cared about or were even the slightest bit interested in. The only reason he put up with talking to Debra at all was because he was following Maggie's advice to make Hillary jealous.

And it worked. Later in that lunch period, Hillary tracked him down and got him to sit alone with her. She immediately launched into him, complaining, "What's with you? I thought we were friends!"

"We are. What's the problem?"

She was obviously unhappy. "It seems like you've been avoiding me all day."

"Not at all. But I didn't see you around outside of class, and we've been busy in class. Besides, I'm making a point of meeting new people. Remember how you were the one who suggested that I do that? I noticed you're doing the same."

She complained, "Yeah, but it seems that for you 'new people' seems to exclusively mean the most beautiful girls! When I said meet new people, I didn't mean THEM!"

He pretended shock. "Hillary! Don't tell me you're jealous."

"No, I'm not." She searched her feelings and slumped in defeat. "Well, okay, I am. But just a little. Seriously, why the heck are you talking to the likes of, well, Debra? I told you already that she's not a nice person."

"Yeah, I know, but she came up to me. Besides, I'm curious to see for myself what she's like, since she's so notorious."

"And the fact that she's easy on the eyes and in all those magazines has nothing to do with it?" She struck a pose with a hand on her hips that was both aggressive and sexy.

He avoided answering that by asking, "So it's true, she's really some kind of big model?"

Hillary reluctantly nodded. She conceded, "She's hardly famous enough for people to know her name, but yeah, she's been in some magazines. Mostly in the advertisements. In my opinion, that doesn't really count!"

He was secretly amused at Hillary's catty attitude, because it was so unlike her. Clearly, Debra got under her skin in the way maybe nobody else did. "Wow. But don't worry, I'm not interested in her in the slightest. You're right, she is shallow. I can tell from one brief chat with her. Besides, she's not my type."

She gave him a very skeptical look through narrow eyes. "What's your type then? And why are you horning in on the very most beautiful girls? I noticed you were talking to nearly all blondes with ample chests! That must be your type!"

"Boy, you sure are nosy today."

"Sorry." She looked abashed, but still miffed.

He said, "I suppose it's true that most of them were blonde and busty, but you know how it is in our school. I've heard it said that about ten percent of people in the US are naturally blonde. That may be higher around here, maybe double, since this is an extremely white area, especially the Northern European type of white. But still, I'd say HALF of all the girls in this school are blonde! Lots of bottle blondes, obviously. And there may be even more girls with boob jobs than dye jobs! Do you disagree?"

Hillary groused, "Well, I suppose you've got a point there... But still..." She was sensitive on this issue because she had brown eyes and brown hair, on the slightly darker side. She disliked the blue eyed, blonde haired "Baywatch babe" stereotypical look.

He said, "Since you're curious, I'll tell you my type. Yes, of course I love beautiful women. And busty women especially." He couldn't resist glancing down at Hillary's F-cups. "But that makes me the same as most other guys. The funny thing about all the boob jobs here though is that your breasts still are WAY larger than anybody else's!"

"That's not true," Hillary said. "I know some other girls in my general breast size range. And I'm talking attractive girls, too." She was being honest about that, but she was referring to only a handful of girls, and most of them in the senior grade that juniors such as herself or Nick had almost no contact with whatsoever.

He replied, "If that's the case then, I've love to meet them." After a well-timed pause, he added, "Kidding! Just kidding!"

She was glad about that addition, but she suspected he wasn't entirely joking. She playfully growled and shook a fist at him.

In fact, he thought she was lying or exaggerating about other girls being in her same bust range. The classes for sophomores, juniors, and seniors were generally physically separated from each other, so he'd hardly noticed what the seniors looked like yet. Certainly, none of the girls he'd been talking to had breasts as large as Hillary's.

He went on, "No, but seriously, what makes me different is that, sure, I love beauty, and I have a thing for breasts, obviously, but I want a woman who's really smart too. Outgoing. Fun. Funny. Kind. Interesting to talk to. I'm just speaking my mind as words pop into my head, but the point is, there are lots of beautiful girls in the world, even really beautiful ones, if you look enough. But not many have all that AND smarts and a great personality too. You're the whole package. So is Maggie."

He went on, "But you know who isn't? Debra! I know she's not in our Advanced Studies class, or any of our other gifted classes."

"She's not," Hillary said with surprising venom. "She's just in the regular classes. She's not smart at all."

"I gathered that. Just talking to her for a few minutes, she seems vapid and shallow. She's the very last sort of girl I'd be interested in."

Hillary said a bit huffily, "That remains to be seen. She's known for getting her way, strictly based on her beauty. Beware! She's trouble! And besides that, what's with all these OTHER beauties you've been talking to?! I've detected a pattern!"

He was slightly amused, and grinned. "Have you been spying on me?"

She said with embarrassment, "Well, kind of. I mean, not deliberately, but it's hard not to notice. If I'm not sitting next to you, you're at least usually somewhere nearby. And it was like you were going down the list of talking to the handful of the very most attractive girls. Including some busty ones. AND some beautiful, busty, AND smart ones!"

She put her hands on her hips and glared at him unhappily, like she was accusing him of cheating on her.

He thought, Boy, this "playing hard to get" stuff really does work! She'd been kind of aloof with me yesterday, but she's singing a different tune today. I love how her jealousy shows she's developing strong feelings for me. This is so cool! This is HILLARY we're talking about!

He said, "I'm just trying to meet some of the people who'll be at the party on Friday night. You said that was the 'beautiful people' crowd, so I'm trying to meet them now."

She muttered under her breath, "Yeah, the very most beautiful, busty girls. And blondes!"


"Oh, nothing." She forced herself to smile, and abruptly changed the topic. "Hey! You wanna hang out at my house after school today?"

"I thought you said you were going to be doing your homework with Anushka."

"Yeah, but school's barely started. I've realized there's not that much to do, and I got all caught up yesterday. Besides, I'd love for you and Anushka to meet."

"Okay. I'd love to."

Hillary brightened. "Really?"

"Yeah, but unfortunately, not today. I've already made plans with Maggie, since you said you were busy."

"Maggie could come along too."

That sounded great to him, but he was determined to play hard to get. Besides, it seemed premature for him and Maggie to meet Anushka, and he figured that having Anushka there meant there wouldn't be any sexual fun.

So he said, "Some other time, definitely, but we already have some specific plans today, sorry."

She pouted, "Oh man, that sucks." She asked almost pleadingly, "What are you two going to do?"

"I don't know yet. But I'm sure it'll be something sexy and fun."

She let out a loud sigh, almost a growl. "I'll bet!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"It's just that you two do have such fun, sexy fun. I totally wish I could join in. I wish you and I were dating already, no holds barred!" Her face turned from pained to sexy and almost wicked. She lowered her voice to make sure nobody else could hear. "Remember on Tuesday, how we kept passing you back and forth over the pillow wall?"

"Yeah?" His penis started to engorge.

"Can you imagine doing that, but with your shorts off? I know I'd take my whole turn sucking your big cock, or titfucking it! Then I'm sure Maggie would do the same. I'll bet we'd wind up lying or kneeling side by side between your legs, sucking and licking you together! Would you like that?!"

"Are you kidding me?! Oh my God!" His dick had already gone completely erect, in a matter of seconds.

She asked, "What about Maggie?! Do you think she'd be into sharing you like that?!"

"I don't know. It's a weird thing to ask about, and I haven't asked. This whole thing of her wanting me to have other girlfriends is hard for me to wrap my head around. But we kind of came close. Remember when both of you were resting your breasts against my chest and I played with both of you at the same time?"

She sighed longingly. "Yeah! Boy, that was seriously hot! I was wishing so much that I could have just pulled your shorts down and gone to work on you with my mouth!" She looked around, as if she was thinking about pulling him off to some dark corner. "Are you SURE you can't spend some time with me later today? I'd make it worth your while!" She licked her lips suggestively.

He was floored. "I wish! But we can't do that sort of thing anyway, right? Isn't your situation with Anushka still unresolved?"

She sighed. "Yeah. Dammit! And I guess we should take it slow anyway. My feelings for you are so strong already, but I still hardly know you."

"Well, at least we can talk on the phone, right? I'm really looking forward to that. Believe me, I want you carnally in the worst way, but I'm totally interested in you as a person. And that is NOT a line! I mean, you're in the Advanced Studies class. How awesome is that? We're on the same intellectual level, and it's great fun talking to you. Trust me, I'm not looking for some fling. I hope we can get serious."

She said passionately, "That's what I want too! I want a boyfriend who'll last for more than a few weeks or a month or two. You may be the one. To be honest, most of my boyfriends have been intimidated by my smarts and we didn't click in any way except for the physical attraction. I don't really fit into any social group. It's like I'm in my own little liberal, vegetarian hippie chick clique, with a membership of one. But you, you get me. And that's a big turn-on!" She flashed him a sexually hungry look that nearly knocked him over.

Her words left him speechless, especially since he was reeling with a blast of lusty desire for her.

Then she asked uncertainly, "But... do you think Maggie would let you not only date me, but even seriously date me, long-term?! Is that even possible?!"

He replied, "I don't know. I hope so. There's a lot that needs to be sorted out, and I guess we need to take things step by step and see how it goes. We're in a really bizarre situation here, with me and Maggie and you and Anushka. But I'm hopeful that if we put our heads together, we'll be able to work something out."

"God, I hope so. I'd better go now before I ravage you!"

He teased back, "You'd better go before I ravage YOU!"

She struck another sexy pose, cocking a hip and putting a hand behind her head. "Hey, don't write checks that you can't cash! Are you going to prove that to me? Are you going to make me work for it?"

But then she seemed to regain an awareness that they were in a public place and other students might be looking at her and wondering about her cheesecake pose. She lowered her arm and started to walk away. "Later! We'll talk on the phone."

"Later," he replied, though he was already talking to her back.

She hurried out of sight.

After she left, Nick concluded, Wow, it's true. The whole get-'em-jealous-and-play-hard-to-get thing works like a charm! Hillary was practically ready to drag me back to her place. And the claws really came out when Debra came up. Hillary says she doesn't play the popularity game, but just the same I'll bet she's got issues with Debra since the two of them are heads and shoulders more beautiful than anybody else here. I'll bet her competitive instinct comes out with Ma as well, big time, just due to the whole "who is the fairest in the land" thing. If I'm clever, I can use that to my advantage.

I should get closer to Debra, if only to use that jealousy card some more. After all, if I'm gonna win Hillary long-term, I need to use every trick in the book. I'm just an ordinary, slightly handsome, and smart guy, and the only reason I've made any progress with her is 'cos of an outrageous scheme that could fall apart at any time. Other guys can run circles around me in pretty much every way.

Yeah, I have a much thicker than average penis, and a pretty strong sex drive. That helps a lot. But if Hillary made penis size a bare minimum requirement for her dates, she'd still have a line stretching around the block, and most of those guys are gonna be more handsome and suave than I am.

I'm a fraud! Man, that is one fact that totally sucks. I'm punching way, way above my weight just to get this far. Eventually, things are likely to fall apart. For instance, if things really work out with Hillary, eventually she's going to have to meet Ma, and then she'll find out she's my "college girlfriend!" Damn. This is unsustainable in the long-term. And yet, I'm so glad I've done this, if only 'cos it led to Tuesday! The greatest day of my life! Fucked up, I know.

But it's not all gloom and doom. I mean, Hillary was just strongly hinting about a threesome! That's too awesome to be believed! And it COULD happen! It might even be likely! I know I'm walking on a tightrope, but if I can keep things going, especially the whole fake girlfriend scheme, there's no telling what might happen! I'm gonna do every damn thing I possibly can to make my dreams come true, even if it means kind of underhanded tricks like befriending Debra. I need all the help I can get!

The day dragged, but finally school was over.

The "playing hard to get" and "make her jealous" routines were working better than Nick even knew. Hillary liked Nick a lot, but she still tended to see him as the shy and unassuming boy she'd known from before. Their wild Tuesday seemed like an anomaly. So, while she wanted to date him to see if she could have more fun like that, she also was interested in seeing who else she might date from the crop of people at the new school. She saw no need to commit herself to him only a couple days into the school year.

She'd only recently met Spencer, but she found him very handsome and personable. Spencer was clearly interested in her too. He probably was the most desirable boy in school, and she and Debra probably were the most desirable girls in their junior grade, if not the entire high school. If Spencer wasn't interested in Debra, it seemed almost inevitable that he would want to try dating Hillary before long. It was just as likely Hillary could be Spencer's first choice.

But now Hillary was starting to think that she'd much prefer Nick over even the likes of Spencer. She was getting the feeling that if she didn't "lock up" Nick, and soon, she'd miss her chance with him, due to his sudden interest in talking to other beautiful girls. She'd dated guys like Spencer before, who were handsome, suave, charming, and fun to be with. But she ultimately found them shallow, without any deeper emotional core she could form a more lasting bond with.

Nick seemed like a totally different case. The sexual potential with him seemed off the charts. He knew she was dating Anushka and told her he was okay with sharing, which was highly unusual to begin with. Then there was the Maggie factor. If threesomes with Nick and Maggie were possible, that would be a dream come true for Hillary and leave even the likes of Spencer way behind in the dust. She'd had girlfriends and boyfriends, but she'd never been able to be intimate with both at the same time. For a bisexual like her, that seemed like the ultimate ideal sexual situation.

On top of all that, she was sincere when she told Nick that she was connecting with him in a non-sexual way too, and she could tell he felt the same way. The more she thought about it, the stronger her desire grew to have him as a serious boyfriend, and hopefully not just another flash-in-the-pan one.

Hillary considered herself a very honest and moral person, and rightfully so. She was unusually emotionally mature for her age, and strived to avoid the usual teenage psychodramas. But she was so keen to snag Nick for herself that she did something slightly dishonest: she knew that Maggie had an open relationship with him, and was even insistent that he date other girls, but whenever she talked to other girls at school, she left the impression that he was going steady with Maggie and wasn't "on the market" whatsoever.

As a result, no other girl tried to size him up as a potential date. The general feeling was that Maggie was so far heads and shoulders more desirable than all but a very select few (such as Debra and Hillary) that it would be a waste of time for any girl to even try to tempt him.

That gave Hillary the feeling that at least she had some breathing room to develop her relationship with Nick. But she was scared that he could go on the initiative and ask other girls on a date at any time. And if he did that even just once, the word would get out and all hell would break loose. Based on his looks alone he would only have been in the middle of the pack in terms of desirable boyfriends, but thanks mostly to the fact he was dating Maggie and the resulting mysterious aura around him, all the girls now considered him a top catch, if he only was available.

As Nick's school day went on, he continued to try to meet new people. But something changed after he'd talked to Debra. Clearly, she must have told others that he was willing to talk at least some about Maggie, because whenever he talked to any new girl after that, the girl was quickly start asking him about Maggie.

He did his best to cultivate whatever mysterious aura he had by giving frustratingly incomplete and vague answers. Everyone wanted to know what Maggie saw in him, though only Debra had been brazen enough to directly ask him about that.

He noticed that none of the boys asked him about Maggie, or even talked to him much, or even gave him curious looks. Whereas he was getting more and more curious looks from girls as the day went on. He almost felt like a rock star, though only with half of the students.

If he would stop in a busy school hallway near a gaggle of girls, he was likely to hear furtive whispering about him. Once, he heard a whisper from one girl to another that wasn't quite furtive enough, "Hey! Suzie, don't turn and stare, but Nick is standing right behind you! He's the new guy who's dating that absurdly beautiful and curvy college girl!"

He didn't hear any more than that, and he couldn't see who whispered what. But just hearing that much put a smile on his face. He realized that Hillary was right, he rapidly was becoming known as "the guy who dates that hot college chick." But he was perfectly fine with that. In fact, that was the point of his fake girlfriend scheme.

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