Chapter 11: Second Thoughts (Thursday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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While Nick was in school, Maggie was having a very restless day. In truth, she had a general problem that she had too much time on her hands. Andy made a lot of money, and had won even more as a result of his injury, so there was no need for her to work. But he was self-sufficient most of the day, and there wasn't much for her to do.

She was an excellent cook, and she had an unusual interest in discovering and then learning how to cook foods from all over the world. She maintained a popular Internet blog about the subject, and she was working on making a book about little known but delicious exotic foods from every corner of the world.

Sometimes she wondered if she was just drifting through life, and she felt bad at how little she accomplished some days. She wasn't making much progress on her book at all, and she even had trouble maintaining interest in her blog and updating it frequently. At times, she felt like her blog, book, gardening, and her other interests were all just ways to avoid boredom. For a long time now, she'd been subconsciously looking for a dramatic break from her usual life, but she didn't know what else to do.

One result of all her free time meant she had a lot of time to think about sex. Almost from the moment she woke up, she had daydreams about her son. Most of them involved her stroking, titfucking, or sucking his unusually thick cock, with cocksucking her favorite fantasy by far. In every case, she imagined doing this while buck naked. After Nick confessed to her his powerful desire to get her naked and the reasons for it, she had started to develop a fairly powerful desire to get naked for him herself.

But her daydreams weren't limited to just those sex acts. She had lots of time, and her mind ran wild. Surprisingly, many of her fantasies involved Hillary. In fact, Hillary was almost always at least imagined to be in the same room. But sometimes she even got off on thinking of Hillary sucking or titfucking her son's cock, or, more often, them taking turns. She also found it appealing to just imagine herself and Hillary lying naked on a bed side by side, with Nick in between them and playing with both of their bodies at once.

Her feelings about Hillary were a curious thing, because she got very jealous when Nick had been kissing and playing with Hillary instead of her. Yet having Hillary there was a big reason why the overall situation was so taboo and exciting, and Hillary was so remarkably beautiful that Maggie was more than a little turned on by her. She didn't know where things were going to go in her life with the fake girlfriend scheme, but she had a hunch that threesomes were going to happen eventually, and that was an enormous turn-on.

Like yesterday, she deliberately gardened at the hottest part of the day, giving her an excuse to take an extra shower not long after lunch. Andy was in the house, as usual, but at that time he was always deep in his work, allowing her to take as long of a shower as she wanted.

Just as she subconsciously knew would happen, as soon as she started her shower, she started fantasizing about her son.

This fantasy started out with her already on her knees, completely naked and sucking Nick's cock. She, Nick, and Andy were at the breakfast table eating breakfast. Andy was busy reading a newspaper, aware of the fact that his wife was cocksucking their son even though she was unseen under the table. But Andy was paying it no mind, because in this dream world that happened every morning and was as unremarkable as eating a bowl of cereal.

At first, she didn't learn anything more about this dream world, because she was busy steadily bobbing up and down Nick's cock for a couple of minutes. She could get lost in her fantasizing for a long time just thinking about all the things she craved to do to her son's cock with her tongue and lips.

Nick had his hand in her hair, and every now and then he would stroke her head and say something like, "That's good, Ma. You're my favorite cocksucker, for sure." But he wasn't paying his full attention to her, since he was eating his breakfast at the same time.

In her dream, Maggie felt neglected and annoyed by his lack of attention, and she tried to force him to pay more notice to her by really going to town on his cock. Her dream-self was able to easily deep throat him, and she did so repeatedly. Plus, she kept her hands busy fondling his balls and stroking the lower inches of his shaft when they weren't in her mouth.

Yet Nick still hardly seemed to notice her, and he just kept on eating.

Eventually, he finished eating the pancakes he was working on, and he said, "Mmmm. That was good. Ma, can I have some more?"

She pulled her lips off his thick rod, wiped her cummy chin, and crawled out from under the table. "Sure thing, Son. How many more do you want?"

He reached out and cupped one of her huge tits from below, since she was naked and standing within reach. "Um, two's good."

She closed her eyes and shivered, because her son's every touch had an almost magical effect on her. She pinned her arms behind her back and arched it, causing her E-cups to thrust forward.

In real life, Maggie was busy frigging her pussy as the water poured down on her. Unlike her daydream the day before, she wasn't imitating what she was imagining. Instead, this unusually vivid fantasy was playing in her mind like a movie while she relentlessly pumped her fingers in and out of her slit.

After about a minute, he dropped his hand back down and resumed, signaling that she was dismissed. She turned around in place before walking away, inspiring him to reach out and give her bare bubble butt a smack.

Andy glanced up when he heard the smack, but immediately lost interest when he realized it was just his son smacking his wife's ass. Clearly, that sort of thing happened every day, probably more than once. She liked to imagine that in this world, her son even regularly spanked her to keep her on her toes.

In her fantasy, as she walked from the dining table to the kitchen, she walked past Andy. To her surprise, she realized she was wearing extremely high heels that did wonders for her already firm ass, but she seemed to walk in them with ease. She also put her hands on her ass and confirmed that that was all she wore.

Andy put his newspaper down briefly and patted her bare ass as she walked on by. It was more of a quick touch than a full pat since she went by without slowing down. He quietly muttered, "I wish I could have me some of that."

But Nick chided him, "Pa, what have I told you about touching her? She may be your wife, but she's MY woman, and she sleeps in MY bed. Isn't that right, Ma?"

Maggie had just reached the kitchen, but she walked back to the dining room table and stood next to her son. She thrust her bare chest forward outrageously, and said proudly, "That's right, Son."

Nick casually reached up and put his hands on her shoulders. He looked at Andy, and said, "You're never gonna have any of this. Look, but don't touch. I own every last inch of her, even her cunt." He idly ran his hands all over his mother's massive melons and then down to her pussy. He briefly slipped a finger in and out of her slit, confirming that he owned her there.

Maggie loved her son's attentions, but she wanted more. She walked to the kitchen counter and grabbed the counter edge with both hands. Then she stretched out while bending her head down below the counter, so her ass was sticking up at a greater than 90-degree angle, and her firm globes dangled down outrageously. She was on her tip-toes in her heels to raise her ass even higher.

She said, "That's right, Sport! I think that before I make some more pancakes, it's time you remind me all over again just who owns my cunt, not to mention all the rest of me. That'll remind my cheating 'husband' too just what he lost."

"Good idea, Ma!" He got up, naked from the waist down. He walked behind Maggie, put his hands on her hips, and then drove his cock all the way in her ready and wet pussy. "Mmmm!" he groaned lustily as he started to thrust in and out.

He quickly built up a very satisfying rhythm. He commented idly as he pumped, "I tell everybody that your cunt is the best! So fuckin' tight!"

"What about Hillary's?" Maggie asked.

"Oh, hers is awesome too. You know that. But she can't compare to you. It's like I always say: nothing beats being a motherfucker!"

With Nick's fat cock sawing in and out, Maggie managed to crane her head around and look back at the dining table, despite being stretched out in an obscene and difficult position. She saw Andy with his head bowed down, looking lost and sad.

The real life Maggie felt bad about that, and her daydream nearly sputtered to a halt. But she remembered how hurt and betrayed she'd felt when she found out about Andy's cheating. Even now, two years later, it still brought her to tears sometimes. In real life, she'd never really struck back at him, and she even continued to live amicably with him in the same house. But in her fantasy, it was time for some payback.

She knew the rhythm of fucking quite well from her sexual years with Andy, and the dream now happened to match what she was doing to her pussy with her fingers, so she was easily able to imagine it was Nick fucking her pussy doggy-style.

The sheer erotic mood overwhelmed her concerns and bitterness, and before long she was back in the dream, happy to be royally fucked by her son with her husband watching.

At one point, Nick said between thrusts, "You know... All my friends... they're so jealous... They're all talking about fucking their mothers... but... but I'm the only one... only one actually doing it! ... And I've got the sexiest, bustiest mother of them all!"

He bent over, resting his upper torso against her back. That made it a bit more difficult to fuck her deeply, but it allowed him to reach down and fondle her big, dangling tits at the same time, and that's exactly what he did.

After a while, he took a breather, but he remained on top of her and deep inside her as he rested. He asked, "So, Ma, what are you gonna do today?"

"Oh, my daily exercises of course. Gotta keep in shape for my man." She winked at him. "And maybe some shopping. A little reading and cleaning too, probably. But mostly, I'll just be waiting for my well-hung son to come home and remind me a little more just who owns my cunt."

"A lot more!" he said as he resumed thrusting.

"A lot more!" she giggled. "I want you to fuck my face AND my tits later!" Her dream-self resumed churning her hips in perfect time with his thrusts.

His thick cock plunged in deeper and faster, deeper and faster, until he was ready to spurt all his cum inside her. There was no condom in the dream, so when he started to unload, she could feel his seed squirting and filling her up.

In the real world, her masturbation was reaching a peak just as she and Nick were reaching their peaks in her fantasy. As she imagined him cumming in her, a very real climax hit her.

Just as in her masturbation session the day before, this orgasm was far more powerful than any normal masturbatory orgasm she had, or even a typical orgasm when she'd had sex back with Andy. She felt like she'd been hit in the stomach, and she fell to her knees, and then slumped the rest of the way to the floor. It almost looked like she'd been shot and killed.

Fuuuuuck! she thought as she started to slowly stir. So intense! That was too much!

For the next couple of minutes, she remained curled on the floor as the water poured over her, trying hard to recover her breathing while trying even harder not to think about the details of her fantasy. She struggled mightily to limit her daydreams and fantasies to sex acts short of actual fucking, so the fact that this daydream had mostly been about fucking made it extra taboo, and also extra arousing. Having Andy get cuckolded like that was also very atypical, and extra arousing too.

But the details were too disturbing to be ignored. She finally sat up against the shower wall to get out of way of the water raining down, and tried to take stock.

So much for having everything under control. That was really fucked up! I can't believe that all came from my mind. And the worst part is it was a daydream when I was fully awake, and not just some sleeping dream. I could have, and should have, stopped that at any time, or at least changed things. Why was I so hard on my husband?! That's not me. I still have some feelings for him, despite everything. Maybe it's none of his business who I have sex with anymore, but at the very least, I shouldn't have blatantly disrespected him like that.

And why did I willfully fantasize about my son fucking me in the first place? Is that the future I really want? Of course not! The very question is absurd. That can NEVER happen, in any circumstance!

Maybe I should look at that as a cautionary tale instead. That's what COULD happen in some very fucked up alternate universe! And maybe something like that could happen in this universe if I don't get my shit together.

I'm just going to have to break the news to Nick. It's not his fault. To be honest, he hasn't been that bad, and he's mostly respected my boundaries. I'm the one to blame. Thanks to my overly deprived body, or something, I can't handle just little bit of kissing, or just a little bit of anything. It's gonna be all or nothing, so nothing it must be.

— — —

Back at school, Hillary had gotten wind of the fact that Maggie had dropped Nick off, which meant that she was going to pick him up too. As a result, Hillary made a point of sticking close to Nick when the school bell rang, and she walked with him towards where Maggie was waiting.

But when Nick got close, he could tell something was wrong. Maggie was frowning, almost scowling, and her body was thoroughly covered up. In fact, she was even wearing pants and a sweater, despite the fact that it was a warm sunny day in Southern California.

Sensing trouble, Hillary stopped a good distance away. "Uh-oh. Look at Maggie. I hope she's not mad at something."

"No, she's probably mad at me," he admitted ruefully. "I think I know what it is."

"Oh. ... Well, is it a big problem?"

"No. At least I hope not." He assumed she was having more doubts about being "Maggie" and especially about what had happened on Tuesday.

"Okay, maybe I should just leave you here then and let you two sort it out. I'll see you two tomorrow, okay?"


They held hands briefly, but there was no good-bye kiss. That also disappointed Nick. It looked like Hillary really wanted to kiss him, but they both knew they couldn't kiss in front of the school because Maggie was supposed to be his girlfriend, not Hillary.

He sulked over to the car, dragging his backpack down low. Seeing Maggie's face, he didn't even try for a kiss from her either, but just went around and sat in the passenger's seat. "What's up?" he asked.

"We need to talk," she said ominously. But after he got in the car, she drove off without saying any more.

He couldn't see her eyes due to the dark sunglasses she was wearing, but it didn't matter much since she was staring straight ahead at the road and hadn't even glanced over at him.

She drove about a mile, and then started to talk as she kept on driving. "As you can probably guess, there'll be no kissing today, 'extra special' or otherwise. I'm sorry I can't keep my promise."

"That's okay. I understand." He'd been thinking off and on all day about her promise to give him an "extra special kiss." He'd come up with lots of ideas on how to add the "extra special," but it was all for naught, given her mood.

"Did you at least meet three new pretty girls today?"

"I did. More than three, in fact."

"Good. I've been thinking... What happened between you and me on Tuesday was wrong. Completely wrong."

"But Ma! You seemed fine with it when you dropped me off this morning."

"I wasn't fine with it. I was feeling a lot of guilt. But I was also still feeling a bit giddy, and maybe I was looking forward to kissing you a little too much, so I wasn't thinking straight. But as the day's gone on, I've been thinking more and more about we've done to each other, and I just can't believe it. The guilt has been hitting me like a sledgehammer ever since Tuesday night. I can't do this anymore!"

Again, she wasn't willing to tell him about her dreams and fantasies. She felt she didn't have to, since she had enough justification without them.

"But Ma! You have to! You can't stop now! We're halfway there. Hillary's really intrigued in me. Your ideas paid off big today."

"Don't worry, I'm not planning on stopping. I still want to help you to win Hillary as your girlfriend. But that's the point: your girlfriend needs to be her, not me. We need to put the 'fake' back in this faux girlfriend plan of yours."

Just like the day before, her resolve had wavered between the post-coital regrets of her midday fantasy and the time she had to pick him off. She'd decided upon compromise rather than a complete halt to the sexual fun.

He asked, "So what are you suggesting?" His window was open and he stared out of it, letting the wind hit his face.

"Well, I'm not happy about it, but I suppose we can continue this charade for a little while longer. I'll still pick you up and drop you off twice a week, but I'm not gonna dress like a cheap tart anymore."

"Ma, you didn't look like a 'cheap tart.' You looked super sexy, in a classy way."

"Would you stop calling me 'Ma' right now? Every time you say that, it's like another stab to my guilty heart. I'm 'Maggie' right now. But anyway, maybe I went a little overboard with this sweater today, but in the future I'll just dress normally. Like any typical girl in your school. Can you deal with that?"

He was disappointed, but said, "Sure, whatever you want." He could see she was hurting, and he didn't want to push her, because he loved her.

"And we can kiss, even on the lips since people have seen us doing that already, but FAKE kisses. CLOSED mouths. Is that clear?"

"Yes, M-. Yes. Maggie."

"And don't try to push your luck, either. I've rediscovered my willpower, and I'll get really mad if you disobey me. On Tuesday, it was like I was on a wild roller coaster ride and there was no obvious way to get off. So I just let the nightmare go on and on, when I should have known better. But I won't allow myself to be put in that situation again. Never again!"

Nick certainly remembered he had a great time, and he couldn't see it as a "nightmare" at all. He didn't believe she saw it that way at all either. But he kept quiet.

She went on, "But the biggest thing is that I'll have to stay away from Hillary. If she hadn't been there, none of that stuff would have happened. None of it. I don't blame her, or even you really, but as long as she was there I had to stay in pretend girlfriend mode, and you and I couldn't talk freely."

"But you and she were getting along so well, I mean, as friends."

"Yeah, well, further down the line, after she's your girlfriend for sure, we can be friends then. But I need to avoid her for a while." She still looked grim, and still refused to look his way.

"Whatever you want, Ma-aggie. But what about the party tomorrow?"

"I've been thinking about that. Of course I'll still go. I made a promise, after all. But just as your fake girlfriend. No real kisses! And I expect you to be on your best behavior with me, and help run interference with Hillary."

"Okay. Whatever you want. I just want to say that I'm really grateful for everything you've done for me, and I don't want you to be uncomfortable, or guilty, or unhappy. I'll do my best." He hated saying those words, but he meant them.

She finally looked at him and smiled. "There's the good and moral boy I'm so proud of." She stared straight ahead again. "Now, one last thing. We're never, ever going to discuss what happened on Tuesday, okay? It's like it didn't happen. Understood?"

He nodded. He thought sadly, I may not be allowed to talk about it, but I'll never forget! That'll probably be the greatest day in my entire life! Especially if she really means what she says about changing her approach. What a disaster!

"Okay," she said, brightening up a bit, like a big load had been lifted off her shoulders. "Now, tell me, how did things go with Hillary today? And let's hear about you meeting those other girls."

Nick started to talk about that, and the two of them had a nice discussion the rest of the way home. He included discussing much of what Hillary and he discussed on the phone the night before.

Maggie was pleased to see the plan to get Hillary jealous and intrigued was working, and she gave some more useful tips to help with that. She took the long way home, and even drove in circles some, because she didn't want the talk to continue in the house. She was determined to never bring her "Maggie" life into the house.

Once they got home, Maggie turned completely into her "Margaret mode." She was even a bit cold and standoffish with him, to make sure the proper boundaries were maintained.

Alone in his room, Nick was in no mood to masturbate, like he almost always did once he got home from school. Instead, he pondered her latest words and mood swings.

He concluded, I should be really bummed, but now that the shock has worn off, I'm not that upset. It's not surprising there would be a backlash -- things did get really wild and crazy, and she's gotta be feeling a lot of guilt. The key is that she didn't give up on the scheme altogether. There's still hope. And we did share a hot kiss this morning. That's after she had a full day and then some to think about what had happened.

No, things'll work out. It's just it'll take more time. I'm pretty sure she's still starving for any sexual contact, and her body loved what we did on Tuesday. I mean, she got so wild and enthusiastic so fast; she can't really go cold turkey now, can she? Once she got all hot and bothered then, it was like she had no willpower whatsoever. She completely gave in to her lust. If I could just get her that horny again, the same thing will happen. I'm sure of it!

I have to be patient. Push her a little bit, but not too much. For instance, if she wants only a closed mouth kiss, then fine, but if she opens her lips at all, I'll go all out.

Besides, lots of good opportunities should be coming up, like this party tomorrow night. I'll bet dollars to donuts that I'll get some good chances to kiss her for real there. Once I can start to kiss her, and play with her nipples too... whoa! She turns into a wild animal! It's so great. I just need to sit tight.

He sighed. Since we're in waiting mode, maybe I should get some homework done.

— — —

The rest of his day was uneventful.

However, there was one bright spot after dinner, because Hillary gave him a phone call, just as she'd promised. He had a phone in his room and took the call there.

The time flew by. Before he knew it, they'd spoken for over an hour, yet it seemed more like ten minutes. They started off talking about less consequential things, such as happenings at school.

That gradually turned into talk about her giving an update on how news was spreading about him and Maggie. She said, "You and her definitely are a hot topic, if not THE hot topic. It's getting to the point that even the girls in the other grades are starting to ask about it. After all, it's not just kids in our grade who saw you two kissing. Everyone wants to know who she is and what she's doing at our school, like she's a movie star who came to visit to study for a film role or something."

He said, "Yeah, I noticed. People finally started asking me about it today, starting with Debra. But funnily enough, only girls."

He could hear the agitation through the phone line. "DEBRA?! UGH! I warned you, stay away from her! She's bad news!"

He said, "It was just the one time that we talked. I told you about it already, and you freaked out about it already." He chuckled. "What's the big deal? You act like she's the bastard child of Darth Vader and the devil. She's not THAT bad."

In truth, Debra wasn't really that bad, but Hillary had a skewed opinion because she saw Debra as a threat. She figured that if Nick was dating Maggie already, the vast majority of girls could be eliminated as competition. Maggie was a woman and most of the girls were just that, girls.

There were very few girls at school who could even remotely tempt him to spend less time with Maggie, and Hillary's mental list had her name on it, Debra's, and only a few others. The others generally were seniors that she was only vaguely aware of, since juniors and seniors so rarely mixed in their high school, so she wasn't very concerned about them.

Hillary growled, "Trust me, she's bad!"

He said, "Before you go off on her, I've got a question. As I said, Debra and some girls asked me about Maggie, but no guy did. And I've been getting all these looks from girls whenever I'm walking the halls. You've seen it, since you're often with me. I feel like I must have a big mark on my face, or antennae sticking out of my hair, or something. It's weird, and it was increasing as the day went on. But it was ALL from girls. No guy even gave me a second look, that I can remember. What's up with that?"

Hillary had to be careful how she answered that. She didn't want to lie to him, but she didn't want to clue him in just what a hot prospect the girls in general were considering him lately. She said, "Well, I guess that's just a big difference between the sexes. How often do you and your guy friends talk about gossipy stuff?"

"That's not really a fair question, because I'm such a weirdo. For one, I don't have many guy friends. Secondly, as you know, I like talking about all kinds of different stuff, and school stuff is just one small part. But I could totally see some guy say to some other guy, 'Hey, did you see that amazingly sexy and stacked older girl picking some dude up after school? She even made out with him and it was super hot. Who was that? And who was the lucky guy?!' And the other guy would say, 'I don't know.'"

Hillary laughed. "I'm sure that happened! That totally happened, probably a bunch of times with different guys! But here's the thing: that's where it ends. How many of those guys are going to keep asking around until they get some real answers?"

Nick replied, "I see what you mean. We're lazy that way."

"It's not just that. Us girls, we see Maggie as competition. We HAVE to know what's up with her. Think football. Imagine you're on the school football team and you think you know what everyone's skill sets are. But then one day, the quarterback is sick and even the backups are sick or not there, so some unknown walks onto the field and plays like he's in the NFL already! Then he just walks away afterwards. Every single other player would be, like 'Who the hell is THAT guy?! What's his story?! Is he going to play for us this year?!' And on and on. And they won't stop until they get answers, because it's that important to the whole team."

He said, "Yeah, I can see that. But are girls really that much more into dating intrigues? That seems like a sexist thing to say, like all they care about is finding a good man."

She replied, "It IS sexist, but the sexist problem is you guys! Meaning, men are totally focused on female looks. We notice that, because how can we not, so it becomes super important. You could be a raving beauty but have a personality like a rock - like Debra - and you'll zoom to the top of the social ladder just because of your looks, because every single guy will want to date her. So who's to blame for the sexism in that scenario, the girls or the guys?"

He said, "Okay, the guys. But in our defense, beautiful women are really hot!"

She laughed heartily at that. "Point taken! And, as a bisexual, I completely agree. And there are various reasons for that. For instance, women's sexy curves are easily seen no matter what she wears, whereas with men, the most important naughty bit is hidden away in your shorts. But let's not get too deep into the weeds there."

She continued, "One key thing is that Maggie showing up out of the blue is just like that new quarterback coming in from nowhere, because if she starts going to parties and other events with kids our age, she's going to automatically zoom right to the very top of the social ladder even if she's deaf, dumb, and blind, just because of her appearance. So it's imperative for every girl to understand what's going on with her. And questions about her quickly lead to questions about you. So all the girls are dying of curiosity about you. Maybe if they find out why she's dating you, they'll figure out why she's a big fish swimming into our little pond."

He said, "Thanks for explaining all of that. It helps a lot, 'cos I'm pretty clueless about these sorts of things. But I'm curious about one thing. You talk about Maggie like she's a threat. You even called her 'competition.' It's like you see her as a big shark more than a big fish. No?"

She answered honestly, but carefully, "In a way, yes. That would be the case with me if she was another Debra type. But luckily she's not. In fact, she's the exact opposite. I'm getting to know her, and she's a total delight. I really want to be good friends with her, and I feel that's starting to happen. Sexually, with you, I do see her as competition, but in a good way, a friendly competition. Remember, she not only wants you to date me, she's practically insisting on it! How can I get mad at that?"

"True," he said.

"Seriously, this is a very unusual situation. I'm hoping we can work something out so that she and I can both date you together. Maybe even together together, if you know what I mean."

"I'm not sure. Can you clarify?" He was starting to get aroused, and his dick was engorging.

"For instance, wouldn't it be cool if you could take us to a dinner and a movie? I don't mean to do that with her one night and me the next, but take us together! As we sit in a fine restaurant, we'd talk and flirt together, and maybe even play footsie under the table. Then we'd go to the movie theater, and as soon as we sit there in the dark, with you in the middle, things would get HOT! You'd make out with one of us, and then the other, back and forth! Meanwhile, we'd undo your zipper and whip your big cock out! Then, while you're still French kissing, say, Maggie, and knowing you, getting her topless in front and playing with her big tits-"

"That goes without saying," he joked. His dick was already fully engorged. Since he was alone in his room and sitting against the backboard on his bed, he pulled his shorts down and started to stroke his new boner.

She chuckled. "Of course! Anyway, while you two are busy with that, I'd bend over - we'll have to pick only movie theaters that have movable armrests. Key! Anyway, I'll bend down until I've got your fat knob in my mouth, and I'll suck on it with abandon!"

He joked, "My 'fat knob?' Are you talking about the doorknob collection I carry around in my pockets?"

She laughed. "You're weird! But I like it! No, you know the knob I'm talking about. The one you probably have in your hand right now."

There was a long pause. He wasn't sure what to say to that.

"A-ha!" she exclaimed. "Silence equals a confession!"

"No it does not," he weakly protested.

"Relax! What do you think I'm doing? Yesterday, I talked to you on the phone from the living room, but tonight I got wise and I'm in my bedroom. I'm sitting up on my bed, right next to where the 'pillow wall' used to be, right where you were lying on top of me, grinding your big fat cock into me, right through your damn shorts! And playing with my breasts and kissing the hell out of me besides! Do you remember?!"

"How could I forget?! Good grief! What are you wearing?"

"I'm a nudist! Don't tell me you've forgotten that. Us nudists are naughty. When we start talking to some well-hung, handsome, and fun young guy, and he talks us into sharing our sexy fantasies about threesome dating, there's nothing that stops us from masturbating too! In fact, right now, my fingers are poking into some very naughty places while I wish I was talking to you on speaker phone!"

"Switch then! I will too!"

"Okay, hold on!"

After a short pause, both of them came back on the line with both hands free. He also took the time to talk his clothes all the way off.

She said, "That's better. You there?"

"I am! Much better! What are you doing now?"

"I'll tell you if you tell me first. You DO admit you're masturbating, don't you?"

"Hell, yeah! Guilty as charged!"

"Tell me about it then!"

"There's not much to tell," he said. "Guys aren't very physically complicated. Basically, I'm jacking off!"

"Oh, come on! You've gotta be more descriptive than that. If you can get me worked up, we can do this phone sex thing whenever we want."

He suddenly felt shy and uncertain. "I don't know. I've never tried phone sex with anyone before. I don't really know how to do it."

"What about with Maggie?"

"She lives a stone's throw away," he said, referring to the cover story of her living in the bungalow behind the house. "If we want to get it on, we can do it in person."

"Good point. Damn. But give it a college try anyway. I know you. You get super, super horny. Just let your lust flow and say whatever comes naturally."

"Okay. I'll try. I can't really think of how to describe my jacking off though. I mean, you know how it works. Now that we're on speaker phone, I've got one hand rubbing near the top of my boner, what I call the sweet spot."

"Oooh! I know that spot! I love that spot! I love rubbing it with two fingers on one side and my thumb on the other. In your case, my hand might not even be big enough! But you should see what I do with my lips!"

He was going wild stroking himself. He panted, "Do you like to suck cock?"

"Like it?! I LOVE IT! I could never be a full lesbian, because I love a curvy woman as much as you do, but I've gotta have cock! And not just a plastic dildo, but the piping-hot, fleshy, throbbing real thing! There's nothing like stretching my lips around a really fat one, caving my cheeks in, and going to work! But tell me more about you! What's your other hand doing?!"

He groaned unhappily, because he wanted to hear more about her sucking passion instead of having to explain what he was doing. He thought jacking off was boring to describe. But he tried his best anyway. "Um, usually when I'm doing this, I keep the one hand rubbing my sweet spot the whole time, and then the other hand kind of freelances. Sometimes I fondle my balls or rub up around my cockhead, but usually I'm stroking the rest of my shaft in some way."

"So you always jack off with two hands then?" She sounded eager, even breathless.

"Yeah, usually."

"That's because your cock is so huge that it NEEDS two hands! Isn't it?! Is it as big as ever?! And stiff?! And alive?!"

"It is! God, it's so big and stiff! And it's because I'm thinking of you! In fact, instead of talking about me, I'd rather talk about you. and what I'd do if I was in the room with you, playing with every inch of your naked body!"

"Okay! Totally! Let's do that! You see? You're really good at this phone sex stuff. I knew you would be, because you're a smart and articulate guy. But before we get onto that, let me finish telling you how the rest of our threesome date would go!"

"All right! I love it!"

She continued, with the lust obvious in her panting voice, "Like I said, there we would be, in the darkness with you making out with Maggie and me with my face buried in your crotch! Gaaaawwwwd! I want to suck your cock so bad! I talked to Anushka about it today and she's still resistant, but I'm working on it. I'll tell you about that later. But anyway, I WILL get to suck your cock before long, I just know it, and I hope Maggie will be right there with me! You'll put your hand on my head and stroke my long straight hair down my back as my head keeps bobbing up and down, up and down!"

"God, that's so hot!" he exclaimed, breathing heavily.

"It is! I've gotta do my best, because I know Maggie is right there. I know she's going to spend half the movie sucking your cock too, and she's such a fucking sexy babe, I have to do my best to keep up with her! See? That's what I was talking about earlier about my feelings for her. Competition, but friendly competition!"

"I see," he said. "How would that compare if you were sucking my cock with Debra?"

She growled, "That would be VERY different, because if you made me do that, I would rip your cock off, shove it down her throat, and then stomp out of there!"

"Whoa! Note to self: cancel plans for the joint movie date with Hillary and Debra tomorrow night."

She laughed, but then said, "You ARE joking, aren't you?"

"Of course!"

"Good! Things were so wild on Tuesday that it seems you're capable of anything. But anyway, let's stop talking about Debra because that's threatening to kill my good erotic buzz."

"Sure. Let's get back to the 'friendly competition' between you and Maggie on our movie date. That sounds really hot!"

"It is! Like I said, I would do everything in my power to pleasure your cock with my lips and tongue! I love sucking on a really fat one, like yours! GOD! If it was yours, I could suck on it forever! There are just so many ways to suck, you know? And with both hands too! Holding your shaft, and stroking it, and playing with your balls too!"

He groaned lustily. "Oh my God! I can't wait! It sounds like you truly love to suck cock!"

"I do! You lucky son of a bitch! If you get me as a girlfriend, thank your lucky stars, because not only do I look like I do, but I fucking LOVE SEX! Every sex act there is, except for some of the really weird stuff! But sucking cock is one of my favorites! I can't even IMAGINE what it'll be like to suck yours!"

Just then, Nick heard something strange that sounded like a thump nearby. He said, "Wait! Wait a sec!" He froze his masturbating hands and paused to listen carefully.

"What is it?" Hillary asked. "Don't stop me now, I'm on a roll! I've got my fingers pumping in and out of my tight, hot slit, and I'm pulling on a nipple, and I'm totally close to cumming!"

He said, "Never mind. I thought I heard something fall or something, but It was just my imagination. Please do go on!" He resumed jacking off.

He was too worked himself to seriously listen to what startled him, but there really had been a loud thump. And it was caused by his mother banging her elbow against his door!

— — —

After dinner, Nick had helped his mother do the dishes. While they were in the kitchen together, he mentioned that he expected Hillary to call him soon, and how much he was looking forward to it. She hadn't said much in return, because she didn't want to cross from Margaret into Maggie territory, but she definitely took note.

Later on, curiosity got the best of her and she walked by the closed door to his room to try to find out if she'd heard any sounds of a phone call conversation. She did, but she didn't want to be nosy and left them be.

Then, nearly an hour later, curiosity got her again and she returned to the hallway just outside his door to see if the phone call was still going on. Not only was that the case, but by luck they had just started in on the phone sex portion of the call. She couldn't hear the words being said, but there was something about his tone of voice that tipped her off that the conversation was very sexual.

Again, curiosity won out and she put her ear to the door. That is a much more effective technique than most people realize. Like magic, she suddenly could hear the words being spoken. She told herself she shouldn't eavesdrop, but she was hooked. She happened to join right when Hillary mentioned his "fat knob" and he joked about his collection of doorknobs in response. Less than a minute later, Hillary and him switched to speaker phone mode, and he'd turned the volume up for good measure, so she got an ever clearer account of both sides of the conversation, hooking her in even more.

She had tried to stay calm and collected as she listened in, but even though she'd told him that afternoon they had to go back to just fake kisses and a very limited fake girlfriend arrangement, she hadn't been able to turn off her lusty feelings like switching off a light. She'd continued to spend much of the rest of the day lost in incestuous daydreams, with cocksucking still her most favorite scenario.

As a result, when she heard Hillary talking about her own passion for cocksucking, she just about flipped out. She tried to avoid playing with herself as well as forcing herself to keep her breathing quiet, but it was like torture having to keep her hands still. She had missed the earlier part of the conversation where Hillary started talking about her fantasy of going on a threesome dinner and movie date, but Hillary had returned to that topic and made clear mentions so Maggie could catch up with what she'd missed.

Maggie simply couldn't believe it. It was as if Hillary had reached right into her brain, pulled out one of her favorite fantasies, and then explained it in detail out loud. It was so very arousing for her that she simply couldn't control herself and she decided to start to masturbate, forgetting all about her rule to only be "Margaret" at home. It was when she'd hastily started to move her hand from near her ear down to her crotch that she'd actually bumped her elbow against the door. She'd frozen, petrified in fear as she heard her son say, "Wait! Wait a sec!" She'd held her breath like it was a life or death matter until the phone sex resumed and she realized she was in the clear.

Far from being doubly careful after that close call, she still brought her hand to her pussy mound and began rubbing. However, she only rubbed through her dress and panties, so she could flee at a moment's notice without looking compromised.

— — —

The phone sex continued, with Nick still totally oblivious that his mother was listening in, with an ear still to his door.

After he said "Please do go on!," Hillary said, "In my fantasy, and I hope in real life, I think Maggie and I would switch, oh, about every five minutes or so. We wouldn't want to switch too much, because every time we'd duck our head down or lift our heads back up, that's a lot of herky jerky motion that someone else in the theater might notice."

He asked, "Aren't you worried about getting caught?"

"Oh, totally! But that danger is part of the fun. It's like going to a horror film. You want to get scared! Besides, what's the worst that could happen? Some geeky teen employee would come in, shine a flashlight on us, and say in a still cracking voice, 'You can't do that! We got a complaint!' Or something like that. And then we'd hightail it out of there and have even more sucky fun at home!"

He was panting heavily again. "It sounds like you've done this before. Have you?"

"No! I wish! I would love to. It's been one of my favorite fantasies, even without the Maggie part. Having her there too makes it, like, ten times hotter! But the problem is, I've never been with a guy I like enough, and trust enough, to do that with, not to mention him having the balls to actually do it. But, after what happened with you and Maggie on Tuesday, I get the feeling that it's the sort of thing that we really could do! A lot! We could do all sorts of things! To be honest, I would be too scared to do that on my own, unless I was drunk or high, maybe. But with her and me, I'm pretty sure that would give me way more courage! We could totally do it, for real!"

There was a pause, with just the sound of her panting hard. Then she asked, "Or could we?! What do you think?"

"I don't know!" he said honestly. "Maybe. It's so hard to say, because I feel like we're at the threshold of something big, a kind of threesome relationship where ANYTHING is possible!"

"I feel that too! Oh my God! So much! It's such a RUSH, just thinking about it! But let me finish telling you about our dream date. I've only started sucking you off. Are you ready for Maggie's turn?"

"Yes, please!"

She laughed. "Okay, here we go! Like I said, I bob on you for about five minutes. Eventually, Maggie gets all antsy. She loves kissing you, and the way you twist her nipples - don't think I haven't noticed her extreme reaction whenever you do that! But that's not enough! She NEEDS your cock! So she urgently taps the top of my head, even as you're still stroking my hair, until she gets my attention."

She kept on, "I don't want to be rude, so I pull my head back. I'll have a bottle of water or something nearby to clean my mouth out. Within seconds, I'll be making out madly with you, while Maggie dives down, takes your entire fat knob in her mouth, and starts bobbing like the gloriously sexy and radiantly beautiful bombshell babe that she is! And when I say your 'fat knob,' I am NOT talking about your doorknob collection!" She laughed.

Maggie had been keeping a hand by her ear to help eavesdrop, but as Hillary started to describe Maggie's cocksucking turn in great detail, she had to bring that hand to her mouth and bite down on it to prevent herself from making too much noise. Luckily, just keeping her ear against the door was enough for her to continue hearing the phone call, because she desperately needed her other hand to diddle her clit and pussy through her clothes.

The phone sex didn't end there by any means. In fact, it went on and on. Hillary described a couple more sucking rounds in her fantasy date, then asked Nick to take over, because she was becoming far too horny to keep talking.

He was too horny for storytelling too, so he announced he was going to cum, and then resume the story immediately thereafter. That's exactly what happened. Normally, he came into an old sock or pillowcase, but with Hillary listening in, he thought that would sound like a lame thing to do. So he came into his bare hand instead. They spend the next couple of minutes talking about that, and Hillary got so worked up that she had a big climax of her own.

With the phone sex so inspiring, he more or less stayed erect. That also was in keeping with his usual tendency to "cum in twos." A few minutes later, he was as stiff as a board again, yet calmer, so he was able to take over describing their fantasy date. He continued it much as before, with cocksucking as the focus, but he added his own personal touch to it. Namely, he wanted both Maggie and Hillary to get completely naked. And since he was in charge of the narration, that's exactly what happened.

Hillary complained that was too dangerous, too unrealistic. But he was very insistent, so she acquiesced. Before long, she got so caught up in the story that it seemed really real, including the "fact" that she and Maggie were buck naked and still taking turns sucking his cock.

He varied that up though, with them sometimes licking his shaft together, and also sometimes taking turns titfucking him.

Hillary thought his account was great. In fact, it was the most arousing phone sex she'd ever taken part in. He had a key secret weapon though, because just having Maggie there more than doubled her arousal, exactly the same as in real life. She went in great detail to how she and Maggie would lick his shaft as one while he ran his hands all over their totally nude bodies. Unlike what happened on Tuesday, there were no rules or restraints, so in the fantasy she had Nick repeatedly finger them to climax, usually while he had a finger in each of their slits at the same time.

The phone sex went on and on, for over half an hour. In the fantasy, they were still in the middle of their movie theater adventure when Nick unexpectedly climaxed in real life. He came into his hand again, and it was incredible.

But, unfortunately, after that he was too sexually satiated to get erect again. Hillary was wiped out, both physically and mentally, and she'd had several nice orgasms too. So it seemed like a good time to end the phone call.

As the call was winding down, he said, "That was such fun. Phone sex rocks!"

"It does!" she gleefully agreed. "And you're really good at it."

"Maybe so, but you're like the Olympic champion. I just wish we could do something like that in real life! And soon!"

"Hang in there! The more I get to know you, the more excited I get about sharing you with Maggie. And it's so cool that you don't mind sharing me with Anushka. I really appreciate that. She PROMISED me that she'd let me date guys! And that doesn't just mean holding hands. Now, she's backtracking a bit. She says I should go slow with you. But I don't want to go slow! I'll talk to her again tomorrow. If I keep pushing, I'm sure she'll come around."

He said, "Okay, do what you can. But I don't want you to break up with her on my account. I'd feel bad about that."

"Don't worry, that's not going to happen. She and I have a very special thing going on. She's really extraordinary and worth going the extra mile for. When you see her, you'll see what I mean." She giggled. "Boy, will you like her!"

"What do you mean by that?!"

"Let's just say she makes me look flat-chested!"

"Are you kidding me?!"

"Okay, it's an exaggeration, but you'll see. And she's great on the inside and the outside. And before you ask, she's lesbian, not bisexual."

"Oh, drat!"

She laughed. "Ha! I know you! You're already thinking about fucking HER tits. Sorry, that door is closed, you cheeky cad!" She giggled some more. "But at least she'll be awesome eye candy for you. Anyway, I should get going. I'll see you at school tomorrow. And tomorrow night is the party, so you'll actually get to meet her!"

"Great. I'm looking forward to it."

"I know you are. Just promise me you won't drool all over her."

"I'll be too busy drooling all over you."

She chuckled. "You really are a charmer. It's weird talking to you about hotties like Maggie and Anushka, but it's fun too. Since I'm bisexual, I get just as worked up thinking about their gorgeous faces, enormous bosoms, thin waists, wide hips, long legs, and all the rest."

"Let's not forget their asses," he said gleefully.

"Good point. Boy, you should see Anushka's ass. I kind of wish she was bisexual, so I could watch you strip her naked and run your hands all over her like you do to Maggie. But we should definitely go before we both get all worked up again."


"Behave!" She laughed again. "See you tomorrow."

Their phone call finally came to an end after a little more good-bye small talk.

Maggie had been listening the entire time, and masturbating nearly all the while too. She had struggled with all her might not to cum, for fear of being overheard and caught. That fear was so great that she had managed to stay remarkably quiet.

But as soon as the call ended, she rushed down the hall to her room. She had been forced to masturbate through her dress the whole time, mostly because the dress was heavy and went all the way down to her ankles. But once she reached her bed, she stripped naked, closed her eyes, and let loose with an epic climax. Even then, she had to bite down on her hand so she wouldn't scream her lungs out loud enough for her son to hear her and come investigate.

Yet as big as that orgasm was, it was just the warm-up for her. She spent most of the rest of the next hour writhing nude on her bed, playing with her nipples, clit, and pussy while letting her own fantasies run wild. She loved Hillary's fantasy threesome date idea so much that she basically just rewound that story to the beginning, back to the dinner part she'd missed overhearing, and then retold it in her mind with even more explicit detail. She spent a good portion of that plunging four bunched up fingers in and out of her mouth, since so much of the fantasy was blowjob-focused, and that was the best physical simulation she could come up without the use of any sex toys.

When she was finally done, worn out and sexually satiated, she felt a little bit guilty. But surprisingly, those feelings weren't that strong. She justified to herself, Sure, I shouldn't have eavesdropped like that. It was unethical. I can't do it again. But I did learn a lot, so that's good. And if my "pressure value" lust theory is true, this actually was healthy for me.

That theory was that since she was totally sexually abstinent for the last two years, a great amount of sexual energy had been repressed deep inside her and needed to come out. She was like an overinflated tire, on the verge of bursting. By that theory, the logical solution was to release that energy through lots of powerful sexual experiences and especially orgasms. If she could do enough of that, her feelings could return to normal and she'd be able to control herself whenever her son tried to kiss her and otherwise play with her body.

It was a good theory if she was an overinflated tire, but she was a human being. In fact, the more she fantasized and climaxed to thoughts about sucking her son's cock, the more she longed to do it in real life.

Overhearing Hillary on the phone did give her valuable information, but the main thing she learned was that Hillary was really excited to suck Nick's cock, and was possibly even more excited to do that in a threesome situation with Maggie taking part. This made Maggie feel more like Hillary was an ally instead of possible competition. But it also greatly increased her own desire for threesome action like that, most especially if it could take place in a movie theater.

Thanks mostly to his phone call with Hillary (which ended up being almost two hours long, including all the phone sex), he ended the evening feeling a lot more hopeful, despite the bad news of Maggie wanting to take a step back and putting the "fake" back into their fake girlfriend scheme. He saw the situations with Hillary and Maggie as increasingly intertwined. If things went well with Hillary, and the phone sex was a particularly great sign for that, he had a feeling Maggie would feel more pressure to get more sexually intimate with him, instead of backing off, as the hand-off plan was actually supposed to work.

Just before going to sleep, he had another pleasant and prolonged masturbation session, with thoughts of Maggie and Hillary taking turns bobbing on his cock in a dark movie theater foremost on his mind. As he so often did, he stayed erect after his first orgasm, and kept going until he climaxed a second time.

He couldn't wait for tomorrow, and especially the party tomorrow night.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Johnny Galt, lew54321, GWB, and BDGV.