Chapter 12: Bathroom Hijinks (Friday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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All was normal again on Friday morning. It wasn't one of the agreed days for "Maggie" to take Nick to school, so he had to bike instead.

All through breakfast, Maggie kept looking at Nick strangely. With Andy there eating breakfast too, she couldn't say or do anything that even hinted at her new "Maggie" side. But that didn't stop what she could think about.

Her head was still spinning from thoughts about the phone sex she'd eavesdropped on last night. What frustrated her to no end was that she wasn't supposed to listen in, and nobody knew that she did, so she couldn't talk to Nick about it or anything she learned from it.

Even as she acted like the typical suburban mother preparing breakfast for her family and then eating it together, in her mind she was far away most of the time. She was in the movie theater of Hillary's fantasy, buck naked like Hillary and taking turns bobbing on her son's cock. That was such an exciting and tempting world that the real, mundane world of the family breakfast seemed deadly boring to her.

It didn't show, except for her frequent strange looks directed to her son, but she was having a much harder time going back to "Margaret mode" that she let on.

— — —

At school, Nick and Hillary had a very nice time together. As now had become norm, they sat next to each other in nearly all their classes, and usually walked with each other from class to class.

He was pleasantly surprised to see Hillary wore a low-cut blouse instead of one of her usual rock and roll themed T-shirts. The blouse showed off a great deal of cleavage while remaining decent, because it was fairly conservative everywhere else. She also wore a short skirt instead of her usual jeans or shorts (depending on the weather). He took this as a sign she was trying a little harder to get and keep his interest. At least, he hoped it was for him.

His plan to meet more new classmates, and especially meet more of the exceptionally beautiful schoolgirls, was put on the backburner for the day, at least. He did meet a few new classmates, briefly, but he was spending most of his time between classes with Hillary, so he didn't get much of a chance.

He felt like he'd bonded even closer with Hillary thanks to their long phone call the night before, especially due to the phone sex part. He surmised she felt the same by the way she seemed eager to stick with him during their free time.

Also, there was even more of a sexual spark between them. It was clear they both could feel it. But that was a very tricky thing, because they weren't supposed to show it at all. As a result, both of them were increasingly forced to live a double identity, just like Maggie/Margaret. In school, they had to be on their best behavior. Just to be on the safe side, they didn't dare flirt with each other at all, for fear of that spark getting ignited and soon burning out of control somehow.

But they both knew how the other one felt, and their desire for each other was off the charts. Even though they couldn't show it or express it, that lusty feeling underlaid everything they did and caused even the non-sexual part of their relationship to deepen and grow much faster.

They sat together at lunch. However, they shared a lunch table with a lot of other people, so they didn't get a chance to talk in private.

Unfortunately for Nick, Spencer was there at lunch once again. Nick was starting to get worried about this trend. Spencer was a nice and polite guy, but the way he kept showing up around Hillary had to be more than coincidence. Nick didn't know much about Spencer yet, but he clearly was some kind of "golden boy" from a wealthy family. His face was remarkably handsome, with a startling resemblance to a young Robert Redford. He was taller than Nick, more muscular, more athletic, more charismatic, more amusing, and seemingly more everything else.

Nick realized he would have to fight to win and keep Hillary. Spencer had every advantage. Nick felt like a fraud who couldn't possibly compete. The only advantage he felt he had was the intrigue created by his fake girlfriend relationship with Maggie. How long would that keep Hillary away from someone like Spencer?!

All through the day, Nick got lots of curious glances, mostly from girls. After he and Hillary sat at a lunch table, Spencer and others came until every seat was taken. Then, one of the girls, Megan, who seemed to be one of Hillary's new friends, said to him, "Nick, okay, it's time to spill the beans. It seems everyone in school today is talking about your college girlfriend. I haven't seen her myself. Who is she? What's her deal?!"

He answered all the questions Megan and the others had about that - and there were a bunch of follow-up questions. But he'd started to see the value in cultivating a "mystery man" image, so he kept his answers relatively short and vague. When was pressed for details about Maggie especially, he was particularly frustrating, usually saying he couldn't say much without getting her okay first.

Far from putting the issue to rest, he sensed his answers would only increase the general curiosity about himself and especially Maggie. He figured that was a good thing. He hoped more and more of his fellow students would watch him and Maggie kiss when she picked him up or dropped him off from time to time, and his social standing would continue to rise as a result.

He wondered what Spencer thought about all the Maggie talk. He figured that Spencer was looking to date the very most desirable girls in school, almost like it was his due. So Nick figured that Spencer put Maggie on some sort of list to at least look over. But Nick figured he'd get the last laugh since Spencer had no chance of getting anywhere with her.

— — —

At the end of the school day, Hillary found a private moment to talk to Nick as they walked together to the bike racks. "You're still going to the party tonight, right?"

"Of course."

"And Maggie?"

"Sure. She'll be there." He'd already briefly explained that he'd smoothed things over with Maggie the day before. He'd also told her that this wasn't one of the days that Maggie would pick him up, which was why they were both headed to the bike racks.

"Excellent. Oh, by the way, I decided I'd rather not invite Anushka to the party. Is that okay?"

"Sure. But is there any reason why?"

She looked around to make sure no one could overhear. "It's just that I'm just starting to get to know people at this school. So few transferred here from our old school that I don't think the word has gotten out that I'm bisexual yet, and I like it that way."

"What? But you never tried to hide it at our old school."

"I'm not trying to hide it; I don't want to advertise it just yet. I want to get to know people as just 'Hillary,' and not 'Hillary the bisexual.' I don't want to get pigeonholed and shunted off to the LGBT crowd."

"The what?"

She rolled her eyes. "The gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered clique. In a few weeks, I'll let the word spread slowly. That's better than dropping it like a bomb by having Anushka at the party."

"That makes sense, I guess."

She was being truthful, but she also failed to mention the fact that she still wasn't completely sure of her relationship with him, and she wanted that sorted out before she introduced him to Anushka. She liked Nick a lot, and felt a sexual chemistry with him, but getting full permission from Anushka to date him was a big deal. Anushka was highly protective of her, and likely to test him.

Hillary was mindful of the fact that she'd only effectively known him in a significant way for a matter of days, since her earlier relationship with him was little more than that of any other two students in the same class. She figured the better she knew him, and the stronger their bond, the more likely he'd "survive" his first Anushka encounter. It he could put on a really good impression, maybe he could even get the permissions both Hillary and he wanted so very much. She sensed the time wasn't ripe yet.

She looked around, and then said with a naughty smile, "You know, we've been talking for so long that most everyone has left already. What say we go behind those trees over there and make out for a while?"

"Isn't that dangerous?" he asked. "What if we get caught?"

"Yes, yes it is," she said with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "Not nearly as dangerous as getting your cock sucked in a movie theater though, and I hope we can do that someday soon! Come on! What are the odds of us getting caught by anyone, much less by someone who would know enough to make a deal out of it?"

He looked all around. There still were some other students milling about. "I don't know..."

She lowered her voice to a seductive purr. "I'm not saying we should make a habit out of it, but just this once! Please?! I'm so horny for you after the phone sex last night!"

He didn't want to be seen as unadventurous or uncool. He thought, Come on! To win Hillary and keep her, I have to rise above who I am and be a better man. A braver man, for sure. How many times have I told myself I would do literally anything to get her? This is a chance to prove that you mean it!

He said, "Well, okay. But those trees aren't safe enough. Got any better ideas?"

She looked all around again, and frowned. "Unfortunately, no. Not an ideal place. I'll work on it. But, for now, one of the bathrooms will do. Come on!" She took his hand and started leading him back to the main school building.

He let go of her hand for fear others would see that and suspect they were a couple. But he allowed her to lead him along. As they walked, he asked her, "Are you serious?!"

"Dead serious. A horny Hillary is a force to be reckoned with. That's a good tidbit to remember!" She walked faster.

He hustled to keep up with her. He asked, quietly, "Which one?! I'm a guy and you're a girl, you know!"

She turned her head his way and raised an amused eyebrow. "Oh, really? I didn't notice." She giggled.

As they headed back into the building, it was mostly empty already but there were still a few stragglers on their way out.

She whispered to him, "Come on! Upstairs! Nobody will be using one of those bathrooms at this point. It'll be fine. Trust me."

He had a lot of reservations, and his heart was thumping hard with worry and fear. But he sucked up his issues and forced himself to be brave. He was driven on by his lust and even love for his long-time obsession. (Or, more accurately, one of his two obsessions.)

The upper floor looked to be completely abandoned already. They went right into the girl's bathroom.

Once they were inside, he looked and saw that nobody else was there. He asked, "Okay, I've gotta know: why the girls' room?"

"I gave that a lot of thought the whole way here," she replied. "If someone stumbles upon us, who would you rather it be, a girl or a guy? Consider we might be in a state of partial undress. Besides, the girl's room is way cleaner."

"There is that," he muttered.

While she was talking, she had kicked open the doors to each of the stalls, just to double check nobody was there. Once she was sure they were alone, and while still standing in the middle of the main room, she pulled her blouse over her head.

His eyes bugged out. He'd been too nervous to get aroused yet, but his penis suddenly started to engorge. He asked, incredulously, "'We MIGHT be in a state of partial undress?!'"

She smirked impishly. "Admittedly, the odds of that happening are much higher if we start out that way. Come on! Into the stall!"

He followed her into the furthest stall from the main door. They both had their backpacks full of books. After closing the stall door, there was one hook on that door where one could hang a backpack. They carefully managed to hang both their backpacks on the same hook, since they didn't want to touch the floor or have any of their possessions touch the floor.

Then Hillary unzipped one of her backpack pouches and stuffed her blouse in it. Her bra came off after that and she put the bra in there too.

Nick kept all his clothes on. He stared at Hillary is total disbelief. Naturally, his gaze was locked on her fully exposed F-cups. "Just what are we doing here?! This seems to be going beyond mere kissing!"

She asked back, "What are you allowed to do without Maggie there?! Anushka just has the one restriction on me, but it's a really big one, that I can't play with your cock." She pouted as she stared at the bulge in his shorts.

He said, "Maggie has made clear that she's fine with me doing anything with you, even if she's not there. It's really up to me. My only concern is that she says one thing and maybe means another. But I think we'll be good if we stick to the Anushka restriction."

"Damn! I really hate that restriction!" She held her arms out to hug him and closed the gap between him.

He let her hug him, but said "Wait!" He didn't put his arms around her as well, at least not yet. "What's her restriction on where I can touch you?"

"She didn't specify," Hillary said. "I think she figures 'no cock' covers it. Titfucks, blowjobs, fucking - all my favorite things - are ruled out."

"True. But what if you get completely naked? There's no rule against me fingering you to orgasm, is there?"

She bit her lip and looked around. "Damn! This is getting better and better, but also riskier! And I don't want to touch the walls. Can we manage that somehow?"

"Sure. Put your other clothes in your pack too, and then we can lean against the packs to make sure we don't touch any of the walls.

Her eyes lit up with a new fire, like she was a hungry wolf and he was a raw steak. She said, "You just went way up in my book! To think I was thinking you were a bit of a scaredy-cat, but now you're the one pushing the envelope!" She bent over and started pulling her short skirt and panties down her legs.

He used both hands to help her stay standing so she could do that without touching any of the walls. He said, "I'm not against playing around, not at all. It's just that one has to be smart about it. The trees idea wasn't smart."

She said as she still worked her skirt off, "I know, but I'm just so horny for you that I wasn't thinking straight! That phone sex last night was the best ever! It's made me soooooo needy to suck your cock especially! I had a hard time concentrating in class all day. All I could think about was kneeling naked with Maggie nude at my side, and the two of us taking turns bobbing and slurping on your cock for hours! And I couldn't even tell you a word about it. So frustrating!"

She finished taking her skirt and panties off, and even quickly reached beyond where Nick stood to the backpack behind him and hastily stuffed the clothing items in it. When she finished, she announced, "There!" She wrapped her arms around him again.

He returned her embrace this time, but he also whispered, "Ssssh! I know the school has emptied out by now, but we should keep it down just to be on the safe side."

"You're right," she whispered back. "It's just that I'm so excited! I've never done anything like this before!"

"Never?" he asked as he brought his hands down to her bare ass cheeks and started to fondle them. He gloried in the feel of her enormous boobs pressing against his chest.

She pulled his shirt up to his armpits, so she could enjoy more skin-on-skin contact. "Never," she repeated.

"But you've had lots of boyfriends. And girlfriends."

"True, but like I told you, short term and not that serious. It's funny, because I got fucked by them, and not you yet, and we've been 'going out' an even shorter time than any of them, if we could be said to be going out at all. And yet you're the first one I feel comfortable enough with to do something daring like this. Now, shut up and kiss me!"

Their heads came together and they started to madly make out.

But that was just part of the action. Hillary couldn't do what she really wanted to do, which was hold his cock and stroke it, at least. But she slipped her hands into the back of his shorts, and under his underwear, and began caressing his ass cheeks.

At the same time, he was wishing his hands could be everywhere at once. He wanted to stimulate her ass, pussy, and tits especially. He'd gotten started on her ass, but he'd never touched her pussy directly before, and he wanted to make her cum, hopefully more than once. So in less than a minute, he switched one of his hands to her pussy mound.

In fact, he'd never touched any pussy in his life, but he didn't want her to know that, since the cover story was that he and Maggie were already fucking. He had no choice but to act like he'd "been there, done that," and knew exactly what he was doing. He winced, but bravely poked a finger into her slit right away.

He hadn't been prepared for what an intense feeling that would give him. He suddenly felt dizzy, almost enough to swoon. It was a heady rush simply to know that he actually had a finger in the pussy of the woman of his dreams! (One of two dream women, at any rate.) Furthermore, he was amazed at the sheer physical sensation. He felt like some kind of sea creature, maybe a sea anemone or even a clam, had sucked his finger into its grasp and wouldn't let go.

But he loved it. In a matter of moments, he pushed a second finger in. Then he started pumping those two fingers in and out.

Hillary broke the kiss and stared into his eyes with wide-eyed wonder. She quietly exclaimed, "Oh my dear God! Nick! That feels soooooo good! This is my best idea ever! I don't even care if we get caught! So worth it already!" She chuckled at that.

Then she panted, "It makes me think of you fucking me! I can't wait until those two fingers are replaced by your one massive, thick cock! You're gonna split me in two!" She brought a hand from his ass to the back of his head and unexpectedly French kissed him with even more fervor.

He was so overwhelmed by her lusty assault that he staggered backwards. Luckily, their two backpacks were right behind him, so he bumped into those and then rested his back against them.

But she kept on coming, pushing him further into the backpacks as if she was trying to envelop and consume him, body and soul.

He decided the best defense was a good offense. He'd been too stunned to keep up his fingerbanging, but he recovered his fits and resumed doing that, vigorously. At the same time, he took his hand that still had been on her ass and brought that around to her front. He'd never touched a clitoris before either, but he began doing that too.

Luckily for him, she had a rather large clit, and it was unhooded and engorged. It was easy for him to find, like a "love button" ready to be pressed and played with. He had no idea how to stimulate a clit, since he'd never touched one before - not counting all his cock grinding through his shorts on Tuesday, but that didn't help him now.

However, he remembered on Tuesday how he'd fondled Hillary's nipples and tits too aggressively until she demonstrated to him how she liked it. He also remembered hearing that a clit is highly sensitive, like all the nerve endings of a penis reduced to a tiny button, and that less is more. So he started very gingerly and carefully, just touching it from time to time while generally exploring all around her pussy mound in general.

It would have felt strange for him if she'd had a full bush, but the fact that she was shaved completely bare made it easier. And all the while, he kept poking two fingers in and out. That seemed to be working great, ensuring that he'd have at least some success getting her worked up no matter how his clit experiment worked out.

After a couple of minutes of this, Hillary had to break the kiss again. She was panting hard for oxygen, while she looked at him with wide eyes.

He was breathing hard too. But he was puzzled by her expression, since she kept on staring at him almost like she'd never seen him before. "What?"

She whispered sensually, "I'm so hot for you! SO HOT! I HATE your shorts! HATE THEM!"

"What?! Why?!" He was even more puzzled because she looked down at her shorts with true hatred in her eyes, even though she couldn't actually see them with her massive tits pressing up against his bare chest.

She pouted, "Because! Because I want your cock so bad!" She brought the hand that had been behind his head down to the front of his shorts and grasped his boner right through his underwear and shorts. She asked, "Do you think this counts as touching your cock?"

"Well, kind of," he admitted. But he added, "But then again, remember on Tuesday, when I was lying on top of you and grinding and rocking over your pussy? Is this really so different?"

She moaned erotically. "UUUUNGH! God! I'm so torn! I don't want to break my promise with Anushka, but I want your cock so bad! If it were up to me, I would drop to my knees, fuck the dirty floor! And deep throat you straight away! If that's even possible!" She started sliding her hands up and down his bulge, effectively jacking him off through his clothes.

That felt so fantastic that he didn't want her to stop. He said, "Well... I think as long as I don't cum, and my clothes stay on, we could chalk that up to 'incidental contact.' Don't you think!"

She groaned like she was cumming. "Oh God! YESSSS! Let's do that!"

They resumed making out. Only this time she kept one hand behind his head while her other hand steadily pumped up and down his bulge. It wasn't long before his pre-cum created a wet spot through his underwear and shorts too.

At the same time, he kept on fingerbanging her. He started experimenting with varying rhythms and depths. He'd heard that nearly all of a woman's pleasure nerves were at the entrance to the vagina, not deep inside, so he figured the depth part didn't matter much, since it wasn't like he could stretch her out with just his two fingers anyway. He figured the main thing was just to keep the stimulation going.

His other hand also continued to work her clit and elsewhere. Sometimes, he wound up caressing her pussy lips with one hand even as he was fingerbanging her with his other hand. He was unable to get any feedback from her, except that her passionate kissing, cock stroking, and sexy moaning into his mouth clearly indicated she was enjoying herself in general. But since she didn't at least complain, he slowly grew braver and began diddling her clit more often. He recalled how she'd made clear what he should do with her nipples straight away, so he figured she'd be similarly vocal if he was screwing up.

After a couple more minutes, he started to feel her body shake and she screamed incoherently into his mouth.

He thought, YES! YES! I just made her cum! Hillary! My dream girl! THIS is a dream! Wow!

Sure enough, she did have a big orgasm. There was no doubt about it. In fact, it was such a big one that she had to break the kiss to gasp for air. Then she rested limply against him, like she was possibly unable to stand on her own.

He stopped all his cunt and clit play, and just clutched her bare ass cheeks, both because it felt good and because it helped keep her standing. It went without saying that she stopped her cock stroking through his shorts. All she could do was rest her head against his chest with her eyes closed.

He was happy as a pig in a poke just the same, though. He knew this was an extremely important first. Technically, they weren't boyfriend-girlfriend yet, but that was becoming a de facto reality, no matter what Anushka's rules were.

After a while, her ragged breathing evened out. She whispered, "Damn! That was so intense! Are you sure you're not a girl?"

"What do you mean?" He was running a hand up and down her back, since she was doing better standing on her own. He still couldn't see her face though, since she kept her head against the side of his neck.

"'Cos you know your way around a pussy."

"I do?!" He was shocked, since of course that was his very first time touching any pussy with his fingers whatsoever. He added, "I thought I might be doing it wrong for you. I only know what Maggie likes, and I remembered how what she likes with nipple play is way different than you."

An exhausted Hillary said, "Give my thanks to Maggie, then. That was just how I like it. With my nipples, I like it nice and easy, but with my pussy, and even my clit, I like it pretty rough!"

"Really! That's good to know."

She finally lifted her head and looked up into his eyes. "Yes, it is, because we're going to do this sort of thing again and again! I have a favor to ask you."

"What? Anything."

"Never wear underwear again! That's an order!" She playfully poked a finger into his chest. She was rapidly reviving. "It was bad enough having to stroke through one layer of clothing, but two layers is just a crime!"

He chuckled. "Okay, I'll work on that."

She smiled, but then it turned to a frown. She grasped his bulge, and resumed stroking it, but less intently than before. "You're going to hate me for this, but I really should go. Now!"

"Are you serious?! Now?! But we're having so much fun, aren't we?"

"Oh, totally! But remember I only asked to make out with you a couple of minutes. Things escalated in a wonderful way, but I said that because I already have plans to meet Anushka after school. As it is, I'm gonna be totally late."

"Oh. Damn." He brought both his hands up to her huge tits and held them from their sides. "What a bummer. And I hardly got to play with your tits at all."

"I know! That sucks!" She was still jacking him off, and with greater intensity as she continued to revive. "And I hate to leave you like this, all stiff and throbbing with need. I wish so much that I could blow you! Even now... God! All I can think about is dropping to my knees, yanking your shorts down, and FEASTING on your thick cock-meat for the first time!"

She looked around their little stall. "But my first time doing that should be a special event. It shouldn't be here. It should be somewhere I could just... GO OFF! And suck to my heart's content for a long, long time! And ideally, it should be with Maggie!"

She brought a second hand to his crotch and started fondling his balls through his shorts while still stroking with her first hand. She stared deeply into his brown eyes with her brown eyes. "Nick... I have to say... I think I'm falling for you! Mostly lust at this point too, but it's a LOT of lust! And love follows lust, especially this kind of all-consuming, powerful lust."

Of course, he was deeply in love with her already, and had been for a long time. But he felt strongly that he couldn't admit that. The logic of playing hard to get was rather cruel, but it worked. But he did say, "I think I'm falling for you too. It's a lot of lust on my part too, but I know it could turn into so much more. You're special."

He realized he was merely holding her tits and got busy actively fondling them.

"That's how I feel too," she said, still stroking though an increasingly large wet spot. "That you're special. So I don't want to screw this up. The fact that you have Maggie is really key to me. I know most guys would SAY they're okay with me carrying on with Anushka, but before long there would be trouble, because guys don't share well. But the fact that you're with Maggie, it's kind of like we have the same situations, almost like a mirror. So that makes it way more likely we could make it work long-term, don't you think? For instance, when I'm off with Anushka, you won't burn with frustration and jealousy, because you can be with Maggie."

He said, "That's true. I've thought about that too. It could work."

She nodded. "And the idea of Maggie and me dating you together is so exciting to me! Sucking you together! Titfucking you together! Getting fucked together! Can you picture that? Her and me, lying on a bed side by side, our asses high up in the air? You could play 'eeny meeny miny moe' as you could pick which one of us you're going to fuck next! GAAAAWWWWD!"

"What?" he asked. He was glorying in fondling her huge knockers.

"Nothing. It's just that... between holding and stroking your cock, even though your shorts, and talking about that... I REALLY have to go now! Or else I'm going to break my promise to Anushka! GOD! DAMMIT! I need your cock in me so much! In my mouth! In my cunt! I'm gonna have a good long talk to Anushka today. She has GOT to change her rules, at least some!"

"Sounds like a plan." He leaned forward, and shared another short but intense French kiss.

All the while, she kept right on with her relentless stroking. It was a touch and go thing if he was going to cum, but he was secretly clutching and straining, trying with all his might not to let on how close to the brink he was.

He said, "Now, you really should go. I'm getting that feeling too, about wanting to break some rules. But we shouldn't."

She nodded, sadly.

He disengaged and moved to the side, allowing her to step forward to her backpack.

She finally let go of his bulge and began rooting around in her pack for her clothes.

He silently breathed a big sigh of relief, because he really had been right on the cusp of a spermy climax. He didn't mind not cumming at all. He could take care of that as soon as he got home. It was more important that he improved his reputation of having great stamina. There was a lot of truth to that, since he did have an impressive to delay orgasm, as well as orgasm a lot, but it didn't hurt to impress her even more. He needed every advantage he could get to stay ahead of the likes of Spencer.

As she started to put her clothes back on, she commented, "I can't believe you made me get completely naked! I swear, I'll never be able to go to the bathroom anywhere in this school ever again without thinking what you did to me here today. You're soooo naughty!"

He asked, "Is that a bad thing?" He pretty much knew the answer, but wanted to hear it from her.

"No way! It's a great thing!" By this time, she pulled her panties and skirt back up. She paused in her dressing and embraced him again. "I love how you're such a bad boy. Such a fucking pervert!" She laughed. "But the best kind."

"Like the way you love these." She brought her hands back to her massive tits. "Most girls would be annoyed at a tit fanatic like you, but I think it's great. It's like I have Viagra for you, but I carry it on my chest, and it works visually, and its effect is almost instantaneous."

She brought a hand back to his boner and resumed stroking it through his shorts. "Mmmm!"

He reached behind and managed to pull her bra out of her still open backpack pouch. "Here, you'd better put this on. Or we'll never get out of here, at least not without all sorts of naughty things happening."

"Oh. Damn." But she let go of his bulge again, stepped back, and put the bra on.

Then he handed her her blouse.

She put that on too.

He finally tugged his own shirt back down.

She embraced him again. "One last kiss!"

They necked some more, while she went right back to jacking him off through his shorts.

He had to break the kissing when he got too close to cumming again.

She cooed in his ear, "I look forward to the day when I can play with your cock at any time! When that day comes, believe me, you're going to learn just how much a girl like me can truly love to suck!"

He groaned with lust and frustration.

It took a while, because they tended to stick together like glue if they got close at all. But they both finally managed to make it out of the bathroom.

He tucked his T-shirt way down to cover his wet spot. If anyone came close to him they probably would notice something was off, from the sex smell alone. But his plan was to go straight home.

They walked back to their bikes together, though not hand in hand. Their bathroom escapade seemed to have brought them together even closer. It seemed they both practically glowed. They didn't talk at all, but it seemed they didn't need to.

Once they got to their bikes, which happened to be parked close together, she came over to him, leaned into his ear, and purred, "Don't worry, I know how you are, Mr. Tit Fiend. You definitely didn't get enough of my tits just then, and my tits didn't get enough of you. Tonight at the party, even though we can't be seen to be going out together, I'm sure we can find a chance to slip away for a little kissy kissy and titty fun."

"Really?" He brightened up. That was the best thing he'd heard all day.

"Really." Her beautiful face beamed at him. "What's the point of lugging these basketballs around all day long if I don't get to bring them out for playtime every once in a while?"

He laughed. "I like the way you think!" Not long ago, a very shy Nick would have been too tongue-tied to say much to her at all. But he was feeling such confidence lately that he was able to joke, "Would you like me to help you carry them around? Between classes, for starters. Maybe even during class!"

She laughed as she stepped back towards her bike. "You wish!" Then she leaned over towards him provocatively, putting her deep cleavage on dramatic display, thanks to the blouse she had on. "Actually, I'd like that too. A lot! But look where we are. If I let you get started, I doubt either of us will want to stop. Let's save all the fun for the party, okay? I'm sure we'll have a chance there, if Maggie is willing to share you then too."

"She is! She really, really is. She and I talked about this a lot. She's pushing me to date you in a big way."

Hillary looked at him with a skeptical raised eyebrow. "So you both keep saying. I just find it hard to believe. But we'll see how it goes at the party."

He decided to hazard a guess without knowing if it was true. "Maybe a reason for that is because she likes the threesome idea, like you do. To not just have me date you separately, but so we could all date together."

A burning fire suddenly appeared in Hillary's eyes. "Are you serious?! Have you talked to her about that?!"

"It's just speculation, to be honest," he admitted. "We haven't talked. But... there have been hints. Like, in some sex talk, she's also gone on about taking turns bobbing on my cock with you, just like you were fantasizing about in the phone call last night."

Hillary's eyes widened. "Oh GOD! Why do you have to tell me that NOW?! That's so damn hot! I'm sorry, but I have to go! I'm going to hurry home, where Anushka is already waiting, and ravage her to an inch of her life! But the whole time, I'll be thinking about you, and me, AND Maggie!"

Sure enough, she rushed to her bike, undid the lock, and rode off like she was in a race.

With Hillary out of sight, his dick finally went flaccid. Before he got on his bike, he pondered what he'd just told her.

What IS the deal between Ma and Hillary? That's the million dollar question. Hillary is bisexual, and I've detected some serious lusty looks from her towards Ma, though she was trying to be subtle about it. I think she sees us as a package deal. Even if they don't get intimate directly, the whole threesome thing with someone as sexy and stunning as Ma has to be a big part of our overall appeal. I'm totally okay with that, because... THREESOMES! GOOD GOD!

But the even more important million dollar question is how Ma feels towards Hillary. IF I could sell this whole "package deal" idea, I would be living the life of Riley ON cloud nine and IN seventh heaven! Man! The mind boggles. For starters, that would give her the excuse to keep the fake girlfriend scheme going pretty much indefinitely. Maybe permanently! And... threesomes! I could get it on with both of my dream women, together, forever! That would be the ultimate!

Dare I dream?! It's actually not that far away. I know Ma's taken a big step back, but Tuesday was pretty close. That was, like, a serious precedent! I'll never forget how I was playing with both of their naked bodies at one point, and they were totally okay with that.

Okay. Here's a plan. Step one. Get Ma to get over her setback. Forget the fake fake girlfriend, and get back to the real fake girlfriend, if that makes sense, complete with real kissing, real titty fondling, and more!

Then, step two. Find occasions to bring Ma and Hillary together in highly arousing potential threesome situations. Get them super horny, and let the sparks fly!

Easy peasy. I can totally do that. In fact, maybe I can work on both steps at once. I think the more Ma is around Hillary, the more that kind of forces her into real fake girlfriend mode. For instance, she couldn't get away with a pretend French kiss if Hillary is right there and watching.

Man! My life is so great! All I know is these are the best days of my life! I can't wait for the party!

— — —

Back at home, Maggie had a relatively good day, in terms of trying to live the "Margaret mode" life. She couldn't remember any sexual dreams from the night before, and she resisted having any disturbing sexual fantasies during the day. She wasn't entirely successful with that. In fact, thoughts of stroking and/or sucking her son's cock were never far from her mind. But at least her daydreams were less frequent and less intense than the day before. Also, she didn't do any gardening in the middle of the day, in order to avoid masturbating in the shower again. She went the whole day without masturbating at all.

She felt that if she had one ironclad rule, it was no sexual activity with her son in her own house. She felt bad about eavesdropping on his phone sex with Hillary. It seemed to be bending that rule. For instance, what if she'd lost more willpower and opened the door a bit to peek in? She'd thought about doing that more than once as she was listening in. Then, what if he'd seen her there. It was a slippery slope towards danger, as well as violation of his privacy. As a result, she make a particular point not to masturbate as a sort of way to punish herself for what she'd done then.

It also wasn't one of her days to take Nick to school, so she didn't face temptation there either.

She felt a little worried about what could happen at the party, but she generally felt okay about it. After all, she figured: What's the most that could possibly happen of a sexual nature at a party full of people? Kissing and hugging, perhaps. I can handle a certain amount of "fake girlfriend" activity. Even if I have to really French kiss my son some, I figure I can handle that. So long as I keep my hands and mouth away from his big fat cock, I'll would consider that a willpower win.

However, just as Nick started to get dressed and ready for the party after dinner, Hillary called and spoke to him. "Sorry, Nick, I have bad news. The party has been postponed."

"Oh. Bummer. What happened?"

"Well, the host, Veronica, she only hosts these parties when her parents aren't at home. They were supposed to go away for a few days, but they haven't left yet. So the hope is the party can happen tomorrow instead."

"Oh. Oh well." He was really disappointed, and it showed in his voice, even though he tried to hide it. He considered the party vital to his developing relationships with both Hillary and Maggie.

Hillary said, "I thought you'd feel bummed, but don't worry, I'll make it up to you. How about a booby prize?"

"Does it involve actual boobies?" As soon as he said that flip comment, he couldn't believe his cheek. He felt tremendous embarrassment.

But luckily, she took it the right way, and laughed. "As a matter of fact, YES! What if you, Maggie, and I go to see a movie together instead? Since you probably don't have any other plans..." She trailed off shyly and uncertainly. "Or, uh, should it just be you and me? I'm not really sure how this should work..."

"Okay! That sounds great. I'd love if the three of us can do it, but let me check with Maggie first. Otherwise, you and me sounds good."

"Please do! I can't wait to hear if she gives the okay."

"I'll do that now, if you can hold on. But first... does this have anything to do with your phone sex fantasy from last night?"

"Well, actually... yes... and no. It definitely was on my mind when I thought about what else we could do together. But I don't expect that the fantasy to actually happen tonight! No way! That's some serious advanced relationship stuff, and things between you, me, and her are all kind of in some sort of limbo state for the time being. Buuuuut... that said... maybe a little bit of it could happen! For instance, would it be totally impossible if her and me traded kisses with you in the darkness of the theater? Do you think she'd go for that?"

"I have noooooo idea. To be honest, her opinion changes a lot, depending on how horny she is. If I were to ask her now, she's say 'no way' for sure. But if she were to get super horny first? Who knows!"

"Interesting! You'll just have to get her 'super horny' then!" Hillary giggled.

He realized checking with Maggie would probably take a while, so he told her he would have to call her back in a little while, instead of keeping her on the line.

Maggie was in the kitchen, preparing dinner. Andy was in his den, doing whatever he did there all the time.

He walked up to her and whispered, "I need to talk to you when you're in 'Maggie mode.' The party has been canceled, but new plans are being made.'"

She thought that over, and then nodded. "I get it. With the party coming up, I was going to have to switch into at least semi-Maggie mode anyway, to get ready. Let's go into the garage to talk about that. That's more like neutral territory."

They went to the garage. It was mostly filled with two cars, but there was a large empty spot, so they stood there with a light bulb above them lighting the room.

She said, "Keeping your hands to yourself, tell me what's going on. I'm not THAT much in Maggie mode."

He passed on what Hillary had told him about the canceled party plans, and then Hillary's suggestion to go to a movie instead.

She said, "That's easy. You should go with her alone."

He said, "I knew you were going to say that. But that's not possible. For one thing, Anushka won't allow it. She's okay with us going out - you me, and Hillary - but not just her and me." Actually, that was just inspired bullshit he came up with on the spot. He was proud of himself, because it left Maggie with no wiggle room.

She asked, "Why? Doesn't she know all we did on Tuesday? Hillary told her all that, didn't she? She said she would."

"Oh, she told Anushka all that, for sure." He came up with more inspired bullshit. "But Anushka is worried about Hillary's willpower. And my willpower too, I think. She's afraid that if it's just her and me, we might go all the way. Whereas, if you're there, sure, some sexual stuff might happen, but it's in your interest to make sure things don't go too far between Hillary and me. Of course, she has no clue about the hand-over plan. Thinking that you're just a normal girlfriend, she assumes you're going to want to keep things in check."

Maggie thought that over. "Well... that makes sense, I guess. But still, you could just go with Hillary and be relatively tame about it. I don't know about her, but you have plenty of self-control. Don't you want to have her alone where you can kiss her?"

"I do. Sure. But Anushka has a point about the whole willpower thing. You see, Hillary and I have started to get increasingly hot for each other lately. There are important developments I haven't been able to tell you until just now, since you haven't been in Maggie mode."

He proceeded to tell her about the phone call he had with Hillary the night before, including the phone sex part. He was very skimpy on the details, and was extra careful not to mention the movie theater fantasy scenario, for fear of freaking her out with the similarity to their current potential movie plans.

Maggie was secretly relieved to at least hear the general gist, so she didn't have to continue to pretend she didn't know anything about it. But she still acted clueless when it came to her knowing the details.

He went on give her a short version of the make out session in the girl's bathroom after school. He gave her a rather tame version of that too. For instance, he didn't mention how he'd insisted on Hillary getting completely naked, or how she'd essentially jacked him off through his shorts for a long time. But he did reveal that he'd made her cum. And he particularly emphasized how they'd both agreed they should cut things short in part from the worry that they could lose control.

That played right into the narrative he was trying to promote, that Maggie presence was necessary for her willpower, so she could keep things going too far. In fact, he was hoping the exact opposite would happen, and Maggie being there would inspire Hillary to be even more aroused, and Hillary being there would inspire Maggie to go whole hog into acting like his girlfriend in a very real and intimate manner. But of course he didn't say any of that.

He ended his appeal by saying, "And one last thing. I lack confidence."

Maggie scoffed. "You? Lack confidence? You must be joking. That was true before, but not since Tuesday? Need I remind you for instance how we were sitting in my car by the Chinese restaurant and I told you I didn't want to jack you off? And you secretly unzipped your shorts in the dark, guided my hand to your exposed boner, and kept it there until I got so horny that I couldn't resist stroking it! Does that sound like someone who lacks confidence?! If you have any more confidence, we should probably warn the police that a sexual predator is on the prowl!"

He said, "Come on, Ma. It's not like that. It's true that I get super confident when I'm in a sexual situation with you, but that's because I'm so super horny for you all the time! If it's with just Hillary, I get shy."

"Shy?! Shy?! As in 'going to the bathroom after school and kissing and fondling her until she cums' shy? Is that your definition of shy?!"

He was bummed she made that connection. He said, "Good point, but that was a weird exception. It was all her! Remember how I told you she first suggested going behind the trees, and how she practically dragged me there? SHE was insanely horny and I was just along for the ride! I was so scared, Ma! So scared! I really was. I kept telling myself: 'Okay, Nick, you said you'd do anything to win Hillary's heart. Literally anything? What about this?! You have to be brave! Are you a real man or a coward?' I had to psych myself up, but even then I was shaking like a leaf. It was touching and go all the way."

He was glad that he'd told the story of the bathroom encounter in enough detail that he'd mentioned things like how she'd started it and how he'd been very scared. That gave him lots of credibility in his somewhat revised account.

He went on, "Whereas, if you're there, it's totally different. I feel like the king of the world! I get so horny that it's totally nuts!"

She chuckled with chagrin. "I'll definitely agree to that part." She folded her arms until her massive breasts. She was trying hard not to show it, but his talk about the phone sex and then the bathroom incident was getting her seriously aroused.

He continued, "What would be great is if I could get horny thanks to you, and then turn that on her. She would be overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of my passion! Because I have intense feelings for you and her, but with you I can be myself. I know this sounds corny, but I feel safe. Because you're my mom and nothing can go wrong if you're there. Whereas with her, I feel like I'm a fraud. I'm playing a part. I'm punching way, way, way above my weight, just trying to pretend like I'm worthy of her. It's scary! So that's why I need you there. I really will be a shambles without you."

She sighed. "I suppose I really have no choice. Anushka leaves us boxed in. And I don't want you to go to pieces. It's strange what you say about your confidence around me but not her, but it makes sense to me in a twisted way. So, go call her and tell her I'm in."

"YEAY!" He stepped towards her to hug her.

But she stepped back and held her hand out defensively. "Whoa! No touching! Knowing you, if I give you an inch, you're likely to be overflowing with confidence... and cum! But remember, I'm just your FAUX girlfriend tonight! Nothing like Tuesday can happen! Is that clear!"

He was all smiles. "Ma, it'll be fine. We'll be going to a dinner and a movie. What could possibly happen?"

She thought back to the movie theater fantasy Hillary had laid on in exquisite detail during the phone sex. She shivered lustily, and thought, A hell of a lot! But then she thought, But he's right. That was just a fantasy, a very wild fantasy. I suppose things like that have happened in movie theaters, but only after the couple gets to be very intimate. Anushka's right. If it's the three of us, that will keep things in check.

He rushed back to the phone in his room and called Hillary back up. His talk with Maggie had taken about ten minutes, due to his necessary storytelling, so Hillary was on pins and needles. But he was able to give her the good news that Maggie was game. So new plans were made.

The plan was dinner and a movie. Luckily, Nick and Maggie hadn't eaten yet. But she finished making dinner for Andy, and then put the leftovers she and her son would have eaten into the fridge.

Before Maggie and Nick left together, Maggie gave him a long lecture. The gist of it was that she was participating in this "crazy scheme" just to help with the girlfriend hand-over plan, and in return, he had to behave himself with her.

She didn't really define what that meant, but she sounded very stern and serious. In truth, she felt deeply conflicted, and stabs of guilt repeatedly hit her like an ice pick. She didn't mention specifics because deep down she wasn't really sure what she wanted to prohibit him from doing.

Nick felt nervous as the date drew near, because he felt a lot was on the line. Tonight could be pivotal. Crucial. Historic, even. The entire trajectory of three lives could shift based on what happens in the next few hours! I have a new grand dream: threesome city! I've had so much sexual success with Ma AND Hillary that I feel that is tantalizingly within reach. GOD! To be able to date both of them at once would be beyond unbelievable, and yet that's exactly what's happening tonight! This could be way better than if we went to the party.

But it could be a total disaster too! What if Ma really sticks with her new attitude and doesn't get all hot and horny? Maybe what happened on Tuesday was a once-in-a-lifetime, freak occurrence, caused by the fact I was riding such a high of lust and confidence that I became a different person for a while, plus the fact that Ma was so sexually repressed for so long that all of her last two years of pent-up lust came pouring out of her uncontrollably. Will I be able to become that guy again? Or would I be my boring, timid, and shy usual self, losing Hillary's interest forever? Or will Ma be boring and put the brakes on any serious sexy fun from breaking out?! I have another high wire act to walk, because I need to get BOTH of them super horny if my threesome plan is to take a big step forward.

I can't believe the sheer audacity of what I'm even attempting. It's madness! The whole thing is a house of cards that could fall apart at any moment. What if Hillary is able to see right through me and realize I'm a fraud attempting to deceive her with a laughable scheme using my mother as my fake girlfriend? Just one verbal slip could ruin everything. The pressure is intense!

And not only that, but Hillary really is way out of my league! I mean, it's not even close! She should be dating someone with movie star looks and charisma to match hers, like Spencer. That's how these things always work. I'm trying to upset the natural order. I'm basically Joe Average, with better smarts than most. How did I ever think I'd have a chance with Hillary for even one minute? Oh God!

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