Chapter 13: Italian Dinner (Friday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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Nick and Maggie met Hillary at the local Olive Garden. Hillary had come there by car. Normally, she preferred to go everywhere by bike, for both environmental and fitness reasons, and she didn't have a car of her own. But she used her parents' car when going on dates, if her date wasn't picking her up.

Their greeting just outside the restaurant was a bit embarrassing, because it was evident to all that either Maggie was way overdressed or Hillary was way underdressed, or both.

Hillary wore a long green skirt which didn't show much leg. It was similarly modest like the black skirt Maggie was wearing. But, knowing Nick's love of tits, she wore a light green top with white frills around the edges. It was extremely low cut, showing off a shockingly deep valley of cleavage and even more, since it was only held up by two thin straps. The frills drew even more attention down to nearly the edge of her nipples. There was a zipper running right down the middle of her top that begged to be unzipped.

Maggie, by contrast, wore an ordinary pale blue blouse, buttoned up in front to cover nearly all over her cleavage. And she wore a light sweater on top of that too, not because the weather called for it, but so she could keep her arms covered as well. She figured the more covered she was, the less aroused Nick would be, and the more likely she wouldn't lose control again. But now she felt silly, because she'd gone overboard.

In retrospect, the contrast in outfits wasn't surprising, due to vastly different expectations. After recent events, especially last night's phone sex and then girl's bathroom incident earlier in the day, Hillary was expecting some sexual wildness. Whereas Nick sold Maggie on joining them by suggesting something much tamer.

But there was nothing to be done about it at this point. If Nick had been more honest, Maggie might not have come at all. He could have told Hillary to dress more conservatively, but he didn't want the date to head in that direction.

Nick was dressed nicely for a date. He wore one of his "coolest" dress shirts, expensive slacks, and dress shoes. He deliberately failed to wear any underwear. In part, that was because Hillary had specifically asked him not to earlier, but also it was something he wanted to do anyway. He had high hopes he'd end up rubbing his boner through his pants against one or both of their bodies at some point, and he didn't want an extra layer getting in the way.

He thought, Somebody pinch me! My two dream girls! I love absolutely everything, right down to their fragrant perfumes that seem to blend into one perfectly. The only problem is, I'm way too fuckin' horny, and there's nothing I can do about it! Well, not yet! Tonight is gonna totally rock!

His earlier apprehensions were melting away. When he saw Hillary, his heart surged with love, and his dick engorged thanks to a powerful blast of lust. And he was discovering that when he got horny, he also surged with confidence and even aggressiveness. In truth, getting extremely aroused gave him loads of confidence with either Maggie or Hillary, not just Maggie. That probably wasn't true with any other women, but he felt comfortable with both of them.

He had a good feeling the evening would work out just fine after all.

As Hillary looked over at Maggie, she said with chagrin, "Well, I feel like a slut."

This created a very awkward moment, because neither of the other two knew how to reply to that blunt comment. It would have been different if they were all highly aroused already, but they weren't.

But then inspiration came to Nick, and he asked, "But do you kiss like one?"

Everyone laughed; the tension was instantly gone.

But even better for Nick, Hillary grinned, and replied, "I don't know. Why don't you tell me?" Then she stepped forward and let him kiss her.

The kiss that followed was about as electric and erotic as one could hope for without causing a public scene. Nick boldly groped her tits just enough to confirm that she wasn't wearing a bra. Without intentionally planning it, the way he pressed close to her let her know that he had a hard-on already.

Whatever lingering shyness and worries he had were banished during that kiss. He felt like he could conquer the world! In fact, if he had any problem, it was controlling himself in a public place. He longed to ravish Hillary, starting by stripping her naked.

Maggie felt herself increasingly miffed and jealous as she watched them kiss and kiss and kiss. She thought, Stop, already! It's unseemly. We're in a public place! What are people gonna think?

But as she continued to watch, her thoughts changed, Ah, who do I think I'm fooling? I want him to kiss ME like that! So what if I'm his mother? I'm a woman too, and a woman has needs. But I AM his mother, and it's wrong. God dammit, why am I always so conflicted? Well, right now and for tonight, I'm Maggie, not Margaret. And he's my boyfriend, not my son. He can't kiss her like that without kissing me too!

While she waited for their kissing to end, she took off her light sweater and unbuttoned the top couple of buttons of her blouse. That at least gave her some cleavage to "compete" with.

She tapped Hillary on the shoulder. Hillary understood, and pulled away.

Within seconds, it was Maggie and Nick French kissing instead.

That hits the spot! Maggie thought while their tongues dueled. Mmmm, and he's even cupping my breasts just the way I love, fondling all the super sensitive spots. She felt her resistance melting away, and soon she was floating away on a cloud of pure happiness. Her thoughts of only allowing him truly "fake" closed-mouth kisses were completely forgotten.

Indeed, Nick kneaded her soft-yet-firm orbs of tit-flesh through her clothes as blatantly as he felt he could in a public place. Since he was a young and very horny guy suddenly surging with confidence, what he did was pretty blatant. He also pressed his erection into her a little more intentionally than he had with Hillary.

Seeing Nick handle Maggie that way really aroused Hillary. After Maggie and Nick had kissed at least as long as Hillary and Nick had, Hillary tapped Maggie on the shoulder. "My turn again!"

Maggie pulled back to a loose embrace, with a dazed and blissed look on her face. She pouted, "So soon?"

Hillary half-joked, "Hey, who needs dinner or a movie? I say we just go back to my place and take turns sharing the best kisser in town!"

But Maggie chose to treat that as a joke instead of the semi-serious suggestion it was. She was already loosening up more than she'd anticipated, and that concerned her. She remembered what happened on Tuesday, and she feared a total loss of willpower if she went back to Hillary's room again.

As part of that newly concerned attitude, she gave up on letting him make out with her for a second time. Instead, when Hillary and Nick finished their second kissing session, she linked her arms with both of them and walked them into the restaurant.

Nick had noticed a couple of young men standing a short distance away, apparently waiting for someone or something - or possibly just checking out the two hotties he was with. He glanced their way, and they both gave him a big thumbs up. He felt like a million bucks, realizing they'd watched him French kiss two Playboy centerfold-worthy women.

Maggie, Hillary, and Nick sat down at a relatively secluded table and ordered drinks.

Hillary commented, "You know my comment out there, about feeling like a slut? The thing is, I do kind of think of myself as a slut, but in a good way. That word has such negative connotations, and it shouldn't. I'm a female, and I love sex, and I don't think I should feel ashamed about that. Why is it when a guy loves having lots of sex, he gets nothing but pats on the back, but when a girl feels the same way, she gets scorn, even from other girls?"

That launched a discussion about female sexuality. Naturally, as women, Maggie and Hillary had the most to say.

Maggie tried to sound "hip" and she found herself agreeing with Hillary on many things. But in reality, she knew she wasn't nearly as sexually liberated as she was pretending to be. She was increasingly impressed by how Hillary was: proud, self-confident, talented, and not afraid to go after what she wanted, including satisfying her sexual desires. It was easy to see why Nick desired her so much, without even adding in her startlingly beautiful looks.

Maggie asked her, "Since you consider yourself an unabashed hippie, are you in favor of 'free love?'"

Hillary replied, "Yes, and no. I am, but only because I choose to redefine that term. Both terms, actually. A 'hippie' is a state of mind, a quest for freedom and enlightenment, not what clothes you wear or what music you listen to. For instance, I don't think I look like a hippie right now."

Nick quipped, "No, you look like a 'hottie.' Is there a hottie movement I can join?"

Hillary chuckled at that. She looked to Maggie and then back down at her own voluptuous body. "I think you're joining it."

He grinned. "Touché." He looked to Maggie and gave her a warm, loving smile that also conveyed considerable lust.

She blushed, but she also smiled back. She saw him staring at her enormous rack in particular and wished she was showing off more cleavage. She had gotten used to Hillary's sexy outfit and was sorry she wasn't wearing something like that.

Hillary said, "Anyway, let's consider 'free love' too. Most people think that means basically having sex with anything that moves. That sucks! I'm not into that at all. But I'm totally in favor of 'free love' in the sense of being completely unrestrained and free while making love. Losing yourself in the moment and completely letting go! Doing whatever feels good, for you and your partner."

Maggie nodded. She was impressed by that answer. However, she thought back to what had happened to her and Nick on Tuesday, and asked, "But isn't that dangerous? If you let go, anything can happen."

"I know!" Hillary's eyes lit up. "Isn't that thrilling? What's wrong with that?"

Maggie felt she couldn't answer that, since there was no way she could begin to explain her fear of having intercourse with her son. Instead, she just said, "Good point. I guess I need to be more open minded."

Nick pointed out, "When one says 'anything can happen,' that's not literally true. If you're having sex alone in a room with one other person, it's not like you'll suddenly find yourself swinging from the rafters at a crowded hockey arena. The things that could happen are all good things, sexual things. Lots of orgasms! When two people are in love and making love to each other, there's pretty much no bad thing that can happen. So why the fear of letting go? I think people are just used to keeping their feelings bottled up inside and don't know how to let go."

"Hear, hear," Hillary said. "I agree completely. See, Maggie? Your boyfriend is not only a handsome devil, he's pretty damn smart, too."

Maggie grinned at him, but with chagrin. "That's what I worry about. He's too smart! He's literally charmed my pants off, more than once!" Her face turned redder as she thought back to Tuesday night and how he'd tricked her into first jacking him off at the Chinese restaurant and then briefly sucking him off there.

"That's only because you needed a good de-pantsing," he quipped.

Hillary teasingly asked Maggie, "Did he clean your pipes too?"

Maggie's lust soared, because she was mindful that, according to their backstory, he was supposed to be regularly fucking her. It was assumed that she titfucked and sucked his cock a lot as well. With that in mind, she said with surprising explicitness, "Boy, does he keep my pipes clean! He sticks his stovepipe in my pipes all the time. They're clean as a whistle!"

Hillary was so delighted by that answer that she clapped a couple of times in addition to laughing. "I'll bet! The only problem is, I hear he's got an oversized stovepipe. How do you fit it in?"

Maggie blushed as she realized just how sexual this talk was. But she still said, "That is the problem. Believe me, I cope with that every day."

Hillary turned to Nick and put a hand on his nearest arm. "That sounds bad. Your girl is suffering. Maybe you should have the size of your stovepipe reduced."

Maggie gasped theatrically, "Oh, no! Dear God, NO! Anything but that!"

That led to even more laughter, even as Maggie's face turned redder and redder. But she was having fun. She also was glad that she was giving Hillary the impression that she and Nick had a very active sex life. She figured that was part of maintaining her fake girlfriend persona.

The conversation eventually turned to other topics, but from that point on there seemed to be a sexual and fun vibe running through everything, no matter what was being discussed. Hillary seemed to talk the most. She kept things lively and interesting, and often directed the conversation. Nick was still somewhat shy (as he still was for most non-sexual situations), but he forced himself to engage much more than he otherwise would have.

Nick was in seventh heaven, because the mood was quite flirty and he was the target of all the flirting. Maggie sat next to him while Hillary sat across the table in the cozy booth they all shared. So it was much easier for Maggie to get touchy-feely with him, but in fact both of them did.

Early on, Hillary took her heels off and started rubbing her foot against Nick's ankles in a very sexual way.

Nick enjoyed that a lot, not surprisingly, but he wasn't a bump on a log. He took his shoes off and began rubbing his way up Hillary's bare leg too.

Maggie couldn't help but notice, because the footsie games weren't subtle at all.

Before long, there was a playful "foot war" going on under the table, with Maggie running a bare foot up Nick's leg too. Some jokes were made about it by all three of them, usually when their feet all bumped together under the table.

However, Maggie still felt left out, since most of the flirting and footsie games were between Nick and Hillary. Part of that was purely physical limitation problem: since Nick was sitting next to her, she couldn't play footsie as much with him without contorting herself.

She also felt stodgy and old from covering up so much more skin than the vivacious and fun-loving Hillary. So, as the meal went on, she found this or that excuse to unbutton the buttons on the front of her blouse. She undid the first one by claiming "My, it's too hot in here," even though all three of them knew there was nothing wrong with the temperature of the air conditioned restaurant.

That line quickly became an in-joke between them, and they found all sorts of excuses to say "It's too hot in here." And often, the joke ended with Maggie undoing another button. There weren't that many buttons, and there were lots of jokes, so after a while she re-buttoned some buttons just so she could unbutton them again. But there was a gradual downward progression just the same. Before long, she'd undone her blouse to just below the bottom of her bra, revealing what seemed to be acres of creamy and tanned tit-flesh.

That put her at displaying about the same amount of tit-flesh as Hillary. There definitely was a friendly sexual competition for Nick's attention going on between them.

Or it would have, had Hillary not made adjustments too.

Hillary's top was barely covering up her nipples to begin with, but it had a zipper in front, and she found excuses to playfully say "It's too hot in here" and lower her zipper bit by bit too. Her nipples stayed covered, but only just. If she leaned forward (and she deliberately did so, a lot), her top would fall forward and her nipples would be exposed, but she kept herself positioned so only Maggie and Nick would occasionally see her free show.

In addition to all that, the talk of pipe cleaning and stovepipes became a running joke. "Stovepipe" became a nickname for Nick's penis and "pipe cleaning" became another way to refer to cocksucking or even fucking.

For instance, at one point, Hillary looked around impatiently, and said, "Boy, when is our food going to come already? I'm hungry. While we're waiting, I wish I at least had a big fat stovepipe to suck on."

Not to be outdone, Maggie then gave her son a lusty look and said, "Sorry, I happen to know there's only one stovepipe around here, and he was so busy cleaning my pipes before dinner that I think he's all tuckered out."

Nick then teased, "Au contraire! It's true that stovepipe had gotten kind of saggy from overuse. But I just checked, and it's been replaced by a very STIFF new brush that's ready for action!"

Nick was loving life, but he was also feeling extremely frustrated. He'd never been so horny, and it was obvious the other two were getting increasingly worked up. Yet he knew he couldn't get any orgasmic satisfaction, not in the middle of a restaurant. He also knew it was out of line in such a public place to fondle the big tits in front of him or the similarly big ones to the side of him the way he longed to fondle both sets of them. Seeing all that deep cleavage was driving him crazy.

Meanwhile, as Maggie loosened up even more, she took more advantage of the fact that she was sitting adjacent to Nick. She plastered her body to his, planted small kisses on him from time to time, and roamed her hands all over him too.

Hillary teased, "Maggie, I've been thinking. There's something about us that's similar, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is." She tapped the exposed top slopes of her tits as she said this. "It's something that Nick obviously likes in his women..."

She slowly and deliberately leaned forward over the table until she could have practically kissed Nick on his cheek. As a result, her huge tits swayed forward obscenely. In their new position, they wanted more than ever to burst free of their confines. The fabric in Hillary's top pulled tighter, and her front zipper lowered even more, all by itself, as it desperately tried to relieve the pressure of her surging tit-flesh.

Maggie joked, "Don't look now, but I think it just got a little hotter in here." She unbuttoned yet another button, exposing more skin than ever before in an attempt to keep up with Hillary's bold move.

They all laughed.

Even as Hillary was bent forward like that, she somehow managed to thrust her tits out even more. The pink edges of her nipples were in view, but only by a fraction of an inch. She teased, "What is it that attracts him to us? Could it be our smiles?" She smiled brightly, hamming it up.

Maggie decided she wasn't going to be outdone. She also leaned over the table, but angled herself so she was looking back at Nick. "I dunno. I'm trying to put a finger on it too." She brazenly and playfully ran a finger from her neck down into her cleavage as she said this. The first two digits on her index finger completely disappeared down her tempting, tanned valley.

Hillary loved that, and laughed. She had to sit back in her seat though, because leaning forward like that was drawing too many stares. But she made up for it by copying Maggie's move and sliding a finger down into the depths of her cleavage too. Most of her finger disappeared from view, as it was swallowed up by all the nicely tanned tit-flesh.

As she seductively slid her finger back up into view, and then gave it a quick lick, she said, "I can't think of what it is. All my ideas are a total bust."

Maggie laughed at that. She too had to sit back, but she remained turned in her seat so she was facing Nick. "Me too. I can't think. I guess we're just a couple of stupid boobs."

Hillary and Maggie both found that hilarious, and they started laughing heartily. This caused their already dangerously exposed racks to jiggle and shake mightily. Maggie's top was unbuttoned so low by this time that she flashed her bra-covered nipples quite a lot in all the excitement.

Nick had been laughing before, but now he was far too aroused to be that amused. He was so swept away and excited that sweat was pouring down his face and his heart was pounding wildly. It was reaching the point where the sexual stimulation was too much. Even without any touching - except for the continuing footsie games beneath the table and Maggie's cuddling - he felt his stiff dick was going to shoot off any second.

He was tempted to shut his eyes, because the sexy sights before him were more than his mind could handle. But he kept looking, because he was afraid to miss even one second of such luscious, creamy visual delights. He had no idea what would happen with his two obsessions in the future since the fake girlfriend scheme was so precarious, and he feared a magical moment like this might never repeated again.

Hillary shot him a fiery look, and purred, "What about you? Do you have any idea what it could be?"

He replied, "I... I dunno. My mammary is a total blank." It was an honest Freudian slip; he'd meant to say 'memory,' but he had a one-track mind at the moment.

The two women laughed so hard at that that they practically hyperventilated. They were in danger of causing a scene again, but this time not just for their big breasts and all around stunning looks. Both of them clutched their chests with both hands, because their boobs were falling out of their clothes to such an obscene degree.

Nick was amazed that Hillary assumed he'd meant to say that as a joke. Relieved and inspired, he said, "I give up. Maybe we can switch to an udder topic."

That was so subtle that it took a couple of seconds for the others to catch on. Once they did, all three of them began laughing even more uproariously.

All that laughter sent Hillary's front zipper down another two or three inches, all the way to her belly button. That left her nipples completely exposed, but just for him and Maggie. Because her top more or less stayed in place, because she was still clutching at herself with both hands, the view down to depths of her creamy and tanned cleavage was mostly blocked to those at other tables, but the frustrated men there could very well imagine the spectacular show they were missing.

Maggie nodded towards Hillary's cleavage, and said to her with concern, "Watch out! Look what you're showing!" (Maggie's outfit had gone back into place now that she was sitting still, plus she had her bra on.)

Hillary moved a hand-over her cleavage, leaving only tantalizing glimpses. But she looked at Maggie wickedly, and said, "I'll tell you what. I'll zip back up some if things get a little more 'too hot in here' on your side of the table, if you know what I mean." She winked.

Maggie still didn't fully realize it, but Hillary was as much or more attracted to her as she was attracted to Nick, and Hillary craved to see more of Maggie's tempting round melons as much as Nick did.

Maggie also didn't realize just how much seeing Hillary's lush and round hooters was affecting her and causing her heart to race. She thought she was strictly straight, and maybe she had been before, but Hillary was starting to change that.

Maggie was gawking openly, and she'd almost forgotten she was sitting next to Nick. Her blouse was already unbuttoned so far that her bra was showing right where her boobs met to create a deep line rising up. Even as she unbuttoned another button, she complained, "I can't do this. Look how much my bra will show."

Nick most definitely was having a good look at that.

With that button undone, his mother was almost unbuttoned down to her belly button. She was showing nearly as much skin as Hillary had just been, except her bra kept her nipples covered. But still, it was sexy as hell.

Hillary waved a hand dismissively. "Then get rid of the bra." As she said that, she leaned forward as if whispering conspiratorially. Such leaning would have sent her zipper down much lower, except her hands pressed against the undersides of her breasts, allowing her top to just barely hang on in its current state. She knew exactly what she was showing.

Nick practically swooned. He half-seriously wondered if it was possible to die from sexy teasing alone.

Still in that pose, Hillary hissed in a challenging and naughty tone, "Let Nick take it off you!"

Maggie looked around in dismay. Her heart was pounding hard. "What? Here?! No. I couldn't!"

Hillary sat back, perhaps realizing she was pushing too much for such a public place. It was just that her lesbian lust was getting the best of her. She relented, saying, "I suppose we don't want to cause a riot - yet." She giggled. "But I'll get that bra off you soon enough!" She winked.

Nick let out a big exhale of air. He realized he'd been so transfixed that he'd forgotten to breathe. He felt his erection was so stiff and hard that he could use it like a hammer to smash the table in two. He decided to make a joke out of it. "Does anyone need anything hammered around here? Because I have just the tool for it."

Hillary's eyes lit up at such blatant innuendo. "You sure do! I've seen it, and brushed against it." She leaned back in her seat and lifted an arm behind her head in a sexy pose. "Personally, I could use a good hammering. Do you think you're up to the task?"

Nick hadn't realized his joke would be taken that way. He was just thinking about the way his erection was so stiff that it could pound something just like a hammer did, but he wasn't thinking of fucking. As a result, he was at a loss for words.

Luckily, Maggie read his look and spoke up before there was an awkward pause. "Hillary, be careful what you wish for! Let's just say they don't sell hammers his size at Home Depot!"

Hillary joked back, "Too bad. If they did, their sales would skyrocket!"

Things calmed down somewhat after that. In particular, once the food arrived, the three of them got busy eating and didn't talk much. But the arousing mood remained.

In fact, by the time they finished their pasta dinners, the sexual tension between them was so thick one could have cut it with a knife. And yet one couldn't really call it tension, because they were all feeling giddy and relaxed too.

There were lots of terrible yet amusing jokes and puns. For instance, Nick noted that it was "shaping up to be a very mammaryable evening."

Maggie said, "I agree, but I'm worried it could all go tits up."

Hillary upped the ante, commenting, "It probably will, since we're with a wild and dangerous guy like Nick. He's bad to the boner."

This kind of teasing went on and on. There were a lot of "bone" and "boner" jokes in particular after that, as "bone" took over as the preferred euphemism for "penis" over "stovepipe." Normally such jokes wouldn't have come over as very funny, but in their current giddy mood, they seemed both hilarious and arousing.

Nick couldn't believe his luck. Luckily, they were sitting at a table where only a couple other tables had a direct line of sight to theirs, and the men at each of those tables appeared to be married and with their wives, so they had to play it cool. But his two bombshell companions were so extraordinarily beautiful and flirtatious that it was fairly obvious that more people walked by their table just to get a good look at them, often more than once. That was true for both employees and patrons.

Their male waiter kept quiet about all the exposed skin, but he often put himself in a position that allowed him to see more than most.

Nick found himself thinking, All the people here must be looking at me and thinking, "Who is that guy, and why is he so lucky?" And that's the gray cloud threatening to rain on all this, 'cos the fact is, I'm pretty ordinary. Okay, so I'm not a total generic schmo; I've got smarts and some other things going for me, but I'm not a classic hunk either. To say the least!

I'm petrified that Hillary's gonna wake up soon and think, "What am I doing with this guy? I can do so much better." This is a totally contrived situation: Hillary wouldn't have the hots for me if Maggie didn't, and Maggie wouldn't be hot for me if Hillary wasn't here. How long can I keep jugging things before it all falls apart?!

But these gloomy musings were atypical, because he was generally having a fantastic time.

The three of them all remained nervous about being chastised for their lewd behavior, and they frequently glanced around for signs of anyone coming near. Their waiter was the only one who really got close, and whenever he walked to their table, the two women always used their hands to keep their cleavage covered up as best they could.

Hillary had something she was keen on telling Nick since the evening began. At one point, seeing how well things were going, and finding an opportune moment for a new topic, she said, "By the way, Nick, I have good news."

"Oh?" he asked.

"I talked to Anushka this afternoon, like I told you I would. I made a VERY compelling case that she should be more lenient about what she lets me do to you. It helped, I think, that she was naked and writhing underneath me at the time, and I wouldn't let her cum until she gave the right answer. But all's fair in love and war!" She laughed.

His eyes bugged out, both in hope and thanks to that mental image she put in his head. She didn't know what Anushka looked like yet, but he knew she was ethnically Indian, gorgeous, and extremely busty, so he would have loved to have been a fly on that wall. He asked, "Well?! What did she say?!"

Hillary stuck her tongue out playfully. "Sorry, that would be telling. But! Let's just say that it's good news. And later tonight, maybe things will develop enough for you to find out first hand!"

He stared at her in wide-eyed wonder. "Oh, woooowww! So great!"

Maggie was torn between lust and jealousy. She asked with great interest, "'First hand' only? What about... first mouth?"

Hillary laughed. "Ooooh! I like how you think! But I can't say at this point. You'll see. Gaawwwd! I hope you'll see it all from very close up!"

Maggie thought, I sure hope that too! It's so strange. Every time I see my Sport and Hillary do sexy things together, I get so jealous that I can't stand it. Even the phone sex bothered me all to hell, and I could only hear that. But at the same time, I get so fucking horny that I can't stand it even more! Yet, I want MORE! Good God, how I want to see her stroke his cock! And suck it! YESSSSS! And titfuck it! Oh, dear God, YES! Even more, maybe, with HER F-cups!

Anyone else, no way! I would get jealous in a bad way, in a 'leave my man alone or I'll kick your ass!' way. But with her, it's okay. I know he's been crushing on her forever, and I know what a kind of lovely person she is. And smart and fun and funny, and every good thing, including jaw-dropping beauty. I so very much want to see him win her! And we're becoming good friends. It would be so great if we could learn to happily share him! In every possible way! And tonight, I feel that vibe is in the air!

Hillary and Nick continued to play footsie with each other, and eventually Hillary playfully asked Maggie, "Hmmm, I can't seem to control my feet. One of them is up past Nick's knee, and heading higher all the time. I'm wondering though, if I keep going, am I going to run into someone else's hand?"

In fact, Maggie hadn't touched Nick's crotch at all so far. She definitely had thought about doing just that, repeatedly. But it was far too bold for her to seriously think about actually doing. She was trying hard to keep her urges under control, and she was mostly succeeding. She worried about the kind of escalation Hillary was driving at, especially in a well-lit restaurant.

So she avoided the question, and suggested, "I think it's best we get out of here and go see a movie. What do you think?"

As a result, they set about trying to pay the bill so they could leave. Hillary's wandering foot didn't wander any higher, and Maggie felt like she'd dodged a bullet.

Nick volunteered to pay for the whole meal, but Hillary and Maggie strongly insisted they split the cost. Nick got them to agree he'd pay for the movie tickets though.

While they were still waiting to get change back from the bill, Hillary asked Maggie, "I was trying to get your permission to get a little friskier with Nick, but I noticed you kind of avoided my question. I really like you and Nick, and I don't want to say or do the wrong thing that will upset anyone. So I just want to ask again: are you 100 percent SURE that you don't mind if Nick and I play around?"

Actually, Maggie did mind, since she was feeling jealous and possessive about him. But she remembered the "hand-over" goal, and said, "Mind? Are you kidding me? I think it's great! How many times do I have to keep telling you? I can't wait to see what you two do to each other, or what kind of mischief the three of us can get into together."

That mollified Hillary's concerns, although she continued to have a hard time believing Maggie would really be so keen to share. It often seemed as if Maggie said one thing about that but meant something else, since she couldn't entirely hide her jealous feelings.

Hillary's question left Maggie increasingly worried about the movie plan. Look at us. Hillary and I are half-naked already. If I unbutton my blouse any more, my top is going to come off altogether! And she's just as bad with her ever-dropping zipper. In the darkness of the movie theater, there's no telling what could happen! Especially after Hillary's movie theater cocksucking fantasy from just last night. That's proof that she's thought about it, and she told him about it, so he's thought about it too.

And as if all that isn't bad enough, I just threw down a gauntlet and practically challenged Hillary to go even further, with all three of us there!

You know what? I'll just kick back during the movie and let the two of them go at it as much as they want. That'll really get the hand-over plan rolling. My role here is to just act as the catalyst, and then step away.

But deep down, Maggie didn't feel good about that decision - she wanted to be in on the fun too. She totally loved her son, as much or more as she'd ever loved anyone, including Andy back in their best days. And she was learning that she lusted after him just as much. Plus, all the teasing had gotten her about as aroused as she'd ever been. In truth, she could hardly wait to get to the darkness of the movie theater so she could fool around with him.

Maggie thought for sure she and Hillary would button up and zip up respectively when they stood up to go. But Hillary didn't, so she only did up one button. Maggie was way outside her comfort zone, but she didn't want to seem like she couldn't keep up with her son's other sexy date.

While still standing outside the restaurant, Hillary noticed a trash can near the door. She put her hand on the middle of Maggie's back. But it wasn't just a friendly touch: within seconds, she managed to undo the clasp to Maggie's bra, right through her blouse. As she pulled the straps off Maggie's shoulders again through the blouse, she said, "I don't approve of this bra at all. I think you and I are going to have to go bra shopping soon, and get you some really sexy ones."

Maggie was left with her bra undone, but still more or less in place. Hillary didn't want to be too pushy, and she waited to see what Maggie would do next in response to her heavy hint.

Maggie looked all around, like a cornered animal. Her eyes lingered on Nick for a few seconds. She thought, I'm Maggie, his date! His busty, lusty, sexy date! His mother is somewhere else right now. She's sitting at home reading a book, being boring. Why can't I be wild and fun like Hillary?

Feeling frightened and shy, but also exhilarated and extremely horny, she pulled the bra out of the very open front of her blouse, and held it in front of her. She could hardly believe what she was seeing in her own hands, and she didn't know what to do with it.

Hillary quickly took care of that. She casually took the bra away, stepped towards the trash can, and then dropped the bra in it. She muttered, "There! That's better."

Maggie silently gasped and quickly covered her breasts with both hands. It was true her blouse still covered much of her huge melons, including her nipples, but she suddenly felt like she was naked from the waist up. Her upper torso felt very different, now that she was liberated from her bra, and her heavy tits sagged down some. She was ashamed at how long and hard her nipples felt. She knew for sure they were poking lewdly through her blouse, and she didn't want the others to see that.

Hillary, by contrast, seemed completely at ease with her zipper down to her belly button and her nipples occasionally peeking out a little bit. In truth, she'd never been this bold on a date, but then again she'd never been directly competing with another woman who was every bit as beautiful and nearly as endowed as she was.

Plus, she was very comfortable being nude at home, and she felt surprisingly at ease around Nick and Maggie. It was as if they'd all been best friends for a long time, although there was a slight jealous and competitive undercurrent between Hillary and Maggie.

Hillary saw Maggie's hands on her chest and worried that she might have been too pushy. She asked in a leading fashion, "That feels a lot better, don't you think?"

"Oh, definitely," Maggie quickly agreed.

Again, Maggie wanted to be "cool" and in on the fun, but lingering guilt and embarrassment held her back. It was clear that Hillary was wondering why Maggie had her hands where they were. With Hillary still looking at her, she gathered up her courage and took her hands from her chest.

To cover for her hand placement, she joked, "I was just covering up because I know my Nick and I don't want him to ravage me right here in the parking lot!"

Hillary smirked. "I imagine that sort of thing happens a lot."

"You have no idea!" She was secretly relieved that she was seen as cool again. It was a struggle for her to keep up with Hillary's sexiness and boldness, but she was determined not to be outdone.

Hillary walked to the Prius hand in hand with Nick, letting her huge tits wobble outrageously with every step.

Maggie remained a bit shy and stayed a step behind from the other two, because now that her bra was gone, her tits were wobbling just as much, and it made her feel like she was completely naked. That in turn made her so horny that she could hardly stand it. She was glad at least that they were in a dark and otherwise empty parking lot. If anyone else would have been able to see her up close, she would have freaked out.

She glanced back at the trash can. Good-bye, bra! There's no going back now. I can't believe I'm going to spend the rest of the evening feeling this... bouncy. I'm more than a little scared walking around like this. But I'll be damned if I let Hillary hog the spotlight! I'm Nick's date Maggie, and Maggie is sexy, fun, and even slutty!

When they got to the car, Hillary asked Maggie, "Do you mind if I sit in the back with Nick? I kind of want to have some special kissy kissy time with him."

Maggie said, "Be my guest." She hesitated, then added, "I know that, with Nick's school year having just started, he's going to be dating other girls. I'm hoping that he'll just get serious with you instead of playing the field. So do all you can to draw him into your sexy web. I want to see some serious tonsil tag back there!"

Hillary laughed, and gave a mock salute. "Yes, ma'am! 'Tonsil tag.' I like that."

Maggie's frustrations were aggravated on the ride to the movie theater, because she drove while Hillary and Nick necked in the back seat the whole way there. She felt like a chaperon or chauffeur.

She quietly sighed. The things a mom does for love! I said that to help with the hand-over, only I don't want a damn hand-over! I want to be the one in the backseat making out with him! After all, tonight I'm Maggie, not Margaret. But the truth is, I'll always be Margaret to some degree. I can't run away from that. I have to do the right thing, the responsible thing!

Her frustration grew because Nick soon had Hillary's zipper completely undone and his hands inside Hillary's top. Hillary leaned back until she was lying down on the back seat, with Nick lying on top of her. Soon, they were both grunting and moaning as much as if they were in the middle of a powerful fucking.

Maggie was jealous and annoyed, yes, but also insanely horny. She struggled to drive safely, because she was much more interested in using the rear view mirror to check out the action in the back seat. At times, she seriously pondered pulling the car over so she could simply masturbate while watching.

She was relieved at least that Nick and Hillary were keeping their hands above the belt for now, for the most part. The one exception was that Nick let his hands roam over Hillary's ass cheeks from time to time, and Maggie could easily see that because Hillary was on top. However, in the confines of the car, she could smell Hillary's aroused pussy, and she realized her own wet pussy was probably just as pungent. She was grateful she was still wearing panties, because otherwise she would have been making a big wet mess in her seat.

As she peered into the rear view mirror during a long traffic light, she thought, Just look at my son! He's got his hands inside her skirt and he's groping her bare ass like his life depends on it! Dammit! Too hot!

She sighed longingly. Mere days ago, he'd never kissed a girl, and now he's making out with his dream girl like he was born to do it. He's some kind of natural stud! And it never would have happened, or at least not nearly so soon, if I hadn't agreed to become his girlfriend. His faux girlfriend, I mean.

But what a cost! The problem is, he's TOO good! And even though she doesn't have his cock out or she isn't even rubbing it through his pants in her hot little hands, look at that way he's grinding against her! He's humping up against her like he's fucking! I'll bet dollars to donuts that his big cock is rubbing directly against her clit!

She bit her lip. Look at his hands go on her ass! Oh no, now he's going back to her incredible bosom. Too hot! Seeing his fingers clutch at all that tit-flesh, it's like I can feel him touching ME! Oh God! Son, you're turning me into some kind of slut. YOUR slut! You make me want to just... throw caution to the wind and suck your cock! Until you splatter your hot cum all over my face and tits again!

UGH! I have to fight this! I can't say things like that, even in my own mind. I need to be good! Gaawwwd, how can he make my pussy throb like this when he's touching someone else?! What's going to happen the next time he touches ME?! Oh God, I can't ever let him touch my pussy directly, or he'll be hammering me balls-deep a few minutes later!

And to be split in two by HIS fat monster?! Oh dear Lord! I don't think I could take it!

A car honk behind her reminded her that the light had already changed, and that snapped her out of her reverie. She reluctantly resumed driving.

She was concerned Nick and Hillary wouldn't leave the back seat when they arrived, and they would just get more and more hot and heavy until they ended up fucking. As it was, Nick already had Hillary's long green skirt pulled down from the top so that half of her ass was showing, and her panties were nowhere to be seen. (In fact, they were still on, but he'd pulled them down in back so he'd be able to fondle her ass cheeks without any hindrance.)

But to Maggie's relief, Hillary sat up and began tidying herself up pretty much as soon as the car was parked. Hillary even zipped her front zipper back up to a relatively normal height when she got out of the car.

Maggie didn't realize it yet, but Hillary was worried she'd gone too far with her French kissing and groping, and she feared Maggie might feel like she was trying to steal Nick away from her. She hadn't meant to go that far, but she felt like she was putty in Nick's hands. True, he was a bit clumsy and inexperienced at times, but he more than made up for that with sheer enthusiasm.

Hillary decided she needed to say something. With the three of them standing by the car in the dimly lit parking lot, Hillary walked over to Maggie and gave her a big hug. That cause their enormous racks to press together. Hillary said, "I need to thank you for allowing me that."

"Don't worry about it," Maggie was eager for the hug to end, because she was finding it disturbingly arousing. The tit-to-tit contact was secretly driving her wild.

But Hillary continued, "No, don't brush it off. I can't read your mind, but some part of you MUST be worried about me trying to steal Nick away from you. I promise you, that will NEVER happen! I hope we can find a way to share him, but we need to do that in a way that doesn't lead to grief and chaos. Since you got to him first, I consider that YOU'RE in charge. If I do anything with him, it has to be with YOUR permission. If you ever want me to back off, just say so, and I will. That way, you'll never feel like I'm overstepping my bounds."

Maggie was startled by Hillary's offer, especially considering the time and location. She also was growing even more aroused, because their mere regular breathing was causing their tits to slightly rise and fall, and thus rub together. She had a powerful urge to clutch and squeeze Hillary's huge tits with both hands, and that disturbed her.

But she forced herself to push that strange feelings to the side and come up with a good answer. She said, "I appreciate that a lot. Thank you. You see? This is a perfect example of why I'm rooting for him to pick you. I knew even before I met you from the way Nick talked about you that you were much more mature than you're age, and you're proving that tonight. Making a threesome relationship work is very tricky. I've never tried it myself, but I think that's a safe assumption. However, it we all share that kind of attitude, I think we can make it work!"

Hillary beamed. "I think we can too!" She leaned in and kissed Maggie.

Maggie was relieved that it was only a brief kiss on the cheek, because Hillary was so sexual, and bisexual, that there was no telling. However, by moving in to do that, Hillary's F-cups shifted around against Maggie's E-cups, and all that tit-rubbing nearly drove her to insanity.

Maggie was forced to break the hug, if only to give herself a chance to calm down before she did something she might regret later. She said, "Come on, let's go. We can talk more about such things later when we're somewhere more comfortable."

The three of them started walking towards the movie theater.

Nick hadn't said anything during the conversation between Maggie and Hillary, but he'd carefully listened, and he was extremely delighted. So far, the night was going almost perfectly as far as his overarching threesome goal was concerned. Hearing the two of them seriously working out the logistics on how to make such a relationship work was the best development, by far.

Maggie was both relieved and sad to button her blouse back up to a similar level of daring as the height of Hillary's zipper. However, she still felt extremely exposed, especially because she wasn't wearing a bra. Her blouse was tight enough that her nipples poked obscenely through the thin fabric (which also rubbed them, driving her wild). She was so constantly aroused that making her nipples go down simply wasn't an option.

But the blouse was also loose enough to give her boobs no effective support, and that made her continue to feel like she was walking around in a public place topless. She wasn't used to going bra-less at all. Her tits were so big and heavy that they bounced around wildly in her top with every single step she took. Worse, it seemed that each new step sent electric shocks from her tits right to her pussy and clit. She half-seriously thought she could climax just from walking.

Watching Hillary walk, and seeing her tits bounce around just as much, she knew Hillary was equally unsupported and probably feeling just as aroused by the sheer act of walking, not to mention feeling extra thrills because of the stares of strangers.

Feeling giddy and frisky, Maggie walked up to Nick and linked her arm in his. She said to him, "I thought we were going to a movie, not camping."

"Huh?" he was confused.

She pointed at his crotch. "I think you got the wrong idea, because you obviously pitched a tent!"

It was true. He was so horny and overwhelmed that he'd long since given up trying to hide his raging boner. He just laughed and hoped his pre-cum wasn't making too obvious of a wet spot.

He wasn't shy to show off his "tent," since he knew that his dick size was one of his few advantages in his fight to win and keep Hillary as his girlfriend. At seven inches, it wasn't that much longer than average, but it was certainly extraordinarily thick. He felt pretty confident that Spencer couldn't have a big dick like this on top of all of his other genetically blessed advantages. Spacer was smart, so if he did he'd probably find a way to let it be publicly known.

Hillary was walking next to Nick, but she liked how Maggie had linked arms with him. As they got closer to the theater, where there was more light and more people milling about, she did the same to him on his other side.

Nick felt like a king. Both women were pressing into him, letting everyone know that they belonged to him. He absolutely loved the confused looks from others. To see one guy obviously going on a date with two women was unusual enough, but the fact that both women were total bombshells was even more astounding.

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