Chapter 14: Fun at the Movies (Friday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

Copyright © 2014 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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When the three of them got to the theater, they had no idea which movie they were going to see. They stood in front of a neon display listing the movie titles and times, and Maggie asked the other two, "So, what do you wanna watch?"

Hillary had her arm around Nick, and replied, "Who cares? Somehow, I don't think I'm gonna be watching the screen much. Maybe we should go camping instead, because I wanna get inside Nick's tent." Then she kissed Nick on the lips.

Maggie was getting seriously annoyed. Dammit, he should be kissing ME like that! I'm not gonna let her steal him away from me without a fight! And what does she mean about not watching the screen? If she's going to kiss him the whole movie, I'm going to demand my equal turns. She said that I'm in charge of deciding such things, so there!

In the passion of the moment, she was completely forgetting her motherly role. She was seriously horny! She was highly mindful of Hillary's phone sex fantasy, and her excitement soared and soared from the mere remote possibility that something like that could happen to them in real life tonight.

Both Nick and Hillary had that phone sex fantasy very much on their mind too. But nobody overtly made mention of it. Neither of them felt that cocksucking part was likely to happen, much less the total nudity part, but the chances of some hanky panky happening in the theater was a near certainty.

Maggie walked up to the counter and bought tickets for the movie that happened to be starting next. She noticed it was an action adventure, but she barely even bothered to remember the title. She was like Hillary in that she couldn't care less what movie they saw; she just wanted to get into a dark theater sooner rather than later.

Her body was on fire, and she couldn't wait until her son was kissing and fondling her. She was pondering just how far things might go. She figured it depended on some unknown factors, such as how crowded the theater was, and how dark and secluded their seats were. But she hoped he'd find a way to at least open her top and directly play with her big tits, and especially with her nipples. That was becoming his "signature move" with her, and she craved it.

They continued to walk with their arms linked together. But there was such a sexual tension between them that they practically started jogging just to get to where they could be intimate.

Then, when the three of them went into the theater, Maggie steered them to the back row. There weren't many people watching that particular movie showing, and all of them were sitting in the better seats at least ten rows in front of them.

None of them mentioned it out loud, but they were all thinking about how their seats were ideal for some serious hanky panky in the dark. Once again, Hillary's phone sex fantasy was on all their minds, and making them even more worked up. It was like the unmentioned elephant in the room.

When they sat down, the movie hadn't started yet, which meant the theater was dark but it still hadn't been completely darkened, so people could find their seats. This frustrated all of them, as it meant they had to show some decorum for a while.

Not surprisingly, Nick sat in the exact middle of the row, with Hillary on one side and Maggie on the other. Again, he truly felt like a king, especially thanks to the way they both clung to him.

Maggie had been holding back and waiting her turn for a long time, and had been especially frustrated by having to drive the car to the movie theater while Nick and Hillary had all the fun in the back seat. But now she was ready for a sexy reward. She whispered to Nick, "My turn!" Then she turned him her way and planted a juicy kiss on his lips.

Nick certainly didn't have shyness problems in a situation like this. In fact, he was starting to realize that he had a kind of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" persona, except instead of turning into an evil monster, he turned into a sexually aggressive horn dog. Within seconds, he was vigorously kneading Maggie's big tits through her top just the way she liked it.

After a couple of minutes, Nick brought the kiss to an end. He knew this was a crucial moment, if he could get both of them to go along with taking turns having fun with him.

Hillary was thinking the same thing. She shyly said, "Um... Maggie... you know how I was saying I'm not trying to steal him from you? I'm still not, and I don't want you to worry. But, uh, would it be okay if..."

Maggie chuckled. She thought it was cute how shy Hillary was at trying to express what she wanted. She said, "It's fine."

Hillary was surprised. "What?"

Maggie explained, "I know where you're going with this. You want us to take turns making out with him, don't you?"

Hillary nodded very eagerly.

Maggie chuckled some more. "Like I said, that's fine. I appreciate you leaving me in charge. If you go too long with him, I'll tap you on the head or shoulder to get my next turn. But I might get carried away too. So if I do, you should feel free to tap on me. Understood?"

Hillary nodded even more eagerly.

Nick wanted to whoop and holler. YESSSSS! This is epic! Historic! This is gonna set such an awesome, massive precedent! But I need to be cool as a cucumber, like this is totally expected. Man! If any guy had this happen with ANY two women, he'd be totally psyched! But I'm arguably with the two hottest girls in our entire high school! Screw Debra. These two are way hotter!

He was going to turn in place and get started making out with Hillary. But before he did, he had an idea to raise the heat even more. He started out by saying, "Before we do this, do I get any say in the matter?"

Both Maggie and Hillary spoke as one: "NO!"

The three of them burst into laughter.

He looked back and forth between the two sex bomb women. As he did that, he boldly reached out with one hand to caress Maggie's huge rack, and then he reached out with his other hand to do the same to Hillary's great rack. His fingers started to caress, on both hands.

That simple gesture practically doubled the sexual heat in a flash. It was like he was taking charge and laying claim to both of their bodies at once.

But that also was just a prelude to his main idea to raise the heat. As he continued to explore both of their racks at once, while still looking back and forth, he added, "You know... before I take my next turn... I have an interesting observation to make. Last night, when Hillary and I were on the phone, things got pretty heated and she told me a sexy fantasy. It involved the three of us sitting in a movie theater, just like this. And I took turns kissing and fondling each of you."

Maggie said, "You don't say!" She was grateful for his words, because he'd told her earlier about the phone sex in a general way, but he hadn't mentioned the movie theater scenario, so she'd had to pretend not to know. Now, she knew enough to ask questions.

That was all that was said on the matter, for now, because he finally turned all the way to Hillary. He let go of Maggie's chest and gave all of his attention to Hillary. She leaned towards him as he leaned towards her and their lips locked.

The lights hadn't even dimmed yet, since there was still time for more people to come in. There were some advertisements and public service announcements playing on the movie screen.

Maggie ignored that, and took advantage of the light to closely watch Nick make out with Hillary. As expected, his hands slipped into Hillary's top. That was easy, since the top was so wide open already. Then, since her top was held together by a zipper down the middle of the front, he unzipped it further down, until all of Hillary's tits were exposed.

Maggie silently gasped as she saw all of Hillary's tanned, huge tits come into view. The zipper was still keeping Hillary's top together down by her belly button, by that was pretty much a moot point. Maggie squirmed with excitement, feeling her nipples and pussy tingle. Oh my God! This movie is, what, an hour and a half long?! This is gonna be soooo exciting! We're already kind of making Hillary's fantasy come true!

Hillary didn't want to push her luck with Maggie there, so she just kept her arms around the middle of Nick's back for now. Also, Hillary was sitting closer to the main aisle, so she had to be more mindful of what other people might see, especially while the lights were still on.

Maggie thought, Damn those lights! They're a double-edged sword. It's nice being able to see them get it on so clearly, but I really, really want to open my top all the way and fondle and caress my bare tits while I watch them make out. But I can't do that when anybody might walk by and see!

Gaaaawwwwd! I can't wait until it gets completely dark! Hillary's fantasy can't actually happen, obviously. At least not all of it, including the getting completely naked part! Oh, God, no! And we can't take turns bobbing and slobbering all over his fat cock either. That would be going way too far! But... maybe... we could get halfway there... Would it be too much if we unzipped his pants, at least, and took turns jacking him off?!

OH GOD! OH DEAR GOD! THAT'S TOO HOT! Would Hillary go for that?! Would I?! Should I?! It's so impetuous and bold, to even think about doing that! But I AM supposed to be helping with the hand-over plan. What better way than to literally hand his big thick cock to her?! And hand it back and forth, back and forth, stroking his incredible thickness the entire movie! Gaaaawwwwd! That would be so fucking hot!

She was hit with a sudden realization. OH MY GOD! We might even stroke it together! Surely we wouldn't dare, though! That's just way too wicked and outrageous!

About two minutes passed before Nick broke away from Hillary and went back to making out with Maggie.

Hillary had her back to the main aisle. He'd left her top open in front, just enough for her huge tits to hang out. Feeling brave and extremely horny, she sat there waiting for her next turn without attempting to close her top at all. She figured that if somebody were to walk past them down the main aisle, all they would see is the clothes on her back and assume she was similarly clothed in front. But Maggie could sometimes look past Nick while she made out with him and then see Hillary sitting there with her fulsome F-cups out in the open.

Sure enough, Maggie saw that and just about passed out, it aroused her so much. The room seemed to spin for her. It wasn't just the sexy sight that got to her, it was the realization that if Hillary was doing that, she'd be doing it soon too - and probably more!

Luckily, there were few people in the theater. In fact, no one noticed their antics at all. Since it wasn't her turn, Hillary sat up stiffly and leaned forward, trying to block the view of any late arrivals who might come by.

One couple did come in while she was doing that. One of them, the woman, even looked their way. But all she saw was a man and woman making out while another woman sat next to them, apparently watching from close up. That was a bit odd, but the stranger didn't think much of it and kept on walking to find a seat. She had no idea that Hillary was effectively topless, but facing the other way, while Maggie was also effectively topless by this time, but had her chest blocked by Nick's body.

Then the lights finally dimmed for the movie to start. With the room suddenly all but pitch black, there was no reason to hold back.

The level of excitement and anticipation all three of them soared through the roof. Maggie thought, We've gone this far with some lights still on! What'll happen when we're plunged into pitch darkness?! I can't wait to find out!

Hillary waited some moments until their eyes adjusted to the darkness. She waited a little longer until it was her next kissing turn. But before any more kissing, she put her fingers on her front zipper just below her exposed boobs, and said to Maggie, "It's getting waaaay toooo hot in here, don't you think?"

It was very dark, but not so dark that Maggie couldn't see where Hillary's fingers were. She was confused for a couple of seconds, but then she remembered their "too hot in here" game from the restaurant. She saw that Hillary's zipper was already so far down, thanks to Nick's recent tit play, that the only thing left for Hillary to do was open her top all the way.

Maggie's tits were hanging out in the open, but at least her blouse was still partially buttoned together. She realized that if Hillary's top did get completely unzipped, she would have to completely unbutton her blouse if she wanted to keep pace with her.

Maggie was so afraid and excited that her hands were trembling. But she forced herself to be bold, and smiled. "Yes. Definitely. Very."

Hillary smiled back, and held her zipper so she could unzip it down the last couple of inches. But then she had a better idea, and asked, "Nick, do you want to do the honors?"

"Yes!" he replied in a lust-soaked voice. His hands were visibly trembling as he reached out and oh-so-slowly pulled Hillary's zipper down. He really wanted to savor the experience.

Once the zipper was undone, Hillary continued to sit there expectantly.

So he pulled her top open all the way. His jaw hung open as he saw all of her fantastic F-cups exposed, not to mention her sexy and taut tummy too. Holy fucking Christ! I really hit the big tit jackpot tonight!

He didn't know just how true that was because, again, his mother was a bit behind Hillary's boldness, but trying hard to keep up.

He reached out and lovingly caressed Hillary's great melons with a gentle touch. She shivered and moaned erotically in response. It was all he could do to stop himself from firmly kneading her tit-flesh like he did with Maggie, but he knew Hillary didn't respond well to that. So instead he leaned in for another passionate kiss.

But before his lips made contact, Maggie coughed to get his attention. She said in a sultry, needy voice, "Hmmm. Seems it's very hot over here too."

Once Nick had turned around to look at her, she thrust her chest out as much as physically possible, and asked him in sultry voice, "Can you do the honors with me too?" As if that wasn't enticing enough, she clutched her big orbs from below, thrusting them even further up and out.

She thought, Gaawwwd! I'm out of control already! I knew something like this would happen. This is bad! I AM his mother, and God only knows how this is going to affect our relationship back at home. We probably will end up taking turns stroking his cock before the movie is over, because I'm so insanely, uncontrollably horny! But I don't care anymore! I'm on fire!

"Sure, Ma-aaggie!" Nick had very nearly blown everything and called her "Ma." That sent his heart racing even more than before, and secretly thrilled her too.

He was so excited that his fingers had great difficulty working the buttons on her blouse. But in a way that was good, because it prolonged the joy for everyone.

Hillary leaned way forward to make sure she could see what was happening. She deliberately pressed her bare tits into his back, so at least he wouldn't forget about the F-cups he was neglecting. She was thinking how great if she could be the one holding and fondling Maggie's exposed breasts. She was hopeful that could happen eventually.

Nick slowed his unbuttoning even more because his hands started feeling up his mother's tits before he had all her buttons undone. Then, without either of them consciously thinking about it, their lips flew together like magnets. Their passionate necking slowed him down even more, but his fingers kept working at the buttons from time to time. There were only two buttons left to deal with, but he was so aroused that his hands were trembling and hard to control.

Finally, he undid the last button. Her blouse immediately opened up all the way in front. He slid both of his hands inside her blouse and cupped her heaving orbs from below.

As soon as Nick started in on twisting Maggie's nipples, she thought, Oh no! I'm a goner! I hate it, because it feels too good! Nick, I'm yours! I'll do anything you want! I'll even play with your big thick cock if you really want me to! Play with my nipples! Pull 'em! Twist 'em harder!

Even though she knew it was coming, she felt totally shocked and thrilled when she felt her blouse open wide in front. It was a big deal compared to just having her tits hanging out with her blouse partially unbuttoned, because she knew that blouse wasn't going to get rebuttoned until the movie ended!

She kissed him with even more erotic fire. She knew Hillary was the only one who could possibly see anything, but that Hillary was in a very good position to see indeed. That only aroused her even more.

It was all she could do to keep her hands off the bulge in his pants. Nick's cock must be so stiff and hot right now! He should whip that fat monster out of his pants to give it some air before it sets his clothes on fire! Better yet, I could cool it off with a nice tongue bath, deep inside my mouth! MMMM! I should do it! That would be so fucking HOT!

I can't do that though. Because if I did, Hillary certainly would want to do the same! Then we'd spend the whole movie taking turns feasting on his cock, exactly like the fantasy! Gaaaawwwwd! It's not a fantasy, it's reality! Well, almost!

Despite those highly arousing thoughts, she was too scared to even put a hand on his bulge. At least not yet.

Now it was Hillary's turn to feel left behind and a bit miffed.

But as much as Nick was enjoying kissing and fondling his mother, he never forgot Hillary waiting on the other side of him. A couple of minutes later, he broke the kiss with Maggie and turned around in his seat. He was stunned all over again to see Hillary sitting there with her enormous melons totally exposed for his eyes. From the back, where the main aisle was, it probably looked at a glance like she was fully clothed, but from Nick's vantage point, she was effectively topless.

As if that wasn't arousing enough, he loved the way she arched her back and thrust her tits out, while pouting with need. It was like she was saying, "Nick, stop playing with Maggie's big titties for a while. My even bigger titties need you!"

He smiled at Hillary and stretched his hands out greedily towards all that ample tit-flesh. But then he paused before touching her, and gasped at the sight in front of him. "My God!" he whispered. "You're so hot!"

Then he latched on to her totally exposed F-cups with both hands, and French kissed her some more as well.

Maggie looked down at her own bare rack. She was tempted to close her blouse over her chest most of the way while she waited for her next turn, but she didn't. She felt the friendly competition between her and Hillary, and she wasn't going to be the one to fall behind.

She thought, God, this is annoying, not to mention humiliating. It's bad enough that I'm making out with my own son, but half the time I have to wait for my turn to do it! I certainly can understand his fascination with Hillary's huge bust though. I mean, she has the most perfect body I've just about ever seen, and her breasts really are her crowning glory. I thought I look pretty damn good, but she blows me away.

Dammit. Look at 'em go! He's like some kind of horny octopus, and she's giving back just as much. You'd think they're in his bedroom instead of in the middle of a movie theater!

Gaawwwd! I'm just too horny! Having to wait and watch makes me even MORE worked up! If I don't cum soon, I'm gonna scream! Should I play with myself until it's my turn again?

No! That's a slippery slope I definitely can't get started on. Where will that end? With my face in his lap, my mouth stuffed with cock, and his hot sperm splattered all over my face, and her face?! Or with my legs up in the air as he fucks the shit out of me here in the back row? No! And I would just die if Hillary saw me with my hand on my pussy. But I can't just sit here, or he'll forget all about me.

She didn't consciously think about it, but her hand stretched out, seemingly on its own, and landed right on the bulge of his crotch. She knew that would get his attention, big time.

But to her shock and dismay, there was another female hand there already! Hillary had the same idea, but she'd acted on it just a few seconds faster than she did.

Maggie pulled her hand back like it had been scalded.

Hillary though, seemed not to mind any of that in the least. She broke her kiss with Nick, and joked, "It's getting REALLY, REALLY hot in here, isn't it?"

That eased the tension. "Yeah," Maggie said, laughing. She looked at his crotch and saw Hillary's hand still resting on his bulge. She noticed that his zipper was still zipped up, but his pants were slack enough so that his erection was poking nearly straight up and Hillary's hand was completely wrapped around it.

Maggie had never seen anything so arousing in her life. Good GOD! I need to see my son's incredible horse cock exposed! Now! She longed to see Hillary stroke it. Without thinking, she said, "In fact, Nick, don't you think it's too hot in here for you to keep your pants all zipped up like that? Aren't they chafing you, or something?"

Hillary laughed, even as she started to rhythmically squeeze his bulge. "Chafing! I love it! That's like asking to see his etchings."

Maggie's comment was kind of a joke, but it also was a genuine invitation for Hillary to unzip his fly. She couldn't believe her own audacity. The panting mother would have held her breath in anticipation, except that she was panting so hard already that she couldn't stop.

Nick's body was still plastered all over Hillary's, and in particular, his hands seemed permanently attached to her big boobs. Like Maggie, he was waiting with bated breath for Hillary to unzip his zipper.

However, Hillary still was more or less equally attracted to Nick and Maggie. She knew Maggie considered herself straight, but she also figured that she had a good chance of "bending" her, at least some. She had sensed Maggie's interest in her body in the past, such as when their massive racks pressed together while they hugged in the parking lot.

She could see just how eager and insanely aroused Maggie was to see her unzip Nick's fly. She decided to use the situation to her advantage to see just how much the curvaceous beauty might be attracted to her.

Hillary leaned around Nick in an attempt to talk more intimately with Maggie. With her hand still tightly gripping his bulge, she said to her, "I definitely am planning on helping him with his 'chafing problem' in a minute. But first, you know what would REALLY blow his mind? What if we kiss each other, right in front of him? It could kind of officially seal the deal about us sharing him. And even sharing his cock!"

Maggie felt goose bumps all over. The thought of kissing Hillary was outrageous, if it was the French kiss she assumed it was. And talk of "sharing his cock" was even more outrageous. She hesitated, and stayed silent. She wanted to make out with Hillary desperately badly at the same time that she didn't.

Nick stammered, "I don't need my mind blown!" He said that because he was so overwhelmed with all the lust and probing tongues and soft, spongy tits. But he immediately realized that was a stupid thing to say, as he desperately wanted to see a kiss like that, even if it caused him to ejaculate far too soon.

He twisted around, and saw his mother looking uncertain and doubtful about the kissing idea. So he launched his hands back onto Maggie's tits, and he went straight for her nipples. He was quickly learning that any nipple play with her melted her resolve as fast as a chocolate bar placed in a hot oven, and aggressive nipple play was even better.

He kissed Maggie for a while, even as Hillary kept on squeezing and stroking his bulge.

Hillary was patient. She could tell that Nick saw Maggie's hesitation and was helping out by heating Maggie up that much more, until Maggie would be unable to resist even a lesbian kiss. She licked her lips in anticipation, and her heart raced.

As the necking went on, Nick cleverly positioned his mother so she was mostly leaning over into his seat. He kept pulling back like he was thinking of ending the kiss, forcing her to hungrily lean farther his way. Thus, when he finally ended the kiss, her mouth was less than a foot from Hillary's mouth, as she leaned forward from his other side.

Hillary had been pretty blown away by how much sexy fun she'd had on this date so far. She was having a great time fondling Nick's bulge, even though she was holding back from unzipping his fly just yet.

Maggie's mouth and Hillary's mouth slowly and inexorably drew closer and closer, while Nick just barely kept his head out of the way.

Hillary lusted after Maggie so much that this was the most exciting thing that had happened to her all evening. She leaned in some and opened her mouth slightly, but let Maggie initiate the kiss. She didn't want to scare her off.

To her disappointment, Maggie only kissed her on her cheeks, nose, and chin. There was no real mouth-to-mouth contact. Furthermore, Maggie was hamming it up, looking at Nick's face from just inches away, and obviously kissing Hillary to put on a show for him.

Hillary realized she'd have to be more patient if she was to get the lesbian French kiss she so ardently desired. She followed suit, and only kissed Maggie's face on the same spots she was being kissed. She also played it up for Nick's benefit, even though what she really wanted to do was French kiss Maggie for a long, long time while rubbing their racks and the rest of their bodies together.

Nick wanted to see that French kiss too. He had his head tilted back, and their heads were so close in front of his that he could have easily joined in the kissing. But with both of them leaning forward into his seat, their incredible tits were quite literally at hand. They even lightly rested against his upper chest some of the time. He couldn't resist, and brought up both hands so he was fondling both of their racks at once.

Hillary moaned lustily, and purred to Maggie while they continued to kiss each other everywhere but on the other's mouths. "Mmmm! Can you feel that? Nick is feeling up my tits some more! Is he doing the same to you?"

"Mmmm! He is!" Maggie replied, lost in a heavy sex fog.

Hillary said as she started more licking Maggie's face than kissing it, "I guess that makes us his two busty, slutty girlfriends!"

"Mmmm..." Maggie moaned some more. She was starting to experiment with licking Hillary's face some too. "I guess it does..."

As that went on, Hillary hadn't forgotten having fun with Nick's cock. She still had her hand on his crotch, and she kept squeezing and stroking his erection through his slacks. (He was very glad he'd taken her suggestion earlier in the day to stop wearing underwear.) A large wet spot had formed covering much of his bulge, which got her hand wet.

Maggie found one of her hands drifting back to that same bulge, only to discover one of Hillary's hands still there. Except this time she wasn't alarmed, and she kept her hand on top of Hillary's.

She thought, UNNNGH! HNNG! So hot! But so wrong! We're about to unleash his cock! I'm his mother! I keep pretending I'm just "Maggie," but wishing can't make it so. No mother should want her son's cock as much as I do, but I do! FUCK the fake part of being his fake girlfriend! I wanna be one of his real girlfriends, even if that means I have to stroke him, and suck him! Hell, ESPECIALLY if it means that! DO IT, Hillary! Do it, already!

Hillary couldn't wait to get Nick's cock out, but she wanted to make absolutely sure that Maggie was okay with it first. So she teased, "Why is it that Nick's got all our zippers and buttons undone, while his are all closed up tight? That's not fair!"

Maggie looked at Nick with lusty eyes and also said in a teasing voice, "Yeah! That's rude! Not to mention sexist. Nick, are you sexist?"

Hillary purred as she rhythmically squeezed his bulge and ran her hand up his chest, "I think he's sexy!"

"Spinal Tap!" Nick gasped out. He was still fondling each set of dangling tits while doing his best not to get too excited, especially from the feel of the two hands on his jutting bulge.

Hillary laughed. "Oh, you're right!" She remembered a similar confusion between "sexy" and "sexist" was the source of a good joke in the "This Is Spinal Tap" movie.

Maggie didn't get the joke, but she really wanted to feel her fingers wrapped around her son's cock, skin on skin. She asked, "Nick, don't you think it's getting too hot in here?"

Maggie and Hillary laughed at that in-joke, but Nick was too astounded by all these great developments to make any reply.

Hillary suggested, "Maggie, you do the zipper, and I'll do the button." She jokingly added, "We can't let this blatant example of sexy sexism persist. I think we need to take turns making sure a certain part of his anatomy isn't overheated."

Nick could scarcely believe his eyes as the two women of his dreams worked together to pull his erection out of his pants, right there in the middle of the movie theater. He paused his tit fondling, lifted his ass up some, and used his hands to pull his pants down just enough so there was no barrier at all between their hands and his cock and balls.

He didn't resume his "stereo" tit fondling just yet, for fear of getting too aroused and blowing his load before a new cock stroking tradition could get started.

By now, his cock and balls were fully exposed, and there was just enough light for them to see its basic shape and features. But both women hesitated before touching it. Neither of them realized it, but Maggie was waiting for Hillary to go first, while Hillary was waiting for Maggie to go first.

He thought, No way! This is happening! This is really happening?! NO WAY! Look, there's my dick. They're pulling it out! He prayed that he wouldn't cum immediately upon being directly touched. Luckily, he didn't feel like he was on the verge of orgasm yet. But with this much stimulation going on, there was no telling when he might spontaneously blow his load.

Then there was a bit of confusion and rustling around while both Hillary and Maggie gave up waiting and tried to grip his shaft at the same time.

Hillary stared at Nick's boner in awe, as well as her hand wrapped around it, and Maggie's hand wrapped around it just below hers.

All three of them had been assuming that the two women would take turns jacking him off, just as they'd been taking turns with make-out sessions. But once each woman had her hand on his hot and pulsing pole, skin on skin, it felt too good to let go.

Hillary had been pretty sexually active for a girl her age, but she'd never shared a dick before. She whispered, "My God! It's so thick!"

"It is!" Maggie proudly replied. That's my boy! I gave birth to him! And he's grown up to be such a man. Soon, my face will be drenched in his sweet cum, but I don't care!

Hillary continued to whisper in awe, "I mean, I saw it and even felt it before, but to HOLD IT... WOW! That's a whole different story! I can't even get my fingers all the way around it!"

"Tell me about it," Maggie said, sounding like she'd jacked him off countless times.

Hillary suggested with a whisper, "There's enough cock and balls for the both of us, don't you think? Why don't we say that whoever's not kissing him gets the top half, and then we'll take turns?"

"Sounds good," Maggie enthusiastically agreed. Then she leaned in to kiss him again, but stopped at the last second with another thought. "The only thing is, we have to remember not to get him too excited too fast. We've got an hour and a half here, after all."

With that, she looked up and remembered that they were ostensibly there to watch a movie. She'd already forgotten what the title was, and she didn't care. She only glanced at the screen for a few seconds before returning all her attention back to Nick's fat cock. Mmmm... I wonder if I could fit that in my mouth? I did it once before, so I know it can be done! Is ALL of Hillary's phone sex fantasy going to come true tonight?! I hope so! Although, maybe not the completely naked part. Too dangerous!

"Agreed," Hillary said as she started stroking her hand up and down the top of his erection. "In fact, don't you think it would be fun to see if we can keep him stiff and throbbing for every single minute of the entire movie?"

"I like how you think!" Maggie whispered back with a quiet giggle.

Nick didn't have anything to say to that plan, but then again he didn't need to. He showed his approval with his lusty moans. Fuck me! Fucking fuck me! My new threesome plan was just formulated earlier today, and it's already coming true! This is the most exciting and important precedent yet! By stroking me together, we're all establishing that I'm dating both of them together, not separately! It's like I can have my own fucking mini-harem with my two great obsessions!

Oh man! Man oh man oh man! Too much! I have to keep my shit together and not cum too soon! But this is all too much! What a RUSH! All my dreams are coming true! Things I didn't even DARE to dream mere days ago are coming true! Fuuuuuck!

With Hillary's hand moving up and down, Maggie found she could move her hand up and down just as much, as long as she kept the exact same pace. Look at this! Nick's cock is so thick and long that there's plenty of room for two hands! And there's lots of pre-cum dripping everywhere to provide enough lubrication, so my fingers are slipping and sliding all over the place. This is such fun! Gaawwwd, I'm such a slut though!

But then again, Hillary says sluts aren't bad. Why should I feel ashamed? This is soooo much fun! I don't care! I'm Maggie, dammit! I'm Nick's slutty, slutty, cock-hungry girlfriend! Before the evening's over, I'm going to cram that thick fuck-stick in my mouth and bob on it so good that even Hillary will be amazed!

Nick looked back and forth between the two topless beauties. Even though they were sitting in a dark movie theater, his eyes had adjusted enough so he didn't really think about the darkness. He looked down at their hands stroking together. It was all too much, and he knew he'd be cumming in a minute or less.

He was tempted to just let go, but he really wanted to impress them. Plus, he loved the idea of being able to stay hard most of the movie. So he whispered, "Um, I, uh... I'm gonna cum!"

Maggie kissed and licked her way towards his mouth. "I know. You're gonna cum a LOT tonight!" She giggled. Her mind was filled with naughty images of her and Hillary taking turns sucking him off.

But he said, with more insistence, "I mean, I'm gonna cum, NOW!"

"OH!" Maggie's hand froze.

Hillary's did too.

Nick acted quickly, and reached his hands towards the top of his hard-on, so his cum wouldn't just fly anywhere.

But Hillary and Maggie were both thinking about where his cum would go. Since Hillary already had her fingers around the top half of his shaft, she was able to just shift her hold so her palm was over his piss hole. Maggie got in on the action and put a hand on top of Hillary's while resuming sliding her other hand around the base of Nick's throbbing cock.

Nick's cum started to shoot out. He leaned back and opened his mouth wide, as if to scream. But at the last second he remembered he was in a movie theater. He managed not to shout out loud, although he did grunt and groan quite a lot.

Both women kept right on stroking him through his orgasm.

The erotic joy he felt was simply indescribable. Even as he climaxed, he thought, YES! This is the stuff of my wildest fantasies, but it's actually happening to me! Ma AND Hillary?! Jacking me off at once?! I'm seeing it and feeling it, but I still can't believe it!

It actually was a good thing that Maggie had her hand there too, because he came so much that both their hands got very sticky. It might not have been that way at first, but they changed hand positions from time to time, and soon the cum was everywhere.

The reason they occasionally swapped hand positions was because his cock simply never went flaccid. That wasn't a big surprise to any of them, since this was the most stimulating and pivotal sexual experience he'd had yet, even beating what happened on Tuesday. Nick in particular wasn't surprised, since he typically would "cum in twos" most of the time, even without such extreme stimulation.

All three of them were so insanely horny that his climax was treated as little more than a minor bump in the road. Maggie and Hillary got right back to jacking him off together, but with their hands soaked with his cum. That made the experience even more wanton and thrilling.

Maggie thought, I feel like a complete and utter SLUT! But both Nick and Hillary have talked about good sluts vs. bad sluts. I don't know about that, but I certainly feel like a totally WICKED slut! My hand is SOAKED in my son's cum, and I continue to stroke his FAT, THICK COCK-MEAT! And I'm not doing it alone! That's the motherfucking most mind-blowing part! Look at Hillary! GOD! With her fucking enormous bare breasts bouncing in time to her hand stroking up against mine! Her hands are DOUSED in his cum too! It's everywhere!

Forget being married! Forget my boring life back home. Forget the entire "Margaret mode" way of life! THIS is truly living! If only he wasn't my son! But the fact that he is makes everything twice as exciting!

The idea of the two busty women kissing each other some more didn't come up again, since Nick's cock became the center of attention. Hillary would have loved it, especially if they could French kiss.

But Maggie considered herself completely straight, and she'd only agreed to a little kissing due to peer pressure as well as being too turned-on to think straight. She figured it was okay to do some of that to get Nick fully aroused, but now that he was as aroused as he could be, more girl-on-girl kissing wasn't needed. In fact, Maggie enjoyed what she'd done with Hillary and was interested in doing more, but she could only handle so much new taboo-breaking excitement at once.

From time to time, as Maggie continued to stroke and fondle Nick's hot boner, she searched her feelings and tried to feel bad, but without much "success." Huh. Where's the guilt? Where's the shame? The truth is, I'm so fucking horny right now that those words mean nothing to me. Even as I force myself to think of Andy sitting home alone to dredge up some guilt... nothing! That fucker cheated on me, repeatedly! I never got my revenge, and I've just been sitting around for the last two years, like a complete idiot. I can't wait to divorce his sorry ass. To be honest, I wish he could see this right now! That would serve him right!

She looked back down at her hand, which was rubbing Nick's sweet spot while Hillary's fingers were sliding up and down the rest of his shaft. Look at us doing this! I know on some intellectual level that what I'm taking part in here is wrong. I also know that I'm going to sorely regret doing this later, once I calm down. But so fucking what? Right now, I can't see what the problem is. All I see is a great big cock that needs a lot of stroking and loving! Yes, Nick is my son, but the wrongness of that only makes everything that much hotter!

I think I'm beginning to understand why I lost all control on Tuesday. Yes, a lot of it was that I had all this pent up sexual energy demanding a release. But I also think the incest taboo hits me much more powerfully than most people. That must be the case, because all I have to do is say the word "son" and I feel tingles down my spine and goose bumps all over! It's like a guaranteed instant orgasm! SON! Oh Gaawwwd! Oh, I can't even say it in my mind again or I'm gonna scream! I'm turning into a big-titted slut for my SON!

Nick was a bit out of it after his orgasm. He was content to just sit there and enjoy the continued dual handjob. With both women leaning forward over his lap, he could see their bare tits swaying down, within easy reach. He pulled Hillary's top down her shoulders a few inches, because sometimes parts of her top swung forward and blocked his titty view. That little adjustment lessened that a lot.

Then he did the exact same with Maggie's blouse, pulling it even further down her shoulders since she wasn't sitting with her back to the main aisle like Hillary was.

However, that's all he did with their tits for now. He longed to do more with them, but he figured the movie was long and he had to pace himself. After cumming once relatively quickly, he had settled into a great groove where he was feeling intense arousal without teetering dangerously close to cumming. He didn't want to rock the boat.

From time to time, he even looked up at the movie, if only because he needed a visual break from all of the sexy stimulation around him. He had no idea what the movie was about, though. It was just a blur of confusing sights and sounds. The pleasure coming from his cock was so intense that he couldn't think straight.

After a few more minutes, he realized he could get more active without getting so horny that he absolutely had to shoot off another cum load. He resumed kissing Maggie while keeping one hand on her tits and his other hand on Hillary's even bigger rack. He couldn't get enough of fondling both massive racks at the same time. It seemed to be the symbolic fulfillment of his fake girlfriend plan. Rather than try to take even turns kissing and fondling his two women, he just did whatever the hell he felt like at the moment. Since he loved and lusted for both of them greatly, he figured it would balance out in the end.

But as great as all that was, the resulting pleasure paled in comparison to the endless, intense arousal coming from the giant hand stroking his erection. At least, that what it seemed like to him, since there were ten fingers stroking in perfect synchrony most of the time, five from Maggie and five from Hillary.

He thought, Is this really happening?! Boy, if any of the kids at school could see this, they simply wouldn't believe it! I'm seeing it AND feeling it, and even I can't really wrap my head around it! I've become kind of a locally famous "mystery man" just from the fact that I'm the lucky son of bitch the whole school things is dating Maggie. Which is true now, and very real! Her cummy hand sliding on my cock sure as hell feels real! But that's only half of it. What if those same kids knew I'm dating Hillary too, and both at the same time?! Fuuuuuck! Heads would explode! My head might explode too! Too fucking much!

I swear, I should go into a schemer's all time hall of fame! The fake girlfriend scheme has wildly exceeded all expectations, and in less than a week! I've been thinking that I could have some sexy fun with Ma along the way to getting Hillary to be my serious girlfriend. But no! I need to think bigger than that. I have my two obsessions, my two loves, right here. I want them both! Together! Forever!

He playfully tweaked each of their nearest nipples. But with Maggie, he aggressively twisted and pulled on hers, while he just gently rolled Hillary's between two fingers. They were giving him such great joy and pleasure that he wanted to do his best to be good for them too.

He was riding so high on lust that it was another ten minutes or so before he grew accustomed to the situation enough to look down and pay attention to what they were specifically doing to his cock. He either been so horny that he was forced to stare at the movie screen or close his eyes, while also occasionally staring at the gorgeous faces and bouncy bare busts on either side of him. But when he finally did focus on looking down at himself, he was surprised to see that there were actually FOUR hands on his privates much of the time!

He'd been developing a method of basking in the stimulation in a general way without thinking too much about any one aspect. That kept him high on lust without having sudden realizations that could cause his arousal to spike and lead him to unexpectedly cum. He knew it felt like there were a lot of fingers on his cock and balls, but he didn't realize there were 20 at once.

He had to shut his eyes tightly and take some slow deep breaths to try to calm down from that realization. After another couple of minutes though, he dared to open his eyes again and take a closer look,

The action at his crotch was constantly changing. But while he watched, he saw that both hotties had a hand on his cockhead. It was thoroughly covered, but they were mostly focused on rubbing his sweet spot together. They were doing that seamlessly. Meanwhile, Maggie was cradling and fondling his balls with her second hand, as Hillary pumped her second hand up and down his shaft.

Seeing so much action, he was incredulous that he hadn't climaxed a second time already. He marveled at how the body could adjust to even great extremes sometimes.

Then, after a minute or two, Hillary took sole possession of his sweet spot and rubbed in more aggressively. Maggie still kept a hand on his cockhead though. She put a finger right at his piss hole and rubbed around there. A minute after that, their other hands switched places, with Hillary taking over fondling his balls and Maggie stroking his thick shaft.

Nick had never really given much thought to his balls. Certainly, he'd never spent any energy fondling his own balls while masturbating. So he was very surprised at just how pleasurable it felt when Maggie or Hillary fondled them. They'd done some of that on Tuesday, but this felt much better, because they were constantly learning and improving. Sometimes, they both fondled his balls at the same time!

Needless to say, he was over the moon, deliriously happy. He didn't think about what it all meant though, as he had his hands full just enjoying and experiencing everything (as well as literally having his hands full of tit-flesh). No fuckin' way! I'm still touching both of them at the same time and I'm not waking up, so this can't be a dream! Their tits! My cock! We're all entwined together! In a motherfuckin' movie theater, no less! How could life get any better?!

And I'm extremely impressed at how well they cooperate. I didn't even notice they had four hands on me because it feels like one giant 20-fingered hand! Just look at them go! They have such big smiles on their faces as they concentrate intently on what their hands are doing. It's a total trip!

Maggie was having about as much fun as she possibly could. She was fully committed to "Maggie mode." Although she did remember the mother-son relationship from time to time, it only served to arouse her still more instead of making her burn with guilt.

The only fly in her ointment was that she hadn't climaxed once all evening, and she craved a big orgasm or two. She had typically needed direct clitoral stimulation to cum, and she still was forcing herself not to touch herself there. But after around 20 minutes of non-stop fun from all the kissing, fondling, and cock stroking, she happened to notice Hillary take a hand from Nick's crotch and bring it back to her crotch. It looked like she was just cupping her pussy mound.

That puzzled her so much that she whispered, "Hillary, what are you doing?"

Hillary realized that she'd been caught. In fact, she'd started furtively rubbing her clit and pussy lips through her skirt in her own attempt to cum. But, having grown up in a "hippie" family, she wasn't nearly as concerned about societal rules as Maggie was, so although she felt somewhat abashed, she didn't even blush. Thinking quickly, she said, "I, uh, I kinda feel like I have to go to the bathroom."

Maggie said, "Then why wait? Just go?" However, a couple of seconds later, understanding finally broke through her fog of arousal. She rather lamely said, "Oh." Then, smiling wickedly, she added, "Now that you mention it, I kinda need to 'go to the bathroom' too."

With Hillary watching, Maggie put her own hand on her pussy mound and started fingering herself through her skirt. True, she still didn't want to be too obvious about it, so she only made little stroking motions, and she had to go through her skirt and panties. But it was clear what she was doing, and it still felt fantastic.

Nick didn't even notice what either of them were doing to themselves, because he was soaring on such erotic euphoria that it was like he was in another world. His eyes were glazed over and he wore a huge, silly smile. Somehow, he was still twisting one of Maggie's nipples, but his hand seemed to be operating on its own since his brain had turned to mush.

The fact that they went from keeping four hands working his cock and balls to just two didn't really matter to him. The main thing by far was the stimulation of his sweet spot, and that continued non-stop. The two extra hands were more like icing on a cake: nice, but not necessary. In fact, he welcomed the slight lessening of stimulation, because he didn't want to have to frantically squeeze his PC muscle all the time just to avoid cumming.

(Luckily, he was such a habitual masturbator that he'd become something of an expert at it, and had learned to use his PC muscle to delay his climaxes.)

Seeing Maggie close her eyes and bliss out as she masturbated herself closer to the climax she craved, Hillary leaned forward and started her next turn making out with Nick. She didn't actually feel like cumming anytime soon. Like Nick, she had learned that delaying orgasm prolonged the joy. So she was just lightly fingering her pussy lips through her skirt to take her arousal level a couple of notches higher. She would cum later, when the urge to do so simply became too much to take.

She necked with Nick for a while. At the same time, she kept with the established pattern and swapped hand positions, giving up the top half of Nick's dick in return for the lower half and his balls.

None of them were paying any mind to the fact that they were in a movie theater with some other people in it. Every now and then, one or more of them might remember where they were, particularly when there was a loud explosion or some other jarring noise coming from the movie. But that would only give them another jolt of arousal. They were doing nearly nothing to cover up or take other precautions. They were lucky, because no one cared about what they were doing.

After a couple of minutes, Maggie's stroking became so erratic that he brought his latest kissing turn with Hillary to an end, then looked over to his mother to see what was happening to her.

Maggie was still trying to hide the fact that she was playing with her pussy through her skirt, but she wasn't hiding it very well.

Nick finally figured out how she was masturbating. In fact, she was getting into it so much that she didn't stop, even though their eyes locked and she knew he knew what she was doing. She also made no attempt to start her next kissing turn, and she was just holding his cock instead of stroking it.

She thought, Son! Sport! Don't look at me, please! I'm soooo baaaaad! So naughty! I've tried to be a good wife and a good mother. Normal! But I've always had a powerful sex drive. Maybe I'm just a sexy, shameless, big-titted slut! YOUR slut! Gaawwwd!

Then he turned and looked at Hillary's crotch, and saw that she was doing the exact same thing to herself. Luckily, since she wasn't teetering on the brink of cumming like Maggie was, she was doing a good job rubbing his sweet spot.

He looked back and forth at the way both of them were furtively rubbing their pussies. He found this so arousing that another sudden orgasmic rush swept through him.

He suddenly whispered, "Uh-oh! I'm gonna cum!" Like last time, he was embarrassed to admit that, but he figured it would have been much more embarrassing if his cum started shooting all over the place in the theater. True, no other people were sitting anywhere near them, so it wasn't like he was going to cum all over some old lady, but it still seemed too bizarre for him to even contemplate just shooting his cum up in the air, especially in a public place like this.

He lurched forward in his seat, straining with every nerve as he valiantly fought the urge to shoot his load. Veins bulged on his forehead and neck as he struggled and gritted his teeth. He did have some skill at squeezing his PC muscle, but even that only worked some of the time, especially when he was stimulated beyond all hope or reason.

Maggie reacted with alarm and distress. Although she had been on the verge of cumming herself, the practical problem of what would happen to his cum took precedence and she had to stop masturbating for now. The reminder they were in a movie theater hit her like a two-by-four to her head. If anything, she was even more mortified than Nick was by the thought of his cum flying out and splattering on the seats and floor.

Without thinking, she bent down and positioned her face over the tip of Nick's erection. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide, waiting for the blast of his seed to hit the back of her throat at any second.

But that didn't happen. Seconds passed, and all that could be heard were Nick's strangled groans.

Maggie was extremely tempted to crane her mouth open wide and slide her lips over his entire cockhead. Her urge to suck his cock was nearly overwhelming. She remembered how this exact situation had happened near the Chinese restaurant on Tuesday though, and she'd felt he'd tricked her, and didn't want to be tricked again. Perhaps more importantly though, she was highly mindful of the fact they were in a movie theater, and especially that Hillary was right there, watching and waiting.

She hesitated.

Hillary held her breath. She hoped and prayed that Maggie would start to suck. She didn't want to push things too far, but she figured that if Maggie did it first, she could do it too.

However, Nick had an almost superhuman desire not to cum. Despite all the great fun they'd had so far, he knew the movie wasn't even halfway over yet. He didn't want to end up flaccid and unable to get it up again before the movie was done. Luckily for that effort, his eyes were shut so tight that he didn't realize how Maggie's open mouth was less than an inch from the tip of his fat knob, or that would have pushed him over the edge, for sure.

Finally, he sensed the urgent cum need receding. He slumped back in his seat slightly, and gasped out, "I'm good."

His slumping back moved his cockhead a few more inches away from Maggie's lips.

She was crushed about the missed opportunity. She wanted to suck him so very badly, but she'd chickened out. She was tempted to at least kiss and lick his cockhead some, since her head was so close. But she could see how extremely close he had been to cumming, and probably still was, so she sat up instead.

Both women just held his boner instead of stroking it because, again, they could tell how close he had just been to a cum explosion, and they wanted him to stay erect for the whole movie too.

That gave him a chance to recover.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Jamielynn, lew54321, BDGV, GWB, and Ecchi Spud.