Chapter 15: Trouble at the Movies (Friday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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As the seconds passed, Maggie felt increasingly relieved that she didn't give in and start to suck him, but she also felt like a coward and a complete idiot at the same time. She was very troubled and confused. Her face burned with embarrassment as she thought of Hillary looking at her in this compromising position. There was no doubt she'd been ready and even eager to guzzle down her son's spermy load.

True, Hillary didn't know of their incestuous relationship, but Maggie obviously did, and the feelings of guilt and shame that had eluded her this evening finally came flooding back. She felt terrible.

Maggie thought, What is WRONG with me?! Ever since Tuesday, I've been obsessing about sucking his cock. And I almost actually did it! Again! That damn time at the Chinese restaurant gave me a taste of heaven, and I crave more! But where will it end?! I'm only supposed to be his fake girlfriend, not his total cock whore! I need to work on the hand-over, not turning myself into his personal cocksucking slut!

What made her feel even worse was her sense of disappointment that he didn't cum. She really wanted to taste that load. She'd been fantasizing about sucking his cock off and on all evening, and with greater frequency as time passed, and that was merely the continuation of several days of her cocksucking obsession. Even now, with her face aflame with shame, she still felt terribly tempted to bend over again and start licking the cockhead. She would have done it too, had it not been for Hillary closely watching.

Her only small consolation was she had closed her eyes for fear of his cum splattering all over her face, and they were still closed, so she didn't have to look at either of their faces. Keeping her eyes shut tight, she closed her mouth and slumped back in her chair.

She sat there stunned for some long moments. She heard the sound of movie dialogue off in the distance, and briefly wondered what the movie they were supposed to be watching was like. She had a vague realization it was an action adventure, mostly due to the occasional explosions or gunshots that distracted her.

A new resolve came over her. She began buttoning up her blouse, but was in such a hurry that she only managed to do up a few of them. Still, that was enough to make her look at least somewhat presentable. Still with her eyes closed, she muttered to Nick, "Sorry! I can't do this!" Then she stood up and blundered her way down the empty row of seats, moving away from Nick and Hillary so she wouldn't have to squeeze past them.

Tears were starting to flow down her face. When she reached the end of the row, she was forced to open her eyes so she could hurry out of the theater. But she still had trouble seeing because of her suddenly heavy sobbing.

Nick was still reeling from his latest near orgasm. However, he knew he had to do something to help Maggie, and fast, both to save his threesome fantasy future from being realized but also because he loved her and didn't want to see her cry.

He gingerly tucked his erection away and zipped up. Even that much contact with his super-sensitized organ nearly triggered his climax. He turned to Hillary and whispered, "I need to go see to her. Please chill here, okay? I'll be back soon."

Hillary nodded. As she watched Nick go, she felt very confused. It had seemed everything was going great. She'd had big doubts about going on a date with both Nick and Maggie, because she'd never heard about sharing a boy like this, but it had worked out perfectly. If she'd had any lingering doubts about dating Nick, they were gone now, after all the sexy fun they were having.

She had been far more bold than she'd had ever been in public on any date before. Partly, that was due to the fact that she had an off-the-charts desire for both of them, and having them together increased her feelings almost exponentially. But also, she trusted them and felt safe with them. Even though her relationships with both of them were less than a week old, she felt like they were close friends already.

She had been excited to see Maggie bend over and prepare to swallow Nick's cum. She had been sure this meant she'd have her chance to suck on Nick's fat boner a little while later, once they started trading their oral turns. It seemed every aspect of her movie theater phone sex fantasy had been coming true. She'd even had visions of licking Nick's cock with Maggie, and later swapping his cum back and forth with her in passionate kisses. It had looked like an exciting and arousing evening that would probably just keep getting better and better.

So she was at a total loss why Maggie had a sudden change of heart. She could see through the darkness how Maggie had been starting to sob as she staggered out of the theater, and that puzzled her even more. Maybe she wasn't ready for a blowjob or something? But that doesn't make any sense, because they're fucking already, aren't they? Maybe it was something about doing it in a theater? She did seem a bit more reluctant about doing stuff in public, pretty much all evening long. Perhaps almost blowing him made her think things had gone too far for a public place. Or is that I'm here? That must be it. Or a combination.

Did I push her too hard? What if she didn't really want to do ANY of this in a public place, but just kept pushing herself because she felt she had to keep up with me?! And then she finally reached a breaking point where her fears overwhelmed her. That's probably the most likely explanation, because I could feel the fear and the friendly competition thing too. Damn. I feel shitty now.

She reluctantly zipped her top back up enough to cover her nipples and sat back to actually watch the movie for a while. She figured this was something Maggie and Nick needed to work out between themselves. She hoped she hadn't screwed things up by pushing Maggie too hard, but she had a feeling that she was at least partly to blame, so she truly felt bad.

However, she still couldn't concentrate on the movie, because she was so anxious to find out if Nick could fix things.

— — —

Maggie rushed into the lobby of the movie theater, and then paused. She wasn't sure where she wanted to go or what she wanted to do. Who can I talk to? Who could understand? Andy? Yeah, right! Sally? No way. My relatives? HA! I'm all alone!

She decided that the ladies' room was a good place to cry and recover. She could make plans after that.

Nick arrived in the lobby just in time to see Maggie go into the ladies' room. He was so concerned that he went right in after her, not thinking at all about how men weren't allowed in there.

Luckily for him, the room was empty of other women. This particular movie complex had all their movies start around the same time and end near the same time, which meant there were big rushes on the bathrooms some of the time and then they sat mostly empty the rest of the time.

Maggie had hurried to one of the toilet stalls for more privacy. But she'd been moving slowly, her vision still blurred by tears, and Nick caught up with her as she was closing the stall door.

He rushed in and then closed and locked the door behind him.

Maggie was terrified and on the verge of screaming, until she realized who he was. Even after she recognized him, she was about to cuss him out and tell him to leave her alone, but he suddenly held her in a tight and loving embrace.

That felt so good that she didn't say anything at all, but just squeezed him back tightly and sobbed onto his shoulder. She desperately needed his emotional support.

They stood there for a while like that. Nick's dress shirt actually started to get a little wet from all of her tears. He could feel her luscious body pressing into his, especially her barely covered massive boobs, but he ignored that, for once. His penis even went flaccid, because his only concern was her feelings.

Finally, Maggie's crying spell passed, and she looked sadly into his eyes. "Nick, I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry, but I just can't do this!" Although she had stopped crying, her eyes were red and there still were tears rolling down her cheeks.

While she'd been crying, Nick had been thinking about what to say. Now was his chance to say it. He gently held her chin, moving her head a bit until they could look at each other in the eye.

He said, quietly, "Ma, I love you! I love you so much for being here for me and helping to realize all my dreams with Hillary. Tonight has really been a living dream. But it's not worth it if you're unhappy. My main concern is you. If this is too tough for you, then we can stop the whole thing. Obviously, I'll be bummed out, VERY bummed out. But the main thing is, I don't want to see you sad like this!"

"That would be for the best," Maggie muttered. She looked down, suddenly unable to look at his face.

Nick felt very sad. Crushed, even. But he was resigned. He thought, I should have known something this incredible couldn't last for long. Threesomes are inherently unstable. And the whole idea of making my mother my real girlfriend was probably doomed anyway. Damn. But what a ride it was.

At least I'll still have the memories. And maybe Hillary. Perhaps I need to go with the hand-over plan after all. Maybe it'll still work, at least for a while? Without Maggie along, Hillary will soon realize I'm just an ordinary guy and move on to Spencer or someone like him. But it's better to have loved and lost than not have loved at all, right? That's true with Ma too!

He reached out and gently tried to wipe away her tears with his fingertips. But there were too many; her cheeks were streaked with rivulets. He leaned in and started kissing them away too.

Maggie was amazed that he'd so easily given in to her demand to stop the fake girlfriend scheme altogether. She knew him so well, she could tell he really meant it too. Lately, he'd been surprisingly sneaky, no doubt because his sexual desire was so strong. But he'd agreed to whatever she wanted without even trying to argue her out of it first. That moved her, and she was filled with love for him.

But she also felt terribly sad at the loss of what could have been. She'd been having the time of her life, and a future without her role as "Maggie" seemed terribly empty and depressing. Had she been honest with herself, she would have admitted that she was living for her "Maggie time" now, and her normal "Margaret" existence was just marking time until her next sexy adventure.

Had she been even more honest, she would have realized she was disappointed that he agreed with her, because she wanted him to talk her back into being Maggie. And not just a Maggie who kissed him for public appearances from time to time either. She wanted to be the full Maggie, the one that had been joyously sharing stroking his cock with Hillary.

Still, she was distraught, ashamed, and overwhelmed, and didn't consciously realize any of that.

Satisfied that he'd cleared her cheeks of tears with his caresses and kisses, he started to pull his face away from hers.

But then he felt hands on the back of his head and Maggie forcibly pulling his head back to hers. The next thing he knew, their lips were locked, and her tongue was sliding around in his mouth in a very un-motherly manner.

He struggled and tried to pull away, since he didn't want her to get the wrong idea and think that he was only interested in her body. But her hands held onto his head so tightly that he couldn't break the kiss. Still, he kept fighting it. He managed to close his mouth and keep her tongue out.

Frustrated at his continued resistance, Maggie unexpectedly tilted his head back a couple of inches to make eye contact again. "Nick, I WANT this. Okay?"

He stared deeply into her beautiful brown eyes, and asked, "But what about your sobbing and everything?! I don't want you sad! I love you too much to see your suffer just so I can have my greatest sexual fantasies come true!"

She stared back into his eyes, and spoke with her voice almost cracking with emotion. "Maybe I was a little hasty in what I just said. I've changed my mind, precisely because you say things like that and truly mean it! Now, kiss me, you fool!"

The kissing resumed, only this time Nick joined in fully. He didn't understand what was going on at all, but he was guardedly optimistic that maybe everything wasn't ruined after all.

A minute passed, and then another. As the kissing grew and grew in emotional and erotic intensity, Maggie's hands slowly slid all the way down Nick's back until she was clutching at his ass cheeks over his pants.

His hands made the exact same moves down her body mere seconds later. He felt his dick engorging again too.

Maggie felt good, really good. She felt even better when she detected his revived boner poking against her leg. It was like all was well in the world again. Oh God! I'm a terrible wife and a terrible mother! I'm just a terrible person all around. But I can't live without this! Without HIM! I can't go on without my son as my "boyfriend!" It's only been a few days, but I'm hopelessly hooked. It feels too good! I've never felt so complete, so happy, as when my own son is in my arms and kissing me! Better yet, when he's got me naked and he's playing with my titties too!

Fuck the future! Fuck morality! Fuck the risk! Fuck it all! I can't think about any of that now. All I know is, we have to see this through, and see how far it goes!

She broke the kiss and stared lovingly into his brown eyes. "Son, I love you. And maybe, maybe... maybe not just as a mother." She looked away with embarrassment at that. "Okay?" She made eye contact again. "I love kissing you. I love touching you. I love when you kiss and touch me. This all feels so... RIGHT! Doesn't it feel right to you?"

"Yeah!" he fully agreed. "My hands... it's like, they belong here." He spoke with supreme confidence, because he was being completely sincere. He gave her ass cheeks an affectionate squeeze. "And you belong in my arms."

She shivered at those words, her body surging with love and lust in equal measure. I do! I belong in the arms of my big, strong son!

He actually wasn't that big or strong. In fact, she was actually an inch taller than him, without even counting the three-inch high heels she was wearing. But he seemed like Hercules to her at the moment.

She shocked him by saying, "NO!" Then, teasing him by leaving him in confusion, she brought her hands back to his hands on her ass, and then guided his hands to the sides of her tits instead. She slowly broke into a huge smile as her lusty intention became increasingly clear. Then she finally explained, "Your hands don't belong on there, on my ass. They belong on my tits! My big tits! I want to be your busty, lusty, slutty girl!"

She brought her hands back to his ass, but slid them inside his pants this time.

He eagerly fondled her tits from their outer sides, though still only through her clothes.

They kissed again. With both of them pulling together with all their ass gripping and tit fondling, there was no mistaking the way Nick's erection was pressing hard into her lower abdomen.

Maggie loved the feel of that too, even though she knew it was much naughtier than the kissing and tit and ass play, or the way her erect nipples poked into his chest. The reminder of his turgid cock rubbing into her made her think, Oh no. THAT again! God, do I need that! Feels soooooo good! Well, we can just be boyfriend-girlfriend without going all the way, right? Lots of people do that for years. Why can't we? Still, I can give it a damn good sucking to make sure it goes flaccid and stays that way for at least a couple of minutes! She laughed inwardly at that.

In fact, if we can't fuck due to the very real incest problem, then I guess I'll just have to stroke and suck and titfuck his great big cock even more! Knowing his sex drive, he'll keep me naked and kneeling with my mouth full nearly all the time! She added in mock-sarcasm, Oh, woe is me!

Just then, they heard the sound of someone coming into the bathroom.

They froze, especially when they heard that person take the stall next to them. But they both realized the odds of that person, presumably a woman, breaking into or looking into their stall was next to zero.

They quietly resumed their kissing. They both relaxed a little bit once they heard the sound of pissing in the next stall, and then flushing.

It wasn't quite clear who started it, but before long, Nick's erection was grinding into Maggie and she was grinding back on it just as much. Since they were almost the same height, with her a little taller due to her medium heels, his cock pressed against her pussy mound in very tantalizing ways.

Soon, with both of them assuming that other woman had done her business and left, Nick went on the offensive again, and quietly and carefully unbuttoned the few buttons that had been hastily buttoned when Maggie fled to the bathroom.

She felt like she forgot how to breathe when she saw him open her top wide. She nearly creamed when she felt his fingers sink deep into her bare tit-flesh. She would have screamed with joy except for the fact that someone else was in the bathroom.

The way he started twisting her erect nipples in his now usual style convinced her all the more that what they were doing felt too right to stop. I'm sorry, I can't give this up for anything! Nobody treats my body the way my Sport does! Nobody! When he plays with my nipples like that, it makes me so hot for him that I can't stand it! If I don't watch out, I'm gonna end up on my knees in this dirty stall, with a Coke-can-sized cock shoved straight down my throat!

Worse, I can't wait to do it! He's been so understanding with my mood swings. I need to reward him by showing him just what I can do with my mouth! And proving it to myself. Taking his thickness in my mouth and working it with my lips and tongue is going to be the greatest sexual challenge of my life! But, God! I need it! I NEED IT!

Their kissing and grinding continued, though at a slightly reduced level due to their shock caused by the stranger. He dropped his hand from her massive rack back to her hips.

Maggie broke the kiss to whisper, "That was close!"

"Yeah!" he agreed as he kissed her shapely jaw line. He wondered, What would have happened if that woman had come in a few minutes earlier, and freaked Ma out at exactly the wrong time? Our entire lives could have gone in a different direction!

Ugh! I'm still walking on a tightrope. But thank God she's changing her mind. I really thought all was lost. Now, everything is possible again! With her AND Hillary!

Maggie grinned wickedly as she glanced down at her bare tits pressing into his dress shirt. "You're too naughty, do you know what? Pulling my blouse open and squeezing my breasts is bad enough, but doing it when some strange woman was in the stall next to us... You naughty boy!"

He just grinned back. He was flying high again, especially thanks to their renewed cock grinding.

She reached down and held his package through his pants. "Does that make you hard? Hmmm?"

He just groaned. "Ungh!"

Still holding onto his boner, Maggie said, "Sport, I love being your girlfriend! What's the harm of that? I mean really, when you think about it..." She trailed off, and thought, Or not. It's probably better not to think at all!

She started again, "I suppose we can keep doing that a little bit longer. We are making progress with Hillary, and it would be a shame to ruin that now."

His entire face lit up, and his lingering feeling of dread fell away. YES! Phew, what a close call! "Thanks, Ma!"

(They were too emotionally worked up to always remember not to make mother or son references, and they felt sure they were alone.)

He kissed her on her lips with renewed vigor. He was beside himself with happiness to hear that great news. He slid his hands from her hips back to her ass. He felt like he sometimes paid too much attention to her tits and not enough to her ass, and he wanted to try to make up for that.

Maggie really did her best to avoid thinking about what she was saying. Deep down, she knew Nick was making great progress with Hillary, and that would probably continue even if her role as "Maggie" disappeared. The excuses he gave to continue, such as problems with Anushka as well as his confidence, could probably be worked out, if they worked on it. But she didn't allow herself to consciously admit that, because it would take away her fig leaf justifications.

She also knew on some level that she wanted to keep "dating" Nick more than just "a little bit longer." In fact, just saying those words out loud to him had made her feel a little sad, because of the implication that the dating would come to an end relatively soon. She also didn't want to think about what would happen if Nick was successful with the "hand-over," since that would mean her dating would have to end. And any thoughts about her marriage and "husband" were right out.

Instead, all she cared about for now was reveling in her son's love and his seemingly magical touches and kisses. She was throwing caution to the wind and living her life to the fullest, letting her lust run wild. It felt good and right, even though she knew society said it was wrong. She had a gut feeling that their incest problem and all other problems could work out eventually if they kept on loving each other with all their hearts.

As that kiss came to an end, she let go of his boner and poked him playfully in the chest. "Now, Sport, the reason I was crying is because this is hard for me to handle. And I'm not talking about this." She reached back down and gripped his boner through his pants again.

She whispered quietly, "I am your mother, after all. It's not right for you to force your mother to take your big cock in her mouth and shoot a sticky load down her throat, just so we won't make a mess in the theater!"

Nick was confused, because he hadn't even noticed how she had kept her mouth open right above his cockhead, waiting for him to blast his load into her mouth. Without that understanding, her words didn't make any sense.

But she'd just started sliding her fingers up and down his erection, still through his pants. The big wet spot made that a much easier, and stickier, task. That made him highly distracted, to say the least. Plus, the sultry way she said "take your big cock in [my] mouth" made it obvious that she loved the idea of doing just that, so he figured whatever she was going on about wasn't a problem.

He decided that he'd never understand women. This was hardly the first time he'd reached that conclusion.

She continued in less of a whisper, "So don't put me in that kind of position again, okay? It's embarrassing, especially in front of Hillary. Let's just continue, you know, with what we're comfortable with for now, and maybe work up to that later. Agreed?"

He nodded, even though he still didn't quite understand what she was talking about. However, the "maybe work up to that later" sounded like a hint of future blowjob fun, so his heart did backflips.

He passionately told her, "I love you so much!" Since he was still confused about some things she was saying and didn't want to admit that, he had to be careful what to say. But he figured saying "I love you" was always safe and good, especially because he emphatically meant it.

She snickered, "I know what you love. What's wrong with you?" As she said this, she let go of his thinly-covered boner again and brought both of his hands from her ass back up to her bare chest. "Are you going to play with my breasts some more already, or what?" She whispered confidentially, in a sultry purr, "Anyone can fondle an ass. But the way you play with my tits makes me lose my mind! If I EVER give you trouble again about not wanting to be your girlfriend, just play with my tits!"

He laughed with pure joy. It had been a very close call, but everything was wonderful and even incredible again. Then he hefted up her big tits with both hands, and he felt even better.

She beamed as she felt his hands start to roam over her round melons. Aaaah! That hits the spot! It's so true! He's the magic man, with magic hands! In my "other life," my breasts are a bother and a literal pain. But in this life, I want to be his big-titted slut! With Hillary! We'll take good care of him and his cock together!

"God, Ma!" he quietly exclaimed. Damn! I can't get over how much fun it is to play with her incredible body. And yes, especially her tits! It's better than all my wet dreams combined! Ma has a body built for sex, plain and simple!

"Sssssh!" she chided him as she flagrantly rubbed her lower abdomen against his cock, while managing to rub it with her hand through his pants as well. (She was holding his shaft on either side, so it could press against her body at the same time.)

He froze up, worried that she'd heard someone enter the ladies' room again.

"Don't call me that in a public place! I'm your date, and nothing more." She wanted to say more, about how they could still secretly revel in the fact that they were mother and son, but she decided it wasn't wise to encourage him too much. He was surprisingly sexually aggressive already.

He relaxed, and resumed his tit fondling. He realized it was a good thing not to use words like "Ma" even if they were alone, but it wasn't a serious crisis since they were alone.

She arched her back, causing her bare boobs to thrust forward into her son's hands even more than before. She wasn't sure quite why, but she really loved positioning herself like that.

The two of them resumed making out. It was awkward having to stand in a bathroom stall, but they made do. At least it gave them privacy.

The only problem was that she was slowly losing her mind stroking his shaft through his pants while also rubbing her body against it. It felt good, but she couldn't stay satisfied with just that. She was very tempted to get on her knees and suck his cock, but the dirty bathroom atmosphere gave her pause.

At one point, she whispered to him, "Are you close to cumming yet?"

To his surprise, he realized he wasn't. Tending to Maggie while she was crying had made him go flaccid and essentially reset his cumming urge back to zero. So the great stimulation since then still wasn't enough. He muttered, "Um, no. I think I'm good."

She leered in a sultry voice, "I know you're good. That's the problem. You're too good!" She licked along his jaw line up to his ear, and then licked the edge of his ear for good measure. "But let's check, just to be sure!"

It turned out "checking" meant taking his erection out of his pants and directly fondling it with both hands. Once she started doing that, she couldn't stop. With his buckle undone and his zipper unzipped, his pants slipped down to his knees.

As usual, Nick's hands kept busy playing with Maggie's big tits, and especially her nipples. But since his pants had fallen down, he thought it was only fair play to pull her skirt down too. He knew the one thing that could upset her and get her to stop the fun was if he did anything to her pussy. So he was careful to pull her skirt down in the back enough to expose her ass while keeping her pussy covered in front, though just barely. While he was at it, he pulled her panties down in the same way, so he could have a completely bare ass to enjoy.

After a while, he tilted his head down and explored the joy of kissing her creamy orbs some more. From time to time, he would even suckle on one of her nipples. He was starting to learn the things that aroused Maggie the most, and that was something that both of them greatly enjoyed.

She adored any and all of his tit play, but whenever he suckled on her nipples, she thought she would simply die. In fact, as he kept at it, she climaxed without her clitoris being touched at all. That had never happened to her before, except recently with Nick.

She was extremely grateful, since she'd been on the verge of cumming seemingly all evening, including when she'd started masturbating but hadn't been able to finish. She managed to stay standing, and without having to lean against the unsanitary walls. But she pushed his head from her tits because what he was doing felt too good for her to take at the moment.

He stopped suckling on her nipples, but he kept on kissing and licking her round tits while she steadily jacked him off with both hands. At one point, he muttered between kisses on her upper slopes, "I'm going to kiss and lick every inch of you!"

That fired her lusts even more, and her lusty moans and groans certainly showed that.

He started kissing down into her cleavage.

She pushed her E-cups together using just her upper arms, and whispered back, "Can you smell it? I squirted some perfume in there. Somehow, I knew you'd be in there before the night was over."

That was a very revealing admission, since she supposedly was going to stay in "fake girlfriend" mode and mostly just act as a chaperon to make sure he and Hillary didn't get too carried away.

He took a happy sniff deep in her cleavage, and sighed blissfully. But then growled aggressively, "I'll squirt something else in there for you too. I'll be in there pretty soon!"

"Oh! Nick!" She nearly came again on the spot, thinking about her son vigorously fucking her tits with his massive erection. The only reason she didn't was because she'd just gotten her orgasmic relief.

She thought, Aaaah! Such bliss! I love going "full slut!" I can't wait for him to fuck my tits! His hands on them feel good, but not nearly as good as it'll feel when his pole of hot flesh pounds my tight yet jiggly tit-tunnel! Oh God! Did I just say that? I'm so baaaaad!

She looked around their little stall, trying to decide if they could start a titfuck right now. She decided against it. She wished they were in a more sanitary location, because it was impossible to do something like that with both participants standing up.

She muttered in a husky voice, "I'll bet you're loving ladies' restroom stalls today! First, you had your way with Hillary in one, and now me!"

He grinned from ear to ear as he realized that. "Oh yeah! Sweet!"

Maggie's long skirt was already hanging down below her ass in back while just managing to keep her pussy covered in front. But that was a precarious position, and it wasn't long before it slid down to her knees. Her panties had been pulled down below her ass in back as well. They didn't fall down as easily as the skirt, but as time went on and Maggie writhed and wiggled nearly constantly, her panties slowly slid down her thighs until all of her brown bush and then her sopping wet pussy lips were completely exposed.

Her blouse was still on her shoulders, but since it was wide open in front, that hardly mattered at all. Or so one would think. But Nick liked his women to be as naked as possible. After a while, he put his hands on her shoulders and started to slide her blouse down her arms.

She asked nervously, "What are you doing?!"

He whispered, "Remember what I told you in the car on Tuesday, when we were getting the Chinese take-out? I love you naked! I need you naked! In all my dreams, you're completely naked! In my eyes, your body is the essence of physical perfection, and covering it with any clothes at all is a crime!"

She was powerfully moved by that, and her desire to be naked for him as much as possible grew another notch. She gave him a wicked, sultry look. "If you put it like that, how can I stop you?"

She briefly let go of his cock so he could pull the blouse all the way off her arms.

There was a hook on the door behind him, the same sort of hook he'd used earlier in the day to hang his backpack and Hillary's backpack. He carefully hung her blouse there. Then he went back to his kissing and fondling.

Maggie went right back to jacking him off some more. She liked to keep at least one hand stroking up and down his thick shaft at all times, while her other hand roamed all over him. But much of the time, she kept her free hand on his ass. She liked exploring his ass crack, and sometimes she even lightly fingered the opening to his anus. She could tell he got a lot of pleasure out of that, judging by his lusty moans.

Another ten minutes passed with them all but fucking each other standing up. They were so into each other that they temporarily forgot all about Hillary waiting in the movie theater.

— — —

But Hillary hadn't forgotten about them. She was unable to concentrate on watching the movie, because she was so worried. (Plus, she hadn't been paying attention to the plot in the first place.) She was tempted to go looking for them, but she restrained herself, figuring they needed their time alone to sort things out.

Finally, after waiting more than a total of 20 minutes for them to return, she decided to at least take a look in the lobby. She made her clothes and hair as presentable as she could, and then got up to find them.

She didn't see them in the lobby, but she needed to use the ladies' room. While she was peeing in her stall, it slowly dawned on her that the sounds coming from the next stall over weren't the typical ones of another person going to the bathroom. In fact, they didn't sound like just one person at all.

A naughty grin crossed her face as she realized what was going on. She flushed the toilet, left her stall, and washed her hands. What are the odds that the couple getting it on in there is anyone OTHER than Nick and Maggie? I'd say zero, because they're so hot and horny for each other that they didn't even stop when I came in. Either they are so carried away that they didn't notice me, or they just don't give a fuck! Either way, it's them!

Then she couldn't decide what to do. She was tempted to play a practical joke on them, such as knocking on the stall door and disguising her voice to say something like "This is the police!" before revealing who she really was. But she wasn't sure if that would go over as intended, since she still didn't know them that well. She also realized that she couldn't be 100 percent certain the couple in the stall was even who she thought they were.

She went back into her stall and quietly stood on the closed toilet seat. While careful not to touch the walls with her hands, she peered over into the next stall. She found herself mostly staring at Maggie's backside, with Nick close behind her.

She was delighted to discover that she was right. A-ha! I knew it! I totally knew it! What a relief. Clearly, they're making up in a big way!

She was also surprised at how into each other they were, even for them, considering they were in a bathroom stall. Maggie in particular was nearly naked, with her long skirt somehow having slid to her knees but not the rest of the way to the floor.

Hillary considered surprising them with a "Hi," but decided again against any practical joke. Besides, it would be awkward exposing herself as violating their privacy. It was boring, but she chose to play it straight.

She got off the toilet seat and out of the stall. Then she knocked on their stall door while saying in an uncertain voice, "Nick? Maggie? It's me Hillary. Are you in there?"

Nick and Maggie were alarmed, but only for a second or two, because they quickly realized it was just Hillary. Nick looked to Maggie for non-verbal confirmation, and then said, "Yeah, it's us."

Hillary replied through the door, "Oh, good! Sorry for looking for you, but you were both gone so long that I was getting worried."

Nick winced. He realized he'd lost all track of time, and had forgotten all about the girl of his dreams that he was so ardently trying to seduce. He began pulling his pants back up. "I'm so sorry! It's just that, well... We kind of had an emotional scene, and then we've been making up, and..."

Maggie also had her ardor cooled by the shock of discovery. She reluctantly took her hand off her son's stiff erection and pulled her skirt and panties back up. Oooh! Yuck! These panties are useless now. It's like putting wet clothes back on. Hell, that's exactly what it is, only much smellier and yuckier.

Hillary replied to Nick, "Don't worry about it. I could see Maggie was crying and needed consoling. Maggie, are you okay now?"

"I've never been better," Maggie replied mostly honestly, although her guilt and doubt was starting to creep back, now that she'd been reminded about her crying. "Thanks for asking, and for looking for us. We had a good talk, an important talk."

Nick was as cleaned up and dressed up as he could get, and was just waiting for Maggie to put on her blouse and otherwise get decent before he opened the stall door. (Her bra was in the trash in the front of the restaurant.) But his eyes bugged out when he saw her reach inside her skirt and then wiggle her panties down her legs. He continued to gawk as she pulled them off one foot and then the other, finally holding them up in her hands, practically right in his face.

Grinning and smirking at him, she twisted and squeezed them directly over the toilet, causing a long stream of pussy juice to drip to the now open toilet bowl. She silently mouthed the words, "Look what you do to me!"

Nick's jaw nearly dropped to the floor. He didn't know panties could get that wet. But more than that, he loved that he'd made her that wet and aroused.

Hillary didn't know what to say. But standing there waiting was getting awkward for her. She wished she could go inside and join them. But then again, there were many places better to have sexual fun than in a public restroom stall.

Maggie said, "Just a sec, I'm still working on getting decent." She started pulling out long reels of toilet paper. She pulled her dress way down her thighs, completely exposing her pussy and bush to her son's eyes. Then she used the toilet paper as best as she could to clean and dry her thighs and pussy mound.

As she did that, Hillary asked, "Did the cheeky bastard get you completely naked again? Is that what's taking so long?" She knew the answer since she'd just peeked in on Maggie with "wearing" nothing but her skirt down around her ankles, but she figured it would be a fun thing to talk about while she waited.

Maggie gleefully replied, "Pretty much! He had me down to just my skirt pulled way down. And I'm sure he was going to do something about that soon!" She chuckled, realizing she was right.

Hillary chuckled too. "Sounds like he's a bit off his game. Did you hear how he got me COMPLETELY naked in one of the school bathrooms today? He has a thing for total nudity."

"I DID! And he does! I only heard a little bit about that, but it sounds super hot! And I love that you're the kind of girl who would say, 'Hey, let's go make out behind those trees.' And then suffer one of his titty attacks in a bathroom stall instead!"

Hillary chuckled some more as she fondly recalled those events. Also, she was glad to find out that Nick had actually told Maggie about that already. It strongly indicated that Maggie and Nick were being open about his relationship with her, and that Maggie truly was willing to share, even when she wasn't around.

Hillary said, "What can I say? He inspires me."

Once Maggie was done squeezing out her panties as best she could, she mouthed the words to Nick, "You make me that wet. All the time!" Then she playfully squeezed the bulge in his pants.

She lightly shook her big, bare tits, and mouthed the words, "Button me up."

While he worked on putting her blouse back on (with her bra long gone, tossed in a trash can), her cock squeezing turned into a full-on handjob through his pants. She noticed that he had a big wet spot on his crotch, so she pulled his pants and underwear down his thighs, and used more toilet paper to dry his crotch off too.

But now that his pants were down, she found it just too tempting not to jack him off some more, skin on skin. Oh fuck! I'm such a slut for my son! Even with Hillary right outside the door, and caught in this terribly embarrassing spot, I can't stop stroking his big fat cock! Mmmm! It just feels too hot and hard. And all that throbbing, meaty goodness, just for me!

Hillary was growing increasingly impatient, especially since she was curious to know what they were doing. She asked, "How are things going in there?"

Maggie replied, "Okay. It's just that I'm having some trouble putting Nick's thing back in his pants. I want to just tuck it away, but I can't stop playing with it!"

Hillary laughed. "I know what you mean. I wish I had that problem right now. Take your time, I don't mind."

Feeling playful and frisky, she said, "I'm sorry, I'm trying to clean him up now with some toilet paper. I really am. It's just that there's so much here to clean."

Hillary laughed. "I hear you, sister!"

Encouraged, Maggie added, "Hmmm... The problem is, the more I clean it, the more this sticky liquid keeps flowing out the top. Damn! Maybe if I use my mouth? Would you like that, Nick? Should I lick you clean as a whistle?"

Not surprisingly, Nick moaned lustily at that prospect.

But it wasn't just teasing. Maggie's hands were sliding all over Nick's shaft, causing more pre-cum to flow out, and repeatedly frustrating her efforts to actually clean him. (Not that that was a big priority for her right then.)

Hillary also groaned lustily. Thinking about Maggie licking or sucking Nick's cock aroused her almost as much as thoughts of doing that to him herself.

Hearing Hillary's groans made Maggie realize that she was being greedy by monopolizing him. She let go of him and unlocked and opened the stall door. She grinned at Hillary, and asked her, "How would you like to come in and help me?"

Nick was shocked yet again, because he hadn't been expecting that. Now he was literally caught with his pants down, not to mention his cock sticking up and out.

Hillary was shocked too, and she didn't know what to say at first.

Maggie said dryly, "Here, Hillary. I just can't seem to get his pants back up. My hands keep getting... distracted. Perhaps you can do better?"

Hillary quickly recovered. She licked her lips hungrily, but said, "Don't tempt me! I don't think I'll do much better, and then we'll never leave this stall. Nick, why don't you zip up? Then we can have more fun back in our seats. This bathroom is kind of icky."

Nick tucked his boner away and zipped up, because the promise of doing more with both of them back in the darkness instead of the bathroom sounded pretty great.

Nick and Maggie exited the stall, but they remained standing with Hillary in the middle of the otherwise empty bathroom.

Hillary asked them, "So did you have a fight? What was it about?"

Maggie couldn't tell the full truth, since that included her worry that she was going too far with her own son. But she managed to reply, "Not a fight, not exactly. It's just that... I guess I'm not as sexually adventurous as you. I'd like to be. I've been thinking what you said, about how you're proud to be a slut, but with the good meaning of slut. You're recapturing and redefining that word. I like that. I want to be a good slut too, but both of you, please, bear with me."

Nick nodded. He looked calm on the outside, but he was jumping for joy on the inside. He simply couldn't believe how great things were going. My Ma wants to be a "good slut"? Holy fuckin' cow! Especially because she's been proving it all evening long. "Dorothy, we're not in Kansas anymore!" Where will things go from here?!

Maggie walked to a nearby sink. "Well, as long as I'm here, I might as well wash my hands."

Hillary looked at her own hands. They were still sticky with cum too. "Hmmm. I should do that too. Or..."

Maggie had the water turned on already, but she paused and looked back at Hillary.

Hillary flashed a naughty grin. "Or not! After all, we just gonna get all sticky with his cum all over again, aren't we?"

Maggie was all smiles as she turned the faucet off. "Good point. Damn. I wish I could be a good slut like you."

"Hey, who says you aren't already? Or did you forget what you left in the stall?" Hillary started washing her hands after all, because cum gets gross after a while. As she did so, she looked pointedly back to the stall.

The stall door was closed, but Maggie suddenly remembered that she'd left her wet panties there. "Oh God! I'm so embarrassed! It's just that they were too wet, and I-"

Hillary cut in, "Shush. It's cool. Way cool. In fact, you inspire me, you good slut, you." She bunched up her dress, reached inside, and pulled her own panties down. Once they were all the way off her legs, she tossed them in the nearest trash can like she was shooting a basketball.

"Damn!" Maggie exclaimed. She was very impressed. "YOU'RE way cool!"

"No, you are!"

Nick finally spoke up. "I think you BOTH are. It's a tie."

The women laughed. Then Maggie quickly washed and dried her hands too, since she saw Hillary do it.

"Nice, Nick," Hillary smirked. "Veeerry diplomatic."

Maggie cheekily commented, "A boy who's that diplomatic deserves to have two beautiful, busty girlfriends at once, don't you think?"

Nick cut in. "Definitely!"

"I wasn't asking you!"

The three of them laughed some more.

But then Hillary made sure to answer, "He's right. Definitely! Not just any guy, but Nick is special. We're going to spoil him rotten!" She went to him and gave him a tight hug. Then they shared a long French kiss.

Hillary felt unexpectedly powerful feelings rushing through her body. She'd missed his touch while she'd waited alone in the movie theater. She actually was forced to break the kiss early and step away, for fear of going out of control before they could get to a better place.

It seemed like they were about to leave the restroom, but instead Hillary gave Maggie a big hug right in the middle of the room. Like their hug in the parking lot earlier, that caused their massive racks to meet and squeeze together. Since Hillary had a secret crush on Maggie, she wasn't subtle about that titty contact either.

Maggie was very puzzled by the unexpected and unprompted hug, and she didn't know what to do with her hands. But she gingerly put them on Hillary's back.

While hugging Maggie, Hillary looked into her brown eyes from only inches away. "Are you good now? I felt so bad when you rushed out of the theater. I couldn't even think about the movie because was worried sick that I'd caused the problem!"

Maggie relaxed as she realized why Hillary was hugging her. She smiled encouragingly. "I'm good. I'm really 100 percent fine. You try staying upset when you've got Nick's hot cock in your hands. It's not possible!"

Hillary laughed. "I can believe that!"

Then she turned serious. "Still, I DO feel bad, because I KNOW I'm at least partly to blame. We have some competition between us. It's true; it can't be denied. But I consider it the good and friendly kind, the kind that pushes me to do better and try harder."

"That's exactly how I feel," Maggie replied. "Yeah, there's competition, but it's like we're on the same team, not opposite teams!"

"Exactly!" Hillary said excitedly, causing her tits to slide up and down Maggie's some.

Maggie shivered as bolts of pleasure raced up and down her spine. She was feeling disturbingly aroused by Hillary's body again.

Hillary elaborated, "But I can tell that sense of friendly competition pushed you into doing things that you otherwise wouldn't have done. It's obvious. And then, finally, with your mouth hovering wide open right over Nick's cock, ready to receive his cum, you broke. Your fear grew too much and you had to run! So that's partially my fault, like I said."

Nick was carefully listening in. He found the details of Maggie's behavior that Hillary just mentioned very illuminating. He hadn't realized his mother had been so close to sucking his cock again. Technically, she was only planning on taking his cum load into her mouth so as to not cause a mess, but he was sure she would have wound up bobbing on him at least some along the way, exactly as happened in the Chinese restaurant parking lot on Tuesday.

Maggie was forced to go along with Hillary's account. It was only partially true, but it helped cover for her freaking out about the incest and the fake girlfriend scheme. She said, "Okay, that's true, but you're NOT to blame, because how could you have known I'd react like that? I was actually having a great time until I had some inexplicable mood swing. Besides, don't feel bad, and that's an order, because I want us to push each other like this! Isn't it exciting, sharing the same guy so intimately?"

"Oh my God! So much!" Hillary began bouncing up and down excitedly. Partially, that was because she was truly thrilled. But also, it was a great excuse to rub her tits against Maggie's a whole lot more. In fact, she bounced so very much that her zipper unzipped down to her belly button without any helping hands. That caused her nipples to come free.

Maggie suddenly found herself so dizzy that the room seemed to be spinning. She understood her lust towards Nick, but she was scared and confused by her growing feelings towards Hillary. She was forced to step away, because the titty rubbing was too much.

She shut her eyes, because she saw how Hillary's zipper had gone down and her round tits had popped out. She was sorely tempted to reach out and touch and squeeze them, maybe while French kissing her at the same time.

Instead, she just said, "I agree. It's really great sharing. Let's go back to our seats so we can share some more."

Hillary could see that her titty rubbing had rattled Maggie. That gave her great hope that Maggie wasn't immune to her feminine charms. But she knew not to press too hard. So she gave Maggie her space, and said, "Sounds good. But if there's anything I can do to help you, anything at all, please let me know, okay? I hope we're not just sharing Nick. I'd love for us to become very close friends too."

Maggie opened her eyes again and look back towards Hillary. A big smile spread across her face. "Of course. I'd love that too." On a whim, she stepped forward and gave Hillary a hug.

She had just been reeling from Hillary's hug, but she wanted to prove to herself and the others that she could handle that sort of contact, even when one of them was effectively topless, as Hillary was. However, she didn't want to let it show, but she was still feeling strange. Seeing Hillary's stunningly beautiful face from close up put butterflies in her stomach. Plus, she couldn't ignore the fact that it was impossible for them to hug without her E-cup rack pressing into Hillary's F-cup rack. That most definitely was happening again.

Maggie's head turned towards Nick and she grinned wolfishly. She was amused at the way he was staring at the hug, and especially the way their immense racks were pressing together. She nudged Hillary a little bit. "Look who's checking us out. I think he likes the way our chests are saying hello to each other."

Hillary grinned almost wickedly. "Oh, you mean like this?" She ostentatiously slid her entire body up and down a few inches, causing her massive jugs to rub against Maggie's. But after just a few seconds of that, she stopped and broke into laughter. Again, she was walking a fine line, and she didn't want to provoke Maggie too much.

Maggie was stunned, because that rubbing aroused her so very much, even more than previous such rubbing, because this was clearly intentional. Her erect nipples were powerfully stimulated by the rubbing, and it sent a jolt straight to her clit. She still considered herself purely heterosexual, but she realized she'd have to be mindful of the strange effect Hillary was having on her.

There was fire in Hillary's eyes as she leaned her head closer to Maggie's and whispered, but loud enough for Nick to hear, "You know what we should do, to REALLY blow his mind?"

"What's that?" Maggie asked back eagerly.

She went on huskily, "You should unbutton your blouse so we can rub our bare breasts together! Gaawwwd! That'll get his cock super stiff and ready for action!"

Maggie was tempted to do just that, maybe while making out with Hillary too. But she was mindful of the fact that Hillary was bisexual, so she figured Hillary didn't want to do that just to get Nick excited. Furthermore, she didn't understand or trust her growing desire for Hillary. She figured it was best not to open the door at all, since Hillary might respond too strongly, given her bisexuality.

Thus, she just said, "Maybe, but some other time. For one thing, we're not even in the stall anymore. Anyone could walk in at any time! For another thing, just look at him. He doesn't need any more inspiration. As it is, he's gonna make a mess in his pants!"

Hillary looked to Nick and laughed. Indeed, there was an outrageously large tenting in his pants. Also, she could tell that she was pushing Maggie too hard, despite her intention not to do that. It was just that her lesbian lust sometimes got the best of her.

She literally and figuratively backed off, disengaging from Maggie altogether. "Yeah, let's go. But I'm gonna talk you into doing that some other time, you'll see. With Nick being the world's most ardent big tit lover, it would be a shame not to take full advantage of our titty power."

Maggie started walking towards the door out, causing the other two to follow. "Good point." She waved her hands high up in the air, as if she was a comic book superheroine. "Wonder titty powers, activate!"

Nick and Hillary had a good laugh at that.

As the three of them walked out of the restroom and through the lobby, Hillary quietly said to Maggie, "Don't feel bad. It's not easy becoming a 'good slut.' Our society puts up all kinds of obstacles. The fact is, we still live in a patriarchal society, and yeah, men love sexually liberated women, but they're even more frightened of them."

"I'm not!" Nick said forcefully, but quietly.

Hillary looked at him as if she was reappraising him. "That's true. You're not. That's very cool."

He said, "That's because I've had my mother as my example." He suddenly stopped speaking, because he realized he was getting into very dangerous waters. He was sincerely complimenting Maggie, thinking that Hillary was aware that Maggie was his mother. But of course she wasn't.

Luckily, Hillary wasn't looking at his face, since the three of them were walking along, so she didn't see his alarmed expression. She merely said, "You must have a cool mom. I'd like to meet her."

"Yeah," Nick replied rather lamely. "She's cool, for sure."

He worried frantically, Shit! How is THAT going to work?! What if things between Hillary and me get serious and she wants to meet my parents?! I'd thought about that, but I'd decided not to worry about it because the odds of her getting serious with me were so low. The way things are going, that might actually happen! So what if she does?!

Maggie was secretly alarmed too. She could see Nick was in a fix, and she helped him by abruptly changing the topic. She asked Hillary, "By the way, how's the movie?"

Hillary replied, "Beats me!" She chuckled. "Seriously, I was looking at the screen while I waited for you guys, but I was so busy thinking that I wasn't paying any attention whatsoever. I think it's some kind of action movie. There were some explosions."

The three of them laughed at that, because that really was about all they knew.

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