Chapter 16: Back to the Movie (Friday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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Just then, they reentered the darkened theater, so they had to keep their voices down.

Hillary continued thoughtfully in a whisper, "Anyway, getting back to the idea of the 'good slut,' what I'm talking about is more of an issue when marriage comes to mind, and I highly doubt you're thinking about that yet. Most men are scared shitless about having a wife who's sexually liberated. Can he keep her satisfied? Will she get bored and want other partners? Most would rather keep women who are afraid of sex. That's why virgins are so highly prized in many societies - you don't have to worry about someone else who's rung her bell better than you. Some societies have even performed sexual mutilations to make sure the woman can't feel much sexual pleasure. That way, she won't be so tempted to stray."

Maggie looked and felt thoughtful too, even as she was raring to get back to her seat for more sexy fun. "Wow. I never thought of it like that."

Hillary shrugged. "I'm not really saying anything original or particularly controversial. I mean, you've got to be blind not to see the many ways big and small society tries to discourage women from getting too quote 'slutty' unquote. The way I look at it, a bad slut wants sex so bad, she doesn't care who gives it to her. She'll sleep with some stinky homeless bum, maybe, if he can give her some sexual satisfaction. But a good slut, she loves sex and is very good at it, but she doesn't lose all control. She can remain loyal to her special loved one. She can embrace and rejoice in her sexuality instead of being afraid of it."

As they drew closer to their seats, the exact same ones they'd been in before, they continued to talk and ignore the movie. There still were no people within ten rows of their seats, so they didn't really have to talk so quietly, but they did so to be on the polite and safe side.

Maggie was even more thoughtful, and was actually paying close attention despite her arousal. "Woooow... Everything you say is so true. I've been afraid my whole life! I've always been taught that 'good girls' don't do this, and 'good girls' don't do that." Her face hardened with resolve. "But screw that shit! I don't want to be a good girl; I want to be a good slut!"

"Excellent!" Hillary said, feeling very pleased with herself. She waited a few moments until the three of them were settled back in their previous seats. "What are some of those things good girls aren't supposed to do?" She made sure Maggie was looking as she unzipped the fly to Nick's pants.

Nick's penis had gone down, as he too was feeling thoughtful instead of randy. But it sprang up in seconds as soon as Hillary exposed it.

Maggie snickered. "Well, for starters, a good girl doesn't play with her boyfriend's cock in a movie theater!" She reached out and wrapped her fingers around her son's still-reviving erection.

"Is that all?" Hillary prodded.

Maggie replied, "She certainly doesn't share said cock with other girls!" She took one of Hillary's hands and wrapped it around Nick's shaft too. "In same said movie theater, no less!" She giggled.

"So that's it then," Hillary said, smirking.

"Not at all!" Maggie lifted one of Nick's hands and brought it to the top of Hillary's front zipper. "She most definitely does not let said boyfriend play with her tits, or the tits of her gorgeous busty friends!" She started to unbutton the buttons on her blouse once again, but she also leaned forward so she could pass Nick and watch him unzip Hillary's top.

Nick's face was filled with awe and joy as he pulled Hillary's zipper all the way back down. Even though he did this earlier, he felt like a little boy opening up his first Christmas present. He obviously was taking his time and barely inching the zipper down, to prolong the moment.

But surprisingly, he also spoke. "I know I haven't been the most talkative guy tonight. I've just been so blown away by everything. It's been a wild ride. But Hillary, I just want to say that I agree with all you said about our society trying to keep women afraid of their sexual power. But I'm not like that. That's one reason why I've been so very attracted to you, because you're obviously completely comfortable with your incredible body and your sexual power. I don't want a passive sex partner. I want someone who grabs life by the balls!"

He jokingly added, "And my balls by the balls!"

Hillary briefly took her hand off his thick shaft and cradled his balls in her hand. "You mean like this?"

He nodded eagerly.

But her hand went back to his boner and his attention went to her chest and the zipper he was holding. He lost track of his thoughts and practically lost his mind as he slowly pulled her zipper down below her breasts and more and more skin was exposed. When her nipples came into view, he lost his patience and rapidly zipped the rest of the way down. Then he opened her top up wide, leaving her effectively topless again. Both his hands and his mouth started to close in on her nipples.

But Hillary coughed. "Um, don't forget your girlfriend."

He turned around and faced Maggie. He smiled from ear to ear.

She'd just finished undoing all the buttons to her blouse, but she let him pull her blouse wide open. Then she used her upper arms to push her tits together, creating an enticing line of cleavage.

"Damn!" he exclaimed. "I'm the luckiest kid in the world!"

Hillary was the only one touching his hard-on at the moment, because Maggie had needed her hands to work her buttons. As Hillary started to slide her fingers up and down his shaft, she said, "And one reason I like you so much, Nick, is because you're not just a handsome face and a big, thick cock. Although you certainly are that."

She giggled as she saw and felt Maggie's hand join hers around his shaft.

The two women smiled at each other as they got busy stroking him in perfect synchrony. Maggie went one step further and held his balls with her other hand, since Hillary had let go of them.

Hillary smiled at that, while she continued to talk to Nick. "You've got a brain, and you know how to use it. I really like that. I appreciate what you say about wanting a smart, liberated woman, because I know you mean it. Don't worry about not talking much tonight though. Maggie and I are working pretty hard to keep you distracted. Aren't we?"

"MMMM!" Maggie agreed, just as she bent forward and kissed Nick on his lips. At the same time, she rubbed his sweet spot just under his cockhead, while Hillary stroked the many less sensitive inches of his shaft underneath.

The three of them fell into a routine, which was pretty much the same as before. Nick took turns kissing Maggie and Hillary, and his hands also roamed freely over both of them (except for their pussies, since he considered that area off limits). He tried to touch them both at the same time as much as possible, although that was difficult at times since they were sitting on either side of him.

He mostly played with their big tits, since they were easy to reach (and he loved doing that so very much!). The only problem was that Maggie loved it when he twisted her nipples whereas Hillary didn't like that at all and much preferred more gentle fondling focused on her sensitive undersides. Sometimes, he got them confused, especially since their boobs were nearly the exact same shape and size, with Hillary's being just a little bit larger. But that wasn't a big problem since they were quick to correct him.

Meanwhile, the two women continued jacking him off. At first, they were diligent in swapping hand positions every time Nick switched who he was kissing. But, as Hillary had noted, there was more than enough cock and balls for the both of them, and before long they shared stroking duties in a more organic fashion, like they've been doing before Maggie's bathroom excursion.

There also was a fair amount of sensual hand touching between the two women. So far, Hillary lusted after Maggie, but she had tried not to show any overt sign of that because she didn't have any reason to believe Maggie had any bisexual tendencies. And truthfully, she was excited enough exploring her new relationship with Nick and had no immediate plans to test Maggie. Furthermore, Anushka had allowed her to have fun with Nick, but she would have been upset if Hillary fooled around with another woman.

However, thanks to the several instances of tit-rubbing earlier in the evening, Hillary was convinced that Maggie could be "bent" from her totally straight ways. She wasn't sure how much, and she knew she had to take things carefully, step by step, but she was very encouraged. She also figured she had to go slow so she'd have time to figure out what to do about the Anushka factor in all of that.

All that tit-rubbing had changed how both women interacted with each other, though it was mostly a subconscious change rather than intentional behavior. With both women attempting to stroke the same seven-inch pole in the same small space, their hands wound up on other hands quite frequently, much more than before the prolonged bathroom break. And both of them tended to gently caress the other's hands while waiting for their turns to stroke Nick.

There was nothing overtly erotic in such caresses, but it was the start to sharing their own special intimacy. Plus, more and more, they were warming up to their new status as his co-girlfriends, or even co-sluts. They both knew that it was just a matter of time before they would be rubbing their bare tits together, or French kissing each other, just to further arouse him, even if Hillary hadn't been bisexual.

Their hands got very sticky with pre-cum and cum. (Every now and then, Nick would squirt out a little bit of actual cum without climaxing.) The wetness slowly spread over all three of them, since the women's wet hands tended to touch other body parts. Nobody minded much, though. Their hands had been much cummier before they all cleaned up in the bathroom.

Both women kept their tops wide open in front, which meant that they were effectively naked from the waist up from Nick's point of view, but they still looked more or less clothed if anyone happened to look down their row, thanks to the darkness. However, as he did earlier, he pulled their tops down their shoulders, to help ensure they wouldn't get in the way, and also to make them that much more naked.

Of course, he had a strong urge to get both of them completely naked as much as possible, and they both knew it. But he had to bow to practical considerations. They could get away with a lot of outrageous behavior, so long as if anyone who looked down their row in the darkness got the impression that they were all clothed.

Maggie and Hillary were also both frustrated by their choices to wear long skirts. They could open their tops all the way in front without much risk, but to pull their skirts down or take them off altogether was quite another thing. That could spell disaster if there was a mad scramble for them to get fully dressed in a hurry. There also was the very understandable concern that movie theater seats might not be the most sanitary, especially those in the back row. So they didn't bunch their skirts up to expose their asses for Nick to play with either, even though they would have liked to.

However, both skirts were loose enough for Nick to be able to slide his hand in from the top. But he didn't do that much since they were generally sitting on their asses and he had to be careful not to expose their skin to the dubious seats.

Alternately, he could have stuck his hands down the front sides of their dresses to play with their pussies, especially since he knew neither of them were wearing panties anymore, but he still avoided that area. He figured it would upset Maggie if he touched her there. By contrast, he assumed Hillary would be okay with that sort of contact and even gladly welcome it. But he didn't want to do something to Hillary he couldn't do to his mother too, especially not right in front of her..

As a result, the focus remained on Nick's always hot and throbbing cock, plus the kissing and tit play. That was just fine with Nick. He was as happy as a kid in a candy store. The only major annoyance he faced was the limitations of the seating arrangement, and especially the unmovable arm rests between the seats. But that wasn't too much to complain about in the greater scheme of things.

He remembered in Hillary's phone sex fantasy last night, she'd mentioned the importance of choosing a movie theater that had movable arm rests. He was frustrated that he didn't actually select the place based on that. But he made a mental note for next time. It was a thrill just to consider there could be a next time.

Also, the women generally took it slow and easy on his boner, so he wouldn't cum quickly. They really were trying to keep him hard and happy for the entire duration of the movie, if at all possible.

After about 15 minutes of French kissing, handjob action, and general sexual fun, Hillary asked Nick in between kissing turns, "So. How are you liking the movie?"

"It's my favorite! I give it five stars! By the way, what's it called? What's it about? I have no idea."

They all quietly laughed at that. None of them even knew the title.

Hillary asked him with a sexy purr, "How are you liking your date? How do you like having two girlfriends?"

"Ohmigod! I'm loving it!" It wasn't a clever reply by any means, but it was heartfelt. He was flying high on lust.

She pressed, "How do you like having two busty girlfriends stroking your cock at the same time? Is that fun?" She looked down to his crotch with a knowing smirk. At the moment, she was making a repeated twisting motion over the top of his shaft. (Twisting, candy cane stripe moves were her favorite cock stroking style.)

He just nodded eagerly. After 15 minutes of being the target of a non-stop joint handjob attack, he was ready to blow his load, and he wasn't into talking. He wasn't kissing much anymore either, since he was mostly just gripping his armrests for dear life, struggling not to cum.

"Hey, my turn," Maggie said after Hillary had been stroking the top of Nick's cock for the last couple of minutes.

Hillary ceded control over most of his pole, but pointed out, "Maggie, in light of how upset you got earlier, maybe we should have a plan for when he cums. It's gonna happen soon. Maybe real soon. I can feel it."

Nick grunted in agreement. He was barely holding on.

"Good point," Maggie agreed.

But she was still torn. She didn't want to swallow his cum, as it was too embarrassing to do with Hillary watching, and it also violated her self-imposed limits. She didn't forget Hillary's comments that a good slut was wild, but at the same time knew how to stay in control.

However, she also didn't like the idea of letting Hillary swallow his load. She was feeling jealous, and didn't want Hillary sexually outdoing her. But to just have his cum fly anywhere wasn't a good option either. He'd cum into their hands earlier, but they were already too sticky and cummy as it was, so she only wanted that as a last resort.

She admitted, "Sorry, Hillary, I'm trying my best, but I can't become a good slut in a single night. I'm kind of shy about the whole oral sex in a public place thing."

Hillary replied, "I can understand that. What if we let him cum on our chests, then? I don't know about you, but I really like when that happens. I get off on letting a guy shoot his stuff all over me."

Maggie was reluctant, since she knew how much Nick loved to play with their racks, and he might be put off by his own cum. So she asked, "But what about the, uh... disposal problem?"

"Don't worry about it. I've got some napkins here somewhere, if need be." In fact Hillary didn't, but she figured she could clean up the mess one way or another. They didn't have a lot of time to figure things out, since his cock was practically rumbling like a volcano on the cusp of a violent eruption.

Maggie smiled widely, now that her main objection was solved. "I like that! That could work. The only problem is, who? He can't do both of us at once." That was true, since they were sitting on either side of him.

Nick grunted, "You two need to decide fast: one of you or the other, or stop jacking me off so much!"

Hillary ignored that, and pointed out, "Not necessarily. One of us could move to the other side, temporarily."

"Okay, let's do it," Maggie agreed. "And fast, because he's gonna blow!"

Again, Nick couldn't believe his great luck. He watched Hillary get up and slip past him, and then press her body tightly against his mother's. Both women were pretty much sitting in the same seat, barely squeezing into the limited space. Soon, the four biggest and most perfectly shaped tits he'd seen in his life were lined up in a row, side by side, all tightly pressing into each other.

He was left having to jack himself off, but it wasn't like he'd have trouble cumming, not with the mind-boggling sight in front of him. Again, reality far exceeded even his wildest fantasies. He'd pictured this in his mind many times, but to see it live and in the flesh actually made him dizzy. He felt like his heart was pounding so hard that he'd have to shout to be heard.

Hillary said, "Come on, kiddo! Hurry up and do it! If this isn't enough visual stimulation for you, then you're dead!"

She loved the fact that she could snuggle up to Maggie with their soft tits pressing together and an arm around her. She had high hopes they could become lovers someday soon, because sharing Nick like this would put them in many similar intimate positions like this, and at highly arousing times.

Maggie added, "Cum on our big tits! Paint me! Paint us! You can even paint our faces, if you want!"

"I want!" he grunted as he felt his balls tighten. He clenched his teeth like he was biting a bullet, but he kept his eyes open because he didn't want to miss a thing.

His cum shot out like a rocket. The first rope landed right on the "cleavage" created by one of Maggie's tits mashing against one of Hillary's. But he immediately redirected his aim towards the center of Maggie's chest, and let a couple more ropes fly. Then he did the same to Hillary. After that, he kept going back and forth until his balls felt like they were completely drained dry.

He did shoot some towards their faces, but not very much, since he figured the prospect of oral sex was what had set Maggie crying last time and he didn't want her to suddenly burst into tears because he'd done something wrong again. He figured he could get away with a little as an "accident."

As soon as he was done, Hillary twisted a bit in her cramped space between Maggie and the next row of seats, so she could face Maggie more directly. She still wanted to be careful about getting physical with Maggie, but she got such a thrill from their tits pressing together, and then getting creamed on together, that she threw caution to the wind and suggested to Maggie, "I think we'd be remiss in this situation not to kiss each other and rub our spermy tits together, don't you think?"

Maggie didn't answer. Hillary's luscious red lips were drawing nearer, and that was all she could see. She found herself feeling strangely compelled to kiss them. But still, she was reluctant, and she didn't meet her halfway or even open her mouth.

Seeing that Maggie needed more convincing, Hillary added, "We need to get his cock hard again, don't we?"

Maggie thought, Yes, we do! I've gotta do this... for Nick! He's gonna love it!

She felt her own lips opening up, and then Hillary's lips sliding onto hers. It was such an electric and exciting thing that it felt just like a jolt of real electricity shooting through her.

Hillary though, could tell that she was pushing Maggie's comfort zone in a big way. Like Nick, she feared she would ruin the mood by being too aggressive. So she let their lips meet, and they did gently kiss, but she pulled back after just a couple of seconds, before there'd been a chance for any real tongue action.

Instead, she decided to save her more aggressive behavior for titty play. She figured Maggie would have a lot less of an issue with that. She cupped her immense cum-drenched orbs and began ostentatiously sliding them against Maggie's.

Maggie was surprised at how disappointed she felt not to be able to kiss Hillary more passionately. But she quickly recovered, and cupped her cummy tits too. She angled her body a bit, to make sure Nick had a good show of their tits sliding, lubed up by his cum.

Both Maggie and Hillary were in their own sexual heavens. It was no surprise that Hillary loved doing this sort of thing: she rubbed her bare tits against Anushka's pretty much every time they met, and quite a lot. But knowing that the "lube" they were using was Nick's cum took her arousal to an even higher level than what she enjoyed with Anushka. And thinking that she was "bending" the straight Maggie was an additional thrill.

But the big surprise was that Maggie enjoyed it a great deal too. She knew that on some level it was a lesbian activity. But that didn't bother her much, because it could be argued they were doing it mostly for Nick's benefit. She was certain they would have done the exact same thing even if Hillary was completely straight, since they both knew how tit-focused he was, and they both loved making all his titty fantasies come true.

Like Hillary though, the fact that it was Nick's cum causing their tits to effortlessly slide against each other sent her delight soaring to the moon. On a pure physical level, the lubrication made the rubbing a sheer delight. But on a mental level, it was such a depraved and wanton act in her mind that she was nearly delirious with arousal. She could have cum at any second if she just let it happen, but she held back.

She felt incredibly tempted to French kiss Hillary, and do it a lot. The tit-rubbing meant they were face to face with their heads close to each other. There wasn't much else for them to do but stare into each other's eyes with their entire bodies burning with lusty desire. And Hillary's face was so heartbreakingly gorgeous...

However, the fact that Hillary was bisexual held her back. Like before, she was scared to encourage Hillary to think she had a chance to seduce her - not realizing that was already happening in a big way, as their mutually joyous tit-rubbing was one major clue.

Hillary felt a similar pull to make out. It took all her willpower to resist. But she had an idea that could serve as opening a door to doing that eventually. She said to Maggie, "You know, you have some streaks of cum here and there on your face."

"You do too," Maggie pointed out.

"Is it okay if I lick it up? I don't know if you've noticed, but his cum actually tastes pretty good!"

"I know. It does," Maggie replied.

That was a nice surprise for Nick to hear. He had no idea what his cum tasted like,

Hillary bashfully asked, "Well... can I, then? I've never been in a threesome with another girl before, but I've licked cum off my own skin and it tastes extra good that way."

"Well... okay!" Maggie couldn't resist going the "slutty" route yet again. She really was letting her libido take over, and she was loving every minute of it.

The two total knockouts brought their faces much closer and started licking each other's cheeks clean. Neither of them should have been surprised, but they enjoyed that even more. They kept their cummy tit-rubbing going, while adding the joy of consuming Nick's tasty cum to that. And licking each other's faces was intimate, almost more than kissing.

Nick watched like he was trying to memorize every last second for the rest of his life. He thought, Thank my fucking lucky stars that I managed to shoot some cum all the way up to their faces! What a bonus! Good grief!

Man alive! Having two bombshell beauties as co-girlfriends is going to be so intense! Anytime we get together, the sexual pleasure is going to be multiplied many times over, thanks to moments like this! Jeeeesus! I just hope I can hang on for the ride of my life, and prove to be worthy of them!

I still feel like such a fraud, like I shouldn't be there. But I am. I made this happen with my scheme and twin obsessions and everything else. I need to man up and rise to the occasion! Every time!

After a couple of minutes, nearly all of Nick's cum ended up smeared into Maggie's skin or Hillary's skin. They got so into it that they used their tits like sponges, sliding them all over each other until all the cum was soaked up.

Around the same time, the last of his cum on their faces got licked up. They went very slowly with that, savoring each cum gob, because there wasn't that much there in the first place, since the vast majority of his load wound up on their great racks. But even their slow approach had to run out of cum eventually.

With the massive melons still pressed together, Maggie asked Nick, "So, Sport, how do you like the titty show?" She looked over at him to get his reaction, and especially to see if he'd gotten erect again yet.

She was back to being "insanely horny." She hoped that, soon after he was fully engorged, she could prove to Hillary just how brave she was by being the first to suggest that they try taking turns bobbing on his fat cock. That had been her growing obsession all week, and she felt she was ready to do it in real life. She knew this would turn Hillary's phone sex fantasy into reality, which delighted her to no end.

In looking Nick's way, she happened to see beyond him as well, and saw a strange man standing frozen in the aisle at the end of their row and staring right at her. Or, more likely, he was staring right at where her big tits met Hillary's - it was too dark to see any more than to realize he was staring in their general direction.

In a flash, everything changed. She practically had a panic attack. She tried her best to duck down (which she really couldn't do since Hillary was plastered all over her), and hissed, "Quick! Hide! Somebody's watching us!"

Hillary moved fast, both ducking lower and covering her top over her huge, cum-covered tits as best she could. That enabled Maggie to do the same.

Nick also acted quickly and cleverly. Realizing the stranger was behind him due to the way Maggie stared in horror over his shoulder, he sat up much higher and held his arms loosely near his sides, trying to block as much of the view as he could. Since both Maggie and Hillary were sitting on the same side of him now, he could be a "wall" between them and the stranger. He didn't dare turn around though, since his penis was still hanging out. At least it was flaccid for once, so it didn't stick up in an obvious manner.

Luckily, it seemed the stranger was as embarrassed to be discovered as they were. The man quickly walked on and disappeared into the darkness, apparently returning to his seat closer to the movie screen.

Maggie noticed the stranger move on, but she remained very upset and panicky just the same. Her heart pounded wildly, and she had to suppress the urge to immediately flee. She hissed, "That was too close! Let's get out of here right away, before he calls the police or something!"

It was clear that the magical mood between them had been broken. None of them argued they should stay.

The three of them immediately began zipping and buttoning up. But while the idea of having Nick cum all over them had seemed like a good idea a short time ago, now it seemed like a terrible one. The cum was seemingly everywhere, and they couldn't see it all in the darkness.

Maggie was relieved the stranger had moved on, but she was still in a frantic state. "Shit, shit, shit! What are we gonna do?! My face! Oh God, my face!" Even though there was effectively no cum left on her face after Hillary licked it clean, that's what bothered her the most. She couldn't confirm how she looked without a mirror, and she didn't have one.

She asked Hillary, "What happened to those napkins of yours?"

Hillary was alarmed as well, but calmer overall. Since she'd never had the napkins in the first place, she said, "Um, I think they just fell to the floor in the panic. They'll be icky now. But don't worry! I licked it all clean already."

"Are you SURE?!" Maggie asked. "I don't want any traces left at all!"

Despite the drastic crashing of the erotic mood, Hillary couldn't miss this opportunity. Even though she was sitting in a very awkward position, kneeling with her skirt on the sticky floor, she leaned forward until her face was right up at Maggie's. "Well, there might be a little left. And there are some areas that have kind of a pearly glaze."

That latter part was true, at least.

"Then please lick it all up!" Maggie said in her panicky voice.

Hillary leaned in and started licking. She knew there wasn't really a cum problem with Maggie's face, but she figured that if she took her time licking it would help Maggie calm down some. Plus, it was fun.

Maggie asked, "And what about my breasts?! Or yours?! So much more cum went there!"

Indeed, that was more of a problem. Although all the tit-rubbing caused nearly all the cum to get smeared in, there were some streaks left in Maggie's deep cleavage, and Hillary's too.

Hillary knew that, so she said, "Nick, this is where you can help. Our tits are pretty clean except for our cleavage. I know you'd find it icky to lick your own cum, but you could smear that into our skin with your hand."

Although Nick's penis was flaccid, he wasn't that scared anymore. He figured the stranger was long gone, and he was only leaving in deference to what the women wanted. He gladly welcomed the chance for any sort of tit contact. So he said, "I can do that."

He spent the next couple of minutes rubbing his cum into Maggie's skin, and then he did the same to Hillary. He noticed some stray cum streaks here and there, for instance a long one near Hillary's left shoulder, so he rubbed those in as well. While he did that, he enjoyed watching Hillary lick up his cum off Maggie's face. (Or at least that's what it looked like was happening.)

Unfortunately, it wasn't really an erotic situation anymore. Hillary even muttered to Maggie at one point, "Tastes good. I hope we can do this again under different circumstances."

When Hillary finished, Maggie checked Hillary's face, but she didn't see any cum left. That was no surprise, since she'd licked it clean earlier. So she declared that Hillary was okay.

Nick had little trouble getting presentable, since there wasn't much cum on him, and that was just the relatively unnoticeable result of sticky fingers touching him here and there. All he really had to do was zip up the fly of his pants.

However, all the cleaning efforts of all three of them could only do so much. They had gotten increasingly cummy, with cummy hands touching bare skin and spreading the mess around. Furthermore, they were slightly sweaty and each of their crotches were very cummy. In short, they were still a mess.

Both women hastily zipped or buttoned up, but they worried they looked ragged and tussled, they smelled like sex, and they had a "freshly fucked" look as well, despite not getting fucked. They worried about stray cum gobs or streaked that had been missed in the darkness as well.

That left them excited and worried. As Maggie ran her hands all over her exposed skin to double check nothing obvious had been left on her, she urgently whispered, "Let's get out of here like bats out of hell! Move fast past people before they get a chance to look at us or smell us!"

The others didn't need to be told twice.

Luckily though, Nick remembered there was a back way out of the theater complex they could use so they didn't have to go through the well-lit lobby they'd originally entered. They were able to sneak away in the darkness and through the parking lot without really running into anybody.

Maggie though, didn't begin to breathe easy until she was sitting in the car. She plopped herself in the back passenger seat and let Nick drive, both because she was too frazzled to drive and because she wanted to hide in back.

Hillary sat in front because she wanted to stay close to Nick. Her lusty desire for him was growing stronger all the time, increasing other positive feelings for him too. She could even start to feel that she was falling in love with him.

Once the three of them were sitting in the car, Maggie complained, "That was too close! Too scary! I'm not cut out for that kind of thing!"

Nick tried to ease her worried mind. "Come on, Ma-aaggie, it's not that bad." (Again, he almost said "Ma.") "That guy was, what, a good 20 feet away, at least? And how much could he see in a dark theater? Not much, I'll bet. He probably was just looking for his seat."

Maggie griped, "That's easy for you to say. You didn't see him clearly. I did! His eyes were bugging out like some kind of overexcited comic book character. How could he NOT notice the way our bare breasts were obscenely mashing together?! And covered in cum! My God! I've never been so humiliated!" She was on the verge of crying.

But Hillary said, "Come on, Maggie, it's not that bad. Sure, that guy got the surprise of his life, but so what? He'll never know who you are, or who any of us are. We'll never see him again. If you think about it, he was so far away that there's no way he could have seen the cum. At best, he saw two dark blobs in the same seat, which raised his curiosity. I'll admit I was scared at the time, but we're totally safe now. What's the worst that could have happened to us?"

"Lots!" Maggie complained, not wanting to even think about worst-case scenarios.

Belatedly realizing that wasn't the best question to ask, Hillary let it drop. She said with forced joviality, "You know what? I'll bet we'll be laughing about that before long. I mean, it's kind of funny when you think about it."

"What's funny?" Maggie griped. "Just look at me! Smell me! I still feel like Nick's cum is all over me! He squirts gallons of it, every time, everywhere! It's rubbed into my skin and into my face! Since we've been walking, I've noticed a few streaks we missed dripping down my skin! I can even feel a little bit pooling in my belly button."

Hillary giggled at that detail.

Maggie could see the absurdity in that, and she couldn't help but giggle a little too. That helped lighten her mood. She thought gleefully, And to think that's my son's cum! If Hillary only knew. I've becoming such a flaming slut! Yet even now, I know that was the best time I've EVER had!

But still, she complained, "And the smell! The smell is everywhere! Nick, I feel like your cum has soaked into every last bit of me, from head to toe! So, please. Get us out of here fast. I need to go somewhere to clean up."

Nick was quite aroused by hearing about his cum covering her entire body. It made him feel like he'd marked her and claimed her as his own.

But he dutifully drove it out of the parking lot. He said, "I'm driving back to the Olive Garden, right? That's where we left Hillary's car."

"NO!" Maggie practically shouted. "I mean, er, yes. But, uh, after that..." She was freaking out about the prospect of coming home reeking of cum. What if Andy saw her? That was too disturbing to even think about. Thinking quickly, she said, "Hillary, this may sound kind of weird, but can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure," Hillary replied. "Anything."

"Can we follow you to your house, and then can I take a shower there? You know I live in back of Nick's place. I'm petrified his parents will see me like this. I know the odds are really low, but I'm freaking out about it just the same. I wouldn't know what to say! I'm not good at being a 'good slut' like you are!"

That comment was heavy with irony and meaning, since she was one of the parents she was supposed to be worried about! She tried hard not to think about that.

Hillary replied, "Of course you can. In fact, I'll give you some of my clothes to borrow, since we wear the same sizes, more or less. We'll have you coming home fresh as a daisy. And I can get you in and out of my house without my parents ever knowing. I've done that a lot with previous lovers."

That eased Maggie's mind quite a bit. She hadn't even thought about the problem of Hillary's parents, but she trusted Hillary on that one.

They were mostly silent in the car ride. They had a lot to think about, given all they had done during the date.

But there was one thing Nick just had to ask about. "Um, Hillary, can I ask you a question?"


"At dinner, you said that Anushka changed the rules about what she'll let you do with me. And that must be true, because you ended up stroking my penis as you did. Which was totally, unbelievably great, by the way. Thank you both! I'm such a lucky guy!"

Maggie snickered. "That you are." She had lost more of her erotic mood, but she was still riding a residual buzz so she also was far from reverting all the way back to Margaret mode just yet.

He continued, "So, now it can be told: what exactly did Anushka tell you that you can do?"

Hillary sighed. "It's still not that settled, unfortunately. She thinks you could be a 'flash-in-the-pan,' and that we should be going out longer before we should really get seriously intimate. And I can see her point about that. She wants to meet you, but I don't know if that'll make things better or worse, to be honest. So I'm kind of holding her at bay about that. But, after much nagging on my part, she agreed that I could play with your penis if 'I absolutely have to.' Whatever that means! So I'm confident that covers what we did tonight, because I was so very crazy horny that I absolutely 100 percent had to stroke the hell out of your cock! Like my life depended on it!" She laughed. "You know what I mean, Maggie?"

Maggie smiled as she fondly recalled what they'd done in the darkness of the movie theater. Guilt was starting to hit her, but it hadn't overwhelmed her, at least not yet. "Definitely! Have her call me as a witness if necessary. I'll be able to confirm it was a dire medical emergency for all three of us!"

Hillary laughed at that. She wasn't going to even think about having Maggie and Anushka talk on the phone, though, as she was trying to downplay Maggie in Anushka's eyes as much as possible, short of directly lying.

Hillary added, "Oh, and one more important thing: Anushka says you're not allowed to touch my pussy at all. Sorry about that."

"But I already did," he pointed out. "In the school bathroom, remember?"

"I know. But I tell her everything, and I told her about that already, and that led to her new rule."

"Damn!" He was thinking he should have done more while he had the chance.

"That's going to be a tricky issue. She says it's 'her' pussy, and she feels very possessive about it. But hey, I guess it's not that big of a hardship for you, since you can fuck Maggie to your heart's content."

He said, "Um, yeah."

But he thought, How bizarre! I'm developing this fabulous threesome sex life that already is way beyond the best I thought I could hope for. Yet both Ma AND Hillary have this thing where I can't touch their pussies at all!

Oh well. What can I do about that at this point? Nothing. I need to be patient. And I should be grateful for how much we can do together, so far. Besides, one bonus is this means my penis kind of becomes the center of attention. That certainly worked out great tonight!

Maggie also thought about the fact it was clear now that he couldn't touch either pussy of the two women he'd just done so much with. She felt bad about that, but she told herself that she had to stand her ground and not allow the behavior that could lead down a slippery slope to incestuous fucking.

She stayed silent, but she figured that if anyone should give ground on this, it should be Hillary. There was no incest complication there, and if Anushka was serious about allowing Hillary to have a boyfriend, as she had claimed she was, it wouldn't be realistic to keep that as a boyfriend who couldn't even touch certain parts of his girlfriend's body. That couldn't last. But she figured it was something Hillary and Anushka would have to work out, and she shouldn't try to meddle.

To Nick's dismay, when they got to Hillary's house, Maggie told him to stay in the car. He didn't understand why, and he pointed out that he could use a shower too, although his need for that wasn't nearly as great.

Maggie was forced to quietly admit to him, without Hillary hearing, that she was worried that sexual things would start up all over again.

When Nick pointed out that he was sure he could control himself, Maggie replied with a very quiet whisper, "Maybe you can. But I worry I won't be able to control myself. So just chill out and listen to the radio in the car, okay? I'm sorry. We'll be back in ten minutes, tops."

He ended up waiting more than half an hour instead of ten minutes. He contemplated masturbating, since he was still horny, and the more he thought about all that had happened, the more aroused he got.

Eventually, he got an erection again, and then a bad case of blue balls. But he ultimately decided it was much better if he could control himself and not masturbate, especially since Maggie and Hillary could return at any time. Plus, there was his tendency to "cum in twos." A downside to that was that he wouldn't feel very sexually satiated after just cumming once. He decided it was better not to get started at all.

When Maggie finally returned, she was alone.

Once she was in the car, he asked, "What took so long? And where's Hillary? We have to take her back to the Olive Garden to get her car back, remember?"

"Oh, that," Maggie said dismissively. "Don't worry. She said her parents would help her with that later."

"Well then, what took so long?"

Maggie looked away bashfully. "Sorry. Can't tell you. Girl stuff."

He sighed in frustration, thinking she must have some secret she didn't want him to know.

In fact, that had been no big secret revelations between Maggie and Hillary or anything like that. When Maggie entered Hillary's house, she had been feeling terribly guilty about the whole evening now that her erotic buzz had worn off nearly entirely. After taking her shower, she had talked to Hillary, hoping Hillary would give her a pep talk of sorts, and convince her that she had nothing to feel bad about. Hillary had done just that, with more pontificating about what it meant to be a "good slut," but Maggie had so many worries and doubts that Hillary couldn't completely put her mind at ease.

Maggie simply didn't want to talk to Nick about what she and Hillary had talked about because she didn't want to talk about anything. She just wanted to go back home and be "normal" again for a while.

Maggie reverted back to her "Margaret mode" even before they got home. And once they did get there, she wouldn't even give him a good night kiss. He was upset to realize that he'd never been given a chance to kiss or tell Hillary good-bye either, since Hillary had been busy trying to "smuggle" Maggie into her house at the time.

True, things had gone downhill rapidly ever since Maggie saw that stranger staring at her exposed chest. But still, all in all, Nick concluded the evening had been a great, great success.

He would have had no trouble at all if he had to do it all over again, even considering the danger of getting caught. The way he looked at it, he had two girlfriends now, who just happened to be the two most desirable "girls" in his entire high school. (Of course, Maggie wasn't really a girl and didn't go to that school, but she was becoming well known to that crowd.) Better still, his girlfriends were fine with sharing him in every way. It seemed that all his dreams were coming true!

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