Chapter 17: Weekend Regrets (Friday through Monday)
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After Maggie came home from the movie date, the night was still relatively young. They'd only "seen" about two-thirds of the movie, and even after spending time showering and talking at Hillary's place, it was about 9:30. Maggie wasn't tired in the slightest. She was still wired and agitated from the entire experience.

Her husband Andy was busy doing something on the computer though, and couldn't be bothered. As had become the norm in the past two years, they lived in the same house, but they rarely interacted except at meals. Maggie couldn't talk to Nick about what had happened, since she was supposed to be in her "Margaret mode" now. She was on her own.

Maggie checked her cell phone and found a message from her best friend Sally. Normally they hung out together every few days, but that had come to a complete stop due to her getting sexually intimate with her son. She hadn't even told Sally about her helping him out with his fake girlfriend scheme, because she thought Sally would tease her about it.

Maggie thought, God, I feel so bad. She's left me a couple other messages lately, and an e-mail, and I've blown them all off. I did e-mail her about a week ago claiming I had a cold, but how long can I ride that bullshit excuse?

The thing is, what the hell can I say to her?! I certainly can't tell her the truth. She'd totally freak out! And I worry that she knows me so well that she'll be able to read my face like a book. Things are really in flux. Hopefully they'll settle down soon, and then I'll be able to calmly communicate with her without feeling like "INCEST" is stamped on my forehead.

She tried to watch TV in the living room, but she paid about as much attention to it as she'd paid to the movie in the theater - in other words, next to none. She kept thinking about all the wild and crazy things she'd taken part in on the movie date. Almost any memory of what happened made her hopelessly horny. In particular, she kept thinking about Nick shooting his cum all over her chest and face and all over Hillary's chest and face at the same time. That led her to recall how Hillary had given her a brief, but oh-so-tantalizing kiss on her lips, and then the way they'd rubbed their impressive racks together, with her son's cum acting as ample lubrication.

It was like her pussy had been set on fire. She couldn't just sit still on the couch pretending to watch TV. She writhed and shifted about, trying to ignore the burning need between her legs, but her frustration only grew.

Yet she tried her damnedest to ignore her horny body, because she felt upset and thoroughly rattled by the date. She thought, I wish I could get angry at Nick, because then I'd have someone to blame. But he certainly hadn't been pushy. He'd even expressed willingness to stop the entire fake girlfriend scheme when I'd had my crying spell. Sure, he was horny and aggressive, but he's a horny teenage boy on a date with two busty bombshells, if I can call myself one for a minute. What boy in his shoes wouldn't act as he did?

No, I can only get angry at myself. The problem is that I feel I have to stop being Nick's girlfriend, since the whole thing was spiraling out of control. For instance, I had all kinds of crazy ideas in my mind to suck his cock, and it was only some lucky interruptions that prevented that from happening. I'm sure Hillary would have gone along with it.

But although I know I'm sliding down a dangerous slope, I love it all too much to actually stop. In fact, it seems the "worse" things get in terms of sexual debauchery, the more I love it! I definitely have some kind of weird incest fetish. There isn't any other family member of a desirable age and appearance, thank God, but whenever I think of Nick these days, I get too horny! And then I think about the fact that he's my son, and instead of feeling chastened, that doubles my arousal! It's fucked up!

Even as I sit here lamenting all this, I'm getting too fucking horny! Something is definitely wrong with me. I need a new life. I'm stagnating here. I need to get the hell away from here and do something totally different. But I can't abandon Nick. He still needs a mother!

She gave up and went to bed naked. She was glad that Andy slept in his own bedroom downstairs, so he wouldn't interrupt her masturbation session. She pulled her blankets up to her neck, as she usually did when masturbating. But then, feeling wicked, she pulled them back down, to the bottom of her tummy.

She smiled. That's how Nick would like it. If he were here right now, lying on top of me, that's how he'd have it for sure. His hands would be twisting my nipples already. Gaawwwd, I love that! He might even be kissing every inch of my "big tits," as he loves to call 'em. I love that too! It was like he was worshiping them with his lips and tongue. And then when he suckled on my nipples... OH! Heaven!

She giggled. Damn. My nipples are going to be red and sore tomorrow. But it was worth it!

Her fingers started pumping in and out of her pussy. But best of all is his cock! His wonderful, always-hard cock! If he were on top of me right now, he'd be grinding it into my tummy! In fact, all these blankets and sheets just get in the way. She kicked the sheets down lower, until she exposed her pussy and her busy fingers.

He'd be naked on top of me, grinding and grinding his fat fuck stick into me! He wouldn't take no for an answer either. Where did that shy boy I love so much go? He's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but I love it!

She sighed longingly. I wonder what would have happened if that horrible stranger hadn't interrupted us. We could have gone the ENTIRE MOVIE just playing with his cock! We'll have to do that next time. Mmmm, yeah! With Hillary and I covered in cum, wearing any clothes would have been silly. Nick would just get them messy with his next spermy load! Or the one after that! Hillary and I would pretty much have been obliged to take ALL our clothes off! Not like I wasn't almost there anyway. No bra, no panties, and my breasts completely exposed for his eager hands... Gaawwwd! Such hands!

She stopped frigging her pussy for the moment so she could maul her breasts with both hands, Nick-style. That's it, Nick! I've taken off ALL of my clothes for you! So has Hillary! Now you have two totally naked SLUTS, ready to serve you! Right here in the middle of the movie theater! What's that you say? You want us to suck your cock? But we can't! We're in a public place! People will see! What's that, you're gonna make me? Make both of your sluts do it, together? You're so mean! But your cock is so fat and delicious and magnificent, how can I say no? Let Ma and Hillary take turns licking your knob, and then you can blast even more sperm all over our faces!

As she resumed frigging her pussy, Maggie pretended to talk to Hillary. What's that? You're shocked that I'm his mother? But I AM! And I don't care! How can I resist him? You want a good slut? I'll be a god-damned GREAT slut! Here, Hillary, let's take turns sucking his cock before the whole theater notices our sexy, nude bodies!

Maggie brought a hand to her face. Clumping her fingers together, she tried to pretend that was Nick's dick. It wasn't good enough though, especially since she had a variety of sex toys in her room (all bought after Andy had his accident). She got up and found the dildo that most closely matched the thickness and length of Nick's hard-on, although none could quite match his thickness, remarkably enough. Then she started plunging it in and out of her mouth while she fingered her pussy to orgasm.

But that was just the start of her masturbatory session. The lusty fire in her pussy just wouldn't be quenched. She brought herself off several times, but never really felt satisfied.

Eventually, she found herself thinking, What have I got to do?! I need Nick's help. He's sleeping just down the hall. I could go into his room right now, this very minute, and wake him up! "Sport! Baby, I've got bad news. Ma can't get to sleep. I need your cock! Your big fat cock! I need to cram it down my throat! I need to feel it sliding between my lips! I want to run my tongue all over it! Every inch! Fuck my face! Son! Son! I need you to fuck my face with your fuckin' big fuckin' COCK! Then I want you to spray my face with cum! Drown me in your seed!"

Her fingers were a blur on her pussy, while her other hand rammed the dildo deeper and deeper into her mouth, until she was flirting with gagging at every stroke.

"But that's not all! Nick baby, it's not enough! Ma's never gonna get to sleep with just that! My pussy is on fire. God knows I need you to cake my face with your cum, and Hillary's face too! Yes! Cover us both with your spunk! But that will only make the problem worse. It's my pussy! My cunt! It's hot! Too hot! Hot, hot, hot! Fire! It's burning up! And the only thing that'll cool it down is still MORE of your cum! I'd ask you to lick me down there, but even that won't do it. I need your CUM! Inject it in me directly! Quench the fire with your creamy seed! In other words, FUCK ME! Fuck your mommy! God dammit, you motherfucker, fuck your mother!"

By this time, her whole body was writhing like she was having an epileptic seizure. Her massive globes wobbled around on her chest, and she kicked her legs into the air. She brought the dildo from her mouth and slid it deeply into her slit with one fell swoop. "AAAAAIIIIEEE! That's it! Look what you did, Nick! You're fucking me! Fuck me deep!"

Maggie came hard. It was explosive, prolonged, and desperately needed. She'd gone over two years without having orgasms like this. For two years, she'd basically lived a sexless life, but her body craved sex now in a big way.

Even after that powerful orgasm, she didn't stop. She continued jamming the dildo in and out of herself until her hands got tired. She lost track of how many times she climaxed. All she could fantasize about was Nick, although oftentimes Hillary was in the picture too. She eventually fell asleep with the dildo still in her.

Reality and regret hit her like a bad hangover when she woke up the next morning. Her erotic mood was long gone, and she literally couldn't believe what she'd taken part in the day before. Her long, wild masturbatory session only doubled her concern that she was spinning out of control. She immediately pulled the dildo out and went to the bathroom to clean herself up and shower.

She set the water to be extra cold, to help shake off any lingering lusts. As she soaped up her voluptuous body, she thought, This has to stop. Period. Not the dating, mind you. I wish it was that easy, but I seem to be going through some phase where I need it too much. I can't stop living my double life as one of my son's two girlfriends! I just can't!

No, what I mean is that, at the very least, I have to reestablish the firewall around the house! I can only be "Margaret" at home, not "Maggie." And Margaret doesn't masturbate for two or three hours, thinking about her son.

And the things I was thinking while I pounded myself with that dildo. UGH! Wrong, wrong, wrong! A little kissing, cuddling, and even fondling. Okay. There's nothing wrong in doing that with Nick, is there? No. And even some penis, er, stroking. After all, if I get him all worked up, I've got to take care of that, right? Of course. It's only fair.

Hell, I suppose even dreaming about sucking his cock is okay. I'm soooo bummed that I didn't get to do that last night! I had my chances, too. My mouth was less than an inch from his horse cock at one point even, only he didn't cum! DAMN! And if Hillary and I could get it the habit of stroking, licking, and sucking him together, we could have such a great time! We could spend hours and hours pleasuring his cock, and having endless orgasms ourselves! Oh, and titfucking! Can't forget the titfucking! GAAAWWWD! That would be so fucking HOT! With our combined tit power? Lying naked in Hillary's room, working on his cock as one, our faces constantly soaked in his creamy, spermy seed...

Wait. Where was I? I was objecting to something. Oh yeah.

That's all allowable daydream material. But fucking?! That line of thinking stops now! Not only can we not do it, ever, I can't even allow myself to THINK it, ever! It's like Hillary said: there's nothing wrong with being a good slut, but that means having some restraint. A good slut is just another name for a sexually liberated and sexually vibrant woman. But a bad slut has no control at all. That's not me!

She was sorely tempted to at least go without a bra for the day, in order to experience a little thrill. But she reminded herself that "Margaret" would never do that, and she had to be in "Margaret mode" until she drove Nick to school on Tuesday. Driving him to school and back on Tuesdays and Thursdays, plus whatever weekend dates I need to go to over the weekend that'll help him win Hillary - that's it. That's Maggie's life. The rest of the time, 95 plus percent of the time, I'm Margaret.

It sucks. And speaking of sucking, that doesn't give me much time to enjoy his cock at all. But that's how it has to be. Maybe less will be more, making our rare times together as lovers that much more passionate. I can't allow "Maggie" to take over my entire life!

She was also tempted to dress up like an Eskimo in a snowstorm, just to make sure her libido stayed in control around her son, but that wasn't something "Margaret" normally did either. She put on what was a very typical and frequently worn outfit, including a bra and pair of panties.

Once she got in the right mental state, she was able to be "normal" around Nick, even though he kept giving her lusty looks. (He wasn't trying to start anything, but he couldn't look at her in a non-lusty way after what had happened the night before, not to mention on Tuesday. He also couldn't stop smiling because he was so very happy all the time.)

Since it was Saturday, she had to be with her son more than usual, starting with breakfast. But at least Andy was eating with them too. She had no trouble at all acting like she was supposed to whenever Andy was there.

Several hours later, she sent Nick to the backyard to do some gardening. In addition to really needing the gardening work done, this was a good opportunity for her to talk to him frankly about things without having to worry about Andy. Due to Andy's injured legs, the garden might as well have been the moon. Plus, she figured that put them outside the "firewall" of the house walls, so she could talk to him about "Maggie stuff" there.

She walked out to Nick, bringing him a drink. In truth, he didn't really need it since he'd only started gardening, but she wanted to talk to him before he got all hot and sweaty. She worried she might be overwhelmed by his pheromones otherwise. And while he wasn't particularly muscular, she didn't want to tempt herself if he got so hot he had to take his shirt off. Through her new rose-colored glasses caused by her raging lust for him, his ordinary body looked like beefcake.

She stood next to him and said, "Sport, I need to talk to you."

He could tell from her voice that something was up. He put his clippers down and stood up. "Talk? As 'Maggie' or 'Margaret?'"

"Neither. Both. ... What I mean is, talk on neutral ground. Just a pure exchange of facts."

"Okay, fine. What's up?"

"Hillary said to us yesterday that the party we were supposed to go to then might happen today instead. I've been thinking about that a lot all morning. Have you heard any more about that?"

"Yes I have," he replied. "I talked to her on the phone a while ago. I didn't know how to bring it up to you, though. It's not something I could discuss with Margaret. How does something like that work?"

"Like what we're doing now. If you have something purely informational that Maggie needs to know, meet me in the garden on some excuse or another. I'm only Margaret inside the house, but consider this kind of a neutral area. I'm not Maggie here, and you certainly can't touch me! Remember Andy could see us from the house. But we can talk freely."

"Okay. That's good. And yeah, the party's gonna happen tonight. Hillary wants both of us to come. Isn't that great?!"

Maggie winced. She really, really wanted to go. She had no interest in the party per se, but she loved the sexual fun she'd had in her "Maggie mode." However, she said, "Sorry, but you have to tell her I can't go. Last night was more than enough craziness for me for a good, long while. When I think about the things we did..."

She started to get aroused as she gazed off into space, but she quickly snapped back.

His heart sank.

She continued, "Anyway, speaking of that, I've got a lot of problems over what happened. I don't mind being your date from time to time, since you've explained how necessary it is to help you with Hillary, for a variety of valid reasons. But please, no more of THAT anymore! Do you understand?"

He nodded, even though he had no idea what "THAT" referred to exactly. He had the feeling that she didn't know either, and that it was better if he didn't get her to specify. Instead, he said, "But Hillary's really excited about seeing us at the party. She said-"

Maggie cut him off. "I don't care what she said. It's not happening. Period. But you're free to go with her all you want. You don't need me."

He frowned. "That wouldn't be right. I DO need you! You're supposed to be my girlfriend. If you're there, then everything's great. We can kiss and stuff, and really convince lots of key people that you're my girlfriend. But if you're not there, nothing's gonna happen. Hillary doesn't want to be seen as stealing me away from you behind your back."

"After last night, why should she worry about that?" Maggie asked.

"She's even MORE sensitive about that, due to what happened last night! The more serious she and I get, the more she gets concerned you're going to think she's trying to steal you away from her. We were talking about that on the phone earlier." (That was true, they were.)

He went on, "Remember, she doesn't know you're my mother! Without that key piece of information, your willingness to share me seems improbable and damn near unbelievable. Nobody is that cool about sharing, ever. She's going to need a lot of hand-holding until she's convinced. You have to be there and give approval before she'd even say 'boo.'"

Maggie grimaced. That argument sounded very convincing to her, especially since she wanted to be persuaded that she was "forced" to continue as his girlfriend.

He added, "Besides, I'm not even half as confident when you're not there. You have no idea how much my confidence soars when I have your hand in mine. It's magical!"

It sure is! she thought warmly. I wish I could go, Son, I really do! We could sneak away, maybe... the three of us... Find some private room, take all our clothes off... You'd have a bad case of blue balls by then. We could help out, so much!

She licked her lips and salivated, thinking mainly of helping him with her mouth.

But sometimes being a good parent means saying no. Especially after my masturbatory fantasies late last night, I need to have a cooling off period. I was thinking about getting fucked by you, Son! If I could only tell you, surely even you would agree that's wrong!

He continued, "It's like, everyone is amazed that you're with me. Everybody stares at your beauty, and then they look at me and wonder who the heck I am. They all think, 'Boy, he must be something special. He has to be, to be with her.' And then I feel super special! I could walk on air! That makes me so confident that I could take on the whole world! And that gives me all sorts of sexual energy, allowing me to seriously wow Hillary!"

She smiled. You "wow" me too, Son! More than you could possibly imagine!

But her rather ordinary smile didn't begin to show how very happy she was about that reply. She'd been afraid to suggest that he go alone, for fear that he'd take her up on it. She'd felt obliged to say that, but she was secretly jubilant he rejected the idea so firmly, and with such good reasons. That made it easier for her to justify to herself having to go with him to future social events that Hillary took part in.

Having made that effort at being a good, responsible mother, she eagerly agreed. "Well, that's all true. I can see what you mean about the confidence issue too. And we haven't even talked about the whole Anushka problem, and how me being your girlfriend helps with that. I suppose I'll have to go along with this fake girlfriend craziness for a while more."

She tried to frown and act annoyed, but inside she was leaping with joy. She continued more honestly, "However, I really need time to recover from last night. We both do. So, no party for us tonight."

"Awww, Ma," Nick groused.

"Hey, them's the breaks," she replied. "One date a week with your old mother is plenty. Besides, you've still got me driving you to school twice a week, so buck up."

His eyes lit up. "Does that mean we can go to a party or something like that next week? The three of us?"

"I suppose so," Maggie said, trying hard to sound reluctant. It was a struggle to hide her excitement though, and she doubted she'd successfully pulled it off. She tried to sound tough and motherly. "Maybe. Maaaaybe. If you behave yourself until then."

In truth, Nick could see the fire and excitement in her eyes. But he knew not to let on. Still, he could only contain himself so much. He gushed, "Awesome! I can't wait already!"

Maggie turned away, and looked back at the house. That was the only thing she could think of to keep hiding how thrilled she felt. Not to mention, her nipples had suddenly popped erect, and she definitely didn't want him to see that.

As she started to walk back towards the house, she said, "I suppose you should call Hillary and let her know what's going on. Please say hi to her for me too, and give her my apologies. Make up some excuse about how we're too busy. That'll help with the playing hard to get angle, as a bonus."

"Okay! I will! Thanks, Ma, you're the best!" He zoomed past her as he ran back to the house to make the call.

She grinned at his youthful exuberance. I'm "the best," he says, but the best at what? I'll bet he just can't wait to get his hands on my big breasts, so he can twist my nipples and get me so horny that I'll do anything. Even stroke his cock. Even suck... No! I can't go there! Not now. I'm not "Maggie."

I'm going to march right back in the house and see if Andy wants some kind of snack, just like a real wife would. I know our marriage is dead forever, but if I stick near Andy today, that'll force my body to calm down and not daydream so much. I think I'm STILL riding some kind of erotic high from last night.

For the rest of the day, Maggie more or less successfully willed herself to behave. It was true that she had some incestuous daydreams, especially cocksucking focused ones. But after what happened at the movie theater, she knew that couldn't be entirely helped. She was proud that she didn't let herself masturbate about any of that, not even once.

Furthermore, she acted completely normally around Nick, and she didn't even get visibly aroused by his presence. She realized that she could control her moods if she put enough willpower into the effort.

That evening, she started to read a gripping murder mystery novel she'd been saving for a rainy day. That kept her attention so much that she actually continued not to masturbate at all, even when it came time to go to bed.

But unfortunately for all her stringent efforts, she hadn't eliminated her sexual feelings, she'd just repressed them. When she fell asleep that night, she had nothing but erotic, incestuous dreams, each one more outrageous and arousing than the last.

In some dreams, there was no real plot, just Nick lying on top of her and fucking her pussy, seemingly forever. In another dream, he was endlessly fucking her tits. In yet another, she and Hillary were back in the movie theater, in an alternate reality where they spent nearly the entire movie slurping on his cock, just as in Hillary's phone sex fantasy. That was her favorite dream of the night, even though it had no plot whatsoever other than a seemingly endless amount of cock licking and sucking by her and Hillary.

But her more disturbing and arousing dreams had plots. In one, she woke up in her bed only to find Nick sleeping next to her. She didn't know how she knew, but she knew that he was her husband now, even though he still was her son. She looked at the clock next to him and realized it was time for his morning blowjob. She sucked on his cock for a very long time until he came all over her face. Then, with her face still dripping with cum, she went to what had been Nick's room at the other end of the hall and found Andy sleeping there. When he woke up he looked at her very cummy face, but he showed no surprise at all, like it was an everyday thing.

Every dream was like that. Blowjobs, facials, and pearl necklaces were particularly common themes. In reality, she'd only sucked and licked his dick for about two minutes on that first fateful Tuesday, but it seemed she'd done it for hours in her fantasies and dreams since then, and she probably had in her mind.

In a weird way, her dreams were getting her psychologically ready to suck on such an exceptionally thick shaft. She knew it was going to be a very physically daunting effort, every time. In fact, one key reason she hadn't succumbed to sucking him already was because she was so daunted by his thicknesss.

— — —

By contrast, Nick had a much better day. He was disappointed that he couldn't go to the party that evening, naturally. But his dinner and movie date with Hillary and Maggie had gone so astoundingly well that he was walking on air all day long, so it was hard for him to get very disappointed about anything.

The way he figured, that date was possibly the most pivotal event of his life, with the possible exception of what happened on Tuesday, because it set the precedent of Hillary, Maggie, and him being a sexually intimate threesome. Things very well could have gone a different way, where he still had the unbelievably great situation of dating both of them, but completely separately. As great as that was, to regularly get intimate with them together was orders of magnitude even better than that!

He figured he truly was on a trajectory where he could live a life that was beyond even the wildest sexual imaginings of most guys... and with the two women he loved the most in the entire world! He and Maggie already were deeply in love, just in a family way. He figured it would be relatively easy to morph that love to include a highly sexual life too, since the love was so deep and strong. Whereas with Hillary, the sexual fun the three of them shared was so very great that he figured all he would need to do was keep having events like last night's date, and it was inevitable that she would fall in love with him too.

If that happened, the sky was the limit! His new ultimate dream would be to marry Hillary someday, but secretly live with her and Maggie too, with the three of them all sexually intimate with each other. Maybe things would even reach a point where Hillary would find out about the incest, but be so deeply in love with him and Maggie that she would have no choice but to fully accept it.

So he truly was living on cloud nine all day, thinking along those lines. Better still, he had not one but two long phone calls with Hillary. In the first one, she called him to talk about plans for that evening's party. That led to other topics, most especially both of them walking to talk about their threesome date. He was delighted to find that she was just about as thrilled about it as he was, even in the light of the next day. Unlike Maggie, she showed no signs of regrets at all.

The talk about the date quickly turned sexual, because the date had been so extremely sexual and arousing. They ended up having another long phone sex session, with both of them openly masturbating, even though they did little more than recount what happened to each other, reveling in all their favorite things that had happened. The anticipation for the evening's party was sky high, and they spent some time talking about all the sexual things they wanted to do to each other, and to Maggie.

Around that point of the conversation, Nick asked Hillary, "I have to ask this, and please be honest with me: what are your intentions towards Maggie? I know you're bisexual, and I know she's exceptionally beautiful. If you like women, you'd have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to be attracted to her. And there was all that tit-rubbing last night, even when both of you were topless... So what's the deal?"

Hillary had to be very careful how she answered. She didn't want to lie to him, but she didn't want him to know she was still just as attracted to Maggie as she was to him. She said, "It's true, I think she's hot. Super hot, actually. Like a spoonful of molten Sun hot, even! That said, she's YOUR girlfriend. There's NO WAY I would steal her away from you! Ask around. I've dated a lot, but I've NEVER done that sort of thing. It's against my moral code."

"I believe that," he said.

"That said," she continued, "IF she wanted to kiss my lips, and run her hands all over my body, and let me do the same to her, I certainly wouldn't object!"

Both of them were still masturbating, since this was in the middle of their phone sex, so he asked, "Are you getting off on thinking about that right now?"

"Hell, yeah! I'm seriously fingerbanging myself! Not that that influences my thinking, mind you!" She laughed at that. Then she went on, "But there are complications. First off, she's straight. She might be somewhat flexible about that. You'd be surprised how many women think of themselves as straight only because they've never opened their minds to anything else. I'm convinced that female sexuality is complicated and bisexuality is actually the norm, but I don't want to get too much into the details of that while I'm poking at my kitty and you're stroking your fat cock!"

He said, "Yeah, but that's interesting. Let's make a note to talk about that later."

"Okay, sure. But, that said, there are varying levels of bisexuality. Clearly, she's mainly straight, regardless. We see how hot and bothered she gets over you. A straight woman might find she has a bi side she didn't know about, but it's not like she'd go all the way from straight to lesbian, or vice versa. That simply never happens. So there's that. I'm just going to sit back and not be pushy, and see how she feels about me."

He said with a snicker, "While sometimes suggesting to French kiss her, or rub your huge racks together while naked!"

She giggled. "Okay, there is that! But I AM trying to behave, believe me. Besides, we did that tit-rubbing to get rid of your copious cum. It was a purely sanitary thing that just happened to be arousing as hell!" She laughed some more.

"Interesting coincidence there," he said sarcastically yet with amusement.

"Hey, call me lucky." She giggled some more. "But there's also the VERY big issue of Anushka! You don't even have to worry about me doing anything more serious with Maggie than kissing and tit fondling and rubbing and the like, because Anushka wouldn't even be happy with that much."

She went on, "She's kind of a cock-block with you, as you've noticed to your great frustration, I'm sure, but she's somewhat flexible about that because you're a guy. You're not direct competition in her eyes. But she sees Maggie as direct competition, and very daunting competition at that! Thankfully, she doesn't go to our school, as you know, so she hasn't seen Maggie in the flesh, or she'd be waaaay more freaked out. I've told her Maggie is beautiful, but only in very vague terms. It's one thing to hear that. It's another thing to SEE."

He asked, "So what'll happen if they meet?"

She groaned unhappily. "I don't know! To be honest, I'm trying to prevent that from happening. That's why I've been kind of weird at times this last week, because there were times I wanted to be with you, but if Anushka was there, either Maggie would come with you or Anushka would at least ask you all about her. The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking it's better if we wait on that until our bonds deepen."

He said, "That sounds sensible. Frustrating, but sensible. Is she really as gorgeous as you say?"

"Oh my Lord! You don't know the half of it!"

Then, since they were still in phone sex mode, though cooling down a bit due to the serious topic, Hillary switched to talking about her lust for Anushka and some of the sexual things they did to each other. That heated the phone sex right back up in a hurry, but also caused the topic to shift away from Hillary's feelings about Maggie.

Nick would have liked to talk more about the Maggie issue, but he'd learned a lot. He generally liked how things were going between Hillary and Maggie. He had no worries about Hillary trying to steal her away, for a variety of reasons, including confidence that Maggie was mainly straight. Even if she tried, which was wildly improbable, he had the secret ace in the hole of being Maggie's son, so there was no way Hillary could break them apart.

Given his secure feeling about that, he was all in favor of more bisexual fun between the two hotties, for his visual enjoyment and also to help all three of them forge an even stronger and closer sexual bond with each other. He could see trouble lurking regarding Anushka's jealousies and worries about Maggie, but he figured there was nothing he could do about that now. Hillary would have to work that out.

That first phone call between Nick and Hillary ended after their phone sex reached a fever pitch and they both exploded in climax.

Due to his tendency to "cum in twos," his dick stayed hard even after the phone call ended. He mentally reviewed and relived the phone sex session, and masturbated to climax again only a few minutes later. That gave him a much better sense of sexual satisfaction and satiation, since cumming just once rarely was enough for him.

Then he went outside to do some gardening, only to be told Maggie wasn't willing to go to the party, so he called Hillary back a short time later.

They started talking about their disappointments regarding that. He couldn't be honest about what was really going on with Maggie and her decision though, so he changed the topic as quickly as possible.

Then, helped by the fact that they were both sexually satiated from the recent phone sex, they talked about a wide variety of other issues.

Nick enjoyed that a great deal. He wasn't just blowing hot air when he claimed he liked her as a person just as much as he lusted for her body. In his opinion, she was the ideal mate, which meant ideal future wife. He'd been lusting after her from afar for almost as long as he'd gotten seriously interested in the opposite sex in general. He measures all other girls against her, and every one came up far short - except for Maggie of course.

As a result, he was very keen to have long phone calls such as these to get to know her better and so she could get to know him better too. Even though he was as young as he was, he figured Hillary was so great that he couldn't possibly do any better than her, so he was playing for the very long-term. He didn't just want to have a torrid short-term mostly sexual relationship with her, he wanted to get very serious. Part of his thinking also was that a threesome relationship with Hillary AND Maggie was a one-in-a-million thing, if not one-in-a-billion. The odds of any other woman being willing to share him with Maggie was next to zero, yet Hillary seemed perfectly happy with it, so she would be ideal wife material on that factor alone.

Of course, any marriage would have to be years and years away in any case, and a lot could happen in the meantime to derail his plans, but he had winning her for life as his secret ultimate goal.

Happily, his years of obsessing about her were paying off. Because he'd had an attitude that if he knew she liked something, he wanted to try his best to like it too, they had a startlingly large amount of common interests. (Of course, it wasn't "startling" from his point of view at all, but that was something he considered prudent to keep secret.) As a result, they had a seemingly endless amount of things to talk about, even entirely non-sexual topics.

It seemed that they could talk for hours, and they actually did! Their first phone call lasted an hour, and ended in explosive phone sex climax. Their second phone call lasted even longer, over two hours. Most of it was entirely non-sexual in nature, but a strong mutual lust for each other was now underlying their entire relationship, and they eventually wound up talking more about sexual matters, which resulted in more phone sex, which resulted the phone call finally ended with mutual orgasms again.

After he got off the phone, his dick still stayed erect, due to his usual tendency to "cum in twos." Like he did earlier, he masturbated himself to orgasm once more a few minutes later, with his head filled with thoughts about Hillary.

After his second climax, he felt a lot better, and truly sexually satiated. He knew that Hillary still didn't know about his "cumming in twos" habit and wondered what she would have thought if he'd told her that he was still erect, still horny, and wanted to keep the phone sex going. He figured that would have been inconsiderate, because it sounded like she was done and had reached the natural end of her orgasmic peak.

Thanks to how well that phone call went, Nick spent the rest of the day even more jubilant than he'd been in the morning, which was remarkable, since he'd been almost constantly giddy already.

The only gray cloud on the horizon for him was that Hillary told him she was going to go to the party without him, because she felt it was prudent to get to know the "beautiful people" crowd. To him, that meant it was highly like Spencer would be there too. He was afraid to ask her if Spencer was going, especially as he didn't want to sound jealous, so he didn't. But he fretted Spencer and Hillary spending any time together. He figured Spencer was a very smooth operator.

However, Nick figured that he had an ace in the hole when it came to his competition with Spencer too: Maggie! All Spencer could offer Hillary was himself. Whereas Nick figured Hillary saw him and Maggie as a sort of package deal, and an extremely attractive deal. Sexually, Spencer could be the world's most talented porn star and he still probably couldn't compete with the threesome fun Nick and Maggie had to offer and which Hillary so clearly loved.

So Nick figured he was okay for now, and didn't have to stress to much about what happened to Hillary at the party. With her personality and beauty, he needed to get used to her having fun with other people. He worried more about the longer term, because Hillary had a history of not staying attached to any one boyfriend or girlfriend for long, whereas Nick was all about the very long term. But he figured there was nothing he could about that except take things one day at a time.

Their relationship was in its very, very earliest stages, and things could go in a multitude of very different directions. He was determined to hang on to Hillary, no matter what it took. His entire fake girlfriend scheme was one example of the crazy extremes he would go to to win her lust and her love.

During their long phone call, Hillary had made a few passing references to her Indian girlfriend Anushka. That reminded him that he could score some points with both Hillary and Anushka (presuming he met her) if he knew more about India and its culture. He spent most of the day working on homework and wanted to reward himself with an entertaining movie in the evening.

He'd seen a few Bollywood films here and there, and liked their style, especailly the singing and dancing. So he did a little Internet research on which Bollywood films were the most popular and/or critically acclaimed. He ended up watching a long one called "Lagaan" that he liked a lot. It was set in India's era of being colonized by the British, so it was something of a history lesson too.

— — —

When Maggie woke up the next morning, she was horny as hell. Literally from the moment she woke up it was like her body was on fire, because she remembered a series of extremely arousing wet dreams, all involving her son, and thoughts of those dreams hit her like a ton of bricks.

She was very grateful that she slept alone, because that allowed her to get busy masturbating right away. All she had to do was revive her vivid memories of some of those dreams, most of which centered on sucking Nick's cock. She thought with chagrin that had she actually sucked his cock in the night as much as the time she'd spent dreaming about it, she would have had to put a cold pack on her jaw to recover from her soreness!

It took a long masturbation session before she felt her sexual urges had been sated.

She had a good idea why blowjobs had become her new obsession. She had sucked Nick's cock on Tuesday, but only for a minute or two. Yet she'd loved that brief time, and it had left her wanting more. It was like getting a brief view of Heaven, only to be locked out and left at the gate. Then, during the Friday night date, she'd come tantalizingly close to sucking him again, only to have that opportunity slip away too.

She realized that since she wouldn't let herself think about getting fucked by him, blowjobs had become the great tempting forbidden fruit for her, that and titfucks.

When she finished her intense yet satisfying prolonged masturbation session, she laid in her bed resting and recovering, but also reveling in her nudity and reborn sexuality. As she lazily ran her hands up and down her outrageously voluptuous body, she thought, I have GOT to suck my son's cock, and soon! If I don't, my obsession about doing it is only going to grow and grow. It's like my problem of suppressing my sex drive for two years until all that energy finally started flooding out on that fateful Tuesday. If I don't suck him soon, I'm going to get some kind of serious fetish about it, and then go absolutely hog wild all over him, sucking and slurping and stroking and licking him for hours and hours, with Hillary hopefully helping out with her sexy mouth! Mmmm! That sounds seriously hot!

She writhed in bed while she fingered her wet pussy lips with one hand and caressed her huge tits with her other hand. I've got the body for it. God knows I do. I'm sure my Sport would love to get his cock sucked by a super stacked beauty who'd love nothing better than to kneel naked between his legs and look up into his eyes as I stretch my lips around his extreme thickness and suck and lick on it with the kind of love and devotion that only a mother can have for her son! UGH! And he'd love it even more to see my pretty face straining and struggling as my cheeks cave in while I apply a truly extraordinary amount of suction, like some kind of fucking human industrial-strength vacuum cleaner! UNGH! HNNNG! Gaaaawwwwd, I'd suck him so hard and long and deep!

Oh yes, deep! If anyone can deep throat him, I can! I've never even tried that before, but again, as his mother, I love him the most! I would make it my top goal to take him all the way down to the root, no matter how fucking thick he is, and keep practicing and practicing on him until I can finally do it! YESSSS! So much fucking practice! UNNNGH!

By now, her entire body was wiggling and writhing, with her hips churning so much that sometimes her ass lifted off the bed. And Hillary! Thank the Lord for Hillary! She'll be right there with me, helping out with her sweet, sexy lips! She's got the passion, I can tell. Like that phone sex session I secretly overheard. At least she can talk a big game about longing to suck him over and over until her face it painted white, caked with cum! But I can tell she means it! Between her and me, we'll take care of every damn boner he ever gets! Oh God, YES! UUUUNNNGH! UUUUNNNGH! So much fucking COCKSUCKING!

She was getting even more carried away, ramming two fingers into her tight cunt over and over, while her stunning nude body continued to writhe.

But then she hit a sour note. The only problem is, there's NO TIME! When am I going to get to be Maggie again?! When?! Tuesday at the earliest, and only briefly even then! It fucking SUCKS! But I have to keep my grip. I can't let my fantasy, fake life overtake my real one! I am Margaret! I only get to play Maggie every once and a while!.

The worst part of it is that he's right down the hall, at this very moment! Probably still sleeping. I could get up right now, stroll directly into his room, pull his sheets back, and take his morning wood into my mouth! That could literally happen in a single minute, or two at the most! And he would fucking LOVE IT! And I would too! And Andy would never, ever know! But I can't! I can't, I can't, I can't! The firewall around this house has to remain inviolate, or the two sides of me will collide and everything will fall apart!

Despite that frustrating thought, she was able to dive right back into her blowjob-focused bliss and keep on fingerbanging herself until she climaxed yet again.

Unfortunately for her, it happened to be Sunday, which meant she couldn't just laze around in bed all day. She felt obliged to go to church. She wasn't really that religious, but it was something she and her family had always done. Besides, it was one of the few chances in her week to socialize with other people.

Sighing heavily, after she finished recovering from that orgasm, she finally got out of bed and started to get ready for the day. In her mind, she switched fully into "Margaret mode," and tried her very best to put her hot incestuous fantasies out of her mind.

Not too surprisingly, her church experience only magnified her guilt. She talked Nick into going to church with her, practically dragging him there to do so since he hated going. But that backfired, because having him sit next to her in the church pews meant that he was never far from her mind. At least he refrained from getting a visible bulge in his crotch during the church service, but she still had trouble concentrating on the sermon or hymns or anything else, due to thoughts about his stiff cock.

But she was also practical, and so after church was over and she was back home alone, she concluded, I have sexual needs. They've been bottled up, but the bottle is open and they're pouring out. A couple of years' worth of repressed sexual energy is still coming out, practically all at once. It's unstoppable! I can't put a cork back on that bottle. I need to manage and channel that energy flow instead.

Yesterday was a bit of a fiasco. Yes, I didn't masturbate to thoughts of my well-hung son for the whole day. Yeay! But what was the end result? I had even more intense and sexual dreams about him than ever before! Obviously, if I don't masturbate, I'll just have dreams like that, and those are worse because I can't control them at all. I can't stop them from being about getting fucked by him, for instance. And if I don't control my lust with some masturbation, I'll lose control around Nick. Maybe even when I'm not in Maggie mode, which would be the absolute worst!

Letting myself daydream and masturbate when it feels right is definitely the lesser evil, even if I end up fantasizing about him most of the time. She giggled. Okay, okay. All of the time! That put a big smile on her face.

Not to mention, I think I have some sort of weird fetish about facials now. Pearl necklaces too. I think that experience in the movie theater scarred me or something, because since then, any thought about him blowing a load on my face or breasts just about drives me insane with lust. Damn! Why did Hillary have to say she loves facials so much? It's like she's infecting me with her "good slut" attitude. And why did it have to feel so thrilling when he came on my face? AND my breasts?! I don't even know which one I love more!

And he shot a spermy load straight into my mouth on Tuesday, when he tricked me into sucking him for such a sadly short time. That was the absolute BEST! I can't wait to do THAT again, only do it right and take my damn time milking him with my mouth!

Rather remarkably, she hadn't been masturbating while she was thinking those thoughts. In fact, she'd been in the kitchen and starting to prepare lunch for the whole family. But such thoughts worked her up to such a degree that she put lunch on hold, hurried upstairs, and took a "shower."

It was only a shower in a technical sense, because while she did turn the shower on and let the water pour down onto her, she never bothered to pick up any soap or shampoo bottle. Instead, she just closed her eyes and masturbated herself all the while to a big orgasm while letting her incestuous fantasies run wild yet again.

After that, most of the rest of Maggie's day was like any ordinary Sunday in the time before her fake girlfriend days began. She was getting better at getting into "Margaret mode" for large blocks of time and then hiding and repressing her feelings as long as she was in that mode.

But she got jarred out of that mode shortly after dinner. To her very pleasant surprise, Hillary called, but wanted to speak to her instead of Nick. This created a problem for her, because she had to immediately switch into "Maggie mode." She rushed to her bedroom and took the phone call there. But she also told Hillary that she was in a common room in Nick's house, and not in the bungalow in the backyard where she supposedly lived, which meant other people were coming and going.

She made up that lie because she didn't want to talk about anything sexual. She figured that if she allowed sexual talk, it was possible or even likely to escalate to something akin to a phone sex session. And that would be very strange to do while talking to another woman, and a known bisexual at that. Besides, she didn't want to get pulled that far out of her Margaret life.

Hillary obeyed that restriction, and the two of them talked about safe things instead. In actual fact, ever since Maggie and Hillary met on that fateful Tuesday, Nick was almost always with them too, and they usually were in the middle of some kind of highly sexual situation. That meant they had a lot of catching up to do in terms of basic "getting to know you" conversations. So that's exactly what they did.

Maggie had a big problem though, in that she was living a lie. She couldn't talk much about her real life experiences as a 33 year old married mother when she was supposed to be a single 20 year old college student! She did have a prepared backstory she'd worked out with Nick, but it didn't cover much.

Her solution was to use the "let's talk about you" phrase a lot, and ones like it, and generally keep the conversation all about learning more about Hillary and her life. That worked for the most part, since Hillary was glad to talk about herself and she had a lot of interesting things to say. The conversation went on for over an hour before Hillary finally had to go to start to get ready for the party that she was going to and Nick and Maggie were not.

The sheer length of the call was a good sign of how much both of them enjoyed talking to each other, even if it was about non-sexual matters and without Nick being there.

Both of them were very keen on developing a close friendship. Hillary was on a totally different wavelength than Nick with his secret desire to bond with her (and Maggie!) for life, but she did have an earnest desire to see if she could develop a long-term intimate relationship with him. That was unusual for her, given her relationship track record. As part of that effort, she figured the more she could bond with Maggie too, the better. Her hopes of eventually developing a sexual connection with Maggie were added incentive.

From Maggie's point of view, on one level, she figured the better she could get to know Hillary, the more that would help her with her ostensible hand-over plan. On a different, subconscious level, she didn't want to hand him over at all, but she did love the idea of sharing him with Hillary in the long-term, so getting to know Hillary in a non-sexual context helped with that too.

The bottom line was that both of them were highly motivated to become friends. Furthermore, they already liked each other a lot. They didn't have as much in common as Nick and Hillary did, but their general personalities were very similar. For instance, they were naturally kind-hearted and loving, with uncommonly strong sex drives.

However, although the phone call worked out nicely from Maggie's point of view, she realized that she was walking on thin ice. She couldn't put off continuing to talk mainly about Hillary's background and none of her own forever. Soon, she would either need to come up with elaborate lies to have some personal history, or she would need to tell Hillary the truth. But the truth didn't seem to be an option at all. That left her very frustrated, because part of her nice personality was that she hated to lie.

Yet, more and more, a large part of her life was based on lies.

After the call ended, she was able to get back to normal. She resumed reading the murder mystery novel she'd read the previous evening, and that engaged her mind enough to keep her sexual thoughts at bay.

But that night when she put the book away, turned off the light, and went to bed, she again let herself go masturbating while reveling in her incestuous fantasies. She decided that she was getting too obsessed with her blowjob thoughts, so she forced herself to think of something else. Her mind went to some fond memories of him playing with her bare breasts, and from there she soon found herself deeply into a titfucking scenario. That wasn't very different from a blowjob scenario, especially since she imagined herself licking and sucking on his cockhead most of the time too, but it led her to a very satisfying orgasm eventually.

To her relief, when she slept that night, her dreams were less vivid and less erotic. Also, there weren't as many, or perhaps she just didn't remember them all. Either way, she woke up feeling rested, instead of relentlessly horny.

— — —

The fact that she coped better the next day convinced her that regular masturbation was okay, and even necessary. She decided, It's like there's this pressure building up inside of me. I can release the pressure in small doses, safely. Or, if I try to hold it in, it'll just keep building up until it explodes, like what happened to me at the movie theater on Friday night. Ironically, the more I masturbate about Nick, the better I'll be able to control myself when I'm around him.

There was a certain truth to this. She did feel better and more relaxed if she was basically sexually satiated.

The rest of that Monday was even better for her. She didn't have to see Nick most of the day since he was in school. She did have two masturbation sessions in the middle of the day, including once in the shower, and of course her thoughts were all about her son and especially all the different ways she wanted to pleasure his cock. But she considered doing that almost like taking her medicine, a "necessary evil" to keep her sexual pressure from building up too much.

When Nick got back home from school, she wasn't filled with an urge to throw her body against him.

In the afternoon, she had another long phone call with Hillary. Again, she claimed she was in a place where they could only talk about non-sexual things. This time, Hillary was more insistent about talking about her. But she dodged that again by talking about entirely different things. She knew Hillary loved music, especially the classic rock and roll era, so she got her started in on that, and Hillary went off, speaking passionately about one of her great loves.

Maggie's musical tastes were somewhat different, but luckily, she was something of a big Beatles fan. In fact, it was more like she was a Beatles freak. Hillary loved the Beatles too. They both agreed they were the greatest musical group of all time. They wound up getting carried away in a very long conversation, like two teen girls back in the mid-1960s obsessing about the favorite Beatles they had crushes on. (Hillary's favorite was John Lennon, while Maggie's was Paul McCartney.)

Again, Maggie ended the call feeling like it had been a great success that helped strengthen their growing friendship. In fact, they talked for almost two hours, so long that Hillary said it took away all the time she had planned to talk to Nick on the phone too.

But the downside was that it left Maggie even more worried about the fact that she was living a lie with her Maggie persona. The better she got to know Hillary, the harder it would be to pretend to be someone else. She saw no easy solution to that except to try to become a good liar.

After that, Maggie had a relatively successful dinner. Even with Nick sitting there, she managed to get through the meal without constantly fantasizing about sucking his cock under the dinner table.

In short, she felt like her sexual mania was passing, or at least declining to manageable levels. She had another masturbation session that night, and that seemed to help. She realized she could handle being in "Margaret mode" for large chunks of time if she could look forward to shorter blocks of secretly being in "Maggie mode" afterwards, masturbating until climax each time.

On Monday, during the day, Maggie also took the significant step of shaving her brown bush off. The contrasting color between her bush and the blonde hair on her head was embarrassing, especially because she knew Hillary saw the color mismatch on Tuesday and then again on their threesome Friday date.

When the whole fake girlfriend scheme began, she hadn't thought about shaving her bush off because she'd thought that being Nick's fake girlfriend would never involve taking any of her clothes off. But after what happened on Tuesday and then Friday, she couldn't pretend that she wasn't going to get naked around Hillary again. In fact, she was certain it was going to happen a lot. And although she figured that nobody else was going to see her naked except for Nick and Hillary, and they both obviously already knew her "curtains" didn't match her "drapes." it was psychologically easier to shave her bush off and pretend from that point onward that she was blonde all over.

Besides, she was well aware that a vital part of the fake girlfriend scheme was having her pass for a 20-year old college student. Since she got married to Andy and gave birth to Nick when she was only 16, she was still merely 33 years old. That made her significantly younger than the other mothers of Nick's classmates. But still, 33 was not 20. Having a bald pussy would help make her look younger. Even if only Hillary saw that, there was no one more important who had to believe the fake girlfriend story than Hillary.

Plus, Hillary had told her that having a bald pussy was all the rage with the younger generation. She wanted to be seen as cool and stylish, especially in Hillary's eyes. She also figured there could be occasions where she might wear a skimpy bikini to a pool party or be in some situation like that were Nick's classmates would be able to see if she had a bush or not, even if she didn't get naked around them.

Finally, she'd asked Nick in recent days which he preferred, a bush or shaved, and he's said shaved. She wanted what he wanted. In fact, that was probably the most important factor, by far.

Curiously, so far, she had next to no fantasies about Nick going down on her. Normally, if it weren't for the incest factor, she would have loved it if he did that. But in her mind, that was too dangerously close to fucking, almost like a "gateway" activity. So thinking about him eating her own bald or with a bush didn't factor much into her thinking. But she knew she'd be buck naked around him a lot, and she wanted to look sexy for him. She also figured she wouldn't always be able to stop him from at least fingering her down there.

— — —

Meanwhile, Nick had a fairly nice Monday at school, because he was able to see and talk to Hillary in person again. He really missed her, since he didn't get to see her for all of Saturday and Sunday. They were able to reconnect in a different way than on the phone. He was pleased that Hillary seemed very warm to him, suggesting that she'd sincerely missed seeing him in person too.

Another nice development for him was that his notoriety as Maggie's "mystery man" boyfriend died way down, to the point of being essentially forgotten, as far as he could see. He didn't get the curious stares in the hallway between classes, and nobody asked him about Maggie at all.

He figured that his school mates had short attention spans. That had been "news" for a while, but there were no new developments, and other interesting things were happening, so he was back to being just a normal student again.

He was fine with that. The truth was, although he always came to life around Maggie and/or Hillary, and surged with confidence and boldness as long as he was surging with lust, otherwise he remained a basically shy and introverted person. It was flattering to be seen as an intriguing "mystery man" by his schoolmates, and he liked that he presumably still had a much elevated position in the social pecking order, but he didn't want people staring at him and talking about him all the time.

However, he was mindful of the fact that, from the perspective of the other students, Maggie hadn't been seen by anyone in many days, since Thursday. He wondered what the effect would be when she dropped him off and picked him up as planned tomorrow, and if that would revive the talk and interest.

One unfortunate development for him was that while he sat with Hillary at lunch again, as soon as they picked an empty table, the table filled up until there was nowhere left to sit. He didn't know how much of that was because of people wanting to sit next to him, or Hillary, or some combination, but it was an interesting popularity signal at any rate.

Normally, that would have only been mildly annoying to him, because he still was trying to meet other students, especially the beautiful girls, and sitting at a crowded table was a good way to do it. A high portion of the others at the table were beautiful girls, as it seemed like sought out like, and Hillary was arguably the most beautiful of all, so she seemed to be a beautiful girl magnet.

However, Nick actually was greatly annoyed because one of the few guys to sit at the table was Spencer, and he managed to sit right next to Hillary again. To make matters worse, Spencer not surprisingly struck up a conversation with Hillary, and while there were talking, and Nick was listening in, it became clear that the two of them had interacted at the party on Saturday night that Nick couldn't go to. For instance, Spencer made reference to dancing with Hillary, which was another blow.

Nick tried to act nonchalant about it, but he was secretly distraught. He didn't know if she and Spencer got intimate or not because he was too scared to ask. He presumed that didn't happen, because it seemed wildly out of character for Hillary. He was very familiar with her dating history, and she'd never been known to go out with more than one person at a time, unless maybe it was a girl and a guy.

Also, he figured that if anything intimate at all would have happened, Spencer would have somehow figured out a way to make a reference to it to "mark his territory" as much as possible. And he didn't. So that was a relief, at least.

However, Nick realized he couldn't truly blame Hillary if she did get intimate, because he didn't have an exclusive relationship with her. He and her hadn't discussed that at all. Since Maggie was supposed to be his girlfriend, the exact status of his relationship with Hillary was murky and confused. To make matters worse, she certainly couldn't act like his girlfriend at school, because people had seen Maggie kissing him while dropping him off and picking him up. The last thing Nick wanted was to complete the "hand-over" plan and stop going out with Maggie. So if Hillary did "go steady" with him, it almost certainly would have to be done in secret, with her having to pretend at school she wasn't dating any guy at all.

He realized this was something that he needed to discuss with her, and soon. It was tough because their relationship was in a very early stage. But at bare minimum, he wanted her to know that he wouldn't be happy if she were to date Spencer, or really any other guy at all. Anushka was fine in his mind, but he saw that as a whole different thing.

Aside from that, he didn't know what to do about this growing Spencer problem. Even if Hillary and Spencer weren't getting intimate in any way, which was almost certainly true, he figured that Spencer was very carefully "making time" with Hillary and setting the stage so he could eventually ask her out. Nick kicked himself for not agreeing to go with Hillary to the party on Saturday night. Certainly a gorgeous and vivacious girl like her wasn't just going to sit at home.

To make matters worse, Nick's blood boiled during Monday's lunch when he saw how Spencer and Hillary talked and joked with each other in a very friendly way. Even though they sat at a full table, from Nick's perspective it sure looked at Spencer was only interested in talking to Hillary, to the near total exclusion of Nick and everyone else, and Hillary seemed to go along with that, hardly talking to Nick at all.

Nick's confidence took a big hit and he retreated into his shy shell for the rest of the lunch period.

— — —

The only positive to come from all these Spencer developments was what happened when he told Maggie the news after school - while in "neutral" back garden territory.

After he'd explained all the latest developments to her, Maggie felt bad for not agreeing to doing something on Saturday night with Hillary. She saw Spencer as a serious threat to Nick's overall plans too. That increased the pressure on her to do more with Nick and Hillary, so a bored Hillary wouldn't resort to spending time with Spencer instead.

She made a vague promise to try to figure out a way to spend more of her time in "Maggie mode," so long as Hillary was there too, so at least she would have the justification of furthering his relationship with Hillary.

Nick didn't know it, but Maggie easily agreed to that because she was already looking for any sort of excuse for more "Maggie time," and especially time with him and Hillary. She saw her "Margaret mode" life as dreadfully boring, whereas "Maggie mode" life was wildly exciting, and constantly sexually arousing. She particularly looked forward to more threesome sexual action that could be a continuation of what they'd done together on their Friday night movie date.

After dinner on Monday night, Nick had another long phone call with Hillary. He wanted to talk to her about the Spencer problem and the nature of their relationship in general, but he chickened out. He decided it was much better to talk about something that serious face to face in any case. He knew there was truth to that, but that it was also an excuse to delay.

Instead, they just talked about everyday things, such as how their weekend went and what the thoughts about various things that happened in school that day, and other kids they'd talked to, and such.

One good thing that came out of that was that Hillary explained in some detail what happened to her during Saturday night's party. She seemed to have picked up on his concern about Spencer, because she went out of her way to explain how she'd only danced one dance with him, that it was a fast rock and roll song, not a slow song that involved a close embrace, and that she'd danced with lots of others, both girls and boys.

Also, in describing what she did at the party, she went into enough detail so there weren't any big blocks of time where she might have been alone with Spencer. So either she hadn't done anything with him or she was lying, and he was confident that she wasn't lying.

However, hearing all that both gave him relief and upset him. He felt better about Spencer in particular, but he was very disappointed to find out there had been dancing and that she'd danced so much. Although she might not have done any slow dancing with Spencer, she almost certainly had dances like that with somebody, probably multiple somebodies.

That really bummed him out. Despite the fact that his intimate relationship with Hillary had only started on Tuesday, which still was a mere six days ago, it was like he was already going steady with her in his mind. True, he was also going steady with Maggie in his mind, and she was serious with Anushka, but that didn't change the fact that he was feeling a certain amount of possessiveness towards Hillary.

Having her by herself at a party with dancing, and drinking and drug taking (which she mentioned to him had happened), and who knows what else concerned him. He didn't think she'd actually done anything wrong at the party. But he was brand new to romantic relationships, and he was starting to learn about jealousy and some of the pain that could come from being mentally committed to someone else.

— — —

Later that evening, when Nick was back in bed, he decided to have a mental review of how things had gone ever since the great Friday night threesome date.

He searched his feelings, and especially focused on trying to diagnose whatever problems might be coming up. He felt very little guilt about having a sexual desire for his own mother. Maybe a year ago that would have bothered him, but the sheer duration and intensity of his desire for Maggie had worn away his doubts nearly to nothing. Simply put, the power of his lust and love for her swept away whatever moral concerns he might have had. She was way too hot to resist!

He had no trouble with anything that had happened recently. As far as he was concerned, he was living the best of all possible worlds. He was truly acting out his greatest sexual fantasies, and living out his most desired dreams with his two great obsessions. He figured he would have been a fool to think he could have tried to change anything in the past week to do any better.

Instead, his concerns were with the future. I feel like one of those professional jugglers who have five or six balls in the air. No juggler can keep them up there forever. But what's worse is that I'm not a professional juggler or a professional anything. I'm a fraud! I'm a nobody, basically. Average Joe, that's me.

There's no reason Hillary should be going out with me. None! Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, I guess. I'm smart, and well-hung, and I'm a pretty nice guy. I don't have many friends, especially since I'm going to a new school and all the old friends I had are still going to the old one. I need to make all new friends, basically. But I never let my friends or family down. If Ma were here, she could probably list a whole bunch of other positives about me.

But that's not good enough. That's like getting a B on a test. With Hillary, nothing less than an A plus, every time, will do. She's so great, why would she ever settle for second best? Let's face it: she'd be dating Spencer already if it weren't for the "Maggie factor." Without her as my fake girlfriend, she never would have gotten interested in me in the first place. Alone, I'm only moderately appealing, but if I'm packaged with Ma, that's a whole different matter. That's enough to keep even Spencer at bay for now, it seems.

But how long can that last? Ma is having major issues about what we've done. At any moment, she could come to me and say, "I'm sorry, I really tried my best, but I just can't do this fake girlfriend thing anymore." She already practically did that late last week, and only the totally overwhelming sexual awesomeness of our Friday threesome date turned her around again. What if that happens again? And what could I say to that? Of course I'd have to agree. Already, she's done way more than I ever dared hope! She's awesome, but she has her limits. She IS my mother!

If she were to ever stop being "Maggie," my girlfriend, the whole house of cards will come tumbling down. Maybe I'll still be able to date Hillary a little bit after that, but I think the magic will be gone without Maggie there. We're a package deal. So I'll go from living the high life with all my fantasies about the two great desires of my life coming real at once to winding up with nothing.

Maybe Hillary will be willing to stay some kind of friend, probably, in fact. We do get along great, even non-sexually. But that might only make things more weird and painful for me. And things will be very weird with Ma for a long time. Years, probably. Forever, maybe!

But I can't give up! He who dares wins. The success of my scheme so far has proven that. I still can shoot for the stars, and get there! Both Maggie and Hillary as my lovers in a sexual threesome, forever! That's the overarching dream!

The key to keep moving towards that right now is Ma. She's right on the cusp. I can see that she's lusting after me in a big way. Friday night was awesome, but even then she had that mid-date freak out. And she's been in Margaret mode nearly all the time since then. I have to walk a fine line and be a little pushy and not take 'no' for an answer, but at the same time I can't be too pushy and scare her off. As long as she's into the fake girlfriend plan, Hillary will go on more dates with me. With us.

I know I'm only a teenager and Hillary has pretty much never dated someone for more than a month, except for Anushka. But I'm not going to give up! As long as we're still together, anything is possible. I'm a smart guy. My clever scheming got me this far. I can reach my great dream goal! Maggie and Hillary are the only ones for me, especially together! Good God, that's a bright future! I'm not going to give up without a fight!

Another worry for Nick was the chance that the true nature of his relationship with Maggie would be exposed. They were continually flirting with danger, for instance that he might call Maggie "Ma" in front of Hillary or she might call him "Son." Even if the only person who found out about the incest was Hillary, and she kept it to herself, that would shatter all his dreams. And the better Hillary got to know him and Maggie, the more likely she would find out somehow.

He decided that they needed an ace in the hole, just in case worse came to worst. It was true that since Maggie kept her maiden name, her driver's license was in the name of Maggie Palmer. Whereas his last name was Stevens. However, Maggie was claiming to be 20 years old, and her driver's license showed a birthday that proved she was in fact 33. If Hillary ever saw that license, that would pretty much blow their cover story apart.

So Nick resolved to get a fake driver's license for Maggie as soon as possible. Ideally, it would be exactly the same as her real license, except with a different birth date and different address. He didn't know how to do that, but he figured he'd find a way somehow, driven by his great lust. He assumed there had to be shady characters willing to make fake licenses for high school kids such as himself.

As he continued to look back over the last few days, he was surprised at how uneventful things had been. The Friday night date had been incredibly wonderful and wild, and he hoped and expected for more of that. But life at home was almost shockingly normal, with "Margaret" instead of "Maggie," just as if that date had never happened at all. She was so good in her "Margaret mode" that he practically thought of her as a different person.

What he didn't realize though was the vast disparity between her thoughts and her actions. For instance, he didn't have a clue about her frequent incestuous daydreams, or her real dreams, or her masturbation sessions, because she never let on with him in any way. In all those things, he was the star of her fantasies. Had he had even an inkling about just how often she had thoughts about sucking his cock in particular, he would have been completely blown away. That would have changed his behavior and plans a lot too. He knew she was hot for him in general, but he thought that when she was in "Margaret mode," she essentially turned sexless.

As a result, he treated her in a mostly sexless manner when she was in that mode. He respected her desire to keep her two personas separate and especially to maintain the "firewall" around her own house, so she would have a "safe space." He was very careful not to flirt with her in the house at all, which meant Andy had nothing to be suspicious about.

But that didn't mean he failed to get horny at home. Like Maggie, he was frequently aroused from thinking about what had happened recently or fantasizing about what could still come. But he forced himself to keep cool, relatively speaking.

Normally, he masturbated from four to six times a day, sometimes even more (though rarely five or seven times a day, due to his tendency to cum in twos). He didn't fully realize it, but he had a very active libido for his age (or any age!). Things had been so extremely arousing and promising for him that he could have masturbated at every available opportunity, until he rubbed his dick raw. But he was careful to maintain his regular masturbation pattern and not do it more than six time a day, no matter what.

He figured there had to be a lot of truth to Maggie's guess that she had a lot of pent-up desire from living a sexless life for the past two years. In a similar way, he figured that if he limited his sexual releases at least somewhat, that would give him more pent-up sexual energy when the next opportunity came with Hillary, Maggie, or both of them.

And of course he was highly aware of the fact that his mother would be back in "Maggie mode" to drive him to school and back on Tuesday. He couldn't wait!

Like the day before, he spent much of the day getting caught up on homework. Then, in the evening, he rewarded himself by watching another Bollywood movie. This time, he chose "Devdas," a popular and critically acclaimed film released only a few months earlier. It starred Aishwarya Rai, one of India's most popular actresses, who also was so gorgeous that she'd won the Miss World beauty pageant in 1994.

Nick didn't realize it, but watching this movie and taking a mental note of Rai's extraordinary beauty would come to help him in surprising ways in the near future.

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