Chapter 18: Neutral Territory (Tuesday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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When Tuesday morning came, Maggie felt much more confident and in charge of her emotions and lusty passions. True, she still was having erotic dreams starring Nick every night, and that happened again. Furthermore, she masturbated about him before she got out of bed and then again when she took her morning shower.

In fact, she spent more time letting her thoughts and her masturbation sessions run wild that morning than any previous school morning, in the hope that lots of orgasms would sate most of her sexual desires, so she could better control herself when it came time to take him to school.

If anything, her desire for Nick's cock was growing the longer she went without it. She had loved their Friday threesome date so much that three full days of "Margaret mode" normality since then seemed like an eternity for her. But she no longer felt that events were spinning out of control. Although her desire was strong, she believed her willpower was back, and that made the key difference to her.

At breakfast table, with Andy there, she mentioned to Nick in passing, "Remember that I'm dropping you off at school 30 minutes early today. Because of, you know, the thing."

Nick nodded knowingly, although he had no idea what she was talking about with her mention of "the thing."

Since Andy had withdrawn emotionally from Maggie's life, and even Nick's life for the most part, he wasn't paying attention. If he'd listened, he probably still wouldn't have bothered to ask what she meant, since he wasn't going to care in the slightest when they left unless it affected him somehow.

Maggie's thinking was that she wanted extra time with Nick outside the "firewall" of the house so she could talk to him while in "Maggie mode." She had a lot of things on a mental list that she couldn't talk about, or preferred not to talk about, while in "Margaret mode." It was true that she could have taken Nick out to the backyard garden for such discussions, but she preferred not doing that unless absolutely necessary, and talking there would have seemed a weird thing to do before school. Even if Andy couldn't come outside, he might come to the kitchen or dining room area and see them talking outside, and that was too close for comfort for her.

— — —

Once she and Nick were in her red Prius, she put the keys in the ignition and turned to Nick. "Okay, Son, now I'm Maggie. I said that about leaving 30 minutes early, because I wanted to give us some extra time to talk."

"Talk?" he asked. His heart started to pound. His penis started stiffening from the moment she said "now I'm Maggie." That was a lot more exciting and promising than when they'd talked in the garage recently and she'd claimed to be in some intermediate state between Margaret and Maggie modes.

She also suddenly felt very nervous, and her heart raced fast too. "Yes. There are a lot of things we need to discuss."

It wasn't clear who started it. In truth, both of them leaned towards each other and met halfway. But somehow, one moment they were soberly and seriously discussing the need to talk, and the next moment, they were frantically French kissing each other like their lives depended on it!

Maggie had given considerable thought over the previous days about what she'd wear when she drove him to school next time. In the end, she'd gone with a short skirt, panties, no bra, and a very loose top. She'd found the feeling of going without a bra during the movie date a constant erotic buzz (when she had her breasts covered at all!), and she longed to feel that way again. The loose top was so her bra-less tits would be able to bounce around freely. She had hoped that would get Nick extremely horny on the ride to school, so he'd be hot as an oven by the time they shared their good-bye kiss in front of the school building. She wanted to get him worked up for when she picked him up after school.

What she hadn't expected was getting extremely passionate with him before the car even left the garage! Even as she gloried in the pleasure of their French kissing, what was happening worried her greatly. Technically, they were still at home. True, Andy never came into the garage, and in fact he couldn't even if he wanted to, because it just so happened he would have to negotiate a short stairway to get there. When driving somewhere, he always walked out the front door and across the lawn to the driveway to get in the car.

But it was the principle of the thing. There was a remote chance he could find them, and so, in her mind, necking in the garage was completely forbidden. Besides, the rule she'd established was that Maggie only existed outside of the house, and the garage was part of the house, even though she'd already treated it as a kind of gray area with him, and not quite included in her strict "firewall" around the house.

However, all that logic and concern didn't stop her and Nick from going wild all over each other. Of course, his thoughts went to playing with her big, bouncy tits. But he didn't want to merely fondle them under her top. Mere seconds after their tongues started dueling, he pulled her loose top down her arms, which allowed it to slide all the way down to her waist.

That briefly trapped her arms, but instead of pulling her top back up and telling him to at least somewhat control himself, she managed to lift her arms out of it. Even as she did that, she insisted rather breathlessly, "Nick, we need to talk. Just talk!"

He nodded. "Right. Talk." He was trying to mean it too.

She nodded. "Talk." She was staring wantonly at the bulge in his shorts.

Somehow, they wound up French kissing some more instead of talking. Only this time, she was completely topless!

She sighed happily as she felt Nick's hands fly straight to her bare boobs and start to knead them. She let out an even more contented moan when his fingers began pulling and twisting her already very erect nipples. Aaaah! That's what I've been missing since Friday! God, I'm so fucking hooked on this. I had a pretty good sex life with Andy, but this is on a whole other level! Andy never knew how to get me as hot as a raging inferno like my own son does to me every single time he so much as kisses my lips or touches my breasts!

Just saying "my own son" gave her goose bumps all over. Sweet Jesus! I'm making out with my SON! My SON! If I keep saying that, I'm gonna cum already! MMMM! He's such a "magic man" with the magic touch! And his COCK! I can't wait to get my hands on his cock!

But even as Nick kept on kissing and fondling her, her thoughts were conflicted. This is bad! Really bad, because it's so good! Gaawwwd, I love this, but what happened to my sexual pressure theory? I've been masturbating A LOT, especially this morning, just so I could be cool and collected at times like this. And I can't keep my hands off of him. Dammit! Well, maybe he's been building up sexual pressure too. If I can just get him to cum quickly, we can talk after that. It's time to get that fat cock monster of his in my hands!

She resolved, If there's one thing I can't do, it's suck his cock! I want that so bad that it hurts! But not here, not now! This is practically in the house, and our time is so limited. And I need to prove to myself that I have some control. I'm making myself a deal, right here, right now: no oral this time, but the rest is okay! I'm gonna make him CUM! YEESSSS!

She sat back in her seat instead of leaning halfway over to his side. That pretty much obliged him to slide over onto her lap so he could continue his kissing and tit play, and that's exactly what he did. (They hadn't put their seat belts on yet, so they didn't have to bother with undoing them.)

When he bent down to kiss his way to her stiff nipples, it freed her mouth to talk some more. She complained, "We can't do this! Not in the garage! It's wrong and you know it!"

But although she mouthed those words, both of them knew she didn't really mean it. He didn't even bother to stop kissing the upper slopes of her huge tits to try to talk her out of it.

As her hands started to work on the fly of his shorts, she thought, Yep, I definitely need to make him cum! I'm just gonna stroke the hell out of this big, fat, thick, hot, throbbing, and oh-so-delicious cock monster! Damn troublesome thing! I'll make him cum fast. Then we'll be able to have that talk I've planned.

She wrapped her fingers around his boner and started pumping, while he moved his head up to kiss her again, and kept on twisting her nipples. She felt electric jolts of pure lust shooting through her body. NGGG! YESSSSS! God, that feels GOOD! Gaaaawwwwd, I fucking love the feel of my fingers wrapped around his thick pole! This is definitely... necessary! And the way he's kissing me, and my nipples, AND his cock in my hand... Oh GOD! It's a triple whammy!

Her chest was heaving already, but Nick's fingers were doggedly clinging to her nipples. She said between heavy breaths, "I think we need to take care of your stiff and urgent 'problem' so we can talk! But promise me at least we won't do this here again, okay? Because this is dangerous!"

He didn't want to make any promises he might later feel obliged to keep. He definitely liked the idea of having more sexual fun with her in the garage. So instead of saying anything at all, he brought his head down and sucked hard on one of her nipples.

She seemed not to notice that obvious ruse to avoid answering the question. That's because she was so horny that she could hardly think. When he sucked her nipples, that possibly aroused her even more than when he twisted or pulled on them, so he was going for her jugular.

She shivered all over as she caressed his thickness in her hands. She was rubbing his sweet spot with one hand and madly stroking her other hand up and down the rest of his shaft. She added, "It's just that... it's been too many days since last time!"

She thought as she happily jacked him off, God, I'm such a slut! And not even the good kind of slut. I'm a shameless slut! I should have known this would happen. This feels so right! HNNGGG! Such a perfect cock! So thick that I want to cry! There's no joy greater than feeling Nick's hard, hot cock sliding through my fingers! Except maybe for his dreamy kisses. Or his tit play. Oh, damn, how can I choose just one? It's all too good!

Not surprisingly, Nick wasn't feeling the same kind of conflict between lust and guilt as she was. Now that he was free to touch and kiss her again, he thought, YEEEESSS! Sweet Jesus, I have the sexiest mother on the planet! Bar none! My God, this is heaven! And she's SO fucking STACKED! I just can't get enough of these tits! Seriously, I could play with them all day! But I want to touch her everywhere. I want to know her whole body!

For once, his hands weren't interested in just her magnificent melons. True, he spent a couple of minutes reacquainting his hands with her bare globes, but then he started to make good on that desire to get to intimately know every last part of her. He ran his hands up and down her thighs, marveling at their strength and firmness.

Maggie really liked that, but her delight turned to dismay when she looked down and saw both her skirt and panties riding down her legs. "Hey! What do you think you're doing?! Stop that!" She failed to stop him as her clothes slid down her sleek long legs, but she took a hand off his cock to cover her pussy while she continued to stimulate his sweet spot.

However, he needed her active cooperation to get her clothes off her feet. "Ma, I just really, really like to see you totally nude. You're so beautiful that way. Even more beautiful than usual! You know how strongly I feel about my need to see you naked. Can I? Please?!"

She looked at his earnest, puppy-dog eyes, and her resolve crumbled. "Well, okay. Just for a minute though." She wasn't sure why she added that, because she knew it was bullshit as soon as she said it. She lifted up her feet, and he quickly finished taking her skirt and panties off her. He tossed them into the back seat.

Then, with a hand still pumping up and down his shaft, she pointed a finger at him and said sternly, "Just this once! Because you're so adorable." She grinned and looked extra cute as she said that, but turned stern again. "And no looking at or touching my pussy! That's completely off limits to you, buster!"

"Thanks, Ma! You're the best!" He was already busy enjoying her fully nude body. He brought one hand back to great tits. His other hand went to her ass cheeks, even though she was sitting on them.

She unexpectedly let go of his cock altogether and bent over, reaching down to her feet to get her high heels off.

But he said, "No, Ma. Those stay on. Please! That's important to me. I don't want you THAT naked!" He chuckled.

She sat back and gave him a wicked grin. Now that she thought about it, taking all her clothes off but keeping her sexy high heels on was even more naughty and arousing than if she took them off too.

He was more or less sitting on top of her, but he suddenly scrambled back into his seat and got about as far as he could while staying in the front of the car.

This puzzled her, and it also left her completely exposed. She was very frustrated that it put his tempting cock out of reach. She covered her tits and pussy anxiously as she asked, "Wh-wh-what are you doing?!"

"Sorry, Ma. I just need to look at you in your full glory! You're just too beautiful! It makes my heart soar! I love you as a person, as my mother, as my girlfriend. You're beautiful on the inside. But you're so very beautiful on the outside too! And the two together... Ohmigod! It makes me so horny!"

She felt more tingles and goose bumps as she realized what his intentions were. She was highly flattered that he wanted to look at her like that. But she chided him, "Remember, out here I'm just your girlfriend. Don't use the 'M' word!"

"Sorry." He sat back and continued to just stare at her. He was examining her closely from head to toe, like he was trying to memorize every last detail. Almost without consciously thinking about it, he pulled his shorts and underwear all the way off his legs and tossed them in the back seat. He kept his T-shirt on though.

She never felt so naked, which is why she continued to rather nonsensically cover her privates. She longed to get her hand back on his cock and his hands back on her body. "Please! You're embarrassing me!"

"Sorry. I can't help it. This right here is worth more to me than all the money in the world! Why are you still covering up though?!"

She reluctantly removed the arm she had over her nipples. But she kept her hand-over her pussy. Gaawwwd! I'm so fucking horny! The way he's looking at me, it's like he's fucking me with his eyes! How can I resist his wonderful cock when his passion for me is that great?! Not being able to suck him here is going to be such torture!

He asked, "By the way, I just noticed you shaved your bush off. Is there a reason for that?"

At first she covered her pubic mound more carefully, hoping to hide her shaving job, but then she realized he must have gotten a look down there already, and trying to hide it was only delaying the inevitable. She mumbled miserably, "You noticed?"

"Yeah! I think it's super sexy! Did you do it for me?"

In fact, she mainly did it for him. But she didn't want to admit that. "Not exactly. Mostly, I was embarrassed that Hillary saw it doesn't match my blonde hair. She was too cool to say anything about it, but still, it's easier that way."

He said, "Well, I love it just the same." He reached out and ran a hand through her blonde hair. "And I love your new hair color too. It suits you perfectly!" He looked back towards her pussy, still covered by her hand. "Can I take a peek at it? Please?"

"Sport, you know that area is totally off limits!"

"Just a peek? Pleeeaaase?!" He put on his best sad puppy dog look.

She relented, in large part because she wanted him to climb back on top of her already. "Okay, just a quick peek." She removed the hand from her pussy. Then she changed her posture, stretched out a bit and reveling in her complete nudity, instead of trying to resist it. It felt exhilarating!

"Wow! That's cool," he enthused, as he leaned in closer to get a better look at her pussy mound and especially her already very wet pussy lips. "I can't wait to go down on you and lick everything down there! It's so WET!"

Her pussy tingled at the thought of oral sex. But she barked, "That is so not going to happen! Don't even think it! Now... please! Don't make me beg!" She opened her arms for him. She added, but only in her mind, I need your cock in my hands!

He reached her way, but he went across her instead. As she impatiently watched, he used the power seat controls to tilt her seat all the way back.

"Wa-what are you doing now?!" Her voice was anxious as the tilting seat slowly tipped her upper body down. Before long, she was nearly lying parallel to the ground, except her knees had to stay bent since there wasn't much leg room. Fearing that he was thinking about fucking her, she put both hands over her pussy again.

"Don't worry, Ma! Er, Maggie, I mean. I'm just getting us comfy. I promise I won't touch your pussy, so don't worry."

As he said that, he straddled his body completely on top of hers. Due to the car's low ceiling, he couldn't really sit up, but he found a comfortable position sitting on her thighs and bending forward from there with his hands on her big breasts.

"Well, all right," she said reluctantly, now that she saw where he was sitting. His ass was resting on her thighs down near her knees. That meant his cock was a safe distance down her legs. With the way he was over her, he would have trouble even being able to see her pussy. But she was still very worried and embarrassed about her bald pussy, and kept a hand covering it. "But behave yourself, buster. We really shouldn't be doing this at all. And the time!" Alarmed at the need to get him to school on time, she tried to sit up, but was completely unable to do so with her son on top of her.

He said in a soothing voice, "Relax! We've got plenty of time. We were both so eager, we gave ourselves 30 extra minutes. Remember?"

Gaawwwd! I can't stand it! she thought, as she reached for her son's iron-hard erection again. She resumed jacking him off, but still kept her other hand-over her pussy, mostly due to how close his cock was to it. It feels so WRONG to be totally butt naked in the darkness of the garage, but it's so damn fucking hot that I can barely breathe! What's even hotter is how he's sitting on me, leaving me totally helpless! Did I say "hot?" I mean "wrong." He can do ANYTHING he wants to me, and I can't stop him! But at least I have to keep my pussy covered no matter what. Otherwise, he might just stick his big cock all the way in me!

She was so worked up that she was more turned-on than upset by the prospect of her son fucking her right now. However, he didn't know that. As her fingers flew up and down his shaft, she thought, I love it! This thing is just too magnificent! So hot in my hand!

Her resolve to keep a hand-over her pussy didn't last a minute. She was just too worked up, especially thanks to the way he was pulling on her nipples some more. Stroking his erection with just one hand didn't seem good enough for a phallus that long and thick, so she brought the other one back over to help. One hand stroked over his sweet spot in a twisting motion, while her other hand jacked the remaining inches in fast up and down strokes. Pre-cum seemed to be flowing everywhere, allowing her fingers to slip and slide along his skin in delightfully arousing ways.

She thought back to the way Hillary and her jacked him off together in the movie theater on Friday night. I wish Hillary was here right now! I don't know where she'd fit in this cramped little Prius I drive, but I could use her help with this rampant cock monster! I loved when we each had a hand on it. At LEAST one hand! I remember when we had four hands on his cock and balls at once. That was the best!

She briefly brought a hand down to cradle his balls, because she hadn't even touched them yet. She fondly recalled how Hillary and her took turns playing with his balls too. But she quickly decided she preferred both hands sliding all over his increasingly slippery erection. Damn! I need at least three hands here! At LEAST! My son is a freak. Even his balls are double the size of Andy's! He's so well-hung and virile. So hard to make him cum. I really do need Hillary's help. I hope our Friday date will become our usual thing, and we'll always take care of his cock together! God, that's such a fucking RUSH, just to think of that!

However, she was still worried he could start fucking her at any time. Deep down, she knew he was too loving to take advantage of her, but the idea that he could fueled her lust, so she continued to ponder this "problem." I know! I'll make him cum, right away! If he cums, then he can't fuck me. It's the only way to be totally safe. Cum, Son, cum! Plus, then we can talk, like I was thinking before. She stroked him with renewed vigor, still using both hands.

He hunched over, so his face was on her tits while his lower body remained close enough for her to continue stroking his cock. He remembered the great effect he'd had whenever he'd suckled or sucked on them, and so he started to do that again.

"YAAAIIIEEE!" she screamed. It felt so great that she couldn't handle it.

He pulled his head up and looked at her face with concern. "What's wrong?!"

"Nothing! Everything! Don't... Oh, fuck it! Do that more!" Her heart was thumping harder as she soared closer to climax. The pleasure of his suckling was magnified now that her entire body was on fire with lusty need.

"Like this?" he bent his head back down and kept on suckling her left nipple. But this time, he kept his eyes open enough to gauge the reaction on her beautiful face.

She panted, "YES! YES! YES!" She would have screamed louder, but she remained aware that her husband might overhear, even as far away in the house as he probably was. Normally, she would have found thinking about her husband hearing incredibly disturbing. But in her current lusty state of mind, it got her so hot and bothered that her bare hips and ass writhed like her seat was on fire.

Nick laughed, overjoyed that he was making her feel so good. Seeing her face from a low angle over her chest, he still thought she was so gorgeous that he was tempted to stop his suckling so he could kiss and caress her fine facial features instead.

However, he decided both kneading and suckling her huge tits was pretty awesome too, especially since she jacked him off with two hands all the while. He watched her bring one of her cum-soaked hands up to her mouth, as she prepared to scream.

She bit down on her knuckles to stifle her cries as a gigantic orgasm ripped through her. She was amazed that she was cumming, and cumming so hard, although her pussy lips and clit were totally untouched. Apparently his tit play, as well as the overall erotic situation, was all it took to send her into orbit.

Her entire body writhed and shook. She had to let go of his hard-on and grip his arms while waves of orgasmic bliss washed over her. She managed to stay relatively quiet, mostly out of fear of her husband hearing. The garage was far from any room he was likely to be in, but even a very tiny chance he might hear was extremely frightening to her. Yet, such danger magnified her arousal too.

He loved watching her cum. Generally speaking, making Maggie or Hillary cum brought him as much joy as if he climaxed himself, because he loved them both so much. Plus, it was physically fun for him in a weird way, since she was trembling all over so very much. He felt a bit like he was riding on a bucking bronco, at least until her smaller after-orgasms tapered off.

The one downside to her having an orgasm like that was afterwards she laid there with her eyes closed as if she was dead. Her arms rested along her sides as she recovered. The only sign of life from her was her heavy breathing and heaving chest.

She thought with chagrin, Oh Gaaaawwwwd! I can't believe that just happened. I'm soooo baaaaad! I was supposed to be making HIM cum! The things he does to me! It's not fair! I was completely blindsided by what happened on Tuesday. I went from being a normal mom living a normal life to basically falling in love with my son and his huge cock. In a threesome situation! And I'll never be normal again! How can I even TRY to pretend to be "Margaret" at all when he makes me cum like that?!

After her orgasm, she was so wiped out that she could hardly lift her arms. Nick was truly free to do whatever he wanted to her, and he sought to take full advantage, while still respecting her one rule to avoid her pussy. He sat up higher to have better access to her lower body, and ran his fingers down her taut tummy. He loved feeling the muscular curves there that showed what an athletic, hard body she had.

Wow! Ma is so hot! Sure, I think about that fact every day, but it really hits how when I'm sitting on her naked body like this. Talk about being a kid in a candy store! WOW! He chuckled to himself.

He continued to caress the subtle curves on her tummy that visually showed more than anything just how fit she was. I swear, she would make an aerobics instructor green with envy. How is it that she's all muscle everywhere, with no pouch or flab at all, and yet her skin feels so soft and pliant? And her tits are so damn big and round and pillowy! I don't know how she can walk around in public without causing a scene. In truth, she's an expert at dressing to look anonymous, which is kind of sad. But look at this body! I love the perfect golden tan, all except for a lighter spot where her bush used to be. Sweet!

One of his hands drifted off to explore the curves of her right hip and the way down to where he was sitting on her thighs. His other hand tingled the invisible, light fuzz on her skin over her lower abdomen. He brazenly stared at her pussy, despite her earlier request that he shouldn't even look at it.

He heard her let out a satisfied moan, but otherwise she remained quiet and kept her eyes closed. Her panting had died down, and she was breathing deeply. Oh no! He's gonna play with my pussy! No, Son! Not there!

But she didn't make a move to stop him. She was wiped out, but not so wiped out that she couldn't say or do something if she really wanted to. In a way, she was playing possum, and trying to fool even herself that whatever he did now, she wasn't responsible.

His fingers kept going down, until he reached the edge of where her bush used to be. Her legs were spread open a bit, and he could see every part of her pussy very clearly, including her unhooded clit. Her pussy lips were trim and symmetrical, and also red and puffy from arousal. The entire area was soaked, and he idly wondered what would become of the wet spot growing on the seat under her. Due to the cramped confines of the Prius, he couldn't bring his face very close unless he made a major readjustment in his position. But the smell of wet pussy was nonetheless overwhelming, and it seemed to fill the whole car.

He was extremely tempted to explore every part of her pussy mound with his fingers, but he'd made a promise not to and he wanted to keep it. Also, he knew if he violated her trust, it could be a big setback with her attitude in the future.

Still, he kept running his fingers everywhere just outside her pussy mound, over her swampy inner thighs, and up and down the lines marking the tops of her thighs. He especially ran his fingers with increasing brazenness over where her bush used to be. That put his fingers less than an inch from her clit sometimes, but he was careful not to touch it.

Maggie's breath didn't stay calm for long, because she was panting with increasing arousal, knowing exactly where he was touching her. She kept her eyes closed and her mouth shut though, secretly hoping he'd be more aggressive if he felt she was too sleepy to care or put up a fight.

He muttered, "Sorry for kind of pushing the line here, but I'm just kind of reveling in the fact that you shaved your bush. It feels nice! Thank you for doing that. I really like it."

She mumbled in reply, "You're welcome."

Then she thought, with great frustration at first, "You're welcome?!" I'm his mother, and I shaved off my fucking bush, pretty much just for him, to make him want me even more, and then I just said "You're welcome" like we were passing a bowl of peas at the fucking dinner table! My life is so bizarre! And having him touch me there, soooooo close! It's driving me crazy! I feel so totally helpless, and that's making me even MORE horny! He could dig his fingers deep into my kitty right now, and I would be unable to stop him! Hell, I don't think I would want to stop him!

Just as soon as I get my energy back, I'm going to stroke his cock like it's never been stroked! Then he's gonna cum all over my tits and face!

As he brought one of his hands back up to play with her tits some more, he thought, Man! This is IT! My fake girlfriend plan is working like gangbusters, but I'm never going to let the hand-over happen, if I can help it. Ma, I want Hillary AND you! Not only that, but I'm going to fuck you! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon! Then the three of us will be together forever!

Okay, it may not be that easy, but nothing really valuable in life comes easy. I'm gonna move Heaven and Earth to make it happen, dammit! Nothing else matters. THIS is what it's all about! Love and happiness. And awesome sex! YES!

After a minute or two, he moved back up her body so he could tenderly lick and kiss his way around her face, exploring everywhere but her mouth, for a change. He also gently caressed the roundness of her great globes while he waited for her to stir some more.

She loved all that, but both mother and child were very aware of the location of his stiff dick as a result of his shift. His erection was between her legs, resting against her left inner thigh and only about three inches from her drooling slit. Both of them knew how easy it would be for him to hold it and guide it in. That fact was making her pant hard even more than what his mouth and fingers were doing.

She gasped when she felt his legs lift up as he readjusted his position in a big way. She was half-convinced he was moving in to fuck her pussy. She felt even more helpless and humiliated than before, and it was so arousing for her that she could scarcely breathe. God! He could fuck me! He could fuck me right now! I'm just his naked slut! His helpless, wicked, big-titted SLUT!

But before she could decide if she would welcome getting fucked or not, the crisis passed, since he continued scooting higher up her body. She felt a great thrill as his cockhead slid along her skin, leaving a trail of pre-cum behind.

She let out a heavy sigh of relief once his boner was above her pussy lips. While the idea of getting fucked by her own son was extremely thrilling, she was far from ready for it to actually happen.

Soon, he was sitting on top of her tummy. His dick was resting right along the middle line of her body, in a perfect position for titfucking. But because she was effectively lying down, her tits were about as flattened as round orbs like hers could get, and they leaned away towards the sides of her body.

She could tell what he was doing: he was eager for a titfuck, but he wanted to make sure she was okay with it. He was hoping for a sign from her.

She had never been into titfucks before. She knew that a big reason Andy had desired her was her large breasts, and he'd pestered her many times to let him titfuck her over the years. She'd only done it on special occasions, like anniversaries or birthdays, because she felt it was demeaning. When it happened, she'd been reluctant and unaroused.

However, with Nick, demeaning was a positive, somehow. It further fired her lusts instead of irritating her. In fact, everything was different, like night and day. The thought of her son fucking her tits was so exciting that she could hardly stand it! She knew that once he fucked here there, she would love it.

She'd had a lot of dreams and fantasies in recent days where Nick fucked her tits or sat up on her chest and stuck his cock in her mouth. So seeing him sitting on her like this almost felt familiar and welcome, because it had happened so many times in her mind. She wanted to at least try to play coy, but in truth she was just as eager to get her tits fucked as he was to fuck them!

Smiling, she lifted her head up so she could see exactly where his cock was as it laid in the valley between her E-cups. She brought her hands up and pushed her boobs towards his boner from either side. She purred, "Son, you were a very good boy. You could have touched me, down there, but you didn't. I think you deserve a big reward, don't you?"

By the time she finished saying that, his cock was trapped in a tight tunnel of tit-flesh, as she pushed her big tits together even more.

He groaned with arousal, as much from seeing his dick completely disappear into the depths of her deep cleavage as feeling it. Not surprisingly, this had been a fantasy of his for years and years. He felt so happy that he truly wanted to cry tears of joy.

Seeing the nearly teary yet ecstatic look on her son's face gave Maggie the confidence that she was doing the right thing. She also felt a great rush of pleasure, as goose bumps covered her skin from head to toe again. YESSSSS! What a great idea! I told myself no blowjobs this time, but titfucks don't count! Gaaaawwwwd, it feels so fucking good! His cock and my tits! Our two favorite things in the world, coming together! She chuckled in her own mind.

She purred in a sexually wanton voice, "Come on, come closer. Stick your cock in me all the way!"

Both of them felt tingles of excitement race through their bodies as they thought about that last comment of hers.

She was so far gone that she let herself think, He's going to fuck my tits! Then he's going to fuck my face! I'll have a hard time talking because my mouth will be stuffed with so much hot cock! Then he's going to fuck my CUNT! Yes, even that! He may well split me in two with that damn monster, but what a way to go!

She had to tell herself, Okay, he actually won't do all that. He's a good boy and he respects my wishes. But he could! He could! We could just skip taking him to school altogether! What bliss it would be, to go full naked slut for him, for hours and hours!

He scooted his entire body up a couple of inches, until the root of his stiff rod was flush with the bottom slope of her distorted orbs. Now, he could see his cockhead poking out a little on the other side.

He felt giddy just from the sight, not to mention the incredible feeling of her tight tit squeeze. I'm gonna fuck Ma's tits, I really am! Every fantasy is coming true!

She was feeling newly energized, thanks to her titfucking desire. She purred sexily, "Just sit there and enjoy. Let Mommy take care of you." She began sliding her tits back and forth over his pole, raising one up and then the other. Lubrication wasn't a problem, since his shaft was covered with pre-cum. She was keeping his boner in a very tight squeeze all the time.

"OH GOD!" he moaned, groaning with delight. He ignored her suggestion to just sit there and started thrusting in and out. But due to the awkward position he was in (stooped down with his head resting against the ceiling of the car), he could only thrust about an inch with each pass.

Still, that felt like nirvana, especially combined with her unpredictable tit movement that maintained a very tight yet spongy tunnel all the while. Fuckin' A, man! I'm sitting on Ma's perfect naked body, fucking her tits! The glory! And in the garage, no less! Unreal! Fortune DOES favor the bold!

She loved making him feel so good, especially when that involved stimulating his cock. She wanted to holler for joy from just looking at the rapturous expression on his face. It looked like he was experiencing an endless orgasm, even though he still had a ways to go before he spurted out a real one.

She thought, joyously, I'll bet you like that, don't you? I know you're a virgin still, but they call it a "titfuck" for a reason. I'm trying to make it feel like a good fuck for you! Such a TIGHT squeeze! That's just like my cunt, Son! If you were to fuck my cunt, it would be way tighter still! I can't let you do that, at least not today, but good God, am I going to give you a titfuck for the ages!

She asked, "Is this the first titfuck in your life?"

"It is!" he panted excitedly.

She felt another great surge of arousal upon hearing that. His first! I knew that, but it feels so good to hear it confirmed! His first titfuck is with his busty mother! So wrong, but so right! That makes it even more important that I give him one he'll always remember!

With that, she thought frantically of what she could do to take the titfucking action to an even higher level. There was only so much she could do with her tits sliding and squeezing on either side of his thick hard-on. Then she smirked as she had a great idea.

Craning her neck, she just managed to stick her tongue out and lap at the very tip of his cockhead. She could have done better, but her positioning wasn't ideal with the way she was lying down in her car seat. And to keep craning like that was taxing.

He saw her difficulty and looked around for something to help. He noticed her top lying in the back seat, but still within his reach. Frankly, there wasn't much fabric to it, but luckily he was able to find and reach her skirt as well. He balled them together into a pillow of sorts. Then he placed the ball of fabric under her lifted head, allowing her to stay in that position more comfortably.

"Thanks, Sport," she said with a happy smile. She was pleased, because now she could crane just a little bit further, allowing her to easily run her tongue all over the top inch or so of his cockhead. She could reach further down if she really wanted to.

However, seconds after she started licking him there, she thought, Uh-oh! I shouldn't be doing this. I'm licking his cock! That's a slippery slope to full-on sucking, and I made a vow not to do that today. But it's too damn tempting! Besides, this isn't a blowjob, not really, since we're in the middle of a titfuck. And it's just a little bit of licking here and there. What's the harm?

With that decided, she tried to reach down even farther with her tongue. She managed to slather her tongue all over his cockhead, but she couldn't reach past the cockhead's ridge (or crown), especially since his dick was sliding in and out about an inch each way. Still, she loved it, and she could tell from his moans that he did too.

With his hips slowly thrusting, he groaned, "God, Ma, you're so HOT! So sexy! I can't believe I'm fucking your big tits! Oh, Ma, you have the biggest, bestest tits ever!"

She wryly corrected him, "You mean 'biggest, BEST tits,' Sport."

He was too far gone with lusty need to laugh at that subtle humor. He kept right on panting and grunting.

Feeling devilish, she added, "And besides, Hillary's are bigger. Just wait until you fuck hers! Can you imagine?! You have two sexy and very STACKED girlfriends now, Son! If you picked us for titfucking, you couldn't have done any better. I think that means you're going to fuck our tits a hell of a lot! I'll hold and slide her tits around over your fat pole! And when you're fucking my tits, she'll lean in and lick your cockhead when you're poking out! Those are the sorts of extra privileges you get for winning the two bustiest girls in town!"

That sort of talk just about blew his mind. He loved how much she was getting into the whole threesome idea. Clearly, she fully expected those sorts of activities to actually happen in the very near future!

But he only had a momentary surge of desire thinking about Hillary, or Hillary and Maggie together, because he already was living in paradise, with his cock tightly squeezed in between his mother's sliding tits and her tongue dancing on his cockhead. He enthused, "I just can't believe it! Just too, too fuckin'... aarrggh!"

He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth while a huge surge of arousal washed through him. That had been a very close call, as the urge to cum was nearly overwhelming.

"Believe it!" she said proudly. "Your hot mom is a pretty fun girlfriend. She'll let your fuck her tits pretty much anytime you want!"

Then she remembered her rules, and reluctantly added, "When she's in Maggie mode, that is. Maybe, that way, you won't mind not doing some... other stuff."

The "other stuff" she was referring to in her mind was blowjobs. She didn't want him to know it, but she could hardly wait to gag and choke on his thick cock! But she was trying to mislead him, so he'd get a great surprise when she gave him her first full-on blowjob soon.

As soon as she said that, she stuck her tongue out and licked around the top inch of his cockhead some more. She wasn't thinking clearly, so she didn't notice the irony in that. She really wanted to make him cum, right away.

"Uh-huh," he grunted as he thrust in and out her tit-tunnel with slow, short stabs. He would have gone faster and farther, but this way she could lick his cockhead too. He was trying to think about unarousing things to prolong this magical, precious time a little longer. He certainly didn't want to think about "other stuff" at this point.

She said in a sultry growl, "So, you love your mother's tits, huh? You love to fuck them with your huge cock! You know that's too naughty! I really ought to ground you for being a bad boy. You deserve a harsh spanking and then a very sweet blowjob!"

She realized she wasn't supposed to say that. Technically, a blowjob was against the limits she'd set for herself. Plus, it was absurd to think that a blowjob could be a punishment, especially given the detailed plans she had for how she wanted to pleasure him with her mouth. So she tried to say something more responsible so he wouldn't get the wrong idea. "Forget I just said that. You should know that fucking Mommy's mouth is against the rules."

However, she said this in an obviously playful and lusty voice, as if there was nothing she would love better. Plus, her tongue kept flicking at his piss hole while she said it, and she gave his shaft an extra tight squeeze with her massive tit-pillows.

He groaned loudly, thinking about shoving all seven inches of his thickness down her throat.

She continued to tease as her tongue flicked here and there, "But still, now that you've started fucking me here today, I know you're gonna keep fucking your very own mother every chance you get! I really ought to get you for that, but I can't help myself! Ma loves your big, fat dick so much! She loves lying naked underneath you, feeling you slide in and out. So naked! So helpless! So horny! She can't stop you from fucking her all the time!"

She said this so enthusiastically, and even orgasmically, that it was clear she was arousing herself as much as he was.

Technically, she was talking about titfucking, but both of them knew she'd carefully chosen her words so they could apply to fucking her mouth or even her pussy too. She was so insanely horny that her thoughts were running into taboo areas she normally didn't allow, and she couldn't entirely control her mouth either.

Nick was so extremely turned on by her words, not to mention her lapping tongue and constantly sliding, tightly squeezing tits, that he felt he was close to passing out. The car was steaming up, and he was sweating buckets.

He decided to get some "revenge." So far, he was so overwhelmed that his hands hadn't been doing anything. But with a wicked gleam in his eyes, he reached for her nipples and twisted them.

"No! Oh no, not that!" she squealed, but she loved it. "NOOO! You monster! You evil cock monster! NOOOO!"

He wasn't perturbed in the slightest, because it was clear she was just being playful. Somehow she managed to maintain a big smile even while she attempted to flick her tongue around his cockhead a lot more.

As usual, her nipples craved his rough treatment. She kept right on squealing and crying "nooooo" right through another orgasm. But this wasn't an earth-shattering one for her (mainly because there was no clitoral stimulation), and she was able to keep the titfuck going with barely any pause. She was learning that sometimes she was capable of having orgasms from nipple play alone, at least if Nick was working his "magic touch" on them.

In fact, as soon as that orgasm washed through her, tingling all her senses down to her toes, she felt an even stronger one coming on, if only she touched her clit. She could tell Nick was nearing his own climax, and she knew what that meant: more cum! No longer able to lick his cockhead, she had trouble even speaking. She panted, "Nick! ... Son! ... When you, when you cum... you're gonna, gonna... cum! Cum! All over my, my face!"

It had been a major struggle for her to get that out, given how hard she was panting, but it was worth it. She could tell that from the extra fiery look that suddenly appeared in his eyes. His nostrils actually flared in response. Besides, things were reaching a fever pitch, and with her son's cock sliding in and out of her cleavage with short, fast strokes, her licking wasn't that effective any more anyway.

They both knew Nick's orgasm would be arriving within seconds. He'd given up trying to stimulate her tits or nipples, and since she was holding them in place, he gripped her shoulders like he was afraid their bodies would fly apart.

He also stopped thrusting, as he tried to clench his PC muscle in a desperate attempt to hold back a little longer. Normally, that would have worked, but this time it was like trying to stop a tidal wave with one's hands.

He arched his back and raised his head in anticipation of the coming orgasmic rush. Unfortunately, he forgot about the car's low roof, and banged his head hard against it. In a way, that was a good thing, though. He wasn't hurt much, and the distraction allowed him to delay shooting off a little bit longer, if only a fraction of a minute.

As they shared a laugh about it, she kept relentlessly squeezing his throbbing pole with her slipping and sliding tit-flesh.

He looked back down to her face and saw the eager look in her brown eyes as she somehow resumed frantically lapping on all the cockhead her tongue could reach. It was just too sexy of an image for him to handle. He felt his balls tightening and knew he'd crossed the point of no return. He was careful not to raise his head again as he yelled, "Ma! I'm gonna cum!"

He wanted to say more. He wanted to describe just where he'd be cumming on her, and how thoroughly he planned to cover her face with his jism, to heat her up still more. But even saying as much as he did was an accomplishment under the circumstances.

She kept her head craned down, so much that her chin touched the collar area of her chest, to make sure that none of his cum would miss her face and hit her neck instead. She also closed her eyes tight, because he would be blasting at her with full force from just inches away.

She wasn't supposed to suck or lick his cock, as that was against her self-imposed, temporary vow. (Never mind that she'd been licking it quite a lot for the last few minutes!) But she didn't have any rule against opening her mouth as wide as she could to guzzle down as much of his tasty spend as possible, and that's exactly what she did.

As Nick moaned and groaned in orgasmic ecstasy, his cum fired right into the middle of her face. He wasn't aiming, just enjoying the moment to its fullest, but it happened that pretty much all of his cum landed on dead center, from the top of her nose to the bottom of her chin. That meant a good portion flew straight into her gaping mouth.

However, she was realizing that she either had a facial fetish already or was rapidly getting one. She loved the taste of his cum, but it seemed a waste to have so much of it go straight down her throat. So, as his climax went on and on and on, she turned her head this way and that, ensuring that she was splattered from chin to forehead and from ear to ear.

And right when his climax was cresting, she reached for her clit. After just a second or two of squeezing it, she had one of the most powerful climaxes in her life. It took all her remaining willpower not to scream at the top of her lungs. Luckily, clenching her teeth helped her keep the noise down. Although, curiously, thinking about the possibility that Andy might hear only aroused her still more. Deep down, she still felt a desire to get revenge on him for his cheating.

Nick thought he'd died and gone to heaven. That had been his most pleasurable and intense sexual experience so far, at least in that limited amount of time. That was saying a lot, given what he'd done with her and Hillary in the past week.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Jamielynn, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, and Ecchi Spud.