Chapter 19: Garage Firsts (Tuesday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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Despite the intensity of Nick's orgasm, he hardly had any post-coital energy crash at all. He was young, fit, and very virile. He knew from experience that oftentimes his penis was able to rebound quickly, or not even go flaccid at all, due to his usual tendency to "cum in twos."

But he knew that more important than getting his rocks off again was making sure that his mother felt good about what happened. He sat up on her and took a good look at her face. Oh. My. God! So much cum! Damn! I wish I could take a picture! Fuck, that's hot!

But he scooted back down her body and attempted to plant a kiss on her lips.

Maggie knew her face was extremely cummy, including some on her lips, and she'd just swallowed even more of his seed. She didn't want him kissing her with her spermy breath. So she tried turning her head this way and that to break the kiss, but he was determined.

She used her tongue to lick her lips clean as well as try her best to clean the inside of her mouth of his cum. She thought that was a shame, since she wanted to savor his spermy taste as long as possible, but she felt she had no option. Then she finally gave in and let him have his way.

To her surprise though, it wasn't a lusty kiss so much as a loving one.

When he finally broke it, he pulled back a few inches and smiled from ear to ear. He blissfully stared at all the cummy streaks splattering her gorgeous facial features.

She asked, "What was that all about?"

"Ma, I just want you to know how much I love you. I figure you might feel guilty and regretful later, but I don't want you to be. What we did isn't wrong. It's beautiful! Because you're beautiful. And I don't just mean your body." He cupped her big orbs from below and gave them a good squeeze.

She shuddered with lust. It didn't slip her notice that his cock was still resting between her tits and didn't seem to be going flaccid. She brought her hands back to the outer sides of her tits to make sure it stayed in a tight vice, to help ensure it stayed erect.

With her hands taking control of her tits, he moved his hands from them. He brought a hand to her face and tried to caress her there. But it was so cummy that he didn't know what to do. He ended up playfully touching the tip of her nose, since that was about the only completely clear part of her face.

He said, "I mean you're beautiful on the inside. You love me, I love you, and this is how we express our love. And you love me so much that you're willing to do all this so I can win the girl of my dreams. You're the best!"

His words and caring really touched her, and she loved the tender way he was rubbing the tip of her nose, but it also made her feel sad because of the reminder that they were doing this so he could win Hillary. More and more, she wanted him for herself.

She protested, "Don't kiss me like that. Not when my face is all... gross."

"First off, Ma, it's not 'gross,' it's super sexy!" He swiped a finger through one particularly large cum gob on her left cheek to show that he wasn't afraid of his own cum. He wasn't, though he liked not touching any of his cum because he thought she looked so extra sexy and fuckable with her cum-splattered look.

Then he said, "And second, I'll kiss you whenever I want." He leaned forward and kissed her on her lips again. He was too carried away by the passion of the moment to worry about his own cum. Besides, most of it was either on her face or had gone down her throat already.

Again, she melted. She tried to show how much she loved him by giving him the best kiss ever. She thought, How can I feel bad about what we did when he loves me so much? Damn! I know I will regret things later, but I don't care. I'm not going to try to stop this again. I need this!

And "I'll kiss you whenever I want?!" Wow! SO HOT! Where did that come from?! What happened to my shy boy? He really is becoming a man! A dominant man! I love when he takes charge like that. I shouldn't feel bad that he's making me into his busty slut, because who could resist him?! Hillary would know what I mean by that!

While they kissed, he also pondered his "I'll kiss you whenever I want" comment. Geez! That's so out of character for me. But after titfucking Ma, I feel stronger than King Kong! I feel so confident and take-charge that it's almost scary. I wonder how long it'll take for this feeling to wear off and I'll return to my usual shy self.

After a minute or two of passionate necking, she sensed the danger that his boner would go flaccid had passed. She couldn't really titfuck him more while he was pressing down on her for the kissing, so she let go of her boobs. But, feeling how it was so delightfully engorged in the middle of her chest, she brought a hand to it from below and ran her fingers all over it while they kept on necking. She particularly loved rubbing his sweet spot. She couldn't get enough of that.

When their kissing ended, she asked him, "What time is it?" She was steadily stroking his boner.

He craned his head around and looked at the clock on the dashboard. "Ugh! It's time. Time to get to school."

She groaned sadly. His cock was wonderfully stiff in her hands. She would have loved to get another titfuck started right away, since he was obviously "up" for it. But she knew she'd feel terrible later if he was late for school. So she grudgingly told him, "You'd better get off me."

He sighed. "I was afraid you'd say that." After a pause, he asked, "But can't I cum again first, though? I'm so stiff!"

She replied with slight amusement and chagrin, "You're always stiff!" She kept right on stroking him. "You know how much I would love to jack you off a lot more, but we can't! I've noticed you don't cum easily, with the quick trigger boys your age are supposed to have. By the time I'd get you to cum, you'll be way late!"

He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "Not if you'd use your mouth!"

She groaned. "Don't even suggest it! Not now!"

She bit her lip, practically torn in two between lusty desire and practical considerations. Damn! God! I would KILL to do that! But knowing him, even that would take ages! Maybe after school. Then we'd have lots of time. I could love and adore his cock with my mouth just like I've been dreaming all these days. Yes, that's much better. I need to be patient!

The only fly in the ointment is just how extremely THICK his cock is. Yes, I love it and adore it, but when it comes to sucking him, that's going to be a real struggle. I remember when I did such him ever so briefly on Tuesday. I felt like my entire face was going to split open! It was a "hurt so good" thing, true, but... UGH! How will be able to handle that for more than a few minutes?!

Seeing that suggestion wasn't going to fly, he rolled off his mother and returned to his seat. He would have loved to play all day, but he knew he had to go to school. He was encouraged that at least she'd said "not now" instead of a flat no.

Despite having to stop the sex session, he was brimming with so much energy and excitement that he bounced in his seat like a hyperactive little kid. "Ma! That was so great! Let's do that again and again! Okay, admittedly, not right now, but soon! Soon, soon, soon!"

Maggie, though, felt like she'd been run over by a truck. Sure, she'd had a great time, and some wonderful orgasms, but now she just wanted to rest. However, she was mindful about the time. She considered her son's condition, and then her own, and said, "Dammit. I'm wiped out here. Son, you've gotta drive."

She looked at his crotch and saw his stiff boner bouncing around wildly. That made her so giddy that she had trouble thinking.

After a pause, he said, "Okay. No problem. But you, uh, need to clean up."

She knew that all too well already. She joked sarcastically, "Um, yeah! So do you. And put your shorts back on, unless you plan to scare all your classmates with that huge swinging cock monster of yours."

He chuckled. "Good point." He looked around the car, wondering where his shorts went to.

She struck a sexy cheesecake pose. She had one knee up, boldly showing off her shaved and wet pussy. "Do you think maybe I should put some clothes on too?"

"Nah. I love you like this." He reached over and ran a hand from her nearest hip to the top of her bush and up her tummy. Just doing that made her visibly shiver. But he kept on going and ran his hand-over her nearest boob. When he brushed past her nipple, she was forced to clench her teeth, because it felt so good. His hand kept going up, caressing up her neck nearly to her chin. He didn't touch her chin though, since it was so very cum-splattered.

She found herself suckling on a couple of his fingers. Hnnggg! Feels so good! Damn, I could do this all day. And with something better than just his fingers! And by that, I do mean his cock!

She forced herself to break contact and sit up in her flattened seat.

Taking her purse and clothes with her, she staggered out of the car and leaned against it. She looked like she was suffering a hangover, if one didn't count the fact she was wearing nothing but high heels and her face was coated with her son's seed.

There was so much cum on her face that some of it was dripping down onto her tits. Every time she felt a drop land on her skin, it caused another tingle in her pussy. She remained aroused enough that she didn't feel too bad about her extremely obscene appearance, at least not yet. I wish I could see myself in the mirror. I'm a total slut for my son's cock!

Nick also got out of the car and walked most of the way around it. He knew they couldn't take part in any more hanky panky because of the time factor. He was a good student and also wanted to make it to school on time, so not only did he put on his shorts and his underwear, he even zipped up.

But he wanted a good view of her entire body, so he stood in a prime spot to check her out from head to toe.

In recent days, she had prepared in advance for this kind of situation. Her purse contained some needed cleaning supplies, like lots of tissues and an extra pair of panties. She had still more supplies in the trunk, including extra clothes for a variety of occasions. She unlocked the truck, opened it, and used a big fluffy white towel to wipe her face clean. Then she used a different part of the towel to wipe her pussy and thighs clean.

Given all that she and Nick had been through, she made no attempt to cover any part of herself, even though he stood ogling her from only a few feet away. The fact that his eyes were on her kept her buzzing with erotic joy. Actually, her toweling off was more like a sex show. She knew his cock was still stiff and could see it straining against his shorts. She simply couldn't resist trying to drive him wild, even if it took a little more time and increased the risk of him being late.

As she toweled her face clean, she stood with her legs stiffly spread apart. She rubbed the towel with unnecessary vigor, causing her enormous tits to wildly bounce on her chest.

Nick couldn't help himself: since he wasn't doing anything but standing and staring, he slipped a hand into one of his shorts pockets and reached from there to hold and stroke his erection. The pocket lining created a thin layer between his fingers and his shaft, but it felt fantastic just the same.

She finished wiping her face relatively quickly, due to the time pressure. But when she lowered the towel from her face, she was able to see again, and she immediately noticed how he was playing "pocket pool." That gave her new motivation to put on even more of a show.

She asked him, "How's my face? Better?"

"Much worse!" he replied. "I love it when it's covered with my cum! So sexy!"

She chuckled, amused at his answer. She'd assumed he was going to tell her where she'd missed wiping the cum away. She said, "You would say that. And it's true! It IS sexy! Son, you cum so much, every time! But still, I have to get clean." As she talked, she wiped the cum off that had fallen to her tits. But she was making a great, seductive titty show out of it.

He boldly suggested, while still not-so-secretly masturbating, "No you don't! You should take me to school with at least some cum on your face. Who's gonna know?"

"I'll know," she complained. She spread her legs wider, much wider, while keeping them ramrod straight. Then, still using the cummy part of the towel, she began wiping her crotch in very dramatic fashion. "Look what you do to me! I'm all wet!"

He groaned erotically. God DAMN! This is like the best porn video ever, except real, and with my MOM! Fuck me, she's a babe! I guess she's spreading her legs that wide so she can swish the big towel between her inner thighs, but that's such an obscene and sexy position!

She pouted, "Since you'd be happy to see my totally humiliated with a cum-covered face, I'm gonna need a mirror. Could you get it for me from my purse, please?"

"Sure." He went to her purse, got the mirror, and then walked to her and handed it to her.

But then he stood right behind her. Figuring she couldn't see what he was doing as long as he was behind her like that, he put a hand inside his shorts so he could resume masturbating, except with more satisfying skin-on-skin contact. Then he put his other hand on her bare ass cheek, and cupped it. "Ma! Have I told you lately how much I love you?"

She smirked. "First off, I'm still in Maggie mode. And secondly, you're just saying that so I'll let you play with my body a little more." She'd already started to use the mirror to check her face and clean it much more accurately.

He said, "No, I'm not." But he took his hand out of his shorts and moved in closer, cupping both of her huge knockers from behind and below.

She groaned in a mix of lust and frustration. "So help me God! Behave! You're going to make us late!"

"I'm just trying to help. Here." She was holding the towel with one hand, using a non-cummy section to dab at her face based on what she saw in the mirror. That left the vast majority of the towel hanging down free. He took a portion of it and started swiping her bare tits with it. "See?!"

She groaned loudly. Technically, he was helping, though she'd already wiped her tits clean and he was more likely to smear cum from the towel into her skin than actually get her skin cleaner. But his hands and motions were arousing her greatly. Even the thought of him smearing more of his cum into her tits gave her a big rush of arousal.

As if all that wasn't enough, he pressed in closer still from behind until she could feel the bulge in his shorts pressing directly against her ass crack.

She thought, Fuck me! Seriously, fuck me! I'm so fucked! My son is such a fucking STUD! There's no resisting him! Even now, I'm still buck naked, and that big fat cock of his feels soooooo gooood!. It would be so easy to drop the mirror and towel, spin around, fall to my knees, yank his shorts down, and gobble his cock all the way to the root!

She chuckled in her mind. Well, except for the cock gobbling part! That's going to be hard! Damn hard! And taking him to the root is just a dream at this point. It might not even physically fit down my throat. But, the fact is, I COULD do all that! I should! Gaawwwd! I want to be his go-to cocksucking relief, and I haven't even sucked him properly a single time yet! FUCK school!

However, she was just fantasizing. She had enough willpower to know the whole time she wasn't going to really do that. And saying "FUCK school" in her own mind actually sobered her up a bit, reminding her of the danger of him getting there late.

She continued to clean her face, but humped back slightly and managed to squeeze his boner in between his ass cheek. She tightly flexed and unflexed. She was amazed she could effectively stimulate him that way, especially considering his shorts.

But, in total contrast to what she was doing, she said, "Behave! I need you to help me. Can you bring me my purse?"

He was bummed. "Okay." He disengaged. Her ass cheeks had such a strong hold on his boner that he had to wait for her to unflex again before he could pull away.

He went to the car seat where the purse was and picked it up. He was extremely frustrated, since he was all worked up but almost certainly wouldn't be able to cum again before school.

As he walked back to her with the purse, she said, "Here's an idea. Why don't you keep that in your hands? If you stand right behind me, like you were, and hand me things from my purse as I need them, I'll make it worth your while. Oh, and please hold this towel but don't let it touch me, since parts of it are so cummy. I may need it some more."

"Okay." He took the towel, so he held that in one hand and the purse in the other. He asked, "But where's my reward? You said you'd make it worth my while."

"Oh, that. I suppose if you stand like you were before, right up against my ass, I could do what I'd been doing to you. Didn't that feel nice?"

"Hell, yeah!" He moved in closer, until his bulge was lined up against her ass crack again. But then he had an idea and pulled his shorts down. (He still was following Hillary's request not to wear underwear, so shorts was all he had on.) Then he moved up again, and rested his fully exposed boner against her crack.

She laughed. "You! You're too much! Give an inch, and you'll take a mile." But despite her complaint, she was flying high. She humped back, trapped his hard-on between her ass cheeks again, and resumed her sexy flexing and unflexing.

Nick was over the moon. Just looking down and watching her tanned, bare ass cheeks doing all that flexing was exciting enough, but seeing and feeling what it was doing to his boner nearly left him speechless. He was so overtaken by a rush of pleasure that he exclaimed, "I'll give you more than an inch! I'll give you a whole bunch of inches!"

He was thinking about fucking her, but he belatedly remembered that she was treating fucking as a taboo topic, since she never, ever mentioned it to him. So he added, "Right into your mouth!"

She was feeling electric jolts of pleasure racing up and down her spine already, due to enjoying squeezing his cock with her ass as well as his first comments. But when he added "right into your mouth," she just about fell to the ground, she was so overcome with dizzying desire.

She had to take some moments to recompose herself. She was going to tease him some, and maybe even taunt him about all the things her lips and tongue would do if he ever dared to stick all those inches in her mouth. But she realized that was too provocative. Besides, they were running out of time. So she just said, "Behave, already! And don't hint that you want to stick your big fat cock in my mouth. Are you forgetting I'm your mother? Now, hush! I need to work on my face, and we're running late."

His head was practically spinning. He saw the mention of her being his mother as a provocation, not a warning. But he managed to stay quiet, except for his ragged breathing. He was frustrated that he couldn't do anything with his hands, due to holding the purse and towel and needing to get things from the purse for her at times. But the way she was squeezing his erection with her ass cheeks felt so great that he couldn't complain. It was almost as much fun as the titfuck, at least when she hadn't been using her tongue too.

Maggie didn't really need to make herself pretty. If they were running late, that could be sacrificed. But she was having such a great time standing there naked and flexing her ass cheeks against her son's raging erection that she wanted to prolong the experience.

So she spoke to him calmly, as if they were having a normal mother-son conversation. "I'm sorry for all the fuss, but you really got me good with all your spermy cream. You really cum a lot, every time! And I am your girlfriend when I'm Maggie. One of them, actually. You want me to look my best, don't you?"

He just grunted. Already, he was having to squeeze his PC muscle just to stop from cumming. Actually, he really wanted to cum, especially since he figured this would be his last chance before school started, but he worried that she'd get mad if he unexpectedly blasted a cum load all over her bare back, which is where he would almost certainly do it, since his cock was pointing straight up. Her straight blonde hair went down her back to about armpit level, and he worried he might even get some cum in her hair, and he worried that would upset her even more.

Using a mirror, she went through a routine of reapplying subtle hints of make-up, perfume, combing her hair, and so forth. She could have done that after putting some clothes back on, but she didn't. It was much, much more fun this way!

All the while, she acted as if he wasn't there, but she never stopped flexing and unflexing her ass cheeks around his throbbing boner. She didn't think it was physically possible to get him to cum from merely using her ass, since she had such limitations on what she could do. But she hoped against hope she might get lucky, and if she couldn't, it wouldn't be for a lack of trying.

As she took her sweet time with her face, Nick began to get anxious about being late to school. He said, "Oh man! We're gonna be cutting it close!"

She asked him without attempting to look back his way, "How much time have we got?"

"Five more minutes to get ready, and then about ten minutes to get there, I figure. It'll be close!"

"Too close," she muttered. "We spent too much time with the titfucking. I wanted to just talk." She continued to relentlessly flex her ass cheeks on him, feeling an almost devilish delight in seemingly acting normal while driving him wild.

He asked, "But wasn't that better? Wasn't that totally incredible? Didn't we need that? I mean, in a way, that was talking, wasn't it? We expressed our love for each other, didn't we?"

She just grumbled, "I suppose." She was having fun acting somewhat standoffish while continuing to stimulate his cock.

She thought with secret delight, If love can be measured by cum on my face, then you sure loved me a lot today! Dammit. I can wipe it all away, and I did, but the smell will still linger. And what's scary is I love it!

She took some deep sniffs, and sighed happily. She still hadn't applied her perfume, and she was about to do that next, but she decided she preferred the "natural fragrance" of his spermy smell. She handed the perfume back to him without using that. Even doing that gave her another thrill down her spine.

He was puzzled by the seeming contradiction between what she was saying and what her ass was doing to him, but he continued, "Ma, you're just... you're my dream girl! God! Fucking your tits was just... UGH!" He was at a loss for words to convey how much he'd loved it.

His enthusiasm and compliments pleased her. Her stance subtly shifted to an even sexier pose. Her legs straightened, and her ass jutted out yet more. Then she kept going with her anal flexing, but slightly humped back at him at the same time.

He groaned. He was startled at just how great that felt. Sweet Jesus! Who knew an ass could feel this good?! And that's just on the outside. Imagine if I actually fucked her ass on the inside! Holy shit! Ma is such a walking wet dream! All I want to do all day is fuck her in every hole! And Hillary! Hot damn!

She silently savored how his hard-on felt between her ass cheeks. Aaaah!! What a tower of cock! Hee-hee! This is such fun. And what vigor! Whenever he's with me, I want him stiff and throbbing all the time. What a lucky discovery. I didn't know I could trap him like this between my butt cheeks, much less squeeze him so delightfully like this! I could do this all day!

But of course, when it comes to his cock, there are much more fun things to do. If only we'd started earlier. He could give my tits an even BETTER fucking, and then I could have given his very first "proper" cocksucking! Then, with his first cum load still on my face, he could blast a second load on it too! God, would that be HOT! I'll bet Hillary would love to see a photo of that.

She realized with a start that none of that was going to happen, at least not now. She felt sad and disappointed, but she tried not to show it.

Still without trying to look back at him, she said, "You just told me I'm your dream girl. But I thought Hillary is your dream girl?"

"She is. But you are too. You're both so perfect, how can I not love you both? Just look at you! You're not a mother, you're a centerfold!" He couldn't resist not using his hands anymore. He put her purse on the ground and then carefully put the towel on it, so no part of the towel touched the ground. Then he brought his hands under her E-cups and cupped them from below. "No, better: you're both! You're my centerfold, sex-bomb, super-stacked mother!"

She was very surprised he could use his hands. She looked back just enough to see how he'd put the purse and towel down, and decided that was okay. She kept right on with her anal flexing for a few seconds.

But she was also mindful that they were running out of time. She complained, "Hey! Remember what I said about using the 'M' word in situations like this. We've got to get going." She wiggled her ass a bit as if to shake his cock off it, but in fact it was a deliberate move to stimulate his stiffness even more.

But it was like he was so transfixed by her body that he didn't hear her. He did take his hands off her tits, but only because he ran his fingers on both hands down her bare thighs instead. "Look at these legs," he exclaimed with awe.

She'd stopped even with the pretense of putting her make-up on. "What about them?" she asked encouragingly, still humping back and flexing.

"They're, like, ten feet long! And nicely tanned. Not a scar or blemish to be seen too." He reached down her legs as far as he could without losing his comfy position with his cock snuggled in between her firm cheeks. "What would an airbrush artist do with you? He'd be out of work!"

She tried to hide a smile, but without success. "Or she," she playfully chided him. "it could be a female artist."

"True." He felt he was slowly losing his mind. He was realizing she couldn't quite do enough with her flexing ass muscles to get him to cum, but he was oh so close! He continued to fondle her hips and legs.

"At least you're finding out there's more to me than just a pair of big breasts." She shivered, because he ran one hand back up the inside of her thigh. That touch felt arousing in and of itself, but it was also exciting for how close his hand wound up to her pussy before he finally stopped.

"I know that." He reached around and cupped her full globes from below again, and gave them a nice squeeze. At the same time, he humped more into her always flexing bare ass. "Although they do feel pretty nice too."

Her eyes went wide and her breathing grew heavy as she felt an unexpected urge to cum again.

She told him, "You know, we really should stop this soon. You're going to be so late, and it's all my fault. I'm your mother. What if Andy saw us like this, with you running your hands wantonly all over your totally naked and far too horny mother? While I'm practically fucking your cock with my ass, for good measure! He could walk through that door at any second, you know."

She nodded towards the door from the garage to the house. "Besides, you said we only have five minutes before we have to go. Isn't our time up?"

She was conflicted. She'd mostly said those words to arouse them both, as some of her word choice made clear. They both knew Andy wasn't going to come to the garage unless maybe the rest of the house was on fire. But, almost inadvertently, her words alarmed her and reminded her that they really were running late.

She spun around, finally ending their mutually delightful anal flexing experiment. She wrapped her arms around his back.

He latched right back onto her bouncy big tits without hardly missing a beat.

She wanted to tell him face to face that they really had to go, and she really meant it, but somehow they wound up French kissing some more instead.

It felt like déjà vu all over again to her, as she completely succumbed and kissed back with passion. And, as was becoming a habit, she clutched at his ass while he clutched at her bare cheeks with one hand and groped one of her tits with his other one.

She thought, Good Lord! I'm just so bad! Such a bad, bad mommy! At this rate, he's NEVER going to get to school! We might as well have stayed in the car so I could have given him that first blowjob we both so desperately need!

She could feel her pussy heating up, and knew she was seconds away from completely giving in. She had visions of spending the rest of the morning kneeling on the cold concrete floor of the garage, sucking and titfucking her son's cock. She was disturbed to realize how appealing that sounded.

She could feel his wet and exposed hard-on pressing into her pussy mound. God, I'm naked! Totally naked, but for my sexy high heels! Which means I'm even MORE naked than totally naked! Too hot! And I'm in my son's arms with his lips on mine after practically fucking him with just my ass cheeks! Like a total SLUT! And a bad, bad mommy! It's all too hot!

Then she felt his fingers probing into her ass crack. When his fingertip brushed back and forth against her anus, she gasped. At the same time, he pulled hard on one of her nipples. Oh no! Too good! I love it! I need to reward him with a good, long cocksucking!

But with one last surge of willpower, she pushed him back, forcing their kiss to break. It wasn't a mean push, and it only created a small gap between their bodies, but it got his attention. She said, "Listen, buster! We've got to go to school. Now! No ifs, ands, or... butts." She pointedly removed his hand from where it was cupping her rear, right as she said "butts."

Nick was basically a good kid. If Maggie put her foot down, he was going to obey. But he figured he could at least get some concessions out of his advantageous position. "Okay. But we have to do it my way."

"Wh-what do you mean by that?" She wanted to back away, but she could already feel the back of the car against her legs.

He pushed his body into her, and gripped her ass cheeks with both hands again. As one of his fingers explored deep in her ass crack, he said, "You do what I want until we get to school. No saying no. To anything."

"Okay, fine, whatever. Just so long as we get there on time. Or close to on time. And that means we leave now!"

She pretended to be irritated and impatient, but she secretly loved the idea of not being able to say no to him. She also knew that she had to disengage, and fast, or she'd wind up on her knees with his fat cock in her mouth, whether he wanted that right now or not!

Seeing how quickly she'd given in, he pressed for further concessions. "I don't want you to feel regretful later in the day. We did this much, and it was great, and there's no reason to feel bad."

"Fine," she said impatiently.

He brought a hand up to her remarkable rack. He'd recently discovered that she'd agree to most anything once he started twisting her nipples, so he started doing just that. "Seriously? No regrets? You're not just saying that? You really mean it? You promise, even?"

She sighed more heavily, knowing he was right about that. "I said fine. I promise, okay?" She knew she couldn't actually promise how she would feel later in the day, but she figured she'd make a sincere effort with her attitude, at least.

"Okay. Good. And you have to admit that the garage is a full Maggie zone, not a Margaret zone, or some neutral ground, like the backyard. Not just today, but forever!"

"Fine, already!" She was secretly very glad to be "forced" to make that concession. "Let's go or we're going to be late!"

But he wasn't quite done, since he was having such success with his demands. "And there's nothing wrong with titfucks, is there? You are my girlfriend, after all."

She tried to be evasive about that one, even though she knew she'd be doing that with him a lot more from now on. She couldn't know exactly how much pleasure he felt, but she suspected she loved the titfucking every bit as much as he did. She huffed, "Whatever. I suppose not. Now, get your hands off me, you big brute, before I, I, I call your father on you!"

The words sounded quite harsh, but her smile showed that she was just playing around.

He finally let go, but only after another scorching kiss.

After that, he let her dress on her own without any touching or other interference, because he knew they'd have to hurry it up if he had any chance to make it to school on time. They'd used up their five-minute buffer, and now it would be a close call. Probably, he would be late.

However, since they were now operating by "his rules," he insisted that she leave her underwear behind. Since she hadn't been wearing a bra anyway, that meant no panties.

She kept her short skirt, but put on a different top, selected from her extra clothes in the car truck, since the one she'd been wearing wasn't at its best anymore after it had been used as a pillow during much of the titfuck. Her new top was black and skin tight, while it also left her shoulders bare and displayed lots of cleavage.

Once she was dressed, she said, "You drive." She'd asked him to do that earlier, and she figured that might cut down on whatever mischief he had planned.

That didn't slow him down. He already assumed he would be the driver.

They got back in the Prius, with Maggie next to him in the front passenger seat. But before Nick started the car, he ran his hands all over her body again. He pulled her skirt up and ran one hand everywhere around her pussy except for actually touching her clit or pussy lips.

She tingled and shivered over and over again. She asked breathlessly, "What are you doing?!"

He smiled. "Just checking out my hot mom."

She warned, "When I agreed to no saying no, the no touching my pussy rule still applies, you know!"

He smirked. "I know. And I'm not touching it. See? I just like to live dangerously."

That sent more shivers down her spine. Dammit! He's acting like he owns me! Too fuckin' hot! Where did the shy Nick go?!

He pulled her black top up and similarly inspected her big rack while it was fully exposed.

She complained, "Come ON! The time! The time!"

"Don't worry," he spoke with surprising calm. "I'm aware."


He only fondled her there for a minute, but by the time he was done, her pussy was leaking copiously.

Then he turned back to the front, put his hands on the wheel, and started the Prius.

She was left having to pull her clothes back into place. She came very, very close to asking him not to drive out of the garage at all, so they could play around some more. A lot more! She almost regretted her willpower, especially when she saw his boner tenting his shorts.

She had to bite her lip as she continued to stare at his boner instead of watching him take the car down the driveway. It seems almost cruel not to take care of that for him before he gets to school. He STILL hasn't cum a second time, and he really should! I could just unzip his fly, whip out his fat horse cock, and start bobbing on it while he drives! UNGH! Unfortunately, that sounds like a fun thing to do in a porn film, but it's far too dangerous to try in real life.

After he had the car heading down the road, she commented, "I hope Andy didn't hear anything. We were kind of loud for a while there. You shouted pretty loudly at one point, now that I think about it. And that's not even counting the sound of the garage door opening and closing."

Nick put a hand on his mother's nearest silky smooth thigh and stroked it a few times. "Chill. You know as well as I do that he went to the den straight after breakfast. We saw him go. Once he gets working on his computer, with his music playing, he wouldn't notice a herd of elephants in the living room."

She knew that, which was why she hadn't been more alarmed earlier. She didn't want to admit it though, as she didn't want to give Nick more encouragement for the next time they were in the garage together. "I don't know about that. Besides, you have to admit it's a pretty rotten thing to do with him right there, just a few walls away. I'm his wife!"

"Yes, but soon to be ex-wife. He's history. More importantly, you're also my girlfriend." Even though he was driving, his hand went higher up her thigh, causing her short skirt to rise up too.

Her short skirt was riding up and up, thanks to the way he pulled on it each time he stroked her bare thigh.

She had to put a hand-over her pussy or it would be exposed for the whole world to see. She thought, "You're also my girlfriend." Gaawwwd! He says that so authoritatively, like it's written in stone! I'm his mother too, but he doesn't give a flying fuck about that! Do I have any say in the matter? Apparently not!

As he caressed her nearest hip, pulling her skirt up even higher on that side in doing so, he said, "And we're operating under my rules, for the next few minutes anyway, and I don't want to spend that time talking about that kind of depressing stuff."

"Fine." She frowned and folded her arms under her massive rack. On the surface, it looked like a pouty gesture, but she also knew it would thrust her tits out and draw his eyes to them even more than usual. (Although she was aware he should have been concentrating on the road ahead.) It certainly highlighted the fact that her nipples were still hard, since they poked outrageously through her top.

He liked that, but at the moment, he was more interested in her fine legs. While he watched the road, his hand kept sliding around on her body, all the way to her pussy. However, he didn't touch it, since that was against her rules, but kept his fingers a few inches to its side.

But daring to get that close again aroused Maggie greatly. She began to worry if she could last the remaining couple of minutes to school before she did something rash. She had visions of the car parked by the side of the road and her head bent down in her son's lap, sucking on his cock while he fingered her pussy. What's wrong with me? Why do all my thoughts keep going to blowjobs? Wasn't the titfuck crazy enough for one day? Besides, what if I suck him after school? I can hold out that long, can't I?!

His hand had pulled the fabric of her skirt tight. She lifted up her ass and readjusted her skirt a bit, but the end result was that it was bunched up so high that the bottom of her labia was visible to Nick's eyes.

She was impressed that he still was capable of keeping his eyes on the road. Most of the time, that is.

His seeming calm was even more impressive to her because she was so horny that she could barely stand it. She was writhing in her seat as if she could never get comfortable. Since she was bra-less and extremely endowed, she knew that had to create a constantly distracting sight for him. Her desire to reach her hand out and slide it inside his shorts was nearly overwhelming.

She could almost feel the comforting heat of whenever her hand was wrapped around his thick pole. She was becoming increasingly addicted to his cock, whether she knew it or not. She found herself seriously wondering how safely he could drive if he was enjoying a "mellow" handjob at the same time.

He would have been all in favor of a handjob all the way to school, except for the danger of having to drive safely. He had a different strategy: to drive to school as fast as possible, so they'd have some make out time before he had to leave the car. And it was a relatively short distance to school. Normally, he liked that fact, but today he was torn up about it. He wished he could stop at traffic lights for minutes at a time, so he'd have more time to play with his mother's perfect body.

Even though her son was only resting one hand near her pussy, she was extremely horny already and getting hornier all the time. She felt tempted to readjust her skirt again, so her entire pussy could be seen by him. But more than that, it was her tits that were driving her crazy. Without a bra, her tight top was providing no support whatsoever. The exact shape of her erect nipples could be clearly seen, and the fabric was pulled particularly tight all around them, because they were protruding so far out from her full and curvy tit slopes.

Worse than that was the way her tits bounced up and down wildly with every little bump in the road. Seeing her son continuing to peek at her jiggling and swaying boobs, she complained, "This is ridiculous. If this road was any rougher, these damn things would smack my face!"

"That's true," he happily agreed. "They wouldn't be the first thing to hit your face today though, would they?"

She blushed when she realized he was referring to the heavy cum bath he'd deposited on her. The memory of all that tasty cum dripping down her cheeks and chin doubled her arousal as fast as the flip of a switch. She licked her lips as she stared at the sizable bulge there in his shorts. Oh, fuck! Why did he have to mention that! Such torture! I've gotta keep my shit together!

She was afraid to say or do anything more, for fear it would push her over the edge. She wasn't sure what was on the other side of the edge (aside from unimaginably powerful erotic pleasures), but she was afraid to find out. She remembered Hillary's advice that a good slut needed to stay in control. I've gotta be a good slut! Gotta be a good... Wait, why do I have to be a slut at all? This is my son I'm talking about! I should be his responsible mother, and that's it!

Shit! Even talking about doing the right thing somehow makes me uncontrollably horny. I wanna be a slut. A good slut, sure. But, basically, a slut! Most importantly, HIS slut! He's turning me into his personal cock stroking, titfucking slut! I don't give a shit about any other guy, including Andy! Where's the goddamn school already?! And how is it his cock still hasn't gone down?!

She flashed a grin as she looked at him stealing frequent glances in her direction. Although I guess the sight of my bald pussy and my bouncing boobies might be at least a little bit to blame there!

They arrived at the school, but that was no reprieve for her. Nick didn't pull up as close to the school building as he could get, as expected. Instead, he parked the car in the back of the parking lot. There was no one else around, at least not for a couple hundred feet.

He looked at the clock on the car's dashboard. They still had four minutes. It was foolhardy, but he couldn't help himself: he slid both of his hands under the bottom edge of his mother's black shirt. And despite the tightness of the fabric, his hands slid right up to her nipples. One could clearly see the outlines of each finger as they lewdly pushed into her soft tit-flesh.

Already with his seat belt unbuckled and his ass sitting between the front seats, he moved in for some kissing.

"Wait!" she cried out. "We can't! School is starting!" That was true, but she was more concerned that her willpower was all gone. Even one more kiss might shatter the last remnants of her resistance, if it was like her son's usual fiery kisses. She imagined herself buck naked in their Prius and bobbing and slobbering all over his cock for his entire first period class, if not longer. She didn't know if that was the "worst case scenario" or the "best case scenario."

He complained, "But what about our agreement? 'No saying no.' Apparently, that didn't mean squat! All I got to do was drive. I can't just-"

She cut him off. She knew he'd done a lot more than drive, since he'd been fondling her the entire time. But she didn't bother to explain that. "I'll make you a deal. We'll go by your rules all the way back home when I pick you up, as long as that doesn't violate my rules."

"Which are?"

"You know."

"No, I honestly don't."

She squirmed around in her seat, embarrassed to say it. "No touching my you-know-what-"

"Your pussy."

"Right. And no putting your penis in, you know." She closed her eyes in total shame. "In... any of my holes."

He said for clarification, "Meaning your ass or pussy." He was hoping she wouldn't count her mouth.

She knew what was being omitted, but she didn't try to correct him. "Right. God, am I humiliated already, or what? This fake girlfriend thing has gone way too far. Now, go!"

"Wait. I'll agree to that, just so long as you don't get all regretful on me. I'm kind of afraid you're gonna come back here with a whole different attitude. You're already starting to complain. Remember that you promised."

"Okay, okay, okay! I promise I'll be frisky and fun! Sheesh! Go, already!"

"You promise?"

"Yes!" She rolled her eyes and pointed impatiently at the school building.

"Are you SURE?"


"None of this wearing panties and bra stuff, right?"

"Yes, already. Sheesh!"

"And you'll agree to do ANYTHING I say after school, all the way until we get home, like you're my personal big-titted slut?"

She sighed. "Yes! Other than the exceptions you know."

He smiled from ear to ear. "You're the best, Ma! I love you so much!" He kissed her, but only on the cheek, because he was already opening the car door. However, he gave her tits good-bye squeezes too, and even twisted her nipples some more.

Picking up his backpack and slinging it over his back, he gave a final wave, and rushed off.

Maggie watched him run until he finally disappeared into the school building quite a ways away. She looked at her watch. He'd be a couple of minutes late she knew, but given his teacher already knew he was in the elite Advanced Studies program, she was sure his teacher would cut him some slack.

She sat in the car and sighed. That was close! Too close! I was on the very edge of... I don't know what!

This is fucked up. I was so proud of myself. I thought I had it all under control. I'd just masturbate twice a day, and my lusts would be kept in check. I'd be able to be with Nick as Maggie without totally losing my shit. Well, I just totally lost my shit! I gave up way too much, just to get him out of the car. If I was a REAL real girlfriend, he wouldn't treat me this way. It looks like I really am turning into his "personal big-titted slut!"

And the problem is, it's some kind of vicious circle. The more I give in, the more I love it, and the more I'll get hot thinking about it later. Hell, it'll be a friggin' miracle if I don't spend the rest of the day masturbating to thoughts of my son fucking his big cock monster through my cleavage, or pleasuring him with his first ever proper blowjob, or squirting his tasty stuff all over my face. Not to mention a thousand other totally arousing things he did to me, this morning alone! Probably all those things and more will happen later today!

Dammit, he fucking played me like a fiddle! Just thinking about standing next to the car in nothing but my high heels, with his cum dripping down my face onto my breasts... UGH! Or the way I repeatedly squeezed his fat cock with my flexing ass cheeks... I'm gonna cum if I keep thinking about it!

Like I said, it's a dangerous vicious cycle. I know that when I see him again later, I'll be so horny I'll allow him to do more sexy stuff. Hell, after our latest deal, I don't even have a choice! Then I'll end up totally loving it and wanting to do more and more. It'll just keep going down and down like that.

Well, not today! The buck stops here. True, I promised I'd be "fun and frisky" when I pick him up later, and I'll have to stick to that. If there's one thing Andy and I have taught him, it's that a promise is a promise. But I'm not gonna lose all my willpower. Not again!

She tried to think what she could do between now and then to help boost her willpower. I know: what if I work myself to death before then? I still haven't done my morning exercises. I'll run double the usual distance. I'll do double the usual reps on the exercise machines. Then I'll do some of the most difficult gardening jobs I've been putting off. I've heard physical exercise is a way to blow off excess sexual energy. It's time I find out if that's true.

As she finally shifted over into the driver's seat, she thought, Plus, regularly doubling my workout program is a good thing in and of itself. I know people would say I'm nuts to think I need to get even more in shape, but I'm not getting any younger, and if my son is gonna be regularly running his hands all over my naked body, I have to step things up a notch to look my very best for him. Not to mention, I can't rest easy with Hillary looking like she does. I'm not going to lose him to her!

She realized what she'd just said, and sighed. Okay, actually, I AM going to lose him to her. That's the whole point of this, so I can hand him over to her. But it doesn't have to be today, or tomorrow, or even next week! Or even next month, or longer. With the complications we're facing, like the whole situation with Anushka, I may be forced to be his fake girlfriend for a long time. There's no reason why I can't enjoy the hell out of the experience while it lasts!

With that in mind, I'm gonna go home and masturbate about what just happened until my hands fall off and my kitty cries uncle. Then I'll try to exhaust myself half to death.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Jamielynn, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, and Ecchi Spud.