Chapter 20: Going for a Drive (Tuesday)
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Nick managed to make it to his first class only two minutes late. He figured that was pretty good, considering everything. Luckily, his reputation as a nice guy and one of the best students meant that his teacher cut him a lot of slack and did nothing more than give him a disapproving look when he came in.

He ran the entire way from the Prius to the class, so he was winded when he got there. He figured that was a fortunate thing, because he sat next to Hillary in his first period, like most other classes, and he was going to be flushed in the face and panting from all the excitement in the car anyway. At least this gave him a very plausible excuse to look that way.

Hillary snickered at him and even quietly whispered some teases at him about being late, but it was clear she didn't suspect that he'd just come from some highly arousing sex session. Thanks to his tiredness from the running, and a general exhaustion from being so aroused for so long, he was able to go flaccid not long thereafter.

The school day progressed for Nick much as it had on Monday. He did reasonably well in his classes, but he was coasting on his natural talents. The problem was, he had his mind on other matters - sexual matters! The only thing he really cared about was his time with Hillary and Maggie.

He continued to spend much of his spare time at school with Hillary, and they were having a great time together. Already, it was getting to the point where their classmates and even many school mates expected to see them walking and talking together between classes, so the number of surprised looks was going down all the time.

More importantly, they continued their regular habit of eating lunch together most days. That was important, because the time between classes was short, and the chances for them to talk to each other during their classes was even rarer. The lunch break was the only time they could have long conversations allowing them to know each other's personalities a lot better.

But unfortunately, Hillary was so popular that even though they always picked an empty and distant table in the cafeteria after they got their trays of food, that table always filled up not long after they sat down.

Nick was especially worried that Spencer was muscling in. More and more, it seemed Spencer was everywhere Hillary was, and he was acting extremely friendly to her. For instance, he had a habit of floating from table to table at the start of lunch, saying hello to this friend or that friend, but without actually sitting down. Instead, he'd wait to see where Hillary was sitting, and move fast so he could always sit next to her or across from her.

Nick often saw Spencer talking to some of the other very most beautiful girls in school, even some of the seniors.

There were some real lookers in that grade, but Nick barely knew of them, because the school was arranged so that the classes of the different grades were generally very physically separated. For instance, the sophomores were in several buildings outside the main building, Nick's junior grad was on the bottom floor of the main building, and the seniors were on the top floor of the main building. There were very few classes where the different grades mixed, mainly the P.E. classes.

The fact that Spencer interacted with any of the older girls was very unusual, but that was a sign how Spencer had a knack of latching onto all the most beautiful girls and befriending them. Nick suspected that Spencer was going to work his way through a long list of all the sexiest girls in school and probably fuck most of them before the year was over. If that wasn't Spencer's plan, then it was a remarkable coincidence.

Nick especially saw Spencer talking to Debra a lot, between classes or before or after school. But at lunch, Spencer invariably tried to sit next to Hillary, and never Debra. Nick figured that this was a strong sign that Spencer had made Hillary his number one future girlfriend target.

Spencer was Nick's worst nightmare. He was one of the most popular guys in school, and with good reason. He was both devastatingly handsome and genuinely charismatic. And like Hillary, he seemed to excel in everything he did, including academics and sports (though Nick was relieved that at least he wasn't in the Advanced Studies program). But the really frustrating thing for Nick is that Spencer didn't seem to have a downside. The stereotypical high school "golden boy" in the movies and on TV was a smarmy, arrogant asshole pushing nerds into lockers, but Spencer didn't seem like that at all. He appeared to be a genuinely nice guy who got along well with everybody

And while Nick believed Spencer was a major horndog based on his curious pattern of almost exclusively only befriending the most beautiful girls, Spencer was very suave, and subtle with his flirtation techniques. Nobody else but Nick seemed to think Spencer was a horndog at all. It helped that there was a general pattern of the "beautiful people" wanting to stick together.

Spencer also was the epitome of cool. Nick could only envy Spencer's dress style, sense of humor, cultural knowledge and taste, and much more. Spencer was also very observant, because he realized what a great catch Hillary was pretty much from the first day of the school year, and started acting on it before any other guy did. There was a subtle expectation that the junior grade's "golden boy" and "golden girl" should naturally get together. It seemed almost fated to be. In fact, had Nick not wanted Hillary for himself, he would have thought Spencer and Hillary made a logical match.

The one positive to come out of the Spencer threat for Nick was that it reminded him he couldn't afford to slip up or slack off whatsoever. Nick couldn't afford to just space out and fondly recall recent great times with Maggie. He couldn't slouch in class, pick his nose, dress shabbily, and so on. He had to be "on" at all times, making witty and entertaining conversation, especially whenever Hillary was around.

Nick couldn't shake the feeling that he was basically a fraud. His new relationship with Hillary was based on a deceitful scheme, and he didn't see any way to fix that. But it went beyond that. He felt his entire "new" personality was an act. He was trying to become what Spencer had naturally been for years, or to at least appear that way. It was a constant battle acting way out of his usual comfort zone.

But Nick also knew the reason he hadn't been popular before wasn't that he was incapable. He wasn't seen as a "nerd" despite Advanced Studies students usually getting pigeonholed that way, because he had an athletic ability, reasonably muscular body, and ability to socialize and fit in well with various cliques if he put in the effort.

Actually, his "shyness" was generally misunderstood, even by Maggie. It was true that he was naturally introverted. But a large part of his shyness problem wasn't a typical lack of confidence that shy people had, but more that he often just didn't care. He knew that he was on a different intellectual and maturity level than most of his classmates, so he didn't enjoy spending time with them, except for a select few.

But things had changed. The reason Hillary and Nick had changed high schools was entirely due to them being accepted into the Advanced Studies program. The 20 students in this cluster of three back to back classes were chosen from around five or six of the nearby high schools. All of Nick's new classmates were at least his academic equals, and some of them were true geniuses who blew him away. These were the kind of people he typically found interesting to talk to, so he didn't have to fight any "shyness problem" with them.

One lucky break for Nick was that he and Hillary had three hours at school each day in the Advanced Studies program, and Spencer didn't, they had a lot to talk about that Spencer couldn't be a part of. The Advanced Studies program also had a lot more class participation than the typical class where the teacher lectured from the front, so that was more opportunities for him to interact with Hillary. It hadn't really happened yet, since the school year was just starting, but he knew some small group study projects were coming up, and he was determined to be in whatever groups Hillary ended up in.

Plus, it was a boost to Nick's ego that at least he seemed to be smarter than Spencer, due to the fact that he got accepted into the Advanced Studies program and Spencer did not, although Spencer beat him in most every other way.

Unfortunately, at Tuesday's lunch, Nick had to share the meal with both Hillary and Spencer again. As happened yesterday, Spencer got talking to Hillary and soon it was like they were at their own private table, with Nick (and the others) almost totally ignored. It sickened him to see Hillary so obviously enjoying Spencer's charismatic company.

In fact, sometimes even Nick had a hard time remembering that Spencer was supposed to be the enemy, because Spencer was that charming and personable. Nick tried to walk a fine line between not appearing too friendly with Spencer, so Spencer wouldn't glom onto them even more in the future, and not being outwardly hostile to him, so he wouldn't seem immature in Hillary's eyes.

Additionally, Spencer seemed to be friends with everyone, and being his enemy could be costly. After all, Nick and Hillary were one of the very few "new kids" at junior grade in the school, while Spencer seemed to have known everyone else for years.

All in all, Nick's day at school didn't go well. One thing that bothered him was that he and Hillary had to appear as strictly platonic friends, even though they had done very intimate things to each other in private, because Maggie was supposed to be Nick's official girlfriend. That meant Nick had to just grin and bear it if Spencer (or anyone else) was flirtatious with Hillary right in front of his eyes.

In that kind of situation, Nick was a victim of his own clever scheme. And his relationship with Hillary was still too tenuous for him to be able to expect or demand loyalty from her. Besides, it was tough to do that without being hypocritical, due to his "official" relationship with Maggie. He'd wanted to broach the difficult "relationship status" topic on the phone with Hillary the night before, but he'd chickened out.

He maintained a cheerful, charming demeanor until the end of school. As he and Hillary were walking out of their last class, she asked him about his after school plans.

Hoping to use the rivalry angle to his advantage, he said, "Oh, Maggie and I are going to do some stuff together." Then, getting smarter, he added, "You want to join us?"

Hillary looked receptive, but said, "Thanks, but I can't. I'm doing some stuff with Anushka. Sorry."

"Oh. How 'bout tomorrow then?"

"Damn again! I wish you'd said something before lunch about that. I'd like to, but I've already made some plans with Spencer. He seems like a really nice guy, don't you think?"

"Yep. Oh, hey, I'd better get running; Maggie's waiting for me. See you tomorrow!" He rushed off while waving his hand behind him.

"Wait!" Hillary called for him. There was more she wanted to say to him, to sort things out.

But he just said back over his shoulder, "Gotta go! Later!"

In truth, he wasn't in a hurry. He just didn't want Hillary to see his crestfallen face after her comment about her plans with Spencer. He would have burst into tears as he ran, if that wasn't such an "uncool" thing to do' and he hadn't been afraid of other students seeing him like that.

— — —

When Nick got outside, Maggie was waiting by her Prius, looking as hot and sexy as she'd ever been.

She was in a pretty good mood. Her new strategy to "exercise and work herself to death" had achieved its purpose. She felt tired, but not dead tired. She felt horny, but she didn't feel a lusty desire that threatened to rage out of control. She'd promised in the morning that she wouldn't be in a bad mood, and she felt good that she'd lived up to that. She felt like she'd struck a healthy balance. She felt eager for the frisky fun she'd promised her son.

Put simply, she was dressed to kill. She wore the same tight black top she'd worn in the morning, because she'd loved the hungry look Nick had shown her when she put it on. Also, she wanted to take off from where they'd left off when he had to rush to class. She had agreed to do anything he wanted after school, not counting her continued restriction about him touching her pussy, and she was determined to see that through. In fact, she was on pins and needles to see what sorts of naughty things he would do to her.

Also, as promised, she didn't wear a bra. For many less endowed women, wearing a bra or not wasn't such a big deal, but for an extremely endowed woman like Maggie, it was a very big deal. Just about any movement on her part would set her twin orbs lewdly bouncing.

Her skirt was a different one that what she'd worn in the morning though. She wore a remarkably short miniskirt that she'd just bought hours earlier, made of shiny, dark blue leather. She wore a tiny thong underneath it, even though she'd explicitly promised Nick in the morning that she wouldn't wear any panties at all. She felt bad about breaking that promise, but she didn't know how wild and horny he would be. She hoped he would take that as a sign she was serious that touching her pussy was off limits, and the thong was so negligible that she figured it didn't really count as panties.

Plus, it was scary for her to go without anything underneath while wearing such a short miniskirt. Just before he'd left for school, he'd reminded her that she'd just "agree[d] to do ANYTHING I say after school, all the way until we get home, like you're my personal big-titted slut." But up until one week ago, Maggie had been a typical suburban soccer mom like any other (not counting her exceptional beauty), so she was having a hard time coping with being her son's girlfriend, much less switching to a "personal bit-titted slut" mentality. Being in public without panties or a bra was a severe challenge for her.

That was especially true considering her new miniskirt. The fabric only had to rise up about two inches and her pussy would be visible! In back, about the only way her ass cheeks remained covered was if she was standing still. She hoped that, between that daring miniskirt and the thong, he would be sufficiently mollified.

She also wore dark sunglasses and very high heels. She hadn't owned five-inch high heels in the morning, but she did now. She hadn't had any particularly strong feelings about high heels until what happened in the garage in the morning, where he not only got her completely naked, but he insisted that she keep her high heels on, as that made her even sexier in his eyes. That had pretty much given her a high heel fetish on the spot, and she'd bought several new pairs while he was in school.

She loved how naughty and sexy they made her feel when she was walking around, or even just standing or sitting. In reality, the five-inch heels weren't that different in feel or look to the four-inch ones she already had for going to fancy parties and special events back when she had a real marriage. But thinking that she was specifically wearing them for Nick, to help get his cock stiff, made all the difference.

She'd had a very busy day. On top of masturbating, exercising, gardening, and shopping for heels, miniskirts, and thongs, she'd spent a lot of time getting her looks just so, in order to look extra fantastic for her son. What had happened with him in the garage in the morning had significantly changed her attitude towards her relationship with him, though she wasn't fully conscious of the changes yet. The bottom line was that she was warming up to not only being his fake girlfriend, but even his slut. She felt a growing desire to please him and arouse him.

To that end, she'd recently showered, and then applied a light make up everywhere. She'd even scented her breasts a little bit with a fruity smell she knew Nick particularly liked. She'd used a recently purchased "edible" perfume, so he wouldn't be deterred from licking her there.

She remained determined not to go too far sexually with her son. Her great concern was that she couldn't let him fuck her. She was against a few other activities, such as cunnilingus or even allowing him to touch her pussy, for fear they would be "gateway" activities leading to fucking.

But although she had her limits, she otherwise was heartily embracing her new role as her son's "girlfriend." She'd pretty much given up worrying about the wrongness of it (so long as it didn't lead to fucking). In fact, she hadn't been this excited about anything in years. Even the last five years or so of her marriage before Andy's accident and cheating revelation had been humdrum. She felt fully alive for the first time in ages! And she'd never been so sexually thrilled.

Nick had gotten her excited to wake up every morning again, and just thrilled to be alive in general. Her Margaret mode life was increasingly miserable, now that she knew how else she could live, but at least she always had the light at the end of the tunnel of switching back to Maggie mode before long. She wanted to reward him by being the best "good slut" girlfriend she could possibly be.

So everything was in place for the two of them to have a great time after school... except for Nick. He was so bummed out by what Hillary said about her plans with Spencer that he hardly even noticed Maggie's fantastic appearance. He went straight to the passenger seat, keeping his head down, and only mumbled a "hi" at her.

Maggie was miffed, especially after all the time and effort she'd put in to look good just for him. But then she sat in the driver's seat and saw his tortured facial expression, and her motherly concern came to the fore.

"Drive! Drive!" was all he said. He was still afraid he'd start to cry, and he didn't want anyone at school to see that.

Maggie drove away without knowing where she was going exactly. Finding a good place for their fun was an issue she'd been thinking about off and on all day. She'd had some ideas, but no obvious solution, and she'd wanted to get his opinion. Now, with his distraught mood, she was even more confused about where to go. The one thing she knew was they couldn't go home for that, since she "turned into Margaret" there. (Technically, she could have used the garage now, but that was a worst case option for her.)

She waited until he mastered his urge to cry, and then said, "I take it you had a bad day at school."

"A TERRIBLE day." He still was looking out the window, not even noticing how scorching hot she was, and the obvious effort she put into looking extra fantastic for him.

"Let's talk about it. I say we go to Hungry Henry's. I think it's good if we just talk for a while."


— — —

Hungry Henry's was a locally owned sandwich and burger joint with food that was several notches above the usual fast food fare. In terms of layout and atmosphere, it was much like a typical "Denny's."

The two of them went in and found a private booth. Maggie made sure to find the most out of the way booth there was because she felt terribly exposed in her revealing clothes. She'd dressed just for Nick, and she hadn't anticipated going anywhere where other people could see her up close, but she had no choice but to grin and bear it. She'd walked from the car with her arms folded under her rack, so as to reduce the amount her unsupported boobs bounced around.

But even sitting across from Maggie, Nick still hardly noticed her stunning, sexy appearance. It was like he was looking at her but not really seeing her. He was very glad she was there though, because he wanted to unload all of his emotional worries by talking to her about it. He remained glum as he described his concerns about Hillary in detail. He shared everything about Spencer that he knew.

While talking, they both ate sandwiches. He talked freely, only trying to avoid the most obvious of incestuous references, because it was clear nobody else was within earshot. And even if someone overheard, all the other people around were total strangers.

Once he'd finished spilling his guts, he looked to Maggie for good advice and answers.

Maggie secretly felt glad. Of course, she was concerned about his problem, but she liked relating to him in a non-sexual and motherly manner after all their recent wild sexual adventures.

More than that though, she was actually glad to find out there were problems with Hillary. Although she liked Hillary very much and she was rooting for the "hand-over" plan to ultimately succeed, she certainly didn't want it to succeed right away, thus ending her sexual relationship with Nick. The Spencer problem suggested to Maggie that she would have more of a chance to keep her fake girlfriend pose going for a longer time.

However, she did her best to put her jealousy aside, and sincerely tried to give him good advice. She said, "That's a tough one. Clearly, this Spencer isn't your typical dumb jock or spoiled rich kid."

"He's rich," Nick pointed out grumpily. "Very, very rich. Everyone says. And it shows."

"Okay, but he's not spoiled and weak, like a lot of rich kids are. Even so, he could walk on water, and I still wouldn't be too worried about him. Vigilant and careful yes, but not panicky."

He looked incredulous. "What?! Are you mental?! I'm panicky. Very panicky! She's gone out on two dates with him! Two! That's as many as me!"

Maggie raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Were they really dates? First off, she was at a party where he was there, and they danced together. Once. That's not a date! And the second date with him, if that's what it is, hasn't even happened yet."

He huffed, "Okay, true, but it's gonna happen. And I'm helpless to stop him! I'm a fraud and a failure, and he's going to steal her away! And he doesn't love her at all. I love her!"

She said, "Hold your horses, Sport. Do you think she's looking for anything romantic or intimate with him? I don't think so. Not at all. If she's feeling that way towards him at all, her behavior towards you would change. Believe me. She's not a two-timing bitch."

He grumbled, "Well, maybe. I sure hope so!" He realized his worries were probably way overblown, but that didn't make them go away. He asked plaintively, "But how long can that last?! Let's put it this way: if I were Hillary, I'd go out with him instead of me. In a heartbeat!"

Maggie joked, "I'm glad to hear you have the courage to finally come out of the closet."

But he wasn't in a joking mood. "You know what I mean."

"I do. But you underestimate yourself. Because you haven't been successful with girls until recently, you don't see how handsome you are. You think you're ugly, even."

"I am," he said grimly. "Okay, maybe not ugly, but ordinary." He complained. "I'm not tall. Just average. In fact, I'm a bit on the short side. I'm not skinny or fat, just average. My face isn't hideous or wonderful, just average. Everything about me is average, or worse! Meanwhile, Spencer looks like the second coming of a young Robert Redford!"

Maggie said, "Look, Sport, you may not be as handsome as this Spencer, but you're far from ugly or even average. You're handsome, reasonably muscular, and athletic. It's just that you've been shy and kind of a loner, so you underestimate yourself."

"Maybe so, even though you have your mom-shaped rose-colored glasses on. I'm okay, I guess. But I'm no Spencer!"

"No, you're not. But that doesn't matter, because the proof is in the pudding. Between you and Spencer, which one of you was in a movie theater on Friday night, getting jacked off at the same time by two of the sexiest, most buxom women you're ever likely to meet?"

She playfully shook her ample rack a little bit, and between her tight top and her lack of a bra, a little jiggling caused a whole lot of mouth-watering bouncing.

Nick grinned for the first time since the end of school. And the first sign of lust flickered briefly in his eyes, as he actually took a good, close look at her. He especially noticed and appreciated the fact that she clearly wasn't wearing a bra.

She continued, "And which one of you was sitting at home that night, not even daring to dream such an incredibly sexy thing could ever happen outside of a porno movie?"

Nick complained, "Yeah, but it's all a sham. Your feelings for me aren't real. You're just doing all this as a favor. Not like my deep feelings for you as a woman and a lover, as well as a you-know-what! And Hillary's feelings for me aren't real either. She only likes the guy I'm pretending to be. If I didn't have you as my supposed girlfriend, I'd be toast!"

Maggie said, "Buster, you couldn't be more wrong! First off, yes, you've been tricky and deceitful with Hillary, but who isn't like that sometimes? Who doesn't exaggerate their resume, or put their best foot forward and cover up all the bad stuff when starting to date? You'd be a fool not to, when everyone else is!"

"Maybe, but I'm obviously taking deceit to a whole new level. I mean, how could I ever introduce her to my parents?! Good grief!"

She winced at that, because that was a big problem with no apparent solution. "I'll admit you have taken it to another level. But you know what? Life isn't fair. People who play by all the rules generally get stomped on. Fortune favors the bold! Hillary is an extraordinary girl, and winning her takes extraordinary tactics and effort. All IS fair in love and war."

"Ma, you're just telling me a bunch of clichés."

"They're clichés because they're true most of the time. Besides, you're not living a lie; you're changing."

"No I'm not," he protested. "Lately, things worked out so unbelievably great that it's like I'm a different person. I'm on this never-ending high, so of course I'm brimming with confidence. But I'm still a naturally shy guy on the inside. I'm not an outgoing glad-hander like he is."

"So what? Did you know that the introverts often 'get the girl' in the end?"

"No they don't."

"They do! Take for instance Marilyn Monroe. She's the epitome of the sex goddess bombshell, right?"

He nodded.

"Well, she married three times. Her third and final marriage was to Arthur Miller, of all people. He was a bookish, quiet playwright. He looked like an accountant, complete with nerdy glasses. Total introvert. Yet, he got to go home and fuck Marilyn freaking Monroe every night, for years! So don't tell me the introvert never wins the girl! In his case, the fact that he was a famous playwright was key. His cleverness got the girl, basically."

What she said was true, and Nick realized that. Hearing that account made him feel better. But it didn't lift his gloomy mood entirely. "Good for him, but the odds are still stacked way, way against me. I'm walking on a high wire, propelled forward by sheer lust and a confidence surge. But while this confidence surge seems never-ending, it will end. I'm not gonna wake up every day ready to punch my fists in the air and dance around, feeling like I won a $100 million lottery."

Maggie grinned a little bit. "You feel that good these days, do you?"

He shyly nodded. "Better." He looked up at her and smiled impishly. He added with a frown, "Except when I think about Spencer. Or how my whole house of cards is going to inevitably come crashing down."

She said, "I think you're partially right; your introverted side is going to want to come to the fore again eventually. But people's personalities CAN change, and yours IS changing. Besides, I don't see it so much as you changing as it is you've discovered another side to you that was there all along. You'd never been in a real sexual situation before, but now you have, and we've found out you're a very horny horndog. Who knew?"

He nodded. "I guess there is some truth to that. When I get horny, this super confident side of me kind of takes over. But what about the rest of the time? That's most of the day. I feel like I'm living a lie at school all day long!"

Maggie pointed out, "You've had some long phone calls with Hillary, and they don't ALWAYS end in hot phone sex, do they?" She winked.

He couldn't help but briefly grin at that. "No, I guess not."

"You talk to her a lot without your 'sheer lust' 'propelling you forward,' and you do just great. You underestimate yourself."

He sighed. "Ugh! I wish I had the confidence in me that you do. Real confidence, not 'fake girlfriend scheme' manufactured confidence. It's like a Viagra-induced boner instead of a naturally caused one. You're sunk if you run out of pills."

She quipped encouragingly, "At least you're starting to think about your many, rampant boners, you stud, you!"

He didn't even smile at that.

She said, "I'd argue that your sexual awakening has permanently changed you already, and what happens in the future is entirely up to you. Tell me: if things don't work out with Hillary, do you want to go back to how you were in your last school, or do you want to continue with your new reputation?"

"The new reputation, of course," he replied. "Things have been beyond great. I used to mock the 'in crowd,' and I still don't like most of them, but it's not a matter of being in the 'in crowd' or not. It's a matter of being social or anti-social. I'd never realized just how anti-social I'd been. Lately, I'm getting to be friends with all kinds of people, from all kinds of cliques. School is, like, ten times more fun now."

She grinned. "You see? And not only that, but if you and I break up" - she made quote marks in the air as she said that - "you'll have all kinds of highly desirable girls wanting to go on a date with you, no matter what happens with Hillary. I bet you're finding out that handjobs and titfucks are way more fun than those computer games you were so big on."

He grinned. "Waaaay more fun." He could feel his penis start to tingle.

She ran a finger down her deep cleavage, drawing more of his attention there. She didn't care if a couple of other people nearby saw too.

It worked, and his dick started to engorge. However, his grin disappeared as he said, "But Spencer-"

"Hold on. I'm not done. So you're not living a lie, you're making a big personality change. Hillary likes the new you. But that's still you, just another previously unseen part of you, and it's becoming more natural for you every day. But what really upsets me is what you said about me."

"What? What'd I say?"

"You said I'm being your fake girlfriend just as a favor, to help you out. Yes, it started like that, but it's evolved into much more. Can't you see how much fun I'M having? I'm loving this, probably as much as you do!"

He chuckled. "I don't think so. No offense, but nobody could love anything as much as I love this!" He smiled widely. He thought back to the sexual ecstasy he'd felt while fucking her tits in the morning, and his dick grew stiffer. "I can see that you're having a really great time sometimes, but I'm way, way off the scale. My God! Sexual pleasure is so... well, pleasurable! I'm surprised having this much fun isn't illegal!"

"It probably is," she said sadly, in an indirect reference to their mother and son relationship. But before they could get depressed about that, she continued, "Never mind about that. The point is, things have changed with me too. I started out quite reluctant, but I'm having a great time now."

She put her hand on his, and gave him a warm smile. She also leaned forward, causing her impressive globes to spill forward and almost fall out of her skimpy black top.

His dick kept on growing, forcing him to adjust his shorts as it reached full size.

She also was thinking about what they'd done in the garage in the morning. "Remember the first day of school, when we had a close-mouthed kiss?"


"Now THAT was a fake kiss from a fake girlfriend. Now, think back to what we did in my Prius before school." She lowered her voice and leaned even closer, both for secrecy and to put her great E-cups on even more enticing display. "Remember how you had me completely naked, and your cock was between my breasts, and I squeezed and rubbed it with them while licking your fat knob for good measure? Was THAT fake too? I'll tell you! There's NO WAY I could do that at all, much less with the love and passion that I showed, if I was just pretending for you the whole time! I don't know what to call our relationship or where we're going with it, but it's definitely NOT fake! The only fake part about it is how we put on a show for others. But there was nobody else in the car with us this morning. I did that because I wanted to, because I love doing it! And I want to keep doing it! Do you have a problem with that?!"

He was taken aback, but in a very good way. He also was surging with lust, thanks in large part to her vivid titfuck reminder. "Um, no!"

She added, "Good! Of course, that's as long as we don't let things get out of hand. But let's get back to your problem with Hillary. This Spencer would be a very big problem indeed if you weren't getting physical with her already. But you have. That changes everything."

"But there's no reason she can't get intimate with him too," he pointed out. "She and I don't have any kind of exclusive agreement. And if he's as talented in bed as he is with-"

She cut him off, and said firmly, "You don't have to worry about that." She didn't speak, but quietly whistled the tune to the line "Nobody does it better" from the Carly Simon 1970's hit of that same title.

For some reason, those words, plus the loving and lusty look in her eyes as she whistled really turned him on. He had to adjust his boner in his shorts again already.

As she continued to whistle the tune to the next line in the song, "Nobody does it half as good as you, baby, baby, you're the best," he finally truly noticed just how sexy she looked, and how much effort she'd put in to look her best, from her earrings down to the shade of lipstick she was wearing.

His problems were temporarily forgotten, and he said adoringly, "You look... fantastic!"

She raised an amused eyebrow, and grinned in an exasperated way. "Finally!" She glanced around to make sure nobody was looking, then brought her hands to the bottom sides of her breasts and gave them a quick push up from below, making them jiggle like plates of Jell-O. As she moved her hands away, she whispered huskily, "For you, Sport! All for you!"

He gulped. His heart was racing faster and faster.

But she had important things to say, so she continued, "Let's not get distracted... yet." She gave him another sexually promising look before turning serious. "I'm not just pumping your ego. You have a special sexual spark in you, and I feel it. I can tell that Hillary feels it just as much. It's not that you're that talented. In fact, you're not."

He sagged with defeat.

"Wait! You're not... yet. But that doesn't matter, because you make up for it and then some with sheer enthusiasm! You get soooo damn excited and lusty and happy that how can I not feel the same way? Ditto with Hillary. That makes you special. I keep thinking you're the 'magic man' with 'magic hands,' like in that old Heart song, because you are! It's not about talent, per se, it's about your overwhelming lust!"

She went on, "I'll bet you any money that you're the best lover she's ever had. Okay, maybe not the 'best' in a technical sense, but the most fun, the most enjoyable, the most sexually satisfying. That's more important. It's like you said, how you feel like you've won a $100 million lottery. When she or I are around you, that rubs off, and we start to feel like we won the lottery too."

He felt a lot better. His penis had been starting to go flaccid as his worries came back to him, but it quickly rebounded.

She added with a sexy leer, "Plus, let's not beat around the bush: you're seriously fucking endowed! Your dick is like the male version of the big tits that you love so much. Women say 'it's not the size of the wave, it's the motion in the ocean,' but that's bullshit. No one can compete with a big wave PLUS talented motion. Frankly, don't let it go to your head, but your cock size is just about perfect. Guys obsess about the length, but TOO long is actually bad. Few vaginas are deep enough to accommodate all of a nine- or ten-inch dick. What matters more is the WIDTH! Stretching out the pussy lips, rubbing against the clitoris... phew! That's where it's at!"

Nick was suddenly feeling much better. And much more aroused!

"Then there's the fact that even though you don't have years of experience, only a few days, in fact, you're some kind of natural. You're going to be talented in no time, because you're smart and you learn fast, and you have that natural knack. Add your overwhelming passion, your perfect thick cock size, not to mention your already impressive stamina and recuperative ability no doubt helped along from your frequent masturbation, and you have all the makings of an absolutely DEVASTATING lover! Once you get it all together, you'll be absolutely unstoppable!"

He was starting to feel really good. But still, he started to say, "But Spencer-"

She interrupted, "Fuck him! Good looks and a smooth tongue will only get you so far. The odds that Spencer has a big dick even approaching your size on top of everything else are less than a million to one. Human nature is predictable. If he had that much going for him, it would go to his head and he'd get arrogant. But you say he's NOT arrogant. Maybe that just means he had very good parents, but I'll bet he's charming because he has something to prove. He may have a skeleton or two in his closet. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he has a small penis!"

Nick was practically beaming now. "Gee, Ma. You're the greatest inspirational speaker, ever! I don't know why penis size matters so much to us guys, but it does."

She said, "Despite your obvious natural sexual... appeal, don't let it go to your head. You can't rest on your laurels. It's key that you lock Hillary in to an exclusive relationship, and nip this Spencer thing in the bud, before it has a chance to actually get serious."

"But how can I do that? I mean, me, asking for exclusivity, in my weird situation?"

"But that's just it!" she said triumphantly. "That's why you'll win and Spencer will lose. From everything I've heard and you've told me, you're the ideal partner for Hillary. Why? Because you have me, and she has Anushka. How many boys would put up sharing her with Anushka for long? Zero besides you, that's how many. Sure, it sounds like a great erotic dream come true to a boy, at first glance, but Anushka is lesbian and isn't interested in threesomes. In reality, jealousy would tear things apart quickly unless there's some sort of balancing force. Can you imagine if half your Friday nights, you had to sit alone while she's out with Anushka? You'd be climbing up the walls!"

"That's true," he realized.

"But you have that balancing force. And that's me! That's such a unique and marvelously lucky balancing act that you've stumbled upon, there's no way Spencer could ever match it. And you can rest easy, because the odds of anyone else matching it are infinitesimal."

Nick looked gob-smacked. "Wow. I feel like I've been run over by a truck, but in a good way, if you know what I mean. You're SO right. And I've never felt so relieved! I thought about that, but I kinda figured it was just wishful thinking on my part. Hearing it from you, I'm starting to believe it. Thanks, Ma-aggie!"

They were trying not to use words like "Ma" or "Son" even in situations like this, just so they could get in the habit. They'd been quite slack with this conversation so far.

She squeezed his hand and gave him a very loving smile. "My pleasure. But don't think you can rest easy. You need to lock in a serious physical relationship with Hillary right away. Things are still too ambiguous. I'll have to help you with that."

She said that even though she didn't want to, because she was trying to defeat her jealousy and give him the best advice. She would have loved to remain his exclusive girlfriend indefinitely, but she felt that simply wasn't possible for the longer term.

She elaborated, "Think back to our Friday night threesome date. I've been thinking a lot about this. What would have happened if it had just been you and her on that date? I'm sure you would have kissed and played around and probably had a great time. But it all would have been within the bounds of a normal date. Guys and girls go out together. It happens millions of times every weekend. But with me there too, it was a totally different thing."

She said with increasing lust and emotion, "It was a true THREESOME date! She and I had that friendly competition thing going on the whole evening long, pushing us to be bolder. Besides that, there was some kind of taboo-breaking intense feeling the entire time, just from the fact that we were a threesome. I know you know what I mean, because I'm sure you felt it too. We all did."

He nodded.

She went on, "I don't mean to sound boastful, but with me there, and not just as a third wheel, but a true part of a threesome, her lusty feelings are increased exponentially!"

He said, "Totally! That's what I keep telling you!"

She nodded. "I'm seeing that more and more. That's why, whether I like it or not, I pretty much have no choice but to keep on being your girlfriend, fake or not. Just because of this one crucial reason, and that's not counting all the other good reasons, like helping with your confidence issue. With you and me put together, we have something Hillary can never get from anyone else, not Spencer, not Anushka, nobody! The odds of her finding the perfect storm of a threesome that has the potentially to actually last more than one crazy night are almost infinitesimal! And since I love you so much, and I know how much you love Hillary, and I know how your heart is totally focused on making you hers in a very serious way, I'm willing to do what it takes to keep that threesome dynamic going for as long as necessary!"

She paused, with her heart racing. She was beyond thrilled that she'd made that case and he seemed receptive. It was like a dream come true.

He stared into Maggie's face, still full of love and care, and then his eyes drifted down to her breasts. Man! I'm the luckiest kid in history, for sure! Ma is so great! She just gave me the greatest advice, AND I was fucking those huge tits of hers this morning! And if that's not enough, she wants to help me get MORE physically intimate with Hillary! Twist my arm on that one!

GOOD GOD! Good fucking God! The implications of what she's offering are beyond incredible and unbelievable! Using that logic, she could stay as one of my threesome lovers "for as long as necessary" which could mean for YEARSI I could really end up with my two perfect dream girls for that long, or maybe even forever! I can't even breathe, it's all so mind-bendingly awesome!

He suddenly stood up, while strategically placing an arm to hide his erection. "Let's go!"

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"Out of here," he replied cryptically.

Some grungy guy sitting a ways away gave Maggie a wolf whistle as she stood up. That wasn't too surprising, since she had to pull her miniskirt down for it to even reach the bottoms of her ass cheeks.

But she growled at him and gave him the finger. He quickly turned away.

— — —

Nick drove the car, but still wouldn't tell Maggie where he was going. She was frustrated at that, and also that it seemed the flickerings of an erotic mood at the restaurant had died out. Instead of looking at her and playing around, he continued to talk about his social situation at school, and especially his insecurities and his worries about Spencer. He did notice her breasts bouncing around in her tight top - how could he not? But he didn't say or do anything about that. He didn't even reach out and stroke her legs.

The only positive sign was that she noticed he still had a very prominent bulge in his shorts. But that was frustrating, because he seemed not to know or care. She was beginning to think that he was erect practically all the time, so that sign in of itself didn't necessarily mean much to her.

She tried not to show her disappointment. She attempted to convince herself that she should be pleased at this "proper" behavior between mother and son, but without much success. She felt a bit like Cinderella worrying about midnight, anxious that her day's time to be "Maggie" would soon come to an end.

In actual fact he remained extremely aroused since the end of their conversation in the restaurant. He had a plan on what to do about it, but he didn't want to clue her in until the time was right.

They talked mostly about Spencer's possible failings, and what skeletons could be in his closet, if any. Nick said, "I've been thinking about this a lot, and the only chink in his armor that I can think of is that he's a Republican, and proud of it."

Maggie said, "That's not surprising, since you said his family is very rich. Most rich people want the low taxes policy and no regulations and all that."

"Right. And Hillary, being a self-confessed 'hippie girl,' is very politically liberal. I wouldn't even call her a Democrat, because she's to the left of that, and distrusts nearly all politicians."

"That sounds a lot like you," Maggie pointed out with a knowing grin.

"True. Frankly, I think this is a pretty big deal. Right now, Spencer and Hillary are having fun with their differences by having some spirited political arguments. But when you get down to it, they have very incompatible belief systems. Spencer believes in the whole corporate 9-to-5 system, and he wants to be on top with all the money and the power. And he'll probably get there too. Whereas Hillary doesn't even want to be a part of the system if she can help it. And things like protecting the environment and vegetarianism are huge issues for her. The other day at lunch, she got totally upset at me when I spaced out and threw my plastic yogurt cup in the trash can instead of the recycling bin."

Maggie said, "Just think how pissed she'd get at Spencer when he claims global warming doesn't even exist!"

"I know! Actually, that came up a little bit, and Spencer cleverly dodged having to take a stand. He's a smart guy and he knows that'll only hurt his chances with her."

"So I think you just hit on his Achilles' Heel. One of them, at least. She has no long-term future with him, because they have very different values. Politics is just a surface reflection of deeper issues."

"True. But she hasn't had one successful long-term relationship yet. Except maybe with Anushka, but they haven't gone out that long either. She keeps dating people for their looks and sex appeal, not because they're really compatible on the deeper stuff. She has sexual fun with them but she gets bored quickly because they're not a good match. Often, she dates guys who are handsome but total lunkheads."

Maggie pointed out, "It's like that old Joe Jackson song, 'Is She Really Going Out with Him.'" She sang, "'Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street.'"

"Exactly. Spencer would fit perfectly with that pattern, except he's smarter. And he's not exactly a gorilla, I must admit. Plus, she dates both guys and girls, and has the same trouble with both, going for the eye candy every time. Believe me, I've been Hillary's classmate for a few years now. I've seen how this all goes down. He's her typical next boyfriend. I'm a total anomaly."

Maggie said, "You are, yet you aren't. Clearly, one thing she's looking for is some major sexual satisfaction. She loves having sex and she doesn't care who knows it. She's got a powerful sex drive, just like you. Naturally, she's interested in those who look the most sexually attractive. But good looks don't always mean you're good in bed. What if you come along, and even though you're not a GQ model type, you wow her sexually more than any other lover she's had? And then, out of bed, you match her perfectly with your values, your politics, your vegetarianism, your musical tastes, and everything else?"

Nick was silent for a minute or more as he drove the car. Finally, he said, "Oh, man! Don't even say that! Don't raise my hopes up. That's what I've been hoping and dreaming would happen since forever. We DO have so much in common! We would make a perfect match! I could break her streak and be her first serious, long-term boyfriend. We could be so great for each other, for a long, long time to come!"

"You could!" Maggie said encouragingly. "But you do have some big obstacles, including Spencer. If you want that vision to come true, you have to MAKE it happen! Seize the day!"

He nodded with grim determination.

She secretly felt sad, because if things between Nick and Hillary did work out wonderfully, where would that leave her sexual relationship with him?

She told herself, There's going to come a point where I'm going to have to step aside. For instance, what if things work out like a dream and he eventually wants to marry her?! Ultimately, I'm only his fake girlfriend but I'm his very real mother. Mothers have to know when to let their children leave the nest and fly away.

Our sexual connection is ultimately doomed anyway. There's so much I can't bear to do with him because of the incest. It's not like he could ever marry ME! He belongs with Hillary! Or, if not her specifically, others who will come later much like her. That's the natural way of things

I just hope to God that the "doomed" part won't happen until later, much, much, MUCH later! I'm rooting for our threesome dynamic to last as long as possible!

She noticed he hadn't been driving home, but she got so caught up in the discussion that she didn't think much about where they were headed until the car came to a halt at a stop sign. They were on a little used road that headed into the hills, and there were no other cars to be seen in any direction.

Normally, Nick would have driven on quickly, probably without even coming to a complete stop at the sign first. But with the car not moving, he finally looked over at his mother, and specially at her crotch. He asked, "Are you wearing panties?"

She suddenly felt very embarrassed, but she tried to put up a bold front. "As a matter of fact, I am."

"Do you remember your promise this morning of no bra or panties?"

"I do, but these are-"

He cut her off. "Take them off. Now."

"But these-"

He spoke harshly. "Are you serious about your promises, or what?"

She complained, "Let me get a word in edgewise! These aren't really panties. I'm wearing a sexy thong I bought today just for you."

"That's nice, but you promised you wouldn't wear any underwear at all. Take it off."

She blushed profusely all the way down to her chest as she pulled her miniskirt up to get to her thong. She raised her knees to her shoulders and put her feet on the dashboard in front of her. That put her pussy on display in about the lewdest and most humiliating pose possible.

She didn't know why she did that of her own accord, but it turned her on in a very big way. She was really getting off on his unusual assertiveness.

She muttered in a pouty voice, "This is not the way you should be treating your mother."

"'Mother?' She's back at home. You're my girlfriend."

Despite her shame and humiliation, or perhaps in part because of it, she was tremendously aroused. She also was encouraged that he was coming out of his funk, not to mention revealing his arousal and showing great boldness, so she did her utmost to tease and tempt him. Instead of quickly pulling her thong off, she made a big production out of it. She pulled on the thong a little bit, showing how her pussy juices were making the fabric stick to her skin.

He definitely noticed that, and it seemed to inflame his lust. But before he could say anything, he saw a car coming up from behind. He resumed paying attention to driving the car, so he could keep some distance from the other car.

But still, he looked over as Maggie slowly but surely pulled her thong down. She still was tremendously embarrassed. She ran a finger through her wetness on one side of her pussy lips, and then she did the same on the other side. The entire area around her pussy was sticky and soaked already, and getting wetter all the time.

She thought to herself, Look at me, Son! This is all because of you. We haven't even done anything yet when it comes to my kitty, but I'm this hot and wet for you! All today, when I was shopping and gardening and everything else, I was thinking about your COCK! Gaawwwd, there's so much I want to do with it! I know I'm not supposed to suck you off, but... Oh God! I want to so very badly! Can't you see what you've done to me?!

There was a long pause. They both watched until she had the thong all the way off and wadded up in her hand, although Nick had to occasionally look back at the road.

He finally commented, "I like your new bare look."

"Thanks. I have a confession to make about that. I did it for a variety of reasons, including that Hillary said it's the cool style these days. But mainly, I did it for you."

Those words affected him powerfully. His nostrils flared and his eyes opened wide as saucers. It looked like it was all he could do not to fuck her bare pussy into oblivion right now, because he felt that way too.

She was tremendously turned on as well, and she tried to figure out why. She knew part of it was that she'd taken her thong off and fully exposed her pussy to his eyes, and in a very lewd manner. But it wasn't just that, it was the way he'd "forced" her to do it. Her own words that she was going to keep her pussy shaved for him aroused her even more. She didn't consciously admit it to herself, but there was a heavy implication that he would be fucking that pussy eventually.

He kept driving the car higher into the hills. He didn't say anything, or even play music on the radio. That was unusual.

After a long silence, he simply asked, "Why?"

She replied spontaneously and emotionally, "You know why! Because I love you. Because I love how you love me. Because I want you, and want to be sexy for you. Because I'm your girlfriend, your REAL girlfriend! One of them. And a good girlfriend works hard to please her man."

She didn't like to admit it to herself, much less to him, but she was finding herself increasingly enjoying being sexually submissive to him. She'd never had that sort of relationship with Andy or anyone else, so it was new and exciting, but scary. She worried about losing control.

His lust skyrocketed. He finally just said, "Wow!"

She grinned widely. "Yeah. Wow!"

Her miniskirt fell back into place and covered her pussy, if only just barely. She was tempted to leave her miniskirt up so he could still see her most intimate spot, but she felt too shy to do that. Besides, he wasn't even looking her way. It looked like he was concentrating intently on something. She didn't know what to do with her thong, especially because she'd already wet it with her pussy juices. She put it in the glove compartment.

She was so horny that her entire body seemed to be humming and vibrating. God, he'd better want to start playing with my body, and soon! If he doesn't, I'll be forced to start masturbating in a few minutes! I hope he gets me naked too. This could finally be my big chance to properly suck his cock for the very first time! It certainly won't be the last, though!

Yes, I'm kind of afraid about his sheer thickness. I fear I won't be able to suck on him for more than a few minutes without having to cry uncle. But I have no choice except to suck it up and try my best. Literally "suck it up!"

What's he doing? Where is he taking us? The wait is killing me!

Finally, he pulled the car into an empty parking lot and stopped.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Jamielynn, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, and Ecchi Spud.