Chapter 21: Lovers' Lane Parking Lot (Tuesday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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"Where are we?" Maggie asked, looking around in confusion. "I've never been here before."

They were in a public park, on the top of a hill. Nick had parked at the edge of the parking lot, just a few feet from a steep slope that gave them a nice view of the town below without even having to leave the car. The lot was empty of other cars, and pine trees surrounded the other sides of the lot.

He explained, "You saw the sign giving the name of the whole park. I don't know if this specific viewpoint has a name, but at school, I hear they call this, uh, er..." - he blushed a little - "Well, um, lover's lane."

Now it all became clear to Maggie. She smiled and laughed on the outside. Her arousal level shot up even higher, and her heart started to pound hard. YES! Oh my God, yes! SO MUCH YES! Son, your cock is toast! I'm gonna make that fat monster cum so much that this car will be filled to the windows with a lake of cum!

She tried to play it cool though. "Oh, really? That's interesting. And why would you take your moth-"

He interrupted, "My girlfriend? You mean my girlfriend? My super sexy, fun, and more than a little slutty girlfriend? I don't know. Maybe I thought we could both enjoy the view." He ostentatiously yawned after that, and finished the yawning stretch move by slipping his arm around her.

She giggled. "This is so... precious! It's just like a scene from a fifties sitcom or something. You even did the yawn move already!" She giggled some more, and cuddled up to him. She wanted to take his nearest hand and bring it to her round tits, but she forced herself to let him take the lead. "But are there no lovers anymore? This place is deserted aside from us."

"I think that's 'cos of the time, and the day. The little I've heard of people going to this place, it's after dark, and usually on the weekends. Let's face it: the view's not that great, but it would probably be nicer seeing the sunset, or the lights of town in the darkness."

She spoke with sexual promise. "Not to mention, a boy and his date could get pretty hot and heavy here in the dark."

"Yeah, there is that," he said, as he put his other hand on her nearest thigh.

She thought, I love this! He's so cute! Even after he fucked my tits this morning, he's acting all shy, like we're on our first date. I love that my son is my boyfriend. I feel like I really am dating my son!

A minute later, his tongue was deep in her mouth, and he was pretty much sitting on her, with both hands kneading her big tits through her top.

She thought with amused chagrin, Okay, so much for him acting all shy. But I love this too!

A minute later, he had her top up around her shoulders, and his fingers diddling her erect nipples. A minute after that, he stopped the kissing and fondling to pull her top the rest of the way off.

"You can't do that," she complained, even as she held her arms up, allowing him to do just what he wanted with her. "What if someone else drives in here? Or even the police? I need to be able to change quickly. If my top stays around my shoulders, I can just pull it down."

She didn't even know if she was sincere with her protests or not. A part of her was very concerned, but another part would have been very disappointed if he didn't take her top all the way off, for starters. Her lust was soaring to the moon.

"Sorry, Ma, er, Maggie. I can't help myself! Your body is just too beautiful. It needs to be naked!"

It was pretty much a moot point by then, since her top was already lying on an armrest next to her, but the desire in his eyes was so strong, she stopped arguing and went back to kissing. It does! It does, with you! I'm your constantly naked big-titted SLUT!

And sluts live for COCK! Even if it's son-cock! Especially if it is!

Her hands unzipped his shorts and found his erection. She felt a tremendous sense of relief as she started to stroke his thickness. Gaawwwd! I love this fucking thing! If we really are dating, I'm such a slutty date. We haven't even been here a couple of minutes, and I'm already going for his cock! I can't get enough of it! Is it that it's so thick and big? Is it that Andy's is so small? Is it that I've been without for so long? Is it that he's my son? Whatever, I dunno, but I know I NEED to stroke it! Not want, but NEED!

It was quiet, other than their heavy breathing and busy hands. They both could hear the sound of birds chirping, and the occasional car passing by on the nearby road. She felt like she was going to have a heart attack whenever a car drove by, but luckily there had only been a couple so far.

She slipped into a lazy sexual trance, totally blissed out by jacking off and kissing her son. His moves on her were gentle and caring, not frantic and excited. He was even taking it relatively easy on her nipples, which was a nice change of pace, especially since she was confident he'd get more aggressive with them later. She felt like she could do this all day.

She was so relaxed, she hardly even noticed her miniskirt was coming off until it was already below her knees. But that realization snapped her back to full awareness. "HEY! What are you doing?!"

"Sorry, Ma! You're just too sexy! I need to see all of you."

"That's nice, but you, you can't!" She was genuinely distraught this time. It was one thing to take her top off. But they weren't in their private garage anymore. She was aware that other people might come to this place, and maybe even park their cars in an adjacent spot and look in. A police car might drive come looking to see if anyone was breaking any laws, such as public nudity. It she was totally naked it would take time to get dressed.

She tried to pull her miniskirt back up, but he was too fast. It was out of her reach already, and she wasn't motivated enough to shift positions to get it. "I'm not wearing any panties, you know!"

He chuckled. "I noticed." He left her miniskirt on the floor of the car, and went back to playing with her now totally naked body.

But she was both very aroused and very frightened. She rather futilely covered her pussy with a hand, and asked with real worry, "What if somebody comes?!"

"I dunno. Maybe you can duck down or something." Knowing how weak that sounded, he changed the topic, exclaiming passionately, "Maggie, your tits are too big! Too round! Too perfect! In fact, your whole body is too perfect!"

She laughed. She gave up and went back to stroking his cock and balls with two hands. "What does that have to do with anything? That doesn't even make sense! It's not like my miniskirt could cover up my breasts."

She belatedly remembered she was trying to keep her pussy covered, and brought one hand back to do that. Shit! He's got me totally naked again, except for my damn heels! "Maybe you can duck down or something." A fucking lot of good that'll do me. This is positively INSANE! Why does this keep happening to me?!

"I know," he conceded. "But I get so horny, because you're so amazing. You're not like a mother at all. Mothers don't look as good as you do. Not even close! You should be in the movies!"

She was flattered, especially because he was so obviously sincere. "Don't use the 'M' word, remember?"

"Oops. Sorry. But it's still true. And I want to go farther, but I can't 'cos of your rules, but this is one way to go farther that's still 'legal.' I can fondle your tanned and curvy naked body all over!"

His passion swept her concerns away. Soon, he was lying directly on top of her with the seat tilted all the way back, just like they'd done in the morning in the garage. That made things easier, because with his face up kissing hers and his cock resting a couple of inches above her clit, he couldn't see her shaved pussy. Thus, she could go back to using both her hands however she liked instead of covering herself up there.

Not surprisingly, she brought both of her hands back to play with his cock and balls. Now, this is more like it! Nick's fat cock in my hands, his hands on my tits, his lips on mine, and he's stripped me down to nothing but my high heels! My favorite combination!

I wonder if it's possible to keep doing this forever? Can't I stay his girlfriend, for at least a couple of years? Wait, no, what am I saying? But I want it! I wanna be his fuckin' personal BITCH! His shameless, cock-crazy, mommy-slut! Forever! For life! But I can't! Gaawwwd, he's gonna make me cum again soon!

Another car drove down the nearby road, setting Maggie's heart racing again. Shit! My son must be crazy. What if that car had turned in to this lot? Or parked in the spot next to ours, even? Doesn't he care? It's fine for him, wearing his T-shirt with his shorts slid down, but I'm buck naked! The problem is, he's "young, dumb, and full of cum." So much cum, especially! Hee-hee! He's not thinking about consequences, just my big tits! My heart can't take it, if more cars go by. I've got to do something before we're caught!

What to do? What to do? God knows I'd love to cram his cock-monster in my mouth and suck on it until I choke and gag! But I've told myself that's against the rules, for some stupid reason. And I must admit it: now that I have my perfect chance, I'm afraid! He's soooo big! Soooooo thick! It's going to take some serious hard work and dedication to became his cocksucking slut. I'm going to do it, for sure. Today even, I hope! But maybe I can work up to it.

This handjob is great, but wouldn't a titfuck be better? Yes! Much, much better!

She purred sexily, "Son, er, Nick? You know what I think? I think my tits really need to be fucked." She figured that if she could make him cum, she could get some clothes back on sooner rather than later.

"Oh YEAH! Cool! Say no more, I'm on it!" Within seconds, he was sitting higher up, on her tummy, his hands squishing her big tits together, and his erection positioned between her spongy orbs.

She laughed. "That was fast." She took over the task of keeping her soft melons tightly together, allowing his hands to roam. To her delight, he immediately started twisting her nipples in the aggressive style she loved so much.

"Ma, this is like... It just makes me so happy! A dream come true!" He started thrusting in and out. He had a better position than when they'd done this in the morning, and he was able to make longer and more satisfying thrusts than before.

She pointed out, "You said that to me a couple of days ago."

"Well, it's true. Everything lately is a dream come true. Do you know how many gallons of cum I've ejaculated over the years, thinking about doing this to you?"

She commented, "You say that like you didn't just fuck my tits this morning." She was sliding one tit up while the other one went down, and vice versa. But more importantly, she was keeping a very tight tit-tunnel going.

He said, "Yeah, but believe me, I'm every bit as excited as then! And I think I'll be this excited every single time I fuck your tits until the sun goes supernova, because how many boys have moms that look like hardbodied centerfolds with tits that most porn starlets would envy, and they get to fuck tits like this?!"

She was about to chide him, "Don't say that about your mother, people might hear," but she realized how absurd it was to complain about the comment and not the fact that he was fucking her tits. Besides, nobody could possibly hear. She laughed.

"What?" He didn't understand her laughter.

"Oh, nothing. But remember, you can't say that. You haven't known me for years, you've just met me recently." She wondered what they would look like to any car coming into the lot. At least he was still dressed, mostly, although his shorts had slid down his thighs some, and he was on top. But still, his position sitting up on a tilted back seat would look strange from afar, to say the least.

He grinned. "Yeah. You're my girl. My girlfriend. You belong to me now." Since his hands were free, he started pulling on both of her nipples.

She found his "you belong to me now" comment disturbing. Was he forgetting about his plan to win Hillary?

But what disturbed her most was how much it aroused her, and how easily she agreed. Yes! I belong to you, my son! My boyfriend! My son is my boyfriend, and my boyfriend is my son! Fuck, that's seriously hot! And not a pretend or fake boyfriend; what we're doing is as real as this hot cock in my cleavage! How fucking wild is THAT? Jesus Christ!

As usual, the way he pulled and twisted her nipples drove her absolutely wild. She had a nice cum about a minute later, but the titfuck kept right on going.

After another minute or two of joyous titfucking, he said, "You know what I think? I think this girlfriend thing is working out so well, we shouldn't ever stop. I want to do this kind of stuff with you forever!"

Me too! But she thought about her marriage and the incest, and said, "You can't say that. You know I'm not JUST your girlfriend. You know what else I am. Besides, there's Hillary. You can't lose sight of your grand 'hand-over' plan." She hated to say that, but she felt it had to be done, if only so he wouldn't lose sight of his long-term goals.

Her indirect reference to their incestuous status drove both of them to an even higher plane of arousal. She began to think about Nick cumming on her face, and that stoked her fires that much more.

He thought, Maybe I want to change the plan, so I can win you AND her! Forever! Maybe even as co-wives! But he was too shy to say even part of that out loud. He didn't want to ruin a good thing if she didn't agree. To cover the lack of any more conversation, he paused the titfucking and pulled his shorts all the way off. Then he kicked his sneakers off too.

She shook her head in disbelief. Fuck! He's getting us in more trouble. What would happen if a police car came by? I don't even know where my clothes got tossed to, not that I had much to wear in the first place! I could be arrested for public indecency even if I was fully dressed!

But this is so fucking hot! I'm burning up! And he's right: everything is that much better when I'm totally fucking completely buck naked! For him! My son! Who could have even thought the little baby boy I gave birth to would one day sit on my bare chest and fuck my tits?!

Shit! If I so much as wave my finger even NEAR my clit, I'm gonna cum so hard that I'm gonna DIE! This is the fucking BEST!

She decided that licking the tip of his cockhead didn't really violate her rules, especially since she'd done it in the garage earlier. So she repositioned herself, with his help.

He found her skimpy clothes and used them as a pillow again. There was so little fabric that it made for a small pillow.

She was getting better at this, and managed to reach all of his cockhead with her probing tongue. She concentrated on licking all the cockmeat she could. But she didn't want to neglect his sweet spot, tantalizingly out of range, so she brought up a couple of fingers to directly rub that as well.

That left Nick the task of keeping her tit-tunnel tight around his cock, and he did so. As a result, he was feeling all kinds of different and exciting things all over his long, thick boner.

She'd started out planning to just lick his cockhead some, like she did in the morning. But before long she found herself sucking on the tip a little bit, and then more and more. Soon, she was blatantly and wantonly sucking on it, although she could only get an inch or two of it in her mouth.

Look at me! This is going beyond merely adding to the titfuck, isn't it? I'm sucking on his sweet cock-meat! YES! So fucking GOOD! But as long as I only do this much while the titfucking goes on, it doesn't really count as a blowjob. Besides, getting past that wide crown of his is pretty daunting. I'd practically have to dislocate my jaw just to try it. I'm still not ready for that right now.

Meanwhile, he thought, Oh man! Ma is sucking my cock! Not just licking, which was awesome enough, but full-on sucking! Unfuckingbelievable! True, it's only the tip, but if she's willing to do that much, it won't be long before she's bobbing on the whole thing!

She knew that he didn't have the self-control to handle that extreme level of stimulation. Her limited cocksucking was getting all the attention, but the way her fingers relentlessly rubbed his sweet spot was doing the most to bring him to climax. She wanted his cum load, and right away.

Happily, she didn't have to wait long. She saw and felt all the signs, from his face, to his breathing, to his sweat, and to the way his fat cock started to throb. She could even feel the way his balls resting on the top of her tummy started to tighten. She said, "Son, I mean, Nick, I know you're gonna cum soon! I want you to cum on me! Can you do that?"

"Yes, Ma! Yes!" Of course, she was just stating the obvious, but her undisguised enthusiasm raised the heat in the car even more.

She continued, "Cum on my face! And I do mean all over it! But not just there! Cum on my big tits too!"

"Okay!" But he realized he had a practical problem. He couldn't cum on her tits when his boner was sliding between them.

He let go of her tits and sat up on his knees, scooting back a bit in the process. That allowed him to aim down onto her nipples while remaining close to her face. He was careful not to hit his head on the ceiling this time as he rose up in the cramped space.

He felt a tremendous sense of release as his cum started to shoot. It was like all the tension he'd ever had was flowing out of him. But more than that, cumming was tremendous fun, especially because he was able to "paint" his mother at the same time. He unloaded on both her tits and all over her face, just as she'd asked. He got some on her neck and collar bone area too, as he moved his aim from her chest to her face and back again.

Maggie had been on the edge of a big orgasm for some time now. When he was halfway through his release, she reached down and frigged her clit. She climaxed with almost violent force! Her body actually bucked up and down some, despite the fact that all of his weight was on her.

When his orgasm ended, he sensed from her shaking that hers was still going strong. He wanted to make it better for her, but he didn't know how. He wasn't allowed to touch her pussy, and it was directly behind him in any case. But then he remembered how much she loved his nipple twisting technique, so he did that some more.

Maggie nearly lost her mind, thanks to that! She'd been cumming for at least a minute already, but when he started playing with her nipples, a second orgasmic wave hit her with even greater force. She kept on trembling and vibrating with pure pleasure for another two minutes.

Then, just as her body started to calm down, he scooted up closer to her face. His cock remained erect stiff, due to his usual tendency to stay hard after his first orgasm. He wiped the tip of it through her cummy cheeks. He even ran it right across her cummy lips.

She loved that so much that she would have had another big orgasm except that her body was all orgasmed out. But she had a mental orgasm just the same.

After he possessively smeared the cum around her other cheek like his boner was a paintbrush, he dragged it slowly back across her lips. This time, she'd recovered from the shock enough to stick her tongue out and lovingly lick around his piss hole.

She stared up lovingly into his eyes as she kept on licking him. Son! Look at me! Look what you're doing to me! You have me naked and insanely horny, and loving your cock! It's just a matter of time before I'm going to be bobbing up and down on this fat jawbreaker, don't you think? I'm trying to fight it, but I can't resist! Your mother is going to become your big-titted, cocksucking SLUT!

She thought about starting that crucial very first blowjob for him just then. The problem was, she was wiped out from her orgasm, and she knew sucking him at all was going to take a lot of energy and intense concentration. She needed to wait and rest and recover. She was so out of it that she couldn't even keep her licking going, as much as she wanted to.

Nick smeared the cum down her chin a little bit, and then pulled away. He got off her altogether and returned to his seat. Despite the fact that his dick was still erect, he needed to rest.

She sat up and looked down at herself. "My goodness! You're a regular Jackson Pollack." She laughed.

He didn't understand the reference, so she explained, "He was a famous painter who sometimes splattered paint at a canvas from a distance. You seriously just Pollacked me." She chuckled.

Now that Nick had climaxed, he was thinking more realistically about his mother's nudity. "Uh, Ma? What's gonna happen if someone sees you like that?"

She snorted. "NOW you ask! Why weren't you thinking that when you were so busy taking my clothes off? Oops!"

She quickly covered her bare pussy, after seeing that he had a good view of it. Even now, she felt very protective of it. It was true he'd come dangerously close to touching it in the morning, but she'd been in her own garage and felt a lot safer there.

She trusted that he wanted to do the right thing, but she also knew that sometimes his lust got so strong that he hardly knew up from down, as shown by him getting her completely naked and then pondering the prudence of doing that only later. She didn't want to tempt him too much when it came to fucking. She loved to fantasize about him fucking her, but she honestly didn't want him to do it in reality. That would be going too far.

As it was, he'd just had a short but clear view of her pussy, and the sight of it aroused him so much that he put his hands back on her. However, he was reluctant to touch her face or breasts due to all of his cum there, so he ran his hands down her tummy, and then up her legs.

He said, "I wasn't talking about that. I meant I'm worried about how you're sitting up in the car."

Suddenly, Maggie remembered that there were more people in the world than just her and her son. Since she was sitting up, she looked around outside the car with a wild panic in her eyes. She was relieved to see that they were still in an otherwise empty parking lot, but she still felt freaked out. She quickly ducked down below window level.

She thought, Fuck me! That's too scary! We're being far too careless! But I'm so horny! I can't help myself! She closed her eyes and forced herself to calm down.

For some long moments, he simply stared at her cum-covered face. With her eyes closed, he didn't have to limit his staring. Damn, I don't know what it is, but seeing all that cum of mine on her does something to me. Something powerful and primal! Animalistic, even. The only way she'd look even better is if her lips were stretched around my dick right in the middle of that! His lust started to grow again already.

Feeling better, she opened her eyes. He was still staring, and that made her feel uncomfortable. She asked him with surprising meekness, "Can I put some clothes on now?"

"No. Maggie, I'm sorry, but I can't help it. When I see you, I need to see all of you. For so many years, the desire to see what you looked like under your clothes drove me wild. Your body is just so perfect. It needs to be seen!"

He ran a hand down her tummy, along her nearest hip, and then down her thigh nearly to her knees. He looked at her tanned skin with awe and admiration bordering on worship. It was like he was appreciating the greatest work of art in the history of the world.

That look in his eyes made her feel impossibly aroused all over again, and his touch drove her wild too. She thought, Son, if you don't stop grazing my skin like that, you're gonna literally make me lose my mind! Yeow!

Shivers ran down her spine, caused only by his gentle caresses as he kept on running his fingers all over her body like he owned it. Trying to change the subject, she said, "If you won't let me wear any clothes, I need to at least do something to look slightly more presentable, in case someone comes by and we have to scramble. I suppose I'd better rub this spermy mess into my skin, and fast."

Starting with her face, she began doing just that, acting as if his cum was some kind of skin moisturizer.

He smiled at that, because it turned him on. He pointed out, "If you do that, you're not really going to get rid of it. You're totally gonna smell like my cum, and it'll probably leave behind some kind of noticeable sheen or something."

Yep! she thought happily, as she kept rubbing it in. "You're right. There's probably too much to rub it all in my face. I'd better spread it out." She took her cummy hands and spread his spermy goo across her tummy, and then all over her thighs.

She thought, There must be something wrong with me. I'm sick! Sick! But I just luuuuve his cum! I want it all over me! I wanna bathe in it! The more of his cum I rub in, the more it feels like I'm his!

Nick's cock wasn't being touched by her or him. But he was in no danger of going flaccid anytime soon, not with his mother practically in orgasmic ecstasy as she sensuously rubbed his cum into her skin like it was an elixir for eternal life.

Soon, her face looked more or less "clean," but for a generally shiny sheen plus the occasional cum gob or streak here and there. But the "cum field" on the upper slopes of her tits down to her nipples hadn't been touched yet.

She was so into rubbing his cum everywhere, especially all that cum on her tits, that she soon forgot about keeping her pussy covered.

That inspired him to comment, "Ma, er, Maggie, I'm so happy that you shaved your pussy. It looks really hot! I mean, scorching hot!"

She joked, "It feels that hot too." Reminded about her exposed, shaved pussy, she held her hand a couple of inches over it, but that did a piss-poor job of covering it. She didn't even close her fingers together.

She said, "Oops! Looks like you got me. I can't touch it right now, because of my cummy fingers. What if I plunged my cum-soaked fingers in there right now and you got me pregnant? Wouldn't that be too much? Can you just imagine that, knocking me up?"

She was teasing him, both with her words and her ineffectual attempt at covering her pussy, but she ended up arousing herself even more than him.

She said, "Son, do you promise not to touch my pussy, even if I don't keep it covered?" She took her hand away to scoop up more cum from her tits. Then she brought her hand back to her pussy and smeared his cum all around her pussy lips without actually touching them.

He groaned lustily. His cock was throbbing with need already. "Uh, can't I just touch it a little bit? I just want to feel your silky smooth skin there, freshly shaved and all."

"Sorry, but no. That's a slippery slope. One minute, it'll just be your finger touching the skin there, the next minute, you'll be rubbing my labia. Then you'll wind up with two fingers plunging in and out of my hot box, making me cum over and over again and scream your name! But you won't stop there! No, not you, you well-hung bastard! Next it'll be your big fat cock, plowing into me deep! We can't go there!"

Technically, her words were discouraging. But her tone sounded pretty damn enthusiastic about the idea.

He groaned even louder. "Oh God! You're killing me!" He held his stiff hard-on and grimaced.

She realized she'd been neglecting his erection for a couple of minutes now. "Oh, Son! I'm so sorry! Let your Ma- uh, me, take care of that!"

She sat up and got busy jacking him off with both hands. One hand slid up and down his shaft, sped along but the cum still coating her fingers. The other hand played with his balls.

She quickly realized that she again was exposing herself to anyone who might look into the car. So she shyly suggested, "Could you, uh, lie on top of me again? I like it when you do that."

"Sure thing!"

She laid all the way back in her tilted-down seat. As before, her knees remained bent because there wasn't enough leg room, but that couldn't be helped.

He eagerly got on top of her. Funnily enough, even though she wouldn't let him touch her pussy with his hands whatsoever, she let him lie on her with his balls on her wet pussy lips and his throbbing shaft directly over her clit, touching it. She started fondling his cock with one hand and his balls with the other, and she seemed to be stimulating her own privates with her motions at the same time.

While she did that, he kissed her and played with her body. He'd had his fill of her tits for a while after the titfuck, and he focused his attention on her ass. It wasn't long before she turned on her side, allowing him to turn on his side too and fondle her perfectly tanned bubble butt without hindrance.

Out of the blue, he said, "By the way, Ma, er, sorry, Maggie, I have to give you a special thanks. Not just for what you're doing to me now. That's part of it. But it started when I met you after school. I was so distraught that I didn't know if I was coming or going. You took me to that restaurant and gave me some very wise advice until I could see that I'd overreacted. I felt way better. But no! You didn't stop there. You're making me feel so good that I've pretty much even forgotten Spencer's name!"

She beamed with delight, and joked, "Who?"

He laughed.

She then said, while continuing to stroke his fat boner, "I'm your girlfriend now, one of 'em, and I love you! This is what girlfriends do. Full service girlfriends! I can't be in Maggie mode all the time, but rest assured that when I am, I'm going to do my best to make sure your balls are drained as dry as possible! I want to see them shrunk to the size of raisins at times, because all of your cum is on my face of chest!" She laughed.

He laughed too, and said, "Thanks, Ma! You rock! I love you too!"

But he was emotionally moved by her words as well. I knew it! I knew it! I'm young and I don't know much, but I knew from a mile away that Ma would be the most awesome lover, because she's so smoking hot AND she's such a loving and giving person. Talk about a winning combination!

And Hillary is just as great. The only downside is, if things don't work out with them, they're going to ruin me for all other women.

Several minutes of vigorous cock stroking passed, and she grew frustrated by the fact that he didn't seem even close to cumming yet. She had him sit back on her thighs in the hopes he'd be cumming on her soon.

She cooed, "Come on, Son! Let's empty these big balls of yours. I want to drain you completely dry, down to that raisin size I was just talking about! Blast another big load all over your mother! Coat my big tits with ANOTHER sticky, gooey load!"

She thought, I'm SUCH a slut! What's wrong with me?! I just can't get enough of him, and especially his cum! I hope he shoots a super big load, the biggest ever!

He was so aroused that he thought he'd simply die. A heart attack seemed one possible way to go, because his heart was pounding so hard and fast. His "problem" was that he'd just climaxed minutes before, so his resistance was unusually strong. That enabled Maggie to drive him up to dizzying erotic heights with her sliding hands, sexy talk, and cum-soaked skin.

And if all of that wasn't enough, he only had to look at her shaved pussy. It was just a few inches in front of his cock, and dripping with pussy juice. She'd even spread her legs a little bit, giving him a better view of her forbidden slit.

He thought, Boy, Ma sure blows hot and cold when it comes to her pussy. First, she was covering it like we would both burst into flames if I merely saw it. Now I think she's showing it off for me! It's almost like she's tempting him to surrender to lust and plow my boner in there!

Good God! I'm gonna fuck her someday, for sure, if I can help it! But not today, and not tomorrow. I need to be patient, so she won't have big regrets later. That's tough!

After about five minutes of her steady, rhythmic cock stroking, another car drove by. She felt the urge to resort to a blowjob instead, in an effort to speed things up. She even started to reposition, only to chicken out at the last minute. She still was daunted by his thickness, and also what it would mean for their relationship. She was obsessed with pleasuring his cock already, and she worried she would love it so much that she'd end up with a total breakdown of the walls between her Maggie and Margaret personas.

But after that close call with the passing car, the idea of sucking his cock got stuck in her mind and wouldn't go away. It's going to happen! Soon! I can't stop it, I just need to prepare so I can be the best cocksucking mommy-slut I can possibly be! I'm going to spend soooooo much time with my face bobbing in his crotch that that'll become my new home address! Not only does my son have a remarkably big and thick cock, he's got great stamina too! Plus, he came a little while ago. So it's going to take extraordinary measures... such as cramming those seven glorious inches down my throat so he can fuck my face!

Unfortunately for Nick, that was more fantasy talk than a real plan of immediate action. She still had her issues.

Instead, she tried to hurry his orgasm by varying her stroking techniques. She'd never given Andy many handjobs, since they could just fuck at any time instead. Usually, it had just been something she'd done for a minute or two to get her husband hard enough to enter her. As a result, she was learning on the fly how to give her son a truly talented, highly pleasurable, and prolonged handjob.

She sat up and leaned towards him, kissing him on the lips. Her lips were one of the few spots on the front side of her body not at least somewhat coated or smeared with his cum, because she'd wiped them up thoroughly in the hopes that he'd be kissing her again before long.

He found himself running his hands up and down her sleek and sexy body some more, despite the traces of his cum everywhere. He focused more on her legs and hips, since they were less cummy.

Both of them were so far gone with lusty desire that they forgot again about the fact that Maggie was sitting up and thus exposing her naked upper body. But it didn't really matter, since the parking lot remained empty. They would have heard the sound of a car coming from a long ways off in any case.

Luckily, Nick didn't mind a "mere" handjob. Compared to all his sexless teenage years until now, this was still too incredible and enjoyable to believe.

It took a total of about ten minutes, but he was ready to cum again. Sensing he was close, she laid back down so he could target her face and chest. She purred, "Son! Cum all over me! Make me your girl!"

He couldn't help but notice how close her latest repositioning put her pussy to his cock yet again. With her legs spread wide, he had his best view yet of her pussy. Her pussy lips were engorged, soaked, and spread wide open.

Even though he was teetering on the precipice of cumming, he had to ask, "What about Hillary?"

"I stand corrected! Make me one of your girls! You fucking STUD! Look at what you're making me do, and I still have to share you!" Her tone of voice made clear that she found that fact highly arousing.

Given all that visual and physical stimulation, it was no surprise his resistance to cumming caved, and his seed fired out in rope after rope, like bullets from a gun.

She continued holding his erection this time. She had great fun aiming him this way and that. Her main goal was to thoroughly cover her tits, mostly because her face was too high to make a good target, plus he'd already nailed her pretty good there last time.

A considerable amount of cum still remained on her breasts' upper slopes from his first orgasm, even after she'd smeared some of it into her skin and more of it had been rubbed into his shirt. So, by the time he was done, her tanned rack looked well and truly painted pearly white. There also were long streaks running down her tummy, almost all the way to her pussy, mostly due to his last few, weaker squirts.

When his climax petered out, she moved her hand from his boner to her clit and triggered her own orgasm. It wasn't as big as her last one (or ones), but it still felt great.

Nick moved back to his seat. He needed to rest again. Besides, his penis actually went flaccid this time.

She continued to just lie there, basking in post-orgasmic glory. With her lust sated for now, she worried more about where they were and the danger of being seen or caught. She was embarrassed all over again by the fact that she was nude, not to mention covered in cum. However, her seat remained tilted way back, allowing her to stay low, and that gave her some comfort.

As she languorously rubbed the cum into her skin, while occasionally eating some of the bigger cum gobs, she said, "Nick, that was great. Again!"

He didn't respond, because he was so thoroughly distracted by the sight of his cum on her skin. Fuckin' A! That's awesome! I mean, that fact that all my cum is on her like that looks awesome enough. I feel like I've marked her and claimed her as mine! But what's doubly awesome is that she's so into it!

I've heard that women generally hate that kind of thing. But not only does she not seem to mind, she was the one aiming my cock here and there! She looks like she's really, really loving it! I mean, she's actually EATING my cum right now! Fuck me! That's totally blowing my mind!

He didn't say anything out loud about it though, just in case he was wrong about her feelings on it.

Indeed, Maggie did love his cum on her skin. She thought, Oh God! I can't get enough of this stuff! I don't know which I love more: when he blasts his hot and spermy love on me, or when I get to eat it all up! It's sweet and delicious, and I don't think I'm just saying that as a biased mother. The only problem is the way he's looking at me. I must be blushing cherry red, because he's gotta be thinking, "What kind of freak do I have for a mother? Why is she eating that? It must be gross!"

Foolish me. I used to think it was gross. But Hillary has showed me the way. She said she actually LIKES facials. That blew my mind at first, but now I know exactly what she means! My Sport is just going to have to get used to this strange sight, because I want him to cum all over me a lot from now on! And hopefully Hillary will be there to see it, and get thoroughly hosed down too. Then we'll eat it all up together!

Despite those words, eventually her embarrassment grew too much from Nick staring at her. She slowed and then stopped her cum consumption. Little did she realize that Nick not only didn't mind her doing that, but he pretty much thought it was the greatest thing ever.

Even as he kept on staring at her blushing, cum-streaked face, she looked at him as if she was seeing him in a new way. In a way, she was, because her sexual connection to him just deepened some more. She reached a hand out to him without actually touching him, since her fingers were cummy too. "I love you so much."

He said proudly between tired heavy breaths, "I love you too! I really marked you as my girl, didn't I?"

"You did! No other man will ever want to touch me now. They'll get close and smell your cum. They'll think, 'This one is taken.' Somehow, I know the cum is going to linger deep in my skin, no matter how many times I shower."

Even as she said that, she rubbed some of his cum into her thighs, since they hadn't been covered as much as the whole front of her upper body and face.

He happily pointed out, "Plus, I'm going to give you frequent reapplications."

She laughed. "That you will!" Her pussy tingled as she contemplated her likely near future. She could easily imagine getting fresh "coatings" every Tuesday and Thursday after school, plus hopefully more over the weekends at various social events with Hillary. That sounded pretty great.

She thought, I'm such a slut! Here I sit, totally buck naked and cum-splattered, with my mostly clothed son next to me. In a public parking lot in the middle of nowhere, no less! I'm so far gone into incestuous depravity! But I fuckin' love it! All I can think about is all this yummy cum, and when he'll be able to do it to me again. But I'm a good slut, not a bad slut, because I'm HIS slut exclusively! Oh Gaawwwd! I can't think that way. I make myself too worked up.

On the plus side, I am maintaining limits. I'm keeping a VERY strict line with him not getting to do anything with my kitty. That's frustrating, but absolutely necessary.

And this girlfriend role is limited. Most of the week, I'll still be in "Margaret mode," living a normal life. We can play all we want with the girlfriend idea, but at the end of the day I still am the mother who gave birth to him, and that means I can never let him fuck me. Like I keep telling myself, our relationship is ultimately doomed. Hillary should be his future, if we can manage it.

She turned to him with a serious look, even as she continued to languorously rub his cum into her legs. "Son, I have a confession to make. I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe something happened back at the movie theater on Friday night. I think that's where it started. But for whatever reason, I seem to have developed a serious cum fetish. Specifically, I love facials and pearl necklaces. In fact, just thinking about the words 'pearl necklace' makes me so horny for you that I don't know what to do."

"I know what you can do next time," he suggested. "You can strip, shake your big-"

"Shush!" she interrupted. "Please don't talk like that, because you'll get both of us too horny again. Before you know it, I'll be playing with your cock for who knows how long, and you'll spray a THIRD load all of me!"

"Sounds like a plan!" he said gleefully, even though his penis was dead to the world. He knew that was unlikely to change any time soon.

"Don't tempt me. That sounds soooo good!" She briefly closed her eyes, and practically had an orgasm just thinking about it. But she soon snapped back.

By this time, his cum was thoroughly rubbed in everywhere. There were white streaks here and there, but otherwise at first glance, all the cum appeared to be gone. However, the spermy smell in the small car was overwhelming.

She asked, "By the way, I noticed more than once now that you climax and then you stay hard. Do you do that a lot? Or have you been unusually inspired?"

He replied, "You've definitely unusually inspired me! So much that I can't even begin to tell you. Every single move you make turns me on so much that I can't stand it!"

He decided it was finally time to tell her of his curious tendency to "cum in twos." "But, that said, staying hard after cumming is a pretty normal thing for me. For instance, when I masturbate, I always do it in twos."

"What do you mean?"

"I masturbate until I cum, and then I keep on going until I cum again. Then I usually have to stop. It's like I get so worked up each time that it takes two orgasms to get me to actually calm down. Later on, I'll do it again. And then, later, again."

She sat up in shock, heedless of her cum-shiny nudity. What a motherfucking STUD! He's even more of a natural born sex machine than I'd realized!

She asked, urgently, "Wait! Are you telling me that sometimes you cum four or even SIX times in a single day?!"

He nodded. "Yep. That's my average, I'd guess. Sometimes I manage seven or even eight times, but that's pretty unusual."

"But how?! I'm not a man, but I know that's way above average. Way, waaaay above average! Surely you know that?!"

He shrugged. "I have gathered it's unusual, but it's normal to me. The way I figure, how can I NOT cum that much? Because I'm always thinking about you, or Hillary, or you and Hillary! And whenever I do, I get so stiff and horny that I need to take care of myself."

She shook her head in disbelief. "That's kind of sweet, in a weird way, but I still find it hard to believe. For one thing, how do you find the time?!"

"That's not really a problem. Sometimes I do it in the morning, but running out of time is a problem there, since I usually do need to cum in twos. Instead, my favorite times to do it is in the afternoon after school, and especially at night. The night is the best! I don't even need any porn to look at or read. I just lie there in the dark and make up my own stories starring you and Hillary. Sometimes I literally go for hours, masturbating until my hand gets tired. I try really hard not to cum, so maybe that's been helping my stamina."

"That's amazing!" She thought, My son is a sex freak, in the best way! Surely he's man enough for both Hillary AND me! Why can't we share him, forever? What's wrong with that?

Okay, there's a lot wrong with that. I'm going to get divorced in a year or two and find a good man my own age. And that's just one reality to face. But still, it's a wonderful dream!

She said, both somewhat joking but also serious, "So that's what you've been doing all that time I thought you were doing your homework!"

He chuckled. "Well, not ALL the time. I still get straight A's, don't I?"

"You do. Too bad they don't have some kind of SAT test for male cumming. You'd break the scale!"

He chuckled at that too. He didn't realize how unusual he was, because he figured most guys his age regularly climaxed at least three or four times a day. But even that would have been unusual as an average.

Since she was sitting up already, she started to put her clothes back on.

However, Nick asked, "Um, don't you want to really clean up? You still have towels and all that stuff in the trunk, don't you?"

She did. But she didn't want to clean up too thoroughly, because she loved staying all cummy like that. She lied, "There's no time! It's getting dark, and you said people come here to watch the sunset, don't they?"

"Yeah." In fact, the sun would be setting very soon. He was surprised they were still alone, now that he thought about it.

She put her clothes back on, but not her thong, since it was still wet. Plus, leaving it off made her feel delightfully slutty, especially since he'd "ordered" her to not wear it. She remained bra-less too.

She took a small mirror from her purse, and continued to rub the pearly white streaks on her skin until they completely disappeared. However, she delighted in her skin's cummy sheen.

Another car pulled into the lot, finally ruining their privacy. A man and woman were inside it, presumably there to watch the sun set. However, they parked on the opposite side of the lot, to give both parties privacy.

Maggie was a bit spooked. "Thank the Lord they didn't come earlier! Thinking back, there were times I was sitting naked on you way above the window line, and I totally forgot what I was showing."

He said, "Yeah, they would have gotten quite a show!" He chuckled. "But I'm pretty sure they're here for the sunset, so it's not like they would have come earlier."

She realized he was right, but didn't say anything. She didn't consciously realize it or understand it, but she actually liked to get a little scared and humiliated sometimes.

Even though Maggie and Nick were dressed and presentable, at least from a distance, they didn't leave just yet. With their arms around each other, they watched the sun set and occasionally necked.

Not surprisingly, Nick spent most of the time with his hands under her top, playing with her tits. But his penis was done for a while, and mindful of the couple in the other car, he didn't try to get her naked or even pull her top up, as he loved to do.

Their kissing was more languid and intimate, instead of frenzied and impassioned. It was like they were making love with their tongues.

With the sun having just set below the horizon, but the sky still painted beautiful shades of orange, red, and purple, Nick said, "Ma, today's been such a great day. A perfect day! I really feel like you're my girlfriend now, and we're not just pretending anymore."

She longed to say "We're not. I'm yours! And for as long as you want me, no matter what happens with Hillary!" But she held herself back. She felt like she had to stick with the "hand-over" plan, even if she didn't like it and even if she could greatly delay it, because it was the responsible thing to do for his long-term happiness.

Instead, she asked, "What about Spencer? How are you feeling about him now?"

He frowned. "Oh yeah. I totally forgot about all that. I guess it wasn't such a perfect day after all."

She looked at the shapes of his fingers moving under her thin, tight black top. "Well, if playing with your mother's titties is what it takes to get your mind off bad news, I'm just going to have to let you play with them for hours and hours." She was all smiles.

"Really? Cool! Then let's do this tomorrow too! We can make a whole afternoon of it!" He twisted her nipples excitedly.

"Now, hold on. We can't do that, not unless Hillary is somehow involved. You know the rules. Even though I love being your girlfriend, we still have a purpose here. You should be cumming on HER face, and fucking HER tits, at least more of the time. Better still, you should cum on both of us at once!"

He moaned. "Don't say that, or I'm gonna get erect again!"

She was tempted, very tempted. She didn't doubt he could get erect again easily enough. But she realized she needed to be home soon to start cooking dinner. Thinking about that, and Andy at home, brought her guilt flooding back.

That pretty much killed her mellow erotic mood, and they drove home a short time later.

— — —

The rest of the evening was shocking only in its mundane normality. It was difficult for Nick, sitting at the dinner table, to cope with the fact that the same woman dressed like a typical suburban mom and serving the family dinner had been naked and writhing underneath him while he fucked her big tits earlier in the day.

Maggie was getting to be extremely good at switching her two roles. There were no secret winks or smiles, or furtive gropes under the table.

It helped that he didn't try to push her on that. He'd tried playing footsie with her once during dinner a couple of days earlier, and the hard kick in the shins he quickly got in response taught him not to try that again anytime soon.

Her total transformation made him feel like he'd dreamt the whole thing up. It was very disconcerting.

However, there were subtle signs that things had changed between them. For instance, later that night, during dinner, he noticed her staring at his face happily, and even longingly. But she tended to catch herself, so these glances only lasted a couple of seconds at most, since Andy was usually right there. And even though she clearly was wearing a heavy bra, blouse, and light sweater, he knew her breasts well enough from years of furtive glances to detect her nipples stayed hard all through dinner.

He had to console himself that at least he didn't see any signs of sadness or regret in her face.

And that was true. She had come to peace with the fact that she was his "real" girlfriend, whatever that meant. Obviously, due to the incest, there had to be deceit and limits, but a key fact was that it was real to her. For instance, she wasn't ever going to think about dating anyone else, even if she had been single, because she considered herself "taken" by her son.

She still felt a tremendous amount of guilt from time to time, especially while doing something mundane like eating dinner with Nick and Andy. But ending the girlfriend arrangement wasn't even an option to think about for her anymore. She had no idea what the end game was, and that worried her, so she tried not to think about that.

However, she vowed that she wouldn't let her own sexual desires get in the way of Nick's plan to ultimately win Hillary. She would try to sincerely help him with that, at least up to a point, even as she rooted for excuses and developments that would delay her ending her sexual relationship for as long as possible.

That evening, Nick vowed that he would no longer masturbate. Since Maggie loved his cum so much, he wanted to save it all up for her, and for Hillary, if she was willing too.

However, it turned out this wasn't a vow he could always keep.

For starters, he found there was a complication. Hillary called him after dinner, and they had a good, long phone call, as was becoming their near daily tradition. He thought about talking to her about his issues with Spencer, and other relationship clarification issues, but he once again decided it would be better to do that face to face.

Instead, he wound up sharing the story of what he and Maggie did that afternoon. He had to make some significant edits. For instance, he skipped the whole lead up about him being distraught about Spencer, obviously, and just started with them taking a drive up into the hills. He also had to avoid any hint of incest, and act as if this was the sort of thing he and Maggie did a lot. But once he got to the heart of the story, about the wild titfuck in a public place, with Maggie completely naked in the car, the call turned into another phone sex session.

His vow not to masturbate didn't last very long, in those circumstances. Both he and Hillary played with themselves until they climaxed around the time he climaxed for the second time in the story. And it was true that he usually stayed hard after cumming, so he had her share an arousing story about something she and Anushka did, and that led to another great phone sex session until they both climaxed again.

He was chagrined, because all that happened less than an hour after making his vow. He decided that phone sex was fair game, since he was "with" Hillary in a sense.

But then, when he went to bed that night, he got so excited thinking about the events of the day that he eventually gave in and came into a small towel - twice. He didn't have the phone sex excuse that time.

But at least he was making a concerted effort to masturbate less than before.

All in all, it had been a great day, and the best day since the Friday movie theater date. However, the Spencer problem was still looming and casting a gray cloud over him.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Jamielynn, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, and Ecchi Spud.