Chapter 22: Back to Normal? (Wednesday)
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The next day was a Wednesday which meant Nick couldn't expect to see any "Maggie sightings," only Margaret. As a result, he directed his very active teenage libido mostly towards Hillary.

School life was getting increasingly strange for him. In the first days of school, he'd made a conscious effort to reach out and meet new people. He liked talking to his new friends, but he kept a certain distance. His main goals were spending time with Maggie and Hillary, and he was only interested in any others to help pass time until he could be with either or both of "his girls." (That's how he was starting to think of them.) So, for instance, he hadn't invited anyone but Hillary to do anything outside of school, and when others asked him, he politely turned them all down.

What was curious was that the more aloof Nick acted, the more popular he seemed to become. He was rapidly learning that the more desperate you appeared in wanting something, the less likely you were to get it. His devil-may-care attitude made him seem mysterious and intriguing, especially combined with the increasingly well known "fact" that he was dating a bombshell college girl. He didn't have to make an effort to reach out for new friends, since others were coming to him.

Maggie dropping him off and picking him up on Tuesday had been something of a bust. Nobody saw her drop him off, due to him being late and the car getting parked far away. Some people did see her there and looking fantastic to pick him up, but due to his distress as the time, they had rushed off without any sort of dramatic public kiss, or even hug.

But still, that was enough to further solidify the growing knowledge amongst his grade that he in fact was going out with Maggie. Just as Hillary had predicted, he was becoming known as "the guy who dates that hot college chick." He was perfectly fine with that. After all, part of his whole fake girlfriend scheme was too boost his social standing in general, in case things with Hillary didn't work out.

But that wasn't all. He noticed he also was increasingly becoming known as "the guy who hangs out with Hillary all the time," since he was doing just that. For those who didn't know about him and Maggie, they assumed he and Hillary had started dating. For others who knew both things, he truly was the intriguing "mystery man."

He was suddenly so popular that even people he was sure he'd never met would start talking to him and act like they were already his friends. Many people knew his name when he wouldn't know theirs.

Even Spencer seemed keen to befriend him. That rankled Nick, but Nick was nothing if not a good actor. He pretended to be friendly back, without saying or doing anything Spencer could latch onto to deepen the friendship, such as doing things together outside of school. More often, he tried his best to avoid Spencer if he could. He knew that much, if not all, of Spencer's interest in him was to use him to get closer to Hillary.

He remained a bit glum all day, because he knew that Hillary had her plans with Spencer after school. It took all his willpower not to ask her what those plans were exactly.

It didn't help his mood that Spencer ate lunch with them again - along with others. Nick always seemed to be at a full table lately. Hillary was already very popular, Spencer was very popular, and Nick was increasingly popular, so a table with all three of them sitting at it was bound to be a cool and desirable place to sit. He was beginning to lament he might never get to eat lunch with just Hillary again, not unless they were seen as rude about not letting other people sit with them, or they escaped out of the cafetria to eat somewhere in private.

The only bright spot was that Hillary mentioned during a private moment while walking with him between classes that there would be another party on Friday, and she wanted him to go with her to it, and Maggie too, if she wanted to. He happily agreed, and said he'd ask Maggie if she could join them. He managed to stifle his urge to ask if Spencer would be there as well.

In a way, his school life seemed a strange mirror of his home one. At times, his mother was "Maggie" - wild, horny, and usually naked. Once she was unleashed, she was a totally uninhibited sex bomb! But most of the time, she was just Margaret, his actual, typical mother.

Similarly, sometimes, Hillary was wild, horny, and eager. He'd done some very intimate, sexual things with her, and more on the phone. But most of his day to day physical interactions with her were at school, and while there, she gave no outward sign of being anything more than a good friend. There were a couple of times they'd talked about erotic things in private, and there was their one sexually satisfying ladies' bathroom incident, but those were rare and risky exceptions to their usual behavior. They had to be very careful, since he was supposed to be dating Maggie instead.

All in all, it made for a great but sometimes extremely frustrating life. He knew he was living the life of his wildest dreams, but he was suffering mental whiplash from having to turn his sexuality on and then off so frequently. The vast majority of his time was spent waiting to be with Hillary or his mother in her "Maggie mode."

One good bit of news was that he was making progress getting a quality fake driver's license for Maggie. Initially, he was going to ask around at high school to see if anyone knew how to get a fake ID. But it occurred to him that that might lead to people at school who knew he'd gotten a fake ID for his hot new "girlfriend," and that could lead to trouble. So instead he got in contact with his old friends.

He didn't have many friends from the different high school he'd attended last year, but he did have a few. Already he'd drifted away from them during summer because he and they knew he would be going to a different high school, and being in the same school is everything for teenagers. Plus, Nick wanted to force himself to get to meet new people at his new school, not keep his old friendships alive against the odds. But he made an exception to get the fake ID. He got a couple of those old friends to ask around at their school, and that led to him being set up with someone who could make the driver's license for a price.

Nick hadn't even told Maggie about doing this yet. He had to temporarily steal her real driver's license so it could be duplicated with some minor but key changes. But he'd returned it to her wallet without her even knowing it was gone. He paid for the fake out of his own pocket. He knew Maggie wouldn't approve of him doing something illegal, so his goal was to present it to her as a fait accompli. He found out the fake was nearly ready and he could pick it up tomorrow after school.

— — —

Meanwhile, Maggie's daily routine was changing. For one thing, she'd decided that her attempt to burn off her excess sexual energy by exercising longer and harder had more or less worked. She'd had a great, highly arousing time with Nick after school the day before, but she wasn't so out of control that she'd done anything against her rules, such as letting him touch her pussy.

So she did that again. She worked up another sweat gardening. She figured it had the nice bonus of getting her in better shape too. Although, in truth, she already was in tip top condition. It was hard to see how her 33-year-old body could look any better or more titillating.

Their house had a deck and patio area on the roof of the second floor which Maggie called the "sun roof." Not only could one get a great view from up there, but the house was near the top of a hill, and it was surrounded by trees and/or fence, so there was no way for any of the neighbors to see people up there. For the past year plus, Maggie had taken advantage of this to lie on the sun roof naked, and that's how she'd developed such a flawless all-over tan.

Now that she'd shaved her bush, she had a patch of paler skin. Luckily, she had some natural color already, so it didn't look too bad, but she wanted to get rid of that patch just the same. It was very nearly the only visual "imperfection" on her entire body, so she wanted to get rid of it. She spent an hour tanning on the deck while Nick was at school. She carefully applied different stengths of suntan lotion so her more pale spot would have a chance of "catching up" with the rest of her fabulous tan.

As she laid on a towel face up with her eyes closed, she thought, Aaaah! This is the life. Total privacy. Nick's at school and Andy's downstairs. True, Andy seems too close for my liking, but with his injury he might as well be on another planet. No way is he hobbling up here with his cane! No one can see that I'm completely naked. And I do mean COMPLETELY naked! I can't believe I actually shaved my bush off for my son. My pussy feels so EXPOSED!

She moved her hand-over her crotch and idly ran a finger down her slit. Feel that! So naked. And it's kind of pale down there now, but it won't be for long. I know my Sport appreciates a nice tan, and I want my body to be absolutely perfect for him. I want that big cock of his to get stiff and throbbing every time he sees me! Well, at least when I'm dressed sexy or in nothing at all while in Maggie mode, anyway. If I tan a safe amount of time every day, that spot will be fixed in no time. Then I'll be just like Hillary: a statuesque, centerfold-worthy, evenly-tanned, big-breasted babe! The two of us, total sluts for Nick! For my son!

Her hand hadn't left her slit. She started working her clit without really intending to masturbate. Oh God! My SON! If he were here right now, I know what he'd be doing, since I'm lying down: he'd be sitting on my chest! His cock would be trapped between my breasts, with the tip pointed right at my mouth. No, better, his cockhead would be IN my mouth! The whole thing! I'd show him just what a good slut I could be, sucking the hell out of that insanely thick cock-monster while holding my tits tightly against his shaft and sliding them all over it!

And if Hillary is there too, and she probably will be next time, she'll be sitting right next to us on her naked ass, enjoying the sexy sight. No! Better, she'll be the one holding and sliding my tits back and forth around my son's great big cock! Yes! Hell, maybe she'll even bend over and lick it all the way from my lips to his pubic hair, even as she keeps it tightly trapped in my cleavage!

Maggie had both of her hands on her pussy mound now. One was frigging her clit while the other had two fingers pushing in and out her slit. She was getting very worked up. Her fantasy seemed so real that she could practically feel the weight of her son sitting on her chest. She sighed lustily.

Hillary is so very beautiful. I know people say I'm a looker, but do I look THAT good? I don't know, but I know Nick thinks I do, and knowing he's that hot for me fucking turns me on so damn much! He masturbates four to six times a day, every day, just thinking about me and her! That's one horny, horny boy! I thought he was a shy, nice, and slightly nerdy boy. I had no idea he'd be such an insatiable, sexy BEAST!

What kind of Pandora's box have we opened with this fake girlfriend scheme? Look at me! I'm lying here, naked and dripping with suntan lotion from head to toe, just because I'm hoping I'll be able to improve my tan a little bit for my horny son. Is that fucked up or what? But I'm too fucking horny at this point to even care! I'm gonna cum soon. "Titfuck your mother, Son! Titfuck me even while Hillary licks your shaft!" Hnnnggg! NGH! YEEESSS!

Maggie had a nice climax. But her horny mood didn't come to an end afterwards. A few minutes later, she had to go to the bathroom, so she walked down to the second floor and back. But she didn't bother putting on a stitch of clothing as she did so. When she got back, she even walked around the sun deck for no other reason than to revel in her nudity.

I fucking love being naked! Naked outdoors, especially! Nick keeps saying his confidence has been surging lately, and I know exactly what he means, because my confidence is surging too. What with giving birth to him and having the shotgun wedding with Andy at only 16, it feels like I missed out on all the prime years of dating and having sex. I went straight from childhood to being a responsible mother.

I think that's a big reason why I've never considered myself truly beautiful, even though everyone seems to say that I am. And I've always covered up to avoid attention and even discouraged any kind of sexy compliment, so it became a kind of self-fulfilling prophesy. I wasn't that sexy, because I didn't feel sexy, dress sexy, or act sexy.

But now! Whoa! Everything's changed! I feel like a sex goddess all the time! I'm Aphrodite herself! When my Sport stares at me with a nearly depraved look in his eyes, how can I not feel sexy as hell? It's like he's fucking me with his eyes, all the time! And he NEEDS me naked! Not just wants it, he needs it, like he needs air to breathe!

It makes me feel pretty damn good! It even helps me cope with being in Margaret mode a lot. Right now, I'm not only willing and able to walk around on my rooftop, I wanna sashay and strut, and let my big boobies bounce around with every step! This must be what it feels like to be Hillary. She's totally hot and she knows it. But she doesn't let it go to her head either. She's so cool!

It was only later, when Maggie was back on the first floor and eating lunch with Andy, that the guilt hit her.

She thought, What did I think I was doing, strutting around on the sun roof like some kind of shameless whore? I know there's no chance of anyone seeing me, short of someone flying by in a helicopter! But even so, I can't afford to blur the line between Margaret and Maggie. Maggie is not allowed in this house, not even on the roof! There can be no slippery slope on this, period! There's nothing wrong with working on an all-over tan, but I can't masturbate to thoughts of my son at the same time.

She glanced at her husband, but looked away in embarrassment. I can't! I just can't!

After lunch, she decided it was time to take action to get herself over her reluctance to suck her son's cock. She was increasingly realizing that she had made her moral peace with doing that, but she was still daunted by the sheer physical difficulties of taking such a thick phallic into her mouth. She also worried she would do a noticably bad job at it, since she figured the relatively rare times she'd sucked Andy's cock was no help in sucking Nick's, due to the great size difference.

To fix that problem, she went to a sex shop and bought the dildo that was closest in size to Nick's erect cock. She was able to find an oversized dildo that was about as thick as his was (though it also was much, much longer). Then she went home, snuck it up to her room, took all her clothes off, and tried sucking on it.

She found that she could fit it in her mouth. She knew that already from her brief experience sucking him on that fateful first Tuesday, but it still was nice to be reassured. However, it wasn't just getting it in her mouth that bothered her, it was keeping it there for long periods of time, and while licking and sliding her lips on it to boot. So there was nothing to do but give it a try.

She sucked on the dildo for ten minutes non-stop. She found the experience highly unpleasant though. She got no sexual pleasure from it, because she was very mindful of the fact that it was just a piece of plastic and not her beloved son's actual erection. Furthermore, the physical difficulty of the act was almost as bad as she'd feared. After ten minutes, her jaw hurt, her facial muscles were sore, and her tongue was tired out from licking.

This was distressing, because she knew Nick had unusual sexual stamina. More and more frequently, she'd been having fantasies about sucking him for a long, long time, even an hour at a time. She didn't know how realistic that was, but she figured she had to be able to do a lot better than just ten minutes.

She struggled with the dildo, sucking it for another ten minutes. But she had to pull off every few minutes, and by the end of her 20 minute session, she felt she simply couldn't go on, so she stopped.

She sat on her bed with the dildo in her hand, feeling glum. Well, this sucks! I like how huge and thick Nick's cock is. Even just stroking him, I feel I've really got to earn it to get him to cum, and that's a great feeling. But does he have to be THAT thick?! Even a little less would be much easier. Ugh!

So much for my big dreams of sucking him for an hour at a time. I was going to practice a lot more with the dildo to increase my own stamina, but this is just too depressing and tough. I hope than when I'm bobbing on his actual flesh, it'll be a completely different experience. The sexual arousal and excitement will drive me on to suck him with great energy and passion for a long, long time!

Well, that's the idea, anyway. I sure hope that happens! If nothing else, I've gotta keep up with Hillary. She's so sexy! And athletic. I have no doubt she's going to be able to cope with his size and suck him like the "good slut" that she so clearly is!

— — —

Nick had a nice day at school, with some brief but fun times with Hillary, getting to know some others better (mostly his fellow Advanced Studies classmates, who were a very varied and interesting bunch), and no new Spencer problems.

His mood was helped a lot, when, near the end of the day, with her plans to meet Spencer after school coming up, she took him aside to a private spot and said to him, "Nick, I just want to let you know that if you're worried about anything happening between Spencer and me, don't be. I know our relationship status is still a bit tricky, what with sharing you with Maggie, and the Anushka permission problem, not to mention not really knowing each other much more than a week now! That said, in my mind at least, you and I are going out now, and as long as that's the case, I'm not even going to THINK about dating another guy."

Nick breathed a very big metaphorical sigh of relief at that. He played it cool though, nodding, and then saying, "I'm glad to hear that. We really need to talk soon, to clarify some of those tricky relationship things."

"We do."

"If that's the case though, then why are you going to hang out with him today? You do know that he's got the hots for you, don't you?"

She nodded. "Of course. But, I don't mean to sound full of myself, but that's ALWAYS the case. When has some guy EVER shown interest in me without wanting to get into my pants?"

He immediately nodded as he realized how true that had to be.

She said, "In your case, one reason I'm so attracted to you is that, yeah, at first, last Tuesday, it was ALL about lust. Totally overwhelming, unstoppable lust! But since then, I've been getting to know you better and better, especially during our long phone calls, and there are even times when we DON'T have phone sex!" She giggled at that.

She smiled brightly. "Just kidding. Of course, most of our phone talk is just normal, non-sexual talking, and I really like that side of you too. I wish we could do more of that."

She then said, "But anyway, about Spencer, I can't really have any male friends without the hassle of the sexual attraction, which I don't want 99 percent of times. Sometimes, it's too much and I try to avoid that person. Other times, there's some other good reason to be friends, and I decide it's worth the hassle of trying to deflect the sexual stuff. In Spencer's case, he's a nice, fun guy, and we've got a lot in common."

She further explained, "The reason I'm going to his house today is that he says he has an amaaaazing musical collection! Pretty much ALL vinyl too, which is my favorite. He says he's going to let me borrow whatever I want. If he tries to get fresh, believe me, I know just how to shut him down."

That was both good and bad news for Nick. He was very relieved overall, though he was distressed to hear she would be going to Spencer's house. He didn't doubt that Spencer had an "amaaaazing musical collection," since Spencer's family was known to be very rich. He seriously wondered if Spencer might have bought a large number of albums just in the last week specifically and solely to impress Hillary. He probably had money to burn for exactly that sort of thing.

He said, "Well, okay. I trust you. It may seem like we've only known each other for a week, but we've been classmates for ages, so I feel like I know you a lot better than that, and I do trust you. That said, don't be deceived! I'm sure the ONLY reason he's so keen on sharing records and such is because he wants to get his hands on you."

She shrugged. "You may well be right. But like I said, that's sort of my life. And since I'm bisexual, I have to deal with that with both boys AND girls. I can't really find ANYBODY my age where I can interact with them without suspecting some sort of sexual interest angle, unless maybe I know it's a guy who's so gay that he clearly has a boyfriend I personally know. More than one guy has tried to scam me by pretending to be gay and 'just a friend.'"

He said sincerely, "Wow. I've known you as a classmate all this time, and yet I pretty much had no clue just how much you've had to deal with that. It must be tough."

"It is. But it has its perks. Sometimes, extra cool things happen to me, like Spencer sharing his records. And generally speaking, I get to end up with the very best boyfriends and girlfriends. Like you!" She smiled brightly. "But trust me, I'd never go for sex as a transactional thing. That would ruin sex as a whole for me, if I started to look at it like that. I want sex to be pure fun, and one thing I love so much about you and Maggie is that with you guys, it most definitely is that!"

He nodded again, feeling more relieved. But he asked, "Aren't there some girls though who are totally straight, and you can have a pure no sexual interest relationship with them?"

She shrugged. "Yeah, some. And I do appreciate those. But it's way less than you'd think. I've found out the hard way that even girls who act totally straight, and even think they're totally straight can develop a crush on me. That's happened lots of times. Remember how young we are. Lots of kids our age are still figuring out exactly what their sexuality is. Unfortunately, with my looks I'm usually considered the most desirable girl in class. Which means that if some girl is bisexual but doesn't know it, she often finds out for the very first time by getting a crush on me!"

She added, "And another thing I've learned is that LOTS of girls are at least partially bisexual. I think I mentioned that to you the other night. In my opinion, male sexuality is mostly hard-wired, with guys generally being gay, bisexual, or straight. But with girls, it's more fluid. Maybe they think they're one thing, but then they want to experiment with something else. So basically, I have to always be on my guard with almost everyone but family. Full grown adults have tried to seduce me too. Ironically, that means I can be more relaxed around you, because I don't have to worry if you want to get my naked, because I KNOW you do, and I want to too, so the sexual attraction problem there is solved!"

They talked a little more before they both had to go their separate ways.

He ended up feeling much better about her time with Spencer. He also wound up with a much better appreciation of the problems Hillary faced from being so very beautiful.

He wondered if Maggie had the same problems, because he had seen very little sign of that. But then he realized that since Maggie had gotten pregnant with him at only 16 years old, and then married Andy a very short time later, and technically still was married to Andy, it was an entirely different thing. She had the protective shield of her wedding ring nearly her entire sexually mature life. Plus, she had been practically living in seclusion for the past two years, when he had become much more aware of sexual matters. He figured she probably got hassled a lot, and he just didn't know about it most of the time, and that was a big reason why she'd gone into seclusion.

However, thinking more about Spencer, he realized that he still had a very big problem. Sure, it's good to hear that they're only going to listen to albums and talk music and stuff. In the short-term, I'm sure Hillary will be able to deflect whatever advances he tries to make, as she said. And I'm VERY glad to find out that she knows he's totally angling to get into her pants.

That said... he's a sneaky, clever bastard! In the longer term, I've got a BIG problem with him, because I'm sure they'll have a good time, he'll bide his time, and then he'll build off that. With all the resources at his disposal, he can find all sorts of ways to make time with her. For instance, maybe he finds out she likes astronomy, so he rushes out the next day to buy a super powerful telescope, and then says, 'Hey, Hillary, I've got this such and such telescope in my room. You should come to my house sometimes and check it out."

Evil! Okay, maybe not evil, but fucking sneaky! Actually, I can't really point fingers there, since I'm the author of the whole fake girlfriend scheme, but still. "All's fair in love and war," like Ma repeated to me recently, and I'm not going to sit on my hands while Spencer slowly yet cleverly burrows his way into Hillary's heart! I don't know what I'm going to do, but I'm going to have to do something. Fight him, maybe? I don't know. Unfortunately, he's bigger and stronger than me and he'd probably beat me up. But I'll have to come up with something.

At least it looks like I have a good amount of time. Hillary is committed to me here and now, which is great! And she's not the two-timing kind, which is also great. But Spencer seems to know what a remarkable girl Hillary is, and not just physically, so he's probably biding his time very patiently. Grrr!

— — —

When Nick returned home, he saw that Maggie was fully in her "Margaret mode," while Andy was locked in his den, as usual. All seemed like domestic normality.

Some more mundane aspects of life still had to go on. For instance, he spent the whole afternoon working on his homework.

However, there was one unexpected exception to that way of life in the late afternoon. Maggie came to his room, very thoroughly dressed, and knocked on his door. When he answered it, she spoke quietly. "I'd like to talk to you outside, in the garden. Neutral ground."

So they went outside a couple of minutes later. They both stood in the middle of the backyard lawn.

Maggie seemed upset about something. She was frowning and wringing her hands, and started out by saying, "I have something that's bothering me. A big problem."

He asked, "What is it?"

"I had two good, long conversations with Hillary on the phone over the weekend. I really like her. I believe she likes me too. I think we have the potential to be close friends, maybe even best friends. We have a lot in common. Maybe not necessarily the exact same tastes and interests, but our personalities are very similar. She's unusually mature for her age, for starters. It's more like she's 25 or even 30 than 17. And I really like how she's such a good-hearted person, especially. It's like there isn't a mean bone in her body."

He said, proudly, "There isn't! Believe me, I've been watching her a long time. She really is the epitome of the hippie ideal. You know, like 'live and let live.' Wanting to make the world a better place for everyone. She constantly pushes me to be a better person, just by her example, and so I can keep up with her."

"I can see that," Maggie said. "Plus, she's fun, and funny, always laughing, always a smile on her face. What's not to like about her?"

He grinned. "Exactly! Now can you see why she's my dream girl? You and her. She's so great!"

Maggie grinned a bit too. "I can, because she is. And there's the crucial fact that we're basically your two girlfriends. We have YOU in common. That's big! What if what happened on our Friday threesome date is the start of a pattern? What if, a couple of times a week, or even more, we end up getting together, and the three of us get naked, and then she and I spend a couple of hours pleasuring your cock in practically every possible way? And not just strictly taking turns, but working together as one? Coordinating our efforts to really drive you wild?"

He tried to hide it, because this was supposed to be a non-sexual conversation on neutral ground, but he got an erection in his shorts in a flash. He put his hands over his crotch to help cover it. He asked incredulously, "Is that a question you're seriously asking me?! My answer is 'Yes, yes, yes!' To all of that! That sounds awesome!"

She flashed a toothy smile. "I figured you'd say that. But my point is, if that happens, that's the kind of thing that could drive her and me much closer together. We'd have the camaraderie of being partners in larger things. Maybe an analogy would be if we became doubles partners in tennis or figure skating partners or something like that. It would pretty much guarantee that we become friends, very, very good friends!"

He asked, confused, "And this is a 'problem?' You started off saying you have a 'big problem.' And even now, your smile has slipped back into a frown. To me, that sounds like total awesomeness! Nothing would make me happier than if you two become great friends!"

Indeed, she was frowning again. She said, "Yes, that is a problem. Sure, I'd love that too. More than you know, because I've realized I'm ready to turn a new leaf after being stuck in a hellhole of sorts these past two years with the whole Andy situation. She's exactly the sort of person I'd want the 'new Maggie' to spend a lot more time with, even if we didn't have the prospect of more hot threesome dates where you could blast your cum all over our faces and chests over and over again."

She unhappily went on, "The problem is the fact that we're becoming fast friends presents grave danger. Because I'm not Maggie! 'Maggie' is a brand new persona that didn't exist until you came up with it a couple of weeks ago. You and I worked out our cover story, a backstory, and that's been key. But it's not a very deep one. The truth is, I'm NOT a 20-year old college student. I'm a 33 year old married mother! I had those two great, long phone calls with her, but I've had to avoid doing that again, because in those calls I realized the danger of her wanting to know more about me!"

She asked plaintively, "What if she opens a door, metaphorically speaking, and there's nothing behind it? Just an 'under construction' sign. Because that's all there is for big chunks of my so-called life! For instance, my so-called 'college career.' A total lie! If she probes me in depth about that, I'm going to come up blank! So I'm getting scared of her, scared of ruining this great scheme of yours that's letting you make your dreams come true. I have to do something, but what?! I've tried to figure out what to do about this, but I'm drawing a total blank! I'm ME! Ultimately, I am Margaret, not Maggie! The better she gets to know me, the harder it's going to be to maintain the lie!"

She took his hands in hers. (Due to the severity of the problem she was describing, his penis just went flaccid again.) "Son, you're a smart guy, smarter than me. You're in the Advanced Studies program, which means you're almost at the sub-genius level. I'm hoping against hope that maybe you can come up with something here to at least help that I've missed. And don't say 'just tell her the truth,' because you know that isn't even remotely possible!"

He was frowning too by this time. He muttered, "No, it isn't. Hmmm. You're right, this is a big problem. To be perfectly honest, I guess I'd always thought it was a longshot for things to ever work out even remotely this well, especially this well this fast. I hadn't figured out anything more than our rather thin backstory because I didn't really have confidence that she's actually want to be my girlfriend. But that IS happening, and the future looks bright. So we do need to figure something out. Can you give me a few minutes to think on this?"

"Please! Take all the time you want."

He spent the next ten minutes wandering the backyard, thinking deeply.

Maggie wanted to stay in her neutral ground mode, so she watered the plants to pass the time.

Eventually, he came up with something. He and Maggie got back together again, standing in the middle of the lawn. "Okay, I think I have a solution. In fact, there's really only one way to go, in my opinion."

"What's that?!" Maggie asked eagerly. "Please tell me!"

"You have to write a book."

She scowled at him, thinking he was joking, and that was a terrible time for a joke. "What?!"

"You heard me. Okay, maybe not a book. More like a novella or a long story. Hear me out, okay?"

She nodded, still doubtful and unhappy.

"You're right that there's a big empty space where there needs to be a much deeper history about you. So the simple solution is for you to create it! It's a lot easier for you to go from being 33 to 20 than the other way around. You can have your life exactly as it is up until your fifteenth year. All you have to be careful with that time are some of the cultural references. But you're very lucky there, because Hillary is about the most culturally clueless person there is. Her family has never owned a TV, and it's like she lives in another time and another dimension. Pretty much the Woodstock era. If you were to ask her who the popular music groups are these days, or the famous celebrities, or the smash Hollywood blockbusters are, she'd only have a few bits and pieces here and there. So that's a huge break for you right there."

Maggie nodded. She was still confused and doubtful about what he was saying, but she was starting to have some hope.

He went on, "So you've still got your parents and childhood friends and all that jazz. It's true that your parents are also my grandparents, but what are the odds she's ever going to ask me in depth about my grandparents? You can talk about all that stuff until you're 15 pretty safely. But tell me whenever you do, so we can make sure our stories always match."

He went on, "Now, the much, much more tricky bit is what do to about your years from 15 until now, your supposed twentieth year. There's where I want you to write your book of sorts. This is an opportunity for you to have some fun with creative writing, which I know is something that interests you. Those years ARE blank, so write the life story of Maggie! Since you don't have a more detailed backstory, make one up."

He said, "But, and this is key, the more you can stick to the truth, the better. For instance, the key diversion point is when you got pregnant with me when you were 15, and then you had your shotgun marriage with Andy. You can keep a lot of that in your alternate history. You could write about getting pregnant, but you had a miscarriage. But going through that brought you much closer with the guy who impregnated you. Andy. He said he was going to do the right thing and marry you, and that plus other things caused you to fall in love with him. Thus, you spent the rest of your teen years different from all the other kids your age, due to the fact that it was practically like you were married to him. You missed out on the whole usual dating thing because you went from no dating to getting extremely serious with him. The pregnancy scare made you grow up in a hurry."

He continued, "As you can see, that's not so far from what I know about your life in those years. The only real difference is that you didn't actually give birth to me. But your sister got married and had a kid very young too, and the timing matches up pretty well, since she's older. In your story, you could have it so that you had to have a really big hand in raising her baby, then transfer a lot of what you did raising me to that."

She asked, "I see what you mean. So you're saying I should literally write a book?"

"Or whatever you want to call it. You've got a laptop in your bedroom and you're a good writer. Just open up a new Word document and start typing! Don't worry about the length. It's not going to be published, obviously. It's just for you and me. So make it whatever you want, and the more detailed the better. Then, and this is key, once you're done, get to know it really, really well. Reread it over and over again. I'll do the same. If things keep going great with Hillary, and developing even deeper, we could even get some props, like some carefully selected photo albums. Of course, it's not like you're going to tell the whole thing to her. But when things naturally come up in conversations, you can draw on that."

"For example?" she asked.

"For example, let's say I'm still dating Hillary a few months from now, and some big school dance comes up. She wants to talk to you about it. It would be natural for you to explain whatever you and Andy did that year. Oh, and it goes without saying that you broke up with Andy not that long ago, a few months before you started going out with me. That fits perfect into the backstory we already have told Hillary, that you're coming off a serious relationship so you're afraid of getting too serious with me. All we're doing there is filling a blank there with your early years with him."

She asked, "But how did he and I break up?"

"I don't know! Sometimes you're going to have to be creative. No, actually, I do know. He cheated on you! Remember, stick to the truth as much as possible. So, in this case, if talk about cheating come up, you can share your very real anger about what Andy did to you. All you have to do is shift the ages and be careful with a few of the key details. But the general emotion will be the same, and that will come across as totally real to Hillary."

Maggie nodded. She was looking grim, thinking intently, but she was feeling increasingly hopeful. "I see. I like your suggestion, more and more. I've never written something like this, but I am working on my cookbook, and I've got my cooking blog. I think I can do it."

"I know you can do it! Ma, you'll hit it out of the park!" He gave her a big smile.

She smiled back, but went right back to a frown. "That all sounds good, but what about all my years from 20 to 33? What happens there? Do I just throw all of them away and pretend almost half of my life never happened?!"

"First off, that's not 'almost half,' but more like a third. But no, don't throw all that away. Here's where you can be really clever. Take the key things from those years that you want Hillary to know about you and stuff them into your earlier years. Weave a different story, but with all the pieces pretty much from your actual life. And no, you can't move all of it, but you can move a lot of it. And... this may sound kind of harsh, but some of those years were pretty boring and uneventful, weren't they? For instance, the difference between being 16 and 17 is huge. The time of our lives Hillary and I are in right now. We're going through all sorts of firsts and major changes. By contrast, how big is the difference between, say, the sixth and seventh year of your marriage? From what I know, you got in a groove, and a lot of the years were basically similar to each other. So maybe you'd have less stuff to transfer than you think."

Maggie said, thoughtfully, "I guess that's true. But a really major part of my life all these last years has been raising YOU! Maybe that's even the most important thing. But I can't really transfer that over at all. And there's so much about the married life, just being a mother in general. I can't talk about any of that!"

"No, probably not. But here's the thing: It's a lot easier to NOT talk about something than to make up something out of whole cloth and have it sound convincing. So, yes, there will be large parts about your past you can't fully share with Hillary. If your friendship continues to deepen, that will be a shame."

He decided to make a bold suggestion, but pass it off as a casual "what if" aside, to at least put the idea out there. "Who knows what the future will bring? We have no idea where this whole scheme we've started will go. I suppose it's possible in one future that you end up having to continue your co-girlfreind role with Hillary and me for years! Maybe that'll be the only way to keep my relationship with Hillary going. Who knows?!"

Maggie was shocked. Already, that was a great hope of hers, but it seemed too crazy and incredible to seriously consider. "But, but... that would mean I'd be having sex with you for years too! Probably really hot threesome sex! I'm still your mother! We can't let that happen!"

He tingled with excitement, but shrugged and pretended to be blasé. "Look. I'm not saying that's going to happen. I'm just bringing up a 'what if' scenario so we'll cover all our bases. My point is, if something like that were to happen, your friendship with Hillary will only grow and grow until you naturally become the very best of friends, due to all the sexual closeness. You'd practically be co-wives, if that were to happen. And so, eventually, one of two things would have to happen: either you just continue being Maggie forever and let those lost years stay lost, or we come to a decision that the bonds between the three of us are so strong that we tell her the full truth."

"MY GOD!" Maggie exclaimed. "That sounds so scary! Either way, I don't like it! In fact, I hate it!"

He nodded. "I know. We're in a fix, for sure. But that's just a wildly improbable 'what if' at this point. I've only been going out with her one week and a day! It's waaaay too premature to get all hung up on what ifs like that. The main thing is to develop a deeper backstory for the near future, while being mindful of future possibilities so we don't back ourselves into a corner that we can't get out of."

Maggie tried to calm herself and focus on the near-term situation. But her heart was racing fast and she was suddenly secretly very sexually aroused, thanks to his "passing" suggestion that the fake girlfriend scheme might even theoretically last for years. She wanted to ask him a lot more questions about what he thought on that, but she didn't dare. She didn't want to come across as too interested, and she also didn't want to get her hopes up.

The two of them continued to discuss the details of what they started to call Maggie's "novella," since they figured it probably would be longer than a short story but shorter than a full book. Maggie was so bullish on the idea that she wanted to get started right away. He promised to consult with her on it, both to make it as convincing as possible and also because he needed to be fully knowledgeable of the details of what she came up with too.

Maggie was hopeful that she could come up with at least a good first draft of the whole thing in a few days, since she had a lot of free time on her hands. She planned to continue to avoid having long phone calls or otherwise very serious conversations with Hillary until she finished, so she would be fully prepared for any eventuality. But she was very excited with what she was going to do. The hope of having substantive talks with Hillary without much fear, and taking their friendship to another level, thrilled her to no end.

Due to practical considerations, Maggie agreed that Nick could talk to her about her novella in her bedroom, so long as he didn't touch her or discuss anything sexual. She wanted to maintain her "firewall," but it wouldn't be practical for her to take her laptop to the back garden and have him read and talk there every time she had something she wanted him to see.

Nick also suggested that they needed to do some more work on her supposed college career. Maggie had only spent a couple of years in a community college when she was of college age, due to her already being married and with a growing boy at the time. Even then, she'd only done it part time, and the community college experience didn't come close to matching the typical full college experience of living in dorms, and going to frat and sorority parties, and football games and so forth. Nick decided she and he should take one or more "field trips" to the local college she was supposed to be attending to help her get more familiar with it. They could take photos of her there too.

But also, they would try to tailor the story of her college experience to be more like her real community college experience. It helped that Hillary already believed that Maggie still lived in the bungalow behind the house Nick lived in rather than living in a college dorm.

Maggie felt much, much better after that talk. She even finished their conversation with a big smile and the comment, "Son, see how smart you are? I'm so proud of you for being clever and coming up with such a great idea! It's too bad we're on neutral ground, because if I was in full Maggie mode right now, I would want to reward you soooooo good! You might even talk me into rewarding you with my tongue and lips, if you know what I mean! And I'm not talking about more kissing!"

He moaned, "MaaaaaAAAAAaaaa! You're killing me here!" He looked around their backyard. "Damn! Neutral territory sucks!"

She chuckled gleefully. "Don't worry. Lucky you, tomorrow happens to be another Maggie day. I have a feeling it's going to be a VERY good day for you!"

With that, she walked away back to the house, leaving him behind. She was headed to her bedroom to get started on her novella straight away, while she was full of inspiration.

He watched her go. Even through the heavy clothes she was wearing, he could appreciate the shape of her ass undulating up and down with every step. He knew very well already how it looked and felt bare naked, so his imagination ran wild. On top of that, he swore she was putting some extra oomph into the swaying of her walk.

He thought, Man! What a mom! God! And what a life we're living! Shit just got real, or at least a whole lot realer. This is really happening! All signs are go with Hillary to the point that we really do have to deepen the backstory in a big way! That's so frickkin' cool that I can't even believe it!

And what's even better is that Ma didn't dismiss the whole fake girlfriend for years suggestion I floated out there. What if that actually happens?! My God! I get so fucking excited that I can't even stand it! I can't even breathe! Is it even theoretically possible for one guy to have TWO women in this day and age?! How would that work, on a practical level?! Given how incredibly sexy they are, I would NEVER be at ease, because guys like Spencer would always be on the prowl, trying to steal them away from me.

But, man! What a life that would be! It would totally be worth all the extra trouble of making such a crazy arrangement work. Not that it would happen. I mean, Hillary is so flighty in her relationships I'd be lucky if I could last a whole year with her. But if we could last "for years," why would we ever stop?! If things could get that deep and serious, I swear, I would be the best boyfriend and lover to them both, so they would never want to let me go! We could last a whole lifetime! The three of us, entwined in lust and love, forever!

He started striding back to the house. Okay, that's it! Screw my no masturbation idea for a little while. I'm got some seriously intense fantasizing to do!

He went straight back to his room and had a long masturbation session while daydreaming about "wedded bliss" in a possible future where Maggie and Hillary were his de facto co-wives for years. It was glorious. As per his usual tendency to "cum in twos," he stayed erect after his first orgasm and kept right on going until he came a second time.

But after that he had to come back to reality. He resumed working on his homework until dinner.

Meanwhile, Maggie dove into her novella project with great enthusiasm. She started by making extensive notes and an outline in a computer file. She tried to look at key events and factors in her life much like pieces on a chessboard. She had to figure out how to carefully arrange all the pieces and how they related to each other because she could start writing her first draft.

After dinner, Nick was the one who called Hillary, and they had another long phone call. She started out by giving him the gist of her time at Spencer's house. As expected, it was all about music and music sharing. She'd left with hundreds of records that he let her borrow indefinitely. According to Hillary, Spencer was a "perfect gentleman" and didn't try to overtly ogle or flirt.

Nick was glad to hear all that, but it also made him realize that Spencer was playing a long game. If Spencer was willing to put in all that time and effort without the promise of sex in the near future, that was a sign he was looking for a serious, long-term intimate relationship with Hillary. In Nick's mind, that actually made Spencer even more of a threat, because Hillary wasn't a one-night stand kind of person, and that more directly collided with Nick's similar long-term intentions towards her.

The phone call quickly morphed from talk of Spencer to his record collection, and then talk of the kinds of bands and music they loved in general. Both of them not only were big music lovers, but were the kinds of people who had vast amounts of trivial knowledge of the musicians and music they loved most, so they could talk for hours about that sort of thing, and they did. The call lasted for two hours, before both of them admitted they had homework due the next day that needed to get done.

After what Hillary told him earlier in the day, that she liked when the talked without sex in the air, and wanted more of that with him, he actually was glad their phone call never turned into another phone sex session. As much as he loved doing anything sexual with her, he also was very keen to prove to her that his interest in her went far beyond the physical. Even though they only talked about music, he figured that every long conversation helped deepen their relationship it its most critical early days.

He had mostly managed to hold out from masturbating all day, due to his new pledge not to masturbate at all, if he could help it. The one exception was cumming twice after talking to Maggie in "neutral territory," since thoughts of him being intimate with both her and Hillary seemed so very exciting and at least vaguely, wildly, remotely possible for the first time.

He resolved to stay strong though. He resisted the temptation to masturbate again after the phone call with Hillary ended. Instead, he worked on his homework all the way until his bedtime.

But once he was lying in bed, naked and in the dark, he finally gave in to his considerable sexual urges, and ended up cumming twice, as was his usual habit. That meant he'd cum a total of four times over the course of the day. Compared to how often he usually masturbated, that still was below average for him. He wished he could have done better, but he figured that still would leave lots of his cum saved up for when Maggie took him to school on Thursday morning.

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