Chapter 23: More Garage Fun (Thursday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Getting up and eating breakfast on Thursday morning was uneventful for Nick and Maggie, at least on an outward, surface level. Both of them had erotic dreams last night, but that was becoming par for the course. Outwardly, they managed to appear calm and normal for Andy, but inwardly they were thinking about their sexual dreams while trying not to get worked up. That was becoming par for the course too.

Interestingly, their dreams that night had been nearly identical in general, differing only in the details. Not only did they dream of partaking in every kind of sex act with each other, but Hillary had a key sexual presence in most or all of the dreams too.

The seeming normality was even more of a sham than usual though, because both of them were keenly aware of the fact that it was another day for Maggie to take Nick to school and pick him up later too. Given what had happened on Tuesday, their thoughts were running wild, even as they had to keep their cool with Andy there at breakfast and Maggie still in "Margaret mode."

Everything appeared to be as normal as can be when Nick and Maggie went to the garage after breakfast. They both casually took their usual seats in her red Prius without saying a word. But there was tension and excitement in the air.

Nick wondered about Maggie's outfit, because she was still wearing her usual generic "motherly" clothes, complete with heavy bra. He was well aware that they'd gone to the garage a half an hour early, just like on Tuesday, so they'd have time to either talk or fool around. But which would it be this time?! He was so on edge waiting to find out that he almost forgot to breathe.

That question was quickly answered when Maggie leaned over and gave Nick a brief yet sizzling kiss on his lips. She pulled back and immediately started to take her blouse off. There was a fiery and eager look in her eyes.

Had he been more observant, he would have noticed she was wearing five-inch, red high heels, a pair that she'd just bought two days earlier, and realized what that might signify, since she would normally never wear heels that high or flashy unless there was a special occasion.

She explained very apologetically, "I'm sorry that I'm dressed like this! Let me change into something better, and then we can talk. It's risky for me to come and go in my sexy outfits. You can't imagine how scared I was when I returned home the night before last, covered in your cum! You know how I rushed straight to take a shower, but what if Andy saw me?"

"Well, you'd rubbed it in, so it couldn't be seen in any case," Nick pointed out, while he helped her pull her blouse over her head.

She started to smile, as she reveled in that arousing and exciting anger. "Didn't it give my skin a shiny sheen?"

"True, but who's gonna pay attention to that, or know what caused it?"

She thought, ME! And I totally love it! I guess that makes me a sex freak, but I love my son's cum all over my skin!

She managed to keep those thoughts to herself, and merely said, "Okay, what if he'd smelled me then?" She didn't consciously admit it, but she liked hyping the danger, even if just to herself - it made everything that much more exciting and arousing.

By this time, she was down to just her bra and panties. Her lust was taking off like a rocket. She craved to get naked for her son.

As she undid her bra, Nick noted, "The odds of him seeing you come or go to the car is extremely small. Less than a thousand to one, with the way he hobbles around with his cane. He never even goes around the house much. I don't think he's ever TRIED to walk up the stairs. And even if he saw you, then you'd just be wearing sexy clothes. That's not a crime."

She pointed out, "But if we do it a thousand times, the odds will be a lot closer to one to one."

He exclaimed, "Oh my God! That thought gets me so horny!"

He reached out and grasped her breasts with both hands. His timing was excellent too, because she'd just taken her bra off, but the clothes she was planning on changing into were still in her purse. (She was using an extra large purse.)

He added, "Can you imagine, doing this a thousand times, or more? Oh, Ma!"

She wanted to point out that her comment was rhetorical, but she didn't get a chance because Nick started kissing her with a feverish passion. Besides, she really liked that idea too.

Her ostensible plan had been to quickly change clothes in the car. She was trying to at least pretend to herself that she had some sexual restraint, and they mostly would just talk while she was in Maggie mode. But she'd been playing with fire by changing clothes while Nick was sitting right next to her. She pretty much knew what was going to happen as a result of this "poor planning," and that was the real reason why she'd gone with Nick to the garage so much earlier than necessary.

Once he started twisting and turning her nipples, the predictable happened: her willpower vanished into thin air.

She complained, "We really shouldn't do this even once, much less a thousand times." But even as she said that, she was unzipping the fly on his shorts. She licked her lips hungrily as she saw his fat cock rise out of his shorts and into her hand.

He could tell how she really felt, so he didn't even bother to argue with her. He smiled knowingly when she started to jack him off a few seconds later.

She thought, It's a good thing we happened to get here early. I can't let him go to school with a great big, stiff, throbbing boner like that. Technically, this garage is Maggie territory. I should help him out!

She'd planned to keep her panties on, at least. She meekly asked him between kisses, "Can I keep my panties on? Pleeeaaase?"

He simply replied, "No."

In fact, he would have said more, and explained that she'd promised to keep them off (although it was debatable if that promise was still in effect). He didn't have time because he went right back to feverishly kissing her.

Deep down, she was hoping he'd say something like that. She particularly liked his one word answer, because it was a sign of his growing confidence with her. Being "forced" to wiggle out of her panties made her so hot and bothered that she could barely stand it.

She made a point of keeping her red high heels on. She'd gotten on a kick of wearing high heels with Nick, and nothing else. It made her feel "more naked than naked." In practical terms, with both of them cooped up in her Prius, what footwear she wore, if any, didn't matter much. Nick couldn't even see her feet most of the time, if at all. But she knew she was wearing sexy and unusually high heels, and it made her feel that much sexier overall.

A couple of minutes later, her panties were on the floor of the car with the rest of her clothes, her seat was tilted all the way back, and her son was sitting on her and vigorously fucking her tits while she suckled on the very end of his boner. True, it was a repetition of what they'd done twice two days before, but it was the most arousing thing she'd allowed so far, and they both loved it.

This was especially true since she considered titfucking a kind of a loophole where she could lick and suck as much of his dick as she could reach without it really counting as oral sex. In fact, after a couple of minutes of powerful thrusting through her cleavage, he stopped moving his boner altogether.

Instead, he held her tits together and moved them up and down over his shaft. Since his cockhead stayed perfectly still while he was doing that, it was an open invitation for her to lick him.

Maggie tried to pretend to herself that she hadn't been expecting this to happen. But the truth could have been seen by the fact that she'd gone to the garage earlier and left a pillow near her seat. As a result, she didn't have to use her clothes as a make-shirt pillow this time. And the pillow was a big and firm one, which allowed her to comfortably crane her neck down, enabling her to potentially take more of his cock into her mouth while titfucking than ever before.

With Nick managing her tits, she was left with nothing to do except focus on using her mouth, so she put all her energy into her oral work, so that's exactly what she did.

She started out just licking the tip of his cockhead. But she didn't stay like that for long. She began stretching her lips out, effectively sucking on the tip. She started sliding her lips back and forth on it while using her tongue to lick at his pisshole. It wasn't long before she had nearly all of his cockhead in her mouth. Only his especially wide crown at the thick end of his cockhead stopped her for going further.

She thought, I'm doing it! This is practically full-on cocksucking! Except even better, because my tits are pleasuring his cock too! And it feels soooooo gooood! If I can just get my lips past the widest part, then it really will be cocksucking! But that's really tough. He's so damn thick! UNNNGH! God, it's a fucking struggle just to keep this going! If only my head were an inch closer! UNNNH! So close! Just one more inch is all I need, and I'll be in sweet spot heaven!

She put so much of her energy and attention into her licking that, before long, Nick almost entirely forgot about the titfucking part of what was ostensibly a titfuck. He practically stopped sliding her tits altogether, although he did continued to hold and sometimes squeeze them. He could see what she was trying to do, and he silently rooted for her to succeed.

What she was doing was a double physical challenge. Just craning her head to reach most of his cockhead was tough. Then keeping her lips wrapped around the unusual size of his cock was another challenge. She wasn't used to doing either of those things. But she was extremely determined.

To make matters more difficult, she couldn't sustain her head position for long. She could last about a minute, then would have to pull her head back to rest, causing her mouth to lose contact with his hard-on altogether. But then, usually after taking a few heavy breaths and psyching herself up some more, she would lunge forward again and repeat the difficult process of stretching her lips painfully wide, and then bobbing as best she could.

Thankfully, as the minutes passed, she got better and bolder. Her body was slowly relaxing and adjusting, and every fraction of an inch helped. But it was such an intense struggle that a few tears leaked from her eyes.

From Nick's point of view, it was all great. Her lips and tongue were constantly doing highly stimulating things to his cockhead, except for when she had to briefly pull off. Even the breaks were good for him, because those helped him from getting too overheated.

After each break, it seemed she made it just a little further. Finally, after nearly ten minutes, she was able to get her lips past his wide crown! She had his entire cockhead in her mouth! It was quite an accomplishment, and she was very proud of herself.

She was so inspired that she forced herself to maintain the pose despite the difficulty, and keep breathing through her nose. She took a brief pause while she adjusted to her new position. YESSSSS! I did it! This is so important! For one thing, this IS cocksucking! I'm sucking my son's cock for the very first time! What I did last Tuesday doesn't really count in my mind, because it was so short. I'm going to make this last!

I can't even explain how much this means to me! When I think of my son, I think of pleasuring his cock! Especially sucking it! And now I am! I don't want to be some normal wife or girlfriend. Fuck that! What that Tuesday taught me, and what our threesome Friday date taught me, is that there's a whole different kind of sex. I can't even explain what it is, except that it's totally different from what I had with Andy, and it's a thousand times better! "Extreme sex," maybe. I want extreme sex! No holds barred! The kind of relationship where I shamelessly suck him off at every opportunity, while I'm buck naked and Hillary sucks him too!

But that's only HALF of what I've just accomplished! Not only am I'm sucking him, but I'm doing it from a titfucking pose! This is so much easier and better than how it felt when I was practicing on that fat dildo yesterday. If I can just make it a liiiiiiiiittle bit further, I'll be able to reach his sweet spot! Then I'll be able to give him all the pleasure of a blowjob and a titfuck at the same time! I'll be the best damn big-titted slut I can be!

What those exciting thoughts on her mind, she put in a little extra effort and managed to slide her lips back and forth just past the crown while dancing her tongue around whatever cock-meat she could reach. YEEEESSSSS! Dear God, YES! I'm doing it!

Nick knew it was a blowjob in all but name, and this excited him beyond all reason. Holy FUCK! Ma is sucking my cock for real! Not just an inch or two, but she's really gobbling on it right where it counts the most! This is so fucking great that I could die right now as the happiest kid in history! Oh, and it feels SOOOO GOOD! His eyes rolled back into his head, and he felt goose bumps and shivers of pleasure all over.

He still had his hands holding her tits, but he was so overcome with her oral action that he practically forgot about that part.

Normally, Nick would have cum as a result of such a tremendously arousing moment. But he didn't know how she felt, and he was still under the impression that cocksucking was on her list of banned activities, like pussy touching. He felt it was important for him to maintain the fiction that this was just more "ordinary" titfucking, so she wouldn't have second thoughts about doing this. He strenuously clenched his PC muscle, and that prevented a very ill-timed cum blast.

What Maggie was doing to him was such a taxing physical challenge though that she had to pull her mouth all the way off him after less than a minute going that far. She tilted her head back against her pillow and took some deep breaths. She was freely crying now from both joy and the effort.

She didn't say anything, but her eyes were shining and her face was glowing. She thought, as if speaking to him, "Son, what do you think of THEM apples?! I'll bet you never knew your square old mother could do THAT! Well, she can now, and she will! And this is just the start! I've been worried about your thickness, that I'll have so much trouble with it that I won't be able to give you a sexy sucking, like Hillary can. But if I can manage this, regular cocksucking will be a breeze! From now on, if I'm in Maggie mode, if you're looking for me, just check between your thighs!" YES!

Since Nick couldn't read her mind, he assumed she was much more reluctant and conflicted than she was letting on. He saw her jubilant smile, but at the same time, he saw a copious amount of tears rolling down her cheeks. He misinterpreted the reason for that, and thought she was essentially maxed out on happiness and sadness at the same time.

As a result, he figured that the safest route was to not say or do anything that was an especially noticeable reaction. That way, he could be a blank slate, allowing her to project whatever meaning she wanted to his behavior.

At least, that was the plan. His physical reaction couldn't be so easily controlled though. At first, all he could do was pant hard with his eyes shut most of the time, since he was so dangerously close to cumming. But at his orgasmic urge slowly passed, he was able to relax more and breathe easier. He couldn't resist breaking into a huge smile that showed how overjoyed he was.

Maggie saw that smile, and just about melted with her own rapturous emotions. Would you look at that! Sport loves it! I think he's too winded and flabbergasted to even talk still, but his radiant smile says it all! UGH! That was such a struggle, but it was all worth it just to see him smile like that. His cock must be throbbing with extreme pleasure, caused by ME!

God, that's such a rush! I never felt this excited about arousing Andy. I thought we had a good marriage and a good sex life, and I guess we did by normal standards, but what my son and I have is something altogether different that makes my old sex life seem like NOTHING! "Extreme sex" is a good expression for it. It's not that we're fucking while hanging from the rafters, it's not that kind of extreme. But it's the extreme emotion! The extreme pleasure! The extreme LOVE! When I suck my son's cock, I feel such LOVE pouring between us! I want more of that!

However, despite her euphoria, she'd struggled for the better part of ten minutes to reach her goal, and once she did, her body needed a longer rest before she could go on.

As a result, seeing that she wasn't going to keep up her pattern of engulfing his cockhead after just a very short break, once he "survived" the initial tsunami of incredible arousal, he remembered the titfucking portion of their ostensible titfuck. His hands had never let go of her fulsome E-cups, and he managed to resume moving her tits back and forth again.

It was a half-hearted effort, at best, because he was still mentally flying and reeling from thinking about her cocksucking effort. But as long as his boner was trapped in between her big tits and there was some movement there, then this technically could be called a titfuck with some added oral action.

Maggie still felt daunted to try to slide her lips all the way back to his sweet spot. It was somewhat akin to running all the way up and down a mountain and then not wanting to immediately run right up it again. But she wanted to get more involved, to keep the non-stop sexual thrills at a high level.

She realized her hands were free, and she thought about taking over holding her tits for him, and titfucking him with more pressure and energy. But she was so proud of what she'd just accomplished with her mouth that she felt she deserved a reward. She reached down and around Nick's torso until found her pussy lips and clit underneath him. She idly played with herself.

Her first orgasm was relatively small, at least by her recent standards with Nick. But that was just for starters. She realized she could keep playing with herself while using her mouth on his cock, and the two activities would combine for even greater pleasures.

Still without speaking, she suddenly craned her head down and took nearly all of his cockhead in it at once. She was glad to find that it wasn't any harder after taking a break for a few minutes. Then, straining with all her might, she slid her lips past his crown and to his sweet spot. She was even more pleased to find that it wasn't nearly as difficult the second time.

She resumed sliding her lips back and forth on his hot flesh. There was no expert technique or variation, and virtually no tongue work at this point at all, just tight and relentless sliding lips. But that was all she needed to keep Nick flying to the sun, experiencing some of the greatest pleasure in his entire life.

Once again, he stopped the titfucking motion and just clutched at her soft tit-pillows.

He was in absolute awe. Okay try to forget that two of my biggest fantasies for years now has been Ma sucking or titfucking me, and now both of those things are happening AT THE SAME TIME! Fuuuuuck, man! What a RUSH! But, even forgetting all that, there's the fact that she's doing it with SUCH PASSION! I had no idea she could even physically manage, but it's because she's striving so hard!

He looked to her extraordinarily beautiful face, with her eyes shut in intense concentration, tears streaming down her cheeks, and her lips stretched seemingly impossibly wide around his unusual thickness. I can see now that her tears are from the sheer struggle of it all! WHOA! What did I ever do to deserve this royal treatment?! I'm so not worthy!

She kept right on playing with her clit and slit, and soon the flood gates were opened, so to speak. She had a second small orgasm, and then a third. The more she sucked, the more aroused she got, making it easier for her to cum. And the more she came, the more impassioned she got about her cocksucking. She kept cumming, again and again. Eventually, it seemed like one endless, rapturous orgasm!

Actually, it was more like a series of orgasmic waves, because she still needed to pull her lips all the way off him about every minute or two to briefly rest and recover. But she was finding it easier to take his entire cockhead in her mouth each time, and as soon as she would, the orgasmic wave would resume. But there were no huge mind-blowing peaks, so she was able to continue sucking his cock without getting too distracted.

She got so into it that not only did she forget all about her original weak intention to talk to him, but she forgot where she was. She also forgot all about the time. Nick was just as out of it. The only way he was going to avoid being late was if he climaxed and they regained their wits.

After a while, she pulled her lips off his cock to take a longer rest. His erection was so very thick that it was an ordeal just to keep her jaw opened wide for a long time. She hoped it would be easier sucking him in a better pose, especially kneeling between his thighs. She couldn't wait to give that a try.

As she rested, she stretched her face this way and that, trying to relax her muscles so she'd be able to suck him some more. Yes, her jaw and facial muscles hurt, but she was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't nearly as bad as when she'd been practicing with the plastic dildo yesterday. Somehow, the enthusiasm of doing it on the "real thing" made a big difference, even though the thickness of his cock wasn't that different compared to the dildo.

She also stopped masturbating, because her pussy needed a rest as well. She had never felt such prolonged pleasure from her pussy in her life. Even fucking didn't compare. The sheer amount of pure physical joy she was experiencing from her cocksucking almost guaranteed to make her want to do it to again and again, though she pretty much was feeling that way already.

Her break was well-timed for Nick too. He'd been actually suffering for the past couple of minutes because he was fighting so hard not to cum. This was the greatest sexual experience of his life so far, even better than anything that had happened during that first Tuesday or the Friday movie date, so he was desperate to make it last. With the way Maggie kept running hot and cold between her Maggie and Margaret modes, he had no idea when she might do this to him again.

True, his pleasure was incredible all the while, but there was agony and frustration too. But now he was able to come back from the brink and take a much-needed breather. He took a great big sigh of relief. Aaaaaah! I did it! I made it! All the way to her longer break. That could give me a whole second wind! So fucking good!

However, he decided he needed an even more prolonged break of a couple more minutes if he truly was going to get a second wind effect, and there was no telling when she might start up again. He climbed off her fantastic nude, tanned hardbody and sat back in his seat, because he couldn't really stop himself from fondling her if she was within easy reach, and then he wouldn't get much of a break at all.

He had to shut his eyes and try to block out the rest of the world for a while. Fuck me, man! I can't believe Ma has the hourglass bombshell body that she does, and the magazine cover face that she does, AND she loves me like she does, AND she can suck cock like that! AND she's totally keen on sharing me with Hillary! Those are FIVE truly extraordinary things. and who knows how many other surprises she has in store, or great things I haven't even considered yet?

She's such my dream girl, that it's not even funny. But I have TWO dream girls, and Hillary is just as great! I'm even MORE unworthy of all that. But I'm not going to give her up for anything!

With Nick's body off of hers, she decided that another more prolonged rest would be good for her too. The smile on her face was a mile wide. She stretched her body a little bit. Aaaaaah! The slut life is a life of constant bliss, broken sometimes by total rapturous ecstasy like that! I feel so free and alive!

But as she continued to stretch out more, her hands hit the ceiling of her car. That gave her pause, because it caused her to remember that all of this was taking place in her Prius. She opened her eyes and looked around. She nearly had a hard attack, because she'd been off in her own world, a totally sexual planet in some distant galaxy, but she was rudely transformed back to Earth in a flash. She remembered not only that they were in the garage, but it was a Thursday morning and her son had to go to school soon.

That was a crushing comedown. She remained extremely aroused because she'd been on such a sky high peak that she was bound to stay very horny if only due to physical and emotional inertia. But she felt a surge of worry and fear too.

She looked over to Nick, who was lying there with his eyes closed and his enormous cock sticking straight out but sagging down due to its weight. She tapped his nearest arm. "Sport, I worry we got a little carried away. We were supposed to just talk, remember? We can't do this in the garage! What if Andy comes in and sees us like this?!"

Nick had to open his eyes, raise his head, and look into her shining brown eyes. He was disappointed that she had switched into a worried mood, but he felt their sexual momentum was so strong that they'd be able to keep going it he could mollify her concerns. "Relax! It's fine. You know he'd have to go down those steps to the laundry room to get to the door of the garage. So how could he see us, much less come all the way in?"

Those facts couldn't be denied. So instead, she complained, "Yeah, but he could hear us." She stared at his erection, and licked her lips. At the same time, knowing that he was looking at her face, and sensing the streaks of tears down her cheeks, she used a hand to wipe all of her tears away.

He was practically swooning, admiring her richly tanned nudity. "Not really. For one thing, we haven't made much noise at all. For another, the garage is only connected to the house by the laundry room, so it's really hard to hear what's happening here."

"But still. We have to be careful..." Despite her words, she kept gawking at his cock just lying there, newly resting against one of his thighs as he shifted positions slightly, and she couldn't resist: she sat up on an elbow, reached out for it, and lovingly ran a finger up and down it.

She thought, What's wrong with me?! I'm actually getting off on the fact that my husband could catch me! It's arousing me a hell of a lot! It's like... my real loyalty is to Nick! He's the one I want to please and love, and Andy be damned! But Andy's my husband. No matter how he's treated me in the past, we are still technically married. I just can't disrespect him like that!! At the bare minimum, we should find somewhere else to do this. But where?!

Listen to me. I'm arguing with myself about respecting Andy while I play with my son's donkey cock. I just can't keep my hands off it, even when I'm trying to take a rest!

Trying to get her mind off that, she said, "We need to get you to school."

"Are you kidding me? We've got plenty of time." He glanced at the dashboard clock just to be sure. They'd actually come to the garage even earlier than last time, so they were still doing fine.

She continued to be in a strangely complaining mood, even as her gentle exploration of his soaked boner was turning into more of an overt handjob. "Even so, we shouldn't make a habit of this. What if we come out early each time, and I always end up naked and sucking your cock, or titfucking it, or just stroking it? Don't you think Andy will get suspicious?"

Nick felt a chill race down his spine as he pondered what a great life that would be. But he knew he had to be sure to convince her, so he carefully replied, "Come on! He's oblivious. Do you think he even knows what time I need to be at school? I don't. All he cares is what time we eat breakfast, and that hasn't changed. He goes to his den and pays no mind after that. He's never gotten over the accident, and losing you, and losing his sexual function to boot. He's hardly even a father to me anymore. He just doesn't give a fuck."

"Don't speak of your father that way." Even as she said that, she suddenly sat up, leaned forward, and started blatantly licking her way all around Nick's cock!

Nick had to close his eyes and clench his teeth, because the resulting surge of pleasure was so great! His hands grabbed the sides of her head since he didn't know what else to do with them.

There was something about the timing of doing that mere seconds after she spoke of not disrespecting Andy that drove her absolutely bonkers with lust. When she'd been thinking about "extreme sex" earlier, this was the sort of thing on her mind: rushing towards naughty behavior instead of away from it. The sexual highs she got from being bad were off the charts. Yet she knew she could only ever experience those highs with Nick, due to the love and safety she felt being with him at the same time.

She spoke as she lapped on his sweet spot, while stroking towards the base of his shaft. "We need to respect Andy. No matter what he's done, he's still your father."

Maggie was repeating herself a bit, but the similar words had the same effect. She felt deliciously wicked talking about the need to respect Andy even as she was licking and stroking her son's fat cock! She had a lingering desire to get revenge on Andy for his cheating, but she didn't have the heart to do something mean to him to his face. This, though, was just the right combination of emotions to make her feel strangely satisfied.

It also made her feel extremely horny in a purely physical sense. Suddenly, just licking Nick's cock wasn't enough. She longed to cram his cock in her mouth and bob down it for all she was worth. However, it was uncomfortable to do that while leaning over from her seat into his seat. She felt much better if he was lying on top of her. She didn't consciously realize it, but that position triggered her submissive buttons. The symbolism of being underneath him was obvious.

She pulled back to her seat and laid back down on it. She languorously stretched out, raising her arms out behind her while being careful not to bump them against anything this time. She felt fantastic! And she got an extra thrill knowing that her posing would get her son that much more insanely aroused.

She was ready for a lot more cocksucking and/or titfucking, and orgasms. She also was eager to practice the combo. She felt she was getting close to mastering that very difficult technique, and that gave her a great sense of satisfaction.

She patted her firm and richly tanned tummy. "What are you waiting for, Son? Your mother's tits need you... right here!" She ran a finger up between her breasts, making clear exactly what she expected him to do.

Nick didn't need to be told twice. He quickly settled back on Maggie.

She took charge of her tits this time, pushing them together from their outer sides.

He nearly passed out just from watching and feeling her envelop his shaft with her great globes. Then he felt a big thrill run down his spine when she immediately took his cockhead in her mouth and fit as much inside it as she could.

It was a truly jaw-dropping sight, because she crammed him in all the way past his wide crown on the first go! It was still took a tremendous physical effort to do that, but it was easing up enough so she hoped she wouldn't have to cry from the struggle anymore. She didn't want to be teary every time she sucked him in this position.

Maggie was determined to give him a cocksucking that he would not soon forget. But not only that! She had a new test, to see if she could suck him and titfuck him at the same time, using her hands and not his. She slid her lips back and forth relentlessly over his sweet spot, using great suction, and talented tongue work as well. All the while, she kept her full globes pressed together and lightly sliding up and down his thick shaft.

She soon discovered that doing both things at once wasn't as hard as she thought. Again, her sucking style was about as basic as it could get, just her lips sliding back and forth over his sweet spot with little to no tongue use and very little variation. Simply managing to reach her lips that far from her pose was impressive enough. At the same time, her titfucking motion was very basic.

She looked forward to practicing and getting better to add tricky tongue work, and more. But she figured that was far from necessary or even wanted now, because just this much was likely to get his balls boiling with need and cause him to cum very soon. Before, he could barely cope with what her lips were doing alone, and now she had the titfucking going too!

She was very proud of herself. She'd forgotten the discomfort of the position, and she was blissed out enjoying the cocksucking to its fullest (with the titfucking more of a secondary feeling). Good God, I love this cock! I love how fat and thick and nearly impossible it is to fit in one's mouth. But much more than that, I love that it's attached to Nick! My son! Not that many days ago, I thought being intimate was a terrible, immoral thing, but I find myself loving him more and more, and how can that be bad?

God, I love it! I love licking every inch! I'm sucking him so tightly that he can't stop moaning! AND my titfucking makes this a double barreled shotgun that's gonna blow him away! He's loving this! His cock is so hot it's practically burning my lips! He's gonna erupt like a volcano before long! He's gonna blow! He's gonna blow all over my face! Yes! Sperm your mother, Sport! Sperm her good!

She half-expected him to start cumming right then, because of the combined effect from the sucking and titfucking. She didn't see how anyone could last long. It seemed that every last square inch of the surface of his cock was getting highly stimulated all at once, which was pretty much true.

But although he was moaning and panting louder than before, he still didn't cum. He'd rested just long enough to get his second wind.

This actually delighted her. Oh, so you're going to make me work for it, huh? Very well. The gauntlet has been thrown down! Your slutty mother is going to be the best motherfucking cocksucker you'll ever experience in your life! Not just once or twice, but from now on! I'll bet I'll even outdo Hillary, because nobody loves you more than me! See if you can handle THIS!

Somehow, she managed to step up her efforts even more! She didn't try anything more technically complicated, but just bobbed faster, and with greater power and suction. She rubbed his shaft with her tits faster and with more pressure too.

Nick had developed some good sexual stamina through all of his masturbating, but he wasn't ready to handle THIS much stimulation, all at once! He strained and struggled and clenched his PC muscle like his life depended on it.

But all his efforts weren't enough, and he knew it. His goose was cooked. No man alive could resist a multi-pronged sex attack like that! It wasn't long before he shouted, "I'm almost there!"

She immediately pulled her lips all the way off his boner. She squealed excitedly, "Okay! You know the drill! I want you to cum all over my fuckin' face, you sexy motherfucker!"

He really liked that filthy language, especially being called a "sexy motherfucker." It seemed that every time he was with her, she was surprising him with just what an uninhibited, sexual being she could be.

She was pleasantly surprising herself too. Had she just been "Margaret" the whole time, she never could have emotionally let go of her hang-ups enough to be like this. But "Maggie" practically knew no limits.

He rewarded her with a big load sprayed all over her fine facial features. He was starting to get good at this, and the fact that he was masturbating less meant larger cum loads than before. He even managed to scoot back before his climax was over, and then shot the last couple of ropes on her huge tits as well.

With his eyes closed, she gleefully sensed all the cum on her tits and especially her face. Oh, fuck yeah! That was worth it! That was a lot of difficult effort, but it was soooooo worth it! Hell yeah! I didn't even cum there at the end since my hands were busy, but it didn't matter because I fucking loved it so much! It was all one massive orgasm for me anyway!

That "one massive orgasm" thought wasn't just hyperbole either. She could have easily touched her clit now and had a big climax, but she decided not to. It was essentially a moot point, in her mind. She was riding so high that it felt just about as good as cumming anyway, and she wanted to ride the buzz for as long as it lasted, instead of peaking and then collapsing.

Lovingly running her fingers through the cum on her cheeks, she commented with wonder, "Wow! So much! Nick, you came so hard, so intensely! There's just SO MUCH CUM!" She licked her fingers clean, and went back to scoop up more.

He said proudly, "I only came four times yesterday. I've been trying to save my cum for you."

She couldn't resist laughing out loud, that he considered only cumming four times restraining himself. She was sure it had been years and years since Andy had cum four times in one day, and he had a wife that looked like her.

Still, she wanted to be supportive of her son, so she didn't tease him. "Well, thank you! That was very thoughtful of you. It really makes a difference." She wasn't sure if it did, since it seemed he shot out bucket loads of cum every time, but again, she wanted to be supportive.

She scooped more of his spermy seed into her mouth. "And it's tasty! It's kind of an acquired taste. At first, I didn't like it that much. But now I can't get enough."

"Ma, you should drink it straight from the source."

She gave him a sharp look. "Don't say that. Mothers shouldn't suck their son's cocks. It's not right." Then she burst into giggles, revealing that she was just teasing him.

He breathed a sigh of relief. He was still trying to figure out her overall attitude about cocksucking, not to mention their sexual trysts in general. He knew she was euphoric now, but he had no idea how she'd be feeling in a couple of hours, when she was back in Margaret mode.

His penis had gone completely flaccid, which was highly unusual for him due to his habit of tending to cum in twos. He considered that a compliment to her cocksucking skills. Considering it really was her first time, she had shown such determination and passion that it practically made him want to cry for joy. If that was a sign of how their future sex sessions were likely to go, he had even more reason to cry for joy.

He figured his penis was down for the count now, but there still was time, and if he helped to keep the sexual fun going, he was bound to get stiff again soon. He hoped to cum twice before school, since cumming twice was his usual habit.

He got busy running his hands all over her. In fact, he turned himself all the way around on her and started kissing his way down her upper legs. She liked that, especially since he'd never kissed her there before. She spread her legs as wide as she could in the limited space she had, but she also said, "Be careful. Don't kiss or touch my you-know-what."

He was good, and spent the next couple of minutes kissing her everywhere but there. His flaccid penis dangled untouched as he lapped the pussy juice from her inner thighs. He was surprised that he still remained flaccid, because he was very mentally aroused. But he'd been stimulated so wonderfully, and then he'd cum so intensely, that it was no wonder his penis needed a rest.

To his great surprise, she suddenly pushed him off, opened the car door, and got out.

He was puzzled, to say the least. He felt he didn't do anything wrong, since he was still careful about not touching her pussy.

It was true that he hadn't broken that rule, but she'd had a sudden and unexpected freak out anyway, because she'd realized just how close his tongue was to her pussy, and she'd felt an overwhelming desire to put her hand on his head and push on it until he WAS licking her pussy!

The problem was with her, not with him. Even if he stayed good and kept on licking only her inner thighs, she didn't trust herself. The problem with going "full slut" in her attitude was that she still had her rule about him not touching his pussy, so she was working at cross purposes.

She staggered around on her high heels, drunk on lust. She rested against the car, unsure what she was even trying to do.

She ducked her head down and peered through an open car window, to check the time on the car's digital dashboard. She saw that it would soon be time for her to take him to school.

His heart leapt to his throat, because her huge tits were resting on the frame of the window that had been rolled all the way down. Fuuuuuck! Just... fuuuuuck! So tanned! So round! So STACKED! And now I know she can suck cock like a succubus, like a sex fiend!

She stood up wagged a finger at him. "Tut-tut! Bad news for you. It's time to go to school." She couldn't resist striking a sexy pose, even though he could only see her upper body through the open window. "Can you hand me my purse? It's high time I should get dressed."

He was disappointed, but he realized there was no way to stop time from marching on. He got out and handed her purse to her.

Funnily enough, even though she had been buck naked the whole time, he still had his T-shirt on, with his shorts merely pulled down his legs. Once his shorts had been out of the way, he hadn't bothered to take them all the way off. He pulled them up some to help with walking, but not enough to cover his privates. Although he still remained flaccid, he was confident he'd be erect again soon.

"Thanks," she said, taking the purse.

He ran his hand up and down her bare bubble butt, possessively cupping each ass cheek. "Ma, you look so hot."

"You keep saying that."

"Because it's true!" He suddenly pulled her close while keeping that hand on her ass. Her bare tits mashed into his chest. "My God, Ma! You make me so happy! And horny! The way you just titfucked me and sucked me was the absolute BEST! Jesus, I can't even tell you how horny I get, from just looking at you, and feeling you up while you're all naked like this. This ass..." - he gave her ass cheeks a firm squeeze with both hands - "...your legs, your feet, anything! Everything! Heck, even the letter 'M' sometimes makes me horny, because it makes me think of you. It's true!"

That actually was true. He often got a similar reaction to the letter H, for Hillary.

She laughed at that, but she gently pushed him away. "Okay, horny guy. Enough of that for now. You were a little late last time we did this, and you're not going to be late this time too."

He kept his distance, but he watched closely as she put her clothes on, admiring her every move. He finally noticed her bright red high heels. "Hey, Ma! I like your heels."

She felt a shiver race down her spine. Somehow, high heels had become highly sexualized to her. Wearing them made her feel like a slut. It almost was like high heels and nothing else was becoming her official slut uniform, since her son usually liked her to be naked.

She wanted him to share her strong feelings on heels too, if he didn't already. She stopped what she was doing and said, "Why, thank you! They're new. I just bought them the day before yesterday." She dramatically lifted a leg up and put her foot all the way up to the bottom of the open window.

That was an impressively athletic move. She did it because he happened to be standing right next to that window, so it put her foot and lower leg within his easy reach.

His eyes lit up. "Wow! Nice! Do you mind if I touch it?"

"Mind? Does it look like I'd mind?"

He looked back to her entire body, with her leg up high like that. He felt goose bumps all over. I know I keep saying this in my mind, but FUCK ME! Seriously! She gets soooo sexually liberated in Maggie mode. I feel like I'm riding on a wild tigress. It's going to be a non-stop challenge just to keep up with her!

He reached out and caressed her lower leg, actually paying more attention to that than her foot and heels. But he said, "I like the bright red color, especially."

"I do too!" she said with surprising enthusiasm.

He looked back at her while practically giving her a lower leg massage. "Look at you! Long blonde hair. Your face. I don't know what it is about your face that I love so much. I think it's your eyes. Such sultry brown eyes! Mysterious and filled with promise." His gaze slowly moved down her full figure. "And your body. God! Such a tan, too. No bush! Just you. So much of you! Such curves! And then, just... these heels!"

She glowed at his attentions and complimentary words. She'd been holding the purse he'd give her, but she dropped it to the floor to better strike another sexy pose. "What I hear you saying is, 'Your mother is a sexy slut! Well, let me tell you this: whenever you see me wear high heels from now on, not one or two inch heels, but stiletto heels like this, take that as a sign that I want to get very sexy and slutty with you! And from now on, that probably means my mouth is going to end up on your cock before long!"

He looked at the heel perched up near him with new appreciation.

She playfully wiggled her toes on that foot, since it was an open-toed heel. "Especially red heels like these. If you see me wearing red heels, tell your balls to redouble your sperm production! Because it's just a matter of time before my lips will be sliding up and down, with my tongue doing a dance on your sweet spot!"

He gulped. "Damn, Ma! I'm just... Wow!"

She laughed, delighted at his reaction. "I'm never going to wear heels like this for anything else. If I go to a very fancy dinner with Andy for some stupid reason, I'll wear my flats. My heels will just be a secret signal to you, that I want to get slutty with you! I want to get naked for you! I want you to paint my face with your cum!"

He let go of her leg and stepped away. He had to look away from her and even shake his head several times to try to cope. WHOA! I think I just had a pure mental orgasm! Is that possible?! I don't know, but what a total skullfuck! Ma is hot as FUCK!

She loved how she clearly made him too horny for him to handle himself. She put that foot down. Knowing that time was ticking, she went back to putting her clothes on.

Her purse contained a skimpy outfit far different from the one she'd worn to the garage. She took it out of her purse and gave it a look over. It wasn't hard to see that she'd fit it in her purse, because there was so little fabric there. She had a black tank top that showed off her sexy belly button area, and lots of cleavage. It looked substantial from a distance, but up close, it was easy to see that the fabric was as thin as a thin pair of panties. From very close up, it was semi-transparent.

Also, it provided no support for Maggie's heavy E-cups whatsoever. She put the top on first. Then, knowing Nick was watching her every move, she did a lot of bending over and moving around while putting her miniskirt on, to keep her tits constantly bouncing, while also giving him plenty of ways to enjoy her long legs and round butt.

Nick couldn't help but moan needfully, and his dick quickly engorged back to full size. He had just put his shorts all the way back on and zipped up, and he was already regretting that.

Since Maggie was standing up outside the car while putting on her clothes, she thought this would be more of a good chance for her to show off her new high heels, since they were much more visible than when he was on top of her in the car. She was less putting her clothes on and more doing a striptease in reverse. She kept her legs ramrod straight and spread wide whenever possible. When she had to bend, she did so as outrageously as possible. She often kicked up her feet to draw attention to her heels.

She was having a ball, but eventually she couldn't stall any longer and she actually started to pull her miniskirt up her legs. She stepped into the open door of the car next to her. That allowed her to keep one leg bent in a sexy manner and the other one stiff and straight while she fiddled more with her miniskirt and came up with more excuses to keep her big tits bouncing and jiggling.

She finally pulled her fire red miniskirt all the way up and sat in the driver's seat. She liked how she was wearing that, plus bright red heels, while in her red Prius. Red was rapidly becoming her new favorite color. She considered it the sluttiest of all colors, due to "red light district" connotations and other sexual associations.

Nick sat in the front passenger's seat. He was all dressed for school, with his backpack at hand. But he was right at his sexual breaking point. He looked over at Maggie and saw that she wasn't wearing any panties. Of course he knew this already since he'd watched her dress, but she brought the point home by hiking her miniskirt up so high that her still wet and juicy pussy was in full view!

He couldn't take the teasing anymore. He leaned over and started French kissing her, and fondling her bouncy boobs from under her flimsy tank top. Within seconds, he had that top up around her shoulders. A few seconds after that, he had the fly on his shorts unzipped, and he brought her hand back to his erection.

Maggie was delighted, because he was proving all over again just how powerfully he lusted after her. She loved feeling her fingers slide up and down his shaft even more. It was like she couldn't get enough of his cock, even if she played with it all day long!

Still, she was mindful of the time and she didn't want him to be late for school. So she broke the kiss, but kept right on jacking him off, and said, "Nick, please! We can't! The time!"

He twisted her nipples, knowing how much she loved that. "But if you're worried about the time, why the hell did you just tease me like that?! It's almost cruel, given that we've got to get to school."

She sighed, because he was right. "I'm sorry. I just can't help myself. I'm having too much fun to even believe it. I promise I'll make it up to you later, okay?"

He smiled with relief, and let go of her breasts. "Okay." He tried to look only at her face, because she was still showing her pussy lips to him, and her tank top was still up around her shoulders.

Her hand kept on jacking him off. She looked down to his erection and spoke as if she was talking to it. "I'm sorry, Mr. Boner. I was a slutty cocktease just now, wasn't I?"

She leaned in closer and closer towards his crotch, licking her lips provocatively. "I need to give you a PERSONAL apology. I'll make it up to you later too, okay?"

By now, her lips were just a couple of inches away from his cockhead. She breathed heavily on it as she said, "Let's kiss and make up. Mmmm! Yes! I definitely need to give you a great big kiss!"

With that, she started kissing his cockhead while still jacking off the rest of his shaft. She planted small kisses all over, but especially right on his sweet spot. That soon turned to licking that very spot.

Nick closed his eyes and groaned lustily. He couldn't believe how good this felt!

She thought as she licked and stroked him, Mr. Boner, I love you so much! We're going to have so much fun from now on! Maybe I need to stop pretending and teasing. Forget about my concerns that I'm gonna have trouble with his thickness. There's only one way to find out: doing it! Maybe I need to give you a real, good old-fashioned cocksucking! Right now! Maybe I need to do that a motherfucking LOT! Like this, to give you just a little taste!

She suddenly engulfed his cockhead and started bobbing frantically back and forth over his sweet spot.

She was delighted how relatively easy doing that was. It was the first time she'd done it from this position. It still was a struggle merely getting his thickness into her mouth, but compared from doing it while in a titfucking position, this felt a hundred times easier. She didn't have to worry about leaking tears like this, and she didn't have to pull off every now and then.

Nick couldn't take it. He yelped and clutched at her blonde hair with both hands. "Aarrrgh! What are you...?! UGH!"

She thought, Aaaaaah! Now, THIS is true cocksucking! I loved what I was doing before, but this is even BETTER! Because it's pure, and simple! Pure cocksucking bliss!

As she kept bobbing, and with increasing suction, she had an important discovery. Oh! And it's so much easier to get my tongue involved! I couldn't manage before, straining so hard just to reach his sweet spot, but now I can suck hard on that spot AND lap at it! Oh, JOY!

She truly found that joyous news. She'd been practicing on her dildo lately, but she'd worried that it would be different on her son's real flesh and blood cock, especially since she figured he was even slightly thicker than the dildo she'd chosen.

Several minutes of glorious head bobbing passed. She was so excited that she was rather heedless of possibly getting him too excited and forcing him to cum.

Actually, it would have made perfect sense for him to cum, since he was going to run a risk of being late to school again if they kept at it. But from his point of view, it was like being presented with a fabulous tray and told he could eat as much as he wanted so long as he didn't take a drink. He was going to last as long as he could before drinking. In the same way, the pleasure he felt was so great that, in the heat of the moment, he could have cared less about getting to school on time.

For the first minutes, his erection had been poking up through his fly. But she eventually managed to pull his shorts down enough to get access to his balls too. She fondled them from time to time, but nearly all of her attention remained with pleasuring his big fat cock.

As the minutes slipped by, she began varying her technique and rhythm more and more. She felt overwhelmed by a plethora of riches, because she had so many options. This is great! I can concentrate on combining my lips and tongue for maximum effect, and the different possibilities are endless! And then I have two hands to stroke him with as a bonus! GOD!

It wasn't like she'd never given a true blowjob before. She'd been married 17 years, after all, and she'd given Andy blowjobs on rare special occasions. But her attitude was so dramatically different, and Nick's cock was so much larger, that she pretty much forgot all about what she'd done to her husband. She was like a little kid starting to play with a marvelous toy and learning about all the different things it could do.

He wound up with his hands in her long blonde hair. At first, he just gently stroked her hair. But it wasn't long before he was clutching the sides of her head and loudly moaning and groaning.

It eventually reached the point where he felt he was forced to physically hold her head in place, to stop her head bobbing from assisting her relentlessly sliding. He started yelping things like, "Oh man! Man oh man! Oh God! Slow down, please! Have mercy!"

She really got off on the way he was so overwhelmed that he was desperate to get her to ease up. Even feeling his hands forcing her head to slow her bobbing fired her submissive feelings, making her revel in the way he was controlling her body for his sexual pleasure. She felt like she could have an epic orgasm at any time if she touched her clit, but she didn't even want one. She felt like she was in a perfect groove, with just the right amount of arousal, to keep going indefinitely.

Unfortunately, his moaning, panting, and head clutching reached a point where she realized that he was going to cum if she kept it up for very longer. Despite everything, she was mindful of the time and she honestly didn't want to make him late, but she wanted him to cum before school, and she also wanted to keep the fun going a little longer.

In a Eureka moment, she came up with an idea to hopefully allow all three of those things to happen: she would pull off, but continue arousing him all the way to school, and then hopefully still have a chance to get him to cum once they got there.

With that in mind, she suddenly pulled her lips off and sat back in her seat.

Nick couldn't believe it. From his point of view, her behavior was inexplicable, if not downright cruel. By the time he figured out she wasn't merely taking another short break, his urge to cum reduced just enough so he couldn't simply let go.

She yanked her tank top down over her E-cups. It hung askew and didn't even reach the bottom of her bouncy round breasts, but at least her nipples were covered.

Then, with Nick still reeling in disbelief, she hit the garage door opener and drove out her Prius into the street.

Nick's heart was racing and his hands were trembling, because he was that horny. He couldn't comprehend what was going on. "We're... leaving?! Just like that?!"

She found her sunglasses in her purse and put them on while she was still driving the car down the driveway. Then she hit the garage door opener again to close it and started down the road.

She was having fun toying with him, feeling that it wasn't cruel if it led to more pleasure for both of them and she helped him cum in the end.

She finally responded. "Sorry, Sport. But look at the time. If we don't leave this very second, you're not going to make it in time."

He said with exasperation, "Fuck that! I'm so horny! Look at me!" He nodded down to his boner, still sticking up above his shorts, which were tugged down his thighs.

Maggie licked her lips. "Mmmm. Yummy!" She reached out and started jacking him off with one hand while steering the car with the other.

She couldn't believe she was doing that, since it seemed wildly irresponsible and dangerous. But she quickly found that it wasn't tough to do at all. She normally drove with only one hand on the wheel anyway, and she didn't have to look at his cock while she worked it. Plus, she wasn't stroking in big, jerky motions. Instead, she kept her hand still and rubbed his sweet spot with two fingers.

He groaned lustily, but also with great frustration. "Oh Lord! Fuck me! Friggin' unbelievable!"

He had to close his eyes, because Maggie's E-cups were bouncing around like she was dancing topless.

The road wasn't that bumpy, but somehow her huge knockers just wouldn't stay still. She was a huge Beatles fan, and she happened to have the Revolver in the CD player. She turned that on and started bouncing to the sounds that had any good rhythm to them.

As if that wasn't daring and titillating enough, her miniskirt was still pulled up so high that her sopping wet pussy was on view for him.

If someone took a close look into their car, they were going to be in big trouble, but she was feeling so insanely horny that she was reckless. Thinking about being seen or caught only aroused her still more, in her current mood.

She kept right on jacking him off! She said, "I'm very sorry. But I'm thinking it's not right to send you to school with your weapon cocked and locked. You'll scare all the girls right out of the classroom when they see you coming with that cock-monster swinging between your legs. If I keep doing this, do you think you can cum before we get there?"

She smirked at the phrase "cock-monster," which she'd just come up with. She liked it a lot.

"I don't know," he said honestly. "It's not very far to school, for starters, and I'm kind of all stressed out right now, due to the situation."

Her fingers kept rubbing and rubbing, driving him wild. "Oh, I'm so sorry, baby. I promise I'll make it up to you later, okay? I really will. You've been soooo good and understanding. Maybe I need to give you a big, long, sloppy, slurpy blowjob when I pick you up later. Would you like that? Would that be a just reward for being a cocktease?"

He groaned helplessly. "Oh God!" He was unbelievably aroused by that idea, and her finger work, yet he was still too stressed to cum. He longed to reach out and play with her bouncy boobs, or even finger her pussy, but he restrained himself. If nothing else, he was afraid to do distract her still more when she was driving. He knew she was plenty distracted already.

She pretended to get serious, and even managed to make a grave looking expression when she glanced over at him. "Son, that reminds me. We potentially have a big problem on our hands. I worry that what's happened here today is going to change our entire relationship. Specifically, there needs to be a lot more cocksucking in it!"

She broke into a big smile, showing that her "big problem" was just more teasing. "If I'm Maggie mode, and especially if I'm in that mode and wearing high heels, watch out! Chances are, I'm going to spend a good portion of my Maggie time with my head bobbing in your lap! Or titfucking you. Or doing what I'm doing now." She looked to her hand and gave his shaft a friendly extra-tight squeeze.

She went on, "Does that bother you? Can you handle all that? Will you be upset if your big-titted mother kind of becomes a little obsessed with pleasuring your cock? And will it bother you still more if I get into sharing it with Hillary? What if we do what we did to you on our Friday date, only with our mouths and hands instead of just our hands? Because I'm pretty sure that's going to happen A LOT!"

"Oh man! MAN!" He looked down at her fingers rubbing his cockhead. Then he looked over at her bouncing boobs. He was grateful that the rocking Beatles song "Taxman" had just ended and classical sounding "Eleanor Rigby" was playing. But her tits were steadily bouncing and wobbling even to that!

She continued as if she was giving him a serious warning, "Sport, you have two busty, beautiful babes at your beck and call now. And yes, I'm calling myself a 'busty, beautiful babe.' I know it's immodest, but deal with it!" She chuckled.

She went on, "Furthermore, from what I know of her so far, she seems very keen on getting naked and pleasuring your cock too, maybe as much as me. And she's DEFINITELY keen on sharing! Remember how we worked your cock together in the darkness of the nasty movie theater? One hand from each of us pumping steadily on your thickness while we played with your balls on top of that? Boy, I wish she was here now. She could kneel between your legs and suck while I just stroke you like this as I drive. I think there's enough room for her. If not, we need a bigger car!"

"Gah!" His head was spinning. It was way too arousing!

"My point is, if you plan on keeping both of us, you need to get used to this sort of thing. In fact, I think I'm going to have to suck your cock even MORE, so you'll build up a tolerance by the time Anushka gives her more permissions and we'll be able to lap and slurp on you together! For hours!"

He whimpered. He was loving it, even as he was suffering from trying not to cum. He had no doubt he'd be able to blow his load before school now. But he wanted to hang on until they actually got there.

It was another five minutes to school, if she went straight there (for a total of a ten-minute journey). But she was having a grand time and deliberately taking a longer route there the prolong the fun. Driving and jacking him off was easy, at least as long as she kept doing it like this.

As the Beatles song "I'm Only Sleeping" played, she tried to make light conversation. "So, Sport, you mentioned that you get horny if you so much as hear the letter 'M'. Did you Mean it? Because that would be aMazing!" She was strongly emphasizing her 'M's. "As your Mother, it Makes Me... um... something that starts with 'M.'"

They both had a good laugh at that. It helped him relax... except for his crotch. He was constantly clenching his PC muscle. If he stopped that for a second, he was going to shoot off, and he had no idea where the cum would fly. It would be a disastrous mess. That was another reason he felt he had to do his utmost to hold out until they reached the school.

She continued to tease him by working as many words that began with "M" into the conversation that she could.

The Beatles song "Love You To" came on. It had more rhythm to it than the last two. Her big tits jiggled and bounced enough that her pinkish nipples sometimes popped into view. She commented, as if they were in the middle of a perfectly ordinary car ride, "You know, have you ever thought about how SEXUAL the lyrics to this song are? 'Make love all day long. Make love singing songs.' George Harrison wrote this one, right?"

All Nick could do was grunt affirmatively. He had his teeth clenched while he panted hard.

"He had the right idea! Can you just imagine us doing that? You, Hillary, and me? Sitting around in her room the entire day on a weekend. Naked! Constantly, constantly pleasuring your cock! And I do mean constantly! Wouldn't that be fun? I found out the other day that she's a huge Beatles fan, and you know what a Beatle maniac I am. We could literally 'make love singing songs,' listening to Beatles songs! Now, I KNOW you'd have fun with that!"

She laughed some more, as if he wouldn't be that interested in getting his cock sucked and titfucked all day long by both of them if not for the Beatles music too.

Somehow, Maggie got Nick to school on time. She jacked him off all the way until she pulled into the school parking lot. She made sure to park well away from the main school building, just as he did on Tuesday.

She turned off the car, and said, "Now, be a good boy and cum straight down my throat so we don't make a mess!" Then she pulled her top up over her enormous tits, bent back over into his lap, and engulfed all of his cockhead!

He would have loved if that had been the start of another prolonged suck session. But he was on a hair trigger already, and it was a near miracle he'd lasted this long. The danger of being in the school parking lot was merely one more "final straw."

Within seconds of her establishing a tight lip-lock, he grasped her head with both hands, cried out incoherently, and let go.

Maggie was endlessly hungry for his cum and just as endlessly energetic. She bobbed straight through his orgasm, and stroked his shaft for good measure.

His pleasure was so intense that he actually was seriously concerned he might be hurting his penis in some way. But he wasn't.

She gulped and gulped, taking his cum straight down her throat, just as she'd said. She found that a shame, because it didn't give her much chance to savor his taste, and a facial was right out. But she figured she had to make a sacrifice for practicality.

His orgasm only lasted a few seconds, as male orgasms generally do. But she kept right on bobbing for the next minute or two. By the time she finished and he had gone completely flaccid, the song "Here, There and Everywhere" had finished and "Yellow Submarine" was playing.

Nick was freaked out from the whole situation. He remembered "Yellow Submarine" had been one of his favorite songs back when he was a little child, though he was tired of it by now. His brain reeled thinking about how his loving mother treated him back then, as she sat up and ostentatiously wiped the drool and cum that was dripping down her chin.

His eyes bugged out as he realized where they were, plus the fact that she was topless and up above window level. "Ma-aggie! Watch out! People might see!"

She looked down at her top pulled up above her huge globes. She was so drunk on lust that she didn't care much. But she said, "Oh, right," and pulled her top back down over her nipples.

"Phew!" He wiped his forehead, and was surprised to find that he was fairly sweaty. Then he glanced at the clock and realized he was out of time. "OH SHIT! I can't be late again! I've gotta go!"

She was strangely calm. "So go. Tuck your cock-monster away first, though." She looked to his exposed crotch and giggled.

He looked to his crotch too, and gasped. He very quickly tucked his penis away and zipped up his shorts.

He looked to the main school building. It seemed like it was a million miles away. "Quick! Can you drive me closer?! I should run, but I don't know if I can walk, much less run!"

"Sure thing, Sport." She pushed the button that started the Prius again.

He slapped his face, trying to shock himself into switching into school mode. "Crap! I'm so out of it! My legs are like jelly! But, uh... Ma! Er, Maggie, I mean! What you just did... the whole thing, since we got in the garage... I'm speechless! THANK YOU! I love you so much! I don't deserve you!"

She said, "Would you believe that I did that as much or more for me? I had a ball!"

"Oh, man! I've gotta go!"

Just then, the car pulled up to the curb closest to the building. Few people were around because it was so close to school starting.

He grabbed his backpack, opened the car door, and ran off to class. Even though his legs did feel weak, he ran fast.

— — —

He made to his first period class with seconds to spare before the bell rang.

Like on Tuesday, he was red-faced and gasping for air when he reached his seat.

It was hard for him to calm down. While his penis was flaccid, his head was on another planet. There were too many arousing recent memories floating around in his brain. To suddenly switch to listening to his teacher lecture seemed like a joke. He was learning that a male could still be extremely aroused even when one's penis was unable to engorge.

To make matters worse, he sat next to Hillary in his first period class, just as he did in all his other classes he had with her. She noticed his flushed face right away, and realized that was something suspicious about him, especially his dazed expression.

She couldn't say or do anything since class had started, plus they sat near the front. However, she continued to carefully watch him and think about what this meant.

He slowly but surely calmed down. It took about ten minutes before he could even begin to seriously pay attention to what his teacher was saying.

When the class ended and they walked together to their next one, she told him, "You know, I've been thinking, and I've figured it out."


"Every day, you come to first period just like everyone else. But on Tuesday, you were two minutes late, and all flushed and panting. I know, I know, you ran, but you were seriously dazed too. Then, today, the exact same, except you made it with about two seconds to spare. What do these two things have in common? I'll bet anything that Maggie drove you to school both times!"

He didn't say anything, because he wasn't sure what to say about that at first, but his facial expression gave the truth away.

"A-ha! I can see I'm right!" She leaned in close as they kept walking. "And just what did she DO TO YOU to make you all blown away like that? You're going to have to tell me all the juicy details as soon as you can!"

"Oh, man!" He just shook his head in amazement yet again.

She laughed. "Ha! See? I'm right again!"

— — —

Maggie had it much better. She rushed back home, bouncing in her seat on the drive as she continued to listen to more songs on the "Revolver" album like "Good Day Sunshine." That song in particular perfect matched her buoyant mood.

Once she got home, she hurried to her upstairs bedroom safely away from Andy, and had a long and very satisfying masturbation session.

She was surprised at how little guilt or regret she felt afterwards. Already, she could hardly wait to pick him up from school.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Jamielynn, Johnny Galt, and Ecchi Spud, lew54321, BDGV.