Chapter 24: Lunchtime Hideaway (Thursday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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Nick's day at school continued fairly normally after that, once he calmed down from Maggie's extreme teasing. He was distracted a great deal though. He couldn't stop thinking about all the great and highly arousing things happening to him lately, especially what happened to him before school.

Hillary continued to be highly enthusiastic about him and especially about what he and Maggie had done before school.

He admitted in a vague way that something sexual had happened, but put off telling her the details. He had the very good excuse that they were either in class or walking between classes. All their classes were on the same floor and not far from each other, and the hallway was always crowded. There was simply no time or place for him to give a good accounting.

He knew that Maggie's attitude on blowjobs was rapidly changing. He found it hard to pay attention in his classes when all he could think about was what would happen when Maggie picked him up after school. She had dropped some heavy hints that she couldn't wait to give him another long cocksucking. He had boners at the most inopportune times all day long from thinking about what might happen.

The start of lunch proceeded as normal. He and Hillary got their food from the cafeteria, they found an empty table to sit at, and then the table immediately filled up. Spencer had started the habit of getting in line with them and going to the table with them, which made it even more impossible for Nick to shake him.

One curious thing Nick had noticed was that he had been getting some attention from Debra lately. For instance, while he was waiting in line to get his food, she had made eye contact with him from across the crowded cafeteria and gave him a friendly smile and a wave.

He thought that was odd, because he still had only had on real conversation with her, but that had been last week and they hadn't clicked.

Furthermore, that hadn't been the only time this week something like that had happened with Debra. Several times, she had seen him in the halls, usually while he was walking one way and she was walking the other, and she either smiled and waved at him, or even stopped and exchanged hellos.

However, he noticed that every time this happened, it had been during one of the relatively few times he wasn't with Hillary. He also had noticed there were times he'd been walking with Hillary, passed Debra right by, and Debra pretended not to see them.

He was beginning to think that Hillary was like his magical talisman to keep Debra at bay. He had no problem with that, because even though Debra was a remarkably stunning blonde fashion model. she rubbed him the wrong way. Also, he knew Hillary had special issues about her. The last thing he wanted to do was get on Hillary's bad side by being too friendly with Debra. And he was beginning to think that "too friendly" meant "any contact at all."

During lunch, Nick ate fast. He could do that because he was hardly talking, due to Spencer dominating all of Hillary's attention again.

All he could do was secretly simmer with frustration. Things were going great between him and Hillary, but one of his current fears was that Spencer would continue to slowly ingratiate himself with her, setting himself up perfectly to steal her away eventually. He was dying to know if Spencer was coming to the party on Friday night that Hillary had invited him and Maggie to. That would practically ruin it if he did, in Nick's eyes. He also worried that Spencer might find some excuse to get Hillary to do something with her in private over the weekend. That could be even worse.

However, with Spencer sitting there at lunch, Nick was afraid to simply ask either of them what their weekend plans were.

To his surprise, halfway through lunch, Hillary asked the others at the time for the time. (Neither she nor Nick ever wore watches.) When she found out that it was 20 minutes into the 40-minute lunch period, she abruptly stood up. "Oh my! Nick, we should go make that phone call now, or there won't be enough time."

He had no idea what she was talking about. He didn't know of any phone call. But luckily he was smart and quick, and after just a second or two, he stood up too. "Oh, right. The call. Let's go." He was glad that he'd eaten his lunch quickly. He noticed Hillary had finished unusually fast too, a sign that she had something planned.

Nick couldn't help but smirk a little bit, because Spencer clearly was curious about what was happening but it wouldn't be cool for him to be nosy and ask about the phone call. So Spencer could only watch and wonder as he and Hilary walked away.

As far as Nick knew, Spencer believed that he and Hillary hadn't gotten intimate in any way, since that was part of his entire fake girlfriend scheme. Everyone at school was to believe that he was dating Maggie. Yet he and Hillary spent so much time together, and were so friendly with each other, that Spencer had to assume they had connected somehow. But Spencer almost certainly was frustrated not knowing what was going on exactly, as if Hillary was taken or not. He was glad to see Spencer twisting in the wind.

When he and Hillary walked out of the cafeteria and into the outdoors, he asked, "So, where are we going? I assume there's no phone call."

She gave him a devilish grin. "There's no call."

"So what's up?!"

She scrunched her face. "You tell me! I'm just walking. Do you know a good place where a girl can get completely naked?"

He froze in his tracks. They were in the wide open with nobody around. "What did you just say?!"

She flashed a toothy smile. "You heard me. I KNOW Maggie did some super sexy to you this morning before school, and as your de facto second girlfriend, I demand that you tell me!" Her words appeared demanding, but she looked and sounded so friendly, sexy, and playful, there was no way he could mind.

Her look turned sultry, and she glanced around conspiratorially. "Whatever it is you tell me, I'm thinking we'll both enjoy the telling a lot more if you're kissing me and playing with my breasts while I'm pumping on your donkey cock!" She added in a more practical voice, "We just need a place to go. I'm stumped. I hope you have a good idea. At worst, I figure we can try a stall in one of the more remote bathrooms."

He frowned, not because he was unhappy with her suggestion, but because he couldn't think of any good place for them to go, offhand. He said, "Let me process that one on track while we stand here and talk about other things. By the time we're done, I'll hopefully come up with something."

She looked around. They were on a concrete pathway that led between two grassy areas from one building to another. There was nobody else around, but it was a commonly used pathway. "Here? Why can't we just talk after you get me naked? It'll be more fun that way."

He smiled widely. "That's for sure. But we may not get that much talking done, and there's important and timely stuff to talk about."

She was a bit put out, but said, "Okay, but let's walk into the grass, and be quick about it. Time's a-wastin'!"

As they moved off the pathway into one of the grassy areas so it would be less likely someone could come nearby, he said, "First off, I've got a question for you about Spencer."


"Does he know you're dating Anushka?"

"No." Apparently she was keeping her answers short to speed things up. She was antsy for some sexual fun.

"Does he even know you're bisexual?"

"I don't think so."

"Maybe you should tell him both things. You know I'm worried about him. I think he's got you in his sights, and he has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve. If he were to know both things, that could cool his ardor, and maybe even get him to look elsewhere."

"Yeah, but nobody knows I'm bisexual here at all. Except you."

"You said you're going to let it be known in a few weeks that you're bisexual anyway, so what's the harm if he gets the early word? I really don't think he'll blab."

"No, he doesn't seem the type," Hillary admitted. "I guess I can do that. But is it really wise? There are pros and cons. Can we talk about it more later, please?! That's not a 'must know now' thing, and finding out what Maggie did to you is!"

He chuckled at that.

She added, "It must be quite a story, because I see you've just gotten like THAT thinking about it!" She glanced knowingly at his crotch.

He looked down too and noticed he had a hard-on bulging from his shorts again. That wasn't surprising, since he got so horny around Hillary all the time, even when she wasn't wearing anything particularly sexy. For instance, today she was just wearing jeans shorts and a Jimi Hendrix T-shirt.

He said, "Actually, that's like that as much or more looking at you and thinking about you, and especially thinking about what we're about to do!"

She struck a sexy pose, cocking a hip and leaning forward to better thrust her huge rack enough. It was subtle enough so hopefully anyone looking from afar would only think she was leaning towards him to hear him talk. "Me? Little old me?"

He thought about covering his bulge with a strategically placed hand, but then decided to brave it out, since only she was close enough to notice. He also grinned and said unrepentantly, "What can I say? You inspire me."

Then he said, "By the way, I've got more to say here, but I think I've come up with somewhere to go."

"Oh?! Wherever it is, let's start walking! That'll save time!"

"Good idea." He began leading the way. "Oh, and if you're curious, it's a supply closet."

"Ooooh! Freaky!"

"Sometimes, it pays to be a good student. The other day, in Mrs. Flynn's class, I was one of the first to finish an in-class quiz. Or maybe the first, I don't remember. Anyway, she asked me to go get something from a supply closet, and told me where it was and what to do. Thinking back just now, I remember that it wasn't locked!"

"Great! Let's try that. If it doesn't work, we'll try plan B."

"Right." They were striding along quickly.

Knowing the time was limited until they got to the closet, he quickly changed subject. "Now, another thing. Are the plans still on for Friday's party? No last-minute changes this time?"

"Yes. And no. We're good."


She asked, "And Maggie's coming, right?"


"Excellent! Just think of the fun things the three of us might get up to!"

He gulped, and his eyes widened as he started to imagine just that. "Uh, yeah." He was having to keep a hand strategically over his crotch as he walked, because his boner most definitely wasn't going to get flaccid any time soon.

They were getting closer. He quickly switched topics again. "Speaking of Maggie and this weekend and whatnot... I'm thinking maybe the three of us could do something fun together on Saturday night too. What do you think?" He shyly stared down the hallway, afraid to make eye contact.

Hillary didn't answer right away. After a few seconds, she said, "That sounds like a really great idea. Boy, I'd love that! But... I can't give you a firm answer right now. The problem is, I have some other things to consider. The main thing is that I might have plans with Anushka. We're trying to get her to warm up to you being in my life, and if you monopolize my time on both Friday and Saturday, that would not help."

He winced. "Ouch! Good point. Well, please let me know soon, okay? Then Maggie and I can make our plans too."


By this time, they had walked back into the main school building. The storage closet actually was on the first floor where all their classes were, wedged between two of their classes.

The two of them slowed down and looked around nervously as they got closer. The hallway was mostly empty, but there were a couple of other students way off near one of the main entrance ways.

She whispered to him, "So how do we get in? Should we wait until we're totally alone?"

He was surging with confidence, since his lust was driving him on. "Nah. If you're sneaking around, the best way not to be noticed is to act in the open, and pretend like you know what you're doing."

He walked right up to the door. To their mutual great relief, it opened without any problem. They quickly slipped inside, closed the door behind them, turned on a light, and looked around.

Nick checked the door. It didn't lock from the inside, which was a problem. But he'd been thinking ahead that might be the case, and he already had an idea for that. He had a vague memory of the inside of the room from when he'd done the favor for his teacher a few days ago. He remembered it was stuffed to the gills with typical school supplies, including stacks of chairs. He went to where the chairs were and started looking them over.

Meanwhile, Hillary was looking squeamish. She whispered. "I don't know about this! Maybe we should just kiss and fondle, but keep our clothes on? If the door doesn't lock, anyone can come in! And even if it does, some janitor might see the light is on and unlock the door to come in and turn it off! This is too risky!" She was getting increasingly nervous.

But he was cool and calm. "Don't worry, I've got an idea. Here, I'll hand chairs to you, and you try wedging them under the doorknob. We've got a variety of chairs here, so one of them will probably fit."

"Oh! That might work!" Her attitude improved immediately.

They tried three chairs before they found a good fit.

"There!" Nick said, giving the chair a shake just to be there. "That'll do it. And the great thing is, even someone with a key can't get in!"

"Yeah, that occurred to me too!" She was staring to strip already. "It's fun having a lover who's pretty damn smart! It comes in handy sometimes!" She laughed.

They were being very careful to only whisper, but he warned, "Be careful! Your whispers are fine, but you laugh a lot, and you're laughs are loud."

"Oh. Right!" She was working fast, starting from the top. Already, she had her Hendrix T-shirt and bra off, and she'd found a good shelf in easy reach to store them on. As she yanked her panties and jeans shorts down together, she whispered, "By the way, keep your clothes on. One of us should be dressed in case we need to quickly scramble. All you need to unzip and whip out your big fat beast!"

He'd just been standing there, carefully scanning the room to find the best place for them to stand, or maybe sit. But he began unzipping his fly too. He chuckled, "Oh, it's a 'beast' now, is it? How did that happen?"

"For rampaging all over my body on Friday night! And by the way, I can't believe you're making me get completely naked! You have some nerve!"

He started stroking his erection as he watched her bend way over and wiggle her panties and jeans shorts all the way off her feet. She was keeping her tennis shoes on, so she was having some trouble getting them over them. The way her bouncy, tanned F-cups dangled nearly to the floor was too inspirational for him not to masturbate.

He said, "I don't remember ordering you to do that. I don't even remember suggesting it!" He wasn't accusing her though, because he knew from her smile and playful tone of voice that her "you have some nerve" comment was just another sexy tease.

She said, "I know, I know. I suggested it, actually. But that's only because I know that as soon as we're in private you're gonna take all my clothes off, whether I like it or not! It's what you do! Maggie and I talked about it on the phone. You do it to her too."

There was more than a little truth to that. He joked, "Okay, maybe so, but that's only because I'm trying to respect your nudist lifestyle."

She laughed at that, but quietly. She'd just put the rest of her clothes on the shelf, with the others. She stepped into the middle of the small room and raised her arms in the air like a showgirl trying to sell herself. "Ta-da!"

He looked up and down her fabulous naked body as he continued to jack off. He was inspired to say, "You look incredible! I can't believe we're doing this at school though! It's risky! We shouldn't make it a habit!"

She stepped to him and wrapped an arm around him, pressing her soft F-cups into his T-shirt covered chest. She said in a sexy purr, "Or maybe we should!" With her other hand, .she took his boner away from him and took over stroking it.

She let out a blissful sigh. "Aaaah! I think I'm falling in love with this thing! I guess I'll have to put up with you too, since the two of you seem pretty closely attached." She laughed at that, but again, quietly.

He quietly chuckled too. He knew she was just kidding around.

They shared a long and very passionate kiss. He got busy playing with her tits and ass. She pulled his shirt up to his armpits so she could better enjoy sliding her huge knockers all over his chest.

Then, he was going to start playing with her pussy too, and in fact do a lot of that to help her cum. But he broke the kiss and whispered, "Hey! What about your pussy?! I've played with it before, you know. But recently, you said Anushka doesn't allow that. Which is it?!"

She explained, "Unfortunately, I let you do that BEFORE Anushka got specific in not allowing you to touch me there. So, even though she'd never know what you'd do to me in here, I'd know, and you know, and I don't want to be sneaky like that. Is that okay?!" She looked into his eyes plaintively.

"Very okay!" he replied. "I like that you have honor like that. Very cool!"

"Mmmm!" She could only reply like that because they resumed necking.

But then, moments later, she broke the kiss and spoke while she kept on jacking him off, "Okay! Scratch the kissing. Not much kissing this time, because I want your mouth free! I figure we've got about 15 minutes, max! Neither of us have watches, which we might want to do something about if we start regularly sneaking around like this, but I assume we'll hear it when the hallway fills up, so we'll knock when class is going to start."

His eyes widened in concern, even as he fondled an ass cheek with one hand and cupped a tit with the other. "Yeah, but how do we LEAVE, then?! I hadn't thought about that problem!"

She frowned and considered that as she fervently rubbed his sweet spot with two fingers. "Oh! I've got it! We'll get totally dressed and prepared as it gets near time for the bell to ring. But we'll wait until the bell actually rings, so the hallway will be empty when we come out! The brilliant thing is, our next class is literally right next door! If it works, we could make a regular habit out of this!"

He was still carefully whispering, like her. "I'm not sure about that. What if we come out and some stragglers see, for instance? If that happens just once, is anyone going to believe we're not an item? But I'm supposed to be dating Maggie!"

She frowned as she realized they had problems. "Okay, okay, we'll worry and talk about that later. No time! Now, tell me about this morning, finally! I'm dying to know!"

He proceeded to tell her the story about how Maggie gave him a titfuck/blowjob combo, and then a blowjob before school started. He changed a couple of key details though. He had all the action happen in the bungalow Maggie was supposed to be living in behind his house, because to have it in their garage could raise questions. For instance, why would Maggie drive him to school in a car that was parked in that garage? He could have come up with a plausible explanation, but it would have taken time and they didn't have much time.

He also had to speak as if they did this sort of thing before. He definitely couldn't admit those were his very first blowjobs. Since the school year had only recently started, he could plausibly say they were new to doing that sort of thing in the limited time before school, so that made it easier to stick closer to what really happened.

He wasn't sure what he was going to say about how the sex session ended. Would he describe how she stroked his cock all the way to school, even as she drove? And that he finally blew his nut right in the school parking lot?

As it happened, that question never got answered, because he spent so long describing the action that took place in the garage, especially all the titfucking action, that he ran out of time to finish his story.

The entire time he was talking, Hillary usually had one hand stroking his boner, while keeping it pressed up against her tummy. Sometimes she stroked it while rubbing it back and forth across her tanned hardbody too. With her other hand, she generally played with her clit and/or her slit, since he wasn't allowed to do that. Meanwhile, he mostly alternated between fondling her tits and her ass, though sometimes his hands wandered elsewhere. Her entire body was a sexual paradise, in his opinion. The one thing they didn't do was kiss, since she wanted him talking.

They were still very busy doing all that when they started to hear a general murmur coming from the hallway. They got the impression that the storage room had to be sound proofed surprisingly well, because they couldn't hear any specific voices, only that general sound. Hopefully, that meant people in the hallway would have trouble hearing their voices too, had they been talking out loud.

Nick tried to rush faster through his story, but he was still a long way from the end of it.

The general murmur got louder and louder, and then it suddenly started to get a lot quieter.

By that time, the two of them were already quietly and carefully scrambling to get dressed. Actually, that was mostly Hillary, since all Nick had to do was pull his T-shirt back down to his waist and get his shorts in place and zipped up again.

As Hillary frantically dressed, she cursed, but playfully, "You bastard! Look at you, staying dressed while you make me get naked. I'm just your sexy slut. ONE OF your TWO sexy sluts! You make us strip and serve your big fat cock beast, even right in the middle of the school day!"

He was busy putting the chairs back in place. "Yep! That's definitely how it worked! I totally forced you to do this!"

She quietly laughed, because she knew like him that she was wildly exaggerating. She already had her panties and jeans shorts back on, and was working on her bra. "Hey! Don't ruin my fantasy!"

He chuckled some more, though he found it intriguing to hear that she got off on that. With time quickly running out, he said, "I'm bummed we couldn't end with orgasms! Not me. It's better I either cum twice or not at all, or I usually get blue balls, and there was no time for twice. I mean you. I wish I could have fingered you to a big 'O' as I finished telling the story."

She finished with the bra and was working to get her Hendrix T-shirt back over her head. "Me too! That would have been ideal. But I had a couple of nice 'O's along the way. And this whole thing was pretty great. MY big regret is that you haven't finished the story yet! We'll need to find the time-"

Just then, the bell rang, causing her to pause.

He asked, urgently, "Are you all set?!" He was ready, except for the problem of still having a raging boner.

"Ready enough!" she replied. "Aside from being all flushed and energized and panting and tussled and horny! And I probably smell like a whorehouse! But what can you do? Let's go!"

Actually, she wasn't that bad off. Her breathing was only slightly elevated, more due to the excitement, and she'd ran her hands through her hair and generally made herself reasonably presentable.

Nick realized they did have a smell problem, but it wasn't just her. They didn't know how bad it was since their noses got used to it, but if someone else came into the storage room, they probably would be hit by a powerful sex smell, due to Hillary's very wet pussy. That would be something for them to deal with if they used the room again, but there was no time left.

Nick opened the door and peeked out into the hallway. He led the way. In case someone was there to see, he figured he would come out on his own, so hopefully it wouldn't be found out Hillary had been in there too. Presumably, she could sneak out a little later, after the coast was clear.

But as it was, he looked in all directions and saw that nobody was there. He hurried into the hallway, with Hillary following a couple of seconds later.

— — —

Their fifth period class after lunch was a continuation of their block of Advanced Studies program that also took up the two periods before lunch. That was a lucky break, because they and all the students in that program were like academic all-stars, and their teachers in the program cut them a lot of slack.

As it was, they made it to their seats only about a minute after the bell rang. It was a very lucky thing that the class was right next to the supply closet.

Nick and Hillary sat stock still in their seats, looking and acting like model students. But inside their hearts were racing and they continued to be excited. They both felt like kids who had performed some outrageous prank and realized afterwards that they actually were going to get away. They felt tremendously relieved.

They couldn't resist exchanging some knowing, smirky glances with each other as the class went on. But they really had gotten away with it, because the other students didn't pay them much mind at all.

Even Hillary's somewhat pungent sex smell went unnoticed. It helped that, although Nick and Hillary weren't known to be nerds, just very smart, most of the other kids in the program very much fit the nerdy stereotype. Many of them were sexually oblivious.

After Nick calmed down, as he had some free time during a lull in the class activities, he pondered what the heck had happened during lunch.

The more I think about it... did that really happen?! It's hard to believe! Especially after what Ma did to me before school. And with her picking me up later, this could turn out to be one of the all-time greatest days ever!

But it's strange that Hillary suggested we did that, and I agreed, and we just went and did it! And it worked! I mean, students just don't do that! We're so extremely bold! And she's not even supposed to be my girlfriend! We could get in serious trouble if we get caught trying something like that again, both socially and academically. We should cool it.

But, all in all, I'm glad I dared. My relationship with her is in a very crucial phase. Maybe THE crucial phase. I'm totally in love with her in every way. But she's still getting to know me, and she's way more in lust with me than in love. I need to roll with any possible sexually fun situation with her so her lust will deepen and deepen and then the love part will soon follow.

Geez, man! This is working! The whole fake girlfriend scheme is working! Both parts! Just two weeks ago, I was thinking it would be a total longshot to get Hillary to date me, and way, way, WAY more of a longshot to get sexually intimate with Ma. I mean, that was like being struck by lightning as I scratch off a winning lottery ticket jackpot kind of odds. But they're both crazy for my dick! Hillary even called it a "beast!"

God, my life rules! But making this work means rising way above the normal. I have to excel in everything if I'm going to keep this high-wire act going. Which means now I have to switch gears and bear down on my studies and actually pay attention! If I let my schoolwork fall apart, Ma will have a freak out, for starters.

With that in mind, he gathered his wits and actually paid attention for the rest of the class.

— — —

When the fifth period ended, Nick and Hillary were quick to walk out of class together. By some unspoken agreement, they silently hurried out of the main building. Sixth period was P.E. for many students, including them, because for those who were in varsity programs, practice often started with sixth period and then continued well after school officially ended.

Nick was actually a surprisingly good athlete, especially considering he didn't play sports much. In particular, he had great natural talent when it came to catching things, including a football. He had been planning to try out for at least the school's junior varsity football team, since it was a fall semester sport. He'd thought that would be a good way to become popular, to help with his overall Hillary seduction scheme. But with the Hillary seduction (and Maggie seduction!) basically hitting paydirt on that fateful Tuesday, only the second day of school, he'd decided that being on a football team would cut into too much of his free time, that could be spent with Maggie and/or Hillary instead.

Hillary would have been a great athlete, since she had a fat-free hardbody and stayed in top shape, except her enormous breasts caused trouble for her in virtually every sport. Even the sturdiest, thickest bras could only do so much.

As a result, both Nick and Hillary were in the regular P.E. classes. Due to the different genders, they were headed to different locker rooms. However, they had a long walk outside together to the sports building, which was ideal for them to talk confidentially to each other about what happened as they went along.

Hillary muttered to him, "Can you BELIEVE we got away with that?!"

He muttered back, "No. No, I cannot."

"The more I think about it, the more I'm amazed I actually was the one who suggested we do that. I don't know what came over me. I guess it's because of how you came into first period all panting and spaced out."

"That? Why that?"

"Because I figured out you and Maggie must have done something wild, and then I spent basically the whole rest of the time until lunch with my speculations spinning totally out of control! I swear, I was CREAMING so much by the start of our Advanced Studies program that I was seriously thinking about taking a bathroom break just to do something about my wet panties!"

"No! I just got wetter and wetter! Thanks to you, I'm going to have to stash spare panties all over school from now on, because there's no telling what you'll make me do!" She laughed.

He laughed too, then said, "I'm thinking, as fun as that was, we may want to cool it down in school. Especially about using the storage room. I'm normally not THIS impetuous. I like to look before I leap. But this time, we just leaped. We should do some intel gathering first. Find out who goes into that room for what, and when? Have people used it for sex before? Has anyone gotten caught? Is there a safer place? And so on."

"Good idea," she nodded. "I don't know HOW we'll figure those things out, but I've got a good feeling you'll come up with something. You came up with that room in the first place, and then figured out about the chair fitting perfectly under the doorknob. You're like a regular MacGyver, except for sexual sneakery!"

They laughed at that as well.

They were getting close to where they need to split up, But they had walked briskly, and they still had a minute or two until the five-minute break between classes was over. They stopped walking.

Hillary asked, "What do you think is going to happen when Maggie picks you up after school?"

"I have no idea," he admitted. "I hope she's wearing something super sexy when she arrives. Then, I'd like to kiss her hard on the lips, so everyone can see she's my girl. I'm kind of possessive that way. Like what you say when she picked me up last Tuesday. Then, who knows? I'm hoping we're go somewhere private for some sexy fun, but it's up to her."

Hillary urgently asked, "Is it okay if I go to you to watch that? And then maybe kind of try to invite myself along?"

"Please do! That would be great!" That was a no-brainer for him.

"I know you told me she's going to Friday's party, but I can pretend like I don't know that and ask her to the party myself. That'll give me an excuse to start talking. Then we'll see where things go from there."

"Okay, sounds like a plan. See you then!"

They had to part to their respective locker areas after that. They couldn't kiss or even hug good-bye since they weren't supposed to be going out, which was a little frustrating for them both.

The rest of P.E. proceeded as usual. The only difference was that Nick knew Maggie was picking him up after school, and that Hillary might even end up joining them too. He had an erection off and on, which was especially problematic for P.E.!

— — —

Maggie had a roller coaster of a day while Nick was at school. When she got back home, she had a masturbation session to end all masturbation sessions. All she had to do was mentally review what had happened in the garage and on the drive to school, and she stayed as hot as an oven until she was thoroughly sexually satiated. She enjoyed that greatly.

She was so worn out afterwards that she took a hot bath. But as she was lying naked in the bathtub, she began to have second thoughts.

God, I feel like SHIT. I got way too carried away again, didn't I? It's downright tragic. I'm having the time of my life being Nick's girlfriend, but it can't last. The further I go with him, the worse it's going to be for both of us when I have to stop. The most important fact is that I'm his mother. That trumps everything. I can't be his mother AND his lover forever.

And I can't go all the way with him. Admittedly, lightning hasn't struck us dead for the things we've done. I don't even feel that guilty or bad about it, to be honest. Nick certainly doesn't mind at all. In fact, I have NO DOUBT he loves the new oral me! Gaawwwd, it's so sexy looking up from his crotch, with my mouth so full of cock, and seeing him huffing and puffing and practically incoherent with lust! But actual fucking is another matter altogether! Even if we end up being okay with it, we could be in big trouble with the law. Especially given his age! And that would mess up our relationship forever. How could I look him in the eye 20 or 30 years from now, knowing we've done THAT?!

Which makes me wonder about what I did this morning. Boy, do I feel shitty. I'm too enthusiastic! How can we have a healthy hand-over to Hillary if I act and dress like a total slut? I can't let him know how much I adore pleasuring his cock in every way, but especially orally! He's going to get too hooked on me instead of focusing his attention on Hillary like he should.

For instance, the clothes I wore to school. That was too much. It was borderline illegal! What if a police officer pulled me over? The way I let my bra-less breasts bounce in time to Beatles songs, and all the while openly jacking him off... WHILE I DROVE! Definitely way too risky! I don't even want to think about it. I really need to dial it back a notch. Or two or three notches.

Then there's the big question: what to do about his big cock? Crap. Just thinking about it makes me think about sliding my lips around it, and that my pussy tingles! And that's the problem right there. I can't control myself around it! It's shameful the way I couldn't even let go of his big, fat, wonderful cock all the way to school. And then, knowing I was going to take him in my mouth again when we got there so I could guzzle his entire load down my throat! And I did! And it was glorious!

But that gets back to my problem, because I'm TOO enthusiastic! Now that I've proven sucking him is just as great as I'd dreamed it would be, I want to suck his thick cock-monster so damn bad, all the time! How can I not? It practically DEMANDS to be sucked, with the way it's all so thick and hot and tasty looking, constantly! And that sweet pre-cum dripping out. I swear, even his pre-cum tastes like sweet nectar to me!

She looked down at herself and realized that two of her fingers were on her clit underwater. Oh no. I'm getting all horny again. I shouldn't be thinking about this while naked in a bathtub, that's for sure! I have to stop, if for no other reason than my pussy can't take any more stimulation.

She reluctantly withdrew her hand. That's better. See? I do have willpower. I need to be more proactive, instead of just drifting along and letting my lusts rule me. I have to figure out what I want and how to get it.

Now, obviously, our goal number one is to get Nick and Hillary together in a serious way. When this whole fake girlfriend idea started, I thought that was pie in the sky, and that was before I knew how much she'd filled out in the last year. If I knew she'd blossomed into a centerfold-esque bombshell, I would have thought he had NO chance!

But what did I know? They've already gotten intimate. The plan IS working! And now that I've met her, I can see why he loves her so much. Sure, she's almost ridiculously beautiful. It's truly a wonder that she's fallen for him so fast. But she's also a very kind, smart, and talented girl, with good values. I can't imagine a better girlfriend for him than her.

So what can I do to help them along? I hate to say this, but I think Sport is right that a huge part of his appeal with her is me. Somehow, when the three of us are together, it's so exciting! She and I have a kind of friendly competition and inspire each other to go further with him. Sparks fly! Then there's the Anushka problem, and his confidence problem. All very valid reasons I can't just give up on the fake girlfriend plan now. Nick needs my help!

And... let's face it. It's probably inevitable that both her and I are going to suck his cock a lot from now on, and often together! At least I'm hoping and assuming that's what'll happen. I was telling him as we listened to that Beatles song how we could spend the weekend just lazing around in her room, naked and totally slutty! Spending hours taking turns bobbing on his huge cock-monster, and lapping and slurping on it together! Oh Gaawwwd! I can't even IMAGINE how sweet that will be! Oh, fuck me!

She couldn't resist playing with herself after thinking about that. She gave in completely and ran her fingers over her clit and labia at the same time. Fuck! That's just too hot! But... it also serves a purpose. Hillary is a very sexually open-minded girl who likes to do all kinds of wild things. As he's pointed out to me so correctly, we can offer her an ideal threesome situation that she pretty much can't get anywhere else,

And I just adore how she's totally into pleasuring his cock! She's not one of these selfish "what have you done for me lately" kinds of girlfriends who expects him to go down on her exactly one time for every time she goes down on him. NO! She's a "good slut" who knows that if it feels great sucking him, then why not do it a lot?! We're going to get along JUST FINE, kneeling naked side by side between his legs all the time!

I should practice sucking his cock a lot more in the very near future so it won't seem like I'm doing it for the first time when Hillary's there. That would be suspicious. I need to look and act experienced, like I've sucked him a hundred times already. That means I need practice! Lots and lots of jaw-breaking, sweet cock-meat sucking, practice! Gagging and slurping and choking and bobbing on that impossibly thick cock of his! I may need to schedule more Maggie time specifically so I can have some long cocksucking sessions with him! Yes! Yes, yes, YES!

She was already working herself up to a climax with her rapidly moving fingers. But even as she got hot and hotter, she said more soberly, But see? This is my problem. I get too excited. I need to take it slowly, step by step. It's like driving a truck downhill. Yeah, we're headed in that direction, but I need to keep the brakes on to some degree or the truck will zoom out of control and crash. I need to ponder seriously when we'll be ready for the next step. And that's as far as I can go! NO fucking! Blowjobs and titfucks and handjobs are it!

I can't even let him go down on me. I ESPECIALLY can't let him do that! Too dangerous!

She immediately had second doubts about that last thought. Now, admittedly, it would be a big boon if he learned to be a talented cunt licker. Hillary would love him for that. I'll bet most of her boyfriends are the super handsome types who figure they don't need to know how to do that to win a girl. But also, she dates girls just as much, and I'm sure some of them are cunt licking experts! It would be hard for him to match up to that high standard. He needs training! And who else can he train on but me? It's not that I want him to lick me down there, it's that I have to help him learn. For his own good!

Wait a minute! Talk about my mind playing tricks on me! The logic is sound, but I know I'm not thinking straight. I just want him to do it because it'll feel so good! I can't allow myself to think like that. I'm going to have to table that issue for later, when I can think it through in a more dispassionate way.

With that decided for now, she finished a nice masturbation session in the bathtub, and ended it with an excellent orgasm. Nearly all of her thoughts were focused on cocksucking, usually with Hillary there and helping out. Far from not wanting to share, the idea of sharing excited her almost beyond measure.

But after the bath, she grew depressed again. She had new doubts about the wisdom of what she was doing, and how far she was going with Nick. Happily, she had a very strict daily exercise routine, and she did that next. That kept her mind focused and her body occupied.

Once that was over, she went up to the sun roof and had another totally nude sunbathing session. She was determined to get rid of the pale patch where her bush had been, and right away. Truth be told, her body was so flawless that that was virtually the only thing that needed any improving. But she also wanted to deepen her tan in general, as part of her friendly competition with Hillary, and try to match Hillary's very impressive all-over tan.

She adored the idea of her and Hillary looking as much alike as possible, at least from the neck on down. That would make it even more thrilling in her mind if, say, both of them sat up on all fours on a bed and wiggled their asses at him, and he was unable to even tell at first whose ass belonged to whom.

The only problem was, lying on a lounge chair while tanning gave her plenty of time to ruminate. And when she did that, she started to have more second doubts, and that made her depressed all over again. But also the fact that she was buck naked, and outside, no less, made her quite horny. So she flip-flopped from depressed to horny and back again, sometimes strongly feeling both things at once.

That drove her batty. She decided she'd tanned enough for one day.

She wanted to work on her new novella project, so she went to her bedroom, fully dressed, and attempted to work on that. However, she was so distracted that she made virtually no progress at all.

Before long, she decided that the best way to avoid both depressing ruminations or obsessive cocksucking fantasies was to stay busy, but with something that involved physical work instead of intellectual thinking. So she gardened in the backyard for the rest of the time, until Nick's school day began to come to an end. She only took a break to make lunch for Andy and herself.

She went all out with the gardening. Plus, although it was already September with the start of the school year, Southern California was in the middle of a minor heat wave. She sweated profusely, even when she worked in the shade.

As the time for Nick to get out of school drew closer, her excitement grew by the minute. She showered, and worked on beautifying herself. Then she had more fun figuring out which clothes to wear and putting them on

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