Chapter 25: Close Call (Thursday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie arrived at school in her red Prius dressed to kill. She wore a thin white T-shirt and a black leather miniskirt. The shirt was so thin that her nipples could be easily seen even when they weren't erect, and they were very erect now. Not only wasn't she wearing a bra, but she wasn't wearing any panties either. It was a little less outrageous than what she'd worn to school in the morning, but not by much. She wanted to be less provocative in theory, but she got so hot and horny while deciding what to wear that it was hard to do in practice.

She'd dressed that way just for Nick, and she wasn't planning on letting anyone else see her like that. She'd worn a windbreaker, and she'd taken it off just as she pulled into the school parking lot. But, to her surprise, she saw Nick standing with Hillary as he waited for her at the curb.

Shit! What a day to be wearing this! Hillary's going to think I'm a shameless slut. And maybe not even the good slut kind. Seeing that he'd recognized her Prius, she pulled the car into the parking lot. She parked well away from the school building because she was so self-conscious about her skimpy clothes. Supposedly, she was taking Nick to and from school so other students could see they were dating. But on this occasion she didn't really want to be seen by anyone except Nick, unless maybe from a distance.

Nobody, that is, except for Nick and Hillary. Both of them walked across the parking lot to the car.

Maggie was feeling quite tired out from all her exercising and gardening. But she was determined not to show it. Besides, lust and excitement was taking over, giving her a new burst of energy.

"Hey, Maggie!" Hillary said in a friendly way as she got close.

Maggie turned and waved, but she stayed in the car. She was still close enough to other people getting into other cars in the parking lot that she didn't want to stand next to her car and have other people see her when she was dressed the way she was.

Nick wasn't dissuaded from getting his usual after school kiss, though. In fact, he wanted to show off in front of Hillary, and anyone else who might see. So he opened Maggie's door and sat on her lap. He had to angle himself to avoid the steering wheel, and he had to crouch down to reach her lips, but he figured it was worth it. He closed the door behind him most of the way so other people wouldn't be able to see that much, except for Hillary looking down through the car door window. However, he left enough room to keep his legs out and his feet on the ground. Otherwise, there wasn't enough room for both him and his mother in the driver's seat.

The two of them started necking while Hillary just stood there. As usual, Nick got so horny so fast that he didn't have much restraint. His hands went straight to Maggie's tits and he started gleefully fondling them. But, in a reluctant concession to the situation, he kept his hands over her top.

But after a relatively short kiss by their usual standards, Nick broke the lip-lock and looked back at Hillary. "Hey. Sorry, I just wanna say hi to my girl." He brazenly kept both hands on Maggie's hefty globes.

Hillary smiled, even though she felt a jealous pang. "It's cool. No, I take that back - it's really hot! Maggie, you look smokin'! That top is outrageous! Is that why you don't want to get out of the car?"

Maggie blushed, which was answer enough.

Nick felt his shyness falling away and his lust growing ever stronger. He pinched Maggie's nipple, and kept on pinching and twisting it. He figured that was done in a position so that only Hillary could see it.

He said, "Cool, huh? It's like she's not wearing any top at all. In fact..." He let go of her nipple, only to slide his hand underneath the top. Then he immediately resumed his pinching and twisting directly at the erect nipple.

Maggie's blush only deepened. "Nick, please! Everyone will see!"

Nick briefly looked around. "Nah. We're cool. If the car was pointing the other way, then maybe. But at this angle, guys leaving the school can't really see what we're doing, except that we're getting pretty friendly. Remember, this door is closed most of the way." He kept on playing with her nipple. He even brought a second hand under her top to do the same to her other one. "Besides, Hillary, you can keep a lookout for us, can't you?"

"Sure," Hillary said. "In fact, do you mind if I sit down in the car? I have a couple of things to say."

Maggie nodded.

Hillary walked around the car. By the time she sat in the front passenger seat and closed the door, Nick and Maggie were making out again. She just rolled her eyes in amusement.

But Nick didn't want her to get bored, so when he saw she was seated, he broke the kiss again, and looked her way. He still didn't stop the nipple play under Maggie's thin top though. "So, what's up?"

Hillary looked at Maggie, and tried to look at her face instead of at her chest. "Um, Maggie, I wanted to personally invite you to the party on Friday night. Nick told you all about it, right?"

Maggie nodded. She was still blushing profusely. Her shirt was so thin that Hillary could see everything he was doing, especially since the fabric had already risen to the bottom of her globes. She worried that it wouldn't be long before he pulled her top up to her shoulder, as was his wont.

Hillary caught her attention drifting away to what Nick's fingers were doing. Her eyes glazed over with lust. She finally snapped to, and muttered, "That's hot! Really hot!" She looked around furtively. "Nick, I wish you'd do that to me. Only... without so much twisting."

The three of them laughed at that.

There was another long pause where nothing happened except that Nick played with Maggie's tits while Hillary watched intently. He didn't really have any clever motive to what he was doing. True, he could have argued that this was part of his "playing hard to get" strategy, but mainly he was doing it because it was really fun. Having Hillary watch made everything twice as hot, for all three of them.

Finally, Hillary asked Maggie, "So, can you come?" She quickly corrected that, because she saw the accidental double meaning. "I mean, can you attend?"

The three of them shared another good laugh.

Maggie replied with a sultry, knowing look, despite her continued embarrassment. "Yes, I can attend. And I hope I'll be able to cum too."

Hillary shook her head. "Damn! You two are just the hottest couple I've ever seen! Nick, I would literally murder people if I could kiss you now!"

She added to herself, And I'll kill even more people to play with Maggie's awesome tits!

Nick pondered that as he kneaded Maggie's tit-flesh like it was dough. Finally, he concluded, "Unfortunately, I don't think that's possible." He nodded towards the school building, and also other people in the parking lot. "We're still too close."

"I suppose that's true," Hillary sadly agreed.

But then she suddenly got a bold idea. "But what about this?! If anyone's looking in, all they can see if that you're sitting on your girlfriend's lap and getting very cuddly while you two are presumably talking to me about something. They can't see what's happening below the window level at all unless they walk up close. So... who would be the wiser, except for the three of us, if I were to reach out and pet Nick's dick a little bit?"

She only floated the idea instead of demonstrating it, because she was torn. She was extremely horny and she wanted to get in on the action, but she also didn't want to make Maggie mad or be seen as poaching her boyfriend in any way. She had no idea what the proper protocol was for this kind of thing, since she'd never been part of a threesome before.

Happily, Maggie loved the idea. Sure, she burned with jealousy over someone else touching her son's cock, but she also found the possibility of being in another threesome situation with Hillary extremely exciting. She remembered what happened on their threesome date on Friday. She'd been very jealous at first, but as the night wore on those feelings faded away, and her arousal and happiness that Hillary was taking part grew and grew. Furthermore, she reminded herself that having Hillary do that could help with Nick's overall Hillary seduction plan. Plus, the danger of getting caught made the whole situation even more arousing

Her lust won out. She looked all around the parking lot, and then whispered, "Go for it! But be careful!"

Hillary could scarcely believe it. "No way! You two are AWESOME!" After looking around again, she reached over and put her hand on the bulge in Nick's shorts. She tried to do it in a manner so her body posture wouldn't really change from the point of view of someone looking from outside the car.

Nick loved it, and he loved it even more when Hillary started sliding her hand up and down his bulge.

He loved it still more when Maggie said, "Hillary, that's not right. You can't do that." But before Hillary could get upset, she added, "You have to take it out of his shorts first!"

Hillary was incredulous at how cool Maggie was being about this, even after all they'd done together at the movie theater. She unzipped Nick's fly, fished his erection out, and started stroking him with one hand.

Nick hissed in triumph, "Yesssss!" He would have pumped his fists, except his hands were still busy playing with his mother's soft melons from under her thin shirt.

"Good God!" Hillary exclaimed. "This is too hot! This is almost better than what happened at the movie!" Her fingers practically flew up and down Nick's cock, and they sped up even faster the more his pre-cum leaked down her fingers.

She looked back over her shoulder towards the school, and kept on pumping. "Oh, look! There's my friend Monica. I just met her the other day." She waved through the window with her free hand.

Hillary practically squealed with excitement after doing that. She breathlessly proclaimed, "Oh my God! She totally waved back! If she only knew! I'm stroking Nick's fat cock with my other hand!"

Maggie urgently asked, "Do you think she can see what Nick is doing to my boobs?"

"Probably," Hillary replied. She doubted that was true, but she suspected that answer would further arouse Maggie.

"Hnnnngg!" Maggie grunted orgasmically. "Shit! You want hot? THAT'S hot! I'm scared out of my mind, and everyone is gonna think I'm a slut, but so what? Oh, Nick! Kiss me!"

Nick wasn't that keen on kissing, simply because of the logistics of trying to get his head down to hers with the steering wheel in the way. But he did it anyway, because Maggie obviously needed a good kiss. He was amazed that this was happening while the door next to him was partially open and his feet were on the ground.

All the while, Hillary kept on stroking him. She longed to use two hands, but she didn't dare because it would have made what she was doing look far too obvious. Instead, she kept an eye out for people she knew who were either leaving school or still lingering and talking to friends. She also occasionally checked the other side of the car for people over there, who might be able to see a lot more of what Nick and Maggie were doing, but Maggie had parked just far away enough so that wasn't a problem.

As usual, Nick was looking for ways to make things even more fun and exciting. When he finished necking with his mother, he said to no one in particular, "You know what would be really neat? If I pull Maggie's shirt up to her shoulders. I might as well, since it's practically see-through anyway."

Maggie urgently hissed, "Don't you DARE!" She looked down at Hillary's sliding fingers, and then hissed at her too. "If you don't fuckin' stroke the shit out of his fuckin' cock-monster and make him cum like a geyser, I'll have to do it myself!" She wanted to reward Nick in a big way for bringing her to such dizzying erotic heights.

Hillary cheekily suggested, "Why don't you join me?"

Maggie was staggered by that. "Why the hell DON'T I? Duh! Hillary, you're brilliant!" She reached down, and soon the two of them were stroking him in tandem, happily working together to get him to cum.

Hillary and Maggie had developed a cock sharing rapport during their many minutes of joint handjob action at the movie theater on Friday. Back then, they'd started out with one hand on top of the other, and then their hands switched places from time to time, to be as equitable as possible. But eventually they'd switched to a more satisfying "free style," where they both did whatever they wanted and figured the sharing would balance out in the end.

This time, they immediately went right back to that style. For instance, Hillary had been focused on rubbing Nick's sweet spot, since she knew how much he loved that. But she let go and stroked his shaft instead, wanting to generously give Maggie the prime position for a while. Maggie immediately took over stimulating his cockhead and sweet spot. Hillary knew from their movie theater sharing that Maggie wasn't greedy, and that their hands would be frequently changing places and moving all around.

For the next minute or two, Maggie cursed herself out for her stupidity in not thinking of that herself. "Stupid! I just sat here with my hands at my sides when there's all this thick, throbbing, hot cock to enjoy. Duh!" In addition to feeling regretful, she also hoped to inspire more cock-lust in Hillary.

Hillary heard that and liked it, but much of her mental focus was elsewhere. She kept looking out the window, trying to find people that she knew so she could wave to them while jacking Nick off. For some reason, she found that great fun. Speaking quietly so that only Nick and Maggie could hear, she would say things like, "Howdy, Dave! Did you know that I'm jacking off a big fat cock right now? Actually, that's not true. I'm only fondling his balls while Maggie gets her turn at the top, but it'll be my turn again in a minute. What do you think, Dave? Would you like two busty beauties to jack you off together? Soooorryyyyyy! Not gonna happen!"

The crowd was thinning out as the minutes passed and people got into their cars and drove away. Plus, Hillary still didn't know that many people at her new school yet, especially considering that she was a junior and two-thirds of them were either sophomores or seniors. As a result, she started pretending to recognize people, just so she'd have more fun things to say. To Nick's delight, she began talking about blowjobs sometimes. "Hey, Becky! Can you see me? How 'bout if I bend over and swallow Nick's thick cock-monster into my mouth? Would you see me then? I think not! Do you think I can cram it all the way in? Would you like to see me try?"

Maggie liked when Hillary said those sorts of things, because they were arousing everyone. She also was tickled pink that Hillary had picked up the "cock-monster" nickname she'd recently started using for Nick's penis.

Nick was over the moon from what his two great loves were doing to him. He was getting very close to cumming.

But just when he was starting to think about maybe making an announcement that he was getting close, Hillary's face showed distress, and she muttered in an ominous tone, "Oh... shit! Shit, shit, shit!"

"What?" he asked.

"It's Spencer! He just walked out of the school doors for some reason. Oh no! He saw me, and he's waving! Shit! I remember now - I was supposed to meet him after I said bye to you. He must have been looking around for me. And now he's walking this way!"

Even as she said this, she was still jacking off the top of Nick's boner, since it was her latest turn there. But now she let go while she waved back with her other hand. She muttered, "What do we do?!"

Despite the danger of the situation, and having never seen Spencer before, Maggie immediately spotted who he was. She thought, Dammit! He IS one handsome devil! And he does look startlingly like a young Robert Redford, even from a distance. He looks hunky and muscular too. Not good! No wonder Nick worries about the competition.

Nick really didn't want Spencer to meet Maggie. He figured Spencer would immediately try to charm her, and that would make Nick sick. He said, "Quick! Maggie, let's get out of here! Oh shit! And your tits! Your T-shirt!" Although the shirt was still over her breasts, it didn't hide much. He most definitely didn't want Spencer to see Maggie in a nearly see-through top.

And yet, Spencer was walking towards the car, and he didn't have that far to go.

Maggie suddenly pushed Nick off her. "Quick! Stand up! Oh, and zip up first, dumb ass!" She never called him things like "dumb ass," but she was panicky.

Nick furtively tucked his boner away and zipped up. Then he opened the car door all the way and stood up.

While he was doing that, Maggie bent down and found her windbreaker near her feet. While she stayed bent down below window level, she somehow managed to put it on.

At the same time, Hillary was double checking to make sure that she was presentable. She realized her main problem was that one of her hands was sticky with cum, so she worked on wiping her hand on her clothes. Like Maggie, she was careful to do that below window level. As she did so, she spoke quietly out of the corner of her mouth to the others, "He's getting closer still! What should I do?"

Nick said, "He's your friend, not mine. Why don't you get out and greet him? Maggie and I will burn rubber and get the hell out of here!"


So Hillary got out of the car. "Hey, Spencer! What's up?" As he got near her, she held her arms out, preparing to give him a hug.

Meanwhile, Nick quickly walked around the car and got in the front passenger seat. He wanted to just run, but Maggie had been scrambling to get presentable too, and there hadn't been enough time for her to start the car and drive away.

Now, Nick had no choice but to interact with Spencer at least some. When the quick hug between Spencer and Hillary ended, he waved at Spencer, and said, "Hey. How goes it?" He was trying very hard to look and act normal.

"Good," Spencer replied. "I was just looking for Hillary." He joked, "It looks like you kidnapped her or something."

Nick faked a chuckle. "Yeah." He was relieved to hear the sound of Maggie starting the Prius. "Hey, you showing up reminded me that we've gotta run. I'll catch you later. Bye! See you later, Hillary!"

As the car started to pull away, Hillary remembered something, and shouted at Nick and Maggie, "Hey, wait a minute! Shoot, there were important things I wanted to discuss, but we got distracted. Promise we'll meet tomorrow after school, okay?"

Nick shouted back "Okay," while Maggie just nodded her head.

Both Spencer and Hillary waved at Nick as Maggie drove the car away.

The awkward thing was that Nick hadn't introduced Maggie to Spencer. As a result, Spencer had a puzzled look on his face as the car made its way through the parking lot and out to the street.

Nick slumped down in his seat and sighed in relief as Spencer disappeared out of sight. "Phew! That was close!"

Maggie said, "That WAS close! My heart is racing, even more than it was already. But why didn't you introduce him to me? He's going to be suspicious."

"So what? Let him be suspicious. I'd rather that than him finding some cum gob on your face or something."

She tilted her rear view mirror and had a good look at her face while waiting at a traffic light. "Hmmm. There's nothing on my face. Besides, how could there be? Your cock wasn't anywhere near my face."

He loved the way she casually talked about his cock, and he especially loved that she was comfortable enough to nearly always call it "cock." It showed how far they'd come in a short time.

He sighed again. "I know. Now that you mention it. But still, it could have been something like that. Better safe than sorry. What if he looked in the car and saw how short your miniskirt is?" He reached over and tugged her miniskirt up a couple of inches. Just from that, Maggie's pussy briefly came into view before the miniskirt fell back into place. Her slit was very wet.

Maggie realized he had a good point.

He added, "He can meet you some other time. Plus, there's the fact that I don't want him to meet you at all!"

Despite her great nervousness from the close call, she smiled from ear to ear. "Awww. How cute! You're acting just like an over-protective boyfriend. I love it!"

He just grumbled. He muttered, "Damn Spencer! It's bad enough he's trying to steal Hillary from me. Now he's a cock blocker too!"

He was especially annoyed that Spencer caused Hillary to get separated from them. He'd been hoping and almost assuming the three of them would go off somewhere private for some more intense sexual fun together.

He also wondered what the heck Hillary was doing with Spencer after school. Whatever it was, he didn't like it, especially since she hadn't even mentioned it to him.

Maggie waited until the car came to a stop light. She held her arms out. "Here, quick, help me take this stupid windbreaker off."

"Gladly!" He was able to get it off before the light changed.

As soon as the car started, Maggie's big boobs started bouncing. Her white top was so thin that he could easily see her nipples through it. But he loved the shirt even more for its total failure to support her E-cups in any way. Although they were driving down a straight, flat road, her globes bounced so much that it seemed like they were in a four-wheel drive going over open country.

She stopped the car at another light. Then she hiked her tight black miniskirt up, way up. In fact, she was careful to make sure her miniskirt would stay high enough for him to see her bald and leaking pussy.

In a flash, his lingering fear from the close call with Spencer disappeared, and pure lusty desire took over. "Whoa! Ma-aggie!"

Since the light was still red, she teased him, "Would you like to touch that, baby? Hmmm? I'll bet you would." She dragged her fingers slowly over her thigh, towards her honey pot. But before her fingers got there, the light changed and she had to put both hands back on the steering wheel.

"Damn!" he cursed. "You're a tease. Grrr. You know I can't touch you there."

"I'm not a tease, baby. Teases leave you with blue balls. Whereas we're going to be home in a minute, with the car parked in the garage, and the contents of your balls are going to be splattered all over my face!"

"DAMN! Hurry! Hurry!"

She laughed. But she was as eager to be home as he was. She glanced over at him with bedroom eyes. "Son, your mother isn't a cock teaser, she's a cock PLEASER. Don't you agree?" She proudly ran a finger from her shoulder down to her left nipple, and traced a circle around it. Then, with her eyes mostly on the road, her finger kept on going down her taut tummy to her hip.

From there, she jumped the space between seats and ran her finger across his thigh to the bulge in his shorts. She circled around the clear shape of his cockhead twice. "We're going to take good care of this, believe me!"

He groaned needfully. "Oh, Ma!" He was too horny to worry much about calling her that, since they were alone and away from school.

She was sorely tempted to unzip his shorts and jack him off all the way home. But she remembered that she'd promised herself earlier in the day to take it a little easier on him. Plus, being the adult and the parent, she reminded herself that it was vital to drive safely all the way home.

He ran a hand up and down her nearest thigh, giving her goose bumps from his light, tantalizing contact. He asked plaintively, "Why can't I ever touch your pussy? Would it really be such a big deal?"

"Oh boy. Here we go. I could see this coming from a mile away. Yes, it is a big deal. Let's not talk about it now, or you'll ruin the mood. Okay?"

He pouted, "Okay." He stopped talking about it, but he inched his fingers closer and closer until they crossed from her thigh to her pussy mound, right where her bush used to be.

She ignored how dangerously close he was coming to touching her clit or slit, especially right after she'd just warned him. It felt good! As she drove, she said, "You know what I feel like? I feel like parking this car in the garage, taking off ALL my clothes, tilting the seat way back, and then have you crawl up my body and fuck my tits! Then I want you to cum all over my face!"

"Mmmm," he agreed. His fingers inched even closer, until they were right at the edge of her pussy lips.

She decided that was too close. She continued in a harsher tone, "BUT... that's not going to happen unless you pay attention to where your hand is going, buster!"

He quickly withdrew his hand. "Yes, ma'am."

She muttered, "That's better."

But just seconds later, his hand was back on her leg, although he steered clear of her pussy mound this time. He ran a finger through a rivulet on her inner thigh. "Ma, you're really wet, er, down in this area. What if Spencer saw your wetness? He certainly would have been able to smell it."

She replied with some irritation, "Am I your mother or your girlfriend?"

"You're both," he replied matter-of-factly.

She loved that reply, and grinned widely. Good answer! Dammit! Why aren't we home already?! She reached to his crotch and gave his bulge a firm squeeze. "Oh dear. Whatever am I going to do with you? Such a COCKY young man!"

With her round, tanned boobs still bouncing all over under her top, she kept a hand on his bulge, and rhythmically squeezed it. They were almost home now and on empty suburban streets, so she figured she could let go a little bit. She purred lustily, "Are you going to show me just how COCKY you are?"

"Oh, Ma!" He was so turned on that it was all he could think to say.

She smirked knowingly. "Good answer." She unzipped his fly and pulled his boner out. She liked that he wasn't wearing underwear. She got tingly thinking how often he must have shown off his obscene bulge in his classes that day.

As she started to stroke him, skin-on-skin, she said, "I like that you forgot to wear underwear today! You might want to think about not wearing underwear anymore, period! It just gets in the way. Besides, your big fat cock is one of your best assets. Let all the girls at school see just what you're packing here. And you'll get Hillary so hot that she'll want to gag on your jawbreaker during lunch instead of actually eat!"

Nick just groaned. He had to close his eyes, because between Maggie's handjob, her sexy talk, and the way her boobs were bouncing freely under her shirt, he worried he'd cum before they even got home.

Yet, he managed to say, "Um, actually, I didn't forget. The other day, Hillary recommended I should never wear underwear, just like you said now. She told me she wants easy access to my dick!"

That further inflamed Maggie's lust. "Smart girl! You should listen to her advice!" She groaned erotically as she jacked him off more aggressively. "Are you gonna do it, go without underwear from now on?!"

"I've started already," he said proudly. "It's a problem sometimes, since I get stiff a lot. But Hillary's usually sitting next to me, or near me, and I love seeing her furtively checking it out. It's totally worth the hassle!"

"Good for you! That gets me so hot! I love thinking about her, staring at your fat bulge in class and fantasizing about what she's going to do with it! Son, if you want her to fall in love with you for the long-term, get her totally addicted to your cock first! So it's always on her mind, and she's always thinking about pleasuring you and pleasing you!"

She thought, Like I am! There's nothing fair or balanced or normal about our relationship, but I like it like that!

She couldn't stop tempting him, while adoringly sliding his fingers all over his increasingly pre-cum soaked boner. "Remember how I promised you earlier that I'd give you a big reward for being a cruel cocktease this morning?"

He nodded.

"Well, let's just say that in a few minutes I doubt I'll be able to talk because my lips will be stretched open wide in a perfect 'O' shape! I wonder what will be filling my mouth. Do you have any idea?" She gave his erection an extra hard squeeze, just in case he had any doubt.

He groaned again, almost helplessly.

She thought with a happy smirk, Yep! Son, you've turned your very own big-titted mother into your girlfriend. But I'm less your actual girlfriend and more your cock-pleasuring SLUT! And now you're going to have me choke and slurp and bob on your impossibly thick cock! My mouth is watering so much that it's ridiculous! I hope Hillary goes full slut on him too, so we can slut it up together!

You're going to make me your personal cocksucker too, aren't you? I might just have to drive you to school every single time, from Monday to Friday, just so you can stuff my face with sweet cockmeat twice a day! And since you say you cum in twos, that means I could coax FOUR cum loads out of you each day from that alone!

Her head spun dizzily as she contemplated how much cocksucking would be in her life, if she had her way. It was a struggle to drive, especially with her hand sliding up and down his fat boner.

— — —

They finally made it back home ten minutes later, with Maggie speeding all the way there. She quickly parked the car.

The two of them waited patiently until the garage door closed behind the car. The only action was Maggie adjusting her seat so it tilted all the way back. She couldn't wait to be lying underneath him with nothing but her high heels on.

They stayed still until the door was closed all the way, and then they burst into action. Within seconds, Maggie's seat was tilted as far back as it could go, and Nick was on top of her like a hungry wolf.

Not too many more seconds after that, all of her clothes were on the floor, Nick's shorts had been pulled off, he was sitting on her chest, and his dick was buried in her cleavage!

"Aaaaah!" Nick sighed with relief as her big tits sloshed and squeezed up and down on either side of his shaft. He cleverly didn't move his dick at all, to make it easier for her tongue and lips to get involved. He sighed even more happily when she started licking the tip of his cockhead a few moments later.

"Ma, you're the BEST!" he exclaimed when she managed to engulf his entire cockhead in her mouth a mere minute or two after that. He started turning her nipples like radio dials, and that inspired her to somehow cram another half inch of thick cock in her mouth.

Both of them were so worked up, this wasn't the time for finesse. Maggie was getting better at the titfuck/blowjob combo. She was very pleased that she could essentially pick up right where she'd left off last time. Almost straight away, she's gotten all of his fat knob in her mouth, and was able to bob right to his sweet spot! She knew to give her absolute extreme best effort to make that happen.

It caused her eyes to water from the great struggle, but it was totally worth it in her mind. She wanted to become a titfuck/blowjob combo expert, because it was her two favorite activities in one!

This time, she was determined to do both the sucking and the titfucking ably and simultaneously. And after sucking him the regular way, and using lots of tongue, she wanted to get her tongue involved too. She bobbed and licked and slid her boobs all over his throbbing, hot pole. It was a challenge, almost like trying to play three musical instruments simultaneously, but she actually preferred that it was so difficult. It certainly would never get boring, when just keeping his cockhead in her mouth was a never-ending struggle.

In return, he fondled her tits and nipples as enthusiastically as if he was touching them for the first time.

In the middle of all this, she thought about how sore and exhausted she'd felt on her way to pick him up, thanks to overdoing her exercising and gardening. That was fairly comical to recall now, because her body was positively bursting with energy.

Despite her improved skill, based on growing experience, she still had to pull all the way off his hot pole every couple of minutes. Keeping her head craned down into an extremely uncomfortable position was just too tough.

However, there was one good thing to come from that. Her improved skill at sexual multitasking meant that what she was doing was significantly more arousing than her morning titfuck/blowjob effort, and that already was extremely stimulating. Such breaks allowed Nick to rest a recover at least a little bit, so he hopefully could hold out a lot longer before cumming.

As time passed, the titfuck/blowjob combo turned more into just a straight-up blowjob. As much as Maggie loved titfucking, she loved cocksucking more. She absolutely adored it. Already, she couldn't imagine going without it. She was sure that it would become a regular part of their lives from now on, at least as long as she could cling to being his "girlfriend."

Nick scooted up, more than ever before, so he was partially sitting on his mother's soft boobs. That allowed her to cram another inch or two into her mouth. That made all the difference, since she could now focus on pleasuring his sweet spot with her lips and tongue.

Maggie had already put the same pillow that she used last time under her head. That, plus the extra inch or two Nick scooted forward, was critical. For the first time from this position, she could reach his sweet spot with ease, so she didn't have to crane her head forward and down as awkwardly as before. This wasn't just a sort of titfuck/blowjob combo, this was a true blowjob! The changes also meant that she didn't have to stop and recover every couple of minutes. She could suck him non-stop!

True, she couldn't slide her lips a couple more inches down to gagging, near deep-throating levels, but that wasn't a big loss since she wanted to focus on his sweet spot region the vast majority of the time anyway.

Nick had taken over holding and sliding her tits from her at some point, as she got more and more intensely focused on just the sucking. With him sitting partially up on her tits, the titfuck was definitely on life support. But kept his hands on her boobs and frequently played with them, especially pulling on or twisting her nipples.

He found he could do that without thinking at all, like his hands had a mind of their own. That was a very lucky thing, because he often was so horny that he hardly knew up from down. He had to focus much of his attention on squeezing his PC muscle, fervently fighting the urge to cum.

She paid next to no mind to what his hands were doing to her tits and nipples on a conscious level, due to her extreme concentration on her tongue and sliding lips. But her body definitely felt a very pleasurable effect. She even had a couple of minor orgasms, from him nipple twisting alone.

Not that many days ago, she hadn't even known she could cum from nipple play alone. It had never happened with Andy, even though their sex life had been pretty good for most of their marriage. But with Nick, everything was on an entirely different level. She almost felt like a virgin, because it was like she was learning everything sexual anew.

After a while, he wiped his brow of sweat, and exclaimed, "Damn, Ma! You're the best titfucker ever!"

Her mouth was crammed with cock so she was unable to reply. But she thought, "Titfucker." Right. He talks like he's not even noticing how much I've been slathering my tongue all over his most sensitive spot. The titfucking part hardly plays into it at all, although... Dammit, there he goes twisting my nipples again! Soooo gooood! He must know how that drives me wild!

She wasn't just saying that either, since she was going wild on his cock by any possible measure. She began vigorously bobbing her head back and forth faster and with more suction, trying with all her might to get him to cum. Because of their positioning, she only had an inch or two beyond her cockhead to bob with, but she made the most of it, sliding her lips over his sweet spot repeatedly, and with incredible power and tightness. As if that wasn't enough, her tongue flitted like a hummingbird over that same sweet spot whenever it could.

It felt so fantastic for him that tears actually rolled down his cheeks, for a change. It was almost like some kind of religious ecstasy. The only problem was that the urge to cum soon grew too much for him to resist.

They were starting to develop a routine, but it was nonetheless a routine they both loved dearly: sensing it was time to cum, he scooted down, took hold of his erection, and aimed it at her.

She sat up and shouted, "That's right! Cum on me! My face! My tits!" She cupped her tits from below and pushed them together to create a more tempting target.

Nick's entire body hummed with desire as he shot his load all over her face. He closed his eyes and saw stars.

When the time was right and he was peaking with unbelievable orgasmic euphoria, she wanted to touch her clit. However, she couldn't do it because she was pushing her tits together and forward, and she didn't want to stop doing that. Nick was splattering cum all over her, and she loved it.

She seriously considered asking him to reach around behind his back and touch her clit for her. But she didn't want to set a precedent there. Besides, he was so out of it in orgasmic never-never land that she doubted he'd be able to manage it any time soon.

Instead, she waited until the last weak spurts landed on her tummy. Then she reached around and found her clit. All she had to do was lightly brush her fingertip against it, and she came, hard! In fact, she kept on cumming for a full two minutes after he was done.

Nick had never felt so satisfied. The sheer sexual pleasure was great, of course. But even more than that, he was thrilled that she'd blown him in such an overt way. Between this and what had happened in the morning, he was confident they had turned a corner. She simply loved sucking his cock! It was obvious. If she could do this to him again and again, his future was so bright that it outshone the Sun!

His orgasm faded, but his dick remained hard.

Maggie was in awe when she saw that. It's true! He really DOES stay hard for a second time! Hot damn! I'm salivating again already. It's going to be so hard to give him up to Hillary. He's an insatiable horn dog in his sexual prime!

However, after a great climax like that, his body still needed to rest and recover. He scooted back down her body but remained on top of her with his head resting just above her boob-pillows. He closed his eyes and sighed with profound contentment.

He muttered sleepily, "Ma, I mean, Maggie, I know I keep saying it, but you've made my life a living dream. That was about the most joy I've ever felt. Ever! Thank you. I love you so much!"

She smiled and ran a hand through his hair. "No, thank YOU. You've made me pretty darn happy too. You know I love you."

She closed her eyes and rested for a while too. She kept an arm around him, and he kept his arms around her. She brought her other hand down to his erection and lazily but steadily stroked her fingers through his cummy wetness.

A minute or two later, she sensed he'd fallen asleep. She kept right on tenderly jacking him off. Even though he wasn't conscious to enjoy it, she was still loving it. Besides, she figured it had to help give him sweet, erotic dreams, and she wanted him stiff for when he woke up. She had yet to suck him while kneeling between his legs, and she hoped to do that next. She was really looking forward to it.

At the same time, she freed her arm that had been around him and used her hand to swipe cum gobs from her cheeks and feed them into her mouth. Look at me, I've become a cum addict. Jesus, I love it when he blasts at my face from close up! Mmmm... and cuddling with him is really nice too. I only wish he'd taken his T-shirt off first, so we could snuggle skin-to-skin all over.

I must admit, I kind of like it when he gets me naked while he stays mostly clothed. It makes me feel even MORE slutty! And that's really, really slutty, because it's obvious even to him by now that I've fallen in love with sucking his cock especially!

Oh my. I've fallen so far. I've become so addicted all around. Look at me: I can't even stop playing with his cock when he's sleeping! It's not healthy. What'll I do if he succeeds with the Hillary plan, and I really have to hand him off to her eventually? How long can I delay that happening?! Weeks? Months? Years?! Gaaaawwwwd! Years!

Where is this leading? What am I doing stuck in a dead-end marriage with a depressed and listless cheater, not to mention a near invalid?

Things are changing, for sure. I've got a strong feeling that I'll be divorced in a matter of months. Why wait until Nick graduates? If nothing else, all this sex with my son has made me realize what a dead end road I've been heading down. I've got to get off my duff and make a new life for myself!

I just hope that life will involve Nick. A naked and very stiff Nick! She chuckled to herself, as she looked at her fingers still adoringly sliding on his boner, even as he slept. I mean, I'm still his mother and that can't change. I can't actually fuck him. If things can just continue like this, forever... The fake girlfriend plan, always in motion but never quite finished, that would be perfect!

She started to feel sleepy too. She still held his stiff boner, but she finally stopped stroking it as sleep overtook her.

When she awoke about ten minutes later, her erotic mood had mostly dissipated. She still held Nick's penis, but it had gone flaccid in her hand. She decided that was for the best, and she let go.

She was loathe to do it, because it meant going back to "Margaret mode," but after about ten minutes she woke Nick up. He too had come down from his erotic high. So they reluctantly cleaned up and dressed.

However, just before they left the garage and entered the house proper, something important occurred to Nick. He put a hand on Maggie's shoulder, stopping her. "Hey! Wait! Before you turn back into Margaret, there's something you need to remember."

"What's that?" she asked impatiently. She was irritable because she'd already started to get into her Margaret frame of mind.

He pointed out, "Remember what Hillary said, right as we were driving away? She asked us to promise to meet her after school tomorrow, to discuss some important stuff."

"Oh yeah," Maggie said. "She did say that, didn't she? Do you think she meant both of us? I'm not supposed to drive you to school tomorrow you know, so I'd rather it just be you."

"I'm sure she meant both of us. Think about it. Things got really wild at the movie theater, but since then, her situation with me had still remained in a sort of limbo. She doesn't know where she stands. She's absolutely going to need to talk to you as well as me to get clarity on that. Plus, I'm sure she's going to need to tell us both details about the party plans."

Maggie acted like she was being inconvenienced, when she was secretly delighted. "Hmmm. You're right. All right then. I suppose I have no choice but to drive you to school again tomorrow, so I can meet you afterwards."

"Yeay!" Nick was so psyched by that, he actually jumped into the air as he raised a triumphant fist.

Maggie chuckled. She looked nothing but tolerantly amused on the outside, but on the inside, her heart was doing backflips. YEESSSSS! That means more cocksucking as soon as tomorrow morning! We should have breakfast even earlier. That'll give me more time to get completely naked and writhe helplessly under my handsome son as he sticks his cock monster right down my throat!

Then she said, "Don't get any big ideas, Sport. Our agreement is I take you to school two days a week. Tomorrow will be the third this week, so that one isn't gonna count."

"Bummer." He didn't understand what she meant by having such a time "count." He decided it was probably best not to ask about it when she wasn't aroused, in case she came up with restrictions.

He put that issue aside and thought about what was likely to happen tomorrow. His frown quickly turned back into a smile. "Still, I'll get to see you and Hillary, and then there's the party you agreed to go to. This weekend is gonna be awesome!"

Maggie just rolled her eyes with slight amusement. She opened the door to the house and went inside. But truth be told, she was nearly as excited as he was. It was just that she felt like she couldn't show her true feelings, not even to herself.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.