Chapter 26: Costume Photoshoot (Thursday)
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Nick went upstairs and settled in his bedroom. Although he wasn't feeling extremely aroused at the moment, he still was riding a buzz of excitement and lust from what happened earlier. Fuckin' unreal! Ma is becoming my lover for real. My mother! My centerfold-worthy mother! And Hillary seems really hot for me. We did that crazy storage room at lunch, and she actually stroked my boner some bit in the parking lot, with Ma right there! That's awesome too! I'm totally and continually amazed at how well my fake girlfriend plan is going.

But, I can't forget that I have more work to do to make sure the plan can continue progressing successfully. I may not be as handsome, rich, or strong as someone like Spencer, but I'm a smart guy. I have to be more clever. Nice guys like me don't have to finish last if we use our brains.

His first task was to give Maggie her fake driver's license. He called up the forger and found out it was ready. So he got on his bike and went to pick it up.

Nick came home an hour later with less money in his pocket, but the fake driver's license there. Now, he just had to convince Maggie to accept it. He needed to talk to her about this right away, and he also had some other serious Maggie-related issues to discuss.

Maggie was taking a nap in her room. She needed rest from overdoing the gardening and exercising, plus all the sexual fun.

Nick waited until she was up and about. Then he talked her into meeting in the "neutral ground" backyard so they could talk about some serious things.

Maggie was careful to go into the backyard wearing pants and a long-sleeved shirt that showed no cleavage, as well as a bra and panties. She didn't want Nick to get any ideas, nor did she want her own body to betray her. She was very determined to keep her Maggie and Margaret lives separate, because she felt her entire life would come apart at the seams if she let Maggie mode take over

The two of them spoke with gardening shears in their hands, and they trimmed some bushes while they did it. The last thing Maggie wanted to do was more gardening, after spending a good part of the day doing just that, but she wanted to be extra careful not to give Andy any reason to be suspicious. Nick sometimes helped Maggie with the gardening, so this would look perfectly normal if Andy happened to see them in the backyard (which was highly unlikely in any case).

Maggie said to him, "Okay, Sport. You're on the clock. Let's make this fast. I've got things to do."

Actually, she didn't. She suffered from boredom and lack of purpose in her life in general. But she didn't want to stay around Nick in "neutral" territory for very long, because she got so horny for him so easily. She did hope to get back to working on her novella project after she was done talking to him though.

He said, "Okay. I've got two things to discuss. First off, I hope you're not mad at me, but I took the liberty of having a fake driver's license made for you." He took the fake ID out of his pocket and handed it to her.

Maggie was shocked and upset. But she rested her shears on a bush and looked at the license first to see just what he was talking about. After a cursory glance, she said, "I don't get it. This is just a copy of my real license. The only difference is a newer photo. Why did you bother?!"

"No, it's not. It's the exact same everything, except for three things." He pointed out on the license, "First, your photo is different, as you obviously noticed. Maggie is a blonde, so you should be blonde on your ID. This'll make it seem you were always that way. Plus, your previous photo made you look older, and frumpy. You looked over 30."

She exclaimed, "I AM over 30!"

"No you're not. You're Maggie Palmer and you're 21 years old. It says right here."

She rolled her eyes at the circular reasoning of that. She also didn't notice at first that he said "21" instead of "20."

"Second, your address is different." He pointed to the license again. "See here? I used our old address, because how could you have the same address on your license as I do on mine if you've just started renting here a few months ago? And third, your year of birth is different. Just the year. That's key! The whole point of having this is if anyone who thinks of us as girlfriend and boyfriend suspects we're mother and son, we can show this to them. Your last name is already different than mine, so we're covered there. But your birth date would be a dead giveaway, since it shows that you're 33 instead of 21."

She pointed out, "Thirty-three is still pretty darn young to have given birth to someone as old as you."

"True, but it just barely puts you in the possible mother range. That's dangerous. Besides, we're telling everyone you're a 20-year-old college student. Why would we lie about your age unless we had something to hide?"

She suggested, "Maybe I'm just an older student and I'm trying to hide my age? And maybe I'm embarrassed about our age difference?"

He said, "Maybe. But still, it'll cause suspicion."

His three mentions about her being 21 finally sank in for her. "Wait. You just said 21, and more than once. I thought I was supposed to be 20."

"Oh yeah. That's another thing I had to change. People make fake IDs mostly so they can drink legally. It would have raised suspicions if I asked for an ID to make you 20. So I made it 21. If anyone complains about the difference, you could just say you were embarrassed about the age gap between you and me, and you were trying to minimize that enough."

She sighed. "That makes sense, I guess."

He said, "Besides, that'll give you another year to fill in for your backstory novella. I figured that's more of a good thing than a bad thing, since you've got a lot of experiences to 'transfer over' to just a few years of your life. And it'll be a bit more plausible that you're a more mature, experienced person, if we make you one year older."

"I suppose," she said reluctantly. "But is all this subterfuge really necessary?"

He said, "Better safe than sorry. I'm especially worried about Hillary. You and I both know that we're going to call each other 'Son' or 'Ma' or something like that around her eventually. We say it too much to suddenly stop on a dime. That's something we need to get out of the habit of doing now, by the way. Anyway, she's probably going to develop suspicions sooner or later. If she finds out you're 33, that'll confirm those suspicions."

He waved the fake ID in his hand. "But, if she sees this 'proof' that you're only 21, how can you be my mother? You'd have given birth to me when you were, like, four years old. It's totally impossible!"

Maggie had to admit to herself that was a good point. "Okay. Maybe. But then how will we explain it if we call each other 'Ma' or 'Son' or the like?"

"Simple, we'll just keep doing what we've been doing. You ARE three years older than me. Er, actually four years now. We'll just say that we're playing on that. Remember that one time early on, that fateful Tuesday, when you called me 'Son' and we played it off by saying it was a joke about our age?"

"Of course. She didn't seem to give it much thought. I hope she'd long forgotten that."

"Me too. But there also was that one time I called you 'Ma' in front of her and we kind of made a joke out of it. Remember that?"

"I do."

"That's bound to happen some more. Maybe even a lot more. I can be alert about using words when I'm talking to her, but what happens when we get into more threesome sexual situations like our Friday movie date? I get so horny that I can't think straight. And I know it's the same for you. We're going to slip up."

She clutched her hands to her chest. "You're scaring me! I hadn't realized it was that dire!"

"It's not, if we're clever and proactive," he said. "I'm thinking we should start role-playing that we're mother and son in a very intentional and overt way, before we slip up more. It can be a kinky thing, with the excuse that we're playing up our age difference. She'll buy that, because she sees us doing all sorts of sexually wild stuff. We can even have fun with it. AND it'll give us immunity for any future slip-ups!"

She shook her head in amazement. "You know what, Son? You really are smart. And bold. That's an audacious, brilliant idea." She adored the possibility that she might be able to eventually have threesome fun with Hillary will still being able to continue with the incestuous language that was such a big turn-on for her and her son.

"Thanks! 'Necessity is the mother of invention,' as the saying goes."

She nodded, then looked down at the driver's license she was still holding. "As for this, I'm not so sure. I guess this isn't a terrible idea, although I have big questions about how you got this and paid for it. Plus, doing it without asking me about it first!" She wagged a finger at him and scowled.

He held up both hands defensively, having already put his shears on a bush too. "Hey. I'm just trying to do the right thing here. I knew that if I asked you first, you would have said it's not necessary. As for the cost, don't worry about it. The peace of mind that you have this is worth way more than any money. And I had an acquaintance of a friend from my old high school do it. There's no danger there that they'll know who you are or why we did this."

She took the license in hand and looked at it more carefully. "But what about the cops?"

"Oh, you won't use the fake one when you're driving. Just keep it in your wallet behind your real license. Use your real one for everything, just like usual. The fake one doesn't have the magnetic strips and all that high tech jazz to actually work. But it LOOKS totally perfect. And that's all that matters if Hillary or someone else gets suspicious."

He added, "In fact, maybe we can be extra clever. If Hillary asks you your age, instead of just telling her, show her your fake license. Or give her some other excuse to see it. That'll give us a ton of leeway for an occasional verbal screw-up, if she has 'proof' in her mind that you're 21."

She nodded. "Okay. I should be mad at you, but it's just too good of an idea for me to get upset. We've been negligent in not thinking about precautions like this and coming up with cover stories in case of mistakes."

"I know. And I'm just as much to blame as you on that, if not more. The truth is, deep down in my heart I didn't think the fake girlfriend plan would really work! I thought it was a good plan, sure, but it was just too bizarre to imagine Hillary actually wanting ME! In ANY possible scenario! But she does! Now we need to think more long-term, so all that we accomplished this far isn't wasted."

Maggie nodded. "You do realize though that in the very long-term, we're screwed, right? If I'm your girlfriend, then who is your actual mother? What if she comes over to visit you in your house? What if she meets Andy? What if she sees a picture of my mother, and realizes it's the same person you said was your grandmother from another picture? I could go on. The original plan was just to have me interact with her a little bit. The more she gets to know us, the more ways our scheme can unravel!"

He nodded back soberly. "I know. And I worry. But, if you're willing, we'll just have to step up our game. For instance, I think you writing that backstory novella is going to help a lot. We can do this! It's not impossible."

She sighed. "No, it's not. You know I'm trying my best already. I really like Hillary. I don't want to blow this for you. I just don't know what the ultimate end game is. I mean... either she'll discover the truth about us eventually, or you'll break up. What if you marry her?! Do you think you can continue a deceitful scheme for decades?! We can't maintain the lie forever. I don't see a happy ending here."

He grimaced. "I'm not that pessimistic. They say true love conquers all. I'm hoping that she and I can bond so strongly that if she does find out the truth, our relationship will survive it. Maybe that's pie in the sky dreaming, but that's all I've got at this point."

She picked up her shears and resumed snipping at branches. "Okay. We've done what we can about that for now. I'll put that fake in my wallet and keep it with me. Plus, I'll try to find some excuse to show it to Hillary, and hope to God I don't accidentally show her the other one, or anything else that shows my real age. Thanks for being your usual smart self and thinking ahead."

He nodded. He felt a big sense of relief. He had an intuition that this fake ID would prove very valuable to them before long.

She asked, "Now, what's the other thing you want to discuss?"

He sighed as he thought about his second big suggestion. "It's about Hillary too. Things are going really well with her, as you know. Almost unbelievably well, in fact. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that this isn't all the best dream I've ever had. But I'm also concerned. She's lusting for me, big time, I think mostly thanks to you. For instance, what happened in the car after school today was super hot and super fun. But it wouldn't have been special and exciting if you weren't there. If it's just me, it gets pretty boring, pretty fast. She'll see right through my posing and lies and realize I'm still the same shy, nondescript kid she vaguely knew as a classmate these last years."

Maggie said, "Son, we've talked about this exact thing already. You sell yourself too short. You're got a LOT going for you. And I'm not just talking about the extraordinary tool you're packing in your shorts. You and Hillary have a TON in common! You're both vegetarians, politically liberal, classic rock music lovers, and so much more. The more she gets to know you, the real you, the more she'll like you. I truly believe that."

Nick looked doubtful, but he said, "I sure hope so. That's kind of my only chance, really. I figure that she and I have this sexual fire burning between us right now, and that's great. But our relationship won't last long if that's all there is to it."

Maggie said, "That's very perceptive. You're wise beyond your years, Sport."

"Thanks. But it doesn't take a wise man to see that, because I've been watching Hillary's relationships for a long time now, and it's always the same: she gets the hots for some girl or guy, they get into it hot and heavy for a few weeks, and then the flame burns out. Soon enough, she moves on to the next flavor of the month."

He gesticulated with his hands, speaking with greater passion. "I don't want to be just her next flavor of the month! I really love her, Ma! I suppose it's too much to hope that she and I could get married someday, given how young we are, but that's kind of my big dream, anyway. If not that, at least we could be together until she and I graduate from high school, don't you think? Chances are, we'll go to different colleges in different towns. But AT LEAST until then, I want to get really serious with her! Really, really serious! Sex? Sure! She's a sex goddess! But not JUST sex. I've been her secret follower for a long time, and I love everything about her!"

Maggie felt a sharp pang of jealousy in her chest. She wished that Nick would tell her that he really loved her, not Hillary, and wanted to stay with her forever. But she realized, That's totally irrational and impossible! He's my SON! Just because he's sending me into orbit sexually these days, I can't get all moony over him. I love him deeply, sure, but as a SON! Our sexual relationship is doomed! Doomed!

She refocused, and smiled a genuine smile as she thought positive vibes for Nick and Hillary. "That's sweet. And I'm rooting for you, I really am. Don't dare mention the marriage word to her, or even talk about these long-term dreams of yours, because you'll scare her off."

"I know. I'm not dumb. Play hard to get, you keep telling me."

"Exactly. Just try to win her heart step by step, and good things will come from that."

"That's exactly what I'm trying to do. But there's a problem. I've had some sexual encounters with her now, and each one has been indescribably, unbelievably incredible! And we sit next to each other at school all day long, and we talk a lot between classes and during lunch. That's all great. But I don't get to REALLY talk to her about serious stuff. That damn Spencer is always around. I don't want to open up with him there. Plus, there are almost always others around too. Hillary is very popular, and I'm getting to be pretty popular too, almost in spite of myself. We can't just sit down at the lunch table and have it be the two of us. It's always full."

"What about on the phone? You've been doing that a lot with her."

He winced. "It just doesn't seem right to talk about serious stuff over the phone. If nothing else, it helps me to see to better understand her, to get all the non-verbal feedback. She might be saying one thing but meaning the other. Besides, I get shy."

"You? Shy? HA!" She snorted with amusement.

"It's true! I'm more and more realizing that I have two modes. There's the shy, introverted me you know from before, which is how I still feel most of the time. I just keep pushing myself to not fall into a rut. And then there's my horny mode. I get super confident and even aggressive then."

"I've noticed just a little bit," she smirked. She thought it was interesting that he really did seem to have two different modes, while she also had her Margaret and Maggie modes.

The problem is, there's not much in between. When I talk with Hillary on the phone. Usually I'm calm and we talk about non-sexual stuff. But a few times, we switch over to a sexual mode and ended up with some great phone sex. If I'm calm, I'm too shy to talk about this super important but super difficult relationship stuff. You know me. I've never had a girlfriend before. Never even close! This is HARD!"

Maggie suggested, "Then talk to her outside of school."

"I can, and I will. Sure. But the problem there is that if I get alone with her outside of school, my lust will take over and I don't think we're going to do much talking!"

Maggie chuckled. "True. Good point, now that I'm starting to see how randy you get. But keep at it. Spend lots of time with her, not just an hour or two. You'll find time to talk too, if only to pass the time in the rare moments your penis goes flaccid." She smiled as she recalled how she kept fondling his boner even after he fell asleep, just a couple of hours ago.

She added playfully, "Although, I'm starting to doubt if such a condition ever happens for you."

He rolled his eyes. "Ma. Come on. I'm flaccid right now. I'm that way most of the time, just not around you or her. But in any case, I know Hillary and I have chances to have serious talks, but I also feel the clock is ticking. I'm competing with Spencer, big time. There are others like him waiting in the wings, including beautiful girls! Plus, I have to worm my way into her heart before she loses interest in me sexually, and she has a track record of losing interest pretty quickly."

Maggie looked at him with concern. She'd long since stopped snipping with her shears (and he'd never really started). "So what do you suggest? Do you have a plan? Knowing you, you've come up with some clever plan, haven't you?"

"Well, kind of. It's just an idea I'd like to try out. But to do it, I'd need your help. A big favor to ask! It's way overdue that she and I talk about relationship stuff. Is she making to do something with Spencer over the weekend? I don't know! You saw how he got her to talk to school after school today. I want to talk to her about things today, and hopefully clarify things so guys like Spencer aren't an issue."

She could see his point about the time urgency. But she stared at him skeptically through narrowed eyes. "What's this big favor, then?"

He made a pained, wincing expression, worried this wouldn't go over well. "Um... you see... I'm thinking that I could call her while you're in the room, just looking sexy for me. Wear whatever kind of sexy outfit you like. I'm sure I'll love it as long as you're in it." He smiled a winning smile at her.

That made her heart practically burst with love and lust. She had to remember not to smother him in passionate kisses.

He continued, "That would keep me so horny that 'extrovert Nick' would make his appearance, but not overwhelmingly so. I'd be able to talk to Hillary on the phone in the usual outgoing way that she's come to expect from me ever since the new school year began."

Maggie put her hands on her hips and looked at him with a disappointed scowl. "I'm sorry. I'd like to help, but you know the rules! In the house, I'm Margaret, and Margaret only! We have a firewall around this house, like an imaginary wall of fire! I can't be crossed! That's one rule that can never, ever bend!"

He quickly cut in, "I know that! Believe me. Let me finish, please. Because of that rule, I'm thinking we could take a phone to the garage and call her from there."

Maggie stared at him. She didn't know what to say about that unexpected idea.

He added, "We've already established the garage is Maggie territory, so that makes it okay. Remember? You promised to me that's Maggie land and will stay that way permanently."

She conceded, "I did agree to that, I'll admit. But that doesn't mean you can take me there any time you get a boner and expect me to take care of it!"

She thought, Actually, that sounds like a great idea! But no! Too risky, for one. And I have to maintain my Margaret persona, my REAL persona, or I'll wind up becoming Maggie entirely before long! As great as our sexual encounters are, I have to severely limit how often they happen. But that helps build up the anticipation and makes them even more thrilling.

He said, "I'm not suggesting that at all! This is a special exception for a very special, important reason. You can see that, can't you?"

"Well..." she grumbled reluctantly. She was wavering.

"Besides, you don't have to do anything there if you don't want to. All you need to do is look sexy. Frankly, it doesn't take much to get me in horny mode."

She muttered, "That certainly is true!"

But then she lapsed into silence again as she pondered this. Her worry was that her desire for his cock was so great that she wouldn't be able to keep her hands off him for long. But she didn't want to admit that to him.

Instead, she made a different objection, "I don't know. I think I'm going to have to say 'no.' I want to help, I honestly do. I think it's a good idea in theory. I've seen how you change lately when you get into your horny, extroverted mode. But I don't want to set a precedent here. If I allow this, then what's going to stop you from telling me after dinner one night that you're feeling super horny, and if I can go with you to the garage and take care of your boner? I can't allow that!"

Nick was disappointed. In addition to sincerely wanting to do this so he could talk to Hillary on the phone with confidence, he also was hoping to establish that very precedent.

But he thought fast, since he was both clever and determined. "That's a valid concern, Ma. And I wouldn't want to impose on you like that. So what if we make up a new rule? What if we say the garage is just the garage, and a neutral zone instead of a Maggie zone most of the time. The only exceptions to that would be if we're getting in the car to go somewhere or if we're coming back from somewhere, OR, if there's a valid reason to be there, such as this phone call. Because isn't that what this is all about? I feel like Hillary is the love of my life! I'd do anything to make her love me as much as I love her. Won't you help me?"

Maggie let out a big, long, exasperated sigh. "Fine! If you put it like that, how can I say no? Of course I'll do whatever I can to help you with Hillary. Within reason, that is, and I'll grudgingly admit this can fall within reason, as long as we stick to those limitations you just mentioned."

She still didn't want to admit it to him, but she had a very strong feeling that she would somehow wind up sucking his cock before she left the garage. Still, she convinced herself that she was willing to make that "sacrifice" in bending or breaking her rules due to the importance of the situation. Of course, she didn't see doing that as a sacrifice at all.

His face lit up. "Thanks, Ma! You're the best!" He gave her a quick, familial hug. "Here's the plan. I'll go call Hillary and see if she's free to talk for a while. Assuming she is, I can plug my cell phone into the car speakers of your Prius. I'll tell her you're with me on the call. Then, both you and I can talk to her together! After all, our relationship really is a three-way one. As we've been discovering lately, you may have to stay my girlfriend for a long time, to see this thing through with her. So what I'm planning on talking about affects you as much as her."

Maggie considered that. Thinking about getting to join the conversation was a big plus for her. She considered Hillary much more than just a beautiful face. Hillary was a surprisingly mature girl for her age, with ideas, tastes, and values that matched with her own very well. Lately, Maggie was actually more interested in talking to Hillary than any of Maggie's still existing friends around her same age, such as her best friend Sally.

His passing mentions that their relationship was a "three-way one" and that "you may have to stay my girlfriend for a long time" got her libido going in a very big way. That made her more receptive to his suggestion. Her mouth was watering as she thought more and more about sucking him again very soon.

Plus, now that she'd opened herself up to the idea, she was growing excited by Nick's suggestion that she "wear whatever kind of sexy outfit you like." Already, she had all kinds of ideas about what to wear, and her problem was choosing just one cock-stiffening outfit.

She had a strong feeling that if she and her son got aroused in the garage, they wouldn't end up just sitting apart and feeling horny for each other. So she asked, "That cord you use to plug your cell phone into the car... Does that work in Andy's Ford Explorer too?"

"It sure does."

"Okay, let's use that car then. I'm getting tired of feeling all cooped up with you in my Prius. Besides, his car has tinted windows, which gives us better security. And he never uses it anyway. What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

It was true that Andy literally never used his SUV. Andy hadn't driven even a single time since his accident two years ago, and months could go by without him even getting in the car, since when Maggie drove him around she preferred to use her own car. Nick was allowed to use the Explorer sometimes, but only if he asked Andy permission first. However, he wasn't allowed to use it to go to school on a daily basis, since Andy didn't like it sitting in the school parking lot all day long, and Nick was encouraged to ride his bike to school to get some exercise.

With that plan approved, Nick went up to his room and called Hillary. He suggested a call involving Maggie too instead of their usual two-way one.

To his delight, Hillary liked that suggestion a lot. She told him she could talk on the phone as long as she wanted. It was five o'clock, and her only limitation was that she'd be eating dinner around 6:30. He knew it would take time for him and Maggie to get ready, so he told Hillary he'd call her back in 15 minutes.

— — —

Nick rushed to the garage and set up his cell phone in the middle of Andy's green Explorer. He had high hopes that he and Maggie could have some hanky panky fun there, possibly even while Hillary was listening on the phone.

He adjusted the back seats in the large Explorer SUV to create what was effectively a carpeted bed-sized flat surface in the rear two-thirds of the car. He even brought in some pillows from his bedroom and from storage to make the back of the car that much more comfortable. Then he put his cell phone right in the middle of this open space, with his cord connecting it to a plug in the front of the car. This way, the speaker phone would work well with both picking up his and Maggie's voices as well as broadcasting Hillary's.

Finally, he used his keys for the Prius and moved it to the driveway. He wanted to have plenty of room in the garage, just in case they needed it. He had very high hopes indeed.

He figured the situation was win-win for him, no matter what happened. If Maggie restrained herself and just provided visual stimulation, then he could have the important conversation he wanted with a lust-driven confidence boost, just as planned. But if Maggie ended up getting naked and slutty on his cock, then he'd have another fantastic sexual experience, maybe with Hillary listening in too, and then he'd have that talk some other time. The urgency to have that talk wasn't as urgent as he said.

Meanwhile, Maggie grew more and more excited and aroused as she stood in her room and tried to figure out what to wear. For once, she didn't have to limit herself to something she could wear in public.

Also, she realized that she wasn't likely to keep her clothes on for long, no matter where they were, given how horny Nick got. Even if she stayed away from him for the duration of the call, she had a strong hunch she'd be doing something fun with his cock shortly after it ended. So she decided it made more sense to wear something with lots of accessories, since those were likelier to stay on longer.

She tried on various outfits in front of her full-length mirror, but none of them were as arousing as she hoped for. Plus, the longer she put on different clothes, the hornier she got, shifting her attitude on what she was willing to wear. Nick had told her about the 15 minute time limit, so she had to hurry.

Eventually, she came up with what she felt was the perfect outfit for the occasion. Several years ago, prior to Andy's accident, she'd bought a "sexy nurse" outfit for a Halloween party, and she still had it buried in the back of her closet. It was very sexy indeed. The only problem was that she decided even that wasn't sexy enough for her well-hung, virile son, so she made some quick alterations and adjustments to improve it.

This was quickly turning into much more than just a phone call to Hillary. Thoughts of sucking her son's big cock filled her head and inspired her to make herself about as sexy for him as she could possibly get. For instance, her face was already so stunning that she didn't need any make-up, but she put a little rouge on her cheeks just the same.

She thought giddily, Just think: in a little while, these red cheeks will have Nicks' cum splattered all over them! I don't quite know how we'll get to that point, but I'm sure we'll get there!

Nick stayed in just his same T-shirt and shorts, because he didn't want to let on that he hoped this would end up being much more than just a phone call.

He was standing next to the Ford Explorer anxiously awaiting Maggie's arrival when she finally came into the garage. He was sorely disappointed when he saw her. She was wearing her white bathrobe, and she had it pulled up tight. Her feet were bare, and she had a bag in her hand.

He was particularly disappointed to see her bare feet, since she'd told him that her wearing high heels was a sign of sexual fun to come, especially if they were red heels.

She saw the crushed look on his face, and held up her hand in a "stop" gesture. She wished she could tell him that in fact she'd brought a pair of black high heels with her, but she wanted to maintain her surprise for a little longer. "Hold your horses. This robe is just to get from my room to here. With what I'm wearing underneath, I wouldn't want Andy to see me."

His hopes soared again. His penis had quickly gone flaccid upon seeing her. But with those words, he was erect again in a flash.

She chuckled at the euphoric look on his face as she walked closer to the car. "Do you have the phone all set up?"

He nodded like an eager puppy.

"Good. Here's the plan. Take off those stupid shorts! You're not wearing underwear are you?"

"Nope." His heart started racing faster and faster.

"Good!" He voice turned husky and sultry, and she gave him her best "come hither" look. "I think we know where this is going. Remember, I'm not just your girlfriend, I'm your slutty, big-titted girlfriend who can't seem to keep my hands off your cock!"

With that, she opened up the top of her robe nearly to her navel, showing off a truly breathtaking amount of tanned cleavage, but keeping her robe positioned just so to prevent him from seeing what kind of clothes she was wearing.

He gasped with delight. He felt shivers race down his spine as he began to breathe heavily.

Her entire body tingled just from the joy of being sexy for him again. Her heart was beating fast enough to make her a heavy breather too, except that had the extra bonus of causing her huge globes to start to heave up and down slightly.

She said, "I want you to be as confident as you can be talking to Hillary. If that means your cock is out and you're waving it in my face, well, that's just the price I have to pay for being a helpful mom." She winked playfully, and then licked her lips very suggestively.

"Thanks, Ma! You're really the best!"

"I know. Believe me. Not a lot of mothers would help THIS much. Now, once you've got your shorts off and your freakishly thick cock monster is waving in the air, close your eyes and put your hands over them for good measure. Then don't look until I give the say so."

"Okay!" He got his shorts off in a flash. That left him in nothing but the T-shirt he'd been wearing all day.

Although he actually had a fairly muscular body for a boy his age, Maggie was right in suspecting that he felt self-conscious that he didn't have the kind of muscular chest that someone like Spencer did. Again, he felt like a fraud, that his merely okay body wasn't worthy of a curvy bombshell like his mother or Hillary. He was loathe to take his shirt off for any reason except when in the bathroom or his bedroom, as if they wouldn't ever realize how he really looked under his shirt.

He stood there with his hands covering his eyes, just as she'd asked. Time seemed to slow to a crawl for him, and then stop altogether, while he waited for Maggie to get ready. It took her some time, because she had much more to do than just put on her black high heels and open her robe. He was extremely tempted to take a peek, but he resisted.

After a couple of minutes, she was ready. She stood in front of him as he leaned against the car. "Okay, it's time. You can open your eyes!"

He opened his eyes. They kept on opening wider until they were the size of saucers! His jaw hung open too. He felt goose bumps and shivers all over as he took in the unbelievably sexy sight before him. He'd been expecting something similar to what she wore when driving him to school, but nothing like this!

Maggie wore an outfit that truly put the "sexy" in a sexy nurse costume. The first thing his eyes went to, naturally, was her cleavage. Her "uniform," if one could call it that, was less like anything a nurse would really wear, and more like a loose-fitting white babydoll. Maggie had done some quick cutting to significantly shrink the size of the outfit she'd once worn on Halloween. The garment was sleeveless already, and she cut a V-shape deep down the middle front to expose a dramatic amount of cleavage. The V went all the way down to her belly button!

The uniform had gone down to her knees, but she'd cut it so short that the fabric hanging loosely from her breasts didn't even make it far enough to cover her pussy in front or all of her ass in back! Even as she merely stood there, he could see a glistening sheen on her slit!

She didn't stop there. In fact, she had spent more time on her accessories, since she knew the main part of the uniform wasn't likely to stay on her body for long anyway. She wore a small white hat with a big red cross in the middle just like the real Red Cross used. She had two armbands on her upper arms with more Red Cross crosses. She wore white gloves up to her elbows, and thigh-high white stockings. Her recently purchased five-inch high black heels completed the picture.

She slowly turned around. She was blushing and feeling self-conscious. She worried she might have gotten carried away, or that Nick wouldn't like it. (She needn't have worried about that!)

She bashfully asked, "So, what do you think of your old lady, Sport?"

He practically screamed his response. "OH MY GOD! SO HOT!" He rushed to her and enveloped her in a bear hug. About one millisecond later, he was fiercely kissing her, and pulling her straps off her shoulders!

She laughed gaily, because his response had been as enthusiastic as she'd hoped, if not more so. Also within a couple of seconds at most, her hand found its way to his boner and she started jacking him off like it came as naturally to her as breathing.

Just like that, the rule for them to not touch each other for the phone call was tossed out the window. Neither of them cared much.

She crowed to herself, Looks like I've still got 'it!' That is NOT a billy club in my hands; he IS very happy to see me!

She chuckled with glee in her mind, since her mouth was too busy with a tongue duel to laugh. God, I love it! My son's cock is just SO big, and SO long, and especially SO thick! I don't know HOW I'm going to get it in my mouth in a little while, but I know I will! And it warms my heart to see him this overjoyed! Is mother-son incest really wrong? How can it be wrong when it makes both of us feel this good?

She could feel her babydoll of a nurse uniform slipping down her body, and she didn't want that just yet, since she'd put a lot of effort into dressing as she did. She rather forcibly disengaged, and held out her hand in a "stop" gesture while holding the babydoll up so it wouldn't fall to the floor. "Hold on, Sport. Hold on! Before we go too far, do you see that bag on the floor?" She nodded at the bag she'd brought in, which was a few feet away from her.

"Yeah?" he asked breathlessly.

"I have a camera in there. Before we get started with this 'phone call,' could you take some pictures of me? I'm not always going to look this good, and I want to document the moment."

Nick was torn. He wanted to run his hands all over her body right away. But having sexy photos of his mother for the future sounded pretty good too. He went to get the camera, but his goal was to take the pictures as fast as possible.

As he did so, he said, "Okay, but first of all, you're not an old lady! You're a foxy BABE! Remember that people totally think you're 20! And secondly, I'll take some pictures, but I'm afraid. You're so hot that if I capture you on film, the camera is liable to burst into flames!"

She laughed. "That's just a risk we'll have to take!" She was loving life. Clearly, this already had somehow morphed into something much more than a phone call to Hillary.

They proceeded to have the world's fastest photo session. Both of them were eager to get to physical contact. And when Maggie struck a series of highly provocative cheesecake photos in her sexy nurse outfit, they both got so horny that their chests were heaving for air. Of course, when Maggie's chest heaved up and down, that made Nick that much more aroused, until he almost had to cry, his need for her grew so great.

Maggie figured the only people to ever see these pictures would be Nick and herself. He had plenty of sense, so she didn't even have to warn him not to share them with school mates or put them on the Internet.

As a result, she didn't hold back. For instance, she spread her legs wide, clutched at her ankles with her hands, and then bent her head down between her legs. That caused her massive knockers to fall free and dangle down. She looked back at him and said, "Peek-a-boo!"

Her nurse-styled babydoll was so short that it only covered the top half of her ass when she was standing still. Bending over like that, she might as well have been naked. With her legs spread wide, her juicy, soaked pussy was put on such prominent display that it was almost like she was defying Nick to put the camera down and fuck her doggy-style then and there.

More pictures followed, with each one seemingly even more arousing than the last. For nearly all the pictures, she kept the straps of her nurse outfit on her shoulders and pushed wide, leaving her tits completely uncovered. She knew he was a tit man, after all, and she loved showing off her bare knockers for him.

Nick tried to say complimentary things, but he was so overcome that he was having a hard enough time panting for breath while trying to remember how to work a camera.

He snapped dozens of pictures in just a few minutes. Since it was a digital camera, his plan was to simply snap constantly and then sort out the good ones from the bad ones later, when he wasn't out of his mind horny for his mother.

He didn't get a chance to take off her babydoll, because halfway through the picture taking, she took it off herself, so he could get lots of good pictures of her naked (minus her nurse accessories), from all possible angles.

He was the first to crack. After maybe four minutes at most, he lowered the camera, "Ma, I love this, but later! I need you!"

She realized he was right, and she rushed to him. They met halfway. She exclaimed, "And I need you too, my big, strong son!" They wound up kissing and fondling. Naturally, one of Maggie's hands went right back to jacking him off. Her other hand went to his bare ass, and she pulled him in tight.

But what Maggie wanted most of all was her son's cock in her mouth. Before she'd entered the garage, she'd had some vague notion that she would merely stroke him until the phone call with Hillary ended. She would only reward herself with oral action then. But seeing his reaction to her nurse outfit, followed by the brief photo session, had her burning with desire to such a degree that she completely forgot about that plan.

In fact, she couldn't even wait until they got into the comfort of the Ford Explorer. She still hadn't sucked him while kneeling, and that was very high on her list of things to do. She had high expectations that would be her favorite and most common sucking position.

She suddenly broke away, in order to drop to her knees. As she did so, she said, "Son, I think you need CPR! Here's a little mouth-to-cock resuscitation!" It was a corny line, but it didn't matter. There was nothing she could do or say to make him any more aroused, since he was already maxed out on lust.

Or so he thought. She immediately engulfed his cockhead and then some. Then he started to learn just how truly aroused one man could feel! And she was flying just as high on lust as he was!

Maggie immediately realized, WHOA! What a total RUSH! Sucking him while kneeling is the absolute BOMB! I can see why this is such a popular position. It's almost easy to take him in my mouth like this! Well, I wouldn't go that far, but at least I won't have to leak tears this way!

And I must look like a TOTAL SLUT! I wish I had an out-of-body experience so I could look down on myself right now! I AM a "foxy babe," and I should be proud of it! I'm a fit, fully tanned, big-titted foxy babe! I must look like a porn star, with this porn-worthy cock in my mouth! But the difference is that porn stars fake it. I'm his mother; I love him more than life itself! And I'm going to prove that right now with my tongue and lips!

I do feel sexy in my nurse outfit, or what little is left of it, but there's a part of me that wishes I were completely nude, from head to toe! That's how I belong in a perfect world: naked and kneeling before my studly son, with my lips wrapped around his cock!

She only bobbed on him for a couple of minutes before she started to explore just what she could do from this position. When she'd tried to suck his cock on other recent occasions, she'd been limited by the titfucking pose, or having to uncomfortably bend over from one seat to another, and/or a lack of time. The phone call to Hillary was totally forgotten, at least for now.

For the first time, she slid her lips as far down his shaft as she could without any obstacle. And that was pretty damn far! It turned out she didn't have much of a gag reflex. She could gag on a cock and only feel minor discomfort instead of an overwhelming need to throw up. With Andy, she hadn't done much with that ability, because some discomfort was still more than none, and she had been loath to suck him at all.

But with Nick, she already knew that she needed to choke and gag on his cock! Loudly and frequently! She wasn't quite sure why this was so very important to her, but somehow it was. Perhaps it was a way for her to show just how much she loved it, and the lengths she was willing to go to pleasure it. But for whatever reason, she started gagging on his cock now, and she loved it!

The fact that Nick's cockhead was much larger and thicker than Andy's made this maneuver more difficult, but also more satisfying. The sound alone was music to her ears, and Nick's too. She even started leaking tears from the sheer struggle of it, and she loved that too.

However, as fun as that was, it wasn't what she really wanted to do. Her prime goal was to stimulate Nick's sweet spot, and generally drive him to the brink of insanity with overwhelming pleasure until he gave up his load of sweet cum! So that's exactly what she did. After her brief gagging session, to show off what she could do, she eased up enough to focus on sliding her lips back and forth over his sweet spot.

But she didn't stop there. She wanted his cum, and she wanted it NOW! It was like an animalistic, primal urge. Thanks to his reputation for usually cumming in twos, she figured she could get his cum and still have his stiff later.

So she did everything she could to get him to blow his load right away. She used enough suction to outdo an industrial strength vacuum cleaner, while still having the presence of mind to flick and lick her tongue inside her mouth against all his most sensitive spots. Meanwhile, one of her hands pumped up and down his shaft while her other one fondled his balls.

Nick did have his PC muscle method to delay climax, but there was nothing he could do to stop or even slow down her all-out sex assault. He only lasted another minute, and to even go that long took a downright heroic effort. He was gasping like he was in the middle of running the 100-yard dash, so all the warning he could manage was a strangled cry of, "CUMMING!"

In recent days, Maggie had developed a powerful fetish for facials and pearl necklaces. But right now she was loving bobbing on his shaft while kneeling so much that she couldn't stop for anything. As a result, when his cum started to rocket out of his piss hole, she just kept right on with her relentless bobbing, sucking, and stroking. She was particularly aggressive with the way she squeezed and fondled his balls, as if firm squeezing could coax more cum out and into her mouth.

Nick's eyes rolled back into his head and his legs turned to rubber. He had to grasp Maggie's wavy blonde hair with both hands just to remain standing.

As his orgasm inevitably started to wind down, Maggie finally relented some, because she wanted cum on her face. She pulled her lips off with a loud, satisfying pop, and let his last few ropes splatter this way and that, mostly on her cheeks and chin. One long strand went from cheek to cheek across her nose, and another drew a line all the way across her forehead, so her face almost looked like a tic-tac-toe board. She thought that was a hoot.

He didn't think anything of it though, because his eyes were closed. It was all he could do to remain standing. In fact, as his orgasm ended, he started to slowly sink down.

She had to take quick action to support him. She wound up standing with her arms around him.

With Nick still in a near semi-conscious state, she managed to walk him over to the Explorer. Luckily, the side door was already open, and she managed to get him to crawl into the back. He immediately laid down.

However, as dead to the world as he seemed to be, his dick was still stiff!

Maggie was overjoyed. Did I raise a winner, or what? Not even a refractory period this time! My little baby has grown up to be a natural cocksman! A very COCKY cocksman! She giggled.

She was proud of her cocksucking effort, and she felt like she deserved a little reward. She decided there was nothing she'd like to do more than stroke and lick his cock some more, so that's what she did. With Nick lying face up, she crawled up on his legs and went right back to "work." Mindful that he was probably over sensitized after that epic orgasm, she took it relatively easy on him and just stroked with one hand and lightly lapped against his sweet spot.

Still, it felt great for him, and it revived him with startling speed. He sat up and looked down at her. "WHOA! Ma, you look HOT!"

"That's Nurse Palmer to you," she said playfully, referring to herself by the maiden name she still legally used. She looked up at him and smiled, but kept right on licking and stroking.

"Fuck me!" he exclaimed, as he started to rejoin the world of the living. His gaze wandered all over her naked body. He mostly saw her backside, since she had her head down at his crotch while her ass was up in the air.

True, she still wore her gloves, stockings, armbands, high heels, and nurse's hat. But her entire torso was uncovered, and that's where his interest lay. Besides, all those accessories only made her that much sexier to his eyes. The white of her accessories stood in stirring contrast to her deep, rich tan.

He focused on her ass.

She glanced up and saw that, and gave it a playful wiggle. Then she tightly flexed and unflexed her buttocks. That reminded of the time recently when she'd trapped his boner between her ass cheeks and stimulated it with her flexing. Everything seemed to lead back to thoughts of making him cum, and that made her hot and bothered enough to feel like cumming too.

He exclaimed, "Ma, you have the most fucking awesome ass!"

She spoke as she licked, "I just gave you your first true, no holds barred blowjob from the kneeling position, which, by the way, is going to be my favorite position to suck you, I'm sure! Now, I'm still feasting on your cock, and all you have to say is that you like my ass?" She flexed and relaxed his ass cheeks repeatedly, knowing that would keep his interest there.

He laughed. "I don't like it, I love it! But Ma... WOW! Thank you SO MUCH for what you just did. And... everything! The nurse's outfit, the photos, the phone call... everything! Holy fuck! Mind! Blown!" He made an explosion sound.

She chuckled at that. His mention of "the phone call" finally reminded her what their ostensible purpose in doing this was. She felt bad forgetting about Hillary and keeping her waiting.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, greyshadow, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.