Chapter 27: On the Phone with Hillary (Thursday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie stopped her licking, lifted her head, and reached for his phone. "Speaking of phone calls, we haven't actually called Hillary yet, and that's the whole supposed point. What's her number?"

He told her the number. Then he asked, "You're not really going to call her now, are you?"

"Why not? You said she has to eat dinner around 6:30, and we do too. We're having a great time, but we're losing time. And it's rude not to call her when you said you would."

"But... but... How can I talk to her after that? I'm going to need DAYS to recover!"

"You'll do fine. I'm going to keep having fun with your cock here, to make sure you stay perky." She dialed the number. She knew how to use his phone, so she switched it to speaker phone mode while it was still ringing.

Hillary answered. "Nick? Is that you?" She sounded quite anxious.

He rallied his energy, and replied, "It's me."

"I thought you weren't going to call! I've been waiting. You're ten minutes late."

"I'm sorry. Something came up." He was surprised he wasn't later, since he felt like he'd just spent years in sexual nirvana.

"Oh, what's that?"

He was still in a very randy mood, especially since Maggie had gone back to licking and fondling his throbbing rod once she'd dialed the number. So he decided to be honest, as well as blatant. "To be honest, my dick. Maggie and I got together to call you from, uh... her room. You know the place in back I told you she's renting? Anyway, she's here with me right now, and we're on speaker phone."

"Hi, Hillary!" Maggie said.

"Hi, Maggie!" Hillary replied. It sounded like she was in a much better mood already.

Nick went on, "Anyway, we have this problem. Once we get together, especially alone, we can't keep our hands off each other! So, we were going to call, but, uh... we couldn't keep our hands off each other. In fact, Maggie is licking my dick right now."

"NO!" Hillary exclaimed.

"YES!" Maggie loudly exclaimed right back. "Here, check this out. What does this sound like to you?" Nick's boner had been lying on his body, pointing up towards his belly button, but Maggie tilted it around to point at her face and engulfed it in her mouth. She immediately started bobbing on him. But she made sure to be as noisy as possible.

She was taking a calculated risk that she might be offending Hillary. But she'd decided that Hillary was a very sexual and open-minded girl.

It turned out that Hillary wasn't offended at all. In fact, she gasped, and said, "Oh GOD! No WAY! That sounds so... delicious! I can't believe you're doing that!"

Just to be sure, Nick asked, "You don't mind?"

"Mind?! The only thing I mind is that I'm not there! If I was there, you'd hear twice as much slurping, that's for sure!"

"MMMM!" Maggie said. Now that she had Nick's cock in her mouth, she wasn't keen to take it back out if she could help it. It was a minor ordeal just to fit it all in every time, so that wasn't something she wanted to do more than necessary. But more than that, she just loved sucking intently on it while driving him crazy with her expert tongue work!

Hillary groaned. "I'm so jealous! And horny!" She chuckled. "A minute ago, I wasn't aroused at all, not to mention kind of annoyed that you didn't call me when you said you would. But now, my whole body is on fire! Is the reason you're calling late because she was sucking your cock?!"

"Yeah. In fact, she sucked my so intently that I couldn't talk at all, so I couldn't call you. But then I climaxed in her mouth. After that, I stayed stiff, but we're both calmer now."

Hillary's voice was even more jubilant. "WOW! I love the both of you! You two seriously inspire me. Maggie, please let me hear you better!"

Without pausing in the slightest, Maggie took Nick's cell phone and rested it on one of Nick's thighs. That put in only a few inches from the slurpy action.

Hillary listened carefully for about 20 seconds, and then squealed. "GOD! Oh God! I love it! It sounds like... like... I'm inside your mouth! This is so cool! I've had phone sex, including a lot of great times lately with you, Nick, but I've never done THIS before! Is it all right if I take my clothes off?"

"Be my guest," he replied. He felt like he was king of the world. "I thought you were a nudist at home anyway, though?"

"I am," she responded. "But I thought you and I were going to have a normal conversation. You mentioned you wanted to talk about the kind of stuff we couldn't talk about at school. So I figured I should wear clothes so I wouldn't end up babbling about sex, sex, and more sex!"

"Babble away!" he said with a laugh. "Tell me what you're doing."

"I'm pulling my shorts and panties off first! But I'm having a hard time, because my fingers keep going to my pussy! Is that okay? Do you mind if I masturbate, even with Maggie there?!"

"Are you kidding me?! I'd love it! I'm sure she approves too."

Maggie was listening, and gave him a thumbs up.

He passed that on. "She just made the thumbs up sign."

"Oh good, because I pretty much have to do it! Maggie, you're being so loud and slurpy that I could just DIE! Nick, you don't know how much I've longed to suck on your cock just like she's doing right now. From the very first time, when I saw it in my room on Tuesday, I knew I had to choke and gag on that fat thing! But I still haven't done it! I haven't even sucked it once, at all! AAAARGH!"

"Funny you should say that," he said. "You should have heard Maggie a little while ago."

He was going to say more about her first choking and gagging experience, and just how loud she'd been.

But Maggie was listening too, and she immediately went back to her gagging mode. She wanted Hillary to hear it directly. She went right to the brink of starting to deep throat him. It was extremely noisy.

Hillary listened intently for about half a minute, then squealed. "NO WAY! NO WAY! I can't BELIEVE it! I LOVE doing that! OHMIGOD! Maggie, I thought you sounded hot before, but now... UGH! I'm gonna cum already!"

Nick was surprisingly calm, considering what was happening around him. The fact that he'd climaxed a few minutes ago helped considerably. But mostly it was because Maggie was sucking him much more slowly and less intently than prior to his last climax. Then, she'd wanted his cum right away. Now, she wanted to prolong the joy for as long as possible, while keeping him able to continue talking on the phone. She was learning how to pace herself with his cock.

He asked Hillary, "By the way, you were going to describe how you're taking your clothes off."

"Oh. Right. Sorry! I blew it! I'm totally fucking buck naked already! I couldn't wait!" She laughed. "I even kicked off my socks, just to be that much more nude for you! And I have three fingers in my cunt! UGH! I'm really going to cum now!"

Nick didn't know what made him say it, but he was surging with so much confidence and lust that he said authoritatively, "Who said you have permission to cum?"

"What?!" Hillary was startled.

"You heard me. You don't have permission to cum yet. It's not that easy."

"OH GOD! Normally, if anyone told me that, I'd tell them to go suck a lemon. But I'm so turned on that I'll play that game. I figure if you have the audacity to tell me that while Maggie blowing you, you deserve that power. When do I get to cum?!"

"When I say so!"

"Bastard!" But her tone of voice said she was having a great time. "If you're going to be that way, what's Maggie wearing?"

Nick whistled. "Hoo boy! You just opened a can of worms with that one. She started out wearing a nurse's outfit. A VERY sexy one! Too sexy to wear even for a wild Halloween party."

"No way! But then again, I'm not too surprised. You two are too much! Tell me everything!"

He looked his mother over carefully. "Let's see... She's wearing black high heels. They're really high and spiky too. I don't know how she walks in them."

"Hot! And...?"

"And, she's wearing thigh high white stockings"

"HOT! How high exactly?"

He leaned way forward, and reached all the way to Maggie's thighs. He ran his hands back and forth over the silky smooth stocking fabric. "Let's see. They come up just about as high as they can get. Almost to her pussy!"

"UGH!" Hillary grunted. "Ugh, urgh! HNNNNNG!"

He asked her, "What's going on?"

"I've got two fingers plunging in and out! Because that's soooo hot! Nick, you don't know how good stockings that high can feel on a woman! HNNRRG! Maggie, doesn't that feel great?"

Maggie did love the feel of the stockings, but she was having a great time sucking and licking. She wasn't going to pull off for anything, especially since it was such a chore to fit Nick's cockhead back in her mouth. So she just moaned affirmatively. "MMMM-HMMM!"

Hillary groaned erotically some more. "Even as I speak, this very second, she's still blowing you?!"

"Of course!" he replied.

"I don't believe it! I mean, I do, but... incredible! I so wish I could see her! Lying between your legs, her blonde mane bobbing up and down... GOD! That's sexy as FUCK! Can you see her luscious big breasts?"

He admitted, "Unfortunately, not really, since her body is facing down while I'm sitting up. She has her face in my crotch with her ass way up high. I can feel 'em against my thighs though."

Hillary spoke in a shaky, needy voice. "That's too bad, because those are great tits! And by the way, I've gotta cum so bad that it hurts! You'd better give me permission soon, or I'm gonna come over there right now and kick your ass!"

He leaned back and laughed. "That's not how this works."

"It is now!" She laughed. She wanted to hear more about Maggie's outfit. "Next! What else?!"

His gaze moved up Maggie's perfectly tanned hard body. He explained, "She most definitely is NOT wearing anything covering her ass, or the rest of her torso!"

Hillary exclaimed, "So she's totally naked for you?! Too hot!"

"Well, not totally. Oh, and she's got a white nurse's hat with a red cross on it."

"FUCK ME!" Hillary yelled. "She's a SLUT NURSE! And you say I can't cum?!"

"No! Not yet!"

"FUCK YOU! GOD DAMN! That's just too hot! Maggie, if you can hear me, you know how I've talked to you about being a 'good slut.' Well, you're being the best slut! You're totally embracing the joy of sex and your considerable sexuality! And you're running free, completely uninhibited! You're soooo inspirational to me!"

Maggie felt very good about that. She actually blushed some modestly. She couldn't really believe Hillary's words, because Hillary was her sexual model and inspiration.

Hillary then exclaimed, "And she's slurping and sucking so loudly! Nick, how can you talk at all when she's bobbing on you like that?! I'm sure her mouth must be a wet furnace!"

He admitted, "It feels fantastic! But, to be honest, I think she's kind of exaggerating for effect, just for you."

"Thanks, Maggie!" Hillary exclaimed happily.

"MRRMPPH!" Maggie moaned in reply. Her mouth sounded just as stuffed with cock as it actually was.

Hillary nearly screamed in response to hearing that. "Nick! Please! Can I cum yet?!"

"Not yet. Not nearly. Don't masturbate so intently."

"Easy for you to say, Mr. Talking with Ease While Maggie Slurps Louder than King Kong Drinking a Giant Smoothie through a Straw!"

Both Nick and Maggie had a big laugh at that.

Maggie laughed so hard that she had to pull her lips off Nick's cock to recover her breath. Once off, she decided to switch to licking for a while. Although Nick didn't sound that winded yet, she knew he wouldn't be able to last long if she kept on sucking him like she was. She figured this could be a long phone call, and he'd already climaxed once, so she wanted to make the joy last.

Nick remembered to resume his description. "Anyway, she's naked, but not totally naked. Where was I? Oh yes. She's also wearing long white gloves, up to her elbows."

"Kinky! Does it feel good?"


"The way she's jacking you off with the gloves. I can tell Maggie's no slouch when it comes to taking good care of your cock, so I figure she's stroking it a lot."

"She is! And a matter of fact, it does feel great. I hadn't really thought about it till you mentioned it, but they're silky smooth gloves, it's definitely a really interesting difference."

Hillary exclaimed breathlessly. "I'll bet! Just wait until BOTH her and me get creative when we work on your cock together! Silky gloves is just the start!"

"I'll bet," Nick said. His head was reeling at his good fortune. "Anyway, she also has these Red Cross armbands on each upper arm. I think that's everything."

Hillary responded, "Boy! You two just AMAZE me! That sounds so hot! I'll bet she looks so fuckable right now. I wish I had a photo. Better yet, I wish I was there. I'll bet I could cum just from seeing her sexy body, with her mouth slurping on you and her ass wiggling up high!"

He chuckled. He wasn't in a hurry to mention that Maggie had switched from sucking to licking, since he was hoping to further impress Hillary with his stamina.

He leaned forward and ran a hand down Maggie's back, all the way to her ass. "It is extremely sexy! I'm such a lucky guy."

"You are! Is there any special occasion for the outfit?"

He replied honestly, "Yes, as a matter of fact. Because I'm calling you on the phone. Maggie thought I'd enjoy it better like this. You should have seen it when she came in wearing the whole outfit. And then she dropped to her knees and sucked my cock! That's why I was late calling you."

"FUCK!" Hillary screamed.

"What?" he asked.

"I need to cum so bad! Please! I'm totally not touching my pussy AT ALL, just my breasts and nipples mostly, but I'm dying to cum anyway! Can I?! Pleeeeassse?!"


"I'm begging you!"

"Sorry!" He felt a surge of lust just from knowing that Hillary was begging him to cum. Two weeks ago, he never could have imagined that would happen in a million years.

"Gaawwwd, you're not even my boyfriend, and I'm begging you to cum! This is so fucked up! What am I to you?!"

That was a serious and legitimate question, but he felt this wasn't the time for a serious answer. Instead, he cheekily replied, "For now, let's call you one of my two favorite cock-hungry sluts!"

That was exactly the sort of answer Hillary wanted to hear, given her insanely horny mood. She cried out, "BASTARD! You BASTARD! Fucking hot answer! I need to cum so hard! The only problem is, we're both cock-hungry sluts, but she's the one with the actual cock deep in her mouth!"

Maggie decided to speak up. She told Hillary, "Actually, I don't have his cock deep in my mouth anymore."

Hillary sounded disappointed. She asked, "Oh no? Why not?"

Maggie explained, "We're in this for the long haul. I figure this is gonna be a long phone call. Sometimes, I like to get naked and play with Nick's cock for hours at a time! I've gotta vary it up to last that long." That wasn't true yet, but she hoped it would be soon.

"UGH!" Hillary groaned. "UH! I swear, if you say one more arousing thing, I'm gonna cum like a screaming hyena! Permission or not!"

Nick looked down at Maggie's face as she happily licked his sweet spot, and an idea came to him. "Oh, by the way, there's one thing Maggie's wearing that I forgot to mention."

"Oh no! Don't tell me! I know it's going to drive me over the edge, you fucking bastard, but tell me anyway!"

He said proudly, "She's already wearing a lot of my cum on her face! Long streaks of pearly goo, streaked up and down and side to side!"

"AAAAIIIIIIEEE!" Hillary screamed loudly as an orgasm obviously ripped through her. She took a desperate breath, and then screamed even louder, longer, and more incoherently.

Maggie was inspired by hearing that. She engulfed Nick's cock again and resumed bobbing on him. At the same time, she reached down and touched her clit, setting off her own orgasmic explosion. But because she was already bobbing, she actually scream-sucked for a while, until her amazing climax slowly faded away.

Hillary soon got back on the phone. "You bastard! Nick, the next time I see you, I'm going to kill you! First, you give me this 'not allowed to cum' bullshit, and then you deliberately drive me over the edge with that cum on Maggie's face crap. It's not fair!"

He laughed. "Sorry. But you broke the rules just the same."

She taunted him, "What are you going to do, spank me?"

"Maybe. We'll see. Anyway, I own your ass now."

She groaned. "UGH! Even that sounds sexy. The two of you are the biggest fuckin' sex freaks I've ever heard of in my life! Is Maggie still licking you? I hear some sucky sounds again!"

"Yeah, she's sucking me some more, actually."

"ARGH! Are you trying to make me cum again already?! You evil FUCKER!"

Despite her harsh language sometimes, Hillary was clearly having the time of her life.

Remarkably, the phone call went on like that for some time. It seemed that every single thing any of the three of them said or did was even more arousing than anything that had come before. It wasn't long before Hillary had another big climax, and then another.

The idea Nick would use the phone call for a serious discussion about relationships had been forgotten by all of them. There simply was no way at this point, even if they wanted to, because they were too horny to think straight, or talk much.

Eventually, the three of them got so worked up that they were beyond words altogether. They simply grunted, panted, moaned, and made all kinds of sex noises as they worked their way up to their biggest individual orgasms yet.

Nick was the only one to say a coherent word for many minutes when he simply shouted, "CUMMING!"

That was the trigger. Maggie and Hillary had been holding back, but with that, they let go and gave in to their respective orgasmic urges.

This time, Maggie wanted Nick's cum on her skin. Even though she was in the middle of sucking him some more, she pulled off and lifted her upper body up on her elbows so he could easily paint her dangling tits.

Despite being breathless, she managed to shout, "Aim for my tits!"

Although that was an instruction for Nick, her words were actually more aimed to Hillary, to allow Hillary to understand what was going on.

Hillary screamed like she'd just been stabbed. She found this every bit as exciting as if Nick was cumming on her tits instead.

Nick grunted and groaned as he aimed at her tits. That was exactly what she wanted. Both of them screamed for joy quite loudly, causing Hillary to scream as she came too. There already was some saliva and cum on Maggie's face from his last orgasm that had drooled down her chin. But as his orgasm was winding down, he aimed his last few ropes for her face, and nailed it.

That made Maggie scream again: "My face! He's blasting my face too!"

Hillary wailed "NooooOOOooooo!" with apparently agony, like she'd been told a close relative died. But that was just the intensity of her lusty reaction. She had a special fetish for facials.

Then, they quieted down to silence, except for very heavy breathing from all three of them.

After a few minutes, Hillary said, "I have an announcement to make. I've heard of a lot of phone sex, and I've taken part in my fair share, despite my young age. And Nick, I've had some great phone sessions with you this past week or so. But that, ladies and gentlemen, was the greatest, most arousing phone sex in the history of the world!"

Nick and Maggie laughed at that.

Nick had recovered, for the most part, so he joked, "Should we get one of those Guinness Book of World Records people to make it official?"

"YES!" Hillary said. "Seriously! Fuck! Nick, I want you so much! I wanted you a lot before, but now, you'd better watch out!"

He was delighted beyond words to hear that. He asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, tomorrow at school, you'd better wear metal pants. If you don't, I'm liable to drop to my knees and suck your cock all through first period!"

She added with sudden shyness, "That is, if it's okay with you, Maggie?"

Maggie sighed with exasperation. "Hillary, how many times do I have to tell you this? We share him! My cock is your cock, if you know what I mean."

"You can't be serious."

"I am! Look. It started out with me just wanting to have him sow some wild oats before I'd let him get serious with me. But our threesome date on Friday changed things. Since then, I'm thinking more and more about us SHARING him! Now just dating him at the same time, but pleasuring his cock together as a regular thing! A true threesome relationship!" She said that spontaneously and easily, because she really meant it and it fit in with Nick's overall plans.

Hillary sighed with longing. "That sounds so wonderful! I hope you mean that. I want that too! It sounds too good to be true."

Feeling extra naughty, Maggie added, "The only problem is, I'm not sure if we should suck him together your first oral adventure with his cock monster, or let you have it all to yourself! Maybe you'll want to prove to him just what a talented busty, nude, cocksucking slut you can be!"

Hillary exclaimed, "SHUT UP! Just... shut up! I can't take it! That sounds too arousing to believe! Either way! And Nick, if you're listening, I AM going to prove it, and soon! Just as soon as Anushka gives me the permission to do that, dammit! I can't wait until tomorrow. Especially the party. Nick, like I said, you'd better watch out. It's gonna be sexy payback time!"

He laughed. "You'd better watch out too. And I think you're the one who needs to wear metal pants. Otherwise, you're gonna get one serious spanking!"

Hillary groaned. "Gaawwwd! Even that sounds hot too. I can't believe it. I'm all cummed out. My pussy actually hurts! If you keep talking like that, I'm gonna have to cum again!"

The three of them very well may have gotten excited all over again. But Hillary's mother called her from another room and announced that dinner was ready.

As a result, they had to end the phone call. All three of them said some very heartfelt good-byes, and they briefly talked about how keen they were to meet in the flesh tomorrow.

Nick had been sitting up. When the phone disconnected, he laid back on some pillows. "Aaaah! That went pretty well! Don't you think, Ma?"

Maggie also laid back, but she laid her head on a pillow on the opposite side of the car from him. She had her legs resting on top of his, showing just how physically comfortable and intimate they'd become with each other in a short time.

She smirked. "You could say that again. It didn't exactly go as planned. In fact, you never really got to have that big relationship talk. But I think you just blew her pretty brunette head right off her shoulders! You're making her so hot for your cock that she simply can't resist you! Are you still worried about Spencer, after that?"

Nick frowned at that mention. "Actually, yes. Remember, she doesn't stick with any one boyfriend or girlfriend for long. Her romances burn brightly and then flame out. I'm sure he's figured that out and he's waiting for his turn."

Maggie rolled her eyes. "Get real. Son, that was so fucking intense! And not just for me and my fantastic suck-a-thon. I know exactly what Hillary is thinking right now." She put a foot to his crotch. Even though his penis was flaccid, she started to gently rub it with her big toe.

"What's that?"

"She's thinking, 'If phone sex with Nick is that good, how much better will actual sex with him be?! I can't wait to find out!' And also, 'If hearing Maggie suck him off is this thrilling, when will I get to suck him?!' You officially rocked her world, and over the phone, no less! That's truly incredible. And just wait until she gets her hands on this bad boy. Not to mention her lips!" She playfully rubbed his penis with her toe.

"Ma, please. Don't. Or you're going to get me stiff again."

She put her hands on either side of her mouth and gasped with her mouth open wide. It was an exaggerated "Home Alone"-style mock-shock. "Oh NO! That would be so terrible! Then I'd just have to suck you off AGAIN!"

She playfully brought her other foot to his crotch and started rubbing his penis with both of her big toes at once. She was clearly showing that she wasn't exactly upset at that prospect.

She added, "Son, I still can't believe how successful you've been with her! When I think about her perfect, voluptuous, athletic, and deeply tanned body... and then her dark and sexy brown eyes, and her whole gorgeous face... and how remarkable it is for her to agree to date you at all... and then I think about how eager she must be right now to drop to her knees and prove to you that she's a worthy and talented cocksucker! WOW! I don't know how you did it, but you have the upper hand in your relationship with her, big time! Like that way you ordered her not to cum, and she obeyed! Was that hot as molten lava, or what?!"

She didn't say it, but it was clear that he not only had the upper hand with Hillary, but with herself too. And she secretly liked it that way.

He complained, "Ma! Please! Stop! I just came for the second time. The downside of usually cumming twice is that I typically need a break before the next two times. This isn't a good time to get me horny."

She smirked unrepentantly, but muttered, "Sorry."

Meanwhile, she looked around the back cabin of the Ford Explorer. They'd been so carried away with lust earlier that she hadn't had a chance to talk about it. "By the way, nice place you got here, Sport. Kind of your own little personal space age bachelor pad." She nodded at some of the unused pillows.

He looked slightly abashed. "Well... I kind of figured that as long as we're here, we might as well get comfy."

She snickered. "I'm sure. I hope I helped you get 'comfy.'" She looked down at her cummy tits and dramatically ran a finger up and down the slopes of one tit and then up and down the slopes of her other one, leaving a line right through the many streaks and gobs of cum there. She said with wry amusement, "If you got any more comfy, I'd be painted pearly white from head to toe! Good grief! I gave birth to a sex lord!"

He rolled his eyes. "I am not a 'sex lord,' whatever the heck that is. I just get really, really horny for you, and really, really horny for Hillary. And when you're combined together, well, you see what happens. I get really, really, really, REALLY horny!"

"Indeed." She was still playing footsie with his penis. She didn't actually expect to get it stiff again, but she was so fond of it that it seemed she couldn't stop touching it in some way. "Hey, Sport, keep on doing what you're doing and you'll win Hillary for sure. But don't expect to make a habit out of this, in this car."

She waved her hands, indicating the bed he'd created in the back of the car. She was also alluding to the use of Andy's SUV for sex sessions.

"Don't worry, I'm not. Although... we might have to try phoning Hillary again before long. I wanted to have a serious and deeply meaningful conversation with her. I didn't get to do that at all! Not even for a minute. So in that way, the call was a bust."

Maggie said, "Son, don't worry. If you want Hillary to fall in love with you, it would be hard to top that phone call. Hook her first with lust, and don't worry, the rest will soon follow. I know how much you love her heart, and not just for her incredible F-cups and the rest of her sexy body. Although that part doesn't exactly hurt." She winked at him. "She'll see how strong and genuine your feelings for her are soon enough, even if she's doing that while usually naked, kneeling, and bobbing on your cock!"

He groaned. "Ma! Don't say that, or you're really going to make me horny all over again."

She realized that was a real danger, because she was getting increasingly horny again too. She also realized that it was getting to be dinner time. Andy might actually start coming looking for her, or at least calling for her. That startled her into action. She couldn't allow Andy to see her hanging out in the nude with Nick in the back seat of his car, and with her face and tits covered with cum!

She said, "Come on, then. Let's clean up. We don't want to leave this car smelling like sex."

She got up and left the vehicle, but then she remembered the camera. She had Nick take some photos of her nude, cummy body, including close-ups of her face. She was determined not to let the photos to leave the house in any way. But still, she was hopeful there was some way she'd be able to get Hillary to look at the pictures somehow. She knew Hillary would flip out, in the best way.

Since Nick had started taking photos of her, he kept on doing that as she made a sexy production out of stripping out of the remnants of her nurse outfit, and then she posed still more in nothing but her black high heels, with her cummy tits and face. She had high hopes Hillary could see those soon too.

The two of them left the garage a short time later.

Nick was left with the cleanup job while Maggie hurried inside to start dinner. He cleaned up well and parked the Prius back in the garage. However, he didn't return the seats in the Explorer back to their upright positions, nor did he even remove all the pillows. (He did need a couple in his bedroom to sleep on.) He knew it wouldn't matter to Andy one way or another, due to his immobility. He was optimistic that Maggie would soon see the benefits of using this large car for their sexy fun instead of her considerably smaller Prius.

— — —

The rest of the evening was uneventful in comparison. Nick had to work on his homework.

Maggie though, made good progress on her backstory novella. She finished organizing her notes and outline, then called Nick in to give it a review.

He behaved like a perfect gentleman as he read things over in her bedroom, because he knew she would freak out if he violated her "firewall" with even light flirtation. Her bedroom was her safest and most cherished private space.

He made many useful suggestions, then he left to return to his homework.

Over the next several hours, she called him back in several times as she had further changes for review, and then when she started actually writing the first rough draft. Most of the time she worked on her own, though, with just occasional questions for him.

Although Nick continued to behave without even a hint of sexual intent every time she called him for help, a new easy and happy feeling seemed to connect them that strengthened their already very deep loving bonds. Their sexual pleasures together was having emotional effects on them that they didn't fully understand.

The phone call fun with Hillary wasn't entirely over though. Around nine o'clock, Maggie was deep into writing more of her backstory novella when her cell phone rang.

It was Hillary. She said, "Hi, Maggie. I hope I didn't phone too late, but I have a question I want to ask you. Is it okay if I call you at this phone?"

"Sure, it's fine," Maggie replied. "I'm usually up until ten, at least." She was glad to hear Hillary call her, but it also was strange, because she was in the middle of writing her novella almost entirely for Hillary's sake. She didn't want to talk on the phone very long until she finished at least the first draft of the novella, so she would have her story straight. She figured she was about half way done with the draft.

Hillary said shyly, "I hope you won't be offended, but after our great phone call earlier, I feel like we're even closer than before."

"For sure," Maggie said.

"So... I have this question for you. If it's too personal or too sexual, please just say so and I'll drop it. It's definitely sexual!" She laughed, though nervously.

Maggie was getting very curious. "What is it already?"

"It's something that's been on my mind for days, since even before our threesome date on Friday. I don't know how to say this, so I'll just come right out and say it: which do you prefer: sucking Nick's cock, or titfucking it?"

Maggie silently gasped. She had been in a calm, nonsexual mood, but her sexual arousal was turned on in a flash, just like the flip of a light switch. Her nipples grew erect in a matter of seconds, and her pussy started tingling too. She already had been thinking about how to politely end the call soon, so she wouldn't have to talk to Hillary because she had her novella finished, but that was totally forgotten.

Hillary couldn't hear anything from Maggie's end of the call. She nervously pushed on, "Uh, the reason I'm asking is... I haven't done either thing with Nick yet, but I want to. So much! And, um, when I went out with other guys, I uh... I like to do both those things..."

Maggie could hear Hillary's voice getting increasingly hesitant, so she gave her an encouraging, "Uh-huh?"

Hillary bravely pushed on, "And, uh... I like 'em both, pretty much evenly. But I keep wondering what it'll be like with Nick! Especially with his size and thickness. Will that make a difference?! So I'm wondering what you think. But, oh my God! I really stepped into it, haven't I? I'm so embarrassed!"

Maggie smiled warmly. "No! Not at all! I'm glad you asked!"

"Really?!" Hillary asked with hope.

"Really! Why should I be prudish with you? We've done so much with Nick's cock together already, especially on our threesome movie date, and I hope we'll end up doing even more soon."

"Oh, definitely!" Hillary felt greatly relieved.

Realizing that she was very aroused and likely to get even more so, Maggie said, "Hold on just a sec." She put her cell phone down onto the desk she was sitting at, where she'd been typing on her laptop. She quickly pulled her top off her head, and then took her bra off. She yanked her pants and panties down her thighs just enough to have direct access to her clit and pussy.

Then she picked up her phone, and lied, "Sorry 'bout that. Due to what we're talking about, I wanted to move to a more private space." She continued, truthfully, "Now, getting to your question, I don't know how to answer that, because I like both sex acts so very, very, VERY much!"

The two women giggled naughtily at that.

Maggie went on, "It's as if I had two children, and loved both of them dearly, and then you told me I had to pick a favorite. It can't be done!"

In truth, Maggie loved sucking her son more than titfucking him. But she didn't want to admit that to Hillary since she loved the titfucking too, and she didn't want to diss it or discourage Hillary about that. Besides, she considered the two sex acts as overlapping, due to the titfuck/blowjob combo that she'd been practicing.

Hillary asked her eagerly, "But surely you could say something. What are the pros and the cons?"

Maggie started masturbating by twisting on her very erect nipples. She only had one hand free to use because she had to hold her cell phone to her ear. She said, "I'll tell you the pros... and then the other pros. There are no cons!"

Both women laughed.

Maggie said, "Seriously, there are cons. The one really big con is the physical difficulty. I'll tell you about that before I get to the good stuff. Sometimes, tears even leak from my eyes due to the sheer struggle!"

"Oh my God!" Hillary exclaimed.

Encouraged, Maggie added, "That just happened to me this very morning, in fact. It's not really a problem if I either suck him or titfuck him, but when I try the combo, sucking all of his fat knob into my mouth even as I'm titfucking, that's so tough that it can make me cry."

Hillary was starting to breathe heavily. "This may sound weird, but I think that's really hot! All of it! The combo. I want to hear more about that! I'm so impressed that you can physically do that! But then, just the fact that you work his cock so hard that it draws tears to your eyes! Sorry, but that's just too hot!"

"Oh, it is! For sure!"

Hillary said, "Maggie, I don't mean to be boastful here, but consider our looks. We're not just the usual teen girls. Or a bit older, in your case. We're bombshells, by any definition! We can get pretty much any man we want, with a single sultry look."

"Agreed!" Maggie was loving this sort of talk. She started alternating between playing with her nipples and her clit and slit. She was frustrated she didn't have both hands free.

Hillary continued, "So, for a woman like you or me to struggle so intently to pleasure our man that tears actually leak out... that's way super hot in my book! Right now, I'm picturing your tanned naked body as you kneel between Nick's legs. You've got his thick cock in your mouth, and you've been sucking him so intensely for so long, with your cheeks giving in from all the suction, that your cheeks are wet with tears!"

"Oh my god!" Maggie practically screamed. Then she realized she needed to make sure she didn't get too loud. Nick's bedroom was just down the hall. She didn't want him to get curious and come wandering in, which he was especially prone to do this night since he'd been called to her bedroom repeatedly for his advice on her novella writing. If he saw her naked like this, it would violate her firewall in her very own bedroom.

She continued, quieter, "That's so hot! But remember, just regular cocksucking like that doesn't make me cry. Only if I'm doing something extra tough, like that combo move."

Hillary gleefully teased, "Unless they're tears of joy though! Am I right?!"

Maggie laughed. "Oh, you're so right! I love sucking his cock so much! Sometimes I could just burst into tears of joy! And titfucking, like I said, it's underappreciated, but it's really just as much fun!"

Hillary was panting. "Tell me all about it, please! Both things! AND the combo!"


Maggie proceeded to give Hillary a very detailed account of how she'd used the titfuck/blowjob combo on Nick that very morning, as an "example." She had to change a few details, such as moving the setting from the garage back to the bungalow behind the house that she supposedly lived in. She also had to act as if she was an expert at those sex acts already instead of very new to all of them (with what she'd done to Andy in the past not counting in her mind).

Both Maggie and Hillary were furtively masturbating by this time. Each of them were very, very careful to try to be quiet about it and make no overt reference to what they were doing or what the other might be doing. This was effectively the first phone sex session between them - something else Hillary was surprised about, as she hadn't expected Maggie's answer to her question to be so detailed, passionate, and highly sexual. They both tried to be extra careful so as to not offend the other one in any way.

However, no matter how careful they were in pretending the mutual masturbation wasn't happening, they were so aroused that there was no way to disguise their heavy panting, nor the sheer lusty sexuality in their voices. Thus, it became abundantly clear to both of them that the other one was masturbating and had to know that they were too. Yet still it was easier to pretend otherwise.

The ostensible purpose of the call, for Hillary to find out if Maggie preferred cocksucking or titfucking, was forgotten, except insofar as that gave Maggie an excuse to explain graphic detail her great love for both (and the combo in between). Luckily, she'd had just enough experience with those sex acts in very recent days so that she could draw on those times instead of having to make anything up.

Although Maggie did most of the talking, Hillary made a lot of comments and asked a lot of questions, as well as finding ways to tell a lot of fun jokes. Throughout all of that, she was showing Maggie how much she loved cocksucking and titfucking too.

That was a deliberate attempt to get more on Maggie's good side. She had surmised that those sex acts in particular were a very big part of Nick and Maggie's relationship. She wanted to show that she could fit right into to a threesome relationship by showing her enthusiasm for those things. But she didn't feel like she was being underhanded, because she was sincere in revealing her sexual desires. She had a powerful sex drive in general, but her sexual desire for Nick in particular was growing by the day.

On top of all that, she simply greatly enjoyed the phone sex with Maggie. She would have said nearly all that she was saying to make a good impression just because she was being herself and having a sexy, fun time.

The call slowly and inexorably built up to an orgasmic climax for both of them. But because they both were trying hard to deny that they were masturbating to what had clearly become phone sex, they didn't feel free to let go and climax, for fear of making too much tell-tale noise, possibly including screaming.

Maggie solved that by politely but abruptly ending the call right as the both of them were teetering on the brink of cumming. As soon as she disconnected the line, she let herself go and came hard while diddling herself. She knew that Hillary had to be doing the same at the same time, but this gave them a fig leaf pretense to pretend otherwise.

She also clenched her teeth and shut her eyes tightly as she came. She didn't have to be totally silent, just quiet enough so that Nick wouldn't get curious and come to investigate. She held a hand on the top of her head and rubbed her hair all through her orgasm, as if her head would fire off her neck like a rocket if she wasn't holding it there.

When it was all over, she got up and used some air freshener to try to get the sex smell out of her room, figuring that it was likely Nick would be returning to her room later, if she managed to get back on track with her novella. Then she went to the bathroom to take a bath in order to fully rest and recover after that powerful sexual experience. She was grateful that she had what was formerly the master bedroom both she and Andy slept in, because that meant she had her own private bathroom attached to it, so she didn't have to worry about Nick seeing her walking around naked.

Relaxing in the bathtub afterwards, she didn't have any major regrets about going off in such an overtly sexual way with Hillary. She did feel a little bit strange having phone sex with another woman, but she figured that it was a totally different thing getting horny talking about a man they both lusted for as opposed to any sort of overt flirting between each other. Hillary had been very careful to avoid even a hint of that.

She was tempted to start another masturbation session in the bathtub. She still rode a wave of arousal long after the phone sex and her big orgasm were in the past. But she was determined to get back to writing her novella instead of spending the rest of the evening just masturbating over and over again.

She finally calmed down enough to leave the bathroom, get fully dressed again, and then resume her writing. So got back on track, and ended up staying up well past her usual bedtime because she was so inspired constructing her alternate history of her late teenage years.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, greyshadow, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.