Chapter 28: Beating the School Bell (Friday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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At breakfast the next morning, to all outward appearances, Maggie appeared to be her normal self. But Nick was able to detect a certain gleam in her eyes and an extra spring in her step. Plus, she was constantly smiling.

Even Andy noticed a change in her, and told her, "You're looking mighty chipper today. Actually, now that I think about it, you've been smiling a lot lately."

Maggie replied, "Well, I've been making some good progress on my book lately. Finally."

That was a lie. It was true, of course, that Maggie was working on a cookbook about exotic and unusual foods from all over the world. But she hadn't made much progress on it lately at all. And in recent days, when she'd started smiling all the time, she hadn't worked on it whatsoever. If she was going to do some writing, it would be in her backstory novella. But she figured she had to lie, because there was no way she could tell Andy that sex with Nick was what was making her happy.

"That's good to hear," Andy replied. He went back to eating his bowl of cereal.

The lack of any follow-up questions was indicative of how far Maggie and Andy had drifted apart. More and more, she wondered why she put up with living with him in a sham marriage, and doing all his cleaning and cooking.

She was tempted to come up with some clever double meanings about work on her book that would really be a sexual message to Nick. For instance, she could have said that she was "tackling the problem with both hands" and "putting her nose to it" until she "licked the problem once and for all." Nick would have immediately realized she was talking about his penis, while Andy would have remained utterly clueless.

But Maggie thought, No! I can't do that. Not now, not ever! For one thing, it would violate the Margaret-Maggie firewall. So that's enough reason right there. But also, I'm better than that. Sure, Andy hurt me deeply. But so far, at least we've managed to co-exist without much fighting. Why should I get petty now for a cheap thrill? I'm going to rise above that.

As breakfast went on, Nick could sense that she was trying to cool things down with him. But he also could tell from more subtle signs she was sexually excited about taking him to school again today, as well as meeting up with him and Hillary after school ended. Her inner conflict was being played out with her slightly changing facial expressions.

Most of the time, Maggie managed to keep her Margaret and Maggie modes separate in her mind. But as the time drew closer for her to take Nick to school, she found it harder and harder to stay calm. She even salivated and licked her lips repeatedly as she fantasized about all the ways she planned to suck his cock.

Near the end of breakfast, she said to Andy in a matter-of-fact tone, "By the way, I've gotta take Nick to school again, for his thing." She was testing him with that, to see if he'd care enough to ask what the "thing" was. "Do you mind if I use the Explorer?"

Andy shrugged. "Sure. Whatever. You know I can't use it anyway." Not surprisingly, he didn't even ask about the "thing," so Maggie didn't need to resort to a bullshit explanation.

Maggie just nodded soberly. But she wanted to dance around the room and high-five Nick. After enjoying the extra room in the back of the Ford Explorer yesterday, she didn't want to go back to being cramped in her smaller Prius.

Nick understood very well what the implications of the vehicle change were. He too had a hard time keeping his cool. His penis was erect all through breakfast due to the anticipation.

Both Nick and Maggie finished getting ready early and headed to the garage with almost unseemly haste. They went there even earlier than yesterday morning, so they would have still more time to play around.

— — —

Nick's anticipation increased even more when he met her in the garage and found her wearing a maroon red silk blouse without a bra underneath, plus a new maroon miniskirt. The blouse was fairly standard, although she did leave a daring number of buttons undone. However, her miniskirt was just as short as the last one, which was about as short as miniskirts could possibly get!

What he loved even more was that she was wearing red high heels. He knew that was a very, very good sign!

Seeing the hungry way he was staring at her, she started to say as she walked around the Prius towards the Explorer, "Now, don't take the way I'm dressed to be a green light-"

But she didn't get a chance to say more. Even before they reached the SUV, he took her in his arms and gave her a soulful kiss.

However, when the kiss ended, she remembered her decision not to get sexually involved with her son this morning. She pushed him away, or at least she tried to. She looked down and laughed, because his hands had slip up under her silk top and he was working on twisting her nipples already. "What's with you and boobs? Don't you realize there's all the rest of me?"

"Mmmm, I do," he purred as he dropped his hands and slid them inside the back of her miniskirt. He wound up clutching nothing but bare ass cheeks, which meant she wasn't wearing panties either. In so doing, he managed to pull her miniskirt halfway down her ass. He muttered, "Damn! You're so beautiful! I have the sexiest, curviest mom in the world!"

She tried to wiggle free, but without much success, since she was only half-hearted about the effort. Mindful of her resolve not to let things go too far, she mildly complained, "Sport, not today! This is not one of the days when-"

But she couldn't say more, because he cut her off with another kiss. By the time that one ended, her silk blouse was up around her shoulders and her miniskirt fell all the way down to the ground!

She chuckled some more in exasperation. Somehow, she managed to stagger backwards out of his reach. Once free, she wagged a finger at him. "No! And I mean no!" She quickly bent over and pulled her miniskirt up, then she pulled her blouse back down.

He stepped towards her, and she suddenly ran to the SUV as fast as her high heels could carry her. She screamed "No!" again, but she was laughing at the same time, showing she wasn't really upset at his aggressiveness. She rushed to the driver's seat and sat in it.

When he caught up with her, she gave him a stern look. "Now, behave! Go to your seat and just SIT there, you hear? No playing with your mother's body this morning, you understand?"

Finally conceding defeat, he glumly walked back around the SUV and took his seat. He was very surprised at how strict she was acting, considering that he could sense her growing excitement all through breakfast. Keeping his hands to himself, he asked, "What's up with all this 'no' stuff?"

"I told you yesterday. Our deal is that I take you to school twice a week, not thrice. So don't get carried away." She was worried about a slippery slope, so she was trying to play hard to get. Her plan was to talk to him about Maggie mode issues for a while first, to prove she had some willpower. Only then would she strip and blow him. There was enough time for both activities.

She thought, I've gotta stay strong! But if I give in now, how long will it be before I wind up taking him to school every day of the week, and sucking two cum loads out of him every time? If he knows how much I think about sucking his cock, how much I crave it, he'll be able to take even more advantage of me than he does already! I'll basically become his personal sex toy, his cum receptacle! Where will it stop?! Every time he gets a boner, he'll expect me to do some sex strip tease and then drop to my knees, probably with Hillary helping out!

Oh, fuuuuuck! That's too hot! I can't think like that. The point is, I need to show some willpower!

He griped, "Oh, man. That sucks. But you did agree to special exceptions, if there was a special reason."

She played dumb. "Did I say that? I don't remember saying that."

"You did, later on. Remember?"

She realized playing dumb wasn't going to work. "Yeah, I remember now. But you had me over a barrel at the time, so that's not really fair."

He leered lustily, "I wish I had you over a barrel right now! I'd give you a good spanking!"

She realized that he was referring to a physical barrel, not a metaphorical one. She pictured herself buck naked and bent over a big wine barrel in a grass field somewhere, with a fully-dressed Nick standing behind her and whacking her ass. Suddenly, she was so horny that she started fidgeting in her seat.

He asked, "Can't I at least kiss you a little bit? I've been looking forward to it all morning!"

"Well, I suppose. One kiss... If you can keep yourself under control."

That was all the opening he needed.

A minute or two later, Maggie found Nick all but sitting on top of her, with her blouse up to her shoulders and his hands freely exploring her bouncy rack even as his tongue explored her mouth. Somehow, he'd managed to pull her miniskirt down to her knees again, even though she'd been sitting on it this time. But "worst" of all in terms of her resolve was that his shorts had slid down too, and she'd somehow wound up with her hand stroking his cock!

She thought with amused chagrin, Shy? This boy is supposed to be shy? He's as shy as a sex-mad octopus! And I think he's got as many grabby arms! So much for "willpower." And I knew that would happen as soon as I agreed to one kiss. Ha! "One kiss!"

Finding some more resolve, she took her hand off his cock and then put her hands on his. She even managed to pry his hands from her squeezable boobs.

Dismayed, he broke the kissing to complain.

But she beat him to it. "Nick! BEHAVE! Do you want me to get seriously mad at you?"

"No," he said sullenly.

"Then stay on your side, and that's an order!" She quickly pulled her clothes back in place and started the SUV. She figured she had to act fast before his hands resumed their wandering. Boy! I should have worn underwear. It's just that I want to look extra sexy for him. I love it so much when he gets all erect for me!

Her goal was to leave the garage and go somewhere else to talk. Then he would be forced to behave, due to the locale. Then, having made her willpower demonstration, and hopefully having a useful conversation about the Maggie mode issues bothering her, she still would have time to suck him off before school. She would just need to find somewhere else to go for that.

She drove the SUV out of the driveway and soon had their house in the rearview mirror.

Nick was mostly beaten, but not entirely. He returned to his seat, but he didn't pull up his shorts all the way. As a result, his erection poked straight up.

She looked over while driving and saw him stroking himself. "Hey! Just what do you think you're doing?!"

He held his boner in a way that gave her a good view of it. "What does it look like? I'm obeying your rules. I'm staying on my side of the car, aren't I?"

She stammered as she watched him start to stroke himself, "Yes, but... well, you can't do that!"

"Why not?" While he beat his meat, he stared blatantly at the way her hefty rack was bouncing up and down, thanks to bumps in the road and her lack of a bra.

She replied, "How am I supposed to concentrate on driving, with you doing that? I swear! I give an inch, and you take a mile."

She didn't actually know where to go for their "talk," so she was heading towards his school out of habit.

"Sorry, Ma. I mean, Maggie. You're the one to blame here. You say we have to keep it cool, but at the same time, you're not wearing a bra OR panties. And you look like you do, my centerfold mother."

"I have NOT been in any magazines, including THOSE magazines," she protested, even as she blushed from the compliment.

"No, but you totally could, and you know it! You could be the Playboy Playmate of the Year!"

She was even more flattered, but still complained, "HA! No way! Those women are all Photoshopped fakes. Real people can't compete with them."

"You could! I swear it! How can I not get all horny, with you looking that sexy? And if you won't take care of it, I will."

She looked at his crotch again and nearly swooned from the sight of his hand pumping up and down his thick pole. She worried that if he kept going, her willpower plan would collapse. So she said with renewed fierce determination, "I will NOT have you jack off in this car! Stop it this instant!"

"Nope!" he replied smugly. Normally, he would have been far too shy and meek to say something like that, but his horniness transformed him. He didn't understand why she was being standoffish after everything they'd done yesterday, and other recent days, so he was being stubborn.

She growled, "Control yourself, or I'll have to do it for you!"

Just then, the Explorer reached a stop light. Maggie reached out towards him with the intention of pulling his shorts up and zipping his erection safely away. But his stiff cock looked extremely tempting, and she was more than a little worked up for their earlier kissing and fondling. Somehow, her hand went straight to his erection and she wound up firmly holding it.

He gladly let go of it so she could do what she wanted to it. He thought with secret delight, Bingo! Bullseye! Let's see her pull her hand away. I don't think she will!

Blushing, but still looking pissed, she said, "There! I suppose I can't pull your shorts up from here with the way you're slumped down, but at least I can do this to stop you from jacking off." Without really wanting to, her fingers started to subtly rub his sweet spot.

"Damn! That's true," he said, faking a frown and acting as if he'd been beaten.

The light changed, and Maggie resumed driving the SUV. But she only drove with one hand, because her other hand continued firmly gripping her son's cock.

She immediately began making excuses to herself. This damn thing is dangerous! I should hold it until we get to school so he won't be able to get up to any more mischief with it. It's good to cover up it too, so people can't easily see how he's exposing himself. I'm definitely not going to stroke it, though! I can't, for fear of getting distracted and crashing the SUV.

That was all well and good in theory, but her hand seemed to have other ideas. It took a lot of self-delusion for her not to mentally acknowledge the way her fingers were rubbing his sweet spot already. She wasn't even doing it subtly anymore.

Even as she was doing that, she chided him, "Sport, you really are too much. You can't just wave that big fat thing around like some kind of flag. Especially not when I'm driving! What if somebody with a tall car or truck comes by and looks down at us through the window?"

"Good point!" Nick's window had been partially rolled down. He twisted in his seat and rolled it up the rest of the way. The Explorer's windows were tinted, unlike those on her Prius. "Nice idea switching to this car, by the way."

Maggie rolled her eyes in exasperation. But she also checked to confirm that her window was rolled up too. With the tinted windows up, the only serious danger of getting caught was if someone looked through their non-tinted front windshield, but even then nothing incriminating could be seen unless the SUV was parked and someone nearby was staring down into it. "I told you that all I'm doing this morning is taking you to school."

He replied, "Sorry. I really wasn't trying to trick you or anything. It's just that... well, I'm a young, horny guy. And you're so very, very sexy! Now that your hair is blonde, you look even sexier than before! You're not like a normal mother, you know. It's like having a porn star supermodel as a mom. I swear, you are MY Playboy Playmate of the Year! If I had a choice of ANY centerfold to suck my cock, or you do it, I'd pick you every single time!"

"Son!" she weakly complained. She was rubbing his sweet spot with increasing vigor.

"What?! Not only are you a total babe with tits bigger than nearly all centerfolds, but I love you. AND you're a wickedly talented cocksucker!"

"I am not!" she hotly complained. "I've only just started to suck you. I'm basically a total novice. I'm going to get better and better, trust me, but it's going to take a lot of practice!"

Both of them felt shivers down their spines as they contemplated all that future practice.

While she kept rubbing his sweet spot with just her index and middle fingers, and using her thumb for support from the other side, she tried to use her ring finger and pinky to tickle and caress more of his shaft. It wasn't that effective. She was dying to bring her second hand-over so she could "properly" jack him off, but she was driving.

He said, "In any case, I get horny ALL the time! My dick gets soooooo stiff! And knowing that you're not wearing any bra or panties right now... and SEEING the no bra part with every bump in the road... I mean, can you blame me? I'm only human!"

Her tone softened. "I suppose not, since you put it that way. I guess it's partly my fault that you're so endowed. Er, I mean, engorged."

All the while they'd been talking, her hand movement on his shaft had been getting more blatant. She'd switched from just rubbing his sweet spot to running her fingers wherever they wanted to go. It couldn't be denied anymore that she wasn't just holding his boner, but she was actively stroking it.

Even after fully realizing what she was doing, she couldn't stop or slow her hand down. So instead, she tried to justify it. "I suppose that since I tempted you too much, I need to take responsibility."

She also thought to herself, Plus, he called me his personal "Playboy Playmate of the Year!" AND he said I'm a "wickedly talented cocksucker." He needs to be rewarded!

Just then, they stopped at another red light. After quickly looking around, she brought a second hand to his crotch and got busy fondling his balls too.

She thought, Okay! New plan! I need to make him cum before we reach school, or shortly thereafter. Then we'll still have time for some serious talking, and I'll be able to prove that I don't lose all control every single time I'm in Maggie mode.

She warned him, like he was doing something wrong, "What I'm doing now, consider this a one-time-only thing. It's not safe to do this and drive! So don't do it!"

The light turned green, and she had to bring her second hand back to the steering wheel. She also was a conscientious driver, so she went back to mostly just holding his shaft while the car was in motion. However, she could still subtly rub his sweet spot without moving her fingers much, and that's what she did.

They continued in silence like that until the next light. Then she used both hands again, aggressively jacking him off while fondling his balls. I can't believe I'm doing this! What's wrong with me?! I promised myself this wouldn't happen. But his cock is just so thick and stiff and hot. It's like it NEEDS to be pleasured! Besides, I can't let him go to school like this. It wouldn't be right! I have to get him to cum and traffic lights can help!

But all too soon, the light changed again and she had to mostly focus on driving some more. Furthermore, she was frustrated because the distance to the school wasn't great, and there weren't any more red lights from where she was to there.

A minute later, she pulled into the school parking lot while still gripping his shaft. They were there early because they'd gone to the garage and left it early, so there weren't many people or cars around yet. In fact, there was almost no signs of anyone else because they were so early.

She didn't know what to do, and she felt stupid for arriving at this time. She muttered, "Damn cock! Cum, already!"

He heard that, and said, "Sorry. Just a little stroking isn't gonna do it. But if you'd use your mouth..."

She growled, "You'd like that, wouldn't you? Fat chance!"

While they were talking, she steered the Explorer to a remote corner of the parking lot instead of taking him right in front of the main school building. She quickly parked the car and turned it off.

To his great delight, she suddenly bent down over his crotch. His heart raced. His entire body tingled in anticipation, because he thought he was going to enjoy a blowjob.

But his delight was premature, because she merely brought her mouth close to his cockhead and started blowing on it. She was resolutely determined to get him to cum before school, and she was in a hurry because she didn't want to be seen like this. She didn't want to blow him, since she'd promised herself that she wasn't going to do that before school this morning, as part of her revised plan. She hoped that merely blowing on his most sensitive areas while continuing to fondle his cock and balls would arouse him enough to push him over the edge.

Normally, that would have been enough, eventually. But he sensed that he could hold out for more, so he struggled mightily not to cum.

She kept right on blowing sweet minty air on his most sensitive spots, from only an inch or two away. It was actually extremely arousing and effective.

But he still held out.

She thought, Dammit! I'm in a fix. I've been trying to make the point that I still have SOME willpower in Maggie mode. Now that I've started to suck him, it's not like I'm going to swallow his cock every time he snaps his fingers. Even though that would be super hot and slutty if I did! But it's so hard to make him cum! I kind of HAVE to use my mouth if I'm going to do it in a hurry, so we'll have time to talk.

Besides, he flattered me with so many compliments. And he means them! And I have to practice my sucking, because Hillary thinks I'm already an expert. She thinks I've been sucking him every day for months! If only!

Somehow, during his struggles, he managed to say, "Ma! Time's running out! The bell's gonna ring any minute now!"

That was an obvious lie. They both knew they still had 20 minutes, at least. But he was so horny he was ready to say just about anything.. "Please! Please! Have mercy! Can't you just suck on it a little?"

She seemed not to be listening. She goaded him, "Cum! Just give in! Cum!" Her mere act of speaking drove him wild, since she continued to breathe heavily on his shaft all the while.

He moaned desperately, "Ma! Please! Please! Just lick it a little. Just a little! Please! You're so close! Just one lick! That'll do the trick, for sure!"

The truth was, her blowing air on his hot and throbbing cock was driving her wild too, since it put her face in such close proximity to it. All she had to do was stick her tongue out and she would reach it, and that's exactly what she did.

Of course, she didn't stop with just one lick. Before she knew it, she was lapping up and down his sweet spot while her fingers continued to slide all over his shaft and balls.

He groaned lustily. "YEEESSSS! So good! Thanks, Ma!" But although he reveled in the erotic ecstasy, he still resolutely held out. His frequent and prolonged masturbation sessions had built up his stamina, so he actually wasn't even that close to cumming yet.

Maggie's frustration grew as the time passed and all her fevered licking and stroking failed to get him to blow his load. Fuck! I promised myself: no blowjobs this morning! But look at me. Fuck! Dammit, you big-cocked motherfucker! Why don't you cum already?! Knowing him, he's not going to cum for ages. What more do I have to do?!

He's such a fucking stud! What stamina! If he tricks me into sucking him again, he totally deserves that win!

She lapped intently right on his sweet spot while her fingers repeatedly slid past on the other side, cupping his bulbous cockhead briefly before slipping down his soaked shaft all the way to the base, and then back up again. She expertly fondled his balls too. But her frustration grew that all of this combined still didn't seem to be enough.

She knew it was irrational, but she expected to hear the school bell at any moment. She also had fears of someone peering through the windshield. She even had a vision of someone tapping on the windshield and then taking a compromising picture of her with pre-cum and saliva on her chin right when she looked up.

Dammit! Cum! Cum, cum, CUM! Your beautiful, busty "Playmate of the Year" mother is licking your cock! I'm doing things no mother should ever do to her son. Wicked things! Naughty things! Is that not enough for you? And I'm loving it! That's the worst part. A part of me wants you to cum so bad, but another part wants this to last forever! Son, your cock is just too delicious!

At least I'm not bobbing on it yet. Er, I mean at all. That would be the final humiliation. But I might have to, if he doesn't cum soon. I mean, am I supposed to just spend the next several hours endlessly licking my son's mighty cock, while all of his classmates sit bored in class? Buck naked here in the parking lot the whole time, protected only by the tinted windows?!

Actually, that sounds seriously hot too! My mind is too perverted.

Oh, great. And now he's working on getting my blouse up again. I should'a figured! "Shy?" Ha! Shy, my ass!

Even though she was bending over, Nick managed to unbutton the remaining buttons on the front of her blouse, causing both halves in front to hang down free. That meant her big tits dangled down as well. He was intending to twist and turn her nipples next.

Had he succeeded in doing that, no doubt she would have gone absolutely wild all over his cock. But before he could really get started on that, he lost control. He thought he could last a lot longer, enough to get her to start sucking, but the pleasure of her cock licking in particular was greater than he'd anticipated. He held in his breath in his desperation to last a few more precious seconds, but he suddenly and loudly exhaled. Then he moaned, "Cumming! Gonna cum!"

Maggie acted immediately without thinking. She stretched her jaw wide and plunged her mouth over his cockhead. Worked up to a near frenzy of cock-hungry need, she began vigorously bobbing up and down while focusing still on the frenulum, his most sensitive sweet spot. At the same time, she started vigorously working on her clit so she could reach her own climax while he was still experiencing his.

She was just in time, because as soon as her lips were locked tightly around his shaft, he began firing ropes of cum onto the back of her throat. But she was a trooper and didn't stop her bobbing or even slow down. In fact, although her goal had simply been to cover the tip of his dick to prevent a cummy mess, now that she'd started fully sucking him off, she was bobbing just for the sheer joy of it.

She actually loved how difficult it was to even get and keep her lips stretched around him. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward when she succeeded in getting his cum - and she was getting all the cum she could handle now.

He clutched her head and groaned in seeming agony, as if he'd taken a bullet in the chest. Although it sounded like suffering, he was experiencing nothing but pure sexual joy.

Maggie loved it too, despite her humiliation at breaking her own rule. Without thinking much about it, her fingers kept on working her clit. She had a nice climax of her own, even as his cum was still rocketing into her mouth. She was thankful not to be wearing panties, because she was able to directly and continually stimulate her clit, which prolonged her own orgasm well after all of his cum was emptied into her full mouth.

Time passed and his dick stayed hard. She kept right on bobbing.

She thought, Fuck! I forgot how he stays erect after the first time. I might as well keep going. It was cruel how I sent him to class with blue balls yesterday. I don't want to do that again.

God, listen to me! And look at me. I'm bending over my son's lap and bobbing on his cock with unabashed joy in the middle of the parking lot before school! How did my life come to this?! It wasn't that long ago when the fake girlfriend plan started, less than two full weeks. Now, every time I turn around, it seems his fat cock is sliding into my mouth! And I fucking LOVE IT! I'm talking like I'm deciding if I should keep going or not. As if! As if I could stop now! MMMM! I love it too much!

Time passed. Nick slowly recovered his energy after his orgasm. At first, he just sat there enjoying her talented oral efforts. But he was well aware of the fact that he'd managed to open her blouse. He couldn't really see her dangling boobs from where he sat, but it wasn't long before he was fondling them.

Once he got started twisting her nipples, Maggie went into cocksucking overdrive! She had been in more of a slow and savoring mode to prolong their mutual pleasure, since they still had plenty of time before school started. But she started to frantically bob her head up and down, while making slight twisting motions too. And yet she still managed to keep her tongue and hands busy on his privates too. Her great lust and love for her son was quickly turning her into a world-class cocksucker.

She thought, He says I'm a "wickedly talented cocksucker." That's not true, though! For starters, I'll bet there are a thousand different positions to suck him in, and I've only tried about three. But I'm going to make it so!

I'm got some severe competition! Hillary's a friend, and it's a friendly competition, but it's competition just the same. I can't have her suck him twice as good as I do. She's so sexually liberated, an unabashed "good slut," I'm sure she's a cocksucking demon! She probably knows how to deep throat, for instance. I don't have a clue! I have to step up my game, big time, before Anushka gives her permission for oral. It's clear we don't want the normal boyfriend-girlfriend crap, we want to be total sluts for his cock! TOGETHER!

Oh, fuck me! That arouses me more than anything on this planet! That we're going to pleasure his cock so much, together! UNNNGH! Fuuuuuck! So hot! And she's so gorgeous! I'd love to see her completely naked again. If she was here with me now... both of us kneeling naked, side by side, his obedient sluts... UNGH! She moaned loudly as her mouth twisted this way and that around his pulsing pole.

Nick was determined to get Maggie naked. He continued to play with her nipples using one hand, and his other hand worked on yanking her miniskirt all the way off. It wasn't easy, due to the way she was sitting on it, but he eventually yanked it down to her knees.

But he didn't stop there. He bent way over and pulled it all the way off her legs. It briefly got caught up on one of her heels, but he kept tugging until it was completely free. Then he tossed the miniskirt into the back seat.

Maggie was annoyed, but she didn't care that much. She figured she could humor him on that, since the odds of anyone bending over the front windshield enough to see her nude lower body were less than a million to one. Besides, that would make it easier for her to play with her pussy when it came time to cum.

But he didn't stop there. With one hand still alternating between her nipples, his other hand worked on getting her blouse off. The problem was, he needed her cooperation to get the blouse down and off her arms.

Maggie was so totally consumed on her cocksucking pleasure that she didn't really pay attention to what he was doing. Feeling him pull her blouse down her arms was an annoyance, like a fly buzzing near one's ear. When he pulled one of her hands off his privates to complete the removal, and then the other, she went along with it. Finally, he got her blouse all the way off her.

But it was only after her blouse was tossed into the back of the SUV that it dawned on her, HOLY FUCK! I'm buck naked! Again!

Her mouth kept right on relentlessly bobbing, but she took her hands off his cock and balls and felt down her body to confirm. God damn that motherfucker! I AM naked! Except my high heels, but a fuck lot of good that'll do me now! In fact, this nudity is too fucking hot, and the heels make it hotter! I should have never told him what those heels really mean to me. Oh God! It's a good thing I'm nude because my body is on fire!

She channeled a new surge of lusty desire into bobbing on his cock with an even greater fervor, and increased speed. She could no longer do her fancy tongue work, because her lips were locked tight and she was sliding down to near gag levels with each pass. In fact, she did tempt a little bit of gagging and choking, she was going so deep. But that was mostly an accident, since her sole goal was to get him to cum right away by any means necessary!

She would have succeeded too in another minute or two, except she heard a distant bell ringing.

That startled her into pulling off. She sat up, heedless of being seen, and wiped her chin of drool and cum. "Son! Did you hear that? I think that's your bell!"

"Don't worry about it," he replied, panting hard. "There's a bell five minutes before classes start, just to let us know the time is getting close. So please don't stop!"

She'd taken her hands off his cock, but she immediately resumed stroking him with one hand. And the same time, she leaned in towards him and asked suspiciously, "Really? I don't remember a bell like that. You're just saying that!"

With the way she was leaning forward, he couldn't resist holding her tits with both hands from below. For once, rather than aggressively knead them, he just caressed them and marveled at their wonderful shape and size. "It's true! Look around. There's no way all these people can be late."

She'd forgotten about looking through the tinted windows. People couldn't see in, but she definitely could see out. She quickly realized that the parking lot looked exactly like it should five minutes before class, with plenty of cars coming in and kids casually walking to the school building.

She was momentarily seized by fear, when she realized that she was sitting up. However, she assessed the situation and realized she was probably okay. People parked in the closest empty space to the main school building available, whereas she'd parked the SUV on the other side of the parking lot to get the most privacy. Luckily, the windshield was pointed away from the school, and there was a row of tall hedges a short distance in front of the SUV.

She felt compelled to duck down nonetheless. But she forced herself not to. She wouldn't admit it to herself, but the danger of the situation was turning her on to a great degree. Besides, she was aware that if they did get caught, it would add to Nick's studly reputation. She remembered her fake driver's license, and she was glad she had it with her, just in case.

She thought, Wow! If it's true about that bell, and I'm sure it is, I've been stroking or sucking his cock for a good half hour! Mostly sucking! 'Cos that's about how long ago we left the garage. And yet it's still not enough! I'm so sad our time is almost up!

However, she realized it would probably be prudent to at least put her blouse on. She wanted to wear it while leaving the front wide open, so Nick could keep on playing with her highly sensitive tits.

She looked around. As she brought a second hand back over to better jack him off, she said, "Okay. Maybe we're not in that much of a rush, but we still need to hurry. Where's my blouse?!"

He bashfully nodded to the back of the SUV. Since he hadn't put the seats back up last night, the back two-thirds of the SUV was still flattened. Most of the pillows from last night were scattered in back too.

She saw her blouse and miniskirt there, and sighed heavily with exasperation. "What is WRONG with you?! Why do you always have to see my body totally naked?" She wasn't nearly as annoyed as that might have sounded though, more chagrined.

"I don't know," he replied honestly. "I just do. I get so horny that I can't help myself! You look SO GOOD in the nude, with your all-over golden tan and everything. It's wrong for you to wear clothes! It's like you need to be naked!"

She huffed with annoyance as she crawled between the car seats to get to the back. Her blouse had happened to land all the way on the other side of the car.

However, she was secretly thrilled at the fetish he had to see her naked all the time. I can see what he means, actually. I do feel that pull, that "need," even. When I see that overjoyed look on his face whenever he ogles me in just my high heels, it melts my heart and makes me all giddy and dizzy!

Nick immediately crawled in behind her.

She reached the blouse but she didn't have a chance to put it on, because she found herself lying down, with her son on top of her!

It may have seemed like Nick was being even more aggressive than usual, but he wasn't really. Maggie had been 99 percent certain when she went to get her blouse that this would happen. She'd even wiggled her bare ass provocatively as she crawled, hoping to entice him.

Still, she acted put out. She said in a chagrined voice as he sat up on her chest, "Just what do you think you're doing, young man?" But she wasn't as upset as she pretended to be. His cock was resting between her tits, in perfect position for a titfuck. Before he even had a chance to answer, she held her tits from the outer sides and pushed them together.

He grimaced a little when he felt his boner enveloped by soft yet tightly squeezing tit-flesh. However, the grimace was from great pleasure, not any pain. He gathered his wits, and answered, "Sorry, Ma, you just get me-"

She finished for him, "'So horny.' I know. I've kind of noticed." She still sounded peeved, but she was loving it. "Well, don't just sit there! Fuck my tits already! Fuck 'em good!"

Indeed, he started to fuck her tits.

She thought, YEEESSSSS! That hits the spot! God, I love him so much! My son!

However, Maggie wasn't satisfied with "mere" titfucking, especially with time running out. She craned her head down to fit as much of his cockhead in her mouth as she could. She even grabbed a pillow and put it under her head to help with the angle. But being able to bob on just a few inches didn't cut it compared to what she'd been doing before the interruption. Even though she managed to slip her lips past his wide crown, thanks to her earlier practice with this difficult position, it still wasn't as good.

She suddenly stopped sliding her huge, tanned tits up and down either side of his shaft, and said, "We don't have time for this! Sit up higher! I want you to fuck my face!"

He didn't need to be asked twice. He loved a titfuck, especially with the added oral action, but a full-on "face fuck" sounded even better! With his mother's quick assistance, he sat up at just the right spot so his cock could go deep in her mouth while still allowing her to breathe through her nose.

She went right back to sucking on his cock. She was very mindful of the fact that the clock was ticking. If they heard the bell again, that would be too late, since he needed to be in the classroom by then. She figured she only had a minute or two, at best. As a result, she went all out.

Nick didn't really get to fully "fuck her face," because he had to keep his cock relatively still, so she could bob on in with a fevered passion. If he tried to move too vigorously, he could have slammed into the back of her mouth in a painful way. But he did manage to thrust a little bit forward and back, and it was glorious. It wasn't that necessary though, because she was going absolutely wild on him.

As mentioned previously, Maggie had given Andy some blowjobs, but only rarely, usually on birthdays and anniversaries. But she'd been reluctant and uninspired virtually every time. Besides, Andy's penis was so much smaller than Nick's that it was like a different body part altogether. So she almost felt like a "blowjob virgin," effectively starting only in the last couple of days.

However, she was learning very fast. As difficult as it was to even get Nick's thick pole in her mouth, she loved every second of it! She had no trouble staying energized and inspired, even if she was bobbing with blinding speed, like she was now.

She should have managed to make him cum in only a minute or so. She thought that he'd be cumming at any second, so she started to finger her clit in anticipation of letting go with her own orgasm at the same time he did.

But Nick was loving the experience so much that he didn't want it to end. He forgot all about being late for school, or that they were in a school parking lot. Even if he would have remembered, he wouldn't have cared. He clenched and clenched, and held on for dear life! Sweat was flying off his brow. He was flying into orbit!

As a result, they were still going at it when the bell rang again. That meant his class was actually starting at that very moment.

Nick felt bad about that. He'd been on the very cusp of climaxing anyway, so when he heard the bell, he stopping fighting it. In what seemed like a blink of an eye after that, he started cumming into the back of Maggie's mouth!

She would have much preferred him to cum on her face or tits, because she'd come to love that so much. That was doubly true since he'd cum in her mouth the first time. Also, she didn't really have much say in the matter, due to the way he was sitting on her. But her desire for a facial was so strong that instead of reaching around him for her clit to have a big orgasm, she pushed back against his T-shirt-covered chest with both hands.

She didn't push that hard, but he got the message. He scooted back a few inches. It wasn't much, but it was enough for his cock to slide out of her mouth.

She closed her eyes and basked in the glory as his cum splattered everywhere, getting shot out from almost "point blank" range. Even though he'd started in her mouth, he still had plenty left to fire out. She kept her mouth closed too because she already had enough on her tongue.

With her face getting thoroughly spermed, there was nothing stopping her from cumming too. She began frigging her clit after all. Then she simply mentally let go and went off like a bomb.

Nick had been relatively quiet during his orgasm, like he usually did. He huffed and puffed, and moaned and groaned, but he didn't scream.

Maggie, however, definitely screamed! That was potentially dangerous, since many cars had entered the parking lot as the start of school had drawn closer. She simply couldn't contain herself. She felt so much overwhelming euphoria and arousal that it was like she had to scream it to the whole world!

Luckily, the fact that they were late meant those cars had nearly all come and gone. Besides, they were parked well away from everyone else to begin with.

After Nick's orgasm came to an end, he continued to just sit on her chest and watch her as her body trembled and writhed underneath him. He truly loved to see her cum, just about as much as he loved to cum himself. And seeing her cum with half of his latest cum load splooged across her face made him so happy that he might well have screamed out loud too, for the sheer joy of it.

Seeing that she was finally calming down as her orgasm petered out, he scooted further down her. He had been sitting on her big tits, but he wanted to play with them some more instead.

Maggie, though, wasn't having it. She'd been feeling panicky since she'd heard the bell. Now that her orgasm was subsiding, she was feeling guilty too for making him late. Although she was woozy and weak from her big climax, she tried to push his chest again to get him off her. "That was the damn bell! You're late!"

"Yeah, I know. I should probably go now, huh?" He said that, but he didn't sound hurried. He seemed more interested in running his hands all over her boobs again.

She was so frustrated that she waved her fists in the air, despite been totally wiped out. "Go! Now! SCHOOL! You need to RUN!"

"Damn. You're right." He still seemed lackadaisical. It wasn't that he didn't want to hurry to school, but his body was wiped out too. However he at least managed to move off her.

She sat up and frantically waved her hands, trying to inspire movement. "Don't worry about that now. Go! Go! Git! Do I have to kick your ass from here to the school door?"

"Oh, man!" He reluctantly found his shorts. Luckily, he'd tossed them into the back too.

As he started to put his shorts on, she asked, "Why aren't you wearing underwear today, anyway?"

He thought about asking her that same question in response, but they were out of time. "You suggested that to me yesterday, remember? And Hillary suggested it before that. I've been going without for a while."

"Oh yeah." Her thinking wasn't at her best, since she was in a post-orgasmic, lusty daze. She found her blouse and started putting it on.

"Besides, I dunno. I guess... I'm feeling a kind of power from my penis. Women use their boobs and asses and other body parts as kind of weapons of persuasion, so I figure why can't I? I get these intense boners during school thinking about you and Hillary, and my shorts don't hide them much. Hillary notices sometimes and, believe me, she's interested. Plus, it feels good to be free down there. Like I said, it gives me a sense of power, of confidence."

Maggie found that answer interesting. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm beginning to wonder if there's such a thing as you getting TOO confident. If you get any more confident, you're gonna drown the whole school's female population in cum!"

He chuckled at that. He'd left his sneakers in the front passenger seat, so he crawled back into that seat to put them on.

She had been making herself presentable too, actually moving with greater urgency than he did, even though she wasn't the one who had to get to class. She got her miniskirt back on and then crawled back into the driver's seat.

As he was still tying his shoes, she started the SUV. She realized they were so far from the school building that it would be fastest if she drove him the rest of the way there.

She zoomed across the parking lot and came to a sudden stop at the front of the main school building. The area had been a hive of activity when she'd last looked around five minutes ago, but now it was totally deserted. She felt guilty about that. "Here you are. We'll talk about that later. This is where I should have parked in the first place. I'm too weak. Now, shoo!"

"Ma, I mean Maggie, you're not weak; you're awesome! I love you!" He leaned forward and kissed her.

However, she leaned back, making sure he could only kiss her cheek. She didn't want to get started all over again, especially in such a prominent location. She grumbled, "I kinda love you too, even though you drive me crazy with your rampant lust." But she smiled widely, showing that she much more than just "kinda" loved him.

Nick wanted to say more, and especially thank her profusely for making him cum twice with her talented mouth. But they didn't have time for long good-byes.

Picking up his backpack, he closed the door and ran into the school. At least, he ran as best he could considering he was still shaking off the wearying effect of his latest orgasm.

She watched him trot away, and shook her head in wonder. I can't believe I just did that. So much for my planned willpower demonstration. It's more like I got schooled in the power of superior cock! That damn boner of his. It's nothing but trouble! I wonder if it'll EVER go down?

As she drove away, her thoughts were already turning to what would happen when she picked him up after school. Knowing him, his dick will be stiff as a steel bar when he walks out of school. I'm gonna have to use Hillary as a kind of shield to make sure things don't spiral out of control again, especially in somewhere like the school parking lot.

Even then, I have a sneaking suspicion I'm gonna wind up with all my clothes off and his cock down my throat!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.