Chapter 29: Jealousy at School (Friday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie felt some guilt after going home. She felt particularly bad about being partly to blame for Nick being late to class. She thought that wouldn't have happened if she'd been more honest with herself.

Once she was back home, she went jogging around the neighborhood as part of her exercise routine. As she did so, she ruminated, I knew deep down that I was going to end up with my sweet lips wrapped around Nick's thick cock before he left for class. That whole "willpower demonstration" idea was bullshit. Why did I kept pretending otherwise?

I should have allotted even more time in the morning, because I'm learning that it truly takes two orgasms for Nick's cock to finally go flaccid, pretty much every time. He's that much of a studly cocksman!

And furthermore, why rush? God knows I love it, so why not take the time to do it right, and fully enjoy it? We should have gone to the garage half an hour earlier. At least! Then I should have taken off all my clothes, lain down in the comfy back of the SUV, and let him fuck my face! For real! Next time, I want him to give me a serious face fucking, where he does all the thrusting!

Leaving to the garage that early wasn't realistic, due to the time Andy expected breakfast. She was more fantasizing about that than being practical.

She searched her feelings. Hmmm. It's curious. I feel guilty about what happened, damn guilty. Not so much for making him late, and the second time since school began, no less. That's small potatoes. No, I feel bad about turning into such a shameless slut for my son, and in such a short time! I know it's wrong, dead wrong, not to mention illegal. But the thing is, I know that, and I'm not even thinking of stopping anymore. I'll just have to live with the guilt and the shame and the humiliation. In a weird way, it makes everything that much MORE arousing, knowing that he's turned me into his personal cocksucker!

She searched her feelings some more as she jogged down a quiet suburban street. Hell yeah, that's a turn-on! My son knows what he wants and he knows how to get it! He says the fake girlfriend scheme is all about winning Hillary, but I'll bet he was scheming to get my lips around his cock monster all the while. And boy, did he succeed!

I can't even think about this stuff too much while jogging like this, or I'm going to have to sneak behind some bushes and masturbate!

Okay, I'm not going to do that, as tempting as it actually sounds. The thing is, I HAVE to maintain some perspective and willpower here. Yes, he's got me addicted to his cock now. I can't help that anymore. But this still is a doomed relationship in the long run. I can never stop being his mother, no matter how hard I long to be Maggie instead of Margaret. I can never allow him to go all the way with me. I do have to keep the "hand-over" in mind, eventually. Sure, he and I can have lots of fun, with Hillary in threesomes too, but at the end of the day, this is about hooking him up with Hillary. I have to enjoy every moment while it lasts, because it's not going to last forever!

She felt like a great weight was lifted from her shoulders once she came to that realization and stopped trying to fight enjoying her Maggie role so much. As a result, later in the morning when she was sunbathing in the nude on the sun roof, she masturbated nearly the whole time.

Most of her thoughts were centered on what might happen in the afternoon. She had fantasies of spending the entire afternoon in Hillary's room, sharing Nick's cock with her, and the two of them taking turns bobbing on it! Thoughts of threesomes with Hillary aroused her even more than any daydreams of her and him alone. She climaxed again and again and again.

She had to be mindful not to stay out in the sun for more than an hour. She had a carefully timed tanning schedule to make sure she deepened her tan, and especially got rid of her paler spot where her bush has been, without getting sunburned or too tanned.

But there was still more time to kill until Nick's school day ended, so she went shopping for more sexy clothes and accessories, including still more high heels. That helped the time pass. Plus, she had almost no clothes of her own from before that truly qualified as sexy, since she'd been much more focused on covering up and not drawing attention to her voluptuous body.

She spent the time after lunch working on her backstory novella. She accomplished a couple of hours of work on that. It helped keep her mind occupied, so she didn't get too excited and anxious about seeing Nick in Maggie mode again soon.

She knew her sexual relationship with Nick might not last. In fact, at any time Hillary could announce that she wanted to be Nick's exclusive girlfriend, and that she was getting too serious with him to share, so he had to choose, her or Maggie. If that happened, Maggie felt she would have to do the responsible thing and step aside.

Even so, Maggie had experienced a sexual awakening. She was determined that she'd never go back to how she was before. If it wasn't with Nick, she'd find someone else who was hopefully at least nearly as sexually satisfying as he was. (Although, she couldn't believe she could find someone as good or better. No man even remotely interested her but her son.)

— — —

Nick's day at school proceeded like usual. He was getting in a good groove with his classes and doing fairly well, despite all of his highly sexual distractions. It helped that he was a very smart person. Even his gifted classes didn't challenge him that much, though the three-hour block of Advanced Studies program classes certainly did.

Nick and Hillary were on the way to the start of that Advanced Studies block when they stopped in the hallway to talk. Most of their classes were close to each other, and all on the same first floor of the main school building, so it typically only took a minute or so to get from one class to another, yet they had a five-minute break between classes. So they were getting in the habit of lingering in the hallway so they could talk in private.

Nick said to her, "Hey, Hillary, I've got an idea."

"What's that?"

"I like sitting at a lunch table with you and the others every day. But, since you and I are becoming closer and closer, wouldn't it be nice if we could just eat by ourselves every now and then?"

Hillary looked around to make sure nobody was listening. Already, this conversation was entering dangerous territory, since they were only supposed to be friends, and he was hinting about how they were lovers too. She quietly told him, "That would be nice, but there are several problems with that. One, where?"

He pointed out, "A lot of people take their food outside and sit on the grass. Especially if it's a nice day. I'm sure you've seen what I'm talking about."

"I have. But if we do that, what happens when some of our regular lunch bunch simply up and join us? I can see it now. They'll say 'nice idea for a change' and not even realize we were trying to ditch them."

"Hmmm." He frowned. He could imagine that too. To simply tell those students to leave them alone to give them some privacy would cause problems. So instead he suggested, "What if we go further away, then? Somewhere that's not out in the open so we can talk in private. Especially today, there's a lot I want to talk to you about."

She stared at him skeptically. "Is this about Spencer?"

"Kind of," he admitted. Actually, it was most about Spencer. "I have to admit... I don't want to sound all jealous, but I'm curious why he had to meet you after school."

"Oh, that. It was nothing. You know how I went to his house and ended up borrowing some of his records? Well, we talked about some that he didn't have, but a friend of his had. He said then that he would meet me later - what turned out to be after school yesterday - to pass the records on to me. To be honest, I'd forgotten all about it. But I couldn't blow him off after he'd done a nice favor like that."

Nick thought, Typical! Once again, Spencer uses his wealthy resources to further worm his way into her heart! How can I compete with that? He's got all sorts of top condition vinyl records, and I don't even have a record player!

He said, "Ah. I see." He couldn't resist looking unhappy.

She looked around carefully again, to double check they were alone. "I know he bugs you, but trust me, Spencer is a nice guy. I've asked around, to people who have known him a long time. Yes, he's got ulterior motives, but he's harmless."

She whispered very carefully and extra quietly, "You're the only guy I care for in that way! Need I remind you what happened then? I was secretly jacking you off, with Maggie, in the school parking lot! The two of us stroking you in tandem! Whereas I talked to Spencer for a little while and borrowed some records from him. Now, would you rather change places with him?!"

"Of course not!"

"Good! That's the last thing I want too. In fact, I'm so hot for you, that's the reason we can't eat lunch alone."

He frowned in confusion. "I don't follow."

She couldn't resist giving him a sexy smile, even though they were in the crowded school hallway. She continued to speak very quietly. "Do you recall a certain incident that took place in a certain girl's bathroom not far from here? Or another incident that a certain storage room right here in this very hallway?"

He couldn't resist smiling in fond memory.

She looked around yet again to make sure the coast was clear. She continued in her careful whisper, "If we get alone, how long will it be before we're kissing? And then how much longer before you're taking my clothes off?"

He joked, also very quietly, "Hey, in my defense, I feel like I have to do my part on behalf of all the nerdy guys who get the 'hot girl' all the world around. They're rooting for me! And you look so gorgeous naked, with your all-over tan and hardbody, that it's a crime against humanity for you to wear clothes anywhere, at any time. I'm just trying to prevent a grave injustice!"

She laughed, then did another double check to make sure there were safe. Then she stared at him with a narrowed, sultry gaze. "You're a case! You can't talk like that in school. Too dangerous! Besides, you're making me want to sneak off to the storage room right now!"

"Hmmm..." He looked down the hallway. The door to that room actually was in sight.

She groaned in frustration. "Don't encourage me! Come on. Our time is up. Let's get to class."

They resumed walking into the class, since the hallway was rapidly emptying out as the bell was due to ring soon.

But she added, "So, when it comes to lunch, we'll just keep doing as we're doing, okay? It serves an important function to talk to all those other people, stay well liked, and stay on top of the school gossip. That's very important to me, because I've learned the hard way that other girls are often very jealous of my looks and will look for any opening to tear me down unless I make a concerted effort to be nice to all of them pretty much all the time. Besides, we have plenty of chances to talk on the phone and meet in person after school. But lunch is the best time by far for that social networking stuff."

He conceded, "I suppose. I just wish one certain guy wasn't there every damn day."

Hillary laughed. "You're super jealous! How cute!"

They'd reached the door to their next class, and the bell was due to ring at any moment. But just before they went inside, she leaned towards him and whispered right in his ear, "I can't wait to get you alone and show you just how much you mean to me, and how little Spencer means to me. I especially can't wait to suck your cock!" Then she went inside, obliging him to follow.

By the time Nick took his seat and the bell rang a few moments later, he had a very stiff erection.

With Hillary sitting right next to him, she could see his new bulge under his table while he was protecting his lap so nobody else could.

He looked over at her, then down to his crotch, then back to her again. He whispered, amused by chagrined, "Curses! Nice timing. Thanks a lot!"

Her eyes sparkled with mischief. She chortled, but also at a whisper. "Bwa-ha-ha-ha! I'm evil!"

It took a good five minutes of focusing on the teacher before Nick's erection finally went away.

At lunch later, Nick did his best to tolerate Spencer, made worse by the fact that he happened to be sitting right next to him that day.

He was finding it increasingly difficult to even pretend to be friendly to Spencer. So, as he was doing more and more, he left Spencer to mostly talk to Hillary, while he talked to the others at the table.

Slowly but surely, he was becoming friends with some of his table mates, especially now that just who sat at their table was stabilizing into the same "lunch bunch," as Hillary called them. There was very little overlap between the Advanced Studies students and the regulars at their lunch table. The Advanced Studies were mostly intellectual and overtly, stereotypically nerdy looking and acting. Whereas the lunch table was mostly made up of "cool" people, the members of what Nick thought of as the "beautiful people."

A large majority of those were beautiful girls, who seemed to flock around Hillary like she was a queen holding court because she was the "fairest in the land." Hillary didn't encourage that, but she didn't discourage it either. Clearly, she saw value in staying on the good side of those at the top of the school's social ladder, in part by occupying a high position herself.

That had one an ironic effect, because Hillary had gotten jealous when Nick started making a point of getting to know the school's most beautiful girls. But now, she was essentially helping him get to know beautiful girls through the lunch table, ironically including many of the very same girls she'd been upset that he'd been talking to!

However, things had changed for Nick and Hillary so that wasn't a big deal anymore. Their relationship was growing stronger day by day, both sexually and just as friends. Thus, Hillary didn't feel as threatened by other beautiful girls. Secondly, Nick was friendly with those other girls at the table, but he didn't flirt with them in any way, and Hillary saw that. Third, word that he was dating Maggie had gotten around, so the other girls weren't trying to flirt with him either.

Plus, even though those girls knew about Maggie, they also could see that Nick and Hillary were close, and if they did try to flirt with Nick at the lunch table, Hillary would often notice and give them a sharp, displeased look.

This led to some very curious speculation by those who were friends or associates of Hillary. Hillary still hadn't told anyone she was dating Anushka, so it was assumed that she wasn't dating at all. The generally accepted scuttlebutt was that Hillary had quickly developed a crush on Nick shortly after the new school year began, but they couldn't date because he was dating Maggie already. So she was befriending him more and more and biding her time so she could move in if and when he and Maggie broke up. It made a lot of sense.

Ironically, one upshot of all that was it made Nick more popular and desirable, without him doing anything new. Other girls assumed that if he was dating the likes of Maggie, while the likes of Hillary were willing to wait for him to be free to date, he must be a truly remarkable catch. So his fake girlfriend scheme was still very much having a big effect.

— — —

Maggie really outdid herself when she arrived in Andy's green Explorer to pick Nick up that afternoon. She'd worn a sexy outfit on the way to school, and Nick assumed she'd be wearing it again. But she was wearing a brand new outfit (bought earlier in the day) that was even sexier somehow. And that was an impressive visual accomplishment, because while her top was more revealing, her skirt was much less so. She knew Hillary would be there, so she felt too exposed wearing one of her new micro miniskirts. This one had a typical skirt length, ending well down her thighs.

Maggie knew Nick's preferences, as well as what her best physical assets were. The main attraction of her outfit was the plunging cleavage that her top showed off. However, mindful that Hillary would be there, she wore a bra and panties this time. She remembered Hillary's talk about being a "good slut," but she figured there was still a difference between that and being too slutty in public places.

Maggie was leaning against the Ford Explorer when Nick and Hillary came walking out of the school building together. She'd parked right in front, wanting everyone to see her with her "boyfriend" Nick this time. She looked extra cool wearing dark sunglasses.

Full of confidence and lusty swagger, Nick walked right up to Maggie, took her sunglasses off, and put them in his pocket. Then, still without a word, he kissed her on the lips.

Maggie had been waiting all day for this very moment. In the morning, she'd exercised extra vigorously again to burn off excess sexual energy, but it seemed she remained horny no matter how tired she got. She was totally wired, like she'd just drunk a coffee shop dry of coffee.

She didn't want to break any new barriers "beyond" cocksucking. Instead, she'd decided to enjoy the things she did allow herself to do with her son to the absolute fullest. That included savoring kissing and fondling with him too. So she gave him a kiss that showed just how much she loved him and how much she carnally desired him. Within seconds, their necking turned hot and steamy. Their heads twisted this way and that as they both tried to find the best angle of approach.

Meanwhile, Nick's hands went straight to his mother's big breasts and he began to fondle them with abandon. But, in deference to the fact that the two of them were in such a public place, he kept his hands on the outside of her clothes. Meanwhile, her hands went straight to kneading his ass cheeks. He'd made a point of wearing thin shorts as well as his now usual no underwear. That made it a lot easier for her to explore and enjoy, but she also kept her hands outside his clothes.

Hillary stood right next to them, wishing more and more with each passing second that she was in Maggie's place. Actually, she would have been just as glad to be in Nick's place too. Her nipples popped to full hardness and her panties started to grow moist. She loved how none of them had said a word yet, not even a simple "hi" or "hey."

Even as she kept staring at them as they fondled and kissed, she considered her situation with Nick. She was beginning to think that she'd seriously underestimated him. Not only was he was a very desirable catch indeed, he was probably the most desirable boy in the junior grad now, if not the entire high school.

She knew the relationship she was developing with him was unorthodox, to say the least. Submissively pleasuring him and his cock seemed to be what kept happening again and again. She didn't consider herself sexually submissive. But with Nick, the sexual excitement and sheer physical pleasure she experienced was so great each time that she didn't much care how atypical their relationship was. The fact that Maggie interacted with him in the exact sort of way helped make it acceptable in her eyes.

Due to her great beauty, plus her many other charms, Hillary was used to her dates, both boys and girls, fawning all over her and always striving to please her, just to keep her. To have the tables essentially turned with Nick was strangely appealing and even exhilarating. She was enjoying having to stay on her toes due to the friendly competition with Maggie in particular.

She'd noticed lately that Debra had been eying Nick with increasing interest, even though Hillary's own physical presence near him usually kept Debra at bay. She and Debra had actually never said a word of anger to each other, but she was glad that Debra seemed to be almost scared of her.

Also, he didn't realize it, but they largely ate with the same group at lunch each day, and most of the others at her table were beautiful girls. She had seen growing interest towards him from some of them as the week went on, as his reputation mainly due to his association with Maggie and herself continued to spread.

She resolved to use her ample physical charms to wow him, and fast, before some other stunning beauty like Debra got to him. But she was so eager that she would have done that anyway.

She kept looking around as the other students came out of the main school entrance. She smirked and smiled proudly when she saw their surprise and interest at the way Nick and Maggie made out. Although she felt jealous of Maggie and longed to be in her place right now, she also considered herself part of their team. She hoped she'd be able to solidify the exact nature of her relationship to them soon, but she definitely felt part of an intimate threesome.

Eventually, the passionate kissing between mother and son wound down, although Maggie kept her hands on Nick's ass and he kept his hands on her tits, and they both seemed to be wiggling against each other a little bit.

Maggie finally looked past Nick and acknowledged Hillary. "Howdy, girl! How's it going?" She had a big smile for her, because she was delighted to see her again.

"Good, but not as good as with you, obviously." Hillary laughed.

Maggie grinned. "Yeah, thanks to Nick." She waved Hillary closer, and then closer still, until Hillary practically had her head close enough to touch Maggie's. Then she said in a conspiratorial voice, "After all you saw at the movies last Friday night, I figure I can tell you this. You know what he's doing to me right now?"


"Well, he's twisting my nipples, obviously. I love that, even if you don't, and damn this top and bra getting in the way. But more than that, he's grinding his hard cock monster into me! It feels soooo good!"

Indeed he was, into her lower abdomen, although his shorts and her skirt were obviously in the way of that. A wet spot was growing on his shorts and another smaller spot was forming where he was rubbing her skirt. On top of that, her pussy was literally dripping, she was so wet.

Hillary was already so horny that she couldn't stand it. She wanted to tear Maggie away from him and take her place, so she could feel his big cock grinding into her. She asked in a tiny voice, "Um, Maggie? When you and Nick are done kissing, would you mind if I give him a kiss too? A real kiss?"

Maggie acted scandalized. "What would Anushka think?"

"Oh, she's already allowed me to do that much, and then some."

Maggie looked around, even as she and Nick continued to fondle and grind into each other. There were many people coming out of school. "I'd love for you to kiss him, but what about everybody else? That could cause a school scandal of sorts, especially if you're not willing to make any commitments yet."

Hillary stomped her foot in frustration, setting off a magnificent tit-quake under her "Dark Side of the Moon" black T-shirt. "Damn!" She added, "By the way, that's one reason why I wanted to meet with both of you today, to talk about commitments."

Maggie looked around, and then said to Hillary, "Well, we do need to talk about that, and this isn't a good place for it. I've got an idea. Get in the car."

Hillary saw that Maggie had come in a Ford Explorer, and she was very unhappy about that. She considered SUVs to be one of the biggest destroyers of the environment in the US. But the nature of her relationship with Nick in particular was in limbo. She decided to hold her tongue about criticizing his family SUV until that was settled.

Nick and Maggie hopped in the SUV, with Maggie getting in the driver's seat and Nick sitting in the front passenger seat.

Hillary wasn't sure what she should do. She peered through the tinted windows and saw just enough to notice that the back seats had been folded flat. She asked, "Um, where should I sit?"

Nick said, "Oh, sorry." He started to get up to open the side door and fix the back seats. But then he had a better idea. "Hey! I know! Why don't you sit in my lap? I doubt we'll be going far in any case."

"Okay!" That sounded like a great idea to Hillary. She immediately got in and settled on his lap.

Although Nick had gotten sexually intimate with Hillary three times already, he didn't feel like he could take the same liberties with her that he could with Maggie, at least not yet. Besides, they were still in the school parking lot, and other people might see. So, while he longed to run his hands over her big breasts, either inside or outside her T-shirt, he restrained himself and just wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Where are we going?" Hillary asked. She could feel Nick's thick boner under her ass. Although it was still trapped inside his shorts, she deliberately wiggled down on it in a rather ostentatious effort to "make herself comfortable."

"I dunno," Maggie said. "I'm just driving." Actually, she was in the driver's seat, but she hadn't started the engine yet. "I don't have a plan. I'm just thinking we can go somewhere private so Nick can kiss you properly, and then we can have that talk. Got any ideas?"

"What about your place?" Hillary continued to fidget. Nick's boner was resting over his left thigh by now, making it easier for her to grind down on it. She was doing that with gusto.

She didn't care if Maggie saw. In fact, she hoped that she did. She was confident she would approve.

"No, never there," Maggie said emphatically. Pangs of guilt shot through she as she thought about just why they couldn't use her place. It could be an absolute disaster, with Andy home all the time.

Hillary was too distracted with her grinding on Nick's lap to question why Maggie's place was off limits (although Maggie and Nick had worked out excuses to keep her away). She also shivered lustily, because Nick was running his hands over her tummy. Even through her T-shirt, he had a naturally talented touch.

She asked, "My place?"

Maggie had definitely noticed Hillary's grinding and fidgeting from the very start. She didn't say anything about it, but to make sure Hillary understood she approved, she smiled as she stared at Hillary's writhing hip movement. Then she high-fived her.

Just to be completely sure, Hillary asked her, "You don't mind that I'm doing this?"

"Mind? Hell no! I love that you're so passionate about pleasuring his cock. Just don't do it so obviously until we're driven out of the parking lot, okay? There are still some people milling about, and I'm the one who's supposed to be his girlfriend."

"Right." Hillary tried to lessen her overt grinding motion, at least until they were out of the parking lot.

Maggie still hadn't answered the question about possibly going to Hillary's house. She was about to approve the idea, but Hillary suddenly said, "Oh shit! I just remembered that my mom's home, and she has a handyman over, working on some plumbing stuff, I think. She told me I'm not even supposed to get naked today."

Nick joked, "We can't have that." He was finding his circumstance of having Hillary in his lap and grinding down on his boner too arousing to handle. He knew he wasn't supposed to, but he reached inside Hillary's T-shirt and worked on getting her bra off.

Maggie saw that and rolled her eyes with wry amusement. "We'd better pick somewhere fast, or you'll end up naked before we even leave the parking lot. And I'm not kidding!"

Hillary asked Nick, "Do you have any ideas?"

"Unfortunately, no." He might have, but he was too distracted to think. Hillary had just found a way to repeatedly press down on his boner and then release the pressure without actually moving much, and she was using it.

"What about somewhere close?" Maggie asked. "Is there anywhere that's just a block or two away, so you can get back to your bike easily?" Ironically, although the Explorer was much bigger than the Prius, it didn't have a bike rack, and putting a bike inside the back could leave grease stains.

Hillary suggested, "Um, well... Hey, I've got an idea! What about the library?"

Nick asked, "What, you mean the local branch that was shut down a while back due to the big budget cuts?"

He'd managed to get her bra off, and he was already fondling her big globes from inside her shirt. He knew he was supposed to wait until they'd left the school area, but her T-shirt was mostly black, and he figured that if he kept his hands mostly still no one would notice. Hillary certainly didn't seem to mind.

Hillary replied, "That's the one. They're going to put in a mini-shopping center there I hear, which is a shame, but that'll take a while. Right now, it's just sitting empty. We could just park in the parking lot there, and nobody will know or care. And we have these great tinted windows."

Maggie liked the sound of that, mostly because she wanted to be somewhere fast. "Let's try that, then." She frowned at Nick's hands. "But, Sport, seriously, take your hands out and keep them out until we're on the main street. Let's not cause a scandal."

"Awww, shucks." He reluctantly pulled his hands out from under Hillary's shirt.

Hillary laughed. "Maggie, he's like an insatiable octopus, but in the best way."

Maggie started the SUV and began driving it. "You're telling me! You should have seen what he did to me this morning before school!"

"Oooh! Tell me about it!" Although she'd heard the basics from Nick earlier, she wanted to hear more, and from a different point of view.

"I can't! If I do, I'm gonna get too horny to even drive! Let's just say that only one of his cum loads ended up on my face."

"Oooh! Intriguing!" Hillary was truly intrigued with that tantalizing tidbit, which Nick hadn't mentioned, but she decided not to ask more about it right then. Instead, she had a more pressing question. "By the way, what do you think we'll do? Talk, or play around, or what?"

Maggie asked in return, "You said you want to talk, right?"

"I do. But I'd also love to play around." As Hillary said that, she saw that Maggie was already driving the car from the school grounds to the nearby main street. She started grinding on Nick's cock in a much more blatant and effective manner. She was glad the old library was very close by.

Nick immediately put his hands back under her T-shirt, since he also saw they were out of the school grounds, and he felt protected by the tinted windows, as well as the way the SUV rode higher that nearly all other cars in traffic.

He suggested, "There's no reason we can't do a little bit of both."

He began running his hands all over her huge tits. But he remembered that Hillary didn't enjoy the same kind of nipple twisting and aggressive kneading that Maggie did, so he attempted to use a lighter touch.

Hillary chuckled. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? And it looks like you're already getting started!"

"I am," he said unabashedly.

Maggie chuckled too. "It's a good thing we're only going a short distance. I just hope we get there before a full-on orgy breaks out!"

After some more laughter from all three of them, she added, "Hillary, as to your question, it sure looks like we're gonna do both! There's no stopping this guy and his raging cock monster!"

"Okay," Hillary said, her voice dripping with desire. "I'm all in favor of that. But there are important things to talk about, so let's not get so distracted we don't get to them."

— — —

A minute or so later, they made it to the library parking lot Hillary that mentioned. Maggie found a good spot that was far from all the other cars and shaded by a row of trees. They were still in a public place, which was thrilling and scary, but the odds of anyone actually coming close enough to pay attention to them were low. It helped a lot that there was a row of trees blocking the parking lot from the main road.

What was even better was that they were in a large and comfortable SUV with tinted windows, with the tinted windows especially on their minds. The tinting helped all three of them feel safe that they could get sexually wild without too much worry, even as they enjoyed the lusty thrill of imagined danger.

The question on all their minds was how much would they talk and how much would they play. All three dearly longed for another threesome situation, so talking was almost certainly going to take a backseat to that.

Nick was so eager that he had his car door open while the car was still coming to a stop. He nudged for Hillary to get off his lap.

She did once the car did stop. She got out and stood by the SUV, unsure of where Nick wanted her to go.

Nick stood up too and immediately hugged and kissed her. They began making out with the same passion Maggie and Nick had shared with their kiss in front of the school entrance a short while ago.

It would have been much more prudent for them to all get in the back of the SUV first, but after Nick stood up to go in the back, he found Hillary standing right in front of him and he pretty much lost his mind to lusty desire. He had to kiss her then and there!

Hillary actually found herself staggering back until her ass was up against the door that had just been closed.

Their kiss grew hotter and hotter by the second. Despite the fact that they were outside, Nick's hands went right back to Hillary's huge tits. He was so carried away by lust that it wasn't long until he had her shirt pulled up just above her great rack. He was vaguely aware that they were standing outside in a parking lot, but he gambled that the odds of anyone noticing what they were doing was infinitesimal, due his general assessment of the privacy of the lot as they came in it.

He found himself kneading her breasts just like he did Maggie's, but luckily he caught himself and switched to a gentler style. For the most part, anyway. His lust really did get the better of him sometimes.

Not for the first time, Hillary was floored by the intensity of Nick's passion. He was like an unstoppable steamroller. It seemed downright asking for trouble to kiss like this while standing next to a car they could safely be inside instead, but she understood how he'd taken one look at her standing there and absolutely lost his mind. She loved inspiring that level of passion in him. It helped her tolerate and even approve his reckless behavior.

Maggie remained sitting in the driver's seat, watching with amusement and a tinge of jealousy. What is with my son? He just HAS to have his women naked. I'm surprised she'll let him do that in a place like this. But if she's willing to expose herself like that, I'm not going to be a party pooper about it.

And geez! Just look at those full, round breasts of hers, shining in the sun. What a lovely all-over tan. That's how mine are going to look like soon. And the way his hands are caressing them is so damn inspiring! I'm glad to see he's treating them gently instead of the way he mauls mine. He's learning to be a good lover!

Soon, the next breathless kiss between Nick and Hillary surpassed the previous one in intensity and passion. Once again, Nick's fake girlfriend plan was paying dividends. Hillary wouldn't have been nearly as hot to kiss him had she not seen the way he was making out with Maggie, not to mention the fun she had riding in his lap and grinding down on his boner while Maggie had watched. And Maggie, in turn, had kissed him even more passionately than usual because she knew Hillary was right there to see it all. Everything seemed to feed into a positive feedback loop that made all three of them more and more horny.

Nick and Hillary continued their soulful necking. Their hands seemed to be everywhere on the other person's body at once.

Nick somehow managed to conjure enough willpower to take his hands off Hillary's bare boobs, only to go straight for her ass instead. He slipped his hands directly inside her shorts. It wasn't long before her shorts and panties were sliding down her legs, exposing the top half of her ass cheeks.

Maggie continued to watch them from the driver's seat, but she was growing more worried all the time. Oh no! Hillary's in a world of trouble! He's in one of THOSE moods again, and she's in his crosshairs! I really should say or do something, because now that he's started tugging her shorts down, he's not going to stop until they're all the way off! It would be almost rapey, except that he makes us totally crave it and love it!

Without thinking, she found herself cradling and caressing her hefty boobs from below, in the exact same manner Nick was still holding Hillary's. However, when she saw Hillary's hands next attack Nick's shorts, frantically trying to unbutton them and pull them down, she leapt out of the car. Things definitely were getting out of hand, for being outside of the SUV!

"Hey!" she shouted as she rushed up to them.

Frustrated with Nick's shorts, Hillary was starting to simply stick her hand inside them to reach his erection when Maggie reached her and grabbed her wrist.

"What are you doing?!" Maggie asked her. "Both of you are nuts! Did you forget you're standing OUTSIDE the car?!"

Hillary pulled her hand away, frustrated that she'd only been able to briefly brush against his hot pole. "Oh yeah! Damn!" She laughed at their recklessness.

Now, Maggie was feeling jealous. If anyone is gonna stroke Nick's cock, it's me! But she didn't want to be seen as jealous or uncool. "Actually, I don't mind. In fact, I fully approve. BUT! Not here, not now. It's crazy to stand there all topless like that. Why don't you get in the back and have your fun there?"

"Great idea!" Hillary said eagerly. "Right, Nick?"

Nick hastily opened the side door of the car and let Hillary in. Then he all but dove in after her.

Maggie was chagrined because she felt forgotten. She got in behind them and then closed the door behind her. But she tried to be understanding. After all, she knew Nick had been having a lot of sexual fun with her lately, but not that much with Hillary yet. She had the big advantage of being the only one allowed to suck his cock so far.

Nick and Hillary locked lips again, as if they'd been separated for years and not just a fraction of a minute. They both sat up on their knees at first.

They took advantage of the flat space in the back to stretch out. Nick soon wound up lying on top of Hillary. Before long, he had all her clothes off, except for her panties. They were high cut white panties, going over her hips like ones he'd seen her wear before.

She actually was disappointed when he only pulled her shorts off and didn't bring her panties down at the same time. She joked, "Maggie, can you check him for a fever? Nick are you feeling okay?!"

Nick laughed, and explained with his usual lusty passion, "I totally would take your panties off in a heartbeat! But Anushka still says I can't touch you there, right? I can't wait to touch it, and lick it, and more! But in the heat of the moment, I tend to get carried away. I'm thinking that if I leave them on, it'll remind me to control myself there."

Hillary took his shorts off while he was talking. She joked, "Maggie, did you hear him? He 'tends to get carried away' by his lust, he says! Who knew?!"

The two hotties shared a big laugh at that.

Then, as Hillary began jacking him off, she brought her face close to his and said, "Seriously though, that's sweet! Thanks for being thoughtful!" They resumed their heated kissing.

Maggie was just sitting cross-legged next to them, watching and waiting, so naturally her priorities were a little bit different. She cleared her throat, then asked her, "What about having that talk that you want?"

"Sorry!" Hillary said, gasping between madly passionate kisses. "We can talk... in a minute..."

But she was too worked up to stop. Not only did she have her fingers on his erection, she also had it pressing hard against her panty-covered mound. She was getting wetter and wetter by the second. Instead of stroking his hard-on on all sides in the usual way, she was running her fingers over the side not against her body and also moving it around. So she was effectively grinding his cock against her pussy and giving him a handjob at the same time!

Already, she was grateful he'd kept her panties on, because she wouldn't have trusted herself to rub his cock against her pussy mound otherwise, and it felt fantastic.

However, as much as Nick was enjoying what Hillary was doing to him, his main focus was on her massive tits. Nick was learning what she liked there, and it was definitely a gentler touch than what he did to Maggie. But she seemed to love when he ran his hands over them, and especially when he hefted them up or cupped the undersides, because that was a strong erogenous zone for her.

As another fiery kiss ended, Hillary brought her hands up and cupped Nick's face, keeping him from going down for another kiss. She gushed, "Nick, I love what you do to me! I love feeling your body on mine! Maggie, can you hear me?"

"Of course." Maggie was sitting within arm's reach, after all.

Hillary rolled to her side slightly, so she could look past Nick and make eye contact with Maggie. That gave her more room to stroke Nick's cock, and on all sides of it, so she switched styles. At the same time, she said, "Maggie, I love your boyfriend! I mean, I don't know if it's 'love' love yet, if you know what I mean, but I love the things he does to me! I don't know if I've EVER been as hot for anybody as I'm hot for him! Both girls and guys!"

Maggie didn't reply, because she was having a minor jealousy fit. Luckily, she kept her thoughts to herself. Look at how she's pumping his cock! It looks hot, but I don't like it. If anyone should be stroking that cock right now, it's ME! I'm sure he'd much prefer if I had all of his fat cockhead in my mouth!

No. Hold on. The entire plan is the hand-over. This is great for that. I can't interfere. This is his dream, to have Hillary as his girlfriend. I'm just the fake girlfriend. And that's for the best, because I am his mother, after all. This is exactly how things are supposed to go. I've been getting too carried away, especially about the cocksucking.

But dammit! I love him! And I don't just mean as a mother. I'm falling in love with him! Hillary, I think I'm in 'love' love with him, as a matter of fact! That should be ME lying there with him, pumping my hand up and down his hot and throbbing cock while he kisses me and plays with MY tits!

And what's so bad about feeling passionate about sucking his cock, anyway? If he loves it, and I love it, and we do it a lot, what's the harm?! Sure, lots of people would say it's not normal to have a relationship that's so focused on the woman pleasuring the man's cock. But there's nothing normal about our relationship. It can't be, for obvious reasons. Since he can't fuck me or even touch my pussy, it's perfectly natural that I can't stop thinking about sliding my lips up and down his great thickness and running my tongue all over it, and generally make love to his hot and throbbing and oh-so-delicious cock with my mouth!

Hillary was having a great time kissing and fondling. As a result, she didn't notice that Maggie wasn't looking too happy. Between kisses, she briefly addressed Nick. "You're just a BEAST!"

Then she asked Maggie, "Did you see how fast he tore my clothes off? Even standing outside! I love it!" She giggled.

Hillary didn't wait for an answer, since the question was mostly rhetorical anyway. Dropping her hands down to his ass, she rolled on top of him, letting go of his boner in the process. She still had her panties on, but Nick had managed to bunch them up just below her ass cheeks so they wouldn't get in the way with his ass fondling.

Maggie was amazed just to watch Hillary's body writing on top of Nick's, naked from head to toe except for the panties, which were pulled out of the way and hardly visible anyway. Even though she'd seen that lots of times during their fateful Tuesday in Hillary's room, she was amazed all over again. My oh my! Nick sure knows how to pick 'em! She's a stunner! I simply can't get over the fact that MY SON has seduced the hottest girl in his entire school! I already knew she was beautiful, but she's more than that. She's like... a goddess! A sex goddess! Just look at that tanned, bare bubble butt, for starters! I hope my ass looks half that good. At least I've got the tan.

Funnily enough, even though Maggie was feeling jealous towards Hillary, and seeing her fantastic body in its nude glory made her even more jealous, it also made her so horny that it somehow made her jealousy easier to deal with.

She was panting and writhing. And then I think how hot I am! I know that's incredibly immodest, but come on, it's true! Nick has done wonders for my confidence lately. Hillary's so hot, and we're practically the same from the neck on down, so that makes me hot too! She giggled to herself. Anyway, I think how he's won her AND me, and that makes me ten times MORE hot and bothered! He's an unstoppable sex machine! And seeing him play with her body is almost like getting to watch him seduce ME!

Hillary panted to Nick, "Nick, make me cum!" She was writhing all over his body, and working herself up into a frenzy. She was literally getting off on him.

"How do I do that?" he wondered out loud, given that he wasn't supposed to touch her pussy mound. Her panties in front still clung to her pussy lips, although just barely, hanging on due mostly to her copious pussy juices.

Hillary shrieked, "Just keep doing what you're doing! I'm almost there!"

He decided he just had to take her panties all the way off, despite the valid reasons he'd given not long ago to keep them on. He truly did have a strange compulsion to get his women completely naked, so he couldn't really control himself. He told himself it would be okay as long as he didn't put his hand to her pussy mound.

Getting her panties all the way down her legs would be very difficult given their positions, if not impossible. But they were so thin that at the sides that when he started aggressively tugging them down, they ripped apart in his hand.

Hillary squealed with glee. "Nick! You ARE a monster! A cock monster! And this fucking fat thing in my hand is a cock monster too! Check it out, Maggie!" Briefly letting go of his hard-on, she took her torn panties from him and held them up before tossing them aside. She laughed some more.

But then, as she resumed jacking him off, she thought some more about Maggie, and asked her, "You don't mind what Nick and I are doing, do you? I know we're supposed to talk, but that can wait a few minutes, can't it?"

Maggie paused to think before answering. BITCH! That should be ME! Nick should be ripping MY panties in two! I want his hot cock rubbing on MY burning pussy!

I totally want to join in. It would be fantastic if we could at least stroke his cock together! But my main goal should be making sure they get together. That's even more important than delivering maximum pleasure to his cock. I have to wait until she invites me to take part. IF she invites me. Dammit, she'd better invite me!

Her hand was under her skirt and she was busy fingering her pussy. She hadn't been paying attention to when or how it started exactly, but what she was watching was so unbelievably arousing that somehow her hand wound up there. UGH! What torture, not getting to lend a hand! I have to keep my cool. The hand-over. Keep an eye on the hand-over plan!

After that long pause, she finally answered. She spoke in a distracted way, since she was fairly deep in an erotic fog. "Uh, no, I don't mind. Just so long as you don't, uh, take it to the next level. And, um, remember that we're parked outside, in a public place!"

She thought, Shit! At least my hand is under my skirt, but Hillary knows what I'm doing! Given all she'd done with Hillary present in the recent past that shouldn't have been a big embarrassment, but it was for her.

And why'd she have to remind me where this car is parked?! That's too fucking hot too!

Hillary let out a loud erotic moan. Her entire body was sliding back and forth over Nick's, mostly so she could rhythmically rub her slight tummy bulge against his cock while still holding it from its sides and stroking it too. She was also enjoying rubbing her erect nipples against his chest. So her moan was partly in response to all that, but also partly from Maggie's verbal reminder that they were in such an exposed spot. She'd never done anything this daring with anyone else, and the fact that nobody could see in through the tinted windows didn't really register. The fact that Maggie was masturbating in front of her helped set her off too.

Nick went back to kissing Hillary and fondling her wobbly tits, but he still wondered how that would make her cum. To make matters worse, Hillary's nipples didn't seem to be as sensitive as Maggie's, and he didn't know anything he could do to them that easily drove her crazy, like the way he could twist Maggie's nipples to such great effect..

But what he didn't realize was just how much the way his erection was rubbing back and forth on Hillary's clit with just about every move either of them made was driving her absolutely bonkers with lusty need.

He certainly was loving life too. Although she wasn't currently jacking him off with her fingers, his thick erection was still getting just as stimulated by the way she was constantly rubbing her body up and down his.

Maggie found herself thinking, Whatever happened to the serious talking? It's high time they need to resolve some relationship issues, and I'm sure that's what that's about. Especially since the phone call yesterday didn't exactly work out as planned...

But then she realized jealousy was getting to her, especially since she still wasn't being invited to join in. Oh, I shouldn't be such a party pooper. Let her have her fun for a while. But, boy! I can't get over her body. It's perfectly tanned, from head to toe! Nick had some brass balls to think he'd have a chance with her, but look where he is now! It's so exciting to see my baby realizing his fantasies with his dream girl!

She didn't consciously realize it, but she was masturbating while focusing most of her attention on Hillary's body, if only because Hillary was on top of Nick and thus much more visible. And what an ASS! I swear, I'm not bisexual, but if anything could convert me, it might be that ass! Especially knowing that my son's cock is underneath it, as she slides her whole body over him! Now that her panties are ripped off, it would be so easy for them to start fucking!

Bringing fucking into her thoughts sent a jolt of arousal down her spine. Just think: that could be ME! That could be MY ass! Yeeessss.... All that hot cock! And his hands! His hands everywhere, squeezing my ass, twisting my nipples! And his kissing! Such a great kisser! Then, just a slight shift, and... WHAM! He'd be balls-deep in me! And with such a fucking HUGE cock, he'd practically rip me in two! So wrong! So wrong!

But Maggie was so insanely aroused that when she thought "So wrong! So wrong!" it was almost the same as thinking "So hot! So hot!" In the heat of the moment, the idea of getting fucked by her son was tremendously tempting, although she remembered on some level that it was something she wasn't supposed to let happen, for some inexplicable reason.

She was frantically working her clit and slit now, rising quickly to a great climax. It looked to be a race between the three of them to see who came first.

Hillary was the winner. It only took about a minute or two more when she started screaming, "I'm cuuuummiiiiing! CUUUUMMMIIIIING!"

Maggie let her scream, since she figured no one else was near to hear. Besides, the SUV was soundproofed fairly well. She took the opportunity to finger herself to a nice climax as well. She kept quiet during her orgasm, because masturbation was a curiously embarrassing act for her.

Hillary lay there like she was dead, panting hard, with Nick panting hard underneath her. She certainly hadn't noticed Maggie's orgasm since she'd been far too preoccupied with her own.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, greyshadow, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.