Chapter 30: At the "Library" (Friday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie let Nick and Hillary lie there and recover, and she rested some too. But she was eager to have her turn with Nick again, so eventually she said, "You know, if we want to talk, maybe now is a good time."

Nick and Hillary managed to pull themselves up into sitting positions. This exposed the fact that Nick's cock was still erect. In fact, in his new position, it was sticking out like a telephone pole.

"Oh! Look at you!" Hillary said as she reached out and grasped his hard cock once more. "I'm so sorry. You took care of me, but I didn't take care of you." She started to bend over.

Maggie could see that Hilary was about to starting licking or maybe even sucking his erection. She loudly coughed. "Hillary? What about Anushka? What about her restriction against that?!"

That was a fair question, even though it was largely driven by Maggie's jealousy. Her climax was over and her hand was off her pussy, but she was still extremely aroused, and she wanted to be the one playing with Nick's cock, or at least sharing it. Plus, she was very worried that Hillary would be a much better cocksucker than her, due to Hillary being a sexually uninhibited "good slut" a lot longer than herself.

Hillary replied, "Don't worry about her." She looked to Nick and gave him a big smile. "I've been saving it as a surprise, but I had another important talk with Anushka last night, a few hours after our threesome phone sex. We were naked in my bed, and I got soooooo horny! I was insatiable! To make a long story short, I convinced her that the more I have fun with your cock, the more sexually aroused I am for a long time afterwards, and she's a big beneficiary of that. She's still against fucking, definitely, and pussy touching too, but she's given me the okay for oral!"

Nick beamed like the sun, and his heart did backflips. "Oh, WOW! That is so great! Seriously?! Starting right now?!"

Hillary smiled back at him with a fiery look of desire in her eyes. "Maybe this will answer that question!" She continued bending over, and started licking Nick's cockhead while stroking the rest of his shaft.

"OH, MAN!" He reacted like he'd just been electrocuted. It wasn't that Hillary had a magic tongue; he was reacting to the fact that she was the one doing it. He knew this was a big step for their future.

Hillary knew it was a very big deal too. She was falling for Nick more and more with each passing day. But her feelings for him were still dominated by lust. She could tell by the way things were going, especially due to Maggie's attitude and her hope and expectation that there would be many threesomes in their future, that sucking Nick's cock was likely to be a very common activity.

Both Nick and Maggie would have been surprised to know the truth, that Hillary was actually feeling daunted and intimidated about sucking him, which was why she hadn't taken him into her mouth as soon as they were safely in the back area of the SUV. As far as she knew, Nick and Maggie had been dating all summer, and Maggie had been going down on him daily, if not numerous times a day. She assumed that Maggie was already a cocksucking expert in general and particularly skilled with Nick's cock in general due to her extensive experience with it.

That was a lot for her to live up to (even though it was almost entirely untrue, with Maggie only starting to suck him in earnest in the past couple of days). She considered herself a pretty good cocksucker, because she'd one boyfriend or another for about half the time the last couple of years (with girlfriends taking up the other hand - she rarely wasn't involved with one or the other), and she hadn't been shy about both giving and receiving oral pleasure.

However, she was highly motivated by her friendly competition with Maggie, who she felt was just about her only peer, if not her "superior," when it came to beauty and sex appeal. (Ironically, Maggie tended to think Hillary was her "superior" in that way.) She didn't just want to give Nick a good blowjob, she wanted to give him a great one, like the kind of assumed Maggie frequently gave him.

In addition, the issue of his penis size was no small matter. His seven-inch length was no problem. She'd had boyfriends with dicks even a couple of inches longer than that. But his thickness was truly extraordinary, and she'd never tried to suck on one even nearly that thick. She was willing to try her best, but she feared she would do poorly her first few attempts, in only because she had to get used to his thickness.

She was so worried about all of these factors that she still wasn't ready to suck him, especially with the added pressure of Maggie watching from close-up. She hoped that licking his cock would get both him and her excited enough that she could work up to full sucking soon.

Maggie's jealousy and frustration was soaring through the roof, even overwhelming her lust. Her great worry was that Hillary would prove to be a sucking queen right from the start, and she would soon find herself Nick's distant second choice when it came time for oral pleasure. Her hope was to delay Hillary starting to suck him so she'd be able to practice and improve on him, but she was running of out excuses to delay.

Still, Maggie came up with one card to play. She suggested, "Um, Hillary, that's great that Anushka gave you permission, but if you suck him now, wouldn't that be putting the cart before the horse? Wouldn't it make more sense to talk about relationship issues first?|

Hillary considered that even as she experimented with lapping on Nick's sweet spot for the first time. She muttered, "Yeah, that does make sense. And that makes sense. Darn it!" She looked up to Nick. "Is it okay if I put this off until after we talk?"

His eyes practically popped out of his head, just from seeing Hillary, his great teenage dream for years, naked and lapping on his cock! The pleasure he felt was off the charts, more due to the psychological factor than the physical stimulation.

Ironically, he was so very aroused that he was fine with her stopping, because he didn't want to embarrass himself by cumming already, and that was likely to happen if she kept licking him much longer. Again, the fact that Hillary was the one doing it was totally blowing his mind.

He muttered, "Um, yeah, sure!"

Hillary smiled. She looked to his cockhead and smiled at it. She talked as if she was speaking directly to it too. "Don't worry, you and I are going to be really good friends, I'm sure! I can't wait to get you in my mouth! I'm gonna rock your world!" She planted a big wet kiss on the tip and lapped nearly all the way around his bulbous knob a couple of times.

Hearing and seeing that made Maggie even more jealous. She was salivating and practically drooling. She said, "Yes, we should talk. Right now. So tell me what's on your mind." She worried Hillary was getting too carried away already and would forget about the talking idea.

Hillary sat back up, and considered what to say. That put her mouth well out of range for more licking, but she continued to idly stroke him. She said to Maggie, "Actually, I want to talk to you even more than to him. You and I need to sort things out. I really, really, really like Nick, and I'd like to have him for my boyfriend, but I don't want to steal him from you. Can we agree to officially share him? Please? Pretty, pretty please?"

That made Maggie feel a little better, like she was in the driver's seat. She tried to overcome her jealousy and be magnanimous, in order to help her son achieve his great dream with Hillary. She said, "I've already said you could, and I meant it. Obviously! Look at what you're doing to him right now. I'm totally cool with that."

Actually, she wasn't really, since she was practically turning green with jealousy, but she was trying hard to think more long-term and not let her current mood affect her thinking too much.

"Great!" Hillary bounced in her seat excitedly, setting her huge tits bouncing.

Hillary was still too caught up in her own lust to see that Maggie was feeling somewhat left out and miffed.

But Nick had a lifetime's experience in reading Maggie's face, so he could sense there was a problem. He said, "Maggie, come here, give me a hug."

Maggie thought that was a bit strange, but she did it. She didn't have to move far, since she was sitting near him already.

Nick gave her a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. But that obviously wasn't his main purpose. He said to her, "I'm having a great time with Hillary, but I want you to get involved too." He took her nearest hand and brought it to his shaft.

Maggie and Hillary both smiled widely. They both gladly welcomed sharing Nick's cock.

The mood drastically changed in an instant. Maggie didn't have a jealousy issue with Hillary in a larger picture sense; she was mostly just extremely frustrated that Hillary had possession of his cock right now and she didn't. As soon as her fingers wrapped around his shaft and started to stroke, nearly all of her jealousy blew away.

Furthermore, she looked at Hillary's face and saw that she didn't frown or wince at Nick making them share. In fact, it was the exact opposite: her face glowed with delight and her toothy smile stretched from ear to ear. That kind of enthusiasm couldn't be faked. Clearly, Hillary was very much in favor of sharing Nick's cock with her.

At the same time, Hillary looked to Maggie's face, and saw that Maggie had gone from a bland poker face to a very big smile too. They shared a special emotional moment, bonding through their mutual pleasure and enthusiasm for sharing.

However, they were still only beginning to really get to know each other, still feeling each other out. They wouldn't have started this situation without Nick helping it along. Maggie had been waiting for an invitation to join in, and Hillary had had no idea that any sort of invitation was necessary.

Hillary moved her hand down to Nick's balls, letting Maggie have the "prime real estate" for a while.

It was a simple gesture, but Maggie's heart soared. It symbolically demonstrated that Hillary wasn't going to be pushy or selfish in hogging the more sensitive parts of his cock when they were sharing. That made Maggie's approval of Hillary as a co-girlfriend of sorts in general go up a notch or two.

Maggie and Hillary just smiled from ear to ear at each other, while taking occasional knowing glances down at their fingers slipping and sliding all over Nick's stiff and wet erection. Neither felt the need to say anything, because their looks and actions said plenty. The sexual activity seemed somewhat subdued, in the sense that a handjob wasn't considered as intense as a titfuck or blowjob, but both women got a great thrill simply due to the sharing aspect. It changed a straightforward and common sex act into something "extreme" and wild.

Unsurprisingly, Nick was flying over the moon too. He loved the pure physical sensations caused by their hands, but he could see the looks they were sharing, and he loved much more how they were both so happy and energized by the sharing. The future implications were too exciting for him to think about!

But there was something wrong in his eyes regarding the overall scene in front of him. He spoke up. "Maggie, there's a problem." He looked significantly up and down Hillary's totally nude body. Even Hillary's feet were bare. Then he looked significantly up and down Maggie's fully clothed body.

Maggie understood the "problem," and she couldn't have been happier about it. He wants me naked! No, he NEEDS me naked! I need it too!

She immediately began undressing, with Nick lending a hand here and there to make it happen faster. He could do that without having to shift positions, since they were all sitting so close to each other.

As Maggie's clothes came off, she realized that her clothes were a big reason she'd been feeling annoyed and left out. It had been like a sour note playing in the background the whole time. Now, with her clothes off and nothing stopping her from pleasuring Nick's cock with Hillary, she practically felt like a brand new person.

She took her high heels off too. She felt conflicted about that, because she was developing an ideal in her mind about wearing those and nothing else whenever she went to town on his cock. But she had a practical concern of accidentally poking into either Nick or Hillary with her stilettos, and she didn't want to divert the conversation by having to explain to Hillary why she wore them. She hoped they could have a talk about that some other time.

Once Maggie was completely naked, she sat up stiffy, allowing Nick to take a good long look at her. This left Hillary in complete control of his cock for a while, but she didn't mind that due to their new sharing understanding.

Nick possessively ran his hands up and down her body. Maggie's seemingly touched her everywhere but her pussy. He looked to Hillary and said, "Isn't she beautiful?"

Hillary simply replied, "She is!" But that was the understatement of the year. She kept her answer short, because she was afraid she'd get carried away with her praise. She'd never lusted after any woman as much as she lusted for Maggie right now.

Actually, their bodies were remarkably similar, from their heights and weights to the breast sizes, and including their rich tans. Even their bushes were both shaved off. But she felt that Maggie was even more voluptuous than she was, which was accurate in terms of physical measurements, with the exception of Hillary's larger breasts. Of course, Maggie had had many more years to fill out.

With Maggie's clothing "problem" solved, Maggie brought a hand back to Nick's boner. Once again, Hillary graciously gave Maggie the best "real estate," since she'd been monopolizing. him for the last couple of minutes.

Sharing so cooperatively like that made both of them almost giddy with delight. Neither of them spoke, but they had very similar thrilling visions of spending hours in threesome joy, working together to pleasure his cock with the hands, lips, and tongues.

They resumed jacking him off together in a "freestyle" way.

Hillary had a serious issue to address, even as she kept on helping to stroke him. "Okay, Nick, I'm sure you feel the same way that I do, that the exact nature of my relationship with you is uncertain and it would be good to have some clarity."

He nodded. "I've been meaning to talk to you for days about that. But I thought it was the kind of thing that needs to be discussed in person, and we haven't had a good opportunity."

He was secretly amazed that they were holding this conversation while his cock was getting stroked by two different women. But luckily, both of them eased up and slowed down, knowing that they shouldn't let him get overheated and thus fail to stay engaged in the discussion.

Furthermore, he sensed that it was very psychological for both of them to stimulate his cock as they talked. He'd noticed a subtle yet significant and very positive change in Maggie's attitude especially once he'd gotten her started on helping to stroke him.

Hillary said, "As you know, I'm going out with Anushka, and that's the big priority for me right now. Plus, Maggie, you already have first dibs on Nick, and everyone at school knows you're with him already. I don't want you to feel threatened by me about that. I'd like to be his co-girlfriend of sorts, but only in secret, between us. Since you got there first, and it's your awesome attitude that makes the sharing even possible in the first, I'm thinking it would be good if we'd think of you as his 'first girlfriend,' with final say if there's a conflict. And I could be like this 'second girlfriend.'"

Maggie's heart leapt to her throat. She was so overjoyed, she wanted to get out of the SUV and run around naked in the parking lot while screaming her lungs out. What Hillary was saying was not only great for Nick, which made her very happy, but was great for her. It would confirm and solidify her status as one of Nick's lovers, however one called that.

Furthermore, from now on, she could argue both to herself and to Nick that she was "forced" to stay sexually intimate with her son, because if they were in a true threesome relationship, one could liken it to a three-legged stool, which would fall over if one of its legs was removed. That meant the world to her! She had become so emotionally and physically addicted to sexual intimacy that she couldn't imagine having to live without it again.

However, she considered this a pivotal negotiation sort of situation, and she'd been through enough of those to know that she should stay poker-faced and calm as much as possible, in order to get a good deal for herself.

She carefully told Hillary, "I like what you're saying so far. However, I don't like the word 'girlfriend.' That might come in handy as shorthand, but it doesn't exactly fit."

Hillary said, "No, you're right. I mean, look at us, talking about this heavy stuff even while we play with his cock! This is some pretty extreme, crazy stuff! But I've gotta say, that's a big part of the appeal for me. I mean, this is so much better than talking WITHOUT jacking him off! And everything with you guys is like this! You're relationship with each other is way unusual, but it's totally hot! I want to be a part of it so much!"

Maggie said, "Well, you're on the right track for joining, without a doubt. I didn't expect this at first, I just wanted him to sow his wild oats some before he got really serious with me. But what I've felt with you joining us feels so good and so right to me that I'm rethinking everything. What if we try this some more, and we continue to love it? It doesn't have to be a short-term thing at all. It could end up being VERY long term! What do you think of that?!"

Hillary replied, "Oh, definitely!" She looked to Nick. "Nick must know my dating history. He's told me he's been keeping his eyes on me for a long time. He knows I haven't managed to date guys or girls very long. But I think things are changing in a big way for me, for all sorts of reasons I don't want to get into right now. I would love to at least TRY for something very long term! I think this is a very special, magical thing you two have going, and I want to be a part of it!"

She asked Nick, "What do you think?!"

He closed his eyes. He felt like his body was a volcano and his head was going to erupt right off his neck. He was so overjoyed that he could barely breathe, because this truly was his grand dream of winning Maggie and Hillary coming true!

With his eyes still closed, and his entire body slightly trembling, he spoke through clenched teeth. "I think... you both need to take your hands off my dick! NOW!"

That frightened and distressed Maggie and Hillary. They thought they'd upset him in some way, although they couldn't imagine how. They took their hands off his hard-on like it had turned to molten metal.

After taking a few heavy breaths to try to calm himself, he went on, "The problem is, I'm too horny! I don't want to cum right in the middle of this!"

Maggie asked, with hope, "So you're not mad at us?!"

"Of course not! The opposite! This is great! Too great! My head is spinning! I'm gonna pass out!"

Maggie and Hillary looked at each other and squealed with glee. Their fear they'd upset him vanished in a flash, replaced by joy that he approved. (As if he wouldn't!)

Nick opened his eyes, but continued to stay tightly wound up. He was madly clenching his PC muscle, trying not to cum. He needed some time to come down from the brink of orgasm.

Hillary said, mostly to Maggie, "Maybe 'girlfriend' isn't the right word, at least for me. I mean, you ARE his girlfriend. You can be seen in public as his girlfriend in a perfectly normal way. Maybe it's better if I talk about formally being something like... a sex friend with Nick. Or call it a friend with benefits. LOTS of benefits!"

She looked at Nick while grasping his boner. "Would you like that?"

"Hell, yeah!" He felt goose bumps all over, due to his words and her grasp.

Hillary grinned widely. "Somehow, I thought you might say that." She looked to Maggie.

Maggie replied with a huge smile, "That sounds good to me too."

"Great!" Hillary said. "By the way, as you can see, I'm just holding him. I couldn't resist! Nick, can Maggie at least hold you too? I think she'd really like that."

He grunted affirmatively. Then he muttered, "Sure." Already, he'd come down from the edge. He figured he could handle holding without much problem, even from two hands.

Maggie brought her hand back to his boner, but she did it in a new and different way: she moved each of Hillary's fingers slightly, and then entwined her fingers between Hillary's.

Hillary was impressed and even further aroused. "Nice! What a great gesture! So symbolic. It's like our two hands are one!"

Maggie nodded. "That's how I feel. I don't want to just date him separately most of the time. I hope, as much as possible, we can date him together, be with him together. A real threesome relationship!" She asked Hillary with uncertainly, "Do you feel the same way?"

"Oh, definitely! So much! Since our movie date last Friday, that's what I've been hoping and longing for. No, that's not true. I've actually been fantasizing about that since the Tuesday before, when everything changed. I want to go all the way with this threesome thing!"

Maggie and Hillary shared another joyous smile, while Nick felt another rush of euphoria.

She then spoke more hesitantly, knowing she was heading into dangerous waters. "You two know I'm bisexual. Maggie, I'm not planning on seducing you or something like that. I mean, if you were into me in that way, that would be even MORE amazing! But you've told me you're straight, and I understand it's not like someone can be talked into changing their sexual orientation."

Maggie nodded, carefully.

"That said, the fact that you're this incredibly beautiful woman kind of satisfies my lesbian side. I don't even have to do something intimate with you. Just being around you in sexual situations with Nick kind of scratches that itch. Then I have Anushka too, and both of you seem cool with letting me do that!"

Nick said, "We are," He took a couple of slow breaths, because he was still teetering near the orgasmic edge, more from the incredible conversation than their hands on his erection. He finally added, "It's kind of like Maggie and me. Maggie got to me first, so whatever happens has to be with her approval. Anushka got to you first, so the same applies. That's why I don't try to push with whatever limits or rules Anushka gives. I feel grateful she shares you with us at all."

Hillary was extremely delighted with the words. "Great! That's so cool that you have that attitude. Most guys wouldn't. But don't let Anushka hear that, or she'll come up with MORE rules!" She laughed. But she also had a point. She was planning on debriefing Anushka later about everything they said and did here, except for what he just said.

Hillary resumed her explanation, "I think the reason I couldn't stay in one relationship for long was because, as a bisexual, I could never be satisfied. If I was with a boy, I would soon want to be with a girl instead. If I was with a girl, I'd start longing to be with a boy. The grass is always greener on the other side. But now, between you two and Anushka, I feel like I'm in a great place. Ideal, actually. I've been so overjoyed this whole last week plus. I've never been more sexually satisfied, not even close! And I'm also feeling double loved between you, Nick, and Anushka."

She finished, "So, bottom line, My great, great hope is that this arrangement can continue and grow, and deepen."

Maggie decided to say more. "That's good. I'm very hopeful too. I see Anushka's role as a plus, not a minus, because it provides balance in some way. As I told Nick the other day, what if he was going out with just you? One a Friday or Saturday night, he'd be climbing up the walls if he was stuck at home while you were out with Anushka. But now, if you want to have a special night with her, he can have a special night with me. So this could really work."

"It could!" Hillary nodded emphatically. "I love that example. I've been thinking the exact same thing!"

Maggie nodded again. "Yes. But! Are you sure you can handle how unusual our relationship with Nick is likely to be? I mean, look at us now, talking about this while we hold his cock."

Hillary pointed out, "Actually, it's more like we're stroking him!" She giggled.

Maggie giggled too, because it was true. Over the past minute or two, seeing the visual signs that Nick had calmed down a lot more, both women had started "cheating," subtly stimulating his boner. Since their fingers were intertwined, both of them had fingers over his sweet spot, and both of them tried to rub right there. With their fingers working at the same thing, they were having some success.

Nick chuckled. "Don't worry about it. As long as your fingers stay entwined like that, I think I'll be able to handle whatever you do to me."

That was a pleasing answer, because Maggie and Hillary liked the symbolic unity of holding their hands in that manner, but they also wanted to stimulate his cock. Now, they could do both at once.

Maggie then said to Hillary, "Think how bizarre our one date so far has been. You and I spent most of our time in the movie theater stroking his cock together. That's not normal!"

Hillary said, "No, it's not. But don't worry, I know exactly what you mean, and I can handle it. Maggie, I've seen that you two have a relationship where you pleasuring his cock is on the center stage most of the time. I get that, and I'm totally okay with that. I want to be a big part of it! The way I envision things, you spend a LOT of your time with him sucking his cock especially. Don't you?"

"I most certainly do!" Maggie replied. "And I'm glad you brought that up, because I want to talk to you about that too."

Hillary said, "I do too. I think I know where you're going with that. Let me just say that I understand that I don't expect any sort of normal relationship here. I LIKE that it's so extreme! Nick, when I'm with you, I fully expect that a lot of the time, I'm going to be stroking, licking, titfucking, and most especially sucking your cock! Even when I get full permission from Anushka and we'll be able to fuck, I figure that will still be the case, because that's how it is between you and Maggie already. And I'm not just okay with that, that's what I want!"

He got so excited by that that he was suddenly nearly breathless. "Really?! Are you serious?!"

She laughed. "Yes! Of course! I haven't sucked you yet, but I just know I'm going to love it, because how could I not, when even just stroking you makes me feel this good the whole time?! The only issue is if I couldn't fit your cock in my mouth comfortably enough to suck it much, but I'm sure that..." Her voice trailed off as she suddenly got a naughty idea.

She gave him a devilish smirk. "Wait! Why just speculate?! Let's see what we have here!"

With that, she unexpectedly bent her head down into his lap, craned her mouth open as wide as she possibly could, and boldly engulfed his entire cockhead!

Nick yelped and nearly passed out. He simply couldn't believe it! Maybe the only reason he didn't cum on the spot from the overwhelming rush of pleasure was because he was in some sort of shock.

Maggie was almost equally amazed, and similarly shocked. She just stared, her eyes as wide as saucers.

But then, after only a few seconds, Hillary just as unexpectedly pulled her mouth all the way back off and sat up as before. She wiped her chin and reveled in her success with a great big smile. "Yep! It's as I hoped and assumed! It's a tight fit, for sure, but it definitely fits, no problem!"

Nick and Maggie were still reeling with their mouths hanging open. They both had trouble believing that really just happened. It was one thing to talk, it was another to do. That quick but crucial demonstration made the cocksucking talk much more real and serious.

Hillary continued without much pause, despite seeing their floored expressions, "Since I fit just fine, here's what I think: when I think of the three of us together, in some future ideal situation, Maggie, I think of you and I completely naked, of course! We'll be kneeling side by side while he sits in a chair or on a bed, maybe in my bedroom. We'll be taking turns licking his cock. Stroking it. Playing with his balls. Working as an expert and seamless cock-pleasuring team! But most of all, we'll take turns bobbing on him! Over and over and over again! We could do that practically endlessly and I'll love it because the waves of pleasure running through me are endless too!"

Maggie felt goose bumps and even an electric tingle in every nerve, because that was her exact "future ideal situation" too. She wanted to jump and scream and shout. Her only problem was that it seemed too good to her, so she was skeptical. She asked with narrowed eyes, "How do you know it'll be so great?! You haven't even done that yet. Maybe it'll just be okay, and you'll be bored after a while."

"I know, because I've felt it already! That time in the movie theater was really pivotal for me! I had the BEST TIME of any date ever! It felt like I was cumming the ENTIRE time we jacked him off together, just because my general erotic buzz was so sky high! And if it's sucking instead of stroking, I know it'll be even better, because it's even more intense! That's what it is with you guys, you're so passionate and sexual! It's all intense! I want to be a part of that!"

Her big bare tits were heaving up and down. Her eyes were sparkling with desire. She said, "In fact, enough talking! I know this discussion is unfinished, but we can talk later! Maggie, let's find out what it's like right now! Not sucking yet! No! We can work up to that. Let's lick him together!"

Maggie's face it up like a neon sign flashing on. "YES! LET'S!" The arousal levels of both women had already been rising for the last couple of minutes, thanks to the cocksucking talk mainly, but those levels shot into the stratosphere due to Hillary's suggestion and then Maggie's agreement.

A Hillary quickly bent back down and brought her tongue right to his sweet spot.

Maggie brought her head down too, but she paused mere inches away, so she could closely watch Hillary in action.

Hillary slowly licked her way all over Nick's cockhead. She knew she was being judged by Maggie, and that it was an important test she had to pass. Rather than try to do too much to get a "good grade," she simply closed her eyes and let her emotions take over. With a hand still holding and stroking his boner, she kept on licking, but did it in an almost unconscious way, allowing her lust and passion to lead her.

Maggie had let go of his thickness while she repositioned her body some. That finally broke up the way their fingers had been interlaced, but that was necessary anyway to allow for a lot more stroking action.

Once she was more comfortable, she continued to stare from inches away. YEESSSSS! Hillary is so great! She's got the passion! She's not trying to do everything at once with lots of technical skill. No, she's just loving it! I can see on her face she feels about his cock just like I do! She loves his cock! Loves it!

With those thoughts energizing her even more, she leaned in and got busy licking his shaft too. She decided to stick to the other side of his shaft at first, so they wouldn't be bumping into each other or directly competing.

Hillary was jubilant, sensing that she'd passed the test. Soon, she and Maggie were moaning and groaning loudly, as if they were in the middle of getting royally fucked, but it was just because they were so very aroused by stroking and licking Nick's cock together.

The only problem was Nick. He was way too horny! He was moaning and groaning even louder than they were. Again, it wasn't so much the physical stimulation that was getting to him, although that alone was incredible. It was the simple fact that his two dream girls were licking his cock together! He could tell right away that it was going so well for them that they would be wanting to do much more of it in the future.

He put one hand on Maggie's head and another on Hillary's with a vague notion of trying to slow their heads from moving so much. But he tripped out on the fact that in fact he had his hands on both heads at once while they worked his cock. He yelled and yelped incoherently as he struggled not to cum like it was a life and death situation.

Luckily for him, Maggie was very nearly as keen as he was to make sure he didn't cum, in order to prolong the joy. She pulled her tongue from his shaft, and quietly told Hillary, "I can see you have the right attitude! That thrills me to my toes! By part of being a good slut to his cock is knowing when to ease off! Ease off!"

Hillary pulled her tongue away too. She was panting and her big tits were heaving. "Sorry! It's just that... it's as good as I'd hoped! I can't get enough of it!"

Maggie laughed. "That's the story of my life!" She sat up all the way, to help give Nick a longer and much-needed break. "Phew!"

Hillary sat up and back too.

The two women looked into each other's eyes, and they shared another powerful emotional moment. The understanding that passed between them was complicated, but it included a heartfelt approval of the other and a suddenly much closer friendship. Their sense of friendly competition was lessened too.

Since Maggie had time, due to Nick needing a break, she looked down at her nude body and cupped her breasts from below. She started sliding her hands all over them. She tilted her head back, reveling the overall situation with erotic ecstasy. "Mmmm! It's SO GOOD to be a naked, big-titted beauty! We get the best! The best men! The best cock! The best sex!"

Hillary saw that and couldn't resist doing exactly the same. As she caressed her own tits, she said, "So true! It really is the life! And... we get each other! We get to share an experience like this together!"

"That's true too!" Maggie agreed wholeheartedly. She lowered her head back so she could look at Hillary while she continued to caress her E-cups. "You know, I haven't told you much about my past life, before Nick."

Hillary took that same pose so they were able to resume eye contact. She was blissing out on playing with just her F-cup tits too. "No, you haven't. I hardly know a thing."

Of course that was intentional on Maggie's part. She still wasn't prepared to talk much until she made more progress with her backstory novella. But there was something she was very keen to tell Hillary now. "We'll have to save that for another day. But I just want you to know that, before Nick, my sex life was terrible! I had this serious boyfriend for, like, my entire teen years, practically. And sex with him was okay. Good, actually, by normal standards. But it was so normal! Vanilla! With Nick, everything's changed!"

"I'll bet!" Hillary easily agreed.

"All this extreme sex you're experiencing with us, this is pretty new! Things with Nick started out fairly normal too, though the sex was ten times better thanks to his much larger cock and his unrelenting enthusiasm. But as the weeks have gone on and our relationship has deepened, Things have gotten wilder and wilder! It just gets better and better! And then you came into the picture. That takes it all to an even higher level! Just knowing you're there and taking part multiplies all my emotions by a hundred!"

She reluctantly admitted, "Well, okay, maybe not a hundred. It feels that way though!"

Hillary laughed good-naturedly. "I know exactly what you mean. And I feel it too. I feel it so much! I want us to do as much together as we can, as a threesome. Especially when it comes to pleasuring his cock!"

"Oh, definitely!" Maggie agreed. "I'll still want some private time with him, of course, and I'm sure you will too. But when it comes to the big stuff, like going out on a fancy date, how much better will it be doing it as a threesome?! Can you just imagine taking Nick to some super classy restaurant for dinner, one with tablecloths to the floor, and then one of us would sit there all prim and proper talking to him while the other secretly crawls between his legs and sucks him off the whole time?!"

Hillary raised her hand, like she was in class. "Ooooh! Me! Me! I volunteer for the under the table duty!"

The two women heartily laughed at that.

Then a radiant Hillary said, "You see?! That little scenario right there, that's why I can't resist you, either of you! Because I'll bet the three of us WILL do that, and it WILL be incredible for all three of us! But most especially for the one who gets to crawl under the table!" She laughed some more.

"We can take turns!" Maggie wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"Oooh! Even better! Can you imagine how confused the waiter will be?! Coming to the table at one point and seeing Nick talking to some busty beauty, and then coming back a little while later, only to see Nick with an entirely different one! And then back and forth, all evening long, with one of his companions always mysteriously missing!"

Maggie concluded, "And then, we'll leave together, the two of us on either side of our man, and just a little bit of his sperm on our faces, just enough for the very curious waiter to notice!"

"Oh my God! YES!"

The two of them erupted into joyous laughter.

Nick had been listening all the while, even as he tried to emotionally tune out, as well as visually tune out with his eyes shut tight. Hearing them talking kept his cock throbbing with need. That was especially true since, after last Friday's movie theater date, he knew their fancy restaurant idea was not only possible, it was very likely.

But still, as arousing as such mental thoughts were, his cock got enough of a rest from direct stimulation that he was able to breathe easy finally.

For a few seconds, anyway! The two naked hotties suddenly seemed to remember he was there with them, after they'd gotten carried away talking to each other. They looked at him like a person dying from the heat in the Sahara looked at their first glass of water in days.

Some non-verbal communication passed between Maggie and Hillary. Then they dropped back down until their faces were back in his crotch.

However, before they could resume licking, Hillary was so worked up, there as something she absolutely had to do. She briefly looked up into Nick's face and gave him a sultry look. Then, with her voice soaked in lust, she purred, "I may be bisexual, but believe me, I REALLY get off on sucking cock! Especially a big, fat cock like yours!"

She immediately followed this up by craning her mouth open wide. She suddenly engulfed all of his cockhead! She'd done this once already, but briefly, to test how difficult it was. This time, her intention was to actually suck him.

Nick could scarcely believe it. He felt chills and thrills down to his toes. His entire body clenched up like he was having a seizure, but he was just trying to cope with the huge mental and physical rush. Hillary! My dream girl! She's actually starting to blow me! Yeeeeesssss!

It was a good thing that she'd waited until just after his penis had gotten a rest. That was all that prevented him from cumming on the spot, because again, the mere fact that Hillary was the one doing it was the biggest turn-on he could imagine.

Hillary tightened her lip-lock and started to bob. Although she couldn't speak, her euphoria was made clear by the passion of her sexy moaning as well the twinkle in her eyes. Her face looked pained, even agonized, but all three of them knew she was practically in erotic rapture instead.

However, Hillary worried that she was being too bold with Maggie sitting right there. She also still had worries about inadequacy, that her sucking wouldn't be able to compare to Maggie's, since she still believed that Maggie had been sucking him off multiple times every day for at least a month, if not longer.

Although she loved the threesome situation, she hoped to have her first cocksucking session with him without Maggie there, so she wouldn't have to worry about an extra pair of eyes judging her the entire time.

So, despite the fact that she had been loving every second so far, not to mention the difficult effort of just managing to get her lips around Nick's shaft, she pulled back off after less than half a minute.

And it was a good thing she did, because Maggie's jealousy was suddenly flaring up again. In fact, Maggie had just been about to complain in an effort to stop Hillary from doing a lot more of that. But when Hillary pulled off, Maggie breathed a sigh of relief and decided to stay quiet.

Hillary told Maggie sheepishly, "Sorry! I know we agreed to just lick him together this time, so let's get back to that. But I couldn't resist!"

Most of Maggie's jealousy melted away upon hearing that and seeing Hillary's contrite facial expression. She said with a smile, "That's okay. Believe me, I totally get it. I think you'll find that whenever you're near his stiff cock, it's almost impossible to resist sucking him off. It's kind of like that scenario we were talking about in the restaurant with the waiter, only you don't need the restaurant or the waiter. Just sliding your lips up and down on his cock monster is an endless thrill, all by itself!"

"Mmmm! I'm sure!" Hillary agreed. She was still maintaining sole possession of Nick's cock and balls. One hand slid on his cock from base to tip and back again while the other cradled his balls for good measure. But she realized that Maggie was there and waiting, so she took her hand off his shaft and nodded for Maggie to join in.

Maggie gave her a grateful smile, but she spurned Hillary's offer to hold his shaft. That was because she wanted to totally focus just on licking his hot pole for a while. She leaned in closer and then started to lap up at his sweet spot.

Hillary brought her hand back to his shaft, and got busy sliding her fingers up and down it. Then she also started lapping on him, only about an inch away from the tip of Maggie's tongue.

Nick was tripping out on erotic joy, and impulsively spoke his thoughts out loud. "Hillary, I can't believe you're doing this to me! Especially sharing! It's blowing my mind!"

Hillary said as she licking, "Truth be told, I've been longing to do this since that first day we went back to my place. Hell, pretty much since the first time I saw you kiss Maggie like you do. And since our movie date, it seems all I can think about are the many different things I wanna do with your cock!" She gave it a few more loving licks.

He asked in surprise, "Really?! Then why didn't you do more this week?"

"A girl's gotta play hard to get." She giggled, because she was far from playing hard to get now. "No, seriously, Anushka's 'no oral' restriction was the main reason. Remember?"

"Oh yeah." He wasn't thinking too clearly, due to all the stimulation and powerful emotion.

She added, "Besides, I think I would have waited some of that time anyway. I didn't want to step on Maggie's toes. But now, I've gotta say I'm glad it's happening just like this. Sharing with Maggie is making this totally unique and special. I feel wicked, but in the best possible way!"

Maggie still wasn't touching Nick's shaft with her fingers, because Hillary was holding and stroking his shaft and there wasn't much room for two hands when one hand was actively moving on it. Nicky's cock was remarkably thick, but it was "only" seven inches long. She was willing to content herself with just licking his cockhead for a while. She did have a hand cupping his balls, but it wasn't doing much.

But Hillary wasn't having it. Still speaking to Nick, she said, "Which reminds me..." Then she took Maggie's hand and brought it to back to shaft while keeping her hand on it too. She asked her teasingly, "Why are you leaving me all alone to stroke his cock monster? It takes two!"

Maggie sighed with relief and pleasure. She felt much better with her hand back on Nick's thickness, despite the lack of room. It wasn't about what her fingers could do to stimulate him, necessarily, it was more the sense of connection and of sharing. She really adored the fact that Hillary made that thoughtful gesture.

Then she said teasingly, "You're so right! What was I thinking?!"

The two hotties shared a laugh.

Maggie added, "Sport, you picked a real winner with her!"

Hillary's tongue bumped into Maggie's again. They both felt sexual shivers as they almost broke out into a tongue "duel" as a result.

When that calmed down and they were both lapping on his sweet spot some more, Hillary asked, "Maggie, I keep hearing you call him 'Sport.' Why is that?"

In carefully crafting their backstory of their supposed romantic history, Nick and Maggie had forgotten to come up with a good reason for that. But Maggie ably handed the problem by saying, "I don't know. He's just 'Sport.' Why call someone 'Honey' instead of 'Sweetie' or whatever? It just happens. Maybe it's because he's so good at sports. You'd be surprised."

"Ah," was all Hillary had to say to that. Both women wanted to lick, so the conversation died out after that.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, greyshadow, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.