Chapter 31: Sharing the Pleasure (Friday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick still couldn't believe his luck. He was forced to keep his eyes closed and try to mentally tune out as much as possible, to help stop himself from cumming too soon. He also focused on breathing slowly and steadily, at least as much as he could. That attitude really helped, and he soon entered a kind of dreamy blissed out state, allowing him to savor the endless waves of physical pleasure without letting excitable thoughts race out of control and push him over the orgasmic edge.

The two women spent the next few minutes both stroking and lapping his cock, but nearly all their focus was on their tongue work. Neither of them were in any rush or felt like they were being pressured or judged. They were just enjoying the experience to the fullest.

They also were getting accustomed to sharing his cock. They had developed a great camaraderie stroking him together for a long time on Friday in the movie theater, but licking was logistically very different. There was the problem of bumping heads. And, as usual, both of them wanted to devote most of their attention to his sweet spot nearly all the time, but it was much hard to lick him there together than to stroke him there together due to the their heads getting in the way. But it could easily be done just so long as they were careful, and considerate of the other.

Actually, they spent most of their time lapping on or around his sweet spot together instead of staying to their own zones. This meant they were cheek to cheek nearly all that time, and their tongues were often touching.

But both of them thought of that as a good thing, not a bad thing. In fact, they were so comfortable with each other so fast that sometimes they played brief tongue games, deliberately licking the other's tongue instead of Nick's hot shaft.

If Nick was euphoric before, he was doubly so now. It helped that they were taking a lazy pace, since both of them figured they were settling in for a very prolonged "double" cock licking. But even so, he teetered on the brink of cumming nearly all the time. He was thankful he had gained decent control with his PC muscle squeezing, because he had to do that squeezing non-stop.

He also generally kept one hand on each of their heads. That alone was an incredible mindfuck for him. All he would have to do was look down and see Maggie's mass of blonde hair right up against Hillary's mass of brown hair, and he would felt shivers race down his spine every time. He was glad their hair got in the way of him directly seeing their lapping tongue, because that would have been too much.

Somehow, over time, he gradually managed to grow somewhat accustomed to what was happening. The intensity and style of their joint licking didn't change much, and it certainly didn't lessen in the level of stimulation they were giving him. In fact, the pleasure increased the more the two of them began to improve their cooperation. But the human body has a remarkable ability to adjust to almost anything, given enough time. He still felt higher than a kite, drunk on pure lust, but the urgent need to cum wasn't as intense.

In fact, after a while he even was able to stop with the urgent PC muscle squeezing. That allowed him to relax all over. For instance, he went from just holding a hand on each hand to gently running his fingers through their hair.

Little things like that thrilled both of the women to no end. As an example, when he switched to petting and stroking Maggie's hair, she thought, Oh God! Dear God! It's happening! We're really getting in a GROOVE! He's reaching a place where he doesn't have to cum so urgently, which means we can going and going! So much COCK! So much licking!

Good God, I love sharing with Hillary so much! It's like she's my twin, my clone, even. We think alike. We both are so passionate about pleasuring him! It really does double the pleasure for me, and I'm sure for him. And for her too! This is the absolute BEST!

She quietly whispered to Hillary, even as they continued to lap on his sweet spot together, with their tongues in frequent contact, "He just started stroking my hair! Is he doing the same to you?"

"He IS!" Hillary whispered back. "Isn't that just too cool?! It makes me feel, I dunno, even MORE slutty somehow! In the 'good slut' way, of course. Especially now that you told me he's stroking your hair too. It's like we're just his two busty and beautiful naked cock licking sluts!"

"That's exactly what we are!" Maggie whispered back.

The two of them lapped and stroked in silence for the next minute or two.

But now that they'd started talking, Maggie wanted to say more. She resumed whispering, "So, is there much more you wanted to say that got missed?"

Hillary thought about that, then answered, "Maybe. Not really. I'll have to think about it later, when I'm not so moony over loving this cock with my tongue!"

The two of them quietly giggled at that.

Then Hillary resumed her whispering, "I thought we'd have a lot to talk about, because I figured we'd have some kind of disagreement. My worse case scenario was you'd say you just wanted Nick to play the field a little bit, not get actually serious. Thank God that didn't happen!"

Maggie lowered her voice even more. Nick was off in blissed out la-la land, and breathing heavily too, so she figured he wasn't trying to listen in on their whispering in the first place. But she had something she wanted to share just for Hillary's ears. "Hillary, that wasn't going to happen, believe me. I feel like something very special is happening here. Something magical!"

"I know exactly what you mean," Hillary commented. "It's like I can feel the electricity in the air! And don't forget we're in your car in the middle of some random parking lot! Some perv is probably peeking through the windshield at us right now!" She giggled.

That idea gave both of them chills of excitement. Clearly, they got off on a certain amount of danger.

Maggie playfully warned, "Hush! Don't say that or you'll make me cream!"

"Too late! I can smell your sex already! And I'm sure you can smell mine. I'm so WET! We're going to need a rowboat to get out of here by the time we're done. I'm going to leak a lake!"

Maggie giggled at that. She couldn't believe how "depraved" she was acting, openly talking about such lewd things for the first time in her life.

She whispered, "Behave!" She giggled, then got serious again. "Anyway, I hope we'll both get more and more serious with him, and see just where this all takes us! But I hope our journey happens with you right there with us. In fact, it's already gotten to the point where I have a hard time imagining having him all to myself again. That would make me sad. Very sad. I hope we can become a team! A sexy, slutty, cocksucking team! A loving team too! Loving our man with our tongues and our lips and our big tits, AND our hearts!"

Hillary's heart went to her throat. She was overcome with emotion, thanks to those words. She suddenly sat up. She kept a hand idly stroking Nick's boner, but obviously she was forced to stop licking.

Maggie was puzzled why Hillary did that. She sat up too, to investigate. She also kept on hand on his cock, and rubbed his sweet spot as best she could to make up for the lack of their busy tongues there.

Hillary motioned for Maggie to come closer, like she was going to whisper an important secret in her ear.

Both of them leaned in, until their mouths were almost inches away.

Nick was still blissed out, off in another world, basking in the endless joy. But the end of the licking, plus seeing both busty, well-tanned beauties sit up together, caught his attention, and stopped him from unthinkingly running his hands through their hair. He struggled to focus and watch, to figure out what was going on.

Hillary whispered, "Maggie, you're beyond awesome, sharing like you do. Thank you so much! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" She suddenly grew bashful. "I know you don't consider yourself bisexual, and I am. I don't want to scare you, but... would it be okay if we kissed a little? On the lips?!" She hastened to add, "Not as a sexual thing, between us, but a celebration, a bonding. Celebrating how we can share Nick together!"

Maggie didn't reply with words. Instead, she showed her approval by parting her lips and tilting her head slightly.

Hillary did the same. Then, with one hand still holding and stroking Nick's pole with Maggie, she used her other hand to pull Maggie's head close and kiss her on the lips.

Hillary lusted after Maggie greatly, but she believed that Maggie was mostly straight. She hoped she could seduce Maggie to some degree, but she figured that would take time. Furthermore, Anushka had given her permission to play with Nick, but would be very unhappy if she French kissed another woman, especially a total knockout like Maggie. Hillary fully expected a relatively non-sexual kiss on the lips, without any tongue, as female friends often do.

Normally, Maggie never would have allowed herself to be sexually French kissed by a woman, not even Hillary. They'd kissed each other intimately some already, but only on the face here and there, not directly on the lips. But she was extremely hot to trot after what she'd been seeing Hillary and Nick do to each other. With her hand currently jacking Nick off with Hillary's help, her arousal level was off the charts. Furthermore, she was emotionally moved by the situation, and especially by Hillary's heartfelt plea to share a "bonding" kiss.

To her total amazement, she found herself kissing Hillary back in a sustained way.

For the first few seconds, their lips stayed closed. But by some subtle mutual understanding, their mouths opened up and their tongues came out to dance.

Both of them were surprised, but Maggie probably more so, since she'd never kissed a woman in passion before.

That definitely caught Nick's attention! In fact, his blissed out lusty fog rolled away. His heart practically stopped beating as he gawked in breathless anticipation.

The two bombshells kissed like lovers for about half a minute. They were so into it that they even forgot to keep stroking Nick's cock, though they still held it. That was part of the bonding that really was happening to them. It was very symbolic that so much of their closeness was due to their mutual lust and even love for Nick's cock.

But then Hillary finally remembered that she wasn't supposed to be doing this. There would be hell to pay if she told Anushka, and it could set back Anushka's increasingly generous attitude towards letting her get intimate with Nick. Actually, she knew she shouldn't be doing it all along, but it didn't really register for a while. She figured that if she could break the kiss, at least she could limit the damage. She might spin the truth somewhat, but she didn't want to outright lie to Anushka about this, even a lie of omission.

She pulled back and gasped.

Maggie gasped too when the kiss ended. She was sad and disappointed, because she'd been enjoying the kissing so very much. Then she "came to her senses," and realized she wasn't "supposed" to be enjoying it. She felt deeply embarrassed, and she blushed.

Hillary blushed too. She worried she'd let her lust get the best of her and caused offense. "Oh, I'm SO sorry! I'm just so happy, and horny, and everything! I forgot you're not that way. Sorry! I'm just too excited!"

She leaned forward to kiss Maggie again, because Maggie's full and tempting red lips were still right in front of her, and the temptation to kiss them was almost irresistible. But then she remembered she shouldn't do that all over again. She sat way back to take her mouth out of the "danger zone."

Nick's brain had just about blown off when he saw his two great loves kissing each other like that. It was a near miracle he hadn't climaxed already. He was lucky yet again, since they'd stopped jacking him off for a while, due to the passion of the kiss, and then the emotional confusion that followed.

Surprisingly, Hillary's kiss didn't bother Maggie much. It helped that she didn't have the problem that Hillary did with Anushka, so it was entirely up to her if she did wrong or not. She had no doubt Nick was watching and approving! She had felt a powerful sexual connection, but she allowed herself to pretend that she didn't. She tried to dismiss the idea that it had any special meaning, and that it was just a celebratory and bonding kiss, like Hillary had suggested. She figured it was like people kissing random strangers at the end of WWII, where the situation was such that it was impossible not to kiss.

However, the kiss had a couple of powerful and immediate impacts on her. For one, it sent her already very high arousal level soaring even higher. And for the other, it gave her a strong desire to prove to herself that she was "completely straight" by going wild with Nick's cock.

She said, "Hillary, I don't mean to be rude, but... I love how we're bonding and sharing, but right now I want to reconnect my mouth to Nick's cock in a very special, private, one-on-one way! In short, I really, really need to suck his cock! Even more than usual!" She chuckled at that last comment.

Hillary was very disappointed, but she managed to smile at the "Even more than usual" part.

"Is it okay if you kind of... leave us be?! Again, I don't want to be rude or push you away. I can't explain it, but I really need this now! I love our threesome future we're talking about, but I need to love him with tightly sealed lips, and take him deep until I'm choking and gagging on it!"

Nick was a bit miffed that Maggie was saying that without consulting him or even looking his way. He would be very disappointed to see Hillary go, especially since they had an open-ended schedule. But then he realized that proof at just how much Maggie needed this. If she felt that strongly about it, he wasn't going to stand it the way.

Hillary thought that over, and realized that it was best she should go. She sensed that Maggie's sudden craving to suck had something to do with her emotional reaction to the French kiss they'd just shared, and it would be best to let Maggie do whatever she needed to work that out for herself.

She said with disappointment, "Oh. Right. Damn. Of course I'm sad to hear that, but I understand. Besides, you're his first girlfriend, or, uh, lover, so what you says goes."

Maggie asked plaintively, "No hard feelings?!"

"Definitely not!" Hillary said with a sincere smile back on her face, "You've been so generous with me! Such sharing! It almost brings me to tears. I feel like I've had a real breakthrough today! My first oral action on Nick's cock!"

Maggie smiled widely, very relieved that Hillary was taking her request so well. She said jubilantly, "Your first, but far from last! Soon, we'll be taking turns bobbing on him practically every time we three meet!"

Hillary's smile grew. "Agreed, except for the 'practically' part!"

The two busty babes laughed more over that.

Maggie was still holding Nick's boner all the while, and she resumed stroking it.

Hillary had disengaged already. She looked around for her clothes. In so doing, she was reminded she was sitting completely nude in the backseat of an SUV which was in the middle of a public library's empty parking lot. A thrill of naughty excitement ran down her spine. She exclaimed, "Do you realize where we are?! In the library parking lot!"

Maggie felt chills and thrills as that reminder hit her like a ton of bricks. In a panic, she looked all around. She was relieved to confirm that no one was nearby or looking their way, at least. In fact, no one else could even be seen, unless one counted the people in the cars through the trees zooming by on the main road. Thanks mostly to the tinted windows, the three of them didn't seem to be in any danger of been seen or caught.

She breathed a very big sigh of relief. But at the same time, on some deeper level, she liked the panic because it aroused her still more.

In fact, it took Maggie's desire to bob on Nick's cock to simply unbearable levels. She was trying to hold out until Hillary left so it wouldn't look like she was sucking on him when Hillary couldn't but he ability to wait was fading fast.

She repositioned, bringing her head back to his crotch. She resumed lapping on his sweet spot, hoping doing that much would sate her sucking just enough for a little longer. "Sorry, Hillary, but I'm absolutely dying for a little 'deep kissing' with my boyfriend here."

Hillary laughed at that. "Yeah, I'd say about a four-inch deep kiss, maybe? Can you deep throat him?"

Maggie admitted, while still licking and slurping, "Not yet! Like I said, things have only started getting really wild and creative recently. But believe me, it's on my mind. Soon! Soon!"

Hillary was secretly relieved. She still assumed Maggie was a sucking queen who knew just about every trick in the book. She continued getting into her clothes.

Maggie asked, "What about you? Can you do that?"

"Me? No. I must admit, before Nick, I never even considered it. I guess I've been a bit spoiled due to my looks. I didn't have to push myself to please my boyfriends. But with Nick, everything is different, like you said. I'm gonna give it my best shot!"

It was Maggie's turn to be secretly relieved, since she still assumed that Hillary was a sucking queen who knew just about every trick in the book. But she said sincerely, "We'll learn it together."

"Cool." Hillary had dressed in a hurry. She was presentable, so there was no reason to linger.

Maggie didn't know how much longer she could hold out from sucking, but she didn't want to rudely kick Hillary out. She asked, "We'll see you tonight at the party, right?"

"Um, yeah." She bit her lip in frustration from watching the way Maggie was licking and stroking Nick's huge boner. She couldn't get enough of it, and she already missed it. "Um, I guess I should go? I can walk back to my bike. I guess."

Maggie was already too busy kissing and fondling her son to answer, but she nodded her head vigorously.

Hillary was very bummed out to be abruptly dismissed like this, but she was trying not to show it.. The scent of sex in the SUV was so thick in the air that one could practically cut it with a knife.

Nick had been highly distracted by so many arousing things happening to him at once. But it sank in that Hillary really was about to leave. That finally caused him to take action. He disengaged from Maggie, and not just by a little bit. He scooted away so he was completely free from any contact with her. Then he said to Hillary, "Wait! Look, I get it that Ma wants to suck me solo for a while."

Hillary asked, startled, "Did you just call her 'Ma?'"

He thought, Oh shit! What a fuck up! And now, of all times! He had no choice but to brazen it out. "I did. That's my occasional nickname for her, remember? It's mostly a joke, due to our age gap. But it's kind of a kick too. She calls me 'Sport' and I call her 'Ma.' But anyway, that's not important now."

Luckily, Hillary bought that. The timing actually was fortuitous, because events were moving fast, not giving her much time to think.

He looked back to Maggie and quickly continued, "Like I just said, I get that you want to suck me for a while. By why does Hillary have to completely leave us? We still have a lot of time, and I don't think any of us have anywhere else they have to be. This SUV is pretty big. What if she just sits in the front seat with the music on or something?"

Maggie honestly said, "That hadn't even occurred to me. I guess I assumed that would be too frustrating for her, to be so close and yet so far."

Hillary leapt at the opportunity to stay. "Oh, that's no problem! That sounds good to me, actually. And if it helps at all, I can also keep a lookout to make sure we stay safe and undetected."

Maggie nodded back. She knew the lookout function was almost certainly unnecessary, but hopefully it would give something for Hillary to do. She said, "We could try that."

Nick's penis had been left alone during this mini-crisis. He'd been so distracted from sexy things that he'd gone flaccid.

But Maggie tried to fix that situation in a hurry. Nick was leaning against a big pillow that was up against a side of the SUV. His legs were spread out straight and wide. Maggie crawled between his legs. She didn't know why, but she chose a rather unusual pose, one she'd never used with him before. She got down on her knees and lower legs, with her butt touching the backs of her ankles. She bent her head way down, so her boobs were resting on her knees and her forehead was touching the floor with the hair on top of her head brushing against Nick's crotch.

This was a supremely submissive position. It almost looked like she was bowing low to worship his cock.

Hillary's mouth hung open and her heart skipped a beat. She didn't consciously pick up on the submissive symbolism, but she knew it was one of the sexiest thing she'd ever seen in her life.

Maggie kept her head down and her arms at her sides for a few seconds, as she gathered her strength and resolve. Then she lifted her head up just enough to be level with Nick's boner. Happily, it was already growing hard again in response to her pose and anticipation of what was to come. She reached out with both hands to fondle his privates and hold his pole in place.

Since Hillary was staying anyway, she didn't see the point of waiting any longer. She couldn't really control her sucking urge any longer, regardless. She opened her jaw wide and engulfed him in.

Maggie felt better immediately. She put her worries aside and tried to forget that Hillary was still there and hadn't even moved to the front seat yet. She concentrated fully on licking and sucking. As she had come to love to do, her lips slid up and down his shaft right where his sweet spot was, and with great suction. Meanwhile, her tongue got busy inside her mouth, focusing on his sweet spot as much as her lips would allow as well.

She was getting so good at her combined tongue and lip work that it almost didn't matter what her hands did on top of that. But the way she stroked and fondled the rest of his shaft and his balls added yet more erotic joy to Nick's intense experience.

Hillary felt lucky that she was allowed to stay and watch at all. She was trying not to bother them or get involved in any way. However, she was so excited and aroused by Maggie's pose that she couldn't stop herself from saying, "Excuse me! Sorry for interrupting, but Maggie, I just have to say you look totally hot! That's the sexiest looking blowjob I've ever seen. You inspire me!"

Maggie felt both proud and embarrassed by the reminder that Hillary was there and watching her every move. Hillary's comments inspired her to suck Nick with even greater passion.

Indeed, Hillary was transfixed by what she was seeing. She left the impression that she was totally sexually liberated and thus must have engaged in things like orgies, but in fact she was sexually wild, but only with one sex partner at a time, at least so far.

So watching Maggie suck Nick was something totally new and thrilling for her. Witnessing the love and desire between the two of them, and especially Maggie's sucking passion, was so moving and powerful that she almost couldn't breathe. She felt honored just to be in their presence and allowed to witness it.

It reinforced her misguided belief that Maggie was an expert suck queen. Actually, that was increasingly becoming true except for the "expert" part, but due almost entirely to Maggie's passion, not experience. Hillary couldn't tell the difference, since all the important action was taking place hidden inside Maggie's mouth.

It was true that Nick wasn't doing anything but running his hands through Maggie's hair from time to time. But the way he looked down at her was filled with love and appreciation, even though Maggie usually was concentrating so intensely on her oral work that she generally kept her head down. However, she did glance up at him from time to time, mostly to visually examine his face to see how some of her latest experimental techniques were going over. But every time that happened, they shared a deeply loving look.

He was clearly loving every second of the experience, and not just due to the sheer physical pleasure of it. He was happy to simply be with Maggie and be able to touch her, and it showed in every move and contented sigh he made.

With Maggie, it was much the same, except she had much more of a chance to actively show her love for Nick with the passion, energy, and talent she put into the way she sucked his cock. It was obvious that this wasn't something she was doing just to get him hard, or because she knew he wanted it. She loved it, and couldn't get enough of it!

Yes, it was messy and noisy and lewd, but she'd come to love all those aspects of it too. She reveled in the sheer sluttiness of it. Being a "good slut" was becoming an important part of her identity.

Hillary was so impressed that she felt even more daunted than before. She knew her time for her first serious cocksucking session with Nick's cock would come soon, and she wondered how she could possibly measure up. She'd had plenty of experience giving blowjobs in the past couple of years she'd been sexually active. So she had the experience. But she worried she lacked Maggie's level of love and passion, and worried about Maggie's seeming greater oral experience on top of that.

Little did she realize that Maggie and Nick were actually mother and son! The love they shared for each other was boundless and beyond measure. It was very hard for her, or anyone else, to compete with that. Luckily, her feelings for Nick were growing stronger by the day. As she'd said, she doubted that she'd fallen in love with him just yet, but she was getting there fast. However, she certainly was in lust with him, and in a very big way!

As she continued to gawk, she gave herself a pep talk in her mind, vowing to step up her game and at least try to match what Maggie was doing to Nick. More and more, she was taking it for a given that being one of Nick's lovers would mean lots and lots of cocksucking. She not only accepted that, she considered it one of the best perks of their unorthodox relationship. She couldn't wait to get started, but she wanted that crucial first time with him to be in private, without Maggie's judging eyes on her.

Hillary forgot all about how she was supposed to go sit in the front seat. She continued to sit on the other side of the back of the SUV, trying to be as out of the way and forgotten as possible. But although the Explorer was large as far as cars go, she was still so close to the other two that she had to be careful not to move her legs and bump into them. In fact, she was in between one of Nick's outstretched legs and Maggie's bouncing ass.

And Maggie's ass was definitely bouncing. One result of the unusual way that Maggie was kneeling was that it was easy for her body to bounce from her knees up, so it did. Much like an unequal see-saw, when her head bobbed a little, her ass naturally bounced a lot.

It was a kind of a sweet torture for Hillary. She couldn't see much of the blowjob action from where she was sitting, except sometimes when Maggie tilted her head at unusual angles while trying out different approaches and techniques on Nick. But Maggie's ass was so close that Hillary could have touched her ass cheeks without even needing to stretch her arm out. The sight of Maggie's swampy and dripping pussy was just as visible and within easy reach, and after a while Hillary couldn't stop looking at it.

Even the sexual smell became a kind of a torture for her. Maggie's cunt was very, very wet! It was so pungent with arousal that it was all Hillary could do not to reposition herself and start licking the cum right off Maggie's pussy lips!

Hillary knew she couldn't possibly do that, no matter what. She felt sad that if Maggie was indeed totally heterosexual, she might never be able to do that. But while she restrained herself from any kind of contact, she was incredibly tempted to masturbate. She worried that might be seen as some kind of faux pas though. Although they'd just come to a loose agreement about the nature of their relationship with each other, there were many little details like this that needed to be worked out in practice.

As the minutes passed, she knew the other two were well aware of her presence, even though they basically totally ignored her. Nick was facing her general direction, but his eyes were generally closed from trying to cope with too much erotic stimulation or he had a glazed over expression, again from too much erotic stimulation. Every now and then he did look her way, and they even locked gazes at times and shared a smile, but that was rare.

Thus, although she had put all her clothes back on, she figured that it would be okay for her to get completely naked again, so she did just that. But that greatly increased her urge to masturbate. She worried that might be too intrusive and disruptive, especially if she started constantly panting and moaning, like she knew she would be, or even loudly crying out in orgasmic ecstasy, which was highly likely eventually too.

She figured it was best to err on the side of caution. So she cleared her throat to get their attention, and said, loudly, "Excuse me. I hate to interrupt again, but would anyone mind if I masturbate? What you're doing is so sexy that it's pretty hard not to."

Maggie twisted and turned her head just enough to briefly make eye contact with Hillary. She wasn't at all surprised or bothered to see that Hillary was buck naked again. She didn't take his cock out of her mouth, but she nodded up and down affirmatively. Then she went right back to her regular bobbing.

In fact, now that she was reminded Hillary was there, she angled the action so Hillary could get a better view of what she was doing. She shifted her body well to the side, giving Hillary more of a side profile view of what she was doing.

Hillary greatly appreciated that. But she still looked to Nick, expectant and uncertain if he would approve her masturbating too.

He remained facing her, so eye contact was no problem. He drifted out of his erotic bliss, and said, "Seriously?! You're asking me that as if there was any chance on Earth that I'd say no? Please do!" He laughed, mostly just incredulous over his entire dream-come-to-life situation.

Hillary started by caressing her magnificent breasts. She did that with Nick's gaze very much in mind, since he was still looking at her, now that he'd come more out of his erotic fog. But she soon dropped a hand to her crotch and began playing with her labia and clit as well.

Actually, he could directly and easily see that too, and he liked watching that just as much. He was incredulous that he was getting to watch his dream girl Hillary naked and playing with herself while his other dream "girl" Maggie passionately sucked his cock!

As Maggie bobbed and slurped, she thought, It's strange. Before, I wanted Hillary to leave right away so I could suck my son in private, but now, I don't mind her presence in the slightest. In fact, I'm totally psyched that she's watching!

I guess the difference is now I'm the one with sole possession of Nick and his fat boner, and she's the one forced to just sit and stare and play with herself! I still really need this solo time bobbing on him, but I'm getting to enjoy that just fine with her watching, so what's the problem?

Besides, when the three of us are together, the jealousy burns sometimes, but it doesn't overwhelm me. It's totally hot, knowing a sexy bombshell like her is getting so horny for my son that she has to play with herself! It makes me want to arouse him more than ever with the best blowjob in the whole wide world!

Gaawwwd! I just LOVE being my son's naked big-titted cocksucking SLUT! What's great is that she seems to want to be the exact same, so we can encourage and inspire each other!

She heard the sound of a car horn honking, and that spooked her. She immediately pulled her lips off in a panic. She quickly realized it was just a passing car on the road and had nothing to do with them, but it made her remember all over again where she was and her totally nude and compromised position.

With her lips freed, she decided her mouth needed a short break anyway. Plus, more importantly for their continued mutual pleasure, his overheated cock needed a relative break too. She switched to "merely" pumping Nick's cock with one hand for a while.

That allowed her to reach back and start fingering her pussy lips for a while too. She was careful not to touch her clit just yet, since she wanted to time her orgasm with Nick's, but she needed to at least do something to quench the burning fire in her pussy.

She was painfully aware and terribly embarrassed of the fact that Hillary couldn't possibly miss the way she was fingering herself. In fact, Hillary was so close behind her that she might have been able to feel Hillary's breath on her butt, had she not recently repositioned her body somewhat to give Hillary that better view. She knew her pussy was leaking copiously, and the fact Hillary could see that embarrassed her even more.

But at the same time, knowing that Hillary was undoubtedly watching her fingers slide on her soaked and pungent pussy aroused her even more than she already was, which was a hell of a lot! She almost felt tempted to reposition back to how she was before, and put her ass and cunt practically right in Hillary's face.

Hillary, in turn, was so tempted to reach out and touch Maggie's ass that her hands were actually shaking a little bit. Actually, she wanted to do more than just touch that ass; she wanted to grip it and hold it firmly in place so she could bury her face in Maggie's hot cunt and lick her to the great climax Maggie was obviously already on the brink of reaching! Hillary was glad that she was playing with her breasts and pussy, because if her hands weren't busy doing something already she worried she might not be able to keep them from touching Maggie.

With her mouth freed during the break, Maggie started quietly cooing into Nick's ear.

Hillary could just make out what she was saying.

Maggie's voice dripped with lust as she whispered, "You motherfucker! You and your big cock! Damn this big thing! What do I have to do to get you to cum already? Would it help if I tell you that Hillary is watching our every move?"

Nick's eyes had been closed as he savored every last move his mother was making, but upon hearing that, he opened his eyes wide and looked around for Hillary again. He quickly caught her eyes.

Hillary felt like she'd been busted, since she was fondling her tits and pussy with such wanton abandon by now. Somehow that embarrassed her, even though he'd watched her start to play with herself only a couple of minutes prior. She blushed, and gave him a small, embarrassed wave.

She looked away for a few seconds, but then she decided that since she was "caught" anyway, there was no point in acting shy about gawking right back at him. She stared, blatantly, with bedroom eyes.

Nick had a very good view of her tanned, bouncy, and wonderfully uncovered huge tits. He groaned loudly and lustily. Once again, he simply couldn't believe he was getting to enjoy ogling at his dream girl while his equally beautiful mother pleasured him.

Hillary noticed how he kept on staring and staring at her tits, and decided she could do her part from a distance to help him cum. She took a hand from her crotch, and brought it up to join her other hand already at her chest. Then she cupped her tits from below while giving Nick the sexiest "come hither" look she could manage.

Due to the fact that Maggie had recently repositioned herself to give Hillary a better view, plus the fact that she wasn't actively sucking him off at the moment, Maggie was able to turn her head, look out of the corner of her eye, and follow Nick's intense, lusty gaze to find out what interesting him so much.

So she saw how Hillary was tempting and titillating him by caressing her enormous globes, but she didn't mind that in the least. In fact, now that she had Nick's cock in her hand, her jealousy was replaced by an appreciation for Hillary's sexy help. It was further example in her mind of how well they could work as a cock-stiffening team.

She spoke to him in a sultry voice while sliding her fingers up and down his throbbing boner and looking back at Hillary. "Look! What a sexy sight. Do you know Hillary's tits are even bigger than mine? That's BIG! In fact, that's damn HUGE! You came all over those at the movie, do you remember? You soaked both our chests in your tasty sperm! How would you like to paint us again? You should sperm both of us at once here today, just like you did at the movie! Only this time we won't get rudely interrupted. We could take turns sucking your cock, and then-"

"AAARRRGGGGNNNGGGHHH!" Nick yelled. Maggie had been expertly keeping him on the edge for a long time, but her titillating words were too much for him, on top of everything else. The suggestion that they both suck him together was the final straw. It was unexpected, since she was "only" stroking him instead of sucking him at the time, but he started to shoot off.

Luckily, his scream gave Maggie just enough time to turn her head back around and prepare to take the full force of his blast on her face. She shut her eyes tightly and braced herself, since her face was only a few inches from the tip of his dick. The cum hit her face hard, like he was pointing a powerful fire hose at her, but she loved it.

Still, she realized that was too close, and she raised herself up and tilted back some. That allowed him to aim for her big globes too.

He saw that and was mindful to try to "paint" as much of her round tits as possible.

He didn't even think of cumming on Hillary too, since she was sitting on the other side of the back area of the SUV, and she didn't attempt to move closer.

She figured she was very lucky to be allowed to watch and didn't want to get Maggie upset by "stealing" some of his cum away from her. She knew how diligently and passionately Maggie had been sucking him for a long time, so she felt Maggie had earned all of it.

As his spurts started to weaken, Maggie swallowed his cockhead again and resumed bobbing frantically on him. That helped prolong his orgasm a little bit and coaxed out even more cum. She gladly swallowed all that went into her mouth. She felt like she'd hit the trifecta, since he had plenty of cum for her face, boobs, and mouth as well.

Nick had been fairly quiet during his climax after his initial yell, but when he felt his mother engulf his dick again and then slide her lips back and forth over his sweet spot, he felt like he was having a climax on top of his climax. He had to yell out loudly again, with pure, unbridled euphoria.

Hillary watched with the utmost fascination. She shifted her position some to get an even better view of how Nick blasted his load all over Maggie. It was such an inspirational sight that she couldn't help but finger herself to a rapidly approaching orgasm.

However, even though she'd moved some, she still had a good view when Maggie kept on fingering herself to a very satisfying climax too. Maggie had been running her fingers all over her wet pussy lips, but Hillary had to bite her lip when she watched two of Maggie's fingers disappear into her hot and juicy slit.

She wanted those fingers to be her own so badly that it was almost too much to endure. Her lust for Nick was climbing to the sky day by day, but her lust for Maggie remained just as high or maybe even higher. If nothing else, Maggie was an extraordinary beauty that made almost anyone's heart race just from being near to her.

With her eyes locked on Maggie's fingers plunging in and out, Hillary screamed out somewhat nonsensically, "Oh, Maggie! Your cunt! So hot! Nick's cock! Too much! UNGH! OH FUCK! I'm CUUUUMMMIIING!"

The fingers of Hillary's one hand rapidly rubbed her clit and labia as the fingers of the other plunged in and out of her pussy. In her mind, she wasn't fingerfucking her own cunt, she was doing it to Maggie! As her climax reached its peak, and with her legs trembling uncontrollably, she flooded her fingers with her own nectar. She had never seen such an erotic sight as these two, or been so wet in her life.

With all of their powerful orgasms done, the three of them slumped down where they were. They were in great need of rest, after each of them had achieved sweaty sexual satisfaction.

But there was a twist: as so often happened to Nick, one climax wasn't enough to make his dick go flaccid. He was wiped out, mentally and physically, but his erection showed no signs of going down.

Maggie would have loved to have gone right back to sucking it some more, but she couldn't. She was all wiped out. She stretched her legs out from the unusual kneeling pose she'd been in, and then sprawled herself out over one of Nick's legs.

She just sat back, naked. Looking around, she remembered Hillary was still there. She playfully asked, "How we doing? Are you enjoying being a 'lookout?' Is anyone watching us?" She winked to make clear she was just teasing.

Hillary was in the worst condition of the three, since her orgasm had been even more massive than theirs. However, she was young and incredibly fit, not to mention energized and excited by what had just happened. So she ignored Maggie's tease, but enthusiastically commented. "Wow, guys! That was great! Maggie, I feel honored, and I truly mean honored, that you let me watch that. I'm sorry that I didn't exactly ask permission..."

Maggie lazily waved a hand, then let it fall. "Don't sweat it. I feel bad that I was sending you away. At least you got to watch. I'm glad you did."

Hillary said, "You're my sex goddess inspiration now. I hope you know that. But I have just one question. Seriously, Nick, does your cock EVER go down?!"

Maggie laughed at that. She had a head resting on one of Nick's thighs. She was feeling too lazy to move much, but she reached up to Nick's crotch, and lovingly ran a finger up and down his stiff boner. "It's remarkable, isn't it? This happens all the time! I can't believe it, and I don't know how, but it keeps happening. He says he usually cums in twos."

"What do you mean?" Hillary asked.

Maggie said, "Just that. He cums once, and then he's stays hard! It's like he didn't cum at all! It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens most of the time."

"WOW! That's amaaaaazing!" Hillary said, half-jokingly, "And to think I agreed to the co-girlfriend idea even BEFORE I knew that! You're stuck with me now!" She laughed, and Maggie did too.

Then she looked to Nick. "Is that really true though?! And if so, why?!"

Since he was being asked a question, he gathered his wits and tried to say something coherent. "Um, uh... Yeah. Not all the time though. As for why, I dunno. It's just that I get soooooo horny sometimes! Cumming once usually doesn't take all the horny out of me, if that makes sense."

Hillary laughed some more. "That makes total sense, given what I know about you. You're a true sex fiend. And I say that in the most complimentary way."

He grinned impishly. "Why, thank you."

The three of them laughed at that. They were having a very fun time, even when they were still just resting.

Hillary turned back to Maggie. "And look at you, my dear. He made you look like that after just one time. Can you imagine if you doubled that every time?! Lord have mercy!"

Maggie didn't follow what Hillary meant exactly. She frowned in confusion.

Hillary pointed to her own face and chest, making Maggie realize that she was referring to the streaks of cum dripping down all over her own body.

"Oh yeah!" Maggie laughed. She swiped one of the biggest gobs and put it in her mouth. "Mmmm. Tastes good too. Kind of salty, but sweet, like sweet and sour chicken."

"Are you serious?" Hillary had enjoyed some of Nick's cum already, and lot more of his pre-cum, especially in the movie theater last Friday night. But it had been a while, and she didn't remember a "sweet and sour chicken taste."

"Taste it yourself." Maggie swiped another big gob off her face, and then brought her finger to an inch in front of Hillary's face.

Hillary craned her head forward and licked Maggie's fingers clean with her lips. She tried to keep the finger in her mouth as long as possible, and lick it lovingly with her tongue and lips. She was as interested in the finger as in the cum, but in fact she loved both.

Both women felt shivers down their spines as Hillary licked the finger completely clean.

"Mmmm! Yummy!" Hillary replied. "And you're right: it does taste kind of like sweet and sour chicken. That's weird." Then she gave Maggie a particularly lusty look, and said, "I think you and I are going to be good friends. VERY good friends."

Maggie felt another shiver down her spine. "I think you're right." She wasn't thinking about overt lesbian activity, but she imagined many fun threesome cocksucking sessions, ending with Nick blowing his load on both of their faces, or chests, or faces and chests. Then the two of them would be able to enjoy sharing his cum afterwards.

She swiped up a cum gob and fed it to herself, making a big production over how much she enjoyed eating it.

That only increased Hillary's desire for more. She asked her hesitantly, "Could you feed me another gob? Or two? Please?!"

"Certainly." Maggie fed Hillary in the same way as before, only she used two fingers this time.

Hillary went all out cleaning Maggie's fingers, being even more overt about what she did, making it seem as if those fingers were a stiff penis and she was cocksucking it. She actually held Maggie's hand in place, then bobbed on Maggie's fingers, tightly sucking on them, and running her tongue over them, until all the cum was gone. Even then, she kept sucking for nearly another minute.

Finally, she let go, and said, "Another! Please."

Maggie was having a great time, and the overt cocksucking behavior made it even more fun for her. Ironically, this was happening even as Nick's very real and fully erect penis was right there untouched, but all three of them needed a prolonged mental and physical break from more action with him.

Nick had been closely watching every last little thing that was happening, and he was aroused beyond all comprehension. If his dick wouldn't have been stiff already, it certainly would have engorged from the finger sucking he was witnessing. He was so inspired that his dick actually lifted up off his thigh slightly on its own, although it was still too sensitive for action.

He thought, Holy shit! It's exactly like Ma's fingers are my cock, and Hillary is flaunting her cocksucking skills. So sexy! God! I can't wait for her to use those skills directly on me. She sucked me twice today already, but each time was so short. It was more like a tease, a preview of coming attractions.

Man! I'm such a fucking lucky son of a bitch! Are you kidding me?! Is all this really happening?! There's just no way! And yet, here we are!

Maggie fed herself some more cum, and then fed Hillary more. The more they did it, the more they both grew comfortable with such cum sharing, and the more enjoyable it became for them. Hillary continued her cocksucking style of cleaning Maggie's fingers, something both of them especially enjoyed.

Hillary was so aroused that she resumed playing with her pussy. With Maggie leaning forward so the two of them met in the middle, she knew Maggie would see what she was doing, and her pussy was still highly sensitive from her recent climax. But she was too horny not to do it.

Indeed, Maggie did see, although she was too busy with the cum feeding to talk about it. Oooh! Hillary's such a naughty slut! I can't believe I'm secretly watching her two fingers disappear in and out of her pussy lips, even as MY two fingers slide in and out of her other lips! Why does this not bother me and only make me more aroused? It's like whatever resistance I had to all this sexy fun is gone. It's just too fun to resist!

Being a "good slut" is ten times more fun if you have another good slut to share it with!

Once Maggie's fingers were thoroughly cleaned again and Hillary let her go, Hillary said, "More! Please! And if you stuff three fingers in my mouth instead of two, it'll be even more like you're fucking my face with a cock!"

Maggie laughed, even as she gobbled up more cum for herself. "You don't beat around the bush, do you?"

"Nope! I'm a very sexual person, and I don't care who knows it. I must say, you're really sexy too. Nobody's ever fed me cum before, and I love it!"

"I do too, and we could do this all day, but how are you doing, Nick?"

"Ma--aggie, I'm so horny and ready! And I gotta say, that's the hottest thing I've ever seen!"

Hillary teased as she subtly shook her big tits, "What if I let you spill another hot load of your cum all over my bare chest as Maggie feeds some of your last cum blast to me? Wouldn't that be hotter?"

"Oh GOD! Ma--aggie, please! My dick needs you!" After cumming, he still was somewhat in a daze. He only just barely avoided saying "Ma" twice in a row.

Maggie turned back to Nick. She resumed jacking him off with two hands. She knew he still was recovering, but she was feeling fine, and she couldn't resist his erect cock. She purred to him in a sultry voice, "Have no fear. I'm here to help. What if I coax another heavy, creamy spermy load right out of you and onto HILLARY this time?! Would you like that?"

He moaned in approval.

Hillary asked, "Sorry to interrupt you both with an off the wall question, but Nick, why do you sometimes say Maggie's name all weird like that?"

Nick had thought up an answer if this kind of situation were to ever arise, which he figured would happen sooner or later. "At first, I knew her as Margaret. That's what most people call her. But lately she's started to insist I call her Maggie. She says it's more intimate. But I still think of her as Margaret. So I start to call her Margaret, and then I catch myself halfway through and try to change it to Maggie. I'm slowly getting the hang of it, but I keep forgetting."

That sounded very plausible to Hillary, and she nodded.

But then Nick remembered that he'd already called Maggie "Ma" in front of Hillary a little while ago, and he'd brazenly claimed that was a sexy nickname that he used. So he added, "Plus, you know that I like to joke around by calling her 'Ma' sometimes. Well, that's a whole other reason for me to start to call her 'ma' as in 'baa baa black sheep' instead of 'ma' with the other 'a' sound, as in agony. Needless to say, it would cause a lot of weird looks if I called her 'Ma' in front of just anybody, so I have a reflex to stop myself. I guess I shouldn't worry about it with you anymore, but habits are hard to break, and my wires get crossed."

Hillary was convinced that Maggie was of college age, so the idea that Nick might be calling her "Ma" because she really was his mother never even crossed her mind. Instead, she said, "Well, that's confusing. Everything's coming up 'maaaa' for you. But don't worry about me. Call her 'Ma' all you want."

"Really?!" he asked hopefully.

"Sure. Why not?" Hillary replied. "It's kind of kinky and fun. With you two, I would expect nothing less!" She laughed.

Of course, Maggie was secretly very relieved. This would make things much easier for Nick. However, she still had the problem of wanting to call him "Son." Then, in a fit of inspiration, she came up with something. She said as she stroked his boner, "You want kinky? You don't know the half of it! This is so embarrassing, but when he calls me 'Ma,' it kind of turns me on. I mean, you know I'm not THAT much older than him, but from time to time we still can kind of get off on the idea that I really am his mother!"

Maggie added, "So I decided to retaliate by calling him 'Son,' and you know what? The sicko actually LIKES it! Especially when we're having sex and I want to give him a little extra thrill, I'll call him that. He thinks it's kinky!"

Her heart was beating fast as she hoped and prayed that Hillary would fall for her explanation. If so, that would 'inoculate' from any future danger of saying either "Ma" or "Son" in front of her. But she worried that Hillary would take offense.

Hillary laughed. She was still completely unsuspecting that they were actually mother and son. There just wasn't enough of an obvious physical similarity between them for that to make her suspicious, especially since Maggie had dyed her hair blonde and Nick's hair was still dark brown. (Although Hillary had seen Maggie's brown bush before it was shaved off, Maggie's head of hair looked so naturally blonde that it was easy to forget that she wasn't.)

Hillary merely thought the two of them were playing a naughty, fun little game, and she certainly loved that kind of thing. Luckily, they'd already being up such a sexually daring reputation in her mind that this perfectly fit in with that. She sincerely suggested, "I think it's kinky too. But don't stop there. You should totally go all out and do a full-on 'mother and son' role-play. That would be REALLY hot!"

Maggie looked properly scandalized by that. "Really?! Don't you think that would be going too far?"

"Nah. What's the harm? The great thing about fantasies, and role-plays, is that you can think or say whatever you want and there's no cost. It's just playing around."

Maggie pretended to be doubtful. "Well, maybe. But we've never tried that and I think it would be too weird even for me. I'm sure Nick would get off on it though!"

The three of them laughed at that.

Then Maggie added, "Besides, I have to admit, I don't want to take this 'mother' stuff too far because it would make me feel old. I'm already a few years older than him, and I don't like to be reminded of that even more often." She jokingly added, "Don't encourage him!"

Nick was extremely excited, and for once it wasn't mostly due to sexual pleasure. In fact, he was so intent on the conversation that he was hardly paying any attention to Maggie's swaying bare breasts or her continued, steady handjob, He thought Maggie had had a brilliant idea to explain away the future "Son" slip-ups. It was yet more almost unbelievably good news.

He was eager to play along, to help further convince Hillary. He told Maggie in a jokey way, "Hey, turnaround is fair play. You're always making quips about MY age, calling me 'young whippersnapper' and crap like that."

She playfully protested back, "Yeah, but it's okay to tease someone when they're younger than you, but not when they're older." She stuck a tongue out at him. "So you can go suck it!"

Hillary was totally buying their whole act, and laughing more often than not. She also joked, to Maggie, "Hey, when it comes to 'sucking it,' I think you're the expert."

Maggie laughed. "True!"

Nick was even more secretly delighted. Incredible! Hillary is totally buying our "Ma" and "Son"cover story! From now on, we'll be able to say most anything right in front of her, and she won't have any reason to suspect the true nature of our relationship! Brilliant! It's like I always believe, the best way to hide something is putting it right out in the open, but with some twist, because who would expect that?

This is so great! Plus, we have back-up. Since Ma still uses her maiden name, it would be very difficult for Hillary to ever find out the truth, unless she were to ever met Andy. And I'm not going to let THAT happen! Hell, with the way things are going, we might not even need to show her Ma's fake driver's license anymore. Man! This is too awesome! I need to try to keep my cool though. Some sudden burst of joy would be suspicious.

Although, even there, Ma's totally stroking my cock some more, so even that could be explain. Man! I never knew my scheme would work THIS well!

Maggie also understood the importance of no acting too jubilant over the little ruse they'd just so successfully pulled off. So she turned her attention back to her handjob. She suggested to Hillary, "Come over here, please, so I don't have to keep turning my head back and forth."

Hillary gladly switched sides, so she was up against the same side of the SUV as Nick, with a pillow behind her back. In fact, she immediately cuddled right up to him and even put an arm around him for good measure. She certainly wasn't sexually shy, and since neither of the other two seemed to mind her masturbating, she went right back to playing with her clit with her free hand while watching the handjob action from close up.

She wondered about being able to join in some more. It seemed weird if she wouldn't be, given how she and Maggie had extensively stroked and licked his cock earlier. But her attitude was that Maggie was the "first girlfriend," and she didn't want to be too pushy. She hoped Maggie would remember to invite her to join in.

Maggie asked her, "How are we doing?"

Hillary was breathing hard as she exclaimed, "So fuckin' hot! You're really good at that. I love the way you're fondling his balls too. I'm about to cum again, just from watching!"

Maggie chuckled. "No, I don't mean that. I mean keeping a lookout. Seriously. Before we get back into the endless task of trying to make Nick cum, one of us should probably really take a look around, just to be sure."

"Oh. That. Sure. Let me check." Hillary had forgotten all about her offer to keep a lookout, but she paused with her masturbating, sat up higher, and carefully did a full 360 degree scan through the tinted window.

When she finished, she explained. "We're still good. There are some people, but they're miles away. Way on the other side of the road. Why would anyone care about a car parked in some parking lot? I'm sure we're fine."

"Thanks for checking," Maggie said.

"No problem."

Maggie was lazily stroking Nick's boner with just one hand now. It seemed she wasn't trying to arouse Nick so much as just feel the comfort and familiarity of it in her hands.

Hillary was wondering if there was some way she could prod Maggie to get her to join in without being too pushy about it, when Maggie started to open her mouth to speak. In fact, Maggie was just about to suggest that Hillary "led a hand."

But just then, Hillary's cell phone rang.

She scrambled around for her shorts, since she kept her phone in her pocket. She said, "Uh-oh! I'd better answer that. I give out my cell phone number to very, very few people, so it must be someone important."

She found the phone and answered it.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.