Chapter 32: New Plans and New Kisses (Friday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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It turned out Hillary did need to take the call. Based on the phone number, she figured it was relating to the party that night, and there often were last minute changes that were important to know about. She scooted away and turned her head in an attempt to have some privacy on the phone.

Maggie and Nick tried not to listen, but it was hard not to with all three of them cooped up in the back of the SUV.

Maggie still had a hand on Nick's cock, and she kept on rubbing his sweet spot. However, she continued to feel tired from her recent orgasm, so she was content to just slowly and gently rub that spot with one hand. She was keeping him erect with a low-level erotic buzz, but that was all.

However, she started talking sexily too, mostly so they wouldn't listen in on Hillary if they were talking amongst themselves. She knew Hillary was too busy with her phone call to listen in, but she spoke quietly just to be sure. "Nick, things are really coming together for you, aren't they? Hillary's going to be your friend with benefits. Big benefits! And you get to have TWO girlfriends who look like this!"

She used her free hand to lift up one of her huge boobs and let it fall, sending it bouncing and wobbling. Then, just for fun, she did the exact same to her other boob.

Nick gulped, and thought, God damn! All these years I wanted Ma so much! And now I have her! But I never thought it would be like THIS! Even that simple titty gesture is totally mind-blowing for me!

She smirked, loving how that move had left him staring in wide-eyed wonder, even well after her huge, evenly-tanned melons had stopped their jiggling. "I'm feeling better after getting to blow you. I really needed that. Is that okay with you?"

"Is what okay?"

"That sometimes I'll just have this CRAVING to suck you off! An almost uncontrollable craving. And I won't feel right until my jaw is sore from all my mad slurping and you've painted my face or my tits, or blasted straight into my mouth - or all three! Do you mind if I... impose on you like that from time to time? On top of all my usual cocksucking, of course."

He gulped again. Holy shit! See?! This is the sort of stuff I never expected in a million years from her. So awesome!

She smirked knowingly, because she was mostly just winding him up. She didn't even wait for an answer, because his flabbergasted face was all she was looking for, and his answer would be obvious anyway.

She went on, "I think we should give her a turn now. I really like that she seems very genuinely orally minded. That's a proclivity that should be strongly encouraged!" She snickered at that.

She gleefully added, "I haven't told you this yet, because it's kind of embarrassing to admit, and I don't know if we should talk about it, especially with her listening in. But last night she and I had kind of a long phone sex talk. It was all about sucking and titfucking your cock!"

His eyes bugged out. "Are you serious?!"

"As a heart attack! Like I said, she's VERY keen! She knows the proper role of a 'good slut' girlfriend is to constantly use her mouth and tits to keep your cock monster throbbing with pleasure!"

Hillary hadn't actually said anything like that to Maggie, which was one reason Maggie was glad that Hillary was distracted with her phone call. But Maggie figured that that comment was true in its general spirit about the "good slut" attitude, anyway. And it was a way to imply that she felt the same, when she felt too embarrassed to say so directly.

Predictably, he was blown away all over again. His cock throbbed needfully, even though she still was only lightly rubbing his sweet spot. His eyes were as wide as saucers, and his heart was in his throat.

She secretly delighted in his lusty reaction. She asked, "What do you think? Would you like to see her bob and slurp on your fat cock monster? Or, better yet, would you like to feel her doing that?"

Nick didn't even need to reply to that, since his answer was so obvious. He glanced over at Hillary. She was sitting at side-profile from him, which allowed him to admire her ass and "side-boob" at the same time. Boy! I love how she's was totally naked for me, with a perfect all-over tan. Her body is truly flawless and very fit. I can't believe my luck with her. And Ma's talking about me having her, even while we're parked in the fucking middle of nowhere!

Then he looked at Maggie. I can't believe my own eyes, but she's just as fit, tanned, and all-around beautiful. Plus, she's still the caring mother I've always loved with all my heart. And, she's turning out to be incredibly horny for me! So cummy!

He thought "so cummy" because, as if Maggie wasn't looking sexy enough already, she still had lots of his cum splattered all over her face and tits. She and Hillary and consumed a lot on her face, but the cum on her tits was untouched so far.

While he was still looking Maggie over, she bent over and started licking his cockhead. She hadn't planned on doing that, and she barely had the energy to do it. But she'd started talking about Hillary bobbing and slurping on his "fat cock monster," and her own words worked her up to the point that she couldn't resist.

Hillary was still on the phone and looking away, but she somehow sensed that immediately. She turned around and stared. She was frustrated that she had to stay on the phone, but the call was about the party, and it was important.

Maggie continued to quietly tease him in a sultry voice. "Yep, I definitely think Hillary needs to 'seal the deal' with a nice long cocksucking! Let's see what she can do with this bad boy. She looks the look, and talks the talk, but can she suck the suck? Is she going to love it like I do?"

Hillary overheard that, since she was looking, and that at least tripled her desire to get off the phone immediately. She couldn't wait to prove that she could "suck the suck." But she was in the middle of an important conversation with her mother about the party and she couldn't just hang up. But at least she felt better that Maggie would be good about sharing Nick's cock with her.

Maggie stopped talking for a bit so she could better demonstrate her oral loving, both to him and to Hillary, who she'd noticed was intently watching. She licked him, but not with a sweet spot focus for maximum arousal, as usual. Instead, she lapped and slurped him all over, even down to his balls, and slid her fingers through his pre-cum too. She was trying to show him that she loved every last inch of his thick pole, while also putting on a good show for Hillary.

Although Maggie wasn't going all out to arouse him, what she was doing was very arousing just the same. Nick was still wiped out from his last orgasm too, and his dick remained highly sensitive. But he had no intention of stopping her because it felt so good.

He ran a hand through her hair. I love Ma's blonde hair. It's not like I have a general hair color preference. In fact, I think Hillary looks best as a brunette. But I'm sure that Maggie looks MUCH better as a blonde! Before, she had been trying to hide in the crowd, and her mousy light brown hair color helped with that, since most people have black or brown hair, even around here. Now, it's like she struts instead of walks, and I think the new hair color is a big part of that.

He actually had a good point. With her relatively new striking blonde hair color, Maggie was getting noticed more often, and she was responding positively to the attention, helping her to come out of her self-imposed exile. Also, she kept her hair relatively short, going down her back to not far below her neck. That had helped keep her inconspicuous. But even since that fatal Tuesday on the second day of school, she'd been letting her hair grow out. Already it was almost two weeks later, and it was getting noticeably longer. Longer hair, so striking and blonde, made her feel even more of a "good slut" for her son.

Maggie quietly purred to him as she licked, "I think any girlfriend of yours has to love this cock and know how to treat it right! And she has to share. That's essential." She paused and licked down to his balls and back up again. "Don't you agree? Don't you think she should love taking turns sharing your cock with me?"

"I do."

That startled both Maggie and Nick, because it was Hillary who said it.

Maggie lifted her head up and looked around. She and Nick saw that Hillary had finally gotten off the phone and was smiling at them.

Hillary raised her hands in the air and dropped that in a "What am I going to do with you?"-type pose. She said, "Just look at you two. I can't be on the phone for one minute without you two getting started again." She sighed heavily and theatrically, but she was obviously just playfully teasing them.

Maggie thought about sitting all the way up, now that presumably there would be more discussion with Hillary. But she defiantly continued to lick Nick's cock in a slow and easy style as well. She said proudly, "Hey, this is how we roll around here. By the way, who was calling?"

"Oh, that was my mom." Hillary stretched her arms out wide. She continued to stretch this way and that, because it felt good and her body needed it. But she also knew Nick's eyes were on her naked body and she was posing for him in a subtle and sexy way.

As she kept stretching and posing, she said, "It's strange, isn't it? We take our surroundings for granted. At least I do. Every now and then I have to remind myself that I'm buck naked in the back of a car in the library parking lot!"

All three of them felt a jolt of arousal from that reminder. But Maggie was curious, and she asked, "What did your mom say?"

"I'm glad you asked, because I was just about to get to that. I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that Mom said Shannon called a little while ago and told her that tonight's party has been postponed until tomorrow."

Nick asked, "Who's Shannon?"

"She's the girl throwing the party."

"Have I met her? Maybe at lunch?" Lately, his main way of meeting new people was at the crowded table he sat at with Hillary, and unfortunately almost always Spencer, at lunch.

"No, you haven't. She goes to the Academy. You'll like her though. She's nice. And beautiful."


The Academy was the nickname for the local private high school. Nick didn't know much about it, except that he knew the students in his high school frequently came from affluent families, and he'd heard that the students at the Academy generally came from even more affluent families. They had to, because his high school was public and free, but the Academy's yearly tuition was very high.

Hillary asked, "Would the time change be a problem for either of you? Can you still make it?"

Maggie replied while she continued to lazily lick his boner. She was trying to pace herself so he'd stay calm enough for the conversation. "I can make it, sure. How 'bout you?" She looked up to her son.

Nick said firmly, "I can definitely still make it. I was hoping to spend tomorrow night with the two of you anyway, so that's no problem with me."

Hillary said, "I can make it too, so let's do it!"

The three of them made a collective cheer, and pumped their fists in the air or gave each other high-fives. Maggie stopped her cock licking for the duration of the brief celebration, but then went right back to it.

Then Hillary asked, "I guess I haven't really told either of you anything about the party yet, have I?"

Maggie and Nick shook their heads.

Hillary continued to explain while stretching her naked body in still more sexy poses. "In short, Shannon is a very rich, beautiful girl who lives in a big mansion. Nick, I'm sure you'll get along with her like a house on fire. You do have a habit of befriending all the most beautiful girls. Especially the beautiful AND busty ones like her!" She chuckled at that, but she also believed it to be true.

He took mental note that Shannon was both beautiful and busty, but decided not to ask for any more details. He wanted to stay focused on his two "dream girls" anyway.

He shook his head again. "That's not really true. The school year is just getting started and I haven't actually met that many people yet. If I do know some pretty girls, it's mostly because they're your friends who sit at the same table as us at lunch."

"Good point," Hillary said. "Even so, Mr. Tit Fiend, you'll be glad to know that as beautiful as many girls in our school are, the ones at the Academy are even more famously beautiful. Maybe because so many of them are from very wealthy families, and money tends to attract beauty and vice versa. The bottom line is, you'll have so much eye candy at the party that you're gonna get diabetes!" She laughed at that.

Maggie frowned. She got jealous and possessive from worrying about Nick going to a party with lots of very beautiful girls. She asked Hillary, "Are any of the girls at this party... well... I don't know how to ask this without sound immodest, so I'll just say it. Are any of them as beautiful as you and I are?"

Hillary didn't mind that question at all, because she knew as well as anyone that she and Maggie were extraordinarily beautiful. She said, "To be honest, I don't know. I'm new to my own high school, since I just transferred in from elsewhere like Nick, as you well know. That means I still haven't met most of the senior girls, or even know what many of them look like. And I know much, much less about the Academy crowd. I met some of them for the first time at the party I went to last week that Nick couldn't go to. Other than that, I only know what I've heard. Anushka attends the Academy, so she tells me all the gossip."

That was a key puzzle piece for Nick. He knew Anushka went to school somewhere else, but he didn't know it was at the Academy.

Hillary went on, "But the Academy is something that'll be important going forward. I understand there's lot of socializing between the rich and elite social crowd in our high school and there, especially with parties like this one. I try to simply be nice and friendly to everyone so I won't have to deal with jealous girls trying to stab me behind my back and all that kind of melodrama, so I want to get along with the Academy crowd as well. That's especially true because it's going to publicly come out soon that Anushka and I are together. So it's important for her that I get along with her friends and classmates."

Then she had another thought. "Oh! But I do know some of the specific girls who will be there, from our junior grade. Debra may well be there. I wouldn't be surprised." She tried not to say anything negative about Debra, but her face turned sour. "And there will be some other real beauties I've at least seen with my own eyes already, including Shannon. But none of those are on the level of you or me or Debra, in my opinion."

Maggie gave Nick a concerned look, even as she continued to lap all over his sweet spot. "Don't forget you've got two slutty, sexy girlfriends now, Sport. You know what they say about how two's company, but three's a crowd."

He laughed. "As if I'd look for a third girlfriend?! Are you kidding me?! You don't have to worry about that! I would be a fool to even think of messing up this wonderful threesome thing we have going. Besides, I'm sure that when I'm at this party, or other ones like it, I'll be with one of you or both of you the whole time."

"You'd better believe it!" Maggie winked and said that in a jokey fashion, but she wasn't going to give him a long leash if there really were all sorts of exceptional beauties at the party.

Hillary joked to Maggie, "I don't worry about him getting intimate with anyone else. The way I figure, we're going to keep him right on the verge of being oversexed to death. Another girl would definitely push him over, straight into the grave!" She laughed.

Maggie temporarily paused her cock licking to give Hillary a high-five and exclaim, "Right on, sister!"

The two hotties laughed at that, and he chuckled along, but there was some truth to it too. They were keeping him so very sexually satisfied that it was good insurance to stop him for even seriously thinking about other girls.

Hillary said, "Anyway, getting back to Shannon, she likes to throw big, swanky parties at her fancy place whenever her parents are out of town. She thought her parents were going away for the weekend, and they are, but they haven't left yet, so it's too risky to assume she can have the party tonight. But they'll definitely be gone tomorrow night. Thus the rescheduling."

The other two nodded at that.

Hillary stopped her sexy posing and turned apologetic as she brought up a difficult topic. "But about spending both nights with you guys... I'm afraid I can't do that. I've been meaning to tell you. I'm pretty committed to Anushka, as I'm sure you know well by now. I'd kind of already told her that I'd spend Saturday night with her. Since the party time has changed, I'm sure I can get her to agree to Friday night instead. But I pretty much want and need to spend one of the two nights with her this weekend."

That was startling for Nick. He hadn't seen Anushka yet, since she went to another school and Hillary never mentioned her at school since she didn't want to "come out" as bisexual just yet, so even though he had come to learn a fair amount about her, for most of the time, it was easy for him to forget that she even existed. It was sobering to be reminded how much she meant to Hillary.

However, he remained committed to being willing to share her with a lesbian lover, especially since he was already getting shared between Maggie and Hillary. And Anushka had "first dibs" on Hillary, so he felt he couldn't complain. He just nodded. "That's cool. I understand."

Hillary smiled with relief. "Cool. Do you mind if I call her now and confirm?"

Nick said, "Go ahead. But I'm curious. What are you two planning to do tonight?"

"We're going to dinner at a nice restaurant, and then we'll go dancing. And since the three of us here have become such intimate friends, I'm not afraid to add that I plan to take her back to my room and give her a good fucking!"

That made Nick very curious. He wondered if that involved a strap-on, or if she was using "fucking" in a more general sense. But he put that question aside, because an idea was forming in his mind.

Maggie knew Nick's facial expressions well, and she could tell that he was making a plan. She asked him impatiently, "What?"

He said to Hillary, "I've got a suggestion. You've talked to me about Anushka, but she remains this shadowy mystery figure for me. I'd really like to meet her, and I'll bet she feels the same about me. I think, though, there's a danger that she and I could become enemies, since we're both vying for your time and attention. I'd like to prevent that from happening. Are you with me so far?"

Hillary nodded.

Realizing this discussion was very important, Maggie finally stopped licking Nick's boner so both she and he could focus. She sat all the way up and cuddled into his side.

Hillary saw his cock was untouched. Her eyes lit up, and she asked Maggie, "Can I?!"

"Well, if you just hold it and stroke it, I suppose," Maggie replied. "I just stopped with the licking because this talk about Anushka is important."

"I'll be good," Hillary said, even as she took his boner in hand. She wanted to further prove to Maggie that she could be a trusted part of their emerging threesome, so she was careful to just lightly rub his sweet spot, for now.

He winced and felt an electric jolt race up and down his spine simply from the fact that his two dream girls were passing his cock back and forth. But he didn't say anything about it, deciding it was better to act cool, like he'd been there before.

He continued talking, "I'm thinking it's important to be diplomatic and careful with the first time Anushka and I meet. Location matters. And a fancy restaurant could be ideal. People are generally on their best behavior, and you can't really get in a shouting match. I don't want to impinge on your entire evening, but what if I make a kind of scheduled meet and greet with you and Anushka at the restaurant you're going to? I could hang around just long enough for appetizers or something like that, and go. Enough to get a foot in the door, so she knows my face and I know hers."

Hillary thought that over, then nodded again. "That sounds pretty smart, actually. As I've hinted to you, I've been sort of holding off on introducing you two to each other because I'm also afraid that you might turn into enemies. I'd love it if we could avoid that, and maybe even become friends. I think she'd agree to that, especially if you just stop by and don't stay for the whole dinner."

He nodded, and that appeared to be decided.

Hillary turned her head to Maggie while continuing to play with his cock. "But what about you? Do you want to come too?"

Nick spoke first. "If I could answer that, I think it's better if she doesn't. Let's keep it simple. If Maggie was there too, things could get complicated, and more hostile. Keep in mind that Anushka could see Maggie as a threat, even more than me. Even though my Ma is straight, she's very beautiful."

Hillary grinned. "That's so cute, that you call her 'Ma.' But yeah, that makes sense. What do you think, Maggie?"

Actually, Nick had said "Ma" on accident. He was very relieved that they'd just had a discussion with Hillary that explained away the "Ma" and "Son" names!

Maggie sensed he'd said that on accident. She tried to help cover for him by using the "Son" nickname without shame. She rubbed the hair on the top of his head in a playful, friendly manner.

Then she reached down with her other hand and resumed stroking his boner, just because she was watching what Hillary was doing to him and it looked to fun to resist. She brought her hand below Hillary's though, and merely stroked the inches below his cockhead.

Hillary grinned at that, and muttered, "Nice!" She was all in favor of sharing his cock. Not only did she enjoy it a lot, but she figured that each time they did it, it helped bind the three of them even closer together, helping to solidify her position as Nick's second lover.

Maggie proudly said, "My son is a pretty damn smart guy. But then again you know that since you're in the Advanced Studies program with him too. If he says it's better I'm not there, I trust him."

"Okay, cool," Hillary said. "Your son, eh?" She winked playfully.

"Yes," Maggie replied. "By the way, he has an unusual condition where his penis freezes in a painfully cold way, unless someone is there to stroke it or lick it to keep it warm. As his loving mother, I'm always willing to help."

Hillary smiled. "Yes, I see that. I'm glad I'm helping too. I've heard about the Biggus Cockus Freezosis problem. It's very serious!" She burst into laughter.

Nick and Maggie laughed too. They were secretly relieved that Hillary seemed to be taking the "Ma" and "Son" nicknames in stride.

Hillary still didn't have the slightest suspicion that the two of them were mother and son. She just thought they were having kinky fun, and she was enjoying it too.

She went on, "So let me call Anushka and get her to confirm all that. Oh, and by the way, we have reservations at Park Avenue. It's a five-star kind of place, so be prepared to dress accordingly, okay?"

Nick nodded.

Hillary said, "Oh, and I'll need to call Shannon too and find out when the party's starting tomorrow. Her Friday parties start at night, due to school and her parents sometimes still being there, but her parties sometimes start in the middle of the day as a pool party and then turns into a more conventional party in the evening. And that could be a conflict for me, since I'd made tentative plans to go yachting with Spencer tomorrow."

Nick's entire body tightened up upon hearing that. "Spencer? Tomorrow? A yacht?!" He was lucky his words didn't come out as a strangled yelp.

Hillary had just switched hand positions on Nick's hot, wet pole. She happened to be watching how her own fingers were "tickling" their way all over Nick's thick shaft, right below Maggie's fingers, which had taken over constantly rubbing his sweet spot. As a result, she didn't notice the jealous and worried look on Nick's face.

She continued obliviously, "Well, he says it's a boat. But knowing how wealthy his family is, and how modest he is, I'm sure it's a yacht. I suppose it could be a boat though. I don't really know what the dividing line is anyway."

Maggie could see how unhappy this news about Spencer made Nick, and she didn't want Hillary to find out just how sensitive Nick was about anything Spencer-related. So, before Hillary had a chance to look up, Maggie used her free hand to turn Nick's face to hers and then kissed him on the lips.

Hillary finally looked up and saw that. She laughed. "You guys! I can't leave you two alone. What's that for?"

Neither Maggie nor Nick could answer that just yet. Maggie wanted to prolong the lip-lock to give Nick more of a chance to recover.

Hillary decided she wanted to get more involved. She scooted in closer to his crotch and bent down towards it. Then she began licking him down towards the base of his shaft. She didn't have to worry much about Maggie's hand running into her face, because that hand was staying steady just rubbing his sweet spot.

She figured she was still on thin ice as far as having the permission to initiate this sort of thing. So, to make sure Maggie was okay with it, she said, "You make me too horny! Both of you. But especially this thing." Then she gently lapped her tongue up his shaft until it touched Maggie's hand.

Maggie had to break the kiss and look down, because she was so distracted passionately making out with her son that she didn't know what the wet thing touching her hand was. She smiled when she saw it was Hillary's tongue. She had no problem with Hillary getting bold.

In fact, not only did she approve, she wanted to make that approval clear with her actions. She readjusted her grip so she was barely holding his boner, only gripping the very top of his cockhead. She was keeping it in place so Hillary could lick all over his cock for a while.

Like Hillary, she was sometimes sending out signals trying to encourage Hillary to become more addicted to pleasuring Nick's cock, especially in threesome situations.

Hillary got the message of approval. She went right to lapping his sweet spot, and with increased vigor. She also used her other hand to pump up and down the rest of his shaft. The earlier intention of Maggie and Hillary to take it easy on his cock was slowly slipping as lust took over.

"Aaaah!" Hillary was all smiles. "This is really nice. Maggie, thanks for giving me the prime spot for a while. I hope you don't mind me taking the initiative?"

"No! Not at all! Don't get the wrong idea from when I kind of tried to get you to go so I could suck his cock all by myself. I was in a very weird mood then. I just kind of had to have it, you know? I hope THIS will become the new normal, where we hang out together with lots of time, and come up with all sorts of different ways to pleasure him."

Hillary said, "Me too! I know this relationship would seem strange to others, but it's the very strangeness that's one of the most appealing things for me. Maggie, I hope you and me will become trailblazers in finding all kinds of new and exciting ways to keep his cock stiff and throbbing!"

Maggie said, "That's a nice thought, but everything sexual that people can do to each other has been done by someone at some point."

"True," Hillary agreed, "but it'll be new to us, and that's what matters. In fact, I have an idea!"

She completely disengaged from Nick and sat well away from him, almost of the other side of the back seat area. Then she stretched both of her feet towards him.

Nick and Maggie were very puzzled.

Hillary brought her feet up against his boner and rubbed against it with the insoles of both feet. She proclaimed, "Voila! A footjob!"

Maggie had never heard of that before, and Nick was only vaguely aware, due to some Internet porn he'd read a while back. But even he had never given any thought to experiencing such a thing for real.

She asked him, "How do you like it so far? This is a first for me too, so I'm winging it."

He exclaimed, "I like! I figured feet would be hopelessly clumsy, but it feels surprisingly good."

She stared intently at his cock and what her feet were doing to it. She asked Maggie, "Can you hold him in place for a sec?"

Maggie grinned impishly. "If by 'hold' you mean 'stroke,' and if by 'a sec' you mean 'a few minutes, at least,' then sure."

Both women laughed at that. But Maggie carefully held his cock in place while Hillary repositioned her feet.

Hillary tried to trap Nick's boner in the gap between her big toe and her other toes. She'd done that successfully with the penises of previous boyfriends. But Nick's cock was much too thick for that. She said, "Drat, that's not going to work. Never mind. But still, see my point about trying new things? There's soooo many things we can do! In a threesome relationship, the possibilities are practically endless!"

Maggie commented, "That's true, but keep in mind it's not a FULL threesome. It's a V-shape instead of a triangle." She didn't want the bisexual Hillary to get the "wrong idea."

Hillary said, "That's true. But we can call it a threesome anyway, can't we? It's more fun that way!" She laughed, and the other two laughed in agreement.

As they were talking, Hillary went back to using both of her feet to trapping his shaft between her insoles. Soon, she had him in a good grip again, and she resumed sliding her feet back and forth over his boner.

Maggie was obliged to take her hand away altogether. She didn't mind. She'd never given any thought to a footjob before, so she wanted to see what Hillary would do. She also wanted to encourage the creativity.

The three of them just watched for a minute or two, until Nick decided he has to speak up. "Um, whatever happened to the discussion about Anushka? Remember that?"

"Oh yeah!" Hillary laughed. "Sorry. Where were we?"

He tried to think back. "Um..." He winced as he recalled that they'd actually started talking about Spencer, which was how the discussion got derailed in the first place. He didn't like it, but he said, "I think you were saying something about Spencer. And his yacht."

She was paying better attention this time around, and she saw the sour look on his face. She said, "Nick, don't worry about him. He's harmless. I promise. I'm all about you, and this threesome, and Anushka. Look at us! Look at this great thing we're forging together. He doesn't stand a chance!"

He was bashful about it, but he forced himself to say, "Still, I wish you wouldn't go riding on his yacht."

"Nick, trust me. I'm a big girl. I can handle myself. You do trust me, don't you?"

"Of course!"

"Good. I promise you I won't let you down."

He sighed internally. He felt he couldn't argue against that.

Maggie put a hand on his nearest arm. "Give her a chance, Sport. I'm sure this Spencer guy has bad intentions, but then again, EVERY guy she deals with has bad intentions, unless maybe they're a gay eunuch. And most of the girls too. She's been there and done that, and can handle this guy no problem. Part of being in a romantic relationship is being able to trust your partner."

He sighed out loud. "You're right."

Hillary playfully added, "Or, in this case, 'partners.'" To reward him for his understanding, she tried something new with her feet: she pinned his cock against his body with one foot, and then used her big toe on her other foot to rub up and down the sensitive underside, especially his sweet spot.

Maggie saw that and nudged him with her hand still on his arm. "See? Talk about a good girlfriend! And not only that, but she has no problem when you do something like this!" His hands had been resting at his sides for a long time, but she took one of his hands and brought it to her bare breasts. Then she did the same to his other hand.

His face lit up. Feeling newly reenergized, he began exploring and caressing her E-cups as if he'd never touched them before. There still was a considerable amount of his cum splattered all over them, and in the process of drying. But he wasn't squeamish about that at all.

Hillary laughed as she watched that. She felt no jealousy at all, even thought that was taking most of his attention from her continued footjob. She commented, "He's like a kid in a candy store!"

"He is!" Maggie agreed. "But, uh, Hillary, do you have anything more you want to say about Anushka?"

Hillary searched her thoughts. "As a matter of fact, I do."

She waited until Nick was looking her way, even though his hands kept on fondling and even kneading Maggie's massive melons.

Then Hillary said, "Nick, I think Anushka will be a little hostile to you at first, but she'll warm up. She's a pussycat at heart. You're not just some kind of well-hung, insatiable sex fiend; you're a genuinely nice guy. Yes, she's a lesbian, but she's not one of the man-hating types."

"What kind is she?" he asked.

"You'll like her, because she's exactly like you: she has no interest in penises, because she can't take her eyes off of these." Hillary cupped her F-cups from below and started lightly jiggling them around and sliding them together.

Nick practically started drooling. He fondled Maggie's tits with even more enthusiasm while watching Hillary's titty show, and enjoying her footjob too. He was in big tit heaven. He joked, "I can totally relate to that! I think I like her already!"

Hillary smirked knowingly. "Oh, you will, you will. I've told you before that she makes me look flat-chested in comparison." She kept on seductively rubbing her tits together.

"No way! You lie!" he said with surprising passion.

She laughed. "That's pretty much what you said last time. You'll see tonight. Try to keep your jaw from hitting the floor. Anyway, the only problem is that her feelings for me are very strong, and she's extremely possessive with me. It wasn't easy to get her to agree to let me have fun with you, including orally, as you know. She's only doing it because she thinks if I can scratch my 'heterosexual itch,' I won't break up with her. But yeah, she's going to have some hostility towards you, I'll bet."

That doesn't sound good, Nick thought, as he continued to watch Hillary's titty show. Not good at all! But I want to be with Hillary in a very big way, for a long time to come. So I need to make peace with Anushka. Just look at me sitting here like a king with these two naked busty beauties, my two dream girls. God, Ma has my cum all over her face and tits! I can do this!

He finally nodded at Hillary in understanding.

The three of them were silent for a minute or more. Most of the focus was on watching and enjoying the footjob, while Nick's gaze went back and forth between Maggie's tits in his hands and Hillary's more distant but constantly moving pair..

But then a thought came to Maggie, and she said to Hillary, "Hey, wait a minute. You told us you had good news and bad news. The party change was the bad news, so did we ever get the good news?"

"Oh yeah!" Hillary said brightly. "Thanks for the reminder. Remember how I said we couldn't go to my house because some handyman was there? Well, my mom said that he just left. Furthermore, she was just waiting for the handyman and now she's leaving too. Since it's already been a while since she called, I'm sure the coast is clear by now."

She finally stopped playing with her own tits and looked around the SUV and through the tinted windows to the larger outside world. "I don't know about you guys. I've had a lot of fun here today. It's been kinky to do this here, especially since I've actually gone to that very library many times!" She looked to the library building and shook her head in wonder. "That said, aren't we pushing our luck staying here? Wouldn't it be better to continue this up in my bedroom? My dad isn't home either, so we can do whatever we want."

Nick raised his hand. "I vote for the bedroom."

Maggie chuckled. "Me too. So the bedroom it is. And let's make a move right now. I think we're all still a bit tired from our big orgasms earlier. Plus, although Nick's cock basically NEVER goes down..." - She reached to it and pretended to slap it in anger, but in fact she just tapped his cockhead above Hillary's feet - "'s in a relatively subdued state. And I can guarantee THAT won't last for long! So this is a good time to move."

The three of them agreed to that. It was decided that Hillary needed to go back to school to get her bike and then she'd ride it home. Hillary didn't live that far away, so Maggie and Nick would go in the SUV and meet her there. The three of them still had about an hour before they had to start worrying about dinner and/or getting ready to meet Anushka at the fancy restaurant.

Nick had some moist towelettes stashed away in the SUV. He's been hoping for more sexy fun in this vehicle after the first time Maggie used it for her Maggie mode purposes, and he'd made some clever preparations since then. The three of them were slightly sweaty, so they were able to clean up. Maggie was particularly appreciative of the towelettes because she still had a lot of cum on her face and chest and it was starting to dry and get gross. She wiped it all up.

There were some good-bye kisses, of course. Both Maggie and Hillary gave Nick's cock a "good-bye kiss" that was really more of a brief blowjob. However, each woman only engulfed his cockhead and bobbed on it a few times for about a minute apiece, since they were all keen on moving to Hillary's.

When they finished that, they held and stroked his boner together a little more. Hillary quipped, "Do you think that'll hold him for a few minutes, until we get there?"

Maggie joked back, "Probably not! I'm hoping that if I drive, he'll at least let me keep some of my clothes on."

Then was his turn to joke. "Hey! I let you wear your high heels as much as you want, don't I?"

They all laughed heartily at all those comments. They were having a great time together even without the sex. Their personalities fit together very well.

They had finally and fully disengaged from each other and were just about to put their clothes on and leave when Nick came up with a clever idea. He said, "Okay, Maggie, I've kissed you, and Hillary I've kissed you, and both of you have kissed my cock, but you two haven't kissed each other."

Maggie was about to loudly protest that, but Nick beat her to the punch. He held up his hand towards her in a "stop" gesture. "Hang on. Before you complain, I know you don't lean that way, of course. But you were kind of mean and selfish to Hillary earlier, when you told her she should leave. I think you should give her a heartfelt kiss on the lips as a kind of apology. And that doesn't have to be a lesbian thing; women kiss on the lips all the time."

Maggie would have complained, but she decided, Nick has a point. An apology IS in order. Besides, lots of women do that in a non-sexual way. Plus, we already kissed once and it didn't kill me. I know she's bisexual, but she's not going to molest me or something. She's been nothing but polite, repeatedly asking me for permission before doing anything with Nick.

She didn't overtly mention it in her thoughts, and Nick hadn't mentioned it out loud, but the earlier French kiss she'd had with Hillary was very much on her mind. She figured that she'd done that once, for about half a minute, as a bonding and celebration thing, not a lesbian thing, and she'd actually enjoyed it. So she could do the same as a apology of sorts.

So she decided to go for it. What she didn't fully realize was that her decision-making process was strongly influenced by her hormones. True, she loved having sex with men and she'd never given serious consideration to having sex with women, but Hillary was so extraordinarily beautiful, as well as kind and lovable, that a subconscious desire for her was slowly growing. Instead of clearly thinking things through, she was looking for excuses to justify the kiss, and she found them.

Nick, meanwhile, was not blind. Hillary thought she was hiding her feelings for Maggie, but Nick had seen the way she looked at his mother with hunger and desire at times. They'd even openly talked about it once, so he had no doubts about her lust for Maggie, though he did wonder if she really could stop herself from acting on it. And he knew Maggie very well indeed, so he'd picked up subtle signs of interest from her, especially after the kiss she'd had with Hillary earlier.

Of course, being an unusually horny young guy, he loved the idea of Maggie and Hillary getting it on. But it also made sense strategically for his overall goals. If his two women also became lovers, that would make it much less likely that Hillary would want to break up with him. And it would also make it much harder for Maggie to complete the "hand-over." He wanted her to stay his "fake girlfriend" for as long as possible. As always, his greatest hope was that he could stay with both of them forever.

Maggie and Hillary were sitting cross-legged near each other. So the two of them scooted closer together, then leaned forward and kissed.

Their lips met and their mouths opened, but there wasn't much passion. Both of them were too worried about how the kiss would be perceived and what the other two might think to let loose.

Nick was greatly encouraged that Maggie was willing to do the kiss at all. He saw that she was actually looking forward to it, although she tried to hide her true feelings. Plus, he was mindful that it would be to his great benefit if they became fully sexually intimate. He knew that would take time, but he decided he would push this about as far as he could.

When the kiss quickly ended, he said, "You call that a kiss? Give me a break! Maggie, if that's your apology, that's a sorry one. For starters, you can't properly kiss if you're acting like the other one has a contagious skin infection. Get up on your knees and get close! Put your arms around each other and kiss like two normal people do."

Maggie looked at him with worry. Her heart was racing fast. She secretly desired to give Hillary a much better kiss, but she was fighting a lot of inertia that she couldn't be at all bisexual and that kind of thing was wrong and even a sin.

He told her with surprising determination, "Do it! Remember, this is your apology punishment. You were going to kick her right out of the SUV!"

The reminder of what she'd done made her feel more contrite. I DO need to give her a better apology. That was mean. That isn't me. I just needed to suck his cock so much!

He waved at Hillary to get her moving as well. "You too, Hillary."

With that, Maggie and Hillary got up on their knees. They had to scoot much closer to each other to wrap their arms around each other. They did, and as a result there was no way to prevent their large, bare racks from pressing together.

Maggie was very nervous about that, even though it had happened several times last Friday in the darkness of the movie theater. She tried to make light of it by chiding her son, "You just want to see our tits rub together."

"Yep! I do. Now, kiss for real!"

Maggie and Hillary kissed. Maggie was trying not to think about the way her E-cups were mashing against Hillary's F-cups, nor the way that Hillary's bare back felt so silky smooth and wonderful in her hands. But such things distracted and aroused her so much that she wasn't reluctant and hesitant like before. This kiss was like their first brief but passionate French kiss earlier in the day. Their tongues came out to play, and they had a fun, "fierce" tongue duel.

Maggie had planned on kissing Hillary for a few moments at most, just enough to say she'd done it. But the kiss ended up lasting a whole minute, and without anyone prompting her to keep going. When it ended, she was surprised at how aroused and excited she was.

Naturally, Hillary couldn't believe her luck! She didn't care much what Nick's motives were in arranging this so long as she got to kiss Maggie. She was over the moon! It was all she could do just to keep her hand in the middle of Maggie's back and stop herself from sensually rubbing her tits against Maggie's in a more deliberate and overt manner. But at least she could channel her passions into the kiss, and she definitely did.

But Nick wasn't satisfied. Actually, he was, but he pretended not be. He folded his arms with irritation and complained, "Better, but not good enough. Hillary, you did well, but Ma, you were holding back. Don't offend her."

He deliberately used "Ma" to further normalize its use in front of Hillary.

Then he said to her, "Here, maybe this will help." He took Maggie's nearest hand and brought it to his still-erect cock.

Maggie loved the feel of his boner in her hands, as always. But more than that, it instantly transformed her mood, making her feel more sexual and daring. She immediately and unthinkingly began to stroke it.

The he said to Hillary, "Okay, now you. It seems symbolically important somehow."

Hillary said, "It does, and it's a great idea. But I think it would be even better if you guide my hand there. Right, Maggie?"

Maggie nodded. "For sure! It's like we're joined together through our desire for him, and even more specifically, through a mutual desire to pleasure his cock together!"

He took Hillary's hand and brought it to his boner.

As her hand got there, Hillary let go of him and carefully arranged her hand so that her fingers interlocked between Maggie's, just as they'd done once before.

Maggie sighed contentedly feeling their hands together like that. "Aaaah! That's even better! Talk about symbolic, this is even more symbolic! We really are joined together through his cock!"

Hillary nodded. She wasn't just playing along while thinking that was corny and over the top. She felt the same way Maggie did, though maybe not as intensely.

He waited a little longer until they began sliding their hands up and down his boner. Actually, with their fingers interlaced like that, it was more like one combined hand. Their fingers had no freedom of movement except to slide up and down at a steady pace, but the symbolism was what was most important.

Then he said. "Good. Now, KISS!"

Maggie and Hillary reacted to that order by bringing their lips together again.

Maggie thought the last kiss had been very passionate. But Nick was right that she was still holding back due to her hang-ups and worries. With her and Hillary's shared "hand" sliding up and down his cock, she felt more relaxed and even more aroused. As a result, this kiss was their most sizzling one yet!

Without either woman realizing it, they got so carried away with the French kissing that their bodies started to get involved. They turned their heads this way and that as they fought to find ever more satisfying kissing angles.

Meanwhile, unthinkingly, their remaining hands began to roam. Maggie was actually more aggressive in that regard, since Hillary was trying hard not to act like a bisexual woman taking advantage of a straight woman. She wasn't going to do anything to Maggie unless Maggie did it to her first.

Maggie simply loved the feel of Hillary's back. Hillary was very fit and athletic, but her body was all feminine somehow too. Her skin had a different feel than a man's, being soft and silky smooth despite Hillary's underlying muscles.

Since Hillary didn't want to do anything Maggie wasn't doing, she kept her one free hand in the middle of Maggie's back. That by itself wasn't much, but it helped keep their enormous racks tightly pressed together.

Maggie was glad that she continued to stroke her son's cock through the kiss, even if it was in a weird combined hand, interlaced fingers manner. She was afraid of having a previously unknown bisexual side, even a little bit, so the skin on skin contact with his erection was a constant reminder of how much she loved cocks, and by extension, sex with men. That allowed her to feel more uninhibited with what she was doing with Hillary.

A minute passed, and the kiss kept going strong. Their breasts not only stayed in close contact but began moving together. It was subtle at first, but their erect nipples wound up directly against each other.

Maggie's nipples were a sort of "weak point" for her. Whenever they got stimulated, her lusty desire went into overdrive! Rubbing her nipples against Hillary's didn't feel nearly as good to her as the rough way Nick liked to pull and twist her nipples, but it was very arousing to her just the same. Hillary's nipples seemed to keep slipping away from hers, and that caused her to slide her breasts to reestablish the electrifying contact again. As a result, it wasn't long before she discovered how good it felt to slip and slide her tits against Hillary's as an end in and of itself!

Maggie found the whole experience so arousing that it actually scared her. She broke the kiss and sat back because she was suddenly filled with a worry that she was losing control and she might end up doing all kinds of forbidden things with Hillary if she didn't stop now.

Hillary sat back and took her hand off of Nick's hard-on. She assumed the kissing and other sexual contact was done. She'd loved and adored it, because her attraction to Maggie remained at least as much as her attraction to Nick. But she wanted to be very careful not to be pushy.

Nick was excited beyond measure at how well this was working. He decided to keep pushing until Maggie gave him a clear signal to stop. He had a hard time keeping a straight face as he said, "That was better, I'll admit. Good job, Maggie. But now the problem is you, Hillary. You're still holding back. I think I'm going to try the same thing with you."

He took Hillary's nearest hand and brought it right back to his shaft. But in the few moments Hillary's hand had been away, Maggie had readjusted her grip so she could constantly rub his sweet spot. As a result, Hillary just took control of the rest of his lower shaft.

Maggie didn't have any problem sharing his boner with Hillary's hand again. But she groaned with frustration at the prospect of another girl-on-girl kiss. "Oh, for fuck's sake! Do we have to do this AGAIN?!"

Nick said, "Just one last time. This kiss will be the winner."

Hillary, naturally, felt like she was flying up through the stars. But she could see that Maggie was wavering, since that last kiss was so passionate and erotic that it scared her. Hillary still wanted not to push, but she leaned forward and gently initiated the next kiss to make sure that it at least happened at all.

Indeed, Maggie was right on the verge of unilaterally declaring the last kiss "good enough" and disengaging. She didn't even remember why Nick insisted a third kiss was necessary. But when Hillary's lips met hers, she simply couldn't control herself.

She immediately began dueling with Hillary's tongue in her mouth as if the last kiss had never ended. She actually brought her hand to the back of Hillary's head, as she was filled with an urge to shove her tongue further down Hillary's throat. Within seconds, their tits were sliding against each other with greater vigor than ever before, almost as if they'd been soaped up first.

Maggie's arousal could actually be measured in a curious way, by how fast her fingers were sliding up and down Nick's boner. She couldn't limit herself to just rubbing his sweet spot for long. Soon, they were moving so fast they were nearly a blur!

She thought, Lordy, Lordy! What's happening to me?! I'm totally getting off on kissing another woman! I'm not feeling this giddy just from stroking my son's cock, as usual. The kissing is definitely getting to me too! Her lips are so soft and sweet. And her tongue... Mmmm! Yes! It's just like kissing Nick, really, with his "magic lips," so maybe that's why I like it so much. Although her body certainly doesn't feel like his! Her body's so fit and firm, but soft too! I want to run my hands all over it!

But I've gotta keep in mind that Nick pretty much forced me to do this. And that's totally hot too! It's not really a lesbian thing if we're doing it for him, right? His cock is so stiff and strong in my hand! And I can feel that Hillary's hand is right below mine still. How can I not get totally hot and horny over that too?! It's all too much!

As aroused as Maggie was, Hillary's feelings were at least as doubly intense. This was very unexpected. She had assumed she could only reach this level of intimacy with Maggie after weeks of flirting, but Nick had provided a direct shortcut. She couldn't believe her great fortune.

Hillary had to struggle containing herself from getting too aggressive and spooking Maggie in some way. For instance, she fought with all her might just to keep her hand in the middle of Maggie's bare back instead of dropping it down to squeeze and fondle her just as bare ass cheeks.

Hillary didn't do much with Nick's boner as the kiss went on. Maggie got so aggressive with her vigorous stroking that Hillary's hand retreated down to the base of his shaft. Then, as Maggie got even more aggressive, she switched to simply cupping one of his balls. But she was glad to keep a hand there, if only because she doubted she'd be able to control herself if she had both of her hands on her at the same time.

The French kiss kept going and going, to everyone's great pleasure. Maggie forgot all about stopping at an "appropriate time," and of course Hillary wasn't going to stop first. The more it went on, the more both women mutually enjoyed rubbing their enormous racks together. It was something they were "forced" to do anyway, because there was no way for their lips to touch without their big tits tightly pressing together. But there was nothing forced about the way they both reveled in slipping and siding their racks against each other, with as much nipple contact as possible.

Maggie even loved caressing Hillary's back. She didn't want to touch any "inappropriate" areas, but she considered all of the back fair game, from the shoulders down to the very top of the ass cheeks. As the necking went on and on, her hand explored that entire area. She simply couldn't stop caressing Hillary's fantastic body and her silky smooth skin!

But as much as Maggie loved doing that, Hillary loved doing it back to her even more! Hillary still didn't want to do anything that Maggie wasn't already doing, but all of Maggie's back became "fair game" for her. That made it even more tempting not to slide her fingers down to caress Maggie's ass cheek, but she kept her resolve to resist that.

Since they were kneeling instead of standing, their lower bodies didn't have much chance to make contact. But that was probably a good thing overall, because Maggie might have freaked out if any part of Hillary's body came into contact with her pussy or clit. Although she probably would have climaxed too!

Eventually, the same thing happened to that kiss as happened to the previous one: it got to be too much for Maggie, and she had to disengage and pull back. She was glad that Hillary respected that and sat back too. She was so aroused that her head was spinning and she felt woozy. Oh my GOD! I had no idea kissing another woman could feel like THAT!

Nick sensed that he'd pressed far enough, and Maggie would need time to adjust to what just happened. Very cleverly, he acted like what just happened was no big deal. "Thank you both. Now, THAT was a good kiss."

He looked down at Maggie's hand on his stiff cock and felt yet another thrill race down his spine. Somehow, he's resisted the overwhelming urge to cum, and now that he's lasted through the kissing session, Maggie's energy sagged and she was doing little more than holding it and rubbing his sweet spot at a lazy pace.

He said, "As much as I love and appreciate what you're doing to me, why don't we hold that thought and continue at Hillary's house? We can be back like this in ten minutes, tops."

Maggie said, "Okay, but I just need to point out here that the reason those last two kisses were so, um, extra... emotional... is that Nick's cock was involved. That just proves how straight I am. For me, it's all about the cock." She needed a fig leaf justification for herself and for others.

Neither Nick nor Hillary believed that, but they nodded as if they did. They both knew it was best not to puncture her delusion at this point.

Then the three of them found their clothes and started dressing.

Hillary, like Nick, realized the best way to react to that kissing was to act like it had been nothing at all. She went about dealing with her clothes without saying anything. But inside, she was still soaring, clear to outer space! When she'd gotten into the SUV for the first time earlier in the afternoon, she'd had no realistic hope that she and Maggie could ever become lovers. But now, it seemed like a very real possibility!

At one point, while Maggie had her head turned and was reaching for her skirt, Nick and Hillary made eye contact.

Hillary gave him an appreciative wink and a knowing smile.

He winked and smiled back.

From that moment on, there was an unspoken secret agreement between them to help Maggie discover just how much she might enjoy sex with Hillary.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.