Chapter 33: Decisions and Agreements (Friday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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A short time later, Maggie was fully dressed and in the driver's seat. Nick was in the passenger's seat next to her. His penis had gone flaccid, because it was increasingly tough to maintain an erection non-stop that long. Hillary had just been dropped off at school to get her bike.

Maggie had some choice words she wanted to say to Nick, but she'd waited until Hillary was gone. Now, she was ready to lay into him. As she drove Andy's Explorer to Hillary's house, she briefly glared at him, and said, "Don't think I don't know the game you're playing. That was a VERY sneaky move. I'm very disappointed in you."

He played dumb. "What are you talking about?"

"You know what! The way you made me kiss Hillary! I did NOT want to do that. And now I feel all dirty. That was a dirty deal!"

He continued with the dumb act. "I don't know what you're talking about. Did you or did you not practically rudely throw Hillary out of the car earlier? And did you or did you not need to make it up to her?"

She hadn't expected that, and she didn't know what to say. "Well..."

"And don't women kiss on the lips all the time? I've seen it lots of times."

"Yeah, but not like THAT! And not when we're both completely naked!"

He pointed out, "You two French kissed some earlier too. And that was fine. Don't tell me you didn't like it."

"Only because you made me!" she said hotly, her face starting to turn red with embarrassment.

He continued to go on the offensive. "Ma, I have news for you. You and Hillary are de facto co-girlfriends now. You're going to find yourself naked with her a lot. You're going to find yourself touching her naked body a lot. Think back to how much fun you two had when you fed her some of my cum. I'm going to be cumming on the both of you a lot, often together, and I'm sure you'll be eating it right off each other's bodies a lot. Do you deny any of that?"

"Well..." Again, she didn't know what to say.

She thought about how she was wearing clothes. She hadn't bothered to put her bra or panties on. There wasn't any point since they all knew she'd be naked again shortly after getting to Hillary's room. She was eager to get there in part so she could get completely naked again. That felt right. This felt wrong.

She thought she'd cool down some on the ride to Hillary's house, but Nick's words weren't giving her much chance to do that. She thought back to the way Hillary had used her lips to lick Maggie's fingers clean of Nick's cum. She felt such a surge of arousal that her first instinct was to reach for Nick's stiff cock. That had become a kind of habit for her lately, whenever she was in Maggie mode.

But Nick was fully dressed too, and she didn't even see a hint of a bulge in his shorts. That surprised and disappointed her. She was starting to expect and assume his penis truly never got flaccid, but of course that wasn't true.

Just in case he wasn't getting Maggie excited enough, he added, "Think about what's going to happen when we get to Hillary's place. You already said that she deserves a celebratory blowjob, and she overheard that, so that's going to happen. Unless you've changed your mind?"

Her heart started to race, and her nipples got erect again, just after they'd gone down. She didn't understand it, but thinking of Hillary sucking Nick's cock aroused her almost as much as thinking about sucking it herself. And thoughts of the two of them taking turns sucking him together aroused her the most, by far.

She said, "No, that sounds good. That's a key part of the hand-over plan. And you have to feel good, because that shows your dreams are coming true."

His eyes bugged out as he thought of that. "You're telling me! When I think that a scrawny, short, nobody of a guy like me is going to experience something like that with a sex goddess like Hillary... I just can't believe it! Even after it happens, I still don't think I'll fully believe it!"

Maggie glanced at him with irritation and then returned her attention to the road. "Don't let me hear you talk like that. You're not scrawny or short. You're muscular and a borderline hunk! I'm saying that as an objective observer, not your mother. And you're definitely not a nobody!"

He'd deliberately insulted himself, knowing that would divert Maggie from getting upset at him from the kissing incident. But he really did feel inadequate, as so many people do. He knew he wasn't actually scrawny or short, but his height was average for his age, and he felt his physique couldn't compare to that of a "true hunk" like Spencer. That was nothing to be ashamed of, but he being merely good wasn't enough when he was fighting against the odds for a busty centerfold type like Hillary to want to be with him, especially since she had a great personality and a heart of gold to boot.

At times like this, when he wasn't that horny, his confidence plummeted.

However, he continued his argument. "You know I'm facing an uphill battle with someone like Hillary. If it weren't for you, I'd be nowhere. But let's not worry about that right now. My point is, what's going to happen after she sucks my cock and I cum on her face? Later today, or any other day? If she offers to feed you some of my cum, are you going to refuse?"

"Well..." She blushed slightly as she imagined that very possibility.

"You're saying 'well' a lot, but that doesn't mean anything. What if I cum across both of your faces? Can you see yourself licking my cum off her face while she licks the same off yours?"

Maggie admitted, "That's probably going to happen. A lot, I'd imagine." Thinking about that scenario aroused her even more, mostly because it implied that she and Hillary would be licking and sucking his cock together before that, to get him to cum.

He asked, "While you lick each other's faces, 'naked, are you going to find a way to do that without rubbing your incredible, round, tanned tits together? Again, like you've done already?"

Maggie had to further admit, "Well, no. I don't think that's physically possible to avoid. It's a challenge just to get our faces to meet when we have so much, er, endowment between us."

"Can you further imagine that, while you're doing that, she has a mouthful of my cum and wants to share it with you? Or vice versa? Would you refuse that because you're afraid of lips touching?"

Maggie slumped slight in her seat, and sighed. "Okay, okay. I get your point."

He said, "I hope you do. Situations like that are going to come up. I'll bet you two will be kissing each other, licking each other's faces, and rubbing your big bare racks together a lot more than you realize right now. If not today, then soon."

She felt a bolt of arousal race down her spine like a lightning bolt. He's right! He's so right! We're his naked big-titted sluts, and we love his cum. Of course all that is going to happen! I can easily imagine her and me licking and kissing each other's face clean, even as we slide our cum-glazed tits together!

And I do have to admit that sounds totally hot. But it's not about being lesbian at all, it's just about being his sluts and loving his cum!

He went on, "I know you're not bisexual, but it would be a great help if you could at least go along with that to some extent. There are times I may tell you or expect you to share a kiss with her, and I hope you do. I'm going to be relying on your help with Hillary in a big way. We both know that if I stand alone, my appeal to her isn't that great. But if you and me are a team, that's a pretty good package."

Maggie sighed. Darn it! It seems my attempt to chastise him is getting sidetracked and I'm helpless to stop it. I'm pretty smart, but he's a lot smarter. We wouldn't be here without his fake girlfriend scheme and so many other clever things he's come up to make sure that works, like the fake driver's license or his backstory novella idea. There are times like this when I feel outsmarted.

Although... my mind is so messed up that even that gets me going and makes me want to suck his cock more than before!

She took some long, slow breaths to try to calm down and pay attention to her driving. Then she said, "I'll admit that the threesome situation is a pretty big lure. But ultimately, how does that help with your hand-over plan?"

She said that as a good mother who was trying to be selfless and do what was best for him. She was certain he would come up with a good answer to make her feel less guilty about it, in the times she did feel guilty (which were happening less and less).

He said, "Good question. But I think you know the answer, if you think back to what we've discussed before. You yourself said that Hillary and I are very compatible in many ways. We have similar values and interests and all kinds of things. We just click. I've been talking to her a lot this past week, and it feels great to just talk with her. We could talk for hours. Physically, okay, I'm not Adonis. But you told me with time she'll come to see how good we are together, and love will bloom."

Maggie said, "I did say that. And I still believe it."

"I'm starting to believe it too. And also, although I just have Joe Average looks and size, I do seem to have some decent sex skills. Plus, you've pointed out that my extra thick dick is a big plus."

Maggie whistled. "Phew! Those are both gross understatements. I had no idea you're this sexual... BEAST! I knew from your dirty laundry that you masturbated a lot, but I didn't know it was four to six times a day! You easily have the sex drive of two normal full grown men. Maybe more! And your cock is like that of THREE grown men put together! That's a gigantic advantage you have, Son. And Hillary loves sex. You're an ideal match in that way."

"Good," he replied. Hearing that did boost his ego, a lot. "So my plan is to get to know her better, in and out of bed, and hope that love will follow. The key is to keep what's happening here going until my efforts take root, so to speak. And that's where you come in. Obviously, the original fake girlfriend plan has drastically changed. We need some kind of co-girlfriend arrangement for a while. A full threesome arrangement is the next stage in getting her to fully fall in love with me. That's what we pretty much agreed to with her earlier, even though we didn't get to quite finish the discussion."

The SUV reached Hillary's house as Nick was saying that. Maggie parked right in front of the house and turned the engine off. The assumption was that Hillary would take longer to arrive since she was traveling by bike, so Maggie and Nick stayed in their seats to wait for her.

"I know it's a big sacrifice for you to have to be this sexually intimate for me." He knew that was a total lie, since it was clear she loved it, but he was offering her another fig leaf excuse. "But the damage is done there already. You've titfucked me a couple of times, and sucked me off a couple of times too. You've stroked and licked my cock even more. So what's the harm if you keep doing that to keep up your co-girlfriend role?"

Playing devil's advocate, she asked, "Good point. But why should I have to keep doing that even if it's just you and me in private?"

"That's all part of playing the role. Otherwise the lies start piling up. For instance, she thinks you've sucked my cock hundred of times already, but you've only really started in the last two days. If you practice, frequently, soon you will come across like an expert. But if you don't, you'll be living in fear all the time that your inexperience will be exposed."

She breathed a sigh of relief, because that was such a great excuse. It sounded even better coming from him than from herself. Her entire body was tingling with excitement as she told him, "That's an even better point! I guess if I'm going to be playing the role of your slutty girlfriend, I guess I have no choice but to act the part with you every time I'm in Maggie mode, even when we're alone! And if that means I have to suck your cock a lot, even a great deal, I have no choice there either!"

He nodded. He was secretly thrilled, but tried hard not to show it. "Indeed. After all, part of the role you're playing is not just any old girlfriend, but a kind of cocksucking crazy girlfriend. Your passion for doing that will inevitably rub off on Hillary, and she'll start sucking my cock more and more, and with more passion too. Frequently taking turns bobbing with you, I'm sure. And I believe it's an undisputed fact that great sex slowly but surely leads to love. You can't have powerful orgasms with a guy time after time and not feel your desire for him growing in every way. So, when you think about it, every time you blow me or titfuck me or whatever, even in private, it all helps with the hand-over plan."

"I can see that," Maggie replied. Now that the SUV was parked, she just stared off into space as she contemplated those words. She had butterflies in her tummy and her pussy was gushing as she contemplated the implications.

Maggie's heart was racing even faster as she asked a big question that would have a massive impact on all their lives. She fiddled with getting her key out of the ignition, because she was too shy about the question to make eye contact. "I think you have a point there. But how long do you think such an arrangement should last?!"

He stared at her intently as he thought about that. Ma is so beautiful! And I love her inside and out. God, I wanna fuck her so bad! I love when she strokes and sucks my cock, and titfucks are just as awesome. How could I ever give any of that up? There's no way I'm NOT going to fuck her! A LOT!

She thinks our relationship is doomed, but why does it have to be? Doesn't true love conquer all? When I go off to college, she'll be getting a divorce at the same time. Maybe one of us could take up a new identity and we could live as husband and wife! Who knows? Maybe Hillary could live with us too! Anything is possible. I'm sure that kind of thing happens in secret.

I think she's getting sexually addicted to my dick, at least, so that's a very key thing. How can we possibly go back to a normal non-sexual relationship after all we've been through already, and we're just getting started! I wish I could tell her now that I want her forever and that I'm going to CLAIM HER forever, even if Hillary doesn't join us!

But I can't possibly tell her any of that now or she'd freak out. Let's just pretend like the hand-over plan is proceeding as planned.

He said, "I honestly don't know. It might be a month. It might be two. Maybe a year! It could be longer, even. There's no telling at this point."

Her body trembled when he said "Maybe a year." It was all she could do not to lean over and mash her lips against his, or, better yet, drop her head into his lap, unzip his fly, and suck him off! Hearing a vague suggestion of "longer, even" almost made her delirious with lust. Her heart swelled with love and joy.

He was feeling just as secretly thrilled as she was. "I know you're making a big sacrifice for my happiness, and I'll never be able to repay you or thank you enough for all you've done. Yes, I enjoy the hell out of what we do with each other, but we're also doing it for a purpose. I hope you'll agree that we can't stop now, and that you'll do what it takes to see this through to a successful finish."

She thought, If only he knew the truth! I'm acting like I'm doing this big favor to keep this "charade" going, when in fact nothing would make me happier! Keep me as your "girlfriend" for as long as you want! Whatever that means, anything at all. Especially if it's your slutty, blowjob-loving girlfriend! I'm hooked on loving you, and I'm hooked on your cock! One or two more months? Hell, let's make it six, for starters! I know we can't do this forever since I AM your mother, but forever is an awful long time!

If we get in a situation where Hillary sees her relationship with you as either part of a threesome or nothing at all, this could last not only a year, but MANY years! Maybe even LIFE! What about LIFE?! Have you thought about having both of us at your beck and call for LIFE?! GOOD GOD! TOO HOT!

But she kept all that to herself. She merely nodded. She had to struggle not to wiggle in her seat with excitement and maintain a serious face, more or less. She was so secretly thrilled that she had to keep her hands pinned under her ass to stop her hands from reaching over to unzip his fly.

She tried to sound calm, but her voice was thick with lust and quiver with emotion. "You know that I'm your mother, and a mother will do almost anything for their children. If I'm going to have to suck and stroke your cock for months, or even YEARS, well, that's the kind of sacrifice I'll have to make! Whatever it takes for you to win Hillary forever! Whatever it takes! I'm on board! We made it this far, and it's an incredible thing! We can't stop now!"

She had a hard time saying that with a straight face.

Nick smiled brightly. "Really?! That's so great!"

She allowed herself to let out some of her excitement. She said eagerly, "Let's seal it with a kiss!" She grabbed his hands and brought them to her huge breasts. She puckered up and leaned in to kiss him.

But to her great disappointment, he didn't kiss her back. He kept her hands on her tits, and in fact he started to play with her nipples through her clothes. But he said, "I'd love to kiss you, but we'd better not. In a minute. Hillary will be coming by on her bike soon, and there's some important stuff I need to say before she gets here."

"Talk away!" She was getting horny all over again, and she wanted to get past the talking to the kissing. She simply couldn't contain herself. She brought her hands to his fly and hastily unzipped it. Her fingers were shaking, she was so horny and needy.

Neither of them said a word about what was happening, but she pulled his very erect boner out of his fly and started stroking it with only one hand. She considered that a form a restraint.

She saw him looking down at her fingers sliding up and down, and at a good speed since she was so horny. He was trying to maintain a poker face, and he was doing a good job in some respects, but his cheeks were flushed and his eyes were bugged out, which gave him away.

She lamely tried to come up with a justification, since what she was doing had to be address. "Well, you DID say that the damage has been done, so what's a little more damage? Am I right? Besides, I've noticed that when you get blue balls you get cranky and you find it hard to think. Our discussion will go much better if I'm relieving your stress like this, don't you think?"

His wide eyes went from his hands on her huge tits, with his fingers grasping her stiff nipples through her top, down to her fingers pumping up and down his shaft. He thought, WIN! This is what it's like to win the game of life! Seriously! Fuuuuuck! Ma is the best kind of sexy slut there can possibly be! I'm never going to let her go now! NEVER!

But all he said was, "Indeed! Good idea!"

Then he shut his eyes tightly. "I've got... got more to say about... stuff... but I need a minute to adjust to all of your... helping..."

She giggled with delight at that. "Take all the time you want! You deserve it!"

He took his hands off her tits in an attempt to reduce his arousal overload for a while. He attempted to clear his mind of the insanely arousing here and now take deep, slow breaths.

Maggie wasn't going to let go of his boner for anything. But she did slow her stroking just to a little bit of sweet spot rubbing in order to help him calm down. And she continued to only use one hand, which was a big sacrifice for her.

All of that helped. After a minute, he opened his eyes and smiled at her. "Aaaah! That's better. Thanks for all your help!"

She whispered seductively, "Anything for you, Son!"

She thought, Damn! Listen to me! I sound like a total slut! Worse! She struggled to think of any stronger words. A whore! His personal whore, who does it for free! Gaaaawwwwd, now there's a thought! My son's personal big-titted WHORE! She didn't mean "whore" in the conventional sense, but more like a "super slut." It gave her a blast of lust to say it in her mind, like a slap across the face.

Despite all this sexual craziness going on, he resolutely went on with what he wanted to say. "I was very disturbed by Hillary's passing comment that she has plans to take a ride on Spencer's yacht tomorrow. It occurred to me that she agreed today to be my friend with benefits, or 'co-girlfriend,' or 'second girlfriend,' but what do those terms really mean? We didn't define anything. I think we were so eager to get to playing around that we skipped past making a real agreement."

She considered that and said, "That's not entirely true. You didn't make any formal agreement, true, but that could be for the best, because the situation continues to quickly evolve. But it's definitely clear enough that she's going steady with you, even as you're going steady with me. There's no room for Spencer there at all."

He whined, "Then why is she going on his yacht tomorrow?! That's like a date!"

She couldn't hold out any longer: she brought her second hand-over to his lap and used both hands to tug his shorts far enough down his thighs for all of his balls to be exposed too. She knew that was a bit risky, since they were not only parked on a public street, but they were sitting in the front street. That made them a lot more exposed, because anyone could peer into the front windshield as they walked by. But, again, she simply couldn't control herself.

It only took a few seconds for her to get his shorts down, with him helping by lifting his ass a little bit. Then she resumed pleasuring his cock in a relatively slow and restrained way, but with two hands instead of one.

She let his question linger in the air while she was doing all that. Then she said, "Now, hold on. I'm sure SHE doesn't see it as a date. And look at it from her point of view. I know you're a big Jimi Hendrix fan."

"What does that have to do with anything?!"

"Wait, it's coming. Imagine that Spencer turns out to be the son of a record producer, and it turns out he's got a copy of that 'Black Gold' Hendrix recording that you told me hasn't even been bootlegged yet. All previously unknown and unheard Hendrix songs! Would you swallow your pride and go hang out with Spencer for the day to hear that?"

He said without any second guessing, "Hell, yeah! That would be incredible! That's my ultimate lost album! I'd crawl across broken glass to listen to that!"

She grinned knowingly. "Soooo.... Thinking again about Hillary taking a ride on his yacht..."

He sighed and slumped further down in his seat as he made the connection. "Okay, okay, I get it. It's kind of hard for me to think straight, to be honest, when you're 'helping me' with both hands like that."

She smirked, and said, "Sorry." But she didn't stop or even slow jerking him off in two-handed fashion.

He complained, "But that's the problem. She spends the day with him so she can take a ride on his yacht. What if, in the future, he's got something even way cooler than that, but this time he makes her take a ride on his cock to get it?!"

Maggie scowled at him and even briefly took a hand off his boner to wag a finger at him. "Nicolas James Stevens, wash your mouth out with soap for even suggesting that! That's MEAN! You're basically calling her a whore! In the bad way!"

He asked in confusion, "Is there a good way?"

She still had her other whore definition in her mind, where it meant a super slut and had nothing to do with money. But she merely said, "Never mind about that. My point is, you need to trust her! That's a key part of any serious relationship. If she can't keep her legs closed while on one yacht ride with Spencer, then that's good to know now because she'd be too hopelessly slutty in the bad way for any relationship to last anyway. Do you really think there's a chance of that?"

He sheepishly admitted, "Well, no. Not unless he does something crazy like drugging her, and that seems extremely improbable. Even if he's a total secret scumbag, Hillary wouldn't keep quiet, and his entire reputation would be destroyed. It doesn't make sense. I worry more about the long-term with him. He's playing a longer game."

She said, "Well, calm down then! Nobody said winning and keeping a raving beauty like her would be easy. There will always be Spencer types sniffing around. You need to A) keep calm, B) keep your jealousy in check, and C) come up with counterstrategies to help keep him at bay. For instance, would she be going with him tomorrow if you offered to take her for a boat ride too?"

"Probably not," He admitted again. "She didn't offer me a chance though. But I get your point."

"Good!" She's stopped jacking him off while they worked this out. But after having reached that satisfying resolution, she resumed with both hands.

She smiled at him and said, "As for me, I'm not worried at all. Why? Because I know you're fucking smart, and you always come up with a clever plan. We'll speak of Spencer more later. But speaking of clever plans, I know you must be thinking about the whole Anushka situation too. And you'll be seeing her tonight for the first time! What's your plan with her?"

He looked down at her two hands slipping and sliding all over his hard-on. He said with amused chagrin, "I haven't been able to think about it as much as I'd like, due to certain... distractions."

She laughed with impish glee. "Geez! I wonder what you mean by that!"

"I mean THIS, in part, you sexy thing!" He couldn't resist reaching for her breasts again. He'd been holding back from doing that in part due to the fact that he was dangerously overaroused most of the time already. But also, with both of them sitting in the front seats, tit fondling was something that anybody walking down the sidewalk near their SUV would probably see. So far, nobody had walked by at all, but that could change at any time.

As a result, although he couldn't resist, he at least kept his hands over her top, like he'd been doing before.

She purred in her most sultry voice, "Son, I'm sorry, I can't make my tits any smaller. You'll just have to 'suffer' with getting distracted by them, I guess." She giggled. "But let's hear your thoughts on Anushka."

He considered that, right though all the tit-fondling and cock-stroking. "We need to get Hillary to make a stronger commitment. I'm fine with sharing her with Anushka, in general. As I told you before, I think that helps me a lot, actually, because hopefully Anushka and I can essentially take care of both sides of her bisexual nature and stop her from always searching for someone new."

Maggie nodded. "That sounds reasonable." Nick's hands wound up inside her top and he was directly playing with her nipples. But she was still paying attention and keeping her hand off his erection, since this discussion was very important.

He continued, "But the thing I'd like to see is if I can get her to commit equally to Anushka and me. Did you hear her say that Anushka is her top priority right now? I took note of that. That's not good. Right now, I'm on thin ice. The meeting with Anushka might go badly tonight. What if Anushka tells her after that, 'No sexual contact with Nick whatsoever anymore?' Would Hillary go along with that?!"

"I should hope not," Maggie said. "But I really don't think it'll come to that. Anushka must be able to see how you going out with Hillary could help her too, but at least stopping Hillary from her usual wandering."

"I hope so," he said. "But I'm not sure if she does, or how much she does. That something I hope to work on, starting tonight. Ultimately, there needs to be an 'Even Stevens' balance there, if this is going to be a successful long-term relationship for all of us."

Maggie frowned. "I can see why you feel that way, but that's going to be a harder sell. As you like to keep pointing out, Hillary is an extremely desirable woman, so she holds all the cards. Well, at least most of the cards. You have a pretty big, thick, and tasty card right here! Maybe it's even the trump card!"

She looked down at his boner, and her hands on it. She flashed a big toothy smile at it.

He thought, incredulously, Jesus Christ! It's like Ma is falling in love with my dick! That's a seriously lovey dovey look on her face. Whoa!

But he put that thought aside, and said, "I know, but you and I together, we offer her something special. That's why it's so important to keep the threesome thing going. And between you and me, maybe we can talk her into it. It can't hurt to try. Plus, right now, you're in the driver's seat as my official girlfriend, and she's just the 'second girlfriend.' We could offer her equal co-girlfriend status, if she agrees to treat my relationship with her on the same level as hers with Anushka. Then everything will be even and fair."

Maggie said, "True. Okay, I'll do what I can to help with this." She smiled at him, but inwardly she was very disappointed, not to mention jealous. She liked being his sole official girlfriend. Sharing co-girlfriend status would be a demotion from that.

"Thanks, Ma!" He twisted her nipples through her top as a sort of reward for her help and good advice.

She felt that not only in her nipples, but in her pussy too. It was like he was fingerbanging her there. It took her breath away.

She regathered her wits, then told herself, I know it sucks, but this is what I need to do for Nick. I have my fantasies about being with him for a long time, or even forever, but we both know that the forever part can never be. I'll take every day with him that I can, but eventually we'll be forced to move on. He'll be going off to college, for starters. There are no colleges worthy of him here in Orange County, and not many in all of Southern California. A co-girlfriend arrangement WOULD help move the hand-over plan forward. And ultimately, that's what this is all about.

She purred, "I think we've sorted that out well enough now. There's such a thing as overplanning. And I'm still needing my celebration kiss!"

He smiled widely, and gave each of her stiff nipples a squeeze at the same time.

She said, "You and I have come to our own very important agreement. I'm going to be your girlfriend, co- or not, for as long as this takes. And it could take a very long time. Months! Years, even! And all that time, I won't just be your mother Margaret, I'll be Maggie much of the time too, your personal busty slut! I'm going to get to know every inch of your cock in ways no mother ever should, from sucking it, to stroking it, to fucking it with my tits! I say that calls for a kiss!"

He panted, "Amen to that!" Her words suddenly had his heart racing hard, and his hard-on was like a heated steel bar in her sliding hands.

She already was leaning towards him to help him play with her tits while also helping her play with his cock, but she leaned in even closer, pressing her tits against his chest, since his upper was twisted in her direction too. That trapped his hands between their chests, but he didn't mind that at all.

She locked his lip with his. Their kiss was molten and fiery, since they both had a seemingly endless amount of lusty desire for each other.

With her tits pressing against his chest, he felt he could finally play with them directly instead of having to go through her top. The difference was he figured that anyone casually walking by wouldn't be able to see what was going on between their bodies, other than they were making out.

He pulled her top all the way up above her breasts for the best access, but he tried to tug her top down as much as he could on her backside so it wouldn't look so suspicious from that side. He figured it was close enough for horseshoes.

Both of them sighed and moaned blissfully as he twisted her nipples directly without the top in the way.

Maggie thought, Now, THIS is what I'm talking about! I've got his magic lips on mine, his magic hands twisting my nipples, and my fingers are sloshing and sliding all over his magic cock! Magic everywhere! She giggled. Could it possibly get any better?! YES! Yes it can!

However, was also relatively brief, by their recent standards. That was because when she asked herself if things could possibly get any better and then answered "YES!" she was thinking about sucking his cock some more.

She pulled away and licked her lips as she looked down at his fat cock and her fingers pumping up and down it. She started to bend her head down.

However, Nick could see exactly what she wanted to do, and how much she wanted it. He got the idea that this would be a good time to try to do some clever negotiating. He hoped that she'd to most anything so she could get her lips around his thickness right away. It was worth a shot, at least.

With his hands still on her bare tits, he used some pressure there to stop her from bending over. "Wait!"

She whined impatiently, "What? I just want to kiss your cock too." She thought, I NEED to kiss it! All the way down until I'm choking and gagging on it! YEEESSSS!

He chuckled at that, because even though he couldn't read her thoughts, he could tell from her needy facial that a kiss would almost certainly soon turn into a lot more. But he played along. "I've love for you to do just that. But first, remember how we started this discussion on the car ride here, where you were complaining about having to kiss Hillary?"

"What does that have to do with anything?" She kept staring down while licking her lips. She was salivating madly, now that she felt she was close to getting her lips around him.

"Listen to me. I just want you to agree that you'll kiss her when I want you to, and how I want you to. From now on! That's the rule!"

"Whatever." She tried again to bend over. Her suck need was so great that she was only half-listening.

But he still firmly held her back. "No, seriously!"

Maggie was too horny to say no. She felt like she needed to suck his cock right now, like she needed air to breathe. Worse, when she thought about being "forced" to kiss Hillary, that doubled her arousal level! So she growled with irritation, "Fine! Whatever you say."

He still wasn't willing to release her. "You really mean that? No going back when it comes to kissing her?"

"I do." Her head was spinning as she struggled to pay attention and understand what she was agreeing to while her cocksucking lust threatened to completely take over her thinking.

He said, "I'm going to hold you to that, and even test you on it. Expect to make out more with her later! If you do try to back out with Hillary there, I can't talk to you directly about it, so I'll pinch your butt to remind you of your promise. Okay?"

"Yes! Okay! Please!" She was on the verge of begging, and she knew it. She thought, I need your cock, Son! Don't make me beg for it! UUUUNGH!

She was scared to show how strongly she was coming to lust for him, and especially how powerful her desire to suck his cock could get at times like this, for fear that he'd take advantage. For instance, he might demand that she go into Maggie mode a lot more often, and even suck him inside the "firewall" boundary of their house. He was well meaning and loving, but his sex drive was so great that it seemed to run his brain much of the time lately.

Happily for her, he finally let go.

She immediately dove down on him. She stretched her jaw wide around his cockhead and engulfed it in. She didn't know how to deep throat, and she seriously worried that his cock was too thick for him or any other normal-throated woman to do that. But she took him in deep enough to gag a little bit on his cock. She wanted to be overwhelmed by the sheer size of his erection.

However, that was just her initial burst of enthusiasm. What she really wanted to do was bob on, and lick, his sweet spot. So she eased up enough to do that. Then she went to town on him! A hand held his shaft and stroked it in time to her lip sliding.

As she did that, she thought, I'm going to be Nick's slutty girlfriend for MONTHS! One of 'em, anyway! And it WILL take months, minimum, I'm sure of it. If the three of us are all enjoying ourselves, why should we be in a rush to stop? Anushka is the only fly in the ointment. That, and that fucker Spencer. But Nick will handle them, somehow. He's becoming such a MAN! A smart man! A very cocky, COCKY man! MMMM!

Her tongue lovingly licked on his sweet spot while inside her mouth, even as she turned her head this way and that to make twisting motions with her lips on his boner.

She kept that up, and thought, Seriously, this is great! And I won't just be his normal kind of girlfriend. It's not like we'll be going to the opera and art museums. He won't be ringing the doorbell on our house wearing a suit and holding a bouquet of flowers, that's for sure!

She snickered at the idea of him ringing the doorbell like that. Of course he won't, since he lives INSIDE the house! He's my SON! She felt a great surge of lust thinking that.

But she continued her thought, No, being his girlfriend means a lot of one on one, up close and personal COCK TIME! I'm basically going to be his constantly naked, big-titted, cocksucking, personal slut! I even told him that out loud a minute or two ago, and he didn't disagree! I'm going to be his slut, his GOOD slut! No, make that his EXCELLENT slut! I'm going to extensively show him with my mouth just how much I love his cock every time I meet him as Maggie! MMMM!

We're going to need to wake up at five in the morning every school day, so I can blow him for two hours non-stop before going to school! She knew that last thought wasn't realistic for a variety of reasons, including having to make breakfast for Andy at a certain time, but those thoughts were a sign of how carried away she was on cock-lust.

Nick looked through the front windshield and stared up and down the street with some amusement mixed with chagrin, plus a whole lot of lust. Well, at least with Ma bent over like this, people can't really see what's going on. The SUV sits up higher than most cars. Even if someone were to walk right by and stare into my eyes, they'll probably have no idea a blonde bombshell is sucking me off. And they definitely won't know she's my mother!


God, I'm a fucking lucky son of a bitch!

He put a hand on her head and tenderly stroked her hair.

Maggie kept on bobbing for a couple of minutes. She was doing a great job of keeping him at just the ideal level of arousal, so he could bask in extreme joy without having to stress out about needing to cum right away.

He closed his eyes and found himself thinking, If someone really walks by, they're either going to not see Ma at all or they'll be totally shocked seeing her bobbing head over my crotch. So I wonder if I could get away with taking her top all the way off? That damn thing is annoying me. I like that it's up above her big tits, at least, but it's like an offense to-

His train of thought came to a crashing halt, because he heard a knock on his side window. It was a deliberately quiet knock, so much so that Nick almost missed it. Maggie did miss it, since she was lost in her slurpy, sucky world.

Hillary was the one knocking. She had arrived home and saw Maggie's SUV parked out front at least five minutes previously. But rather than go and meet them straight away, she first went inside to put her bicycle away and make sure her parents weren't home. (They weren't.) She was thirsty after biking home in a hurry, so she'd got herself a glass of water and downed it. Then she'd rushed upstairs to quickly clean her room, because she'd left it a mess.

Only then did she go back outside and stand in front of the SUV. Looking through the front windshield while unseen, she saw Nick, but no Maggie. However, Nick's eyes were closed and he had a big, blissful smile on his face, so she figured out right away where Maggie's mouth was and what it was doing.

She leaned further forward until her face was practically up to the glass of the windshield and snickered when she saw Maggie's bobbing head right where she assumed it would be.

You're gotta be kidding me! I swear, these two are hyper sexual! I should have known. And look at me: I take one look at that, and MY pussy starts gushing. I'm almost as bad as they are!

That's why she knocked quietly on Nick's side window, so she could get his attention without startling Maggie and causing her to freeze or pull off him.

Once Nick got over the shock of the close knocking, he looked through the tinted side window and saw that it was only Hillary. He breathed a big sigh of relief. Then he quietly rolled his tinted window most of the way down, allowing Hillary to see in from the side.

Hillary was smiling from ear to ear, and she had a great, toothy smile. She teasingly pointed towards Maggie's bobbing head and then shook her own head, as if she was saying, "You two are too much!"

Nick tapped on Maggie's head. "Maggie, Hillary's here."

Maggie kept right on bobbing. She muttered something as she did so. It was fairly unintelligible, since she spoke with her mouth stuffed with a very thick cock, but from the context, Nick correctly guessed that she said, "Wait just a minute."

He tapped her head again. "No, I mean she's RIGHT HERE, standing right next to me. Remember how we were going to meet her? We're parked in front of her house, you know."

Maggie raised her head in alarm, causing her mouth to pull all the way off her son's fat pole. She looked up and saw Hillary's smiling face through the open window. Her face turned cherry red in about two seconds flat!

Hillary's beatific expression calmed her frazzled nerves some, but there was a long dangle of spit stretching from her mouth to Nick's cockhead that embarrassed her. It was irrational for such a thing to embarrass her with Hillary, but emotions aren't always rational. She broke the long strand with her hand and then attempted to wipe the pre-cum that was drooling down her chin. "Um, I was just..."

Hillary giggled. "You don't have to apologize to me. I love this! This is great! I love the endless lust you share. Do you guys EVER stop?"

Maggie thought, You'd have endless lust too, if you ended up being a slutty girlfriend to your very own son! And not just any son, either. He's got the stamina of two men combined, and the cock size of three! Avoid the incest taboo if you can. It's far too intoxicating! It's like a drug! You'll never be the same!

Of course, Hillary had no way of hearing the advice in Maggie's thoughts. Since Maggie didn't seem to want to say anything, she said, "Come on. If you can tear yourself away from him for one minute, and at least pretend to cover your big breasts for that same minute, let's do that upstairs. It's MUCH better on my big bed, believe me."

That offer was too good to refuse. Maggie sat all the way up and pulled her top back down over her fantastic, tanned E-cups.

Hillary giggled at that too. "I love how he had your top up too! Classic!"

Maggie grumbled, but with amusement, "It's a good thing you showed up when you did. Give him two more minutes, and he would have had me stripped down to my high heels!"

Hillary giggled some more. "Don't worry, I'm sure he will, just as soon as we get in the door."

Nick was secretly amused, because he recalled how he'd been seriously considering taking Maggie's top the rest of the way off right when Hillary knocked.

He tucked his boner in his shorts and zipped up. He joked, "I have a rare condition called sexifemmeaclothesaphobia. It's the fear of any kind of clothes on a sexy woman, especially a very busty one. If I see that, I have to immediately get it off her and toss it far away. It's worse than my arachnophobia!"

Maggie and Hillary laughed at that. Maggie said, "It's funny because it's true!"

The three of them went into the house together.

When they entered the door, Hillary half-joked, "I know it's a lot to ask, but please try to keep your clothes on all the way until we get to my room. My parents are pretty tolerant, but they'll raise eyebrows if they had to clear the clothes of an unknown man AND a woman strewn up the stairs."

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.