Chapter 34: Hillary's Room (Friday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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As soon as the three of them got into Hillary's room and the door was closed, the clothes started flying off. Maggie even took her high heels off since she figured she'd be on Hillary's big bed soon, and she didn't want to be poking anyone with the stiletto spikes of her heels.

Hillary didn't have any heels on to begin with, since she very rarely wore them. She didn't even know about Maggie's new high heels fetish yet.

Nick waited until the two of them were naked, and he was down to just his T-shirt. Then he walked up to Hillary. He noticed that she wasn't even keeping her panties on. That was a very promising sign, especially since, as far as he was aware Anushka still had a rule against him touching her there.

They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed. By the time the necking ended, Nick had his hands on Hillary's ass and he was squeezing her ass cheeks. He was pleased to sense that she didn't seem to want her ass treated as gently as she did her breasts, since he was kneading them fairly thoroughly without a peep of complaint.

Meanwhile, Hillary wound up with one hand on his ass and the other on his cock. Her hand slid up and down on his pole with the same familiar ease as Maggie was lately.

Maggie was extremely horny due to getting worked up in the front seats of the SUV, and the short walk into the house didn't cool her ardor at all. In fact, it only heightened her anticipation. But unlike earlier in the back of the SUV, when she'd gotten jealous and tried to get Hillary to leave, she was far too worked up to just keep to herself and feel bad. She boldly pressed her nude body against Nick's backside, creating a group embrace of sorts.

But she was annoyed with him wearing his T-shirt all the time, and she was in a bold mood to do something about it. She pulled his T-shirt up to his armpits. That allowed her to press her fat tits into his backside, skin on skin.

With Nick and Hillary too busy kissing to talk, she said in an extra sultry voice, "I hope you don't mind if I join in."

She didn't get a verbal reply, but Nick obviously didn't mind, so she didn't stop there. She reached her hands around his torso as she hugged him from behind. She pressed in so closely that Hillary's hand on Nick's ass was trapped between Nick and Maggie's hip. Then, with the kiss between Nick and Hillary going on and on, one of Maggie's hands in front slid down to Nick's crotch. She didn't stop until she and Hillary were sharing cock-stroking duties.

Nick certainly was glad about all that! He thought, I'm trapped in a tit sandwich! Awesome! Hillary's F-cups on my front side and Maggie's E-cups on my back! That feels great! But what's even better is the way they freely share my cock! Two feminine hands on one cock feel much better when they come from different women. What a head rush! What a trip!

He had something he'd been meaning to say, but he loved being trapped like this so much that it took him some time to remember what it was. He wasn't exactly in a hurry. Finally, it came to him, and he broke the lip-lock with Hillary to explain. "Ladies, I have an announcement to make. Ma and I were talking in the car. She agreed that when we meet in private like this, it's only right and polite to that we kiss each other hello. Hillary, I just kissed you. And I came with Maggie. So, Maggie, that means it's your turn to kiss Hillary."

With that, he deftly stepped to the side. Or at least he tried to. His feet moved, which carried his body along with him, but Maggie and Hillary kept their hands on his boner and then they took a step to the same side too, so they all ended up in the exact same position relative to each other.

Nick laughed. "Cut it out. You know what I'm trying to do. I have to go pee. But when I get back, I want to see you kissing. Serious French kissing! And Hillary, don't be shy about it. While you were gone I told Maggie that there's a new sheriff in town, and that's an order for her!"

Hillary's heart leapt to her throat and she forgot to breathe. What he said was very big news because it suggested she and Maggie would be necking a lot from now on, starting immediately. She hadn't expected things to move that quickly on that front.

But also, what he said suggested that he was giving orders and Maggie was obeying them. That had serious implications far beyond the girl-on-girl French kissing issue. She was uncertain what to think about that. It benefited her in the here and now, but she didn't want him to order her around too. She considered herself highly slutty, in the good sense, but not particularly submissive.

She decided not to comment and just see what came next. She didn't want to possibly ruin Maggie's mood by saying the wrong thing.

He took another step to the side, and this time they completely disengaged and let him go.

That left Maggie and Hillary standing facing each other with a Nick-sized empty space between them. Seeing them both just shyly standing there, he put his hands on their nearest bare ass cheeks and gently but firmly pushed them together.

He said, "What are you waiting for? Hillary, I told Ma that you two need to get used to a certain level of intimacy with each other, because we'll be in threesome situations so much. For instance, you two might kiss and lick my cum off each other's faces while rubbing your big boobs together."

"Like this?" Maggie asked. She was only in a loose embrace with Hillary so far, but pulled in a little more until their great busts were touching. She started to slide her slightly sweaty tits up and down against Hillary's.

"Exactly!" he said. Already he was practically swooning from what he was seeing.

Hillary told him with a knowing smirk, "Knowing you, you'll just have us French kiss and rub our tits together for no reason at all except to get us horny."

Maggie was so turned on that she didn't have a big issue with that. Instead, she added, "And then your cock will get stiff and you'll push our heads down until we're on our knees before you, and you'll make us take turns bobbing deep on your cock, over and over and over again!"

He laughed. "I don't know about the pushing and the forcing, but that overall scenario sounds pretty damn good to me!"

Hillary gave Maggie a serious, intense look. "He's right, you know. As a bisexual, I don't want to push myself on you. But just as his two girlfriends, straight or whatever, he'd have us kissing and rubbing our breasts together like this." She said "like this" because their tit rubbing was getting more energetic and overt all the time. "Because he can. Because he's in the driver's seat. Because he thinks it's hot!"

Maggie nodded. "I know. Don't worry, I accept all that. This isn't about you being bisexual; it's about being two good sluts for him."

Hillary broke into a big smile. "Exactly!"

With that, their tit rubbing came to a near halt as their tilted their heads, parted their lips, and began to make out.

They didn't need any further coaxing once they got started. Maggie was still on fire. Nick didn't actually promise it as a sure thing, but she had it in her mind that she was going to be his co-girlfriend for many "months," at a bare minimum. That idea had her so hot and bothered that simply hugging Nick and stroking his cock with Hillary from behind didn't satisfy her. She really wanted to bob on his cock for a long, long time, but she was presented with a nude and totally stunning Hillary in front of her instead.

As a result, much of her pent-up lust was redirected at Hillary. When they started kissing, it was like they immediately resumed right from their last and most passionate kiss while kneeling in the back of the SUV. As before, their hands wrapped around each other's backs, except now they had both hands free. Their big busts rubbed together in an even more sexual manner than ever before, which was saying a lot.

Nick had only said he needed to pee as an excuse to get away from two very, very horny women. But saying that put the idea in his head and his body decided that peeing was a good idea after all.

He had to go down the hallway to get to the bathroom. It was strange walking through someone else's house without a stitch of clothing. But Hillary had told him that her parents weren't home, and she didn't have any siblings, so he hurried down the hall with his hands covering his erection.

It took him some moments to will his hard-on soft enough to actually pee. But, knowing what Hillary and Maggie were doing to each other, his dick was like an iron rod again by the time he scuttled back to Hillary's room and closed the door.

He had a vivid imagination, and he'd been doing a lot of imagining as he went back to Hillary's room. But what he saw took his breath away just the same. Holy... WHOA! ... AMAZING!

He stood there with his eyes bugging out. He practically drooled. I need to leave the room and reenter it more often, because this is like getting run over by a truck! But in the best way. A sex truck full of sexy goodness! Good God! Just look at them, my two favorite loves of all time, kissing each other with such passion!

Indeed, Hillary and Maggie were kissing each other with all of the passion and arousal they felt when they kissed him, or maybe even more. When he'd "forced" them to kiss back in the SUV, they'd done so with their eyes closed. But now their eyes were open, and there seemed to be a lot of passionate non-verbal communication going on with the looks they were giving each other.

But it wasn't just the kissing that excited him. Hillary was attempting to maintain her policy of not doing anything to Maggie that Maggie didn't do to her first. Happily, Maggie was so very horny that she wasn't showing many inhibitions. Her hand had drifted down to Hillary's ass cheeks. Hillary's hands wound up on Maggie's ass cheeks a short time later in return. That was a major development, especially since both of them were completely naked.

Their pussies remained untouched by the other one because, even though they were standing as close as can be, their legs were straight and neither had a leg between the legs of the other women where some "incidental" pussy contact could take place. However, they seemed to be making up for that by the way they were rubbing their immense racks together. In fact, they seemed to be as focused on rubbing their nipples together as they were on kissing!

So all of that was tremendously exciting for Nick. But even more than that, he just loved looking at their gorgeous, tanned, voluptuous bodies. He knew that many women looked their best when dressed to the nines, but Maggie and Hillary definitely looked best without wearing any clothes at all. Their bodies were firm and fit yet soft and feminine, and their all-over tans were to die for. It was a hard call which one had the deeper tan.

FUCK ME! Nick screamed to himself. They're just so hot! And they're mine! If things work out today like I hope they will, I could end up with these two as my honest-to-God GIRLFRIENDS for a long, long time! ME! Who's to say I won't end up with Hillary as my wife and Maggie as my mistress or something like that, and all three of us sleeping in the same bed ten years from now?! It could happen!

Gaawwwd, I had dreams and schemes, but I never truly believed it could come to this, with both of them loving me at once!

He was so overcome with lust and love that he couldn't contain himself. He walked to them with his swinging boner leading the way. He stood so he was facing their side-profiles, and then he wrapped his arms around them, turning their two-way hug into a three-way.

The women were a bit startled at first, because they were so into kissing and fondling each other. They'd almost forgotten he existed for some moments, since kissing each other had become their whole world. But they adjusted by accepting him into their embrace. It wasn't long before he was taking turns kissing them while they also took turns jacking him off. (This time there was only one hand on his boner at a time, since they were also highly interested in fondling each other.)

But what he loved the most was that they didn't just kiss him, they also kept kissing each other. Their heads ended up so close that at times the three of them shared a single kiss!

As Nick stood there with one hand on Hillary's ass and another on Maggie's ass, he thought, Ma is at least somewhat bisexual! She HAS to be, based on what I'm seeing here. If she's just faking to help me with Hillary, then she's the greatest actress in history! Sure, some of her behavior now is due to her being worked up in general, but it can't ALL be because of that. She's into Hillary in a big way! And why wouldn't she be? Hillary is so beautiful that she would turn a straight woman bi.

I'm not going to hold back on this anymore! I'd already promised Hillary with that wink that I'd help her and Maggie get together. And I'm the one that started this kissing session, so I'm doing my part. But now that I know Maggie is at least partially bi, I'm gonna push harder until they go all the way with each other!

To the great surprise of both Maggie and Nick, the first one to break up the kissing was Hillary. She suddenly pulled away and took a few steps back. She looked shocked, like she'd just done something very wrong.

This immediately frightened Maggie, since she'd totally forgotten about her own worries and hang-ups. Seeing Hillary react like that brought them flooding back into her head. She clutched at her privates, suddenly ashamed of her nudity. She asked anxiously, "What's wrong?!"

Hillary was frustrated, and she gesticulated in agitation. "I forgot! I forgot all about Anushka! Both here and the kissing earlier! I totally forgot! How could I do that?! How thoughtless of me!"

That actually was a relief to Maggie, because at least that meant she hadn't done anything wrong.

Hillary paced around. She was moving so fast that she had to rest a forearm under her huge breasts to stop them from bouncing around. "This is a big problem! As you know, I got Anushka's permission to fool around with you, Nick. But not Maggie too! Maggie, because you're a woman, you're way, way, WAY more threatening to Anushka! She's not going to like this AT ALL!"

Hillary kept on pacing around.

Maggie and Nick could only watch while the erotic atmosphere in the room deflated like a punctured balloon.

Hillary muttered, "This is bad. This is really bad. But I've GOTTA tell her. We have a really strong relationship and tell each other everything. Plus, I'm not the cheating kind. If she did it to me, I'd want to know."

Nick boldly offered his advice, even though he wasn't sure if he was overstepping his bounds on this matter. "Um, Hillary? If I could suggest, I think you should tell her. But tell her the truth, that you didn't expect something like this to happen. You were sexually focused on me, and Maggie was there naked too, and some kissing happened, and it kind of got a lot more passionate than expected. So you broke it off. That's all. That's all! Really, that's not too bad."

Hillary stopped pacing and considered that. "You know what? You're right. I mean, I didn't intend for things to develop like that."

Nick further suggested, "Women kiss on the lips all the time. But if you're naked and in a highly sexual situation, things can get too passionate. It's nobody's fault. You just have to be more careful in the future, that's all."

Maggie also tried to help, and said, "Besides, you can tell her that I'm NOT lesbian or bisexual. I'm totally straight! It was purely the passion of the moment that got to me. I'm not going to get that carried away again. You should tell her that too."

At the moment, with the atmosphere changed, Maggie did really believe that. But she was lying to herself. Her desire for Hillary had been growing almost from the first time she'd laid eyes on her. The same was true with Hillary's feelings for Maggie. The passion of the moment helped, but there was much more going on here.

Hillary nodded to all that. She said, "Sorry guys, I think I've gotta call Anushka right now and give her an update. That could help limit the damage. She might even tell me to have you two leave so we don't have another accident like that before she and I can talk face to face. I wouldn't be surprised. And what a shame, because I was just thinking what a great idea it would be if I dropped to my knees and took turns licking Nick's cock with you, Maggie! But the mood's been broken."

She looked back and forth between them, pondering. "Maybe you two should go, regardless. Anushka's probably going to be really upset."

Nick stepped forward and said, "If it's all right with you, I'd like to hang around for a while. There are some important things I'm hoping to discuss with you before I see Anushka tonight, and it would be key to do it in person."

As he'd discussed with Maggie in the car after Hillary left, he wanted to firm up the exact nature of his relationship to Hillary.

Hillary scrunched up her face. "Do you think we should still do that, after this? She may be in a particularly bad mood, especially regarding you."

"I'm willing," he said. "See what she says on the phone first and just figure out her mood. If things are kind of iffy, I could just stop by and say, 'Hi Anushka, bye Anushka.' Putting a face to a name matters."

Hillary nodded at that.

He added, "I think if you explain it like I suggested, and you're really apologetic, Anushka won't mind. But, you know, you should frame it in the best light. I'm not saying you should lie. You shouldn't. But there's definitely a way to spin the truth to soften the blow."

Hillary nodded again. "Okay. Why don't you wait a little while? I'll go call her on my cell phone from the other room. If it turns out to be a long and dramatic call and maybe you don't want to wait through that, I'll come and let you know."

They agreed to that.

Hillary walked off to call. She didn't bother to put her clothes on. But then again she was a nudist, so that wasn't too surprising.

Maggie and Nick sat back on Hillary's bed. They put their arms around each other and rested. Nick's penis had gone flaccid due to the crisis.

Nick sighed. "Well, that sucks."

Maggie sighed too. "You can say that again. I don't know what came over me! I'm not like that with women, you know!" She turned to Nick and punched his upper arm. "It's all your fault, you know!" She was being playful, but also kind of serious.

"My fault? How?!"

"You get me so horny! Too horny! So horny that I'll even lose control with her. I wanted YOU really badly. So very badly! I wanted to suck your cock some more. We got interrupted in the car, so you never got to cum on my face or down my throat." She pouted sexily. "But then you went off to pee and left me to her. That's the problem."

"Then here's the solution." He put his hand on the back of Maggie's head and pushed her down to his crotch.

Although his penis had gone flaccid, he was certain Maggie would be able to fix that before long.

Sure enough, Maggie was still in a very aroused state. The disruption should have put her off, and she seemed relatively calm on the outside. But she was so worked up from the "months" discussion with Nick, and sucking him in the front seat of the SUV, and then making out with Hillary, that it wasn't long before she was sucking his fully engorged cock some more, and with great joy.

In fact, the only problem she had with the situation was doing it while sitting next to him. Soon, she got down on her knees between his legs instead. That was much more comfortable, and it helped her relax.

Once she was repositioned and had her lips tightly sealed around his thickness and sliding up and down, she thought, Aaaaaah! That's better! Much better! Whatever happened between Hillary and Anushka is out of my control, but my son's fat cock is in my mouth and that's what I should focus on for now. As he pointed out earlier, she thinks I'm an expert because I've sucked him hundreds of times already. I've got a lot of catching up to do! She laughed on the inside at that.

She felt giddy from the sheer joy and lapping on his sweet spot while her lips continued their relentless sliding. On top of that, he put a hand on her head and gently ran it through her hair, which she loved. Mmmm! How could anyone think I'm attracted to girls? All I want to do is suck on THIS fuckin' fat jawbreaker all day! It's such an ordeal due to its thickness, but it's so worth it!

Hillary came back surprisingly quickly, and she didn't have her phone with her. She opened the door to her bedroom and laughed. "Come ON! You're seriously kidding me! Do you two EVER stop?!"

Nick laughed too. "Honestly, it's not always like this." He kept right on stroking Maggie's long blonde hair.

"Riiiiiight." Hillary smiled and smirked as she walked into the room, still nude, of course.

Nick loved the sight of her F-cups bouncing and wobbling with every step she took. He hardly noticed her wet pussy, since he couldn't touch it anyway. He asked her, "You seem to be in a good mood. How did the phone call go?"

Maggie suddenly pulled her mouth off Nick's boner. She felt this was important and demanded her full attention. She turned her body all the way around to listen.

Hillary waved her hand at her. "Don't stop on my account. Please!"

But Maggie just sat there looking at her, leaving Nick's erection untouched behind her. In addition to the important talk, she figured his boner could use a break.

Hillary said, "The call went well. Suspiciously well, as a matter of fact." She gave Nick and Maggie a suspicious look, like she was a private eye on the hunt for answers.

Maggie wiped the pre-cum and saliva from her chin, and asked, "What do you mean by that?"

"Anushka was like, 'Whatever.' She took my explanation at face value and didn't ask any questions. In fact, she actually was more interested in talking about our dinner and dancing plans for tonight. That's not like her, like AT ALL! I don't understand it, to be honest. She gets REALLY jealous whenever we go out and some pretty girl shows an interest in me."

"Which must happen constantly," Nick interjected.

"It does happen a lot," Hillary admitted. "It's a bother. But then again she's quite the hottie herself with a pair of breasts that need to be seen to be believed, so she gets hit on just as much."

Nick scoffed at that in his own mind. He couldn't believe there could be another woman who was nearly as attractive as Hillary. Except Maggie, of course. But he kept that thought to himself, since he had no idea what Anushka looked like.

One reason he was keen on meeting her for the first time tonight was simply to find out what she looked like, especially her supposedly legendarily immense breasts. Hillary was consistently hyping them up and almost in awe of them, so he knew there had to be some truth there.

Hillary said bitterly, "It makes me think that maybe ANUSHKA has something to hide! Maybe SHE did something with another girl that she wasn't supposed to do, so she figures this would make us even. It's the only thing that makes sense. Unless maybe either of you have other ideas?"

Nick raised his hand. "Maybe she just figured that kissing another woman on the lips isn't that big of a deal?"

"Yeah, but we did much more than just kiss on the lips!" Hillary sensed that Maggie might get regretful if she said more in her current mindset, as if what she'd done with Maggie was a serious mistake, so she stopped there.

Nick said, "It's true that you can't convey on the phone just how powerful the emotions were running at the time. But when you get down to it, it was still a kiss. You didn't touch each other down below. Sure, your boobs touched, but with the two of you stacked as you are, that'll happen if you're so much as in the same room!"

That got a little laugh from the other two, helping to ease the tension. He added, "If Anushka doesn't think it's a big deal, then you shouldn't worry too much about it either. I wish I had a good explanation, but I don't, because I know so little about her. I'm sure the reason for her reaction, or lack thereof, will come out soon enough, now that you're curious about it. So relax. Besides, at least for now, you can take this as a very good sign, right? Isn't that much better than her yelling at you?"

"I suppose," Hillary mused. "You may not know women that well. Sometimes, we act in the opposite way of what we're feeling."

He said, "Maybe so, but overthinking this isn't going to help. Put it out of your mind as best you can until you're in a position to get some better answers. Meanwhile, let's have some fun. Everything is going to be fine in the end, I'm sure."

Hillary looked at Maggie. "You know what? You were right: this guy is pretty wise. He gives good advice."

Maggie smiled widely. "He does. It makes me proud that he's my son." She was pushing her luck a little bit with that comment, testing to see how Hillary would react. She patted Nick on the head too, so it could be taken as a joke.

Luckily, Hillary just smiled and shook her head. "You guys are weird."

Nick stood up. "Hillary, you know what you need? A hug! Hugging Maggie probably isn't the best idea right now, but I'm still available." He opened his arm wide.

Hillary stood up and looked at Maggie with even more surprise. "This guy is a winner! That's exactly what I need!" She rushed into his arms and squeezed him tight.

Nick correctly sensed that Hillary had been on an emotional roller coaster about this Anushka issue, and that a comforting hug would do her good. That was his only intention.

And that's how the hug started out, as one friend emotionally comforting another. They didn't even kiss, and Nick only ran his hand through her silky, straight brown hair.

But then they did kiss. On the lips. And they were still naked, and that mattered. Nick's cock hadn't gone down at all since it had left Maggie's mouth, and that mattered too, since it hung down against Hillary's upper left thigh like a hot poker.

Hillary had been riding a great erotic high pretty much from the moment she'd gotten into Maggie's SUV just after school ended. There had been a few peaks and dips since then, but, all in all, she was having one of her best and most arousing days of her life. The crisis and phone call with Anushka had been the worst dip, but now that she was standing in Nick's arms, she rebounded from that with surprising speed.

It wasn't long until the sexual fire was burning bright and their hands were running all over each other. Once one of her hands found his boner and started stroking it, her entire body just got hotter and hotter. Her problem with Anushka completely slipped her mind.

Nick had noticed Hillary had gone without panties since she'd undressed in her room, and he wondered if that might be a meaningful sign. He'd been meaning to ask her about that, but he'd been too distracted. But now he broke the kiss to do just that. "Hillary, one quick question: the fact that you're not wearing panties... Does that mean I can touch you anywhere? Including your pussy?"

Hillary's face lit up. "I thought you'd never get to that. YES! My latest agreement with Anushka is that you can do ANYTHING to me that you want, except for penetration of my pussy. No fingers or cocks or anything else in there. Well, not deep anyway. I suppose sticking a finger in a little bit is okay. Other than that, I'm fair game! And even that last restriction I think she'll relent on eventually, once she gets to know you, because that's the one thing I crave the most that she can't help much with: a real, live cock! Like this one!"

She held his boner in both hands and lovingly stroked and caressed it.

Nick was extremely excited by this news. He'd been banned from touching either Hillary's or Maggie's pussies or clitorises nearly from the very start (not counting getting to play with Hillary's pussy for a little while before Anushka had made any rule about that area), but now it looked like he was getting at least a partial respite on that from Hillary.

He asked, "So I can touch your clit or your labia, as long as I don't push a finger very far in?"


"So... I can do this?" He brought both hands down in front. He touched her clit with one hand. Then he swiped a finger up her pussy lips with the other.

"YES!" Hillary exclaimed. She had to wince, because the pleasure was so intense. "Yes, finally! You can do that, a LOT of that!"

They went right back to kissing and fondling, but with a difference: Nick was able to play with her previously forbidden pussy mound area to his heart's content! Naturally, that became his main focus for a while.

The problem was, he didn't really know what he was doing there. He hadn't developed any kind of special touch for that. Nor had he had any practice with Maggie there. As a result, his initial attempts to stimulate Hillary down there were clumsy and ham-handed, at least compared to the increasingly talented way he played with her breasts and the rest of her body in general.

Luckily, Hillary didn't really notice or care. It wasn't like he had to do a great job there to get her aroused, because she already was extremely worked up. Her arousal level had steadily been building up all afternoon, and she hadn't had much in the way of orgasmic release except for a couple of big ones in the back of the Explorer. That had been quite a while ago now, and her body was ready to explode.

Plus, she was just thrilled Nick was finally touching her pussy some more, period. It didn't take a talented hand to work her up to an even higher fever pitch.

Maggie felt that she was missing out. She immediately changed her thinking in order to try to convince herself that he needed to play with her pussy too, for his own good.

I blew it not letting him touch my pussy area. That's leaving him unprepared with Hilary when it's important that he impress her with his sexual skills. I just hope he doesn't screw up TOO badly. With that, he's competing with some very talented lesbians, I'm sure. Good luck with that! He's screwed!

He's swimming in uncharted waters. The things he's learned to do with me he might almost have to learn to undo with Hillary. For instance, if he tries to play with Hillary's clit the way he loves to twist and pull on my nipples, he's going to be in big trouble! That'll quickly turn into something downright painful for her.

Once we're done tonight, I'm going to have to break my rule and give him some private pussy touching lessons. I simply have no choice! I might even have to let him lick my pussy too, because with the way things are going between him and her lately, that's probably not far off.

Shit! This couldn't come at a worse time. I'm getting so hooked on him sexually that it's downright dangerous. And now he's going to be playing with my clit and pussy, and maybe even licking me down there? Good Lord! I'm a goner! I just hope I can stop him from fucking me!

Maggie found these thoughts extremely arousing. She was trying to pretend she would be forced to do that to help him, when mostly it was a simple case of watching his fingers slide up and down Hillary's sopping wet pussy lips and feeling an uncontrollable desire for him to do that to her too. The rest was just window dressing, although it almost certainly would be helpful for him to get some "pussy touching lessons" from her.

As it so happened, Nick's luck was still with him. Hillary was on the cusp of orgasm already. With the kissing, cock-stroking, and general fondling already going on, she was probably going to cum in a little while anyway. Nick touching her clit and labia was just the icing on the cake. The mere fact he was touching it was about all it took.

She had a very powerful climax. She gushed on his fingers and screamed into his mouth, but they kept right on kissing.

When the climax ended, she was still in a pretty alert and energized state. She decided it was time to give him a reward. She thought back to her plan to drop to her knees and suck Nick's cock that had been interrupted when she'd thought of her problem with Anushka. She'd gotten her mouth on his boner a little bit earlier, but on three separate occasions she'd only sucked him for less than a minute. She hadn't had the prolonged and intense cocksucking experience that she'd been craving pretty much since she'd first seen his stiff fat cock on that pivotal Tuesday.

The main reason she'd only sucked him briefly those three times was because she felt self-conscious and even intimidated by Maggie being there. She'd developed a conception of being a sucking queen extraordinaire who had blown Nick hundreds of times (with the exception that she knew Maggie had never been able to deep throat him yet). She wanted her first real blowjob with him to be done in private, without the added pressure of Maggie watching and judging.

But she knew that she only had two choices today: suck him with Maggie there, or wait for some other day, because Maggie clearly wasn't going anywhere. Her desire to finally give him a prolonged sucking was so strong that she resolved to go for it now. She hoped that since most of the action took place inside her mouth, Maggie wouldn't be able to judge her sucking ability that well.

She quickly dropped to her knees while he kept on standing. She took his boner back in hand, and brought her mouth close enough to breathe on his spongy cockhead.

But then she stopped. She wanted to check in with Maggie, so she wouldn't step on her toes. As she lightly rubbed his sweet spot, she looked at Maggie and said, "I think you can guess what I want to do. I've got a craving to suck Nick's cock like you wouldn't believe! But first, I want to make sure it's okay with you."

Nick winced, because her every breath was blowing on his cock and driving him crazy! And that was just adding to what her rubbing fingers were doing. He couldn't wait for her to get started! He worried he'd be on the precipice of cumming in the first minute, but he was willing to "suffer" through that. Enjoying Hillary suck his cock had been one of his greatest masturbatory fantasies for years. He simply couldn't fathom that it might actually happen right now in real life!

Maggie began to say, "For the thousandth time, you don't need to..." But her words trailed off, since she remembered how she'd gotten upset with Hillary in the back of the SUV. "Okay, I guess it's not totally crazy to ask. We're still learning how to share. But yeah, go for it! Please!"

"You sure?"

"I'm sure."

Hillary stuck her tongue out and playfully licked around Nick's piss hole, making him grunt loudly. She asked Maggie, "Do you want to join in? That would be a lot of fun."

Maggie correctly guessed that Hillary was just asking that to be fun and actually wanted her first prolonged blowjob with him to be a solo one. So she smiled warmly and said, "Thanks for asking. I do! But not now. Next time, maybe. This is YOUR time. I had my special time earlier in the car while you watched. Now, the tables are turned, and that's only fair. You go crazy on him, girl! Maybe I'll be the one who ends up watching and masturbating this time."

Hillary smiled from ear to ear. She'd hoped Maggie would say that. The fact that Maggie read her mood correctly and was willing to be generous increased the sexual bond better the two of them a little more.

Her heart thumped faster and faster, realizing this was about to happen. She'd sucked the penises of many previous boyfriends, but she considered this very different due to extreme thickness. She was grateful for those three earlier times she'd sucked him briefly, because that gave her confidence that it was very doable, just very difficult.

She looked up at Nick while she still licked the very tip of his boner and rubbed his sweet spot.

He was staring down at her gorgeous tanned nude body already. "Don't you DARE ask for MY permission! That's like asking the sun to rise. Totally unnecessary!"

She laughed. "Understood."

The two of them shared a moment as they gazed deeply into each other's eyes. He had another "pinch me, I'm dreaming" moment seeing the girl of his dreams lapping on his cockhead while staring up at him with fiery desire in her eyes yet something that looked a lot like love too.

She finally broke that intense eye contact and looked back at Maggie. "Wish me luck! This thing is NOT easy to get in one's mouth. I managed before, with a couple of brief sucks, but I honestly don't even know how. It was a heat of the moment thing. Do you have any special advice?"

"No," Maggie replied. "Except the obvious: open your mouth really, really wide! Act like your jaw has become unhinged or dislocated. Open it till it hurts! And then KEEP your mouth like that! Sucking his cock isn't easy. It's a non-stop ordeal! But the great challenge of it is part of what makes it so fun! Who wants a tiny worm in one's mouth? Nick has the ultimate thick cock, the perfect sucking size! Rejoice that you get to suck on the best of the best! Choke on that fuckin' COCK MONSTER!"

Hillary laughed at that. "Yes, ma'am!" That advice inspired and encouraged her. She followed Maggie's advice and attempted to lower her jaw as if it was unhinged, and that helped.

She took a deep breath, and then lunged forward and swallowed all of Nick's cockhead and then some!

Nick felt a powerful tingling throughout his body, almost like a low-level and prolonged electric shock. He unthinkingly clutched the sides of her head with both hands, because a sudden rush of pure pleasure crashing through him was so intense. The rush went on and on for a full minute, more due to the mind blowing thought that his seemingly unobtainable dream girl was starting her first real blowjob on him than even the actual physical sensation. He finally realized he was probably squeezing her head painfully, and he dropped his hands back to his sides.

He had no idea how he managed to get through that without cumming. It almost felt to him like his body was in such shock that it simply forgot! He thought, FUCK ME! Seriously, fuck me! This feels soooooo fucking GREAT! Not so much what her lips are doing, since they haven't even started doing anything yet. And it's not how it looks either, because I can't even bear to open my eyes and look down, or I'm gonna cum on the spot for sure! It's just that it's fucking HILLARY!

She put my cock in her mouth three times earlier today, but those were just teases, previews for the main event. And here we are! She's really going to do it. This is really happening! It can't be happening! It just can't be! But IT IS!

Maggie had been planning on sitting back and letting Hillary and Nick have some fun for a while. She knew that she'd had much more time with him than Hillary since the fake girlfriend scheme began, so it was only fair to share. She told herself this was all about the "hand-over Nick to Hillary" plan anyway, even though she hoped that would take literally years to complete.

She could see the rapturous expression on Nick's face, including the way his head was tilted way back. Instead of making her feel jealous, that gave her only good feelings for him. Son! Just look at you! My sweet baby! You're really turning into a man today! I know how much it means to you to win Hillary as your girlfriend, and looking at her flawless, tanned, and curvy naked body, I can see why! But I'll bet you didn't expect she'd want to join me as one of your personal cocksucking sluts too!

Just look at her! Son, look at her! I know you can't see, but let me tell you, seeing her kneeling before you with her mouth crammed full of your thick cock-meat is one of the most inspiring things I've ever seen! How can I be jealous of sharing you with her when she looks like that?! So beautiful! And she's blushing too. How precious. She's probably humiliated at how hungry she is for your cock! As she should be!

Hillary's asking her for advice got Maggie excited about having a cheerleader-advisor role. Instead of sitting on the edge of the bed and masturbating from a ways away, she dropped to her knees next to Hillary and scooted up close so she could keep a close eye on what was happening.

Maggie put a hand on Hillary's back and leaned in so closely that she could have easily helped with licking Nick's lower shaft. But that wasn't her intention, at least not yet. She said to Hillary, "Good! Good! You're breathing through your nose just fine, it looks like, and you're coping with his width okay."

Hillary was simply trying to see if she could keep his cock in her mouth while breathing, so she hadn't started moving her lips or doing anything else yet.

Maggie suggested to her, "Believe it or not, I think it's easier once you start bobbing. That way, your jaw doesn't lock into place. Give it a try. Wait on getting active with your tongue though. A cock like Nick's needs a lot of tongue action too, but it's fine to take it one step at a time. Let's see you bob!"

Hillary started bobbing. To her surprise, that did make things slightly easier. She quickly set a steady rhythm bobbing back and forth past Nick's sweet spot, going about an inch or two each time.

Nick had finally managed to get his feelings under control, only to have his arousal spike out of control again. He frantically squeezed his PC muscle and clutched his fists as he waved them helplessly in the air. He certainly didn't want to end the joy now!

He thought, Fuck me! Seriously, FUCK ME! Put a gun to my head and shoot me so I can die happy, because this is the ultimate! I know she's not sucking me any better than Ma, and she's just getting started, but that both of them are totally psyched about sucking me is what blows my fucking brains out the most! I mean... this is the start of a perfect sexual paradise! God! Motherfucking HILLARY is sliding her lips back and forth over my sweet spot and it's fucking KILLING ME, it feels so great! I honestly never thought in a million years it would come to THIS!

"Good! Good!" Maggie said encouragingly to her. "I see your mouth knows its way around a cock. You're going straight for the jugular, right to where he's the most sensitive! Definitely work his sweet spot as much as you can. I'll bet you've never sucked one even close to this thick before though, have you?"

Hillary didn't know how to answer that since she couldn't talk. Even shaking her head negatively was difficult for her at the moment. Then she had the good idea of raising a hand and giving the thumbs down sign.

"Of course you haven't," Maggie said proudly. "Nick's cock is incredible! It's the perfect size for your mouth AND your cunt!"

Of course, Maggie had no experience with the latter, but she figured that if she were to choose the ideal cock size to get fucked with, she'd want one that was longer than average but not too long, and very wide. In other words, exactly like Nick's.

Maggie continued, "It doesn't really get easier, but you'll get better. You may have sucked a lot of cocks before, but that doesn't help you much now. Right now, you're not even holding his shaft or his balls. You're not using any tongue. You're not doing any fancy twisting or unusual rhythms. I'll bet you're not using a lot of suction either. You're just hanging on for dear life to bob on him at all. Well, don't worry, we'll get you up to speed. Once you have it down, no other cock will satisfy you!"

Although Hillary had been worried about Maggie's judging eyes, now that the sucking had begun and Maggie was watching her every move from close up, she found she didn't mind after all. Her fear had been that Maggie would be jealous and judgmental, but Hillary felt the exact opposite vibe: Maggie was being about as encouraging as possible. Even in subtle non-verbal ways, she could sense that Maggie was rooting for her to do her best.

Maggie continued to coach Hillary. She mostly observed and listened. When she talked, she tried to say things that were both encouraging and arousing. For instance, once Hillary started to get comfortable enough to begin using her tongue, Maggie said, "That's it! I can see from the bulge in your cheeks that your tongue is in the picture. Good! Keep doing that, AND let's see some more suction! Before long, you're going to be choking and gagging on him like a pro!"

Hillary's worry about Maggie harshly judging her was completely forgotten. Instead, she found inspiration and encouragement from what Maggie told her, and even from the way Maggie rubbed and patted her bare back. Hillary didn't actually need that much advice or assistance, since she did have a lot of blowjob experience with previous boyfriends. What she was doing wasn't rocket science; it was mostly a matter of determination and channeling one's lusty passions. But she loved all the assistance anyway. She felt like she was part of a two-woman team devoted to pleasuring his cock, and the two of them had a unified goal. That boosted her confidence and even her sucking energy.

Naturally, Nick couldn't have been happier by hearing and seeing Maggie coach her and cheer her on. He knew that there weren't many boys who had two girlfriends helping each other out like that, much less two girlfriends who were busty and tanned sex bombs like Maggie and Hillary! He still kept his eyes closed most of the time, but if he ever wanted an extra jolt of arousal shooting down his spine, all he had to do was look down and see his two beauties kneeling naked next to each other, with Maggie often whispering into Hillary's ear.

Ten minutes passed. Nick was riding a crazy roller coaster the whole time. Sometimes, his urge to cum would grow so great that he felt for sure he would erupt at any moment. At those times, he would find himself clutching at the sides of Hillary's head and squeezing her unthinkingly and even painfully. That would achieve his immediate need to still her head bobbing to lessen the extremely pleasurable stimulation.

But luckily for him, at such times, Hillary would also get the message and bring her tongue and lip movement to a halt for a while. Frankly, she needed short breaks as much as he did. She wasn't crying tears of struggle, but merely sucking him was such a difficult physical challenge that she wouldn't have been surprised if she did. She wouldn't want to pull all the way off, because to engulf him again would be especially troublesome, but just keeping her mouth still for a while helped. Eventually, he would ease up his hold on her head or let go altogether, and the process would start up again.

After a while, Maggie decided that her coaching wasn't needed that much anymore. Hillary was improving quickly, and she hadn't even pulled her lips off a single time to rest and regroup. She was using her tongue, lips, hands, and a lot of suction at times. She was starting to vary up her moves as well. More importantly, she hadn't gotten any verbal feedback from Hillary at all, since Hillary couldn't speak, and she worried that probably wanted to fully concentrate on her sucking without Maggie buzzing around her head like a bee.

So Maggie said, "Hillary, I think I've given you all the advice I can. I'm going to back off and let you be. You're doing so great that pretty soon you'll be giving me advice! I love that not only are you skilled, but you have the passion! You LOVE sucking his cock, don't you?"

Hillary did. Having watched Maggie in loving cocksucking action earlier, she'd worried that she wouldn't be able to show the same high level of passion and enthusiasm. So Maggie's words were heartening. She briefly took a hand from Nick's balls to answer with a thumbs up. She even fumbled around with that hand until she felt Maggie's nearest arm and gave it a reaffirming pat.

"That's good," Maggie said. "We're going to be a cocksucking, titfucking, and all-around cock-pleasing team! Just think: we'll be able to spend many an afternoon here in your room taking turns getting our faces fucked! He's going to cum on us so much that we won't know what we look like WITHOUT pearly goo on our faces and tits! We'll smell like sperm all the time! We'll spend hours naked and kneeling, endlessly taking turns BOBBING FOR COCK!"

Maggie was deliberately hyping up oral action partly because she loved it, but also to downplay any talk of actual fucking. It had been implied and assumed that Maggie and Nick were regularly fucking each other, but of course they were not, and Maggie was determined to never start. She could mentally justify herself going "full good slut" with her behavior towards her son by maintaining the idea that what was she was doing wasn't "real incest" and that she would never go that far.

So she didn't know what was going to happen when she did spent hours hanging out with Nick and Hillary in Hillary's room, where fucking would be expected. She decided there was time to worry about that later.

Maggie's latest words inspired Hillary and herself, but Nick most of all. He'd already been on the edge of orgasm, and after she talked about things like "endlessly taking turns bobbing for cock," he couldn't hold out anymore. As had become his style lately, he managed to cry out "CUMMING!" right before he started to cum.

Hillary knew what she wanted. Although she'd already discovered that Nick's cum tasted surprisingly good, she far preferred it when he shot his cum on her face and/or tits than straight down her mouth. She had a full blown facial fetish in particular. So she pulled her lips off him and sat back with her eyes closed and her mouth open.

Maggie was kneeling right next to her, since her plan to back off and let Hillary be hadn't happened yet. She was sorely tempted to position herself to share the experience and take some of his cum on her face too. But she decided that this was a special time between Hillary and Nick, and she shouldn't impose. So she leaned out of the way.

Nick held his cock and fired his ropes smack in the middle of Hillary's face. Watching the cum hit her nose, he felt a level of total euphoria that exceeded even the great pleasures he'd felt with Maggie until this point. A big part of it was the sheer rush of a great orgasm. But more than that, he felt blasting his cum on Hillary's face was a symbol that his fake girlfriend scheme was a raging success. The greatest dream of his life had come true! He had BOTH Hillary and Maggie now! This was such an emotional moment for him that he actually cried tears of joy.

Yet he didn't have time for introspection, because his cum continued to fly, and the sheer intensity of his lusty arousal seemingly stimulated every nerve in his body, making him tingle like he was having an "ice cream freeze" all over. It was all too much for him to have the mental wherewithal to aim where his cum went, and it was a lucky thing he managed to even remain standing and holding his cock.

As a result, his cum continued to rocket towards the middle of Hillary's face. Hillary soon realized that he wasn't going to vary his aim much, so she compensated by moving her head slightly this way and that, ensuring that her cheeks, chin, and forehead got splattered too. But since he wasn't consciously aiming, and his body was trembling from the sheer joy of it all, some of his cum flew off into her hair or neck, and a bit even missed her altogether.

She knew from her previous boyfriends how long a typical orgasm lasted and how much cum typically came out. It was all over fast, in just a few seconds. So she'd timed her movements to get all the parts of her stunning face painted in cum by the time it was over, based on her experience of how much cum her boyfriends typically ejaculated each time.

However, Nick kept on cumming! He not only had a "super-sized" penis, he had "super-sized" cum loads too. And getting his first full blowjob from his "dream girl," and after lots of stimulation even before then, meant this was an unusually big cum load even by his standards.

Hillary couldn't believe her luck. After a few more seconds, she sat up higher so his cum hit her neck and then down her body until he was targeting her boobs. Perhaps the last fourth of his cum load ended up there, because it had taken her precious seconds to act and move. She was impressed at how much even that much was.

Nick managed to stay on his feet until the end of his orgasm. His legs were already starting to give out due to the overwhelming nature of the experience. But then he looked down at Hillary's cummy and smiling face. She even wiped her eye sockets clean and looked right back at him with love and happiness shining in her beautiful brown eyes.

It was too much for Nick. His legs gave out and he passed out altogether!

Luckily, although Hillary had her eyes closed until the last second and didn't realize what was happening until Nick was already falling, Maggie was right there too with a hand still on Hilary's back. She'd been watching carefully, and she'd noticed when his knees started to wobble and buckle. She also was a loving mother who would do anything to make sure her child didn't get hurt. So she was up in a flash and she managed to catch him in her arms.

He'd truly passed out, so he was dead weight in her arms. But she managed to drag him a couple of feet back to Hillary's bed. With Hillary's help, he was laid down on the bed. They even put a pillow under his head to make him more comfortable.

A standing Hillary looked down at Nick with concern. She asked Maggie, "Is he going to be okay?"

Maggie chuckled. "He's going to be very okay, I'm sure. Look at his face. He can't stop smiling! That is the look of a very, very happy boy. I just checked his pulse while you were helping with the pillow. He'll be fine. Why don't we just let him rest a little bit?"

"Okay, if you say so." Hillary still seemed uncertain. "It's just that I've never had someone pass out on me during sex before."

Maggie gave Hillary an impromptu hug, and patted her back. "You did great! Isn't that the ultimate compliment? That was your first prolonged blowjob with him, and you made him pass out! That means you sure as hell don't have to ask if he enjoyed it!"

They both chuckled at that. Hillary was all smiles. "That's true." She was amazed and overjoyed, realizing that her oral effort must have been a big hit with him. Her feelings for him were steadily growing all the time, and this latest sex act bonded them together even more.

But although she'd had some serious crushes on boys in the past, this was different. With those boys (and her girlfriends too, for that matter), she'd been in the driver's seat with her outstanding beauty, and it was on them to seduce and impress her. Whereas with Nick, she sensed that he was pretty much in the driver's seat, especially due to the friendly competition between her and Maggie. She wanted to sexually satisfy him in a way she'd never felt about anyone before.

There was an awkward silence as Maggie and Hillary seemed to realize the position they were in: their bodies were pressed together in a hug with their tits particularly tightly squished together. Furthermore, there was cum all over Hillary's face and some on her boobs.

Maggie felt a sudden, overwhelming desire to kiss Hillary. It was truly overwhelming: she knew she simply couldn't control herself! At best, she could delay it, in hopes that she could get Hillary to agree first. Her face turned cherry red, and she spoke shyly, "Um... You know..." She didn't know how to ask if it was okay to French kiss, given what had just happened with Hillary's concern about not doing things Anushka didn't want her to do.

Luckily, Hillary wanted to kiss Maggie just as much. She also couldn't not do it, now that they were in each other's arms. She could see the look of desire in Maggie's eyes, so she knew they were both thinking the same thing. "Don't worry. Anushka claimed she didn't mind about the last kiss, so why would she mind about this one? Just so long as we keep it as a kiss and nothing else."

"Right!" Maggie said. She felt like she truly was a teenager again and she was experiencing her very first kiss, and she enjoyed the great rush of "puppy love" that went with that. "Just a kiss!"

Suddenly, her heart was beating so hard that she could hear it in her ears like a pounding bass drum. She'd thought Hillary was a raving beauty already, but with her face covered in cum too, it was just about the most arousing sight she'd ever seen!

Their heads slowly and inexorably drew together. It was like they were trying their hardest to keep apart, but some kind of magnetic force was pulling them together anyway.

Finally, their lips met. It was electric! It was magical! It was almost violent in intensity. Their tongues probed and attacked, seemingly moving everywhere at once. The kissing was an endless supernova of pleasure! Maggie loved her powerful kisses with Nick, but this one was at least as great as any of those. And that was saying a hell of a lot! The taboo of making out with her own son gave her a great thrill, but the taboo of making out with another woman proved to be every bit as thrilling.

Furthermore, Hillary's mouth smelled and tasted of Nick's cum, even if there wasn't much actual cum left in it. She'd grown to love that smell and taste in recent days, so that was a very nice bonus.

But as great as the kissing was, what Maggie loved maybe even more was rubbing her tits against Hillary's. She'd enjoyed it to an almost disturbing degree when they'd kissed kneeling up in the back of the SUV, and earlier in Hillary's room. However, this time, Hillary's tits were covered in cum!

That made all the difference in a couple of ways. Firstly, it acted as great lubrication. Soon, Maggie and Hillary were sliding against each other with great gusto. Sometimes their erect nipples would touch, and that was like a minor electric shock every time. But the rubbing was endless fun even without that. Secondly, the cum was a symbolic reminder that the two of them were sexually bonded to him now. By smearing his cum between them, they were showing their commitment to sharing him.

The only shame was that Nick wasn't awake to see it, because he would have loved it. Hillary and Maggie felt bad that he was missing out. However, they both knew in their hearts that this was something they would have to do again and again, so he'd get plenty of chances.

The kissing and the tit rubbing was their total focus. In deference to not wanting to give Anushka more cause to be offended, they kept their hands on each other's backs and tried not to go exploring too much. But they had so much fun kissing and tit rubbing that to do much more would have been a distraction from that anyway.

Hillary was particularly keen on bringing her hands up and caressing Maggie's great boobs, but she decided she'd better not. She worried Maggie might not be ready for that, and she didn't think Anushka would approve. It was frustrating.

However, Hillary was pleasantly surprised when Maggie broke the kiss, only to lick her cummy cheek! That sent a thrill down her spine, seemingly making a bull's-eye at her clit. That was one thing she figured Anushka would consider gross, but not forbidden. Maggie went back to kissing, but she occasionally stopped to consume more cum. That kept their kisses wonderfully spermy.

Hillary wanted to lick Nick's cum off Maggie's face too, but of course there was none there to lick. But Hillary had a bright idea: she brought a hand to one of her cheeks and smeared all of her fingers through a particularly cum-splattered area. That she smeared as much of that as she could on one of Maggie's cheeks. So the next time Maggie stopped to lick up some cum, Hillary had some cum to lick as well.

It was all so hot and fun that the two of them were soon heading towards new orgasmic peaks, despite the fact that their pussy mounds remained completely off limits.

But that also was why they finally had to pull apart. They both knew that if they kept kissing they wouldn't be able to stop themselves from doing more. This way, at least Hillary could honestly tell Anushka that all they had done was kiss again, and without anyone climaxing.

Hillary and Maggie wound up standing about ten feet apart. It was like they were afraid to even come close for fear that they'd end up doing it all over again. They looked over at Nick. His penis was flaccid and he was still passed out.

Hillary joked, "So the 'crazy' legends are true. He DOES go flaccid sometimes!" She laughed at her own joke.

Maggie laughed too. "That's the first time I've seen it. Okay, that's not true. But just about!"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.