Chapter 35: A Firm Agreement (Friday)
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Maggie knew that the time was getting late. The sun was still in the sky, since it didn't set until around seven in Southern California in September. However, Hillary's parents could come home at any time for all Maggie knew, and both Hillary and Nick would have to start getting ready for dinner with Anushka soon. Maggie also had to prepare dinner for Andy. She didn't want him to notice anything unusual from his very regular daily schedule.

Maggie also knew that Nick was determined to get the exact status of his relationship with Hillary on more solid ground before he met Anushka tonight. Most of his remaining issues directly related to Anushka, so the timing was key.

He remained passed out, but Maggie thought that maybe she could negotiate on his behalf. That might work better, since this was a situation where Nick's underlying shyness and modesty could hinder him from being a more aggressive negotiator.

Maggie said to Hillary, "There are some important things I'd like to discuss with you. But I'm thinking it's better if we go elsewhere so he can sleep in peace. Do you have another room we can use?"

Hillary scrunched up her face. "That could be a problem. I don't know when my parents are coming home, to be honest. I like being naked, don't you? If we go to any other room, we'd both pretty much have to put clothes on, in case they walk in on you. Why don't we just stay here, but keep quiet?"

"Okay." Maggie was thinking that the danger of being in another room where Hillary's parents could walk in on them at any time could help prevent herself from spontaneously hugging and kissing Hillary some more. But she decided she could be strong and use her willpower. She reminded herself that she wasn't bisexual anyway - not that that helped reduce her desire for Hillary one iota.

The two of them got in the two chairs in the room and positioned them face to face in front of Hillary's computer desk. That gave them a little bit of distance from Nick lying on the bed, but still, they lowered their voices.

Hillary looked back to Nick on her bed, and commented, "Before we start, check out Nick! He looks adorable resting like that with his blissful face. But I'm curious: why does he insist on wearing a T-shirt all the time? You pulled it up to his arms, but he's still wearing it."

Maggie replied confidentially, "He's a bit self-conscious about his chest. He doesn't have the big He-Man muscles and six-pack some guys do."

Hillary rolled her eyes. "Pshaw. That doesn't matter to me. I think he's very handsome in his own way. He kind of reminds me of Beck."

"The singer of 'Loser' fame?"

"Yeah. Beck doesn't have a lot of muscles either. He's not handsome in a classic square-jawed movie star kind of way. But still, he's a total hottie."

"He is?"

"Sure!" Actually, Hillary was looking at this situation through rose-colored glasses. Before the school year began, she would have considered Nick's appearance average, and a girl like Hillary didn't have to settle for anything less than the best of the best. But now that she'd grown to lust after him for other reasons, those same "average" looks were very appealing to her.

Maggie remembered what Beck looked like, and she felt the comparison actually was a bit unflattering, because Nick was significantly more muscular (though still in a different league from a "true hunk" like Spencer). But if it worked for Hillary, that's what mattered. Besides, she was eager to get to her main topic.

But first, she had a couple of things to say. "You and I, we should conspire to take his T-shirt off at every opportunity, just like he loves to get us completely naked."

"Okay! Great idea!" Hillary beamed at that.

"Oh, and one other thing. Can you please clean your face off with a towel or something? We got some things to talk about and not much time, and I can't think very well when you look like that. I'm sure you can imagine how looking at your face right now makes my pussy and nipples tingle."

"Oh, darn." Hillary frowned and pouted. "Instead of a towel, what if I just clean it like this?" She swept a finger across her left cheek and sucked the finger into her mouth. She sensuously licked her finger clean.

Maggie's body practically trembled in response. She was glad she was sitting in a chair just out of arm's reach from Hillary, because if she was any closer she doubted she could control herself. She had to close her eyes and try to blank her thoughts to calm herself.

Hillary was very pleased that Maggie was so affected. Clearly, the sexual desire between the two women was growing stronger all the time, and something would have to happen there, no matter what Anushka said.

But for now, she had mercy on Maggie. She said, "Hold on just a second." Then she got up and left the room.

Maggie peeked to see Hillary leave, then she closed her eyes again. Crap! What's WRONG with me?! Women don't affect me this way. I've seen a lot of beautiful women over the years and I never felt a spark. But now, with Hillary, it's like a three-alarm fire! What am I thinking?!

She thought with new resolve, I'm not helpless. I CAN control myself. She opened her eyes and realized she had a finger in her slit and she was pulling on a nipple. How did THAT happen?! Fuck!

She quickly withdrew her hands and sat on both of them to help keep them from wandering over her own voluptuous body. I blame Nick's cum. I could resist if it was just Hillary looking her usual gorgeous naked self, but she's far too sexy with all that son-cum on her! I swear, if we had more time, I would lick every last drop right off Hillary's body! Even the splatters that dripped deep down into her cleavage!

She shivered again and felt goose bumps as she imagined doing just that. She closed her eyes and tried to take deep, slow breaths.

Hillary came back about a minute later. She'd obviously been to the bathroom because she'd washed all of Nick's cum off.

Maggie felt like that was an almost criminal waste of delicious cum, but she told herself that it had to be done. Having a serious conversation now was far more important than enjoying a cum feast licking and kissing Hillary's silky, tanned skin.

Hillary sat back down in her chair. She resumed her quiet voice. "So. What is it you want to talk about?"

Maggie took her hands from under her ass, now that the worst of the "danger" had passed. "Hillary, I really like you, and I'm glad things are working out between you and Nick. But we should work closer together on sharing Nick, so we don't make any mistakes, or cause hurt feelings. Just saying that you and him are 'friends with benefits' or that you're his 'second girlfriend' doesn't really say much or define the relationship. For one thing, those two things conflict. We need to be more precise. That'll help prevent problems in the future."

Hillary liked the sound of that, but she was wary. "Okay. What do you suggest?"

"I don't know, but for starters, 'friends with benefits?' Really? Is that all he is to you?!"

Hillary looked abashed. "Of course not! He means a lot to me already, and I feel my feelings growing stronger by the day. To be honest, I've never felt this way about any of my previous boyfriends, and we have even been intimate two full weeks yet. But the reason I used that term is because I'm not really his girlfriend. You are! You can go out in public and do all that romantic stuff. I have to keep what I do with him a total secret from everybody. So what does that make me exactly?"

Maggie said, "I don't know offhand, but let's figure it out. For starters, I mean, we're not just talking about dating the same guy at the same time, are we? We're starting to doing stuff together, the three of us. I like that, don't you? I hope we can do that a lot more in the future."

"Sure," Hillary replied, feeling quite relieved. "I like that a lot too! In fact... I really, really like it." She was going to say more about how she loved being with Maggie as well as with Nick, but she didn't want to overtly admit her attraction to Maggie just yet.

Maggie asked, "That makes it more of a true threesome relationship, don't you think? I don't know what to call that exactly, but we have to sort out all three corners of a triangle."

Hillary nodded. "Yeah, but that's uncharted waters. I love it, but it's weird and kind of undefined. My big problem is that I feel like an interloper, because you two have been together for a while already. I feel like I'm walking on eggshells, because I still don't know either of you that well, and I don't want to say or do the wrong thing."

"That's certainly understandable," Maggie said reassuringly. "We both like you a lot, and I, for one, appreciate you being careful and asking me for permission before trying certain things with him. But because we're in such a unique threesome situation, plus the Anushka complication, events can't really slowly evolve like they do in a normal relationship. It would be better if we could figure out where we stand from the get-go, rather than bump into each other all the time, trying to figure things out on the fly like stumbling, blind drunkards."

"What do you propose?" Hillary asked, feeling worried again.

"If you feel you can make a solid commitment to Nick, and that's a big if, then I'm willing to give you equal status with me as a co-girlfriend. Not 'first girlfriend' and 'second girlfriend,' but true co-girlfriends."

"Really?!" Hillary's heart soared with hope. She hadn't even considered that as a possibility.

"Really. But wait to hear what I mean a solid commitment is before you agree. I know you have Anushka, and that's cool. That's no problem. But we need to be careful about things like sexually transmitted diseases. I'm hoping you and she are in an exclusive relationship, you and Nick will be in an exclusive relationship, and he and I will be in an exclusive relationship. Well, mostly exclusive. What I mean is, no other sex partners for any of us outside of us four."

She continued, "So, for example, I don't want to worry about Anushka having sex with someone else, be it male or female, then accidentally giving it to you, and having that spread down the line to me. Or whatever. It's the same problem for all of us, no matter who starts it. You see what I mean?"

Hillary loved the sound of being an official co-girlfriend. Nick had already become her favorite male sex partner she'd ever had, and they hadn't even come close to actual fucking yet. The threesome sexual fun with Maggie too raised the sexual fun level even higher. She knew the sexual pleasures were only going to get better and better, and more frequent. Plus, she really liked him as a person too. And she tended to see Nick and Maggie as a package deal, so that doubled the overall appeal. But she only nodded cautiously, because she worried the other shoe was bound to drop.

Maggie said, "So, if I know truly you're serious, and want Nick as a long-term boyfriend and not just as a one week or one month fling or whatever, if you think he's the kind of boy you might want to be serious with for years..."


"Years! I'm not saying 'forever' necessarily, but it's two years until both of you graduate from high school. Technically, that's 'years' right there. Do you think you might end up being with him that long?"

Hillary carefully thought that over, then sincerely said, "I already know that I would LIKE to be with him that long, at least that long, if things keep developing with him like they seem to be going. But I can't predict the future. Anything could happen. And we don't know each other very well yet. It's only been two weeks! And not even two full weeks. It's so hard to say at this point. But like I said, I would definitely like that."

Maggie nodded. This was very crucial to her life. The longer she could get Nick and Hillary to stay together, the longer she could be part of their great sexual threesome. So her future was in Hillary's hands.

Maggie went on, "Take you time to think it over. But IF! IF! If you agree to making that commitment, I'd be willing to give you equal status with me. Meaning, say, if you want to do something with him on a certain Saturday night, and I do too, we both have an equal claim on him. And if you're feeling like having sex with him, and I'm there and I do too, then we have equal claims again. Although I imagine we'll be happily sharing his cock in any case." She smiled at that.

Hillary smiled in agreement on that point too. Then she asked, "How would we work something out like that, then?"

"Amicably, I hope," Maggie replied. "Maybe you'd get him one time and I'd get him the next, or vice versa. Or we could be with him together. Hopefully, we'd be together as a threesome most of the time. Don't you think?"

"Oh, definitely! That sounds very appealing to me. I'd say threesome ALL the time, except that I have my relationship with Anushka. Plus, I have homework, and sports, and such. There are only so many hours in the day. So there's going to be times when I'm with Anushka especially, and you're with him a lot. I hope I could get some alone time with him sometimes too."

Maggie felt butterflies in her tummy. She was so secretly thrilled that she wanted to do cartwheels around the room. She loved threesomes with Hillary, but she also loved having some one-on-one sexual time with Nick too. It sounded like she could get a lot of both! She was highly motivated to make this work, because this was like a dream come true for her.

But she kept her outward cool and just said, "I'm sure something could be worked out."

Hillary asked, "But how? And by whom?"

"Probably, he'd be the one who'd have to decide. In fact, I'm sure he'd decide. I have to warn you, if only due to the fact that there's two of us and only one of him, he's bound to have most of the power in this threesome relationship. Do you think you could handle that?"

Hillary considered that, then said, "I don't consider myself the sexually submissive type. But it seems to kind of be that way already, and it's fine with me. It feels natural. It's definitely a weird dynamic where you and I are so focused on pleasuring his cock nearly all the time. It seems we can't keep our hands off it!"

"Or mouths!" Maggie smiled and winked.

Hillary laughed. "Right! Especially mouths. But that already feels natural too, somehow. Like how we've been today. I'd love for it to be like that all the time. If that means he has the deciding power, then so be it. Just so long as he doesn't start getting arrogant and try bossing me around all the time."

Maggie nodded. She was secretly relieved to hear that. "Good, good. I feel the same. My point is, in terms of working things out, he would pretty much be in charge, and then you and I would work things out as equals. You wouldn't have to feel like an interloper or third wheel."

"I like that. A lot! But what about the fact that you're his girlfriend in public?"

"We can work that out later, if you're open to the idea of going public with him eventually."

Hillary's eyes bugged out. "REALLY?! Is that even an option?! It would be a total scandal, for all of us!"

Maggie acted casual. "If it gets around that Nick has two girlfriends, sure, it'll be scandalous, but so what? And he'll get to have fun being the cock of the walk. But we'd probably want to keep it like it is for a while, until we're all ready to go public, if that's what we decide to do. Before we take that step, we need to see if this is a relationship that's going to last more than just a month or two."

Hillary nodded. "Plus, if I keep going with Anushka, that'll be a double scandal for me especially! People will think I'm the biggest bad slut ever!"

Maggie grinned naughtily. "I hope you are, for Nick's sake, but in a 'good slut' way."

"Yeah, but you know that's not what I'm talking about. I'll have to think about the whole 'going public' thing. That never even crossed my mind!"

"Think about it," Maggie said. "There's no rush. I'm sure you'd want to wait a few months to make sure your relationship is long-lasting enough before you dare step into that potential minefield. But the other option would be that we'd be co-girlfriends, or co-sluts, but I would be the only public partner for him. The key is, between us, in our private world, you and I would be equals."

Hillary said, "I guess I could live with that. And in return, I'd have to make that commitment?" she asked.

Maggie nodded back.

"But how much of a commitment? Like I said, I can't look into the future and give guarantees. I THINK everything is different with Nick, but the brutal truth is that I don't have a good track record with long-lasting relationships. I can know what I want to happen, but Nick and I could have a big fight and break up tonight. There's no way to know for sure. I still don't know him that well. I mean, I thought I knew him, kinda, but he keeps surprising me. In a good way, mind you. But things are changing so fast that it's hard to know where we'll be in a week, much less in a month. Or a year!"

Maggie nodded again. "True. That's all true. But look into your heart, and please be honest with me. How much do you like him? How serious do you think you could get with him? Is he just the latest flavor of the month for you, or is he something much more than that? We know things are still in very early stages, but could you see being with him a year from now? Or two? Maybe until you both graduate? Is that possible? Is marriage even remotely conceivable? Now, that doesn't mean all that is gonna happen, but it's a question of... do you feel something special, even extra special, for him?"

Hillary frowned. She pondered that very seriously. "Boy, I don't know! I'm going to have to think about it. I BELIEVE I do." She looked to her bed to confirm that Nick was still passed out. Then she leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, "In fact, just between you and me, if you put a gun to my head, I think I'm in love with him already!"

"Oh! Really?!" Maggie felt a sharp pang of jealousy. But she was even more overjoyed, because the more serious Hillary was with Nick, the more likely their threesome relationship could last a long time.

Hillary frowned again. "I think so! But it's hard to tell because everything has happened so fast, and the lust is so intense! Where does the lust end and the love begin? It's hard to say. But if I'm not in love with him already, I'm convinced I soon will be, because everything points in that direction. In fact, each time we have great sexual fun, like we've been doing today, it feels like my passion for him doubles!"

Her eyes went wide, as if she was surprising even herself with that comment. "Okay, maybe not literally doubling each time, but I think you know what I mean. The problem is making a future commitment when the future is so unknowable. Especially given my troubled history with long-term relationships. I guess I'm more of a 'live for the moment' type of person. It's hard for me to think in terms of next year and beyond with my love life."

Maggie said, "I'm sorry to put you on the spot. You don't have to decide tonight. Sleep on it. Think it over for a while. But don't take too long. I love Nick. I'm not gonna share him with just anybody. Normally, I wouldn't even consider it, but he thinks you're very special, and I think you're very special too. I know he's in the same boat, where he feels the lust for you is so strong that it's rapidly turning into love."

That last comment wasn't exactly true, since Maggie knew Nick had been in love with Hillary for the past couple of years, at least, but that history couldn't be revealed to Hillary. Plus, she believed it was still substantially true in that Nick's infatuation type of puppy love was gradually turning in a much more substantial and durable love.

Maggie continued, "I believe we already have an arrangement here that's really magical and unique, and it's getting better all the time. This could be a perfect storm of everything coming together just right, something that works great for all four of us, Anushka included. But I can guarantee it won't work unless we make it work, and if we don't make the best, most heartfelt commitments we can. We need to set up a certain structure early on, and not just have people floating in and out. I'm taking a big risk in being willing to share him with you, and I'm on eggshells too, wondering if I'm making the right decision in thinking you can handle it."

Hillary nodded. "I can see what you mean." She was silent for a while, taking that all in. She wanted to fully commit, but she was afraid. A big issue with her was that she didn't trust herself due to having so little success with long term relationships in the past. How could she know she'd last a year or two with Nick, or even longer, if she'd never gone steady with anyone longer than her two-month commitment to Anushka?

A new thought came to Maggie, and she blurted it out. "You know what this relationship we're talking about is? It's like a table." She looked to Hillary's computer desk next to her. "A table needs four legs. With only three, it'll fall over. For instance, Anushka wouldn't feel good about you dating Nick unless she knew he was dating me, because otherwise things wouldn't be balanced. So that's why we have to build the table right from the beginning, instead of hoping it'll somehow evolve on its own."

Hillary nodded again. That metaphor worked for her, especially since she was well aware of all the intricacies involved. She thought some more, and finally said, "I... I want this to work. I really do. Maybe I can't say for sure that I love Nick yet, but I definitely like him a whole lot, and I'm getting there with my loving feelings growing stronger by the day."

She added emphatically, "I'm certainly in LUST with him! There's no doubt about that! I mean, when we've been together, like at the movie theater, and today, those have been the hottest, best sexual experiences I've ever had in my life! I feel like I'm addicted to that already. I think about his big fat cock practically all the time. I think about all the things I could do with it. Because when that bad boy comes out to play, my God! My own sexual arousal is off the charts the whole time!"

Maggie nodded knowingly.

Hillary continued, "I know exactly what you mean about this being a perfect storm, or a four-legged table, or whatever. The point is, this could be a once in a lifetime chance. It's such an exciting possibility, and yet, I'm so young... To be totally honest I could imagine getting married to him, even! I really could! I've never felt that way about anybody before, and even though it's just a distant glimmer of a possibility, at least it COULD happen, in theory. But I'm only 17! I'm only a junior! I'd like to sow my wild oats with a variety of partners for quite a few years yet. Ideally, I wouldn't think about marriage for another ten years."

Maggie had a hard time not pumping a fist in the air. She was sad that Nick was asleep, because she knew he would be over the moon to hear that Hillary considered marrying him even an extremely remote possibility. At least it was a start. Maggie was overjoyed too, because if that happened, there would be no need for a "hand-over" at all! She didn't even dare get her hopes up about that, because the chances were so remote.

Maggie pointed out. "Understood. It's not like you're committing to marriage now. Nobody's expecting that at this point. The chances are, you'll go to one college and he'll go to another, and I'll probably still be living around here. I don't even know how old Anushka is, but she'll probably be going somewhere else too."

That made her secretly sad, because she realized that was the most likely outcome, by far. Maybe her best hope was that their threesome relationship could last through their junior and senior high school years.

Hillary explained, "Anushka is in the same grade as Nick and me, but she goes to a private school."

"Ah. Wouldn't it be great if we could have a relationship, all four of us, that lasted until then? Or at least a big chunk of that time. Meaning the end of high school for all three of you. And that'll be around the time I finish college, knock on wood. You'll still have years and years after that to sow all the wild oats you could ever want."

Hillary was lost in thought for nearly a minute. Then she said, "I'd like to give a tentative yes, now. But let me think it over, and talk to Anushka, and Nick, and even to you some more. I'm not used to making a big decision like this."

Maggie smiled. She felt greatly relieved to get at least that much initial affirmation. "Sure. That sounds wise. I'm encouraged that you're being thoughtful and not just rushing in. I've got a good feeling about all this."

Hillary replied, "Me too. But... what if I can't decide soon? Could we keep the status quo, where you're his primary girlfriend, and I'm kind of a number two?"

"Yes, although I sincerely hope it doesn't come to that. I don't want to be the 'bad guy,' and riding roughshod over everybody else's wishes. I'd like for you and me to be equal co-girlfriends. But if you do keep the status quo, even that will require a certain fidelity for as long as that lasts. Nick and I shouldn't potentially suffer consequences if you or Anushka are promiscuous."

"We're not. I used to be, and I know this sounds funny for someone as young as I am, but I'm kind of bored of having lots of sex partners. Don't get me wrong, I love being a wild, sexually liberated woman, but I'm into quality, not quantity. More isn't always better."

"That's definitely true," Maggie nodded.

"What about you? Or Nick, for that matter? Should Anushka and I be worrying about your promiscuity?"

"Definitely not!" Maggie spoke resolutely, sounding almost offended. "Like I said, I love Nick, and he's all I need. In fact, I don't even have enough time for him, which is a big reason I was open to sharing him with you in the first place. You know that already. As for Nick, he's very loyal."

Of course, what Maggie didn't say and couldn't say was that the bond between her and Nick was already eternal due to them being mother and son. And that made their sexual bond far stronger than Maggie could have ever imagined. Her interest in any other man had gone to zero, even in idle fantasies. She didn't fully consciously realize it yet, but in her heart, she completely belonged to Nick. Both her love and lust for him was even greater than anything she'd ever felt for Andy, and they'd had a good marriage for many years.

Maggie went on, "And he'd be a fool to wander when he's got both you and me. I mean, just look at us! I hate to sound arrogant, but the fact is, we're not just a couple of good looking girls." Even though she was sitting, she posed a little bit, proudly showing herself off.

"That's true," Hillary agreed, as she also smiled and struck a sexy pose in her seat. "We do look pretty good! And it's hard to miss that we have a certain similarity here that he kinda likes." She waved a hand-over her tanned, huge breasts.

Maggie chuckled at that. "Yes. He's a lucky kid, considering how top-heavy we both are. But I worry about someone like Debra trying to elbow her way in, just because he's seen as the studly guy of the week or whatever." (Nick had talked to Maggie about Debra, including Debra's curious interest in him and her attempts to talk to him at school.)

Hillary raised an intrigued eyebrow. "Yes. Ironically, when it comes to sleeping around, the biggest problem could be Nick. Any woman who finds out he's dating both you and me will wonder what's so special about him. They'll go all out to personally sample his wares. Even if he wants to be faithful, he could find it very difficult. As the saying goes, he's 'young, dumb, and full of cum.'"

Maggie joked, "We know he's not dumb, but he's so full of cum that that one counts for double."

They both laughed at that.

Maggie asked, "What about Spencer? I don't know how Nick would feel about me sharing this with you, but he's seriously worried about you getting together with Spencer."

Hillary waved a hand dismissively. "Forget it! That's no secret. I know Nick is concerned. We've talked about it, and I can see it in his face. But he has no reason to worry. Okay, I'll admit that Spencer is my type. Or, at least that WAS my type. I don't know if you've met him, but let's just say that he's EXTREMELY handsome AND charming. Plus, I know he's very interested in me. That's flattering, when you know he could date literally any other girl in school, even Debra or the most gorgeous seniors."

"And...?" Maggie prodded. So far, this wasn't sounding encouraging at all.

"Normally, I'd probably date Nick for a while and then drop him and date Spencer. Or maybe another girl and then Spencer. That's my usual pattern, to go back and forth between dating girls and guys."

Hillary continued, "But things have changed. Even before you and Nick came along, I'd started dating Anushka in a very serious way, more serious than any relationship I'd been in before. And that caused me to kind of reassess, because she means a lot to me. I was already thinking heavily about trying to make a serious go at a long term relationship with her. She's special. And you should see her. She's beautiful!" She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Maggie politely chuckled. "So you keep saying. And you keep hinting she had two attributes you like in particular..." She wiggled her eyebrows right back.

Hillary laughed. "That's true. I guess if Nick is a tit fiend, I'm just as bad as he is."

Then Hillary sighed, and her smile turned to a frown. "The problem was, I knew myself. It's my bisexuality that's been a problem for me. The grass is always greener. When I'm dating a guy, I start longing for a girl. And when I'm dating a girl, I start longing for a guy. So I didn't think I could last long with only Anushka, no matter how much my feelings grew for her."

She added with a smile, "But now that's changed! Anushka has given me permission to be with Nick. And Nick has given me permission to be with Anushka. And both Anushka and Nick are turning out to be heads and shoulders above any previous boyfriend or girlfriend I've ever had. And then there's you!" She stared intently with "come hither" eyes at Maggie.

Maggie blushed and turned away.

Hillary decided she was coming on too strong. Maggie still needed her fig leaf of thinking she wasn't bisexual. And Hillary needed to figure things out with Anushka before she could go further physically with Maggie.

So she said, "What I mean by that is, I like you a lot! I LOVE sharing Nick with you. Like what's happened today. Giving Nick my first real blowjob with him was great. It was intense! It's like you said: the fact that he has such a thick cock makes it a really tough struggle, but that makes it soooo much more satisfying when he splooges all over me! But anyway, as great as that was, the fact that you were kneeling next to me with your hand on my back and giving me encouragement and advice made it twice as great! More, even! I want to thank you for that."

"Really?! I thought I was being too meddlesome. But I feel so passionate about the sucking of Nick's cock that it was like I couldn't keep my mouth shut."

"Really. And I love your passion, and how it rubs off on me. I liked blowjobs before, but now you're making me fall in love with them. Well, you and Nick are."

Maggie beamed. "Good! Because I'm pretty convinced that this threesome relationship is going to be fairly heavily blowjob-centric."

Hillary said, "I know, and I welcome that. Nick is one fucking lucky bastard! Isn't he?"

Maggie shared a radiant smile with Hillary's equally big smile. "He is!"

Hillary went on, "I also saw that you deliberately held back from joining in with your lips and tongue, or even just a hand. I'm sure it was because you wanted to give me a special one-on-one first time experience. Thank you! That was really sweet. But there's no need to do that in the future. I want ALL of our blowjobs to be shared from now on! Well, most of them, at least!"

Maggie nodded eagerly at that.

Hillary continued, her voice suddenly dripping with lust, "Can you just imagine? Taking turns choking and gagging and slurping and sucking, only to have him squirt his sweet cum all over us? And then we get to clean each other off? And he usually cums twice, so we'd do it all over again! Hell, just thinking about it is making me squirm!"

"Me too!" Maggie said. And she wasn't just saying that. She was squirming in her seat already. She was glad she was sitting in a wood chair, so she could clean up the juicy mess her pussy was starting to leak.

Hillary continued, "So, even though you may not be bisexual, I see the relationship between you and me as a really great thing too. And I only mentioned blowjobs just now. Think about all the OTHER fun things the three of us could do together! Can you imagine the three of us spending an entire day together until Nick fucks our pussies so hard and so often that we can't even walk? I can! And sharing that with you will double the joy. Triple it, even! Or imagine..."

Maggie held her breath, but tried to keep her outward cool. She got nervous at the talk of actual fucking.

Hillary was going to describe a daisy chain, with Nick, Maggie, and herself each licking the privates of one of the others, but she realized that wouldn't work unless someone was doing some pussy licking. Maggie wasn't ready for that kind of talk.

Instead, Hillary waved her hands, and said, "Imagine so many things! I don't even know where to begin! Frankly, I'm starting to understand why you're so keen on sharing. In addition to the reason you gave about not wanting him to become too serious with you after your recent big break-up with your last boyfriend, I'm sure you're thinking that it keeps two to keep his cock in check."

"What do you mean?" Maggie asked, just to hear Hillary spell it out.

"You know exactly what I mean! He's a living sex machine! His cock NEVER goes down! At least, it seems that way. I've got a pretty big libido. I LOVE sex, and I don't care if everyone thinks I'm a slut. Fuck them! Sex is great. There's nothing to be ashamed about, if you're a 'good slut.' I tend to wear out my sexual partners, both male and female. But with Nick, I'm starting to think he's going to be the one to wear ME out!"

Maggie said proudly, "He cums about four to six times a day, on average."

Hillary waved her hands to express her feelings. "You see? You see?! That's nuts! That's like two normal guys! Or more!"

Maggie smiled knowingly. "I know. And you're right. Especially since there's something called the Coolidge Effect."

"What's that?"

She spoke honestly, "Studies show that men love to spread their seed around. It's a basic biological imperative. When a man is presented with a new woman to have sex with, he has remarkable recuperative abilities, as part of that biological drive to impregnate as many women as possible. The key for us is that 'new' doesn't have to mean a total stranger. It could just mean someone who's been out of the room for an hour or two. Between you and me, we could milk that, so to speak, to keep him cumming all day long!"

Hillary shook her head in disbelief. "My God! That sounds really hot! I love it!"

Maggie was very glad that Hillary was tentatively agreeing to her plan, but she wanted to see if she could get a stronger commitment, and right away. She said, "You know, you're very lucky. I don't think you could find a more ideal situation if you tried. Have you ever had a good threesome situation before?"

Hillary frowned again. "No way! Even for a 'good slut' like me, that's way out of bounds. I've never been in a situation where that was even proposed, and I have lots of friends and they've never heard of that either. If it happened to anyone in school, it would spread through the gossip grapevine like wildfire. Now, one guy going hot and heavy with more than one girl because he's not going steady with any of them, sure. Ditto with the sexes reversed. But that's very different from a true threesome, where all three have sex together. That never happens!"

Maggie pointed out, "But it does, because we're doing it. And what about orgies?"

"I've never been to an orgy," Hillary said, "That's not my scene, because I'm not that kind of slut. I have to have emotional feelings for a person first, so I don't do one-night stands. What about you?"

Maggie said, "As I told you, I was dating just one guy for my entire sex life before Nick, so I'm actually very sheltered and inexperienced in that way. Certainly, no orgies."

"Oh yeah. Right. Well, I've never taken part in an orgy, but I've been to some wild parties that practically were orgies, where people were getting naked and making out and even fucking out in the open. But I kept my hands to myself. I don't want to get handed around like a party favor! Yuck!" She stuck her tongue out.

Then she said, "You might get a true ménage-a-trois one-night stand, or even an orgy, but those sorts of things never last. The personal politics of it are a nightmare. It never, ever works out. People talk about it, but they never actually want to share."

Maggie was hoping Hillary would say something like that. "True. In general. And yet, look where we are!" She looked down at her nude body, then over to Hillary's nude body, then to Nick sleeping on the bed with his flaccid penis in sight. "We've already started doing it, and it DOES work! In fact, it's magical and wonderful, isn't it?"

Hillary nodded emphatically. "Yeah! We're breaking all the rules!"

"And if that's isn't enough, you have a great relationship with Anushka on top of that! And everyone's cool with it. What are the odds of that? They must be less than a million to one. Do you really need to think long and hard about whether you want to give this your best shot to make it last for the long term? Will you ever have another chance at something like this, even if you live for a thousand years? And, given that you're a bisexual, it fits your wants and needs perfectly. It seems like a no-brainer to me."

Hillary stared off into space for a minute or more. She was thinking hard. She tried to look at the situation from every angle. It did seem like the ideal situation, especially since she was anticipating Maggie to have a hot, bisexual side she couldn't wait to explore.

She finally looked back at Maggie. "You know what? You're right. Count me in!"



Maggie felt triumphant, but she wasn't done quite yet. "What about Spencer?"

"I can still be friends with him, right? I mean, I know he wants me, and I suppose I'm attracted to him, but not anything like how I feel about Nick! Spencer is the guy I would go out with in some alternate universe where I didn't meet Nick or you. I see that as a moot point now, which I why I have no worries about going with him to his yacht tomorrow."

"Fair enough," Maggie said. "But can you imagine how Nick feels about that?"

Hillary winced. "I know! I feel bad. But come on... a yacht! And not just that, he's going to go first class all the way. I want to see what it's like to live like a movie star for a day. Can't I do that?"

Maggie said, "That's understandable, though it doesn't seem to fit with your whole hippie and environmentalist ethic."

Hillary winced again. "UGH! I'm so bad! But he was going on the yacht anyway. They won't be using any more gas to have little ol' me on board. Besides, it's just this one time."

Maggie rolled her eyes, clearly showing she was disappointed. "Regardless, I think we all know Spencer is only inviting you so he can try to seduce you."

Hillary groaned. "I know that too! Damn! Spencer actually is a really nice guy. He's not the grabby hands type. I'm confident he won't make a pass at me tomorrow. Look. Let me be completely honest with you. I'm very beautiful. You are too. I don't want to fault it with others, but between you and me, there's no point for us to have false modesty."

Maggie nodded at that.

"I know it, but I don't let it go to my head. But because of my beauty, I've never really had a friendship without some sexual attraction there. At least I haven't in the past few years, since I started to seriously fill out. I'm used to that, and I know how to keep a friendship just a friendship, despite that. I can handle Spencer!"

Maggie said, "Okay, fair enough. Just remember that kissing on the lips or anything more than that is against the rules. You belong to Nick now. And Anushka. And, in a weird way, me."

"Of course." Hillary got a little thrill from Maggie's "belong" language. She wanted to tell Maggie that meant Maggie belonged to her too, but she refrained due to sensitivity over the bisexuality issue.

Maggie got to a very crucial point. "This situation needs careful balance to work. I remember you told Nick and me earlier, 'As you know, I'm going out with Anushka, and that's my big priority for me right now.' Those were your exact words. If this situation is going to work, your relationship with Nick needs to be equally balanced with your relationship with Anushka. You can't play favorites, or someone is going to feel left out and leave. I'm willing to give you equal co-girlfriend status with me. Can you make a similar sacrifice?"

Hillary put on a worried face. She sighed. "Oh boy!" She sighed again. "You're asking for a very big, very difficult thing there! I could, sure. That sounds fair to me. In the long term, I think that would be good, to have that balance. The problem is Anushka. She's the one that's going to need convincing on that."

Maggie pointed out, "What if, tonight, Anushka tells you that she's so upset about you and me French kissing that you can't be in the same room as me anymore? Or that she's taking away all your privileges with Nick? Or that you can't even see him either?"

Hillary sighed heavily. "In theory, she could do that. That has to change. The ironic thing is, she's actually sexually submissive to me. But because she had 'first dibs' on me, I felt it was only fair to get her permission before taking each step with Nick. The same with me wanting to get your okay before doing things with him, because you got to him first. But the situation is changing. She DID promise that I could date a boy, even before Nick came along. She needs to live up to her promise."

Maggie nodded, then asked, "But do you think you can convince her?"

Hillary pondered that, and then said, "I think so. It won't be easy. But I think she'll see that the only serious chance of having a long-term relationship with me is sharing me with a guy. That's just the reality. I have a track record that proves that. So I can get her to agree to that much easily enough. That's why she agreed to let me date a boy in the first place. I think I can get her to be an equal partner with Nick in sharing me. Ultimately, it's in her interest. I believe her best chance to have me for the long-term is if I have a very serious boyfriend too, to express my straight side. That's much more stable than if I keep going through short-term relationships with Spencer-type guys."

Maggie said, "I sure hope so. I'd consider that a vital part to your commitment to Nick, that you're not more committed to her. Otherwise, what you have with Nick is built on shifting sands. Anushka could snatch it all away at any time. Nick would never go for that."

"I know, I know! I know!" Hillary sigh heavily again. "Boy, this is tough. I'm pretty confident we can work that out, though."

She went on, "The bigger problem, Maggie, is you. As we found out today, you and I are going to be in a lot of highly charged sexual situations. Crazy things happen sometimes. We're going to be kissing, and licking cum off each other, and rubbing cummy tits together, and who knows what. One thing I'd love to try with you is snowballing. Do you know what that is?"

Maggie didn't, but she was feeling a growing heat and tingle in her pussy just the same. "No, what?"

"That means passing cum back and forth with open-mouthed kissing. We did a little bit of that earlier when you were licking his cum off my cheeks and kissing me, although we didn't use that much cum. Would you like to try that with a full mouth of Nick's cum?"

"DEFINITELY!" a very eager and wide-eyed Maggie said. But she forced herself to calm down, and tried to act nonchalant about it (though she failed miserably). She added, lamely, "I mean, uh, I'm willing to give that a try, if, uh, if you are."

Hillary smiled from ear to ear, because she could see just how eager to try that Maggie really was. She was tempted to tease Maggie a little bit, but she realized it wasn't wise.

Instead, she continued, "Me too. Plus, look at how we've kissed and rubbed our breasts together. I'm sure Nick is going to want us to do a lot more of that."

"For sure," Maggie happily agreed. "Can you imagine, after we've been sucking and titfucking his cock for a couple of hours, until his balls are seemingly drained dry, and our faces and chests are drenched with multiple cum loads? It looks like the fun is all over, but then you and I French kiss and outrageously rub our sperm-spattered breasts together! I bet you anything he'll get erect again in two seconds flat!"

Hillary brightened, and laughed, "Oh, no doubt!" She rubbed her hands together gleefully. "Good Lord! Do you realize the power this gives us?! Between that, and the Coolidge Effect you mentioned, we could get him to cum, like, 12 times a day!"

Maggie smiled from ear to ear. "Don't get me started! That sounds like heaven to me! God! Can you just imagine how sore our jaws will be after a marathon day like that?!"

Hillary laughed some more, with Maggie. "I know!"

Then she tried to calm down and get serious again. "So, as you can see, you and I, we're going to be doing some pretty intimate things. And we'll be naked around each other constantly! And that has nothing to do with my bisexuality, it's just two 'good sluts' having a sexy, fun time with their man."

"Agreed!" Maggie said. She could hardly wait for all of that to happen, especially something like a 12 orgasm day for Nick. That would mean dozens of orgasms for herself, and the same for Hillary.

Hillary continued more soberly, "The big question is, how will Anushka handle all that? That's the million dollar question. I'm sure she'd love me to get serious with some other guy who comes just as himself without a girlfriend."

Maggie said, "You have to talk to her and make her understand that's not going to happen. Guys don't like to share. Spencer especially. He's an establishment Republican type, as you know. Very traditional values. He wouldn't approve of your relationship with Anushka at all. He might be willing to go along with it at first, just so he could have sex with you, but it wouldn't be long before he was trying to undermine your relationship with her and get you to break up in every way possible."

Hillary put a hand on her chin. "Hmmm. Yeah, I can see that. He's a nice guy, but he doesn't even believe in evolution. Or at least that's what he says. I find it hard to believe that someone as smart as him could be as stupid as that. He probably thinks all gay people are going to burn in Hell."

Maggie was secretly cheering on the inside, because she could tell she was making her point. She conceded, since it was a moot point, "I hear he's really handsome though."

Hillary laughed. "Yeah, he is that."

Maggie said, "You need to make Anushka see that it's the very fact that Nick has me too that makes this all work. He can't demand you to get exclusive if he himself has another girlfriend. Like I said earlier, it's like a four-legged table. That's what makes the whole thing work. And, as part of that, you and I can't avoid being naked around each other a lot, and kissing, and rubbing our cummy breasts together, and the like. But I AM straight, so Anushka shouldn't feel threatened, even with all that nude contact."

Hillary didn't actually believe that account, because she could feel the sexual desire growing between her and Maggie. It had gotten much stronger in the last couple of hours alone. But Hillary had her own ultimate dream, just as Nick did. In her ideal scenario, she would get fully intimate with Maggie until they were a threesome in every way. She also would get Anushka to accept that, mostly because she knew Anushka was submissive to her and also desperately in love with her. It was pushy, but Hillary believed that Anushka would ultimately be happy with that if it meant the two of them truly could have a serious relationship that lasted a year or longer.

However, even though Hillary considered herself honest and honorable, she felt she had to keep certain things secret to make that dream come true, including playing along with Maggie's increasingly improbable claim to be completely straight.

Thus, Hillary nodded, and said, "I can see that. And if I put it that way, I think Anushka will too. Let me talk to her about all this tonight. I'll give Nick a call if things are going well with Anushka and if she generally agrees to this. Plus, hopefully, that she isn't royally pissed at me from the 'kissing with you' news I gave her. Then he can make his brief appearance. If she doesn't, then having him show up in the middle of our dinner would be like putting out a fire with gasoline."

Maggie agreed to that.

She was justifiably proud at how her negotiation with Hillary had worked out. She figured she was being clever, because her big concession to have Hillary be a co-equal girlfriend wasn't really a concession at all. That's what she and Nick were aiming for already. She hadn't been going out with Nick before, and her continued intimate relationship with him hinged on his intimate relationship with Hillary continuing too. (Or so Maggie thought. In fact, Nick was determined to keep her no matter what happened with Hillary.)

Maggie was much more concerned about Spencer than she'd let on talking to either Hillary or Nick. She hoped that getting Hillary to commit at least to fidelity with no one other than Anushka and Nick would mean that a smooth operator like Spencer would be frozen out of the picture before he could get a foot in the door. She had a hunch Spencer might try to make a pass at Hillary on his yacht tomorrow after all, so coming to this agreement prior to then was crucial, in her mind.

Maggie very much wanted to seal the agreement with another French kiss, but she doubted she'd be able to control herself. She decided she needed to spend some time away from Hillary and regain a grip before she did something that could get Hillary in even more immediate trouble with Anushka.

So, instead of a kiss, she said, "Excellent! I think this is going to work out great! This calls for a celebration, but I'm worried we're running out of time. When are you supposed to meet Anushka exactly?"

Hillary glanced at a nearby clock. "Ooooh shit! Not good! Too soon! We've got a reservation, obviously, and there's no way they could push it back at this late hour. I can't be late! I need to get it in gear!"

Maggie was secretly glad about that, because if Hillary was in a rush, there wouldn't be time for another prolonged make out session between them. She worried that she'd have no resistance whatsoever if that happened right now. To further avoid a kiss, she looked at Nick and said, "If that's the case, then I think we should wake up our dreamy cum-filled boy over there."

Hillary turned to look at Nick and laughed. He was still lying asleep in his bed, but his penis was erect again. In fact, it was so stiff that it was poking up at a jaunty angle. "Look at that! Are you kidding me?! It's getting downright hilarious! Nick is like a perpetual cum machine!"

Maggie couldn't stop smiling at that sight too. She hadn't noticed that his dick was engorged again until that look, because it just happened shortly before that. It gave her a naughty idea.

She stood up. "That he is! I've got an idea. Why don't you start getting ready? Figure out what clothes you're going to wear. Meanwhile, I'll wake him up in a special way."

Hillary chuckled. "Let me guess. Could it involve your lips and tongue on his boner?"

Maggie joked, "Excellent guess! No wonder you're in the Advanced Studies program. What gave it away?"

"Well, the way you're hungrily licking your lips, for one." Hillary laughed some more.

Maggie realized that in fact she was doing that. She didn't care. Reveling in her total nudity and wanton sluttiness, she carefully crawled up on Hillary's bed and positioned herself between Nick's legs, over his crotch.

Hillary went to her closet to start picking out clothes. She had other things to do to get ready that would take her to the bathroom and elsewhere in the house, but she didn't want to miss Maggie waking Nick with her oral skills.

A minute or two later, Nick woke up to a very pleasant surprise. Maggie was sucking him with deliberate extra noise, so there could be no mistake what was going on. He opened his eyes and looked down. "Jesus!"

Hillary joked, "Nope, guess again. It looks more like Maggie to me."

A very disoriented Nick looked around and realized he was still in Hillary's bedroom. Hillary was standing naked in front of her closet, holding some clothes. But she turned back towards him and gave him a wink.

Maggie spent the next five minutes up on all fours between Nick's legs, having the time of her life bobbing on her son's thick pole. The fact that she knew Hillary was watching more often than not was a big plus, and she put her whole body into the sucking, humping her ass in time to her bobbing head, to put on a sexy show for Hillary's benefit.

As she slurped with an exquisitely tight lip-lock, she thought, This is my new life now! The agreement with Hillary pretty much seals the deal! If she gets really serious, and all the signs look good, then I hope we won't hear any more talk about this arrangement lasting only a month or two. The two of us could well end up having a full-fledged relationship with him for the next two years! If not LONGER!

And you know what that means for me? A lot more adoring and pleasuring of my son's massive cock monster! Unfortunately, I'll still have to be in Margaret mode most of the time. That means I'll be waking up in my own bed, alone, instead of sleeping with my sexy son and waking him with a hummer as a daily habit! Sacrifices have to be made, to put up a front of normality.

But at least I can switch into Maggie mode a lot more often! Why shouldn't I drive him to school every single damn day! We need to talk about that, and soon! MMMM! But, even if that happens, I'll bet the times I'll get to wake him with my mouth are going to be precious and few. So I should enjoy this special time to the fullest!

Unfortunately, Nick and Maggie had to leave shortly after just the five minutes. They didn't want to be in Hillary's hair while she was rushing to get ready. Furthermore, Maggie had to prepare dinner for her "family" (if Andy could be counted in that), as well as help Nick get ready. Nick hadn't been to many fancy restaurants, and she wanted to dress and prepare him well so that he'd made a good first impression with Anushka.

So Maggie had to cut her blowjob short and get dressed.

As they left, Nick didn't even get much chance to say good-bye to Hillary, other than a few words and a brief French kiss. Hillary was fully into rushing to get ready by then, and he didn't want to slow her down and make her late.

— — —

Maggie felt a little bad about cutting off his blowjob like that. She was discovering that she did pretty well driving the car with one hand while rubbing the sweet spot on his cock with her other. So she stroked his stiff erection on the way home while she updated him on the great news about the agreement she'd just made with Hillary.

That made for a good combination, because what Maggie had to tell him was great news for Nick's sexual and romantic future with Hillary, which in turn meant great news for his future with Maggie too. Hearing that got him even more aroused and excited, and Maggie jacked him off the whole time.

Maggie was careful to keep her clothes on. But at a couple of the longer traffic lights, she dared to bend over, engulf his cockhead, and bob on him until Nick told her when the light turned green again.

More and more, Maggie was fully embracing her role not just as his "fake girlfriend" or co-girlfriend, but full-fledged personal slut. She was too ashamed to openly call herself that, but she loved serving his cock at pretty much every opportunity while in Maggie mode, and he loved it, so there was nothing to stop it from happening a lot, except for the fact that her Maggie mode time was so limited.

When Maggie parked the Ford Explorer in the garage, it was her intention to hurry inside and start making dinner. She was late on that already. But she decided she couldn't leave Nick hanging a second time. Besides, she was hungry for a celebratory blowjob.

So, once the engine was turned off, she simply leaned over and engulfed his cock. She bobbed and licked for a few minutes. She went at it so intensely that she didn't give him much of a chance to play with her body or take her clothes off. She was determined to get him to cum right away!

Nick managed to pull her top up to her armpits, but that was all he could manage, since he was so distracted. He couldn't even play with those tits because he was overexcited and struggling not to cum too soon by that point.

Nick was so excited about all that had happened, and especially the news of this agreement, that he didn't last long. He cried "CUMMING!" only a few minutes after she started her renewed oral attack in the garage.

Although Maggie had come to love facials and pearl necklaces, she took his load straight down her throat in the interest of time and cleanliness. It went without saying that it would have been problematic and dangerous for her to walk into the house with a face or chest full of cum! However, she left a little bit of his seed on her tongue, just because she loved to savor the taste.

His dick might have stayed hard, as per his usual "cums in twos" tendency, but he let to go flaccid because he knew they didn't have time for any more sexual fun.

All too soon, Maggie turned back into "Margaret." (She wiped her face clean before leaving the garage with a moist towelette, just to be sure there were no tell-tale stray cum gobs or streaks.)

Nick had to switch gears and get ready for a five-star restaurant. He would have been frustrated at the sudden shift, but he was too overjoyed by life to be frustrated by anything.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.