Chapter 37: Meeting Anushka (Friday)
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Nick kept hearing about Anushka, but he still only had a vague idea what she looked like. He could hardly wait to see her. He knew next to nothing about her, except that she was ethnically Indian, and Hillary thought she was beautiful and claimed she had breasts even bigger than her own.

Nick was fairly convinced that Hillary was lying about that last part. Hillary's breasts were already so large that they were wider than her upper torso. It seemed anatomically improbable to be any more stacked than that unless one was chubby or fat, yet Hillary implied that Anushka had an hourglass figure.

Nick drove a good deal faster than the speed limit in order to make up for the time lost while Maggie had been "inspiring" him on her knees in the garage. With her oral expertise on his mind, not to mention great, fresh memories of events from earlier in the day, he stayed erect and inspired all the way to the restaurant.

Arousing thoughts of Maggie also stopped him from worrying too much about what was going to happen. His great lust really did send his confidence soaring, every time.

— — —

Nick parked the Prius and hurried into the Park Avenue restaurant. Normally, he would have been interested in all the pomp and splendor of a five-star restaurant, but his only interest was in finding Hillary and Anushka. He walked around the restaurant trying to act like he was supposed to be there until he recognized Hillary.

Luckily, he was at a good angle to see Anushka's front side, so he stood back at a distance to give her a quick look over. He was immediately struck by her beauty. Oh my GOD! She's gorgeous! And stacked! I knew she was beautiful, but I didn't think she'd be THAT beautiful! She's in the same league as Hillary and Ma!

He tried to get a better look at her breasts, since he had such an interest in big tits. Whoa! Hillary was right! Anushka isn't just stacked; she's SUPER stacked! Hot damn! She's as endowed as Hillary, for sure. If not more so! WHOA! No wonder Hillary's going out with her! If I was bisexual, she'd be way up near the top of MY list!

He couldn't help but notice how dark Anushka was. In fact, he couldn't remember seeing a person as dark-skinned before who wasn't African American. He found her looks very exotic and appealing.

Consciously or not, he compared all women to his mother, and if they didn't at least come close to her beauty and curvy, busty shape, he just wasn't interested. That was an extremely high standard, and only a handful of girls at his high school were attractive enough to turn his head at all. Indeed, Anushka was in a different league than any of them, and only Hillary, Maggie, and Debra compared, at least so far. (Admittedly, he hadn't even taken a good look at most of the girls in the sophomore or senior grades, since the three grades were physically separated nearly all the time on their own floors or buildings.)

Nick decided to try not to be such a tit fiend and try harder to look at the rest of Anushka too, starting with her face. He could save ogling her tits for later, like saving a tasty dessert for after dinner.

She had a stunning face, much like that of a Bollywood movie star. Her facial features were simply perfect. Like Maggie or Hillary, she could have easily graced the cover of a popular magazine because of her face alone. She had sparkling blue eyes and long black hair. He made particular notice of the blueness of her eyes, because he figured that nearly everyone with black hair and dark skin had brown eyes.

Unlike Hillary, who never wore make-up as far as Nick could tell (and didn't need it), Anushka had a lot of make-up on. Her eye liner accentuated the exotic, oval shape of her eyes, particularly at the outer points. She wore long and highly decorative gold earrings. Her red lipstick made her lips look very inviting. She even had a piercing in one nostril.

He was also struck by her very sexy outfit. He could only see her from above the table, but she was showing off a surprising amount of skin. She wore a bright yellow top that covered about as much as a sports bra, if even that much, except that it covered her shoulders too. It showed off a dramatic amount of deep, plunging cleavage! She wore a sari of the same yellow color, but it didn't cover much at all that wasn't covered already by the sports bra-sized top. It was draped over her right shoulder, and swept dramatically to her left side. But it was thin so it didn't cover any of her cleavage, and it still left her belly button and the rest of her midriff bared.

She knew how to show herself off, because she had a muscular, sexy midriff on display, highlighting her unusually narrow waist, yet unusually wide hips. She had a true hourglass figure, even more so than either Maggie or Hillary.

One thing that struck him was that she seemed to have a jewel of some sort right between her eyebrows. He knew that some Indian women had a red dot there, but didn't know what it was called or what it was about. Anushka, though, looked to have something shining and yellow there instead.

If Nick's penis wasn't erect already, it certainly would have been after looking at Anushka, even though he was seeing her from four or five tables away. He thought, Damn! What a shame! It's downright tragic that she's lesbian, because she's seriously fuckable! And SO STACKED! I would do her in a heartbeat. No wonder Hillary is going out with her and says she's special. Whoa! She sure is!

He couldn't see much of what Hillary was wearing because she had her back to him, but he liked what he saw. Her back seemed almost totally bare, except for her long, straight, brown hair falling down over it. He actually had to take a closer look to confirm she was wearing any clothes at all.

He still hadn't been seen by either of them, so he had a chance to recover from his initial shock over how beautiful Anushka was. He did his best to tuck his erection away, although he couldn't entire hide the bulge in his tight slacks. Coming closer, he looked at their table and saw they must have finished eating and their plates had been taken away. He was glad he'd made it in time, before they left.

Anushka and Hillary were absorbed in conversation, so they didn't notice he was coming until he was standing right next to their table. Although neither of them were smiling, he was relieved that they didn't seem to be upset at each other.

To get their attention, he said, "Hey there! What's up?"

Hillary and Anushka stopped talking and looked his way. Hillary broke into a big smile, but Anushka frowned and stared at him with a critical, narrow gaze.

He stepped forward and held out his hand towards Anushka. "Hi, Anushka, I'm Nick."

Anushka stood up and shook his hand, but she didn't say a word. She generally had a poker face, except that her brilliant blue eyes were glaring at him.

Hillary stood up too, but she didn't give Nick a hug or a kiss, no doubt being sensitive of doing that in Anushka's presence. She was obviously proud to show off Anushka. "She's a beauty, isn't she?"

He replied, "My God, you were not kidding. I mean, I knew anyone going out with you had to be good looking, but Anushka, you're absolutely gorgeous!"

Anushka continued to glare at him. But after a pause, she politely muttered, "Thanks." Then she sat back down.

From his new position, he could see more of what Anushka was wearing. She wore a long skirt of the same exact bright yellow color of her sari and top. It covered most of her legs and her hips, but the hem line dipped down nearly scandalously below her tummy, showing bare, dark skin nearly to where the top of her bush, if she had one, would be.

He also was even more startled by the sheer size of her breasts! From afar, he could tell she was stacked, but due to the lighting he couldn't get a good idea of exactly how much. Up close, he realized that her boobs did seem to be even bigger than Hillary's! That was staggering. Hillary's F-cups on a girl her age was a very rare thing, especially for someone as fit and narrow-waisted as she was.

Anushka looked to be fit and narrow-waisted too, but her breasts were G-cups! At least!

He thought, Sweet Jesus! Mother of mercy! I think I'm in lust! But I've gotta play it cool. She's a lesbian! The absolute LAST thing she'll like is some male perving all over her. Don't look at her incredible rack! Anywhere else!

He took another look at Hillary, now that he could see her from the front. She wore a shimmering blue and purple dress that was more blue in some areas and more purple in others. The variation of colors and subtle patterns was like a work of art. Clearly, it was a very expensive dress. She looked much more covered from the front side. But the dress was held up by two straps, and between them there was a truly breathtaking amount of cleavage on display! She clearly wasn't wearing a bra, because the gap in her dress actually went a bit below her huge tits, allowing one to see a small triangle at the top of her tummy.

Thanks to Nick's very healthy libido, he couldn't help but picture Hillary and Anushka making love together. Wow, that would be so hot! A lot of people would pay some big bucks to see that. That would be just one notch less awesome than seeing Hillary and Ma fully getting it on. Hillary sure knows how to pick the most beautiful girlfriend in town! Excepting Ma, that is.

He pulled a chair up and sat down between Hillary and Anushka. Then the three of them began to talk.

He had assumed there would be some discussion about their possible relationship arrangement, but there was no mention of that kind of thing whatsoever, at least not yet. Instead, they started discussed the very basic "getting to know you" stuff -- one's hobbies, family, classes, possible friends in common, and so on.

It was a bit like pulling teeth, since most of the information-sharing needed to take place between Anushka and Nick, and Anushka was clearly reluctant to talk to him or ask him questions. Hillary had to assist in drawing her out, and sometimes elaborate her answers.

Nick wasn't enjoying himself. Anushka clearly saw him as competition for Hillary's affections. It looked like she had no interest in being his friend. She wasn't overtly insulting, at least not much, but she was surly, annoyed, disdainful, and kept giving him nasty looks. His erection was long gone, and his shyness was returning.

He remained curious about the yellow dot-shaped jewel between Anushka's eyebrows, and he was desperate for anything to talk to her about. So, during one particularly long awkward pause in the conversation, he asked her, "By the way, excuse me, but I have to ask. What is that beautiful jewel that you're wearing?"

He pointed to the spot between his own eyebrows to make clear what he was talking about.

Anushka replied with great annoyance, "It's called a bindi, idiot! Don't you know anything?!"

"Apparently I don't. Sorry for asking." He decided it was better not to ask her any more questions.

After just a couple of minutes of this, Nick said, "Sorry, but this isn't working. I think that maybe before we try to chat in a friendly way, we need to sort some difficult issues out. Hillary, did you talk to Anushka about, well, you know?"

Hillary replied, "I did. And she agrees!" Hillary smiled.

"Not willingly," Anushka complained. "What choice do I have? It's bad enough having to share my love with you" - she said "you" with contempt, and gave him the evil eye again - "but I have to share her with some college student named Maggie too?! I am NOT happy!"

Nick was tremendously relieved that Anushka had agreed, even though she sounded hostile about it. He decided that he didn't have the luxury to just bask in the great news. He had to act fast to help improve her attitude. So he said to Hillary, "I know this is kind of a strange thing to ask, but can I speak with Anushka alone for a few minutes?"

Hillary was surprised. "Are you sure that's a good idea? I'm pretty sure she's only holding her tongue, kind of, because of the setting and because I'm here."

He nodded. "I'm aware. But maybe it's good if she lets her frustrations out, so we can work on fixing what's bothering her. By the way, I take it you finished eating?"

A worried Hillary replied, "Yeah. We had dinner and dessert too. But there are lots of empty tables, so they're not in a hurry to kick us out."

He nodded and looked around. The restaurant was on the side of the hill, so even though they were on the ground floor, he saw a balcony area on one side of the room. He said, "Anushka, why don't we go to the balcony and talk there for a few minutes?"

"Fine!" She was still staring daggers at him. "Let's get this over with." She huffed with annoyance.

That huffing did some amazing things to her enormous breasts, but for once Nick's penis wasn't even erect to help him enjoy it.

Anushka had been as tight-lipped as possible since Nick had arrived. But as soon as she and Nick walked out of Hillary's hearing range on the way to the balcony, she hissed at him, "Don't you DARE touch me! If you even think about it, I'll rip your arms off!"

He didn't react to that, and just kept on walking.

As they got nearer to the balcony, she said in the same angry voice, "And don't you dare suggest some proposal that would involve you and I being in bed at the same time in any way whatsoever! That is NOT going to happen, so keep your sick fantasies to yourself! I'm 100 percent lesbian, and proud of it! I don't know why I'm willing to listen to you at all. When we get to the balcony, I have half a mind to throw you off it!"

He thought about joking, "You look sexy when you're angry." But of course he couldn't possibly even joke about that. However, it certainly was true that she looked even sexier when she was angry! She was a very passionate woman and it showed.

They came to a stop at the balcony. There were some tables for customers there, but since the sun had long since set, there was nothing to see in the dark, and it was colder than on the inside, none of the tables were occupied. Nick stood near the edge, but not too near, just in case Anushka got so angry with him that she started to take that idea of throwing him off seriously! He briefly noticed there was what looked to be an artificial lake about 50 feet below, off in the darkness, but he didn't care about that. It was an elegant restaurant, for sure.

With Anushka impatiently standing in front of him with her hands on her hips, he said, "Let me be frank. I know you're worried about me. You and Hillary have been dating exclusively for over two months now, and then she starts dating me. That's gotta bother you."

Anushka just sat there, somehow both poker faced and glaring. She wasn't making this any easier for him.

"I want to assure you that you shouldn't worry about me, and here's why. You know Hillary's dating history. She clearly desires both girls and guys, and she can't be satisfied with just one or the other. If you don't let her date a guy, her desire to do so will eventually grow too strong, and you'll lose her. Between us, I can keep her heterosexual urges satisfied, and you can keep her homosexual urges satisfied. Instead of her keeping her usual pattern and breaking up with you before long, we can both date her for many, many months to come. Who knows how long? The sky's the limit."

Anushka finally spoke. "I know that, you idiot. She and I just spent the last hour plus talking this into the ground. That's why I'm willing to let her date you. That's why I'm even deigning to speak to you now. But that doesn't mean I'm happy about it."

"But you should be. It's the only serious chance you have for a long-term relationship with her, and you know it."

She groaned in great frustration. Her fists on her hips were clenched. She said bitterly, "I've been thinking about this for days now. I've grown resigned to the fact that I may have to share her with you. I'm not happy about it, but I'll do it for the reasons you said. The logic is inescapable, given her personality and dating history. But I'm not about to happily share her with you AND Maggie! THAT'S what I can't stomach!"

He said, "Ah, but that's what makes this whole thing work. The normal male behavior would be if I tried to fight sharing her with you and tried to make her mine exclusively. But thanks to Maggie, I can't do that. I'll be splitting my heart between Hillary and Maggie. I can't expect or demand for her to be exclusive with me, if I can't be exclusive with her. It's the very fact that I'm dating Maggie that makes this work so well! It creates a stable balance. Can't you see that?"

Anushka kept on frowning, if not scowling. But she was paying attention.

He added, "Furthermore, it'll make the sharing easier. I won't be trying to completely monopolize her time or attention, because of Maggie. When you have a private night with Hillary, I'll probably be having a private night with Maggie."

Anushka was still frowning, but she did raise an intrigued eyebrow. That was a point Hillary hadn't explicitly mentioned yet.

"I know you see me as an adversary right now. But we should actually be allies! I'm rooting for you and her to stay together. Without you, I know she's likely to break up with me before long. I need you, and you need me. And yes, Maggie is a key piece too. Our enemy shouldn't be each other; it should be Hillary's well-known difficulty in maintaining long-term relationships. We need to try to change her whole approach, so she's happy with you and me, instead of always looking over her shoulder at someone new."

She replied haughtily, "Come back to me in a couple of months, and then maybe I'll take you seriously. You've only been with her a week."

"The better part of two weeks, actually," he said.

"Whatever! That's still next to nothing. You're probably just her latest flame."

"Okay, take that attitude if you want, but I think you know that's untrue. It's true that I've only been intimate with her for a short time, but I've had a heavy crush on her for three years now! She doesn't even know about that."

"She doesn't?"

"No. I've told her that I 'kept my eyes on her,' because we were in nearly all the same classes, but that's all I've said. But the truth I'm revealing to you is that I've been in love with her that whole time."


"Love. Again, I haven't told her that. I didn't want to scare her off by revealing the intensity of my feelings. But I'm sharing this secret now so you'll know how things really are, and how it benefits you. I didn't date anyone during that time because I only had eyes for her."

"Liar! You dated Maggie. Duh!"

"That started during this summer break, with Hillary out of my life for the entire break. But also, as for Maggie, you may not believe this, but I started going out with her in large part so I could go out with Hillary!"

Anushka scoffed, "Yeah, right!"

"It's true! I'd been Hillary's classmate for many years, but I was too shy to approach her. I'd learned everything I could about her, and I'd come to love her. Not just for her looks. Yes, she's very beautiful, but I love everything about her! Her personality, her smarts, her values - everything! It's the same as you. You love her beauty, but you love her inner beauty too, don't you?"

Anushka growled, "Don't try to win points with that sort of talk!"

He persisted, "You know what I mean, and I'm sure you feel the same way about her. I love her! And I'm sure you love her too, because Hillary says you do. With Maggie, I was able to get the sexual and social experience to break me out of my shy ways. And I knew that without that, Hillary would never give me a second look. I'm not some super handsome guy. But Maggie is quite beautiful, and the fact that she was my girlfriend was bound to gain Hillary's interest and make her think of me in a new way. And that's exactly what happened."

He went on, "So my plan was to 'springboard' from Maggie to Hillary. But a funny thing happened along the way: I fell in love with Maggie too! And that's good! Because, like I said, it creates balance for all four of us. If not for Maggie, all I would do is think about Hillary, and it would kill me to have to share her with you. As it is, I have no choice but to accept a sharing arrangement, because I'm asking Hillary to accept that same kind of arrangement."

Anushka pointed out, "I don't have a 'Maggie' of my own. Since I'm a lesbian, I don't have the urge to date girls and guys, like she does. So it isn't really a mirror situation. All I have is Hillary. So I DO think about her a lot. And it DOES kill me to have to share her with you!"

He nodded. "Understandable. Yet you know this is the only way, right? This is your one chance. If not for me, she'd be dating a normal guy who wouldn't want to share, and it would just be a matter of time before she broke up with you. Or, if it didn't happen then, it would happen with the next guy. Or the next guy. The whole situation would be an unstable roller coaster for you. Instead of saying to me 'Come back in a couple of months when I see you're serious,' you should be trying to do everything to make this work!"

She didn't reply, but she seemed to be giving that serious consideration.

He continued, "I'm in this for the long term. Period. I love Hillary. Period. I only have two women in the world I'm interested in or attracted to, and that's Maggie and Hillary. Whether Hillary successfully transitions to long-term relationships or not will largely depend on you and me, and how well we get along. If we're sniping at each other, undercutting each other, or even just not talking to each other, this whole arrangement will prove unworkable and fall apart. The next couple of months will be crucial. If we can get over that hump, I think things will get easier as time goes on."

He stopped and waited for her reaction. He was proud of himself, because he thought he'd done a good job of overcoming his shyness and making an eloquent and convincing case for himself. It helped that, while he'd lost his erection, he still was somewhat aroused, especially due to Anushka's bombshell beauty and her sexy and revealing yellow sari outfit. She was showing off darkly tanned cleavage for miles!

She pondered his words for some long moments, and then said, "Okay, since you're being so blunt and honest, I'll be blunt too. You're right, I don't think you're just the latest Johnny-come-lately. But that's what worries me the most: that her feelings for you are so strong. The last couple of days, she's been nothing but 'Nick, Nick, Nick.' You're all she talks about. I've been her confidante for years, way before we started going out, and she was never like that with anybody, not even with me!"

He said, "Thanks for your candor. If we can share our true feelings like this, I think we can get a lot done. But I know her desire for me is going to burn bright for a while and then fade some. That's human nature. It won't be 'Nick, Nick, Nick' all the time. I just hope that desire won't fade all the way out. The situation is kind of weird, because I've been in love with her from afar for a couple of years now, so I've had all these strong, bottled-up feelings for her, maybe exactly the same as you, it sounds like. And now my intense feelings are pouring out to her, and she's feeding off that. Things will normalize after a while, I'm sure. Besides, don't sell yourself short. Her feelings for you are very strong. When she talks to me, there's a lot of 'Anushka this, Anushka that.'"

"Really?" she asked. Obviously, she was very glad to hear that.

"Really. She sings your praises, big time!" Actually, that was a stretch. Hillary did talk about Anushka, but not that much. He figured Hillary would have talked about her more, but she was trying not to, to avoid seeming like she was attempting to play her two lovers against each other. Still, he said that because he knew that was something Anushka needed to be reassured about.

He paused, and then added, "Let me say this. From all I hear, you're very good for Hillary. You're remarkably beautiful."

She took a step back, and held her hands up. "Don't even try to hit on me!"

He rolled his eyes. "I'm not trying to hit on you. For Christ's sake! I'm just stating facts. It's important to be honest about this. If you can sincerely claim that you're not 'remarkably beautiful,' I'll eat both of my leather shoes right here, right now!"

She couldn't resist grinning briefly. "I'd like to see that."

He chuckled. "I'm sure you would, but I see you're not making that claim. You're not just the latest girl she happened to be dating when I started to get involved. There's obviously something special going on between you two, and the physical appeal is a big part of it. That's good! Good grief, woman! You're stunning! Your body is ridiculous!"

She wagged a finger at him. "I'm warning you about the flattery!"

"Again, I'm just stating facts, and you know it! I wouldn't be surprised if you're the only girl who could hold her interest for a long-term lesbian relationship. I think she loves you. I really want to be your ally on this, and hopefully eventually even your friend. Not to hit on you! I fully believe that you're lesbian. But so we can be better allies. I want to do all I can to keep your relationship with her going, and going strong. And that's not just because I want to be nice; it's because it will ultimately benefit me too."

She sat there thinking intently for a couple of minutes. She stared out into the darkness.

Eventually, he grew impatient, and asked, "Well? What do you think?"

"I don't know. I'm going to have to think this over. On one hand, your words are reassuring. They make sense. But on the other hand, they're almost TOO reassuring. You're obviously charming, clever, passionate, considerate, and plenty handsome. I'd almost have preferred it if you'd blundered in here like a typical clueless male and treated me like an enemy, instead of charming my socks off. At least then, I'd know how to treat you."

He was really surprised to hear that. For one thing, getting called "plenty handsome" was a surprise. And he certainly didn't think he'd charmed her "socks off."

He said, "I hope you don't really mean that, about hoping I'd be your enemy. We're in a very unique situation here, and it's a big challenge to make it work. Hillary's an amazing woman. I'm thinking that you really love her, and that you'd have a hard time sharing her with anybody. It would be easy to make the person you share her with the target for your frustration, but I'm not the enemy. I'm a man and you're a woman. I can physically and emotionally satisfy her in a way you simply can't. She wants a man to love. But at the same time, you can physically and emotionally satisfy her in a way I simply can't. She wants a woman to love too!"

She gesticulated, with a pained look on her face, "I get that. I do! I keep telling myself that. That's why I've given her permission to get intimate with you, up to going all the way. It bothers me that she's loving her times with you as much as she does. I burn with jealousy. But I could cope with that. Just barely, but I'd manage. The problem is Maggie too! You say she's beautiful. Hillary's also admitted that she's very beautiful. I'm afraid to see just how beautiful she is!"

Nick admitted, "She's all that. And then some." He didn't want to lie, but he also didn't want to say any more about Maggie's looks than necessary, since that would upset Anushka more. So he figured the vague truth was best.

Anushka raised her clenched fists up and then dropped them down in frustration. "See?! That's what kills me the most! Not only do I have to share Hillary with you, but with Maggie too! I know Maggie's supposed to be straight, but they kissed on the lips today while naked, and how straight is that?!"

Nick said, "I fully understand your concern there. To be honest, there IS some sexual attraction between Hillary and Maggie. But don't be alarmed! I've gotten to know Maggie quite well this summer. Hillary's so beautiful that even straight women are going to be at least a attracted to her. You've noticed that too."

Anushka's face was looking increasingly anguished.

But he quickly went on, "The main fact you should keep in mind is that Maggie's basically straight. She's fallen in love with me. We're getting really serious. She's not going to fall in love with Hillary. Period! It's not going to happen! She's three years older than us, and she's had lots of relationships, and she's never had any interest in women."

Anushka seemed to only get more upset.

That puzzled him. He thought that part would help. But he pressed on, "What's going on between Hillary and Maggie, it's a function of me being there. We're having a lot of fun with threesome situations. They've started taking turns giving me oral sex, for example. That's a big thing the three of us love." He said this despite the fact that it hadn't really happened yet. "The sharing of the penis is fun for them, and then when I cum, I cum over both of them. Then they share that too, by kissing and licking it off each other."

Anushka stuck her tongue out with a sour face. "Gross! That's so disgusting!"

"For you, sure, but not for them. There's physical intimacy happening between them. They're naked and touching and kissing each other. But it's part of a very heterosexual thing. It's mostly about sharing my cum, to be graphic about it. It wouldn't happen if I wasn't there. It pretty much just started recently, but I'm sure there's going to be a lot more of that from now on. And that's actually a GOOD thing for you."

She put her hands back on her hips and glared at him. "You've gotta be kidding me! I'd love to hear you justify THAT!"

"I'm being serious. Look at me." He held her arms up. "Physically, I'm not THAT much of a catch. Hillary could do a lot better, based on looks. I know it. That's a fact, just like you being startlingly beautiful is a fact. Hillary is really into me now, true. I do have some sexual skills. But it's going to be hard for me to keep her sexually interested for a year or more all by myself. There are many other guys who are way more handsome and 'studly' than I am. She and I click on many levels, but the sexual fire needs to be there too."

He continued, "But the threesome thing, that's my ace in the hole! That's something that Maggie and I offer that no one else can offer. The odds of the stars aligning for a threesome situation to work long-term are extremely, extremely small. Hillary really loves it! So as long as we keep doing things like double blowjobs, Hillary is much, much less likely to break up with me. And that means she's much less likely to break up with you. It's a big deal, believe me."

He went on, "Maybe it sounds ridiculous to you, but it's true nonetheless. Like I said, if people stay together in an intimate relationship, there has to be a sexual fire that keeps burning. Sometimes it's just ordinary sex. But sometimes it's something special, like anal sex, or bondage, or lactation, or some weird fetish. When you find someone who shares that same strange special thing, you're likely to hang on to them for a long time. With Hillary, it's the threesome thing with Maggie and me. She's the secret ingredient!"

He continued, "Not because Hillary is very attracted to her. She knows Maggie is basically straight and thus they would have no future. But having Maggie involved in the threesome, straight sex with me turns it it's a very different, and highly arousing, thing. Sharing titfucks and blowjobs and handjobs and the like, I honestly think that's going to be the key sexual glue that keeps Hillary and me together for a long time. Maybe you have some special sex act or two like that that's your glue with her."

Anushka turned bashful. "We do." Then she growled, and balls her fists at him, "But I sure as hell won't share what it is with you!"

He held his hands up defensively. "That's fine. I don't need to know. But maybe that helps you understand what's going on here. I know you want to say to Hillary, 'Fine, have sex with Nick if you must, but not Maggie too.'"

"I do! That's exactly what I've said to her already!"

"Very understandable. But Maggie and I work as a package. If you're really committed to seeing this thing through and having a truly sustainable long-term relationship with her, you need to get used to the idea of Hillary, Maggie, and me all being naked together, them sharing my penis a lot, and cum flying all over the place and getting licked up."

"Ugh! Yuck! So gross! I could never be a part of that! EVER!"

"Don't worry! That's totally not your scene. I understand. I'd never ask you to be a part of that, because it's a very heterosexual scene. But that's why you don't have to worry about Maggie. Yes, Hillary and Maggie are bound to kiss and touch each other's naked bodies and the like. A lot! I'm not going to sugarcoat it. But the bottom line is Maggie isn't a lesbian like you. She's simply incapable of falling in love with another woman! And she's already very much in love with me! She's not a threat to you. She's a vital part of what's going to make this bizarre four-person relationship work. In fact, I'm sure it would soon fall apart without her."

Nick was trying to be honest. He didn't know exactly how bisexual Maggie might end up being. He was secretly rooting that she and Hillary would get even more sexually intimate with each other, something he definitely wasn't going to tell Anushka. But he believed that he was being honest in a larger sense, because he was convinced that Maggie was far more heterosexual than she could ever be homosexual. That meant that whatever sex Maggie and Hillary might end up having was just recreational.

Plus, the secret yet vital fact was that she was his mother, which meant they shared a very deep and special love. Nick couldn't possibly imagine Maggie falling out of love with him and falling in love with Hillary instead.

Anushka was silent for a while. She frowned as she intently pondered his words. Finally, she asked, "And what about you and me? Like I said, if you so much as hint that I need to have sex with you to 'stabilize' the 'balance' or some crap like that, I'm gonna throw up! And then I'll chuck you over this balcony!"

To his great surprise, she suddenly thrust her chest out in his direction, while arching her back and keeping her arms pinned back. "Check out this rack! You want to know one of my secret weapons to keep Hillary? How 'bout these G-cup breasts?! And I'm not even done growing yet. I feel a new bra size coming on! See them and weep, because it'll be a cold day in Hell before you get to know what it feels like to touch them! If you ever try, I'm going to smack you so hard your head will land in a different state!"

Nick's penis had grown flaccid, but it suddenly surged back to life. He loved big breasts, of course, and hers were just about the biggest he'd ever seen! He'd seen porn on the Internet where the woman had breasts that were too large for him and actually a turn off, but that definitely wasn't the case with Anushka! Plus, the combination of her remarkable breast size, then her narrow waist, then her wide hips, was even more arousing. It was agonizing for him to remind herself that she was totally lesbian.

Having made her point, she relaxed her pose. She leaned in to him and pointed a finger at him accusingly. "I know you! Hillary says you love big breasts, and the bigger the better! I'm sure you're already thinking that you're so suave and clever, you're not only going to get me to agree to this fucked-up four person thing, but you're going to end up fucking me too! I'll tell you right now that you're sadly mistaken! I have no interest in men. None. Zip! Nada! So don't even go there! If you try, it's just going to fuck things up!"

He held up his hands in a defensive pose again. "I'm not going to go there! Don't worry! Yes, I'd freely admit that I've noticed you're very beautiful AND very endowed. In different circumstances, I would love to have sex with you. But that would be an alternate universe in which you were straight and I wasn't already in love with Maggie AND Hillary. Men look. When we see a new woman, we basically size her up as 'fuckable' or 'not fuckable.' We still do that even when we're totally in love. But it doesn't mean anything, and I certainly would NEVER try to get fresh with you. No way!"

He pleaded, "Look. I really, really want this to work. I love Hillary. I love Maggie. I have a great and ideal situation where hopefully, I'll get to love them both. I'm not going to screw that up for anything. I'll do all it takes to make it work."

She pointed at him again. "Then I expect concessions from you. BIG concessions!"

He daringly said, "Sorry, but no concessions. This has to be a balanced situation. If, say, you get to see Hillary most of the time and I only get to see her a little, that's not balanced. She'd start to resent that, and treasure her time with me more than her time with you. Same deal if she spends a lot more time with me than with you. She'll come to resent me. It has to be roughly equal. When I say I'll do all it takes, I mean I'm going to fight to the bitter end to establish the best situation to make this work for the long-term. If that means I'll have to make sacrifices, then I will. But some sacrifices will ruin the balance, so I'm not willing to do that."

She glared at him, and then suddenly walked away. But she only walked in a circle about ten feet from him and then she came right back. She huffed, and put her hands back on her hips. "You're infuriating, you know that? Everything you say makes sense. I can't defeat your logic. But everything also strangely seems to greatly benefit you. And Maggie. And it leaves me fucking frustrated and suffering!"

He said, "Tell me what it would take to make this situation more workable for you. Ultimately, if you're not happy, it's not going to work. I want you to be happy! As long as we keep the overall balance, I'm glad to make those kinds of concessions. For instance, what if you and I both want to do something with Hillary next Friday night? I can defer to you at times like that. Just so long as there's an overall balance on the number of nights the each of us spend with her."

"And what about Maggie? Would she get her nights with Hillary too?"

"Are you kidding me? No! Maggie's not looking for a relationship with Hillary, and Hillary's not looking for a relationship with Maggie. Well, except as friends. If Maggie's going to be in a sexual situation with Hillary, it's because I'm there too. It's all about the sharing of the cum and the sharing of the penis and all that."

Anushka let out a heavy sigh. After staring at Nick for some long moments, she said, "This sucks! I feel like I'm getting screwed over here, big time! Two weeks ago, I had Hillary all to myself. And now this!"

He pointed out, "Yes, but in another month or two, you would have lost her. To quote Sting, 'If you love somebody, set them free.' If you try to keep her all for yourself, you're going to lose her. The question is, would you rather keep her all to yourself for a very short while, or dare to share her for a potentially very long time?"

She sighed heavily again. "You know the answer. I love her! I have no choice. I have to try for the long-term dream. I said I needed to think on this, but what's the fucking point? I guess I have no choice but to agree to your fucking stupid plan!" She stomped her foot in frustration.

That set her enormous tits jiggling, but he resolutely stared only at her face. Luckily, her face was so stunning that that was very easy to do.

He grinned. "That's the spirit. You won't regret this. I promise. I know this is really unorthodox, and we're jumping off into the great unknown, but I feel in my gut that it's going to work out. If it doesn't, neither of us will be able to say that we didn't try all we could to keep our love with Hillary going for as long as we possibly could."

She grumbled, "Yeah, I suppose."

He stuck his hand out. "Shake on it?"

She gave him an annoyed look. "You definitely have some chutzpah. That's for sure. But fine." She stuck her hand out, but didn't quite touch his. "However, if there's a big conflict on a key night, I get to be with her."

He replied, "Just so long as there's balance. For instance, if you get first dibs of a Friday or Saturday night with her, I'd get the one you don't want."

"Fair enough. And, if I'm unhappy with anything for whatever reason, you'll work to make it better, because you said that if I'm unhappy this arrangement won't work."

"Right. I'll do all I can. This is a living experiment. Unexpected surprises and challenges are going to come up. But if you and I work as a team and truly cooperate, we can overcome all obstacles. You and I, we don't have to like each other at all. It would be nice and helpful, and I'm going to try to befriend you, but it's not an absolute must. In any case, we do have to do our best to cooperate and make this work. Agreed?"

She started to bring her open hand to Nick's, but again, she pulled back at the last second. "Wait! One other thing. I still haven't given you permission to go all the way with her!"

Nick dropped his hand. He stared up at the ceiling and exhaled heavy. "Crap!" Then he looked back at her. "But we do have permission to do everything with her short of that, right?"

"I suppose." She pursed her lips unhappily.

Nick was secretly pleased. Not being able to fuck Hillary yet was extremely frustrating. But he was confident that would happen soon, and that it wouldn't take long. If nothing else, Hillary would put pressure on Anushka until she gave in.

He considered it much more important to win the concession that Anushka couldn't limit what Maggie and Hillary did to each other, at least short of penetration there too. He'd been very careful about that issue during this entire discussion, since it was highly upsetting for Anushka if Hillary were to get sexually intimate with another woman. She might not have fully realized it, but she was agreeing for Maggie and Hillary to get very intimate with each other indeed.

He asked, "Just when would you give that permission? If you keep holding it back, then we're not going to have the necessary balance to make this work."

She put her hands on her hips. "Look. I'm not an asshole. I know that's the one thing Hillary craves most from a male partner. If she's not getting that, she's not going to be happy, and I want her to be happy, despite the pain of having to share. But first I want to make sure you're not some kind of con artist who's screwing me over with this deal. If you're everything you say you are, I'll give that permission soon. And who knows? We might even come to tolerate each other."

"Okay. Fair enough. Agreed?" He stuck his hand out for a handshake again.


They shook hands.

As soon as Anushka took her hand away, she said with a concerned face, "I can't believe I just agreed to all that! And right after Hillary hit me with all kinds of shit I had to agree with. This has been a double whammy of a terrible evening for me."

He said, "You feel that way now, but in six months, you'll be looking back and feeling very, very glad that this evening happened, because it allowed you to stay with Hillary for all that time and beyond."

She shook her head. "I sure hope so. Boy, if I go through all this and she dumps me in a month or two anyway, I'm going to come looking for you!" She pointed a finger at him threateningly.

"Don't I know it! Remember, our enemy is Hillary's trouble staying in committed relationships, not each other. Together, I want to see this arrangement last all the way to graduation. At bare minimum! I'm going to share another secret to you I haven't told Hillary or anyone else yet: my ultimate dream is to be with Hillary and Maggie forever! If that means I'd have to share Hillary with you forever too, I could totally live with that, if that's what makes Hillary happy."

There was a long silence as Anushka pondered that. She stared off into space. Then she make eye contact, and examined him closely. "'Forever?!'"

"Forever. And if this four-person thing works, then I'll want to keep that going forever too. Because if it ain't broke, don't fix it. So that means 'forever' for you too."

She stared at him critically, "I get that. But that would also mean you're with Hillary AND Maggie forever! Just who the hell ARE you?! The fact that you've captured Hillary's heart as much as you have is startling enough. But you say Maggie is very beautiful too, and you've captured her too! And then you want to have them as co-girlfriends for years?! Maybe forever?! Do you know how IMPOSSIBLE that is?!"

"Yes, but that's also what makes it work. It's like I was saying about finding someone who has the exact same weird fetish as you. Like, imagine you're a grown man and you can only get aroused while wearing diapers. Then you find a woman who also is only turned on by a man in diapers. You two would stick together like glue because you're almost certainly never going to find another like that! That's how I feel things are with Hillary, Maggie, and me. Yes, it's basically so improbable to be practically impossible to get a viable threesome relationship going. But now it has, and it works for us, we're going to stick together like glue! And you're actually part of that glue, precisely because Maggie is straight, not lesbian, so Hillary needs YOU!"

Anushka said, "I get all that. You're repeating yourself. Although hearing you say that does make me feel better. But such things don't 'just happen.' The three of you didn't fall into it like you fell into a whole. What the hell happened?! As you point out, Hillary could find a more physically impressive guy than you. But she's with you. What's your secret? And you some kind of fucking mind controller or what?! I'm seriously puzzled!"

He said, "It's like I said, how I was trying to 'springboard' from Maggie to Hillary and ended up with both. Luck was involved, believe me! Lots of luck! But also..." He paused and bit his lip.

"What?!" She asked impatiently.

"I wasn't going to bring this up, because you'd accuse me of trying to come onto you. Do you promise not to do that?"

She put her hands on her hips, which was a very sexy pose. But then again, every pose was a sexy pose, with her body. "I'll reserve judgment until you tell me. But I'll try to be tolerant."

"That's the best I can hope for, I guess. You see... I think my penis size has a lot to do with it. It's not super long, but it is really wide, and apparently that makes a lot more impact on a woman's pleasure. You probably know that from using dildos and strap-ons and whatnot. Furthermore, I seem to be naturally blessed with sexual stamina and recuperative ability. The bottom line to all of that is that I can offer them a lot of sexual pleasure. Maybe the greatest sexual pleasure they've ever had."

He added, "That's another thing that should be good news for you. Because I can offer Hillary better sex that almost any other man, so she's less likely to break up with me. And, just looking at you, I'll bet you can offer her incredible lesbian sex too. So she's less likely to break up with you. Stability! Balance! Hillary's a remarkable woman, so she deserves remarkable partners. I may not look like Brad Pitt, but if I leave her very satisfied that's the main thing, right?"

There was another long silence as Anushka thought all that over. She finally said, "Sheesh! You're skating on thin ice! That comes very close to you basically saying 'I'm so awesome that you should try sex with me.' But... I can understand why you said it. That DOES explain a lot of the mystery of how you could win two bombshells like them and even have them willing to share you. So I guess I won't throw you over the balcony just yet."

She grinned at that last comment of hers.

He grinned too. "Note to self: next time I talk to Anushka, don't do it near a balcony!"

She laughed, then tried to squelch it before she finished laughing in the natural way. She glared at him. "But see? Obviously your penis size and all that doesn't explain ALL of why they've fallen for you. Clearly, you're clever AND charming! Too damn clever, if you ask me! I can't BELIEVE the things you made me agree to tonight!" She poked a finger in his direction. "You're dangerous! That's what you are. Dangerous!"

He didn't know what to say to that strange combination of compliments and warning.

She added, "That joke is another example, showing your humor. So you're funny too, which is even worse!"

He said, "No, even better. The more impressive I am, the more Hillary's likely to stay with me, and the more things will be stable for her to stay with you. Besides, you're funny too, like your comment about how you won't throw me over the balcony just yet."

She glowered, "Yeah, but the difference is I'm not joking about killing you!" But then, after a perfectly timed pause, she broke into a big smile.

He did a double take as he realized that was a joke too. "Damn! You got me! Nice! I can totally see why Hillary is in love with you. First, you look the way you do, which I won't get into detail about for fear of castration-"

"Smart man!" She grinned impishly.

He resumed, "Plus, you clearly love her and will fight hard to keep her. And you're smart. I can see that just from this one conversation. And, we've been talking seriously so there hasn't been much chance to show it, but I'm seeing at the end here that you can be quite funny and charming too. So what more could Hillary possibly want in a lesbian lover than you!"

She growled at him. "Ugh! You're too much! I'm actually enjoying talking to you, which I never thought I'd do in a million years! And you've got a silver tongue with all these compliments."

"Hey. I'm only telling you the truth. I can see you're a good judge of character. You'd know right way if I wasn't being sincere."

"UGH! See?! You're doing it again! You really are a case! Please, go, already!"

With a smile, he concluded, "Don't worry, I'm going. You and Hillary still have a long evening ahead of you. Turn this frustrating evening into a magical one. Have some fantastic make-up sex with her!"

Anushka sighed heavily. "Have you figured out what you want to do for a living yet?"

He was startled by that random question. "No. I figure I've got a few years before I have to start to decide. Why?"

"You should go into sales. You could sell snow to the Eskimos!"

He chuckled. "I'm no salesman. It's not me, it's just that this is a plan I strongly believe in. It works and makes sense. You'll see. Plus, my love is driving me, pushing me way out of my comfort zone. I'll do anything to win Hillary and keep her. Like talking to you. That wasn't easy."

Anushka sighed. "I hope you're right. And I also hope I never have you as an enemy. You ARE dangerous!"

Sensing their conversation had come to a good ending point, he said, "Can you do me a favor and not tell Hillary the secrets I told you?"

She asked him with a twinkle in her eye, "Like you're not just a very big dick, but you're secretly in love with her? Or how you've been in love with her for the past few years?"

"Exactly. I sense you're a nice person, and an honorable person too. So I'm trusting you with those secrets. I hope we'll eventually reach a point where we'll be able to share other secrets if it can help us maintain whatever want to call this four-person network of relationships."

She pouted, "Drat. I was going to tease you about blackmailing you, but you just took the fun out of that. Don't worry, you can trust me with those secrets. I don't fully trust YOU yet, though!"

"Understood. That will take time. But I'm going to prove myself worthy of your trust. You'll see."

The two of them walked back to where Hillary was sitting, looking bored. As they got close, Nick remembered the lake in the darkness below the balcony, and playfully asked Anushka, "By the way, when you were going to throw me off the balcony, were you going to aim for the lake or the land?"

She merely replied, "As if you have to ask!" She laughed.

He chuckled at that amusingly enigmatic answer. Man! I really like this Anushka! So fucking hot and stacked! AND she's passionate and spunky! Maybe it's a good thing she's lesbian, because I don't want to mess up the impossibly great thing I have going with my two dream girls, and it would be incredibly tempting to push my luck by trying to rope her in too.

Hillary perked up when she saw them coming. She asked, "What's been going on?! You two have been talking intensely for a long time. I've been peeking from here. But I didn't see any yelling or fisticuffs, so at least that's good."

Nick said, "I think we've come to a good arrangement that'll work for us all. But I've probably overstayed my welcome. Anushka must be sick of me by now. So I'm going to go, and I'll leave it to her to explain things to you, okay?"

"Okay." Hillary beamed, delighted beyond words that Nick and Anushka seemed to have reached some kind of arrangement.

To Nick's surprise, Anushka stood up to see him go. She held her hand out to shake his hand again.

Nick shook her hand, and said, "It was very... interesting to meet you."

Anushka responded, "It was interesting to meet you too. Let us hope that the meaning of 'interesting' isn't in the meaning of the ancient Chinese curse." Seeing Nick's quizzical look, she explained, "The saying is 'May you live in interesting times.' Think about it."

Nick smiled. Letting go of her hand, he said, "I don't have to, I see what you mean. Hopefully things won't get THAT interesting. Goodnight Anushka, Goodnight Hillary." He turned and left.

He was frustrated that he left without even kissing or hugging Hillary good-bye. He didn't want to press his luck with a show of affection in front of Anushka. He figured that was probably a good thing, especially since his erection had come back with a vengeance from simply looking at Hillary and Anushka together in their remarkable outfits and even from shaking Anushka's feminine hand.

He was sorely disappointed that Anushka was lesbian. He loved Hillary and Maggie with all his heart, but he was young and horny, and he couldn't help but fantasize.

He was extremely pleased at how that encounter had gone, overall. He knew he'd never been that articulate or convincing before. He felt that his love and passion for Hillary and Maggie had guided him and boosted his confidence, allowing him to make the strongest case he possibly could.

When he came home, Maggie was waiting for him. She was dressed in her "suburban soccer mom" clothes, and she made it clear that no hanky panky was allowed. (She'd masturbated in her bedroom while he was gone to burn off her sexual frustration, since she'd had to break off the blowjob before he left.)

She went to his bedroom with him and they sat a safe distance apart while he told her everything he could remember about what he'd said and done.

Maggie was extremely pleased at how well he'd done. The temptation to sexually reward him was nearly overwhelming. But she was steadfast in her determination to maintain her Margaret persona at home.

So, instead, once he finished talking, and she finished congratulating him, she went back to her bedroom and masturbated herself until she tired herself out so much that she fell asleep.

Just before doing her bedroom tasks prior to turning in for the night, she checked her cell phone and saw that she'd gotten a message from Sally. She felt bad, because Sally had left her a couple other messages in the last week or so, and she hadn't responded at all. The problem was that she simply didn't know what to say or how to behave with her. Since Sally knew her so well, she fretted that she would somehow unwittingly reveal her incest secret.

Since it was late, she told herself that she would cally Sally back tomorrow. But deep down she knew that she wouldn't because she still was afraid to have any contact with her.

Nick also essentially masturbated himself to exhaustion. He came twice into a sock. Then he slept the sleep of a truly satisfied man. He felt more than ever before that all his greatest Maggie and Hillary plans and dreams were coming true.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.