Chapter 38: Nick's First Pussy Lesson (Saturday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie found herself sitting on an airplane. She was in the window seat, and Nick was right next to her in the aisle seat. In addition to their two seats, there were three seats in the middle, and the two more seats on the other side. All those seats were occupied, as were nearly all the rest in the airplane.

Maggie had no idea why she and Nick were on a plane, or where they were going. But that didn't matter, because she was completely naked and she had Nick's erection in her hand! Nick was fully dressed and casually reading a magazine, but his pants were opened wide at the undone zipper, giving Maggie access to his cock and balls. Even though Nick seemed fully absorbed in the magazine and wasn't paying her any mind, she couldn't seem to stop stroking his cock! Nor could she see any sign of her clothes nearby. She was the only naked person on the plane that she could see, but nobody seemed to be paying her any attention whatsoever.

Maggie was beyond ashamed at her situation. Her face was burning red with shame. But she was aroused beyond belief too. She didn't even consider stopping her stroking of Nick's throbbing cock, and in fact she brought a second hand-over to caress his balls too. But she very much wanted to do something to cover her nudity. However, there was nothing to do. She looked around her seat and she couldn't find a blanket or even a pillow.

She decided to duck down. But the only way to lean down was towards Nick's lap, and she wound up "ducking" right into his cock! Somehow, she found herself licking it. Then, less than a minute later, she craned her mouth open wide and started to bob on it. It was already dripping with cum and saliva, so she figured she must have been bobbing on it a good deal already.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on sucking and licking. That allowed her to pretend she wasn't buck naked on a crowded airplane! Her whole world became his cock. Well, mostly. She couldn't entirely forget where she was, and that kept her face burning with shame and humiliation. But it also kept her pussy burning too!

Nick kept on reading his magazine. Maggie actually could feel the bottom of it brushing the top of her head at times. But occasionally he absent-mindedly ran his hands through her hair or even down her back. However, his constant moans of pleasure showed how much he was enjoying her oral talents.

Maggie was annoyed that he was so busy with his magazine. She went all out, using her hands, lips, and tongue, and every trick she could think of, to get him to at least pant hard and stop reading.

She was making some progress when she heard a voice.

"Excuse me, sir. Would you like something to drink?"

Maggie was horrified. She realized from the polite and friendly tone of voice that had to be a flight attendant coming by to take everyone's drink orders. How could this woman not notice Maggie's nudity and what she was doing? It was impossible! She wanted to pull up, but that would only multiply her embarrassing situation.

Nick said, "Um, yeah. I guess I'll have an apple juice."

The attendant said in a totally unperturbed voice, "Good choice. They say if you drink juice instead of milk or soft drinks, your cum will taste sweeter. And what would your mother like to have?"

Maggie was so horrified to hear herself referred to as Nick's mother that she popped her lips off Nick's cock and pulled up to stare incredulously at the attendant. "What did you say?!"

The beautiful attendant, who Maggie didn't recognize, just smiled patiently at her and said, "I was just asking what you'd like to drink."

Maggie saw that the attendant was looking down at her big, bare breasts, so she covered them up as much as possible with her arms and hands. "What?! No, I mean what you said. 'Mother!'"

The blonde-haired Scandinavian-looking attendant still didn't seem even slightly fazed. She shrugged. "Oh, I just assumed you're his mother since you're obviously sucking his big cock and not wearing any clothes."

WHAT?! Maggie thought. That doesn't make any sense!

Nick had put his magazine down, and he was looking amused and also not at all bothered by the interaction. His cock was sticking straight up, defying gravity through sheer lust.

The attendant noticed that. She smiled, reached down, and held Nick's boner in her hand. She said brightly to Maggie, "And what a lucky mother you are. Your son's cock is exceptionally thick! No wonder you're been sucking and stroking it since we were on the runway." She started ostentatiously stroking it up and down.

Maggie couldn't believe what was happening. With her huge breasts as covered as well as she could manage, she leaned forward to look past the attendant as best as she could and see how the other passengers were reacting this. But none of them seemed to care. Even the older man sitting directly across the aisle from Nick didn't lift his eyes from his Economist magazine.

Maggie was startled again when the attendant asked her, "Do you mind if I...?" She didn't know what the sexy attendant was talking about, but she shook her head to show she didn't mind, whatever it was.

The attendant gave her a grateful smile. She dropped to her knees in her tight attendant outfit, right there in the aisle. She looked around conspiratorially, and then said to Maggie, "It looks like the others are going to have to wait a little while on their drinks. I want something to drink too: your son's cum!" Then she opened her mouth wide, engulfed Nick's cock, and started bobbing on it.

A red-faced Maggie was shocked all over again. But she was also annoyed. That's MY son's cock! It's MY job to keep it stiff and throbbing, thank you very much!

Forgetting about keeping her breasts covered, she crossed her arms under her massive rack and huffed in annoyance while she watched the attendant's blonde hair bobbing up and down.

Nick turned to Maggie with a shit-eating grin. "This is my favorite airline!"

Maggie rolled her eyes. She said bitterly, "I'll bet."

But she was shocked again when she looked back at the attendant and saw that her hair had turned from blonde to brown when she'd been looking up at Nick. The brown-haired head came up and the face was Hillary's! She still wore the attendant uniform, and she was in the exact same kneeling pose, but somehow she'd become someone else.

Hillary said, "Don't worry, Maggie. We'll share. Don't we always?" She smiled warmly. "Here, it's your turn next." She reached out, put her hand on Maggie's head, and pulled her back towards Nick's stiff cock.

Maggie immediately got busy bobbing some more. But she didn't know what to think. She was so extremely aroused that she couldn't stand it. But she was still feeling extremely humiliated and confused too. Having Hillary there and sharing in the cocksucking at least meant she had someone to sympathize with her. But she didn't understand anything. How did the attendant turn into Hillary? What happened to her clothes? Why did nobody, not even Nick, think any of this was odd in the slightest?

— — —

Just then, Maggie woke up.

She bolted up in bed, her eyes immediately wide open. Her heart was racing and she was panting hard. Her body was tingling with arousal, especially her nipples and pussy, her face was flushed. She thought, A dream?! That was just a dream?! Phew!

She looked around her bedroom to confirm that this was reality. The sun was shining in through the windows. She checked her clock and saw it was time to wake up anyway. Shit! That's a relief! But still, what a fuckin' weird dream. But then again, I've been having a lot of those lately.

That was true. She'd been having dreams of this nature every night, for days now. During the last night alone, she'd had several other sexual dreams that featured both Nick and Hillary, and usually lots of cocksucking and female nudity. The difference was that she hadn't fully woken up, so she didn't remember them clearly. But this airplane flight dream stuck vividly in her mind.

She laid back down and closed her eyes again, so she could try to remember it. Despite its strange and humiliating nature, she even tried to go back to sleep and resume the dream where it had left off. She could put up with the strange situation if it involved lots of cocksucking! But she was far too wired and aroused to get back to sleep.

So, instead, she had a long masturbation session where she completed the dream as best she could in her waking mind. Back on the plane, Hillary soon wound up naked too. After the two of them took turns cocksucking and titfucking Nick's cock for a long, long time, Hillary climbed up on Nick's lap, and impaled herself down on his fat boner. She joyously and very vocally bounced on his thick pole until he finally came inside her.

At that point in the fantasy Maggie had her masturbatory orgasm in real life. Once she was sexually satiated, she finally opened her eyes for good and got out of bed.

She staggered off to take a shower. Since she'd taken sole possession of what used to be the master bedroom she and Andy had shared, she had her own bathroom.

She felt guilty and upset. As the cool water poured down on her, she thought, Fuck me! That was a fucking crappy dream. Why did it have to be all weird like that, and on an airplane, no less?! Does that represent some subconscious desire of where I want to end up? Constantly naked, horny, and permanently attached to Nick's big cock?

Well, if I put it that way, it sounds pretty good, actually! She chuckled to herself. But it's fucked up too. Why all the humiliation? Nick was smug and taking me for granted. And why the hell was I naked in the middle of a crowded airplane?! That can't be healthy! And what's the worst of all is that I continued the dream in my mind even after I woke up.

Sure, that dream was hot as hell, but it was also a cautionary tale. That's what's going to happen if I don't get my act together and put some limits on my sexual desires. I'm losing all perspective. It's only been a week since I've started getting serious about pleasuring Nick's cock, and my life is spinning out of control!

She contemplated calling off Nick's cunnilingus lessons planned for that morning. However, she decided she couldn't afford to do that. She figured that the hand-over goal was all important, and she needed to get her act together and her willpower together so she could get him able to perform at least competent cunnilingus for Hillary. If he didn't, the entire hand-over plan could be in jeopardy.

However, she decided, It's better if I limit herself to just that one sexual encounter with him for the entire day. I don't know what's going to happen at Shannon's party, but I hope that it will be a normal party where one just mingles and meets new people, so no, or at least very little, hanky panky can happen there.

I feel better after making that decision. It's like I've been riding on a wild roller coaster ride, and my cart is in danger of flying off the track. I pretty much overdosed on cock lust yesterday. I don't regret it, but... I need balance in my life! I need a couple of days to just be in Margaret mode, and only Margaret mode. Then I'll be able to move forward again on Tuesday, the next time I'm supposed to go into Maggie mode. But I'll have to make it through Nick's cunnilingus lesson and the party first.

However, she was lying to herself. Hillary had already strongly suggested to her that there would be opportunities for the three of them to sneak away from the party crowd to have some serious sexual fun together. That was the main reason Maggie was excited to go. But she conveniently forgot about that now, to better justify what she was going to let Nick do to her pussy soon as an exception to her generally having some willpower and boundaries.

She ended up masturbating before she got out of the shower. She figured that if she was going to give the cunnilingus lesson, it would probably take place soon. The more she could exhaust herself sexually now, the more in control she could be during the lesson. At least, that was the excuse. Her thinking was guided by the fact that she was still very horny.

But there was some validity to her plan to calm her lusty desires through frequent masturbation. She dressed and came downstairs to make breakfast. When Nick came in to join her and Andy in the kitchen and dining room area, she found that she was able to maintain her "Margaret mode" and not get suspiciously excited. That was very encouraging for her.

However, from time to time, she would still have thoughts like, Sure, the point of the lesson will be getting him to know his way around a pussy. But that's going to make his big fat cock hard and stiff. VERY stiff! And it would be cruel to leave him like that. Which means I may well end up with his thickness in my mouth!

Calm down, woman, calm down! You're in Margaret mode! Andy's right here! This is NOT the time to think about the pure joy of wrapping my lips around his hot, throbbing cock monster and going wild with my tongue! And caving my cheeks in to really give it to him with the most powerful suction yet!

Yep, that's what I can't think about right now. So stop it, already!

She managed to keep those thoughts at bay, mostly, but there was a big smile on her face and a skip in her step.

When Nick came downstairs for breakfast, he saw Andy watching CNN on the dining room TV and eating a muffin. He walked to the kitchen and took a close look at Maggie, from her head to her toes. She was thoroughly dressed, with even her arms covered. That was somewhat overdoing it, given that it promised to be a sunny, warm day in Southern California.

His heart leapt to his throat when his gaze made it all the way to her feet and discovered that she was wearing high heels! And not just any high heels, but bright red, five-inch high stilettos! Sweet! No way! I was hoping, but I didn't want to make any assumptions. Those red heels mean cocksucking! Soon! She's told me that herself!

Maggie watched him watching her, and felt butterflies in her stomach when she saw his eyes widen when he noticed her high heels. After he looked back to her face, she glanced over to make sure Andy was focused on the TV, then gave Nick a wink. She turned back to the counter where she was preparing some food.

She thought, I shouldn't wink like that, since I'm in Margaret mode. I'm so baaaaad! But what's the harm? It's just one wink. And it's so hard not to get excited. Sport knows what these heels mean! Mmmm! I can almost taste his creamy seed already!

With the three of them eating breakfast together, Andy mentioned that he had a plan later in the day to go watch some college football on TV with some friends. He asked Maggie if she could drive him to the friend's house where they were gathering.

This was a big relief for Maggie, for two reasons. For one, she was glad that Andy was actually getting out of the house and starting to socialize with friends some. Luckily, he was an avid football fan, and he had some friends who were just as big on the sport as he was. They often got together to watch football on Saturdays and Sundays. Andy had generally watched football and other sports by himself for the last two years. But now that it was September, football season was getting in swing, and it looked like Andy was feeling social enough to watch the games with his friends again.

The second reason Maggie was glad to take Andy to his friend's house was that it meant he would be gone when she gave Nick his pussy touching lesson. She couldn't have the lesson at Hillary's place, since it was being kept secret from Hillary, and any other place outside the "firewall" around the house was dangerous. The only obvious spots were the sun roof or the garage, if Maggie wanted to keep her vow to always stay only in Margaret mode inside the house. If she chose either the roof or the garage, it would be less stressful if Andy wasn't there.

After careful consideration, she decided to choose the sun roof. Since she sunbathed there nearly daily, she'd come to make it her own, and she felt comfortable there naked. It was turning into another typically beautiful day in Orange County, and she thought it would be a shame to be hidden in the dark of the garage instead.

The house was on the top of a gently sloping hill, with enough elevation so she didn't have to worry about anyone easily seeing her in the nude up there. In the many months since she'd started tanning in the nude, she'd let the trees grow wherever that could help increase the privacy. Furthermore, she'd installed some small fences where the trees failed to provide cover. So one could walk around in parts of the sun roof area without being seen, although she usually preferred to sit or lie down on a lounge chair just to be on the safe side.

The only concern was making a lot of noise. However, it would take loud screaming before any neighbor was likely to notice.

When Andy watched football with his friends, they usually watched two games back to back before they got their fill of excitement and beer. On Saturdays, there were so many college games on various channels that they always had games to choose from. That was good, because it meant Andy would be gone a long time before he would call to be taken back home. Even better, he wanted to be taken to his friend's house at ten in the morning, so Maggie and Nick didn't have long to wait.

— — —

Once Andy had been dropped off, Maggie found Nick and took him up the stairs to the sun roof. They were both fully dressed. There already was an obscene tenting in Nick's shorts, because he was dying of anticipation.

She was so excited that she was on the verge of trembling. But she was maintaining an outward calm, mostly to fool herself into thinking she had more willpower than she actually did.

She held up her hands in a halting gesture. "Hold your horses, Sport. I'm sure, now that I've dropped Andy off, you can guess what we're going to do next."

"The pussy pleasing lesson!" he said enthusiastically.

"Correct. But first I'm making a new rule. As you can see, we're technically on the house, not in it. That puts us outside my inviolate firewall. This is a lot nicer than the garage, so I thought we could do it here."

"Sweet!" He raised his fists in triumph.

She chuckled. "However, before you get too excited - whoa! What are you doing?!" She interrupted herself because she saw him unzipping the fly to his shorts.

He explained as he unbuttoned his shorts and let his boner bounce free, "I'm getting more comfortable. Aren't we-"

"Stop! Hold your horses!" She stared intently at his fully exposed hard-on. God, how I love my son's gorgeous cock! She unthinkingly licked her lips. It's going to be in my mouth soon! But not yet! Things must be done in their proper order. I really do need to train him!

Gathering her wits, she continued, "You just stand there and let me finish, please. Now, as I was saying, yes, we're using this area here today, but that doesn't mean you can just come up here with me any time you need relief. For... for that!" She pointed at his turgid erection, which was poking towards her like a flagpole. Except it angled down some because its thickness made it quite heavy. "Just like the garage, this can only be used in an emergency, on special occasions, when we don't have any alternatives."

She went on to explain the security issues with noise and standing up too close to the sides of the sun roof area. Her heart was racing faster and faster, and her pussy was wet already, but she was determined to do things right now, so they could have plenty of sexual fun later without much trouble or worry.

Also, she felt she had to be much more controlled that usual, even while she was in Maggie mode, so she wouldn't lose all control and end up getting fucked by her own son.

Finally, while still repeatedly licking her lips and talking more to his protruding boner than his face, she said, "Okay, if you understand that and agree to abide by everything I've said, then I'm going to take off my clothes now. BUT! And this is crucial: do not start kissing and touching me all over immediately. We're going to be CALM and CONTROLLED about what we do here. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Ma."

"That's Maggie to you, buster." She'd been looking stern, but she finally broke into a smile.

It only took a few seconds for him to pull his already unzipped shorts down his shorts, and he left his T-shirt on as usual. That left him standing there brazenly holding his boner while he wanted for her to get naked.

Maggie arousal level soared still higher as she realized she'd just been put in a position to put on a sexy show for him. As she licked her lips some more, she complained to him, "Look at all these layers of clothes I have on, and you're done already. I'll bet you think that I'm going to do some kind of slow and seductive striptease for you, while you stand there and stroke your big fat cock!"

She said that even as she began a slow and seductive striptease for him, while he stood there and stroked his big fat cock. Her mouth was salivating like crazy, because it was hard for her to think of anything but how it would feel to have her lips sliding up and down his throbbing shaft again.

She spent the next five minutes taking her clothes off. She wished she'd thought to put some music on, because it really was a striptease, and she'd never performed one in her life. Being outside on the roof made her extremely embarrassed, and the silence made that feeling even worse. Her face blushed cherry red. But she felt some compulsion to perform for him and titillate him that couldn't be denied.

She pulled her top up and got her bra off first thing, because she knew how much he loved the sight of her evenly tanned, round E-cups. Once those were fully exposed, that actually gave her confidence to continue, and with more verve, because that made her more aroused still, and her boldness rose along with her arousal.

Soon, she was completely topless. But she spent more of the five minutes teasingly pulling her panties and dress down her legs. She would pull them down together but then act like she'd changed her mind and pull them back up, covering her pussy lips, to prolong the experience.

So far, she hadn't said a word, because she was so very humiliated, and worried that any talking probably would only humiliate her more. But when she turned around to bend over and show off her bare ass, Nick couldn't resist saying, "Ma! Jesus Christ! Your ass is so fine!"

Maintaining that pose, she turned back around to face him, while acting like she couldn't pull her dress down her legs any faster than a crawling snail. That meant her huge globes were dangling down enticingly. She lifted her head up enough to stare at his boner and his fingers sliding on it. She said, "Son, watch what you're doing! I do NOT want you to cum now, because that'll ruin the whole lesson. And I object to you stroking your own cock at any time. Now that you have Hillary AND me under your thumb, you should leave that to one of us. Or both of us at once!" She kept on salivating and licking her lips.

For some reason he couldn't understand, hearing her say "under your thumb" knocked his arousal level up another notch. He took his hands off his boner, because he was worried about getting too close to cumming even before the lesson began.

Maggie soon had her remaining clothes down below her knees. She liked to stay bent way over, because it was a good way to show off her ass and tits, with different angles resulting in different visual delights. It also made her feel vulnerable and even helpless, and that turned her on too.

Furthermore, it caused her to frequently notice her red high heels. Just seeing them and thinking about them make her pussy gush, because they had already become so linked to cocksucking in her eyes.

Nick thought the pussy lessons would start right away, but Maggie said he'd do better if he didn't have an erection to distract him. So she first insisted that they put suntan lotion on each other so they wouldn't get burned. That took a very long time, and Nick's cock and Maggie's big breasts seemed to get extremely well covered.

But her argument about using that as a delaying action so his penis could go flaccid was an absurd premise. For starters, he was never going to go soft while she was standing buck naked in front of him. Then, getting to run his hands all over her body kept his hard-on throbbing with need. By the time she was done, she was not only gloriously naked, but glistening and shining from the oily lotion as well.

Then it was his turn. She insisted that he had to take his T-shirt off after all, because keeping it on would be problematic with her body all oiled up and the rest of him oiled up too. Plus, she pointed out he could work on his all-over tan some too, and Hillary would appreciate that. She reminded him of his alleged willingness to do anything to help his seduction of his "dream girl."

He couldn't argue with that and took his shirt off. That left both of them completely naked with the significant exception of her sexy red high heels.

Once she started applying to lotion on his body, her excuse about this being a delaying action to give his penis time to go flaccid broke down altogether, because she kept one hand on his cock nearly all the time, sensuously stroking it. She made very slow progress applying the lotion with her other hand, since nearly all her attention was on his cock.

It seemed the only time she wasn't jacking him off, she was deliberately rubbing other body parts directly against his boner, such as wonderfully stimulating him by grinding one of her ass cheeks against it. That felt even better because by that time, both their bodies were shining in the sun from all the slick suntan lotion.

Eventually they ran out of excuses, and Maggie ran out of willpower. Still pumping a hand up and down his boner, she told him, "I can't start the lessons with you in this condition! It'll be way too distracting. And the suntan lotion only seems to have made matters worse! Your cock is just so HUGE and gorgeous! I'm going to have to resort to more drastic measures to tame this beast!"

Ironically, after covering his cock so carefully, she then took a wet washcloth and wiped his boner free of any trace of the suntan lotion.

Then, after getting Nick to lie down on one of the two lounge chairs under an umbrella to provide shade, she proceeded to give him a very prolonged blowjob.

They had lots and lots of time, since Andy was gone for the duration of two football games. As much as Maggie was excited to have him touch and play with her pussy, her desire to suck his cock was even stronger.

At one point, during one of their many short breaks, she told him, "This may not seem necessary, but it is. It's part of your training too. And mine."

"Oh yeah? How?" He was kicking back with both hands behind his head. He couldn't believe how stunning Maggie looked with her skin oiled up from head to toe thanks to the lotion. She looked much more like a wanton porn star than a mother in the middle of suburban nowhere.

She grinned naughtily, since even knew her excuse was just that, an excuse. "First off, Hillary is going to suck your cock a lot! Did you see and feel her passion yesterday? Now that she's started, she's going to want it all the time. Believe me, I know the feeling. So you have to get better at getting your cock sucked. There's a real talent to that, especially when it comes to prolonging your already remarkable endurance!"

He joked, "It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it."

She smirked sexily, then went on, "Plus, she thinks I'm a true cocksucking queen! She thinks I've sucked you hundreds of times! Which I would have done, for sure, if our intimacy began at the start of summer like our cover story says, but you know that's not the case. So I've got to really up my game to live up to my suck queen reputation! I hope you're in no hurry to go somewhere, because this could take a long time. The more practice, the better!"

His smile practically split his face in two. "Believe me, I'm in no rush! Especially with you looking like that!"

"Like what?" She asked coquettishly, while she resumed holding and stroking his boner in anticipation of ending their little break.

"Like you!" He took his hands from behind his head to gesticulate with emotion. "I told you recently that you're hotter than any Playboy Playmate of the Year, and I believe that! Gaawwwd! You have such a hard body! You could be on the Swedish Olympic volleyball team, except you're way too tanned all over to be Swedish. And I don't think you could ever make the team because your gigantic tits would get in the way!"

He continued, still gesticulating, "But it's not just that! You're oiled up like a Greek wrestler, and you're shining in the sun like you're made out of chrome! On top of that, you're up on all fours between my legs in a deliberately provocative position where I can see your huge fun bags swaying, when it would be easier and more comfortable for you to lie down. Not that I'm complaining! Jesus! And then, on top of all THAT, seeing you holding and stroking my boner with your mouth close enough to breathe on it does things to me! How could thing get any MORE arousing?! It's impossible!"

Her heart soared from all the compliments, especially the Playmate of the Year one. She just smirked and smiled, and said, "I disagree! What if I do some more of this?!" She engulfed his cockhead and resumed her bobbing.

"Gah!" He clutched her head with both hands. Despite the fact that he'd just been supposedly taking a break to give his cock a chance to calm down, he wound up even more horny when the break ended than when it began.

He didn't cum though. Not then, and not for a very long time. Although Maggie ostensibly was merely trying to make him cum so they could get on with their lesson, the last thing she wanted was to get him to cum, and he felt the same way. She generally went a lot slower and easier on him to try to make this the longest cock pleasuring session he'd ever experienced yet.

Maggie's cocksucking went on so long that she varied it up with a titfuck or handjob at times, just to give her mouth a rest.

After more than half an hour, Maggie wound up lying down between his legs - staying on all fours eventually grew tiring - with her enormous tits wrapped around his thick shaft and her ruby red lips wrapped around his cockhead.

She found herself thinking, Pleasuring my son's cock is HARD WORK! UGH! This is seriously tiring! When I think back to the time I practiced on that Nick-sized dildo on Wednesday, I almost have to laugh. Now, THAT was an ordeal. I could barely last ten minutes, and it was unarousing and miserable. But I've been sucking him so long today, and it's endless bliss! Yet his cock is just as thick as that dildo. Somehow doing it on him makes all the difference. Well, the well-timed breaks are key too.

The titfucking is another key lifesaver, for sure. It got to the point where I just ran out of energy to suck and stroke, even considering that I've been taking things at a much more relaxed pace than ever so. But it's kind of a mixed blessing, because half the time, I can't resist titfucking him AND bobbing all of his fat knob too, like I'm doing now! It's even MORE tiring!

But who the fuck cares?! This is heaven on earth! I'm so happy that I can't even say! There are a few tears on my cheeks, and yeah, they're from the sheer physical difficulty of doing the titfuck/blowjob combo, but they just as easily could be from the joy!

This is what being a "good slut" is all about. Yes, we're here for the pussy lessons, and that's very important. We WILL get to that, for sure. But what's the rush? We literally have hours and hours, and there's just SO MUCH COCK to take care of!

The only thing that stopped them was that, eventually, after well over half an hour, Nick reached a point where he'd been fighting the urge to cum for so long, and squeezing his PC muscle for all that time, that he ran out of energy to keep fighting. He simply tapped his mother on her bobbing head and announced, "It's time!"

During all her sucking and titfucking, Maggie had been thinking a long time about where she wanted his cum the most. Straight into the mouth was definitely out. There were times she greatly enjoyed that, such as if she didn't want him to make a mess, but this wasn't one of those times. So it came down to face vs. tits.

She eventually concluded that her son was so virile that she didn't need to make that choice at all. She sat up and kept jacking him off while directing the first ropes of his cum eruption onto her face. She carefully aimed him so he nailed every single part of her face. But she knew from experience that he still had a lot more cum to give, especially with this being his very first orgasm of the day. She redirected his cock to her chest and aimed to make sure he thoroughly cover every inch of her immense tit targets.

She sat up and back, and looked at herself. "Sport! Look what you've done to me! It's simply SO MUCH CUM! I see it, and feel it, but I can't believe it! It's INCREDIBLE!"

She laughed with pure joy. She swiped a finger down her cleavage, and wound up with the finger completely soaked in pearly white cum. She held it up in front of her face. "Look at this! Just look at it! I know I just said this, but... SO MUCH CUM!" She laughed. She sucked that finger into her mouth and let out a long, satisfied moan as she savored the taste.

After pulling her finger out, she smiled her pearly white teeth at him. "Son! Isn't this fun?! You're so virile! The only thing that has me sad is that Hillary isn't here with us. Maybe next time. I'm sure we'll spend many, many, MANY weekend hours with BOTH her and me oiled up and lying naked in the sun between your legs, slurping and lapping on your cock together!"

He actually had to complain, "Ma! Don't say that! I'm too horny already! It feels so sensitive that it almost hurts!"

She looked down at his boner. After his orgasm, she'd let go so she could glory in looking at, and consuming, all of his cum splattered on her body. She gasped loudly when she saw that his dick had never gone flaccid.

Her eyes widened, and she pressed a hand against her very cummy tits, as if she was in danger of having a heart attack. "SON! This is even MORE incredible! When you say you always cum in twos, you really meant it!"

She'd left a bottle of water by the side of the lounge chair, having anticipated that it would be a very long suck session. She muttered, "Hold on. Mustn't get dehydrated. Drink your drink too!" She took a long swig of the water.

He picked up his drink and sipped on it. She was spoiling him rotten, because she'd given him a big glass of pineapple juice, which a straw to help drink it. He didn't realize it, but she'd done some research in recent days and found out that pineapple juice did more than other liquid to improve the taste of a man's cum. So, as far as she was concerned, he was taking "cum fuel" in through his mouth so she could suck it out of his balls later.

She crouched back down into just a sucking position. She held his boner and resumed stroking it straight away. She looked up his body, and said, "Son, I told you that we need to get your overexcited cock to calm down before we can start the pussy pleasing training. I don't want you so very horny that you're tempted to do naughty, forbidden things with me! That still holds true even after you've cum, since you didn't go soft."

She lapped her way around his cockhead a bit, and then kept talking to him as she licked. "So... you don't mind if I suck you and titfuck you a whole lot more?!"

He took another sip of his drink, then said, "Ma, I think it's safe you NEVER have to ask me that question! YES! So much YES! Very, very, very YES!"

She laughed. She loved that answer, because it matched her enthusiasm. "Good!" She looked at his boner even as she kept on licking it. "Gaaaawwwwd! This is going to be a challenge. My jaw is soooo sore! And my tongue is all tired out! UNGH!"

He said, "Ma, you don't have to do this if you're tired! We've got tons of time until Andy needs to be picked up. Why not take a rest for a while?"

She spoke with renewed determination. "No! This is very important to me. Son, I'm in Maggie mode. While I am, I'm your good slut. Your busty, wanton, shameless slut! A good slut is a good cocksucker, first and foremost! She has to push herself to please her man!"

She kept lapping on his sweet spot while staring intently up into his eyes. "Sport, you won me! You won me! Thanks to your clever fake girlfriend scheme, you won me, and Hillary too! It's time you reap the rewards! I can't be in Maggie mode all the time. But when I am, you damn well better believe that I'm going to do everything I can to show how much I love you short of actual fucking!"

That left him nearly speechless. "Oh, Ma! I can't even..." He reached out and ran a hand through her long blonde hair.

She felt a shiver race up and down her spine. She loved it when he stroked her hair while sucked him. "Mmmm! Son, now, you just kick back, you sexy, cocky, well-hung bastard! And enjoy the fruits of your victory. You've made me yours! This body belongs to YOU now! This is proof positive that brains win out over beauty. So you just lay there and think about how fucking good it feels to be such a clever bastard that you've turned your 'Playmate of the Year' mother into your personal cocksucking SLUT!"

With that, she took a deep breath then engulfed his cockhead again. She started bobbing and stroking him with renewed energy and resolve.

For the first few minutes, it was touch and go if he'd cum again, because she'd worked herself up to a fever pitch with her own words. It seemed that the more she fell in love with sucking his cock, the more her sexually submissive side came to the floor. She hadn't planned on telling him things like "This body belongs to YOU now!" because she didn't want him to know just how much she adored serving his cock, for fear of him getting a big head (and not the "big head" she wanted!). But sometimes her lusty fire burned so brightly inside her that it was as if she couldn't control her mouth.

Happily for both of them, she certainly didn't want him to quickly cum again, despite her claim that she was doing this to get him flaccid for the pussy touching training. Eventually, her energy surge ran out of steam and she settled down for a more relaxed and sustained sucking session.

This second time was even more of an endurance marathon than the first time. Her jaw was already sore, so she had to resort to "merely" licking and stroking him sometimes, or more pure titfucking, instead of the titfuck/blowjob combo. They also took more breaks, and longer ones. To make up for her tiredness, sometimes she would crawl up on him for a long make-out session while she still kept a hand working his stiff cock.

Luckily, her tongue seemed to have almost endless endurance. It seemed she was licking his cock the vast majority of the time, even when her lips weren't sliding on him at the same time.

At one point, well over half an hour since he'd had his first orgasm, she found herself thinking about her situation as she bobbed and licked him some more. Aaaah! This is what it means to be a "good slut." This is what it means to be Maggie! Margaret is a stick in the mud. And she's got a stick up her ass. She's no fun at all!

But Maggie... she's not a common slut, a bad slut. She's very loyal! In fact, she only has eyes for her handsome son! But when it comes to pleasuring and pleasing him, she's a very, very GOOD slut! She spends most of her time naked and kneeling between his legs, with a sore jaw! There's nothing she won't do to show him how much she loves him with her body, and especially with her big tits and her mouth!

Ungh! God! This is bliss! And the best part of all is that Hillary feels the exact same way I do. If she were here with us today, she be pushing me harder and I'd be pushing her harder. The best kind of friendly competition. And, Good God! We would do so much to his motherfucking cock!

It was a full hour of non-stop cock stimulation since his first orgasm before she got Nick to cum a second time. Like that orgasm, she had him cum on her face and tits. And also like that time, he blasted a remarkable amount of cum on her body.. However, she had to wash herself clean shortly thereafter because the first load had been drying and getting gross.

Plus, it was finally time for them to get to their lesson, now that she's actually "tamed" his penis and managed to get him to go flaccid. She didn't want all of his cum on her skin to distract her from her lesson.

Both of them got up to use the nearest bathroom and freshen up a bit. Technically, that was a violation of her "firewall," since she strolled through the upper floor in just her red high heels and with an almost ludicrous amount of cum on her face and chest. But she told herself that didn't count, since the sun roof had no bathroom and it was one of the rare times Andy wasn't home.

A couple of minutes later, and after they'd drank a lot more of their drinks, they returned to the exact same positions they'd been in before. Nick laid back down on the lounge chair, while she sat up on it right next to his lap. She patted his flaccid penis. "Okay, we've taken care of that. It took longer than anticipated, but I can't say I didn't enjoy it." She winked, and wiped her chin just to make sure it was clean.

Nick laughed. "Best. Mom. Ever!"

She wagged a finger at him. "Hey. Remember I'm Maggie now."

He replied, "I know. But you're kind of my mother all the time too. We both know that. And it almost brings tears to my eyes when I think what you did to me, and for how long. That was, like, an hour and a half! I can't believe it! I literally can't believe it! It was soooooo great! I'm so full of love for you right now. I don't know what to say!"

She smiled radiantly under the shining sun. "Well, believe it, buster! I think we're already had some serious talks that included Hillary where we agreed that we're less your 'girlfriends' and more simply your 'sluts!' This is what that means! This is what you get for achieving your dream with your two 'dream girls.' And yes, I know I'm one of your dream girls too, so don't try to deny that." She gave him a saucy wink.

She switched to more of a business mode. "Anyway, we'll talk more about that later, if you want. Right now, I'm in precious Maggie mode time. Luckily, Maggie knows a lot about how you can impress a girl with your pussy pleasing skills. So let's get started. Are you ready, or am I going to have to blow you for another hour?"

His eyes lit up. Clearly, he was trying to decide if he could get his penis erect again soon.

She rolled her eyes, and laughed. "Forget I said that! You really are a case!" She idly fondled his penis, even though it was flaccid. "This thing is far too naughty!" She chuckled.

Then she managed to let go of it, and focused. "Okay, here we go. Before we get to the practice session part, let me give you some general advice. In my opinion, the biggest mistake a clumsy lover makes is he's impatient."

He raised a hand. "Out of curiosity, how would you know this? I'm kind of having a time-out with Maggie to talk about your real Margaret past. You married Pa so young. Didn't you only ever have sex with him?"

"Yes. He started out not knowing what he was doing with oral sex. Me too. It took a while for the two of us to kind of blindly stumble together onto how to do it better. So I learned from that. But also, women talk to each other. I kept hearing the same complaints about what guys do wrong, so I'm passing that wisdom onto you. Capiche?"

He nodded.

"Good. Now, like I said, the biggest problem is impatience. Guys want to go for the jugular. Straight to the rubbing and pulling on the clit, or straight to plunging fingers into a woman's slit, or maybe both at once. Get her to cum right away! But that's not what women want. Luckily, you're not a 'three minutes and done' guy. You try to make the sexual pleasure intense and prolonged for your women, don't you?"

He felt a lusty chill just from the casual reference to him having "women," plural. It was thrilling because it was true! He said, "Definitely. The way I figure, the more you give, the more you receive. Like, I noticed that while you sucked me all this time, for well over the last hour, you kept fingering yourself from time to time, I think I counted five orgasms you had. Am I right?"

She replied with surprising embarrassment, "You noticed that?! I thought I was so quiet!"

"You were. Very quiet. But I could feel your body trembling. I could even feel your lips trembling around my dick, because you were sucking me off most of those times. All of 'em, I think, in fact. That made it pretty hard not to notice!"

She grinned impishly. "You got me. Actually, I came seven times. Twice when I wasn't sucking you."

"Seven?! Wow! That makes me feel so great! See, even though I didn't really do anything to you at all, I was going to mix things up and do whatever it took to make sure you have a great time. Because if you do, we'll do that a lot more. And if you don't, well, we won't. And it makes me super psyched every time I can make you cum."

She smiled widely. "That's a VERY good attitude, kid! No wonder you have TWO slutty girlfriends already!" She chuckled.

He went on, "Yeah, but as I discovered, it's not all about the orgasms. The main thing is if we both have a really great time, the whole time. An orgasm is awesome, but if you measure pleasure, there's more pleasure staying right at the edge of a climax for a longer time. And when you do that, it's much more powerful when you finally cum. I know that's true for me, but I'm thinking it's probably the same for a woman."

"Exactly! It IS the same with a woman. A few big cums with a long, long buildup is better than if she has lots of small orgasms, in my opinion. Your goal shouldn't be to make a woman cum right away. Instead, try to work her up first. Get her seriously hot and bothered with foreplay. Do you remember when you talked to Hillary on the phone the other day and you didn't give her permission to cum?"

"Sure. That was epic! So much fun!"

"It was. You hit upon a great thing there, because you titillated, teased, and even tortured her before she came. So when she did, it WAS epic! That's what you should be with fingering a pussy or cunnilingus. If she's starting out 'cold,' meaning she's not already hot to trot after sucking your cock for a long time like I just did, or something like that, that's when you really have to be careful. Start out by NOT touching her labia or clit at all!"

He frowned in confusion. "Excuse me? What's the point of that?"

"Aren't you listening? Build-up. Foreplay. Start small and work your way up. Her entire body is fair game. Touch her sensuously everywhere. Even running your hands lightly over her arms and legs will give her goose bumps if you do it right. It's about anticipation. It's about tension. Start further out and work your way in. Caress her inner thighs, her skin above her clit. Touch the sides too. Everywhere BUT where you and her really want to go. 'Good things come to those who wait.' Remember that."

He nodded. He was paying very close attention. He wanted to get as talented at this as he possibly could. Maggie and Hillary were doing wonderful, amazing things to his penis all the time. He wanted to give back as much as possible. Not being able to touch either of their pussies had been a big limitation, but that was lifting.

She said, "Okay. Then once you finally do start homing in, continue to be slow and gentle. I'm assuming we're talking about a time when you can take a while and do it right, by the way. Think of all the afternoons you'll be spending at Hillary's place with nothing but hours and hours to have fun with her perfect naked body! Why rush? Do like I did with the oral sex I just gave you. Keep the fun buzzing along a good long time, and THEN end it with a big finale!"

He nodded again.

"Okay, good. She'll be so grateful that she'll turn the tables and she'll show you how much she loves you by sucking you cock with more passion than ever before. Especially if she's me!" She winked.

His eyes widened. That was a tantalizing hint that she might let him play with her pussy well after this lesson.

"Now, come closer to me and learn what you're dealing with. Do you know the names of all the parts?"

He sat up on the lounge chair.

She also got up on her knees right in front of him with her entire body on the chair. That put her so close to him that his dick probably would have touched her body if it had been erect.

He pointed closely at her pussy as he talked. "Sure. The whole outside part of the vagina is the vulva. The large, soft outside lips are the labia majora, and the thinner, inner lips are the labia minora. Right above that is the clitoris, which is like a mini-penis for a woman. There's a ton of nerve endings there, making it super sensitive. It's covered by the clitoral hood most of the time. Right underneath it is the urethra, where the pee comes out. Then below that it the slit I can stick my fingers in."

She was genuinely surprised. "Good! Were you doing a little Googling recently, knowing this was coming?"

He grinned shyly. "A little. Although I knew all that already. This is a big area of interest for me."

She had a good laugh at that. "I'm sure it is! Remember that stuff, in any case. Now, look at me. Let's reposition some more."

Both of them got off the lounge chair altogether. They she laid down on it, face up, and with her legs spread wide open.

He crawled up between her legs. They had essentially swapped places from when she'd been sucking him.

He was in awe, and he repeatedly gulped as he stared. Normally, such a sexy sight would have made his penis erect fast. But a big downside to him usually cumming twice in a row was that it often was hard to get stiff again quickly for a third time.

She said, "Feel free to look at my pussy all you want, up close. Study it. But don't touch it yet. Remember what I said about caressing around it first. Explore my legs, thighs, and tummy."

He scooted up even more, then put his hands on her, one on each thigh. "I'm good at that part already, aren't I?" He was brimming with excitement.

She chuckled. "You are. Too good! You make me far too horny far too often. But that's another story. Just explore."

He took his time to explore, but he followed her advice to start out touching the rest of her body first.

As the minutes passed, his fingers circled in closer. His eagerness grew the closer he got to her clit and labia.

Her excitement was growing too. But she tried hard to keep herself together, since she was the teacher and she really wanted him to get good at this. No doubt, it would be to her own benefit, because she knew he'd be playing with her pussy a lot from now on. All he needed to do to make that happen was reassure her with his behavior that he wouldn't fly out of control and try to fuck her.

She said, "Okay. I think we're ready for the next step. Watch me unhood my clit. See? Sometimes the hood will move out of the way on its own, but not all the way. So I help it along a little bit like this. See?"

She continued to show and explain. She would pull her labia and indicate how she liked it done. Then she'd have him do it. She'd hold her pussy open and then have him take a turn. And so on. Bit by bit, she made him understand and know how to touch her in just the right way.

This was the first time he'd been able to touch her pussy, and it excited him tremendously. Still, he forced himself to stay calm and only touch her where and how she told him to.

After a while, she said, "Okay, you're doing good. But what are you forgetting?"

"I don't know. What?"

"The rest of my body! With you, if I did nothing but yank on your cock for an hour, you'd be a very happy camper. Let's be honest: anything else is a nice bonus, not a vital part of keeping you aroused. But with a woman, you want to make it a whole body experience. A woman's body is complicated. If you touch her one place, it would help stimulate her elsewhere. Just because I'm letting you touch my clit and pussy now doesn't mean you have to ignore everything else."

"Sorry, Ma. I mean Maggie. It's just that I get so excited!"

"You do. And that's great. A good attitude is key. But what about my nipples, for instance? You know how much I love nipple play, especially your magic touch, but you haven't touched them yet."

He quickly brought a hand to her nearest nipple and started twisting it, but not as aggressively as usual.

She said, "There's some kind of special connection between the nipples on one hand and the pussy and clit on the other. If you touch one, it's almost like you're touching the other one too. You're starting to know what my other erogenous zones are, like the backs of my knees, or the nape of my neck. Even my underarms. Don't ignore them either. Make this a whole body experience! Then you'll really drive Hillary wild!"

He grinned as his hands started to wander. "And you too, I hope."

"I'm just showing you the ropes for Hillary. Well, mostly. Don't expect that I'll let you touch me here all the time." Even as she said that, she was almost certain it was bullshit. Still, she didn't want to raise his expectations too high.

She taught him how to gently pet her pussy lips. She advised, "Right now, as far as I understand, you're still not allowed to penetrate Hillary very far. You can play with her clit and pussy lips, but you can't plunge your fingers inside her. Is that true?"

He sighed. "Unfortunately, yes. As far as I know, that is. We didn't talk about changing her restriction except a general agreement that she shouldn't stop me from fucking Hillary for long, if things keep developing with Hillary and she wants me to fuck her, that is."

Maggie laughed, like that was an absurd comment. "Oh, she will! Believe me, she will! Son, she's like a bitch in heat for your cock! If you had permission to fuck her today, she'd be clawing her back as you hammer her balls-deep!"

He felt woozy from hearing that. He ran his hands through his hair, trying to regain his wits. "Whoa! That so... intense!"

She reached out and comfortingly stroked one of his upper arms. "Don't worry. I know you must be overwhelmed as you start to realize just what it means to have won two sexy sluts, but it'll all work out great. Actually, maybe it's a good thing you can't fuck her yet, so you'll have some time to mentally adjust."

He sighed. "That's probably true. But whether that's the case or not, I'm not happy that Anushka gets to make the call, not me. I think she's still holding back on letting me fuck Hillary so she'll have a way to control me for as long as she can."

Maggie ran a hand up and down his arm supportively. "That's okay for now. Look at it as a plus, because not only might you not be fully mentally ready yet, but you might not be at your best physically either. By taking things sexually with Hillary one step at a time, you'll come across as a very talented lover each step of the way. And, of course, your other slut can give you secret training like this, so she'll think that you were a masterful lover all along."

She momentarily tingled with arousal as she thought about her possible "responsibility" to let Nick fuck her as part of her lessons to improve his sexual skills. But she quickly dismissed that as just her libido talking.

He nodded. "Yeah. Maybe so. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to win Hillary for the long term. If that going slow, then so be it."

"Good. Good attitude. Now, since you can't probe inside her pussy yet anyway, we'll save learning about the G-spot and other 'inner mysteries' for another day. The fact is, most women prefer more finger and tongue contact on the outside than the inside. You've gotta go where the sensitive nerve cells are, and the epicenter with that is the clitoris. By far!"

She touched her own clit and lightly diddled it. "Remember that it basically has ALL the nerve cells of your penis, but shrunken down to this size. It's SO sensitive that you have to be careful not to go overboard. Less is more. We'll talk more about that later."

He nodded. He was an eager student.

She said, "Now, you won't be using your tongue on me today."

He griped, "I won't? Oh man! That sucks. Why not?!"

"Because I want you to master this. Plus, I don't want you to get me too worked up. Although I'm Maggie right now, we both know I'm something else to you too. Frankly, you get so worked up, practically into an overwhelming sexual frenzy, that I worry you might not stop once you get going."

He said, "Ma! I promise! I promise so very, very much that I won't do THAT!" They both knew he was talking about fucking. "If you've ever trusted me on anything, trust me on this! Please! I want to go down on you so very much!"

She thought, Dammit! This is so hard! Son, it's not so much that I don't trust you, although I do have my worries. It's more that I don't trust me! But I can't tell you that!

She merely smiled benignly. "Maybe next time. One step at a time is good enough. Remember, you just said you're doing this for Hillary and you'll willing to go as slow as it takes."

He sighed heavily, defeated by his own words. "Yeah. I guess."

She told him, "Don't worry. What you learn to do with your fingers will pretty much teach you what do to with your tongue anyway. Have you heard of the alphabet trick?"

"Sure. That's where you spell out letters by licking their shapes with your tongue."

"Right. But there's no reason you can't do that with your fingers too. The key is variety. It's just like when I'm sucking or stroking your cock. Sure, a steady certain rhythm is fun for a while. But eventually, it's good to vary things up. Keep things interesting by changing up what you do. That's what the alphabet trick forces you to do, but you don't really need it if you're constantly creative anyway."

He nodded.

They went back to more tactile learning methods. He continued to play with her pussy and clit, and she continued to advise him. Once she suggested something, he'd try it out on her body right away. They were both having a great and highly arousing time.

He was a quick learner. The only thing he was having particular trouble was her clit. He kept wanting to touch and manipulate it too much.

She had to tell him, "Like I was telling you, it's easy to overdo it with the clit. Think of it as the dessert, not the main course. For instance, try circling the clit while stroking my labia."

He immediately started doing that.

She sucked in her breath and whistled in appreciation. "That feels really good! Or try blowing on it. That can drive me wild if you do it at the right time. Or tap on it. The point is, don't twist and pull it roughly all the time like you do my nipples. Every female body is different, but I can guarantee you she won't like that. Imagine if you took ALL of your nerve endings in your big cock and shrunk them down to that little nub. A little clit attention goes a long way."

He did a lot better after that. He got a pretty good reaction from blowing on her clit, and he did that a lot. He also liked how that put his face very close to her pussy, allowing him to imbibe the pungent sexual smell coming from it. But he was very careful not to bring her tongue to it. He was trying hard to prove to her that he could control his sexual passions.

By this time, his penis had recovered and it was fully erect.

Maggie was aroused, but she wasn't as aroused as she thought she might be, because she took her teaching role seriously and that distracted her. Plus, she realized that as much as she was enjoying it, she wanted to suck his cock a lot more. It would have been different if he could lick her pussy too, but she was adamant on not allowing that just yet.

The time came when she said, "Okay, I think you're getting the hang of it. I think it's time for an advanced lesson."

"What's that?"

"A limited sixty-nine. We'll adjust one of these lounge chairs until it's totally flat. Then we'll lay side by side, with our faces at each other's crotches. Thus it won't be as intense as having me on you or under you, but it'll be close. You'll be able to continue practice what I've been teaching you. No mouth on me though! Remember that. Be good, and you'll get a more advanced follow-up lesson soon. Meanwhile, I'll have fun with your cock, and I WILL use my mouth!"

His face beamed upon hearing that.

She was all smiles too. She was proud of her cleverness, because if this worked she could have her cake (teaching him to pleasure a pussy) and eat it too (suck his cock). She said, "Sixty-nines are great. They're a win-win. I think you'll be doing a LOT of those from now on, maybe even in a chain since you have two sluts, so it's good if we practice this too."

He asked, "'Maybe even in a chain?'"

"I mean you could, say, end up licking Hillary's cunt while I suck your cock. Or vice versa. I'll bet that sort of thing will prove very popular!"

He breathlessly exclaimed, "I'll bet that too!"

They got down to practicing that limited sixty-nine, and practice they did! Knowing that they didn't have to worry about Andy or the time, they kept right on practicing and practicing. Nick was very careful never to lick her pussy, despite the great temptation, because he still figured it was more important to earn his mother's trust with this. She bobbed and licked him at a slow and lazy pace, both to help prolong the joy, and so he wouldn't get so overwhelmed that it wasn't able to continue the pussy pleasing.

She was beginning to develop a significantly different "slow and lazy" sucking style. It involved a lot less lip and hand work, and a lot more tongue work. Typically, her lips would slowly slide back and forth over his sweet spot, but without much suction or rhythmic variety. Then she would focus on what her tongue could do. She was experimenting all the time and getting increasingly creative and dexterous with her tongue. She knew not only would she be sucking him in the "slow and lazy" way a lot from now on, but her improved tongue skills could help when she sucked him in the usual way.

After a long while, and without him cumming again yet, they took a break for lunch. Maggie had thought ahead while waiting for Andy to leave, so she'd already made sandwiches and drinks and brought them to the sun roof so she wouldn't have to leave Maggie mode for even a minute, if she could help it. However, they both had to take bathroom breaks again, and those minor "firewall" violations couldn't be helped.

Even during lunch, they stayed naked and couldn't stop touching each other.

Once they'd finished eating, Maggie announced it was time for them to reapply the suntan lotion to each other, or they could get sun burns, even though they stayed in the shade nearly all the time.

That resulted in very little suntan lotion application, but a lot of general kissing and fondling, and lots of handjob action. But, for a change, he was able to play with her clit and slit too, so long as he didn't push his fingers inside.

By and by, they finally got their bodies covered with the lotion. So they went back to more sixty-nine practice.

After a while, when Maggie got tired from sucking his cock non-stop for many minutes, she pulled her mouth off his hard-on and asked him, "So, how do you like playing with a woman's pussy?"

"I love it!"

"Does it live up to your expectations?"

"Definitely! I love it especially when I make you cum. That's the best!" Already, he'd given her two nice climaxes with his finger play. He was very proud of that.

She asked, "Do you really mean it, or are you just saying that?"

"Oh, I totally mean it. I love everything about the female body. I can't stop touching it. At least when it's a sex bomb body like yours or Hillary's, I could literally get off from just touching and caressing and kissing for hours!"

She chuckled. "I can believe that. Easily!"

He went on, "And making you cum is great. I swear, I get as much pleasure making you cum as I do from cumming myself?"

She asked skeptically, "Really? THAT much?!"

"Well, almost," he conceded. "But I mean it!"

"If what you're saying is true, that's very good. I think you're sincere, and that attitude is going to make a lot of women VERY happy. The biggest key to being good at pussy play and cunnilingus is enjoying it. If you're just doing it because you feel obliged, she'll feel that reluctant vibe and it'll make it twice as hard for you to get her off. But if you have the eager attitude you've shown today, it's almost like you can do no wrong. But check from time to time to see how she's doing. I've got some secrets I can teach you on how to 'check her pulse,' as it were."

She went back to sucking his cock while he went back to her pussy mound. They were having such a fantastic time that they were in no hurry to stop. Maggie had her cell phone nearby, just in case they were still at it when Andy called to be driven back home, as improbable as that seemed. They were being careful to stay in the shade so they wouldn't get too much sun.

Now that Nick had mastered the basics, Maggie could continue to give him advanced tips from time to time. She could see his skill steadily improving. The lesson really was working. And it was a hell of a lot of fun for the both of them!

However, Andy wasn't the only one with Maggie's cell phone number. Hillary called while Maggie was getting close to making Nick cum for the third time. She talked to Maggie, but said she mainly called her to reach Nick, since he wasn't answering his cell phone.

So Nick sat up on the lounge chair and took the call. "Hi, Hillary!"

Hillary's voice sounded happy and friendly. "Hi yourself. What are you up to?"

"Oh, this and that." He chuckled at being so deliberately cryptic.

Hillary laughed. "I'll bet. Does it involve you and Maggie being naked?"

"As a matter of fact, it does." He looked down at his lap. Maggie had gone right back to sucking him off! He ran a hand through her long blonde hair. He noticed though that she would pause all her mouth movement every time it was Hillary's turn to talk, presumably so she could hear what was being said.

Hillary laughed some more. "I'm sure! Anyway, the reason I'm calling is that Anushka is over here, and we've been hanging out too. Also without much in the way of clothes."

Nick could hear a distant voice on the line. "Hillary!" That was Anushka's voice. Obviously, she was listening in on the call, just as Maggie was listening in.

Knowing that, he was grateful that he luckily hadn't mentioned yet that Maggie was actively sucking him off. He'd been saving that for a surprise later in the call. He assumed Anushka would think that was "gross."

Hillary laughed at Anushka's complaint. "Don't mind her. Anyway, Anushka and I got to talking. We'd like to meet with you today and just talk some more. She doesn't want to admit it, but I think she was kind of impressed with you last night, in a weird way."

Nick could hear Anushka protest hotly in the background, "I was not!" He was secretly blown away that he was hearing that while he ran his fingers through his mother's hair as she steadily bobbed on him. It was all too surreal!

Hillary laughed yet again, at Anushka's protest. "Like I said, don't mind her. Anushka still isn't exactly your number one fan, but she's agreed that it would be worth it to try to hold an amicable conversation so we all can learn more about each other."

"I'd love that. I think that's a great idea!"

"Cool. Normally, we could all talk at Shannon's party tonight, but Anushka can't come, since I'm holding off on making it widely known that I'm bisexual so people can get to know me better first without putting a label on me, as I explained to you before. I was thinking about a 'getting to know you' kind of meeting between the three of us. Somewhere on 'neutral ground' where you and I will be forced to keep our hands off each other, since Anushka wouldn't like to see that. Do you have time to meet? I'm thinking about a restaurant or coffee shop."

"Sure! That sounds great. Can Maggie come too?" He lovingly patted Maggie's bobbing head. He was tripping out from the intense pleasure. It seemed that Maggie was excited by sucking him through the call, because she was sucking him with more suction and energy.

Hillary said reluctantly, "Uh, I think maybe not. Anushka was hit with all kinds of big shockers last night. It would be better to let her get to know you first, and then we can include Maggie next time. How does that sound?"

Nick looked down at his mother. She'd still been pausing whenever it was Hillary's turn to talk. She'd just resumed sucking again, but she also looked up and gave him a thumbs up sign. Apparently, she was just barely able to make out what Hillary was saying by staying quiet at the right times.

He said, "Okay. Sounds good. Maggie says she doesn't mind. When would you like to meet?"

"Oh, any time. How 'bout right now?"

"Um..." He looked down at Maggie at her sliding lips. Due to his tendency to cum in twos, he knew that he could experience a lot more cocksucking joy before she left him flaccid and completely sexually satiated. So "right now" wasn't exactly ideal. But on the other hand, he had a policy that anything to help him fully win Hillary's heart was top priority.

Hillary had another laugh. "I hear some pretty heavy breathing on your end. And, some more distant slurpy sounds! I can guess what's happening, you studly devil."

In the background, Anushka could be heard complaining, "Ewww! Disgusting!"

He thought with chagrin, So much for keeping that a secret. Oh well! Even now, Maggie wasn't slowing down at all, except when necessary to hear what Hillary was saying. In fact, she was steadily speeding up!

Hillary suggested, "Why don't you wait until you're done with whatever you're doing and then call me? We'll figure out an exact place and time."

"Okay. Cool. I can't wait!" Nick actually blushed. He was grateful Hillary didn't mind him finishing with "whatever" first, because he didn't want this fantastic blowjob to come to an end just yet.

He hung up the phone a short time after that. He clutched the sides of his mother's head with both hands. He tilted his head back and moaned loudly, because she was driving him absolutely wild!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.