Chapter 39: Pre-party Talk (Saturday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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With Nick no longer on the phone, Maggie went right back to her cocksucking. They laid back down side to side in a modified sixty-nine, so the two of them could work on each other's privates some more. Although Hillary wanted to meet soon, it didn't have to be right away, so neither Nick nor Maggie were in a hurry to stop.

Maggie was very pleased at how well Nick was improving. She continued to give him tips. For instance, at one point, she pulled her lips from his boner to take a short breather. Still lying on her side, she said, "Nick, can you reach around and put your finger in my ass crack?"

"Gladly!" He quickly did just that.

"Good. Now, here's a fun thing to know. Most people use the clit to see how well the sex is going. But, like I said, a little goes a long way with the clit. So it's good to have some other indicators. Lightly rest your thumb on my anus."

He did, and then said, "Done!"

"Okay, here's my secret. You can take a woman's sexual pulse with her 'starfish.' Don't press down on it, just lightly rest on it. If it starts twitching, that's a big sign that you're doing something very right. When it stops, that means it's time to move on to something else. And here's an extra bonus. As long as your finger is there, if you really want to drive your woman wild, right when I start to cum, push in about one digit's worth! You'll send her all the way to low-Earth orbit! However, remember that not all women like anal play. It's good to ask first."

That something she'd learned from her years of sex with Andy. Although it paled in comparison to her sexual fun with Nick, she did have a pretty good sex life with her husband for many years, by normal standards.

As Maggie resumed stroking her son's cock, Nick said, "Wow! That's cool. I must say that I'm really impressed at your sexual knowledge. I always knew you looked super sexy, and Pa is a handsome guy, but I didn't see a lot of passion between the two of you. I figured you had really boring and infrequent sex lives."

Maggie let go of Nick's cock, and looked sadly out into the sky. "You're not totally wrong with that. Andy and I DID have a very good sex life, once upon a time. But we were careful to keep that behind closed doors. And by the time you hit puberty, that had changed. I didn't understand why. I mean, we were only in our late twenties! But in retrospect, it became clear that when Andy got bored, his solution was to have affairs and have less sex with me. So probably all you remember are those years."

Nick sat up and pulled Maggie up too. "I'm sorry for reminding you of that. And I'm sorry for him too. But I'm here for you now, and I'M not going to let you down!" With that, he pulled her in closer and kissed her lips.

Maggie melted in his arms, and reveled in his loving kiss while keeping one hand pumping on his boner. What a great son! Son or not, he's a great and considerate lover, and he's gonna be even better after I've taught him all I know. Nick, I love you so much! How can I regret getting intimate with you? Society says it's wrong, but it feels so right! This is exactly what I've needed for two years now. Maybe I can finally start to move on and put Andy behind me.

Nick and Maggie continued to play with each other's bodies and have fun. Eventually, they each had orgasms, more or less at the same time.

Nick did use the finger-up-the-anus trick to heighten Maggie's climax, and it worked just as she'd said it would. She did warn him of the sanitary issue of being careful where that finger went after it had been up an anus though. Happily, they still had a towel nearby that Maggie had used to wipe the cum off her skin, so Nick used that to clean his finger.

Maggie thought they were done, and he could soon leave to meet Hillary and Anushka. But his cock stayed fully erect.

She was both impressed and weary. She'd been sucking him so long that she simply couldn't go on. Her jaw and face seriously hurt from all the prolonged effort.

She resumed jacking him off, but otherwise stalled for time. "Seriously? Again?!"

He said sheepishly, "Sorry. I can't help it. It's you. Your body. Your nudity. You insatiable, talented mouth. Cumming on you. Plus, the whole cumming in twos thing."

She sighed. "Oh, yes. that. I forgot about that. That's for real, isn't it?!"

"Of course it's for real. As I've told you, it doesn't happen all the time. But with you? Like this? It's gonna happen every time, for sure!"

She sighed again. "Unfortunately, your mother's mouth isn't as 'insatiable' as you think. You're worn me out!" She started to think what she could do, because she didn't want the sexual fun to end. She considered a lot more titfucking action, and a pure titfuck instead of a titfuck/blowjob combo, so her mouth could have a rest. She felt there was a lot more to titfucking him that she had yet to fully enjoy and explore.

But then another one of her great fantasies came up in her mind, and she knew what she wanted to have happen.

Her whole face lit up. "Son, I have a GREAT idea! It'll get you to cum again in just a few minutes, I hope, so you can go to your meeting without being too late. Just two words: face fuck!"

He narrowed his gaze as he considered that. "'Face fuck?!'" He was torn on that idea. It sounded interesting, and they'd definitely never properly done it before, but he wasn't thrilled at the idea of cumming "in just a few minutes."

"Face fuck, yes! I'm all sucked out, true. But I can handle just kneeling before you while you do all the thrusting in and out of my mouth. Use my face like a pussy! Think of it as a second cunt! Literally FUCK my face!"

Those comments sent his enthusiasm soaring. "Okay! Let's do it!"

He stood up and Maggie knelt in front of him, as promised. To "warm him up," she titfucked him from that position for a few minutes. Warming him up was entirely unnecessary, but she couldn't get enough of his cock. Besides, it gave her mouth longer to recover, so she could have one last oral exertion with the face fuck.

As the titfuck went on, Maggie gave him some rules she made up on the fly. The main one was that she was worried he could get carried away and fuck her mouth so vigorously that she could fall behind in getting enough oxygen. So they came up with a system where she would aggressive poke him with her index finger into his leg or chest, since she would be unable to speak at all.

Even though that talk was practical and necessary, it helped get both of them even more worked up, because it got them thinking more about how "violent" the face fuck could get.

Finally, it began. He was feeling unusually aggressive, worked up by the face fuck idea. He slid his boner into her mouth until all of his cockhead and then some was inside. He put his hands on the sides of her head and gripped her fairly hard to keep her head in place. Then he started to thrust.

She didn't have much to do with her hands. She ended up clutching his bare ass cheeks with both hands. It felt good, and it also provided more stability to help him thrust in and out.

He soon discovered that the face fuck was a very different thing than a regular blowjob. Admittedly, in terms of what body parts were involved, it was just a variant of the same thing. But psychologically, it was something else altogether. He closed his eyes and imagined that he was fucking his mother's hot, wet, tight cunt, instead of her hot, wet, tightly sealed mouth. Soon, in his mind, he was fucking her, and losing his virginity! The sexual ecstasy was off the scale.

Unfortunately, the sheer intensity of the experience was so great that he couldn't handle it for long. He couldn't clench his PC muscle while aggressively thrusting in and out, so he was especially vulnerable losing control. Sure enough, after only three minutes, he shouted, "UNNNGH! Gonna... gonna lose it!" And he lost it. He blasted a load right into her mouth.

Normally, Maggie much preferred taking his cum on her face or tits than down her throat. But this was an exception. In her fantasy thoughts, her mouth really was her cunt, and he was losing his virginity by fucking her for the first time! So it was only natural that he should cum deep in her "vagina" and possibly get her pregnant!

She was so far gone into that idea that she got an extra big thrill from his cum rocketing down her throat. She took her hands off his ass cheeks and played with her clit and slit, and soon had a big orgasm of her own, even as his was starting to peter out.

For the next minute or so, she took over aggressively sliding her lips back and forth on his hard-on, because he suddenly lost all of his thrusting energy after cumming. She kept right at it until her own great orgasm came to an end.

Right around that time, he finally went flaccid in her mouth.

She pulled out and slid to the ground.

He lost the ability to stand. Luckily, he managed to stagger back and collapse onto the lounge chair he'd been standing close to.

The two of them rested and recovered for a few minutes.

Then Maggie got up and laid on top of him, cuddling her incredible, voluptuous nude body into him. "That was fantastic, Son! Don't you agree?" Her face was right next to his so they could kiss.

"Definitely!" He still had something of a stunned, dazed look on his face, because that had been such a very intense experience.

"We'll have to do that again, don't you think?" she asked. "Lots of times, I should hope!"

He just shook his head. "Oh, man! Of course!"

The two of them French kissed, but it was only a languid, loving kiss, since they were both quite tuckered out.

He thought, Wow! Face fucking is great! It may be my favorite sex act yet! The only problem is, I haven't been thinking much at all about actual fucking, because everything that's been happening to me has been so awesome that I'm happy to just live in the moment. But that was a lot like fucking, I'm sure. It felt all different to be in change and thrusting so hard and fast! It felt GOOD!

So the problem is, now I'm going to be totally craving to experience a lot more of that. Actually fucking with Ma! And with Hillary! But I can't do either of those things. Total cock block! Damn! Damn those stupid restrictions!

Maggie had similar feelings about the similarity of face fucking to actual vaginal fucking. But her emotions were much more conflicted. God, that was good! No, the best! But it was too good! That just further confirms that every kind of sex with Nick is way better than normal. I very much enjoyed when Andy used to fuck me. That was nearly all of our heavy sex: no anal, precious little oral, just lots of fucking. But I'm sure Nick will blow even Andy's best clear out of the water!

Gaaaawwwwd! To get FUCKED by my son! That would be the ultimate! But I can't let that happen! I'm already getting way too addicted to Maggie mode as it is. I would just go FULL SLUT for him, once he starts stirring his fat fuck-stick balls-deep inside me! UNGH! I can't even THINK about it!

At least we've got face fucking instead. Could that be a viable substitute, like the fake bacon we have for breakfast sometimes? That's not as tasty as real bacon, I know, but it's been a long, long time since I had any real bacon, and I don't miss it because the substitute satisfies that craving enough.

So is that what would happen? Or would him fucking my face more just make my craving to be truly, deeply, and royally fucked even stronger?! I don't know!

Nick and Maggie continued to kiss and cuddle for a few minutes. But Nick had to be mindful of getting to his meeting with Hillary and Anushka at a reasonable time. He decided it would be good to shower, to get the suntan lotion, cum, and sex smell off.

Standing naked with Maggie in the upstairs hallway a couple of minutes later, Nick suggested, "Hey, I've got an idea. We could take a shower together."

But she pointed out, "We're back in the house again. That means I'm in Margaret mode now."

He noted, "But you're standing nude in front of me."

"Good point. Don't look!" She rushed down the hallway and into her bedroom.

He rolled his eyes and sighed in frustration. But he went to take a shower by himself, while she showered in her private bathroom.

As he soaped up his naked body, he though, Damn! So frustrating! Just seeing her perfect and richly tanned body hustling away from me, her firm ass cheeks undulating up and down with each step... UGH! So sexy! It's so weird that she sucked me off for a total of well over two hours, and let me play with her naked body all the time, including her pussy, and yet now we can't take a shower together! How does that make any sense?!

But, come on. I need to chill out. I consider myself a good and loving son, and if she feels strongly about staying in Margaret mode inside the house, I'm not going to push that. At least not for now. I understand she feels like she needs her "safe side." I'm just bummed we don't have a shower up on the sun roof, or then it would be okay.

Afterwards, the two of them sat at the dining room table while fully dressed.

Nick said, "I want to thank you so much for your lesson today. Not only was it a total blast, and I don't just mean my four cum blasts-"

She cut him off. "Be careful what you say! Remember that I'm Margaret now. Would you say that to her?"

He frowned, and deflated. "No. But... thank you just the same."

She grinned. "You're welcome. But you didn't hear me say that."

He grinned too. "Say what? I don't remember already." He reached out and took her hand.

They shared a loving, intimate moment. But Maggie had to withdraw her hand for fear that she'd kiss him some more, and not in a "motherly" way.

He came up with an idea-that might allow him to talk some more. "Hey, Ma, guess what?"


"I just had this amaaaaazing date with a sexy MILF! So sexy. So beautiful. People say she easily could have been a Playboy Playmate of the Year."

Maggie couldn't resist grinning widely at that. She loved that particular compliment. "Oh, really? And who says that exactly?"

"I do! But only because it's true! But... the thing is, she not only LOOKS sexy, she totally ACTS that way too! In fact, it was kind of our first solo date, but she spent more than two hours total just sucking my dick!"

Maggie knew this wasn't the sort of talk she could allow inside the "firewall" of her house, but thanks to his thin conceit of supposedly talking about someone else, she couldn't stop herself from playing on. "My goodness! She sounds like a slut for sure! A raging, shameless, wanton hussy! But what do you mean by 'first solo date?'"

"On, well, we went on another date, but that was a threesome date with another busty bombshell babe. We went to a movie, and the two of them spent pretty much the entire movie jacking me off together!"

Maggie could feel her nipples harden and her pussy start to tingle as she thought back to that remarkable movie theater experience. But the fact that she could sense herself getting aroused gave her pause. She said, "Okay, smarty pants. Enough of that sort of talk of this supposed other woman. Remember that we're inside the house now, inside my firewall. Let's keep it toned down."

"Sorry." He felt bad, because he didn't want to go too far inside the house. He truly had nothing to complain about, given what had happened on the sun roof. He said, "I'll drop that. But before I do, I just wish I could tell that woman how incredibly impressed I am by what she did, and how very grateful I am too. I wish I could tell her how much I love her!"

She felt herself growing a bit flush at his kind words. "Thank you! Er, I mean, I'm sure she'd thank you. I happen to know her, so I'll pass your message on."


They both were grinning madly.

Then Maggie put on a stern face. "Okay, Mr. Smooth Talker, can we refocus? You have a get together with Hillary and Anushka coming up shortly. Do you have a plan, or are you going to go in shooting blind?"

He tried to refocus too. "I've gotta have a plan, of course. But a certain sexy, cock-starved date of mine who shall not be named kept me so extremely aroused ever since I got off the phone with Hillary that I haven't have time to actually come up with one."

"Okay, let's work on that now," Maggie said. "And no more even passing references to that date of yours. The real Margaret wouldn't stand for that talk."

He nodded. The two of them got busy talking and brainstorming about his upcoming meeting. Since he'd already debriefed her about everything that happened in his meeting between himself and Anushka right after getting home from that meeting, she was very well informed to give him good advice.

He stopped making any sort of overt sexual reference to earlier behavior between him and Maggie, but he was secretly delighted that they were having this discussion inside the house, at the dining room table. He figured that was a special exception since Andy was out of the house altogether.

During their discussion, Nick asked, "So, what do you think I should anticipate Anushka's attitude will be? Is she going to be out to get me?"

Maggie thought that over, and then said, "I don't think so. Given what you told me about your discussion with her, I think she's at least going to try to be sociable. You two really did strike a remarkable deal that's bound to benefit her and you. Plus, it sounds like you pretty much charmed the pants right off her to boot!"

She reached across the table and held his hands. "I can't tell you how impressed I am by your description of how well that meeting went. It succeeded all my expectations."

He spoke with wide eyes. "Me too! My God! It was like I was possessed by some other guy, a very suave and persuasive guy. When that was over, I was like, 'Did that really happen?!'"

She said, "Of course it happened! And that was you all along. You need to believe in yourself! I always knew you could rise up and out of your introverted shell, because you did it from time to time even before the whole fake girlfriend scheme began. Now, it's happening over and over again, since you've discovered your version of Popeye's spinach."

He thought back to old cartoons of Popeye the sailor suddenly getting super strength after eating a can of spinach. He burst into a wide grin. "Nice reference, Ma! That's kind of spot-on, actually. I get all horny and then I get so confident that it's like I can do anything. That WAS me the whole time with Anushka, wasn't it?"

She gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. "Of course it was!"

She pulled her hands away, worried that she could get too familiar with him inside her firewall. "That said, don't be overconfident. I'll bet she's still feeling very, very wary towards you. She may blow hot and cold, so anticipate that and please be tolerant. She'll be looking for you to slip up and thus confirm in her mind all her worst fears about you. But she's going to at least try to give you a chance to make a good impression. Otherwise, why would she even want to meet at all? I think your plea that you two need to try to be friends and allies, or at least not enemies, struck a chord with her. So please be your usual charming self, and don't blow it."

He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "You could help inspire me to get fully confident again. Like another can of spinach!"

She gave him an annoyed look. "Are you kidding me? After all that I did for you this morning?!"

"I know, and I can't thank you enough for all that. It will always be one of my favorite memories of my entire life, I'm sure. But either I'll be horny when I'm with them or not. Being highly aroused all that time earlier won't help me later."

"Fair enough, but you'll have to be on your own this time. I can't really speak about this at all since I am in Margaret mode, but let's just say that if I 'help' you any more, my mouth is going to fall off from sheer exhaustion! How much 'help' does one boy need in a single day?"

"Sorry." He felt chastened.

She spoke obliquely, since she was trying hard to stick to her Margaret mode inside the house, even though that kept slipping. "Besides, I 'helped you' FOUR times today already! Do you seriously think you could even be in shape to get 'helped' again?"

"Definitely!" He tried to be circumspect too, in respect to her wishes. "What can I say but that you inspire me. And Hillary does too. And I know you haven't seen her yet, but like I told you last night after coming home, Anushka is seriously hot! And STACKED! I know she's lesbian, but I can still admire the scenery, can't I?"

Maggie warned, "I would be very careful about that. Don't try flirting with her at all, at least not until you get to know her much better. Especially since she's lesbian, that's likely to go over like a lead balloon. And I'd be wary of flirting with Hillary in front of her too. Remember that you're walking on eggshells, and the stakes are high."

"Right." He nodded.

After getting more advice from Maggie, Nick called Hillary back and told her that he was ready to leave right away.

They arranged where and when to meet. Hillary picked a nearby coffee house named "967" for its street address. It was a nice, upscale place, with plenty of tables both inside and in a large garden out back.

Nick dressed in his usual T-shirt and shorts, including the now standard no underwear.

He ultimately decided not to try to get erect and highly aroused for the meeting. He figured that both Hillary and Anushka were so extraordinarily beautiful that he would be at least fairly mentally turned on no matter what, even if there was no physical manifestation of that.

Had it not been for last night's meeting with Anushka, he probably would have been intimated and shy due to all of that beauty. But he had a good feeling that he and Anushka were on the same side now, working towards a similar larger goal, and that she knew that on some level. So he convinced himself that he was going to meet with friends, not a friend and a potential adversary.

He found Hillary and Anushka sitting in one of the more out of the way tables in the back garden. They were sitting in the garden, and they looked fantastic.

Anushka happened to be facing his direction, so he checked her out first, just like he did last night at the restaurant. And just like his first look last time, he saw her but she was too absorbed in talking to Hillary to notice him, so he had a good chance to look her over. She was wearing form fitting blue jeans and a red V-neck blouse. Her clothes weren't nearly as jaw-droppingly sexy or fancy as what she'd worn last night, but they were plenty arousing just the same. The blouse was noticeably tight, and left no doubt about just how exceedingly large her breasts were, or how narrow her waist was. She showed a few inches of cleavage. It was more respectable than slutty, but it nonetheless showed that she was proud of her ample assets.

Nick was very pleased. True, it was nice to see a beautiful woman looking good, but he'd been getting plenty of that from Hillary and Maggie lately. Much more important was he saw her choice of clothing as a hopeful sign that she was trying to have a better attitude with him. Had she covered up with a long-sleeved turtleneck sweater or something like that, he would have taken that as a sign she was uncomfortable and unhappy in his presence. Instead, he guessed that she was dressing just the same as if she'd been with Hillary alone.

He resumed walking, but he walked to a position where he could see Hillary's front side better before he walked closer. Hillary wore tan-colored medium length shorts and a sleeveless light green top. It showed off a bit more cleavage than Anushka's blouse, but not by much. He figured that Hillary used what Anushka wore as a guide to what she could wear in public without bothering her girlfriend.

He came closer and announced himself.

Hillary got up and gave Nick a hug and a kiss. It wasn't a long or passionate kiss, just a closed-mouth lip-to-lip kiss. But he was gladdened that she was feeling comfortable enough to do that with Anushka looking on, since they didn't hug or kiss at all at the restaurant last night.

Anushka stood up for him, but they merely shared a brief handshake. However, the fact that she smiled at him was an encouraging sign. She definitely wasn't giving him the hostile glare she'd greeted with him last time!

He smiled back widely.

They sat back down and began to talk. Nick pulled up a chair and placed it so the three of them were equidistant from each other around a circular table. It became immediately clear to him that Anushka was a very different person than the girl he'd first met last night, now that her hostile mask had come off. She was wary, but she was genuinely trying to be friendly to him.

He was careful to be on his best behavior. He started out feeling a little shy, and not that aroused. But he deliberately kept looking at Hillary and thinking sexy thoughts about her, to give him that proverbial spinach can of arousal and thus confidence that could help improve his social interaction skills.

Before long, he had an erection. Getting horny truly did change his personality, making him more engaged and outgoing.

They repeated the "getting to know you" small talk that had been tried last night. But this time it went much, much better, due to Anushka's improved attitude. They ordered coffees and shared a croissant, and generally relaxed.

Nick had mostly been talking about himself for Anushka's sake, and she seemed genuinely interested. But after a while, he said, "Okay, Anushka, enough about me. Here's pretty much everything I know about you: you're Hillary's girlfriend and you love her, you're lesbian, you're ethnically Indian, you're in the same grade as us but you go to a private school, you seem nice and smart when you're not angry at me, and you're extremely busty and even more extremely beautiful. Plus, it pays to be nice to you or you're liable to throw me off a balcony. That's it! So tell me everything else."

Anushka laughed. She particularly liked his reference to their joking around last night about her throwing him off the restaurant's balcony. She looked to Hillary. "Does he always ladle out the compliments like that?"

Hillary said with a touch of pride, "Pretty much."

Anushka rolled her eyes, but she didn't seem displeased. "Okay, Tit Boy, what would you like to know?"

"'Tit Boy?' Are you referring to my single nipple and the cyclops-like single breast in the middle of my chest? It's not polite to make fun of somebody's genetic defect like that!"

Both Hillary and Anushka laughed heartily.

Anushka said with a smile, "My apologies. What if I call you 'Tit Fiend?' That's a nickname Hillary calls you with me sometimes."

"That's much better." He smiled widely. "Now where were we?"

Anushka asked, "As I said, what would you like to know?"

"About your tits? Everything!" He wiggled his eyebrows in the Groucho Marx style. But before she could get upset, he added, "Remember, I'm very aware of the fact that you're lesbian. I'm not going to try to hit on you, or flirt with you in an 'I'm trying to have sex with you' sort of way. But your breasts ARE extraordinarily large and shapely! You can't expect me to entirely ignore the two 800-pound gorilla boobs in the room."

Anushka laughed at that. "Okay, fair enough. Pointing out that they're there is okay, but if you start going on about how you want to touch them, I will not hesitate to thwack you." She looked around and added with a grin, "And count yourself lucky we didn't meet at a place with a high balcony this time."

He quipped, "Just so long as you thwack me with your boobs, I'm good." Again, before she could get angry, he said, "Come on, you have to admit that was funny, and you walked right into it... with your breasts leading the way about a minute before the rest of you!"

Hillary snickered. "It's funny because it's true!"

Anushka rolled her eyes. But she couldn't hide that she was amused.

He changed his approach, worried her was going too far. "But don't worry, I'll behave. Enough of that. Let's talk about you. First off, I'd like to know a little bit about you. You obviously look like you're from India, but when you talk, you sound like a local. So what's the story there?"

She replied, "That's because both things are true. My parents are from India. Bangalore, specifically. Have you heard of that?"

He'd been testing Anushka a bit with his teasing to see just how uptight she'd get. He was pleasantly surprised, and took that as another good sign about her changed attitude towards him. He replied, "Sure. Isn't it the third largest city in India or thereabouts? Kind of south of Mumbai, if I recall, in the hills on the Deccan plateau."

Anushka gave Hillary an accusing look. "Did you prep him?"

Hillary held her hands up defensively. "I swear I did not! I swear it! I'm as surprised as you are." She asked him, "How did you know that? Have you been there?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. I haven't been outside of North America yet. But I've always been interested in geography, and the world. I want to travel everywhere! If you don't believe that I knew that on my own, ask me some random geographical questions about anything, or anywhere."

Anushka peppered him with a few obscure questions that she happened to know the answers to. To her great surprise, he got most of them right. She was impressed. "Okay, so you're not just a handsome sex stud; you've got brains too. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, since you're in the Advanced Studies program with Hillary, but I guess I am a little surprised anyway."

Nick chuckled. "I'm a 'handsome sex stud?' Since when?"

Anushka gave Hillary an annoyed look. "That's what she calls you. A LOT. A bunch of crap like that. It's fucking annoying, if you ask me. Damn breeders."

Nick had heard that "breeder" was a derisive word some gay people used for straights. But he didn't mind. Despite her harsh words, he knew there was an element of teasing playfulness there. In fact, he was pleasantly surprised. He'd had no idea Hillary thought of him as both "handsome" and a "sex stud." That almost exceeded his wildest hopes!

Hillary groused at him, "Hey, don't get a big head. I must have been confusing you with someone else." But her smile showed that she was teasing too, so he didn't mind that either.

"Yeah, that must have been it," he replied happily. He tried to get serious again. "Anyway, Anushka, I still don't know much about you except that your family is from Bangalore."

Anushka replied, "There's not a lot to tell. My parents came here not long before I was born looking for a better life. This was before the Indian economy started to boom. My dad got a job as a manager with a military-related company. I don't really know what he does since it's all classified, but apparently they like what he does, because we do pretty well and we live in a big house. I'm afraid I don't know much about my Indian heritage. I don't speak Hindi or Kannada or anything like that, sadly."

He looked at the red dot between her eyebrows, and asked, "Well, can you tell me about the spot you wear?" He pointed at the same spot on his forehead to indicate what he meant. "I believe last night you told me it was called a 'bindi idiot.'" He grinned, because he was deliberately misunderstanding what she'd told him.

She laughed. "I called it a 'bindi' and I called you an 'idiot.' Maybe I was half wrong there. I apologize. It could be called something other than 'bindi.'"

It took a second or two for him to understand her joke. He sat back and shook his hands in the air, as if he was trying to air them after touching a hot stove. "Oooh! Burn!" However, he didn't mind at all. He could see from the smiles all around that it was just more playful banter.

She said, "Sorry. Maybe I was a little premature on the 'idiot' part. There's a slim chance that there's hope for you yet." She was smiling as she said that, revealing that was more joking around.

Hillary happily added, "VERY slim!"

Anushka nodded, then continued more seriously, "Luckily, I'm not TOTALLY clueless about Indian culture, since my parents have taught me some stuff. The bindi used to have religious significance. It's the location of a chakra. You could kind of think of it as the third eye. It actually has a lot of meanings, and the traditional red color has many symbolic meanings as well. But it's evolved into just being a fashion statement for most people. Even some famous Westerners like Madonna and Julia Roberts have been seen with them. Today, I'm wearing the traditional red color, but that's just coincidence, because it matches my outfit. Last night, I had a golden gemstone called a 'tiger's eye' there, to match my yellow sari."

"Cool," he said showing genuine interest. "It sounds like I could learn a lot from you. I don't know much about Indian culture. Well, except for some stuff. I've watched some Bollywood films, for instance."

She laughed. "You did? Oh no! They're pretty stupid, huh?"

"Not at all! I think they're great fun. All that singing and dancing is a blast. And sometimes they can be deep too. I saw one recently called 'Lagaan' that was particularly good. It's kind of a historical, sports-"

Anushka interrupted with a delighted expression on her face, "You know that film?! No way!"

"Sure," he replied suavely. "I'm not a Bollywood film buff or anything. So I figured the way to pick the good ones was to find the films by the most famous actors and actresses and watch those. So I kind of honed in on Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Kajol-"

She interrupted again. She was suddenly brimming with excitement. "Wait a minute! You actually know who Aamir Khan is?! He's my favorite! And Kajol?! She's my other favorite!"

He grinned. "She's a hottie. And a cutie too. Actually, that's one of the reasons I'm into Bollywood films. There's like a billion people in India, and the most beautiful women end up as movie stars, so you have some seriously stunning women to look at!"

Anushka was so excited that she squirmed in her seat. "This is so cool! I've never met ANYBODY who isn't from India who knows anything about Bollywood films! Even Hillary doesn't have a clue!" She turned to Hillary. "Where did you find this guy?!"

Hillary smiled. "He's something, isn't he? To be honest, I'm just as surprised as you are that he knows this much about it. However, thanks to the 'looking at the hotties' angle, I can believe it." She snickered.

He smiled proudly. "Hey, I'm a guy. Hollywood actresses have nothing on Bollywood actresses. Plus, in Bollywood, they sashay around and dance in revealing saris. Much like the one you were wearing last night actually, Anushka. You're totally beautiful enough to be a famous Bollywood actress yourself."

"SHUT UP! I am not!" Anushka reached across the table and pushed her hands against him. But she was clearly flattered and delighted at the praise.

Nick and Anushka went on to have a lively discussion about Bollywood. In truth, Nick didn't actually know that much. But since he'd found out Hillary had an Indian girlfriend, he'd done some Internet research and watched a few films, including "Lagaan." He did enjoy them a lot, but he'd done it mostly with an aim to eventually make some points with Hillary's lover.

Now, that effort was paying off. Nick's knowledge was superficial. But he'd gotten Anushka started on something she was secretly passionate about (although she had tried to downplay it at first out of embarrassment), so he let her dominate the conversation and generally agreed with what she said.

After a while, they got back to Anushka's personal background. She told him that she'd had a stereotypical suburban American upbringing, so there wasn't much to tell. She had an older brother, Ajay, and sister, Arvi, but they were already attending college out of town so she didn't see them much. Because her parents were rich, and wealthier than Nick's or Hillary's, she went to an expensive private high school known as the Academy while Nick and Hillary went to the public one.

At one point, Nick said, "I have to ask a difficult question. Do your parents know you're gay? And if so, what do they think about it?"

Anushka slapped her hand against the middle of her face and kept it there for a few seconds. "Oh God! What a question." However, she was feeling such rapport with Nick that she decided to answer it. "It's difficult. My mom knows. She was NOT happy about it at first. Not at all! But after she saw that I was serious, she kind of made her peace with it. She's great. I love her a lot. My dad, though..." She stared at Nick with a sad, distant look.

Hillary spoke for her. "Her dad doesn't know yet. It's a big problem."

Anushka nodded solemnly. "Especially because I've come out at school. Luckily, he's so busy at work that he doesn't have a clue. And he's close-minded. My mom and I decided it's best if he doesn't know. At least not yet, while I'm still living at home. But he's going to find out sooner or later. And I'm NOT looking forward to that day!"

Nick said, "That's too bad. At least you've got your mom on your side. But I'm curious. How could he not know? For instance, wouldn't he expect that you're dating by now? Especially since you're as beautiful as you are. The boys should be knocking your front door down."

Anushka replied with some bashfulness, "Well, it's not that I've never dated boys. I have, some. But they just didn't thrill me like girls did. So I started dating girls on the sly and found the missing spark. Then I fell in love with Hillary, and that's all she wrote!"

She laughed gaily at that part, and held Hillary's hand. "Luckily, my dad knows about my dates with boys. So that'll keep him clueless for a while, I hope."

Nick nodded. He was very intrigued by the possibility that Anushka might not be completely lesbian after all. Although he was more than satisfied with Maggie and Hillary, the possibly of finding himself in bed with the two of them AND Anushka as well made his heart race. But he figured that was just a wild flight of fancy, judging from the loving and intimate manner Hillary and Anushka interacted.

Nick continued to learn more about Anushka. He found out that she shared many values with Hillary. For instance, she was vegetarian, environmentally minded, and politically liberal. She even liked the same kind of classic rock, and had other similar cultural tastes. For instance, Hillary didn't even watch TV, but she saw a lot of movies, and Anushka did the same.

He was very pleasantly surprised, because that meant he also shared a great deal in common with Anushka. He wasn't sure if Anushka sincerely liked all those things, or if she was just trying to like the same things Hillary did. But if the latter was the case, Nick certainly couldn't be critical since he'd also tilted his interests towards those he knew Hillary liked, and now he was doing the same with Anushka and Bollywood movies.

The three of them soon found out that they had a seemingly endless amount of interesting things to talk about. They got along like a house on fire, as the saying goes. Nick was so absorbed by the conversation that at times he forgot he was talking to two stunning, busty bombshells who could have graced the cover or centerfold of any erotic magazine. He genuinely enjoyed simply talking to them.

At times, he was so carried away by the conversation that his penis even went flaccid. But that usually didn't last long, because he was sitting with the likes of Hillary and Anushka. Just about anything could get his penis fully engorged again. For instance, at one point, he found himself staring at Hillary's lips moving while she was talking, and recalled how it had felt to have those lips wrapped around his shaft when she gave her first full blowjob to him yesterday. That revived his erection in a hurry!

He talked about himself too, and Maggie some as well. He was more careful with what he said about Maggie, since he didn't want to mar what was turning out to be an unexpectedly friendly and enjoyable chat by making Anushka jealous. So he steered clear of talking about anything sexual relating to Maggie, as well as any specific details about her beauty. He also tried not to talk about her "college career," since in fact that was all made up.

Instead, he volunteered information about the cookbook she was working and her cooking interests in general.

Happily, that was something both Hillary and Anushka were keen to talk about.

Hillary asked, "She's only 20, and she's busy with her college classes, and she's writing a cookbook already?! And she has a popular cooking blog too? That's amazing!"

Nick thought, That would be amazing if it were true!

He said, "Well, she's taking a light class load right now. Besides, she's got a long way to go on writing the book. She's good on the cooking part, and finding interesting foods and recipes from all over the world, but she's got no experience with the writing part. So it's going to be a tough, long road before she gets to the finish line. She's got to learn a lot about writing and book publishing along the way. But hey, Anushka, maybe you could help her someday. Maybe your mom knows some delicious South Indian dishes?"

"Actually, that's true," Anushka said proudly. "My mom is a really good cook. And Indian restaurants in the US, they're usually more about Northern Indian food, from Delhi and that region. There's a ton of regional variety. And my mom has taught me how to cook a lot of the family favorites, so I suppose I might be able to share some of that."

Nick was relieved, because that suggested Anushka wasn't as hostile towards Maggie as he had feared. Although, perhaps Anushka hadn't realized how sexually intimate Maggie and Hillary were getting. That wasn't too surprising, since his two buxom lovers hadn't actually done much with each other beyond French kissing and a lot of naked tit rubbing; it was just that the situation was ripe with potential, plus the lusty passion with which they'd done those limited activities so far.

Still, Nick figured that the more Anushka and Maggie could get to know each other, the better the overall situation could be. He knew Maggie was a kind and friendly person, and it was becoming increasingly clear that Anushka was too, so he thought they could make natural friends.

So he suggested, "Let me talk to her. I'm sure she'd love to talk to you about that. She's like a sponge, picking up knowledge about food from everywhere. You should see the weird food that she buys and makes me eat. She goes to this Asian supermarket, and also to a Middle Eastern one-"

Anushka cut in. "Oh, I think I know the one. I go there too! They have some Indian stuff!"

And Hillary said eagerly, "And I know the Asian one. My mom goes there all the time!"

"But you're not Asian," Nick pointed out.

"No, but we're open-minded. Remember, my parents are 'weird hippie types.'" She made mocking air quotes. "We practically LIVE on rambutans, and mangosteens too!"

Nick was astonished. "No way! Those are some of my favorites. I've got some in my house right now!"

Anushka asked, "You have rambutans and mangosteens in your house RIGHT NOW?! What are we doing here?! Let's go!" She made like she was starting to get out of her chair, but it was just more joking around.

Hillary pointed out, "As you can see, she loves those too. We're both big on all sorts of exotic foods. I was like that even before we got intimate and she really started turning me on to good Indian food."

He suggested, "Maybe you could help Maggie with her book too."

"I probably could. Have you ever heard of soursops?"

His face lit up. "Are you kidding me?! I've got a big container of soursop juice in the fridge right now!"

Anushka smiled. "Yum! That makes great juice. What about the wood apple? Have you heard of that?"

"No, what's that?"

The three of them wound up having a very animated discussion about strange fruits and other exotic fruits. Anushka and Hillary gladly agreed to help Maggie with her book. Nick was very encouraged by this, because it would give Anushka and Maggie an excuse to meet and become friends, and it would help Hillary and Maggie grow closer. Plus, it was more that he had in common and could talk about with all of them.

Nick was definitely making a big and very positive impression on Anushka. It didn't hurt that he was going out of his way to be highly complimentary and friendly. For instance, during one lull in the conversation, he stared intently at Anushka's face, as if he was trying to remember something.

His staring was so obvious that Anushka asked him, "What?"

He put a hand on his chin and rubbed it thoughtfully. "Sorry, it's just that you remind me of somebody, and I'm trying to remember who. Oh, wait!" He snapped his fingers. "I know! Have you seen that new Bollywood that just came out? I'm not good with Indian names, but it came out a few months ago, and it's a critically acclaimed historical romance."

Anushka sat up in her chair and leaned forward eagerly. "Do you mean 'Devdas?'"

"Yeah, that's the one."

"You KNOW that one?! Nick, you're amaaaazing!"

Luckily, Nick had seen it, but it was only one of a handful of Bollywood films he'd ever watched. He was trying to conceal the fact he knew so little. He smiled, and said, "You know the actress in that? Again, I'm not good at names, but she plays the childhood sweetheart. Anyway, you look a lot like her."

"NO WAY! SHUT UP!" Anushka was so stunned by that comparison that she actually stood up. "You lie!"

Nick cowered slightly, thinking she might actually hit him for one compliment too many about her beauty.

But instead, she said, "That's Aishwarya Rai! You're talking about Aishwarya Rai! She's a goddess! She's one of the most beautiful women in the entire world! Hell, she might be the most beautiful of them all! And you're saying I look like her?!"

Recovering, he said confidently, "Sure. Definitely!"

Anushka looked around and saw that other people scattered around the coffee house's back garden were staring at her. She sheepishly sat back down. "That's not possible! I'm not that beautiful. Nobody's that beautiful!"

He breathed a big sigh of relief. "But she is."

Anushka exclaimed, "Even she's not that beautiful!"

Then all three of them burst into laughter as she realized how nonsensical that was.

Once they recovered, he said, "Seriously, you are that stunning in my book. In fact, I think you're even MORE beautiful than she is. Your face and overall body is awesome, just like hers, but you're much more endowed." He nodded towards her G-cup chest. "If she were to see you, she'd say, 'Damn, girl. I quit. You take over.'"

"SHUT UP! SHUT... UP!" Anushka squealed excitedly. "You fucking lie, you big fat liar! But I love you for it! I could kiss you right now!"

In truth, Nick thought Anushka had a resemblance to Aishwarya Rai, but it wasn't like they were doppelgangers. However, he knew she'd be flattered by the comparison. And he sincerely was even more attracted to Anushka than the famous actress, because he thought their faces and bodies were equally stunning, but Anushka had much bigger breasts, just as he'd said.

Hillary was highly amused watching this interaction. She quipped, "Uh-oh! I'd better watch out. Nick is trying to steal my girlfriend."

"He is not!" Anushka said hotly. Then, apparently to prove it, she turned to Hillary and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Nick was very pleased with himself. He'd hoped to just break the ice with Anushka and start to get to know her a little better so they could hopefully become friends one day. But it looked like they were becoming friends already. He knew the quick success was partly because he was on his best, most charming behavior. But also, all three of them had many unexpected interests in common, such as the way they had a taste for unusual tropical fruits.

The kiss between Hillary and Anushka looked to be a very fiery one, and it lasted a full minute, at least. Nick was secretly disappointed that they both stayed in their seats and merely leaned way forward to make contact, instead of being in a position to press their enormous racks together. Just thinking about Hillary's F-cup breasts sliding against Anushka's G-cups made him giddy and light headed.

He sensed that the kissing wasn't just to visibly demonstrate Anushka's lesbianism, but also a way for her to channel a surge of arousal she felt due to his compliments. He made a mental note how that could have a similar effect for future situations. He made a particular note to remember Aishwarya Ra!'s name, because that comparison was what seemed to really drive her wild.

After things calmed down after the kiss, Nick said, "Anushka, that kiss reminded me that you said you've already come out at your school. We're talking about the Academy, right?"

"That's right." She seemed to get a bit defensive at the mention of her school.

"How's that going?"

She let out a loud groan. "UGH! It's super frustrating! It's a GREAT school, academically. But the other students SUCK!" She sighed again.

"What's wrong with them?" he asked. He didn't know much about the school or its students.

"Oh, God," she said wearily. "Where to begin? This is NOT a normal group of teenagers by any means. Consider your high school. It's already unusual because of all the wealthy neighborhoods around it. Then consider that those are the POOR kids who don't have the money to basically buy a new car every year just for the tuition! Which means that everyone thinks they're part of the elite. They're all spoiled, stuck-up, and entitled. It's like... have you ever seen the movie 'Animal House?'"

He smiled. "Of course. A classic!" He quoted his favorite line from the movie, delivered by John Belushi: "'Over? Did you say "over?" Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!'"

The two bombshells with him laughed at that.

Anushka said, "That's the one. And yeah, totally great. But think of the snobby frat and sorority portrayed in that movie. Those stereotypes are my classmates! And to make matters worse, the place is SO WHITE! Just like the frat and sorority in the movie, actually. I hadn't really considered myself discriminated against until I started going there. In most classes, I'm the only minority of any kind."

He asked, "Are people straight up racist with you?"

"Not exactly. More like clueless. And puzzled. They act like I have a bone through my nose, like they've never seen a minority before. Even though we live in Orange County with a large Hispanic population, and I'll bet the vast majority of them have maids and gardeners who are illegal immigrants from Mexico."

He said, "That sounds like it does suck. Are there at least some that you can be friends with?"

Anushka gave him a sour expression. "Some, but not many. On top of the spoiled, elitist attitude and the unwitting racism, there's the problem with my looks."

He joked, "If that's a problem, I wish every girl in the US had such a problem!"

She frowned. "It's not funny, because it really is a problem. Hillary knows what I mean. When you look like I do, you're seen as a threat by the other girls."

He exclaimed, "But you're a lesbian! Openly lesbian! It's not like you're going to steal their boyfriends away."

"You'd think that would make it better, and maybe it does. But then I shudder to think how much worse it would be if they thought I was straight. They act like I'm going to try to steal their boyfriends away anyway! Like they don't believe I'm really lesbian, which is insulting. And then they act scared around me, like I'm going to try to seduce them. Or they try to seduce ME!"

She sighed. "Then, to add to the merry cocktail mix, most everyone is right wing in their beliefs, since that's often the case for the super rich. So you get the racism, as I said, and a heaping helping of homophobia. Plus, all sorts of Bible thumping righteousness and kids trying to convert me and cure me of my 'sin.'" She rolled her eyes.

Hillary reached out and gave her a brief hug. "But it's all okay, because she has me now! Right, Anu?"

Anushka smiled at that and kissed Hillary's nearest cheek before Hillary pulled back. "Yeah! Thank God for you, Hills!"

Nick took note of the nicknames "Anu" and "Hills," neither of which he'd heard them say before. He guessed it was a sign of how well the conversation was going that they felt comfortable enough around him to start using their pet names for each other.

Anushka stared lovingly into Hillary's eyes while talking to Nick. "She's been a real lifesaver for me. She's so different from the entire Academy crowd. I'm increasingly bummed I don't go to the public high school. Maybe there's a self-selection process where all the grounded and mature kids go there. Or maybe going to the 'elite' Academy goes to people's heads and makes them stuck up. Or both."

Nick asked her, "I've heard the girls at the Academy are sort of famously beautiful. Is that true?"

"For sure," Anushka replied. "They get every advantage, starting with their dads marrying fashion model-type trophy wives. And the peer pressure to look your best is intense. Some girls complain that I'm fat! Me!"

He boldly said, "You ARE fat... but in all the right places! Most especially two places!" He nodded at her enormous bust. "The rest of you is curvy, but firm and fit! If your waist was any narrower, I would actually be concerned."

Anushka shook a fist at him. "Dammit! I was so looking forward to a good excuse to knock your lights out with that 'fat' comment. But then you turned it around to your usual thrilling flattery. I'll get you one of these days!" She continued to wave a fist in his direction, but the toothy smile on her face made clear she was just playing around.

Hillary laughed. She quoted him, "'You are fat.' Yikes! You really like living on a razor's edge, don't you?"

He grinned impishly. "Hey, it got her attention. And we're not on a balcony."

Anushka snickered at that.

He asked Anushka, "But my point is asking about the beauty of the others girls is that I'm thinking that if that's the case, wouldn't you more blend in than if that wasn't the case?"

Anushka said, "You might think, but no. There are a few others who have beauty like mine, but only a very few."

He acted incredulous. "What? Are you kidding me?! Does Aishwarya Rai go to your school?" He pretended to have a Eureka moment. "Or maybe you ARE Aishwarya Rai, going undercover for a role in a Hollywood movie! That must be it! Anushka... What's your last name?"

Anushka's mouth was gaping wide open. It took a few moments for her to gather her wits to say, "Um... ah... Ratnam."

"A-ha! 'Anushka Ratnam.' Yeah, right! What a obviously made-up name. Clearly, you ARE Aishwarya Rai, and I've just blown your cover. But don't worry, your secret is safe with me." He pantomimed zipping his lips shut, then sat back in his chair.

Anushka stared at Hillary incredulously. "Is he like this all the time?!"

Hillary laughed. "Pretty much!"

Anushka whispered to her in a sultry voice, "I know he's just trying to impress me with flattery, but it's making me horny just the same. He's so good for my ego! Good grief!" She leaned forward again to kiss Hillary.

Hillary leaned in too, and they shared another kiss like the last one, with their hands on each other's heads and their bodies frustratingly far apart.

Nick was disappointed by the lack of any tit-on-tit contact, but he still loved to watch them make out. He was also intrigued by Anushka's passing mention that his words had made her "horny." She said "horny?" But I'm a guy! Maybe she's not as lesbian as she says she is. If I was her and going to the Academy - and this is the start of her third year there - I would probably rebel against all the racism, conformity, and especially the homophobia by being even more flagrantly gay, to stick it to their faces.

Plus, Hillary has told me that she thinks female sexuality is a lot more fluid than male sexuality, with most girls being some level of bisexual. What if that's true?! The possibilities are mind-boggling!

But I've gotta put that thought away, at least for a while. It's dangerous to even mentally lust over her, for all sorts of reasons.

That kissing ended and the discussion picked up right where it left off. Anushka said to him, "Please cut it out with the Aishwarya Rai stuff. That is SUCH a lie! I don't look anything like her!"

He held his hands up defensively. "I will stop that for now, but only because I don't want to inspire you two to have an even hotter lesbian kissing session where you end up stripping each other naked and going wild right here over the table." After a well-timed pause, he acted, "Actually, I DO want that. A lot! I'm a total perv! But I'll behave."

The two super stacked girls laughed at that. Anushka looked to Hillary and asked, "Does he have an off switch?"

"Not one that I've found yet," Hillary gleefully replied. "He has the libido of three guys combined - at least!" She laughed, but she was more serious than joking.

The conversation had gotten way off track. That had been fun, but Nick wanted to get it back on point because he was honestly curious for answers. "So, before I exposed that you're a certain famous Bollywood star who's living undercover but who's name I shall not mention, you were explaining how it doesn't help that the other girls in the Academy are beautiful?"

Anushka couldn't stop smiling, especially for his undercover movie star conceit. "Yeah, I don't think it helps. Like I said, there are a handful of other girls who are more or less in my same league. Maybe four. And they're ALL blue-eyed and blonde-haired. Like clones."

He pointed out, "You're blue-eyed. That's one thing I noticed that reminds me of Aishwar- er, a certain Bollywood actress whose name I cannot say."

Anushka was impressed. "You noticed that detail on me and her? Most guys don't notice that I have a FACE!" She looked down knowingly at her immense chest. "Anyway, I think they kind of gang up on me as the exotic one with the largest natural breasts, by far, and the biggest threat. Just what I'm threatening them with, I have no idea! I just want to live my life!"

She went on, with her huge smile finally fading as she was reminded of her problems, "It's like that all the way down. Slightly less beautiful girls are jealous, the normal looking ones are intimated, and so on. All the guys are either tongue-tied and shy or just sort of pant and drool. The fact that I'm a known lesbian doesn't seem to make a dent, since that doesn't change the way I look."

Hillary spoke up. "Nick, I know this sounds boastful, but Anushka and I have truly uncommon beauty. That's just a simple fact."

He said, "I agree 1000 percent. Not even as a pervy guy. That's just a fact, as you said."

Hillary went on, "It's a lot harder than you'd think. I've talked to you about this before, how I can't deal with anyone in a non-sexual way except for my family. If anything, that's even more pronounced for Anushka, because at least I kind of have a girl-next-door look going on. But she stands out with her exotic face, dark skin, and, yes, her very, very large breasts. So the best thing you can do is try to treat her as normally as possible."

He said, "I'd like to do that. And I will, most of the time. But, sometimes, Anushka, isn't it fun when we kind of joke around in a flirty way, like you threatening to throw me off a balcony and me calling you fat?"

She laughed. "Yeah, it was really fun when you called me 'fat!' Please do more of that!"

He grinned widely. "Okay, maybe not the best example. But even that made you laugh and smile. I know you're lesbian. I get it. I'm doubly taken, and Hillary is going to be with us anytime I see you, I'm sure. So do you mind if I keep up that sort of joking around? I actually really like talking to you, especially with the kind of fun rapport we're building."

She said, "Of course that's fine. I'm really enjoying it too. It's weird to think that, 24 hours ago, I kind of hated you with a passion and blamed you for all my problems."

He said, "It's like I said then. We should be friends, because we're natural allies."

"That's true," Anushka agreed.

The three of them kept on talking for what turned out to be almost three hours. The lightly flirtatious fun and joking was a big part of that. They all were having a great time.

But eventually Hillary asked the waitress what time it was the next time she came by, and when she found out it was five o'clock, she said to Nick and Anushka, "This has been great, but we should probably go soon. Nick, you and I have that party to get ready for."

"Oh, right." Nick nodded. "I'm glad you brought that up, because I still know next to nothing about it. Can you clue me in some more? When and where, what should I bring, and all that?"

Hillary said, "As I told you already, a girl named Shannon Blaine is the party host this time. Speaking of the Academy, that's where she goes to school. You're going to be hanging out with the 'beautiful people' crowd tonight, including maybe I'd guess about half Academy students."

Anushka said with heavy sarcasm, "Lucky you."

Nick didn't fully realize it, but the mere fact that he was going to the party at all was a big deal. As long as he could do a reasonable job of fitting in, there was a good chance he could be fully accepted by the school in-crowd elite.

However, he wasn't sure if he really wanted to be friends with such people. He said, "But I thought you're not into the whole 'beautiful people' crowd. You told me they're shallow and vapid and all that, even the non-Academy ones. And I agree."

Hillary replied, "That's true. However, it's kind of like throwing a virgin down a volcano every now and then to appease the gods. Sometimes, you gotta put up with some bullshit to get along. As I've told you, I like to get along with everybody. Heck, I'll even talk to Debra and say nice things to her from time to time. It's especially important to make nice with this bunch. They make most of the social movers and shakers. If you're in their good books, it just makes life way easier. Besides, they throw the best parties by far, and I do like to go to a good party every now and then. "

Anushka chimed in, "Nick, you should go. You know how I was saying I have those four blonde bitches giving me trouble? That doesn't happen to Hillary because she knows how to get along with everybody, especially this group. Let's just say I'm a lot less tolerant."

Hillary went on, "It's just an occasional party, and you can spend most of the time hanging out with people like me!" She smiled brightly. "And it's not like I'm gonna start hanging out with these people outside of school, not counting the parties. Don't worry; you'll have a good time. There's drinking, and dancing, and a hot tub. The music kinda sucks, but what can you do. Unfortunately, people like you and me who would rather dance to James Brown than Bobby Brown are a dying breed."

"Wait. Did you say a hot tub?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention clothes! You should dress nice. Not like wearing a suit nice, but not like jeans and a T-shirt either. You know, stylish, like you're going dancing to a popular place. And wear a bathing suit underneath, or bring one. As the party goes on, we'll probably all drift to the hot tub at some point."

Visions of seeing many beautiful girls in skimpy bikinis filled his head. His heart was set on only Maggie and Hillary, but he still appreciated sexy "eye candy." He asked, "All? How big is this hot tub?"

"I dunno; I've never been to Shannon's place before. Remember, I'm new to this school, just like you. I'm just passing on what I've heard from her and others. I do know that her family is very, very rich, so prepare to have your socks knocked off."

"So... Maggie should wear a bikini under her clothes?"

"Of course! Or bring one along in a bag. A big part of this party is the beautiful people proving just how beautiful they are. The pecking order is based on looks more than anything, and this party will be key in determining the pecking order. So was the one last week, but you missed that one. So expect to see a lot of peacocks strutting around, showing off their feathers."

This upset him. "But I don't have any feathers!" He had a low opinion about his looks, even though he was fairly handsome and muscular.

But she just laughed. "Don't worry, you're plenty handsome. I found you attractive right off that bat, right? And I have pretty high standards."


She turned to Anushka. "What do you think? Is he handsome?"

Anushka said, "I don't want to give him a big head. Especially after his Aishwarya Rai comments. Nick, you're dangerous!" She pointed at him accusingly. "Seriously. Hillary, I told him last night that he could sell snow to Eskimos, and I'm starting to actually believe it. But yeah, you're not Aamir Khan handsome, but you'll do, I guess."

She smiled at that, knowing he would get the reference to Aamir Khan, the star of the Bollywood film "Lagaan" that he'd seen.

Hillary said to him encouragingly, "Relax! Two things. One, looks are way, way more important for girls than guys. Hell, I could be an openly raving and drooling axe-murderer, and they'd invite me to this party anyway just because of my looks. With guys, as long as you get past a certain threshold to be considered 'yummy' and desirable, it's more about other things, like wealth, attitude, sports heroics, who your friends are, and especially how 'cool' you are. Unfortunately, intelligence doesn't count much for many, but it does for me. Tonight, you'll see a lot of fairly ordinary guys dating some pretty hot women, but you're not gonna see any hunky guys dating ordinary looking women. That's just how it usually works in high school, and probably beyond, based on what I've seen about how adults live."

He was still frowning. He thought about the desirable factors: wealth, attitude, sports heroics, etc, and felt he didn't score well on most of them. True, he did well in sports at school, but he was far from a "hero." He wasn't even on any varsity or junior varsity team. At times like this, he was astounded that Hillary wanted to spend any time with him at all. He was especially worried about having to take his shirt off to go in a hot tub. He didn't have a big, muscle bound chest, and his tan needed a lot of work.

"Don't worry!" Hillary said in response to his frown. "You'll be fine. The mere fact that you'll be bringing Maggie will shoot you to the coolest of the cool, for all those Academy kids who don't know you yet, as well as the seniors in our school. They'll take one look at her and assume there must be something super special about you to hook her, especially since she goes to college."

He thought about his original logic when he'd come up with the fake girlfriend scheme. It's funny that she says that, because that was exactly what I'd been thinking with that scheme from the start. The problem is, I know there isn't anything "super special" about me. I can't help but worry that everyone at the party is going to see through me right away.

Hell, does Hillary think there's something "super special" about me? If so, what?! Sharing a love of mangosteens and Jimi Hendrix albums will only take us so far. I suppose my big dick might be my special thing, but I can't base an entire long-term relationship on just that. I'd be sunk without Maggie and the threesome fun we've been having.

He forced himself to smile as Hillary gave him more details about the party. He agreed with everything she said, and acted eager to go. After all, he wasn't going to miss a chance to be with Hillary for anything, especially since Maggie was going to go with him. He figured making nice with some spoiled rich kids was a small price to pay.

The only disappointment for Nick was that just as he was about to part from Hillary and Anushka, Hillary mentioned that she still had plans to go boating with Spencer, but on Sunday instead of Saturday. She asked him if that was okay with him, and pointed out that Anushka had already given her okay.

He was bummed to hear that, since he thought the yacht plan had been canceled altogether, at least for this weekend. But he was heartened that at least she asked him permission.

He told her she could go. He figured that if he was going to be a good boyfriend, he couldn't get too jealous and possessive. Despite Hillary's track record of quickly losing interest in favor of someone new, he had to try to trust her.

When he got up to leave Hillary and Anushka, both of them stood up to give him a hug and a kiss good-bye. In Anushka's case, it was just a peck on the check. She also carefully leaned in so he didn't get to feel her gigantic breasts against his chest at all. But at least it was a hug and a kiss. That was big progress in his eyes.

By contrast, Hillary gave him a "real" hug, pressing closely up against him. They also kissed on the lips, with a little bit of open-mouthed tongue, but only for a few seconds. However, he figured that was even more progress, that she was willing to do that right in front of Anushka.

Plus, Anushka didn't show any adverse reaction. She even kept a smile on her face.

All in all, he thought the meeting went much better than his best case scenario, and it lasted a long time too.

For their entire meeting, they didn't discuss their sharing issues whatsoever. It was strictly a "getting to know you" meeting. But he felt hopeful that the better he and Anushka got to know each other in general, the easier it would be for them to work out their remaining issues. For instance, he didn't ask her to lift her rule against him fucking Hillary, in part because he wasn't sure if he was ready for that big step. But he felt confident that Anushka would definitely give permission if they had a few more meetings that went as well as this one.

— — —

Back home, Nick grew nervous as he got ready for the party.

Happily, Maggie saw his mood and helped out. Andy was back home, so they had to be a lot more careful about what "neutral territory" was. She and Nick took a walk around their back yard, since that was the "neutral" area where she could remain Margaret but talk about Maggie things. She gave him a pep talk to boost his confidence.

She wasn't happy when she found out about the hot tub, and at first she insisted that she'd wear a conservative one-piece bathing suit.

But he told her what Hillary had conveyed about how he would be judged partly on how beautiful his date was, and how essential this party was in creating impressions with the most influential kids that would last all year.

She finally gave in. "Okay, since it's so important to you, I'll try my best. I'll even bring a sexy bikini. However, you have to promise: no kissing, and no grabbing! We're in public. This is not like, you know..." She dropped her voice way down low. "When we do things in the garage. Or on the sun roof."

He started to get erect, just from thinking about those things. Thinking about fucking his naked mother's tits while she sucked on the top of his boner pretty much blew his head right off his body. However, he knew he wasn't supposed to talk about that during their neutral ground discussions.

He also considered simply laying down "the law" and telling her that she was a "good slut" while in Maggie mode, his good slut, and of course he'd kiss and fondle her all he wanted. But he was clever to realize that what they said at this time mattered nothing or next to nothing compared to what actually happened at the party. He figured the best thing to do was say whatever she needed to hear while she was in Margaret mode, short of making promises he knew he would break, because once she switched to Maggie mode, she would go sexually wild anyway.

So he carefully said, "Sure. But there could be situations where we have to act like boyfriend and girlfriend. Like putting my arm around you, or dancing with you, or maybe even kissing you on the lips."

"I realize that, but within reason. After what happened in public in the recent past, like our movie theater debacle, I'm once bitten, twice shy. I can't emphasize to you enough how important it is to me that you behave."

He certainly didn't see the movie theater experience as a "debacle," but he didn't want to argue the point. "Don't worry. I'll be so good, there'll be a halo around my head."

"Yeah, right." But she grinned, and seemed at peace with the situation.

In fact, she knew even on a conscious level that she was lying to herself and to him. She was certain they'd be doing a whole lot more than French kissing. But this was what she psychologically needed at the moment. She worried she'd gone a little too far with the two hours of cocksucking in the morning, and she wanted to believe she had more willpower than she actually did.

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