Chapter 40: The Party (Saturday)
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Maggie and Nick got in her red Prius to go to the party. As usual, Maggie drove.

Nick wore black slacks and an expensive and stylish white dress shirt with black and gray patterns on it. Maggie wore four-inch red high heels and a black dress with underwear on underneath. It showed off some cleavage, but it wasn't nearly as revealing as the stereotypical "little black dress." Even her shoulders were covered.

Normally, the mere fact that she was wearing red and tall high heels would have gotten Maggie hot and bothered. But both she and Nick were feeling nervous about the party. Also, she was still feeling a bit guilty about going "too far" with her two hours of cocksucking earlier in the morning, and she was trying hard to keep her lust in check.

Once Maggie had the car moving down the driveway, she looked at Nick and saw him frowning. "What's wrong?"

"I'm worried about the party. What else?"

He'd been complaining about his worries while they were getting ready. So Maggie said, "Now, we've been over this already. You're going to do just fine." She felt she had to hide her own worries to help him with his confidence.

He slumped down in his seat and put a hand on his forehead. "That's easy for you to say. You're not a fraud. I'm a total fraud! They're going to take one look and see right through me. They're going to laugh at the boy who's dating his own mother!"

Maggie growled unhappily, "They're never going to know that, UNLESS you blab it everywhere. We're outside of the house, so no use of the 'M' word. Is that clear?"

He nodded. He was mindful that he had to be extra careful not to say "Ma" or "Son" at the party. The stakes were far higher there than if they only slipped up in Hillary's presence.

She kept glancing his way while driving the car. "Look. I understand how you feel. You've never really been to a party like this before. You're worried about our secret being exposed. You're also worried about falling back into your shy ways and failing to live up to your new reputation."

He nodded emphatically, and looked even more miserable.

"This isn't me, Ma! I am that shy guy. I've gone to great lengths to be a more extroverted guy because I love Hillary so much that there's nothing I wouldn't do to win her. But the strain of always being someone else is getting to me."

She asked, "Did you feel strained when you were talking to Hillary and Anushka this afternoon?" He'd already told her all about that since he'd come home, so she knew what she was asking about.

"No, not really. In fact, it was a really nice time the whole time. Very relaxed."

"Why do you think that is?"

"They're both so sexy and beautiful. Just being around them, I get-"

She cut him off. "Let me guess: 'really, really horny.'" He'd been saying that a lot lately, with a variable amount of "reallys."

"Exactly! It's not like I had an erection the entire time, although I probably did most of the time. But I did feel a little frisky just from being near them pretty much constantly. And when I'm horny, all my confidence problems go away."

She pointed out, "Well then, you're in luck. Guess who's going to be there? Hillary! And who else? Me! And we're wearing sexy outfits. I'll make sure to stick by you as much as I can, and I'm sure Hillary will do likewise. So won't you be horny from that?"

"I hope so. But I'm feeling totally non-aroused right now. If I'm charming and I fit in, then I'll be invited to more of these parties. If I'm not, then I won't, and I won't be considered one of the 'beautiful people.' I don't really care about that in and of itself, but if I have a big reputation at school, Hillary's going to be prouder about going out with me. Maybe she'll even be willing to go public with that before too long."

"While you're still publicly going out with me?!" Maggie started to get panicky, worrying she would be replaced in that way.

"Why not? It's possible. I'm certainly not planning on stopping publicly dating you."

Maggie's heart soared, and her lust soared too. What he just said ran contrary to the "hand-over" idea, but in the moment she didn't care. She loved being his "good slut," and acting that way in public was even better.

He quickly continued the discussion so they wouldn't have time to discuss what he'd just said. "Hillary claims not to be affected by status, and I'm sure it affects her less than most, but it affects everyone to some degree. This could be a big triumph for me or a total disaster, and I'm so stressed out worrying, that it's going to be a total disaster!"

Maggie glanced at him again as she drove. My poor boy! He really does look miserable. And even though I've been driving slowly just in case we need to talk out some things before we get there, we're going to be there soon. I can't let him enter the party in this condition!

She made a snap decision, and said, "Unzip your slacks."

"What?!" He looked to her in surprise.

"I said unzip your slacks. I'm going to jack you off a little bit."

"COOL!" He'd been slumping down, but he straightened up with a new smile on his face. He quickly unbuckled and then unzipped.

She reached out and held his penis, because she didn't have a lot of time. His penis was flaccid for once, so she had to fondle it to get him going. But she also said, "I'm not happy to do this, because I don't want to make this a habit if I'm behind the wheel. It's not exactly safe for me to drive one-handed while thinking about your fat, hot cock, you know."

"Thanks, Ma! You're the best!" His penis was quickly stiffening.

She sighed. "I'm weak, that's what I am. But this is an important evening for you, and you will do better if you've got a big boner in your slacks. We both know about your proven lust-confidence connection. However, like I said, don't expect this to become a habit! Or we're going to get in a car crash soon."

She glanced over at his dick rapidly engorging in her hand. "Besides, think about the impact on me. It makes you horny and confident, but it makes me horny and frazzled. I'm already salivating, dammit! You're going to go in there feeling like the cock of the walk, but I'm going to go in there thinking about how much I wish I was still in the car, bobbing for cock!"

"Sorry. I didn't realize."

"That's okay. You're 'young, dumb, and full of cum,' as the saying goes. Except you're definitely not dumb."

She kept on stroking his now exceedingly stiff cock the rest of the way there. She kept staring at her hand sloshing around on his hard-on as much as safety would allow. I'm soooooo baaaaad! Again! Gaaaawwwwd! I can't believe how much I love this cock. How much I need it! I was lying to myself and to him, acting like we'd only make out a little bit at the party. As if! I couldn't even make it TO the party before I have his hot missile in my hand!

But here's the big question: do I pull over to the side and suck him or do I stop the cocky fun altogether? I do so wish I could properly adore him with my tongue and lips! It's what a good, big-titted slut does to her man! But let's face it: if I get started on that, I'm probably going to keep going until he cums. Twice! And how is that going to help? He'll probably end up going into party flaccid. And way late, since his stamina is so great. I could spend the next hour or more just bobbing on his thickness by the side of the road.

Oh God! Dear Lord! I COULD! And I WILL, for sure. Many times! Just not now, unfortunately. We have to think of making a good impression at the party. That comes first!

Once they reached Shannon's address, they saw a tall fence made out of iron bounding a vast property. There was so much greenery and lawn that the buildings on it could only be glimpsed between the trees. There was a guard post with a guard in it. Clearly they would have to interact with the guard to get inside.

That gave Maggie a good excuse to stop, since she didn't want to keep stroking him where the guard might see. She stopped the car by the side of the road about a block before they reached the guard post. She reluctantly let go of his boner and said, "I'm so sorry, Nick, but we have to stop. You need to get decent."

To her surprise, he put up no fuss about it.

As he tucked his boner away, he said, "Thanks, Maggie! You really are the absolute best! That's gonna do the trick for sure. Already, I feel different. Like a new man! Thanks to that brief handjob, I feel like the cock of the walk!"

She smiled, and decided she'd done the right thing. She commented, "It really is like Popeye getting his can of spinach."

He was all grins. "Yeah. Except the spinach is your talented slipping and sliding fingers and especially your sexy sucking mouth! If you ask me, I think I have it way better than Popeye. I don't even like spinach!"

They both laughed at that.

They continued on and made it through the guard and his questions without trouble. After getting a gate buzzed open by the guard, they continued down a long private driveway until they arrived at Shannon's house. Actually, it was much more like a mansion or even an estate than a house.

The entire property was so opulent that both of them almost expected valet parking, but there were about dozen cars parked on either side of the driveway, so Maggie just parked the car there too.

"I'm getting really nervous, Ma," Nick said as he walked her to the front of the mansion. "Er, Maggie, I mean. Sure, Hillary said it would be fancy, but I didn't expect it to be THIS fancy."

In his own mind, he thought, I'm a fraud! A fake! A loser! Hillary's gonna see through me soon. Maybe tonight! His penis was growing flaccid too.

Maggie took his hand and squeezed it encouragingly. "Relax. You also told me that she said that it would be just kids your age, no parents or staff, so I'm sure it'll just be kids being kids. It's just that they'll be standing around expensive stuff. You told me you already talked to some of these kids at school. It'll be just like that, except they'll be dressed up more and holding a beer."

She checked his slacks and saw the size of his bulge had gone down. Then she leaned in and whispered. "If you have any problem staying aroused, just think of one thing!"

"What's that?" he whispered back.

"You have not one, but two, good sluts at your beck and call! And not just any sluts! No! They're both your dream girls. Your lusty, busty, frequently naked, super hot dream girls! They're always thinking about pleasuring your cock! Serving your cock, even! Trust me I know, 'cos I'm one of 'em!" She chuckled.

"Whoa!" He was floored by that. His penis engorged right back to full size almost immediately.

She saw that and smiled. Then she whispered some more, "If that doesn't do the trick, think about sitting on a bed in Hillary's bedroom with her and me fully naked between your legs. Think about the two of us spending a couple of hours just taking turns bobbing and slobbering all over your cock! It hasn't happened yet exactly like that, but it will! And if even THAT isn't enough, look at all those people in the party and consider that NONE of them have claimed TWO bombshell babes for their own! There's no doubt. NONE!"

His eyes widened. "Whoa again! You're a genius! That'll do the trick every time. Come on, let's go now, while I'm still riding this lusty wave!"

— — —

They continued to the front door. No one was there to greet them, so they went on in.

Most of the rooms in the house were vast, and parties tend to do better where people can cluster closely together. So the main group had congregated in the dining room, which wasn't quite as vast as some other rooms. There were about 25 people there, but there were others scattered elsewhere, include a few they saw on their way to that room.

Maggie was mostly right about the other kids. They let themselves in, and looked for Shannon, so they could introduce themselves to the host first. But Shannon was nowhere to be seen, and when they asked around, nobody knew where she was. The house truly was a mansion, and the grounds around it were substantial, so they decided not to go for a hunt just to be polite. Shannon would hopefully show up soon.

Nick and Maggie went to something to drink, and wound up with cans of beer in their hands, because that's all there was. Clearly, the vast majority of people at the party were under the drinking age of 21, maybe everyone (except for Maggie), yet everyone was drinking alcohol.

Maggie wasn't happy to see Nick drinking, but she figured she had to let go somewhat to help him fit in. She couldn't talk to him about it with people all around them, and she kicked herself for not thinking to discuss the issue before they arrived. But when he went to get a beer for both of them, she gave him a subtle nod of approval.

However, she also tried to make a stern face as the same time, as if to warn him to restrain himself. She didn't worry too much though, because she knew he was a remarkably smart and mature boy for his age. She figured he would know not to get drunk, or even get close.

The two of them started chatting with the other guests. Nick was relatively shy and quiet, despite still being aroused. But that didn't matter much, because they stuck together and Maggie did plenty of talking for both of them. She always introduced herself as his girlfriend, and that gave her a secret thrill every time.

Everyone seemed nice and friendly enough. Nick started to realize that it wasn't that scary after all.

But then again, it was easy to get intimidated by just how fancy and opulent everything was. Nick had never been in a mansion before, much less one like this. It had a stark and sleek look, with most of the furniture either all black or all white. The walls were generally white and bare, except for the occasional large abstract painting. It looked like the kind of place a movie star would live in. The only thing he could relate it to were locales he'd seen in movies.

For instance, the house was located on the side of a high hill, giving it a great view of the town below (actually, the house wasn't far above the lover's lane Nick and Maggie had used). This also meant it was a split level, multi-floored house. Nick couldn't even figure out how many floors, or partial floors, there were. There was an open space in the middle of the house that cut through all the levels, and at the bottom of it was a big indoor swimming pool.

There was an even bigger swimming pool outside, but on a high balcony set well above the ground. The hot tub was on a slightly higher balcony, so one could look down from it to the pool area. It was positively huge for a hot tub, and could fit a dozen people comfortably.

Furthermore, Nick felt intimidated by the remarkable attractiveness of both the boys and the girls at the party. He thought with chagrin, When Hillary calls them the "beautiful people," she isn't kidding. Good grief!

Indeed, he had very good reason to feel intimidated. The party had a roughly 50-50 male-female ratio. The boys didn't look that exceptional. Most were handsome, though few were obviously "hunks" like Spencer (who, by the way, was nowhere to be seen, at least so far). Many though had fairly ordinary looks. Nick guess like he was somewhere in the middle of the pack when it came to pure physical appeal.

The girls were another story altogether, however! It seemed that a certain minimum standard of beauty was necessary for any girl to even be at the party, and there probably was a lot of truth to that. It was almost exactly as if someone had selected a dozen or two of the most beautiful girls from Nick's public high school, then added a similar number from the Academy, and put them all in one mansion. (He had only a rough idea of how many people were at the party, since he didn't know how many were in other rooms or outside.) Nick had never seen so many beauties in one place!

One important factor was that it was unusual that Nick and Hillary were at the party in the first place, since the vast majority of the kids there were seniors from both schools. That meant their bodies had had one more year to develop than Nick's usual junior grade classmates. It was only rare exception that juniors like Hillary were chosen to come, in her case no doubt due to her rare beauty.

Another important factor was that the boys and girls dressed very differently. Many of the boys dressed fairly casually. Some dressed up like Nick did, though that was more the exception to the rule. Others wore just T-shirts and jeans, like they didn't care about making a good impression at all. But every girl had put effort into wearing something sexy and impressive. As Nick observed the others, he got the impression that the girls were dressing as much or even more for each other than for the boys. Since beauty was a much more important social prestige factor for the girls, they all wanted to maximize their beauty as much as possible.

That also meant jewelry. None of the boys had any special accessories to show off wealth, such as watches or rings. But practically all of the girls did. At one point, Nick thought, This place is like a walking jewelry store! If I was a robber, I would just come to one of these parties. He guessed the girls were showing off their level of their family wealth by their necklaces, rings, anklets, earrings, and so on.

Thanks to all of that, Nick felt like a fish out of water. To make matters worse, he listened in on conversations, and he didn't hear anything interesting being discussed at all. Most of the other party-goers knew each other from going to school together for years, or at least from attending parties such as this one many times. They generally talked about people they knew, places they'd been, and things they had in common, and it was all Greek to Nick.

Just looking around, he also got the impression that most, if not all, of the other party-goers were boyfriend-girlfriend pairs, and such couples usually stuck together. That made it even harder for him to socialize, because it was hard to get into a one-on-one conversation, and he did his best with those.

He was increasingly sorry that he'd come to the party at all. He thought to Anushka's comment that her fellow Academy students were like the enemy frat and sorority members in the "Animal House" movie: very attractive, yes, but conformist, elitist, and vapid.

Neither Nick nor Maggie had seen Hillary yet, and there still was no sign of Shannon. (It didn't help that they didn't know what Shannon even looked like.) But after a while, Maggie thought she would be a good mother and leave Nick alone for a while, so he could see that he'd do just fine at the party by himself. She dived right into the crowd of 20 or so guests who were gathered together in one room (there were doubtless more scattered elsewhere), and began introducing herself.

But Nick was shy. He hadn't been that talkative even with Maggie there, because the confidence he got from the handjob in the car eventually "burned off" the more he worried about being a fish out of water. Once he was alone, he was in danger of fully retreating into his shy shell. He was only sipping on his beer, so he wasn't getting much "liquid courage" either.

Nick was just floating through the crowd, drinking his beer but not really speaking to anyone, when he saw a couple walk through the room dressed only in their bathing suits. The boy was tanned and had a muscular build, like an athlete. But what caught his eye was the girl. She was drop dead gorgeous! He didn't think she was as gorgeous as Maggie or Hillary, but she was wearing a skimpy, bright red bikini that left very little to the imagination. Her skin was wet and her long blonde hair swishing from side to side down her back was wet too. To see her walking through the crowd of people who were generally well dressed was odd, to say the least.

He thought, as he surreptitiously watched her, Man! This party is so odd. Bizarre, even! Hey, I know what it reminds me of: those televised beauty pageants. It's all about showing off and being judged. And now we're coming to the bikini part of the competition! Talk about being judged on your looks! They might as well line up all the girls buck naked and have everyone else hold up the number of their views, just like in some Olympic events. And just in the Olympics, most of them would get very close to a perfect ten! Like her! Whoa!

Nick eventually saw Spencer enter the room from the darkness of an outside balcony, but he tried to avoid him.

However, when Spencer saw Nick, he immediately came over and treated him like an old friend. "Nick, my man! How you doin'? I'm so glad you could make it."

Nick had to go through a chummy handshake and high-five combo while maintaining a fake smile.

Spencer tried to make some small talk with Nick. They almost never had talked just one-on-one at school, since their social interactions were almost always at the busy lunch table.

Nick was polite and seemingly friendly, but not very verbose. However, he was able to pump Spencer for information about the party. He found out that there were "about 50" people there in total, evenly split between the two high schools. He also found out that only "about five or six" of them were juniors from his high school, and that included himself, Spencer, and Hillary. So nearly everyone else was a total stranger to Nick, since he didn't know any of the seniors from his own high school.

He also learned that Spencer knew Hillary was coming but hadn't seen her yet. Spencer asked him about Maggie, but hadn't met her yet either. When he asked Spencer about Shannon, the host, he replied, "I've seen her around," and suggested that maybe she was at the hot tub.

Before long, Spencer saw someone else he knew and wanted to greet, and excused himself to go to that person.

Nick sighed inwardly. Christ. Why does he have to be here? He must love this party, because he fits in perfectly. I fuckin' HATE him! True, he hasn't actually done anything bad to me. In fact, he's been nothing but nice to me. Still, I know that the moment I turn my back on him, he'd be fucking Hillary if he could.

He suddenly had an alarming thought. And Maggie! Oh no! I sure damn hope he doesn't meet her tonight! Of course he will, and undoubtedly he'll set his sights on her too. But at least he doesn't stand a chance with her, especially after all the stuff I told her about him. I should hope, at least!

He wanted to wander around a bit, if only to get away from the main crowd, and Spencer in particular. He walked out to the balcony the pool was on, and looked over the edge. It was at least two stories down to the ground. He saw two tennis courts and even a small putting green as he peered out into the darkness.

He thought, What have I got myself into? Who the hell has tennis courts and a frigging PUTTING GREEN in their backyard?! I feel like a fraud. Hell, I AM a fraud. I don't belong here. The only reason I'm here is because people think that I'm dating Maggie, and she's a total knockout. They're going to expose me for the nobody I am; I just know it!

But happily, Hillary arrived, fashionably late, and she sought him out. She walked by herself to where he was standing alone and gave him a friendly but not particularly intimate hug.

"I'm glad you're here," she whispered in his ear as she hugged him. She kissed his cheek. She would have done more, but she had to be mindful that he was supposed to be going out with Maggie, not her.

He muttered with visible relief, "Man, am I glad to see YOU!"

She pulled back and smiled. "I've been looking for you. I don't like talking to most of these people that much, and I'll bet you don't either. I finally have someone nice to talk to."

"I've been hiding out. Hillary, I'm kind of overwhelmed." He waved an arm around. "This place!" He didn't need to explain, but just nodded towards the main crowd of partiers.

He could see into that room from the balcony, through giant windows that covered most of that side of the house.

He shrugged towards the others, and complained, "And those people! I mean, I know you call them the 'beautiful people,' but I didn't realize just how beautiful they were all dressed up. Or dressed down! I saw one couple walk by in just their bathing suits."

Hillary grinned, like they were both in on the same joke. "I know. It's pretty nuts, isn't it?"

He nodded. "They looked pretty normal in school. At least I assume so, because where did they all come from?! I feel like I'm in some kind of movie or TV show, where all of the supposedly normal high schoolers are played by actors or actresses looking like Sarah Michelle Gellar or Jennifer Love Hewitt."

She nodded, and said, "It's amazing how much cleaning up and putting on some nice clothes can do to a person. But they're still the same people. Picture them all in scruffy T-shirts and backpacks slung over their shoulders."

He grumbled, "Yeah, but I still feel like such a fish out of water."

He immediately chided himself, Hey, dipshit! Don't sound so pathetic! You have to appear impressive around Hillary. Be strong. Confident. Brave!

She smiled encouragingly. "I know what you mean. I really do. Remember, I'm a hippie chick at heart. But also remember that it's kind of a big deal to even be invited. I know these people are annoying, but if you can get them to think of you as one of them, it has all sorts of advantages."

"So you keep saying," he sound glumly.

She suggested, "You've told me how you don't like to go to church, the same as me. Think of going to a party like this as going to church every once in a while, to stop your parents from nagging you and staying in their good books."

Before he could respond to that, she asked, "By the way, how do you like my outfit?"

She stood back to let him get a good look, and turned this way and that. It was a dark night, but the entire pool area was well lit, so he had no trouble seeing her. She wore a dress that was a mixture of blue and green, and many colors in between, giving it an overall turquoise look. It was similar to the outfit she'd worn to the five-star restaurant last night, except that one had mixed blue and purple. It appeared to be silk or satin, because it shimmered and shined under the lights.

But, being the tit man that he was, pretty much the only thing he noticed was the gaping cleavage. There were two straps covering her breasts. Each strap rose up from her waistline, growing thinner as it went, becoming thin straps by the time they reached the tops of her shoulders. Most of her breasts were covered, but there was a gap between the two straps that started below her belly button. As a result, the cleavage display was absolutely colossal, and there was no doubt that she couldn't be wearing a bra. The straps also pushed her tits tightly together, so he could actually see more of the undersides where they met than any other part of them.

He hadn't replied yet, but she loved the way he was eating her up with his hungry gaze. She turned all the way around, revealing the two straps crossed in the middle of her back instead of connecting behind at the back of her neck, and then the straps finally met the rest of her dress just above the top of her ass. The straps remained thin on the backside, leaving her back almost entirely bare.

His erection was coming back in a hurry, and his shyness and doubts were fading away just as quickly. He couldn't stop thinking about her all-over tan, which allowed her to wear this dress well (since no tan lines were showing on the exposed parts of her tits). In his mind's eye, it was like she wasn't wearing anything at all.

"You look ravishing!" he finally exclaimed.

She was all smiles. "I do?"

He nodded eagerly. The only thing he didn't like was that the other guys at the party would get to see all that exposed skin too. But he didn't want to come off as the possessive type, so he kept his mouth shut about that.

She said with a sly grin, "Then I think it's only right if you ravish me. Come on!" She took his hand, and started walking him around the pool.

"Where are we going? Do you want me to get you a beer?"

"No, I don't drink alcohol."

"You don't?"

"I haven't told you that yet? No, I don't. I'm very careful about what I put in my body. I'm not just a vegetarian, by the way. 'Vegan' is what they call it. You know what that is?"

"Sure. It means no consumption of products made from animals at all."

She nodded. "I didn't tell you right away because everyone makes fun of vegans."

"I don't care. I think it's cool!"

She smiled. "I can see you mean that. Thanks."

"I haven't been able to do that myself, in part because I have to rely on what I get served at home. But I know it's great for the environment."

She nodded, "But I'm not a total vegan; I'm just a dietary vegan. I'm interested in it for the health and environmental reasons mainly, so I'm not hard core. I eat honey, for instance. I even break down and have ice cream sometimes, as you know." She smiled in fond memory of their ice cream shop adventure.

The she gave him an unexpectedly lusty and fiery look. "As for tonight, the only animal product I'm planning on putting in my body anytime soon is your cum!"

He tripped as he heard her matter-of-factly say that, and he practically stumbled into the pool.

She laughed, and helped his regain his balance. "You like that, eh?"

He just laughed, because of course he liked it.

She kept him walking around the pool. "It is okay, right? I mean, Maggie's serious about sharing you, isn't she?"

He made a sour face. "How many times do we have to go over this? We're a threesome now."

"I know, and I love it, but she wouldn't even mind if I steal you away from a little private one-on-one time?"

"Of course not."

"I think we definitely need some ravishing then. This way." She appeared to be leading him to the higher balcony that contained the hot tub.

She started to sashay in a very obvious way as they kept going. "Did you know I picked this dress just for you? I chose it mainly for how easy it is to take the straps off, leaving me naked from the waist up."

"Oh God!" he groaned eagerly. Since she was leading the way, he watched her ass cheeks rise and fall inside her dress in the most tantalizing way. That spurred him to say, "Wherever we're going, let's get there already!"

"Just a moment." They'd reached the wide set of stairs leading a half-story up to the higher balcony. She looked at him and grinned. "Nobody's around. I think I could have some trouble up these stairs."

He was puzzled. She's so fit that she could probably run a marathon, so why would she have trouble with a few steps? He had no doubt she was in better shape than he was, especially since she told him she jogged most every morning and swam laps in her backyard pool most afternoons.

Realizing he needed a bit more to go on to understand her hint, she added saucily, "Maybe you could help me up these troublesome steps with a hand on my ass."

He planted a hand on her far ass cheek, and happily "helped" her up the stairs. He snickered. "Yeah, very troublesome!"

"Very!" She laughed, loving the way he was cupping and caressing one of her ass cheeks.

He was frustrated that he was still holding a beer, because he wanted that hand to hold her ass too. But they went up very slowly, giving him a nice long chance to fondle her shapely butt.

"Feel anything unusual?" she asked.

"Nothing, except for the fact that's about the most amazing ass I've ever had in my hand. So round and firm, yet yielding!"

"You ARE sweet. But I meant panty lines. Feel any?"

He brought his hand up and around her ass crack, but didn't feel any lines. He even slid a couple of fingers into her crack briefly just to make sure. "Um, no! What happened to your panties?!"

She laughed. "Don't worry, I've got it in my purse. Bikini bottoms, actually." Her purse was back in the house in the cloakroom.

His cock was so hard already that he wanted to yell out in frustration, "Where are we going already?!"

He didn't say that, but she could read the emotions on his face. She said soothingly, "Don't worry, we're already there."

He looked around. There were just enough outdoor lights for him to see. They'd reached the top of the stairs, and the hot tub was right in front of him. But beyond it was an extension of the house that looked like a deck house. There were several doors in it, which looked like they lead to small rooms.

She explained, "I was looking over the house and kind of wandering around before I went to find you, and I noticed those rooms. I'll bet they'd be ideal for our needs."

He didn't know what she meant by that, but his imagination ran wild. At the very least, he knew it had to be something good. She'd only given him one proper blowjob so far, and he was hoping he could enjoy that exquisite pleasure again. Or maybe a full-fledged titfuck! It seemed outrageous to consider something like that, but in talking to him about going to the party, she had hinted that there would be chances to sneak off for some "serious hanky panky" from time to time.

His heart was beating so hard and loudly that he was convinced she could hear it too.

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